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Thread: nGw #3 RESULTS

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    nGw #3 RESULTS

    Live from Bull Snail University, Orlando, FL


    October 30th, 2018

    The camera opens with an overhead swoop shot of intimate Bull Snail University arena as the crowd is chanting "NGW!! NGW!!!" over and over. As the shot changes to showing some of the more animated fans by ringside, the voice of the commentary team momentarily cuts in.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sean Waterhouse, and for my broadcast colleagues Christian Quinn and Dinorah Redgrave here, welcome, one and all, to nGw!! We have quite the main event for you tonight, as the first ever nGw World Trios Champions will be crowned here!!"

    “You got that right, Sean, will the unconventional trio of James London, Liam Andrews, and Danny Knox put it all together again?? Or will the World Breakers and Jaques Malveux, handpicked by Guy LeGrange himself to compliment Atlas and Axis, prove to be a championship mixture?? Champions, a trio of them, will be crowned tonight!"

    “But of course, tha-"

    “I'm sorry to cut you off, Christian, but I'm getting word from that back that we are going to hear from the NEW nGw Openweight Champion righ-"

    "Easy Rider" plays, cutting off Sean Waterhouse and drawing a huge pop from Bull Snail. After a moment, PARADOX, wearing the nGw Openweight Championship on his waist, swaggers out onto the stage. PARADOX playfully slaps the championship belt like a he's playing the bongos for a second before making his way down the ramp, high-fiving fans as he moves and encouraging them to swag dance with him.

    SW: "Ladies and gentlemen, at nGw #2, history was made when that man, the Man of Tomorrow, became nGw Openweight Champion!! And PARADOX is now out here, wasting no time in addressing the nGw faithful!"

    “He was one of the favorites in the tournament and lived up to the billing! I, for one, am all ears as to what the Champ has to say!

    PARADOX enters the ring and receives a microphone from Angela Eun. He lifts the mic to his face, but then cracks up a little as he hears the Bull Snail crowd chanting PA-RA-DOX!!

    PARADOX: "Man... oh man oh man ohhh man!!! I mean, I don't wanna be that guy, yall, I don't wanna be thaaaat guy, but... I told you so!

    I told yall straight up, I told Devin Golden, I told anyone who would listen, that this nGw Openweight Championship would look mighty fine across this waist, and now that this bad boy is sitting right where it belongs, nGw, BULL SNAIL!!! I GOT TO TELL YOU ALL RIGHT HERE, that IT FEELS SO SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD to be the champ!"

    The crowd cheers as PARADOX mock-flexes for the hard camera.

    "Now, respect where respect is due. Danny Knox, you gave me a hell of a fight at nGw 1. Francis King, you did your damnest to take out the Dox, and I guess I can respect that. And Skye Healy? Well, neither of us were 100% by the end of the night but you still brought it. You brought the best you had and that in turn brought out the best in me. If any of you guys ever wanna a rematch, well, you know where to find me. Because lemme tell yall something, I'm sure you can tell that I'm happy to be the first nGw Openweight Champion. And I know yall know that I went through hell to become champion. But Dox ain't a fool, Dox ain't stupid. I know that the measure of a real Champion is not just winning this title, but defending it. And now that the dream of being the first Openweight Champion is a reality today, its time to start looking into tomorrow, just like the Man of Tomorrow should. Its time for me to put some notches on this belt, to make nGw the 'it' place to be, to make this nGw Openweight Championship the most coveted prize in professional wrestling. In other words... its time for someone to man up..."

    PARADOX turns from the hard camera to face the stage entrance.

    "Because, lets be real yall. After nGw #2, I had a lot of people come to me backstage and in the PC. The Champs a popular man, no doubt! But amid all the congrats, all the back slappin' and joke talkin', I saw something more than just well-wishes in the eyes of the other wrestlers here at nGw. I saw desire. I saw envy. And thats cool, thats all good, because the Dox is looking for a challenge. So whos it going to b-"

    "Comfortably Numb" suddenly plays, cutting off PARADOX. Nova Diamond walks out onto the stage with a mic in hand, and a cascade of boos rain down on him. NOVA ignores the boos and looks directly at PARADOX.

    SW: “Nova Diamond is here! The man who was disqualified in his tournament semifinal!"

    “He's got some nerve showing his face around here so soon after what he did..."

    ND: ".... are you done making a fool out of yourself?

    Listen to yourself, coming out here, dancing and shucking like you've actually achieved something worth celebrating. Pathetic."

    Nova starts slowly walking down the ramp as he speaks.

    "You want to talk about reality, PARADOX? Well then lets talk about reality. Lets talk about the reality that at nGw #2, an out of control official SCREWED ME out of what was an assured victory over Skye Healy. Lets talk about how that shambolic officiating, designed to coddle poor Skye, cheated me out of my rightful place in the tournament finals... lets talk about how certain nGw commentators are trying to slander me and drag my good name through the mud while some oafish man-child is prancing around out here with the nGw Openweight Championship around his waist, acting like he earned it when the truth is he is a nothing but a paper champion, a FAKE CHAMPION."

    Nova enters the ring slowly as PARADOX smirks. Nova keeps his eyes on the nGw Openweight Championship belt the whole time.

    "You want to talk about reality? Then lets talk about how everyone in the back there knows that you're a fake champion, PARADOX. Lets talk about how everyone knows that deep down inside, you feel lucky, you feel grateful, that I was screwed out of that tournament so you wouldn't have to face me. And lets talk about how we're going to right the injustice that happe-"

    "Lets talk about how everyone in the back knows that you're nothing but a whiny little prick."

    Nova stares up at PARADOX as the crowd cheers the interruption. PARADOX steps up and puts his chest right into Novas.

    "Because the reality is that the Man of Tomorrow has no problem whuppin your pale pasty ass today!!"

    The crowd at Bull Snaill cheers momentarily, but another interruption suddenly occurs.


    As "Crucified" plays, Nova and PARADOX separate as The Fabulous One makes his way out onto the nGw stage along with his faithful entourage. However, it is Martina who holds the microphone and speaks while Stefan stands in the back, having his curls dutifully attended to by Fabian.

    Martina: "Pardon me, gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Beauty Queen of nGw, Martina, and I am here to speak on behalf of The Fabulous One, the undefeated one... Stefan.

    As some of you are no doubt aware of, Stefan was originally meant to be in the Openweight tournament as well, but the boorish regulations and incompetant visa staffs of this country made it so it was not possible for Stefan to participate. Since then, however, Stefan has competed twice in a nGw ring, and has been victorious twice. As such, though it pains my heart to see Mr. Diamond acting like a spoilt child... the most logical contender for you, Mr. PARADOX, it must be Stefan, non?"

    Stefan nods his approval of Martina's argument as the crowd cheers as Nova growls and speaks to Stefan.

    "I don't have time for your curious little twink show. While I'm sure PARADOX would love nothing more than to have another cakewalk of a match, I'm going to have to ask you to take your riff raff and get out of my face before I come down there and vaporize your face, just like I did to precious little Skye Healy..."

    The crowd at Bull Snails gasps a little, but Martina just laughs with a sly smile.

    "Oh dear, was that meant to be an insult? Quite a petulant child we have here... I can assure you, Mr. Diamond, you're a pretty boy, it must be said, but Stefan is more man than you will ever be... would you like to come find out for yourself? Or would you rather come and try to play around with me? I know you don't play nice with girls, but I won't let you have your way with me so easily either..."

    As PARADOX's eyebrow arches at this odd development, the LED tron in Bull Snail arena comes to life, showing nGw General Manager Devin Golden on the screen.

    DG: "Alright, everyone, hold up. Lets disappate all this wierd tension thats building up, okay? Later tonight, we will have a match: The Fabulous Stefan vs Nova Diamond, a #1 contender for the nGw Openweight Championship!"

    The crowd cheers as PARADOX nods in agreement.

    DG: "Oh, and Nova? Try not to get yourself disqualified again... because if you do, I don't think you'll be considered for any title opportunities in the near... or far future."

    With a smile, Devin Golden signs off as Nova snarls at the screen, and then PARADOX, who mouths something to Nova. On the ramp, Stefan signals his approval to Martina as Fabian massages Stefans shoulders.

    SW: Well, it looks like we're going to have an unannounced #1 contenders match here, guys! One of Stefan or Nova Diamond will be the first challenger to PARADOX for the nGw Openweight Championship, and who exactly gets that chance will be determined tonight!

    “Devin Golden gets it wrong here for me. Nova Diamond shamed himself and threw a temper tantrum at nGw #2, nearly ruined the tournament, and now hes back in the mix so soon? Unbelievable. I, for one, hope Stefan will slap some sense back into him."

    “You have to admit though, Dinorah, that Nova Diamond did not get pinned or submitted! A potential matchup with PARADOX, thats a fight plenty of people want to see, me included! But Stefan is wily, cunning, undefeated here in nGw, and perhaps most importantly, has a team behind him! Somethings got to give in the road to the Openweight Championship, and we'll find out later tonight who gets first crack at PARADOX!


    The scene cuts backstage, where James London is seen in a tracksuit and sweat inside one of the training rooms. In his arms, hes holding what appears to be a bunch of binders. James puts the binders down on a desk before suddenly he is accosted by a lithe and pale figure in sunglasses.


    A startled James jumps up and slaps the person.

    "OWWWW!!!!!! HEEEE!!!!!!!"

    JL: "... Liam? Is that you?"


    James sighs as Liam Andrews, dressed up as Thriller-Michael Jackson, does a very bad moonwalk to and fro.

    JL: "Liam, I don't have time for this, we have to get ready for the finals tonight... have you seen Danny anywhere?"


    Danny Knox bursts into the room, dressed up like Michael Jackson from Bad.

    DK: "MICHAEL JACKS-ANT!!!!!!!"

    "HEEE HEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"






    "James, you should've worn the Lisa Marie Presley costume I got you!"

    James takes two of the binders and thrusts one each into the arms of Danny and Liam.

    "Guys, yeah its Halloween, I get it, but we don't have time to be messing around like this, okay?? We could be the first ever World Trios Champions, but if we're going to win tonight you guys have to FOCUS, okay??"

    "Fiiiiiiiine.... hee hee..."

    Danny Knox opens his binder and flips through it.

    "Are these like, pictures of me getting beat up? I don't like this one, this one makes me look fat."

    "This is my analysis of you guys respectively from our match against The Drakes. Inside, you'll find lists of things you did well, things you didn't do well, and things we need to improve on so that we can win tonight. Danny, for yours, I really want you to take a look at slides 5-8, if you take the bullets I wrote to heart, I think it will really improve your ring awareness!"

    "Did you make this in powerpoint?"

    "Yep. Print as JPEG! Liam, theres no way you are done reading your folder so quick."

    Liam/MJ yawns as he uses the binder as a pillow.

    "James, you always print these out for me and I always say the saaaaaame thing: the best way to prepare for a big match is to not ruin your self esteem by reading one of these nitpick binders!"

    Danny points out something in his binder and looks at one of pages, a little crestfallen.

    "So... he was baiting me that whole time?"

    "Precisely!! I have it charted out if you look at figure 3a, over here, you can increase the probability of not falling for their feints, and them falling for YOUR feints, if you do more no-touch d-"

    Liam suddenly grabs Dannys binder and tosses it out the door into the hallway.


    As James goes to retrieve it, Liam puts his arm around Danny.

    "Listen my ant, let James worry about all this analytical and strategizical stuff, okay? Thats what hes good at. You? We don't need none of that. I feel like you're an instinctual wrestler, just like me!"

    "You really think so?"

    "I KNOW so. So don't overthink it, antmang. Just remember: World Breakers bigger, we smaller. Just play it like that, listen to James for callouts, and we'll be champs!"

    "Well, the army ant is known for being able to overwhelm enemies much larger than it..."

    "Exactly!!! We see em, we swarm em, our team wins, we dance as champs!!!!"

    "We see em, we swarm em, our team wins, dance as champs!!! Got it!!!"





    We throw back to the ring where the first match is about to begin, with "The New Adonis" Adore'e James already in the ring.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving on to our first match of the evening, and in the ring stands the The New Adonis, Adore'e James, and he will be seeking his first win in nGw tonight!"

    “Adore'e James looks like a prime specimen, guys, a suprior athlete, he didn't get it done against Nova Diamond at nGw #1, but is tonight going to be the night he gets things going?"

    "So What" plays as Francis King emerges on the stage. King takes his sweet time coming down the ramp as James stares at him.

    SW: “If he wants his first win, he's going to have to get through Francis King, who had quite the showing in the Openweight Tournament despite falling in the semis to the eventual winner PARADOX!"

    “Francis King, looking as joyless as ever, guys, but you're right, King definitely came out of the tournament with an elevated profile, now lets see if he can keep the momentum going against Adore'e James!"

    The bell rings!

    Singles Match: Francis King vs Adore'e James

    The match starts with James utilizing hard strikes to prevent Francis King from locking up with him. Francis finally gets a hold of James, but James reverses him and hits a quick belly to belly suplex!! Francis scrambles out of the ring quickly to reset, and when he re-enters, James immediately grabs him and gut wrench lifts him in a show of power. Francis, however, tips himself forward and hits James in the face with a rolling heel kick!! James stumbles backwards, and Francis leaps at him with a clubbing forearm!! King tries to DDT James, but James lifts him again and slings him onto the apron. James tries to shoulder tackle King, but King hits James with a knee and then slingshots himself back into the ring from the apron, sunset flipping James!!!

    The flip is only good for a two, but Francis gets up first and hits a diving stomp to James chest!! James rolls over and Francis starts aiming stomps onto the small of James back. Francis drags James up, and then pushes him into the ropes, getting both of James arms trapped between the top two ropes. King starts lighting up a trapped James with chops and shots to the body. King gets too close though, and James headbutts him mid-chop!!! As King stumbles, James uses brute strength to free his arms from the ropes, and then knocks the wind out of a shocked Francis King with a big spear!!!

    King is all out of sorts as James grabs him, shoots him into the ropes and tries for a GxG (Pop-up Spinning Backfist) !!! But he actually pops Francis up too high, and Francis has time to adjust his body and bring a huge elbow right down into James' face!! James is stunned, but as King finds his footing and charges, James again uses brute strength to scoop Francis up!! James holds Francis up in a military press, but Francis slips out, lands behind James, and grabs James in a standing rear naked choke!! King wrenches and James tries to hip toss out of it but cannot, as King puts all his weight onto James hip!! After awhile, a flailing James tries to hip out again, but Francis instead spins him around and pulls James in for a lightning quick Kings Landing (Gotch Piledriver)!!! Francis King connects and covers!!!!

    Winner: Francis King
    SW: “And just like that, its Francis King who emerges victorious here at nGw #3!!!"

    “Adore'e James is a specimen indeed, but hes so unpolished, Christian! He tried to power move out of every predicament and Francis King turned the tables on him easily, far too easily!"

    “I dunno if I would call that easy, Dinorah, but a win is a win, and Francis King just got a convincing one, and surely his name will stay in the title mix here at nGw now!"

    King doesnt linger and instead gets out of the ring and quickly heads up the ramp. As the ref and the ringside physio attend to James, King suddenly stops midway on the ramp and casts a curious look at James in the ring. After a moment, King turns around and keeps walking.


    The scene changes to a pretaped segment at the nGW Performance Center, where Angela Eun is seen standing next to Skye Healy, who is wearing a nGw hoodie and street clothes.

    AE: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with Skye Healy, nGw wrestler and finalist in the Openweight Tournament... first off, Skye, I understand that you have not been cleared by doctors to compete at nGw #3 but that you have a message that you want to share with nGw at this time."

    SH: "Thats right Angela, I just wanted to say.... yeah its true, I haven't been cleared to wrestle again yet... and I guess I wanted to tell everyone that I know that a lot of people believed in me and that I'm sorry I let them all down... but I will be back, and I promise that not only will I be back, but I will be better than ever!! So watch out, nGw, because you ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to Skye Healy!"

    "Thats... a great message, and I'm sure your fans will be thrilled to hear that, Skye, but, if I may, I feel like youre being a little hard on yourself, seeing as Nova Diamond assaulted you after he was disqualified in the semifinals..."


    "Could we... get your thoughts on how the match between you and Nova Diamond panned out?"

    "... when it comes to Nova, all I'll say for now is that... I'm an easygoing person, I guess, and I'm not dumb to how this sport, this business is. Nova Diamond... he's going to get whats coming to him sooner or later. Me and him are not done. I'm sure if you asked him he would tell you the sam-"

    Another woman suddenly walks into camera shot.

    "Boo hoo hoo!! Look at me, I have a boo boo and I can't wrestle, wahhhhhh!!"

    A red-headed woman mocks Skye unprovoked. Skye tries to get into her face but the woman backs off.

    AE: "Excuse me, we are conducting and interview here, please stop ruining it."

    "Oh, I'm sorry!! Girls, look! I'm being yelled at by the help!"

    Two other unseen people are heard laughing offscreen as Angela Eun turns a little red, but Skye sticks up for her.

    "Listen, I don't know what your problem is, but-"

    The redhead suddenly puts her hand right into Skyes face.

    "Save it. You're lucky that you're not cleared to wrestle and you can walk around here untouched, with all these nerds and internet white knights fawning over poor baby bird Skye Healy. Look at yourself, you're nothing like me or Brit or Svetlana, and the fact people around here swoon over trash like you makes me sick. So you better watch yourself, Skye... it would be a shame if someone busted that little dog face of yours all over again..."

    The redheaded woman turns around and walks off-screen.

    "Come on, girls. Lets not disturb these two dogs woofing at each other."

    A bunch of high-heeled footsteps move away as Skye and Angela stare after them, equal parts offended and dumbfounded.


    We throw back to Bull Snail as the next match is getting underway. Jocelyn Remington is out first for the match, unaccompanied by either of her X-Blood USA teammates.

    SW: “In our next match, we now have a singles debut here in nGw! We've seen Jocelyn Remington as part of X-Blood USA, but here she will be on her own, one on one against Rosanna Richens!"

    "Remington is an acclaimed judo practicioner, a Team USA Olympian, theres a lot of raw potential here!"

    "Unstoppable" plays next as Rosanna Richens comes out onto the nGw stage, with a look of determination on her face as she comes down the ramp.

    SW: “Richens was shocked in her debut at nGw #2 against Stefan, guys, but she has a chance here to turn it around immediately and get her first nGw victory!"

    “A lot of people get thrown by Stefans unconventional style, and Richens definitely was victim to that last time around, but I think thats only going to make her more vigilant and more dangerous here, against Jocelyn Remington!"

    Singles Match: Rosanna Richens vs Jocelyn Remington

    The match starts with a traditional lock up, with Richens seemingly winning on strength. Remington, however, Judo throws Richens over and tries for the quick armbar!! Richens spins away from Remingtons legs though, and tries to quickly Jacknife cover!! Its only good for a two, but as both of them get up, Richens runs the ropes while dodging a punch and flattens Remington with a running crossbody!!

    Richens continues to use her speed to bedevil Remington, who frankly looks a little sluggish. Remington, however, is able to counter a flying forearm with a hip lock. Remington tries to German suplex Richens, but Richens lands on her feet! Richens goes for a dropkick but Remington times it and stays down, leading to Richens airballing the dropkick! Remington quickly grabs the downed Richens by the feet and crosses her into a sharpshooter!! Richens struggles to break free, but as Remington tries to sit down on it, Richens gets desperate and throws her own head backward, causing a headbutt with Remington and breaking the hold!!

    Both women are down and dizzy, but Remington gets up first. She grabs Richens, but Richens tries to schoolboy Remington!! Remington escapes at two and as they both get up again, Remington throws a capoeirca kick which partially hits Richens!! Richens stumbles as Remington gets up, but as Remington runs the ropes, Richens suddenly runs the opposite ropes! Remington loses sight of Richens, but its too late as Richens blindsides a stopped Remington with the Thorn of a Rose (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)!!!! Richens covers and its good for the 3!!

    Winner: Rosanna Richens
    SW: “And just like that, Rosanna Richens picks up her first nGw win!! A ball of lighting, zipping around the ring, but she brought the thunder against Jocelyn Remington there at the end, didn't she?"

    “Speed kills, guys, and for all of Remingtons accolades outside a wrestling ring, she couldn't keep up with Rosanna Richens tonight!"


    The scene goes backstage in the arena as we see Adore'e James sitting near the catering area with an icepack on his neck and shoulder area. After a moment where he is sitting almost perfectly still, James suddenly lashes out, clearing a table with his arms and kicking a chair away so hard the chair cracks when it bounces against the opposite wall.

    "Not lacking energy, I see...."

    Adore'e spins around to see that the person speaking to him is none other than Francis King.

    "The hell do you want??"

    Francis slowly walks towards Adore'e.

    "You know, my older brother Jimmy... perhaps you've heard of him. Jimmy, he was never a great wrestler... hell, he wasnt even a good wrestler. He wasn't physically strong, wasn't what I would call a master strategist, wasn't exactly blessed with athleticism or technical prowess... me and Jimmy, we... well, we don't get along, but there is one skill Jimmy has that I admire about him.... and that skill... is the ability to pick 'em."

    Adore'e James stares at Francis King with a confused look as Francis gets closer.

    "Jimmy really had an eye for people, you see... he had an eye for people who had the skills that he didnt, had the gifts and talent that he didn't... he had an eye for diamonds in the rough..."

    Francis is at this point almost face to face with Adore'e.

    "I pity you, Adore'e James. You have so much talent, so much raw potential... just like me. When we shared the ring together earlier, I felt it, I sensed it... we, we are more alike than you probably realize, you and I... both unique talents overshadowed by the biases of others. Instead of nurturing and cultivating our talents, they pit up against each other while protecting their little golden geese... I think its pretty cruel, what they've done to you and I..."

    Adore'e grits his teeth.

    "Back the fuck off."

    Francis King doesn't budge.

    "You know what I'm saying is true, Adore'e. You know Devin Golden has his little teachers pets and that they are going to get the lions share of the chances. You and I?? We're just fodder for them, jobbers for them, and even when we surpass the favorite sons, they'll do everything in their power to keep us down because we weren't the chosen ones!! Think about it, think about how we had to scrounge in the open workouts while people like PARADOX and Nova Diamond and Skye Healy were signed immediately!! Think about how they put you against Nova Diamond, that cheater Nova Diamond, and see what happened!! Its not your fault, Adore'e!!! THE SYSTEM IS WORKING AGAINST YOU!!! AGAINST US!!!!!!!"

    Francis is now basically screaming into Adore'es face.



    Adore'e James pushes Francis King away, knocking Francis over. Francis tries to scramble to his feet, but Adore'e, the man Francis had just beat in a match earlier, is now towering over him with clenched fists.

    Francis looks up at him, wide eyed and silent, like a puppy waiting to see if a treat is going to fall off the dinner table.

    ".... whats your fucking plan, then?"

    Francis King smiles.


    "Crucified" plays for the second time tonight as Martina emerges first from back. Stefan, dressed for combat, enters next, with Fabian trailing behind him with the makeup kit.

    SW: “Two nGw matches, two nGw wins in the books for the The Fabulous Stefan! And now, one more win would seal the deal for a shot at the nGw Openweight Champion and a showdown with the champion PARADOX!"

    “Like I said earlier, a lot of people don't know how ot handle Stefans eccentric style! But by now, nobody should be fooled or surprised, that Stefan is much more than just here for the show! This man has serious skills inside the squared circle, and now, hes one win away from riding those skills to being the first ever challenger for the Openweight Championship!"

    As Stefan enters the ring, "Comfortably Numb" plays next as Nova Diamond makes his way onto the stage. Nova slowly walks down the ramp, exchanging glares with not only Stefan, but Martina, who has not entered the ring and stays on the outside.

    SW: “Some might say, and I'm sure at least one of us here is of that opinion, that Nova Diamond is fortunate to find himself in a contenders match after being DQ'ed from the Openweight Tournament, but aside from that, do you think Nova Diamond is walking into a trap here tonight, guys? Aside from his perspective on how the tournament went, he seems distracted by Martina now!"

    “Nova Diamond should count his lucky stars that hes getting another chance so soon after he disgraced himself. And let me go on the record now as saying that no, I will not apologize for pointing out that Nova Diamond is a hypocrite. Lets add one more description to his name while I'm at it: he's delusional too. Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology from me, Nova, because I just call it like I see it!"

    #1 Contendership Match - Stefan vs Nova Diamond

    Stefan, as always, starts with very strange quasi-martial artsy stances. Nova Diamond walks up and attempts to slap Stefan in the face, but the wily Stefan actually ankle picks Nova!! Nova scrambles, but Stefan full nelsons Nova and gets him up. Stefan suddenly lets go to playfully ruffle Novas hair, but Nova forward rolls and tries to sweep Stefan! Stefan rolls with Nova and sits up to avoid being pinned, but Nova jumps up and smashes Stefan with a kick to the sternum!! Stefan is stunned as Nova Diamond runs the ropes and smashes Stefan again with a full-out PK!! Martina and Fabian jump up on the apron, but Stefan kicks out of the cover at 2!!!

    The games are truly over now as Nova scoops Stefan up and slams him down. Nova rubs his boots against Stefans head before dropping down with a jumping elbow. Nova grinds his forearm into Stefans face, all the while looking at Martina with a smirk. Nova gets up and yells something inaudible at Martina. Nova drags Stefan up by the wrist and tries to ripcord him, but Stefan ducks and reverses Novas grip!! Before Nova can figure it out, Stefan pulls him into a pumphandle!! Stefan lifts and Nova is flipped inside out with a huge Pumphandle facebuster!!! Nova is knocked loopy but still tries to get up, but its ill advised as Stefan maintains his grip and drops Nova back on his head with a hammerlock DDT!!! Stefan covers, but Nova kicks out! Stefan gets up, but instead of continuing to attack, Stefan walks back to his corner and demands Fabian fix his look! Fabian obliges, giving Stefan a quick freshen up. Stefan charges out of his corner, but Nova rolls out of the ring to avoid him!

    Nova strolls around on the outside, trying to take as much time as he can to recover. Stefan runs the ropes in the ring and tries to suicide dive out, but Nova jumps up near the apron and catches Stefan with a superman punch!! Stefan tumbles backwards in the ring as Nova grimaces and shakes his hand out, falling to a knee on the outside. Martina walks over and Nova and Martina get into a shouting match again. An infuriated Nova walks towards Martina, but Martina backs off. Nova notices that the refs count is at 8 and tries to reenter the ring, but doesnt see that Fabian has slyly slid his black makeup case across the outside mat!! Nova trips over the case, running shoulder-first into the ring apron and losing his footing!!! Nova tries to get himself back in, but its too late, and the ref has counted him out!!!!

    Winner: Stefan (countout)
    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, make that three wins on the trot for Stefan!! Stefan is now the #1 contender for the nGw Openweight Championship, as he has won here via countout over Nova Diamond!!

    “This doesn't look quite settled yet...

    Nova Diamond slides into the ring and grabs the referee, pointing frantically to the box that Fabian slid in front of him. The ref insists he didnt see what happened and theres nothing he can do anymore as a recovered Stefan calls for the disco ball to be lowered so he can dance with Fabian and Martina, who have both entered the ring with knowing smirks. As "Crucified" starts playing again, Nova Diamond suddenly grabs Martina by the hair and flings her down to the mat!!!

    Nova doesnt have time to do anything else, because almost immediately, Stefan flies in and cracks Nova in the face with a huge shouten!!!!! As Fabian quickly helps Martina up, Stefan mounts Nova and rains blows down on him!! Security spills out to seperate the two, and GM Devin Golden is also out on the stage. The referee walks up to the stage and has an animated conversation with Golden, but suddenly, PARADOX comes out onto the stage as well, with a mic.

    PARADOX: "Eyo, lets just cut this shit out already, okay? Fabio? Is that your name? I saw what you did there, that was a slick move bro, but lets be real, we can't have no #1 contendership decided like THAT!! Stefan?? Kid Nova?? Looks like you two ain't settled things between your damn selves! You both want a shot at my belt, right?? I say lets make it a 3-way match then, at nGw #4!! Yall can come at me at the same time, yall can go after each other, don't matter to me!! Because the Man of Tomorrow is going to be the nGw Champion of Tomorrow AND Today, and I got more than enough to put paid to both yall!! Whats say you, Golden?? The Champ wants em both, you cool with that, Golden?? Make the damn match!!"

    Devin Golden looks at the security holding back both Nova and Stefan in the ring, and then he looks at PARADOX. PARADOX yells something at Golden and Golden just sighs and throws his hands up. Golden walks to the back as PARADOX smiles wide and rubs his hands together, and the crowd cheers at the implication that PARADOX has just had his request granted.

    SW: “Is it official, then?? Is PARADOXs first defense of the nGw Openweight Championship going to be a triple threat match??

    “Guys, I know I came out and said I didn't think Nova Diamond deserved to be in this spot in the first place, but after seeing what we just saw, I agree with PARADOX in that a countout just won't do. If a triple threat is good with all parties involved, then a triple threat is what it looks like we're getting at nGw #4!"

    “Credit to Devin Golden seemingly making the best out of a- wait a sec!!!"

    In the ring, Martina suddenly grabs the makeup box away from Fabian and smashes Nova Diamond in the face with it!! Nova Diamond falls backwards as security releases him and descends on Martina. PARADOX laughs as security escorts Stefans whole party out of the ring, where Fabian is now trying to calm both Stefan and Martina. Stefan eventually marches up the ramp, stopping as he sees PARADOX standing in the way. PARADOX holds up the nGw Openweight Championship belt in Stefans face, while Stefan just silently wags his finger at PARADOX.

    SW: “The ante has just been upped!! And amid all of this, we shouldn't forget that the nGw Openweight Championship will be on the line at nGw #4!!!

    “As if throwing these three guys together wasn't spicy enough already!"

    In the ring, Nova Diamond silently seethes as we see the box shot by Martina has drawn a little blood.


    We throw backstage, where The World Breakers are seen marching towards the stage entrance with Guy LeGrange. Behind them, Jaques Malveux trails.

    JM: "Guy, uh, pardon me for asking, but we haven't really talked through any plan of action for how, uh..."

    Guy suddenly stops and turns towards Jaques. Axis and Atlas stop as well and turn towards Jaques.

    GLG: "Jaques... why are you here?"

    "... because you gave me your card?"

    "No... why are you here? In nGw?"

    "... because...."

    "Be honest with us, Jaques... you are here because..."

    "... because I hate Devin Golden."

    Guy LeGrange smiles.

    "Yes, Jaques... be honest with yourself."


    "Yes, yes..."


    Guy leands forward and issues a calming pat on the leg of Jaques.

    "Jaques... I picked you specifically because you can harness what most men cannot.... rage. Just think about all the things you can do and say once you're one of Devin Golden's champions... and let your rage consume you. Thats the plan."

    A now-pumped up Jaques now almost pushes past Axis and Atlas and marches towards the stage. Axis and Atlas both look at Guy, who nods and beckons them to follow Jaques. As Axis and Atlas go on, Guy smiles to himself.


    We swing back to the Bull Snail Arena view as 'Total Annihilation" starts playing. After a moment, the still pumped-up Jaques bursts out onto the stage, screaming something that is inaudible over the music. Behind him, Axis and Atlas emerge, followed finally by Guy LeGrange.

    SW: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are one match away from crowning the first ever nGw World Trios Champions!! The first ever Trios championship in the WC Universe, and if Guy LeGranges master plan comes together, its his team of Atlas, Axis, and Jaques Malveux who will have the honor of being the first ever Trios Champions!"

    “A good strategy for them to make it happen might be for Jaques to just stay out of the World Breakers way, haha"

    “They certainly looked like a functional team against X Blood USA last time out, though! We have to give Guy LeGrange the benefit of the doubt when it comes to knowing what kind of wrestlers compliments the power and aggression of Atlas and Axis the best!"

    "Tanks!" plays Liam Andrews and Danny Knox, now dressed to wrestle, emerge onto the stage, followed closely by James London. As Liam high fives with the fans at Bull Snail, James London pulls Danny Knox aside to give him some last minute instructions.

    SW: “This team makes their opponents look conventional by comparison, some might say! But I think its also fair to say that Danny Knox has gelled quickly with the Aces of the Agency, and now, they are one win away from making nGw history!!"

    “It definitely helps to have a ring general like James London calling the shots, but we can't discount that beside him, he has two rockem sockem robots called Liam Andrews and now Danny Knox!! This is a combo that just might pay dividends here, in the championship match!!"

    “It certainly worked against the Drakes, but against the World Breakers and Jaques, they're going to have to be as mentally fluid as they are physically!"

    In their corner, Jaques makes an impassioned plea to Axis and Atlas to start the match. After Guy gives the nod, Axis and Atlas begrudingly move to the apron. In the other corner, James brings Liam and Danny into a huddle, and when the huddle breaks, its Danny Knox who will start against Jaques.

    The bell rings!!

    nGw World Trios Championship Tournament Final: The World Breakers & Jaques Malveux vs TRIPLE AYYY! (The Aces of the Agency & Danny Knox)

    Theres a palpable tension in the air as Jaques and Knox size each other up. Jaques strikes first, collaring Knox and pushing him into the ropes. Knox uses the momentum to bouce and hip toss Malveux, but surprisingly, Malveux doesnt let go of Knoxs arm even though Knox tossed him. Knox takes a step in, but Malveux spins on his back and monkey flips Knox partially. Knox lands on his feet, realizing too late that the move wasnt meant to flip him, but to manuever him! Knox suddenly finds himself in the World Breakers corner, where Atlas and Axis grab him and start bashing him with forearms. As Liam and James protest and the ref tells Axis and Atlas to back off, Atlas holds Knox in the corner as Malveux charges and smashes Knox in the chest with jumping knees! Atlas lets go and Knox falls forward while Jaques tags in Axis. Axis pushes Knox back in the corner and lays into him with punches to the gut! Axis tags in Atlas, who comes in and puts the boots to Knox. Atlas bear hugs Knox, and as a desperate Knox tries to elbow out, Atlas turns the bear hug into a spinebuster!!! Atlas ignores Jaques request to tag back in and instead tags Axis. Axis grabs Knox by the throat and tries to chokeslame him, but Knox slips him on the lift and dropkicks Axis in the back!! Knox makes a motion towards his corner and Axis lunges to block him, but its a fake by Knox!! Axis falls down midring, and Knox then runs, takes a hop off of Axis' back, and flies back into his corner for a tag to James London!

    London comes in, ducks a forearm by Axis, and drops the big man with a toe hold! Axis rolls to his back, but London slides to his side and starts bashing Axis with elbows!! Axis rolls again, and London collars him in a bulldog choke!! Axis turns a little red, but bulls his way up and lifts James London for a back suplex! London bails on the choke and flips, landing on his feet, and as Axis turns, London stops him with a yakuza kick to the face! Axis is staggered but not downed by the kick, but as London loads up another strike, Jaques leans in and grabs him by the hair!! The distraction gives Axis enough time to level London with a clothesline!! Liam Andrews has had enough, and gets in the ring, sprints past Axis, and throws his body into the opposite corner, knocking both Atlas and Jaques off the apron to the floor!! The ref gets in and tries pushing Liam back into his own corner, but Axis pushes past the ref and blasts Liam with a kick! Axis tries to powerbomb Liam, but London clips Axis from behind! Axis falls backward and Liam ends up seated sentoning Axis!! London dives and tags Knox in the corner, and Knox jumps up onto the turnbuckle and flies, dropping a dagger elbow into Axis!!! Danny Knox covers!!!


    Axis kicks out before 2!! Knox quickly tags in Liam, and Liam also jumps onto the turnbuckle!! Liam flies off the top and smushes Axis with a frogsplash!!! Liam tries to cover, but Atlas runs in and breaks it up!!! Atlas grabs Liam, but James London blind tags himself back in and kicks Atlas' hand away!! Danny Knox tries to reenter the ring too, but Jaques runs out on the outside and grabs Danny! Inside the ring, London and Liam punt Axis to the outside, and then tries to double suplex Atlas, but Atlas ends up double suplexing them instead!!! Axis crawls back to his corner on the outside as Jaques throws Danny Knoxk into the barricade. Jaques runs back and tags Axis, making him the legal man! Guy yells outs something at Atlas, and Atlas lifts James London for The Culling (Ax Handle/Powerbomb)!! Jaques is about to leap, but Liam Andrew suddenly jumps onto the same corner as Jaques, grabbing a shocked Jaques and flinging both of them down with an impromptu Spanish Fly! Atlas drops James and scoops Liam up, smashing him down with a huge powerslam!! Liam has had the wind knocked out of him as Axis comes back on the apron and Atlas gives him the signal, but out of nowhere, Danny Knox rolls back into the far side of the ring and pushes Atlas into Axis!! Axis falls back to the outside as Atlas tumbles through the middle ropes as well! Danny sees, charges the ropes again, and flings himself outside of the ring with a no-hands senton onto both Axis and Atlas!!!

    Guy LeGrange hops on the apron now and starts yelling at Liam Andrews, but as Jaques rises and tries to blindside Liam, Liam matrixes and dodges, and Jaques ends up bumping Guy LeGrange off the apron!! James London then grabs a shocked Jaques and gives him a full nelson urunage!!!! James motions to Liam, who charges as London full nelsons a fallen Jaques!! Liam connects with the Deadline (Assisted Curb Stomp)!!!!! Jauqes is completely out as James London makes the cover!!!




    Winner: The Aces of the Agency & Danny Knox
    Guy LeGranges eyes are almost bulging out of his sockets after seeing his master plan come undone at the last second. As Atlas and Axis recover on the outside, Danny Knox rolls back inside the ring, where London and Andrews are also coming to terms with what just happened.


    “Wow, you couldn't have scripted it any better, just when things were looking dire, all the pieces fell together perfectly for London, Andrews, and Knox!!

    “Guy LeGrange can't believe it!!!"

    LeGrange finally snaps out of it and orders Axis to grab Jaques off the apron. Atlas looks like hes about to lose it, but LeGrange steps in front of him. After a tense moment, Atlas leaves up the ramp with LeGrange, while Atlas carries Jaques out behind them.

    In the ring, James, Liam, and Danny are all slumped in a pile as the ref gets the World Trios Championship belts from Devin Golden and gives each man a belt. James London starts laughing, and as all three of them get up, James is heard saying "just like we planned it, right boys?"

    SW: “Its a beautiful thing when a plan comes together, as they say, and tonight, the plans and wildest dreams of James London, Liam Andrews, and Danny Knox have turned into reality!! They are the first ever nGw World Trios Champions, and their names are now etched in the history of nGw and FWA!!!"

    Bull Snail cheers loudly as the three all raise the Trios belts into the air. nGw#3 goes off the air as Liam and James scoop Danny Knox up and puts him on his shoulders, parading around the ring one last time with Danny Knox's new Trios belt raised high in the air.


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    Re: nGw #3 RESULTS


    The ant has gone marching! Wooo!
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: nGw #3 RESULTS

    KAI, you're a machine, man. Seriously, you managed to work every single detail of my last open thread promo into the show and the show was posted in the same day with that promo. And I especially love how you turned Nova into low-key one of the best heels in the FWA. Oh, and we won the Trios belts, that's great too.
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