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Thread: nGw #2 RESULTS

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    nGw #2 RESULTS

    Live from Bull Snail University, Orlando, FL


    September 15th, 2018

    The camera opens with an overhead swoop shot of intimate Bull Snail University arena as the crowd is chanting “NGW! NGW!” over and over. As the shot changes to showing some of the more animated fans by ringside, the voice of the commentary team cuts in barely over the cheering.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, we stand on the precipice of history as nGw 2 officially kicks off right here at Bull Snail University! Four competitors remain in the nGw Openweight Tournament, and tonight, one of those four will have won two matches in one night to become the first ever nGw Openweight Champion!! I’m Sean Waterhouse, and with me here at the nGw broadcast table is Christian Quinn and Dinorah Redgrave!"

    “Skye Healy, PARADOX, Francis King, Nova Diamond!! One of these four will truly etch their name in history, a trailblazing achievement that nobody can take away from them!!”

    “But that’s, of course, not all we have on nGw 2! The World Trios Championship Tournament also kicks off now!! It’s a jam-packed card, no starting off slowly, nGw is charging into the future full speed ahead!!”

    “Speaking of full speed, I’m getting word from the production pit that this card is so stacked that we are getting right into it without further ado!”


    "Easy Rider" plays, drawing the first pop of the night as PARADOX is the first man out on the stage. He playfully sticks his tongue out at the crowd, gives himself a few slaps on the face to get revved up, then strides down the ramp.

    SW: “He weathered a storm from Danny Knox to make it to this next round of the tournament, but to say that PARADOX is confident would be an understatement! Lets hear a bit more about the man himself, in his own words!"

    As PARADOX enters the ring, an inset box on the bottom left of the shot plays a video of a brief interview that was conducted backstage before the show began.

    PARADOX: "On nGw 1, PARADOX asked Devin Golden whether the that nGw Openweight Championship belt would look good on PARADOX. That was, of course, a rhetorical question! Because Danny Knox tried his damnedest to derail PARADOX, but no dice. Francis King is going to try anything he can think of tonight, but it ain't gonna work! And whoever I meet in the finals is going to throw the kitchen sink and then some, but please, it ain't nothing that PARADOX hasn't already seen before baby! nGw, FWA Universe, don't overthink it, don't overanalyze, because you know what yoou about to hear is nothing but the truth: The Man of Tomorrow... nGw Openweight Champion of Today!"

    The scene returns to the ring as PARADOX is announced by Angela Eun.

    CQ: “Dinorah, is PARADOX your pick to win it all?"

    “You're going to put me on the spot like that, Christian?? I'll say this much, you cannot deny that PARADOX has a freakish combination of size, speed, and agility that the other 3 semifinalists just cannot match. But theres more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak!"

    "So What" plays next as Francis King emerges on the stage, eyes firmly fixed on PARADOX. King slow-walks down the ramp, almost getting slower with each step as he sizes up PARADOX.

    SW: “He defeated Daiquan Andrews on nGw 1 in authoritative fashion, but in order to become Openweight Champion, the Black Sheep of nGw will have to overcome an entirely different-looking challenge! Lets see what he has to say about the situation!"

    The inset interview box returns with Francis King looking intensely into the camera.

    King: "Do you know what its like? Do you know what it feels like to live your life with a giant shadow cast over you?? Always in the dark, always unjustly overlooked, always considered nothing more than a DEFECTIVE BYPRODUCT???? Because I know what its like, and I will NOT let myself be treated that way ANYMORE!!! Devin Goldens little golden children, his handpicked chosen ones, the gallery of teachers pets in nGw like Skye Healy and Nova Diamond, they all cast a shadow over everyone else in nGw, and PARADOX, you are the biggest shadow of all. Well... the Black Sheep refuses to live under anyones shadow anymore... and when I smash PARADOX and Nova Diamond and Skye Healy under my boot and take that precious nGw Openweight Championship, you, all of you, will be punished for your hubris. No mercy. No escape."

    The inset ends and throws back to the ring, where Francis King slowly slides under the bottom rope, eyes still fixed on PARADOX, who looks back at him with a furrowed brow.

    CQ: “After that interview, I don't even want to speculate whats going through the mind of Francis King right now...."

    “On the outside, it might look like hes just staring at PARADOX this whole time, but inside that brain, he is plotting, he is scheming, surely mapping out the best way for Francis King to emerge from tonight as nGw Openweight Champion!"

    nGw Openweight Championship Tournament Semifinals: PARADOX vs Francis King

    The Beginning: The two men tie up immediately, but despite Kings attempts to muscle down PARADOX, PARADOX is alternately too slick or powerful. PARADOX chain wrestles King, who cannot keep up. After working through some early near falls, King turns the tide by raking the eyes of PARADOX The ref admonishes King, but King shotgun dropkicks PARADOX out of the ring!! King follows PARADOX outside to soften him up, tossing him into the guardrails and then the steel steps!

    The Middle: King brings PARADOX back into the ring and is relentless, baiting PARADOX into a brawl. PARADOX tries to fire off offense, but Kings tactics make PARADOX sloppy and King grinds proceedings to a snails pace. PARADOX finally turns it around by floating over a King charge and enziguring King in the back of the head!! PARADOX goes for the #1 Stunna but King rakes the eyes again to get out of it!! King backstabbers PARADOX for a near fall, and a follow-up Oklahoma roll only gets 2 as well! King tries to go for the Kings Landing but PARADOX ironically gets out of it by raking Kings eyes back!

    The Finish: PADAROX falls out of Kings Landing, but Francis chop blocks him!! King starts to assault the knee with elbows and dragon screws! King straightens PARADOX up and runs the ropes to try and take the knee out again, but PARADOX times him and drops down for an in-motion #1 Stunna!!! PARADOX jackknifes the stunned Francis King and pins him clean!!

    Winner: PARADOX

    PARADOX has his hand raised by the ref, but after a split second PARADOX collapses to the mat, still heavily favoring his knee. As physios check on both men, PARADOX waves off the help and limps forward up the ramp, trying his best to walk normally but clearly moving stiffly.

    SW: “PARADOX is moving on the main event tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of a scintillating match with Francis King!!! But Francis King definitely left a mark on PARADOX, and as we can all see, there is no celebration from PARADOX, no boastful proclamations, only looks of concern and worry as the status of PARADOX's knee is now thrown into question!"

    “Nobody who has to win two matches in one night is ever going to be 100% going into the 2nd match, but concern is definitely right, Sean. If that knee swells up on PARADOX then what happens??"

    “Its nothing that a cortisone shot cant fix! But seriously guys, even if he does get a shot, that knee is visibly severely weakened. PARADOX may be the winner of the match, but at what cost?"


    “Comfortably Numb” plays as Nova Diamond is first to emerge on the nGw stage. He has an almost serene look on his face as he walks down the short ramp and slides into the ring, startling Angela Eun as he slides almost right to her feet.

    SW: “Is that a look of supreme confidence or what from Nova Diamond! He looks absolutely convinced already that he is going to be the first nGw Openweight Champion! And I bet we'll hear as much from the man himself!”

    As Nova gets up in the ring, an inset video with his backstage interview plays.

    Nova: "Salutations, nGw. I would like to take this time to reassure you all that proceedings tonight might get hairy, they might get a little messy... after all, the honor of first ever nGw Openweight Champion is on the line! People are going to scratch and claw to have at that prize. But I came here tonight bearing a gift, nGw, the gift of foresight. Because the first ever nGw Openweight Champion isn't going to be that envious green goblin Francis King, its not going to be this poor little lamb Skye Healy, who I will generously mercy kill first tonight, and it sure won't be that spot gorilla of tomorrow PARADOX... no no, only one person is fit for this honor, only one person is worthy, come chaos or calm waters, there can only be one... and that one is the Diamond... Nova Diamond."

    Nova methodically stretches in the ring, shooing Angela Eun off for being in his way.

    CQ: “He is indeed confident, but can you blame him, after the way he definitively took out Adore’e James at nGw 1? Nova Diamond is loquacious, he’s outspoken, but most of all, he is an undeniable talent in the ring!! If he did end up being the first Openweight Champion, it wouldn’t surprise me at all!”

    “He said all the right things about respecting his first opponent here tonight, about how he wasn’t going to underestimate her… now we see whether Nova Diamond is going to be able to back it up!”

    “Good Time” by Owl City plays next as Nova Diamond nonchalantly lounges in the far corner. After a beat, Skye Healy emerges on the stage, drawing shrieks of delight from some of the younger fans in attendance. Skye jobs down the ramp and around the ring, slapping all the outstretched hands Nova silently watches her.

    SW: “The fastest qualifier from nGw 1 is now here!! And while a fair bit was made about whether this stage is too much too soon for Skye Healy, she certainly looks much more relaxed despite this being the biggest match of her career!”

    As she makes the rounds around the nGw ring, Skyes inset video plays.

    Skye: "I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO SAY, ARGHGHGHHGHHHH!!! nGw 2, Nova Diamond, the Openweight Championship, this is all so exciting!!! I'm like, its just like, is this even real?? Is this really happening!!! But it is real guys, and I'm going to go out there an prove that I belong, that I'm not here just to fill out the numbers, that I am a wrestler, and a damn good one at that! Thank you guys, everyone whos supported me and helped me get this far! GM Golden, Bell, the fans at Bull Snail, the FWA Universe... dad... hey dad, heh... I made it! And I'm going to go out there and win, I'm going to make everyone proud!! Skye Healy, nGw Openweight Champion... sounds catchy, no?~"

    The inset ends as Skye rolls into the ring.

    CQ: “Well, that interview certainly was a ball of energy, and yeah, we all know Skye bring energy to the ring, but she also brings infectious enthusiasm, a kind of can-do attitude that you simply cannot underestimate when it translates to resilience in the ring! She may be the underdog again here, but hope is a hard thing to kill, and you can just see, you can hear it here, there are a lot of people here at Bull Snail who want a Skye Healy victory!”

    “She showed her wit and guile last week against Samson Riggs, but now its time for her to show her toughness, her heart, because I highly doubt shes going to be able to pull a fast one on Nova Diamond. She has to show here that Skye Healy can compete with the best of em in nGw!”

    nGw Openweight Championship Tournament Semifinals: Nova Diamond vs Skye Healy

    The Beginning: Nova doesn’t take Skye serious, refusing to tie up with her and refusing to engage. Nova reverses an irish whip and hams it up for the crowd, not noticing that Skye has mounted the corner. Skye missile dropkicks Nova and gets his attention! Nova tries to bully Skye down but gets a tiltawhirl headscissors for his troubles. Nova Diamond cannot get a hold of Skye as she runs circles around him, hitting him with all sorts of flying moves. Nova finally gets respite when Skye almost runs into the referee, allowing Nova to blast Sky in the face with a forearm! Nova immediately goes with submissions to stop Skye from moving.

    The Middle: Nova applies a deep ankle lock, and though Skye eventually rolls out of it, it does slow her down. Skye tries to hurricane DDT Nova, but Nova counters into a Northern Lights Suplex!! Nova finally has a sense of Skyes timing, and when Skye counters out of a suplex attempt with an armdrag, Nova sits down on it with an armbar. Skye escapes by rolling up Nova, and when Nova tries to get up, Sky blasts him in the face with a knee!! An enraged Nova wildly tries to counter, but Sky pops him up and hits him with a lungblower for a close two!!!

    The Finish: The knee to Nova’s face from Sky has drawn blood, and when Nova notices that he is bleeding, he freaks out. As Skye whips him into a corner, Nova uranages her down viciously!!! Nova grabs Skye by the throat and throws her into the corner and starts smashing her with boots and stomps!! The ref counts to 5, but Nova refuses to stop with the stomping. The ref tries to get between them, but Nova throws the ref aside and continues landing boots to Skyes face!!! The ref, facing an out-of-control Nova Diamond, has no choice but to disqualify him.

    Winner: Skye Healy (DQ)

    Nova Diamond has completely lost all composure. He suddenly grabs the ref by the collar and stares at him through the mess of hair on his face with wild, bulging eyes. The camera catches him growling to the ref “did you really disqualify me?” and then throwing the ref to one side again. Nova suddenly turns around, charges, and smashes his knee right into Skyes face!! Skye slumps seated back into the corner as Nova suddenly grabs the ref by the hair, drags him closer to the corner and throws him down. Nova starts screaming “YOU DID THIS!!!” at the ref before ramming his knee right into Skyes face again!!! Nova charges and smashes Skye with another knee!!!



    Security starts spilling out onto the ramp. Nova sees them, sprints to the opposite corner of the ring and then charges, flying halfway across the ring with a scream before catching Skye Healy with a flying double knees in the face!!! Skye collapses in a pile as security gets into the ring and grabs Nova Diamond. Nova shakes off the security, but as members of the staff shield the fallen Skye Healy from him, Nova stops and just stares down at them with a wild look and clenched teeth. After a tense few moments, Nova suddenly throws his head back and rolls out of the ring. As security follow him outside, he suddenly throws his hands up as if to show hes finally chilled out.

    “Jesus, he’s finally calmed down…”

    “This guy is a loose cannon, he almost lost it against Adore’e James and now hes completely lost it against Skye Healy!! He’s gotten himself disqualified, and then with this petulant assault!!! I mean, what if Skye Healy isn’t able to compete?? Then what happens???”

    “I don’t know, Dinorah, but what we do know at this point is that Skye Healy is moving on to the finals, while Nova Diamond, he might be trying to play it cool right now, but make no mistake about it, he imploded before our eyes!”

    The ringside physios run to check on Skye Healy, whos rolled out onto the apron. Skye is not responsive to them as the crowd rains down boos on Nova Diamond, who is walking up the ramp now as if nothing happened. Nova hears the boos and points to the referee in the ring, saying “DON’T BOO ME, HE DID THIS. BOO HIM!!!!” before leaving through the stage curtain.


    The scene throws to a video, set in what appears to be a dimly-lit library of sorts. The camera is is situated at a table in the middle, with rows and stacks of shelves barely visible in front of the shot.

    Footsteps are heard from somewhere.

    A female giggle echos.

    The footsteps get louder.

    Suddenly, a rectangle document slides from the opposite end of the table to the camera. The camera pans down to see that the document is a laminated, embroidered card, stamped with a red-and-black crest as the backdrop. On the card reads the words:

    "You Have Been Invited to The Sorority...

    Will You Take the Pledge?"

    The female giggling is heard again as the footsteps echo away and the camera shot fades to black.


    "Stronger" plays as Daiquan Andrews is out on the stage for the next match. Daiquan does some last-minute stretches before making his way to the ring with a determined look on his face.

    SW: “Ladies and gentlemen, suffice to say that Daiquan Andrews nGw debut did not go down like he wanted it to against Francis King, but the opportunity to right the ship and get that first nGw victory presents itself tonight against Samson Riggs!"

    DR: “Francis Kings vast experience edge played a big part in how that match went down in my opinion, but the only way to get that experience yourself is to get in the ring and throw down!"

    CQ: “Daiquans going to find himself against another more experienced opponent here, but you're right Dinorah, this is only the beginning for Daiquan, and with each match in nGw I expect to see a lot of growth from this Ground Zero alumnus!"

    "Enemy Within" plays next as Samson Riggs is out, still looking both squinty and irritable. Someone yells something at Riggs as he walks down the ramp, prompting Riggs to yell back "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, FREELOADER!!" as he keeps walking.

    SW: “Well, as our viewing audience no doubt just heard, yes, tickets to nGw at Bull Snail University are currently free of charge to Bull Snail Students, as Samson Riggs makes his way down, already not in the best of moods!"

    CQ: “Its been a month, but I bet its still eating away at him knowing that the last time we were here, Samson Riggs was absolutely humiliated by Skye Healy!! Too late to change that first impression, but he has a chance to let everyone know what Samson Riggs is really all about here against Daiquan Andrews!"

    DR: “Imagine how much angrier he's going to be if Skye Healy ends up beating PARADOX later!"

    Singles Match: Daiquan Andrews vs Samson Riggs

    The Beginning: Samson screams something at Daiquan right out of the gate, but Daiquan slaps the taste out of Samsons mouth!!! The two immediately start brawling, with Daiquan getting the better of the early exchange. But Daiquan gets too ambitious early, and when he lifts Samson Riggs for a German Suplex, Riggs elbows Daiquan right in the face and then drives him down with a bulldog!

    The Middle: Samson tries to grind but can’t keep Daiquan down. Samson pushes Daiquan into a corner and chops Daiquan, but Daiquan fires back with rapid chops of his own! Samson is completely overwhelmed, and as he goes for an eye rake, Daiquan slugs him with an uppercut instead! Daiquan goes for the German again and gets it!! Daiquan doesn’t let go and gives Riggs a trio of Germans before getting a 2 count!

    The Finish:
    Riggs is flailing as Daiquan whips him into the corner and slams into Riggs with a flying splash! Daiquan then grabs Samson for a DDT, but Samson drops down and tries to roll up Daiquan! Daiquans legs graze the refs face; as the ref looks away while Daiquan pops out of the hold, Riggs sees the split second opening and hoofs Daiquan in the groin!!! Daiquan hunches over in extreme pain as Samsons schoolboys him in front of the recovered ref, and Riggs steals the 3 count!

    Winner: Samson Riggs

    SW: “Samson Riggs cheated!!! He used that backslide to low blow Daiquan and the ref never saw it!!!"

    Samson Riggs demands the ref raise his hand again even after the ref raised it the first time. Daiquan Andrews hobbles to his feet and tries to jump Riggs, but Riggs feels the pressure and rolls out of the ring! Daiquan screams at Riggs to get back in the ring, but Riggs walks up the ramp, screaming back "IM DONE WITH YOU!!! YOURE NOT A REAL MAN, YOURE JUST A BOY!!!!!". As Riggs leaves the stage area, a frustrated Daiquan has an animated conversation with the referee about what happened.

    CQ: “Well, Samson Riggs comes out of nGw 2 a winner I guess, but I daresay that that performance isnt going to sway many people towards changing their opinion of him thus far in nGw!"

    DR: “The ref is going to watch that replay back and its not going to be pretty... I feel for Daiquan though, he put up a sterling effort and really showed improvement over his match against King, but he also got taught a harsh lesson today about how some people won't hesistate to take a shortcut..."


    We suddenly cut to what appears to be a video, but its just a screen of static and static noise.

    The noise plays for a few seconds, then suddenly a *crrrck* is heard.

    Someone speaking with a bullhorn is heard over the continuing noise of the static.



    RISE UP!!!


    The bullhorn-amplified voice grows louder.



    The static suddenly cuts out to a black screen.




    We cut back to the ring in Bull Snail as a disco ball suddenly lowers from the rafters towards the ring. The smark crowd starts cheering and chanting "DISCO BALL!" before "Crucified" starts to play, bringing out Stefan along with his entourage of Martina and Fabian. Martina again leads the way down the ramp as Fabian fusses over Stefans makeup.

    SW: “The entrance of the Fabulous One has put Bull Snail in a partying mood, guys!"

    “Stefan opened up nGw 1 with a bang, and while he isn't in the Openweight tournament, being given the honor of opening this chapter in nGw history has to be seen as a vote of confidence in itself, no?"

    “Its not secret that Stefan is someone that nGw has high hopes for, but the same can be said for his opponent here tonight!!"

    "Unstoppable" plays as Stefan enters the ring, while Martina and Fabian convene in Stefans corner. The camera cuts back to the stage when Rosanna Richens emerges for the first time. She slinks slowly to center stage and stares upward to the sky for a moment before moving down the ramp with a slow, measured saunter.

    SW: “And now we have a highly anticipated debut, all the way from England, the mysterious vixen Rosanna Richens will now enter Bull Snail for her much anticipated nGw debut!”

    “I’ve heard many a thing about Rosanna Richens guys, mostly good, some quite… interesting perspectives on her, but nonetheless, here she is in her nGw debut, and I have to say, shes been handed a tough assignment out of the gate!”

    Singles Match: Rosanna Richens vs Stefan

    The Beginning
    : Richens moves to lock up, but stops as Stefan suddenly throws some wild kung-fu-ish moves into the air. Stefan continues to throw erratic moves into the air before Richens gets bored and throws a kick of her own, smacking Stefan in the chest. Richens shakes her head and picks Stefan up, but that was the opening that Stefan was looking for, as Stefan shoots up like a frog and lands an uppercut Glamour Shot right onto Rosanna Richens chin!!!! Richens goes limp, but by the time she comes to its too late as Stefan has pinned her!!!!!

    Winner: Stefan

    Rosanna Richens rolls out of the ring, looking around wide-eyed and in shock that she fell for such a feint. In the ring, the disco ball lowers as Stefan dances to “Crucified”, dis massively waving bye bye to Richens. Fabian and Martina both enter as well, as Stefan gyrates back and forth, each of them puts one hand on Stefans waist, making an unmistakable gesture with their arms of a desired championship belt.

    SW: “Sensational!! Rosanna Richens will no doubt be disappointed her nGw debut ends in such a quick loss, but The Fabulous One is on an absolute roll!”

    “Stefan got inside her head early and remains undefeated, and that not-so-subtle sign from his posse surely means that we aren’t the only ones who have noticed!


    We throw back to the ring at Bull Snail as Angela Eun makes the official announcement.

    AE: “The following is a semifinal match in the nGw World Trios Tournament!!”

    A yuppie-like theme plays as The Drakes are out first for their match, with Simon and Winston out first before Phillip slowly trails behind them.

    SW: “And we are about to be underway in the quest to crown the first ever nGw World Trios Championship!!”

    “Trios is an entirely different ballgame than just tag teams, guys. An even higher level of synergy and teamwork is required to be a successful trios team, so what could be better than to make the chase for trios gold a family affair?”

    “The Drakes definitely have the familiarity advantage coming into this, but I wonder if that sense of hierarchy I get from seeing the Drakes helps or hurts…”

    As the Drakes enter the ring, “Tanks!” plays as Liam Andrews and Danny Knox burst out onto the stage. Liam and Danny start chopping each other on the stage to hype each other up before James London comes out and separates them, telling them to do their chopping in the ring.

    SW: “Looks like we have a bunch of space cowboys here, as this new trio of Danny Knox and the Aces of the Agency make their debut as a team!”

    “High stakes for a debut, don’t you say, Dinorah?”

    “Indeed. On paper, I think the Ants relentless energy is good match for Andrews and London, but that’s only on paper, we’re finally going to see whether it works out in practice, here against the Drakes!”

    nGw World Trios Championship Tournament Semifinal: The Drakes vs The Aces of the Agency & Danny Knox

    The Beginning:
    Winston starts out against Danny Knox. Winston shows off his power by pushing Knox into the corner, but Knox switches and tags in Liam quickly. Winston gets splashed in the corner by Liam, but as Liam runs the ropes again for a clothesline, Winston blocks it. Winston grabs Liam by the throat, but James London tags himself in to save Liam Andrews. London slingshots into the ring and armdrags Winston across the ring, where Phillip Drake tags himself in. Phillip eats a few stiff kicks from London, and subsequently tags Simon in. As Simon charges and locks up with London, Phillip doesn’t leave the ring and they double DDT London, while Winston suddenly charges out of his corner and smashes both Liam and Knox off the apron.

    The Middle:
    The Drakes go for a quick Malibu Crush, but London kicks away Winstons arm midair and then headbutts Phillip. Simon tries to collar London, but London flips Simon over with ease with a judo throw. Liam scurries back into the ring and tags himself in, and they high-low Winston before tossing Phillip out of the ring. Phillip lands close to Knox and tries to sucker punch Knox, but Knox ducks it and gives Phillip a STO on the outside!! Back in the ring, Simon pushes London from behind and sends him tumbling out of the ring. Simon tags Winston and they try to double team Liam, but as they double backdrop Liam, Liam lands on his feet!! Liam superkicks Simon out of the ring, but Winstons smashes Liam with a huge clothesline!! Winston wrenches Liam up and gives him a huge spinebuster!!

    The Finish:
    Winston tries to pin Liam, but James London gets back in the ring and kicks Winston off Liam while tagging himself in. Winston counters with a big chop, Knox tries to jump on the apron but then Phillip pulls him back off. Phillip and Knox brawl on the outside before Winston tries to chokeslam London. But as Winston lifts him, London knees Winston in the face!! Winston drops London, who snakes down and rolls Winston into a kneebar!! Liam wipes out a charging Simon as Winston screams in pain! Phillip jumps onto the apron, but takes too much time getting in the ring, and Knox pulls him back to the floor! After a moment, London locks it up fully and Winston has no choice but to tap!!

    Winners: The Aces of the Agency & Danny Knox

    Liam and Knox enter the ring to celebrate as Phillip immediately pulls Winston out of the ring. Even though the match is over, Simon suddenly gets into Danny’s face. Simon tries to strike Danny after the bell, but Liam flies in and pushes Simon Drake out of the ring. Simon tumbles through the ropes, but Phillip yells at him to cut it out as the Drakes beeline it up the ramp. In the ring, Liam and Danny high five and cheer as James London pats them both on the back. Danny then hugs James quasi-against James’ will as Liam pumps his fist and screams “YEAHYEAH!!!!!”

    SW: “A slick submission finish, and the team of Andrews, London, and Knox, thrown together at the last minute to enter the trios tournament, are now in the finals at the expense of the Drakes!!”

    “I guess we can put some of our worries about their lack of familiarity with each other to rest, huh?”

    “Some things just click when you throw em together, guys, and I think that’s what we have here! With James London quarterbacking all of raw energy that Knox and Andrews brings, theres definitely potential here!”

    SW: “Potential World Trios Champions??”

    DR: “Who knows, Sean, but what we do know is that Liam Andrews, James London, and Danny Knox are in the finals!”


    The thumping beats of “Total Annihilation” assaults the ears of the Bull Snail audience as the World Breakers make their way out on the stage, trailed closely by an apprehensive Jaques Malveux. Malveux tries to get a word in with Guy LaGrange, who follows his team out on the ramp, but Guy refuses to answer Jaques and instead gestures wordlessly for Jaques to join his teammates in the ring.

    SW: “Onward now to our other semifinal, and this is somewhat of a revenge match for the World Breakers and especially Guy LaGrange, guys!”

    “You’re absolutely right Sean, this is matchup Guy LaGrange desperately wanted, a rematch with X-Blood USA, but this time in trios combat! And Guy LaGrange apparently thinks Jaques Malveux is the right man to round out his team and to exact payback on X-Blood USA!”

    “Speaking of synergy, it would probably be best for synergy if Jaques Malveux just stayed out of the way of these two wrecking balls…”

    SW: “Are you saying you don’t agree with Guy’s call to have Jaques Malveux be the third man in this trios team, Dinorah?”

    DR: “I… certainly have my doubts about how good of a fit this is.”

    “Right Here, Right Now” plays next as all three representatives of X-Blood USA step out onto the stage. THUNDERHAWK is already mouthing off at Guy and Jaques as Giva Ortega just smirks. The two swagger their way down the ramp as a much more concerned-looking Jocelyn Remington follows them. But the World Breakers aren’t waiting around, as Axis and Atlas slide out of the ring and immediately assault THUNDERHAWK and Ortega!! Its an all out brawl on the ramp, with Remington joining in. Guy yells something at Jaques, who is still standing in the ring. Jaques nods and suddenly climbs onto the near ring post and flings himself with a sky high crossbody onto the World Breakers and XBUSA below, knocking everyone down!!!!

    nGw World Trios Championship Tournament Semifinal: The World Breakers & Jaques Malveux vs X-Blood USA

    The Beginning: Everything is a mess to start, but eventually Malveux and Ortega make their way into the ring and the bell rings. Ortega tries to quickly triangle choke Malveux, but Jaques is close enough to the ropes to get a break! Meanwhile, Axis and Atlas continue to fight THUNDERHAWK and Remington on the floor, and the ref cant keep track of both the ring and outside. Atlas whips Remington right into THUNDERHAWK, and as Ortega reaches for a tag, only Axis is there! Axis smashes Ortega in the face and then forcibly tags himself in.

    The Middle:
    Axis splashes Ortega, and then again from the second rope!! On the outside, Atlas throws Remington into the steel steps and then grabs THUNDERHAWK and bearhugs him!! THUNDERHAWK headbutts his way out of the bearhug, but as THUNDERHAWK jumps on the apron, Jaques runs over and knocks him down!! Ortega has nobody to tag again as Axis ragdolls him around. Axis tries to gorilla press Ortega, but Ortega drops down and snares Axis in a guillotine!!

    The Finish:
    Axis runs around, smashing Ortega into the corners to make him let go. Jaques tries to cut off XBUSA again, but Remington toeholds Jaques down!! THUNDERHAWK finally gets the tag as Axis runs Ortega into the XBUSA corner! THUNDERHAWK leaps in and slingshot DDTs Axis!!! Atlas climbs into the ring and charges, but THUNDERHAWK levels him with a step up knee!! Remington jumps up for the tag, but Jaques runs in on Guys urging and elbows her off the apron again!! Ortega tries to tag as well, but Atlas bodies Ortega away! THUNDERHAWK grabs Jauqes and tries to lift him for CHROMA, but Axis punches THUNDERHAWK in the gut!! Jaques is dropped onto the turnbuckle, and as Axis lifts a winded THUNDERHAWK up, Guy tells Jaques to jump!! Jaques does so, and they connect for a 2/3s CULLING onto THUNDERHAWK!!!! Axis covers and it’s a 3!!

    Winner: The World Breakers & Jaques Malveux

    Axis rises after definitively pinning THUNDERHAWK, but Guy suddenly steps into the ring. He gestures with his head, and on cue Atlas throws Giva Ortega out of the ring. Guy points at THUNDERHAWK and says “He must suffer more”. Axis prepares to lift THUNDERHAWK for The Culling, but Jocelyn Remington suddenly slides into the ring! Axis drops THUNDERHAWK and grabs Jocelyn by the throat. An amused Guy walks over to Remington and says “…my business is not with you, girl. Get out!!!” But as Axis tries to fling Remington out of the ring, Remington wrist-clutches an unsuspecting Axis and smashes him in the face with a Kolliderscope!! Axis falls backwards while Atlas climbs down from the turnbuckle. Remington appears to be ready to push past LeGrange, but from out of nowhere, Jaques reappears and chop blocks Remington!! Atlas grabs Remington and looks at LeGrange, who screams out “She had her chance!!!” Atlas then lifts Remington up and delivers a devastating sitout powerbomb!! Axis gets back up and wants to stomp on the fallen Remington, but LeGrange redirects him to THUNDERHAWK. Axis lifts THUNDERHAWK up as Atlas ascends the turnbuckle and jumps down, destroying THUNDERHAWK with The Culling!!!! Finally satisfied, LeGrange nods as The World Breakers pose over Remington and THUNDERHAWK, with Jaques leering behind them as “Total Annihilation” plays again.

    SW: “Total Annihilation is what we just witnessed guys!! The World Breakers and Jaques Malveux are moving on the finals, and to say that they have done so in emphatic fashion is perhaps an understatement!!!”

    “You would think that X-Blood USA would have the upper hand in terms of experiences, but there are some things you simply can’t teach, guys, and two of those things are raw power and bloodlust! The World Breakers and Jaques, The Aces and Knox! The finals for the World Trios Champions are set!!”

    “I might have to eat my worlds a little, guys… perhaps LeGrange saw something in Jaques that balances out the World Breakers, because it certainly worked tonight…”


    The scene goes backstage to where The Drakes are standing, with Winston still with a noticeable limp.

    WD: “I’m sorry Phillip… I fucked up…”

    PD: “Don’t worry about it, its all good, we’ll get em next time. There are going to be plenty of chances for revenge later. Simon, help him out to the physios office, will you?”

    Simon nods and puts Winstons arm around him, and the two shuffle around the corner. Phillip Drake sighs and turns to walk the other way-

    -but runs almost face-first into a serious-looking Danny Knox.

    PD: “Dafuq?”

    DK: “I saw what happened.”

    Phillip sizes up Knox.

    PD: “You come here to gloat, you little puissant? Don’t get ahead of yourself jus-“

    DK: “I saw what happened. I saw what you did… or didn’t do. You could’ve saved that match easily there, you could’ve saved your brother from that hold… but you didn’t. You let it happen. Why??”

    Phillip looks at the stern Danny Knox and smirks.

    PD: “… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Phillip brushes past Danny Knox and walks away. Danny stares after him as he disappears down the hall.


    We throw back to the commentary table in the Bull Snail Arena. Behind the commentary desk, we see that Devin Golden has made his way down ringside, with the gleaming nGw Openweight Championship belt in tow.

    SW: “As we just saw, next month, one of either the World Breakers and Jaques Malveux or the Aces of the Agency and Danny Knox will be the first ever nGw World Trios Champions, but tonight, tonight, right here, we will crown the first ever nGw Openweight Champion!! The final two standing in the 8-man tournament field, PARADOX and Skye Healy!!”

    “Both of them took significant damage in their semifinals matches against Francis King and Nova Diamond… but this is what it means to be a champion, to be a standard bearer for this company! They’ve already been through hell tonight, but to become CHAMPION, there is but one more mountain to climb!”

    “Nova Diamonds despicable tantrum has probably left Skye Healy worse for wear, but I guarantee PARADOX won’t care. Whoever finds that extra gear tonight will earn the honor of being our first ever Openweight Champion! Their date with destiny starts, right now!”

    "Easy Rider" plays again, and PARADOX is out first for the main event. The earlier playing to the crowd is now completely absent as PARADOX marches to the ring looking slightly nervous.

    “Good Time” plays next as Skye Healy, who looks a little more relaxed than PARADOX did. As she makes her way to the ring quickly, the medical tape attached to the bridge of her nose from the fallout of her semifinal match is impossible to ignore.

    The bell rings!

    nGw Openweight Championship Tournament Final: PARADOX vs Skye Healy

    The Beginning: The two lock up, but Skye is clearly slowed from what happened earlier, which PARADOX is struggling with his balance and clearly not trying power moves. PARADOX tries to settle in for a headlock, but Skye shoots him off into the ropes and leg lariats PARADOX!! PARADOX is off balance, and as he tries to scoop slam Skye, Skye escapes and mule kicks PARADOX into the ropes! Skye runs and smashes PARADOX with a Tiger Feint Kick!!! Skye is feeling it now, but as she springboards off the ropes, PARADOX catches her and spins around for a huge counter powerslam!!!!

    The Middle: Skye is clearly sluggish now from the powerslam, almost unable to stand when PARADOX drags her up. PARADOX sense this and quickly covers, but Skye kicks out at 2!! PARADOX lifts Skye and gives her a Death Valley Driver, but Skye kicks out again!! PARADOX then settles in with a Bow and Arrow, lifting Skye up but Skye refuses to tap. Eventually PARADOX gets tired and lets her go. PARADOX throws Skye into the corner and tries to spear her, but Skye moves!! Skye sunset flips PARADOX, but its only good for 2!!! PARADOX tries to Shining Wizard Skye, but Skye dodges and as PARADOX lands, Skye bridges him into a Star Bar!!!!!

    The Finish: Skye desperately tries to lock it in, but PARADOX is too big and pops out. Skye is clearly out of gas, but PARADOX is tired too as they both rise and the fight turns into a sloppy brawl. Skye gets one last wind and tries to hurricanrana PARADOX, but PARADOX blocks and buckle bombs Skye!!!! Skyes head smashes the turnbuckle, and as the ref sees that she is completely out, PARADOX doesnt even get to charge for the spear as the ref waves the contest off!

    Winner & FIRST nGw Openweight Champion: PARADOX


    PARADOX is still collapsed on the mat as the referee takes the nGw Openweight Championship belt from Devin Golden and places it on top of PARADOX. PARADOX, eyes wide open and breathing heavily, slowly hugs the belt as he realizes that he is the victor.

    “What a display of athletic prowess by PARADOX!! Skye Healy gave it everything she had, but in the end, the wear and tear of her tournament road caught up with her in the end! Both of these competitors will have their names etched in the annals of nGw history, but the one who will go down as our new nGw Openweight Champion is PARADOX!!!!!”

    Skye Healy is still unmoving in the ring as the referee and the ringside physios roll her to the apron. After a tense few moments, Skye finally sits up on her own power, but as the weight of what happened finally catches up to her, she breaks down a little as the physios help her up the ramp.

    “Skye Healy has nothing to be ashamed of, mark my words, her time will come and her best days are ahead of her… but credit where credit is due… PARADOX took Skyes best shot tonight and then some…. Danny Knox, Francis King, and now Skye Healy… PARADOX has gone through the gauntlet! He has been called mystifying, gravity-defying, the unsolvable puzzle of nGw, but now we add one more moniker to his name… CHAMPION!”

    nGw goes off the air with Devin Golden entering the ring to drap PARADOX up for a handshake. As confetti suddenly rains down from the rafters, PARADOX raises the nGw Openweight Championship high above his head and lets out a triumphant roar.


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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    Glad to see nGw is still a thing and oh boy you still got it.

    And well, you win some, you lose some. Definitely a great show and my semi-final match can definitely lead to some interesting storylines.

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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    Awwww yisssss

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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    Well done KAI, well done my friend.
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    Rest in power, TCON

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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    KAI hasnt missed a beat. Good show, chap.

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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    Kai is the man. Now. Then. Forever.
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    Re: nGw #2 RESULTS

    Skye Healy died for your sins. So that you can have a luchadorable day.

    Long awaited show and this was great, KAI.
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