Another show is done and dusted, the fans have gone home, most of the Wrestlers have showered and left, the crew are most of their way through disassembling the ring and the steel cage and Daniella Kennedy is finally about to knock off for the night. Though for now a small camera crew follows her as she is finishing up her daily vlog.

Daniella Kennedy:
...and that really is all that we have to do before heading onto the next show. Things are still pretty crazy here, there's a lot that has to be done to get this 'travelling circus' packed and onto the next show.

She steps inside a small private lockeroom for the Commentary team and Ring Announcer. Though Rod Sterling and Kurt Harrington have already left. She flicks on the light and is instantly confronted by an unexpected sight. Curled up on the couch, fast asleep and looking absolutely dishevelled is Daniella's ex-Sister in Law; Gabrielle Montgomery. Her mood instantly changes and she forgets all about her vlog as she quietly steps inside the room.

Daniella Kennedy:
Oh Gabs...

There's a look of great concern on her face, she doesn't know if she should call for someone, if she should just leave her be or if she should try once again to help Gabrielle. Ultimately her choice is made for her as her presence is enough to rouse her from her slumber. Gabrielle has had to sleep (when she bothers too) in a wide array of different places and scenarios in recent months. Places you'd never expect the former Caramel Coated Goddess to ever be present in. The warm confines of this room and a soft couch is better than she often has.

Daniella Kennedy: go back to sleep.

Her words do nothing as Gabrielle turns to face her, a flicker of embarrassment upon her face.

Gabrielle: was dark and no one else was in here. I just needed some sleep.

Daniella's tensions ease, the last time she actually spoke with Gabrielle she of course choked Daniella during a frightening night where she couldn't anticipate any of Gabrielle's next words or actions. But she seems so much...worse now. More Broken, more Defeated. Less likely to lash out, less likely to do anything as she lays there.

Its okay Gabs, its okay. You can sleep here if you want, but you know you're welcome to come stay with me. Just because we aren't still family anymore doesn't mean I don't still think of you as family. Chris does too. He and Carmella would love to see you...

That was one of Gabrielle's triggers last time. So Daniella pauses but Gabrielle doesn't do anything. She just blinks, like she's trying to stop the tears from flowing before they can start.

No...not yet.


Why'd he say those things to you Danni?

Gabrielle's mood changes in a split second. She's less fragile now, further away from those tears that were welling up in her eyes.

Why does everyone think I need their help? Why does everyone think they know what is best for me? They all question me, question my motives, but pretend they care at the same time. He doesn't understand my struggles. He doesn't know what I am dealing with, he thinks he can just deny the Gods their whims...

Daniella Kennedy: Nova?

Gabrielle: He doesn't know. He sits at home thinking he has something up his sleeve. I did the same thing once...and look how it turned out for me. the Gods of the FWA broke me and cast me aside. And now look. I have nothing from it, everyone has abandoned me, everyone has forsaken me. This is all I have left now, and he thinks he can speak on what I am going through. He's a fool, he doesn't understand. he doesn't get it, he doesn't want to get it. He wants to keep on thinking he has the power, he thinks he's in control But none of it is true...we're all just play things for them Danni...until they get bored. And everyone always gets bored, eventually...

Daniella kneels down besides Gabrielle and embraces her with a hug as she gestures behind her back fo the camera to stop filming...