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    Ricky Reynolds

    Name*: Ricky Reynolds
    Nickname: R & R
    Date of Birth*: 7/7/99
    Place of Birth:
    Quad Cities
    Currently Residing*: Chicago, IL
    Height*: 6
    180 lbs.
    Gimmick*: Underdog
    Disposition*: Face

    Wrestling Style*: Technical Flyer
    Wrestling Abilities*: 1-Technical/2-Speed/3-Charisma/4-Brawling/5-Power

    Signature Taunts/Poses: Big Toothy Smile
    Catchphrase: Everyone needs a little R & R
    Entrance theme: "Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy

    Basic Moves*: Palm strike, Snap suplex, Knee Strike, Bulldog, Snap DDT, Swinging Neckbreaker, Dropsault, Moonsault (sometimes springboard), Suicide Dive, Baseball Slide, Fisherman Suplex, Boston Crab, Single Leg Crab, Inverted Cloverleaf, Standing or Running Frankensteiner, Slingshot Suplex, Buckle Bomb, Elbow Drop, European Uppercut, Knife Edge Chop, Leg Lariat, Senton Bomb, Missile Dropkick, Brainbuster, Crossbody, Double Knee Facebreaker

    Signature Strike Moves*: Shining Wizard, Superkick, Lariat, Enzuigiri

    Signature Submission Move*: Reynolds Wrap (Chikara Special-Kneeling step-over head-holdwrist-lock followed by hooking the opponent's far leg)

    Regular Finishing Move*: R & R (Standing Shiranui or sometimes from the 2nd rope)
    Previous Experience (If any): No professional experience, but has photographic memory for moves
    Injury History (If any): Mental and Emotional damage from father

    Name of character representative*: Mike Quackenbush


    A videotape has been sent to the CWA offices. On it is a highlight reel of Ricky Reynolds training in ring. This goes for about 5 minutes. Then the camera pulls back and we see just how young he is. He is not yet 18, but he stands in front of the ring with a bottle of water and a towel.

    Ricky: Hey, out there in CWA land...this is “R & R” Ricky Reynolds. I hope you liked what you saw, because there’s plenty more of that to come. I’m a future star and champion in the CWA.

    (The youngster’s bravado drops off.)

    Look...all I need is a chance...I may not have any “in-ring” experience, so to speak, but I’ve been training since I was 10. I’ve seen all the matches and can do any move you’ve seen and some you haven’t. Just need a contract and a shot. Please, I know I can…

    Rod: Whoa! Cut...stop the camera. (Rod doesn’t know how to shut off the camera)’re acting desperate, they won’t want you if you beg them.

    Ricky: Right, dad. I got excited, I just want this so bad!

    Rod: I know, I’ve been training you ever since your mother left us. It should be enough that you’re “Hot Rod’s” kid. I mean, I was a pro for over 20 years and did hold many titles in Europe.
    Ricky: I’m not sure if they heard of those promotions though dad…

    Rod: You shut your mouth...I’ve made you, I still got something left and I can take your ass out, don’t you dare say another word...Is this thing still ON? You set this up…

    Ricky: Dad...wait...stop...

    Feed cuts off

    Manager*: Yes
    Manager Name: Rod Reynolds (Formerly “Hot Rod” Reynolds, jobber to the “Holly-Rod” Reynolds, his take on Hollywood)
    Manager Date of Birth: 2/29/68
    Manager Gimmick: Overbearing Father/Former Wrestler
    Manager Disposition: Heelish to his son, because he thinks his son is worthless and wrongly, not as good as he was.
    Name of character representative*: Robert DeNiro

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    Re: Ricky Reynolds

    Accepted! Welcome aboard CK, good to have to you in CWA. The card for our next show just came up but you can be booked on the following show.
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    Rest in power, TCON

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