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    nGw #1 RESULTS

    A black and white video, set to the song “Hurricane” by Midnight Cinema, opens the broadcast. As the camera shot comes into focus, we see that the setting is a FWA ring, and that two men are circling one another at the start of a match.

    The first man is Chris Kennedy. The men circle, swapping positions, and we finally see that the second man is Ryan Rondo.

    The two suddenly charge each other and lock up. Above them, a sign for Back in Business 11 finally becomes visible.

    “Spin me around, knock me off my feet… trying to stay dry but you rain on me!”

    The shot suddenly changes to Devin Golden with the FWA World Championship. We then see Bell Connelly winning the World Championship at Mile High. A rapid-fire montage proceeds showing Stu St. Clair, KAIZEN, Danny Toner, Starr, Tristan James Galloway, and the two members of SCV.

    “You know, you can be my hurricane!”

    The scenes switch from black and white to full color, where we see various wrestlers posing outside of what appears to be the Bull Snail University Arena in Orlando.

    We see Samson Riggs with a scowl, followed by Daiquan Andrews giving an ‘a-ok’ hand symbol while pointing at the dual nGw and Bull Snail logos with his other hand. The shot switches to PARADOX with a big smile on his face, and then Adore’e James flexing. We then see Danny Ant, scurrying around on the pavement on all fours for some reason, and then a shot of Francis King pushing the camera away.

    “Throw me away, pick me off the ground… trying to stay dry but I just might drown!”

    We see Nova Diamond, standing in front of a nGw banner but nonchalantly staring at something far away off-screen. The video closes with a shot of a stone-faced Skye Healy, putting both her fists up as if ready to throw down.

    “Honey, you can be my hurricane~”

    Skye drops her hands and breaks out into a smile.


    Live from Bull Snail University, Orlando, FL
    August 26th, 2018

    The show proper opens with an overhead shot inside Bull Snail University Arena, an intimate and compact space which seats no more than 750 people at maximum. The grey-colored ring and hard camera angles are all set up like a standard FWA broadcast, with the exception of the hard camera side of the arena tarped off in favor of having an in-arena production space, further restricting the building capacity. Bull Snail Arena features a long and narrow stage with a short entrance ramp to the ring, while boasting a very large and long LED titantron overlooking the stage.

    Despite the cramped environment, the crowd present at Bull Snail is hyped, raucous, and loud to start the broadcast, with those near the ring banging their hands on the makeshift barriers and filling the small arena with chants of “NGW! NGW!”

    We go to the announce table on the far end of the ring, where the three-man booth of nGw is standing by with mics so that both the live audience and viewers at home can hear the introduction.

    Sean Waterhouse: “Welcome everyone, to Next Generation Wrestling!!”

    The live audience cheers loudly.

    SW: “Coming to you from Bull Snail University in Orlando, Florida, and streaming exclusively on the FWA Network, the wait is over ladies and gentlemen, nGw #1 starts right now! My name is Sean Waterhouse, and before we get into it, I must introduce the all-star commentary team that has been gathered to bring nGw to the FWA Universe every month! First off, you all know her well from her stint in FWA management, she is also a former FWA Womens Champion, this is, of course, Dinorah Redgrave!!”

    The crowd cheers enthusiastically and whistles for Dinorah, who gives a sheepish smile and wave to the live audience.

    SW: “… and completing our trio booth here, you know him best from being a member of Executive Excellence and from his multiple appearances at Manhattan jails bailing Danny Toner out, he is, of course, also a former FWA Tag Team Champion, ladies and gentlemen, Christian Quinn!”

    Christian Quinn gets up on the commentary desk and mock-pops the collar of his shirt as the crowd cheers him on. He hops off the desk and picks his mic back up.

    Christian Quinn: “Its good to be back, innit?? Dinorah, lovely to see you as always!”

    Dinorah Redgrave: “Likewise, Christian, good to see you!”

    CQ: “Oh, I’m more than well, I am hyped!! The future of FWA, the breeding ground for the champions of tomorrow, nGw is finally reopen for business! What are you waiting for, Sean? Lets get down to it already!!”

    SW: “Hah, that calls a little bit above my pay grade, but I assure you that we won’t have to wait much longer! Because tonight, at nGw #1, we start the tournament to crown the first ever nGw Openweight Champion!! 8 elite athletes, 8 superstars in the making, I know you both have had ample opportunity to observe the 8 competitors at the FWA Performance Center this week, dare I ask already for you guys to tab someone who will go far in this tournament?”

    DR: “Yes, I’ve spent a couple of days watching the competitors go through their paces at the Performance Center, and all of them look mighty impressive! But if I have to pick a standout, I will go with the only female in the field, Skye Healy! I think she is going to make a hell of a first impression tonight, and its only a matter of time before the FWA Universe sees what I saw this past week!”

    SW: “Christian, I see you over there already shaking your head!”

    CQ: “Dinorah dear, Waterhouse asked who would go FAR in the field! I saw what you saw in Skye Healy too, but I also saw someone who is green as grass and likely won’t even make it past Samson Riggs! In a tournament full of unknowns, experience in the trenches counts!! And that’s why if you ask me, the two best bets to win this thing are Samson Riggs and Francis King!! If that ends up being the finals I would not be surprised at all!”

    SW: “I am sure this is only the beginning of a fascinating debate, a fascinating story, but we have to go to the ring right now for the official nGw kickoff announcement by the General Manager of nGw!”

    The camera cuts away from the desk to the ring, where ring announcer Angela Eun is standing at the ready.

    AE: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring at this time, the General Manager of nGw!”

    The arena lights dim a little as the crowd quiets down some, well aware that there has been no public word yet on who the GM of nGw is.

    The crowd in Bull Snail immediately explodes as the familiar music plays. The cheers only get louder as the man himself finally appears on the entrance ramp. After a moment, Devin Golden slowly walks down the nGw ramp, taking his time to observe the cauldron of lights and noise which is now his domain. He enters the ring and receives the mic from Angela Eun, mouthing ‘thank you’ to her as she scurries out of the ring.

    Golden lifts the mic to his mouth, but a “NGW!” chant momentarily delays him. He waits it out a little, then lifts up his wrist and taps the watch that he is wearing. The crowd, almost on cue, quiets down to hear him speak.

    DG: “…… well, I guess all of Sunrise-Sunset is in the management game now, huh?”

    The crowd laughs and cheers the nod to Rondo.

    “We have a great show to get to here so I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible… my name is Devin Golden, back in the day I won some titles here and there, and now I am the GM of nGw.

    As GM, I have four messages to deliver here and now before we can get on with this show. First message, to the FWA Universe… we know you’ve been patient. We know you’ve been waiting. It took a long time for us to get this project off the ground, but nGw is here! So I say to you, the audience here, the viewers watching this at home, I say thank you for your support, thank you for watching, and strap in, because its going to be a wild ride!”

    The crowd gets in a cheer for themselves as Golden continues.

    “Second message, to all the wrestlers at the Performance Center, all the wrestlers backstage, all the participants in the Openweight Tournament…. Welcome to the big time. You’re at the doorstep of greatness and all you have to do is knock.

    Don’t screw this up, okay, guys?

    Third message, to all the current FWA wrestlers watching this broadcast… yes, I know you’re out there, yes, I know you’re watching… after tonight, you’re going to get a pretty good idea of what the future looks like. The young lions that I’ve brought into nGw are one day going to be gunning for spots on Fight Night, at Back in Business… so you better step your game up. Not a threat… just a warning.

    And finally, my last message… is to the person watching this broadcast at home, here in the arena, or wherever, the person who always dreamed of being a FWA wrestler, a FWA star, but could never pursue that dream for whatever reason. This is a message to all the wrestlers, fighters, warriors out there… if you are watching this right now, I want you to take a look at all of this, this ring, this arena, all of the things we have at the FWA Performance Center, all of it, all of this, me, all of this is here to enable that dream to come true! My door as GM is always open, if you have the talent and what it takes! This is nGw, and we are not waiting around for the future here, the future is today, the future is now!! You are the future, we are the future!! So enough talking, I’ve said my bit, lets get this started!”

    The crowd cheers once more as Golden drops the mic and gives a signal for the production team behind the hard camera to get things going. Golden exits the ring and quickly makes his way backstage.

    SW: “A rousing call to arms by the GM of nGw, Devin Golden!”

    DG: “Sorry we didn’t say anything earlier, FWA Universe!!”

    CQ: “But maybe now people understand why exactly we’re so bullish on nGw!! With Devin Golden at the helm, nGw is in good hands!”


    The arena suddenly goes dark for a moment, before a defiant bellow of a verse rings out in the arena.

    The lights partially come back on, but in the form of a giant disco ball being lowered above the ring. The disco ball sends rainbow refractions of light all over the arena as the tall and lithe Martina emerges first from backstage. As she twirls to the lights and the beats, the lights come up a little brighter as “The Fabulous” Stefan makes his way out onto the stage, throwing his arms out dramatically as he poses. Behind him, Fabian also emerges, holding a black briefcase-like box. Stefan starts to walk down the ramp, but Fabian suddenly yells out and stops him. Martina smile and rolls her eyes on the ring apron as Fabian whips out of an elaborate wood-carved comb and adjusts Stefans flowing raven mane. Fabian gives Stefan an enthusiastic thumbs-up as he finishes, and Stefan says “merci!” with a duckface before striding down to the ring. Martina holds the ropes open for Stefan as he enters the ring, directly under the disco ball, and throws his arms up again.

    SW: “Well, hows that for the first entrance of nGw?? All the way from Paris, France, The Fabulous Stefan has made his way to nGw, and he has brought the full entourage with him!

    DR: “Don’t let the flamboyant exterior fool you, yes this man likes to be the exquisite life of the party, but as a competitor in the ring, Stefan has a reputation which has preceded him even across the Atlantic! In fact, I heard that he would’ve been in the Openweight Tournament if visa issues hadn’t delayed his arrival to the Performance Center!”

    CQ: “You’re exactly right, Dinorah, even though American fans may not be aware of Stefan, trust me, he has been the talk of the European circuit for quite some time! And as you can see from his entrance, Stefan is not only a playboy, but a man of immaculate detail!”

    As Stefan relaxes in his corner, flanked on both sides by Martina and Fabian, teenage screamo starts blaring out in the arena.

    Without much fanfare, “The Mechanic” Jaques Malveux stomps down the ramp with a sour look on his face.

    SW: “And here comes Stefans opponent, a man who has a persistent, yet somewhat perplexing bone to pick with the FWA!”

    DR: “Yes, Jaques Malveux has, uh, a chip on his shoulder regarding FWA and FWA management, but all attempts to get him to elaborate so far have been, uh, unsuccessful…”

    CQ: “I guess the one thing that has been clear so far is that he joined nGw to destroy FWA from within, or so he says! Yeah, good luck with that, but at the same time, he clearly showed enough at the FWA PC tryout that Devin Golden is giving him a shot here in nGw! So lets see what else he can do, aside from ramble incoherently!”

    Jaques stomps into the ring and immediately tries to get in Stefans face, but the ref pushes him back into his own corner as Stefan dismissively waves him away.

    Singles Match
    “The Fabulous” Stefan vs “The Mechanic” Jaques Malveaux

    Jaques moves to lock up with Stefan, but Stefan ducks and dives around the ring, artfully dodging all of Jaques tie-up attempts. Jaques screams “WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LOCK UP TO START!! THAT’S LIKE, A THING!!!” Stefan continues to shake and shimmy from side to side, and as Jaques lunges, Stefan finally makes his first move and leg sweeps Jaques!! Jaques falls down face first and Stefan quickly latches onto a surfboard and rocks Jaques up! As Jaques struggles, a relaxed Stefan looks at Martina and nods towards her. Martina sticks her head and torso under the top rope, leans towards Jaques, and says “Would you like to quit, Mister Malveux?” Jaques screams “NO!!! RAHGGHGHHAGH” as Martina giggles and hops back off the apron.

    SW: “Martina getting in on the act now!"

    DR: “Singles match, but team effort!"

    Jaques manages to rock out of the hold but Stefan grabs a headlock. Jaques struggles up and shoots Stefan onto the ropes, Stefan tries to misdirect himself off the ropes but Jaques has gotten a read on Stefans movements now and as Stefan swerves, Jaques hurls himself up and smashes Stefan with a flying headbutt!! Both men are down and get up holding their heads, but Jaques strikes first with a big chop to the chest!! Stefan tries to go for a quick Glamour Shot (Shotei), but Jaques ducks and chops Stefan again! Jaque loads up another chop, but this time Stefan is the one who ducks, and lifts Jaques up for a back suplex!! Jaques rolls out of the ring, and Stefan is about to charge, but Fabian jumps up on the apron and starts yelling and beckoning Stefan over! Stefan goes to his corner, where Fabian dabbles his forehead with a handkerchief and applies a new layer of blush to the spot where Stefan got headbutted. The ringside cameras catch Fabian telling Stefan that “the right toner makes a big difference on camera!!!” before giving Stefan a thumbs up. Stefan, now freshened up, then resumes charging and flings himself out of the ring onto Jaques with a running senton!!

    Stefan gets up and rolls Jaques back into the ring. Stefan starts slapping Jacques around on the head, but Jaques suddenly surprises him with a schoolboy!!



    Stefan kicks out!! Stefan scrambles up but Jaques tries to grab on and roll him up again, but Stefan drives a knee right into Jaques face!! Stefan grabs the reeling Jaques and spins him down for a neckbreaker!!

    Stefan covers!!



    Jaques kicks out!! Stefan gets up and calls for the Glamour Shot again, but as Jaques gets up, he sidesteps the shotei and grabs a waistlock! Jaques tries to lift but Stefan kicks off the bottom rope and instead collars Jaques and diverts him down face-first straight into a bulldog!!!

    Stefan is truly done playing around now and throws his hands up in the air before dramatically pulling down one of his sleeves. As Jaques gets back up, Stefan thrusts forward and smacks Jaques inside out with a Glamour Shot to the heart!!

    SW: “A heartstop Glamour Shot has felled Jaques!!"

    CQ: “This could be all!!!!"

    Stefan covers!




    Winner: The Fabulous Stefan

    SW: “He has done it! And just like that, The Fabulous Stefan has etched out a little piece of history for himself as the first winning wrestler on this new era of nGw!!

    DR: “I feel as though we have barely scratched the surface of this guy… but with a win here, this certainly won’t be the last we see of Stefan!”

    CQ: “He had time to ask his manager to talk shit on his behalf, then he stopped for a fresh-me-up, and he still got the victory!! It seems almost a shame now that he isn’t in the tournament!”

    As Jaques stumbles out of the ring and runs up the ramp raving and ranting, Stefan, Martina, and Fabian all stand in the ring as "Crucified" plays again. Despite the victory, Stefan looks a little cross and suddenly points up in the air repeatedly. After a moment, the disco ball is lowed back down and starts spinning. Stefan, finally satisfied, starts groovy dancing along with Martina and Fabian as fans ringside dance along.---


    We throw to a video screen which is completely blacked out, but set to the song “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.

    The screen suddenly shakes a little with a static effect, and a slash of grey appears in the middle of the screen before disappearing again.

    The slash of grey appears again, this time showing to leather-and-lace boots, before the screen turns all black again.

    The next slash appears, showing for a moment someones curvy torso.

    The final slash of grey appears, and this time it shows a close up of someones glowering and intense eyes, a piercing gaze right into the camera. Instead of the grey fading out this time, the rest of the black screen turns into grey, revealing the eyeline and the smoldering stare in all its glory.

    The eyes blink once in slow-motion as red-and black text appears under them:


    The video fades to black.


    We throw back to the ring, where Guy Legrange slowly walks out onto the stage. He stands on the stage alone, seemingly surveying the crowd, before beckoning with his hand for someone to follow. Guy starts walking, and after a moment, Axis and Atlas emerge from the back, towering over Guy and everyone else.

    SW: “We move on to tag team action here next, and while yes, nGw doesn’t have a tag team division, this will no doubt be an important showcase for any teams seeking to be part of the nGw World Trios Tournament that kicks off in September! As a former tag team champion, Christian, how impressive and imposing do the World Breakers look?”

    CQ: “Its what I’ve seen from them in training that really scares me, Waterhouse. These guys just throw people around like they’re rag dolls, like they’re pillows. They might be a little green, but you can’t teach the freakish combination of size, power and agility these two possess!

    DR: “That’s probably why a manager for them is a good idea, someone to help them navigate the business, if you would… but we know precious little about Guy Legrange, guys, he has rebuffed all attempts by me to speak to him, or to either member of the World Breakers!”

    SW: “I’ve tried too, Dinorah, no luck for me either. Its been a virtual media lockout for the World Breakers, but we’ll see what they’re all about now!”

    X-Blood USA step out onto the stage next, and they are a sharp contrast of emotions; THUNDERHAWK is all smiles, yelling back at fans who are yelling at him as he bounces down the ramp, while Giva Ortega is staring at both Atlas and Axis with a worried look on his face. Jocelyn Remington, the last one out, has a blank, emotionless stare.

    SW: “And here come the representatives of the famed X-Blood Gym in Tokyo, Japan! These three have been selected to represent them as X-Blood USA, and in a contrast to the World Breakers, THUNDERHAWK couldn’t get enough of the media attention at the FWA PC!

    DR: “That’s correct, he was telling anyone who would listen about the superiority of X-Bloods training methods, X-Bloods athletes, and that X-Blood USA would be the first nGw World Trios Champions! But at the same time, it doesn’t take an insider to see that there is a spot of tension within X-Blood USA already, at least between THUNDERHAWK and Remington.”

    CQ: “THUNDERHAWK mentioned rather pointedly to me that the three members of X-Blood USA were chosen by X-Blood head trainer Yoshishige Iryo, and that their teaming together isn’t exactly a choice! Come to think of it, we don’t even know which two members are going to be wrestling yet, do we?”

    THUNDERHAWK slides into the ring and immediately starts running his mouth at Guy, who stares back at him with an indifferent look. But as the two members of the World Breakers steps forward, THUNDERHAWK suddenly slides out of the ring, all the while still hurling bilingual insults at the World Breakers and Guy.

    DR: “I think we have our answer on who the two will be today!”

    Tag Team Match
    The World Breakers (Axis/Atlas) vs X-Blood USA (Remington/Ortega)

    The match starts with Atlas and Ortega, and even though Ortega is the tallest member of XBUSA, Atlas still drawfs him. Ortega avoids locking up and instead tries to snatch wrist control, but Atlast literally flings him back into his own corner. Ortega tries to shoot out of his corner, but the bull rush doesn’t work Atlas instead hoists Ortega high in military press and drops him down!
    Atlas wears down Ortega with stomps and kicks before tagging in Axis. Atlas stands Ortega up and Axis cracks him with a running clothesline! Axis grabs Ortega and suddenly flings him into the XBUSA corner, basically demanding that Remington tag in!

    Remington obliges and comes into the ring, where Axis towers over her. Axis tries to grab her, but Remington dropkicks Axis in the knee!!!... except Axis doesn’t budge at all. Instead, Axis grabs Remington by the collar, lifts her off the mat, and flings her overhead with a huge overhead slam!! Remington is about to roll out of the ring, but Atlas catches her on the apron and tosses her back in! Remington sits up and doesn’t see Axis, who bounces off the ropes and obliterates her with a sliding clothesline!!

    Axis covers!!!



    Remington just gets the shoulder up! Axis looks down, perplexed at how he didn’t cover Remington, and instead starts punching her in the head!! The referee admonishes him for too many closed fists, but Axis just gets up and tags in Atlas. They grab Remington and set her up for a double team move by shooting her into the ropes, but as Axis tries to elevate Remington, she instead catches him in a headscissors that sends Axis into Atlas!! Axis rolls out of the ring while Atlas tries to grab Remington, but Remington instead performs a sutema-wazi roll and drop toe holds Atlas! Atlas stumbles and falls into the ropes, Remington sees the chance and immediately charges and smashes Atlas in the face with a Tiger Feint Kick/619!!! Remington immediately tags Giva back in as Atlas falls backwards! Giva flies off the top rope and foot stomps Atlas!!!

    Giva covers!!


    Atlas kicks out at 1!!! Giva tries to put Atlas in an armbar but Atlas rolls over, so Giva transitions to a rear naked choke! Giva has Atlas by the neck but Atlas is too wide for Giva to get leg hooks on! Outside the ring, Guy is instructing Axis to get back in the ring, but before he can, THUNDERHAWK comes out of nowhere and pushes Axis right into the far side ringpost!!!

    Inside the ring, Giva is still holding onto the choke, but Atlas stands up and runs backward into the corner, smushing Giva, but Giva doesn’t let go! Atlas comes out of the corner, whipping Giva around as Giva holds on for dear life! The ref gets ran into as Atlas thrashes around, then tries to smash Giva into the corner again, but THUNDERHAWK sees the ref is holding his face, jumps onto the apron with his rosary wrapped around his fist and punches Atlas in the face!!!
    Giva slides and switches holds from a rear choke to a crucifix!! Atlas falls backwards right into a pin!!!! THUNDERHAWK screams at the ref, who recovers and sees the pin!!




    Atlas kicks out but its too late, the pin counts!!!!

    Winners: X-Blood USA

    SW: “They stole one!!! Repeated interference by THUNDERHAWK has led to X-Blood USA stealing a pin on Atlas!!!”

    CQ: “He sucker punched Atlas with that metal rosary!!!”

    DR: “All that talk about the X-Blood way, and then this? Come on now…”

    Giva Ortega immediately rolls out of the ring, and he and THUNDERHAWK charge up the ramp and away from the ring as Atlas seethes inside the ring. Jocelyn Remington walks away from ringside, shaking her head as THUNDERHAWK gesticulates for a mic, which Angela Eun jogs over to give him.


    THUNDERHAWK throws the microphone down on the floor even though Angela is standing right there. Remington helps Giva to the back as THUNDERHAWK disappears to the back as well. the World Breakers are still in the ring, looking furious. Axis suddenly grabs the referee and hoists him into a powerbomb position!!!

    SW: “They have the ref!!!”

    DR: “No no no!!”


    A commanding deep declaration from Guy LeGrange suddenly freezes both members of the World Breakers. Guy slowly enters the ring.

    “Put. Him. Down.”

    Axis looks confused for a moment, but does as Guy commands and lets the referee fall back to the mat unslammed. Guy then points to the back with a steely gaze. Axis and Atlas look at each other for a second before Axis rolls out of the ring. Atlas, still checking on the spot where THUNDERHAWK hit him, also rolls out of the ring and the World Breakers leave the ring area, all under the watchful gaze of Guy Legrange.

    SW: “Well… that was a close call for that poor referee, but now, I don’t know what the bigger story is coming out of this match, guys, that X-Blood USA managed to defeat the World Breakers, or that clear demonstration of control by Guy LeGrange over Axis and Atlas!”

    CQ: “I think the World Breakers just learned the hard way that no matter how big or strong you are, the numbers game matters! And its going to matter even more down the road as teams gear up to go after the nGw World Trios Championship!”

    DR: “All I can say right now is, thank god Guy LeGrange did have control over them, because if he didn’t, well…”


    We throw to a video, of what seems to be a blurry street somewhere. Some cars and traffic is heard zipping to and fro, and the setting seems to be evening or nighttime.

    The camera focuses to reveal that the location is actually on the street right outside of the Bull Snail University Arena main entrance.

    “...this is a long way from California, right boys?”

    A smatter of chuckling is heard from behind the camera.

    “Enough chit chat. Lets go.”

    “Hold on, Winston.”

    A hulking man steps in front of the camera towards the direction of Bull Snail, but stops when someone calls out to him.

    “You know what? I’m with Winston, bro. Lets just get in there and show ‘em who we are.”

    A second man steps in front of the camera with Winston. Both of them are looking at someone off-screen, as if wanting the go-ahead to enter Bull Snail.

    “We’re only here to get a feel of this place… nothing less, nothing more.”

    The second man looks a little irritated.

    “Come on, Philip, what are you playing at? First you intentionally hold us out of the PC workouts and now this, what is this, huh?”

    Winston nods apprehensively.

    Winston Drake: “Simons got a point, if this is all part of your plan, Philip, that’s all well and good… but if so, what exactly are you planning?”

    The man still off-camera is heard chuckling again.

    Philip Drake: “Boys… ask yourselves this… when have I ever led you wrong? I mean, we skipped their open workout and we're still in the Trios tournament? You think thats a coincidence? You think I had nothing to do with that?”

    Simon and Winston look at each other.

    “We are booked for nGw #2. That is when we will make our acquaintance with Bull Snail. Don’t you two worry your pretty little heads off… when the time is right, they will know exactly who we are.”

    Simon and Winston both nod. Slowly, Winston steps off-screen. Simon takes one last look at Bull Snail and then steps out of frame as well. The camera lingers on one last shot of Bull Snail Arena before the video ends.


    We throw back to ringside, where a graphic advertising the nGw Openweight Tournament is shown.

    SW: “Well guys, I’m afraid we don’t even have much time to process all that we’ve seen already on this historic night because the tournament to crown the first ever nGw Openweight Champion is about to begin! GM Devin Golden has selected 8 of the most heralded prospects in the wrestling world, and next month, at nGw #2, one of them will have to win two matches in one night to be crowned Champion!”

    CQ: “Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, to make it to nGw #2, they first have to make it through tonight!”

    DR: “That’s right Christian, me and you got to observe most of the tournament participants this week at the FWA PC, but everyone in this tournament is somewhat of an unknown quality to the FWA Universe! Perhaps more importantly, they’re an unknown quality to each other as well! This is a chance for them not only to advance in the tournament and keep their dream of being the first Openweight Champion alive, but to make an impression that the FWA Universe will not soon forget!”

    PARADOX is the first man out on the stage, with a big smirk plastered on his face. As he walks down the ramp and to the ring, PARADOX makes eyes at Angela Eun as she announces his arrival.

    SW: “He's definitely one of the more experienced men in the field, but he has already declared that he is not intimidated, he is not afraid of the spotlight, he is The Man of Tomorrow, Today, PARADOX!!"

    CQ: “This kid blew me away at the open workouts, guys. The skys the limit for PARADOX, and I think we're all going to see things out of this guy thats going to wow people!"

    DR: “I've never seen him not smiling like the way he is now, the pressure just seems to wash off his back and it never sticks! This is for all the marbles though, its a one-and-done tournament, so PARADOX will have to show more than just a pretty smile and big hops in the gym from now on!"

    Danny Knox makes his way out to the stage next. As he passes by the ramp camera, he suddenly turns to the camera and delivers a speech.

    Danny Knox: “Did you know that a worker ant can carry up to 5000 times its own weight?.............. ok, I had a follow-up for that, but I can’t seem to recall… wait... wait for it…. oh yeah!!! You see, that’s me right there, even when the odds seem stacked against me, I don’t complain, I don’t moan, I just work. No task is too big for me, no challenge to daunting, no mountain too high… no paradox too puzzling for me to solve. All I do is channel the power of the ants, and KAPOW!!!... the ants go marching on to become the first ever nGw Openweight Champi…ant!”

    SW: “Christian, why are you groaning?”

    CQ: “Not a fan of terrible puns, now I hope PARADOX wins!”

    Danny Knox enters the ring, looks at the hard camera, and puts his hands on his forehead and sticks out his index fingers to channel the power of his ant antennas. In his corner, PARADOX rolls his eyes.

    nGw Openweight Tournament Round 1
    PARADOX vs “The Ant” Danny Knox

    The two start the match with a lock up, but PARADOX immediately pushes Knox all the way into the corner. PARADOX breaks the tie-up and plays to the crowd, beckoning Knox to try again. They lock up again, and again PARADOX pushes Knox back. Knox tries to transition into a wristlock, but PARADOX instead locks his elbow and hip-tosses Knox away!! Knox gets up and then changes strategies, suddenly getting down on all fours. Knox scurries around the ring on all fours as PARADOX looks at the ref and says “is this guy for real???” PARADOX tries to kick Knox, but Knox suddenly changes levels, springing up, whipping around PARADOX by the waist and rolling him up!!


    PARADOX kicks out before two, but Knox is up first and dives into an Oklahoma Roll!!!


    PARADOX kicks out again but hes clearly flustered. As he tries to get up quickly, Knox jumps on his back and tries to choke him, but PARADOX snap mares Knox over his head. PARADOX runs the ropes and tries to hit Knox with a clothesline, but Knox drops down to all fours again and ducks the hit. PARADOX turns around and puts his arms up, but instead of attacking, Knox is scuttling around his side of the ring on all fours. Knox is too busy moving side to side though, and PARADOX suddenly baseball slides right into Knox!! Knox is knocked down, and before he can recover, PARADOX grabs him by the waist and deadlifts him into a huge overhead gutwrench slam!! PARADOX shoots the reeling Knox into the ropes, but Knox slides through PARADOXs legs on the rebound. Knox tries to jump on PARADOXs back again, but PARADOX jumps as well, twisting in the air and smashes Knox with a dropkick!!!

    Knox is on the apron as PARADOX stops to catch his breath. PARADOX walks over to pull Knox back into the ring but Knox headbutts him in the gut! Knox flies in between the ropes and tries to catch PARADOX with a DDT, but PARADOX uses his power to stop Knox mid-move! PARADOX instead lifts Knox and bearhugs him!! Knox struggles to get out, but as PARADOX tightens the grip, Knox claps both his hands on PARADOXs ears!! PARADOX stumbles and lets go, and as soon as Knox lands he flies up with again and smashes PARADOX with an enziguri!! PARADOX collapses in a corner and Knox charges him with a flying elbow, but at the last moment PARADOX shifts and catches Knox, slamming him down with a huge Urunage!!!!

    SW: “Vicious power on display by PARADOX!!!"

    DR: “The cover!!!!"

    PADAROX falls into a cover!!



    Knox kicks out!!! PARADOX drags Knox up with him, and after a moment to catch his breath, pulls Knox in and gives Knox a back suplex!! PARADOX doesn’t let go, and instead drags Knox up again, lifts him again, and this time takes Knox down forward with a facebuster!!! PARADOX measures Knox for the #1 Stunner as Knox struggles up, but as PARADOX leaps up, Knox is close enough to grab the ropes! PARADOX falls down in a seated position, and Knox takes his chance to blast him from behind with a superkick!!! PARADOX collapses forward and Knox falls backward onto the ropes and uses them to hold himself up.

    PARADOX crawls up as Knox gets off the ropes. Knox tries to grab PARADOX but PARADOX responds with a big chop!! The crowd ‘wooooooooooo”s as Knox answers with a slap to the face!! PARADOX then socks Knox with a punch combination but as PARADOX whips himself for a finishing discus clothesline, Knox puts a boot up and kicks PARADOX in the arm!! PARADOX spins the other way to try for the clothesline again, but Knox suddenly scoops PARADOX up for a lightning-quick powerslam!!

    SW: “WOW!! Danny Knox showing some big power of his own!!!"

    CQ:“Who'd have thought Danny Knox had that in him??"

    The cover!!!



    PARADOX kicks out!! Knox slides off PARADOX and is on all fours again, scurrying around as the crowd cheers him on!! Knox bays for PARADOX to get up, and when he does, Knox picks him up with surprising ease!! Knox flings PARADOX onto his shoulders for the Ant Hill (Reverse DVD), but PARADOX suddenly slips out of the back!! Knox turns around and PARADOX suddenly snatches Knox by the collar and plants him down with a desperation Flatliner!!!

    Knox is holding his face as PARADOX struggles to recover. Knox is up first and grabs PARADOX, but PARADOX kicks Knox in the gut and hoists him up for a powerbomb!!! Knox hits PARADOX in the face with punches and elbows to stop the move, PARADOX almost loses his balance but at the last moment, instead of slamming Knox, he flings Knox into a corner for a bucklebomb!!! Knox is smashed against the corner back-first, but as he wobbles out of the corner, PARADOX charges with a bellow and crushes Knox with a spear into the corner!!!

    SW: “He crushed him with that spear in the corner!!!!!

    CQ:“One might say he crushed Knox's soul!!!"

    DR: “Knox is in huge trouble right now..."

    Knox looks out on his feet, clutching his midsection as he slowly stumbles forward right into the waiting PARADOX! PARADOX grabs Knox by the head and drops down for the #1 Stunna!!!!!!

    PARADOX covers the fallen Knox!!!




    Winner: PARADOX
    SW: “Dear God, what a way to get this tournament started with a barnburner or a match!! A scintillating back and forth, but at the end of the day, PARADOX is the one moving on to the tournament semifinals at the expense of Danny Knox!!!

    DR: “I think both men made a great account for themselves. Even though only one of them is moving on, the future looks bright!”

    CQ: “With the stylistic similarities between these two, it was always going to come down to who could chain more impact offense together and overwhelm the other!! And tonight, it was PARADOX who improvised to hit that bucklebomb, the catalyst for his victory!!”

    PARADOX gets his hand raised by the ref and takes some time to pose for the cheering crowd, with some playful calls of "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" As Danny struggles up, PARADOX helps him up, and they share a brief hug as the crowd cheers on the display of sportsmanship. As PARADOX leaves, though, the disappointment on Danny Knox's face is unmistakable.


    The scene switches to backstage where Devin Golden is standing in a strange diagonal slant, watching the in-ring happenings on a similarly diagonally-placed big screen TV, perched at a highly unrealistic angle.

    DG: “…this is hurting my neck.”

    Golden turns around and is suddenly confronted by a seething and heavy-breathing Jaques Malveaux.


    "Jaques… let me stop you right there. First off… I have to say, you have not done a good job of articulating what exactly your grievance against FWA is. I’m open to hearing what the issue is, but you need to be more calm. Secondly… you have potential, Jaques. That’s why I signed you to nGw even though you showed up at Performance Center that day not intending to try out for nGw but with the intent to commit arson.

    But you lost to Stefan just now, so really, it looks like my assessment that you weren’t ready to be in the nGw Openweight Championship picture was correct. Keep working at it, don’t murder anyone, and your time will co-“

    A buzz is heard, and Golden fishes his ringing phone out of his pocket. He looks at the screen and sighs.

    “I have to take this, sorry, business call. We’ll talk later, okay?”

    Golden walks off to take the call, leaving Jaques fuming. Jaques face turns slightly redder as he looks like he is teetering on the border between exploding with rage and bursting into tears. He grits his teeth and turns around-


    -and lets out of a scream as he almost runs into someone who had snuck up on him. The camera at first reveals nobody, but after an adjustment, we see that the person is Guy LeGrange, staring up at Jaques with a severe look on his face.

    “….a… are you a magical woodland el-“

    Guy: “Silence. Don’t even finish that thought.”

    Guy reaches into his pocket and slowly extends what seems to be a business card to Jaques.

    “….Mr. Golden is right about one thing… you do have potential, Mr. Malveux. But right now, to say that you’re not a serious threat to anyone but yourself would be… an understatement.”

    “…. Thank you?”

    “No, that was not a compliment. But, Mr. Malveux, when you are indeed ready to get serious… give me a business call.”

    Guy turns and walks away, leaving Jaques standing there, business card in hand.


    Sky Healy bursts onto the stage, a manic ball of energy as she rushes down the ramp, high-fiveing anyone and everyone who is sticking their hands out. She does a full square around the ring before before rattling and rolling onto the ring apron.

    SW: “We move on now to our next tournament match, and guys, tell the viewers at home a little about this next competitor, who, and you’ll excuse me for stating the obvious, brings some highly unique characteristics to this tournament field!

    DR: “That’s right Waterhouse, aside from being the only woman in the tournament field, what Skye Healy brings is energy! She brings moxie, and that pep in her step is downright infectious!! But don’t get it twisted, because when it comes to being a competitor in the ring, she is deadly serious as well!

    CQ: “Speaking of deadly serious…”

    Samson Riggs is out next, walking slowly onto the stage. As he makes his way down the ramp, he is non-stop yelling at Skye Healy, screaming something about how he cannot be held responsible for what happens next.

    SW: “And as we see Samson Riggs coming down to the ring, guys, he has made it abundantly clear that he expects, or rather even, demands that Skye Healy lay down and forfeit this match!”

    CQ: “That’s some very misguided machismo coming from the direction of Riggs, if you ask me. But lets not forget, Samson Riggs is by far and away the most experienced wrestler in this tournament! As The Last Real Man, he has made it his mission to right the wrongs of this snowflake generation, and I guess in his eyes, Skye Healy is snowflake personified!”

    DR: “Lets call it what it is, okay? Samson Riggs doesn’t think a woman should be in the ring with him. Period.”

    Samson Riggs enters the ring, and after the ref checks both of them, Skye Healy extends her hand for a handshake, but instead Riggs walks right past her and demands a microphone from Angela Eun.

    Samson Riggs: “NO! I will not shake your hand, girlie!! To shake your hand would imply that you BELONG here, and you don’t!! No woman does!!!”

    Skye seems genuinely taken aback by Samson Riggs.

    “Now you probably didn’t hear me because you had your head jammed up in your safe space when I said it, but because you’re clearly a little slow, I will tell you one more time, I am THE LAST REAL MAN, and this ring, this squared circle, is no place for a mere girl!!! I will not hold back just because you are a woman, so if you know whats good for you, you will tell the referee right now that you forfeit this match!!”

    The crowd boos at Samsons request. Samson suddenly gets right up in Skyes face and starts screaming, causing her to wince.

    “DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!! YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!! A real man is a gentleman, and I am being a gentleman right now by giving you the opportunity to make things right and walk out of here!!! But once that bell rings, girlie, I will not hold back, I will whip you like a government mule, like your daddy should’ve done to deter you from making these poor life decisions, I will leave you bruised, battered, and broken and it will be all YOUR FAULT!! SO THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!! Do the right thing, and tell the referee that you forfeit, NOW!!!!”

    Skye is backed into a corner, but she shakes her head and mouths “no” to Samson Riggs. Riggs starts to throw a fit and demands that the ref ring the bell, which the ref does.

    nGw Openweight Tournament Round 1
    Skye Healy vs “The Last Real Man” Samson Riggs

    Samson immediately spits in Skye Healys face!! The crowd boos mightily at the disgusting act as Samson charges with a lariat, but Skye Healy sidesteps him and rolls him up!!



    Skye Healy uses her dexterity to bridge herself back-first over both of Samson Riggs legs!!!


    Winner: Skye Healy
    Skye Healy rolls off of Samson Riggs, seemingly as shock as everyone else that her pin worked. She looks wide-eyed at the referee, who acknowledges that she did indeed win and goes to raise her hand.

    SW: “WOW!!! I think we have set a record for the quickest nGw match ever, a record that probably won’t be broken anytime soon!! Skye Healy wins and is moving on to the next round!!!

    DR: “What was that, under 10 seconds? Serves slow Samson right!”

    CQ: “This just goes to show you can never ever underestimate an opponent like Sams-wait look out!!!!!”

    An enraged Samson Riggs blindsides Skye Healy from behind!!! Riggs screams out “YOU CHEATED ME!” over and over as he slaps Skye around!! The ref tries to separate the two but Riggs pushes him away! Riggs mounts the fallen Skye, grabs her by the head, and screams “TAKE THIS YOU BITCH!!!” while punching Skye in the face.

    SW: “Samson Riggs is livid!! He has just been humiliated by Skye Healy and now he’s taking it out on her!!”

    DR: “This is disgusting, pathetic, someone stop this!”

    Samson gets up and grabs Skye, and puts her in position for the Spike Piledriver, but as he lifts, Skye reverses it into a hurricanrana!!! Samson is whipped across the ring, and as he hustles himself into a corner, Skye kips up and crushes him with a NYOOOM (Facewash)!! Skye, now much more fired up, springs in one hop to the top rope for Skye High, but Samson Riggs rolls out of the ring at the last second!! Riggs makes his way up the ramp in a hurry, screaming something about how this isn’t over as Skye Healy calms down a little and hops off the turnbuckle. “Good Time” plays again as Skye checks the condition of the referee before seeing the Bull Snail audience cheering her and going to each side of the ring to wave at people with both hands.

    SW: “Skye Healy just showed all of nGw that she is not one to be casually messed with, and at the expense of Samson Riggs, she is moving to the Openweight Tournament semifinals!!”

    DR: “Good for her for defending herself and not being rustled by Riggs antics pre-match. If anything, it seems like Riggs psyched himself out with all that crap he was talking!”

    CQ: “I’m sure this isn’t the last we hear from Samson Riggs crusade to extol the virtues of being a real man, but hey, Skye Healy wins the work-smart-not-hard award today, and her hopes of being the first ever nGw Openweight Champion are still very much alive!”


    We throw to a promotional video, which is clearly the music video to “Vogue” by Madonna.

    ~Ladies with an attitude,

    Fellows that were in the mood,

    Don't just stand there, let's get to it,

    Strike a pose, there's nothing to it…~

    A male dancer, shirt open and wind blowing over his exquisite figure, appears to mark the crescendo of the song.

    The dancer turns around to reveal himself to be Boris.


    We are treated to a few more shots of a shirtless Boris dancing, intercut with a laughing Madonna.

    The video abruptly ends.


    Daiquan Andrews is out on the stage first, shadow-boxing a little and hyping himself up for the match ahead as he side-steps down the ramp.

    SW: “Its been a long while since we first saw this young man on Ground Zero, but those of us who first got acquainted with Daiquan Andrews on that show are surely not the least bit surprised to now see him in nGw!”

    CQ: “Daiquan Andrews is potential personified, guys, it was apparent then and is apparent now! I have my doubts as to whether being in this tournament is too much too soon for him, but Devin Golden clearly saw enough to put him here!”

    DR: “And this is his chance to show everyone that he is indeed ready to be the future! But the man he is facing is no pushover!”

    Francis King is out next, with a nonchalant look on his face. As he walks down the ramp, his eyes are fixated on Daiquan, and he shakes his head as he enters the ring.

    SW: “The bloodlines run strong within Francis King, and it would not be incorrect to say that he is part of wresting royalty of sorts! However, he will be the first one to tell you that as the Black Sheep of the family, those bloodlines mean nothing to him!”

    DR: “I had the chance to speak with Francis King at the FWA PC and he made it crystal clear that he is here to chart his own course in nGw! He also made it clear, guys, that he doesn’t think that there is anyone else in nGw more worthy of being the first ever Openweight Champion than himself!”

    CQ: “He certainly doesn’t look impressed with Daiquan Andrews right now, I can tell that much…”

    nGw Openweight Tournament Round 1
    “Black Sheep” Francis King vs Daiquan Andrews

    Daquan Andrews goes to lock up as the bell rings, but Francis King instead slaps Daiquan right across the face! The crowd ‘oooooohs’ at the blatant show of disrespect as Daiquan is momentarily stunned. King immediately grabs Daiquan and shoots him into the ropes, and as Daiquan comes back, King side headlocks him. King grinds Daiquan to the mat, but Daiquan manages to twist his lower body and tilt King backwards. King releases the hold to avoid the pin and rolls through, but Daiquan is up too and smacks King flush with an elbow!! Daiquan starts to light up on King, who covers up and then kicks Daiquan in the knee!! Daiquan drops to a knee and King runs the ropes, but Daiquan explodes up with a shoulder block which takes King off his feet!!

    King tries to recover quickly but Daiquan grabs him by the waist. Daiquan lifts and connects with a quick German Suplex! King tries to get up quick again but he is clearly disoriented, so Daiquan grabs him and hoists him up high for a delayed suplex! Daiquan brings King down and immediately covers!!



    King kicks out! Daiquan thinks about covering again but decides to get up and wait for King to rise instead. As King does so, Daiquan leaps up for a superman punch!!!... but King suddenly throws a desperation yakuza kick which misses Daiquans face but hits his punching arm! Daiquan falls backwards awkwardly, but instead of following up, King suddenly drops down and rolls out of the ring!

    The crowd boos King, who is on the outside clearly stalling. Daiquan gives the ref a look and then rolls out of the ring himself. King takes off as Daiquan gets close to him, and Daiquan gives chase! But as he gets to the ring steps, King takes a hop off the lowest step and then hurls himself around, catching the chasing Daiquan with a flying clothesline!!

    SW: “King turns it around on Daiquan!!!"

    DR: “He baited Daiquan so hard just now..."

    King looks at the booing crowd and taps his forehead, before grabbing Daiquan and snap suplexing him on the outside mats!!! King ignores the ref and positions Daiquan up against the fan barricade. King starts to hit Daiquan with rapid-fire European uppercuts!! An enthusiastic fan tries to help free Daiquan off the barricade, causing King to bark “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY FOOD!!!!!”. As Daiquan slumps into a seated position on the barricade, King takes a few steps back, and then charges, smashing Daiquan with a running knee against the barricade!!!!

    King hears the ref count and rolls back into the ring, mock-resting in the middle of the ring as the ref count hits 5.


    Daiquan is still reeling on the outside.


    Daiquan drags himself up but stumbles a little.


    Daiquan tries to slide back in the ring, but somehow misses the ring apron!

    CQ: “Wow, a countout???"


    Daiquan finally rolls back into the ring and makes the count. King immediately sets upon him, grabbing him and blasting him again with another European Uppercut. Daiquan suddenly smashes King with a headbutt!! Daiquan tries to collar King, but King scoops him up and hits him with a release Fallaway Slam that sends Daiquan sprawling to the other side of the ring!! King crawls over and grabs Daiquan to cover!



    Daiquan kicks out!!! King immediately grabs Daiquan by the chin and neck, yelling at him that “YOU ARE A WASTE OF TIME, A WASTE OF AIR!!!” King grinds down on Daiquan, but Daiquan manages to sneak a leg under King and suddenly grabs King by the wrist and rolls, getting King in an armbar!! King grimaces but immediately uses his legs to touch the ropes. The ref gets Daiquan to break, but as an infuriated King gets up and tries to attack again, Daiquan, who is still on his back, smashes King in the face with an upkick!!! King is dazed, and Daiquan snatches him up with a rollup!!!

    SW: “The cover!!!!!"



    King kicks out!! Both men struggle to get up, but Daiquan is up first and tries to plant King with a DDT, but King pulls his head out at the last second! King throws a knee at the seated Daiquan, but Daiquan catches it! Daiquan gets up, still holding King by the leg, and tosses King onto his shoulders before flattening him with a Samoan Drop!!!

    King crawls away, cursing unintelligibly at Daiquan. Daiquan struggles up and grabs King, and tries to Irish whip him from one corner to the other, but King reverses!! Daiquan shows great agility and avoids the corner hit by hurdling onto the turnbuckle!! But Daiquans footing is wobbly, causing him to freeze up for a second. That second is all King needs to leap up on the turnbuckle behind Daiquan, grab him, and fling him down to the mat with a devastating Spider German Suplex!!! Daiquan is folded up like an accordion as King frees himself, and with a twinkle in his eye, grabs Daiquan and drives him down center-ring with Kings Landing (Gotch Piledriver)!!!!!


    CQ: “Oh, what a dagger!!!"

    DR: “I think we can count to 5 at this point, guys!"

    King covers the motionless Daiquan!!!




    Winner: Francis King
    King lets the referee raise his hand briefly before yanking his hand away. For the first time, King is seen with a smile on his face as he slinks out of the ring and makes a quick exit. Meanwhile, the trainers are still checking on Daiquan on the ring apron.

    SW: “The third semifinal spot is filled, and its Francis King who will be moving on after a frantic match!!"

    CQ: "That sequence on the outside changed the entire complexion of the match, guys. Francis King is perhaps more cerebral than we initially gave him credit for!"

    DR: “I was going to say the exact same thing, Christian. Francis King used his guile to seize control of the match, he completely changed the tempo, and from that point on Daiquan was always a step behind!"


    The scene switches backstage, where we see the door of Devin Goldens permanent office at Bull Snall University Arena. The door opens, and out of the office walks Liam Andrews and James London. As James closes the door, Liam starts pumping his fist.

    Liam Andrews: “YEH YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!! We getting it on at nGw #2 babaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!”

    James London: “Not a bad spot to start our nGw careers, I’d say… we still have to find a third though, if we want in on this trios tournament…”

    “Oh yeah, yo, but don’t worry about it, I met like a ton of guys at the FWA PC who I bet are probably backstage right now!! Come on, lets go find one right now and ask-“

    “Hold up, hold up!”

    James stops Liam from going on ahead.

    “Okay, Liam, I know you have a tendency to make, uh, lets say, sometimes you make rash decisions, but this is for a shot at the nGw World Trios Champions, the first ever! We can’t just pick someone willy nilly!”

    “Oh come on, when has my intuition ever been wrong??”


    “Wow, way to exaggerate, Drama Queen! 60% of the time, it works everytime!”

    “All I’m saying is that don’t make any reckless decisions, okay? We have time to evaluate a few guys, think through all the options carefully, and make an informed choice, you know what I mean?”

    Liam sighs.

    “Yeah, fine…”

    Liam and James turn and start walking down the hall, only to see someone sitting at the end of the hall, slouched over against the wall and breathing heavily. Liam walks over, squinting to see who it is.

    “Oh… hey Danny!”

    The man slumped against the wall is Danny Knox. He looks up and gives Liam and James a dejected nod.

    Danny Knox: “Oh hay guys…”

    “Sorry about the match man. You two really beat the hell out of each other.”

    “I thought you looked Gucci out thur!”

    “Thanks guys, but at the end of the day, I didn’t get the job done… I brought shame upon all the antholes and antaholics who believed in me and were rooting for me… at the end of the day, I feel so insignificANT…”

    “…how many ant puns do you have in there?”

    “You know what they say, you can’t spell ‘banter’ without ‘ANT’.”

    “…. Nobody says that.”

    “Yo, you also can't spell can’t without ANT!”

    “Yeah, yeah, you’re starting to get it!”

    Liams face suddenly lights up.

    “Yo yo, lets turn that cANT into CAN! Me and James, we were just looking for a third to join us in the World Tri-“


    James suddenly pulls Liam aside, barely out of earshot of Danny Knox. They speak to each other in hushed whispers.

    “What the hell are you doing???”

    “Turning that cANT into a CAN!!!!!!!”

    “What did I just say about not making a reckless decision???”

    “Yeah I know, but like, trust me on this one!! I mean, you saw him at the PC, just like I did, right!! I just got a good feeling about him!! Look at how passionate he is about ants! I heard somewhere that ants can carry like 5000 times their body weight, and if hes even 1/5000s that good, hes gona be the guy that puts us over the top!!!”

    “Look, we can consider him… but lets not commit to anything right now, okay??"

    “Gawd, fine! RAWAWHGHAWGH you are so stubborn sometimes!”

    James turns away from a sulking Liam and back to Danny, only to find Danny on all fours scuttling around on the floor.

    “Oh, sorry guys, I was just making sure just now that I didn’t accidentally sit on any ants. Ant fratricide is highly frowned upon in the anthole community.”


    “Listen, Danny, about tha-“



    “ABOUT THA-“

    Liam cannot contain himself any longer.


    “Jesus Christ…”

    “Wow, really?”

    “Hellz yeah!!! Yo, we gona turn your frown upside down when we all partying with the World Trios Championships!! James, I know you look kinda pissed but just trust my gut on this one, Danny Knox is the perfect partner for us!!!”

    “Well then, I guess joining a colony would be an ideal way forward and help up the ANTe… so my ANTswer is yeah!!!”





    “TEAM HUG!!!!!!!!”

    James London holds his head in his hands before being sandwiched in a group embrace by Liam and Danny.







    Adore'e James is out on the stage for the main event, walking out purposefully with a marked swagger. He stops right under the big screen and gives an exaggerated flex of both arms before walking down to the ring.

    SW: “Guys, what a sensational day of bouts we've just gone through, but its not over yet, as The New Adonis comes out to start our main event of the evening!"

    CQ: “Adore'e James is a former multi-sport star althlete, someone who is as physically gifted, as thorough of a specimen that I've seen in a good long time... but his weakness may be that he knows all the things I just said a little too well!"

    DR: “He's definitely not lacking in confidence, either, but you have to look at his resume and say that his actual wrestling experience thus far is a little bit thin. Is he going to be able to translate that raw athleticism into success in the ring right off the bat?"

    Nova Diamond is out next, walking out as if singing a tune to himself, quasi-dancing down to the ring, ignoring all of the crowd noise and Adore'e James in the ring.

    SW: “Speaking of being high on confidence, here is another man who has confidence in spades!!"

    DR: “Nova Diamond was one of nGws earliest signings, and I have it on good authority that he was one of the prospects that FWA brass and Devin Golden coveted the most for nGw!"

    CQ: “He has certainly made a buzzworthy name for himself in the British independent circuit, and now its time for him to prove the hype is real against Adore'e James! Somethings got to give tonight!"

    nGw Openweight Tournament Round 1
    Nova Diamond vs 'The New Adonis" Adore'e James

    Both men walk over to the center of the ring, and neither is interested in the least to do any traditional lock up. James screams out 'Hey Lil Nova!" and flexes right in Nova's face. Nova looks at James nonchalantly and then immediately punches him in the face!! James staggers back, and Nova Diamond is suddenly all over James with punches and kicks!! James pushes Nova off, but Nova blocks a James punch and then pokes James in the eye!! The ref sternly admonishes Nova as Nova turns to the ref and says "it was an accident, really!" and smiles, but James suddenly jumps up and thez presses Nova down!!! James starts to lay into punches on Nova, and Nova turns over to block. James grabs Nova and deadlifts him right off the ground, but Nova collars James by the head with one arm and then twists, flipping both men over in a headlock takeover! James gets up first but Nova is now behind him! Nova grabs James, pushes James into the ropes, and rolls him through with a bridged pin!!!



    James kicks out right before 3!!! Nova casually cranes out of the pin and wags his finger at James, who looks flustered and intimidated that he is being toyed with by Nova.

    CQ: “Experience in combat sports counts, and Nova Diamond is showing right now the gulf in class between him and Adore'e James!"

    DR: “Didn't take long for the showboating to start, did it?"

    The two finally get into a traditional lock up, and James bull-rushes Nova into a corner. James breaks the lock up and flings a wild chop at Nova, who ducks its and swings around and pins Adore'e with a rollup! Nova blatantly puts his legs on the ropes to keep James pinned, and even though the ref doesnt even start counting because he can clearly see Novas legs, Nova counts out loud '1, 2, 3, 4, 5!" before James can break out of the assisted pin. Nova gets up, and as the ref warns him one final time to stop messing around, shrugs. A furious James charges full steam ahead at Nova, but Nova again sidesteps it with relative ease. Its a feint though, as James suddenly leaps back and stuns Nova with a misdirection cutter!! Novas head smacks into the mat as James immediately covers!!!



    Nova Diamond kicks out!! James immediately grabs Nova by the hair and puts him in a headlock, wrenching it from side to side. Nova struggles against the lock until he gets a few fingers under James wrist and is able to drop shift James forward. James tries to switch and grab Nova by the waist, but Nova somehow hula-hoops James and smashes James with a headbutt at close range!! James tumbles back, and as his back hits the ropes, Nova walks up and hits James with a chop so hard that James falls through the ropes and out of the ring!! Nova rubs his face a little and does a mock-bow to James on the outside. Nova then charges, and as James braces himself for a flying move, Nova instead baseball slides out of the ring and smacks James with a slap on the back of the head!! James suddenly responds though with a big forearm smash, and then suddenly grabs Nova and pushes Nova back-first into the steel steps!!!

    James grabs a reeling Nova and throws him back into the ring. Nova, for the first time tonight, looks in a genuine spot of bother as he tries to get up but is slow to do so. James suddenly scoops Nova up and drops him over the knee for a backbreaker!! James doesnt let go and does it again!! And again!! James finally tosses Nova down, and then starts stomping Nova in the back!! James lays into the stomps, screaming out "YOU STILL PLAYIN NOW?? YOU STILL PLAYIN, LIL NOVA??" as he grinds his heel into Novas back. Nova suddenly twists and tries to ankle pick James, but James sees it this time and instead stomps right on Novas hand, causing Nova to yowl in pain. James then puts both his knees into Novas back, grabs Nova, and rolls back to bend Nova in a Bow and Arrow submission hold!

    SW: “The offense by James is now exclusively focusing on the back of Nova Diamond!"

    CQ: “Adore'e James got outwrestled early, but this is one good way to even the playing field some!"

    Nova flails around with his hands as James pulls back as hard as possible. Nova finally uses his hands to get James to release the hold on his neck and the submission breaks apart, but the damage has been done. James gets up and puts another stomp into Novas back and this time flexes for the crowd, who give him somewhat of a mixed reaction. James reaches down, deadlifts Nova up off the mat, and flings Nova backwards for a German Suplex into a bridge!!



    Nova kicks out!! James doesnt release the hold though, and instead drags Nova up and lifts Nova again!! James toys with Nova a little, swinging him from side to side in the air before suddenly gutwrench powerbombing Nova!!! James covers again!!!



    Nova kicks out!!! James gets up, looks at Nova, lying on the mat, and as Nova tries to lift himself, purposefully steps on Novas hand again! Novas eyes bulge in pain as James slaps Nova around the head a few times, screaming "YOU AINT SHIT LIL NOVA!!!" while still stepping on Novas hand. Suddenly, Nova sticks his own head between James' legs and uses his free hand to knee-tap James!! James stumbles and tries not to fall backwards, but Nova drives forward on his knees and James falls down!! James pushes Nova away and gets back up, but thats the opening Nova needs to jump up and smash James with a spin kick!! James tumbles back into the corner, and Nova shakes out his hand for a second before walking up to a stunned James and absolutely blasting him with a punch to the face!!! Nova winds up each punch and lays into James, who tries to cover up, but then Nova simply starts aiming the punches towards James ribcage!! James drops his hands, only for Nova to step back and blast James with a superkick!! James falls facefirst out of the corner, but Nova doesn't go for the cover, instead favoring his back. Nova drags James up and puts him in the corner again and starts rapid punching James. The ref counts to 5 and demands Nova stop, but Nova then switches to kicks as James falls down into the corner, pummeling and stomping James until the ref gets between them. A wild-eyed Nova grabs the ref by the shirt, but as the ref threatens to DQ him, Nova calms down a bit, releases the ref, and comically puts both his hands up in the air.

    SW: “Nova needs to be careful, hes perilously close to getting himself disqualified!"

    DR: “James might have awakened something within Nova that hes gona regret!"

    Nova does a few stretches on his back in the ring, and then suddenly drops down to do a pushup and indicate that hes fine. As some members of the crowd laugh, Nova grabs James and tries for Uncomfortably Numb (Emerald Flowsion Kai)!!!... but his back gives out! He can't lift James!! Nova grimaces and tries again, but James blocks it firmly this time and instead suplexes Nova!! Nova is stunned and throws a wild lariat at James, but James ducks it, catches Nova by the collar and lifts him up for another backbreaker!!! Nova lets out an audible gasp of pain, as James grabs his face by the hand and drags him up. James shoots Nova into the ropes and pops Nova up for the GXG (Pop-up Spinning Backfist), but Nova throws a knee right into James face during the pop up!! James is blasted back, and Nova charges again, but James pops him up again and this times smashes Nova with the GXG clean!!!!!!

    Nova falls backwards like a sack of potatoes as James crawls into the cover!!



    Nova kicks out!!!!!!

    SW: “He kicked out of GxG!!!!!!!!

    CQ: “Wow, that landed flush but Nova Diamond somehow survives!!"

    DR: “Adore'e James can't believe it!"

    The camera catches a look of shock on Adore'e James as Nova lays motionless on the mat still. James tries to lift Nova up for another GXG, but Nova dead-weights him and James can't get him up anymore. A frustrated James throws Nova down and drags Nova to the corner. James then climbs the turnbuckle backwards, reaching the top rope. James takes his time to flex once more, and then takes flight with a huge moonsault!!!!!... but Nova gets both knees up!!! James smashes himself into Novas knees, and somehow James ends up back in a standing position, but heaving and clutching his ribs in pain!!! Nova darts up and tries to roll up James, but James summons his last burst and headbutts Nova!! Nova stumbles and James pushes him against the ropes, and as Nova comes back, James pops Nova up for a GXG!!!... the backfist connects in a flash, but Nova lands upright and instead its James howling in pain!!!

    Nova blocked the GXG backfist with his elbow!!!


    DR: “James might have broken his own hand!!!"

    James stumbles around holding his own fist, but Nova runs the ropes, and as James finally turns, Nova obliterates James with a lariat which flips James inside out!! James is lying face-down in the ring as Nova grabs him up, lifts him halfway into a suplex, and then suddenly hangs James up on the top rope!! Nova stops the move but keeps the hold, balancing James by the gut on the top rope. Nova takes a few deep breaths, yells out something, and then uses the momentum and buoyancy of the ropes to complete the lift on James, turning around and planting James center ring with Uncomfortably Numb!!!!


    CQ: “Game, set, match!!!!!!!"

    Nova Diamond covers!!!




    Winner: Nova Diamond
    The crowd, despite both men being less than honorable at points, explodes in cheers as the referee raises Nova Diamonds hand. Adore'e James lays motionless center ring.

    SW: “WOW WOW WOW!!! Nova Diamond took all of Adore'e James' best shots, he got hit with a GXG but kicked out!! And his prize now, a victory over Adore'e James, and the final ticket to the Openweight Tournament semifinals!!!!"

    CQ: “Adore'e James threw the kitchen sink and then some at Nova Diamond, but at the end of the day Nova Diamond was a little savvier, a little smarter, and that, my friends, is the fine lines that separate victory from defeat!!"

    DR: “What a match guys, and what a way to close out nGw #1!! Now with Nova Diamond in, we know which 4 wrestlers still have the nGw Openweight Championship squarely in their sights!!!"

    Adore'e James has rolled to the apron as Nova Diamond suddenly gestures for a mic. Angela Eun gives Nova a mic, and Nova lifts the mic to his mouth as the cheering crowd quiets down. Nova holds the mic there for what seems like an eternity, but suddenly, Nova runs over to where James is lying and punts James off the apron!! James falls to the outside with a thud as scattered boos are heard. As trainers and staff help James out of the arena, Nova, in between taking deep and labored breaths, finally starts to speak.

    Nova: "Thats right, get that piece of rubbish out of here. Get that piece of shit out of my ring, out of my arena, so th-"

    Cheers and screams suddenly erupt from both sides of the arena as Devin Golden suddenly walks out on the stage, with no music but holding a mic and another object hidden under a cloth.

    Devin Golden: "Wait just a second everyone... well, I was going to call all 4 tournament winners so far out here... but it looks like one of them is already out here."

    Nova, who has been looking at Devin Golden, turns around to see that Francis King has entered the other side of the ring from the crowd!! Nova puts his hands up, but Francis King is looking at Golden with a look of rage, as if Golden had interrupted what was meant to be a blindside attack on Nova Diamond!!

    "Sorry, did I ruin some kind of surprise, Francis? My apologies for the timing, it was purely coincidence. Anyway..."

    Golden stops once more as PARADOX and Skye Healy emerge from the back and step onto the stage, each standing on either side of Golden.

    "I'm actually saving you some effort, Francis, because I came out here to announce that next month, at nGw #2, the Openweight Tournament will conclude with both the semifinals and finals on the same night! Right here in Bull Snail, on nGw #2, September 15th, we will crown the first ever nGw Openweight Champion!!"

    The crowd cheers Goldens announcement, and Devin Golden takes the cloth off of the object hes holding to reveal the new, gleaming nGw Openweight Championship Belt.

    "Of course, that leaves the matter of what the brackets are for our grandstand finish. I won't keep you all in suspense, then... at nGw #2, the first semifinal will be you there, Francis King, versus.... PARADOX!!"

    Francis King whips his gaze away from Golden to PARADOX, who is smiling wide and makes a gesture towards Francis.

    "I guess I don't have to state the obvious, but heck, I'll do it anyway. The other semifinal will be Nova Diamond, against Skye Healy!"

    Nova casts a blank look at Skye, who is standing on the ramp with a look twisted between excitement and anxiety.

    nGw #1 goes off the air with PARADOX walking over to Devin Golden, putting his arm around the GM, and telling the GM that t"...his there shiny new belt will look mighty fine on PARADOX, right, boss man?" Behind them, Skye Healy gulps and looks at Nova Diamond, who is still standing in the ring. But Nova isn't looking at Skye Healy anymore, but instead at Francis King, who is staring intently back at Nova. After a moment, Francis slides out of the ring and points a finger at Nova Diamond.

    Francis King: "You got lucky!!!"

    In the ring, Nova Diamond shakes his head and smiles.

    "No, Francis...

    YOU got lucky."


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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    showrunner notes: shows up early because i have houseguests/home invaders from tonight through the weekend. any and all reviews/comments/thoughts on this show are welcome in this thread. for any specific queries or concerns, please PM me.

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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    Great first show. Well written and everyone looks strong. This is what ngw should be. Tremendous job KAIZEN.

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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS


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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    This is beautiful. Everything about this is beautiful. Especially love the AotA/Knox segment and portrayals of my guys.
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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    That was exactly what I Pictured with the Syke/Riggs

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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    thank you everyone who has provided comments for this project so far. i forgot to mention something in the writers note: future shows will not be this long. its only this long because the first show has a lot of introductions and segs. future shows will be tighter and more compact, and the abbreviated matchwriting (beginning/middle/end) format will likely be used.

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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    I loved Stefan's match. Actually made me laugh out loud irl
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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    Excellent show my dude, I loved it. Francis was portrayed perfectly as the miserable curmudgeon that he was made to be.
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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    I hate THUNDERHAWK you fucker. You 100% made that character just to fuck with me.

    Really good work otherwise. Sign up soon


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    Re: nGw #1 RESULTS

    Oh my god, what have you done to my poor baby hoss of a Cruiserweight with the strength of Mark Henry. Such a dweeb and I love it. That segment with the AOA made me laugh so hard .

    I love how NGW is setting up and Kai has always been a wizard on writing shows so, this turns out flawlessly.

    Go Kai go.
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