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    We open to a quarter-screen look of four separate individuals entering the arena for Carnal Contendership. Cyrus Truth is in the top right carrying the North American Championship, Krash and Alyster Black are in the bottom right, coming in together, the Toner Brothers have the FWA Tag Team Championships in their possession, and Golden Rock comes in as a duo in the bottom left screen.

    Rod Sterling: Carnal Contendership night, folks! It's going to be a THIRTY FIVE PERSON battle royal to see WHO is going to Back in Business! We have that, a Gauntlet Championship match, and a whole lot of drama!

    The screens change to a split screen showing two more competitors, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr entering with the New Breed, and Michelle von Horrowitz coming in through a side door and quickly slipping to a locker room. We can hear Parr asking people, "Where is Michelle's locker room? Where is Michelle's room?" but no one answers him. He slyly smirks at the lack of response to his dastardly question.

    Daniella Kennedy: Parr is already looking for Michelle and the match hasn't even started yet!

    FWA's 12th Annual:
    Carnal Contendership Supershow
    Live from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee on March 19th, 2021

    Pyrotechnics explode in the FedEx Forum arena as thousands of fans flock to watch one of the most exciting wrestling matches of the year: Carnal Contendership. The energetic voice of Rod Sterling greets the viewers on PPV streams, Twitch, YouTube TV, the WC Network, and the FWA Network to the broadcast. Daniella Kennedy sits to Rod's right and Christian Quinn to his left. The dazzling trio is all smiles early on.

    Rod Sterling: One person, man or woman or spade traveler or pirate or whatever else, will walk out tonight the Carnal Contendership winner. And will go to Back in Business. Hellp, all, I'm Rod Sterling here with Daniella Kennedy and Christian Quinn. We have a monumental night planned for you. You saw earlier, some of the people competing tonight in the battle royal. Some of the big names, the favorite picks to win it. Daniella and Christian, who do you have ... going to Back in Business?

    Daniella Kennedy: I'll start off and say it: I think Mike Parr does it. He has the New Breed by his side. We saw them enter the building. I think he will have the help needed to go to Back in Business. Michelle will be relegated to the Elimination Chamber. As for an underdog surprise story ... how about Eli Black?

    Christian Quinn: Daniella going with the ... troublesome characters. I'm going with Danny as the surprise pick. I think he's got a good run in him, but I'm also excited to see Chris Peacock in the match. I think he could make the chamber! As for a winner ... Cyrus Truth has won it already. He's a good shout, but Krash is my pick. I think with this new edge ... and with Alyster Black helping ... Krash ... is going to Back in Business.

    Rod Sterling: We have matches all night, including a non-title dream matchup of Saint Sulley and "The Golden One" Devin Golden. A current Hall of Famer challenges a future Hall of Famer. That, the Gauntlet title, and the debut of two new wrestlers ... all tonight.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, the general manager of Fight Night, is visibly perturbed. He is looking into the screen of his cell phone, reading something upsetting. It emanates a scowl from his eyebrows and wrinkled forehead. Vincent then sighs as Michael Garcia, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage enter his office.

    Garcia quickly snatches the phone, looks at the screen and smiles. He gleefully reads what makes him so giddy.

    "Mr. Vincent Blackbird ... we, the board of the FWA, place you on probation due to conduct unbecoming of a high-ranking officer and public figure in the company. Your recent actions and animosity towards an employee, Yuna Funanori, are troubling. We'd like to discuss this further with you and your legal counsel.

    For now, we've placed you on probation indefinitely. You are permitted, per your contract, from any physical contact with an employee as the Fight Night general manager.

    Thank you."

    Garcia hands the phone back to an embarrassed Vincent, who finds some solace.

    "Good news is I have a clause in my contract."

    "Good news is you have to find some reason to be of ANY value to me, Vinnie. What value do you have?"

    "I have value TONIGHT. Like I said ... I have a clause. I can compete in ONE match per year. Carnal Contendership.

    Which means ... I'm using that clause and taking the opportunity ... to get Yuna what's owed to her. As a group, we have nothing to worry about with her tonight. I've got it all planned out."

    "Give me the plan."

    "Well, for starters, she was going to be number 1 entrant. But she filed an appeal and got her spot changed. But I know where she is.

    I reworked the order, and this is where Kayden Knox is going to be."

    Vincent shows a sheet of paper to the three members of Affliction. They all amuse Vincent with their interest in his master plan. Finally, Nate Savage breaks the silence and asks the elephant-in-the-room question.

    "So ... uh ... where is Knox? We haven't seen him since Desert Storm and ..."

    "Knox will be here. He will be here."

    "Uh huh. I'm counting on you for him, Vincent."

    "Alright ... and Garcia ... this is where you'll be. Then ..."

    Vincent points to a name on the sheet and Garcia nods his head in an approving manner.

    "Vincent ... I must say ... you might have something here. But the most important thing ... more than Yuna ... more than you ... more than Knox ...

    and I want EVERYONE on board ...

    is me. Me winning Carnal Contendership. ME getting my World title match against Saint Sulley. Tonight HAS to end with me. So whatever your plan is for Yuna, I trust you have a plan for me. And I trust ... that our ... wayward son ... will follow the plan."

    Garcia heads out the office with the Undisputed Alliance following. Lord Vincent looks over his order sheet again as the feed changes back to ringside.

    The pre-show event was usually one that runs down the card, talks about what has led up to this point and all of that. This time? The early show lead-up to the Carnal Contendership consists of interviews with most of the wrestlers. All four wrestlers would be interviewed, separately, of course, throughout the show, The scene cuts to the backstage part of the arena, as we see Todd Salum standing by dressed for action.

    Todd Salum: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined by one of the wrestlers looking to make an impact in the Carnel Contendership, everyone in FWA in looking to shock the world, and this man is no different; Making his debut tonight is the man they simply call…”GREG”

    OH SHIT-! FUCKING GREG!!! There he is the man himself dressed….so blandly and non discretionally as a man can be, simply wearing a white shirt that he has apparently written GREG in big black marker as he stands there with a frozen grin on his face, ignoring the massive pop he's no doubt getting from everyone at home. As the ratings spike and every woman watching suddenly become pregnant.

    “Hello yes, I am Greg”

    Todd Salum: “Well, Greg tonight you make your debut in fact wrestling twice in one night but I confess, I don’t know a lot about you Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

    Greg: “Well, I’m Greg. I do general Greg things. I have two arms. Two legs, I use them to pick up things and walk to places like Greg’s house. And Greg’s bathroom...Where Greg likes to dispose waste.

    Todd Salum: Ok, so how are you planning to go through the process of the Carnel Contendership?

    Greg: Well...I hope to wrestling….

    Todd Salum: “Well...Is there any reason you’d LIKE to win?

    Greg: Winning is fun!”

    Todd Salum: “....Do you have ANYthing to say that isn’t really generic?

    Greg: “....”

    Todd Salum: “Or just- y’know any fully defined characteristics, or any distinct personality traits whatsoever

    Greg: “.....”

    Todd Salum: Like; Anything at all beyond the fact you’re a wrestler and your name is Greg.

    Greg: “I enjoy eating bread and converting it into waste

    Todd Salum: “...You literally have no personality, but somehow I really want to see you win


    Greg is already in the ring when Sean Pierre's music hits. The crowd welcomes the debuter to the ring as the announcers introduce him. "Tranquilo" by Lupe Fiasco blares through the P.A. as Sean walks to the ring with sunglasses and a "razzle dazzle" that excites the fans.

    Rod Sterling: A newcomer here tonight for the FWA. Sean Pierre makes his debut in a big night, making an impact against the man we just saw, Greg.

    Sean reaches the ring, where Greg is stationed.

    The Carnal Debut
    Sean Pierre vs. Greg

    Sean Pierre works quickly on Greg, locking a side arm twist. He transitions to a Japanese arm drag and spinning heel kick. Sean Pierre whips Greg to the ropes and hits a release northern lights suplex. Then a bridging German suplex, but Greg kicks out at two.

    Sean Pierre continues with his speedy offense, running off the ropes for a running knee to the gut. Then a handstand roundhouse kick. Pierre goes to the apron and hits a slingshot spear, then heads to the turnbuckle. With the crowd getting invested in his unorthodox arsena, Sean leaps off for a "S.S.M." shooting star knee drop!

    Greg takes the knee right in the shoulder, rolling to his stomach. He struggles to his knees and then ... "Cold Crush" as Sean kicks the gut, locks the double underhook, lifts for the Canadian backbreaker rack and transitions to a corkscrew neckbreaker!

    Sean Pierre covers and gets the 1-2-3, standard procedures!

    Winner: Sean Pierre

    The crowd cheers as Sean receives his sunglasses, puts them back on, and smiles for the fans. He exits the ring with a 1-0 mark to his name.

    Rod Sterling: An impressive victory for Sean Pierre. Meanwhile, Greg is ... off to a rough start.

    Greg is laying in the ring after the beating. He rolls to the apron and looks discouraged.

    It was the witching hour.

    The Blood moon was at it’s apex and Steve the techno vampire was dancing in front of the FWA.

    When Steve heard the music it was like liquid adrenaline being injected right into his blood stream...or at least where blood would be if he had blood; being a vampire and all - not so strong as to freak them all out, but just enough to make them tingle and start to move his body. He'd never had a dance class, but he had jived to music since the 1880s competing in the friendly way boys do to "up" one another. Now,, he was a well oiled machine on the dance floor. He didn't dance to show off, to make the girls watch - but they did. Anyone that could move like their limbs were half liquid in perfect rhythm and still look strong were interesting to say the least. He was used to the attention and he liked it….To dance was freedom, to dance was to become an opening flower or a bird aloft. To feel the movement was new breath for his body and nourishment for a soul so tired. He could dance until the sweat dripped to the polished wood and my reflection showed pink cheeks. After that sleep came easy and the dreams were of more twirls and leaps to the music that was part of my soul…

    ...on the dance floor; he was GOD

    Exhausted, but satisfied, Steve completes his routine and with his wide smile asks, "So how did I do?!"

    Camera Man: So what does that have to do with the Carnal Contendership?

    Steve The Techno Vampire:: “....What’s the Carnal Contendership?”

    FWA’s Carnal Contendership SuperShow heads backstage where FWA’s head interviewer Todd Salum stands hesitantly in front of the camera, unusual weariness writ on his face.

    Todd Salum: I’m standing here with one of the dozens of competitors vying for a shot at the main event of Back in Business and the FWA World Championship in tonight’s 12th Carnal Contendership. Ladies and gentleman, the Cosmic Horror, J.J. JAY!.

    The camera zooms out and the former X Champion, masked donned, stands next to his partner Quiet dressed like a Deadpool X-Force rip-off.

    J.J. JAY!: TODD!

    Salum’s head drops once he hears his name shouted.

    J.J. JAY!: Best interviewer in the biz, Todd GODDAMN Salum. Wow, Todd, let me start off by saying it’s an honor to be one of the guys you’ve chosen to interview among all the stars, icons, champions, and future champions competing in that Carnal Contendership. The fact that you thought I stood out enough from the pack to request this interview ahead of the big one, that’s a real honor... especially after I let you down and lost the Triple J Championship. Todd, I’m not going to let you down a second time.

    Todd Salum: Well, you were the one who re-

    Salum stops halfway through his sentence when he notices the increasingly intense stare he’s getting from Quiet.

    J.J. JAY!: Looks like you lost your train of thought, Todd. Happens to the best of us. I’ll help you out: why don’t you ask me a question like, I don’t know, what’s your strategy to win the Carnal Contendership?

    Todd Salum: I-uh-alright, J.J. JAY!, what’s your strategy for winning the Carnal Contendership?

    J.J. JAY!: Good question. I could go at 20% of my full power but that wouldn’t be fun. No, instead, I’m going to flip the script, Todd. What’s the one thing everyone says about Carnal Contendership?

    Todd seems uncertain, Quiet grabs hiss microphone holding hand to tip over to his mouth.

    Quiet: ........ ... ..........

    J.J. JAY!: That’s right, it’s every man for themselves. Unless you’re Michael Garcia, because then you have The Affliction. If you’re Krash you have Black. If you’re Danny you’ve got Donny. There’s a whole boy band too. It goes on and on. And each and every single one of them knows that I’m the biggest threat to their chances of winning. Honestly, I think we could see an unprecedented alliance tonight all for the explicit purpose of taking Uncle out. Soooooooooo, it’s only fair that I get my own back up in the Carnal Contendership, isn’t it?

    Quiet nods his agreement, Todd Salum looks in his direction, getting the hint.

    Todd Salum: Are you saying that-

    J.J. JAY!: Yes, Todd! I’m saying I’m going to summon a demon army to help me win the Carnal Contendership and I want you right there with me. Let’s go, Todd! We’re taking over, Memphis!

    Cosmic Horror marches away and Quiet, still holding Todd’s hand, drags the interviewer along behind him. The trio walk down an inconspicuous hallway of the FedEx Forum until J.J. JAY! stops in front of an unremarkable door and kicks it open. The mood is dreary in the room, the only light coming from the dozens of candles propped up at an altar where a standalone, ominous wooden door is propped up. A moat of red liquid surrounds the door and eerie hymns seem to come from nowhere.

    J.J. JAY!: As you can see, everything is ready. I’ve followed every step, to the letter, within my trusty Book of Cosmos.

    The Cosmic Horror pulls out the book from the inner pocket of his sleeveless coat.
    J.J. JAY!: Once we open this door, my army of demons will come out here ready to do my every bidding, and Todd, no army from dawn or shadow, no faction, no brotherhood, no friendship, will be able to stop me from getting my title shot. Are you ready, Todd?

    Todd Salum: I-uh

    His hand is held tighter by Quiet.

    Todd Salum: Ow! I’m ready, I’m ready!

    Quiet lets him go at last.

    J.J. JAY!: Alright, you might just wanna take a step aside. Don’t wanna be standing in front of the door one hundred demons are going to be charging out of. Good, okay. Here we go!

    Cosmic Horror turns the knob dramatically and pushes the door open!

    The moment the door was flung open the temperature of the room dropped fast. Ice formed on the walls and crushed thickly around the ceiling. The glowing filaments in each bulb shrank and dimmed the darkened room filled with a blood red choking cloud of brimstone, in which indistinct black shadows writhed and roiled. From far away came the sounds of many voices screaming. A pressure was suddenly applied from the door it bulged inwards, the timbers growing, Footsteps from invincible mouths whispered wicked things from behind the trio and just above their heads.

    The sulphur cloud contracted into a thick column of smoke ventured from the inky blackness of the door that vomited forth thin tendrils; they licked the air like tongues before withdrawing. Bubbling ever upwards against the ceiling like the cloud of an erupting volcano.

    There was a barely perceptible pause. Then two dark staring eyes materialized in the heart of the door way

    ???: Curiousity….Inquisitiveness….and a lust for the unknown, there are what I find to be the most endearing traits of man, it’s what compels them to tread places they know they shouldn’t. What brings them to my door…

    As the voice echoed around them from the doorway as the figure began to form in the doorway, a feminate form.

    ???: That little voice... buried deep within every creature's mind that tells them to explore what is unknown, telling them to enlighten themselves on what they do not... POSSESS. It is our curious minds that lead us to our downfall, without... that burning desire to conquer what is not physically possible... everyone in existence would be free. Free from an uncontrollable fate that already tortures them with expectations that one could not ever hope to fill but those that knock on this door, are willing to change their fate, but I have to warn you, if you wish to walk pass the threshold of this door, your soul will be forfeit and in exchange I offer you forces that will-Oh it’s you again

    Suddenly the smoke clears, the brimstone dissipates and all the bells and whistles and general spookiness clears and we finally see the figure standing in the doorway, that actually gets a surprised pop out of the crowd as for the first time ever on FWA tv the former undefeated CWA Champion Lilith. As ever clad in all black, but instead of the typical mystical intimidating aura she tends to give out. She seems, bemused, annoyed even sighing to herself and messaging her temples before speaking to J.J. JAY! not in the low husky tones we’re used to hearing from her, but like J.J. JAY! was a child who was trying her patience

    Lilith: We’ve been over this so many times; For the LAST time. We don’t WANT your soul. We’re not going to give you superpowers. We’re not going to give you laser eyes. We’re not going to give you a bigger penis. I’m not interested! Stop using that book to contact me it’s-

    Just then from inside the threshold of the door, Lilith is interrupted by what can only be described as a booming voice speaking in unintelligible gibberish, no doubt an tongue enons that no mortal can possibly understand

    Lilith: Yeah, It’s just J.J. JAY! again

    The demonic chattering only increasing, like a howl from a great beast

    Lilith: I know, that’s what I’m telling him, but he won’t go away, look, this isn’t my fault ok? I didn’t give him the book!

    Cue more howling

    Lilith: You kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Awkward demonic coughs

    Lilith: Right, mouths, plural, my bad...

    The Cosmic Horror removed his mask to watch Lilith with his naked eyes, remaining surprisingly silent while witnessing Lilith’s monologue and duet with the unknown, an absolutely gleeful smile on his face. Uncle is simply happy to be here in the presence of The Herald of Darkness and nothing could make Uncle any happier than we’re seeing him right now. He grabs Todd by the collar in his excitement; Todd is mortified at the sight of her, nearly frozen in fear.


    Uncle shoves Todd aside, giving Lilith his full attention. He’s slightly leaning towards the door though slyly staying out of reach.

    J.J. JAY!: You've got to come out, it's Carnal Contendership! I’LL NEVER ASK FOR ANOTHER FAVOR EVER AGAIN! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO THIS. ENTER THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, LILITH! Michelle von Horrowitz is going to be out there, come on, help me beat her up, let’s build some CWA South Pacific heat! You know who else we can beat up? We can beat up Yuna Funanori! We can beat up Lizzie Rose! I even heard a rumor Bell Connelly is coming back! We can beat her up too! And if Greg wants to show his stupid face we can beat him up. Those are a random list of people I think it would be cool to see both of us beat up tonight! What do you say, Lilith?! WE CAN BE THE DARK WATCH TWO POINT O! LET’S DO IT, LILITH! TODD! TODD! Tell her how cool it would be. Todd?

    The door to the outside of the room has slammed shut and Todd Salum seems to have bailed.

    J.J. JAY!: Lilith, you scared Todd away. He was my back up plan! You have to say yes now!

    Lilith: .....

    As fast as a lighting bolt, Lith’s hand snapped forward clasped around Jay’s throat and began to squeeze, her dark eyes shining dangerously as her voice returns to her normal cadence, her casual tone all but gone

    Lilith: You are the one that seeks to use the darkness as a toy, you play the fool, and mock what you can not understand, Nor I or the forces beyond are your playthings, if the day comes where I set foot on this plain, it is to be unto a poison that will choke the light out of those that I judge to be unworthy. To take those that consider themselves to be Gods and Saints and make them humble before the great nothing. Not for the amusement of a sniveling welp that chooses to play with fire. You wish to know power? You wish to see what lays behind the veil, Then come behold what you seek.

    And slowly but surely, Lilith’s mouth began to open, wider and wider, her jaws unhinging, and her lips rising beyond her gums to an unnatural degree, until her mouth took up her entire face, as she began to lead towards J.J. JAY!, her jaws waiting but then-

    Lilith: Oh shit; Quiet?!

    And just like that, Lilith’s face retreated back to normal, her overly casual manner returning as she dropped unceremoniously J.J to the group and approached the masked man, with a wild smile on her face and almost like it was choreographed,, they both engaged in a very complicated handshake that they clearly rehearsed several times before (If you’re wondering, it’s the exact handshake from BIG)

    Lilith: Man I haven’t seen you for an age-Since um-

    Quiet: .....

    Lilith: Right! That night wandering the plains of madness. Me. You and Gurthalak the insatiable, man that was a crazy night.

    Quiet: .....

    Lilith: Oh yeah, he’s fine; he’s a bit of a whiner. Never happy y’know, but that comes with the territory, he’s Gurthalak the insatiable, not Gurthalak the satiable. That guy is a dick.

    Quiet: ....

    Lilith: What? This guy? Seriously?

    Quiet: .....

    Lilith: Look, I can just take his soul. it’ll be so much more…

    Quiet: .....

    Lilith: Urg. Fine. You’re lucky I owe you a favour, satan damn that poker face-

    And just like that, all cheer left Lilith’s face as her head snapped towards J.J. JAY! getting back into “Character”

    Lilith: Do not turn away this reprieve, treat it as a gift, for my mercy does not come along too often. So take heed; do not knock on this door again.


    Unless you have pizza


    The Cosmic Horror rubs his freshly scarred neck with a smirk on his face, then remembering himself, dusts himself off.

    J.J. JAY!: Well, wasn’t she a delight!

    Quiet: ….

    J.J. JAY!: It IS great that our relationship has progressed to the point that she would have me opening the forbidden door without so much as a knock - though I've never met a door that needed my knocking to be opened before.

    The pair walk off towards the room’s exit.

    Quiet: ….

    J.J. JAY!: That’s right. I suppose I will have to take out the Affliction all by myself. Ah, it's all good. Gotta give the Gangs of FWA the edge somehow!

    J.J. JAY! And Quiet leave the room and we’re left with a final glance at the door and the altar.

    “Man of the Hour” hits and Donovan Moore struts out on stage and poses arrogantly for the booing audience as he walks down to the ring, he’s trash talking and still showing off while on his way.

    Rod Sterling: A big opportunity for Donovan Moore tonight after coming off a tough loss at Desert Storm with Chris Peacock, Humanity, and this next competitor…

    “The Resistance” now plays and Saus X comes out to a nice ovation from the crowd. He wastes no time however as he makes his way to the ring while never taking his eyes off of Donovan Moore, who is still trash talking with all directed at Saus X, and once X reaches the ring the referee must keep the two men apart.

    Daniella Kennedy: Both men are still steaming about not only a loss at Desert Storm but the fallout from that show after a war of words on social media

    Christian Quinn: Well can you blame Donovan Moore for being peeved? Saus X put him through a table!

    Rod Sterling: Their rivalry has certainly heated up but they aren’t alone in this match!

    “New Adventure” plays and another nice ovation this time for the Gauntlet Champion herself, Yuna Funanori! Yuna poses on stage with her championship wrapped around her waist and then briskly makes her way to the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: Saus X and Moore better be focused on the task at hand and that is Yuna Funanori and the gauntlet championship, which just so happens to be on the line tonight!

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FWA Gauntlet Championship! Introducing first the challengers, from Seattle, Washington and weighing in at 210 lb, he is “The Man of the Hour”, Donovan Moore!

    Loud boos for Moore, who just relishes in the hate and continues to taunt and pose for the crowd.

    Kurt Harrington: Next up, from Savannah, Georgia and weighing in 176 lb, Saus X!

    The crowd shows their respect for Saus X with some cheers.

    Kurt Harrington: and finally, from Tokyo, Japan by way of the Isle of Tortuga and weighing in at 114 lb, she is the current FWA Gauntlet Champion, “Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean”...Yuna Funanori!

    More cheers directed towards the champion this time as she hands over her championship and pirate coat, hat, and sword.

    Gauntlet Championship Match
    Yuna's Second Defense
    "The Last Great Adventurer" Yuna Funanori (c) vs. Donovan Moore vs. Saus X
    The match begins at an exceptionally fast pace when Saus X tackles Donovan Moore in the corner, who was too busy having some choice words with a fan in the front row. X lays in some lefts and rights to Moore, followed up by some kicks and various other corner strikes! X irish whips Moore out of the corner right into a standing dropkick by Yuna! Moore quickly rolls to apron and Yuna turns her attention towards her other eager challenger in Saus X, and X races towards Yuna, Yuna avoids a clothesline and X avoids hitting the corner but instead he’s struck by a forearm to back of the head by Yuna and then Yuna drops X with a jumping neckbreaker! X rolls to the other apron and collects his bearings, Yuna charges in with a running forearm strike! X manages to maintain his balance on the apron as Yuna tries to bring him back in with a suplex, but X is able to block and knocks Yuna back a few steps with a headbutt! With Yuna briefly stunned, X uses this opportunity to propel himself off and strikes with a springboard forearm to Yuna! X makes the cover but it’s quickly broken up by Moore before a count can even be made!

    Moore drags X up by the hair and gets in X’s face with some trash talk before irish whipping X to the corner, and X bounces hard off of the corner and stumbles right into a standing dropkick by Moore! “That’s right you little punk!”, Moore shouts at X along with some obscenities as he brings X back to his feet and levels X with a knife edge chop! Moore has X in the corner and lays into X with several more chops before dragging him out of the corner. Moore has X set up for a double underhook backbreaker, but X reverses and takes Moore down with an arm drag. X soon follows up with a pele kick! Moore is stunned and on wobbly legs as X plants him to the mat with a running tornado DDT! X makes the cover this time and only gets a one count before Yuna breaks it up and she takes X up, and drives several forearm strikes into him before sending him to the corner and comes in hot with a running forearm! Yuna then begins to unleash hell upon X with about 20 stiff, rapid fire forearm strikes! X drops down in a slumped position allowing Yuna to finish off with a running low angle forearm! Yuna looks as though she's about to put the finishing touches on X when Moore catches her from behind with a surprise roll-up!


    Yuna kicks out and rolls through back on her feet and she swings for the fences with her Tsunami Strike swinging backfist, but Moore is able to dodge that and from behind he gets her in position before dropping her down with a backbreaker! Moore then stomps away at Yuna, much to the dismay of the crowd. Moore begins to climb up top and signals for the end with Time’s Arrow, but X is back in the picture and joins Moore on the turnbuckle and he hits more with some punches before taking him in position and leaps off with Moore and hits a Spanish fly off the top rope! X hooks the far leg on Moore for the pin!

    One...two...THR-NO! Moore kicks out!

    Rod Sterling: This action has been non-stop from the opening bell!

    Daniella Kennedy: Saus X and Moore showing how much they want to taste championship gold in the FWA, while Yuna has shown the heart and spirit of what a fighting champion is!

    Saus X is upset that he couldn't get the finish, as Moore tries to get to his feet.

    Suddenly Yuna comes out of nowhere and takes them both down with a DOUBLE JUMPING DROP KICK! Both fall to the ground now as the Last Great Adventurer hops up to her feet.

    Moore holds his face and rolls to the outside as Saus X tries to get back up to his feet. Moore falls to the outside holding his nose.

    Yuna Funanori is the only two time X Champion. She was also the first inaugural champion. When the title's history is all said and done, she may very well be the face of it. On the first reign, she lost it on her first defense to Danny Toner, a crushing blow to the champion who needs five straight defenses to earn a shot at the North American Championship. This time around, she got past her first defense when she defeated Kayden Knox at Desert Storm. She's onto new territory now, defending the title for the second straight time. Will she retain? If so, she will only need three more defenses.

    Saus X is up on his feet and ready to go on the offensive. He goes for a clothesline against Yuna, but she ducks and takes him out with a RUNNING DDT.

    Yuna then does a standing frog splash on Saus X and he looks out of it! She hooks the leg for the cover...



    BUT NO! Moore comes in and breaks it up.

    Moore and Yuna and now rolling around on the mat. Moore tries to get control. It looks like he's about to get Yuna in a sleeper hold...and he does! He gets the sleeper hold locked in, and Yuna looks like she's in trouble. She may be in jeopardy of losing the Gauntlet Championship...

    But now Saus X takes them both down with a jumping axe handle!

    All three competitors are on the floor now trying to get back up to their feet first. Saus X and Moore both get up as Yuna rolls to the outside! Moore goes after X with a hook, but the Saus man ducks out of the way and hits Moore with a KNEE BAR! Moore goes to the floor, as Saus X picks him up and hits him with an arm drag.

    Donovan Moore tries to quickly get back to his feet, but Saus X hits him with a bicycle kick that sends him back down!

    Saus X is in complete control now. Donovan Moore is stunned from the kick, but he's on his knees trying to get up. That's when Saus X goes in for the killshot. Moore gets up and turns around, and he's hit with a SUPERKICK FROM SAUS KICK!


    Saus falls on Donovan Moore for the cover as the referee counts.






    Saus X rolls to the side in pain, as Moore is even more out of it than before.

    Yuna isn't done! She jumps onto the top rope with both feet, and launches herself backward for a backward's flying elbow drop! The crowd is absolutely astonished by the move as Yuna connects with the strong elbow to the face of Moore.

    Yuna confidently hooks the leg as the referee goes for the count.




    Winner and still Gauntlet Champion: "The Last Great Adventurer" Yuna Funanori

    Pirate music plays as Yuna celebrates her victory! She rolls off Moore and gets the silver belt handed to her by ringside. She holds it up with a confident smile!

    Meanwhile, the cameras cut to backstage and zoom in on a disgruntled Vincent Blackbird who was watching the match on his TV screen, upset that Yuna has once again defended the championship.

    Rod Sterling: And that's her second straight defense. She needs just three more to get her shot at bigger gold.

    Daniella Kennedy: Did you see that elbow drop Rod? That was incredible, I thought she was going to break her neck!

    Christian Quinn: Moore importantly, did you see how upset Vincent was backstage? He does not like her does he?

    Rod Sterling: No he does not, but the fact remains...Yuna Funanori is still a Gauntlet Champion. I have to wonder if we'll see her enter the Carnal Contendership later tonight.

    Yuna continues to celebrate as we fade out to a break.

    Zdraveĭte, Spooderfans! Spoĭder chovek dobŭr! Spoĭder mŭzh nomer edno geroĭ za vsichki detsa i zhivotni! I skoro shte napravya slavnata natsiya na Bŭlgariya gorda, kogato se vŭrna u doma, pecheleĭki shumotevitsata. Nikoĭ chovek ne mozhe da spre Spooderman i natsiyata na bŭlgariya. Ne e lekar oktopus chovek. ne vernimŭt. dori super mŭzhŭt. golyama slava.

    Backstage, we find FWA's intrepid reporter Katie Lynn Goldsmith standing by the interview station, mic in hand and dressed to kill. She gives the camera a big smile as she brings the microphone to her lips.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...the FWA North American Champion, Cyrus Truth!"

    Coming into view is Truth himself, decked out in his ring gear with the North American Title slung over his shoulder. He looks lean, focused, sharp...and hungry. The Exile is all business as Katie addresses him.

    "Cyrus, congratulations on your first successful title defense at Desert Storm. But tonight, you'll be competing in your third Carnal Contendership match for a chance at the World Title at Back in Business. Can you give us your thoughts?"

    Cyrus cracks his neck, seemingly calm despite the massive match he has upcoming.

    "Eli chose to make me his enemy, in spite of everything. At Desert Storm, I showed him and everybody on the FWA roster that Cyrus Truth still matters in this company. I'm not dead, despite what Davey boy would have you believe. And while I PROUDLY carry the mantle of being the North American Champion and will continue to do so...

    "I mean, you can feel it, can't you Katie? Back in Business is right around the corner. An event that I've main evented three years straight, an event I've defended the World Title at multiple event I've yet to score a victory at. And how sweet would it be? To score my first victory at Back in Business against the man who took my World Title from me a year ago! And all I have to do to get that opportunity? Something I've already done once before. Carnal Contendership is..."


    Cyrus is cut short as Katie startles, hearing the mad cackling from off camera. Cyrus turns to his left as the camera zooms out...and new X Division Champion Konchu Hao steps into frame, with Epsilon right behind him. He, too, is dressed for combat...and like Cyrus, he has his title belt, now clean of that Triple J graffiti, resting on his shoulder.

    There's a manic smile across the Mad Wizard's lips as he looks The Exile dead in the eyes.



    Konchu raises his hand and extends a bony finger, running it along the faceplate of Cyrus's North American Title. He gazes at The Exile's prize before turning his gaze back to Cyrus and says:

    "Well done! I must say, I am rather pleased to see that you were able to retain your championship. Eli defeating you for a second time would've made things...complicated, as you know."

    "I know."

    Konchu motions to his own title belt, a wicked sneer across his lips.

    "But, it seems that I've joined you in the Circle of Champions with my dominating victory under Madman's Mayhem Rules at Desert Storm."

    "So it seems."

    "However, for men of our stature...with shoulders as broad and strong as ours? Men like us are more than capable of carrying the burden of not just one championship, but two! Wouldn't you agree?"

    "Perhaps...I suppose we'll find out this evening, won't we?"

    "Indeed, we shall! I look forward to seeing you out there, Exile! KEHAHAHA!!!"

    Konchu continues laughing as he makes his exit. However, Epsilon remains behind, cheerily waving at Cyrus.

    "Oh...hey, Epsilon. You doing all right?"

    "Wozzo illek!"

    "And is that lunatic keeping himself from going on the deep end?"

    Epsilon doesn't say anything, but makes a noise and shakes his hand as if to say "Sorta? Maybe?" Cyrus sighs at this.

    "Well, do your best to keep him grounded. Heaven help us if he lets this go to his head."

    Epsilon nods and chitters in affirmation, giving Cyrus a thumbs up before scampering off. Cyrus turns back to Katie, who looks absolutely dumbfounded by what just happened.

    "Hold on...that was...are you you know...?"

    Before Katie can get a complete question out, Cyrus holds up his hand, smile on his face.

    "The Long and Winding Road will always take you where you're meant to go. And you meet all sorts on the journey. Now, if you'll excuse me...I have another Carnal Contendership to win."

    Cyrus, without saying another word, walks off screen, leaving Katie to stand there, pondering just what the hell she just saw with that meeting between two of FWA's champions...

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr is backstage with The New Breed, the Prototype and "The Protege" Sean Hughes. The trio are smiling and laughing about God-knows-what, but they're interrupted by Todd Salum and his trusty microphone.

    "What in the hell do you want?" Parr asks with an annoyed tone and look.

    "Well ... I wanted to ask about Carnal Contendership and ..."

    "Carnal Contendership. I can talk about Carnal Contendership. I can talk all day, because tonight ... I go out there ... and I end Michelle von Horrowitz's dreams of going to Back in Business.

    I end them. How? Well, I ... personally ... will eliminate her. Then ... I'm going to win. And Michelle ... is going to have to watch ... watch ... as I go to Back in Business ... and become the FWA World Champion. Knowing she'll be watching it and suffering ... crying ... hating life ... hating herself ... second-guessing everything ... that will be ALMOST as sweet as winning the World title.

    But finally ... finally ... I will get to where I SHOULD be."

    The monologue gets nodding approval from Sean Hughes. The Prototype stands behind him motionless with his arms crossed.

    "But ... you won't have the New Breed there at ringside, so how does that change eve..."

    "Wait ... what? Say that again."

    "The New Breed won't be at ringside."


    "Well ... after the attacks and everything with Michelle ... the board has demanded Vincent Blackbird ban them from the ringside for this match."

    Mike Parr's tune changes. He's absolutely furious and immediately shoves Todd to the side and leaves the locker room. The New Breed follow as Todd watches on.

    As the iconic sound of The Cranberries' Zombies hits the system, the fans exploder in a sea of cheering at the man who embodies the heart and spirit of FWA, Devin Golden! He bursts out from the curtain, perhaps not as much of a spring in his step as one would hope, but considering recent misfortunes, who can blame him?

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at one-hundred and ninety-four pounds, 'The Golden One', Devin Golden!

    Rod Sterling: Fans will note that Devin Golden might not be in the best of moods tonight. Between losing the tag titles at Desert Storm and the shocking unveiling of exactly who seems to have been targeting Golden & Ramon over the past few months, one has to wonder whether Devin is in the best frame of mind for this upcoming match.

    Christian Quinn: Devin Golden is a supremely talented man, as his resume can attest to. Despite the troubles he's been through, he's able to isolate that off to focus on the match at hand. And this upcoming match could have greater implications across FWA as a whole as we head into Back In Business.

    Devin Golden rolls into the ring, climbing onto the second ropes to survey the fans cheering at him. He nods, before backing down and pacing in the ring. 'Zombie' slowly fades away, replaced by...

    The unanimous cheers give way to a more mixed reaction - some outright booing or jeering the FWA champion, others cheering on St. Sulley as he enters through the curtain, observing his fans with a smug smirk, before he starts his strut down the aisle.

    Daniella Kennedy: Coming off of a massive win over Gabrielle at Desert Storm, St. Sulley is absolutely feeling the momentum.

    Christian Quinn: Absolutely. This man is one of the most dominant champions we've seen in recent years, and just one match of his will show you why. But if there's one person who can give Sulley a run for his money, it's that same man waiting in the ring for him right now.

    St. Sulley enters the ring, unclasping his FWA World Heavyweight Championship and raising it high in the air. He gestures mockingly at Devin Golden with it, but his opponents eyes don't flicker to the gold - no, they stay locked on St. Sulley.

    Gold vs. Gold
    Non-title match
    Saint Sulley vs. "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    The bell rings, and the match begins. Devin Golden and St. Sulley begin to circle one another, Sulley throwing a few shadow jabs, eager to get this going. The two go to lock up, and Sulley throws a quick jab - but Golden sees it coming and swiftly ducks under it, lighting Sulley up with a trio of quick chest chops, backing him into the corner. Sulley throws a left hook, but Golden catches it and twists into an arm drag! Sulley rolls across the ring, climbing to his feet just in time to catch a dropkick to the mush by Golden!

    Rod Sterling: This isn't starting out quite the way St. Sulley expected.

    Christian Quinn: Or any of us expected, let's be honest. Sulley's had a strong string of victories against the likes of Gabrielle and Michael Garcia, while Golden's just lost the tag titles to Danny & Donny Toner. Sulley has the momentum backing him, but it seems as though Golden is aware of that, and aiming to flip the moomentum switch as soon as possible.

    Daniella Kennedy: And if there's anyone who can turn things around in an instant, it's Devin Golden. The man is one of the most decorated wrestlers in FWA history, and momentum on his side or not, Golden is never someone you should underestimate or count out.

    St. Sulley rolls to his feet, visibly annoyed with how this match started. He locks it up with Devin Golden once again, and throws another jab - but it's a feint, a fake-out, and as Golden attempts to dodge it he's caught with a knee to the midsection. With the advantage, Sulley traps Golden in the corner and unloads with a trio of knee strikes, targeting that midsection, before nailing a step-up enziguri to the jaw, stunning Golden. Golden staggers to the ropes, and Sulley irish whips him across the ring, aiming to catch him with a back body drop, but Golden sees it coming and catches Sulley with a sunset flip pin attempt! One! T-kickout! Enough to surprise Sulley, but not enough to get the shock pinfall. Nowhere close.

    Christian Quinn: It's going to take a lot more than a sunset flip to catch Sulley off guard.

    Daniella Kennedy: But as a strategy, it's working pretty well for Devin Golden so far. Bursts of offense, quick counters, keeping St. Sulley on his toes, Devin Golden is showing why he's so feared and admired as a competitor.

    St. Sulley rolls to his feet near the ropes, and catches a lariat to the chest, sending him tumbling over the ropes! If this were the CC, he'd be eliminated. Instead, as he stumbles around at ringside, he's only staggered, kicking at the ringside barrier in frustration. A fan attempts to warn him, but Sulley turns right into a Suicide Dive! Sulley spills to the floor at ringside, and Golden flourishes for the fans!

    Rod Sterling: Sulley can't allow himself to fall into frustration. The more he loses sight, the easier it is for Devin Golden to take advantage.

    Christian Quinn: But on the other hand, Devin can't allow himself to take his foot off the pedal, his eyes off the prize. All it takes is one well-placed strike from Sulley and the momentum of this match can change in an instant.

    Gripping him by the hair, Devin Golden rolls St. Sulley into the ring, climbing onto the turnbuckle. As Sulley gets back to his feet, Golden launches at him with with a diving crossbody! But Sulley doesn't just duck it, he catches Golden by leg in mid-air, dropping him facefirst onto the mat in a flapjack! But that's not all! He rolls through with it, gripping Golden in with a single-legged boston crab! What a counter! Golden is close enough to the ropes that he can grab an instant rope break, and Sulley releases, only to turn around and soccer ball kick Golden right in the kidneys. Singularly focused, he holds Golden down with a knee, and unloads with several wicked punches to the abdomen. He drags Golden to his feet, setting him up for a suplex - only to transition into a gutbuster!

    Daniella Kennedy: The game plan for St. Sulley here is becoming apparent - focus on the ribs, the midsection, the abdomen of Devin Golden. With a busted midsection, that makes it so much harder for Golden to sprint and move with those quick flurries.

    Rod Sterling: And for someone like Sulley who excels at at picking apart an opponent bit by bit with his ferocious strikes, it's a very, very sound game for him to play at. Take out the central aspect of a body, and the extremities have no base to stand off of.

    St. Sulley continues to punish Devin Golden, locking in an abdominal stretch and grinding his fist against Golden's ribs just to add that little bit of extra discomfort. Golden struggles, and Sulley reaches out to grab the ropes for that little bit of extra leverage - only for the ref to catch him in action and admonish him for doing so. Sulley half-heartedly shrugs, but the distraction is enough for Golden to wriggle out of the stretch and flip Sulley with a hip toss... But the separation is only fleeting, as Sulley immediately springs back with a bicycle kick! Golden stumbles, falling out of the ring. Sulley climbs out after him - sadly without a cool suicide dive-like maneuverer - and with no wasted motion shoves Golden back-first against the ringside barrier, not once, but twice!

    Rod Sterling: That's flesh and bone meeting cold steel, ladies and gentlemen. If Sulley's strikes were 'softening up' Golden's midsection, then a few choice encounters with the ringside barrier will pulverize through it like playdough.

    Christian Quinn: Devin Golden started this match off strong, but since St. Sulley's focused on that midsection so viciously, it's been all Sulley. Golden's going to have to turn things around, and fast, if he wants to make this a victory tonight.

    St. Sulley attempts a third shove into the barrier, but Golden has the wherewithal to sense it coming, and stops it with a sharp forearm to the jaw. Sulley reels, dazed, and Golden strikes with a snap belly-to-belly suplex on the outside!

    Daniella Kennedy: There's the turn around! Nothing quite equalizes a fight like a slam on the outside of the ring!

    Rod Sterling: While the move itself didn't exactly help Devin Golden's midsection situation, it's certainly created separation, which is primarily what Golden needs right now.

    Devin Golden rolls into the ring, rolling back out to break the count, and grips St. Sulley by the hair, throwing him into the ring. Stalking Sulley from behind, he waits until Sulley's back on his feet, then grips him in a rear waist lock, nailing a picture-perfect German Suplex! He keeps the grip, and hits another! A third in a row, before he bridges for a pinfall attempt! One! Two! T-No, kickout! Golden doesn't let the kickout stun him, pushing Sulley into a corner and immediately unloading with punches to the dome! One, two, three, we know how to count, he reaches ten straight strikes before taking Sulley down with a bulldog! On a sprint, not letting up, he climbs the turnbuckle, and signals for The Golden Touch! But Sulley starts rolling, creating distance, and Golden disappointingly climbs back down into the ring.

    Christian Quinn: And you have the imagine if Devin Golden nailed The Golden Touch, it would be all over - but St. Sulley has the ring awareness to position himself too far for Golden to accurately hit it, forcing Golden to abandon the attempt.

    Devin Golden approaches, and lifts St. Sulley back to his feet, and attempts the Rotten Touch! But Sulley blocks it, and takes Golden down with a snap DDT instead! He staggers to his feet, booting Golden out of the ring, and as the referee checks on Golden, Sulley deftly removes the top turnbuckle cover, exposing the solid steel, and as Golden climbs back into the ring, Sulley grabs him but the hair, and attempts to bash his face into the exposed steel! But Golden blocks it, elbowing Sulley twice and sending him staggering away. Before Sulley can respond, Golden strikes with a running front-flip blockbuster! He makes the cover! One! Two! Th-Kickout! Sulley crawls over to the corner - the corner with the exposed turnbuckle - and climbs to his feet, and as Golden approaches, Sulley strikes with a subtle thumb to the eye! Golden reels, and Sulley grips him in a waist lock, before throwing Golden with a belly-to-belly suplex into the exposed steel turnbuckle! Golden's tailbone hits the exposed steel dead on, and all the focus Sulley's put on Golden's midsection comes burning back!

    Daniella Kennedy: That's a game-changer, if nothing else!

    St. Sulley quickly rolls Devin Golden in a pinfall attempt! One! Two!

    Devin Golden kicks out!

    Rod Sterling: Golden still kicks out! The resilience of this man!

    St. Sulley shoots a glare at the referee, before taking Devin Golden to his feet. He puts hi in a fireman's carry, and goes for the GTS! But Golden slips out of it, landing behind Sulley, and nails a reverse fisherman's suplex?!? He keeps his grip on Sulley's head, rolling over him and lifting him back to his feet, and deadlifts him in a snap suplex! But that's not all - Golden springs to his feet, approaches one corner, and nails a beautiful split-legged moonsault! He scrambles for a cover!



    Thr-KICKOUT! A kickout in the nick of time!

    Christian Quinn: The burst of offense, a frenzy flurry of moves, was so close to getting Devin Golden the W! Keep the pressure on!

    Devin Golden does exactly that, immediately gripping St. Sulley's legs and attempting to lock in the Liontamer! But Sulley fights out of it, kicking him away. As Sulley climbs to his feet, Golden throws a superkick, but Sulley blocks it, and pushes Golden away. Golden backs up, into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle, and as Sulley throws a superman punch, Golden catches him, and deposites him face-first into the exposed steel! Sulley crumbles, staggering backward, and Golden follows it up with the Rotten Touch! He collapses onto Sulley's prone body!



    THRE-KICKOUT! Less of a kickout, and more of Sulley getting his shoulder up with a last-ditch motion!

    Rod Sterling: So close! One more move, one more strike, and that might've done it!

    Exasperated, Devin Golden turns to the turnbuckle, and begins to climb it. St. Sulley is motionless in the middle of the ring, chest heaving, having maybe used the last of his strength to kickout. Devin Golden leaps for the Golden Touch!

    But St. Sulley moves at the last second, just barely!

    Devin Golden hits nothing but mat, his bruised abdomen meeting the mat, sending a chorus of agony through his body! Sulley rolls to the ropes, staggering to his feet as Golden lifts himself to his knees, clenching his teeth in pain - Sulley strikes with the Shining Wizard right to the face! Golden collapses, Sulley sprawling on top of him, lifting the leg for the cover!



    Winner: Saint Sulley

    Aside from a few cheers among the Saint Sulley marks, the crowd raction is silent. Golden stays on the mat as Sulley retrieves his FWA World Championship and slowly rolls under the ropes and out of the ring. He exhaustedly looks up the rampway and walks towards the exit, but not before turning and looking back at his opponent. Golden rolls to his stomach and looks outward to no one in particular, his mind racing about an assortment of factors surely. But he must come to grips with the fact that tonight, Sulley was superior.

    Rod Sterling: This is a monumental win for Sulley. Even if the title wasn't on the line, winning this match holds significance for him. He defeated someone he watched at the top of the card as he was in the X title division, struggling to find his footing.

    Christian Quinn: Now he has beaten the man ... as World champion himself.

    The World Champion raises the title belt as he walks backwards up the rampway, signaling his standing as the top of the company and card. After defeating a Hall of Famer, he deserves the accolades and recognition.


    Then a light, a bright white spotlight from the back of the room. It’s silent at first, almost too silent. Then the noise begins, quietly at first, like men and women whispering between themselves. That noise, moving from quiet to deafening as the voices get louder and louder, all chanting one thing.

    Thank You Lord

    A man steps in front of the light, casting his shadow across the crowds of hooded figures filling the room. Two of the hooded figures would bring a lectern up to the man, placing it in front of him. They would bow to him before returning to their positions in the room.

    ???: We have made it.

    The male voice echoed and boomed around the room as all the figures all chanted once again before being silenced by the figure at the lectern. The figure paused briefly before talking once again.

    ???: We are here.

    The British accent was obvious now, the booming English voice filling the room. The hooded figures are not hiding how obviously they are all staring at the man. The cameras begin to depict the man, a half mask covering his face, the other half of his face on show.

    ???: The FWA.

    The man at the lectern grinned, the half of his mouth on show curling up at the edges. The hooded figures begin their chanting again, this time chanting the name of the company, chanting for The FWA.

    ???: You all know me as your leader, your saviour and your lord. They all know me as The Curse of Satan, The Unholy Angel.

    The man at the lectern reached up, running a hand through his hair. Another light had come on while he was talking, making his facial features much more obvious. His beard (the half on show) was neatly trimmed, his eyes a piercing blue.

    Elliot Harvey Huttlesone: My name is Elliot Harvey Huttlestone, the saviour of the fallen and the leader of demonic souls. The FWA is to become my breeding ground, the breeding ground for the chaos that I am about to bring.

    Another light had come on while the man was talking, this time lighting his right hand side, lighting the jet black half mask. The blood stains and the cut marks on the mask made visible by the light.

    Elliot Harvey Huttlestone: We are here to introduce you to the life of sin and greed, introduce you to our lifestyle. Before long, all of you will be demons under my control.

    The man would smile, a sick and twisted smile.

    Elliot Harvey Huttlestone: I appear to be getting ahead of myself. I appear to be thinking too big too fast. No matter, I have all of the time in the world to work my way through the pack.

    Elliot would grin, hand running through his hair.

    Elliot Harvey Huttlestone: Tonight is just to introduce myself to all of you on the FWA roster and respectfully inform you that from now on, we are in my domain and I make the rules here.

    The Unholy One would offer another sick smile, adjusting his tie as he does. His full attire would be much more visible now, black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He would look highly presentable.

    Elliot Harvey Huttlestone: Welcome to Hell.

    Cameras now focus on Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird sitting behind his general manager's desk. He looks stern and serious directly into the camera. The crowd boos his presence.

    "As you all heard earlier, I am on probation as general manager. The incidents involving Yuna Funanori have put me in a ... precarious position.

    But that all ends tonight. The tide turns. I will prove my worth as your GM ..."

    More boos at this comment.

    "And handle Yuna. And that happens tonight.

    As you also know, I have a clause in my contract. As stated, being on probation prevents me from ANY physical contact with another wrestler, even out of self defense. But I can compete in the Carnal Contendership match, where this is waived. I wrote this into my contract.

    So tonight, I will be entering the match with my eyes solely on our ... Gauntlet Champion.

    But I'm also making an offer ... to the OTHER THIRTY FOUR wrestlers. Whoever eliminates Yuna tonight from the match ... will receive a Gauntlet Championship on the next Fight Night. Her reign of terror must end, and that begins with TAKING that belt from her.

    I don't care who it is eliminating her. Michelle. Garcia. Mike Parr. Cyrus Truth. Gabrielle. Whoever does it ... gets a title shot. The rules are suspended for the title. Hell, I can even win it. Yuna made a fool of me and got into the Mile High Massacre. I won't let her smear the FWA's good name and make the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber, or much worse, win Carnal Contendership and go to Back in Business.

    So Yuna ... Let this be a message of how much power I can wield still. I'm done playing games with you."

    Rod Sterling: Oh my ... more intrigue surrounding the Carnal Contendership match. Now whoever eliminates Yuna gets a Gauntlet title shot!

    A graphic appears for the upcoming Carnal Contendership match. It explains the rules of the match, which has no specific time limit. The crowd begins cheering in the arena as Kurt Harrington goes over the groundwork for the in-arena fans. In the graphic, the TV/network/streaming audience sees the following:

    • Over-the-top rope battle royal
    • Both feet must touch the ground for an elimination
    • No disqualification, no pinfalls, no submissions, no countouts
    • The competitor list is random
    • The first two competitors start together
    • The first two competitors are alone for four (4) minutes until the third competitor enters
    • After the third competitor enters, new competitors enter every 90 seconds
    • The last wrestler standing earns a match for the FWA World Championship at Back in Business XV

    Rod Sterling: The list of Carnal Contendership winners includes some of the greatest of all time. Ryan Hall. WOLF. Ryan Rondo. Cyrus Truth. Shannon O'Neal. Last year ... it was Nova Diamond ... one of the most surprising and fresh wins in FWA history.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is one of the most exciting and entertaining matches in FWA's calendar year.

    Christian Quinn: You get the near-future direction of the FWA decided in one match. You get the main event of the biggest show decided in this one match. You get everything ... about the FWA World Championship decided right here. There are the favorites ... but there are sleepers. We've seen favorites win a lot.

    Rod Sterling: But last year we saw a sleeper win it! And we've seen surprise entrants like Cyrus Truth and Shannon O'Neal win it. It's a VERY unpredictable match.

    Daniella Kennedy: It often comes down to luck of the draw. Are you at the end of the entrant list ... or at the start?!

    "He's the Greatest Dancer" sends the crowd into a mini-frenzy! "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock emerges doing his patented disco dance for about 2-3 seconds and then halts, in a frozen stance. Peacock then yells into the abyss and clenches his fists next to his side.

    Rod Sterling: This Carnal Contendership match will include ... A LOT ... of fresh faces, people who are competing in their VERY FIRST of this annual match. Chris Peacock is the first example, and he's the first competitor.

    Christian Quinn: Like Daniella said, a lot of this is your luck of the draw. Chris Peacock has a loooooooooooooong night ahead of him.

    Daniella Kennedy: He's riding a high right now, though! He won a multi-man match recently and is the #1 contender to the X Championship. So if Konchu Hao is coming out soon, we could get a preview!

    A gospel-like tune begins with a repetitive drum beat and beautiful male singing. Eventually, "YOU BEST BELIEVE WE'LL GET HELL TO PAY!" and the crowd turns up the boo volume for the next entrant.

    "The Arteest" Eli Black comes out with the full-blown suit, the pipe in his mouth, the turtleneck, the brown shoes, the button vest. Everything screams class as the man who has feuded with Cyrus Truth for months now is strolling down the rampway ... slowly ... much slower than Peacock did.

    Rod Sterling: Well ... ANOTHER Carnal Contendership rookie. Eli Black ... no one has improved as much from their debut in 2020 to now ... tonight ... for this match. Eli Black is ... almost entirely different. Some would say personality-wise, for the worse.

    Daniella Kennedy: But in terms of wins and losses ... and wrestling quality ... for the better. His demeanor is much more prepared to be a star in the FWA.

    Eli Black steps through the ropes, removes the suit jacket, the grey vest, the turtleneck, the suit pants, the dress shoes. And now he's with the yellow wrestling tights, the classy pipe, and changes to wrestling boots that his father, Frederick Black, hands him from the outside. Frederick walked out after Eli but officials send him to the back!

    Rod Sterling: We knew The New Breed wouldn't be allowed but now Frederick Black is being sent away! The refs are protecting the integrity of this as much as possible!

    Daniella Kennedy: As much as possible is the key phrase. This is going to be a mayhem-filled match tonight.

    Christian Quinn: Eli's biggest win is one on one against Cyrus Truth. He had the help of his dad, BUT Eli won. He lost the North American title match, the rematch, with Cyrus, but you can hear buzz for a rubber match at Back in Business.

    Rod Sterling: Maybe Eli has ... more ambitious dreams for Back in Business. But like Chris Peacock ... a LOOOOONG night ahead of him!

    Carnal Contendership Match

    Over-the-Top Battle Royal

    Winner goes to Back in Business main event for FWA World Championship
    Entrant #1: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

    Entrant #2: "The Arteest" Eli Black

    The bell rings and the two starter competitors circle the ring once before locking up. Eli Black latches on a side head lock. Peacock is tight under the armpit as Eli walks him to the ropes. Peacock shoves Eli into the ropes across the ring but gets a big shoulder tackle on the rebound.

    Eli then runs off the adjacent ropes and Peacock springs to life with a spinning wheel kick! "Disco's Last Warrior" runs off the ropes and jumps over Eli's body, running the ropes again, and Eli sits up and hits a nice arm drag!

    Eli hits an Olympic Slam and quickly a knee drop on the shoulder of Chris Peacock. We're only about 40 or 50 seconds in since the bell rang.

    Rod Sterling: This is an interesting matchup. Eli Black was a former competitor for the X Championship. Never got the gold but was VERY close on multiple occasions with Gerald Grayson.

    Christian Quinn: Now it's Chris Peacock in line for a shot. Kind of a 2020 versus 2021 of the X title division right here.

    Daniella Kennedy: They go for four minutes before anyone else comes in!

    Eli Black backs Peacock against the turnbuckle and lands big forearms to the jaw. He whips Peacock across the ring and "Disco's Last Warrior" stops his momentum with his hands on the turnbuckle and lands a back kick to the gut of a charging Eli Black! Peacock lands three punches, does a disco pose, and then plants "The Arteest" with a punch to the nose!

    Peacock backs Eli to the ropes and whips him across the ring. He tries a back body drop over the original ropes but Eli lands on the apron and quickly pokes the eyes. The crowd gets a little energy seeing Eli on the apron, but he steps through and re-enters safety zone. He lands an elbow to the back of the head and a scoop powerslam!

    Rod Sterling: Peacock got Eli to the apron but couldn't land the first blow! Eli showing his urgency there. That's experience from a rookie of Carnal Contendership.

    The crowd notices the clock reach 60. One minute to go, three minutes in. "The Arteest" slowly works on Peacock with a side head lock. He then tightens and slowly lets him rise to his feet. Eli uses the rest hold to catch his own breath while giving Peacock no recovery.

    Eli smartly backs Peacock into the ropes and lifts him up by the legs and tries flipping him over the ring. Peacock is able to swing and kick his left leg into the side of Eli's head and then does "Fight Fever" back fist, which sends Eli stumbling into the turnbuckle. Peacock poses for the crowd as the clock hits 5 ....

    then 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

    Entrant #3: "Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore

    "Man of the Hour" by Pearl Jam hits and the wrestler with a matching nickname to the entrance music struts out to the stage. He's wearing an open blue wrestling jacket and sporting a clean-shaven, nicely cut look. Donovan Moore then walks quickly to the ring to meet the other two.

    Rod Sterling: We got three minutes straight of Eli Black and Chris Peacock. Now it's 90 seconds a pop! It'll be hectic from here out!

    Daniella Kennedy: Donovan Moore has had mixed results since returning to the FWA, but he had a strong performance at Desert Storm in the X title #1 contendership match, which Chris Peacock won! So there's some history between those two!

    Donovan Moore ducks a clothesline from Chris Peacock and lands his own big short-arm lariat. He then whips Peacock into the ropes and lands a back body drop. Then a sprint to the corner for a corner clothesline to Eli Black!

    Donovan Moore whips Eli to the ropes and lands a picture-perfect dropkick to the chest. He then poses above "The Arteest" but gets a kick and famouser from Chris Peacock! The crowd cheers as Peacock now stands alone at the top. He grabs Moore around the neck and whips him to the ropes. Peacock misses a clothesline and Eli Black lands a big open hand chop to the chest.

    Peacock turns and Moore lands a big chop to the chest.

    Eli hits his style of open-hand chop. Then Moore lands one. Eli lands a third of his own. Moore lands a third. Then Eli hits a gutwrench elevated neckbreaker!

    Rod Sterling: Eli Black and Donovan Moore ... double teaming Chris Peacock here!

    The clock reaches 10 ... getting a countdown chant from the audience. Eli and Donovan Moore communicate and try to flip Peacock over the ropes, but "Disco's Last Warrior" grabs the ropes and fights with all he can. Eventually ... the clock hits zero!

    Entrant #4: Kai Urigawa

    The crowd pops for Kai Urigawa, who sprints down the rampway and slides under the ropes!

    Rod Sterling: ANOTHER newcomer, even newer than Peacock!

    Urigawa lands forearms to Donovan Moore and Eli Black, saving Chris Peacock for the time being!

    Daniella Kennedy: It seems like Urigawa is helping Peacock!

    Urigawa lands a fallaway slam to Donovan Moore. Then a leg lariat to Eli Black. Kai spinning hook kicks Moore. German suplex to Eli Black, who rolls to the apron ... where he's still safe since he went under the ropes!

    Christian Quinn: WHAT A RUN! Kai Urigawa looks like a BEAST!

    Kai grabs Peacock by the neck and flings him into the nearest turnbuckle. He drives his foot into the exposed ribs with kicks, over and over. He then turns in time to see Donovan Moore attempt a corner splash and dodges it, allowing Moore to hit Peacock. Kai then hits a belly-to-backstabber on Moore!

    The countdown reaches 10 ... down to 5 ... with Kai Urigawa having wiped the ring and standing tall.

    Entrant #5: Saus X

    Saus X's theme music hits and the crowd cheers. The Crimson Knights root him on from atop the stage as he jumps to the apron, jumps to the ropes, and hits a flying forearm to Kai!

    Saus X then runs off the ropes, baseball slides through Kai's legs, and enzuiguri kicks him after. Then a springboard dropkick to the chest. And finally, Saus X gets Kai down with a tornado DDT!

    The crowd is HYPE for Saus X, who turns his attention to Donovan Moore. He lands a chop to the ankle. Then another chop to the ankle. He tries a springboard cutter but Moore catches him around the waist from behind and tries a back suplex, which Saus X backflips into an arm drag stunner!

    Rod Sterling: Saus X and Donovan Moore faced off earlier tonight in the Gauntlet Championship match! You've read Twitter so you've seen these two have some beef! It's come to a head tonight in two matches!

    Daniella Kennedy: Saus X is showing out here against "The Man of the Hour"!

    Saus X gets a big forearm from behind by Eli Black, who hits a back suplex. Chris Peacock lands a chop to the chest that takes Eli down hard. Kai lands a HUGE vertical suplex that includes him holding the move in the air for about four seconds! Then he sees Saus X try a top rope crossbody, catches the smaller wrestler, repositions how he's holding him, and literally throws him across the ring, sending him awkwardly landing ON TOP of the turnbuckle. Saus X falls off and lands on the apron, still in the match but in danger zone.

    The Crimson Knights are silently aghast on the side of the ring. The clock reaches 5 ... 3 ... 1 ...

    Entrant #6: Yuna Funanori

    The Pirate Queen's pirate-themed music plays and Patches the parrot flies into the arena with Yuna wearing her pirate hat, smiling and boasting the FWA Gauntlet Championship!

    Rod Sterling: Yuna defended the title earlier tonight against the men in the ring, Donovan Moore and Saus X! She tricked Vincent into not giving her the first entrant spot! She defeated Kayden Knox at Desert Storm! But tonight ... she has a bounty on her. Whoever eliminates her ... gets a Gauntlet title match!

    Daniella Kennedy: WOAH! ... KNOX!

    Kayden Knox completely blindsides Yuna Funanori with a big forearm to the back. Patches flies into the rafters as the general manager, Lord Vincent, roots Knox on from the side. Knox grabs Yuna and flings her back first into the fan railing. Then he flings her into the other fan railing. Knox lifts Yuna up like a 5-pound dumbbell and drops her onto the rampway!

    Christian Quinn: This is Vincent and Knox getting their payback on Yuna after all her antics, after Desert Storm! This is the Affliction getting back at the Gauntlet Champion! And maybe even getting a Gauntlet title shot for one of their own!

    Kayden Knox continues to brutalize Yuna on the outside by tossing her into the ground, into the barricade, and elsewhere!

    In the ring, Donovan Moore is lifted up by Kai and flung into the turnbuckle. But Kai misses the corner elbow. Donovan Moore chops a big red gash on the chest of "Big Mack" and turns to hit a dropkick on Eli Black! Then he grabs Eli by the wrist and hits ...

    Rod Sterling: END OF THE HOUR! Eli Black is planted!

    Donovan Moore lands the first finishing move of the Carnal Contendership!

    Chris Peacock surprises Moore with a uppercut. Then he hoists Donovan Moore up like a spinebuster but drives him into the nearby turnbuckle. He doesn't release, though, instead moving to the next turnbuckle. Then the third one!

    Kai still occupies the fourth, so Peacock cuts his finisher short and spinebusters Moore in the middle of the ring!

    Rod Sterling: Roller Disco!

    Saus X STUNS Chris Peacock with a superkick, right to the jaw! Saus X with the surprising finisher in his first Carnal Contendership!

    Then Eli Black with "The Theory of 9" cutter on Saus X!


    The clock reaches 10 ... then down to 8 ... 6 ... 4 ... 2 ...

    Entrant #7: "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox

    Knox leaves Yuna to the floor outside the ring and looks up at Eli Black, who smiles over the ropes. Lord Vincent smiles at the duo as Knox steps up to the apron and through the ropes.

    Eli backs up to allow Knox to enter the ring. The announcers wonder what is about to happen. But instead of a brawl or a grapple, Eli points down to the bodies on the mat!

    Knox grabs Donovan Moore first. He scoops him for a powerslam and drops him on the apron. When Moore gets up, Kayden Knox lands one big open-fist strike and knocks Moore down to the floor!

    Elimination #1: "Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore

    Eli Black leans Saus X against the ropes and Knox hits a running boot right to the nose! Saus X is sent backflipping over the ropes ... where the Crimson Knights catch him and keep him from landing on the ground!

    Rod Sterling: SAUS X IS STILL ALIVE!

    Daniella Kennedy:

    Then hoist him back up to the apron, but Knox quickly lands another knockout running boot to the jaw. Saus X falls and the Crimson Knights catch him A SECOND TIME. Then prop him on the apron, but Saus X looks worse for wear. Eli Black slides out of the ring and when Knox lands a forearm, the Knights catch Saus X a third time but Eli Black picks up a fold-up chair and swings at the tag team, hitting each one time as they drop Saus X and let his feet touch the floor!

    Eli is fine as he went under the ropes.

    Elimination #2: Saus X

    Knox then grabs Kai and props him up near the ropes. But Chris Peacock saves the day with a running forearm to the face. Peacock begins brawling with Knox and eventually beats him down in the corner. He yells to Kai to help, who finally obliges.

    But Eli Black quickly intervenes and now it looks like a two-on-two tag match is breaking out. Eli Black and Kayden Knox against Kai Urigawa and Chris Peacock.

    Yuna Funanori, whose pirate hat got tossed into the crowd, is slowly crawling up to the ring steps. She's showing some damn heart and recovering from Knox's brutal beatdown.

    But Lord Vincent keeps shouting for his goon monster to keep an eye on her.

    The clock reaches 5 ... then 3 ... then 1 ...

    Rod Sterling: Who is Number 8?!?!

    Entrant #8: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia slowly walks to the ring, receiving a heavy dosage of hate mail from the audience. A few "Big Mike" stans make their voices heard as loud as possible, but the general sentiment is obvious.

    Garcia cares little. He walks up to the ring, mostly ignoring the barking demands from his general manager, and the man whom he has clashed with lately, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.


    Garcia walks up to Yuna, who is leaning sideways on the ring steps, her left hand on the ring apron. She's nearly made the ring after Knox's brutal assault.

    Garcia reaches the steps and approaches Yuna, all while staring directly at Vincent. Garcia then slowly, sadistically, grabs Yuna by the hair and forcefully slams her back first into the fan barricade.

    "MORE! AGAIN!" Vincent bellows, with a smile fitting for Christmas morning.

    Garcia stares blankly at him and walks away, stomping up the ring steps and into the ring. Vincent is befuddled and unamused. He barks at Garcia a question of his actions, and Garcia turns and finally screams,


    Garcia enters the ring, leaving Vincent alone outside with Yuna. He contemplates inflicting further damage but ... chooses not to, instead walking to the other side of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Lord Vincent is agonizing over this! He can't touch another wrestler right now since he's on probation. He only has ONE match where he can do that. It's Carnal Contendership, but he has to be an active participant!

    Garcia enters the ring and immediately clears house. He clotheslines Peacock to the ground. Then a big twisting powerslam to Kai Urigawa. He comes face to face with Kayden Knox and Eli Black, the surprise team-up pairing of the match thus far.

    Eli Black steps aside, allowing Knox and Garcia to come nose to nose.

    Daniella Kennedy: There has been some tension here! Not just "some" even. A lot of it!

    Christian Quinn: Knox is finally standing up to Garcia! What a moment!

    But instead of the monster men going at it, Garcia smiles and begins chuckling. Knox smiles back, and the two embrace in a big hug.


    Eli Black then breaks up the lovey-dovey moment and points to Peacock and Kai, who are still on the canvas.

    Rod Sterling: Garcia, Knox, and Eli Black all working together!

    Garcia grabs Kai and lifts the big body over his head. The crowd exudes approval for the show of strength. Garcia has Kai in a military press position and quickly transitions to a Samoan Drop!

    Garcia grabs Kai and tosses him over the top rope, out of the ring. The crowd boos as Knox begins yapping at Kai. The heel trio then set their sights on the warrior of disco.

    Elimination #3: Kai Urigawa

    But the clock reaches 5 ... right as Peacock tries to fight back with fists. Garcia neutralizes him with a knee to the ribs. Then a sitout chokebomb that shakes the ring!


    Entrant #9: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon

    The crowd explodes, the loudest reaction thus far. "Rockstar" Randy Ramon emerges with the sunglasses, the long leather jacket, the rockstar pants, the rockstar hair past his shoulders. He locks his eyes on the trio in the ring and sees his Ground Zero project helplessly at their hands.

    Rod Sterling: Chris Peacock needed a friend, and he might have one with Ramon!

    Daniella Kennedy: Peacock's friendship with Danny Toner might make Ramon think twice, though!

    Christian Quinn: But we know Ramon doesn't particularly like Mike Garcia!

    Ramon's allegiance is known quickly. He slides into the ring and immediately lands a NASTY "Remix" superkick to Kayden Knox. Then repeated forearms to Garcia and Eli Black. The heel duo is stunned and stumbling as Ramon shows his fiery side, landing knife-edge chops to the chest, straight from "The Golden One" playbook!

    Ramon runs off the ropes and hits a leaping lariat that takes Eli Black down and staggers Garcia. Ramon then sizes Garcia up and ...

    "REMIX" right to the jaw! Now all three heels are down!

    Rod Sterling: Randy Ramon just saved Chris Peacock!

    Entrant #10: Zip Strider

    The other half of The Crimson Knights, who made his way to the back after Saus X was eliminated, sprints to the ring. He immediately points at Garcia as Peacock and Ramon brace for a run of high-flying moves.

    Peacock gets to his feet and points at Garcia. Ramon nods his head and the trio of Zip Strider, Peacock, and Ramon pick the monster 7-footer up with all their strength. They try to hoist him over the ropes, but it fails. Finally they lift from the legs and are able to get Garcia hanging halfway over each side of the bedding top rope! It's giving a bit and Garcia is teetering over the outside side of the ropes.

    Knox sees his leader in peril and rolls under the turnbuckle to the apron! He then dives and catches Garcia, stopping his momentum momentarily!

    Garcia lands flatly on the apron while Knox hits his face on the apron and bounces off, falling to the floor!

    Elimination #4: Kayden Knox

    The crowd is aghast as Knox essentially sacrificed himself for Garcia! Peacock, Ramon, and Strider are likewise surprised. Their moment of distraction allows Eli Black to land a forearm to Ramons back. Garcia then smashes Peacock's face into the turnbuckle. And he blocks a forearm from Strider!

    Garcia runs the ropes but Strider ducks a clothesline and lands a leg lariat! Garcia is staggered and Strider follows with a springboard dropkick. Eli takes Strider down with a forearm.

    In the ring, it's Eli Black, Michael Garcia, Zip Strider, Randy Ramon, and Chris Peacock.

    Yuna Funanori has slowly crawled to the apron and is about to reach the ring. Finally!

    Lord Vincent is outside the ring, looking agitated that Yuna remains.

    The clock reaches 10


    Down to 3 ...

    1 ...

    Entrant #11: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    A wry smile comes across the face of our general manager. He seems to be cashing in on the clause in his contract!

    Rod Sterling: Vincent is taking the clause in his contract! He's entering Carnal Contendership!

    Daniella Kennedy: Yuna is already massively beaten down and now she has to deal with Vincent?!

    Vincent enters the ring and immediately grabs Yuna by the hair. She screams in pain as Vincent yanks her within inches of his face. His scowl tells the story, as he's about to unleash minutes upon minutes of pain on the thorn poking him and the Affliction in the side for the past few months.

    Vincent grabs Yuna and flings her into the turnbuckle. He then grabs her by the throat, looking to choke the consciousness from her. The crowd boos and is mostly petrified by what they're watching. Vincent looks down on her and relinquishes.

    "It's time. Finally time for you to be OUT of MY match."

    Vincent, a former X Champion himself, grabs Yuna by the hair and throws her towards the ropes. He has her sized up for a massive running boot or clothesline, hoping to topple her over the ropes and out of the match.

    Vincent charges but Yuna ducks and pulls the ropes down. Vincent's crotch lands on the top rope, with either leg hanging from either side of the ropes. Yuna sees this and pounces with a dropkick right to the shoulder! Vincent then lands on the apron and Yuna grabs the ropes and sort of swinging-slides her feet under the bottom rope, kicking Vincent in the ribs. And he falls off the apron and exits the ring!


    Daniella Kennedy: NOW how Vincent planned this going!

    Elimination #5: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    Vincent is fuming outside the ring, absolutely beside himself that this happened.

    Yuna laughs at the general manager, and the parrot returns to the perch on the turnbuckle. But Yuna is unaware that Eli Black is stalking behind her.

    Eli picks Yuna up and flings her over the ropes and to the waiting arms of Lord Vincent!

    Elimination #6: Yuna Funanori


    Vincent smiles as he looks down at Yuna on the mat. He hovers over her, about to throw a right hand ... but the remembers and pauses, his face going from a devilish smirk to a worrisome frown.

    Christian Quinn: He's no longer in the match! He can't do anything physically to her!

    Rod Sterling:This is a precarious spot for Vincent. You KNOW he wants to throw her into the ring steps, the post, the barricade, anything!

    Vincent drops the arm, hoping to keep his position. He then shouts, "I didn't do anything to her. I didn't."

    But Yuna stomps Vincent's feet and runs off. Vincent hobbles in pain as Kayden Knox, Vincent's trusted ally for months, makes a move to try and gain retribution but is far too slow.

    And the timer ticks down yet again ... to 5 ... 3 ... 1 ...

    Entrant #12: "The Rave" Lizzie Rose

    Lizzie Rose, the bubbly and energetic tutelage of Gabrielle Montgomery from Ground Zero, hops and then sprints down the rampway to the ring. She enters through the middle and top rope, first hitting a jumping shoulder block to Eli Black. "The Rave" then with a spinning back elbow to "Rockstar" Randy Ramon.

    The third move is an arm drag to Chris Peacock. Then she tries a "Girl Meets Mat" tornado DDT to Garcia .. but she's held in the air in sort of a bear hug position. Garcia then tosses her sideways into the nearby turnbuckle. Lizzie hits her head on the top turnbuckle and faceplants into the canvas.

    This leaves Garcia, Peacock, Zip Strider, Ramon, Eli Black, and Lizzie Rose as the six in the ring, still competing.

    Zip Strider is throwing an underdog assault at Garcia. He has him backed to the ropes ... but the Undisputed Alliance appears! Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage come to ringside and hop up to the apron, entering the ring! They help Garcia triple team Zip Strider ... and Garcia grabs Zip Strider and whips him into the ropes and hits a MASSIVE powerslam. He then picks Zip up and tosses him out of the ring, marking the seventh elimination.

    Elimination #7: Zip Strider

    Ramon clotheslines both members of the UA to the mat, and they roll out of the ring. Garcia hits a sidewalk slam on Ramon, who had his back turned!

    The UA are then surrounded by officials and shoved towards the rampway. This is the unceremonious exit they didn't expect!

    Eli Black then taps Garcia on the shoulder and points to Peacock, who is leaning propped up against the ropes. The heels focus on "Disco's Last Warrior" with stomps and boots into the throat. Ramon stops the boos with a forearm to Eli. Then a forearm to Garcia. He's fighting off the heels but is eventually double-teamed. Lizzie Rose then leaps off the turnbuckle with a flying spinning heel kick to Garcia!

    The monster stumbles back and Ramon and Peacock try to lift him up. Eli stops them and Lizzie interjects "The Arteest".

    The countdown ticks to five ... then three ... then one ...

    Entrant #13: Krash

    "Back in Town" sends the crowd into a frenzy, but a mixed one at that. The cheering side is still hanging on to fan-favorite and likable Krash, while the booing half is recognizing his dastardly deeds against Golden Rock.

    Krash himself is ... hesitant to reach the ring. He slowly walks down the rampway and has his eyes locked on "Rockstar" Randy Ramon. In fact, his gaze is returned. Ramon seems ready for Krash, but Krash isn't ready for Ramon.

    Rod Sterling: This is going to be ... a hellacious confrontation. You KNOW Ramon wants this!

    Daniella Kennedy: Does Krash want this, though?!

    Krash stops at the outside part of the ring, standing in front on the padded floor. Ramon notices Eli Black about to flip him over the ropes JUST in time to land an elbow to the nose. Eli backs up and Peacock picks him up in a spinebuster move and drives Eli into the turnbuckle. Then he carries him to the second one. He can't finish "Roller Disco" though because Garcia wraps his arms around both and drives Peacock back into the turnbuckle.

    Garcia pulls Eli back but Lizzie Rose does the "Girl Meets Mat" finisher on Eli Black!

    The counter reaches 5 ... then 3 ... then 1 ...

    Entrant #14: Alyster Black

    "Sonne" by Rammstein signals a momentous entrant, as Alyster joins Krash outside the ring. Ramon is BEGGING the GangStarz to slide under the ropes. Alyster is far more eager, and he gets the stomps first. Krash sees his friend getting taken to task and immediately goes in for the save. Now it's Krash and Ramon trading right hands back and forth.

    Alyster eventually gets up and watches with happiness as Krash gains the edge on Ramon. Alyster, with the green and black mask covering his face, surely is smiling under the covering. He double teams with a snap suplex on Ramon and then tries to throw him over the ropes!

    Ramon hangs on to the middle rope and lands on the apron. Peacock makes the save with forearms to Alyster's back and Ramon rolls under the ropes.

    Krash and Alyster whip an EXHAUSTED Chris Peacock into the ropes and hit a double back body drop. Then it's back to "Rockstar", one-half of the focus of their attacks for months.

    5 ... 3 ... 1 ...

    Entrant #15: Danny Toner

    "Greenback Boogie" hits and the crowd absolutely goes nuts. Ramon can only look on as life gets worse and worse with each entrant. Krash and Alyster back up a step from a beaten Ramon, who lays chest down and looking at the entrance. Danny struts out with the FWA Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder.

    Rod Sterling: Does Ramon have ANY friends out here aside from Chris Peacock?

    Christian Quinn: Who has been going for 23 minutes now!

    Danny steps up to the apron and through the ropes. He looks down at Ramon, who is looking up at him. Ramon is unsure of himself as he gets upright and sees himself surrounded by the GangStarz and his long-time rival.

    But the foursome's tension is disrupted by Eli Black and Michael Garcia! Eli drives Toner into the turnbuckle and Garcia takes Ramon down with a forearm.

    Lizzie Rose hits a bulldog on Alyster Black and Peacock lands a dropkick to the back of Krash's knees. In the ring, it's Danny Toner, Randy Ramon, Krash, Chris Peacock, Alyster Black, Michael Garcia, Eli Black, and Lizzie Rose.

    Rod Sterling: The ring is filling up!

    Chris Peacock: Who will be 16th?!

    Daniella Kennedy: More trouble for Ramon!

    Entrant #16: Donny Toner

    The masked tag team champion runs out to the ring to cheers from the fans. Donny slides in and immediately helps Danny fend off Eli Black. Then he and Danny clothesline Garcia with a pairing. Donny dropkicks Lizzie and gets an enzuiguri on Peacock.

    But he gets a snake eyes from "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, who drives Danny into the turnbuckle and begins wailing with wild right hands at his rival. The crowd cheers as Ramon is just pummeling him uninhibited until Donny lands a blow to the head. Donny then hits a cutter on Ramon, who lays motionless near the turnbuckle.

    Entrant #17: Thomas Princeton

    The manager of the Toner Brothers, usually in a suit and tie, is in his wrestling tights. He walks to the stage to a decent fanfare, and Danny is furious.

    Rod Sterling: Thomas Princeton is in Carnal Contendership?!?! He's entering! He entered last year's as well!

    Princeton reaches the ring and points at Ramon. He begins a group discussion with Danny and Donny, who don't seem at all pleased with his appearance. Princeton is trying to get a game plan together and talk them into tossing Ramon over the ropes.

    Danny gets in Princeton's face and the tension builds. Donny tries to separate them but Danny eventually says, "WHY?! WHY KEEP HIM AROUND?! WHO CARES IF HE KNOWS?!"

    Princeton puts his finger into Danny's chest and asks, "Do you really want to go there? Do you want to bring it all up?"

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Garcia and Eli Black are wearing down Chris Peacock, while the GangStarz have Lizzie Rose. Ramon is still recovering on the mat.

    Princeton and the Toner Brothers eventually reduce their tension and look down at Ramon. The GangStarz take their focus off Lizzie Rose and turn to Ramon.

    Now it's Ramon, who's barely able to get to one knee and one foot on the mat, in between five who he's beefing with still.

    Rod Sterling: This ... could not have gone any worse for Ramon.

    Daniella Kennedy: No, not at all. His time left in this is short, that's for sure.

    Just after Daniella's point is made, Donny and Danny lay strikes into the Gang Starz! Princeton is taken back and Ramon jumps the former World Champion with an uppercut to the jaw!

    Then the opening chords of "Zombie" hit and the crowd reacts appropriately. As do the five men in the ring.

    Entrant #18: "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    Rod Sterling: YES! The man who went toe to toe with the World Champion earlier! He's here to give SOME help to Ramon! It's not just Peacock anymore!

    Golden hops to the apron, then jumps onto the ropes, and flies off for a crossbody that takes down BOTH GangStarz members!

    He sees Princeton and the Toners and tackles Donny to the canvas! The pair begin grappling on the mat as Danny and Princeton grab Golden around the waist and yank him off the masked wrestler. Golden nearly pulls off the mask.

    But this allows Ramon to land a discus punch to Danny, who stumbles back! Golden back elbows Princeton ...

    and then clotheslines him out of the ring!

    Elimination #8: Thomas Princeton

    Alyster Black charges at Golden, who ducks and flips him over and out!

    Elimination #9: Alyster Black

    Rod Sterling: Golden is cleaning house! He's taking out the Golden Rock enemies!

    But he's blindsided by Donny Toner, who grabs Golden by the legs and flips him over the ropes! Golden lands on the apron!

    Peacock then flips Donny Toner over the ropes, and he also lands on the apron!

    Golden and Donny begin throwing kicks at each other's shins and thighs, hoping to weaken the balance on the thin apron. Golden eventually backs up and tries a running kick, but Donny catches the foot and sweeps the other leg! Golden falls on the apron and eventually to the ground!

    Elimination #10: "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    But Donny doesn't get back into the ring in time, and Golden grabs both legs, yanks them off the apron, and causes Donny to land face first on the apron and fall to the floor!

    Elimination #11: Donny Toner

    Christian Quinn: Golden just took Donny out after he was eliminated!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is personal as hell for him!

    Danny Toner is reaches over the top rope to try and grab Donny and save him, but he's too late. And this allows Randy Ramon to lift him by the legs and flip him out of the ring!

    Elimination #12: Danny Toner

    Daniella Kennedy: DANNY IS OUT, TOO!!!

    Christian Quinn: GOD! NO! WHAT THE HELL?!

    Rod Sterling: Golden and Ramon got four people out in a matter of a minute!

    Golden and Donny are separated by officials. Danny tries to pile on Golden, who lands a big right jab to Danny's nose than actually causes a little blood to show.

    Golden and Danny begin lobbing cuss words at one another while Princeton yanks Donny and Danny away from the fracas.

    Rod Sterling: This doesn't appear to be over between Golden Rock and the Toners!

    Golden then gets blindsided by Alyster Black, who was waiting for his revenge!

    Rod Sterling: Golden is getting Alyster Black's sinister side right now!

    Daniella Kennedy: Golden Rock have a lot of enemies, but now it's just Krash left in the ring with Ramon!

    The competitors active are: Ramon, Krash, Eli Black, Lizzie Rose, Chris Peacock, and Michael Garcia. Six men after there once was 11 for a brief few seconds.

    And the clock reaches 5 ... then 3 ... then 1 ...

    Entrant #19: Greg

    Greg, a new face we've never seen except for the earlier segment, runs to the ring. He's immediately clotheslined by Garcia, who flings him over the ropes with ease.

    Elimination #13: Greg

    Garcia makes Greg the shortest competitor by time thus far. He refocuses on Lizzie Rose, who is in the corner. Lizzie fends Garcia off with a kick to the groin. Then a kick to the gut. Lizzie then hits a head-scissors takedown but meets knees from Eli Black!

    Daniella Kennedy: Garcia and Eli have been just ... on point as an alliance.

    Entrant #20: Steve the Techno Vampire

    Another of the new faces introduced in an earlier segment, Steve comes out to techno music. Chris Peacock is horrified by this, as the musical savant of the roster. Steve the Techno Vampire enters the ring but Peacock lands a kick to the gut and then flings Steve over the ropes!

    Elimination #14: Steve the Techno Vampire

    Peacock and Eli Black again engage with a grapple, which Peacock wins as he backs Eli against the turnbuckle. Ramon and Krash are now grappling on the other side, with Krash putting a forearm into Ramon's throat.

    Outside the ring, Alyster has a chair in hand. He's stalking Golden with it and swings at the head of the Hall of Famer! But Golden ducks and Alyster smacks the ring steps. Golden lands a backhand chop to the chest. Then he throws Alyster into the barricade and tackles him, knocking the barricade over!!!

    Entrant #21: Spooderman

    This goes about as well as the last two. Spooderman reaches the ring but Lizzie Rose does "Girl Meets Mat" right when he's upright after sliding under the ropes! Spooderman is doozy and "The Rave" expels him with a kick to the chest, sending him back so hard that he flips over the pulled-down ropes by Peacock!

    Elimination #15: Spooderman

    We're still with the same six: Ramon, Krash, Eli Black, Lizzie Rose, Chris Peacock, and Michael Garcia. The crowd recognizes Chris Peacock and Eli Black were the first two in the match.

    Entrant #22: "Big Mack" Marcus McClain

    The crowd cheers as McClain storms to the ring, immediately clotheslining Garcia to the mat. Then a clothesline to Eli Black. Then one to Krash. A boot to Ramon. He back body drops Lizzie Rose!

    Then he turns and sees an EXHAUSTED Chris Peacock, one of his Ground Zero rivals.

    There's a pause and silence as the two finally lock eyes. The crowd cheers and begins a "GROUND ZERO" chant.

    But McClain explodes with "Mack Attack" spear, nearly breaking Peacock in two right through his ribs!

    Rod Sterling: Big Mack isn't here to make friends!

    McClain grabs Lizzie for a running powerslam. Then a big spinebuster to Eli Black.

    His run finally stops when Garcia lands a forearm into the back of his head. Garcia locks in a side head lock but McClain shoves Garcia into the ropes. He levels him with a shoulder tackle, sending Garcia into the ropes!

    McClain charges but Garcia ducks and flips him over!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is it for McClain!

    He lands on the apron fortunately and then catapults himself back into the ring with a flying clothesline to Garcia! The big man shows his athleticism!

    And the clock reaches 5 ... then 3 ... then 1 ...

    Entrant #23: Shawn Summers

    Rod Sterling: OH BOY!

    "Cola" by Lana Del Rey plays and the entire arena buzzes. Shawn Summers emerges with the customary heelish smirk. He stands at the top of the stage swaying to the beat of the song.

    As Lana sings "Come on baby, let's ride", gold pyro rains down from the top of the entrance way behind him as he spreads his arms, eyes closed, making his way down the ramp mouthing the lyrics to the song.

    Daniella Kennedy: We heard rumors! We had a feeling he might be in the match! We couldn't know for sure!

    Christian Quinn: This is a game-changer. He might be the pick to win it all!

    Summers pulls himself up to the apron and looks into the ring. The crowd begins chanting the lyrics to "Cola" as he continues mouthing them. Michael Garcia and Marcus McClain are the two waiting for him. Krash is sitting in one corner, Ramon in another, Peacock in another, Lizzie Rose in the fourth.

    Eli Black joins Garcia and McClain as the trio welcoming Summers to the ring.

    Garcia shoves McClain towards Summers, who hits the "Wipeout" overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Then Eli charges and Summers hits his "Lights Out" roundhouse kick!

    This leaves Summers and Garcia, two men sharing words on Twitter. Garcia locks eyes with Summers, who doesn't back down an inch.

    Garcia throws the first punch, but Summers blocks it and lands his own open-fist shots to the face. Summers has Garcia reeling and whips him to the turnbuckle. He meets a boot after, but Summers knocks Garcia back with another huge forearm. Then it's the "Bee's Knees" knee strike to Garcia in the corner!

    Rod Sterling: Shawn Summers is absolutely taking it to Garcia!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is a feud brewing on social media for months!

    Summers attempts to lift Garcia for the sitout double underhook powerbomb, but Garcia breaks free of the double underhook and hits a backbreaker!

    Entrant #24: Konchu Hao

    The reigning X Champion sprints to the ring with the gold mask covering his face. Konchu carries the belt into the ring with him and smacks Summers over the face with it. Then Eli Black gets the gold plate to the face.

    Then Garcia!

    Konchu hits a backdrop driver on Lizzie Rose and clotheslines Marcus McClain over the ropes and out of the ring!

    Elimination #16: Marcus McClain

    Konchu Hao looks behind and gets a forearm from Chris Peacock, the #1 contender to the X Championship!

    Peacock finds a second wind with repeated forearms to the back. He grounds Konchu before doing a disco dance and then a back fist to the face! "Fight Fever" strikes right in the target area as Konchu stumbles into the ropes. Peacock grabs the legs and tries flipping the X Champion out of the ring, and the match, but Konchu lands a kick to the face and stays alive.

    Aside from those two, the competitors are Garcia, Eli Black, Randy Ramon, Krash, Lizzie Rose, and Shawn Summers. Krash hits a double underhook suplex on Lizzie, who rolls to the apron.

    Entrant #25: ...

    J.J. JAY!

    Rod Sterling: The Cosmic Horror! Uncle! He tried recruiting Lilith, the demonic and twisted CWA World Champion, to help him!

    Daniella Kennedy: He got Lilith on CWA television. That in itself is an accomplishment! He should forever be Triple J Champion in my mind!

    "Cosmic Horror" gets a smacking ovation from the fans as the arena is bathed in near darkness with a "hot pink" filtered version of everyone, even those in the ring. Even Golden and Alyster, who are being separated in the crowd by security.

    This entrance and lighting change halts the action in the match as the attention turns to Uncle ...

    He comes out from the crowd after the camera ventures around to find him. JJJ slowly makes his way through the fans, with Quiet in tow. He wears a Chtulhu-style mask during his entrance.

    Rod Sterling: Uncle sure knows how to make an entrance!

    Daniella Kennedy: He's using the entire budget!

    J.J. JAY!'s entrance lasts 60 seconds on its own, and he stands outside the ring with Quiet right next to him. Konchu Hao leans over the ropes, looking right at JJJ. The current X Champion has words for the former X Champion ...

    but this allows the potential FUTURE X Champion to strike!

    Chris Peacock grabs Konchu's legs and flips him over the ropes and out of the ring!

    Elimination #17: Konchu Hao

    Christian Quinn: J.J. JAY distracted Konchu and Peacock eliminated him!

    Rod Sterling: The officials haven't ushered Quiet away from the ring yet. He hasn't done anything to impede the match. It seems as long as you don't get involved, you can be out here.

    Christian Quinn: Or if you don't have a history of involvement! Like Frederick Black or The New Breed!

    Golden has hopped the railing and returned to the ring area! "The Golden One" looks in the ring with a bloody lip and blood stains around his mouth and nose. He then shouts, "HANG IN! HANG IN!"

    "Rockstar" is laying on his side near the ropes and pulls himself up to his knees.

    JJJ enters the ring just as Konchu is evicted, and he meets Peacock's right hand with a block and a big punch of his own. JJJ lands a big right hook to Peacock. Then one to Ramon. He backhand slaps Krash across the chest and rakes the back of Michael Garcia, who growls as he turns. JJJ simply stomps on the foot, causing the crowd to laugh/cheer, and grabs Garcia's fingers, cracking them.

    JJJ then sees Eli step forward and ducks a chop attempt, and applies the "Cosmic Stretch" octopus hold!

    The crowd begins a "PEACOCK! PEACOCK!" chant to honor the #1 entrant being in the ring for 39 minutes already. Eli Black joins him at that mark, but the cult heel doesn't have the same love from the crowd.

    Entrant #26: "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole

    Reagan Cole appears on stage with his usual attire: jorts with knee pads over them, elbow pads along with tape on both hands. He also has a maroon jacket over a T-shirt with union jack front and center!

    Rod Sterling: We're down to the final 10 entrants tonight, and Reagan Cole is number 26! We weren't quite sure if he'd make it, but here he is!

    "The British Apprentice" slides into the ring and applies a stand-up variation of "Disasterpiece" regal stretch to Konchu, who still has the octopus hold on Eli Black!

    Lizzie Rose locks in a rear choke on Cole ... continuing the chain link. Krash locks in a sleeper behind Lizzie, and Ramon grabs Krash's foot for a standing ankle lock!

    Daniella Kennedy: The submission chain is covering the width of the ring!

    Eli, JJJ, Cole, Lizzie, Krash, and Ramon comprise the chain. Summers, Peacock and Garcia are outside of it. Garcia rampages through and bulldozes Krash, breaking the chain. Summers lands an axe kick to Reagan Cole!

    Golden is still outside the ring cheering on Ramon, as is Quiet cheering on J.J. JAY!

    Chris Peacock goes after JJJ and the timer reaches 5 again ...

    Rod Sterling: Number 27!

    Christian Quinn: Some BIG BIG names still out there...

    Rod Sterling: Dan Maskell. Mike Parr. Cyrus Truth. Gabrielle.

    Rod Sterling: OH MY GOD!

    Daniella Kennedy: Michelle Von Horrowitz! That's one of the big names!

    The crowd is losing its collective shit! Michelle von Horrowitz emerges to the soothing sounds of Roy Orbison, with the fans scream-singing along to the melancholic lyrics. Michelle looks ready for a fight, stomping to the ring with her blonde hair dangling next to her shoulders!

    Entrant #27: Michelle von Horrowitz

    She enters the ring, and all nine other competitors stop and stare at her. Michelle barks, "Who's first?!" as she loosens her shoulders.

    Eli Black tries first, darting at Michelle. The #2 entrant's mistake was the first step, as Michelle uses his momentum for a belly-to-belly OVERHEAD RELEASE SUPLEX

    that sends Eli over the top rope and out of the ring!

    Elimination #18: "The Arteest" Eli Black

    Michael Garcia is wide-eyed and shocked at Eli's exit. He tries to rally the troops, huddling the other seven up together. It's him, Reagan Cole, Shawn Summers, Krash, Ramon, Peacock, Lizzie Rose, and JJJ.

    Garcia then says, "All eight ... on her ... she's OUT."

    Garcia takes a step forward ...

    but the other seven don't follow suit.

    Garcia gets wind of it and turns, seeing the other seven surrounding him. Michelle is behind him, and the eight all swarm Garcia like a hoard of hens.

    Summers, Krash, and JJJ trio up to get Garcia near the ropes. Cole, Ramon, and Peacock grab his legs, lifting him to a pendulum on the ropes. Lizzie Rose is efforting to teeter him over the ropes, but Garcia is fighting as hard as he can.

    Michelle watches from halfway across the ring. Then she finally makes the move ... pushing Garcia over but meanwhile lifting Lizzie Rose over as well!!!

    Elimination #19: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    Elimination #20: Lizzie Rose

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Garcia pounds his fists into the ring mat. He made it top 7 last year but missed out on it in 2021.

    Lizzie Rose is also stunned, and Michelle smiles and mockingly waves at her. The fans eat it up, cheering for Michelle.

    Rod Sterling: Michelle, Krash, JJJ, Reagan Cole, Ramon, Shawn Summers, and Chris Peacock left!

    Daniella Kennedy: Peacock is over 40 minutes now, and Ramon is not far behind. Then it's Krash with the third-longest stay!

    Christian Quinn: Michelle is the freshest. She could eliminate 3 or 4 more before a heavy-hitter shows up!

    We hear rustling on the tables and Rod Sterling making a gasp and "what?" in startled tone.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden: "Rockstar" is showing the grit baby! He outlasted both Toners! He outlasted Princeton. Alyster Black. Me. All of us! He's in this shit. This isn't a Cinderella story! This is real!

    Rod Sterling: Thank you for joining us, Golden! He is, but he looks worse for wear. He has taken a beating.

    Golden: He's being smart, taking it slow. He's staying down when he's catching his breath and picking his spots. He and Peacock are both playing it real smart!

    And the counter reaches 5 ... and 3 ... and 1 ...

    Entrant #28: Gerald Grayson

    Rod Sterling: OR A FRIEND!

    The crowd, yet again, loses its collective shit. Michelle von Horrowitz stares at the entrance and lets out a half smile. Gerald Grayson appreciates the fans' welcome and sprints to the ring, sliding head first under the ropes.

    Michelle and Grayson freeze, their eyes fixated on one another. The crowd feels something leaning between tension and allegiance. Shawn Summers, though, breaks it up with a forearm to Michelle.

    This doesn't sit with Grayson, who European uppercuts Summers. Then a chop to the chest. Then a second chop. Summers backs against the turnbuckle and Grayson does 10 repeated forearms in the corner. Michelle is up and Grayson kneels in front of Summers for her Busaiku knee kick, which she does after jumping off Grayson's back and hitting Summers in the chest in the corner!

    The crowd begins a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant and replaces it with "GRAYSON-HORROWITZ, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap"

    Rod Sterling: This IS awesome. Michelle and Grayson, the finalists of The Elite Tag Team Tournament. The runners-up to Golden Rock!

    Daniella Kennedy: If they are clicking ...

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden: They can clear it! Ramon and Peacock need to ally up!

    Golden drops the microphone headset and returns to near the ring, supporting Ramon vocally. Grayson and MvH again meet at eye level and this time embrace! Grayson says, "Let's do this!"

    First it's a double-team clothesline to JJJ. Then a double-team back body drop to Krash. Grayson ducks a "Remix" superkick from Ramon and hits a springboard dropkick! Michelle lands a northern lights suplex on Peacock!

    Michelle and Grayson turn and meet in the middle of the ring. Michelle runs off one set of ropes while Grayson runs off the other. JJJ is back up and gets squashed in the middle as Grayson goes low and Michelle goes high with a double shoulder tackle!

    Reagan Cole is unfortunately next. Grayson grabs his arms and Michelle has free reign with another Busaiku knee kick! Grayson then flings Cole over the ropes and out of the ring!

    Elimination #21: "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole

    5 ... 3 ... 1 ...

    Entrant #29: The Bad Boys Boy Band

    Three emerge from the entrance as the announcers act confused for a moment. The Backstreet Boy, In-Sync, and Mike Stand are shoulder to shoulder, heading straight to the ring. Allen Price is behind them, pleading for them to "work with Peacock!"

    But the Bad Boys Boy Band don't have much in it. Michelle and Grayson land a double snake eyes to Backstreet Boy. Then then double-whip Mike Stand into Backstreet Boy. Then a kick and double vertical suplex to In-Sync!

    Michelle grabs Backstreet Boy and flings him over. Then In-Sync goes by way of Grayson. Lastly, it's Mike Stand. The pair swarm him ... and Mike Stand thinks better of it and just eliminates himself!

    Elimination #22: The Bad Boys Boy Band

    Rod Sterling: That was quick!

    Christian Quinn:And expected!

    Grayson grabs Peacock and props him against the ropes. Michelle meanwhile goes at Krash, who had a front head lock on Ramon. Summers remains sitting in the corner after the knee kick from Michelle. JJJ is on the apron, catching a breather.

    Entrant #30: ...


    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Michelle looks directly at the entrance, expecting to see her arch-nemesis' smug, hate-worthy face. Grayson looks as well, switching his gaze from the stage to his friend.

    But there's no Mike Parr. None to be seen!

    Christian Quinn: Remember ... no New Breed out here at ringside. They were deemed banned from the match due to the attacks on Michelle!

    Rod Sterling: Where ... where is "Prodigy" now?!

    Daniella Kennedy: Another trick, I'm sure! But you know he'll be alone for it!

    Parr hops the fan barricade and slides into the ring with a lead pipe! The fans are yelling, screaming, PLEADING with Michelle to turn around.

    But she's still unaware.

    Parr is about to take a big wack to the back of Michelle when ... Gerald Grayson turns in time!

    And steps in front, taking the pipe shot to the forehead! OUT ... COLD!

    Michelle turns and sees Grayson, with blood on his forehead, and Mike Parr smiling devilishly and holding the slightly bent lead pipe in his right hand. Michelle's eyes are about to pop out, her veins showing on her pale skin, and her face beat red with anger.

    Christian Quinn: THIS ... IS GOING ... TO BE VIOLENT!

    Michelle grabs Parr's right wrist to stop him from swinging the pipe again, and she kicks Parr in the groin! Michelle then lands ferocious, aggressive, meaty punches at the side of Parr's face. The pipe drops to the canvas, right next to a recovering J.J. JAY!

    Michelle has Parr backed up to the ropes and tries a sleeper hold, but parr backs up and drives Michelle into the turnbuckle. Michelle refuses to let go, and Parr does the same move a second time. Parr eventually flips Michelle over his shoulders and kicks her right in the spine, as hard as he can.

    Grayson remains face-up, unconscious in the middle of the ring. Easy pickings for Krash, the ever-opportunist, to grab Grayson by the hand and hoist him onto his shoulders. Michelle looks on with horror as Krash is about to dispatch her friend...

    But "The Golden One" hops up to the apron and stands right in front of Krash, refusing to move! Golden points at Krash and shouts, "You're not sliding by." Krash drops Grayson down and Michelle breaks free of Parr's grip and locks both arms of Krash!

    Golden then jumps off the apron and begins clapping for Ramon! The referees order Golden away from the ring, pushing him back to the table. Golden puts his arms up as the action continues, but it's obvious Golden is being ordered away from the ring for getting involved. He goes willingly, but not before seeing "Rockstar" in the corner and clapping, advising, "You're close. You're close, Randy!"

    Michelle tries to toss Krash over the ropes, and Parr watches as his two enemies from the past calendar year are in sight.

    Parr is able to flip both Krash AND Michelle over the ropes, to the apron! Both are still alive, though!

    Shawn Summers charges at Parr, who ducks and pulls the rope down! Summers flips to the apron, in between Krash and Michele. He's at an unfortunate spot, as Michelle and Krash both chop on his arms, causing him to lose the grip on the ropes, and they both shove him backwards, to the floor!

    Elimination #23: Shawn Summers

    Parr is still in the ring, but Grayson surprises him with a back suplex! Michelle and Krash re-enter the ring, but Michelle quickly hits a Russian leg sweep!

    This leaves Michelle, Mike Parr, Krash, Peacock, Ramon, J.J. JAY!, and Gerald Grayson. Thirty entrants. Twenty three eliminations. The match time is closing in on 49 minutes long, with Peacock now busted open, along with "Rockstar" Randy Ramon.

    Entrant #31: "The Heretic" Dan Maskell

    The crowd has a mixed reaction but a loud one regardless, as "The Heretic" appears with his jeans and no shirt. His hands are taped up to his forearm and he sports Converse shoes. Maskell walks to the ring and slides under the ropes, quickly clotheslines "The Prodigy" Mike Parr. Maskell then lands "Ready or Not" overdrive neckbreaker to Grayson! Michelle is in the corner as Krash tries lifting her leg over the ropes.

    Rod Sterling: The ring is getting packed again!

    Maskell sees J.J. JAY on the apron and tries a rope-hung DDT but JJJ grabs the lead pipe dropped near him and smacks Maskell in the right knee. J.J. JAY gets off the middle rope and does the back rake to Maskell. J.J. tries a whip but Maskell reverses it and does the "Fantastic Five" punch combination.

    Maskell hits "Dark Side of the Moon" fireman's carry flapjack on Peacock. But Ramon flies off the turnbuckle for a crossbody! He takes out Maskell but gets a Famouser from Krash!

    Christian Quinn: Krash seems one step ahead of Ramon, but no one is going for an elimination!

    Daniella Kennedy: Krash can't keep any momentum! He's just as much a threat to win as Michelle, and everyone else knows it!

    Grayson hits a running high knee to Krash! Michelle and Grayson are left standing now as Maskell, J.J. JAY!, Ramon, and Peacock are down. That leaves ...

    "The Prodigy" hits a double-underhook backbreaker on Grayson behind Michelle!

    Entrant #32: Gabrielle Montgomery

    The crowd explodes as Gabrielle, the heartbroken fallen potential champion, slowly walks to the entrance. She looks ... not herself. She's not glowing per usual, not the radiant model-like appearance. She looks ... rugged, ragged, beaten-down. She looks ... "real", without the glitz and glam.

    Rod Sterling: This is ... a different Gabrielle we're seeing.

    Christian Quinn: Maybe a more dangerous one.

    Gabrielle doesn't smile. She doesn't entertain the fans. She doesn't give a single look to anyone but those in the ring. When she reaches the apron, she steps through the ropes and immediately roundhouse kicks Mike Parr in the side of the head!

    Gabrielle then hits a step-up enzuiguri to Gerald Grayson! A duck under Maskell's clothesline and a neckbreaker. Gabrielle kicks Ramon in the gut and tries the 34 Double-DDT but Peacock grabs her arms from behind. Gabrielle switches around with an arm lock behind Peacock, and hits a neckbreaker on him as well!

    Gabby then rises and sees the only other person standing in the ring ... Michelle von Horrowitz.

    Rod Sterling: A dream match ... right here in Carnal Contendership!

    The crowd rises to its feet as Gabrielle tilts her head to the side in a sort of "sick" manner. Michelle isn't fazed, stepping forward. Gabby and Michelle then get an inch apart and grapple. Gabby backs Michelle into the ropes and tries flipping her over, but Michelle grabs a hand-full of hair to save herself. Michelle then knife-edge chops Gabby in the chest. Michelle ducks and tries flipping Gabby over the ropes, but the former World Champion lands on the apron. She smashes Michelle's face into the turnbuckle. Gabrielle then steps to the top turnbuckle and flies off for a crossbody!

    But Michelle moves and Gabby takes down "Rockstar" Randy Ramon instead!

    Michelle then hits a brainbuster on Gabby!

    And the clock reaches 5 ...

    Entrant #33: Louis Valander

    Louis Valander, the goofball resident of the FWA, returns to Carnal Contendership. He smiles big as the crowd cheers. Louis sprints to the ring and immediately clotheslines Parr. Then a back body drop to J.J. JAY!

    Louis backs Maskell to the turnbuckle and steps up for a 10-count punch! The crowd counts along with him as he reaches 10, steps off, and hits a back suplex on Ramon!

    Then a sidewalk slam to an exhausted Peacock, who rolls under the ropes and to the apron for safety.

    Louis, Dan Maskell, J.J. JAY, Gabrielle, Michelle von Horrowitz, Gerald Grayson, Chris Peacock, Randy Ramon, Mike Parr, and Krash!

    Entrant #34: Cyrus Truth

    The opening violin chords to "Subconscious Entry Version" by Julia Claris set the mood. The lights dim as the audience begins humming to the tune. Cyrus Truth emerges with his wrists taped, the FWA North American Championship around his waist. Cyrus walks to the ring and steps through the middle and top ropes, quickly landing a kick to the thigh of Krash. Cyrus whips Parr to the turnbuckle and hits a hip toss when he stumbles out after going in chest first.

    Cyrus hits a running neckbreaker to Michelle and a DDT to Gerald Grayson!

    Louis Valander grabs Cyrus around the back and tries a suplex but Cyrus tightens around the neck. Louis then gets a kick to the gut by Dan Maskell! Maskell hits "Checkmate" belly-to-back neckbreaker on Cyrus next!

    Maskell with the "Big Ben Bash" finisher DDT on Louis and then flings him over the top rope out of the ring!

    Elimination #24: Louis Valander

    But Gerald Grayson comes behind Dan Maskell and flips him over the ropes and out!

    Elimination #25: Dan Maskell

    Grayson is still bleeding and falls to his knees. Dan Maskell is furious on the outside, absolutely livid at the elimination.

    Rod Sterling: Every elimination gets us closer to the final seven!

    He then sees who did it and grabs Grayson by the neck and yanks him to the apron. Maskell begins pummeling Grayson on the apron and refuses to let him go.

    Rod Sterling: Dan Maskell is REFUSING to let Gerald Grayson go! He's pummeling the poor kid!

    Christian Quinn: Maskell is being a poor sport! Grayson took advantage! He got hit with a lead pipe and now this!

    Maskell is finally pulled away in a rage as Grayson lays on the apron and rolls into the ring. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr grabs Grayson and hits the rolling cutter! The ring shakes as he then tosses Grayson out of the ring!

    Elimination #26: Gerald Grayson

    Dan Maskell gets a few kicks in on a fallen Gerald Grayson, just for good measure and a few extra boos from the fans.

    Just as the counter reaches zero ...

    Daniella Kennedy: The last entrant! Number 35!

    Christian Quinn: Everyone has been out already! I have no idea who this could be!

    Rod Sterling: Well ... we're going to find out!

    The lights go out with just eight left in the ring: Krash, Mike Parr, Michelle von Horrowitz, Cyrus Truth, Gabrielle Montgomery, J.J. JAY!, Randy Ramon, and Chris Peacock!

    Entrant #35: NOVA DIAMOND


    Daniella Kennedy: The man who main evented Back in Business last year!

    The former nGw Openweight Champion reaches the ring and steps through the ropes. He hits a sideslam backbreaker on Mike Parr. Then an exploder suplex to Michelle!

    Nova sees Gabrielle and goes inverted headlock into backbreaker!

    Cyrus hits the Exile's Edge on Nova to stop his spurt!

    J.J. JAY then applies a sleeper hold on Cyrus! The former World Champion is fading, falling to his knees.

    Rod Sterling: J.J. JAY could put Cyrus to sleep and eliminate him, bringing the number down to just eight left!

    When J.J. JAY believes Cyrus is unconscious, he tries lifting him up to prop him against the ropes.

    What the former X Champion doesn't know is Chris Peacock, the #1 contender to the belt, comes behind J.J. JAY and flips him over the ropes and out of the ring!

    Elimination #27: J.J. JAY!

    Rod Sterling: One more elimination and it's top 7!

    J.J. JAY lands on his knees and looks up slowly at the ring. He sees Chris Peacock and stares at him, never taking his eyes off the man who booted him from the match. Quiet walks up behind J.J. JAY pensively and cautiously. He also looks up into the ring and stares a hole at the back of Peacock, who turns and meets the pair's gaze with his own for just a second.

    Then the officials come and usher J.J. JAY and Quiet away from the ring.

    Gabrielle and Cyrus Truth are against the ropes, on opposite sides of the ring. Michelle sprints at Cyrus and Krash sprints at Gabby. Both land kicks to their adversaries and stay alive. Gabby tries to flip Krash over the ropes and Cyrus tries doing the same for Michelle. But the apron is as far as they get! Michelle then pulls Cyrus down to the ropes to stun him and rolls back into the ring. Krash dodges Gabby's right hands by leaning back and holding onto the ropes as hard as possible. He then lands a forearm and steps through the ropes to safety. But Gabby is there with a kick and whips Krash to the ropes. Cyrus whips Michelle across. Michelle and Cyrus grab one another arms and slingshot themselves back at Cyrus and Gabby ... this time Michelle going for Gabby and Krash for Cyrus.

    And they land running forearms, putting both former World Champions down.

    Peacock and Ramon scuffle and grapple with Michelle and Krash.

    Nova Diamond has Mike Parr in the corner, separated from the group.

    Cyrus and Gabby struggle to their knees. Eventually, they meet in the middle. The two who fought wars most of 2019 and into 2020 use one another to prop themselves up. Cyrus sees Gabby, who looks deadpanned. Cyrus backs up and Gabby does the same, one step. Cyrus then tries lifting Gabby up for "Journey's End" but Gabby grabs the ropes and lands on the apron, staying away from the finisher.

    But now she's on the apron and in danger. Cyrus is yanked over the ropes by Gabby and onto the apron! Gabby puts her foot into Cyrus' chest, trying to push him to the floor. Cyrus holds onto the ropes and eventually grabs Gabby's foot and locks it under his armpit. He then pulls himself up and steps away. He and Gabby are both on the apron, may the best person win.

    But Nova Diamond has other plans ... running and shoulder-driving into both Cyrus and Gabby! And they both fly off and fall ... at the same time, their feet hitting simultaneously!

    Eliminations #28 and #29: Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle Montgomery

    Rod Sterling: Who was out first?!

    Daniella Kennedy: No idea!

    Nova, Parr, Ramon, Peacock, Krash, and Michelle! One of these six will win Carnal Contendership!

    Rod Sterling: We've been going now for 60 minutes. A full hour! Chris Peacock has been in the entire time!

    Peacock is drenched in sweat and exhaustion. He is flipped over the ropes by Krash but somehow holds onto the ropes and hugs the bottom one, much to Krash's annoyance.

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon is propped up against the ropes, with Michelle stalking over him. Michelle grabs him around the neck and looks for a double underhook DDT but Ramon falls to his knees in fatigue. Michelle then turns and eats a "24K Kick" trouble in paradise from Nova Diamond!

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr enters the fracas. He grabs Nova on the shoulder and immediately backs away. He then points down to Michelle, trying to game plan with Nova to eliminate her!

    Rod Sterling: Mike Parr is trying to get crafty!

    Parr grabs Michelle by the hair as Nova watches on. Parr then says, "I'M ENDING YOUR DREAMS! I'M ENDING THEM RIGHT NOW!"

    He looks for the rolling cutter, with Michelle looking face-up to the rafters, but Michelle twists her body and hits a jawbreaker that stuns Parr! Michelle then clotheslines Parr over the ropes and out of the match!

    Elimination #30: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Parr lays on the floor as Michelle smiles, feeling like she just exercised a demon! She has a relieved expression as she turns from her rival and looks back to everything and everyone in the ring.

    Nova Diamond claps on the side, applauding Michelle's elimination. But Chris Peacock flies off the top rope and hits a flying famouser to Nova Diamond!

    "The Prodigy" is ushered from the ring, unable to do anything to Michelle's chances of winning. She has one eye on him, though, and never lets her guard down with his continued presence around the ring area.

    Krash takes Michelle to the mat and Ramon takes Krash down. Peacock tries to flip Nova over the ropes but the Carnal Contendership winner shows his craftiness and escapes with an elbow to the nose. Peacock gets his face smashed in the corner. Nova then props Peacock on the turnbuckle. He steps up and looks behind him, making sure he's safe. He puts Peacock in a superplex position and lifts him up!

    Rod Sterling: He's trying "Unfomfortably Numb" from the second turnbuckle!!!

    Peacock is upside-down in midair and Nova holds it for a second, but Ramon comes underneath and lifts Nova off the turnbuckle like he's about to do an electric chair!

    Imagine the scene! Ramon has Nova on his shoulders while Nova had Peacock momentarily upside-down in a brainbuster position! Peacock eventually falls and lands on his feet in front of Nova and Ramon!

    Ramon then turns and leans back, dropping Nova over the ropes and out of the ring!!!

    Elimination #31: Nova Diamond

    Daniella Kennedy: WE'RE DOWN TO FOUR!

    Peacock and Ramon are still in the match, withstanding so many entrants and near-eliminations. They seem destined to make it to the final three or two even!

    Ramon, the assigned mentor for Peacock in Ground Zero, leans against the turnbuckle after the Nova elimination. Peacock stands in front of him, breathing heavily, trying to get out the words!

    "You and me. Final two. You and me."

    Peacock then turns right into the One-Hit Kill running knee from Krash! He crumbles to the side! Krash quickly grabs Peacock and throws him over the ropes and out of the ring, before "Rockstar" can help his mentee.

    Elimination #32: "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

    After a 63-minute effort, Peacock is finally out! The crowd rains boos down on Krash. They wanted the historic start-to-finish performance, and he STOLE it from them. Krash can't catch a break it seems with regards to fan approval. He tries being friends with Alyster, but it costs him popularity. Then he tries winning Carnal Contendership, and it just piles on.

    The crowd is trading between "ROCKSTAR RANDY" and "MVH" chants. No love for Krash, though. The Ramon cheering section seems to rise a little louder, as the crowd wants an underdog Cinderella story winner!

    And so does "The Golden One", who re-emerges at the stage. He gets to the rampway where the officials form a wall blocking him. Golden shouts and hollers for Ramon from there, adding another to the support group!

    Ramon gets a second, or maybe 10th at this point, wind and tackles Krash to the canvas. He mounts on top for right hands and left hands at the North American Champion. Krash can only put up his hands to block.

    Rod Sterling: After the Gang Starz attack ... after months of Krash and Alyster overshadowing Golden Rock ... and now Krash eliminating Peacock ... this is personal for Ramon!

    "Rockstar" gets up, motions for Krash to get up, and sizes up for the "Remix"!

    But Krash ducks and hits a German suplex! Both men are down, just as Michelle von Horrowitz gets upright!

    Golden is basically pulling his hair out rooting for Ramon, hoping he can get back to his feet somehow.

    Michelle grabs Krash and tries the Psycho Driver #2 finisher! But Krash flips Michelle back and has her nearly over the ropes. Michelle lands on the second rope, her hands on the top rope, and does a springboard crossbody!

    But Krash catches her. He holds her like a baby in his arms, in front of his chest. He then tries tossing her over the ropes, but Michelle grabs Krash around the neck and yanks him over the top of the ropes! Now she's hanging in the air over the apron while Krash is teetering half over the ropes and half in the ring!

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon grabs Krash by the legs and tries flipping him over, hoping Michelle goes over as well! Golden clenches his fists and puts them in the air. The crowd responds with an audible yelp, an excited screech. But it's momentary.


    Michelle eventually grabs the middle rope and pulls herself into the ring. She slips behind Ramon and grabs HIS legs and pulls his lower body into the air, over the ropes! Krash grabs the top rope to keep himself from falling out of the match which pulls the top rope down and makes it easier for Michelle to fully lift Ramon over it and shove his legs away!

    Ramon flips and his feet land on the outside floor before he goes face first into the padding! Golden falls to his knees, puts his hands over his face, and lays back on the ramp like a footballer who missed a penalty kick in the World Cup. He's heartbroken for Ramon.

    Elimination #33: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon

    Golden sits up and looks into the ring. He's still feeling for Ramon, and he shakes his head when the two finally meet eyes. Golden simply says, "You gave it everything. Nothing more to do. Look at the people you beat."

    But that's little consolation right now for "Rockstar." The fans all applaud him as he gets to his feet and slowly walks up the rampway, his head down at the mat. Not even the fan support can raise his spirits. Ramon closes his eyes and looks his head up, wrestling with heartbreak, exhaustion, anger and regret all at once.

    In the ring ...

    Krash has one hand on the top rope as he lays against the apron. Michelle grabs the hand and attempts to pry each finger off the grip of the rope. Krash fights as hard as possible to keep hold. Eventually he kicks Michelle in the shin under the ropes. But Michelle kicks Krash in the face as he lays on the apron. Michelle then tries to pry the hand loose a second time!

    Krash grabs the middle rope with his other hand and grabs Michelle by the right wrist with the original supporting hand. He tries to pull Michelle over the ropes with him!


    Daniella Kennedy: IF KRASH CAN PULL THIS OFF...

    Michelle reaches for Krash, but he's leaning so far back that it looks like he's scaling a mountain. The ropes bend as much as they can. Krash continues pulling Michelle, little by little, over the ropes. Finally, Michelle is teetering, on the brink of falling herself to the floor! But she does the only thing she can...

    With the hand Krash is yanking, Michelle pulls back, bringing Krash towards her enough to swing her one free hand, landing a solid left hook right to the jaw! This stuns Krash, who lets go of Michelle's wrist and now only hangs on with his one hand on the middle ropes. Michelle swings herself back into the ring, feet to the canvas, grabs the top rope, and then swings down through the middle and bottom ropes with a rope-aided swinging dropkick right to Krash's thighs!

    Krash's legs are pressed off the apron, he goes face first into the edge of the apron, and then his feet hit the floor a split second later as he falls back on his back! Michelle's upper body is inside the ring, and her lower body is on the other side of the ropes, her waist on the bottom rope, pressing it against the ring mat!

    Elimination #34: Krash

    After roughly 67 minutes, 35 entrants, and 34 eliminations, we have a winner.
    Winner of Carnal Contendership: MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ

    Rod Sterling: SHE ... HAS ... DONE IT!

    Daniella Kennedy: ANOTHER WOMAN ... WINNING THE CARNAL CONTENDERSHIP! First since Shannon in 2017! And now Michelle goes to the biggest match of the biggest show of the year! She finally gets her shot at the World title! Finally!

    Christian Quinn: A long time coming!

    "Dreams" by Roy Orbison plays and the crowd continues cheering ecstatically. The fans hum the opening lyrics as Michelle von Horrowitz leans her head back on the canvas, her eyes looking up to the rafters and lights. The referee raises her hand, which goes limp rather quickly. Michelle rolls her entire body into the ring and pushes up from the canvas. The fans are rowdily cheering the result, showering her with admiration and affirmation.

    Rod Sterling: This means ... we get to see the match we've been pointing towards for an entire calendar year!

    Daniella Kennedy: Michelle von Horrowitz ... and Saint Sulley ... the former King of the FWA. The cult leader of the Saints & Sinners.

    Christian Quinn: If anyone can do it ... it's Michelle. If anyone can beat Sulley one on one ... it's her.

    Rod Sterling: And if she can't do it ... can anyone?!

    Michelle von Horrowitz standing with her arms raised to the sky in the final shot we see, with a momentary glance at Krash, who is kneeling on the ground with his face propped on the apron, looking at the victor. Camera feed back to Michelle, who lets her arms drop to her side and look to her right, giving way to the slightest of smiles, an unusual sight for the one with a brusk, chilly demeanor.

    No chilly vibes tonight, though, as Michelle von Horrowitz is going ... to Back in Business.


    — Michelle von Horrowitz wins Carnal Contendership
    — Golden Opportunity entrants: Krash, "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock, "24K" Nova Diamond, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, and TBD (Gabrielle Montgomery or Cyrus Truth)
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    It was coming.

    We all knew it was coming.

    The time is now.

    Congrats to the Big Dog. This is the most hyped match it could possibly be.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    [surprise entrant's promo]

    “The curse ruled from the underground down by the shore,
    And their hope grew with a hunger to live unlike before.”


    He didn’t know where he was going. He knew he had somewhere to be and something to do.

    He didn’t even know why he was there in the first place. But in his mind, there existed nothing but a compulsion to walk…on the silky red carpet that covered the narrow but long hallway. He had somewhere to be, something to do.

    The man without a name definitely didn’t foresee himself walking on one of those again, especially after abandoning his scintillating life for a more nomadic one of travelling around, temporarily staying in cheap and run-down places before moving onto the next hellhole. But here seemed like no hellhole, definitely didn’t smell like one either. Passing statue after statue along the way, he did not take his time to stare at them.

    Maybe if he did, he would’ve recognized all of them were shaped after his likeness. But he had somewhere to be, something to do.

    Even the longest of paths had an ending somewhere and the ending of this one was marked with a huge steel door which was surprisingly easy to push and open. The man entered the mysterious room and as soon as he pushed the door enough to get a glimpse of what was waiting for him, he felt a dozen stares at him, a dozen pair of eyes now doing nothing but looking at him. It would unnerve the nameless man, but quite frankly, he had a lot more to be unnerved about the scenery in front of him. The eyes staring at him were relatively tame compared to the faces that the eyes were stuck to.

    It was his own face that he was looking at. Not in just one of them, not two, not even three. All of them had the nameless man’s face.

    Although they all had their own unique styles of dressing or hairstyling, this distinction didn’t make the situation less creepy. But regardless, the man remained standing, staring back at the eyes, his own eyes in a way. The most noticable thing after that was that all of his duplicates (?) were gathered around a round table, with seemingly one seat empty and waiting for its owner. It was easy to put 2 and 2 together and work out that the so-called owner of that empty seat was him. But before he could move to ‘claim’ his chair, one of the ‘hims’ spoke up.

    ???: “Took ya long enough, chap.”

    The speaker uttered his words with a heavy accent. The bright red Manchester United jersey he was wearing was also very hard to ignore. The nameless man did not see the name behind the jersey but in a moment, his questions would be answered.

    This Andrew Saturday of his universe did not make the choice to quit his local youth football academy when he was 11. Focusing on the sport, he eventually got picked up by his childhood club, Manchester United, taking the number 8 as his shirt number. As of today, he plays first-team football in the biggest club of England, forming an effective partnership in the midfield with the Portuguese player Bruno Fernandes.

    The ‘pop-up’ message that appeared above the professional football player achieved the opposite of its goal (no pun intended) as the nameless original was now even more confused than he originally was. He finally sat on his seat but all the eyes remained on him, with another Andrew Saturday finally breaking another silence with a hearty laugh.

    ???: “Come on, even you can’t be that dense! We are all different versions of you from different universes, you brutish oaf.”

    Taking a look at this specific version of himself (if he was true), the original can see his counterpart dressed almost stereotypically like Hamlet. He wondered if he was permitted to bring Yorick’s skull with him.

    This Andrew Saturday of his universe have passed his theatre exams for Kaleidoscope and took his theatre career to another level, eventually even gaining his license. As of today, he have played in many high-attended and critically successful plays all around UK. Rumors also circulate that he is preparing to take roles in TV and cinema.

    The theatre Andrew had said that they were ‘different versions of him’, but the original could not help but to intrepret them as ‘what if’s. He did drop out of his local youth soccer academy when he was 11. He did fail the theatre exams, killing his chance to pursue a more respectable and less painful career. His thoughts however, were once again interrupted by yet another version of himself.

    ???: “I would say he’s a different version of me, not vice versa. Look at how pathetic he looks.”

    Out of all the appearences the Andrews had, this particular arrogant one had the most glitter and flash to it, even triumphing his peak Nova Diamond days.

    This Andrew Saturday of his universe quit wrestling all-together after meeting Min-Su. After getting over his issues, he entered the world of acting with the help of Min-Su’s connections, taking the stage name ‘Andrew Diamond’. As of today, he have starred in many high-budgeted, high-grossing movies, making huge amonts of money in the process. Critics may not herald him as the greatest actor of his generation, but they all agree that he is at least passable enough to maintain a successful career.

    He remembered. Many years ago, when they were still in the process of healing together, Min-Su once proposed to him that he quit wrestling, that she could help him pursue different careers. Continuing from where he left off at Kaleidoscope was one of those offers. But Nova of that time did not accept that proposal, no, he had to go and wrestle. He didn’t burn all those bridges for nothing, he thought back then. Now, seeing that version, he wasn’t so sure anymore.

    ???: “Silence, number 5. We would not be gathering here if it wasn’t for him. The Original Andrew, Number 1.”

    Football Andy: “Yeah, five. Shut your mugger, so we can all bugger off as quickly as possible and I don’t have to fucking stare at your pansy mug for more than we have to.”

    Hollywood Andrew: “Pffft.”

    A few words of petty squabble was ignored by the nameless original, as he was too busy staring at the one that silenced the A-list actor. He noted him looking different from the rest. Less shiny and more grounded. Stood out with his blandness, in a way. He had the thickest beard of everyone here, not to mention a small beer belly and glasses he was wearing. It wasn’t long before his identity got revealed as well.

    This Andrew Saturday of his universe didn’t get into wrestling despite his sister’s best efforts efforts. He did not pursue a theatre career either, or become a sports player. As of today, he has a well-paying, honest, boring job, is happily married to Julia London and raising their two sons with her.

    Quite frankly, staring at number 2 worried the original more than anyone else. Out of everyone, the simple life AS#2 led seemed like the most appealing….and distant to him. There was a two-faced melancholy in knowing that in a different life, he could have a normal life like that. Happiness in seeing he had that in another life, sadness in not having it in this life.

    Family Man Andy: “We’re all here now. Let’s cut the dilly-dally and start discussing the reasons we have gathered for.”

    A collective of nods arose from the round table, with the exception of Number 1 who was still…befuddled with his situation and this little ‘assembly’ he was supposedly thrown in. Was this a dream, just like the purgatory dream he saw before facing Cyrus Truth for the first time? Sleep was the only place Number 1 thought he could hide away from the ‘What if’s, the doubts, the insecurities. But now, if this was a dream, it meant his bunker was invaded and the man previosuly known as Nova Diamond had no choice but to sit and watch as the bombs fell one by one.

    Maybe this was just insane delusions, hallucinations. Maybe he had finally gone full insane. Why would it be out of the realm of possibilities? Why the fuck not?

    Family Man Andy: “Number 0, take it away, please.”

    As one of the chairs were about to turn to meet the rest of this faux-senate, the original opened his mouth for the very first time.

    The Original: “Number 0? I thought I was the original, or something like that.“

    The question was left unanswered from the others, because it answered itself as a chair turned, revealing another version of him, with a striking resemblence of what he…used to be. Purple – turquise robes, a lean but very athletic figure, with one very important detail that made number 0 uncanny to look at:

    The big gold title belt on his shoulder.

    The logo on the center of the belt.

    The three letters spelled by the logo: F – W – A.

    And the nameplate under the logo: Nova Diamond.


    Number 0: “Yes, you are the original. That is exactly the problem, Number 1. The problem is that you’re not me. You are not what you are supposed to be and that’s why we are all here. I’m not exactly what you can call a different version of yourself. I’m not like the others you see here. I don’t exist, I am only a projection. The truth is this: You should have been me.

    You should have been wearing your robes personally sewn by the love of your life, with your wrestling attire underneath. You should have been holding this big gold belt every day, wearing it on your waist, putting it on your shoulder, raising it above your head and showing everyone who The Greatest of All Generations is. Dave Sullivan should’ve fallen before your feet. Cyrus Truth should’ve fallen before your feet. All of them should’ve been taught their place in the roster as miles beneath Nova Diamond. A roster you’re not even a part of anymore. Why?

    Because you quit. You ran away. You chickened out. Like you always do. You missed a few open shots in Youth Academy, some kids told you that you sucked. Then you quit. You know who didn’t quit? Number 8 over there.”

    Number 0 points his finger at Number 8, who waves his hand at Number 1.

    Football Andy: “Hate to tell it to you mate, but he’s right.”

    Number 0: “Should I go by chronological order, Number 1? Do you want me to do that? You could’ve been both a renowned pianist or a pretty kick-ass drum player. But you quit those too. The ones who didn’t are Number Seventeen and Number Thirty-Eight over there. Say hello, boys.”



    Number 0: “And who can forget Kaleidoscope? You spent years there, you learned a lot about being a professional theatre actor. You had a mentor looking out for you, had a crew who either loved and respected or hated but respected you. But after one failed exam, -which you knew could’ve retaken any time- you decided it was the end of the road for you. You called it quits. I would’ve loved to point out who would you become if you didn’t do that but I feel like if I do that Number 3 will drop a tirade on you ten times longer than what I have to say about this. You quit on your coach, you quit on your friends, you quit on the girl you spent years obsessing about, who would’ve become your wife and mother of your children as she is to Number 2 in another life. You quit on all of them. And you barely contacted them again until you decided it would be very genius of you if you just fucking derailed a stage play to cut a fucking promo against Kevin Cromwell of all people.

    Burned bridges, Number 1, burned fucking bridges.

    Speaking of burned bridges, how is our dearest sister nowadays? Have you contacted her after you came back from the hospital? I know you thought you’ve rebuilt that bridge but let me tell you this Number 1, like in many different occasions throughout your life, you are only fooling yourself. For the general public, you have gone missing, you are lost, nowhere to be found. Nothing more than a few traces, at best. You disappeared. And while you pursued this disgusting new life of yours, did you ever think to call her at least once and let her know that you are alright? That you are not dead? Can you imagine how worried she must’ve been for you? You didn’t care at all. But she did.

    Like she cared all those years ago, when you were deep in depression and she tried her damnest to help you out of it, only for you to elope with Min-Su after some weeks of bullshit therapy. You quit on Eleanor. And years later, you would grow to quit on Min-Su too. But we’ll come to that later. Oh boy, we will come to that later, don’t you worry.”

    Number 1 couldn’t find it in himself to rebut any of that. It was like he was glued to his chair, the leather felt like it was swallowing him alive. A single day didn’t pass without Number 1 questioning his life choices, but this was an entirely different level of his mistakes hitting him like a slap in the face. A world-class football player, a happy family man, an A-List actor, many and many more. Against them, stood a man who had nothing. Not even a home, not even a name anymore. He supposed if he was left with nothing because he quit on everything. But then again, that was exactly the point Number 0 was trying to make, carving them into his ego, using his words like sharpened knives.

    Number 0: “You ran away from your own family because you believed a mysterious girl who you happened to meet in therapy would save you from yourself. You thought she would help you become the best version of yourself, something which many have failed. You thought she could fix you. And you…were right. Because she did all of that. She put you back on your two feet again. She even told you that you did not have to wrestle anymore. Professional wrestling could’ve been something you could’ve put behind yourself years ago. She could’ve got you into acting. But oh, how did I forget? She didn’t know that you choose quit on acting all together because of one silly exam at a silly theatre course. If you didn’t and took her offer, you would not be in your current position, and I wouldn’t even need to exist in the first place. But I do, Number 1, and the fact that I have to exist makes me sick because I am an indication of your failure. Everyone here is a proof of your many failures, countless mistakes you’ve made. They deserve to be shoved into your face like this.

    With her by your side, you travelled the world, wrestled in many places. You could’ve stayed in Japan, you know? The GJPW management was willing to offer you a very good deal, but you didn’t take it either. You could’ve been one of the top gaijins in history, you could’ve avoid many dramas FWA wrestlers just seem to love. You quit on Japan, you quit on your Japanese fans….only to end up in FWA. It was like El Dorado to you, wasn’t it, Number 1? The future was at your feet, you were the face of nGw.

    You had an entire conglomerate behind you. Sponsors, freshest gear all the time, freshest food, strongest training, loads of money. You went eight-and-o and you thought you finally found your place in the universe. Something that you were good at. Because we all know that the moment you start to stumble, you simply stop and make your escape. You thought wrestling would not be like that, because you made yourself believe you were simply that good. You believed you’ve failed so much that you were entitled to success now, you were entitled to not failing ever again.

    News flash, it doesn’t work like that.

    You choked at the grandest stage of them all. Losses stacked up and you did what you do best, you simply quit.

    During the process, you quit on yet another person who stuck with your sorry ass through thick and thin.

    And that’s what I’m asking you, Number 1: Why?”

    With that crystal clear question asked, silence once again fell upon the room and the eyes were all on the original. And he did give an answer, the only answer he knew.

    Number 1, The Original: “You of all people should know how your image was created in the first place. Your likeness was born out of a period of helplessness and crippling depression. Andrew Saturday could only become Nova Diamond by leaving everything that made him feel like this behind. It paid off that time and I had no reason to believe it wouldn’t pay off again. And I still believe it. I needed to get away from FWA and being Nova Diamond, just like how I got away from being Andy Saturday in the first place. I needed to find myself. I needed to find who I actually am. And I needed to do it by myself, not by letting my sister or Min-Su hold my hand and helping me cross the road. You may not like it but I’m content and in peace with it.

    His defence started with grunts and rolling eyes from the metaphorical jury, and as he went on, their displeasure became more obvious, turning into full-blown grunts at the end. It wasn’t him that silenced the noise, it was the louder noise of Number 0’s hand smacking the table.

    Number 0: “Don’t come to me with that crap ever again, you understand me? Don’t come to me with that shit. Even you can’t be believing that anymore. Have you taken a look at yourself? You’ve been living like dirt for the last 7 months. Are you seriously telling me that you are content with this shitty nomadic life of yours? Are you content with not having a place to call home? Are you content with the uncomfortable sleep you get every day? Don’t you miss warm food? Don’t you miss hot showers? Do you believe it’s feasible for you to live a life on the run? You survived 7 months, but how far do you think you can take this? Do I need to remind you what happened in Toronto?”

    He would never forget the terror he felt when he was certain he got into some trouble with ‘wrong kind of men.’ But he had a feeling Number 0 would remind it anyway.

    Number 0: “Without Danny Toner helping you out, you would’ve been abducted at best, to god-knows-where-ville. You could continue to live that shitty life to this day out of pure luck, yet, you still see no problem in running your mouth about how it is the right thing and how you needed to get away and how you needed to find yourself and all kinds off bullshit. It’s funny, isn’t it? You thought you needed to find yourself, find who you are when you were already something. But you chose to throw your identity away and now we don’t even know what to call you, Number 1? Not Nova Diamond, not Andy Saturday, not Andrew Saturday, nothing. You are just plain, simple, lowly Number 1. And it grinds my gears to see you like this. It pains me more than you can imagine to look at you and not being able to see a mirror reflection of me.

    It pains me to be in a position where I have to say all of these to your face. It’s painful to see all your journey has led you to this, it’s painful how bad you fucked up your potential and ended up in this room. But despite what you believe, Number 1, it’s not all doom and gloom. You aren’t here because you are a lost cause. It’s the opposite actually, you are here because you aren’t one. Don’t ever think that you can’t comeback from this. You most definitely can.”

    Hollywood Andrew: “Pffft, comeback my as-“

    Family Man Andy: “SHUT UP, FIVE!”

    As for the original, he managed to protect his stoic expression. His thoughts about what Number 0 had said was too complex to properly put it into words and coherent sentences.

    Number 0: “I’m telling you all of this because the opportunity to make things right is sooner than you might think. Do you know what’s about to come?”

    A small nod was his reply.

    Number 0: “Good. That means you also know there is not a single day in the calendar that’s more fitting for a restart than the date of Carnal Contendership. It’s where I…I mean you…got your big break. It’s how you took yourself to the next level and suddenly became an overnight threat for everyone in the roster.

    To find yourself again, you have to go back to where it all started. You have to rewind. Only, this time, you’ll do it better. This time, you will correct all your mistakes and finally, you will become the person you were always meant to be:


    Number 0 ended his ‘motivational’ words with a smug grin on his face who would usually be on Number 1’s face back when he was still one of the hottest acts in FWA. Good old days, which everyone in the room expected to come back soon. Number 1, still keeping his neutral expression, looked at 0, who seemed all more convinced that he would be hearing the answer he wanted, that was why he allowed One the silence and thinking time he needed.

    The first glimpse of an answer came in the form of a chuckle that didn’t sound very happy. Then, Number 1 opened his mouth, to speak this time.

    Number 1: “Let me get this straight, Zero. You want me to return on Carnal Contendership. I got that, that was easy to understand, no problems there at all. In fact, that’s something I can do. I can text an executive and they would be very happy to give me a spot as a former winner of that match and someone who would still be considered a future world champion. Because that’s their perception of the man called Nova Diamond. They think that the moment I show up at that match and start throwing some punches around, they have the man with infinite confidence and swagger back on their roster. That’s what they want to believe, and what you all want to believe. You imagine the perfect story, the fairy tale, all good, all perfect everything and I can tell you fucks this much:

    It’s far more embarrassing that you believe that shit that I supposedly believe I can continue this crappy life. What was it that you said, Zero? ‘It doesn’t work like that.’ I’m telling the exact same thing to you, you naïve motherfucker. You are a projection, you don’t exist, you don’t know shit. Nova Diamond comes back, wins CC, beats Sullivan and becomes World Champion. Easier to said than done, don’t you think?”

    He saw Zero’s lips moving and knew he had to act faster on the draw.

    Number 1: “No, no, you said all you had to say and I listened. Now it’s my turn to tell you what I think all about it. I’m not proud of all the things I’ve quit. I quit football, I quit Kaleidoscope, I quit on the most valuable people in my life. Every now and then, I think about all of it and ask myself one cliché question: ‘What if?’ What if I haven’t quit this or what if I didn’t stop doing that or what if I choose this or what if I choose that. And supposedly, you people are all supposed to be the answers of those questions. You are the personifications of my ‘What if’s.

    So, if I hadn’t quit playing football, I would become a world-class midfielder playing for The Red Devils? I would’ve married Julia? I would’ve played Syd Barrett in a widely-acclaimed Pink Floyd biopic movie? I would’ve become the FWA World Champion? They sound too good to be true, don’t they?

    As I sat here, looked and listened to all of you…I realised that they are indeed too perfect… and not true at all. You aren’t my what ifs or anything remotely close to that. You aren’t ‘different versions’ of me from ‘alternate universes’. Such a crock of bullshit that is. You only exist in my imagination, inside small universes where everything always goes without a hitch, without a single flaw in the system and where you always get what you want with zero exceptions to the rule.

    Number Eight, you never got injured in your career and you always helped your team win all the trophies at all seasons. Don’t look surprised, I know that, because I created you as a figment of my imagination. Number Three, you never ever forgot a line, not even once. You collected all the awards and your most prominent role is Iago from Othello. You have personally got praised by the likes of Kenneth Branagh. Number Five, you only do mediocre blockbuster action flicks because you want to put minimum effort into things and get the maximum rewards for it. Can’t blame you, it was something I wanted during that period of my life as well. Family Man, you exist because at some point I wanted a quiet and boring life with the people I loved and cherished. It was during the deepest of my depression where mediocrity would be enough for me. A simple, happy, family life, who doesn’t want that? Your older son is named after our grandfather Albert while the younger is named Alex after Sir Alex Ferguson. If you ever had a daughter you would name her Emily after our mother, and if you had another she would be Ellie like our sister, though you would be more than willing to hear Julia’s suggestions.

    I created all of you. When I were mentally in very low places, I created you as a coping mechanism, I dreamed about being you. I created your personalities, your accomplishments, your whole fucking universes. You are nothing but mere parts of my subconscious. You stand in your fake little worlds where everything is perfect and then you try to manipulate me into returning to FWA and do the same shit all over again, where there is no guarantees that I would even be competitive again let alone correcting all my wrongs. I’ve done a lot of mistakes, but you people are not the ones to judge them.”

    Number 0 looked at his supposed creator, blinking a few times, seemingly in deep thought. That thinking process reached a conclusion soon, signed by a loud laugh escaping his lips.

    Number 0: “You see, Number 1, you are one hundred percent correct. I couldn’t have explained that to you any better myself. We are, indeed, a part of your subconscious. And the funny thing here is that you seemingly don’t understand what that implies.”

    Number 1: “Please educate me, then, oh the all-knowing grandmaster of wisdom who I created.”

    Number 0: “We are your subconscious. What we tell you is essentially what you are telling to yourself. Your subconscious is telling you to stop messing around and return to FWA. Your subconscious has gathered up all the imaginary versions of yourself just to tell you not to give up. Your subconscious wants you to rewind to where it all started.

    The fact that your subconscious is doing all of these means something far more clear than our words can ever do. Deep down inside, you want to do all of these things too. Because you are sick and tired of quitting all the time. Else, we wouldn’t be here, shaming you all about the times you’ve quit on something or somebody. You desire to come back, to finish the job you’ve started a year before. That’s why we are telling you all that. You want to beat Sullivan, you want this title more than anything else you’ve ever wanted in your entire life, Number 1. This time, you want to see that goal through to the end. That’s why I’m the Number 0. That’s why I am the target here, and not the others you see around you. You don’t want to kick around a ball, you don’t want to act, you know a quiet family life is too far as of now. You don’t want any of those, no, you want to wrestle. And we are the encouragement you subconsciously needed.

    Do it. You know how to start that road again.

    You cany deny it all you want…Nova…but I know that you will be at Memphis that day. I know you will find a way to get yourself into the match. I know you will find a way to fight to the bitter end. You know how? Because I am you.

    And soon, you will be me.

    That’s all you need to understand.”

    Number 0’s overworked mouth shut again, never to be opened again this time. Everything he needed to say, he had said. Soon, all the versions started to vanish into nothingness, disappearing one by one. In the end, it was only Number 0 and Number 1 that were left, before Zero, too, disintegrated, leaving the original in the large conference room of the large manor alone with his thoughts. The objects and the background soon followed suit, and then, the man formerly known as Nova Diamond woke up from his slumber.

    Checking his phone’s clock as the first deed of the day, he saw that the earliest alarm he had set would go off just in 5 minutes. It was delightful to be able to wake up without the help of a tune he would change weekly, because 7 days were enough for him to go from thinking a song is the greatest ever to symphony of hell. All alarms were discarded immediately and he, rather grumpily, kicked away his thin sheets and got up from the bed. It was only when his two feet hit the ground that the realization of what he had dreamed about just kicked in.

    ‘And just when I thought I had ran out of things to haunt me during the day…’ he thought as he headed off to the small bathroom which was closely located to his small bedroom. Obviously, the place he stayed wasn’t a 5 star hotel, but it had to do before his next destination. He took his remaining 4 minutes to wash his face and stare at the mirror afterwards.

    7 months was not a long time, but the lifestyle changes he went through had been drastic enough for me to change, not just mentally but physically as well. Maintaining his old long hair was no longer practical as he didn’t have the luxury to spent hundreds on hair-care products anymore. The obvious solution of just cutting it short was the one he took and he did not see a problem in letting a thin layer of beard grow on his face either, believing it would save quite the time and effort if he just reduced his frequency of shaving. The most notable change was most probably on his body, as the lean and athletic figure of old had left its place to a bulkier and more muscular one, thanks to all the physical labour he had to do all around USA and Canada to just feed and house himself, to live to see another day.

    Speaking of physical labour, it would not be hard to guess what was on the agenda today. It was the reason he got out of the bed early. Washing his face some more, he put on his cheap clothes and left the even cheaper motel without having a breakfast.

    Having arrived at the construction site, former Nova Diamond immediately took instructions from his superior. They didn’t interact much aside from taking instructions, and they bot felt it was better that way. After acknowledging his task with a nod, he went to unload some cement bags out of a delivery truck.

    One by one, the bags started to go out of the truck. It was a task he was doing absent-mindedly now, usually absent-mindedly, because in this occasion, he was not able to turn his brain off and just concentrate on his job. His mind was, understandably, on the dream he saw. It felt so real, so strong that the details were not pushed back into his mind for him to forget at all, which was what scientifically supposed to happen, he supposed.

    Deep down, he wanted to return to FWA. Deep down, he wanted to be Nova Diamond again. Deep down, he wanted the FWA World Championship more than anything else. It still felt surreal to even consider those motions, but now, it was even more surreal to not entertain such thoughts.

    Could he dive deep into himself to find the ashes of Nova Diamond again? He didn’t know. The remnants of the last Carnal Contendership winner was reaching out to him, that much was certain. Would he be willing to lend it a hand and help him resurface? He didn’t know. All he knew right now was that he needed to get the cement bags out.

    Cement bags he was tossing out with a body slam. Figuring out the pattern took more body slams than he would be proud of. Would he be able to toss people out of the ring like this, if he were to return at Carnal Contendership? He didn’t know, but the bags were not hard to toss out. So, he lifted another.

    Would that bag be Gerald Grayson? How much of a fight he would put up? He remembered the extreme-sports enthusiast to be…well, duh…a risk taker. How many risks would he take, and would those risks make his undoing? The bag went flying, ‘eliminated’, would Gerald be eliminated like that? The next one, maybe it would be Eli Black. A disciple of Cyrus Truth, the last saw him. Would he have a special hatred against Black once he saw him in the ring? The bags were indistinguishable from each other, but Eli Black had quite the distinction. Though if it came to that, he would make his best to eliminate Eli like he was indistinguishable from others? Bags went out one by one.

    What if it was Cyrus Truth that blocked his path? Would he find the strength in himself to oppose his former foe again, and to stand up strong? Months away from the ring helped him clear his mind, and as much as he still hated Cyrus Truth as a person, he also respected him in a way that he would never admit to the man. Michelle von Horowitz? Could he find a way to stop her enigmatic offense? Could he outwill and outstand her in a match of strong wills and determination? They have both won that kind of match before, so did Cyrus, so he really didn’t trust in his experience in winning those kinds of matches? Michelle was something else and if he wanted to threw that specific bag up, he had to be clever, and she certainly would not be as easy to throw out like the cement bag number whatever. More bags were tossed out.

    What would he do if he came up against somebody like Krash? The man with the famous moustache had all the determination to go all the way when he felt like utilising it effectively instead of chickening out and refusing to go after the man who screwed him out of his FWA title shot a year and a half ago. Would Krash use that determination and just refuse to be eliminated? Would he be too busy with old friends and foes at well? Could he exploit his bonds with people like Alyster Black? The Black Jesus and him had never shared a ring before, not that he saw the man much in the backstage either. But he knew he and Krash had a rocky relationship. Maybe they would tear each other apart…or maybe, they would team up? Who would he have that time? Kevin, as far as he knew, was gone. Maybe Danny Toner? Would he even be in the match, given how he was chasing tag team glory with his brother? Bags continued to be thrown under the sunlight, one at a time.

    Michael Garcia would be there too, and he needed to be cautious. Who knows what would happen at last CC if he and Devin Golden did not just take themselves off? He was a giant, the most dangerous kind of opponent in a match like that. Would he stand back and let a rival of his deal with him, given his impulsive and volatile personality tended to make a new rival each week? Mike Parr would also be there, he came very close to winning it last year too, he was one of the last men eliminated. He knew Parr still didn’t amount to much success when he left the company, would his desperation be his downfall? He wasn’t in a much different situation either. He was desperate too, would that be his own downfall?

    What new faces would be there? Which old faces would be not? He had been gone for 7 months, a long enough time for a couple of faces to step in and some old ones step out of the picture. Would he get taken by surprise by moves he don’t know how to counter?

    Hundreds of questions passed through his mind, hundreds with self-doubt, with hypothetical situations that were not very likely to happen. He lacked an answer to all of that, he didn’t know much to have a proper gameplan, to analyze every possible move of his every possible opponent. He would just have to trust his instincts then, that was the answer he needed. The same two-faced instincts, treacherous impulses that lead him to glory as much as they lead him to his doom.

    Most importantly, how would them get taken by surprise once he stepped in? As far as they all knew, Nova Diamond was dead. To him, Nova Diamond should’ve been dead as well, but for some reason, his heart was still beating, one hand reaching out of his grave, demanding to be freed. Did he have it in himself to free him?

    If he wasn’t sure himself that Nova Diamond would be scratching and clawing his way back out of where he was buried, how could anyone else be sure of that? How could anyone expect the man who was last seen 7 months ago, the last trace of his being a note that indicated he wanted to be away from wrestling. Nobody would even consider, and why would they?

    They would be too busy in their own worlds, in their own gameplans to include him. He just knew that. They would not be as fresh as him, not as half as focused as him. Because he knew if he were to return, then it would take an undertaker to come and get his corpse off the ring. All the others could plan their careers, they could have Plan B’s or C’s if they were not successful at winning the match.

    Not him, he HAD to win it again if he wanted to get a shot at the FWA World Championship anytime soon. Like he did before, entering from number two. That was something neither Cyrus or Michelle could brag about. And he did that while he already had a North American title shot in the bag. If he won the match from number two, just to get a second title shot…just how far he would be willing to go with nothing but intense, venomous desire to win in his veins.

    He knew the answer would be…very, very far. They would not even realize what just hit them once he was declared the winner. Would the children in the front row question their parents about him again? Would his second victory be an even bigger one than his first? Questions, questions, until there were no more to ask. The task was as clear as day.

    He HAD to return. He HAD to win. He HAD to beat Dave Sullivan. He HAD to get the title.

    He HAD to become Number Zero.

    When the questions have stopped, he saw that all the bags were now out of the truck, body slammed outside one by one. They were all laying safely under the sun, to be used in the construction.

    Just like how all the wrestlers would be outside of the ring after he had his way with all of them. Just like last year. A smile creeped upon his lips. Nobody would expect him to return, let alone win it again. That would be something only The Greatest of All Generations could do. A miracle that could be turned into reality…by the man who used to call himself The Man of Miracles.

    Later that day, a very upper-tier FWA executive got a text, sent by Nova Diamond.

    “I’m back.”

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    As someone with a noted hatred for writing large, Royal-Rumble Style matches, I have to give you lads some huge kudos for putting together a cracking spectacle. Well done to Horrowitz for winning the whole thing.
    Something Witty!

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    I noted it in the discord but Michelle is the first character to have won both a Wrestleroyale (CWA’s CC) and the Carnal Contendership, cheers SS well deserved.

    Great show all around, and massive kudos to TGO for putting together the CC match. I did the Wrestleroyale match in CWA so like Cyrus I know how much hell it can be writing this style of match so proper kudos to you my friend.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    This was a fantastic show from top to bottom. AON's segments were great, as was the Cyrus/Konchu one. As for the CC match itself, I've just written a Royal Rumble for a BTB so I can appreciate the effort that went into this from TGO.

    From a personal standpoint, to get a top 4 finish in my first one of these when the bar was set so high is fucking mad and I am very grateful for the nod and also the showing that Peacock got in the match by lasting for so long. The bond between him and Ramon is something that I think me and Shawn have been too busy with other stuff to really develop recently, but I think the way that the match was written to have them both be bros and close allies even though it isn't always played on was a really nice running theme in the match. Also if Krash isn't a heel now after throwing Peacock out I don't know what he has to do.

    Massive congratulations to SS. He smashed it and it was a very well deserved win. Great to see Nova Diamond as well, as I'd heard a lot of things and I can see what all the fuss is about as well.

    This was by far the best thing I have been a part of since signing up and I can't wait for next year's already. I might have to start writing my promo now if I want any chance of beating SS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth View Post
    As someone with a noted hatred for writing large, Royal-Rumble Style matches, I have to give you lads some huge kudos for putting together a cracking spectacle. Well done to Horrowitz for winning the whole thing.
    It was all TGO

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    Wow, this is my favorite show this year, from match writing to storytelling to everything in between.

    Highlights are the JJJay! And Lilith segment the Greg segment, Gauntlet title was fast-paced and fun. I think that was the best Saus X was written, and it came when he dropped his best promo. Golden vs. Sulley was great and another notch on the Saint's belt.

    The CC itself was a culmination of years of storytelling. Even tho I complain about booking, I thought all the storylines here worked tremendously. Gangstarrs vs. Golden Rock vs. Toners was rocking, Chris Peacock being the Ironman. Eli siding with the Affliction, Yuna journey to the ring was worth all of AON's silly segments. I wish Eli and Cyrus would have gotten to throw blows a bit or me, and GG, come face to face, but that's on me for not being good enough to reach that point. That final ten was insane and did fun, but the Chosen one won. Congrats to MVH. Well deserved you work hard. Also, Nova Diamond coming back. I marked out. Fantastic show.

    I want to congratulate the mod team for putting this together and everyone who wrote those great segments.
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    The top 10 promos were graded rather outrageously highly, the effort was pretty superb all around and anyone that was in 4th to like 11th were all within a whisker of making the chamber. Congratulations Michelle von Horrowitz and SS; you're the best writer in the fed, in my opinion, at the momenet. You deserve the BIB main event and I fear you'll have an iron grip on the WHC if you dethrone Sulley. Nice surprise thought that the 3 graders had the same 1-2-3. But I want to give some particular shout-outs;

    - Gabrielle; reading your promo had me SO invested in the Gabrielle character for the first time all year. I'm here for more Gabs in and around the main event if this direction is continuing. This was my favourite promo of yours that I can remember in a long, long time.

    - Uncle; cracking idea for a promo and I was so, so tempted to give a 10/10 for creativity (I didn't give any 10s as it happens) and I think Uncle will be at the top of one of the two brands for sure.

    - Shawn Summers; really enjoyed your promo. Massively. It scored really high and I actually thought to myself from what I've seen from you as a writer you are very likely to consistently produce work of that quality; if you do that you'll definitely be at the top of a brand if you chose to stay - which, this is my public appeal for you to do so.

    - Peacock with ANOTHER star-making performance, let's not pretend this is the first - well done Man! But also Oz - well done! To comeback and do this with this field is to me more impressive than your dizzying BIB ascent last year. I finally got "it" when reading Nova's promo about why he's so good. I know you're considering options and aren't going to force a BIB feud but you better show up when the chamber rolls around.

    There's more that have had crackers, obviously, but I've probably already spoken to them on Discord. Good output of work, great CC match; we've a nice glut of shows to build to BIB so I hope we all go all in as a fed and pull together to make something cool happen. Well done mods, well done TGO, well done SS.



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    Grade Averages
    Golden - 31
    Sulley - 32.5

    Saus X - 27.83
    Yuna Funanori - 28.58
    Donovan Moore - 0

    Sean Pierre - 0
    Greg - negative-1

    Carnal Contendership battle royal match

    Michelle von Horrowitz - 36.67
    Krash - 35.93
    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon - 35.5
    "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock - 34.5
    "24K" Nova Diamond - 34.43
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr - 33.58
    Cyrus Truth - 33.33

    Gabrielle Montgomery - 33.08
    J.J. JAY! - 33.08
    Shawn Summers - 32.83
    Gerald Grayson - 32.5
    "The Arteest" Eli Black - 32.125
    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia - 31.92
    Lizzie Rose - 31.42
    "The Heretic" Dan Maskell - 31.33
    "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole - 30.83
    "Big Mack" Marcus McClain - 28.5
    "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox - 28.5
    Louis Valander - 23.33
    Alyster Black - 0
    Zip Strider - 0
    Kai Urigawa - 0
    "Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore - 0
    Greg - negative-1

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    5x FWA Tag Team Champion

    2020 North American Sports Poster Of The Year

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