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Thread: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

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    Fallout Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    ... presents ...
    'The First Chapter' in... Berlin, Germany.

    [Episode 005]
    Live from Stadion An der Alten Försterei in Berlin, Germany
    Friday 17th September, 2021.

    Fallout 005 begins with a shot of some footsteps running along a pavement as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' begin to play. The footsteps do not seem too confident in their own abilities, almost shuffling along the ground. The camera pans up from the white Adidas trainers up to a pair of grey jogging bottoms and then a grey jumper above it. We see the back of the runner's head, his hair dripping with sweat which cascades down his neck around the collar of the jumper.

    The iconic chords of the song blast out as we picture the runner's face for the first time. Short of breath and soaked in sweat from this exercise is one Allen Price, his face scrunched up as he pushes himself as hard as he can. The drums kick in and Price seems to pick up a second wind, increasing the pace and running past the camera out of shot.

    "Rising up, back on the street.
    Did my time, took my chances.
    Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet.
    Just a man and his will to survive."

    We see that Price is running through the streets of Berlin, completely aimlessly. He finds himself having to stop and catch his breath, hunching himself over as he looks around to see where he is. Behind him, is Checkpoint Charlie. A figure stands at the booth having a disagreement with a crossing guard, surrounded by a number of others.

    "So many times it happens too fast,
    You change your passion for glory.
    Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past,
    You must fight just to keep them alive!"

    J.J. JAY! brandishes a Russian passport at the guard, with Thomas West, Quiet and Harry the Sane Wizard providing him with some back up, but the perplexed guard attempts to explain that he can just pass through. Eventually, Uncle tires of this and kicks the guard in the shin and leads the Nephews through the crossing, and the group build up into a run as the guard begins chasing them. Allen, having not noticed any of this happening, continues jogging away from the scene.

    "It's the eye of the tiger,
    It's the thrill of the fight,
    Rising up to the challenge of our rival.
    And the last known survivor,
    Stalks his prey in the night,
    And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger!"

    Allen has now taken his tracksuit inside the famous Olympic Stadium in Berlin, where he waits on the track for an uninterested Jean-Luc Watkins to shoot a gun up into the air, and he begins sprinting as fast as he can. On the large grass rectangle surrounded by the track, other athletes are competing in their own field events.

    "Face to face, out in the heat,
    Hanging tough, staying hungry.
    They stack the odds 'til we take to the street,
    For the kill with the skill to survive!"

    Falling flat on his face trying to jump over a hurdle, Allen misses Cornelius Aurelius Caesar throwing a javelin as far as he can on the field, getting a loud cheer from the fans in attendance, which includes Alyster Black, sucking a drink through a straw under his mask. Next to him are the five topless K R A S H fans, and they cheer as Krash lands a successful long jump. "The White Wolf" pumps his fist into the air as Allen picks himself back up to his feet.

    "It's the eye of the tiger,
    It's the thrill of the fight,
    Rising up to the challenge of our rival.
    And the last known survivor,
    Stalks his prey in the night,
    And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger!"

    Now finding himself inside a Berlin meat market, Allen punches some of the prime sides of beef, not really causing them to move much at all. In fact he punches this large joint of meat so hard he bends his wrist back the wrong way. He shakes it out and misses Danny Toner and Ryan Rondo appearing behind him to steal an entire leg of lamb.

    "Rising up straight to the top,
    Had the guts, got the glory.
    Went the distance, now I'm not going to stop,
    Just a man and his will to survive!"

    Running once more in the early evening, Allen sees the venue for Fallout 005, the Stadion An der Alten Förstere, on the horizon blocking out the setting sun. With a grin on his face he picks up the pace as best as he can... as the screen fades to white.

    "It's the eye of the tiger,
    It's the thrill of the fight,
    Rising up to the challenge of our rival.
    And the last known survivor,
    Stalks his prey in the night,
    And he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger!"

    Quick shots of the entrances of all of the competitors in the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament are shown, but with only Randy Ramon and Danny Toner being shown in more than a passing visual. Toner downs a pint of Guinness on Inishbofin on Fallout 003 and Ramon reacts to the crowd singing along to 'Rise' on Fallout 004.

    "The eye of the tiger!"

    In the first match of the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament on Fallout 001, Randy Ramon catches Yuna Funanori with a Remix as she comes off of the top rope in a wowing visual. Then on Fallout 002, Toner connects with two Equalizers to Ryan Rondo, and then reconciles with his best friend after the match with a fist bump.

    "The eye of the tiger!"

    It is the Quarter Finals on Fallout 003, and Danny Toner powers out of a pin following The Strut from Chris Peacock, then felling Peacock with The Equalizer and having his arm raised in victory. In the main event, Randy Ramon puts Gerald Grayson's lights out with the Remix.

    "The eye of the tiger!"

    On Fallout 004, Randy Ramon lands an emphatic Remix to the jaw of Shawn Summers, and then exhaustedly leans back against the ropes. Later on that night, Toner ducks the attempt of a Rasputin's Revenge from Konchu Hao and then lays "The Mad Wizard" to bed with the Equalizer, and Toner stares to the sky in victory.

    "The eye of the tiger!"

    The music finally fades out as the screen settles on the image of the closing shot of Fallout 004; Danny Toner standing in the ring shown from over the shoulder of Randy Ramon, the two rivals staring each other down ahead of their collision in the final of the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament.





    We open up, perhaps atypically for Fallout recently, in an arena, with a conventional set-up: the ring is in pride of place towards one end of what is usually a football pitch, with a long ramp leading up to the standard Fallout staging area. Below and around the huge screen is a combination of mangled fencing and barbed wire, along with the remnants of TxR's Delorean protruding through the fencing and on one side of the stage. The camera pans around the German audience in Berlin, the pick of tonight's signs being 'ICH BIN EIN GANG STAR', 'COME BACK SOON GABY', 'GIGI FOR THE WIN!', 'JEAN-LUC WATKINS SUCKS', and 'QUINN OF MY HEART'...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Welcome, wrestling fans, to the fifth and final instalment of Fallout's First Chapter tour, and we are coming to you live from the Stadion An Der Alten Försterei in Berlin, Germany for a special three-hour bumper edition of FWA Fallout!"

    The camera settles on the stage, just in time for a pyrotechnic display to emerge into Berlin's night sky. Fallout purple is followed the by the black, red, and gold of the German flag, rockets exploding high above the stage as the audience pops for the start of the show. KRS-One is still playing as the camera settles on Jean-Luc Watkins, sitting alone at ringside. He seems quite comfortable with the arrangement, smiling and staring down the camera. We note that K R A S H guys are back, proudly shirtless and sitting behind Watkins at ringside. The guy with the S is currently turned around and engaged in an amicable conversation with a man cosplaying as Alyster Black...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:"Of course, our main event tonight sees the fifteenth match of the Fallout Eliminator tournament, with Danny Toner and Randy Ramon battling it out once again, but this time with the incentive of a shot at MvH's FWA World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance. Fourteen other fierce competitors have fallen by the wayside in a tournament that has defined much of this First Chapter... but that ends tonight! I almost wish Price was here with me to see it! But that is our ninth match of the evening, wrestling fans, and we have a pay-per-view quality card for you tonight as Fallout takes us home to Lights Out!"

    Jean-Luc has a wide, almost giddy smile on his face. It is quite clear that he cannot contain his excitement for tonight's proceedings... and he seems rather happy to be out a the desk on his own, too.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "And I might be flying solo at the English-language commentary booth tonight, what-with my two potential suitors preparing to battle for my heart in Tokyo, but I'm joined here at ring-side - for the first time since Switzerland's Anniversary Show - by the FWA's fabulous German commentary team... Jurgen Haneke on play-by-play, and Karine Herzog providing colour commentary. Karina - was für ein wundervolles Kleid! Du siehst absolut strahlend aus! Berlin ist eine schönere Stadt mit dir in seinen Grenzen!"

    The camera pans across from Jean-Luc and onto a second desk next to him. Karina blushes and rolls her eyes, dismissing Jean-Luc's comment with a playful flutter of her eyelids. Jurgen does not approve, and looks sidewards on at Watkins with a facial expression that suggests a foul smell is in the air...

    Karina Herzog:
    "Jean-Luc, du könntest die Birkenstocks von einem Glockenspiel verzaubern! Deutschland heißt die ganze Watkins-Familie willkommen... und Fallout heißt euch - Wrestling-Fans des Vaterlandes - bei der letzten Station auf dem Weg zu Lights Out willkommen!"

    With one more untrusting glance towards Jean-Luc and his carnal intentions, Jurgen refocuses his eyes upon the camera lens and forces on a smile...

    Haneke: "Neun Spiele! Zählen Sie sie, meine Damen und Herren: eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun! Was für eine Nacht steht uns bevor... Das erste Kapitel endet und das nächste beginnt! Jean-Luc, nimm es weg..."

    The camera pans around the arena once more...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "And there's really no time to waste tonight: we're getting right down to business!"

    ... and then settles upon the stage in time for...

    "In Dreams" || Roy Orbison.

    There's still a reasonable pop for MvH in Northern Europe, and when she walks out onto the stage she looks somewhat surprised to see a cheering audience after her exploits over on Meltdown recently. Her championship belt sits on her shoulder, and she adjusts it before walking down to the ring. She's in her ring gear and a large, oversized black hoodie.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We were expecting Nova Diamond's theme music to play, but instead here comes the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, Meltdown's Michelle von Horrowitz! Of course, she has business due with Nova in the form of that Golden Opportunity briefcase that Diamond carries around with him. She's made a lot of noise about Nova on Meltdown as of late, questioning his courage and his absense before, during, and after her recent singles matches against Devin Golden and Cyrus Truth. Those contests resulted in a win and a loss, with MvH suffering from stunted momentum ahead of her Lights Out defence against Chris Kennedy..."

    Michelle has climbed up the steps and into the ring. She spends a moment surveying the audience, who are on their feet for the beginning of Fallout 005...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "But here she is... and this may play into a lot of people's criticisms of our champion in the run-up to this match. Kennedy looms ominously upon the horizon, which is closer to us than we think, but here Michelle is with us on Fallout. You'd have to question the champion's focus after considering those two facts."

    Von Horrowitz stands I the middle of the ring, having collected a microphone from Natalie Rosenberg. When her music fades out, Dreamer lifts it to her lips, pausing to allow an 'M-v-H!' chant to play out...

    MvH: "It's wonderful to finally be around a discerning audience again, Berlin!"

    A cheap pop for the place name, which gets a smile from the speaker. She's amused by the predictability of people.

    MvH: "You might wonder what I am doing here. I am not Chris Peacock and, fortunately, I am not Nova Diamond. Hell, I'm not even Fallout, which is feel decidedly less fortunate about. But I am here, by boat and rail and road, and I am here for one rather obvious purpose. For a few weeks now, I have spoken about one Nova Diamond. A man that was eliminated quite a while before myself at Carnal Contendership, and yet somehow, as a direct result of this failure, was handed a ridiculous advantage over myself for the foreseeable future. At any point, when I'm at my weakest, Nova can cash in his briefcase and demand a match for my championship..."

    She pauses to shake her head in a rueful manner. The audience is less positive towards her as she derides the Golden Opportunity winner. A 'No-va!' chant rises to challenge the one of her initials.

    MvH: "And so, I waited... I competed, and I waited... Saint Sulley, Jack Severno, Devin Golden, Cyrus Truth... Nova, if you're waiting for someone to weaken me, I'm not sure you're going to have many better options over on Meltdown. And so, if you aren't going to come to me, I thought I would come to you. Nova, where the fu - -"

    "Comfortably Numb" || Pink Floyd.

    The fans and Michelle turn to the entrance area and as expected, Nova Diamond shows up. The man dressed in his usual wrestling outfit listens to the crowd pop for him for a second before he starts walking down the ramp. His eyes never leave the world champion as his expression doesn't seem to bear many emotions. Eventually, he stands in the ring and grabs a microphone with the hand that's not busy with holding Nova's Golden Opportunity briefcase.

    Nova Diamond: "I don't know what you expected, but here the fuck I am, Michelle. I mean, where else could I be, really? I have plenty of places I would want to be in right now but I doubt The Brandenburg Gate or Alexanderplatz are appropriate places for me to have my scheduled match in, so...hier bin ich."

    Nova manages to gets his own cheap pop by mentioning some local landmarks and speaking German. It's a game of two.

    Nova Diamond: "Hello, Michelle. I am finally here, not per your request but that's not the point here. I am here, in your presence, with a question to ask. Are you really going to continue to do this? Are you going to call me out every opportunity you get? Are you going to let this golden briefcase live in your head rent-free? That surely can't be healthy. Oh, and my last question is: Are you done for the day? I'm here, you've seen me, you got that particular request of yours. Look, I trust that you are smart enough to know I have no intentions of cashing this in today so you really have no further reason to be here. If you agree, then I have a match I would like to wrestle right now."

    Nova's dismissive attitude of the world champion is met by a mixed reaction, even though the German crowd had seemed to prefer the briefcase holder to the world champion.

    MvH: "Oh, Nova... you can pretend all you like that it's you living in my head... but just ask yourself this: why is it that everyone assumes your cash-in will be cheap and underhanded? We can see it now, if we think on it hard enough: Nova Diamond, the great white hope, thrusting his little brief case into an FWA official's hands and giddily proclaiming that this is it! This is the moment! This is the precise instant in which Michelle von Horrowitz is suitably weakened for Nova Diamond to pounce. If you had a shred of credibility you'd announce your time and your place now. Enough of this tomfoolery, Nova. We both know that you are a snake and a coward, and that you've been preoccupied with me ever since Gerald and I dumped you out of the tag tournament and this company on the same night..."

    Michelle still occupies the middle of the ring, quite unwilling to give up centre stage just yet.

    MvH: "If I speak about you a lot, tulip, it's because I want these people to see you the way that I do. A man of honour would name his time. And yet you go on in the manner of a snivelling knave, quite clearly terrified at the prospect of his impending failure. As for when you'll wrestle, Nova? You'll wrestle when I'm done talking to you."

    She lowers the microphone, as if bidding the Golden Opportunity holder to speak. It is not lost on him that there wasn't a question amongst the response. As for Nova, he seems a tad more focused and serious than he seemed during his walk to the ring. After that moment though, he is seen closing his eyes and when they open again, he seems to have returned to the calmer stance he had.

    Nova Diamond: "Well, first of all, I wrestled at least two more matches after that tag tournament so you got your facts wrong there."

    A cheesy smile appears on his face for a second before disappearing back to where it was.

    Nova Diamond: "Second is that I ask myself a lot of things. What people think of me, my honour and my dignity is not one of those questions, however. If I allowed myself to lose sleep about superficial things like that, then I wouldn't have returned to this company at all. I wouldn't have pressed for a schedule to allow me to to wrestle less dates than your average hard-working FWA wrestler folk. It was also the FWA management who created this concept of a briefcase and allowed me to win this. So, if you want to lash out, if you want to blame someone for this little golden box which has you hilariously scared shitless, then go and blame them. What you think is not my concern."

    Nova then turns to the entrance ramp, as if he's checking if somebody will arrive. When nothing happens, he turns to Michelle again.

    Nova Diamond: "If you want to play games Michelle, then play them. Try and hold the show hostage, I don't care. Do you think I'm somebody who is dying to wrestle here tonight? Do you really think I will consider giving into your demands a more feasible option than just simply waiting for Chris or even Rupert Watkins to arrive and say their piece about how the match is being held hostage? Do whatever you want, think about me how you want. All that matters is what I think and what I say. And I said that I'm not going to tease this. So far, I'm being pretty honest about what I plan to do, which is to take my time because quite frankly, I have months. If you think that you will find yourself in a position so low and weak that even a coward and a snake like me will think that he will be able to capitalise, then that's your problem. You can continue to spend your reign living in the fear of what you think I'm going to do. So please, for your own good, stop worrying about things that you have no control over because you have no control over me, nor this briefcase."

    Having said his piece, Nova lowers his own microphone, confident in his belief that he holds the chips here.

    MvH: "And this is a man you cheer?"

    The question, directed towards the audience, elicits another chant of Nova Diamond's name, to which Michelle shakes her head and lets out a short chuckle. Nova himself is seen shrugging.

    MvH: "I do not understand this world. I do not understand your heroes. I do not understand you people. Maybe Jean-Luc was right about Berlin, after all..."

    The audience, too, remembers this tweet from JLW from before 2016's Back in Business, and a boo goes around the arena. The camera cuts to Watkins at the commentary desk, who looks red-faced and sheepish, before we return to MvH.

    MvH: "But it is what it is. My expectations for understanding have always been low, so I find that I can control my surprise. If not tonight, Nova, then soon, please. After Tokyo? I'll be coming here full-time for a little while, which I understand is an alien and difficult concept for you. But you're going to have to get used to seeing me, to hearing me, and - yes - to ​playing my games... Because I'm not going anywhere."

    She looks down at her belt once, the implied prediction for the Tokyo Dome quite clear...

    MvH: "Throw yourself in, tulip. You don't stand a chance."

    Nova raises the mic to his lips again.

    Nova Diamond: "Lucky for you, you don't need to understand those things. I'm not a hero, I'm just a simple man with a very simple desire and no exigency about his methods. But what you have to understand is that you have to let go of my hand. You talked about all those big names on Meltdown wearing you down and weakening you but the way I see it, there's only one person that will truly weaken Michelle von Horrowitz and that's none other than Michelle von Horrowitz herself."

    Nova smiles again, but this time his smile seems a tad less cheesy and a bit more knowing, a bit more smug, if you will.

    Nova Diamond: "Trying to back me into a corner is not wise Michelle, especially when you have a lot more stuff on your plate. I think it would be a real shame if I ended up not having to worry about you myself. Let's say you got past Kennedy...if you think you can hold that until Back In Business while playing your games with me then you really have to ask yourself who is the one cornered here: The one who can lean against the wall or the one who can't even see their back? Think about it."

    Both Nova and Michelle looks like they are not willing to back down one bit until they are finally interrupted...

    "He's The Greatest Dancer" || Sister Sledge.

    Michelle has the microphone raised to her lips, but when the music hits, she allows her arm to fall to her side and vacates the ring. As the champion heads towards Jean-Luc Watkins and the commentary desk, Chris Peacock walks out onto the stage...

    As is now expected, there is a strong cheer from the fans as Chris Peacock walks out onto the stage. He has his arms out to his side and there is a bop in his step as he grins in the direction of the fans. For the first time since competing in the Cosmic Playrgound on 002, Peacock is appearing sans bandages due to the burns appearing to have fully healed with the exception of some discolouration of some patches of skin. He also wears a scar above his armpit, after J.J. JAY! drove a sycthe into the area. Peacock is accompanied by Allen Price, who does a little bit of shadow boxing behind Peacock as "Disco's Last Warrior" begins strutting down towards the ring, slapping hands with the fans in the front row. In the ring, Diamond watches Michelle take her position but his attention then turns to Peacock.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "The following contest is schedule for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied by Allen Price... from Boogie Wonderland and weighing in tonight at two-hundred and ten pounds... he is "Disco's Last Warrior" CHRIS PEACOCK!!"

    Peacock's gaze catches Nova Diamond's, and the two men who last faced off inside of the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber share an uneasy stare at one another. Nova motions to the briefcase in his hand, and Peacock's brow furrows seeing the prize he was so close to capturing several weeks ago.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "His opponent, already in the ring... from Manchester in the United Kingdom and weighing in at ninety kilograms, he is the current holder of the Golden Opportunity Briefcase... NOVA DIAMOND!"

    The announcement of Nova being from the UK generates a smattering of heat from the German fans here in Berlin, despite their very recent affinity towards him, given the historic footballing rivalry between the two nations (some things will never change). There is no such discontent towards the American Peacock on that same basis. Peacock enters the ring, with some of the fans singing along to his theme song. Price grins and tips an imaginary cap at some of the fans as he walks around the ring.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Wrestling fans, it would seem that I have the, um, privilege of being joined by our gracious FWA World Champion for tonight's opening contest. Michelle, thank you, er... thank you very much for joining me! That was a tense few moments with Nova, how do you think he's going to fare here against Chris Peacock?"

    There are nerves present in Jean-Luc as MvH puts the headset on next to him.

    MvH: "Yes, Jean-Luc. Nova's going to need to forget about me and that briefcase for the next twenty minutes. Chris Peacock knows what he's doing. I've not had the pleasure of facing him one-on-one though... but the hour is early."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Another man you've yet to face one-on-one is Nova Diamond - -"

    MvH: "For Nova Diamond's sake, he wants to keep it that way. The most value that Nova will get from that briefcase is by selling it."

    Allen Price has now reached the commentary table, and he attempts to pick up a headset, but JLW knocks it out of his hand, causing Price to look on in shock and anger.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What do you think you're doing, Price? You have already been told. You're off comms tonight. No."

    There seems to be an attempt at persuasion from Price, which is not picked up by JLW and MvH's headsets. Michelle shakes her head and looks at the ring instead of the brief disagreement. He then looks on expectantly for a moment, as Watkins attempts to decipher what he is saying over the noise of the music in the arena as well as the fans shouting and screaming around them.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "You want Michelle to what? ... no. No, I'm not asking her that. Why would she want to be your partner, anyway? ... What? She already has a match at Lights Out, that's why!"

    Exasperated, Price shuffles away from the commentary desk, not getting anything close to what he wanted out of the exchange. In the ring, Diamond places his briefcase under the bottom rope in the corner as Peacock uses the ropes to do some final stretches.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Just a reminder, wrestling fans: my usual partner Allen Price is not joining me at the desk tonight, as he is preparing for his first ever wrestling match at Lights Out, where he will attempt to keep Christian Quinn off of this desk. One of them is bad enough, so I'm not sure how I will manage if I end up having to listen to the two of them bicker for two hours every other week. He's not thought about getting a third member of his team, so at the moment he's in a Handicap Match with Peacock."

    MvH: "Well, I must say that I am tremendously flattered by the offer. To be honest, I don't really appreciate you turning it down on my behalf..."

    As Jean-Luc is shown on screen, a large boo goes around the arena. A 'Jean-Luc Watkins Sucks' sign is prominent directly behind the booth. Michelle smirks at the side of the shot.

    MvH: "You know why they are booing you, right?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I know why they are booing me."

    A brief pause.

    MvH: "It's because of that thing you wrote on the internet."

    A slightly longer pause, after which we cut back to the ring, where the two competitors stand across the ring from one another.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Um, wrestling fans, it's about time we kicked off our jam-packed schedule of in-ring action tonight with a first time ever encounter: Nova Diamond versus Chris Peacock... the final two men in the Golden Opportunity match... three hours of Fallout stars now!!"

    Gracelynn Guerrero is in the middle for this one, and she performs the final checks on both Diamond and Peacock. Allen Price beckons some final words of encouragement to Peacock, who seems to take it on board as he acknowledges Allen with an understanding nod. Once Guerrero is satisfied that they are good to go, she calls for the bell!

    Nova Diamond vs. Chris Peacock.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: Man)
    Once the bell rings, both Peacock and Nova approach the middle of the ring. There is an exchange of words between the two, very likely regarding the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber inside of which they last were in each other's presence. A smug smile encroaches on Nova's face, and Peacock looks to wipe it straight off with a slap directly to the face! Peacock shakes his hand out after the strike, which reverberated around the arena.

    The sight of an Englishman being slapped is enough to bring the fans up to a loud cheer, and Nova holds his cheek with one hand. He looks at Peacock with a shocked expression on his face, and then shoves "Disco's Last Warrior" in the chest. Peacock comes back and the two tie up. Nova's height advantage causes Peacock to give up some of his ground, even though he weighs more than Nova. Peacock gets forced into the corner and Guerrero has to break them up due to their proximity.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Things starting off on an even keel here, Michelle. They've faced each other before inside of the Elimination Chamber, but this is an environment that both are much more accustomed to."

    MvH: "Please, don't talk to me about the Golden Opportunity match. Any match that requires a loss to qualify for isn't worth wasting my breath on. Anyway, isn't Elimination Chamber copyrighted?"

    Nova casts a disparaging look in the direction of the official, and takes a step back with his palms raised to indicate that he will abide by her ruling and allow Peacock out of the corner. The good guy act however earns Nova a snap jab to the face from Peacock, which takes him by surprise. Another jab follows, and Peacock spins around on the spot and lands a third to the bridge of the nose, which knocks Nova back into the turnbuckle on the other side of the ring.

    "Disco's Last Warrior" wastes no time in following up on Diamond, meeting him with a boot to the mid section as he approaches him in the corner, and then a forearm to the face. This knocks Nova up against the turnbuckle, and Peacock climbs up onto the second rope where he stands over Diamond and grabs a fistful of hair to keep him in place. The crowd enthusiastically counts along with Peacock, and he starts raining blows down on the top of Nova's head!


    After the ninth shot, Peacock looks around the arena and the fans start waving their fingers in the air as the await the final blow...


    A cheer rings out around the arena as Peacock completes his ten punches, and he jumps backwards, landing on his feet, from the second rope and holds his arms out in the air to some very good applause from the crowd, who are enjoying watching this unfold.

    MvH: "They like Chris Peacock here - probably because he never said anything bad about them on the internet."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "You don't know that for sure. But you are correct, Peacock has the ability to connect with almost any crowd that we've seen him perform in front of - and these Berliners are eating out of his hands at the moment!"

    Peacock measures Nova in the corner from across the ring and he charges in, but Nova elevates him over the top rope and out onto the apron! Peacock just about manages to save his footing and avoids the spill to the outside. Even though Peacock stayed on the apron, Allen Price is right behind him to catch him should he fall. Keeping his left hand on the ropes, Peacock cocks his right back and then catches Nova with a forearm to the face. Another one knocks the Golden Opportunity winner a couple of steps back, and Peacock now walks across the apron and scales the turnbuckle, positioning himself on the top rope... and he goes for the Glitterball Drop!!

    But Nova catches him!! Diamond grounds his feet and has Peacock on his shoulders... and then launches him into the corner with a Buckle Bomb!! Diamond looks to the outside and at Michelle von Horrorwitz, and the camera catches the icy glare return to him by the FWA World Champion.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I think that means that he wants you to pay attention to what he's about to do."

    MvH: "Oh, let me assure you... I have my eyes on Nova Diamond at all times. I know, poor me pity me poor me. But taking an interest in the uninteresting is the plight of a champion."

    Diamond turns his attention back to the smarting Peacock, who is possibly whiplashed as a result of that last move. After a second to measure Peacock, Diamond turns and connects with a Rolling Elbow directly to Peacock's jaw!! Allen Price is aghast as Peacock falls to the ground against the bottom turnbuckle. Wasting no time, Diamond grabs Peacock by the shoulders and drives a knee into his chest, and pulls him up to his feet after that. Diamond looks behind him as he holds Peacock, and then sends him into the middle of the ring with an Exploder Suplex!!

    Having been thrown over Nova's head, Peacock lands hard on his back and the impact causes him to almost come back up to his feet, which allows Nova to grab him from behind... and plant him with a Dragon Suplex!! Peacock folds on the mat like an accordion, and Nova puts pressure down on Peacock's legs to pin his shoulders to the ground for the first cover of the match! Guerrero drops down to make it!

    ONE... TW-NO!!

    The near-always present resilience of Chris Peacock comes into play again, with his past performances showing that it usually takes considerably more than that to put him away.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It is going to take more than that to put away "Disco's Last Warrior" - the man who has been through Warehouse Fights, Disco Brawls and the Cosmic Playground. He might just be a silly dancer to some, but he's one of the toughest SOBs we've got, I'll tell you!"

    Despite Peacock attempting to get to his feet on his own, Diamond pulls his opponent up from the mat and Irish Whips him into the ropes, but Peacock holds on. Nova rushes towards him and Clotheslines him over the top rope, but again Peacock lands on the apron! Once again also present is Allen Price, hoping to catch Peacock were he to fall to the floor from his position. Diamond grabs onto the ropes and jumps into the air, connecting with a Gamengiri to the side of Peacock's head!

    Still though, Peacock manages to hold onto the ropes and Nova steadies himself and connects with an Enzuigiri, this time to the back of Peacock's head, which causes Peacock to fall backwards limp... into the arms of Allen Price!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Peacock caught by Price!"

    MvH: "So he isn't completely useless, then."

    Price manages to support the weight of his friend and client, but fusses over what to actually do with him. Price feels the extra pressure of Gracelynn Guerrero telling him to put Peacock down and not to interfere in the match.

    However whilst Price goes through this mental debate in front of the announce table, Nova Diamond has stepped through the ropes onto the apron... and he leaps from the apron onto Peacock with a Diving Elbow Drop, which knocks both Peacock and Price to the floor! Diamond rises to his feet and looks around at the arena who cheer his prowess, and then his eyes land on Michelle von Horrowitz, who keeps the same icy stare on Diamond that she has had for the entire match.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "..."

    No words are exchanged between the two, so Nova reaches down to pick Peacock up from the floor, leaving Price where he fell. Peacock is rolled back into the ring by Diamond, who catches another look at MvH as he enters the ring himself.

    MvH: "Diamond is lacking focus, here. I'm one to talk, maybe, but Peacock isn't a man to be taken lightly. As you said, his ridiculous dance moves are something of a smokescreen."

    However, this comes back to bite him as Peacock has used the time Nova spent with his attention on the FWA World Champion to regain himself, and he catches Diamond with a Famouser as Diamond is getting back into the ring through the ropes!! Diamond gets driven face first into the mat by Peacock, who then flips him onto his back and drops to his knees for a lateral press, holding Diamon'd shoulders down onto the mat.

    ONE... TWO... NO!!

    No dice for Peacock, but he doesn't allow his spirits to get knocked by Nova kicking out. He scoops Nova up from the mat and cradles his head as he delivers a couple of strikes to his temple and then pushes him back against the ropes, catching him with a Back Body Drop as he comes back towards him!

    Peacock seems to be getting fired up now, buoyed by the sight of Allen Price picking himself up using the announce table as a support. He waits on Nova to get to his feet again, and then connects with a Jumping Clothesline. Both men get straight back up to his feet, and Peacock knocks Nova down again, this time with a Flying Forearm!! Both men land on the mat, and Peacock kips up to a big cheer from the crowd!

    Nova gets back up again and stumbles towards Peacock, looking for a Polish Hammer, but Peacock drops down into the splits to dodge the move. "Disco's Last Warrior" then pops back up to his feet and catches Diamond with the Fight Fever back fist!! Nova recoils, holding his nose, but Peacock grabs him around the waistline and pulls him back in, raising him up onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry... and he starts spinning him around with an Airplane Spin, and once again the fans are counting along with each rotation! As Peacock spins, Price motions with his arm going around and around.


    After the tenth rotation, Peacock drops Diamond on the mat with a Samoan Drop!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "DANCE DANCE REVOLUTIONS! Can Peacock get the cover here?"

    MvH: "Why are these people so obsessed with counting?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "They're getting caught up in the action, Michelle! This fine crowd is in fine voice tonight!!"

    MvH: "Fine crowd?! Dour, unfriendly, rude, ugly... this is what you used to think, no?"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "That was in 2016, Michelle! People change! I have changed! But it seems you're still exactly the same as you ever were..."

    There's a brief pause on the commentary booth...

    MvH: "But we are meeting here now for the first time."


    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Yes, we are meeting here now for the first time."

    Peacock gets up to his feet and seems to be slightly dizzy after delivering that move, but he backs into the corner and steadies himself as Diamond stirs on the mat, rising up to his knees. Seeing this, Peacock starts clapping his hands and the crowd joins in in turn. He spins on his heel a couple of times and shuffles towards Diamond, breaking into a run... LOOKING FOR THE STRUT!!!


    ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Peacock just kicks out! We know Diamond is an opportunist, and he almost picked his spot perfectly!"

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "An opportunist who shies away from opportunities... interesting."

    Allen Price's heart is in his mouth after seeing Peacock almost get caught out by that one, and the commentator has to compose himself. Peacock and Diamond get back to their feet, and Diamond reacts quicker by going low and grabbing Peacock's leg to take him over with a Dragon Screw! Peacock holds his twisted knee, and then rises back to his feet, into a second Dragon Screw from Diamond!!

    After the second one, Peacock is a bit slower getting to his feet, and Nova takes advantage of this, running the ropes and approaching Peacock from behind with a Chop Block! Peacock crumples to the mat once again, and a sense of dread comes over Price, as he knows what Diamond is planning here with this specifically targeted offence.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The look on Allen Price's face says it all, wrestling fans. Nova Diamond wants the 24K Kneebar, and he's setting up for it. Peacock needs to come up with something and come up with it quickly!"

    Peacock's knee is clearly causing him some discomfort, but it would seem that matters are about to get much, much worse as Diamond waits on him to get up... AND APPLIES THE 24K KNEEBAR!!!

    In the middle of the ring, Diamond yanks back on Peacock's right leg, applying all sorts of pressure on the knee which he had already targeted with a couple of other attacks. Peacock groans in pain. Diamond wears a determined look on his face, knowing that Michelle von Horrowitz is watching this with the sole purpose of feeling him out as a potential future opponent and challenger for her championship. He knows that a failure to put away Chris Peacock will damage his credibility.

    These thoughts appear to wane as he locks eyes with von Horrowitz sitting at the commentary desk once again. There is slightly more interest in the champion's eyes as she considers Nova. However, with being pre-occupied by von Horrowitz at ringside, Nova has allowed Peacock to re-negotiate his position, and "Disco's Last Warrior" is able to get his fingertips on the bottom rope, hook them around and then pull both hands onto and around the rope!! Nova doesn't notice the rope break at first, and it is only when Guerrero issues him with a count that he realises that he must release Peacock from the hold.

    There is an air of frustration around Diamond as he gets to his feet and watches on whilst Peacock gets up from the mat, using the ropes to help him. Price slams his fists on the mat to will his client on, but Peacock's concentration on returning to his feet just means that he's easy picking for Diamond... AND THE 24K KICK!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Just. Like. That. That is how quickly Nova Diamond can strike with that 24K Kick."

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "Like I already said, tulip, Nova is not going to be able to catch me out that easily. There are not enough 24K Kicks in this world. I won't be operating on one leg like Chris Peacock is right now. I won't allow myself to get distracted by outside sources. If my being here is such a problem for him, then he's not going to last long with that case before the trepidation of deciding when to cash in takes over. Because I am not going anywhere."

    Peacock is felled by the move, dropping to his knees and then flat on his face. Diamond pulls Peacock away from the ropes, to prevent another rope break, and then hooks the bad knee...

    ONE... TWO... THREE-NO!!!

    At the LAST possible second, Peacock is able to kick out! Diamond sits up with his hands on the side of his head in disbelief, and his eyes widen further when he sees Natalie Rosenberg rise from her seat at ringside and bring her microphone up to her mouth.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your FOUR MINUTE WARNING!"

    Among everything else, Diamond now has to worry about the clock. He looks down at Peacock, who is ready for the taking and starts bringing him up to his feet. He scoops him up, with the fans rising in anticipation...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Chris Peacock will remember this feeling from the Anniversary Show! Nova Diamond is looking to make Peacock UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB!!"

    Diamond puts Peacock over his shoulder, but suddenly the former X Division Champion realises where he is, and he manages to slide off of Diamond's back!! Peacock backs into the ropes and runs back at Nova... AND PEACOCK CONNECTS WITH THE STRUT TO A STANDING NOVA DIAMOND!! The fans cheer and Allen Price raises his fist into the air... but Nova is only knocked down onto a knee...


    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Peacock is making sure of it! Into the cover now, surely?"

    MvH: "Has to be!"

    Peacock holds his knee and shuffles across the mat towards Diamond... and manages to lean across his opponent's chest, reaching back and hooking a leg...

    ONE... TWO... THREE!!!

    Winner: Chris Peacock via pin fall at 17.17

    There is a cheer from the crowd as Sister Sledge plays through the arena speakers once again, and Peacock sits forward off of Diamond and holds his knee for a moment, before pulling himself up to his feet. Allen Price rolls into the ring (albeit with some difficulty) and he hugs Peacock before both he and Guerrero raise Peacock's arm in victory.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Here is your winner... CHRIS PEACOCK!"

    Michelle von Horrowitz has removed her headset without even as much as a goodbye for Watkins. She looks into the ring and makes eye contact with Peacock, a man who she considers a friend. They share a nod, and Peacock then leaves the ring with Price, and he celebrates with the fans.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Michelle von Horrowitz came out here to see what Nova Diamond was made of, but she could be looking at a future challenger for her championship in Chris Peacock. He still has a bit to go if you ask me, but getting a win over the Golden Opportunity winner isn't going to hurt his case whatsoever."

    MvH slowly walks around the ring, watching as Diamond regains his awareness and looks around, and on the mat he finds himself at almost a matching eye level with Michelle as she walks past him. No words are exchanged between them, but the look on Nova's face makes it clear that he knows a defeat tonight has not done anything to improve his standing in the eyes of the FWA World Champion.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Whilst Chris Kennedy is her immediate focus at Lights Out in Tokyo, von Horrowitz came to Fallout tonight to get a feel for Nova Diamond in light of him holding the key to a potential title shot at any time of his choosing. Nova Diamond said he was in no rush to cash in his opportunity... but maybe, just maybe, after his result tonight... he will reconsider his options and just maybe Michelle is right to have her eyes cast firmly on him."

    As Michelle reaches the bottom of the ramp, she turns her head away from Diamond, showing him her back. Showing him how easy it would be to take a shot if he wanted to, knowing full well that she believed in her own abilities enough to stave off any attempt. In the ring, Diamond leans back and looks up to the arena lights, hands down by his sides. His fingertips caress the briefcase which was placed next to him by the referee.


    We cut to a pre-taped promo and we see Danny Toner standing with his back to a red-brick wall in a dimly lit alleyway. He is mid-puff on a big blunt and his hair is swept back and brushed to the side. He is wearing a grey Stone Island jumper, the logo visible on the arm of his jumper as he raises a hand to pull the joint away from his lips. He smiles briefly and then laughs loudly. He wags a finger and tuts.

    Danny Toner: “You shoulda killed me, you know.”

    Danny quickly bangs his fist against his heart.

    Danny Toner: “You shoulda put me in the ground when you had the chance, oh baby, you should have ended me at Back in Business. That was your Golden Opportunity. Randy Ramon, you barely beat me at Back in Business in a once in a life-time performance and I’ve just gotten better and better since. Can the same be said about you?”

    Danny shrugs his shoulders and drags quickly on his blunt.

    Danny Toner: “I dunno, I dunno… maybe? Maybe, at best. How you think you’re going to hang with me now, pal? I seen you at CC. I seen you at Golden Opportunity. You ain’t takin’ the chances that have been given to you. You ain’t a killer, dog.”

    Danny shakes his head, clearly bemused.

    Danny Toner: “You? You? Look… it’s real cutesy that ya got “da big bad” D-G spewin’ all this shit but he’s playin’, man. He’s straight up playin’. Devin Golden’s riding your coattails? Come on man, Devin Golden’s giving a stuttering car with a bum engine a push up the hill and he’s freakin’ prayin’ that it makes it to the top.”

    Danny laughs softly.

    Danny Toner: “But you don’t wanna make it to the top, oh no, because you know who’s waitin’ there, right? You know if you make it to the top, you’re gonna get sent straight back down to where you came from. This is fuckin’ real life Randy, not Devin Golden’s fairytale fantasies. A lack of effort from Golden and some fancy words don’t make you it. It don’t make you the best. It don’t make you “the man” or the fuckin’ “Tag God”.”

    Danny sniffs and swiftly wipes the underside of his nostril.

    Danny Toner: “It makes you a fuckin’ propped up act with a cheerleader.”

    Toner takes the last drag on his joint before he viciously growls at the camera, as he has habitually begun to do over the last year.

    Danny Toner: “You can have all your fantasies, adventures and fairytales because at the end of the day... I’m going to beat you handily at Fallout 005. You want the real truth? I ain’t even goin’ to break too much of a sweat doin’ it. And Ramon, I’m sorry I don’t dress it up like big brother Devin; I’ll give it to you straight – you’re nothing more than an overgrown boy with a wild imagination who thinks he’s tough enough to hang in a man’s world but unfortunately for you, when we're in Berlin there's nowhere to hide, nobody to lean on and your big brother won't be able to do shit. You wanna know why? Because the second that bell rings on Friday night…




    Daddy’s home.”

    Toner flicks the joint at the camera and it immediately cuts to static.


    "Rise" || Sixx:A.M.

    The crowd goes WILD when "Rise" hits, signaling the entrance of our reigning FWA Tag Team Champions. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon is first, with the sunglasses over his eyes, the long blonde hair behind his shoulders, down to the middle of his spine, and the top hat. He has the unshaven look and the general rockstar demeanor, holding the belt in his right hand as one of the straps hangs and drags on the stage floor.

    A few steps behind, not getting the same positive fanfare from the audience, is "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden. He has the highlighted hair tips and bangs, the loose black T-shirt, the black jeans, the blue tennis shoes, and the black eyeliner. He has the FWA Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder, making sure he stands behind the true man of the hour.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It seems it's not truly be a Fallout episode without these two coming out, before they were scheduled, to ... talk. And not only talk: prognostication seems to be a favoured pastime of Golden Rock. They literally have told us what would happen before it happened..."

    Jean-Luc Watkins has a point, but it's not one any fan really wants to hear. Golden has gotten on the microphone and prognosticated about Ramon moving through the Eliminator tournament, starting with Yuna Funanori and on to Gerald Grayson. Then it was Shawn Summers. Now?

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Golden seems to be a step or two behind Ramon, so will it be Ramon talking this time? Finally? Or is that fool's gold hope?"

    Ramon enters the ring as the crowd lets out a loud and lengthy "ROCKSTAR! ROCKSTAR! ROCKSTAR!" chant. Golden nods his head as he enters the ring through the ropes. The crowd changes its tune to a raucous chorus of boos. Then some "FUCK YOU, GOLDEN" chants. It's quite the dichotomy in crowd feelings for each member of Golden Rock.

    Ramon and Golden stand side by side, the tag titles sported on their persons. Golden looks to his left at Ramon, who receives the microphone from the ring announcer. The crowd then cheers loudly. Ramon twirls the microphone in his fingers and looks at it. It's about a five-second pause, with the fans all cheering.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Looks like we might finally hear from the Rockstar, wrestling fans. It's been a while!"

    But then, he smirks, and looks to his right, at his partner, the Hall of Famer, "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden. And he slyly and haphazardly offers the microphone up to his side, for Golden to take. The fans roar with displeasure, unfazing to Golden Rock.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It was too good to be true, I guess. Or maybe this is what we deserve."

    Golden happily takes the microphone and steps forward. He walks up to the ring ropes as the crowd boos, never stopping one bit. He smiles and looks out to the audience. He wants them to finish their shtick and get out their disdain for him. But he only goes about 20 seconds.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "That sounds ... like a whooooooooole lot of people ... who are so mad ... that I was right ... all along."

    Golden gets so much hate from the fans for that comment, but he absorbs it. He's like a fish of some sort just swallowing up all of the emotion and anger. He smiles as he takes it all in.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "Tonight ... one more time ... I stand before you and tell you how it'll go. The guy behind me ... the assassin, the killer, the man with a kick that will knock out Thor himself, is going to win."

    Golden smiles and his tune kind of changes. He looks back to Ramon, who is standing arms crossed in the center of the ring. Collected and cool. Calm. Poised. Ready for the main event.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "It isn't some easy, walk-in-the-park win. He faces Danny ... FUCKIN' ... Toner. You know what? That dude is an absolute badass. A brash, brusk, in-your-face asshole, for sure. A brazen douchebag. Someone who is going to punch you in the damn mouth and smile about it. But ... he's damn good."

    Danny Toner respect gets at least some cheers from the crowd.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "I mean ... has anyone else beaten us ... for these? Just one team, and Danny is the head of the snake. So for that, he deserves some respect. And I put respect on the name Danny FUCKIN' Toner."

    Golden leans over the ropes as the crowd cheers again, even beginning a "DANNY ... DANNY ... DANNY FUCKIN' TONER" chant. It's deafening in the arena, and for the first time, Ramon is a little on edge. He looks around and hears the adoration for his long-time rival, and it gets to him a bit. He winces and looks down, his smile fading.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "Danny Toner is a king ... but remember what I said last time ... I have the ace behind me. The ace is right ... THERE. And we all know ... in poker ... a hand with an ace beats a hand with a king every time.

    Unless ... variables. A king on the river. Or that last spade to complete a flush.

    And we can't let the variables affect tonight's outcome. Take out the variables ... and we have ... Randy Ramon ... against the FWA World Champion ... on Fallout 007.

    And we WILL still have the Tag Team Championships."

    Golden smiles, thinking three steps ahead. It's like he's up to something and knows exactly what it is, while everyone waits for the reveal.

    "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden: "See y'all tonight."

    Golden drops the microphone out of the ring, over the ropes, and onto the floor. Ramon leaves the ring, with Golden a step behind. "The Rotten Gold" puts his arm around the shoulders of Ramon and says, "You good?" The man for the main event tonight nods his head and takes a deep breath. Golden says, "Block it all out. They're variables. Don't let them swing it." It gets a positive response, as Ramon nods along. Golden walks Ramon back through the entrance way as the stage is set for the finals of the tournament.


    We cut to the backstage area, where Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage of the Undisputed Alliance stand by with Christian Quinn. The Instant Classic looks particularly nonplussed at being on backstage duties tonight. Fenix has an easy smile and is sitting on an equipment container in the background of the shop. He has a large set of headphones covering his eyes and is scrolling idly on his phone.

    Nate Savage doesn’t look nearly as comfortable, and paces this way and that to Quinn’s right. He isn’t looking at the camera, instead staring down at the floor in front of him as if lost in thought.

    Christian Quinn: “I’m joined at this time by Nate Savage, who later on will partner up with Jackson Fenix who is… somewhere...”

    He looks about himself to locate Fenix, and shakes his head at Jackson’s aloof nature.

    Christian Quinn: “... but Nate, I believe that you’ve asked for this time in order to address the situation regarding Kayden Knox…”

    Nate finally looks up at Quinn, who has stopped talking and yields the floor to his counterpart. Quinn holds the microphone out, and Savage speaks as if he’s addressing the interviewer rather than the audience at home.

    Nate Savage: “I’ve said what I wanted to say about Kayden Knox last week. People can go and watch the footage if they want to be reminded. Tonight? I’m talking to you, Christian, to issue a challenge…”

    Finally, Nate turns towards the lens of the camera and talks directly to his rival…

    Nate Savage: “Kayden, after Jax and I are through with those Ground Zero rejects, my next match will be against you. At Lights Out, I’m going to remind you of what you’ve forgotten. It’s like I said earlier this week: the past doesn’t stay dead. And like the past, Kayden, we don’t forget either. So if you can pull yourself together for long enough to get to Tokyo, it’ll be Nate Savage versus Kayden Knox… in a Parking Lot Brawl!”

    We can hear cheers in the arena, but Nate isn’t smiling. He nods his head in self-approval. Behind him, Jackson removes one of the headphones from his ear.

    Jackson Fenix: “Yo, Nate… what if he wins tonight? You asking for a title shot?”

    Nate smirks, and lets out a chuckle.

    Nate Savage: “Don’t be ridiculous. A zebra doesn't change it's stripes. Kayden will always be a loser.”

    He walks out of shot, and Jackson hops off the container to follow him. We fade to black.


    ”Back in Town” || Matt Dusk.

    There’s a loud roar in the arena as Krash’s music hits, and this effort is re-doubled down upon when The White Wolf walks out onto the stage. He has a smile on his face and nods his head approvingly at the reaction, and slaps a few of the front row fans’ hands on his way down the ramp towards the ring.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit… introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and five pounds… he is The White Wolf… KRASH!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Krash obviously has one eye firmly fixed on Tokyo and his upcoming FWA World Tag Team Championship match, where he and Alyster Black of The Gang Stars will take on Devin Golden and Randy Ramon of Golden Rock. Krash and Black are undefeated in tag team action since the brand split, having picked up an important win in their number one contendership match against The Undisputed Alliance on 001 before defeating The Brethren on 004. It’s fair to say that Krash’s singles record has been a little more uneven recently. He has been defeated by Chris Kennedy at Back in Business and Kleio De Santos on Fallout 002… The White Wolf, I’m sure, will be looking to bounce back tonight, but the task before him is not an easy one…”

    Krash has climbed into the ring, where he waits in a corner and loosens up his joints. His music fades out and is replaced by…

    ”Cola” || Lana del Ray.

    The cheer makes way for a loud, ferocious boo, but Der Basterd himself laps it up with a big, shit-eating grin on his face as he takes to the stage. With a snort of derision, Summers begins striding towards Krash in the ring…

    Natalie Rosenberg: “And his opponent… from Laguna Beach, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… Der Basterd… SHAWN SUMMERS!!”

    Another boo as his name is called, but Summers now only has eyes for Krash as he walks towards him, as if there’s nobody else in the arena…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “These two have a history, and the most recent chapter was written just two weeks ago during the Clique Wrestling Alliance’s Gold Rush tournament. Summers and Krash were the two finalists, having defeated Jon Snowmantashi and Cyrus Truth respectively. Those of you that tuned in to the Vanuatu pay-per-view will know that the White Wolf emerged victorious that night, claiming the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, and later defeating Summers’ running buddies The Division to retain his and Black’s CWA World Tag Team Championships. It was a big night for Krash and The Gang Stars, but you’d surely have to think that tonight will be, in a small part at least, about exacting some measure of retribution for Shawn Summers. He has his own forthcoming entanglement at Lights Out, with - of course - Mike Parr. That particular rivalry has been heated and protracted, and I would not be surprised if we saw a cameo appearance from The Prodigy before, or after, the bell is rung in this one…”

    Summers has slid under the bottom rope, and stands opposite Krash in the ring as his music fades out. The official performs his final checks before calling for the bell…

    Shawn Summers vs. Krash.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: SS)
    The two men stand on opposite sides of the rings from one another, and for a moment they simply eye each other up. Shawn Summers has a scowl on his face as he glares across the squared circle at The White Wolf, who looks more passive but still keeps a watchful eye upon his opponent…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “It was Krash who emerged victorious in a big way at South Pacific, but Shawn Summers defeated Cyrus Truth and Jon Snowmantashi on his journey to the final. Wrestling fans, I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you how big those two victories are. Jon Snowmantashi has never been beaten in a CWA ring. Until Shawn Summers had him passing out in the middle of one, something that I never thought I’d see. And as these two men circle the ring, Krash tentatively offering Summers the opportunity to tie it up in a collar and elbow, you begin to realise that there’s a lot more to this than professional pride. Both of these men crashed out of the Fallout Eliminator, yes, but Toner or Ramon will get their opportunity to challenge for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship in Melbourne on Fallout 007. The champion will stay on Fallout through December’s Mile High, and both Der Basterd and The White Wolf will be looking to keep their name hovering around that conversation. Winning is the best way to do just that…”

    After some tentativeness from Summers, the two do eventually come together in a collar and elbow. It appears Summers may have the strength advantage, and he begins to push Krash back towards the turnbuckles… but The White Wolf shifts behind into a rear waistlock, only to eat a hard elbow from Der Basterd! Summers goes behind into a rar waistlock of his own, and looks to be attempting a German suplex, but Krash anchors his weight down and then attempts to unfasten Summers’ grip around his waist. He appears to be managing it, but Summers smoothly transitions into a full nelson. Krash is forced to drag Summers’ weight to the ring ropes, and the official appears to insist upon a rope break. Summers backs away… but then charges back in at Krash. Krash ducks the attempted clothesline, and lifts Summers up and over the top rope with a back body drop. Der Basterd is able to land on his feet on the apron, and then he clocks Krash with a right hand!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The White Wolf stumbles into the middle of the ring, and Summers attempts to climb back in… no! Krash cuts him off at the pass, lifting a boot into his chest! Shawn Summers is back on the apron, and Krash - inside ring - takes him by the wrist… HARD CLOTHESLINE! Summers is sent reeling onto the outside, and Krash has a chance to get his breath back here. Der Basterd was able to sort of almost rag-doll him in that full nelson, and you’d have to think Summers will be returning to that strategy throughout this match. Out-muscling and out-wrestling Krash will be integral to his gameplan… but Krash has a few tricks of his own! Summers gets to his feet on the outside, and the White Wolf propels himself off the opposite set of ropes… here comes Krash… SUICIDE DIVE!!! And Krash lands on his feet!”

    Krash pumps his fist and elicits a big pop from the Berlin crowd, and with a nod of his head and a glance down at Summers, he promptly slides back into the ring…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Perpetual motion here from Krash… he hits the ropes again... SUICIDE DIVE!! Two in a row! This crowd is getting behind The White Wolf, and he’s responding in kind, putting on a show in the opening stretches of this one!”

    Krash lays into Summers with a couple of stomps on the outside, and then throws him under the bottom rope. He hops onto the apron himself, and begins to ascend the turnbuckles towards the top rope. Summers is shaking the cobwebs loose in the middle of the ring and begins to rise to his feet. The White Wolf steadies himself up top, and watches on as Summers turns to face him. Krash goes for a double axe handle… no! Summers catches him with a boot to the midsection! Krash is doubled over, and Summers pulls his head into position…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Is he going for Midsommar?! He hooks the arms… I think he is! Krash senses it too, and he lifts Summers up and over with a back body drop!!”

    Summers scrambled up to his feet, and goes for a wild clothesline on Krash… The White Wolf ducks beneath it… schoolboy roll-up! Summers’ shoulders are down…

    ONE… TWO… T -- NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Der Basterd kicks out… and now Shawn Summers takes a respite, rolling under the bottom rope to the outside…”

    The crowd boos Summers, who ignores them and their derision. He looks up at Krash watchfully as he circles the ring…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “... this audience might not like it here in Berlin, but this is sound strategy from Summers. Krash almost got him with the quick pinning combination, there, and Summers will hit the reset button with a deep breath. Krash will do the same: he may have emerged triumphant against Summers in that CWA World Heavyweight Championship match, but Der Basterd nailed him with a Midsommar after it, attempting to weaken the White Wolf before his main event tag team match in Vanuatu. Wrestling fans, Krash will know first-hand that the Midsommar invariably means defeat, and that back body drop counter shows that he’s been thinking of ways to negate Summers’ trump card.”

    Summers slides back into the ring, and Krash is on him immediately, nailing a pair of stomps as Summers fights up to his feet. Krash backs him into the ropes with a forearm and then a European uppercut, before whipping him into the opposite set. Krash goes for a drop kick…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Nobody home! Krash hits the mat, Summers checking his momentum by hooking onto the top rope, and now Der Basterd looks to follow up… boot to the midsection… and then a knee left! Krash is staggered… Wipe Out! Summers hits his patented belly-to-belly overhead suplex… picture perfect, wrestling fans! Summers pops the hips and he just fucking LAUNCHES Krash across the ring! Impressive resilience by the White Wolf to fight up to his feet… but he’s caught with a discus elbow smash! And now a lateral press from Summers…”

    ONE… TWO… T -- NO!

    Krash kicks out, but Summers immediately goes to work again, attempting to lock in a Fujiwara arm bar! Krash immediately clasps his hands together in an attempt to stop Summers wrenching one back into the hold, and then he scrambles towards the ropes, hooking onto one with a boot. The referee starts to count to five… Summers nails Krash on the top of the head with an elbow, and then yanks back the White Wolf’s arm into the arm bar!! The official’s count is ongoing, but Summers gets four good seconds in before he’s forced to relinquish. He’s quickly up to his feet, and he throws Krash into a corner with force. So much so that The White Wolf hits the turnbuckles and bounces back towards Summers… who goes for a rolling elbow…

    … only for Krash to instead connect with a low drop kick! He takes Der Basterd out at the knees, and The White Wolf gets to his feet quickly, seemingly favouring his arm a little as he hits the ropes…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Summers rises into a spear! But note that Krash uses his left shoulder, there… we’d usually see him connect with that move with his right arm, but maybe that Fujiwara armbar will leave Krash calling a number of audibles in what’s left of this one. For now, though, the White Wolf hoists Summers up to his feet… he kicks him in the gut, doubling him over for a DDT!! Krash turns the momentum in this match upon its head as he drops Der Basterd on his!!”

    Krash doesn’t immediately go for the cover, and instead he slowly gets up to his feet. His arm his giving him some trouble, still, and he looks up at the top rope. He promptly climbs onto the apron and, a lot slower than usual as he’s only able to use his left arm to assist him in the task, he begins to hoist his body weight up towards the top turnbuckle…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Krash is maybe thinking about his Daybreaker elbow drop here, which is how he managed to defeat Summers in Vanuatu… but one would have to think he’ll be using his other elbow here tonight in Berlin, that short but vicious Fujiwara arm bar still giving Krash a significant amount of trouble as he heads towards the top rope here…”

    Der Basterd, though, is wise to it, and he rolls onto his front and looks up at Krash struggling towards the top rope. He fights up to his feet, still a little dazed from the DDT… but he’s able to hurl himself into the ropes next to Krash, causing him to lose his balance and land split-legged over the top turnbuckle!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The wolf howls… and Summers looks to follow up here, climbing up after Krash. He applies a front facelock, almost dragging Krash up onto the top rope… and Der Basterd steps up onto it as well! This could end badly for Krash… SUPERPLEX!! The White Wolf is thrown two thirds of the way across the ring!! But Summers isn’t done… ARM BAR! FUJIWARA ARM BAR!!”

    Summers has Krash in the middle of the ring, and he’s able to lock the move in cleanly this time. The official is immediately in front of Krash, checking for a tap out and asking the White Wolf if he’s ready to throw it in. Krash, resilient as ever, shakes his head, and begins to inch towards the bottom rope… progress is slow, though, and Der Basterd wrenches at the hold, Krash’s arm bent to an ever more protracted angle…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Summers returns to the hold that he had success with earlier in the match, and Krash really is sundered here. His palm is outstretched… but then he clenches it into a fist! The audience are trying to motivate the White Wolf here, but he’s still a long way away from those ropes… and I think Krash might be fading! The pain might be getting too much for him, here… is Shawn Summers trying to do to Krash what he did to Jon Snowmantashi at South Pacific?!”

    Krash is desperate now, and he tries one last time to inch towards the ropes… but he’s definitely less alert and less present than he was a few moments ago, and he seems to almost slump to the mat, maybe giving up on the effort and the match, too…

    The official moves in, lifting Krash’s arm to check his consciousness…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “NO! Krash defies gravity and stops his hand falling to the mat… he has it clenched into a fist again, a symbol of his resilience… Summers wrenches and contorts with his Fujiwara arm bar, really controlling this match-up here as we creep past ten minutes… but Krash just won’t die!! A huge effort here from the White Wolf, almost draggin Summers a few inches closer to that bottom ring rope… and he hooks his boot onto it! Krash earns his escape… four more seconds before Shawn Summers releases the hold, of course… and the White Wolf slides under the bottom rope immediately....”

    Summers follows him out as the official begins his count towards ten. He takes Krash by his wounded right arm, and Irish whips him hard into the steel ring steps! Krash hits them with his shoulder, and slumps again to the group. Der Basterd takes a moment to raise his arms, a premature celebration of victory, much to the chagrin of the Berlin faithful.

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Shawn Summers perhaps taking a little too long to follow up, here. He almost seems more interested in working on Krash's fans than the White Wolf himself..."

    After a few more seconds goading, he turns to face Krash...

    ... but the White Wolf charges at him...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "SPEAR! On the outside!! Summers' head was dangerously close to connect with the corner of those steel ring steps. That could've been nasty..."

    Summers is hoisted up by the scruff of the neck and thrown beneath the bottom rope. Meanwhile, Krash begins the slow, steady climb towards the top rope...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Krash is heading to the high rent district, which can mean only one thing! He's looking for that Daybreaker elbow drop... but it appears that Der Basterd has other ideas!!"

    Krash is cut off at the pass as he reaches the second top, with Summers arriving to nail a straight right hand. The White Wolf loses his balance, and immediately Der Basterd begins to climb up with him. Summers follows up with a half-dozen right hands, and then a headbutt!! Krash is staggered, and almost loses his footing on the top, but Shawn drags him in close with a front face lock...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "But now it's Krash's turn to resist... he nails some right hands to Summers' exposed side... and causes separation from the face lock... HEADBUTT FROM KRASH! Anything you can do... I can do better..."

    Summers falls back into the ring, but lands on his feet. He goes to one knee, keeled over... which allows Krash to climb over the top rope and onto the second rope inside the ring...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "FAMOUSER! From the second rope!! And now the end may just be near!!"

    Krash wastes zero time in climbing back onto the apron and ascending to the top turnbuckle. He steadies himself, and then...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "DAYBREAKER! Krash hooks the far leg..."

    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    Winner: Krash via pin fall at 15:47.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Here is your winner... The White Wolf... KRASH!!"

    Krash rolls off his vanquished foe and pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes. The official is quickly over to him, lifting his hand up in victory...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Thirteen seconds before the four minute warning, Krash manages to keep his momentum rolling ahead of that huge FWA World Tag Team Championship match, whilst Shawn Summers slumps to his second defeat in two weeks. Randy Ramon and Krash are two of the premier stars on Fallout right now, but Summers will no doubt be frustrated at this result... unlike Mike Parr, who will no doubt be licking his lips..."

    Summers has rolled beneath the bottom rope in order to recuperate, whilst Krash has climbed to the second rope in order to whip the fans up into a frenzy...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Mission accomplished for Krash... and we'll find out if Alyster Black, the other half of the Gang Stars, can repeat that in our next match-up. But first... this..."


    We head backstage and we can see Chris Peacock and Allen Price walking along one of the arena corridors. Peacock has a smile on his face, still high off of the euphoria after his win over Nova Diamond in the opening match of the night. The two are mid conversation, and Peacock stops on the spot and brushes his hair out of his face, leaning on a production crate.

    Allen Price: "Everything okay?"

    Chris Peacock: "Yeah. Honestly, that felt so good. I needed to win that match, had a lot of other stuff going on these past few days."

    There is a bit of silence between them as Allen seems to understand what Chris is referring to.

    Allen Price: "You going to tell me what happened back there or not?"

    Chris Peacock: "Honestly, it was nothing to worry about. Anyway, now that Nova is out of the way, we need to think about you and our match at Lights Out. You found us a partner yet?"

    More silence. This gives Peacock the answer to his question.

    Chris Peacock: "Allen, come on man. We can't go up against those guys a man down. Forget about Quinn, I need some support against Danny and Rondo. I can't do it all by myself."

    Allen Price: "Well, I asked Michelle..."

    Chris Peacock: "Why?"

    Allen Price: "You know, thought she might be interested. She wasn't. What about Sonny or Rick?"

    Chris Peacock: "Not available. Not heard from them since Geneva in the airport."

    Allen Price: "Oh! What about your brother?!"

    Price's face lights up at his suggestion, but the smile is finally wiped from Peacock's face. He puts his hand up to his forehead and then leans his head back in a shameful way.

    Allen Price: "Are you sure everything is okay?"

    Chris Peacock: "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Drew is umm... busy with the restaurant. Things aren't going great there. Customers don't like the new menu or something like that. He can't do it. Look, I'll meet up with you later on. Just find someone. Make sure they're good."

    Peacock slowly walks away from the scene out of the shot. Allen looks around the corridor and with there being no one else around, he puffs out his cheeks and wipes his brow; short on options as well as time.


    "Sonne" || Rammstein.

    There's a mixed reaction in the stadium as Alyster Black, one half of the Gang Stars, walks out onto the stage. It appears the cheers might have it, but that particular ratio doesn't seem to matter too much to the man in question. He surveys the arena briefly before beginning to stride down to the ring.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from San Dimas, California... he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds... Alyster Black!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Black finds himself on something of a hot streak recently, with only one loss since before Back in Business. That came in the first round of the Fallout Eliminator Tournament to Gerald Grayson, but otherwise Black Jesus has been picking up win after win during the First Chapter. That all started in Paris against Dan Maskell, and a further singles victory over Devin Golden followed a few weeks later. He and Krash have continued their momentum as they aim to relieve Golden Rock of their FWA Tag Team Championships, with the Gang Stars picking up victories over both The Undisputed Alliance and The Brethren. Black again finds himself without his tag team partner tonight, though, and another tough challenge waits on the other side of the curtain in Berlin..."

    Black rolls into the ring and retreats to a corner, where he waits solemnly for his music to fade out. It does, and is soon replaced by...

    "Just Close Your Eyes" || Waterproof Blonde.

    There's a loud pop in the arena as Ryan Rondo walks out onto the stage. The Grand Slam Champion looks about himself, nods approvingly, and then begins his descent of the ramp to the ring.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "And his opponent... weighing in at one hundred and ninety five pounds... 'The Amazing One'... 'The Last Star in the Sky'... Ryan Rondo!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "A tough night at the office for Ryan Rondo in Freetown Christiana last week, with The Amazing One coming up short in his singles match against Chris Peacock. He's watched his tag team partner, Danny Toner, approach the precipice of a World Heavyweight Championship shot, and I'm sure Rondo is happy for Toner... but you'd have to think The Last Star in the Sky will want to get one in the win column tonight. And, of course, Ryan Rondo has a mutual enemy with his opponent, tonight: Golden Rock, and specifically Devin Golden, is a man who has got under both Rondo and Black's skin over the course of 2021. It was Toner and Rondo, of course, who lost to Golden Rock at Back in Business, and Black and Krash who will try to take it off them at Lights Out. Two members of top-ranked tag teams in the FWA are about to go at it in singles action, wrestling fans!"

    Rondo climbs up the ring steps and then through the ropes, where he waits across the ring from Alyster Black. The official busies himself with his final checks and then, after issuing some final instructions to each of the wrestlers, he calls for the bell...

    Alyster Black vs. Ryan Rondo.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: SS)

    Alyster Black and Ryan Rondo begin to circle the ring, and it looks like they’re going to come together and tie it up. Black renages on this supposed intention, though, and lifts a boot into Rondo’s sternum, before hitting a forearm strike that staggers The Last Star in the Sky. Alyster takes Rondo by the wrist and drags him towards him, going for a lariat, but Rondo ducks beneath it. He grabs Alyster in a rear waistlock, but immediately Black drives his elbow into the side of Rondo’s head to cause separation. Black hoists Rondo up in a fireman’s carry, but Ryan kicks his leg and struggles, before driving his own elbow into Black’s head. Alyster is forced to drop Rondo, who lands behind Black and faces away from him…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “PELE KICK! Ryan Rondo connects with the strike, and it looks as if he escaped from the jaws of Alyster Black’s Death Valley Driver just moments beforehand. Black is staggered, and Rondo comes at him with a series of forearms. Alyster is backed up into the ropes, and Rondo whips him into the opposite set… flying clothesline! Rondo takes Black down… and he goes for the cover…”

    ONE… T - - NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Barely even a two-count for Rondo, there… it’s going to take a lot more than that to put Black Jesus away, but Rondo takes control of this match-up. He absorbs some heavy striking from Alyster in the early exchanges, but now he’s starting to come back into this one, and the FWA veteran slaps on a chin lock, looking to sap more energy away from Alyster as this match settles into a rhythm…”

    Rondo has his chin lock in, but Black is soon able to fight up to his feet. Rondo tries to transition into a headlock, but immediately Alyster wraps his arms around The Amazing One… before delivering a Saito suplex! Rondo is thrown across the ring, but to his credit he fights to his feet. Black is waiting for him, though, and he doubles him over with a boot to the midsection… DDT! Now it’s Black’s turn to hook the leg…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Rondo kicks out this time, and Black quickly hoists him up to his feet. He whips him into the corner, and follows him in with a big clothesline. A half-dozen stomps later and Rondo finds himself in a seated position in the corner, and Alyster proceeds to unleash a dozen stomps. The official wants a break, but Alyster is having none of it… he places the soul of his boot against Rondo’s face…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And the face wash here from Alyster Black! Such disrespect… Ryan Rondo is a grand slam champion, a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion, a future hall-of-famer… but Alyster Black is showing exactly how little that means to him!!”

    After pushing the soul of his boot across Rondo’s face a half-dozen times, Black propels himself into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring… but Rondo yanks himself to his feet using the top rope for assistance… standing dropkick! Black doesn’t go down, but is staggered… Rondo tees him up… discus clothesline!

    Now Rondo goes into the lateral press…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Black kicks out, and immediately Rondo is back on him. He has a grounded headlock, and it takes Alyster a little time to first fight up to his knees, and then up to his feet. He tries to cause separation with some elbows to Rondo’s gut, but Ryan keeps the hold locked in firm. Eventually, Black is forced to push Rondo into a corner, and when The Amazing One meets the turnbuckles the referee enforces a rope break…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Are we going to get a clean break, here? It looks like maybe we are… NO! Alyster Black with a straight right hand! The official admonishes him, but Alyster takes Rondo by the wrist and whips him HARD into the opposite corner… Rondo hits the turnbuckles chest-first, and with impact, bounces back towards Black… rolling elbow!! To the back of the head!! That might be it!!”

    Black is quick to hook the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Rondo kicks out, and Black quickly hoists him to his feet. He backs him into the ropes with a combination of forearm strikes and knife edge chops, and then Irish whips him into the opposite set. Black is maybe thinking about his pop-up Death Valley driver… but Rondo grabs onto the top rope to check his momentum. Black charges over towards Rondo, who simply drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down in the process! Alyster tumbles over the top of it and onto the outside!!

    Ryan Rondo watches on from inside the ring as Alyster gradually gets to his feet. Next to him, the official begins a count towards ten…

    Rondo charges to the opposite set of ropes, and then approaches Black…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!! Rondo takes Alyster out on the outside! The Last Star in the Sky has more than a few tricks up his sleeve, yet!”

    Rondo lands on his feet, and the audience pop for the high-flying move. He lifts Black up to his feet as well, before throwing him face-first onto the German announce table! Jurgen Haneke and Karina Herzog scatter, worried that perhaps the pair are about to come their way… and they’re vindicated when Rondo throws Black over the announce table! Black Jesus lands in a heap amongst the chairs!

    Rondo rolls in and out of the ring to break up the ten-count, and then he re-focuses on Alyster Black, He takes Alyster by the wrist and drags him back around the desk. Black is just about to his feet… when Rondo whips him into the steel ring post! Black connects with it and goes down with a thud!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Ryan Rondo looks in complete control of this one so far, wrestling fans! Alyster Black may already have one eye on Lights Out and The Gang Stars’ FWA World Tag Team Championships shot against Golden Rock… but he cannot look past Ryan Rondo! Disaster lies that way, and I fear we’re seeing exactly that unfold right here…”

    Rondo rolls Black into the ring and slides in after him. He hooks a leg…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Black kicks out! Rondo is up to his feet, and is breathing a little heavily with the exertion of the match, but he proceeds to circle Alyster with stomps. Black is on his hands and knees, and Rondo backs away from him, allowing Alyster to rise to his feet…

    Rondo hits the ropes, going for one big charging attack…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “REVERSAL FROM BLACK!! Pop-up Death Valley driver!! Out of nowhere!”

    Rondo is spread-eagled after the move, but it takes Alyster Black a moment before he is able to follow up. He crawls over to The Amazing One, and drapes an arm over him.

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Rondo kicks out!

    This time it’s Black’s turn to wait for Rondo to arise, and he does so from the corner…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Is Alyster Black thinking One Shot Kill, here?! It looks that way… Rondo rises slowly to his feet, and he turns to face Black… here comes Alyster…”

    Rondo is able to duck beneath the lariat attempt… Black turns round…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “RKO attempt… NO! Black pushes him away… and then Rondo turns into a SLAP from Black! Right across the face! Followed by a leaping enziguri… and a spinning forearm! Rondo goes down!”

    Black is feeling the momentum shift in his favour, and instantly he picks Rondo back up to his feet… and then rocks him with a headbutt! And a second! THREE headbutts!! Rondo looks like he doesn’t know where he is… Black moves into position…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Russian leg sweep!! And Black is far from done… he entangles Rondo’s legs in his own… he grasps his wrists… CURB STOMP!! Alyster turns him over, and is into a lateral press with a forearm thrust into Rondo’s face…”

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “But STILL Rondo kicks out!! Black can’t believe it! He looks at the official in disbelief… but he’s still one big move from putting Rondo away!!”

    Black seems to know this, too, and once more he waits in the corner, hoping to put this one away with his One Shot Kill lariat…

    ... but Rondo ducks beneath it... he goes for an RKO... but Black catches him in a reverse face lock...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Inverted DDT! And Black isn't done there, either... Rondo is hoisted to his feet... BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAH!! And now a cover..."

    ONE... TWO... ....

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "Rondo reaches out for the ropes! The official stops counting! But Black has him firmly where he wants him... he stalks The Last Star in the Sky from the corner... this could be another huge singles victory for Alyster Black... Rondo stumbles around to face him... ONE SHOT KILL!!"

    Black hooks the leg...

    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    Winner: Alyster Black via pin fall at 14:14.

    Black rolls off Rondo and uses the ropes to help himself up to his feet. The official takes his hand and raises it in victory, whilst Rondo rolls out beneath the bottom rope to recover on the outside...

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Here is your winner... Alyster Black!!"

    A cheer goes up around the arena for Black, who nods his head in self-approval...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Black Jesus adds to his list of recent scalps with that victory... Chris Kennedy, Dan Maskell, Devin Golden, and now Ryan Rondo falling to Alyster Black in four of his last five singles matches. That's four former World Champions, either here or in the other place. An impressive run for Black ahead of his huge Lights Out tag team match against Golden Rock..."

    As Alyster finishes celebrating he walks around the ring motioning to the crew for a microphone. When he’s finally handed one he lifts it up to his mouth, his panting can be heard through the arena. He drops his hand and the microphone to his side and bends over, raising a finger and asking the crowd to wait a moment while he catches his breath. The crowd is murmuring in anticipation for what the masked man has to say.

    Alyster Black: “Fuck... that Ryan Rondo is a god damn monster, my everything hurts right now. Just bare with me for a moment.”

    After a brief pause, he then raises his other hand up high with three fingers raised. Still bent over, he begins to speak.

    Alyster Black: “Rondo… Golden… Kennedy…”

    As he lifts off each name he drops a finger then hops up straight. The crowd perks up at the namedrops and begins cheering.

    Alyster Black: “Knocking off those three names has to be worth something, doesn’t it?”

    The audience agrees and they’re making their voices heard. Stomping their feet and cheering at the top of their lungs. As they cheer Alyster walks over to the ropes, leaning back against them with both arms stretched out while he waits for the crowd to simmer down.

    Alyster Black: “I would think that beating the three biggest names in FWA history is worth at the very least an X Division title shot. Especially when the likes of Kayden Knox, Kleio De Santos, and “Nasty” Nate are gifted with shots at Uncle without as much effort.”

    There’s some agreement and some disagreement. The crowd breaks into a “Kayden Knox” chant. Alyster manages to silence them by simply speaking over them.

    Alyster Back: “Don’t you all seem to find it weird that the standards and expectations seem to be higher for me than everyone else here. What a guy like me has to do to get noticed, but I’ve never said I wasn’t willing to put in the work. Now granted, I’ve already got my plate full with the FWA tag titles on the horizon, and some of you might be saying that’s enough but... it’s never enough.”

    Alyster turns around, staring out toward the announce desk and gives a casual wave to Jean-Luc Watkins.

    Alyster Black: “So Jean-Luc, my extremely handsome comrade, does Daddy have any message he’d like for you to convey to me?”

    Jean-Luc has his finger over his earpiece and is listening intently. He then stands up and picks a microphone up from the announce desk. A huge boo emanates around the arena when he is shown on the big screen.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wrestling fans! And, of course, Alyster… my father wonders about your focus. He has, after all, already handed yourself and your running buddy a chance at championship glory in Tokyo. How would Krash feel, knowing that you’re out here trying to arrange another date before you’ve even taken him for dinner?”

    Watkins smiles antagonistically, and it’s clear he enjoys being on the microphone and chiding his counterparts.

    Alyster Black: “He’s not the jealous type. At least not on the surface. I’m sure he won’t mind sharing.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: ”Well, be that as it may, my father has been impressed. You’re right: Rondo, Kennedy, Golden. Very impressive. I’m surprised not to see Maskell on your list, though. I guess you really must feel at home here. But still, Mr. Rupert Watkins has also heard your constant comments about she who must not be named, and apparent corporate mistreatment of her. It wouldn’t really be good practice to hand out championship opportunities to rabble-rousers willy and indeed nilly. But…”

    Another pause, another smile. Alyster dips his head, it’s not obvious but the reference toward Gabrielle’s treatment by FWA management has irked the masked man.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: ”We don’t hold people down here on Fallout, even if they are of low moral fibre. And so, my father says you have one more singles match to win, on Fallout 006 in Brisbane. Your opponent, who has already been decided upon, will be revealed to you in due course. And if you win? You’ll get your championship shot… in Melbourne, on Fallout 007!”

    A cheer for the announcement, which also elicits a slow, solemn nod of the head from the masked man in the ring. Then, we return right back to boos for JLW. Jean-Luc places the microphone down, as Sonne blasts out around the stadium once more…


    The lights in the arena go off and the big screen comes to life, the promotional package for 'Lights Out', the upcoming FWA dual-branded pay-per-view, beginning to play for those assembled here in Berlin...


    "Layla (Piano Exit)" || Derek & The Dominos.

    There's a cheer in the audience for the opening piano notes of Layla's outro, and Stu Grimes walks out onto the stage to an entirely positive reaction. Gone are the friendly giant's usual easy smiles, though, with Grimes instead looking focussed and prepared for battle. He loosens up his joints on the stage, his eyes fixed upon the ring, before beginning his walk towards the squared circle...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Stu Grimes looks ready... and he needs to be tonight! It's an unenviable task ahead of The Man Out of Time, here... El Demente is a fearsome opponent in any type of match, but Grimes prepares to do battle with the FWA Gauntlet Champion in a Last Man Standing contest here in Berlin..."

    Many of the fans have hands outstretched towards Stu, but for once he ignores them as he stomps onwards...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Grimes has, of course, been out of action for the past month thanks to the actions of his opponent tonight, and spent another month in hospital earlier in the year at the same hands. The piledriver has been El Demente's favoured move against Grimes, and you'd have to think that the giant will be watching carefully for any attempt from the masked man to drop him on his head again here tonight."

    Grimes climbs over the top rope and stands in his corner. Layla fades out, and instead we hear...

    "Redemption" || GACKT.

    Loud boos emanate around the arena as El Demente emerges onto the stage, his championship belt on his shoulder. His expression is impossible to read through the mask, and he strides down to the ring amidst a chorus of derision.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Tonight is El Demente's second defence of that FWA Gauntlet Championship, and he'll be looking to pick his way through to five, which would mean a shot at the X Championship currently held by Uncle J.J. JAY! There's still a long way to go, and Grimes himself will be no easy hurdle for El Demente to overcome, but there's no denying that the champion has looked impressive since arriving here in the FWA. Stu Grimes issued the challenge for this match tonight, but I have to think, wrestling fans, that he may live to regret that..."

    El Demente is in the ring, standing across it from Grimes and glaring at the giant. Meanwhile, Natalie Rosenberg has climbed into the ring, holding her microphone and smiling freely despite the atmosphere that has built within the ring.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is a Last Man Standing match, with no time limit, where the only way to win is if your opponent cannot answer the referee's count of ten... and is for the FWA Gauntlet Championship!"

    A cheer goes up as the official parades the belt around the ring. He hands it out to the timekeeper for safe-keeping.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Introducing first... the challenger... from Straight Outta the Past... he stands in at seven feet and six inches, and weighs in at four hundred and eighty pounds... Stu Grimes!!"

    Grimes receives more positivity, and for the first time reacts to this. He slowly nods his head approvingly, still staring at the champion...

    Natalie Rosenberg: "And his opponent... from Aokigahara, Japan... weighing two hundred and fifty pounds... he is the current, reigning, and defending FWA Gauntlet Champion... El Demente!!!"

    Boos for El Demente, who takes a step forward towards Grimes. Rosenberg quickly takes her leave. The official doesn't bother with any final checks. Instead, he takes a deep breath, and then calls for the bell...

    El Demente [c] vs. Stu Grimes.
    Last Man Standing Match.
    FWA Gauntlet Championship.
    (Match writer: SS)

    As soon as the bell rings, Stu Grimes charges over at El Demente! He clobbers him with a pair of stiff-looking forearms, backing ED up into the corner… and then Grimes follows up with a series of right hands to the ribs. El Demente does his best to guard himself, but Grimes looks almost incensed as he pummels away at El Demente’s body!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A quick start here from the usually friendly giant, Stu Grimes! The larger man has El Demente right where he wants him… and now he Irish whips him HARD across the ring… Demente hits the turnbuckles and bounces back towards Grimes… a HUGE back body drop!! El Demente, certainly no minnow himself, is thrown perhaps nine feet into the air and lands in a heap!!”

    Stu Grimes is not done there, lifting El Demente up before the official can start his count. He picks him up… fallaway slam! El Demente is launched across the ring, and Stu Grims gets up to a pop from the Berlin crowd…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The official begins his first count of the match, here, but El Demente is rolling onto his front already, and uses the ropes to help himself to his feet. Stu Grimes, meanwhile, has climbed out of the ring, and he’s looking for hardware! The Man Out of Time slides a steel chair into the ring… followed by a kendo stick… and he has El Demente’s championship belt!! Grimes hurls the Gauntlet Championship into the ring… anything goes here in this Last Man Standing match!”

    El Demente is up to his feet when Grimes climbs back over the top rope and into the ring, and the champion launches himself at Stu to get in his first offense of the match. El Demente hits a combination of straight rights, clubbing forearms, and kicks to Grimes’ knees. He’s eventually successful in sending Stu down to one knee, and El Demente backs up half a step… big boot connects to the side of Stu’s head! Grimes is down on his hands and knees, and El Demente collects the adjacent steel chair that his challenger introduced into proceedings. He lifts it high above his head… and brings it down over Stu Grimes’ back!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A harsh lesson there for Stu Grimes: be careful what you bring into the ring. Stu has a boxing background, and I think he’d probably be better suited to the strikes he had success with earlier in the match. I think introducing steel chairs and kendo sticks plays directly into the champion’s hands…”

    El Demente picks up the championship belt that Stu brought into the ring and lifts it high above his head, eliciting a boo from the berlin crowd as the official counts Stu. Grimes is still incapacitated by the chair shot, but he is able to get to his feet with the assistance of the ropes when the official reaches four. He turns to face El Demente… who cracks him upside the head with the championship belt!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And the big man is taken down to the mat again! The official starts another count, and El Demente is certainly in the driver’s seat here. I think Stu might even be opened up… yes, a thin trickle of blood emerges from a small cut on Grimes’ forehead… that championship belt has left its mark… and I don’t think the champion is done using it…”

    He stalks Grimes whilst the referee’s count reaches five, the Man Out of Time showing signs of life and getting to his feet at seven. He turns to face El Demente…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A second brutal shot to the head from El Demente, there! This one could be over already! And as the official begins his count once more, El Demente is heading over to the German announcer’s table, fortunately bypassing me on his way… he rips off the cover, discards the monitors… looks like El Demente has cruel intentions here! Look out, Karina!!”

    Karina Herzog and Jurgen Haneke have flown the nest, scrambling away from El Demente as he glares at them ominously. He turns away and towards Grimes, who has used the ring ropes to fight to his feet at nine. El Demente slides back beneath the bottom rope and kicks away at Grimes’ knee again, chasing the giant around the wind and trying to weaken his base. When Stu tries to use a corner for support, El Demente fires half a dozen quick boots to the midsection, and then whips Grimes across the ring. Stu hits the opposite corner and bounces towards El Demente… slingblade!! Stu is taken off his feet!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “El Demente has that kendo stick in his hands now, and he waits for Stu Grimes patiently… DJ Franchise, our official for the evening, has had his work cut out for him already, but we expected a chaotic match between these two tonight. Grimes accused El Demente of taking two months of his life already, but suggested that such a period meant nothing to The Man Out of Time… I think the Gauntlet Champion may be looking to up the ante here. How long will he steal from Grimes tonight?!”

    Stu is on his feet, and El Demente takes a HUGE swing with his kendo stick… but Stu ducks beneath the blow! He hits the ropes… BIG BOOT!! El Demente is taken off his feet, and the kendo stick flies across the ring, discarded for the moment! Stu has to suck in some deep lungfuls of oxygen, but realises that the move won’t be enough to keep El Demente down for ten. He picks the champion up… and hurls him over the top rope! ED hits the apron and then lands on the floor, and the official quickly climbs from the ring to begin a count. Stu doesn’t let it reach a conclusion, though, climbing out after him and picking Demente up to his feet… Irish whip into the steel ring steps! El Demente flies over the top of them and lands in a heap!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Now it seems that Stu Grimes is content to let DJ Franchise count El Demente down… and takes the pause in proceedings to rearrange some furniture. He drags the top half of the steel ring steps and throws it into the ring… and where’s he going with that bottom half? He takes it towards Jurgen and Karina, setting it up next to their already disassembled announce table… Stu looking to follow up on El Demente’s promises, perhaps?!”

    El Demente has climbed to his feet when the referee reaches six… Stu charges over… BEARHUG! Grimes lifts El Demente up in the move on the outside, and proceeds to attempt to squeeze the life out of Demente. The champion senses his peril, and lashes out at Grimes with elbow strikes to the head…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That thick layer of frosting around Grimes’ brain is coming in useful again! Stu refuses to relinquish the bearhug, and each one of these strikes is delivered with less force… less impact… less belief than the one before! Grimes is squeezing the resilience out of El Demente!”

    Indeed, ED is soon unable to strike Grimes whilst in the hold, and seems to be fading completely… and Stu throws him down with a belly-to-belly suplex! Directly from the beahug! Grimes gets to his feet and backs away from El Demente, allowing the official to begin his count. He adjusts the position of the steel ring steps next to the announce table slightly as DJ Franchise goes past five… six… seven… El Demente starts to show signs of life, rolling onto his front… eight… El Demente makes it to a knee! The official stops his count, but Stu Grimes is immediately over to ED. He lifts a knee into his midsection, and then throws him face first onto the announce table! Grimes climbs up onto the bottom half of the ring steps, still positioned next to the announce table, and pulls El Demente’s head into position between his legs…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I think Stu Grimes is maybe thinking powerbomb here?! He hoists El Demente up onto his shoulders! Impressive strength on display here from Grimes… but the champion doesn’t want any of this! He fights out with right hands to Grimes’ skull… I think he’s rocking him!! Yes! Grimes is forced to drop El Demente… boot to the midsection… DDT!! Onto the steel ring steps!!”

    El Demente is slow and sluggish when he gets to his feet, but he senses that the time might be right. He climbs up onto the German announcers’ table, and - as the referee goes past four - he pulls up from the steel ring steps… and up onto the top of the table with him!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This doesn’t look particularly safe, wrestling fans!! That’s a lot of mass on top of that announce table… and now El Demente pulls Stu’s head between his legs… it looks like he’s going for a piledriver!! This is the move that has twice put Stu out of action for a month… he begins to lift Stu… AND THE TABLE GIVES WAY!! OH MY that looked UGLY!!”

    The crowd pop for the carnage, but Stu Grimes has barely moved. El Demente lies on top of him, and the official looks on… before starting a count against both men!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I think that might be the end of Stu Grimes’ night!! His head landed in between El Demente’s body and the announce table when it exploded… and only now does the champion roll off his challenger…”

    El Demente uses the adjacent barricade to get to his feet as the official looks at four, and he stares down at Grimes, almost triumphantly. Franchise continues to count… five… six...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Is Stu Grimes… is he alive?! Grimes gets to his hands and knees… somehow… someway... The Man Out of Time is trying to answer the official’s count!!”

    El Demente looks enraged, and he lashes out at Grimes with a kick to the head! He picks Stu up and throws him under the bottom rope, following him in quickly. Grimes is spread-eagled in the centre of the ring, looking up at the night’s sky as El Demente circles him. He looks at the top half of the steel ring steps, and moves it away from the ropes. The official is at three in a count when Stu rolls onto his front, and El Demente - standing on the steps - helps Stu up with a handful of hair…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “El Demente maybe to finish this one off with one more devastating maneuver… is he going for a tombstone here?! Surely not… Stu Grimes weighs four hundred and eighty pounds! That’s almost twice as much as El Demente… but still, he tries... Stu fights out with elbows to the champion’s head as he tries to lift him… and he causes separation! Stu grabs El Demente by the throat… CHOKE SLAM! Onto the ring steps!!”

    Stu can’t even support his own weight, and he stumbles backs away from El Demente into a seated position in the corner. The official looks at both men, before once more starting a count…

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "This could be it!! El Demente is staring up at the ceiling lights, and Stu Grimes pulls himself up to his feet using the top rope for assistance... Grimes might be about to become the new Gauntlet Champion!"

    The audience are on their feet as the official reaches six... seven... Grimes senses the end is coming, too, and looks giddy with excitement... eight... El Demente rolls off the ring steps, and keeps rolling... nine... El Demente rolls beneath the bottom rope...

    ... and lands on his feet on the outside! The count is broken, and then El Demente sinks down to a knee again. Grimes has his head in his hands, but soon afterwards climbs out of the ring...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "So close but yet so far for Stu Grimes... and he has to keep on the offensive here. He can't allow El Demente to recuperate on the outside... and I think the masked man is looking beneath the ring..."

    Grimes approaches El Demente from behind...

    ... and the champion turns to face him, with a light tube in his hand!!

    Which he promptly brings crashing down over Grimes' head!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "OH MY GOD!!! The barbarism, wrestling fans!! The untold barbarism!! I can't believe what I'm seeing here tonight... in a wrestling ring! Stu Grimes might have picked up a cut earlier in the match, but he's busted wide open now! The krovvy is flowing from all sorts of sources!!"

    El Demente has the shards of the tube in his hands, and he looms above Grimes for a moment before dropping it to the ground. The official has started counting, Stu rolling about on the floor in pain. El Demente shakes his head at him, and then fishes under the ring again...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "No! This is done! There's no need!"
    ... and produces a small bag from beneath. The audience knows what's inside, and pop for the forthcoming thumbtacks!

    El Demente deposits his bag under the bottom rope, and proceeds to hoist Stu up to his feet. He rolls The Man Out of Time under the bottom rope, and then climbs in after him. He picks up his bag of thumbtacks... and empties it onto the steel ring steps!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "I would not like to be inside the dark, sinister mind of El Demente right now... or inside the soon-to-be-broken body of Stu Grimes, for that matter!"

    El Demente refocuses his attention on Stu Grimes, and lifts the big man to his feet. He walks onto the top of the steps, and pulls Grimes' head in position...

    ... before planting him onto the tacks, and the steel steps, with a vicious piledriver!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "We only need ten... but the referee can count as high as he likes..."

    Indeed he does, El Demente looming over Stu Grimes, the camera showing his skull as a patchwork of thumbtacks, glass, and cuts...

    Winner: El Demente at 11:48.

    El Demente walks over to the side of the ring and collects his championship belt from the time-keeper...

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Here is your winner... and STILL the FWA Gauntlet Champion... EL DEMENTE!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "That's his second successful defence, and so three more remain if we're to see El Demente challenging for the X Division Championship... and after what we just saw, the idea of El Demente in an X Rules match is a terrifying one..."

    El Demente refuses to allow his hand to be raised in victory, and instead looms over Stu again for a moment...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We've seen Stu Grimes the victim of several post-match assaults from El Demente recently... God knows he doesn't need another..."

    El Demente slowly shakes his head, and then climbs out of the ring. He walks up the ramp as we fade away from him.


    Returning backstage, and we can see that Allen Price is still on his own and he is asking everyone that he lays his eyes on whether they will be his and Chris Peacock's partner, including researchers and production assistants. Unfortunately, there aren't any takers. His search takes him around a corner, where he bumps into the broad and burly chest of "Mister Europe" Derek Hunter.

    Allen Price: "Oh, I'm sorry! My fault."

    Hunter offers nothing more than an annoyed grunt, and Price continues down the corridor. However he pauses mid-step and backs up until he is once again standing in front of Hunter.

    Allen Price: "Mister Europe, right? I'm not sure we've formally met, but I've enjoyed watching you from the commentary table. You've definitely earned my respect and appreciation!"

    Despite the charm offensive, Price's words aren't resonating with the veteran of the European wrestling scene.

    Allen Price: "Say, you're obviously not booked for a match at Lights Out... how would you like to be my partner in my first ever match? That sound like a good time to you?"

    Hunter's eyebrow cocked at Price's use of the word "obviously", and he bears down over the hapless Price who clears his throat and cowers behind him.

    Derek Hunter: "Obviously, I am not. I'm supposed to be a guest of this company for this European tour and out of a ten possible shows I've been booked twice. So tell me why I should do a fucking thing for you or any other arsehole that works for the FWA? In fact, I've decided that I do have a match at Lights Out... I'll be entering that Battle Royal."

    Hunter is basically climbing on Price at this point given how much he is towering over him and Price has almost reduced to a fetal position on the floor.

    Derek Hunter: "And when I win, maybe I'll use the prize of a match with anyone I want to get the opportunity to snap you in half! Or, if you're lucky, I'll drag that old bastard Watkins out of his office for wasting my time. Now fuck off."

    Price doesn't need a second invitation and he scurries further down the corridor, with the camera following him. He rounds another corner and this time sees The Backstreet Boy standing in front of him. TBB smirks and we then see Mike Stand and In-Sync approach Peacock from behind, so when he attempts to back away from The Backstreet Boy, he bumps into their chests. Allen laughs nervously.

    Allen Price: "Hey guys, how have you been?"

    In-Sync: "We've been real good, right guys?"

    The Backstreet Boy: "Really good."

    Mike Stand: "You know our lives have gone to shit since you decided to cut us loose?"

    In-Sync: "Nothing would make us happier than to see you get beat up in Tokyo. We'd offer to be your partners, or even your whole team, but we've got some other plans."

    Mike Stand: "We're winning that Battle Royal."

    The Backstreet Boy: "And when we do? You and your homeboy Peacock are gonna go..."

    Mike Stand: "Bye."

    In-Sync: "Bye."

    The Backstreet Boy: "Bye."

    With Price once again cowering in fear, The Bad Boys Boy Band depart from the scene, each of them bumping Allen as they jostle past him. Price looks concerned, and the camera then fades.


    "Bow Down" || I Prevail.

    The duo of Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix emerge from the back, a collective force with general disdain for the crowd. Jackson Fenix has an "Uncle's Nephews" t-shirt and Nate Savage sports a Christina Aguilera t-shirt. The crowd is likewise not a huge fan at all of the duo, but they seem confident in their abilities.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The Undisputed Alliance has hit some rough patches and quite frankly have had internal turmoil. We've had secret meetings with management and some growing distrust, but it seems from recent promos and videos that they're back on the same page."

    Nate Savage enters the ring with a slide under the ropes. Jackson Fenix hops up to the apron and steps through the ropes casually.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "And that same page? It seems to be focused on making the life of Kayden Knox not so pleasant. The same Kayden Knox who will wrestle for the X Championship later tonight against J.J. JAY!"

    Natalie Rosenberg: "This next match is scheduled for one fall, a tag team match with a 20-minute time limit. Introducing first ... from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas, Nevada ... weighing a combined four hundred and seventy-six pounds ... Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix ... the UNDISPUTED ... ALLIANCE!"

    Savage and Fenix fist bump to signal they're ready for action. Savage takes the lead as Fenix takes a spot in the corner, standing on the apron with his arms propped up on the top rope and turnbuckle.

    "New Magic Wand" || Tyler, The Creator

    "The Battlemage" Boston Elric and "The Crimson Wizard" Wesley Elric appear for their first FWA Fallout match. Wesley has a superhero-esque mask and costume with a sort of plastic red over his chest, stomach, and face. There's also a yellow sort of rectangle-shaped implant near his forehead.

    Boston Elric has sunglasses, an open black collared sleeveless jacket, tattoos covering his arms, and his hair slicked back. While Wesley looks like a superhero straight out of a Marvel comic, Boston is the cool, calm, and collected brother worthy of photo opps.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The Alchemists ... making their debut on FWA programming, after signing up for the third season of Ground Zero, which I must advertise is a tag team-only season. After the boon of tag team wrestling in the last year-plus, Ground Zero is capitalizing to make newer teams and this is one of them."

    The Alchemists reach the ring, with Boston grabbing the middle rope and pulling himself up. Wesley does the same.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "And their opponents, from New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing a combined three hundred and ninety-one pounds ... Boston Elric and Wesley Elric ... THE ... ALCHEMISTS!"

    Boston Elric and Wesley Elric look across the ring at their debut opponents, former CWA Tag Team Champions and FWA Tag Team Champions in their own respect. This is a prime opportunity to make a name, while the Undisputed Alliance are seeking to make a statement win here against this rookie tandem.

    The Undisputed Alliance [Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage] vs. The Alchemists [Boston Elric and Wesley Elric].
    Tag Team Match.
    (Match writer: TGO)
    Boston Elric begins against Nate Savage. The opening is a circle of the ring, followed by a strong grapple. Boston Elric, aka "The Battlemage" is overpowered against the heel turnbuckle as Savage quickly tags in Jackson Fenix, and the duo land double stomping kicks into the exposed stomach. Three double kicks as Boston Elric is now crouched a bit in the corner.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The Alchemists are notable champions in tag wrestling but come to the FWA where it's an elevated game. I'm interested to see how they adjust and right now it's Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage delivering the goods to Boston Elric, who has lost his sunglasses!"

    Sure enough, the sunglasses once on his face covering his eyes have flown off and are scooted under the ropes to safety. But not before Nate Savage TRIED to stomp on them and break them into halves.

    Jackson Fenix whips Boston to the ropes and lands a hip toss, followed by a rear head lock. Boston Elric quickly gets up, side-positions and lands an elbow to the ribs. Boston then runs off the ropes on his own accord but gets a knee to the back from Nate Savage, who the ref didn't see commit the violation.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I'm sure the fans don't appreciate that, but this is what makes the UA roll when they are rolling. They're underhanded but also in sync. So far it is working. The Alchemists are overmatched."

    Boston stumbles forward right into a sitout scoop slam piledriver. He goes for the cover but Boston kicks out before a two count is reached.

    Fenix tags in Savage, and the pair hit a double vertical suplex. Savage covers but it's another quick kickout.

    Nasty Nate Savage whips Boston Elric to the ropes and misses a hip toss of his own. Boston lands multiple kicks into the gut and finally a raised knee strike to the head. He tags in Wesley Elric, the mysterious, costumed muted brother of The Alchemists.

    Wesley starts off with a hurricarana and then a shining wizard. He covers but it's a quick kick out before a two count. Wesley Elric whips Savage to the ropes and tries another hurricarana, but Savage catches him perched on his shoulders and counters with a powerbomb!

    Tag made to Jackson Fenix.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The Undisputed Alliance are looking lockstep tonight, right in rhythm and flow with the tags and quick changes."

    Fenix lands a flurry of forearm smashes. Then a whip to the ropes and a short-arm lariat. He kneels down for the pinfall.

    ONE... TWO... NO!

    It was barely a two count, but the longest attempt yet. Fenix pulls Wesley to his feet and sends him into the heel turnbuckle. Tag made to Savage, who enters. They double-team whip him to the ropes. Savage hits an atomic drop, with Fenix landing a superkick right to the jaw with Wesley propped up on the knee!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "MOVE AFTER MOVE ... will The Alchemists change the momentum at all? Or is this debut going to end with a whimper? It feels like the control is firmly in the UA's side.

    And the match could end here!"

    Savage covers, hooking the far leg!

    ONE... TWO... TH--NO!

    Save made by Boston Elric there.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Signs of life from the brothers and you know Boston Elric wants to get in there now. He's fresh!"

    Savage pulls Wesley back to the heel corner. Face smash into the turnbuckle. Another tag to Jackson Fenix.

    Savage whips Wesley to the ropes and tries a back body drop with Fenix waiting with his knees for the landing. But Wesley hops over Savage and lands a kick to the face of Fenix. Then a hurricarana to Savage!

    He turns and Fenix clobbers him with another short-arm clothesline!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Any hope for traction just stomped out there by Jackson Fenix! It's like we can't get any good momentum for these rooks. The fans want to see what they've got but the UA, those bastardos, are truly just pounding on them."

    Fenix makes a motion that this is going to end quickly for The Alchemists. He pulls Wesley to his feet and puts him back down with a fireman's carry neckbreaker.

    Fenix pulls Nate Savage up and requests to go to the corner. Tag made and Savage comes in. Quickly he pounces with more forearm blows to the face. Then a whip to the ropes and a back body drop. Savage applies a sleeper hold from behind and turns it into a sleeper suplex!



    ONE... TWO... THREE---NO!

    This was the closest pinfall try of the match, with the Undisputed Alliance nearly getting it right there.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The pinfalls are getting closer and closer but major respect to Wesley Elric. He is kicking out time and time again. He's not giving in. Hopefully he makes a tag to his brother. Hopefully he can turn this a bit, for the sake of competitiveness."

    Boston Elric is antsy in the corner, hoping for a tag from his brother. Savage tags in Fenix, who runs off the ropes while Savage has Wesley in a side head lock. Fenix lands a running kick to the exposed ribs. Then he tries a front suplex but Wesley finds just enough to counter with a small package roll-up!

    ONE... TWO... THRE--NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "SO CLOSE TO A STEAL OF A WIN!"

    Savage is stunned as he jumps to his feet and clotheslines Wesley down to the mat. He then makes a cut-throat motion towards Boston. But when he lifts Wesley up ...


    No one appears on the entrance. The theme music causes a distraction, even if no one comes. And Nate turns into a spinning wheel kick from Wesley Elric!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Kayden Knox, making his presence known even if he's a ghost in the rafters right now! Nate Savage was looking for him but all he got was a leg across the nose!"

    Wesley then falls to his knees, facing his brother and partner. He makes a diving tag to Boston Elric, who hits an enzuiguri to Savage! Then one to Fenix, who was on the turnbuckle! Fenix falls to the outside floor!

    This allows Boston Elric to lift Savage up on his shoulders and ...

    Go-To-Sleep with the knee to the face!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "What a lethal move from Boston Elric. And now it seems The Alchemists are right on the doorstep of a steal and win here."

    A tag Wesley Elric. Whip on Savage to the ropes and it's "Another Bad Creation" finisher!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "THE FINISHER! This match took a swift turn towards The Alchemists ... and I think Nate Savage is out cold! Are they going to win it?!"

    Savage is out cold as Wesley covers! Fenix rolls into the ring but Boston Elric blocks his path to break the pin!

    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    Winners: The Alchemists via pinfall at 8:34

    Boston Elric and Wesley Elric celebrate with the customary hand-raise from the referee. The crowd cheers as Boston Elric receives his sunglasses once more and places them cooly on his face, covering his eyes. Wesley Elric leaves the ring, with Boston Elric right behind.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "A DEBUT WIN! Out of nowhere! Go back a minute or two and this looked in rough shape for The Alchemists! Now it's the UA looking for answers."

    Nate Savage is fuming with himself as Jackson Fenix enters the ring. There's a bit of a verbal altercation and argument between the two. Savage doesn't want to hear any of it as he tries ignoring his friend/partner. Savage is still thinking of that damn theme music and wondering whether Kayden Knox is lurking in the crowd or somewhere else and about to attack.


    The crowd pops loudly as we get a live feed of the locker-room backstage. Danny Toner is wrapping his hands in preparation for tonight’s big main event with his eternal rival, “The Rockstar” Randy Ramon. The winner receives a FWA World Championship match at Fallout 007 and given that was something that neither Danny nor the man who he was going to share the ring with tonight, had ever had the luxury of having, it goes without saying that Danny Toner looks extra focused tonight. Or at least… he was trying to be extra focused. Two men he held near to his heart stand bickering in front of him, two men he had held the FWA World Tag Team Championships with… Ryan Rondo and Christian Quinn. Ryan looks especially exasperated at this point and throws his hands up in the air.

    Ryan Rondo: “Look! It’s nothing personal Christian, and for what it’s worth: I do think you’re a good announcer and better than this backstage runaround you’ve been relegated to BUT… I just don’t care, man. It’s not my fight. It’s got nothing to do with me. This isn’t what I came back for.”

    Christian Quinn: “I get that Ryan, I understand you didn’t come back to piss around and fight commentators and I didn’t mean to pull you into this but Price… he just pisses me off. And now we’ve got this stupid match but some good can come of it. Besides… Danny’s in.”

    Rondo cocks a head at Toner who has finished wrapping his hands. Toner looks at Quinn briefly and then quickly nods in affirmation at Rondo. Quinn, sensing Rondo’s on the ropes, moves in for the kill.

    Christian Quinn:Plus, you get to come out to the greatest tag team entrance music of all time.”

    Rondo smiles and nods along with Quinn, it seems they’re on the same page. Grinning like two frat bros after finding a leftover crate of beer, they both speak at the same time.

    Christian Quinn: “Money, Power, Fame!”

    Ryan Rondo: “Living in America!”

    Christian Quinn: “…”

    Ryan Rondo: “…”

    Christian Quinn: “Uh…”

    Christian scratches his head for a second before trying to sway Rondo back around.

    Christian Quinn: “I mean… you must want to sock Peacock after he beat you at Fallout-”

    Ryan Rondo: “Awwwh fuck this shit!”

    Rondo slaps his thighs and sits up from the bench. He gets close to Quinn and speaks in a threatening tone, his finger jutting in Quinn’s face.

    Ryan Rondo: “Oh, go and fuck yourself Quinn. I was thinking about doing it for Danny, but I don’t give a solitary shit about this farcical exhibition at Lights Out. I got a very good friend in Japan, I got better shit to be doing than fucking around with Peacock and Allen Price. Forget it, I’m out.

    Quinn’s face drops, he didn’t really think Rondo would bail on the match.

    Christian Quinn: “But… But... I’m injured! It’ll be essentially three on one! Danny’s got a massive date at Fallout 007 after he deals with that god-damn scumbag Randy Ramon and you’re going to leave him out in the cold? Like this? I mean really-”

    Danny Toner: “Will you two shut the fuck up already?”

    The crowd pop loudly for Danny’s intervention.

    Danny Toner: “You two do realise I’ve got the biggest match of my life tonight, right? You two are my freakin’ buds, right? You two do want me to be focused so I can win and go on to become the NEXT! WORLD! CHAMP! DONTCHA?!”




    Danny Toner: “Look… it’s real freakin’ simple. I need this shit put to rest. I can’t have this six-man stuff hanging over me. Not tonight. I gotta be one hundred percent if I’m gonna get the job done. This needs to end. Now. Ryan… you’re right, G. You might feel like you don’t owe Quinn anything…”

    Danny glances at Quinn’s crutch before rooting in his gear bag and pulling something out.

    Danny Toner: “But he definitely does.”

    The crowd pop loudly as Toner raises his hand to show he’s clutching the Donny Toner mask. Quinn smiles wildly and after a beat… so does Rondo. He slowly nods his head and takes the mask off Toner and glances down at Quinn’s crutches.

    Ryan Rondo: “I guess he does… brother.

    The crowd pop loudly one more time for the trio on screen before we cut back to the arena.


    We start off in a wide-shot of a shipyard, a colossal cruise liner in the advanced stage of construction taking centre stage. The camera is slowly zooming in on one of the decks, but for now we can see the whole surrounding area. Other smaller ships are being built around it, and below us in the foreground is Tokyo harbour. We pan over that, two voices in conversation being heard as we slowly converge on The Slammer, the focal point of this establishing shot.

    Yuna Funanori: "I can assure you, Black... is that your first name? Black? Miss Widow? Do I have to full-name you every time? Anyway... I can assure you that I've done this before."

    We continue to sweep towards the ship, and on it now we can see the beavering hands of many workers, applying the finishing touches on the deck and hull. The cabins are being painted (teal and silver), as well as the four congruent and cylindrical smoke stacks (red with white hoops). The lifeboats are being fastened into position in long grooves along the ship's hull, wooden staircases leading from the upper deck to these emergency vessels.

    Black Widow: "You may have built boats, sailed them, had your adventures upon the seven seas... but, well, how to put this... organisation doesn't strike me as your strong point, Yuna..."

    We are close to The Slammer now, and onboard we can see the wrestling ring that was present in the more bare-bones version of the ship (the ship two weeks younger, in fact) that we saw on Fallout 004. Unlike in that previous video package, though, the ring is now surrounded by raised viewing platforms, incrementally reclining up towards the railings themselves. Long rails are erected at one metre intervals, a safe standing area in place for the shows. This is repeated either side of a long ramp, which disappears into the cabin (and then beneath deck for the backstage areas). The space is small, but will perhaps house three or four hundred for the upcoming festivities...

    Yuna Funanori: "Organisation is one of the key principles of shipbuilding! Have you seen the vessel you're currently occupying? You think I could've built this with a lackadaisical approach? Come on, Black! You're smarter than that!"

    Our shot (so far singular and continuous) finally rests on a close-up of the ring. Inside it, two BWW trainees (wearing generic black t-shirts emblazoned with the company's logo) vying for supremacy in a collar and elbow tie-up inside of it. A subtitle appears on the bottom of the screen:

    - earlier today -

    Black Widow: "You're right. But it's a particular skillset that I'm talking about. And I am lending the BWW name to this whole operation."

    We cut to below deck, to a large restaurant with mostly empty tables but for the central one. On either side of it sit Yuna and Black Widow. A stage, complete with a drum kit and microphone stand, remains unoccupied behind them. The two have recently concluded their meal, and now sit back to enjoy their beverages (Yuna; 7-Up, BW; a full-bodied red imported from Australia).

    Yuna Funanori: "Maybe..."

    It looks as if Yuna - dressed, of course, in a bright teal version of her flamboyant pirate regalia (complete with Patches sitting upon her shoulder) - is about to concede the point. She leans forward, bowing her head slightly...

    Yuna Funanori:"Maybe you're onto something. I mean, Black Widow Wrestling has a long history of organising such events... just look at the Women's Classic. We all remember how that ended..."

    Black Widow pauses with her wine glass at her lips. She stares over the top of it at Yuna.

    Yuna Funanori: "Look, Black, there's no need for us to take up an adversarial stance towards each other here. We're both in this for the same thing. BWW. FWA. These five shows..."

    Yuna halts her speech to breath in the air. Although they are maybe a hundred metres from the sea-front, her finely tuned nose can still smell the sea salts that are carried in the wind. She has a contented look on her face...

    Yuna Funanori: "Black, I promise you. Fallout 006 is going to be the most swashbuckling episode of Fallout yet!"

    Black Widow: "Well, I think that's a given. None of the others have been particularly swashbuckling."

    Yuna Funanori: "Which is exactly..."

    Yuna prods the table with her finger, as if it'll help illustrate her point.

    Yuna Funanori: "... exactly what the issue with them was. They are coming from far and wide, Black! From the F' and the C', from nGw, from just about everywhere here in Japan... from HPW and Ice Heart and Genki Puro and P E A R L S... from Pro-Wrestling Chimpanzee and about ten other Indies.. and, of course, from your Black Widow Wrestling. And they came to see a show!!"

    Suddenly, the whole ship seems to rumble. Rock. Gradually moves

    Black Widow: "What is going on, Yuna?"

    Yuna Funanori: "You ever seen Fitzcarraldo?"

    Black Widow stands up and moves to one of the windows. The camera looks over her shoulder. The city itself is beginning to move by out of the circular glass pane.

    Black Widow: "You laid tracks?! We're ready to go?!"

    Yuna Funanori:"I told you, Black! I'm ready! We're ready! A bit of painting, yes... a few more lifeboats, sure... but it's finally here!"

    Yuna has an unbridled look of glee upon her face. She almost hops from foot to foot in excitement. Black Widow lets out a smile, but still has some consternation on her face at the fact that they seem to be moving towards the sea...

    Black Widow: "Where are we going, Yuna?"

    Yuna Funanori: "I told you, Black! They came to see a show! And it starts now..."

    Black Widow looks back at Yuna, who is smiling from ear to ear. We cut to a series of graphics, promoting the five upcoming shows that make up the tour...

    Black Widow Wrestling presents Lost Treasures #1.
    Live from Hong Kong, China on Tuesday 5th October, 2021.

    From the Slammer, docked in the Port of Hong Kong.
    Announcers: Daniella Kennedy and Daphne Shelley.

    Matches Announced

    Main Event
    Shannon O'Neal and Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Die Kraft (Olga Schmidt and Helga Müller).

    Violet Dreyer vs. Eimi Sanada.

    Ashley Adams vs. The Empress Bolade.

    Luna Piper vs. THE POWER

    More TBA...

    Black Widow Wrestling presents Lost Treasures #2.
    Live from Singapore on Friday 8th October, 2021.

    From the Slammer, docked in the Port of Singapore.
    Announcers: Daniella Kennedy and Daphe Shelley.

    Matches Announced:

    Main Event
    Violet Dreyer vs. Luna Piper.

    Yuna Funanori vs. Fantasy Girl (w/ Captain Fantasy).

    "The Morrigan" Liyah Monroe vs. The High Priestess of Bogota.

    More TBA...

    Black Widow Wrestling presents Lost Treasures #3.
    Live from Bali, Indonesia on Sunday 10th October, 2021.

    From the Slammer, anchored three kilometres from Sanur Beach, Bali.
    Announcers: Daniella Kennedy and Daphne Shelley.

    Matches Announced:

    Main Event
    Kleio De Santos
    and Anzu Kurosawa vs. Olga the Ogre and Beth Sokurov.

    Nikki Albarn, Michelle von Horrowitz, and Yuna Funanori vs. The Empress Bolade and The Balinese Decepticons (Optimus and Prime).

    Kasey Connor vs. Ai Kurayami

    More TBA...

    Black Widow Wrestling presents Lost Treasures #4.
    Live from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on Thursday 14th October, 2021.

    From the Slammer, docked in Port Moresby Harbour.
    Announcers: Daniella Kennedy and Daphne Shelley.

    Matches Announced:

    Main Event:
    Dinorah Redgrave vs. "The Morrigan" Liyah Monroe.

    Violet Dreyer and Yuna Funanori vs. Kafka Wave (The Castle and The Trial).
    Kleio De Santos vs. Anzu Kurosawa.

    Ashley Adams vs. Nikki Albarn vs. The Empress Bolade.

    Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Shannon O'Neal.

    Ai Kurayami and Eimi Sanada vs. Fox Hound (Sniper Wolf and Psycho Mantis).

    More TBA...

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
    Fallout 006: Yuna's Sea Shanty Slammer.
    Live from Brisbane, Australia on Friday 22nd October, 2021.

    From the Slammer, docked in Fisherman's Island Harbour.
    Announcers: Jean-Luc Watkins.

    Matches Announced:

    Main Event:
    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Golden Opportunity Winner Nova Diamond
    The Fallout Eliminator Tournament Winner
    A Partner of their Choosing

    Alyster Black
    (If Black wins, he earns a shot at the FWA X Championship...)

    More TBA...


    "Vegeta's Super Saiyan Theme" || Friedrich Habetler.

    The arena is abuzz for the challenge for the X Championship, The Atoning Kayden Knox. He steps through the curtains and seems briefly humbled by the positive reception from the German crowd.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kayden Knox was moments away from becoming X Champion in Freetown Christiana, but J.J. JAY! was able to take advantage of the offense and steal the pinfall. Tonight he has a chance to rectify his misfortune and walk away with gold around his waist. I’m joined here with a member of the Chtlhu’s Nephews, Harry the Sane Wizard.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “I’m absolutely positively ecstatic to be here commentating with my mentor’s mentor, Jean-Luc. I’m telling you, after tonight, you won’t even want Quinn or Price to be fighting for a spot next to you. You’ll be begging Ruppy to make me your permanent partner.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I sincerely doubt that. Your pal J.J. JAY! has made light of his challenger tonight, you don’t think he’s underestimating Kayden?”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Kayden’s come close to sniffing the Triple J title so many times and he falls short every time. Uncle can win this with his eyes closed, Jean-Luc!”

    Knox actually bumps his fist with a few outstretched hands before making his way into the squared circle. He finds his corner and tries to avoid letting the moment get to him. It’s all or nothing tonight. He won’t let anything get in his way of becoming a champion.

    "No Love" || Death Grips.


    The stadium is bathed in hot pink filters and the camera scours the crowd for a sight of the Triple J Champion. Exit 34? Exit 231? Exit 93? Exit 68! J.J. JAY! has the attention of his section. He’s dressed in his overcoat, the Triple J Championship proudly around his waist, and his mask covering his face. To his left is Thomas West and to his right is an eye patch wearing Quiet. The pair wear their Chtlhu’s Nephews tracksuits.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We have word that neither Thomas nor Quiet will be at ringside for this match.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “We’ve heard all about the rumors that The Undisputed Alliance aren’t big fans of Knox getting a second title shot tonight. They’re going to be at gorilla ready to make sure no one gets involved in this match. Until Natalie announces that Uncle has retained the Triple J Championship, NO ONE is laying hands on Kayden Knox but Uncle.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s rather gracious of the champion.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “You won’t think it's gracious when The Undisputed Alliance have nothing but a meat bag to play with.”

    J.J. JAY! makes his way down the stairs. He’s quite at ease, though there are an unusual amount of jeers from the German crowd, there’s always a Nephew in every arena and he always knows where to find them. He brings his tentacles to foreheads and pulls out a pink marker to sign his name on Triple J memorabilia and Uncle mask. He takes pictures with those wearing the trademark Chtlhu’s Nephews tracksuits. Knox watches on from the ring, his eyes never leaving the champion since he’d spotted him.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “You want to know why Uncle is going to win tonight, Jean-Luc. He’s fighting for Gerald Grayson! GiGi wouldn’t ever lose to Knox, there’s no way Uncle can let himself lose to Knox. Knox, on the other hand, has no one to fight for! Where’s his Gabby armband?”

    The Cosmic Horror makes it to the barricade and hops off. He walks around the ring unhurriedly and hands over the Book of Cosmos to Harry. He nods to Jean-Luc.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Kill him, Uncle!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Great commentary, Harry.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “You hear that, Ruppy! Great commentary! Validation from your son himself!”

    J.J. JAY! slides into the ring, and slowly but surely gets rid of his overcoat and his mask, and eventually hands over the X Championship to the official Richard Davis.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an X Rules match scheduled for one-fall, with a sixty-minute time limit… and it is for the FWA X Championship! Introducing first, weighing in tonight at one hundred and eighty-five pounds… from Las Vegas, Nevada… ‘The Atoning’... KAYDEN KNOX!”

    Kayden Knox steps out of his circle and gazes intently at the X Championship. There’s an enthusiastic reaction from the attending fans which Uncle chuckles at from his own corner.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “And his opponent… he hails from The Cosmos… weighing in at one hundred and sixty-four pounds… he is the current reigning and defending X Champion… J.J. JAY!”

    Uncle hangs back in his own corner, indifferent to the referee presenting him the belt. He’s got his eyes on Kayden Knox, a confident smirk on his face. The official passes the belt on to the roadside agent and signals for the bell to be rung.

    Uncle J.J. JAY! vs. Kayden Knox.
    X Rules Match (No DQ, No Countouts, Falls Count Anywhere).
    .FWA X Division Championship.
    (Match writer: nojddotyeldduC elcnU)
    The bell rings and Kayden Knox sprints out of his corner, a near replication of his showdown with Uncle in the fatal four-way. J.J. JAY! is entirely unprepared for the jumping high knee, only getting his arms up to lessen the blow. Still, he bounces hard against the turnbuckle and falls to the mat. Knox doesn’t waste a second and the Berlin crowd is momentarily ecstatic for The Atoner! He hooks the leg-


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kayden Knox nearly won the X Championship in seconds.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Don’t disrespect Uncle like that, Jean-Luc! You know what that man is capable of, you trained him!”

    Uncle tries to roll out of the ring but Knox doesn’t allow it, dragging him back to him and landing hard hammer shots down onto the champ. The Triple J Champ puts his arms up to guard himself but it doesn’t stop Knox’s relentless assault. The Atoner jumps to his feet, sprints to the opposite side of the rope, and grants Uncle the exit out of the ring he sought, hitting a baseball slide that sends Uncle flying out of the ring and hitting the mat hard. Knox stares momentarily out at his handiwork from within the squared circle, a look of complete focus and determination. He gets back to his feet and turns his back on Uncle, only briefly looking over his shoulder to observe him using the barricade to get back up. He sprints towards the opposite ropes, rebounds SUICIDE DIVE! KNOX CANNONBALLS INTO UNCLE AGAINST THE BARRICADE.

    It seems as if the self-sacrificial move might have taken something out of Knox but he hops back to his feet and ushers the crowd into jubilation. He drags Uncle a bit further away from the barricade and highlights his impressive athleticism by jumping onto the apron, hopping over the ropes, turning around, springboarding onto the ropes, catching his balance to “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd, and hitting a SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE! “HEILIGE SSCHIEßE” chants echo across the stadium hurriedly. Knox is too busy holding his gut and rolling around in pain to quite take in the adulation but he doesn’t delay himself any further and hooks the leg.


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The challenger isn’t holding back. Kayden seems willing to throw everything he needs to, as soon as he needs to, to claim the X Championship.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “This is Uncle we’re talking about! He can handle anything Knox throws at him.”

    A second close call for Uncle here. Knox shows only the faintest sign of frustration but he seems to understand that he’s in this for the long run if he wants to get gold around his waist. Knox drags Uncle to his feet and rolls him in the ring. He follows him but stops short on the apron, grabbing the top rope tightly and gesturing for Cosmic Horror to get to his feet. Uncle obliges, Knox springboards, Uncle dives towards the ropes, shoving Knox off and causing him to crash land against the barricade. He writhes at ringside, holding his lower back. Uncle has a grin on his face. With the camera getting a close look at the defending champ, he mouths “I’m going to work his back until he’s a fucking paraplegic!”

    There’s a lot less urgency to Uncle’s demeanor, he slides out of the ring. He walks behind Knox as he crawls away and shoves his boot against Knox’s face repeatedly, more intent on disrespecting the challenger than deliberately hurting him, though the sole of boot rubbing against your face isn’t a very fun sensation either. The repeated facewashes cause Knox to sprint to his feet, sheer adrenaline causing him to go face to face with Uncle. Uncle grins at Knox’s anger and shoves his face back. Knox tries to rush back in with a forearm but gets struck with a DISCUSS BACKHAND SLAP that sees him crumple to the ground.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “We call that a bitch slap, Jean-Luc! I’m sure you’ve given out a few of those.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I may have, Harry. Keen to see another one?”

    J.J. JAY! rolls Kayden Knox into the ring and follows gingerly afterward. He stomps on The Atoning’s back a few times for good measure and helps him back to his feet only to lock in an abdominal stretch, yelling out “ABDOMINAL STRETCH” as if it were a revolutionary maneuver. Uncle wrenches to the tune of Knox’s groans of pain. The stretch takes a more vicious demeanor when Uncle starts slapping away at Knox’s chest, reddening it with each slap. Though Knox doesn’t often have the weight of height advantage, against Uncle he’s fortunate to have it and he manages to power through the pain and flip Uncle over to get out of the stretch.

    Knox lets his momentum carry over and charges the ropes past Uncle, rebounds, sprints past Uncle who’s on one knee now, rebounds - SHINING WIZARD - NO, UNCLE CATCHES HIM AND HITS A POWERBOMB USING KNOX’S MOMENTUM! HE HOLDS ON FOR THE PIN -


    A lot more urgency for Knox, he’s not taking a risk with the pinfall here, but Uncle transitions it immediately - PICTURE PERFECT, and as he intones, “BOSTON CRAB!” Uncle has a grin on his face while Knox pulls at his hair and shakes his head instantly at the official’s investigating whether he’d like to give up. He gets a measure of the ropes and it’s obvious that he’s more intent on finding an escape route than considering submitting to the pain. “LETS GO KAYDEN” chants emerge to encourage the challenger to fight the pain. “DON’T LISTEN TO THEM, KAYDEN! TAP OUT!” “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” “TAP OUT KAYDEN!” Knox is able to ignore the incessant demands from Uncle and using his forearms to drags himself forward, grabs the ropes. The official urges Cosmic Horror to let go, “IT’S TRIPLE J RULES, RICHIE!” Richard Davis shakes his head as Knox barks out his pain and pulls himself further until the submission is too inconvenient for Uncle to carry it on.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “One thing people underestimate about X Rules is how effective a submission is. There are no rope breaks. You can hold on to any submission to your heart’s content.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Uncle is well aware of that though! Just like you, Jean-Luc, he’s a master of Triple J rules.”

    Cosmic Horror gets to his feet, hands on his hips, grinning down at Knox. He lets the challenger use the ropes to get up all the while once again shoving his foot at his head to provoke him. One of those shoves proves to be too many and Knox catches it. Uncle’s eyes go wise and he pleads for his opponent to let go but Knox trips up his only standing feet, getting him to his back, and proceeds to STOMP THE LIVING HELL OUT OF HIM! Uncle’s desperate block attempts prove to be fruitless and eventually he stops resisting.

    Knox holds onto his back, falling into a corner and allowing himself a moment to recover. Uncle turns over onto his stomach and slowly crawls over to the opposite corner. He uses it to pull himself back to his feet but the moment he’s all the way up HELLUVA KICK LAYS HIM OUT! Knox drags him into the center of the ring and hooks the leg!


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “J.J. JAY! cutting it close again with a last-second kick out.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Uncle is playing 5D Go while Knox is playing tic tac toe, Jean-Luc! Everything he does is thought out! Uncle has never made a mistake in his life! Even that Helluva Kick is part of the plan.”

    The Atoner isn’t discouraged by the kick out and hops on top of Uncle to land several hard forearm shots. He drags him to his feet and then sprints towards the ropes. Uncle follows him closely behind and as soon as Knox turns around he’s got a knee to the gut! Cosmic Horror drags his bent-over opponent closer to the center of the ring, hooks his arms, lifts him up, and hits a TIGER BOMB! Once again, Uncle is focusing on the back with a surgical aptitude. He stands over the fallen body of Knox and hooks The Atoner’s legs around his knees. He smacks the back of Knox’s head for good taunting measure and then grabs at his arms. He grins at the arena, “UNCLE SPECIAL!”, grabs Knox’s arms, and then falls onto his back, executing the Mexican Surfboard. Knox barks his pain out but shakes his head desperately each time Richard Davis asks him if he’d like to tap out.

    The intent is clearly to hurt Knox here more than it is to tap out, but it has the simultaneous effect of killing the motivational effect the crowd has been having on Knox. Uncle doesn’t satisfy himself by just sticking at the Mexican Surfboard. He transitions from holding onto Knox’s arm to eventually holding onto this head and wrenching the submission even tighter. Eventually, it transitions into a Dragon Sleeper and Knox is in real trouble of having to tap out. He reaches out for anything that might grant him relief from the submission but only manages to skin the ropes. Uncle begins unloading kicks at Knox’s gut before releasing the Dragon Sleeper of his own volition, content to continue dragging on his offense.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kayden Knox has to be finding the targeted offense is slowing him down. You have to give credit to J.J. JAY!, he knows his assignment and he’s not hesitating for a second. Back work may not be pretty, but it gets the job done.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “I’m taking notes myself, Jean-Luc. Back. Work.”

    Cosmic Horror keeps Knox in close proximity, believing himself to be in full control of the match. Holding onto Knox’s hair, he gets him to his feet and is able to shrug off some weak, desperate forearms from Kayden. He knees him in the gut and lifts him as if going for a powerbomb but continues the rotation until they’re back to back with Knox’s arms hooked. Uncle is happy to show his full repertoire of submission moves here, once again focusing on the back with a “GORY SPECIAL!” this time around! Knox is in a tough position with not much he can do but shake his head desperately at Davis asking if he wants to tap out. “ASK HIM AGAIN!” Uncle insists but the answer is a very decisive “NO!” from Knox. The rejection almost energizes The Atoner, allowing him to dull down the pain up until Uncle lets go of the arm underhook and drops him on his face. Cosmic Horror transitions that into a technical pinfall and Davis is almost caught off guard by the maneuvering.

    ONE… TWO… THR - NO!

    Knox bridges out of the pinfall! He rotates through as they get to a vertical base and begins landing HARD KNEE AFTER HARD KNEE AFTER HARD KNEE! Uncle shoves Knox away to save himself from the strikes. Knox bounces off the ropes unbeknownst to Cosmic Horror - MASS EXODUS! Knox is highlighting his own backbreaking arsenal and hooks the leg but Uncle quickly shoves him off and rolls out of the ring. Knox can’t reach him in time to stop him, agonizing at the work done to his back and smacking the mat in frustration.

    The Atoner is able to get to his feet but notices some fans pointing at where Uncle is and spots the Cosmic Horror digging beneath the ring, reminding us all that this is an X Rules match, or in the Dreamer’s words, a Japanese Death Match. Knox steps onto the apron, staring down at the champion. Uncle slowly steps out from underneath the ring, holding a steel chair in front of him with a grin on his face. He doesn’t realize that past that chair is Knox staring down at him. Knox leaps off the apron - PEACE OF MIND FLATTENING UNCLE’S FACE WITH THE CHAIR!

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “HOLY SHIT! HE BROKE UNCLE’S NOSE!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Language.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “BUT HE FUCKED HIM UP!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I said language.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Right! Sorry, sorry.”

    Uncle rolls always hurriedly with his hands around his face and becomes quickly evident that blood is streaming through his fingers. Just as Knox goes in to press his offense, Richard Davis is quick to wave him off and approach the Cosmic Horror. Richard examines Uncle’s nose, “is it broken?” Horror asks. “Does it look bad?” Before he can get an answer to his all-important request, KNOX NAILS HIM WITH A JUMPING HIGH KNEE! Uncle falls limp to the ground while Knox wipes the blood off his knee. He lifts his hand up to his eyes, breathing deeply as his eyes shift to the Cosmic Horror.

    Knox walks away to grab the steel chair and unfolds it, settling it not far off from the steel steps and gauging the distance. He gets Uncle up to his feet and holds his head tightly over his shoulder. He runs up the steel steps, pushes off the bottom end of the turnbuckle pole, and hits a DUDLEY DOG - UNCLE SHOVES HIM OFF AND KNOX CRASH LANDS ONTO THE CHAIR BACK FIRST! The seat breaks underneath the weight and Knox holds his back, gritting his teeth against the pain. J.J. JAY! can barely get a measure of his work. He remains laying on the ground with a grin peeking through the blood streaming from his nose.

    Cosmic Horror crawls towards the apron and wipes the blood from his face. He chuckles at the wetness of the curtain, gazing over his shoulder. He crawls on all fours towards Knox and grabs him by the hair, he wrenches Knox’s head back and HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! One after the other! Uncle turns cannibal and bites at Knox’s head. There are groans from the nearby fans watching but it’s all legal and the official can’t do anything about it. Seeing the faintest sign of a cut, what seemed like his entire intention in the attack, Uncle then unloads precise pointed elbows into a cut made worse with every strike. He bites against for good measure and The Atoner finds himself just as bloodied as Uncle. J.J. JAY! decides nows the time for a pin, though it's half-hearted with a rough forearm against Knox’s head and no leg hooked.


    Jean-Luc Watkins: “A clear concerted effort to force Knox to bleed just as much as J.J. JAY! is.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “They’re blood brothers now, Jean-Luc.”

    J.J. JAY! chuckles and helps Knox up to his feet. He has him by the hair, slightly matted in blood, and takes not of where he is, in particular the steel steps behind him. The crowd quickly begins to boo him when they see him angling for a suplex. It only encourages the Triple J Champion who lifts Knox up in a suplex position - AND THEN DROPS HIM BACK FIRST ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! The Atoner bounces off the steel with the sound of flesh on metal echoing in Germany.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT, JEAN-LUC!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Knox has been tossed back first into the steel steps. J.J. JAY! seems intent on doing whatever it takes to paralyze his challenger. What a sickening assault!”

    Uncle is on his own knees from the exertion. While it might be prime time for a pin attempt, whether because he’s enjoying the violence or too tired to follow up, he contents himself with a bloody grin Knox’s way. Still, he never proceeds to follow up for a pin. Instead, he crawls around, feeling for something, before digging his fingers into the ground and beginning to tug. The ringside mat begins to unravel revealing the hard floor below. Referee Richard Davis attempts to dissuade him though he barks back loudly “Fuck off, Richie, it’s Triple J Rules! You can fix it later!” And with a mad grin, he carries on with his work until he has one section of the mat entirely removed. He chuckles to himself, still on all fours all the while and certainly taking advantage of Knox’s own exhaustion to recover.

    The champion gets to his feet and stumbles over where Knox remains. He gets the challenger up to his feet, once again dragging him up by the hair. Knox doesn’t seem to have a good time even seeing where he is thanks to Uncle’s targetted bleeding. J.J. JAY! Brings him over to the matless spot and grins at the Berliners who aren’t very keen on what he’s about to do, much like they weren’t with the use of the steps. He lifts him up in a suplex position once again and - KNOX TWISTS IN THE AIR AND COUNTERS IT INTO AN RKO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “AN RKO CAN COME OUT OF ANYWHERE! J.J. JAY!’s own tactics have come to work against him here! He’s been RKO’d right onto the open floor. There’s no mat there. That’s his own doing!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “UNCLE! DAMN IT, UNCLE! GET UP!”

    Richard Davis is trying to get a measure of both men, to see if they’re in any position to keep this match going. Knox shakes his head though that’s the only movement he offers. Uncle grins and that’s about as much affirmation as he can give to the official that he’s not done yet. Davis shakes his head but chooses against overruling the two competitors. The two men lay there for a dozen seconds before a “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” chant begins mounting. Every pronouncement of “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” seems to drive the challenger into a spirited rebellion against the damage he’s endured so far for the gold.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Berliners are behind Kayden Knox tonight. They want to see Knox finally achieve his dreams of becoming an X Champion!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Where are the German Nephews? Uncle needs your support!”

    Knox uses the barricade to get himself up and has some surprising help from the fans at ringside who have taken to The Atoner. Knox lies back against the barricade, looking down at a still vaguely grinning but semi-conscious Uncle. He holds there for a moment, with the barricade and the fans keeping him up. Knox wipes the blood from his face and decides it’s time to carry on. He’s so close, Knox can taste the gold. So close. But he needs to finish the job. Knox limps over to Uncle, still feeling the back pain he’s endured tonight. It takes far too much effort for a man with a bad back to do it, but Knox lifts Uncle’s limp body up and struggles to push it into the ring. He pushes Uncle in and follows soon after.

    The Atoner grabs Uncle by the head and lifts him up to his feet, again, exuding far too much effort in the process. He rather boldly lifts Uncle onto his shoulders in a fireman carry. He tosses him up looking for the Detonation Kick but Uncle twists and contorts and LOCKS IN THE OCTOPUS HOLD! “COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSMIC STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Doesn’t the Octopus Hold already fit as a name given his theme?”


    Uncle wrenches and wrenches and Knox may as well be crying in agony but the Cosmic Horror tugs at the arm even harder, all to worsen the injury done to the back. Both men are unable to stem the flow of blood on their faces. Knox struggles to take a step but with all that weight on his back, he’s in a tough position to do anything to get out of it. “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” the chants begin again, encouraging him to fight through the pain. “SHUT UP!” Uncle yells, wrenching all the harder. “TAP OUT! TAP OUT! TAP OUT!” With Uncle’s free end, he starts elbowing Kayden’s side. ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! Kayden falls to a knee! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! Both knees are down! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! He’s down on the ground. ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! Knox isn’t resisting anymore!

    Uncle lets go of the submission. He remains on his knees, looking at the sky and chuckling. He rather dramatically drags his thumb across his throat and lifts a hand up. “CHOKESLAM, NEPHEWS!” He gets to his feet, stumbling back against the turnbuckle as he finds his balance. “GET UP, KAYDEN! COME ON ATONER! TELL HIM TO GET UP!” he barks at the Germans. Knox spasms which his first sign of life. “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” Cosmic Horror chuckles. “LET’S GO KAYDEN!” he mimics. “GET UP KAYDEN! LOOK AT THAT! THEY LOVE YOU! GET UP KAYDEN!” Kayden doesn’t seem quite in the right state of mind to hear what Uncle’s saying. He shakes his head and crawls towards the ropes.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “He’s going for the chokeslam, Jean-Luc! HE’S GOING FOR THE CHOKESLAM! IT’S ALL OVER!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “One might wonder if he’s telegraphing it too much.”

    “THAT’S IT, KAYDEN! GET UP!” Uncle paces by the ropes, still using them to keep his balance. Knox reaches opposite ropes, laying on the bottom rung briefly before tugging himself slowly and slowly up all three ropes. Cosmic Horror chuckles and leaves the ropes, approaching Kayden, waiting for him to turn around, and GRABBING HIM BY THE THROAT! ELBOW! KNOX HITS ANOTHER ELBOW! COMPLETE SHOT! TRANSITIONED INTO ASPHYXIA! HE’S GOT THE SUBMISSION LOCKED IN! HE’S WRENCHING! DEAD CENTER OF THE RING! UNCLE HAS NOWHERE TO GO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Kayden Knox is busting out a rare submission move from his arsenal, the Asphyxia is a devastating move at any point but with Uncle as worn out as he is, it might be the end!”

    J.J. JAY! reaches out for the ropes but it’s so far away and he seems far too exhausted to drag both himself and Knox to those ropes. His eyes bulge out. He tugs at Knox’s arms but there’s no use! Though the look of sheer pain on Uncle’s face is slowly replaced with a grin, one Knox can’t quite see. Uncle reaches into his trunks with his free hand and pulls out… a screwdriver?

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “IT’S ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN, JEAN-LUC! Uncle knows what he’s doing!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Stuffing a screwdriver into his trunks!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “It’s time Knox was relieved of an eye, Jean-Luc.”

    The Germans roar out their disapproval but Knox is far too busy holding the Asphyxia tightly to take in the change of reactions. He’s seconds away from becoming X Champion and he’s holding on for dear life. UNCLE DRIVERS THE SCREWDRIVER INTO KNOX’S SKULL! Knox loosens up, giving Uncle some reprieve, THEN IMMEDIATELY LOCKS IT IN TIGHTER! Uncle thought he had it out but he still has the screwdriver in hand, HE DRIVES IT ONCE AGAIN INTO KNOX’S SKULL AND THE CHALLENGER LETS GO!

    Cosmic Horror rolls away from Knox. He stares at the screwdriver in his hand and hugs it. J.J. JAY! once again relies on the ring itself to get to his feet. With his back turned to Knox, he doesn’t realize that the challenger is up again and a superkick to the back of his knee catches him before he ever can. Uncle is down to one knee and Knox stumbles in front of him. Uncle tries to shank Knox with the screwdriver but the bad angle makes it a weak effort and Knox catches his wrist. He turns the screwdriver against its handler and begins angling it towards Uncle’s left eye! Uncle does his best to power out of it but Knox seems to be overpowering the champion. There’s an eerie reaction from the crowd, some are certainly encouraging the challenger to do as was going to be done to him but others aren’t so enthusiastic to see an action the Afflicted would commit. But just as he gets closer, he hesitates and LANDS A KNEE TO UNCLE’S SKULL INSTEAD.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “NO! DAMN IT!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “At least one of these two men has some sort of civility. Some things can go too far.”

    Knox kicks the screwdriver out of the ring. He falls back against the ropes wipes the blood out of his face. He signals for Uncle to get back to his feet. J.J. JAY! struggles to his knees. He gets to one foot, then the other… KNOX CHARGES IN - FINAL ATONE - UNCLE CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT! CHOKESLAM! The Cosmic Horror falls on top of Knox!

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “IT’S THE CHOKESLAM! IT’S OVER, JEAN-LUC!”

    ONE… TWO… THRE - NO!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “How much does Kayden Knox want this? He’s willing to put his body through hell to get here. He has put his body through hell to get here. He’s going to endure just that little more pain that is necessary to become X Champion!”

    A DESPERATE SHOULDER FLIES UP! Knox seems as if he’s kicked out of pure instinct. Uncle is momentarily shocked but that shock fades into a grin. The longer this goes, the more damage the champion gets to inflict. He sits up and chuckles. The Cosmic Horror rolls, and rolls, and rolls out of the ring. He doesn’t even land on his feet. He lands on all fours and crawls over to the bellkeeper where he spots the coveted prize both he and his challenger are fighting for. He gets to his feet and grabs the belt. He admires the Triple J prize briefly though as his gaze turns to Knox in the ring, it appears it's less out of love for the gold and more for what damage such a piece might be able to do.

    J.J. JAY! tosses the Triple J Championship into the ring and it lands inches from Kayden’s head. The Atoner gets to gaze at the belt next to him while Uncle makes to rejoin him in the squared circle. Uncle allows the Atoner to get a good look at the vandalized gold. He hangs by the ropes, almost in the same way Kayden did before going for the Final Atonement.

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “This is as close as Kayden Knox is going to get the Triple J Championship, Jean-Luc! He’s going to get his head stomped into it!”

    Kayden reaches out to touch the belt, just as Uncle places his boot on it. He drags it away from Knox, and then he hoists Knox to his feet. He whips him into the ropes... big clothesline from JAY!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Uncle turns Knox inside out there with that clothesline, and now he has the belt in his hands. He's stalking Kayden from the corner, with bad intentions in mind..."

    Harry the Sane Wizard: "Good intentions, Jean-Luc! Uncle has only good intentions!!"

    Kayden is slow to his feet, but eventually is able to make it to a vertical base. Uncle waits for him to turn around, and then comes at him with the belt, looking to clock him with the gold...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "PIECE OF MIND!! Kayden out of nowhere with the modified dropkick, driving the belt into Uncle's chest in the process!!"

    JAY! drops the gold, and Kayden is on him immediately, sensing a shift in the momentum... he hoists him to his feet... inverted spike hurricanrana!!!

    Harry the Sane Wizard: "NO! JAY! This is awful! I can't look!!"

    Kayden gets to his feet as quickly as he can, and notices that JAY! has turned back onto his front... and that he's crawling towards the championship belt...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Uncle takes a look at the championship belt on the ground in front of him, perhaps for the last time?! BEFORE KAYDEN CURBSTOMPS HIM ONTO IT!! The Final Atonement connects!!!"

    JAY! doesn't move a centimetre, and Kayden struggles to force him onto his back before hooking the leg...

    ONE... TWO... THREE!!

    Winner: Kayden Knox via pin fall at 24:52.

    There is a huge pop in the audience, tempered slightly by those in attendance who still remember some of Knox's more heinous acts as well as those here to pull for JAY!, but mostly the realisation that we have a new champion is greeted with surprise and joy...

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentlemen... here is your winner. and the NEW FWA X Division Champion... 'The Atoning'... Kayden Knox!!!!"

    Knox doesn't move initially, and instead simply lies on his back, looking up at the ceiling lights...

    Harry the Sane Wizard: "I... I'm..."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I can't believe it either, Harry! On the second time of asking, Kayden Knox has just won his first singles championship here in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance!!"

    Harry the Sane Wizard: "I need to go to JAY!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Not interested in making this a regular thing? There may be a spot opening up on the desk..."

    Harry the Sane Wizard: "No. This has been heartbreaking. I'm not ready to talk to you for a while, Jean-Luc. I... I have to go..."

    We hear Harry's headset being put down, and then the Sane Wizard scurries off from around the desk in the direction of JAY! Uncle has rolled out beneath the bottom rope, worse for wear thanks to the exertion of the match, and the Nephews are around him to offer support. Meanwhile, in the ring...

    Kayden Knox, up on his knees, is handed his newly won FWA X Division Championship. He stares down at the defaced plating for a moment, wordless, before reaching out and taking the belt. He clutches it to his chest and lets out a roar.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "It's been a long time coming, but Kayden Knox has done it! He's a champion here in the FWA! And he did it the hard way, defeating Uncle J.J. JAY! in the middle of that ring. What a match!!"

    Kayden Knox has lifted himself up to his feet and takes a few deep breaths. When he stands to his feet, the official is there waiting. Kayden's arm is lifted into the air, and with his other hand he hoists up his newly won championship belt.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Just listen to this crowd!!"

    Berlin is hot for Kayden and the new champion, but Knox doesn't celebrate on the second rope. Instead, he rolls beneath the bottom rope and begins to walk up the ramp, his head bowed and his championship clutched at his side.


    Once again, we're with Allen Price, as he continues his hunt for a tag team partner at Lights Out. He's seen being rejected by more arena workers and even a couple of corporate suits. Suddenly a tune can be heard in the background, but Allen doesn't notice it. He then begins repeating the same question over and over again.

    Allen Price: "I don't have a partner, what I am gonna do?"

    Allen Price: "I don't have a partner, what I am gonna do?"

    Allen Price: "I don't have a partner, what I am gonna do?"

    Eventually, Allen notices that his question fit in with the lyrics of the song he can hear. He follows the sound to a door, behind which the music is emerging from. Opening it, he sees CWA I'm New Here Battle Royal participant Ratin Mikichin dancing along to the music as if he is leading a class with an assortment of crazy characters.


    Ratin begins gyrating to the extent where his tiny green mankini is dangerously close to allowing the goods to slip out, and Price then looks to see that Spooder-Man, Steve the Techno Vampire, Jimmy Boom Boom and Kung Fu Karl are imitating Ratin's moves.


    When something is too much for Allen Price, there is cause for concern. Allen slowly closes the door and pretends that he never encountered that. Upon closing the door, he sees Greg.

    Greg: "Hey, I'm Greg. You looking for a partner?"

    Allen looks Greg up and down.

    Allen Price: "No, no. No, I'm good. Thanks anyway..."

    Devoid of any viable options and running out of time, Price scratches his head and then leaves the area.


    We return into the arena and see a shot of the stage, half of which is currently blacked out without any lighting directed at it. In the ring, Natalie Rosenberg is standing with a microphone in hand, grinning as she prepares to address the crowd waiting in attendance.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Ladies and gentlemen, playing their song "Army of the Night"... please welcome POWERWOLF!"

    The stage is then bathed in light and the crowd rouses into a loud cheer as the Germany's own Powerwolf are positioned to the side of the stage. Lead singer Attila Dorn raises his arms into the air to bring the crowd to an even louder fever pitch, and then the band move into Konchu Hao's entrance theme.

    "Army of the Night" || Powerwolf.

    "Stand up all the night and call the fight.
    Let your mind go wild before the light.
    Here we come, the army of the night!
    Mater Maria!"

    "Lined up side by side and bound to pray.
    Sent to die and fight the final day.
    Army of the night, we came to stay!
    Mater Maria!"

    We see some crowd members rocking out in the stands, some even adorning Powerwolf face paint and masks and a cheer rings out as Konchu Hao walks out from behind the curtain onto the stage and it would seem that the usually unflappable "Mad Wizard" is stunned having seen what has been organised for him.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied by Epsilon... "The Mad Wizard" KONCHU HAO!!"

    Behind Konchu as always is Epsilon, who pats his master's thigh. Konchu ruffles the top of Epsilon's mask and then applauds in the direction of Powerwolf, with Attila Dorn offering him a "Rock On!" gesture. After which, Konchu begins his walk towards the ring with the music in the background as Rosenberg introduces him.

    "Better you pray before the night is falling.
    Call on the heaven sent, amen!"

    "Follow the night, it's your messiah calling.
    Bring on the sacrament, amen!"

    "Come to the other side, into the dark we hide.
    Gather them for the rite, sacristarum.
    We are the force allied, into the war we ride, hallelujah!"

    Konchu reaches the base of the ramp and climbs onto the apron with Epsilon hopping up too. As Epsilon jumps into the ring, Konchu walks over to the corner and raises his arms into the air to encourage the fans to up the volume level, and those not singing along with the music cheer loudly.

    "Stand up all the night and call the fight.
    Let your mind go wild before the light.
    Here we come, the army of the night!
    Mater Maria!"

    "Lined up side by side and bound to pray.
    Sent to die and fight the final day.
    Army of the night, we came to stay!
    Mater Maria!"

    The music stops with the final "Mater Maria", and Konchu looks across to the Powerwolf band members from his perch and he offers them another set of applause as a thanks for playing him to the ring. The fans are cheering loudly too, and Powerwolf play to the crowd a bit as Konchu enters the ring and settles himself.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Whilst it was heartbreak for "The Mad Wizard" in Freetown, Christiana, it would seem that the former X Division Champion has continued to capture the hearts of the Fallout faithful. Whilst he would likely trade such a spectacular entrance tonight in Berlin for a place in tonight's main event, I think it is abundantly clear what this reception means to Konchu Hao. Whilst the FWA World Championship does not appear to be within his grasp just yet, his performances in the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament almost certainly proved that he belongs in those discussions."

    The novelty of the entrance seems to be wearing off as attention turns back onto Konchu in the ring. He motions for Epsilon to move down to the floor, to which the loyal minion obediently obliges. Konchu stretches out his shoulders after removing his robe and looks to the entrance way, where Powerwolf have now made themselves scarce, waiting for his opponent.

    "Sick" || Adelitas Way.

    There is no live performance to usher Konchu's opponent to the ring, but Adelitas Way being pumped through the sound system generates a significant response from the crowd nevertheless. Whilst there are still some that would hold a resentment of sorts towards Mike Parr, there is an increasingly more vocal section of the fanbase showing "The Prodigy" their adulation as Parr walks out from the back onto the stage. There is an extra dosage of intensity to Parr tonight, who seems to be sporting some of the war wounds following his confrontation with Shawn Summers on Fallout 004.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Introducing his opponent... weighing in tonight at two-hundred and forty pounds... "The Prodigy" Mike Parr!"

    Despite the ongoing issues with Shawn Summers, Parr seems totally focused on the task at hand. His gaze is fixated on Konchu Hao, who makes motions for Parr to come into the ring and meet him. Parr is happy to oblige, and he seems to have a few words under his breath for Konchu as he walks down the ramp.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Widely regarded as one of the most efficient and competent wrestlers that the FWA can boast, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr has had to concern himself with much more than what has been happening in between the ropes. On Fallout 004 his ongoing dispute with Shawn Summers took an even more violent turn and it ended once again with "Der Bastard" emerging with the upper hand."

    The camera manages a close up of Parr's face, bruised following the multiple Headbutts received from Summers two weeks ago. Parr seems to wear these with pride though; evidence that he was able to walk away from the punishment that his rival inflicted on him.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "With Summers waiting for him at Lights Out, Parr needs the momentum that a victory over someone like Konchu Hao will bring him. On the same token, Hao will be looking to bounce back after his crushing loss to Danny Toner in Freetown Christiana."

    Parr enters the ring, and it would seem that he and Konchu have some words for each other, and Larry Stevens (the appointed official for this one) needs to get in between them, sternly warning them both to wait for the match to start.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "There is some history here too, wrestling fans. Before Back in Business at the Fight Night: Sin City show, these two teamed up in the Triple Threat Tag between the World and X Title contenders. Unsurprisingly, they were unable to coexist which allowed Chris Peacock and Michelle von Horrowitz - their respective rivals at the time - to come out on top. I'm not sure whether any blame was apportioned..."

    Konchu Hao vs. Mike Parr.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: Man)
    Once the bell has rung, Stevens is happy to raise his arms and let them go at it, which is exactly what happens. Parr would usually favour a more cagey and technical opening to the match, but given that there is some pent-up aggression in there, he grabs Konchu around the neck and uses his free arm to connect with a stiff forearm!

    Konchu is knocked back a step, but he immediately lets out his signature cackle to cheers from the crowd watching, and gives Parr a Headbutt right in between the eyes! This time it is Parr staggering back following the impact, dropping to a knee. He holds his hand to his forehead, and he looks up with gritted teeth to see Konchu motioning for him to bring it.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "A very intentional choice of attack by Konchu - it was those vicious Headbutts from Shawn Summers that caused some of the damage we have seen on Parr - and now he's giving him another taste."

    It would seem that Parr is more than happy to engage Konchu in the kind of fight that "The Mad Wizard" wants, rising back to his feet and going for another forearm, but he feints and gets a kick to the midsection, which doubles Konchu over. Parr grabs Konchu's wrist and wrings it tightly. He uses his leverage to keep Konchu hunched over, and then kicks Konchu in the face a couple of times.

    Parr rolls Konchu through onto his back and releases the arm, and then delivers a stomp to Konchu's chest. Epsilon appears concerned for his master, and Parr glances over at the minion but immediately brushes him off.

    However even something as minute as that is enough for Konchu to find a way back in, as when Parr bends down to pick Konchu up from the mat, he gets clapped on both of his ears with a Mongolian Chop. Parr stumbles back into the ropes, and Konchu grabs him around the neck, to bring him down and start laying into him with some very heavy duty knees to the face!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "John Dee's Knees! You can't afford to take your eye off of Konchu Hao for one second. Something which is also true for Shawn Summers, and something that Parr will want to avoid in Tokyo."

    John Dee's Knees put Parr down onto the middle rope where he then becomes a sitting duck for another knee strike from Konchu, which knocks him through the ropes, but his legs get hooked on the middle rope with his upper body hanging upside down outside the ring.

    Konchu exits onto the ring apron as Parr attempts to pull himself up by reaching up and grabbing the top rope. However this leaves him open for Konchu to approach him on the apron, and Konchu jumps into the air and drops the point of his elbow into Parr's chest, knocking him down onto the ring apron!! Konchu lands on the floor and extends his arms for the fans' benefit, and they cheer him in response. After cackling along to their support, and Epsilon offering some additional support, Konchu shoves Parr away from the ropes and then gets back into the ring.

    With Parr rolled away from the ropes, Konchu drops onto his knees and applies a lateral press, with Stevens going down to make the count!

    ONE... TW-NO!!

    Parr shoots a shoulder up and tries to shake out some of the cobwebs, having sustained several blows to the head already during this match. Konchu drags him up to his feet and sends him into the corner with a hard Irish Whip.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Konchu Hao will test your resilience, there is no doubt about that. Kicking out of any pin attempt when facing him usually means that you are in for even more punishment - and I think Mike Parr is about to find that out the hard way!."

    Konchu connects with an elbow to the face of Parr in the corner, and then backs up with his arms stretched out to the side into the opposite corner diagonally across the ring from his opponent.

    He measures Parr, who is attempting to clear his own head, and charges in, looking for a Leaping Clothesline into the corner, but Parr suddenly springs into life and connects with his knee right to Konchu'a jaw!! Swatted out of the air like a fly, Konchu crumbles down onto the mat down onto one knee. Parr grabs him around the neck and backs into the turnbuckle, climbing up as he retains his grip around Konchu... and he pushes himself from the top turnbuckle and plants Konchu on the top of his head with a Tornado DDT!!

    Konchu ends up in a seated position, so Parr grabs him by the shoulders and lays him flat on his back, and he goes for the pin himself.

    ONE... TWO... NO!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Parr explodes out from the corner and finds a way back into this one, and perhaps the occasion has gotten the better of Konchu Hao - his showboating has allowed his opponent to rally."

    Wasting no time, Parr brings Konchu back up to his feet and hooks both of his arms... Double Underhook Backbreaker!! Konchu's back arches following being dropped down across the point of Parr's knee and he reaches out in Epsilon's direction, with the diminuitive minion slamming his hands on the apron to try to will Hao on and back into the match.

    Again though, Parr forces Konchu down onto to his back so he can go for another pin, and he tightly hooks both legs!

    ONE... TWO... NO!!

    There is no break for Konchu as Parr now grabs him around the head and applies a tight headlock with both men on the ground. Parr moves onto his knees and leans down on Konchu's neck to hold Konchu down on the mat whilst trapped in the headlock, limiting Konchu's movement.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "The game for Mike Parr seems to be to wear "The Mad Wizard" down. You saw from that pin that he hooked both legs, which not only makes it harder to kick out, but also means that more energy is exerted when you do kick out. Now, with a headlock locked in as tightly with this, you're cutting off the flow of oxygen to your opponent's brain. That's going to make them lethargic and make it easier to pick them apart as the match progresses, wrestling fans."

    The fans are appreciative of Parr's impressive knowledge of how to control an opponent, but at the same time they are willing Konchu on to get himself back into the match, with a rhythmic clap beginning as Hao's leg bounces on the mat. Larry Stevens drops down onto the mat to ask Konchu if he wants to submit, but there is an instant refusal by Hao to give in; his loud shriek of "NEVER!" getting a cheer from the fans.

    It is this burst which implores Hao to attempt to escape his current predicament. Even with Parr's entire weight across the back of his neck, Konchu starts trying to rise up from the mat as the clapping from the fans reaches a crescendo as Konchu is able to plant both of his feet on the mat with Parr hunched over him. Konchu clasps his hands together and forcefully drives the point of his elbow into Parr's stomach, which loosens "The Prodigy"'s grip on him slightly. Another elbow finally creates separation between both men, to a cheer from the crowd.

    Konchu turns his back on Parr to run towards the ropes, but Parr again springs into life and grabs Konchu from the side around the waist... Belly-to-Back Suplex!! Konchu lands hard on the back of his neck, and Parr dives into the cover!

    ONE... TWO... THR-NO!!!

    Konchu powers out to a good cheer from the crowd and exuberant applause from Epsilon at ringside. He rises to his feet much quicker than he did before but stumbles back into the corner.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Konchu needs to find a way to use this surge of support from the Fallout faithful - and Epsilon - to do something to stop Mike Parr from getting into a position where he can finish this one off!"

    Also rising to his feet, Parr steadies himself before he runs into the corner towards Konchu - but Hao bursts from the corner and runs through Parr with an STO!!! Both men are down on the canvas now, breathing heavily. Replays show the back of Parr's head hitting the mat hard, and the fans' chanting is a war between "LET'S GO KON-CHU!" and "PRO-DI-GY!" as all are appreciative of the effort both men have put into this match.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Neither man is holding anything back! This is what Fallout is all about - two of the FWA's best coming out here and leaving it all in the ring! This is why we do it! Listen to these fans!"

    The referee sees both men on the mat and with neither showing any immediate signs of getting to their feet, he begins a count, and the booming sound of the fans counting along with Stevens echoes around the arena.



    There is a bit of movement from both Konchu and Parr; both were alerted by the sound of the count and neither want this match to end in a draw.



    Parr uses his arms to push up from the mat to bring his upper body up, and starts moving his legs closer to his chest to assist him in rising to his feet.


    Konchu extends his fingertips towards the bottom rope and grasps it, using it to pull himself closer to the ropes, which he can use to pull himself up.



    Planting his feet on the mat, Parr straightens his back out which stops the referee's count, as one of the competitors are back up to a vertical base. Konchu is still not quite there, so Parr takes advantage with a clubbing blow to Konchu's back as he is trying to straighten himself up, which knocks Konchu back down onto his knees. Parr drives his knee into Konchu's ribs and spins on his heel to run the ropes, and he comes back looking for a Shining Wizard, but "The Mad Wizard" ducks the Shining Wizard, and Parr collides with the ropes!

    It is a nasty looking impact for Parr as he gets all tangled up in the ropes, but that makes him easy pickings for Konchu... who scoops him from the ropes and plants him with a Backdrop Driver!! Konchu hurries into the pin!

    ONE... TWO... THR-NO!!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "In contrast to the precise pin attempt we saw from Parr earlier in the match, we see a more rushed and relaxed pin attempt there by Konchu - which is easier for Parr to escape from. Hao could have had this one sewn up had he hooked that in tighter."

    There is some visible frustration from Hao; he slams his fist down into the canvas, frustrated that Parr was able to kick out of that one. Konchu assists Parr in getting to his feet and grabs him tightly by the wrist, with there now being an air of anticipation among the fans as Konchu holds Parr close to him and turns him out...

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Konchu looking for RASPUTIN'S REVENGE... NO!! PARR COUNTERS... ROLLING CUTTER!"

    A loud pop fills the arena as Parr ducks the Rasputin's Revenge elbow strike and manages to get behind Konchu, planting him on the mat with his Rolling Cutter!! Once again both men are laid astrewn across the mat. Epsilon is in a state of disarray at ringside, holding his head in his hands, garbling in his special language for Konchu to rise to his feet but all we see of "The Mad Wizard" is his chest slowly rising and falling as he breathes, covered in beads of sweat.

    Parr crawls up onto his knees and looks at Konchu spread-eagle on the mat and declines going for the cover. Instead, he looks to the turnbuckle and makes his decision. As the crowd sees that Parr seems to be preparing to finish this one off in style, they begin to buzz in anticipation.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Parr could have this match won following the Rolling Cutter, however he wants to put the exclamation point down on this victory. Shawn Summers, are you watching this?! This could be your fate at Lights Out!"

    Parr scales the corner and gets his balance with his back facing Konchu and he takes flight, looking for X MARKS THE SPOT...



    Incredible athleticism from "The Prodigy" to be able to adjust mid-flight, sensing that his opponent had moved out of the landing zone. However no sooner does Parr stick the impressive landing, he finds himself blinded by Konchu's pocket sand!!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "That's Baba Vanga's Illumination! Konchu pulls his secret weapon out once again, when no one expected to see it!"

    Parr has his vision obscured for a second, but that is all it takes. Konchu rises up from the mat and grabs the flailing Parr by the arm... RASPUTIN'S REVENGE!!! The crowd cheers for the huge impact which Konchu managed to get on it, and "The Mad Wizard" hooks the leg for Stevens to count the pin!

    ONE... TWO... THREE!!!

    Winner: Konchu Hao via pin fall at 13:57.

    "Army of the Night" plays once again and Konchu slides off of Parr and triumphantly thrusts his fists into the air from down on the mat. Epsilon waddles into the ring and jumps on his master, ecstatic that he was able to pull out the win, and Konchu shows his appreciation towards his minion by accepting his offer of a hand up back to his feet. Stevens raises Konchu's hand into the air and "The Mad Wizard" is clearly relieved to have prevailed from that stern test.

    Natalie Rosenberg: "Here is your winner... "The Mad Wizard" KONCHU HAO!!"

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "As a wrestling fan myself, like I am sure all of you watching this at home are too, I must say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout that match. After coming so close yet so far in the Fallout Eliminator, a victory was a must for Konchu Hao tonight, and he delivered in the biggest of ways. Clearly one of the breakout stars of The First Chapter and someone I am thoroughly excited to see progress on Fallout. Mike Parr was close to having this match won, but perhaps the pressure of facing Shawn Summers in Tokyo got to him, or it just simply consumed his mind, allowing Hao to take advantage."

    Konchu has now left the ring, walking up the ramp with his arms stretched wide to absorb in the crowd's adoration. In the ring, Mike Parr is sat up in the centre of it, having cleared his eyes of Baba Vanga's Illumination, and he pulls himself up to his feet. The crowd offer him a respectful applause, as they are grateful for his efforts despite him coming up short. He rolls out of the ring after the hard-fought matchup against Konchu. He gingerly begins to walk towards the ramp - the fans on the way reach out to touch him as he does. As Parr walks by the outstretched hands of the fans, one grabs his wrist and yanks him towards the barricade, where his face meets the forearm of a fan cosplaying as Alyster Black - wearing his signature mask and entrance robe. The camera quickly pans to Parr, who cradles his face with his hands.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We need security to the entrance ramp, immediately! Mike Parr's been attacked by one of our fans in attendance. Can we get security out he - -"

    Jean-Luc cuts his thought short as the camera shifts back to the fan - who is slowly removing the Alyster Black mask. As the fan unveils themself from their mask, the sound of the boos in the arena intensifies.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Are you kidding me?! Again?!"

    The camera reveals the fan as none other than Der Bastard himself, Shawn Summers. Shawn's eyes seem almost dead as he stares down at Mike Parr emotionless. He slowly removes the ring robe revealing the "Summer Slugger" baseball bat he'd become fond of. He pushes the shouting fans away from him as he hops the barricade and creeps towards Parr...

    Jean-Luc Watkins:
    "We've already seen Shawn Summers out here once tonight in his defeat to Krash... this is just vindictive from Der Basterd!"

    Shawn pulls his foot back and brings it forward with momentum driving the heel of his shoe into Parr's ribs. The Prodigy yells out in agony as Shawn again directs a soccer-style penalty kick at his ribs.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Where the hell is security when we need them? That coward, Shawn Summers, has once again resorted to a sneak attack on Parr."

    Shawn pushes Parr over onto his stomach before standing over him - his face remains without emotion. He reaches down to grab one of Mike's arms, but Mike instinctively goes to pull it away. Shawn drives his foot down into the back of Parr as the murmur and boos from the crowd are sliced through with a yell of agony.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "I... I cannot believe what we are seeing here. Mike Parr has certainly not endeared himself to any of the members of the roster over the years but someone has to come out here and stop this."

    Shawn again grabs one of Mike's arms before dropping his bat and grabbing another - pulling back to bring Parr to bend. He stomps his foot on the back of Parr's head, driving it into the floor.

    The fans rain down jeers and obscenities at Shawn, who couldn't care less about what they thought of him at this moment. He drags Parr's body back to the ring, lifting him onto the apron before pushing him into the center of the ring. Shawn drops to his knees before laying down directly next to the face of Mike Parr. He outstretches his hand and is immediately handed a microphone from a member of the ringside crew.

    Shawn Summers: "It didn't have to be like this, Michael. Once I took you out of the hunt for the world title at the anniversary show, my job with you was complete. I had no intentions of going any further with you because we simply...weren't there. We weren't at that point where we needed a match against one another because what I did to you was business. Nothing personal. But, that didn't work for you, did it, Michael?"

    Shawn traces the outline of Mike Parr's face, down on the mat, with his index finger as he continues.

    Jean-Luc Watson: "This is sick."

    Shawn Summers: "You couldn't handle the fact that for me, you were nothing more than a transaction, and I didn't see you as an equal or a viable opponent. So you decided to make it personal. That's where you MESSED UP, Michael."

    Shawn stops tracing the outline of Parr's face and grabs him by the hair forcing his unconscious head to face his.

    Shawn Summers: "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU! Because I'm about to drop some reality on you, Michael. You wanted The God King? You got him. You wanted Der Bastard at his most sadistic and unhinged? You got it. You wanted to poke and prod until the psycho finally appeared? SURPRISE! He's here! And at lights out, you'll be in a place that you wanted to get to but will come to realize it's a destination that you should have avoided. At lights out, we'll finally be there...standing across from one another in the ring."

    Shawn rolls on his back and stares up at the ceiling as the fans continue to boo and toss insults his way. He cocks his head towards Parr's and smiles.

    Shawn Summers: "Don't disappoint me, Michael."

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Ominous words from Shawn Summers to Mike Parr as we draw closer to their battle at Light's Out. One has to wonder what The Prodigy's chances are against this disturbed modern-day American Psycho?"

    Shawn kips up to his feet with a smirk before exiting the ring. He walks backwards up the ramp and can be heard saying "We're finally there, Michael. We're finally there." as the camera fades to black.


    Backstage in a locker room temporarily given to the four Chtlhu’s Nephews, J.J. JAY! leans back on a chair with an icepack across his face. He’s garbed in the Chtlhu’s Nephews tracksuit, and is hardly paying attention to the Fallout broadcast on his monitor. He’s too busy brooding and licking his wounds after his championship loss to take much heed of the action. Harry the Sane Wizard is next to him painting his nails pink while Quiet lays on a couch folding a paper into a plane. Thomas West looks anxiously at Uncle then slaps himself and chooses to approach him.

    Thomas West: “So Uncle… I’ve been meaning to ask… since GiGi’s going to be teaming up with Dreamer at the Elite Tag Team Classic: vol 2 featuring my home company the beloved Clique Wrestling Alliance… wouldn’t you say “He’s a Podcast Host” Thomas West would be the right man for you to team up with?”


    Uncle starts moaning in pain after his outburst and leans back into his chair, attempting to relax though tears start flowing from his eyes for what would be a multitude of reasons.

    Thomas West: “I’m just telling you what’s on the bracket. Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection. And… Uncle J.J. JAY! plus an Unannounced Nephew. Isn’t this the perfect time to announce who you’re going to be pairing up with?”


    West rolls his eyes but Uncle is too busy crying to catch it.

    Thomas West: “I’m sure he just did it because they made the finals last year. It’s the proper thing to do. Redemption. But we can always make him regret picking her over you.”

    J.J. JAY!: “What if he makes me regret picking you over Quiet or even over Harry?”

    Harry is stunned at that, shaking his head desperately.

    Thomas West: “You’re not really considering Harry?”

    J.J. JAY!: “Why not? I can just go like five percent higher during the tournament to make up for it.”

    Thomas West: “More like ten percent! And fifteen percent if you’re accounting for the possibility that you could have me instead.”

    J.J. JAY!: “Oh, is that so?”

    Thomas West: “That is so! In fact, why don’t you take it easy and send me and Harry out there. I’ll take care of it.”

    J.J. JAY!: “You’re talking a big game here, Thomas. This is the Elite Tag Team Classic we’re talking about! Golden Rock’s going to be in it! Dreamer is going to be in it! And some other teams from our wonderfully deep FWA tag team division! Including ELITE pairings like The Men Out of Time, our friends Captain Fantasy and Fantasy Girl, the Eye of the Beholder - a name I take offense to given neither of them are beholders -, or tonights débutantes… THE ALCHEMISTS! Ed and Alphonse Elric! You think you’re good enough to beat all of those guys?”

    Thomas West: “Put someone in front of me, I’ll send him packing, Uncle. Stu Grimes. Ain’t no problem. I’ll show El Demente how to literally send someone to hell.”

    J.J. JAY!: “Is that so?”

    Thomas West: “That. Is. So.”

    J.J. JAY!: “You don’t have anything to say about that, Harry?”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Well, Thomas is a pretty powerful guy.”

    Thomas West: “That’s nice of you to admit.”

    J.J. JAY!: “What about you Quiet? You’ve been silently stewing there… you don’t want to team up with me again?”

    Quiet stops playing with his paper airplane and sends it flying Harry’s way. Harry catches it and unfolds it.

    J.J. JAY!: “What did he do, I can’t see?”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Sent me a flyer for Lights Out… it says… Gunfight Battle Royal…”

    J.J. JAY!: “They can’t find me a match but they’ve got time for a battle royal? I’m above battle royals! But wait a second… Gunfight Battle Royal? GUNFIGHT BATTLE ROYAL! AH! SHIT!”

    Uncle once again regrets his outburst. Falling gingerly back against his seat.

    J.J. JAY!: “That’s it! Quiet! You genius. You want to team up with me, nephews? Prove yourself. Whichever of you three can win the Gunfight Battle Royal gets to team up with me for the Elite Tag Team Classic! I want nothing but the best by my side.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “Wait! I don’t want to participate! Can’t I just commentate?”

    J.J. JAY!: “You most certainly cannot! YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME WITH JEAN-LUC! MY GOODNESS THIS HURTS! Now, you will compete in that match and you will get to the finals before being promptly thrown out by either Quiet or Thomas here… or maybe Marcus.”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “I could also just not be in it?”

    Thomas West: “Oh, don’t you worry, Harry. I’ll protect you and gently toss you out of the ring when everyone else is out. Heck, I’ll even throw Marcus McClain out right before you, just because I like you just a tad more.”

    J.J. JAY!: “It’s settled then. Win that match. Win me a match against anyone I want! Win the FWA World Tag Team titles! Win the FWA World title! CELEBRATE AS EVERY ONE TRIES TO MURDERLOVE US! 2021 is the year of Chtlhu’s Nephews! We’re never looking back! Onwards and upwards. No regrets!”

    Harry the Sane Wizard: “MURDERLOVE?!”


    Quiet: ".. ....."

    The camera retreats away from the Chtlhu’s Nephews locker room with the declaration that three Nephews will be entered into Lights Out’s Gunfight Battle Royal!

    A graphic hyping the forthcoming tournament is displayed after the segment...

    December 2021-February 2022
    [single-promo for each bracket, single-promo for grand final. two promos total for win. no word limit. window for promos will be the whole of November. sign-up via PM to me!]

    Winner can choose between:
    1. A shot at the FWA World Tag Team Championships at a time to be determined.
    2. A shot at the CWA World Tag Team Championships at a time to be determined.
    If the winner is already CWA/FWA champion:
    3. A defense against an opponent of their choosing at a time to be determined.
    4. A unification match for the championships at a time to be determined.

    !! The belts will NOT be on the line in the tournament itself. !!

    Teams will be divided into two brackets: the CWA + INDEPENDENT BRACKET and the FWA BRACKET. Each bracket will feature sixteen teams. This number will be reached through non-promo teams in the extended universe.

    Matches will take place through a combination of house show or independent show recap posts, or on full shows. This is detailed in full below.


    CWA World Tag Team Champions The Gang Stars.
    The Division.
    The Echo.
    The DiMiaco Brothers.
    The Undisputed Alliance.

    The Diamond Dogs.
    Murder, Inc.
    DJPW World Tag Team Champions The Tokyo Godfathers [Isao Ōishi and Kenichi Iwao]
    BWW Tag Team Champions The Balinese Decepticons.
    SCW Tag Team Champions Jason and Jimmy Bedlam
    PWC Tag Team Champions Fox Hound.

    FWA World Tag Team Champions Golden Rock.
    Uncle J.J. JAY! + an Unanounced Nephew.
    The Grayson and von Horrowitz Connection.
    The Brethren.
    Legends Evolved.

    The Alchemists [Boston Elric and Wesley Elric] (GZS3).
    Eye of the Beholder [Bobby Fettlewhittick and Charisma Trent] (GZS3).
    Captain Fantasy and Fantasy Girl.
    The Men Out Of Time [Stu Grimes and Cornelius Aurelius Caesar].


    Preliminary rounds to take place on
    Pro-Wrestling Chimpanzee [PWC]: "Gorilla Warfare" [Long Beach, California - December 1st]
    SoCal War & Wrestling [SCWW]: "Winter Sun" [Santa Monica, California - December 3rd]
    Xtreme Championship Wrestling [XCW]: "Barbarism Begins at Home" [Vancouver, British Columbia - December 6th]
    Black Widow Wrestling [BWW]: "Recreational Use" [Edmonton, Alberta - December 10th]

    Quarter-final stage to take place on
    CWA: "CITY LIGHTS" [Seattle, Washington - December 18th]

    Semi-final and final stages to take place on
    CWA: "MODERN TIMES" [Portland, Oregon - January 15th]

    Preliminary rounds to take place on
    FWA "Pacific North-West House Show Tour"
    "Unnamed December 26th Warehouse Show"

    Quarter-final, semi-final, and final stages to take place on
    "Unnamed January 2nd Warehouse Show"
    "Fallout 010" [January 14th]

    @ CWA: "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo".
    El Segundo, LA, California.
    February 19th, 2022.


    “Formation” || Beyoncé.

    There is a polite reception from the Berlin fans as Sauce Man makes his entrance, clutching his packets of condiments as per usual. Sauce Man sprinkles the first few rows of the crowd with ketchup and hot sauce sachets, as he bops along to his theme song.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “The following contest is schedule for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, from Shreveport, Louisiana and weighing in at one-hundred and sixty-eight pounds… SAUCE MAN!!”

    There is a few more cheers following Rosenberg’s announcement, and then Sauce Man leads the crowd in his favourite line of his theme song - “I’VE GOT HOT SAUCE IN MY BAG, SWAG!” and he continues on towards the ring.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I’m not sure that I can match the usual level of enthusiasm that my usual commentary partner does whenever Sauce Man appears here on Fallout, but I will admit that his presence was missed in Freetown Christiana. Sauce Man has put out some inspiring performances since Fallout’s inception, but is one of the few members of our roster still to find themselves not yet savouring the taste of victory. I do think though it is safe to say that these fans in Berlin will be hoping that the connoisseur of condiments can turn his fortunes around tonight.”

    Sauce Man enters the ring and throws some more sauce out to the fans and he continues to dance along to his music until it fades out.

    “Tubthumping” || Chumbawumba.

    Whilst the popular and upbeat song derives an initial cheer from the fans occupying the arena, their reaction cools a bit as “The Charity Man” Josh Drake walks out onto the Fallout set for the first time. Drake assesses the crowd and nods his head before heading towards the ring where Sauce Man is waiting for him.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “And his opponent, coming to us tonight from International Waters, weighing in at one-hundred and sixty-five pounds… “The Charity Man” JOSH DRAKE!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Not much is known about the newest addition to the Fallout roster, other than he is not afraid to say what is on his mind and he is somewhat of an accomplished in-ring technician. He could have his hands full with Sauce Man, however… as I’m sure that Josh would have never encountered an opponent like this during his time in Pakistan or Rwanda.”

    Drake enters the ring where official DJ Franchise is waiting along with Sauce Man. Drake puts his arm in the air once he enters the ring, looking ready for his first match in the FWA.

    Sauce Man vs. Josh Drake.
    Singles Match.
    (Match writer: Man)
    Once DJ Franchise calls for the bell, both men approach the centre of the ring to get things started in tonight’s penultimate match. Sauce Man slaps his hands together and eyes up Drake as the two lock up, with Drake immediately being able to get the go-behind on Sauce Man.

    He transitions into a quick headlock and then into a wrist lock, and wrings the arm of Sauce Man… and then stings Sauce Man’s chest with a slap right across his chest!! The sound reverberates throughout the arena!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is what we expected from Josh Drake - some technical prowess blended in with hard, stiff strikes. Given the background of “The Charity Man”, this should come as no surprise to Sauce Man.”

    Drake wrings Sauce Man’s arm one more time, and uses the arm to control Sauce Man’s body and movement. Sauce Man is hunched over by Drake, which leaves him susceptible to a kick directly to the face!!

    Sauce Man is stood up straight by the impact, and Drake let’s go of the arm, and leaps into the air to crack an Enziguiri to the back of Sauce Man’s head!!

    Sauce Man drops down to his knees and Drake rebounds off of the ropes, coming back with a Rolling Elbow directly to the face! Sauce Man crumpled backwards onto his back, and Drake goes for his first cover, driving his forearm into the face of Sauce Man.

    ONE… TWO… NO!!

    Sauce Man kicks out to a good cheer from the crowd, and he sit upright immediately to show that he has some fight in him, not having to be able to get any real offence in just yet.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sauce Man keeps himself in this match, but given how Josh Drake is controlling this one, this could end up being difficult viewing for Sauce Man fans out there, namely one Allen Price...”

    Despite Sauce Man showing some signs of life, Drake does not permit him to mount any sort of offence. He pulls Sauce Man from the mat and stands alongside him… and drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep!!

    Sauce Man holds the back of his head on the may, and Drake gets on top of him again for another pin attempt…

    ONE… TWO… NO!!!

    Sauce Man’s resolve stays strong once more, and the popular underdog again shows some signs of fight which gets the crowd cheering for him and chanting his name. Drake seeks to extinguish any such thought of a comeback by his opponent by stomping on his chest to knock him back down, and he exits the ring onto the apron.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Frustration could be setting in for Josh Drake now. He’s controlled this match from the outset but he’s not been able to put Sauce Man away. Could he be going for something a bit more high-risk?”

    “The Charity Man” waits until Sauce Man gets up to his feet and then from
    behind him Drake slingshots himself over the top rope… and in one fluid motion plants Sauce Man face-first into the mat with a Bulldog!! Drake rolls Sauce Man over and hooks the leg, hoping that this will be enough…

    ONE… TWO… TH-NO!!!

    With each kick out, Sauce Man is winning the fans over even more, and they stomp their feet in unison to start willing him on. Drake has other ideas though, as he grabs Sauce Man and applies a Triangle Choke!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Triangle Choke! Josh Drake has submitted countless opponents around the world with this move… will Sauce Man be his next victim?”

    Sauce Man’s free arm frantically waves around as he looks to do something to prevent tapping out to Drake, and he find it by managing to bridge over Drake whilst still trapped in the hold… and Drake’s shoulders are on the mat!

    ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!!!

    Sauce Man’s counter almost catches Drake out and by kicking out of the pin attempt, Drake is forced to break the hold. Sauce Man springs up and into the corner, catching his breath.

    Drake charges in but Sauce Man gets his boots up and they meet Drake right in the face, knocking him back a couple of paces. Sauce Man backs up onto the turnbuckle and positions himself on the top rope and flies off towards Drake, connecting with his knees to Drake’s chest!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “That’s the BBQ Sauce!”

    Rolling through, Sauce Man pops up to his feet again as Drake does, and he runs towards his opponent and ducks an attempted Clothesline from Drake, and rebounds off of the ropes again… and he plants Drake with a Running DDT!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “There’s the Buffalo Sauce!”

    Drake is spiked by the DDT and looks in a bad way as he gets up onto his knees in the middle of the ring.

    Sauce Man puts his arms up in the air and then approaches his opponent from behind… and SAUCE MAN LEAPS INTO THE AIR OFF OF DRAKE’S BACK AND LANDS DIRECTLY ON TOP OF HIM!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “THE SUPER SECRET SPECIAL SAUCE!! Sauce Man got all of it!”

    Sauce Man flips Drake over and hooks both legs tightly…

    ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

    Winner: Sauce Man via pin fall at 6:29.

    There are raucous cheers from the Fallout faithful in Berlin as Sauce Man rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air by DJ Franchise. Sauce Man himself is ecstatic, and he enthusiastically jumps into the air and pumps his fist in the air. Josh Drake rolls out of the ring, holding his back after being crushed by Sauce Man.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Here is your winner… SAUCE MAN!!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Sauce Man wins! We’ve been waiting for weeks to see this, and you’ve got to applaud him for hanging in there despite his setbacks. Although, as much as it pleases me to see this underdog story realised, it is somewhat of a shame that Price wasn’t out here to call this one with me-“

    JLW pauses mid-sentence, as the camera cuts to the top of the ramp where Allen Price has emerged from the backstage area, and he is applauding the man that he has shown his support for since his first appearance on Fallout.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Well, I stand corrected, wrestling fans. Allen Price is here and it would seem that he did witness Sauce Man’s first win… wait… is this what we’ve been waiting for all night?“

    Price walks down the ring and Sauce Man spots him, and Chris Peacock’s manager enters the ring whilst speaking into a microphone that he has retrieved.

    Allen Price: “Sauce Man… congratulations. I’ve made no secret about being a supporter of yours and seeing you having your arm raised just then has filled me with an immense amount of pride. So, now that you’ve won your first match… how about you win your second at Lights Out in Tokyo?”

    Despite the indifference and disdain the fans usually show for Price, they’re cheering as they seem to be understanding what Price is hinting at.

    Allen Price: “Sauce Man… will you stand with me and Chris Peacock at Lights Out?”

    There is a cheer as Sauce Man considers the offer, and then snatches the microphone from Price. Due to the grab being rather aggressive, Price recoils and looks a bit shocked.

    Sauce Man: “Allen… I have one question for you and everyone else here. That question is… Are you ready for Sauce Man, Allen Price and Chris Peacock to bring the sauce to Tokyo?!”

    The crowd cheers and Price’s face bursts into a smile and he hugs Sauce Man, who returns the embrace. ‘Formation’ begins playing again and both SM and Price bust out some moves to the music.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “So it is official! Sauce Man will team up with Allen Price and Chris Peacock at Lights Out! Allen Price has turned to his second favourite wrestler to be his partner! Just what will Christian Quinn make of this?“


    We cut away from the arena and to a small studio in the centre of the city. Behind our host, Todd Salum, is a large floor-to-ceiling window through which we can see the Bundastag. Night lies thick on Berlin. Inside the studio, which is tonight's Fallout HQ and the scene of the after-show, The Fallout Clears..., Salum stands behind his desk with a smile on his face and a suit on his body. KRS-One's Step Into A World is playing quietly as he introduces us to the promotional segment...

    Todd Salum: "The First Chapter draws towards its close, and it is only fitting that we should finish out this cycle of shows with the final of the Fallout Eliminator Tournament. Almost inevitably, Danny Toner and Randy Ramon will fight for the opportunity to challenge for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship on Fallout 007 in Melbourne, in the thirty eighth and final match of The First Chapter..."

    The camera cuts to show the other two panelists standing at the desk: Anzu Kurosawa and Kevin Cromwell. They are well-dressed, Anzu smiling warmly at the camera whilst Cromwell taps his fingers on the desk, almost impatiently.

    Todd Salum: "I am joined tonight, as usual, by Kevin Cromwell and Anzu Kurosawa, and I hope you'll be there too at the conclusion of Fallout 005. We will, of course, be looking back on an incredible night of action in Berlin, but it is also time to look ahead, at what lurks behind the next corner, after Fallout collides with Meltdown in Tokyo for Lights Out..."

    Salum yields the floor, and look across at Kurosawa. She warmly continues the thread...

    Anzu Kurosawa: "We know what to expect from Fallout 006, as we dock in Brisbane, Australia for Yuna's Sea Shanty Slammer. We already know that Golden Opportunity Winner Nova Diamond will team up with the FWA World Heavyweight Champion to take on the winner of the Fallout Eliminator Tournament and a partner of his choosing. That main event will act as a precursor to the following week's world championship match. At Fallout 007 in Melbourne, on Fallout: Danger Down Under , Michelle von Horrowitz, Chris Kennedy, or indeed Nova Diamond, will defend the FWA World Heavyweight Championship against either Danny Toner or Randy Ramon."

    Kevin Cromwell, who has still been tapping the desk idly whilst his co-panelist spoke, leans forward towards the camera, his turn to make an announcement regarding how Fallout's second chapter will play out.

    Kevin Cromwell: "And what is just around the corner? Mile High... and you know what that means: Mile High Massacre! And it's my pleasure to announce that this year's match will be a Fallout-only affair! Furthermore, Fallout 008 will be entitled CIBERNETICO!, with the 'Lucha rules' match-up coming to the FWA for the first time in its history!! Fallout will air from Mexico City as fourteen men and women will compete in a seven-on-seven match... the winning team of which will progress to a second stage of qualification for the Mile High Massacre match!!"

    Todd Salum: "The sole survivor or, if two or more members of the winning team remain, the winner of a resultant elimination match will gain automatic qualification to Mile High's main event... whilst the other six members of the winning team will face off in one-on-one matches on Fallout 009..."

    Anzu Kurosawa: "Speaking of which, our ninth episode will air from beneath the shadow of Machu Picchu, the remarkable landmark high in the Peruvian Andes providing the perfect setting for what will be the last stop upon the road to Mile High! Fallout 009: Purple Incan Kush airs on the 3rd December, and is the FWA's final stop before Boxing Day's huge pay-per-view extravaganza!"

    As the commentators speak a series of graphics appear on screen, the announced schedule for the rest of the year is shown on the screen.


    FWA: Fallout presents...
    "Yuna's Sea Shanty Slammer."
    From The Slammer, docked in Fisherman's Island Harbour in Brisbane, Australia.
    Friday 22nd October, 2021.

    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion & Nova Diamond
    The Fallout Eliminator Tournament Winner & A Partner of His Choosing.


    FWA: Fallout presents...
    "Danger Down Under."
    From The Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia.
    Friday 5th November, 2021.

    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    against the Fallout Eliminator Tournament Winner


    FWA: Fallout presents...
    From Arena México in Mexico City, Mexico.
    Friday 19th November, 2021.

    The 1st Ever FWA Cibernetico Match!
    7on7 Elimination Rules Match and MHM Qualification, Stage One.


    FWA: Fallout presents...
    "Purple Incan Kush."
    From Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains, Peru.

    MHM Qualification, Stage Two.


    There's a noticeable air of excitement within the venue as the main event is approaching. The crowd begins trading off between "DANNY, DANNY, DANNY-FUCKIN'-TONER" chants and "ROOOOOCK-STAAAAAR" chants. With each shouting cheer and response, the levels only get louder and louder. Jean-Luc Watkins, the one-man booth for this monumental match, stays silent, allowing the aura to carry the tune for the pre-match mood and buildup.









    “Greenback Boogie” || Ima Robot


    When the bass guitar beat settles in with a very light drum beat fitting seamlessly and a light rattle sound, the entire arena shouts into a lyrical blistering. It's awful and out of pitch, yet also beautiful.

    "See the money wanna stay, for your meeeeeal

    Get another piece of pie, for your wiiiiife

    Everybody wanna know, how it feeeeeeel

    Everybody wanna see, what it's liiiiiike

    Baby wanna be a queen, well alriiiiight

    We all deserve the finer things, in this liiiiiife

    Hands go into the air, clapping along appropriately during the bridge and to begin the next stanza. A second or two later, Danny F'n Toner shows his face, slowly strutting out to the beat of his own theme music. He's hunched over, slowly rocking and shaking his shoulders, and then erupts into a primal yell as the light shines on his face.

    The audience, fully in support, yells right back.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "This ... gives me life. Danny Toner ... with the biggest opportunity in front of him. The BIGGEST match of his career. Against his BIGGEST rival. The man who has in many ways defined his career. The man who STILL defines it, who took the FWA Tag Team Championship BACK from Danny at Back in Business with a superkick to the jaw as he hung high in the air."

    We now notice "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo just a few paces behind. Well, not a few, but rather about 10-15. He wants Danny to have all the attention, so he slyly slips in well after Danny's big entrance.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Big-match Danny Toner ... has to think this is HIS moment tonight. He has to think this is his time. He has been on an absolute ROLL throughout the tournament, really since the end of 2020, with the formation of TxR. He has Ryan Rondo by his side. Danny has run through the man in his corner, Ryan Rondo himself, in the first round, then Chris Peacock in the quarterfinal, and Konchu Hao in the semifinal."

    Danny Toner reaches the ring, pulls himself up without needing the ring steps, and enters through the ropes right when "Greenback Boogie" hits an "ALLLLRIGHT" which gets the crowd escalated once more. The guitar and clapping solo takes center stage soon after as Danny steps to the second turnbuckle and ... glares ... out to the fans.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty-minute time limit! It is the FINALS ... of the Fallout Eliminator Tournament ... and the winner ... will face the FWA Wooooooorld Champion ... at Fallout ..."

    Crowd: "ZERO ... ZERO ... SEVEN!"

    Natalie Rosenberg: Introducing first, from NEW ... YORK ... CITY ... Six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred and eight pounds… Danny...”

    Crowd: "FUCKIN'"

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Toner!"

    The music halts. Danny hops off the turnbuckle. The referee assigned checks the wrists, per usual, although it's worth noting now only for the magnitude of EVERYTHING happening. Ryan Rondo leans against the apron and has his eyes fixated on the entrance, looking under the ropes on either side of the ring to get his glare there.

    He doesn't need to wait any much longer for what he's anticipating. Neither does Danny.

    "Rise" || Sixx:A.M.

    The reaction is equally loud in level, although with a little mixture of some boos to go with the euphoric nature.

    But when the lyrics set in, it's a sing-a-long, like always.











    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon is first, with the sunglasses over his eyes, the long blonde hair behind his shoulders, down to the middle of his spine, and the top hat. The FWA Tag Team Championship hangs cooly from his right hand, dragging on the surface of the entrance ramp. He smiles, but not ear to ear, rather a smirk. He seems like ... he's absorbing the moment, also equally the biggest of his FWA career.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "Yuna Funanori. Gerald Grayson. Shawn Summers. All three tried, all three failed. Summers got closest, but it was a 'Remix' superkick for the trio, as it was for Danny at Back in Business. As it has been for many others. Now we have Randy Ramon ... in the final ... of the Eliminator tournament ... with a World Championship shot ... RIGHT ON THE DOORSTEP."

    Ramon has the unshaven look and the general rockstar demeanor. He slowly walks to the ring, with "The Rotten Gold" Devin Golden about 10 paces behind. He's a little more ... noticeable ... than Rondo. Golden is mouthing off, gassing up Ramon as he walks behind with the other FWA Tag Team Championship over his shoulder.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: "We heard Golden earlier say he is going to try removing the variables. He says if no variables exist, Ramon is an ace and Toner a king. Ace beats king. Everyone is aware. But variables can change the landscape. So Golden is out ... he says ... to keep it down the center. Rondo, for sure, is out for the same."

    Ramon reaches the ring, grabs the ropes, and steps through, also not needing the ring steps for any support. He has his eyes FIXATED on Toner, who has his eyes darting right back. Rondo has his on Golden, who is changing his look from Toner to Ramon to Rondo to the fans, who are berating the holy-hell out of Golden.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “And his opponent ... from DEEEETROIT, MICHIGAN ... at six foot, five inches ... and two-hundred and forty pounds ... 'ROCKSTAR' RANDY RAMON!"


    Jean-Luc Watkins: "This might seem obvious to many, but it's worth noting in case you didn't connect. This moment ... right here ... is the FIRST TIME ... since Back in Business ... that these four have been ringside, within distance of shouting, of striking, of all hell blowing loose. TxR and Golden Rock. We're bringing it ALLLLL back, all the emotions, the highs and lows, the heartbreak and the Game 7 triumph. The death and rebirth. Everything from then is resurfacing with this imagery.

    And now ... it's another chance for Ramon and Toner ... to write ANOTHER chapter ... in their historic rivalry ... on a lesser note, the historic rivalry of Golden and Rondo ... and also ... the historic rivalry ... of these two teams. Who gets the edge tonight? We're about to find out."

    The referee checks the wrists and pads of Ramon, who has removed his leather jacket, the hat, and the sunglasses. The FWA Tag Team Championship belt is in the hands of Golden, who supports both, one on either shoulder. Rondo gives him a glare, possibly of jealousy, and Golden smirks right on back. Inside the ring, there is no mouthing off. No trash talk. Just intense focus, eyes never wavering from the opponent.

    Danny Toner vs. Randy Ramon.
    Singles Match.
    Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament: Final.
    FWA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Match.

    (Match writer: TGO)
    Once the bell rings, the trance within the center of the ring is broken. Danny Toner looks at “The Rotten Gold” and immediately barks, “Why the hell are you here?” Golden puts his hands up off the apron and quickly backs up one step.

    “Why?” is again asked, this time louder.

    “Why is he here then?” Golden asks, pointing to the other side of the ring at Ryan Rondo.

    Toner shoots back, “He’s here to watch my back. He’s here for me.”

    “I’m here for him,” Golden says, pointing at Ramon. “Same.”

    Toner shakes his head, not accepting the answer, and Golden goes on with it more. Toner looks at Ramon and barks, “You need him?!” Ramon hand-motions towards Rondo, who has been a silent onlooker the entire time.

    “We all know the history, Toner. We all know it. Don’t play dumb, man. You know all the stuff. You know it. That’s why I’m here. No variables. Keep it one on one. I'll do the same for you.”

    Toner brushes and waves Golden off with a one-finger-up gesture, and Golden accepts it and repositions to face Ramon instead. Rondo is on the other side verbally collaborating with Toner. The tension is palpable.

    And …

    It only gets worse.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Wait … oh … this is getting … this is becoming a party. And not necessarily the happy, friendly kind.”

    The crowd immediately shifts its collective focus to the entrance, where the Gang Stars walk side by side and step for step to the aisleway. The crowd begins cheering as Krash, sporting his mustache, and masked Alyster Black, make their presence known.

    And Golden is beside himself.

    Toner looks at Golden, then Ramon, then Rondo. Then back to Krash and Alyster. Rondo doesn’t move. Ramon is clearly fazed and distracted. But the Gang Stars don’t care. In fact, they’re quite pleased with the attention they’re getting from the other two noteworthy tag teams in the FWA throughout 2021.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This may be a tipping scale for Ramon. Maybe even Toner. I don’t know how they can stay focused on one another with so many bodies, notable bodies, outside the ring.”

    Krash and Alyster stop right at the foot of the aisleway, about 3 feet from the front edge of the ring. “Rockstar” Randy Ramon inches towards them from inside the ring, about to leer over the ropes at the duo, but Golden shouts at him to “ignore them.”

    Golden then barks at the referee to keep an eye on the Gang Stars.

    Which leads to ANOTHER person coming out.

    “Disco’s Last Warrior” Chris Peacock emerges from the back. Right behind him is … Allen Price, of all people! And Sauce Man, who is admittedly more a recruit. The trio’s presence irritates Golden, who would rather keep this tight with Ramon and Toner and just himself and Rondo on the outside. Those are known entities.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is turning into an impromptu lumberjack match!”

    But Peacock’s appearance goes much further than irritating Danny Toner. It sets him off. Head shaking. Cursing under his breath. Peacock side steps around the Gang Stars, who themselves move to one half of the front quarter of the ring. Peacock goes to the other.

    Golden is to their right, nearer to the back ring steps. Rondo is to the Gang Stars’ left, also more towards the back than the front. Ramon is in the corner nearest Golden. Toner is in the corner nearest to Rondo. This doesn’t put them opposite sides, but more both in the back half.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Everyone is playing nice and keeping their social distance right now … but you’re better off putting your money all on double zeroes than betting it stays this way until the show ends.”

    More come to the party. Christian Quinn is out, with his eyes set on Ramon, the man who seriously injured him. He takes a spot right next to Rondo, firmly on Team Toner tonight. Executive Excellence stands together.

    “24K” Nova Diamond walks out next, briefcase in hand and swinging from his fingers, with his eyes SET on the trio of Peacock, Allen Price, and Sauce Man. Even if he says he doesn’t feel an angst or resentment towards Chris Peacock, the loss he received earlier may have altered it a tad bit.

    Or maybe not. Only Nova Diamond can answer. But he’s got his eyes on the trio, possibly just to guard himself.

    And also possibly to just … watch the match? Danny Toner is his friend. Ryan Rondo as well. He has nothing for the Gang Stars. Golden Rock? Who knows where they sit for Nova.

    But his emergence brings out … another, someone not even on the Fallout roster!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “IT’S THE WORLD CHAMP!”

    Sure enough, Michelle von Horrowitz appears with the FWA World Championship belt slung over her shoulder. She is void of expression, a look one might assume is apathy on the outside but rather is internal thought.

    Michelle reaches the end of the rampway and sees the setup, and everyone involved.

    Golden to the far right and back corner. Peacock, Price, and Sauce Man to the near right corner.

    The Gang Stars, their eyes right on her, right in front of her, right in between the two near turnbuckles and posts.

    Rondo in the back left corner. Quinn is near him. Nova Diamond, the man who holds her anxiety in his tight grip via a briefcase, closer to the front left corner.

    So Michelle decides to go right, passing the Gang Stars, the trio of Peacock, Price, and Sauce, and eventually a slow walk by Golden, the person she put down on Meltdown episode 4.

    Eventually, she reaches the German commentary booth, or what is left of it after the explosion in the Gauntlet Championship match. She plops a seat next to the duo and adds a headset. Rondo, Nova, Golden, Peacock, Price, Quinn, Sauce, Krash, Alyster, Ramon, and Toner all have their eyes on her, for one reason or another.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is um … well … this is a lot.”

    The referee agrees with Watkins’ assessment even if he didn’t hear it. So he finally makes the call: He waves to the back, requesting help, some form of resources.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “I think … yes … we’re getting a second referee out here now! I guess he’d rather get this thing going quicker by bringing out a backup, rather than booting everyone ringside right now and trying to get them all to the back. That might be an ordeal for him. And nothing physical or troublesome has happened yet.But … I mean … we’ve seen this before many times over. There’s a lot of people who don’t like one another out here right now.”

    All of this sets Golden off even more. “There are too many FUCKIN’ VARIABLES!” He paces in his isolated corner, hands on hips, and then coaches Ramon up.

    “I got it. There’s too many people outside. So you just can’t think about it. He’s over there thinking about it. You can’t. One Remix and we get out of here before shit blows up. Alright?”

    Rondo is coaching Toner up similarly.

    “Don’t let any of this get to you. I got your back. They (pointing to the Gang Stars) ain’t out here for you. Don’t worry about them. And I won’t let him (pointing to Peacock) do anything. Same for him (pointing to Golden). Or her (pointing to Michelle, although might not be necessary). Nova’s got you, too.”

    When questioned by the second referee, who is now ringside, the Gang Stars feign no intent to get involved. Same for Peacock.

    And finally … Ramon and Toner look back to one another, with Toner moving more to the middle of the ring. Ramon does the same.

    “You and me. They don’t matter.”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Seven minutes have already ticked off the clock, and we haven’t even had a punch thrown. Not even a grapple!”


    Ramon’s words, and the crowd’s chants, ignite the passion of this rivalry, spanning seven years now. First it’s a forearm shot from Danny. Right to the jaw. Then Ramon fires one back. Danny with one. Ramon with one.

    Finally, it’s Ramon getting multiple in a row. He backs Danny to the ropes and whips across the ring. His attempt at a back body drop backfires, as Danny front-flip barrel rolls over Ramon’s bent-over back and delivers a clothesline when both turn to face each other. Danny fires off four forearms in succession, getting some gas-up from Rondo AND Peacock. Golden tries to coach up Ramon. Everyone else ringside just … watches.

    Danny whips Ramon across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. He tries a corner splash but gets a boot to the jaw. Ramon then steps to the second turnbuckle and flies off for a leaping elbow! Toner goes down and Ramon lays next to him momentarily.

    Ramon grabs Danny and flings him towards the turnbuckle. He tries a discus punch but Danny dodges it and hits a headbutt right into the temple. Danny then connects on a back suplex, landing Ramon right in the center of the ring.

    The two referees continue circling the action, with one keeping his eye on the outside the whole way.

    The clock is now at 9:30 passed, not even one-third through, but feeling only like the match just started.

    Danny follows with three uppercuts as Ramon is propped against the ropes. He whips across the ring and lands a fourth uppercut, right under the jaw. Danny then hits a Saito suplex! And goes for the first pinfall attempt!

    ONE… T---NO

    Not close. But Danny isn’t fazed. He immediately pulls Ramon back up and hits a basic arm-over-head suplex. It’s looking clinical right now for Toner.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Danny is showing himself to be the technician right now, but Ramon has always just been one ‘Remix’ away from changing everything. That must be top of mind, and Rondo is reminding Danny of this.”

    The message from Ryan Rondo is “don’t let your guard down.” Danny nods his head and keeps at it. He lands three forearms. Another whip to the ropes. This time he tries a running knee but Ramon baseball slides under. Then lands a standing dropkick. Toner is against the ropes right in front of the Gang Stars. Ramon decides to clothesline Danny over the ropes, sending him sprawling out to the floor just a foot away from Krash and Alyster Black, who look down apathetically at Danny.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “This is the first moment … first opportunity … to see some of these impromptu lumberjacks get involved. But the referee is barking!”

    Krash and Alyster step back, which leads to Ramon mouthing off. Danny gets up on his own and sends a double middle finger towards the Gang Stars, who surely will face TxR at some point in the tag team division.

    Danny slides back into the ring but gets stomped on in the back by Ramon. “Rockstar” quickly hits a snap DDT before Danny can fight back, and Ramon goes for the pin as the crowd lets a mixed reaction out in retort.

    ONE… TWO---NO!

    Just barely a two count. Ramon grabs Danny and flings him through the ropes, on the side of Price, Peacock, Sauce Man, and Golden! Danny falls to the floor as Allen Price takes a small step towards Danny. Peacock considers it. No one is sure if it’s to land a shot or help him up.

    But Golden immediately barks, “DON’T TOUCH HIM! GET AWAY!”

    Rondo is now coming from the other side of the ring. Nova is more alert. The Gang Stars are smiling watching this all unfold. Ramon looks to Golden with a “what gives?” expression. Michelle is now risen from the German commentary table, her eyes shifting from the match participants to Nova Diamond on the opposite side of the ring area.

    Golden replies back to Ramon, “I’m not getting involved if I don’t have to. YOU got this. I'm here to keep it you and him. Not to make it two on one.”

    Danny gets up, hears what Golden says, and offers an out-of-breath “thank you.”

    Then lands a surprise forearm right to Golden’s jaw. Golden considers firing one back but thinks better of it, as the ref might DQ Ramon. The crowd is losing its collective shit, all pleased at Danny's shot on Golden and seeing "The Rotten Gold" take a blow to the mouth.

    Danny laughs and Golden puts his hand up to his lip, which is busted. He then laughs back. Rondo retreats to his corner, not wanting to further amplify everything. So Toner slides back in, only to get more stomps from Ramon.

    We’ve crossed half way in the time. 15 minutes passed. Right in time for …

    RAMON WITH THE BRAINBUSTER! Allen Price even shouts, “BRAINBUSTAH!” on the ring impact. It’s the first true major move either person gets in. Ramon covers.

    ONE… TWO … NO!

    About two and a half. He keeps at it with offense. Ramon backs Danny to the corner and fires off four forearm smashes. Then walks Danny to the middle of the ring. A shove to the ropes and tries a spinebuster but Danny lands a wild forearm to the side of the head. Then an elbow into the head. Danny fights out with such ferocity that he eventually gets Ramon stumbling back a step, allowing Danny to hit “The Closing Statement” facebuster!!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “WHAT A TURN! The Closing Statement from Danny Toner! We’re hanging in the balance now!”

    Danny remains on his back, catching wind. Ramon is face down with his head near Toner’s left boot. Neither man shows signs of getting upright.


    Both are up together now. Danny fires a knife-edge chop to the chest. Then a second. Making a tomato-red mark on Ramon’s right breast. A third one makes it worse, causing a smacking sound that gets a groan from the crowd. A fourth gets a gasp. A fifth gets a wild cheer.

    Danny tries a whip but Ramon counters into a bear hug. Then a belly-to-belly suplex! Danny rolls to the ring post nearest Golden as Ramon lays face and chest down, looking to see how far Danny bounced and rolled away. He gets up and pulls Danny to the middle of the ring. Then goes to the top turnbuckle!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “ROCKSTAR IS GONNA FLY!”

    Top rope leg drop goes right across the chest! Ramon covers right after, his leg across the chest and his right arm hooking the near leg!

    ONE… TWO … TH--NO!

    The timer shows approximately 18 minutes gone by. Ramon grabs Toner not thinking of how much is left or anything. He grabs Toner by the neck and tries a sidewalk slam. Lands it right in the middle of the ring. It’s a quick cover but Toner’s arm is under the ropes, so no count made.

    Ramon quickly pulls Toner to the middle of the ring and goes to the top turnbuckle again. Time to fly a second time now, as JLW exclaims.

    But this time it’s a miss! Toner moves out the way and Ramon eats canvas!

    The crowd grows in excitement now as Toner gives everything he has to run off the ropes and land a running knee to the face! Ramon goes backwards, possibly with a busted nose or mouth. Toner then sees an opening, runs off the ropes, and …


    Danny Toner, with all the speed and power he can muster, spears Ramon right through the ribs, causing Ramon to bend and fold just enough for both men to squeeze through the middle and top ropes, flying to the floor on the outside together!!!


    Neither gets up right away. Golden comes over to try and encourage Ramon up. Rondo does the same for Danny. Everyone else is perked up and watching. When Allen Price tries to get in Ramon’s ear with encouragement, Golden immediately shoves him backwards.


    This gets Chris Peacock in Golden’s face now. Sauce Man stays far away from it all. Price tries to calm Peacock down but Golden isn’t having any of it. Now it’s the Gang Stars coming over, and Golden is about to lose his shit.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “We might need a THIRD referee!”

    The timer shows 20 and a half minutes gone. We’re nearing the home stretch and the match seems like a circus now.

    Eventually, Rondo steps forward, almost to defend Golden in a way. This pauses Krash and Alyster. Peacock and Price are in between the Gang Stars and Sunrise-Sunset now.

    Eventually, four referees come from the back and get in the middle, preventing any bruhaha from occurring. Toner and Ramon are now to their feet, albeit outside the ring. Ramon lands a right hand. Toner lands one back. Then a knee to the gut. Then a smash into the English commentary booth.

    Toner winks at Michelle, who is stoic in response. He tries a second face smash but Ramon blocks it and lands one of his own.

    Ramon then looks at Michelle, and the FWA World Championship, and doesn’t wink. No affinity. No affection. Just a scowl.

    Ramon flings Danny back into the ring and follows suit. Rondo is back to his corner. The Gang Stars are back to their original spot. Peacock and Golden are giving one another darting glances. Newfound animosity.

    Ramon hits a spinebuster into the center of the ring. He covers but it’s a two count, about two and two-thirds. Ramon wastes no time. He whips to the ropes and hits a second spinebuster. Then pulls Toner up and whips to the ropes again. A third spinebuster!

    And covers!

    ONE… TWO… THREE---NO!!!

    Kick out right before the hand slaps the mat! “Rockstar” felt it. He FELT the win in his hands. And he shoves himself off Danny thinking he won, only to put his face over his eyes and nose after realizing he didn’t.

    The clock reads 23 minutes. The crowd once more gets involved verbally.

    “FUCK YOU, GOLDEN! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap. FUCK YOU, GOLDEN! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap”

    Golden simply turns to the fans and smiles, eliciting a mixture of praise and jeers. Some of the marks enjoy him playing along. Others are true with their words.

    Ramon has Danny in a side head lock, trying to wear him down a bit. Both are at one knee level. Danny is trying to pry the hands loose from around his head and neck. Ramon lifts a knee into the sternum. A second one. He tightens the head lock but Danny uses whatever he has for a back suplex!

    It’s enough to get himself free from the hold, but he’s still struggling to get enough energy to rise up. Danny uses the ropes for support. And when Ramon gets up, he pounces with a sleeper hold!


    Danny sort of flings Ramon side to side, trying to remove all the air from his body. Ramon eventually counters by ramming Danny back into the turnbuckle. Danny keeps the sleeper locked in but Ramon grabs the top rope, forcing a break. Danny releases but then steps to the second turnbuckle, behind an unsuspecting “Rockstar” Randy Ramon!


    Ramon takes the double fist right to the face, going down. Danny kneels and lays on top for a cover.

    ONE… TWO… THRE---NO!

    Natalie Rosenburg: “Ladies and gentlemen... this is your FOUR MINUTE WARNING!!”

    The announcement causes some urgency for Danny. He pulls Ramon up from a waist lock and then hits a MASSIVE German suplex! Upon releasing it, Ramon hits the canvas and rolls to under the ropes, where Golden is nearby. Ramon is spent, nearly out of all the energy he has. Golden is there whispering to him from about 2 feet away.

    “Find something. Whatever you have left. Find it. Dig. It's right there. RIGHT THERE.”

    Danny walks over and says, “He’s gonna ... find a knee to the jaw. … Equalizer. … That's … the ‘something’ he’s … gonna find.”

    Danny is likewise spent of his energy. He had to pause between the phrases. But he’s still in control. And he applies a rear waist lock and again a German suplex, as Ramon is now rolling to the opposite corner, laying near the turnbuckle. Danny slowly walks towards him and lifts him up a third time … and for a third time … GERMAN SUPLEX!

    This time it’s bridged!

    ONE… TWO… THREE---NO!!!

    Somehow … “Rockstar” gets his left shoulder off the mat with whatever he has left. The ref’s hand was at 2.8 or 2.9 when it curves away from the mat.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “How much more can Ramon withstand? And what else does Danny have aside from the Equalizer?!”

    With the clock showing under 3 minutes remaining, Toner slowly moves towards Ramon and helps him to his feet. He whips him across to the turnbuckle and hits a corner splash. Then a “watch this” to Golden. When he whips Ramon to the ropes, Toner …



    Ramon front-rolls to avoid it and pops up!


    But Rondo’s words are too late.

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “REMIX!!!!”

    Ramon’s kick to the jaw strikes right on the money. Danny Toner falls backwards, landing on his back. Ramon falls to his knees. Rondo has his face down into the apron. Golden has his hands raised into the air. Peacock is fist-pumping. Allen Price is all smiles. The Gang Stars are pensive. Michelle is silent. Nova Diamond and Christian Quinn are remorseful onlookers who can’t take their eyes from the horror movie.

    Ramon is going to win.

    He’s going to win this fuckin’ tournament. Danny is gonna fall short. Again.

    ONE… TWO… THREE... ?!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “DANNY’S FOOT! UNDER THE ROPES!”

    Golden’s mouth goes agape. Michelle von Horrowitz is now STANDING up from the German commentary booth. Allen Price and Chris Peacock are beside themselves. The Gang Stars send a knowing smirk towards Golden. Rondo simply looks up from his face-covered apron posture and lets out a deep sigh of relief.


    Ramon can’t believe it, but he fights on. Grabs Toner by the head and whips to the ropes. It’s gonna be a second “Remix” but Toner runs under with his head ducked. He hits the ropes and flies back with The Equalizer!!!

    Golden has his hands on his head, in disbelief. Toner throws his entire body on top of Ramon. For the cover.


    ONE… TWO… THREE!!!




    Less than a minute now.

    Toner pulls Ramon to his feet. Ramon simply grapples Toner, like a heavyweight boxer trying to spell some time. Toner tries to get enough distance for an uppercut or forearm smash. Ramon keeps the grapple and hug applied.

    Toner lands a nasty headbutt right to the nose. Ramon stumbles back and goes to one knee. Danny himself is even a little razzled. He recovers in time to see Ramon in a precarious position…

    He turns to Rondo, unsure of whether he should do “it.” He gets a nod and more urging from Quinn. Golden then gets involved.

    “DANNY … don’t.”

    He turns to Golden and says, “GO TO HELL!”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “He’s gonna punt kick Ramon!”

    Sure enough, Danny makes the move to punt kick Ramon in the side of the head!

    But Ramon sees it in time and moves!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “REMIX!!!”

    A second “Remix” right to the jaw! Danny Toner falls down in a heap. Randy Ramon falls to his knees.

    The clock reads 10 seconds.




    Ramon crawls 3 feet towards Danny Toner …



    And rolls him onto his back.



    And pins him …






    The ref’s count stops halfway down when the buzzer sounds to end the match. “Rockstar” Randy Ramon just looks at him, at his frozen hand, and sinks his head with his eyes closed.

    Golden has his hands over his head. Rondo is motionless and staring into the ring. Michelle is still standing upright, fully attentive. Everyone else is puzzled at the result.

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Ladies and gentlemen … this match has reached the 30-minute time limit without a winner determined…”

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Ramon was inches from a three count!”

    Natalie Rosenberg: “Therefore … the match has ended … in a draw.”

    Match Result: Draw via time limit (30:00).

    Ramon rolls off Toner, and he has his long, luscious hair in his hands, frustration plain on his face. He knows how close he was… how close to being one step away from finally realising his dream… but now?

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “Now what?! Up until this stage of the tournament, a time limit draw or double countout would result in a double elimination… but that would mean no competitors left! That can’t be the outcome…?!”

    Ramon has lifted himself to his feet, and - amidst the slightly odd silence that is present thanks to the lack of winner’s theme music - looks around the arena. He cuts a forlorn figure, his hands on his hips, shaking his head…

    Meanwhile, Devin Golden is standing outside of the ring, and he leans under the bottom rope as if he is about to say something to his tag team partner within the ring. However, he seems - for once - almost at a loss for words. The confusion is plain on his face, just as it is the other FWA World Tag Team Champion…

    … two people who aren’t confused, though, is another set of tag team champions…

    … our camera picks up a figure taking Golden out on the outside of the ring with a shoulder block, and this same man - along with a second - begins to lay into him with stomps!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “The Gang Stars!! The Gang Stars are all over Devin Golden here! Retribution, maybe, for the verbal and physical barbs that they’ve suffered at the hands of The Rotten Gold over the past few weeks. I wondered when this was going to break down!!”

    The colourful cast of characters around the ring is unsure what exactly to make of the sudden assault from the tag team challengers. Nova Diamond and Ryan Rondo exchanged hushe words on one side of the ring, whilst Sauce Man, Chris Peacock, and Allen Price watch wordlessly from the opposite one. MvH is reclined in her chair behind the space that once housed the German announcers’ table, with her hands behind her head and a smile on her face…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “And only now does Randy Ramon, who has been locked in a stand-off with the rising Danny Toner, even notice that his tag partner is being swarmed by the Gang Stars!!”

    Ramon instantly slides out of the ring next to Golden, and turns to face the Gang Stars…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “SPEAR! Krash is waiting for the Rockstar, and now the Gang Stars take a man each… Alyster is crouching over Devin Golden with right forearms, whilst Krash has some stomps for Randy Ramon!! And here come the cavalry!”

    Chris Peacock and his hired gun, Sauce Man, are immediately over to try and relieve the assault. Peacock focuses on Krash, and the two begin to trade blow after blow. Sauce Man tries to do the same with Alyster Black… but pretty soon he’s overwhelmed by Black Jesus, who begins to back him up with forearm strikes…

    Meanwhile, Ryan Rondo and Nova Diamond have climbed into the ring, and they keep an eye on the action outside of it…

    … until, that is, the FWA World Heavyweight Champion rolls into the ring on the opposite side of it. The noise is enough to make Diamond, Toner, and Rondo turn and face her.

    She has her belt on her shoulder, and still has a smile on her face, as if she’s pleased to be greeting old friends…

    … and on the outside, Sauce Man is Irish whipped by Alyster Black into the steel steps!!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What impact!! Sauce Man hits the steel hip-first and lands in a heap on the opposite side of it! I don’t think Price knows what to do with himself!!”

    Price has realised that Alyster now has his eyes on him, and starts to back away from him…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “But here comes Peacock! He wipes out Black Jesus with a clothesline to the back of the head!
    Looks like Disco’s Last Warrior’s loyalties are firmly with his former mentor!! Chris Peacock going to bat for Randy Ramon and, by extension, Golden Rock here in Berlin!! And then he hoists Black up, and hurls him into the crowd! Disco's Last Warrior is following him into the audience!!”

    The camera cuts to Krash, who is seeing Sauce Man off with a Spike DDT! He picks up Ramon and throws him under the bottom rope, and then looks to slide in after him…

    … but Golden catches him by the ankle. He yanks him back out of the ring… Irish whip into the barricade… and then a clothesline into the crowd!

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “... and Golden follows him in! The Rotten Gold goes after Krash! Impossible to keep tabs on all the action here!!”

    Golden has hopped the barricade, too, and he and Krash begin to fight their way through the crowd, up a flight of stairs, and in the general direction of one of the turnstiles…

    Meanwhile, in the ring…

    Randy Ramon has climbed to his feet after rolling beneath the bottom rope. He looks to one corner, where Michelle von Horrowitz stands with the FWA World Heavyweight Championship…

    Then, his eyes wander to the opposite corner, where Danny Toner, Nova Diamond, and Ryan Rondo wait. He looks first at Toner, the two still breathing heavily after the exertion of their match…

    … then, Ramon’s eyes are drawn away from the two men of TxR… men that he knows very well, and onto Nova Diamond. Specifically, his gaze is drawn to the briefcase in his hand…

    Ryan Rondo pats Danny Toner’s shoulder once, and then does precisely the same thing to Nova Diamond, before he evacuates the ring…

    Jean-Luc Watkins: “What the hell is going on with the Fallout Eliminator Tournament?! Who won?! Who is challenging the FWA World Heavyweight Champion in Melbourne?!”

    Danny Toner, Randy Ramon, Nova Diamond, and Michelle von Horrowitz stand in opposite corners, eyes flickering from one foe to the next.

    And then the show ends.
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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS


    Transcript posted as part of Shake Meltzer's review of Fallout 005.
    18th September. 01:42.
    The following extract from ‘The Fallout Clears…’, originally aired on the WCNetwork directly following Fallout: Episode 005, was uploaded to the FWA’s official YouTube channel after the conclusion of the show.

    We find ourselves in Fallout HQ, re-housed in Berlin with a fine view of the Bundestag through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The focal point of the shot is a long, tall desk, behind which five people currently stand. We have just returned from a promotional package for the upcoming tour of Australia and then Central and South America. After shuffling his notes in front of him, our host Todd Salum receives a different camera for a close-up shot…

    Todd Salum: “Well, an integral part of the colloquially named Second Chapter of Fallout has always been the forthcoming FWA World Heavyweight Championship defense, due to take place on Fallout 007. The Eliminator Tournament has dominated this First Chapter, and tonight it ended in acrimonious circumstances, as the time expired in Danny Toner and Randy Ramon’s main event and a draw was declared. Tonight, we’re looking ahead at this Second Chapter, and two men that will no doubt shape this narrative from behind the scenes are with us now…”

    The camera cuts to show Rupert Watkins and Cal Robinson, Fallout’s executives, looking rather frantic and dishevelled. Cal has his top button undone, and his face hangs heavily with fatigue. Rupert has removed his jacket and his sleeves are rolled up around his elbows. Ash appears to be staining the lower half of his white shirt, and his hair is hastily greased back. Large black bags are present beneath his eyes.

    Todd Salum: “Mr. Watkins, Mr. Robinson, what an evening it was tonight! Some questions were answered, but many more were asked, the biggest and most pressing of which concerns the main event. Has a decision been reached with regards to the conclusion of the Fallout Eliminator Tournament?”

    Rupert leans back and looks over at his partner, offering him the chance to answer first.

    Cal Robinson: “Yes, it has. Rupert and I have been in discussion since we went off the air about this and a number of other topics. And the decision is the obvious one, and I think one that the world would want us to make. On Fallout 007 in Melbourne, the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that might be, will defend his or her title in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH against BOTH Randy Ramon AND Danny Toner.”

    He pauses to allow the announcement to settle, and then looks sidewards at Watkins. Rupert leans forward and interlocks his fingers as he speaks.

    Rupert Watkins: “Mr. Ramon and Mr. Toner have both made an impeccable account of themselves over the first cycle of episodes. Mr. Toner, of course, had his little moment around the time of the Amsterdam show, but he’s turned things around in the four episodes since. His habits could certainly do with some refinement… but that’s part of his allure to a certain proportion of our audience. This subculture of layabouts and hedonists that he sort of represents is an important part of the 18 to 34 demographic. Ramon, on the other hand, appeals to those with an enjoyment of redemption arcs. They are almost the same commodity but at different points in the life cycle. I don’t think it would be fair to deny either of them this opportunity in Melbourne, given what they bring to Fallout as a marketable brand.”

    Cal Robinson: “Of course, this change to the 007 match has ramifications for the announced main event in Brisbane on 006. A similar adaptation will be made: the FWA World Heavyweight Champion and the Golden Opportunity winner - provided they are not the same person, in which case Nova will have his pick of the ranks as a partner - will team up to face two teams in a six-person, three-way tag match. Randy Ramon and Danny Toner will both choose their partners for that showdown on Fisherman’s Island.”

    We move to a shot of Salum and his two panelists, Anzu Kurosawa and Kevin Cromwell. Cromwell, who looks almost bored by the whole event, taps away at the desk whilst he speaks.

    Kevin Cromwell: “That tag team match isn’t the only thing already announced for Fallout 006 in Brisbane. We found out tonight that Alyster black will receive an opportunity at the FWA X Division Champion in Melbourne on 007… provided he can get past a mystery opponent on 006. Can you shed any light on the opponent that Black will face?”

    Rupert smiles, but it appears false.

    Rupert Watkins: “Of course, Mr. Cromwell. Alyster Black will face… my son, Jean-Luc Watkins, at Yuna’s Sea Shanty Slammer…”

    Cromwell simply cocks an eyebrow in response.

    Kevin Cromwell: “Mr. Watkins, your son is of course a former FWA X Division Champion himself… but that was five years ago, almost. And Jean-Luc hasn’t wrestled at all in the intermittent years.”

    Rupert Watkins: “All you say is true, yes. Jean-Luc was part of, champion of in fact, the X Division when Dave Sullivan and Mike Parr were coming up through the ranks, it should be added. It is also true that, whilst Mr. Parr and Mr. Sullivan stayed the course and are now industry stalwarts, Jean-Luc fell away to obscurity. But he has been asking for such an opportunity since I took over this position, and what’s the point in power if you can’t indulge in a bit of nepotism? I would have been happy to announce this earlier, during the show, but there was no need to get the boy excited and distracted. He had important work to do behind the announcer’s desk, and I would not want to steer his focus away from a task that he actually seems to excel at.”

    The camera has re-focused on the two executives, and an almost-excited Cal Robinson leaps in just as Anzu is shaping up to make a point…

    Cal Robinson: “Yuna’s Sea Shanty Slammer is going to be a massive show. The FWA, along with our friends at Black Widow Wrestling, have heavily funded Ms. Funanori’s ambitious plans for her exquisite vessel, which - as we saw tonight - is now ready and waiting in Tokyo Harbour. And we are pleased to announce another HUGE match-up as part of this event.”

    Rupert Watkins: “Cal is being modest. HUGE is a MASSIVE understatement. This match-up is born out of Cal’s desire for Fallout to be the Land of Opportunity. He has spoken passionately about it, and moved my heart. Let it not be said that opportunity is not provided on Fallout…”

    Cal Robinson: “Rupert is talking about a number one contendership match for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship, which will take place in Brisbane on Episode 006. The winner of a contest between ‘The Mad Wizard’ Konchu Hao and ‘Der Basterd’ Shawn Summers will go on to face the champion, whoever that might be, for the belt on Episode 008. We believe Mr. Hao and Mr. Summers have earned this opportunity thanks to their runs in the Fallout Eliminator Tournament. This Mexico City match will be part of a two-bout card on Episode 008: CIBERNETICO!, a contest that Rupert and I cannot wait to talk to you about…”

    Rupert Watkins: “Of course, a lot may happen between now and Episode 006. Summers --”

    Rupert almost spits out the name, and a lack of appointed title gives away the executive’s feelings on Der Basterd…

    Rupert Watkins: “-- will face ‘The Prodigy’ Mike Parr at the Tokyo Dome, and if Mr. Parr is able to emerge victorious from this then he will be added to that number one contendership match in Brisbane. This seems only fair…”

    We are back to a wide shot of all five panelists behind the desk. Night has truly taken hold outside of Fallout HQ now, with the moon having risen directly about the Bundestag…

    Anzu Kurosawa: “A busy time ahead for the FWA World Heavyweight Champion! I’m sure Michelle invites the queue… speaking of CIBERNETICO!, we were pleased to announce this match-up during Episode 005, and we believe you have more information about this Episode 008 match-up as well…”

    Cal Robinson: “We do! I was delighted to pitch this concept to Rupert and earn his approval for the match, and you already discussed some of the details earlier tonight. The contest will be seven-on-seven, with the winning team - in its entirety, earning the chance to fight their way into the Mile High Massacre match later on in the year. The winning member of the team - look up the rules for Cibernetico, if you like - will automatically progress to the boxing day multi-man match at Mile High. The other six men will take part in singles matches on Episode 009 in Peru on Purple Incan Kush. The 2nd placed member will take on the 7th placed, 3rd against 6th, and 4th against 5th. The winners of these match-ups will progress to Mile High along with the man or woman who automatically qualified and the man or woman who holds the FWA Championship…”

    Rupert Watkins: “We can also announce how the teams will be decided for this match. Two team captains will pick from the twelve other men and women who are deemed worthy - by a complicated forty-point grading scale implemented by Cal and myself - to compete in FWA’s first ever Cibernetico match. This process will take place on Episode 007 of The Fallout Clears…, directly after the conclusion of Danger Down Under in Melbourne.”

    Cal Robinson: “As for who those team captains will be: ‘The White Wolf’ Krash and Uncle J.J. JAY! will be on the clock and selecting their tribes for that BEHEMOTH of a match on Episode 008…”

    Todd Salum pipes up, affecting a casual air despite the slew of announcements coming our way…

    Todd Salum: “The World Championship picture seems quite well developed for the next few weeks, but what about our newly crowned X Champion? Earlier tonight, we saw Kayden Knox overcome Uncle to win the championship, and earlier in the night Nate Savage challenged Knox to a Parking Lot Brawl at Lights Out. Will the belt be on the line? Will that match even be sanctioned by the FWA?”

    Watkins has a devious smile on his face at the question…

    Rupert Watkins: “Do our fans want to see it? Will they part ways with their hard-earned to do so? Of course they will, and therefore of course this match will be sanctioned. In fact, we will sanction it right now: Kayden Knox will defend his FWA X Division Championship in Tokyo at Lights Out… in a Parking Lot Brawl against Nate Savage!”

    Cal Robinson: “It’s another BIG addition to a BIG night in Tokyo… speaking of which, Ms. Kurosawa, I think you have an announcement to make in regard to that event in your home country?”

    Anzu has a smile, warmer and more sincere than Watkins’, as she turns to her own private camera lens to address the viewers.

    Anzu Kurosawa: “Indeed I do, Cal! It may not be as momentous as some of the announcements you’ve made tonight, but I can tell you now that I will be throwing my name into the hat for the Gunfight Battle Royale! A spot seems to have opened up following Stu Grimes’ injuries sustained in his Last Man Standing match. I hope Stu’s okay, but we’re told he’ll be out for another month following his ill-fated Gauntlet Championship challenge against El Demente. The Warehouse Trios Tournament wet my whistle, and I’m looking forward to earning that match of my choosing! Speaking of which, gentlemen, are there any limitations to that prize?”

    Cal Robinson: “No, unless it interferes with any of the plans we’ve outlined here. The FWA is your oyster, Anzu. But you’ll be facing some stiff competition…”

    Todd Salum: “Of course she will, gentlemen: this is the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance!”

    Salum smiles at the camera as we fade away from him, a series of graphics recapping the announced matches on the forthcoming shows:



    “Yuna’s Sea Shanty Slammer”.

    Live from The Slammer, docked in Fisherman’s Island. Brisbane, Australia.
    Friday 22nd October, 2021.

    Announced Matches.

    Three-way Tag Team Match.
    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion and Golden Opportunity Winner Nova Diamond.
    “Rockstar” Randy Ramon and a Partner of His Choosing.
    Danny Toner and a Partner of His Choosing.

    Singles Match(/Triple Threat match).

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Match.
    Konchu Hao vs. Shawn Summers (vs. Mike Parr).
    [If Mike Parr defeats Shawn Summers at Lights Out, he is added to this match. The winner will receive a title shot on Fallout 008.]

    Singles Match.

    Alyster Black vs. Jean-Luc Watkins.
    [If Alyster Black wins, he receives a shot at the FWA X Division Championship on Fallout 007.]



    “Danger Down Under”.

    Live from The Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne, Australia.
    Friday 5th November, 2021.

    Announced Matches.

    Triple Threat Match.

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship.
    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion vs. Danny Toner vs. Randy Ramon.




    Live from Arèna Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico.
    Friday 19th November, 2021.

    Announced Matches.

    Singles match.

    FWA World Heavyweight Championship.
    The FWA World Heavyweight Champion vs. Shawn Summers or Konchu Hao (or Mike Parr).

    Torneo Cibernetico Match.
    Mile High Massacre Qualification: Stage One.

    Uncle J.J. JAY!, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, and ??? vs. Krash, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, and ???.
    [Uncle and Krash are to pick teams on Episode 007 of The Fallout Clearns. Winning team member will qualify for the MHM match. The other six members of the winning team will face off on Episode 009 for the remaining slots.]



    “Purple Incan Kush”.

    Live from Machu Picchu. The Andes, Peru.
    Friday 3rd December.

    Singles Matches.
    Mile High Qualification: Stage Two.

    Cibernetico Winner #2 vs. Cibernetico Winner #7.
    Cibernetico Winner #3 vs. Cibernetico Winner #6.
    Cibernetico Winner #4 vs. Cibernetico Winner #5.

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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    Just some quick thoughts since there's still an alleged podcast to be done but I dont want this show to go a whole week without anyone commenting on it (what a shite roster, I'm sure Meltdown peeps will do better)

    - Dug the opening section with all the background gags while Price does his Eye of the Tiger run
    - Really enjoy Nova Diamond's character direction of not letting himself get dragged down by all the hoopla of wrestling drama and MvH doing everything to provoke him because she has no other recourse really. MvH needs to stop dissing Meltdown if she knows whats good for her. Lol'd at Price trying to get MvH as a partner and enjoyed the overall callbacks and references to MvH/JLW's relationship and JLW's past with the Germans.
    - Very good Danny promo. Love these short segments and I think more people need to get those out. Dont need to do anything huge but Tig does a great job of hyping up every match he's in.
    - Enjoy more Golden hype work with Ramon taking a backseat. Absolutely enjoying the dynamic with Golden Rock right now and its the most I've been in the pairing since Ramon destroyed Quinn's knee.
    - Solid Peacock/Price promo with references to Peacock's personal issues after he saw himself get murdered. Would shake up any man, I'm sure. Price really dropped the ball on Peacock though.
    - Good Black promo. Like others have said, Black probably could've parlayed his way to a bigger match but I think he's done a great job highlighting his passion for the X title and I think that gold would be as good as a world title around him tbh. Cant wait to see what he's got planned for Baby JL. And very sad we wont get to face off.
    - El Demente murders Grimes. Enjoyed using a Last Man Standing match in a lower card setting, thought it let you be more flexible without having to be as dramatic as LMS matches tend to be.
    - Price shopping for partners overall throughout the show as a really fun on-going story.
    - Good win for Alchemists and good job on continuing Knox's trend of using theatrics to bother his opponents. Neat way to keep TUA strong while giving Alchemists a credible way.
    - Enjoyed the return of Donny Toner, the best Toner and the schism between Rondo and Quinn. Think this adds more layers to the story than them just getting along for what is mostly an exhibition match for the trio.
    - Had a lot of fun with the Knox/Uncle match. Mostly figured I was going to lose by the time I started it so I wrote accordingly. I think I wouldve preferred writing the ending myself since I kinda hinted at what Uncle's intentions were at the cut off part and it was ignored. Which is fine but whoever wrote the ending should've just rewrote the clear hints at Uncle going for Final Atonement on the belt at that point. Nevertheless, congrats on the win OMB and I hope you read the match if no one else did e_e
    - The live entrance for Konchu Hao was really cool, especially coming on the eve of Hao's promo where he realizes he has a really loyal fanbase.
    - Good vicious beatdown by Summers after the match with no one really liking either worker enough to come out and do anything about it so Summers has free reign to really fuck Parr up.
    - Uncle psyches up his bois for upcoming matches!
    - RIP Josh Drake. Sauce Man being picked as Price's partner makes a lot of sense given Price's fandom. Good stuff. I'm afraid I dont want to see Quinn/Toners putting these three over though xD
    - HUGE HUGE kudos to TGO and whoever else worked on the main event. I mostly made sure to get a post up because I wanted to give credit to the execution. Loved the set up with the entrances and the amount of guys surrounding the ring, and the dialogue. Awesome spectacle and a very hyped & fun read. This felt suitably major and a perfect execution given we couldn't get a straightforward match out of these two. Thought this did a perfect job of keeping the drama and interest up and the draw felt fitting given all the hoopla that surrounded the setup and the 7 minutes before they even got to squaring up. The post match stuff was also super fun and this did a good job of pushing forward a lot of the stories that we're going to see develop at Lights Out. Great way to send us off before the PPV.

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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    Fallout Recap Pod: Episode 005!

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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by SupineSnake View Post
    Fallout Recap Pod: Episode 005!

    ahhhhhhhhhh HYPE

    3X World Tag Team Champion (w/Christian Quinn, w/Randy Ramon & w/Ryan Rondo)
    1X Gauntlet Champion


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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    What a show. My review, Fallout Top 5 & Lights Out predictions are below;

    3X World Tag Team Champion (w/Christian Quinn, w/Randy Ramon & w/Ryan Rondo)
    1X Gauntlet Champion


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    Re: Fallout 005 | 'The First Chapter' in Berlin | RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by Tig View Post
    What a show. My review, Fallout Top 5 & Lights Out predictions are below;

    Amazing podcast! Enjoyed every minute of it! Got me very excited to see Lights Out go up. Agreed with your pick for #1 of the month. Konchu's been peak CD chapter one.

    EDIT: Honestly this had a feeling of a whole Chapter One review in many ways which made it an even funner listen.

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