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Thread: Lets Keep it Classy

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    Lets Keep it Classy

    Something that's been noticeable on the board in recently weeks, especially after taking part in live discussions over mania week are a number of pervy/gross comments from a few members that are really better kept in someone's head than posted on a public board. It doesn't add anything to the discussion and in fact I think it turns people off engaging with certain members. It's been on my mind for a while what the perception of this website is to lurkers and newcomers, and I do think comments of that nature are a bad look that drive people away. I also think some liberties are being taken with our laid back signature rules; I'm sure I'm not the only one that uses the site at work and has to be wary of who's around because reading a thread to the untrained eye will just look like I'm looking at pictures of hot girls wearing next to nothing on my phone when I'm really reading through the Raw live discussion thread. This is something we've never really had written into our rules, but after talking with the staff team the last few days I think we've reached a time where it's better to put something down in writing and include it in our rules to try and bring our standards up. From now on any overly sexual or perverse posts are just going to be deleted as spam and you may be warned/infracted if you're caught doing this too many times.

    Also, in attempting to clean the place up we're also retiring the 'Dakstang Dirty Magazine Collection' forum in the VIP section. It's the internet, we all know where to find picture of naked people, it's barely used as it is and having that behind a paywall sends out the wrong signals of this place.

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