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    Should of spent more time on this. Im still no good with text.

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    Re: Bluemoon

    For the most part, this looks really good and visually appealing. I dig the style overall. Colours are great. I like your choice of render and background stock. The shapes around the focal point are cool and I wish there was maybe slightly more, perhaps lighter shade or opacity.

    Text is definitely a weakpoint and I don't even think this piece needs any at all.

    The glaring issue for me is that the piece is suffering from floating head syndrome. The focal point looks like a floating head rather than anything attached to a body. I don't know if this is intentional but it's jarring for me. If intentional, I can see what you're going for but I think it's better if the effects gradually fade out rather than a straight cut off just as it reaches the helmet. An impression of the effects having engulfed the lower body (out of picture) and gradually taking over the shoulders/neck area would keep the same effect and prevent the floating head.

    Having just looked again, I think the focal point clashes with the background slightly in that they're conveying different tones. I feel like the background conveys peacefulness but the foreground doesn't. I assume the contrast is the point but I'd personally add some subtle lightning strikes in the background or something.

    The lighting is a little weird with the background clearly showing the sun/moon in the background but the foreground looking as if it's lit from the front.

    I suppose, for the most part, that's just my personal take and what I'd do. I think, without the text, the image is fine for the most part and is really satisfying to look at. Good job as always.


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