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Thread: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Well, at least Special K are being treated like jobbers! I always loved how ECW can get away with those spots helping to create a no contest, but would just be a normal high spot in any other match and get a 2 count. Classic shithouse inconsistent Heyman booking! You know I'm right, but we both know your booking is right too :P

    I'm just so thrown off by this promo I'm assuming that random dude doing the interview never has done one ever, and was only your interviewer to be added to Special K. That's lazy booking! >_<

    I loved all the mental gymnastics and mind games you had here, really superb and intriguing stuff. Cyrus offering all the possible reasons why Daniels/Tajiri is suddenly happening - even teasing a new higher authority, I see you! - and Cyrus leaving that nugget that Daniels isn't getting a title shot if Low Ki is Champion to foreshadow shenanigans in Ki/Cide? Oh you sneaky fucking devil you.

    Oh look, another week of Michael Shane making Spanky (or London) looking like absolute idiots en route to looking strong himself. I've never seen that before! >_<

    Doug Williams promo was exactly what it needed to be: a very bland wrestler guy cutting a very a bland wrestling promo. :P

    So, Low Ki/Homicide I think would've had a great crowd reaction, but it was a match that since you were booking a non finish, it was obvious you were putting forth very little effort in terms of having to write MOVEZ and just kept it to the very, very simplistic "this guy controlled, this guy fought back" type stuff that usually I'm very okay with, but here, definitely felt underwhelming for a change.

    I'm going to break down the rest of this craziness by character instead of chain of events because I think that makes a lot more sense given everything you just wham bam what the fuck just happened on us.

    On the surface, Christopher Daniels attacking Homicide to force a DQ just looks like a swerve for the sake of a swerve booking, given everything in the build up between Cyrus and Daniels. Daniels also looks right foolish given feeling screwed over by The Network before, but yet again decides to essentially play ball with them, after both the random Daniels/Tajiri match booked for AR and Jarrett saying he won't get a title shot until N2R pretty much. Plenty of time for him to get screwed over again. That being said, you're pretty much the GOAT at taking what looks on the surface as something badly executed on one show, and then retconning it into something brilliant 1-2 shows later. Tony Khan wishes he had your skill there! But, Daniels pointing to his head like he's really smart, when he truly looks dumb, isn't the best spot. But, you're going to retcon Daniels knowing Jarrett was going to screw Low Ki over to win the Title for himself, so Daniels felt like playing ball was necessary.

    Homicide looked very strong by being able to low blow Low Ki, have the time to have the ECW Belt spot, and still hit the Cop Killa. Low Ki was dead to rights. However, he yet again comes off like an afterthought in all of this. And I'm not even saying that to be critical! That's just Michael J Facts. With all the moving pieces, I actually prefer Homicide to be an afterthought right now because it will make his inevitable long term moment that much sweeter. It will also let him have a very explosive moment because he's going to feel incredibly fucked over by Jarrett/Network. He's going to feel like Jarrett and Daniels were in cahoots the whole time here, so his Title match was taken from him, while Jarrett will say he got his match and if he wouldn't have wasted time with refusing the Belt, he would've won. So really, that's brilliance. And with so much amazing nuance.

    Low Ki's booking I thought was the worst in all of this, if I'm being honest, because despite him being the least moving part and the least charismatic and therefore usually the most safe, his was all over the place. You've been going with the story that The Network have been wearing him down with constant title matches right after the 60 minute Iron man, but I don't feel like that was ever brought up in this show when it would've made the most sense to do so. Homicide and Jarrett's spat over the Belt seemed destined for a Low Ki comeback, instead he goes down to a low blow and Cop Killa. Now yes, very protected finisher, no doubt about it. But the match write up doesn't make you think Ki took a fair amount of abuse in the match, so it all looks kind of weak. Then he's dead to rights even longer after a Last Rites on top of it, during a commercial break AND a Jarrett promo. He can be dead for well over 5 minutes, pushing 10 really... but he suddenly has fight in him AND can kick out of a damn guitar shot too. It's just all over the place for me, and I agree with whoever said (Wolf?) that if Ki is kicking out of something, it should undoubtedly be The Stroke, wish is a clear weak looking finisher, and then the guitar to the skull finishes him off. Again, it's not hard to rehab Low Ki in all of this, but just pointing out what I observed and my reaction to it.

    Ah yes, and then there's Jarrett. It's always been clear that he's been here to win the ECW World Title, and I love that you've had him take the more snake in the grass role to get here. Yes, he challenged Corino before, but that was Corino who made it happen, not him, which makes this moment all the better as a reader. I wasn't here when this started so I honestly have no idea what the ownership structure (kayfabe) is supposed to be, just that Heyman is out. So kayfabe, it probably makes no sense that Jarrett is just able to buy 51% of ECW from TNN, but honestly, who the fuck needs logic when the story is just so damn fun of Jarrett, such a soft wrestler and the antithesis of ECW as a good ole boy Southern second generation wrestler, getting to control ECW and become Champion all in one fell swoop!?

    I'm just waiting for the inevitable moment of Jarrett wanting to throw the title down, burn it, make it a dead title and merge it into the NWA World Title given the history of it all, along with Jarrett owning NWATNA and being the NWA World Champion. We both know it's the only story here to be told, and I'm hoping that through some convoluted way, it ends up with Paul Heyman back in the saddle of ECW and prevents it all from happening. Because why not!?

    Jarrett winning the Title isn't the end game, but merely the arc where all hope looks lost because he can cheat whenever he wants, put the referees in his pocket, do whatever he wants to just nullify someone beating him (something which I definitely need to see happen, a Jericho/HHH April 2000 RAW moment). It's definitely just making me want to read more, and I know I'm a show behind already, so I'm stoked to just jump into the next show here soon!

    I think that's enough feedback on this show :P

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I like the Cyrus/Styles confrontation since there's so much history and animosity there. Joey is such a Babyface with any ECW crowd, so it works so well every time, even when he's appropriately meta like with the "we're extreme, we finish with wrestling matches" line that had me laughing.

    What the fuck is a Reverse Tombstone? Sometimes I need you to spell this shit out. I've seen it on YouTube where it's literally a guy jumping to be Tombstone'd himself, and flipping it into a Tombstone on his opponent like a fucking awkward wannabe Destroyer. Is it that? Does he have the opponent's belly to his back and be drops him on his head that way, back-to-belly? Or is it just a Kneeling Piledriver? I GOTS TA KNOW~!

    Also, Special K continue to be stupid :P

    Oh Credible, from a World Title match to jobbing to pre-charisma Jay Briscoe, look at how far you've fallen. This was a good enough way to get The Briscoes into a title match by having the upset, along with Mark having a big impact in it by surprising CW from behind. Faces that will fight dirty fits the Briscoes since they're white trash in every sense of the word.

    Good use of the 6-man to cover the TV Title and London/Shane. Red needed the pin the most so glad he was the guy to get the win. Always like mixing programs up so just that little interaction of London tossing Lynn was wonderful to see. Solid enough here.

    Can't say the next week matches do dick for me, but hey, planned booking!

    I like that you teased dissension between the Impact Enforcers (CALL THEM BY THEIR NAME ALREADY~!) only to immediately nip it in the bud. The title match at the PPV is incredibly rushed, but sometimes you just accept that because that's wrestling and not everything needs a super build. Plus, you still have time to give it some spark.

    I always love trolling the ECW crowd (I've brought in Tony Schiavone, Chris Kanyon to Flash Gordon and calling himself Savior of the Universe, and have other ideas for future projects; it's great to do) and bringing in Tennessee Lee is absolutely another WONDERFUL example of it. That would've been so much fun to write hahaha.

    I wasn't sure where you were going to go with the Jarrett promo, and truthfully, his part of this was underwhelming. Little in the way of gloating, of threatening what he could do to ECW as owner and champion, etc. Not a huge issue or anything, especially when you consider the greatness of introducing Tennessee Lee, just underwhelming.

    While I think you're going to have to do a little bit more still to get Sandman back over as a credible title challenger in the Fall of 2002, I do think he's the perfect got for this role if you're not going for Dreamer. and even in some ways, Sandman might be a better choice given that he's actually won the World Title a bunch. The closing part was still epic nonetheless. Sandman looks like a bad ass coming in with that entrance, especially while kicking in the back door of the arena and everything. It would be SUCH a great visual irl and you just know the crowd would go fucking bananas for it. Him making it clear that he'll always be the guy to step right up for ECW in these situations is both true and the right/good story to tell.

    You were always going to have a step back show after last week, which is kind of understandable you know haha. None of the matches stood out, but the 6 man helped in terms of building up the programs there. And of course, the closing segment was still a right banger.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the feedback, everybody. In a bit of a general update, it has taken me three weeks, but I’ve finally finished one match for Anarchy Rulz. I just dislike writing PPV’s outside of Heatwave where I suddenly got this strange wave of motivation. That hasn’t hit me this time so based on current progress, I’ll post through the build and then you might be stuck waiting a little while for the PPV itself.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    September 21st, 2002
    Houston, Texas

    It’s time for the second edition of Hardcore TV from the Houston, meaning the Texas natives are on their feet, chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” because that’s what New York/Philly have trained people to do for ECW shows. Anyway, despite the amped up crowd, we’re bypassing that famous ECW in ring intro, instead cutting to JOEY STYLES standing at the ECW set. Joey looks to be in a much better mood standing around backstage then he was last week, as he prepares to welcome everybody to the show.

    Joey Styles: Welcome to another edition of ECW Hardcore TV! I’m Joey Styles, and I’m already back here because our competitors for the opening contest are overly eager to get out here and wrestle. Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams are making their way to the ring as we speak, but I want to talk a little about our main event tonight. One half of the ECW Tag Team Champions and The Network’s very own enforcer, CW Anderson, teaming up with Homicide to take on the number one contender for the ECW Championship, The Sandman and his recent tag team partner, Yoshihiro Tajiri. Tajiri and The Sandman have both been thorns in the side of The Network for a long time, and Sandman got a hell of a lot sharper after interrupting ECW Champion Jeff Jarrett’s public address last week. CW Anderson is always happy to do damage on behalf of The Network, but Homicide is an interesting one. His opportunity at the ECW Championship was basically sacrificed by The Network and Christopher Daniels just two weeks ago, so one must wonder what his motivation is to team with The Network tonight? There’s a lot of potential consequences for tonight’s main event when those four guys take it to the extreme!!!

    The one-man commentary team sells like only he can, before sending us to ringside where it’s time for the opening match to get underway…

    Match One
    Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams

    There’s no handshake or anything because that’s not Daniels’ style, but he almost shoots Williams a nod as the bell rings, showing that maybe he has some sort of respect for the Brit. Once the action begins, Daniels is slowly able to wear down Williams and take control, looking at focusing on the neck. It’s the same strategy Daniels has used throughout his year and a half in ECW, but it has worked a treat so far. In an interesting twist of fate, Williams shows his grit and hard grappling heavy style, fighting back, and beginning to use moves to hurt the neck of Daniels. Not liking receiving some of his own medicine, ‘The Fallen Angel’ begins to favour his neck, and as he focuses on defending the neck, Williams switches to wearing down the left arm of Daniels. On commentary, Joey Styles puts over how this is a fantastic tactic, because one of the first signs of a neck injury is that you lose a lot of strength in your arms.

    It’s a mat heavy attack from Williams, as it normally is, and Daniels doesn’t seem to have an answer for the gruelling style. To his credit though, he doesn’t really even give up any near falls, kicking out of pinfall attempts relatively quickly, however it’s clear that he’s struggling more and more with his left arm. With that, Williams goes for a pretty simple Arm Bar, but Daniels manages to battle his way to the ropes.

    Knowing his undefeated streak is on the line, Daniels does find a way to fight back. He gets back into the contest with that babyface comeback, despite the fact that the fans are booing the hell out of him. ‘The Fallen Angel’ manages to get back into control, but when he has Williams where he wants him, he fails to land the Uranage or Angel’s Wings due to issues with his arms. This allows Williams to come back again, eventually setting DANIELS UP FOR THE CHAOS THEORY!!!


    Daniels then turns around… GRABBING WILLIAMS FOR THE LAST RITES!!!



    From here, Williams goes for a Roll up, and the two continue to counter with leverage pins, but neither is able to get a three count. After a sequence of three pinfall attempts each is interrupted, both men bounce back to their feet, but Daniels is able to stop Williams with a kick to the gut… DANIELS THEN FOLLOWS UP WITH A SCHOOL BOY PIN…1…2…



    Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 8:47

    After stealing the win, Christopher Daniels doesn’t decide to hang around, immediately rolling underneath the bottom rope and to the outside. He doesn’t even have his hand raised by the referee, but he doesn’t care, as he staggers around ringside, receiving plenty of heat from the Texas fans.

    Inside of the ring, Williams is pleading with the referee, but the ref didn’t see any funny business, and maintains it was a clean pin.

    As Daniels gets to the side of the ring where the entrance ramp is located, he turns to face Williams and simply smirks at him. Initially, Williams is furious, but suddenly he smirks back, and the fans begin to buzz…


    BY LOW KI!!!

    It’s the first time we have seen Low Ki since Daniels had a huge part in costing him the ECW Championship two weeks ago. ‘The Warrior’ is furious as he traps Daniels in the apron and goes to work, laying into him with repeated punches, some to the head and there’s some body shots thrown in there for good measure.

    All Daniels can really do is put his guard up as Ki is incredible fired up, refusing to relent. “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants start up as the one-sided beating continues…


    Of course, this gets plenty of heat from the fans, and a few extra guards make sure that Williams can’t get involved either, escorting him to the back. Once security stop Low Ki, Daniels is willing to try and get at Ki, but there’s enough guards to control both men.

    As the mob controlling Low Ki back him around ringside, Ki decides to grab a microphone.

    Low Ki: Daniels, you made the biggest mistake of your life. I don’t know what you were told, and I don’t care. I NEVER backed out of what we agreed to, but now that doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that you cost ME the ECW Title. I’ve wanted to beat you for a long time, but my interest now goes a lot further than just beating you.

    They are on separate sides of the ring at this point, staring at each other through the ropes, despite the barrage of security surrounding each man.

    Low Ki: This isn’t just about respect anymore; you crossed the line. I don’t care what the current plan is, you can let Yoshihiro Tajiri do something else. I won’t stop until I get what I want, and I want (pointing at himself and then Daniels) THIS at Anarchy Rulz.

    The fans pop for the idea of Ki/Daniels at Anarchy Rulz. Daniels doesn’t look to impressed, trying to break free from security before expressing that he just wants a mic. After a few moments, he’s handed one.

    Christopher Daniels: Life is tough, and you don’t always get what you want. You’re no longer the ECW Champion which changes things for me. Everything I said a few weeks ago…

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ pauses, a smirk forming across his face as he does so.

    Christopher Daniels: CONSIDER IT OFF THE TABLE!!!

    Major heat for that announcement as Low Ki shakes his head in disgust, red in the face as he struggles to break free from security.

    Christopher Daniels: YOU GET NOTHING!!!

    As those words are spoken, the fans go nuts because LOW KI MANAGES TO BREAK THROUGH HIS SECURITY BARRIER!!!


    A majority of the guards lose their footing, meaning Daniels and Low Ki are able to get back up, and they begin trading shots again. “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants ring out for arguably the most heated rivalry in the business right now.

    Neither man backs down, Daniels able to hold his own this time, but Ki just starts to get the advantage, landing a few unanswered shots…


    The security gets boos directed at them, as they are forced to pin Low Ki against the crowd barricade. Meanwhile, Daniels picks up a microphone before seemingly not fighting against security, allowing them to escort him to the top of the ramp. Once he gets there, he stops, looks at the still struggling Low Ki with contempt and starts to speak.

    Christopher Daniels: I’ve had enough, I’m sick of this shit. You don’t get what you want, you don’t get me at Anarchy Rulz. The Network has kindly allowed me to do some scouting and I’ve been in contact with someone who wants into ECW and wants to make a real big impact.

    Daniels is forced to pause, needing to take another deep breath. Ki is still trying to fight out of the grip of the guards, whilst the fans seem interested in who Daniels has spoken to.


    Even Low Ki is listening now, not struggling as much, whilst Daniels has a crazy eyed look on his face.

    Christopher Daniels: YOU WILL BE FIGHTING… SAMOA JOE!!!

    In all honesty, the reaction isn’t huge because not everybody knows who Joe is, but the reaction should be ENORMOUS. Daniels can’t help but just grin as he drops the microphone and laughs in the direction of Low Ki, who nods his head. Ki seems to know who Joe is, and he looks to be ready for the challenge before he goes back to desperately trying to get through security.

    As Daniels continues to look content with how the night as turned out, and Ki continues to struggle, we head to our first commercial break of the night…


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    We now head back to JOEY STYLES at the ECW interview set, and his eyes are wide, in complete shock after what we just heard before the commercial break.

    Joey Styles: Well, folks, I honestly can’t believe what we just heard from Christopher Daniels and who he plans to bring into ECW. During the commercial break, The Network have confirmed that Samoa Joe versus Low Ki will be happening at Anarchy Rulz. Now for those who don’t know, Samoa Joe has been forming a scary reputation on the independent scene, tearing through everybody put in front of him on the West Coast. It makes a world of sense for him to come in at Anarchy Rulz because the pay per view will be in the West Coast.

    ‘The Voice of ECW’ stops for a moment, still in disbelief.

    Joey Styles: I’ve heard stories of Samoa Joe and I’ve seen tapes of this guy in action. He’s a three-hundred-pound Samoan monster who can strike probably just as hard, scratch that, maybe harder than the former ECW Champion, Low Ki. Not only that, but this guy moves around like he’s AJ Styles.

    He’s certainly putting over Samoa Joe hard here.

    Joey Styles: I’d heard rumours that Cyrus and Jeff Jarrett had been in negotiations with Samoa Joe for a few weeks and The Network even had a meeting with him. A deal had not been signed and it looks like Christopher Daniels has pulled off a huge get.

    The excited Styles could probably talk about Samoa Joe all day, but instead he sends us back to ringside where it’s time for the next bit of in ring action…

    Match Two
    Paul London and Spanky vs. The Carnage Crew

    This one is pretty brutal for the most part. London and Spanky are who they always are, they try and keep the pace quick, and when they get beat down, they never give up. With that being said, they’ve never been beaten and battered by The Carnage Crew before. HC Loc and Tony DeVito look like they’re out to prove a point tonight, using basic brawling tactics and strikes to destroy the two kids. As they beat on them, they yell out things as well, with Loc in particular letting everybody know that “WE ARE THE TOUGHEST TEAM IN ECW!!! IT’S NOT THESE LITTLE KIDS, IT’S CERTAINLY NOT THOSE DANCING MOTHER FUCKERS… AND IT’S NOT DA HIT SQUAD. IT’S US… THE CARNAGE CREW”!!! DeVito then grabs the head of Spanky and yells in his face, “SAY IT! TELL US WE’RE THE TOUGHEST”! Obviously, he doesn’t so The Carnage Crew just continue their assault on Spanky and London.

    London and Spanky continue to try and show signs of life, and attempt to fight back, but outside of some flash of the pan moments, The Carnage Crew continue to be in control. Finally, it looks as if Loc and DeVito are ready to put their opponents away when they are distracted by the appearance of DA HIT SQUAD. MAFIA and MONSTA MACK head down towards ringside, however they don’t actually interfere. Their appearance is enough to distract The Carnage Crew though, and London lands a Dropkick to the back, sending Loc tumbling through the ropes and to the outside.


    Da Hit Squad chuckle to themselves on the outside, before stepping over the crowd barricade, leaving through the crowd. Meanwhile, Loc tries to get back into the ring, but Spanky cuts him off with a Baseball Slide! As that happened, London has gone to the apron and climbed up to the top. With the fans well and truly behind him, London takes a moment to steady himself… AND HE JUMPS OFF THE TOP ROPE… CONNECTING WITH THE LONDON STAR PRESS!!!

    London sells the impact of the landing for a moment… BEFORE HOOKING THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    Winners: Paul London and Spanky @ 7:32

    Much like the opening contest, the winners don’t stick around to long here. Despite getting plenty of cheers from the fans, London and Spanky slide straight out of the ring, as a furious HC Loc gets back inside.

    As Loc goes to check on DeVito, London and Spanky share a celebratory hug, before being joined by the referee. The ref raises their hands, and after slapping hands with some fans around ringside, they begin making their way up the ramp.

    Spanky is a little ahead of London, with the latter spending a little longer with the fans, and as Spanky gets really close to the curtain… HE GETS CLOBBERED WITH A CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE!!!


    Spanky crumbles to the floor, virtually unconscious, as the chair wielding PCO now charges at London, but London has time to react and avoids the chair shot. London then begins hammering away with right hands on Oulette, forcing him to drop the chair…



    The heat is enormous from the fans as London is the one to fall to the floor now. PCO feels at his mouth for blood, looking furious, and together, PCO and Shane begin stomping the living hell out of London.

    London can’t defend himself, and is forced to turtle up, just trying to absorb shots, as Shane and Oulette kick London back down the ramp and towards the ring. Eventually, London can’t move anymore as he’s against the ring, so Shane and PCO land a few more shows, before bringing London to his feet and rolling him into the ring.

    DeVito has recovered now so The Carnage Crew are a little confused, looking down at the fallen body of London. As they move around ringside, Shane and PCO have some instructions for The Carnage Crew…

    “PICK AND HOLD HIS ASS UP” – Michael Shane.

    “THIS IS WHAT THE NETWORK WANTS” – Pierre Carl Oulette.

    At first, The Carnage Crew doesn’t react, until Shane snatches a steel chair from ringside. Once he’s got the chair, realising how much they love carnage, Loc and DeVito drag London to his feet.

    Shane and Oulette slide into the ring rather quickly, eager to inflict more damage. The fans are urging somebody to interrupt this, but it’s unlikely The Network are going to order security to break up a Network endorsed attack.

    Loc and DeVito hold London up by an arm each, PCO just watches on contently… AND SHANE CREAMS THE DEFENCELESS LONDON WITH A CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE!!!

    London doesn’t drop because The Carnage Crew keep him up… SO SHANE NAILS A SECOND CHAIR SHOT!!!

    Again, The Carnage Crew keep London up, and a close up shows a huge gash on is his forehead. London is
    busted wide open, and as he’s held up, blood is beginning to trickle down his face and onto his chest.

    Shane sees the blood and revels in it… BEFORE LANDING A THIRD BRUTAL CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL OF LONDON!!!

    Finally, The Carnage Crew let go, and London flops to the canvas amongst “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants from the fans. The attack isn’t over though as Shane leaps onto London and begins hammering away with punches on the cut of London. You can literally see the blood squirting out of the gash as Shane lands shot after shot.

    Eventually, Shane decides he needs a break, only for PCO to tag in, and get in some punches himself. The Carnage Crew just sort of watch on with interest, until Shane instructs them to get him one more time.

    They surprisingly do as they’re told, with the help of Oulette. The trio hold the defenceless London up, waiting for Shane… AND SHANE NAILS LONDON WITH A SUPERKICK!!!

    After the shot, The Carnage Crew and PCO let go of London, letting him fall back to the mat again. With the damage done, Loc and DeVito just sort of shrug and nod at PCO and Shane before leaving the ring.

    Oulette and Shane stick around though, still getting huge amounts of heat from the fans. As Oulette watches on, Shane stands over London, using his hand to collect some of London’s blood and wipe it on his chest.

    With the eerie image of Shane standing over London, blood on his chest, he then goes with the old ‘HBK bicep pose’, paying homage to his relative and getting even more boos as he does it.

    Shane and PCO continue to celebrate their handiwork as we cut to our next scene…

    Our next scene is a pre-taped segment, as there’s a caption at the bottom of the screen that says, ‘EARLIER TODAY’. Based on the camera angle, it looks like the camera might be hidden, with the people involved not realising their conversation is being recorded. The people involved are a nervous looking CYRUS and JEFF JARRETT, and a furious HOMICIDE. As an added note, even dressed in a suit since he’s not in action, Jarrett still has both the NWA Title and the ECW Title around his waist.

    Homicide: What happened two weeks ago was bullshit. That title shot was mine.

    Despite the nervousness of he and his business partner, Jarrett laughs and tries to turn away, whilst Cyrus is forced to try and reason with Homicide.

    Cyrus: Look, a lot went on during that night, we had to think on the fly, but there’s no doubt that you were a helpful part in t-…

    Cyrus is interrupted because HOMICIDE GRABS HIM BY THE COLLAR AND SHOVES HIM AGAINST THE WALL!!! Fear is written all over the face of Cyrus as ‘The Notorious 187’ holds him in place.

    Homicide: I HANDED (pointing at Jarrett) HIM THAT BELT… AND NOW I WANT MY GOD DAMN SHOT!!!

    Cyrus has nowhere to go, seemingly ready to oblige as Homicide stands over him, until Jarrett shows the first sign of balls, ripping Homicide’s hands off of Cyrus.

    Jeff Jarrett: Hey, you need to calm down right now…

    Jarrett stands his ground, even with a furious Homicide getting in his face. On the other hand, Cyrus has backpedalled by quite a distance.

    Jeff Jarrett: We’ve all got our own problems. Last week I granted The Sandman a shot at the ECW Championship as a show of good faith and Sandman ruined my night. Even after his deplorable options, The Sandman is still the number one contender so if you want his shot, he’s where your focus needs to be. You need to take it from him.

    The words seem to calm Homicide down ever so slightly. He still looks mad, but he at least takes one step out of Jarrett’s personal space.

    Jeff Jarrett: You’re in the main event with The Sandman tonight. Go out and break his neck… You’re not alone either, you’ve got The Network’s very own enforcer, CW with you. You get the job done and I’ll sign a contract GUARANTEEING you get me at Anarchy Rulz.

    Homicide seems to calm down a little more now, softening his expression ever so slightly as he puts his hands in his pockets. This seems to cheer up both Jarrett and Cyrus.

    Homicide: As always, that’s quite the motivational speech, but let me make one thing perfectly clear. If I do it, and you back out and I don’t get my shot, there will be hell to pay. The two of you and your boys will get real acquainted with an associate of mine…

    Cyrus and Jarrett don’t have to wait long to figure out who or what the acquaintance is… AS HOMICIDE PULLS HIS FORK OUT OF HIS POCKET!!!

    He points it in the direction of Cyrus and Jarrett, before shoving it in his bandana, giving them one last snarl and walking away.

    ‘Double J’ and Cyrus shoot each other a look, both looking pretty uncomfortable with the situation as the video comes to an end and we cut to commercials…

    Match Three
    CW Anderson and Homicide vs. The Sandman and Yoshihiro Tajiri

    This one is as typical as an ECW main event gets, which means its absolute lunacy. There are no tags in this one as the referee basically just remains in the ring and lets these four beat the living hell out of each other. There’s not a lot of teamwork involved and there isn’t a lot of strategy, it’s just two pairs of men beating the tar out of each other. As the brawl splits into essentially two singles matches for a little while, The Sandman and Homicide go at it, whilst Anderson does his best to contend with Tajiri. This goes on for a while, until eventually all four men manage to meet back in the centre of the ring.

    For the first time, some teamwork is shown as Anderson and Homicide manage to drop The Sandman, before sending Tajiri to the outside. They follow Tajiri out… AND THEY HOIST HIM UP IN A MILITARY PRESS POSITION… BEFORE DROPPING TAJIRI CHEST FIRST ONTO THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!

    As the Japanese star rolls around on the outside, coughing up a lung and struggling to breathe, CW and Homicide head back into the ring. The Sandman is back up but he’s no match for the numbers game, as now Homicide and Anderson go to work. CW has clearly been filled in with the instructions before the match, as all the offense focuses on the upper body and neck area of The Sandman. Eventually, they get a steel chair and place Sandman’s head and neck into the chair… BEFORE HOMICIDE LOOKS SET TO NAIL A NECKBREAKER!!!


    Tajiri probably just saved The Sandman from having his neck broken, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Even though the big move didn’t land, The Sandman is still down and immobilised, but Tajiri is able to use his quickness and lethal kicks to take on both members of the opposition. This lasts a few moments until Tajiri looks to be caught up in the numbers game, only for The Sandman to get back into the fight, and now the faces well and truly have the advantage.

    Queue The Network. To heavy amounts of heat, MICHAEL SHANE, JUSTIN CREDIBLE and PIERRE CARL OULETTE sprint down the ramp. They slide into the ring, full of piss and vinegar, but The Sandman saw them coming, and managed to grab a hold of his Singapore Cane. Shane slides in… THE SANDMAN NAILS HIM WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE TO THE HEAD!!!



    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants break out as The Sandman goes crazy with Cane shots, repeating more shots to the interfering men until they flee the ring. The Network members are in agony on the outside, whilst Homicide turns Sandman around in the ring… BUT THE SANDMAN IMMEDIATELY REACTS WITH A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO HOMICIDE!!!

    As Homicide falls to the canvas, The Sandman and Tajiri have a quick conference where they decide on what to do next. Tajiri decides to grab the fallen Homicide and throws him through the ropes and to the outside. Homicide lands with a splat at the feet of The Network members… SO THE SANDMAN SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING AND LANDS AN UGLY DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE… TAKING OUT ALL THE GUYS AT RINGSIDE!!!

    Gigantic “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants can be heard for the spot, as Tajiri nods on. The outside action has turned out to be a distraction though… AND TAJIRI TURNS STRAIGHT INTO THAT DEADLY LEFT HAND OF ANDERSON!!!



    The fans are marking out as CW grabs at his eyes, making him easy prey for Tajiri to kick in the gut… AND TAJIRI HOISTS ANDERSON UP INTO THE AIR!!!



    Winners: The Sandman and Yoshihiro Tajiri @ 13:38

    There’s a moment where the arena shakes, the ovation so loud, but the mood changes because before Tajiri can even get back to his feet, The Network attack him. They’ve rolled Sandman back into the ring and The Network are beating the hell out of both men.

    Things look like they can’t get any worse for Tajiri and The Sandman, but they do, as Homicide rolls back into the ring. He’s furious with the result and he pushes through The Network guys, including a recovered Anderson, so he can begin mauling The Sandman with right hands.

    There’s a stir from the audience as the beating continues, and it makes sense as LOW KI SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!

    The former ECW Champ wants to get back at The Network! He begins kicking everything that moves, striking like crazy, and the fans are loving it.

    Ki continues to go to town, dropping Anderson, dropping Credible, dropping Homicide, until he turns into a Double Clothesline from PCO and Michael Shane!

    The new team immediately send Ki outside of the ring where they follow. Shane stomps on him a little more, before PCO puts Ki’s head between his legs… AND PIERRE POWERBOMBS LOW KI ON THE FUCKING CONCRETE FLOOR!!!

    Groans can be heard from the audience, followed by an “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chant as Low Ki is out of commission. PCO and Shane don’t have time to gloat, turning their attention back towards the ring as soon as possible, because TAJIRI IS BACK UP AND THROWING HIS DEADLY KICKS!!!


    PCO and Shane slide in but respective get nailed by both men, however The Sandman and Tajiri haven’t noticed that CYRUS and JEFF JARRETT have snuck down to ringside.

    Obviously, Cyrus remains on the outside, but Jarrett gets into the ring… JARRETT NAILS TAJIRI IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE ECW CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

    The blow sends Tajiri falling through the ropes and to the outside, and Jarrett smirks for a moment, but The Sandman spots him. The owner of ECW tries to beg off… BUT THE SANDMAN SWINGS HIS SINGAPORE CANE!!!


    Before he can react, The Sandman gets pounced on by The Network and Homicide. Meanwhile, Cyrus points out Tajiri, who is trying to fight back to his feet on the outside. A panicked Jarrett quickly approaches Tajiri… AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE STROKE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Now Tajiri is out of commission just like Low Ki. Jarrett slides back into the ring where The Sandman is fighting for his life, nailing everything that moves, until ‘Double J’ interrupts him with a thumb to the eye.


    Justin Credible picks up the fallen Singapore Cane with a snarl on his face, AND CREDIBLE BEGINS LAYING INTO THE SANDMAN WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    As this is happening, Cyrus grabs Jarrett’s trusty guitar from the outside, and throws it inside of the ring. After a few more shots, Jarrett picks up the guitar, calls off Credible, and points to Homicide, who is standing in the background. The ECW Champ then picks up The Sandman and shoves him towards Homicide.

    “DO IT TO ‘EM” is Jarrett’s direction and he’s clearly referencing the Cop Killa. Homicide nods his head, ready to get his title shot… SO HOMICIDE LOOKS TO LIFT UP THE SANDMAN FOR THE COP KILLA…



    Holy shit! The fans are in complete shock, and then they begin going the hell out of The Network, as Jarrett urges his buddies to begin stomping over Homicide and The Sandman. They do as they’re told, as Cyrus, feeling more confident, now gets into the ring with a microphone.

    Cyrus: This is what happens when you’re ungrateful. Nobody lays hands on me.

    Cyrus looks over Homicide with venom in his eyes as he continued to be ravaged by the other members of The Network.


    A vicious Cyrus now even begins laying his only stomps on Homicide. It gets him volcanic heat, even if the stomps look like shit.

    Cyrus: DO YOU KNOW I AM?

    PCO and Shane keep stomping on Homicide, staying by Cyrus’ side, as the others focus on The Sandman.

    Cyrus: I’M TNN!

    Cyrus points at his own chest, really feeling himself right now.

    Cyrus: I’M NETWORK!!!

    “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK”, “FUCK THE NETWORK” chants emanate from the crowd as the attack and verbal tirade continues.


    Suddenly, a sore Low Ki managed to crawl himself back into the ring, fighting back to his feet to get ready to fight… ONLY TO GET DRILLED WITH A DOUBLE SUPERKICK BY THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

    The appearance of Low Ki seems to freak out Cyrus who puts down the microphone and backs into the corner. The tag champs go back to helping Jarrett beat on Sandman, whilst PCO and Shane continue to focus on Homicide.

    PCO starts digging into the pockets of Homicide, and he pulls out Homicide’s FORK! With a huge smile on his face… PCO BEGINS DIGGING THE FORK INTO THE FOREHEAD OF HOMICIDE!!!

    Huge “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants kick start again, as
    blood begins to drip out of the stab wounds of Homicide. With The Sandman seemingly out of action, Jarrett now comes over and slaps ‘Cide in the face, before barking further instructions at The Network.

    Cyrus grins and claps in excitement, as PCO and Shane drag Homicide’s body underneath the bottom rope and onto the ring apron.

    Credible and Anderson step onto the apron as well, and Credible gets CW’s help to pull up the dead weight of Homicide. Once they have him up, Credible strains but lifts Homicide up in a Tombstone position.

    The audience realise what’s happening now, buzzing loudly, as Jarrett yells “DRILL HIM”! On command, Credible nods… AND CREDIBLE LEAPS OFF OF THE APRON… AND SO DOES ANDERSON… DRIVING HIS WEIGHT AND PRESSURE ONTO THE LEGS OF HOMICIDE!!!



    The boos are gigantic as The Network are all laughing and high fiving. Credible and Anderson take a moment to get back up, but when they do, they share hugs with their comrades.

    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” travels through the ears of everybody again, as all of The Network get back into the ring, except for Cyrus. He walks around ringside and picks up all of their fallen titles.

    He gets back into the ring, and he gifts Jarrett the NWA and ECW Titles, whilst giving CW and Credible their tag titles.

    The fans are throwing trash into the ring now, absolutely furious. The Network stands strong though, as ‘Damage Control’ sprint down the ring with a stretcher in hand, checking on the incapacitated Homicide.

    PCO and Shane raise their hands in the air along with Cyrus, the tag champs raise their belts and Jarrett raises both of his.

    As the audience think things can’t get any worse, Jarrett busts out the Fargo strut. With The Network applauding as Jarrett struts around the ring with two titles, the fans losing their minds, and Homicide in a world of trouble, the show fades to black…



    Current Card for Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Jeff Jarrett (c) defends against The Sandman

    ECW World Television Championship Match;
    Three Way Dance:

    AJ Styles (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. The Amazing Red

    Christopher Daniels vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe

    Best Two Out Of Three Falls:
    Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    CW Anderson and Justin Credible (c) defend against The Briscoes

    Special Challenge Match:
    Spanky vs. Super Crazy

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Pretty impressive opening match, and once again, using Doug Williams really well as a guy that can conceivably compete against anyone, even though it looks unlikely he’d ever be plugged in as a top guy himself. Thought the (sort of) show of respect at the start was a bit weird tbh, but the stuff about the neck work then moving onto the arm was really well explained and showed Williams to be a true savant in the ring. The other weird thing was Daniels seemingly making a “babyface” comeback – if I read that right.

    Anyway, there was enough in this to at least wonder how Daniels would survive with his undefeated streak in tact, and having to cheat in the end to eek out the win certainly protects Williams and gives you ammunition for a further match down the line between these two when needs be.

    The Low Ki run in after was typically well written with him now desperate to get a piece of Daniels, and predictably, Daniels not so keen and ruling the match out. What I didn’t expect was the announcement of Samoa FUCKING Joe. One thing I don’t want though is for Joe to end up aligned with Daniels (or the Network for that matter, as that feels like it’d be a rehash of the Homicide stuff probably) and for Joe to be an island onto himself, but on initial impressions, given he was ‘handpicked’ by Daniels, it could be going that way.

    Either way, that’s a crazy fucking match for Anarchy Rulz, but I’m glad you acknowledged that the roof didn’t blow off the place, with Joe not the well known name he would become just yet. And the hype job from Styles was a great follow up to add some intrigue to the fairly unknown newcomer.

    Colour me surprised with London & Spanky beating the Carnage Crew. Obviously it’s down to the distraction of Da Hit Squad, but you’ll probably not be surprised to read me comment that it’s refreshing to see London & Spanky getting involved with an actual tag team for a change … so of course there’s a post match angle with Michael Shane beating the two down. You know how I feel on that program at this point, so as nasty and bloody and serious as the angle was, I’ve lost a lot of interest in it by this point.

    Enjoyed the meeting between Homicide and the Network. With his attitude, and having been messed around, I don’t see Homicide staying onside with the Network for much longer with the way they’ve been using him, so it’s good to see him taking no more shit and promising actions if he doesn’t get what he wants.

    Appreciated the literal attempt by Homicide to try and break Sandmans neck during the main event, and then the actions of Sandman later on after the run ins from Shane, PCO & Credible made him look – just as he did last week – amazing, going nuts with the Cane and then the dive to the floor. Really awesome booking to make the guy look like a credible threat for the world title. Thought it was surprising that it was Tajiri getting the pin in the end, but I don’t hate it either, as he’s been significantly reduced in his role over the last while, so it’s nice to give him the pin in a big TV main event.

    Honestly, I think a little bit of restraint was probably needed in the post match stuff here – just too much going on, where either nothing feels important, or the one big closing section completely overshadows everything else. The turn on Homicide renders the Low Ki run in, the assault on Tajiri and the attack on Sandman all pretty meaningless and forgetful because of the shock of Jarrett turning on Homicide.

    I get wanting to have Low Ki on the hunt for revenge on the Network, but given he’s the 3rd or 4th most important aspect of the post match angle, he ends up feeling like an afterthought. Tajiri – right after a pretty good winning moment – looks like a meaningless pawn by getting punked twice by Jarrett and Sandman getting laid out ends up overshadowed because of the turn on Homicide.

    It feels like you packed two angles (everything up to and including the Sandman beat down, then the Homicide swerve) into one segment. I don’t know whether or not you just didn’t have enough shows to do both things separately before the PPV, but I feel like the turn on Homicide should’ve been held off until next week, or the stuff leading up to the guitar shot should’ve been toned down.

    Also lessens the impact of the number done on London and Spanky when their big bloody beatdown was overshadowed by this, but at the same time, it DOES make it a big night for the Network with two huge beatdowns, and the group cementing their position as the main thing in ECW and the people with all the power. And fwiw, I got a laugh out of Jarrett – after this big serious assault and injury angle – busting out the Fargo strut to end the show. That was awesome, lol.



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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Two matches now completed for Anarchy Rulz. Progress is slow but it is what it is. Thanks for the feedback, Wolfy. Not sure if I’ve addressed this yet but I feel your feedback on the Shane/London/Spanky stuff. I thought Shane being butt hurt about Spanky and London being booked before him even though he beat them at Heatwave would be enough to extend this. In hindsight, I was wrong. Having written all these shows so far in advance and being too lazy to rewrite, I’ve kind of just gone along with it even though nobody is enjoying it lol.

    Luckily, the plan was for it to all come to an end at Anarchy Rulz anyway, which means you’ve only got two more weeklies to put up with it for.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    September 28th, 2002
    Austin, Texas

    As is quickly becoming the norm here in ECW, whilst the fans inside the arena bellow out chants of “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, we quick off away from the excitement. Or at least away from the crowds excitement, and instead we are at the ECW interview set in the back, where ‘The Voice Of ECW’, JOEY STYLES is standing by. The voice of the land of extreme is smiling as he listens to the crowd’s chants, before beginning his usual spiel.

    Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to week of Extreme Championship Wrestling. For the second week in a row, we’re here, live in Austin, Texas, proving that not only is everything bigger in Texas, but it’s extreme as well. We’re in for another big night tonight, we’re just a little over a week away from Anarchy Rulz and the war between The Network and ECW has rose to new heights over the past few months. Jeff Jarrett has purchased ECW and screwed Low Ki out of the ECW Championship, The Network took out Steve Corino, now they’ve taken out Homicide which will focus on more in a moment. Despite all the power Jarrett and Cyrus yield, despite them making a deal to get Christopher Daniels on side, there are still pro ECW wrestlers who continue to defy the odds. Tonight, there will be another battle in the war as our main event will be a six-man tag team match. On one side of the ring, it will be the pro ECW team of Bryan Danielson, the former ECW Champion Low Ki and Yoshihiro Tajiri against The Network’s chosen team consisting of their affiliate, Christopher Daniels and Network members, Michael Shane, and Pierre Carl Oulette.

    This gets a nice pop from the fans in the arena, knowing the main event is likely to be carnage, and Joey looks like he’s looking forward to it as well. He lets the moment marinate for a little bit, before getting a more sombre look on his face.

    Joey Styles: Last week on Hardcore TV, we saw a despicable act to end the show, but one we’ve come all too familiar with from The Network. After weeks of tension building with Homicide, despite doing The Network’s dirty work, feeling like he never got a fair shot at the ECW Championship, this is what went down after last week’s main event.

    Joey looks towards the monitor as we get a video package…


    The recap goes to the aftermath of last week’s main event, where The Network and HOMICIDE are attacking LOW KI and THE SANDMAN. JEFF JARRETT is leading the way, as ECW Tag Team Champions CW ANDERSON and JUSTIN CREDIBLE, MICHAEL SHANE and PIERRE CARL OULETTE go to work.

    Suddenly, as Homicide looks to give The Sandman the Cop Killa on Jarrett’s command, JARRETT CREAMS HOMICIDE WITH HIS GUITAR!!!

    From here, The Network turn their attention completely towards Homicide, with PCO STEALING HIS FORK AND CUTTING OPEN HIS FOREHEAD WITH IT!!!


    As the show comes to an end, The Network celebrate whilst ‘Damage Control’ prepare to stretcher Homicide out of the arena.


    Once the video is finished, we are back with Joey who is shaking his head in disgust as he finishes watching on a monitor.

    Joey Styles: What happened last week was simply despicable. For months, The Network and Jeff Jarrett in particular has played multiple people to do his dirty work to gain the ECW Title. They knew to gain the ECW Championship would consolidate power in The Network’s favour.

    The bitterness is clearly coming through in Joey’s tone.

    Joey Styles: Since debuting in ECW over a year ago, Homicide has been The Network’s chosen mercenary and he played a role in taking out Steve Corino two months ago. Then a few weeks ago, he played a role in taking the title from Low Ki. As a matter of fact, he may well have been champion if it weren’t for The Network changing the plan so Jarrett could become champion instead. That’s twice The Network promised Homicide a title match and reneged. After all the stringing along, it was CLEAR that last week was The Network’s contingency plan for when, not if, Homicide finally had enough.

    A pause from Styles, as he lets his words sink in, still looking troubled by it all.

    Joey Styles: Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to say it, Homicide isn’t exactly the perfect citizen. He’s sadistic and he didn’t act in ECW’s best interests. With that being said, his motivation came from a good place. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family and Homicide was selling out to the highest bidder to feed his family. Some of his actions were distasteful and wrong, but on top of being an incredible wrestler, doing anything for your family, we can at least respect that.

    Joey nods along with his words before completely screwing up his face in anger.

    Joey Styles: We’re not sure when we’ll see Homicide again and that will suit The Network just fine. More and more, as they progress with their so-called plan to improve ECW, The Network is simple purging seemingly ANY respectable elements from his promotion.

    ‘The Voice Of ECW’ isn’t happy with what has happened, with Corino, Homicide and Tommy Dreamer now all on the shelf. He knows we still have a show tonight to get through though, so he now sends us to ringside for our opening contest…

    Match One
    Spanky vs. The Amazing Red

    Once both men are in the ring and the referee calls for the bell, both show the respect they have for each other, shaking hands and sharing a respectful nod. This gets an equally respectful round of applause from the Texas crowd before the action begins. This one is just a fun match to get the crowd going, there isn’t a hell of a lot of psychology, there’s no heelish tactics, it’s just a sprint. Two men going at it, putting on a clean spot fest, causing the fans to break out into chants of “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” on numerous occasions.

    As the match progresses, the fans get distracted as does Red, and it’s easy to see why, because JERRY LYNN saunters out from the back. Spanky doesn’t attack Red when he’d distracted, waiting for him to turn around and then they reengage. Lynn just holds his hands up innocently at ringside, claiming he’s just scouting his future opponent as the referee pleads with him to “GET OUT OF HERE”!

    The fun action continues inside of the ring and Lynn surprisingly stays true to his word, for a period of time anyway. After Red counters a Sliced Bread #2 attempt from Spanky into a Back Suplex, it looks like Red is ready to finish things off. The awkward landing on the Suplex has Spanky really selling his back, so the referee bends down to check on him. Meanwhile, Red ascends to the top rope… BUT LYNN IMMEDIATELY LEAPS ONTO THE APRON AND SHOVES RED OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!!!

    Lynn sends Red crashing down to the canvas, and then immediately gets off of the apron. The referee looks over at the fallen Red and then looks at Lynn, but he’s missed the interference. Favouring his back a little, Spanky battles to his feet, wiping his hair out of his eyes as he grits his teeth. He isn’t aware of what’s happened, but he realises that Red is in trouble, so Spanky drags Red up… AND THIS TIME SPANKY CONNECTS WITH THE SLICED BREAD #2!!!

    It’s a mixed reaction from the fans, who’re still sour from the interference, AS SPANKY HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    Winner: Spanky @ 8:25

    The ovation gets a little better after the match, as the earnest Spanky, still having no idea what’s happened, has his hand raised by the referee. Meanwhile, on the outside, a smirking Jerry Lynn slowly back his way up the ramp, a devilish smirk on his face.

    As Spanky continues to celebrate, a sore Red slowly recovers and rolls underneath the bottom rope. Instead of sharing an after the match handshake with Spanky, RED SPRINTS TOWARDS THE BACK, MOST LIKELY ON THE HUNT FOR JERRY LYNN!!!

    With Red disappearing, all the focus is on Spanky now, and he gets some polite cheers from the fans, victorious for the first time in a while and enjoying it. On that note, we cut to our first break of the evening…


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    Upon returning from the break, we are back at the commentary position with JOEY STYLES, but after welcoming us back, he doesn’t get much further as he’s approached by CYRUS. The leader of The Network looks as happy as ever, whilst Joey looks to be trying to play nice, meanwhile the fans boo the hell out of the appearance. Cyrus ignores the crowd reaction and continues to shoot Joey a rather pleasant look.

    Cyrus: Hi Joey, how’re you doing today? Is that a new suit? You look fantastic. I’m really sorry to interrupt your flow, but I’m here to clear a few things up.

    The niceties are clearly fake, with Cyrus laying it on thick but there isn’t much Joey can do.

    Cyrus: I’m here to look out for you, Joey, because what you’re doing right now is making a big mistake. Don’t go feeling sorry for Homicide, that’s a mistake. This isn’t like what happened to Steve Corino.

    Styles rolls his eyes, not necessarily agreeing with ‘The Virus’.

    Cyrus: We don’t usually like the use of this language at The Network, but to be brutally honest, Homicide is a piece of shit.

    That gets plenty of heat from the live crowd, whilst Joey looks in complete shock.

    Cyrus: He really is. He’s a man who beat people up for us for money and broke necks for even more.

    This statement gets a shake of the head from Cyrus, showing he disapproves these actions which is pretty ironic. Cyrus now turns his attention towards the fans.

    Cyrus: Do you people like Tommy Dreamer being gone? Do the math, Tommy’s neck problems started a year ago with Homicide.

    No real reaction from the fans because they are unsure how to react. Joey isn’t even sure how to interrupt so Cyrus goes on.

    Cyrus: He may have had some encouragement, but Homicide is also the one who REALLY took out Steve Corino. ECW has lost numerous wrestlers because of Homicide; this is not a man to feel sorry for.

    A pause Cyrus as he continues to speak in a matter-of-fact tone.

    Cyrus: He’s a mercenary and those people can never be trusted. He’s a mercenary who got in over his head and if anything, what happened to Homicide should serve as yet another message for the rest of this locker room and these people to get in line behind The Network. This should serve as a message to get behind the only double World Champion in the last thirteen years, the one and only, Jeff Jarrett!!!

    Getting heat from the fans and annoyed look from Joey, Cyrus politely nods and turns and walks out of screenshot, leaving Joey to set up the next segment…

    We’ve got another video package, folks.


    This video package shows highlights of the first two matches between Bryan Danielson and Doug Williams. We then see BRYAN DANIELSON sitting in a room, seemingly watching the highlights, paying attention to match two, where Williams really did a number on his neck.

    Bryan Danielson: I expected Doug to target the neck, but I didn’t expect it be so severe because I couldn’t counter in. Doug always targets the neck for the Chaos Theory, but it had a much bigger impact than that. The neck damage hurt my bridging. Quite a lot of my go to moves need me to bridge including the Cattle Mutilation which I like to use to end matches.

    We now see clips from the second match where Danielson attempts to lock in the Cattle Mutilation, but his neck can’t handle it. Back in the room, watching the footage, Danielson nods his head and rubs his neck.

    Bryan Danielson: I’m working on it, and I’ll be more prepared than ever next time. My bridge is going to be perfect by October sixth.

    Suddenly, we cut to another scene which shows PAUL LONDON and SPANKY sitting in a similar room to where Danielson was.

    Paul London: We’ve been training partners and friends of Bryan’s for a long time, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen him like this. He’s determined to prove he’s the best in the world, but he’s been obsessed with that loss. His training regime was already untouchable and now he’s turned it up another notch.

    Spanky: Ever since the two out of three falls match at Anarchy Rulz was announced, Bryan’s been doing all neck strength training. He’s going to be ready; I guarantee it.

    We cut to a new scene for the third time which shows DOUG WILLIAMS sitting in the same room, at a different time of course.

    Doug Williams: I can understand the obsession with the neck but now Danielson expects neck work. I’m a strategist at heart and I’ll change the game plan, I’m not going to be that stupid.

    Williams is smirking, full of confidence in his ability.

    Doug Williams: There’s a reason I beat Danielson and it’s because by the second time, I figured him all out. I promise you; I still have him figured out.

    Williams still looks confident as ever, as clips play again of the first match where Williams struggled, versus the second match where Williams managed to get on top.

    Doug Williams: I respect Bryan Danielson, I really do, but he can train whatever he wants. He can work as hard as he wants, but he can’t stop pure British technical knowledge. I’m the best wrestler in ECW and I’m going to teach Bryan that for good in Los Angeles.

    Finally, we cut back to the two sharing a handshake at the beginning of both matches, setting the scene for when they meet for a third time…


    Match Two
    Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy

    Interestingly enough, before the bell even rings, Lynn is looking over his shoulder, obviously paranoid after his own interference in the opening contest of the night. There’s no appearance from The Amazing Red though, instead the match starts with no distractions and the two go into battle. On commentary, Joey Styles put over how important this match is for Crazy to win, so he can match the momentum of Spanky heading into Anarchy Rulz. The Mexican starts off looking determined to do so, getting on top in the early exchanges, causing Lynn to stall and even take a breather on the outside. None of this enamours Lynn with the crowd but he could care less at this point, and finally, after struggling to deal with Crazy, he manages to use some dirty tactics to get himself into the match.

    From here, Lynn has the formulaic heat period, dominating Crazy. The strategy is pretty simple, Lynn keeps Crazy grounded so he can’t use his fast paced, high impact offence. Despite the success of the strategy, he’s unable to put Crazy away, only gaining a couple of near falls. As Lynn continues to dominate, the fans began serenading him with chants of “AJ”, “AJ”, “AJ” and “RED”, “RED”, “RED”, and this throws Lynn off of his game. Lynn steps away from Red and instead focuses on the fans, telling them “YOU WILL RESPECT ME… CHANT MY NAME”!!! This doesn’t work though, and knowing they’re getting under Lynn’s skin, the crowd just get louder. Whilst Lynn gets more and more frustrated, it allows Super Crazy to make a comeback.

    Crazy manages to fight back, quickening the pace and running Lynn ragged. The fans are up and about, loving it, UNTIL CRAZY LEAPS UP FOR A HURRICANRANA…



    There’s a ref bump and Crazy looks shocked, staring down at the ref for a moment… ONLY FOR LYNN TO POUNCE AND KICK CRAZY RIGHT IN THE DICK!!!

    Crazy immediately drops to the canvas, grabbing at his genitalia, as Lynn holds his hands up, signalling for the Cradle Piledriver. Lynn steps over Crazy, and drags him up, shoving Crazy’s head between his legs… WHEN BOOM!!!


    Caught completely off guard, Lynn flies to the canvas, and once he lets go of Super Crazy, SC drops back to the canvas as well. Red immediately bounces back up though, getting cheers from the fans as he looks absolutely furious with Lynn for earlier. The fired-up youngster begs for Jerry to get up and of course he does… ALLOWING RED TO CONNECT WITH THE CODE RED!!!

    Another huge pop comes from the fans for that one, as Red slides underneath the bottom rope and to the outside. Lynn remains down, looking like he could be counted out to ten, whilst Crazy uses the ropes to get to his feet, still favouring his balls. The Mexican sees Lynn down though and hurries to the corner, ascending to the top rope. Crazy takes a moment to soak in the ovation from the fans… BEFORE COMING OFF THE TOP WITH A MOONSAULT…





    Winner: Super Crazy @ 9:09

    The pop is quite large from the crowd as a sore, yet happy and relieved Super Crazy gets back to his feet. His still favouring his private parts, but also his midsection after the Moonsault, but Crazy still gets his hand raised by the ref.

    Our extreme Luchadore then heads up to the top rope, where he continues to celebrate. Meanwhile, in a carbon copy to earlier tonight but with roles reversed, The Amazing Red is the one backing up the ramp with a smirk on his face, happy to have gotten even.

    Lynn rolls to the outside, still in tremendous pain, fuming as he cops abuse from the fans at ringside. The look on Lynn’s face shows the valuable lesson that he learned tonight, payback is a bitch.

    Still, as Lynn disappears, our victor gets some focus, as Crazy celebrates his victory, and matches the win of his opponent for Anarchy Rulz. Super Crazy continues to enjoy the feel-good moment for him, as we head to our final commercial break of the evening.

    Returning from the break, we get another video package because there’s more than usual tonight…


    This video package shows some highlights of the deadly new wrestler set to debut against LOW KI at Anarchy Rulz in SAMOA JOE. Most of the highlights are from Japan where Joe has been wrestling for the ZERO ONE promotion. Most of the highlights are from the Fire Festival 2001 where Joe went one on one with former ECW regular, MASATO TANAKA.

    After highlights of Joe murdering people with stiff shots, we see a close up of his snarling face before some text appears on the screen which reads “ANARCHY RULZ”. The video package then fades to black…


    Match Three
    Bryan Danielson, Low Ki and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane and Pierre Carl Oulette

    This was a little more controlled of a main event for the most part than we’d normally expect, with the six men opting to actually wrestle with only two legal men and use proper tags. It’s not usual ECW style, but the fans buy into it anyway, because there’s some amazing quality wrestlers in this match. Despite having his moments with The Network over the past month or so, there’s latest deal seems in good stead, as Christopher Daniels works quite well with Michael Shane and Oulette. Their double team tactics and quick tags work okay, however they’re never truly in control because they are against somewhat of a striking super team.

    Danielson, Ki and Tajiri were basically unstoppable, lighting up their opponents with stiff kicks, especially when either Shane or PCO was in the ring. There are quite a few times where The Network team actually gets in real trouble, only for Daniels to get tagged in and he finds a way to drag the advantage back to their side. ‘The Fallen Angel’ takes any opportunity to land a cheap shot on Low Ki as well, but somehow is never the legal man at the same time as Low Ki is. The fans call him out on it, starting up a “PUSSY”, “PUSSY”, “PUSSY” chant at one point because he tags out as soon as Ki gets tagged in. Daniels denies it though, instead yelling at the crowd that “QUICK TAGS TO KEEP EVERYBODY FRESH… TAG TEAM WRESTLING 101”!!!

    Eventually Low Ki gets sick of the arrogance from Daniels, and even though he’s dealing with Michael Shane inside of the ring, Ki attacks Daniels. From there, finally, all hell breaks loose. The match breaks down and there ends up being this huge slugfest on the outside of the ring, when PAUL LONDON sprints down the ramp. London wants to get involved, immediately attacking Shane and joining the brawl on the outside. Daniels, Shane, London and Lo Ki are all out there… WHEN TAJIRI TAKES THEM ALL OUT WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT!!!

    The big time move gains those “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants from the fans, as all the guys mentioned continue to roll around on the outside. Inside of the ring leaves Danielson and PCO and wanting to prove a point… DANIELSON LANDS A BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!!!


    Winners: Bryan Danielson, Low Ki and Yoshihiro Tajiri @ 16:57

    Post-match, there’s no celebration and the referee doesn’t even get to raise Danielson’s hand, instead he gets outside of the ring… AND HE JOINS IN THE BRAWL ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

    Michael Shane and Paul London have separated themselves from the pack as they continue to go at it… UNTIL LONDON LOOKS TO WHIP SHANE INTO THE CROWD BARRICADE!!!


    London grabs at his back and drops to his knees, allowing Shane to catch his breath. Everybody else around ringside are trading blows, and PCO has joined the fray as well, wielding around Homicide's fork to major heat from the crowd.

    With the ring empty, Shane drags London up by the hair and rolls him into the ring. Reliving the experience of last week, Shane then grabs a steel chair and follows him in.

    Shane waits, chair ready to go, and when London gets to his feet… SHANE CHARGES WITH THE CHAIR… LONDON SUPERKICKS THE CHAIR RIGHT BACK INTO THE FACE OF SHANE!!!


    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants ring out for the crazy move, as inside of the ring, London has gotten hold of a microphone.


    London now stands over Shane, bending over to get right into his face.

    Paul London: MOTHER FUCKER!!!

    Suddenly, Paul London drops the microphone and picks up the dazed Michael Shane, sending him outside of the floor.

    PCO immediately breaks away from Tajiri and heads over to Shane, trying to help him up… ONLY FOR LONDON TO TAKE OUT BOTH MEN WITH A TOPE SUICIDA!!!

    The brawl on the outside won’t stop, it’s absolutely chaotic, as on commentary, a ballistic Joey Styles mentions that he’s received word that London’s match with Shane for Anarchy Rulz has been made official by Cyrus. Damn, The Network works fast.

    That’s not the story right now though. It’s the fans at a fever pitch, chants of “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” echoing throughout the arena. Nobody is willing to take a backwards step and the show ends with a show ending brawl…



    Current Card for Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Jeff Jarrett (c) defends against The Sandman

    ECW World Television Championship Match;
    Three Way Dance:

    AJ Styles (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. The Amazing Red

    Christopher Daniels vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe

    Best Two Out Of Three Falls:
    Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams

    Street Fight:
    Michael Shane vs. Paul London

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    CW Anderson and Justin Credible (c) defend against The Briscoes

    Special Challenge Match:
    Spanky vs. Super Crazy

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Oh lookie here, we're getting PSYCHOLOGY to start the show! Honestly, Doug Williams does absolutely nothing for me. He's a bland boring Brit who occasionally does a good wrestle thing; good for him. However, I get he has some mild importance to you in ECW, so I like the booking to protect him here in defeat. For a moment I was worried you were going to have the silly trope of Daniels agreeing to fight Low Ki after the second fight, so I'm glad you didn't do it.

    However, the Joe stuff was a massive fail for me. It reminds me way too much of how you treated the signing of AJ Styles like a big deal when in this reality, Styles would've been nothing. Joe is a nobody here too, and while you at least are having the crowd recognize that, Daniels acting like he's doing something great by announcing some fat Samoan from California (essentially) is kind of stupid :P Feel like this is much better if you just keep the assassin a secret until the show and let him look great in his debut, or have him attack Low Ki on a future show to reveal himself. Show me he's a threat, don't tell me, you lazy Aussie fuck :P

    This was a tag match where I don't think either team really could afford a loss, but the post match involvement of Carnage Crew in the big time beat down on London definitely more than makes up for the "tough guys" losing to the vanilla midgets. The beat down on London was super well done, and Michael Shane continues to look just super freaking awesome as a heel. I'm curious if Shane just quietly, officially becomes a Network member at this point with the continued affiliation and team with PCO.

    Homicide be a dumb motherfucker, but I love how easy it is for Jarrett to continue to manipulate him and get him to do his bitch work. Homicide just like, "okay boss!" and goes off to do it, even though Jarrett will never do it. They'll string him along until they either turn on him, or he turns on them.

    Main event was what it was. If I'm being nitpicky, would've loved to see Sandman get the win, but more than that, a bigger sell on the potential Neckbreaker spot since Homicide was clearly doing it to take Sandman out and get his spot at Anarchy Rulz.

    A big fight!? After the main event!? No freaking way!! I jest, you know. I do hate how quickly you have guys recover from stuff sometimes, case in point Tajiri after the Belt to the back of the head. I would've even been fine with Ki staying down after a Bomb on the concrete. But this was all set up very well for Homicide to think he's going to take out Sandman, only for Jarrett and Cyrus to start the turn. I LOVE Cyrus showing that fire with him acting like this is all his doing because Homicide touched him, because there absolutely ambiguity to really just think it's Jarrett doing it to avoid having to get murdered.

    It was fucking great, but I'm telling you now if he shows up at Anarchy Rulz, I'll be pissed off. SELL A DAMN INJURY~!

    I think you bungled the Joe announcement and most of the show was just there, but you again nailed the ending. You could say though that is pretty repetitive to have London and then Homicide get merked by a group of heels though in such short order on the show, if I want to nitpick again :P But I would never do that! I mean, I still liked the vast majority of the show, as you very well know.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Thanks for the feedback. Go home show gets a preview because I felt like it. Show to follow mid-week. Progress update is that I’m about halfway through Anarchy Rulz. Initial plan was to get it posted by the end of the first week of August. That might get pushed out, we’ll see how it goes.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    October 5th, 2002
    Austin, Texas

    Last week’s episode ended in absolute carnage as the war between The Network and ECW continued on, and just twenty-four hours away from Anarchy Rulz, the war continues tonight. Our main event on tonight’s episode of Hardcore TV sees an amalgamation of the ECW Championship and the ECW Tag Team Championship matches that are scheduled for this upcoming pay per view. On one side of the ring will be The Network’s team consisting of the ECW Tag Team Champions CW Anderson and Justin Credible, as well as the ECW Champion, and owner of ECW, Jeff Jarrett. On the other side, ECW’s chosen misfits, The Sandman teaming with the up-and-coming Briscoe brothers. Tension will be at an all time high as each man will want the momentum heading into the high stakes pay per view.

    When AJ Styles first won the ECW Television Championship, he declared that he was going to live up to the definition of a fighting champion. Three and a half months into his reign, he has shown that he wasn’t lying. The phenomenal champion is only twenty-four hours away from a title defence in a Three-Way Dance but has agreed to put his title on the line tonight. As part of the working relation between ECW and ZERO-ONE, AJ’s opponent will be Ikuto Hidaka. Hidaka is no stranger to ECW as he made several impressive appearances in late 1999, battling the likes of Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri, and he’ll be hungry for gold. If Hidaka wins, will he go on to defend the TV Title at Anarchy Rulz? It must be noted that last week both the challengers for the TV Title at Anarchy Rulz, Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red got involved in each other’s matches. Will they get involved in the champions match tonight?

    There will also be some PULP FICTION on tonight’s program, where we are likely to hear some final thoughts from the most the competitors who will be in action at Anarchy Rulz.

    Please tune in for all of this and much, much more!!!

    Confirmed Matches:

    CW Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible vs. The Briscoes and The Sandman

    ECW Television Championship Match:
    AJ Styles (c) defends against Ikuto Hidaka

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I was wondering when we would get the character rehabilitation for Homicide He's done awful things, pretty much kayfabe broke Corino's neck and has constantly tried to take out ECW icons, BUT HE DID IT FOR THE ROCK... I mean, HIS FAMILY~!

    Naw I get it. This was always the angle to go when Homicide went face, and he will still very much be an anti-hero anyways, so it all makes sense. It was just funny to watch/read the hypocrisy from Styles that you KNEW was coming because it's ECFnW :P

    Red really doesn't belong in the TV Title match in terms of what he's done in ECW, but he's a good little hand and I love him. Him losing to a cheap distraction to a guy who needs to keep getting some wins under his belt is fine by me. I know Spanky/Crazy is face/face, but there's been no build to that match :P

    Cyrus speaking straight truth only, so I'm glad you did the perfect thing by adding that heel touch at the end with saying he's an example for everyone to fall in line behind Jarrett/Network. It's so simple, but so brilliant mate.

    Appreciate the simplicity of the Danielson/Williams feud and this vignette. It's just straight laced wrestling, and I like Williams showing just a touch of arrogance by saying he has him figured out and is ready for different tactics.

    Red getting immediate comeuppance on Lynn is fine by me. You absolutely HAVE to follow up on Lynn wanting the crowd to acknowledge him and chant his name. I'm talking chants of Lynn Sucks Dick, or going full ECW and Lynn's A ******. The crowd chants his name like he wants, but ECW the fucks out of it. You're welcome

    Main event was a match that was there. Not one that was very exciting, but they don't all need to be! It's more about AR build at this point, and you've had plenty of big time main events this cycle. So Danielson getting the win with while STORYTELLING works for me. I don't like Paul London getting on the mic in the middle of a brawl to challenge Michael Shane, and then go right back to fighting. That felt super awkward and not sure why you felt like that was the right choice :P

    Definitely the biggest step back from one show to the next, but that doesn't make this a bad show by any means. Just about finishing touches to a lot of the build now, and sometimes that makes it hard to keep going with a bang. Pretty sure you've already posted the next show too because you're a fucking dick.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Bravo on the stuff about Homicide and while acknowledging his past actions, framing him in a babyface manner by explaining how everything he done was to feed his family. Right there, you have a reason now to cheer for the guy when he inevitably returns to action. Again, there’s got to come a point where Cyrus tries to censor or replace Joey Styles with his outspoken outbursts against the Network. Or join him back on commentary to balance things.

    Personally don’t think having Amazing Red eat a pin – even if it’s down to the interference of Lynn – is the best build for the guy for a big PPV match when he’s already come across as the lesser guy and doesn’t feel like he’s got a tonne of momentum. I get why it was done, obviously, and it does effectively heat up the issue between Lynn and Red for the three way dance, but just not the optimal move imo.

    I feel like you’re missing an opportunity by just having Cyrus walk out to “correct” Joey and leave. Given his role as the main leader of the Network has already been significantly reduced now Jarrett is the big bad, you could probably get so much more by placing Cyrus out there with Styles full time as the Network spokesman on commentary.

    Surprised to see the level of hype going into Danielson/Williams for the PPV as I just would’ve assumed once Doug accepted last week that’d be all until the PPV. But I love this. Obviously, Danielson and Williams are quite dry characters at this point in time, but this is just about the perfect way to present them, with an almost UFC Countdown build up for this match. Top notch stuff.

    Seems a bit weird that the fans would start chanting “AJ” and “RED” during the Jerry Lynn match, when tradition would dictate an audience just chanting that the guy sucks, rather than chanting for the guys he’s in a feud with. The whole thing on this show makes Jerry Lynn look like a bit of a dope, considering he had his own match to prepare for after the Red match, so he’d know by fucking Red over, he was going to get the same thing in return.

    Good idea to have some video footage of Joe so the fans get an idea of what they’re in for, and really smart to show footage of him going at it with someone the ECW crowd are not only aware of, but a guy with a huge reputation within ECW.

    Loved that you focused on the higher bridge from Danielson, and him delivering the German on PCO to boot just to make it that much more impressive, just to further play off the earlier video package. Also loved you keeping Daniels and Low Ki apart and the Fallen Angel having a reason for it rather than accept he’s a pussy. Honestly hated the fact that there’s run ins in all three matches on this show, but it’s whatever at this point. At least the Shane/London (and Spanky) saga is nearing it’s conclusion now, lol.

    Felt like a bit of a placeholder/maintenance type show to keep things ticking over/give other programs some shine before the go-home show next week. I think the back to back Red/Lynn screw jobs left me feeling disappointed, especially with it being a 3 match show. You can get away with that kind of thing on a 2 hour broadcast where there’s 5/6 matches, but here, it’s far from ideal imo.



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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I'm really having a hard time keeping up with how fast you post shows these days, lol. Going to rapid fire to get caught up here.

    Jarrett/Sandman should be a good title match for the PPV though I'm a bit of two minds about it. On one hand it certainly makes sense to have Sandman step up to the plate and defend old school extreme ECW against Jeff Jarrett and I'm sure the fans would eat it up, but on the other hand Sandman ultimately just doesn't inspire much excitement from me personally, haha. Absolutely loved the Tennessee Lee appearance though.

    I knew it was a matter of time before Samoa Joe showed up. I'm not sure the execution of the announcement worked for me just because of the similarities to how AJ Styles was brought in - both ended up being huge names but at this point in time where barely known. I appreciate the mention that the crowd didn't really recognize him. I do like that you brought in a video package this past show to put him over as that's a much better way to introduce us to him. But in any event, it's going to be pretty great to see Samoa Joe come in and wreck some shit.

    I've been disappointed in some of the way Homicide had been handled since losing out on the last PPV main event title shot but I'm enjoying how things have finally played out for him and after this attack from The Network, I'm excited to see when he shows back up eventually with the Network having big targets on their back. That's gonna be really fun to see.

    I am enjoying the simplistic nature of Danielson vs. Doug Williams. I don't have a whole lot more to say about it but there's no doubt that will be a barn burner of a match at the PPV. The story of the Briscos coming together has been fun as well, not sure if I'm ready to see them win the tag titles this soon but am interested to see where this goes.

    The build for the TV Title match has been pretty solid as well. I'm still not sure Amazing Red adds much here but presumably this will allow Styles/Lynn to continue as a feud after Anarchy Rulz.

    I'm sure you don't need to hear more about London/Shane but I'm still pretty excited for them to get their big blow off at the PPV.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Go home show. Yay. No predictions yet please. Currently 6 out of 8 matches sorted for Anarchy Rulz so hopefully not to far away.

    ECW Hardcore TV
    October 5th, 2002
    Austin, Texas

    The show opens up in Texas for the third week in a row, and yet again, the first shot we get is of the building being packed, fans chanting “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” as loud as they can. The audience will look to enjoy tonight, knowing that ECW moves on to California for Anarchy Rulz tomorrow night. As per the norm, there’s no in ring introduction tonight, instead the fans are just chanting and making noise because that are elated at being at an ECW show.

    Eventually we head to the commentary position where JOEY STYLES is in position, ready to sell tonight’s main event.

    Joey Styles: Hi everybody and welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling! We’re live here in Austin, Texas and our main event tonight will show that things certainly are bigger here in Texas. We’ve got a six-man tag team match, it’s The Network versus ECW when the ECW Champion Jeff Jarrett teams with the ECW Tag Team Champions CW Anderson and Justin Credible to take on their challengers for tomorrow night, The Sandman and The Briscoes. Both teams will be look-

    Joey is interrupted as some terrible House music begins playing over the PA System. Styles can’t help but screw up his face.

    Joey Styles: Ugh, what the hell is this?

    It doesn’t take long for us to figure out what the issue is as we cut away from the commentary position…

    And it’s pretty easy to see why Joey is disgusted when we go back to our ringside view, because SPECIAL K have invaded the ring, meaning we’re kicking off with a DANCE PARTY~! They seem to be having a hell of a lot of fun, as they pull random ravers out of the audience (plants) and keep dancing around.

    They ignore the heat from the fans, turning ECW into a nightclub as Joey Styles continues to lament on commentary.

    “This is a wrestling show damn it”. – Joey Styles

    Regardless of what type of show this is, the party continues, with about 20 of them all in the ring dancing now, until DA HIT SQUAD begin jogging towards the ring. Both MONSTA MACK AND MAFIA look FURIOUS as they slide into the ring and go to work.


    The chaos earns some “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants from the fans, with Da Hit Squad now standing over all of the members of Special K and their followers…



    HC LOC and TONY DEVITO have hit the ring and they have managed to get the jump on Da Hit Squad. With Mack and Mafia falling to the canvas, The Carnage Crew go to work, continuing to clobber and stomp the life out of them.

    Having softened up both men, they now drag Maff off the canvas… ONLY TO DRILL HIM WITH A CARNAGE PLEX (Belly to Back Suplex from DeVito into a Swinging Neckbreaker from Loc).

    Despite the boos from the fans, they then immediately pick up Mack… AND MACK RECEIVES A CARNAGE PLEX AS WELL!!!

    Well, The Carnage Crew have certainly caused their carnage tonight, but they aren’t finished. As Mafia remains down, Loc and DeVito drag the body of Mack through the ropes and onto the apron.


    Mack might be dead after that one. He doesn’t move, lying on the floor, in a ball of his own miserable, as The Carnage Crew get back into the ring. Once back inside, Loc and DeVito raise their hands in the air, whilst the fans chant “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” for the big spot.

    Suddenly, some of the recovered Special K members try and celebrate around Loc and DeVito, dancing around them and then hugging them. Loc and DeVito share a look of confusion, before turning… AND THE CARNAGE CREW BEGIN TO LAY OUT SPECIAL K!!!

    Luckily, the core members of Special K escape to the outside, allowing some of the irrelevant followers to receive a beating, except for DIXIE.

    They manage to grab a hold of Dixie, who tries to fight free but can’t. With sadistic grins on their faces, LOC AND DEVITO GET DIXIE UP IN A MILITARY PRESS SLAM POSITION…


    This garners another big cheer from the audience, followed by those famous “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants. With Mafia having rolled to the outside to recover, Mack being incapacitated and Special K scurrying up the ramp, The Carnage Crew stand tall in the centre of the ring.

    With a snarl on his face, Loc grabs a microphone, pointing in the direction of the retreating Special K.

    HC Loc: First off, FUCK those ladyboy dancing faggots…

    The homophobic statement gets LOUD cheers from the typically bizarre, insensitive ECW crowd. Shaking his head, seemingly disapproving the audience’s reaction, DeVito takes the mic from Loc.

    Tony DeVito: Nah, nah, that’s enough of that. You can all go fuck yourselves too. You can try and cheer us because you don’t like those dancing fools, but I still hate all of you just as much.

    DeVito’s tirade gets the fans on his back now, and that pleases him as he gives the mic back to Loc.

    HC Loc: Special K can go fuck themselves, you can all go fuck yourselves and Da Hit Squad can go fuck themselves too!

    This gets heat because the fans like Da Hit Squad. Loc and DeVito don’t seem to be done, as Loc drops the mic, and they step outside of the ring. They grab Mafia, and roll him back into the ring, before following him in and stomping the life out of him to keep him down.

    DeVito now stands over Mafia, getting him in a Piledriver position, whilst Loc heads to the top rope. The fans begin buzzing, sending a Spike Piledriver… ONLY FOR DEVITO TO DROP MAFF… BECAUSE HE GETS KICKED IN THE BACK BY…

    LOW KI!!!

    The ovation is quite easily the loudest of the night for Low Ki as he saves Mafia from what was sure to be a terrible fate. Both members of The Carnage Crew charge at Low Ki, but ‘The Warrior’ manages to use his quickness and leg skills to kick them away, eventually landing a big roundhouse that sends DeVito rolling to the outside.

    Low Ki now dodges a charging Loc and backs him into the corner, landing some hard kicks to the body. As Ki continues to tee off, a referee sprints down from the back, slides into the ring, and on the instruction of somebody calls for the bell, kicking off an impromptu opening contest…

    Match One
    HC Loc w/Tony DeVito vs. Low Ki w/Da Hit Squad

    Whilst this might seem a little random with Low Ki making the save for Da Hit Squad, Joey Styles clears things up on commentary. ‘The Voice Of ECW’ talks about how Low Ki and Da Hit Squad are both from New York City and have hung around similar crowds for almost all of their entire lives. He even goes as far as to talk about how they were in wrestling schools together at the same periods of time, meaning there is a mutual respect there.

    Now that the explanation for why Low Ki is making the save is out of the way, let’s get onto the actual match. As the referee called for the bell, Low Ki had the jump on Loc, already hammering away, and that’s pretty much how a majority of the contest went. Luckily for Loc, he still had DeVito at ringside, and interference and distractions allowed Loc to get some offense in.

    It still looks like the former ECW Champion is going to take out Loc, so then no longer disguising his involvement in the match, DeVito climbs into the ring. Ki begins fighting both men, right in front of the referee, until the numbers start to catch up on him, ONLY FOR DAN MAFF TO CHARGE INTO THE RING!!!

    The man also known as Mafia had stayed at ringside this whole time, helping his partner Mack recover from the brutal bump he took earlier. Now that ‘Damage Control’ have taken Mack to the back, Mafia comes to the aid of Low Ki. Whilst Low Ki continues to focus on Loc, Mafia now takes care of DeVito, beating him around… BEFORE DRILLING HIM WITH THE BURNING HAMMER!!!

    DeVito is out of it and Mafia signals at Tony’s downed body, telling Low Ki to do something. Completely in control, Low Ki drags Loc towards the corner, before sitting himself on the top rope. Ki then picks up Loc, getting him into a Fireman’s Carry position… AND LOW KI COMES OFF WITH A SUPER KI KRUSHER ONTO HC LOC…


    The spot gets a huge “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chant from the Texan Natives, and even Maff pumps his fist. Meanwhile, LOW KI SIMPLY ROLLS LOC OFF OF DEVITO AND HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    Winner: Low Ki @ 4:41

    The bell rings to signify the end of the contest, and Ki jumps right back to his feet, still with plenty of energy. Whilst the referee comes over to raise the hand of Ki, much to the enjoyment of the fans, The Carnage Crew roll to the outside to lick their wounds and head to the back.

    Inside of the ring, Maff approaches Low Ki now and after an intense moment, the two long time friends/acquaintances share a handshake. With cheers from the fans in his ears, Mafia nods his head and leaves the ring, allowing Low Ki his moment in the sun.

    As per usual, there is a clear look of intensity on the face of Low Ki, which means it looks like celebration time is over. Whilst wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead, Low Ki gets himself a microphone.

    Low Ki: That right there was a message for tomorrow night, because at Anarchy Rulz, we all know what it is. I hope Samoa Joe is watching this out in California.

    Ki pauses for a moment, allowing himself to catch some more of his breath.

    Low Ki: I hope Samoa Joe is doing he’s research because I’ve been doing mine. I found tape and Samoa Joe is big and powerful. He’s like something I’ve never seen before, and he’s being paid by Christopher Daniels with the express purpose of making sure I NEVER get my hands on ‘The Fallen Angel’. It’s a nice plan in theory but it isn’t going to work. After what Christopher Daniels cost me, I will overcome any obstacle and shed any ounce of blood to get what I want. That means I WILL break the big and powerful Samoa Joe down into the ground.

    Plenty of intensity from Low Ki as he points to the ground.

    Low Ki: Inch by inch, piece by piece.

    A determined look is on the face of Low Ki. He’s not trash talking, he’s telling everybody what’s going to happen.

    Low Ki: I will destroy Samoa Joe at Anarchy Rulz and after that, mark my words, Christopher Daniels is a dead man.

    Ki puts a thumb across his throat, demonstrating just how dead Daniels will be.


    He drops the microphone down to the canvas after that, getting some more cheers from the fans. Low Ki’s music continues to play in the background, but there’s no more celebration, instead he just stares into the camera, sending a message to Samoa Joe. With the final image of an unblinking Low Ki giving a smouldering stare into the camera, we head to our first commercial break of the evening…


    ECW Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium


    Next up, we see both JAY BRISCOE and MARK BRISCOE in their gear, warming up for their huge main event match tonight. Being just one night away from their first shot at gold in ECW, they are both taking this very seriously, doing some basic stretches. Suddenly, the door of their locker room bursts open and in walks THE SANDMAN, an open beer in his hand, and his pockets clearly full of more cans. Looking ready for action with a cigarette tucked behind his pocket, and Singapore Cane in his free hand, The Sandman awkwardly manoeuvres to pull some cans out of his pocket and push them in the direction of his partners for the night.

    The Sandman: Pre match beers?

    The Sandman asks the question as he keeps bringing the cans in their direction. The Briscoes share a look with other, full of uncertainty.

    Mark Briscoe: Ah, I can’t. I only just got a chance to compete in ECW, I can’t risk that. I’m not even eighteen.

    The Sandman looks downhearted at that first response.

    Jay Briscoe: Same for me. I’m not an adult yet, I’m not twenty-one.

    The Briscoes are being as earnest as ever, but The Sandman looks disgusted.

    The Sandman: You boys are teaming with me tonight so I’m only going to say this once. Stop being pussies. Be adults, be grown and man up.

    The Sandman again forcefully offers beers to the brothers… BUT THIS TIME THEY ACCEPT!!!

    With mischievous grins on their faces, Mark and Jay crack open their beers… AND ONE HALF OF OUR MAIN EVENT ILLEGALLY SHARE A BEER TOGETHER!!!

    Obviously, The Sandman is first to finish, throwing his can on the floor, but Jay and Mark aren’t to far behind. Once they’ve finished their beers, a joyous Sandman pats them on the back.

    The Sandman: That’s the spirit. You kids might not be that bad…

    The Briscoes don’t over think The Sandman’s words, taking it as a compliment. Meanwhile, The Sandman smashes open another can with his head, having a swig, and he spits the beer into the camera lens, effectively ending our scene…

    Match Two
    ECW Television Championship Match
    AJ Styles (c) defends against Ikuto Hidaka

    Once again Joey Styles did some important work on commentary here, officially welcoming Hidaka back to ECW. He went over some of Hidaka’s matches with Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri, before promoting the occasionally used working relationship between ECW/ZERO-ONE. Joey talks about how it has been pretty beneficial for both organisations and there should be some more fun stuff to come of the relationship in the future.

    There isn’t a lot of story behind this one, but it’s a pretty fun match. It’s very fast paced, with not many rest sequences. The story of the match itself though is that Hidaka is used to keeping up a fast pace, and that’s the game plan he uses here, doing plenty of fast things. To his credit, he has limited success, however AJ is simply faster, allowing him to be a step ahead in a lot of crucial moments. Whilst both men excel at countering the other, it also seems that AJ has some moves in his arsenal that Hidaka either didn’t expect or hadn’t deal with before that gave AJ another advantage.

    Still, Hidaka gives it his all, and when AJ gets a go behind… HIDAKA LOOKS TO DROP DOWN WITH THE SHAWN CAPTURE!!!


    Strength isn’t usually one of AJ’s, erm, strengths, so the somewhat shocking display gets a fair pop from the audience. Meanwhile, the landing from the Suplex seemed to have knocked Hidaka loopy, making him easy prey FOR AJ TO TAKE DOWN WITH THE STYLES CLASH!!!

    AJ HOOKS THE LEG…1…2…3!!!

    Winner: AJ Styles @ 11:30

    After taking some big blows to end the contest, Hidaka remains down, whilst AJ Styles goes into celebration mode, heading to the top rope and soaking in the cheers from the adoring fans.

    As Styles gets off the top rope and turns back to the centre of the ring, he surprisingly throws his title to the canvas. After a few moments, it’s easy to see why, as JERRY LYNN SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!

    Much to the delight of the fans, AJ gets the jump, letting off a barrage of punches… ONLY FOR LYNN TO DROP TO HIS KNEES AN NAIL A LOW BLOW!!!

    An exhausted AJ immediately crumbles to the canvas, completely taking all the air out of the fans. A smirking Lynn gets back to his feet, hastily wiping hair out of his eyes, before picking up the TV Title.

    Lynn stalks AJ, who is still down, TV Title in his hand… ONLY TO NOTICE HIKADA GETTING UP… AND LYNN NAILS HIDAKA WITH THE TV TITLE!!!

    Before Lynn can turn his attention back towards AJ, he’s confronted by THE AMAZING RED!!!

    Red slides into the ring and immediately goes to work, rocking Lynn with a bunch of right hands. Lynn staggers back, on spaghetti legs, so Red bounces off the ropes… SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM RED!!!


    The mood gets deflated again with Lynn coming out on top, but now the fans urge the actual TV Champ. AJ is using the ropes to pull himself up… BUT LYNN TAKES NO CHANCES, SMASHING THE TV TITLE ACROSS THE BACK OF STYLES!!!

    Finally, Lynn looks at the TV Title, gives it a kiss and drops it in the centre of the ring. Lynn then drags AJ above the TV Title, puts his head between his legs… AND NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME… LYNN DELIVERS A CRADLE PILEDRIVER TO AJ STYLES, SENDING HIM HEADFIRST ONTO THE TV TITLE!!!

    Boos are furiously directed at Lynn, but he doesn’t care, standing over his two opponents for tomorrow night and Hidaka, looking on top of the world. With Lynn in full domination mode, we head to a commercial break…


    Returning from the break, a video package plays and it’s honestly ridiculous. It’s a highlights video of JEFF JARRETT’s time in ECW, with the backing of The Stroke by Billy Squier. The video package mainly focuses on Jarrett’s wins over Spanky and Low Ki, as well as a bunch of shots of Jarrett with both the NWA and ECW Titles. Of course, there is also a bunch of random Fargo Strutting to the beat of the song also.


    After that terrible video package which the ECW fans nearly riot for, there’s a slight delay for the main event due to a bunch of trash needing to be cleared from the ring…

    Match Three
    CW Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible vs. Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe and The Sandman

    With Jeff Jarrett having some pretty stern discussions with the referee before the festivities kicked off here, the ref did all he could to enforce proper tag rules. This suited The Network perfectly because whilst The Briscoes have been building momentum, they haven’t necessarily got much main event experience. This means that The Sandman is stuck waiting impatiently on the apron whilst The Network have their way with The Briscoes, especially Jay, who they are able to isolate for a long portion of the contest.

    Jay shows tremendous fight though and is able to stay in the match, and eventually capitalise on a mistake made by Credible which allows the hot tag to be made to The Sandman. From here, the referee’s efforts to keep things controlled are a lost cause, as Sandman turns it into a brawl, but The Network throw caution to the rules. Knowing The Sandman is the freshest competitor in the match, The Network try and stifle him with the numbers advantage, but it doesn’t really work out to well.

    As soon as The Network looked to start getting an advantage on The Sandman, Mark and Jay Briscoe got themselves back into the action. Mark and Jay pair off with CW and Credible respectively, sending the champions out of the ring. After a moment of communication… THE BRISCOES THEN TAKE OUT THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS WITH SYNCHRONISED PLANCHA’S TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

    The high spot gets plenty of “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants from the fans, whilst inside of the ring, Jeff Jarrett is alone with The Sandman. Things aren’t going well for the double champion, with The Sandman having the advantage, hammering away with left hands in the corner, until MICHAEL SHANE AND PIERRE CARL OULETTE jog to ringside with a sense of urgency.

    The Sandman notices them though and grabs his Singapore Cane, hopping outside of the ring to meet them… AND THE SANDMAN BEGINS GOING TO WORK, WEARING OUT SHANE AND OULETTE WITH HIS SINGAPORE CANE!!!

    “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUB” chants blend in with the echo if Cane impact on skin, whilst The Briscoes roll Anderson and Credible back into the ring. The Briscoes follow in and put more work on the tag champs, not realising that ‘Double J’ has hightailed it outside of the ring. Instead of leaving though, Jarrett has grabbed his NWA World Title before he decides to slide back into the ring. Whilst Mark is completely focused on keeping Credible occupied, Jarrett calls Jay away from CW… AND JARRETT LANDS A SHOT TO JAY’S SKULL WITH THE NWA TITLE!!!

    The fact that it was the NWA Title seems to make the fans dislike the tactic even more. Mark Briscoe is momentarily distracted by his brother being dropped and looks to approach Jarrett, but Credible is able to grab his waist band of his pants and toss Mark through the ropes. The Sandman is still occupied on the outside, meaning it’s Jay against all three men now. Jarrett barks instructions at the tag champs and they bring Jay to his feet, allowing Jarrett to come from behind… JARRETT CONNECTS WITH THE STROKE ON JAY BRISCOE!!!


    Winners: CW Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and Justin Credible @ 13:28

    As soon as the bell rings, Jarrett makes sure he has both his titles to go into celebration mode, whilst barking instructions to Anderson and Credible. They do as they’re told, scraping Jay off of the canvas and throwing him outside of the ring.

    Mark checks on Jay on the outside, whilst the fans boo the hell out of the celebratory trio inside of the ring… UNTIL THE SANDMAN HAS MANAGED TO BREAK FREE OF PCO AND MICHAEL SHANE… SO HE SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!





    Jarrett points to his brain as he backs away, now being guarded by the recovered Michael Shane and Pierre Carl Oulette.

    The Sandman throws a few more Cane shots at the downed tag champs, getting some “ECDUB”, “ECDUB”, “ECDUYB” chants started, before he points the Cane at Jarrett, letting him know he’s next.

    The ECW Champion shakes his head and raises both his ECW and NWA Titles above his head, champion and challenger staring each other down, as we cut to our final commercial break before Anarchy Rulz…

    And we’re back and the Network crappy remixed version of the classic Misirlou hits, meaning it’s time for a go home edition of PULP FICTION~! The first wrestler we get on screen is MICHAEL SHANE, standing somewhere backstage, looking a little perspired after his involvement in tonight’s main event. The usual arrogance of Shane isn’t on display tonight, instead he looks focused.

    Michael Shane: It feels like I’ve been saying this for weeks, months and even years but I’m fucking SICK of Paul London.

    It’s clear by Shane’s facial expression how much he detests London.

    Michael Shane: I’ve beaten him, and his buddy countless times and he was still getting more opportunities than me. I had to take a stand but I’m past this rivalry.

    Shane wipes some sweat away before continuing.

    Michael Shane: I can now get what I want because I work for The Network. This blood feud with the guy I outgrew years ago, I don’t need this.

    Another pause from HBK’s relative.

    Michael Shane: It’s all a little ‘Groundhog’ day at this point. I’ve beaten Paul London time and time again, and that’s not all I’ve done. I’ve made him bleed, I’ve stood over him and I’ve embarrassed him.

    There’s a glimmer in his eye when he talks about the good moments he’s had against London.

    Michael Shane: Tomorrow night at Anarchy Rulz, I will prove one last time that I’m done with Paul London. And after everything that I do to him tomorrow night, I’m going to run him out of ECW for good.

    Michael Shane continues to stare into the camera, incredible confident ahead of tomorrow night’s pay per view…

    Next up, in the casual clothes of some sweatpants and a hoody is SPANKY, looking pretty nonplussed.

    Spanky: Tomorrow night I face a man that I like because I like Super Crazy. I have all the respect in the world for him even if our team didn’t work out.

    Spanky nods along with his words.

    Spanky: But all that goes out the window once that match starts because I’m at a crossroads. I need a win on the big stage here in ECW to get to the next level. I will get what I need and after I win, everybody will know it’ll be the best thing since Sliced Bread number two.

    Spanky smirks at the lame catchphrase playing on the name of his finisher before we cut away…

    We now move to an undisclosed location, where the area is pitch black, except for a small spotlight which shows us YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI. ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ starts by ranting rather animatedly in Japanese, before stopping and recomposing himself.

    Yoshihiro Tajiri: I’m not afraid of Christopher Daniels’ record. He’s only undefeated for a year and a half because he avoided Yoshihiro Tajiri.

    The dangerous Tajiri continues to be the only thing that we can see.

    Yoshihiro Tajiri: Anarchy Rulz, twenty-four hours, his streak dies tomorrow. Nothing lasts an eternity; nobody is undefeated forever.

    One more pause from Tajiri.

    Yoshihiro Tajiri: Pay per view, I teach humility. I do it the old way, the extreme way…

    Without another word… TAJIRI SPITS RED MIST INTO THE CAMERA!!!

    DOUG WILLIAMS is the next man we see, standing in a random hallway with his arms crossed, leaning against a wall.

    Doug Williams: I’m confident in my ability so with all the respect in the world, I’m not concerned about Bryan Danielson.

    The Brit uncrosses his arms and cracks his knuckles.

    Doug Williams: Bryan Danielson will be the best one day, he’s a bright young boy. I’m not a boy, I’m a master, and when we get back into that ring, the “American Dragon” is in store for a British master class.

    Williams looks pretty impressed with his spiel as he remains against the wall, and we cut away from this scene…

    Next up is PAUL LONDON, who looks all business ahead of his match with Michael Shane tomorrow night, as he stands in a random backstage area.

    Paul London: I’m so sick and tired of hearing Michael Shane brag. All he’s done since he got here is run away from me and steal from me.

    London’s clearly not happy with everything Shane has done to him as he screws up his face and shakes his head.

    Paul London: Despite the picture he likes to paint, Michael Shane was never the best in TWA.

    He shakes his head along with his words.

    Paul London: The truth is, he was lazy and an entitled brat who only got through the school because his uncle’s name was on the building. Meanwhile, me, Spanky and Bryan killed ourselves to get ahead.

    London’s passion for the business is really coming through with his tone and serious look on his face.

    Paul London: And nothing has changed since we got to ECW. Shane has done what he does best, and it’s not wrestle. He’s sucked up to everyone and lied, he’s cheated, and above all else, he’s showed that he has no balls. He’s ran away from us in any fair fight.

    The intensity is building from within London now.

    Paul London: Anarchy Rulz, tomorrow night, that all stops. I don’t care if he makes me bleed again, it won’t be the last time. It’ll all be worth it as long as I make him bleed that much more and I finally get to shut him up.

    Fighting words from London who kind of awkwardly nods at the camera whilst trying to look tough, signalling that his promo is over…

    This time we’re in ECW’s version of the gorilla position where JAY BRISCOE and MARK BRISCOE have just made their way to after the night’s main event. Both are pumped up, jumping up and down, slapping each other across the face to get each other hyped.

    Mark Briscoe: GET HYPED UP, BRO!!!

    I promise I’m not turning them into Mojo Rawley and Ryder.

    Jay Briscoe: We earned this; this is our big shot.

    They continued to be hyped, slapping each other some five.

    Mark Briscoe: This is the one. Don’t mess this up, big brother.

    Jay shoots Mark a bit of a quizzical look for the shade but doesn’t verbalise his irritation.

    Mark Briscoe: We got the advantage against those chumps. Tag teamin’ is about knowing each other an’ stuff. We on that same family tree, nobody knows each other like brothers. Nobody knows each other, not even the tag team champions, like these two brothers right here.

    Mark points at himself and his bro, and they continue to be all excited for their title shot tomorrow night as we fade away…

    We now head to a gym, and inside the gym with a towel around his neck is none other than BRYAN DANIELSON. ‘The American Dragon’ has a look of confidence on his face as he begins speaking.

    Bryan Danielson: I heard what he had to say earlier, and with all the respect in the world, Doug Williams thinks he’s a lot better than he actually is.

    Bryan wipes his face on his gym towel before continuing.

    Bryan Danielson: Sure, Doug’s been wrestling for longer, I might not have the experience, but that’s the only advantage he has. What Doug Williams has had to work so hard for comes to me naturally. My work ethic on top just puts me on a whole new level. For three falls, maybe even only two, I will be the one taking Doug Williams to school.

    Just like that, Danielson turns his back and looks to recommence his workout, meaning it’s time for us to fade away…

    We’re now in more of a locker room setting, where we see the ECW Tag Team Champions, CW ANDERSON, and JUSTIN CREDIBLE watching a TV monitor. It’s clear that they’re watching The Briscoe’s words from earlier and they immediately begin rolling their eyes and applauding sarcastically.

    Justin Credible: Looks like these kids could make some money creating Hallmark cards. (Mocking voice) Nobody knows each other like brothers, how sweet, that’s real cute.

    Credible still has a bemused look on his face, whilst Anderson begins to take things a little more seriously.

    CW Anderson: We don’t really care if you’re brothers or not. You can know each other all you want, and I hope you do that real well, because that’s all you know.

    CW pauses for a moment as Credible rubs his shoulders, chuckling in the background at what Anderson has said so far.

    CW Anderson: Let me tell you what I see when I look at the two of you. I see two punk kids trying to come into The Network’s ECW and take money out of our pockets by taking these titles.

    Anderson points at the title around his waist to further emphasise his point.

    CW Anderson: I see two brothers who think they’re going to come in here and take these titles because they’re family. Well, I know a thing or two about family. I come from the greatest wrestling family of all time, me and Justin have paid our dues, you two haven’t earned a damn thing. The Briscoes as tag team champions? I don’t think so. You ain’t shit compared to the Andersons.

    Credible pats the ultra-serious Anderson on the back, looking to take back over.

    Justin Credible: As for me, I admit, I’m not an Anderson, but I AM ECW. I’m the standard bearer around here and nobody matters in this company until they get past me. But for the ECW Tag Team Championships, these titles around our waists, we’ll put our lives on the line, nobody is getting past us.

    The two share a nod in agreement, both willing to sacrifice it all for their titles.

    CW Anderson: Nobody is getting past us… Because I’m an Anderson…

    Justin Credible: AND THAT’S JUST INCREDIBLE!!!

    The Network members and tag champs look extremely confident heading into Anarchy Rulz as we cut away…

    Now we swing to what looks like a rather lavish (especially for ECW) office, where sitting on a comfortable looking couch is none other than the owner/ECW Champion/NWA Champion, JEFF JARRETT. With a title on each shoulder and a nice, tailored suit, ‘Double J’ looks to be in a good mood, until he gets a little confused and starts looking around.

    Jeff Jarrett: What the hell? What is this? I’m trying to get ready to talk here, why are they playing music over my promo?

    Suddenly, CYRUS comes into screenshot and leans into Jarrett’s ear, whispering something. The double champ screws up his face, not necessarily liking what he hears, but Cyrus just shrugs his shoulders.

    Cyrus: I know, I know, but all the mutants love it…

    Jarrett clearly doesn’t care, stepping up off the couch in frustration.

    Jeff Jarrett: Well, you want to know what I think? This is stupid. This is another thing we can put on the chopping block when further changes are made.

    With that, Cyrus and Jarrett continue their own private conversation, ushering the camera man out of the room…

    There’s still more PULP FICTION though, folks. Our cameras pick up what looks like another hallway in the backstage area, where one CHRISTOPHER DANIELS is standing by.

    Christopher Daniels: I have not lied to anybody in my time in ECW, and I’ll continue to tell the truth. Yoshihiro Tajiri is quite the impressive wrestler.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ nods, giving Tajiri his props.

    Christopher Daniels: Look at his list of achievements here in ECW alone. He’s won every title here in ECW, which isn’t an easy feat. That’s elite company, there aren’t many who share that recognition with Tajiri.

    More daps for Tajiri from Daniels.

    Christopher Daniels: But at Anarchy Rulz, Tajiri faces somebody entirely different to anybody he’s ever faced before. I’m undefeated.

    A smug look is on the face of Daniels as he speaks what he deems to be facts.

    Christopher Daniels: In all my time in ECW, one year and seven months, that’s nineteen months, nobody’s been able to pin me or make me tap out. At Heatwave back in July, for an hour, that’s sixty long minutes, Yoshihiro Tajiri ALSO couldn’t do that job.

    Daniels stick his pointer finger into his own chest now.

    Christopher Daniels: That’s my own achievement and mine alone. I share that distinction with NOBODY.

    ‘The Fallen Angel’ pauses for effect, letting his words marinate.

    Christopher Daniels: Throughout all the years in this companies’ history, almost a decade now, nobody has done what I’ve done. Tajiri is impressive, he really is, but he’s not the man to stop me. I will roll over Tajiri tomorrow night and after I dispatch Tajiri from my path, my mission will almost be completed. There will only be one thing left.

    He holds up his pointer finger on his right hand now, signalling for one.

    Christopher Daniels: And no, it’s definitely not Low Ki. After tomorrow night, Low Ki will be a moot point because he won’t move past my hired gun.

    Yay, another Samoa Joe reference.

    Christopher Daniels: There will only be one thing left and it won’t be anybody else but whoever stands in the ring as the ECW World Champion.

    CD closes his eyes, picturing the moment, pure bliss on his face.

    Christopher Daniels: Because it is… IT ISN’T JUST MY RIGHT!!!

    The hunger of Daniels is really coming through now as he starts yelling.

    Christopher Daniels: IT ISN’T JUST WHAT I DESERVE…

    The worked-up wrestler is getting redder in the face.

    Christopher Daniels: IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

    Eyes wide, Daniels nods along with his words.

    Christopher Daniels: IT IS WRITTEN!!!

    Christopher Daniels: IT WILL COME TO PASS!!!

    He continues to nod along, almost in a trance.

    Christopher Daniels: BECAUSE IT IS MY PROPHECY…

    One more pause, folks.

    Christopher Daniels: ECW IS MY PROPHECY!!!

    Strong words from Daniels as per usual, but he now stands in silence, eyes closed, capturing the imagery of his prophecy in his head. He continues to cut an eerie, intimidating figure as we cut to our next scene…

    The next scene involves a man who Daniels mentioned in his rant, none other than the former ECW Champion LOW KI. ‘The Warrior’ is still in his wrestling gear, standing outside of the “medic room”, or at least that’s what the door behind him says. For continuity purposes, this means he’s just finished checking on Monsta Mack after what happened earlier in the show. As always, there’s only one thing emanating from the aura of Low Ki and that’s intensity.

    Low Ki: If Christopher Daniels thinks he can get away without a beating from me, he’s kidding himself. No matter what happens with Samoa Joe, and I say that because I know how dangerous he is, I’ll still chase Christopher Daniels. I have one eye on Daniels and the other on the ECW Title.

    Intensity, focus, maybe some anger coming from Low Ki as he talks about his nemesis and his former possession.

    Low Ki: They’re the only things that matter right now, they are the two things eluding me right now. They are both intertwined because of the actions of one man. They are both intertwined because Christopher Daniels is the man who STOLE the ECW Title from me.

    Ki shakes his head in absolute disgust.

    Low Ki: Christopher Daniels is in bed with The Network, and I don’t know what their deal is, but that doesn’t matter. I know what THE deal is. The deal is that I’ll face Samoa Joe at Anarchy Rulz and after October sixth, I’m first in line because I want my title rematch. I’ll win the ECW Championship back and then I want Christopher Daniels in the ring one on one.

    The former champ says his bit and then disappears from camera shot, no nonsense as per usual…

    We have one last segment here, and this time we see THE SANDMAN standing in front of a random concrete stairwell. Before speaking, The Sandman takes one long, last puff of his cigarette, only to throw it on the floor and grind it out with his boot.

    The Sandman: A lot of what ECW stands for has come and gone over the past few years. Balls Mahoney is gone.

    The Sandman pulls out a can of beer and does a mock toast, having a sip of his beer for Balls.

    The Sandman: He was a big pain in my ass, but he was ECW… Raven left.

    He doesn’t drink for Raven, too much history there.

    The Sandman: The Whole Fucking Show, Rob Van Dam hasn’t been around in a year.

    He takes a drink for RVD.

    The Sandman: His best buddy, Sabu’s been gone even longer…

    A drink for Sabu.

    The Sandman: Our great Commissioner, Spike Dudley was run out.

    Another sip for Spike.

    The Sandman: One of the best tag teams this business has ever seen, The Dudley Boyz have been gone a while.

    Two drinks for The Dudley Boyz. I’m sure he enjoyed that.

    The Sandman: That piece of shit Justin Credible sold out.

    No drink for Credible, instead The Sandman screws up his face, showing his dislike for the man.

    The Sandman: My tag team partner, even Tommy Dreamer is hurt right now.

    One more swig of his drink for Tommy, and now the can is empty. Sandman squeezes it with his hand, scrunching it up, before tossing it out of screen shot and onto the floor.

    The Sandman: Don’t get me wrong, the kids here are alright, but we need more then that right now. As far as ECW goes, and all the guys I just mentioned, I’ve outlasted all of them.

    The Sandman puffs out his chest and beer belly with pride.

    The Sandman: I’m talking Hardcore shit, real fucking ECW. Way before TNN, I’m talking back in the day, way before The Network was even a god damn thought Paulie had.

    Drawing back the curtain a bit there, but I’m sure the fans love the mention of Paul Heyman.

    The Sandman: I’m not making shit up; I’m not saying I’ve been here from the start. There was a moment in time where I got greedy once, but it wasn’t worth it. That went away pretty fuckin’ fast.

    The Sandman pauses, looking almost pained at referencing the time he spent in WCW.

    The Sandman: That hiccup aside, I’ve been here because I AM ECW!!!

    Passion is coming out of The Sandman now as he pumps his fist.


    The Sandman’s getting red faces as he gets more and more worked up.


    He stops now, showing pride in ECW, but allowing himself to regain his composure.

    The Sandman: I’m here for this promotion, not for myself. I’m not the guy who needs to be in the main event all of the time, but I AM ECW.

    The Sandman takes a step closer to the camera now, looking right into the lens.

    The Sandman: And tomorrow night, ECW gets the ECW Championship back. It’s right about time this whole Network and Jeff Jarrett thing becomes the latest thing that I’ve outlasted…

    Strong words from The Sandman as we continue to hear the PULP FICTION theme running in the background, before we fade to black…



    Current Card for Anarchy Rulz
    October 6th, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    Grand Olympic Auditorium

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Jeff Jarrett (c) defends against The Sandman

    ECW World Television Championship Match;
    Three Way Dance:

    AJ Styles (c) vs. Jerry Lynn vs. The Amazing Red

    Christopher Daniels vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

    Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe

    Best Two Out Of Three Falls:
    Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams

    Street Fight:
    Michael Shane vs. Paul London

    ECW World Tag Team Championship Match:
    CW Anderson and Justin Credible (c) defend against The Briscoes

    Special Challenge Match:

    Spanky vs. Super Crazy
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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Just a chaotic way to start this show off, which really... story checks out. I have to remember that this is ECDub when I see slurs like that so that was a bump in the road there. Ki getting the victory here gets no qualms from me obviously. I do like the logic you tossed in there. Sometimes little things like that make all of the sense in the world. I'm not so sure if I want to see Ki win over Joe or Joe kick his ass. But needless to say, that match has my attention!

    LOL at The Briscoes drinking illegally. The Feds are watching!

    Got no issue with Styles getting the win. I love the spot with him dead-lifting Hidaka and then getting the win. Good way to present him here. Having the TV Title on him is such a smart maneuver in order to get him over by doing what he does best: Wrestling! Got damn though, another chaotic segment after. Lynn getting the better of Styles works fine for me. Signals of course that Styles will probably win the Triple Threat, which of course, no gripes if that goes down.

    After the first two decisions, the heel team getting the win in the six-man tag is fine with me. Lot of chaos here once again, but that's just signature, authentic ECW so I don't really have too much an issue here even if it's over the top. You're trying to be authentic.

    A parade of promos here to wrap up this episode. Capping it off with The Sandman is a good way to hype up your main event for Anarchy Rulz is a good cherry on top here.

    This was a really nice episode to help build towards Anarchy Rulz. Nothing incredibly standout here besides, I think, Sandman's promo as he really went in to end the show. As always, solid, solid work from youStoj. Looking forward to the PPV!

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    I've gotta imagine there'll be some non-kayfabe Observer-type post about this episode of ECW coming soon. I mean, James Fullington and Paul Heyman DID kind of just commit a felony on national television.

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    Re: June BTBOTM - Extreme Championship Wrestling by Stojy

    Well, Special K are here to stay, and I get that they’re here as heat magnets, but this maybe wasn’t the show to do this angle, what with it being the go-home show before the PPV and none of these teams are on the PPV (at the moment anyway) so might’ve been more advantageous to hold this off until next week and give the TV time to one of the programs that need it before the PPV. And boy oh boy, that first line from Loc; what a different time it was lol

    Anyway, the run in from Low Ki was nicely explained to anyone (ie: me) that doesn’t know the backstory between Ki & Hit Squad, so it wasn’t just a case of the guy running out to make the save for ~reasons~. I guess I should partly rescind my comments on the first segment being wasted on guys not at the PPV considering Low Ki ended up out here for a win and got a few words in about the match with Joe. Very intrigued how you book that one at the PPV.

    Now. Wild Crippler has beaten me to it, but surely there’s some kind of consequence to be had for Sandman making the Briscoes drink. I assume it’s a bit and while it’s played off as them illegally drinking underage, it was non-alcoholic beer? Otherwise, that should be enough to get kicked off TNN for good lol. Other than that, a fun segment, I must admit. Absolute classic Sandman.

    Don’t get the idea of Styles defending the title the night before a PPV, at all. No one is going to buy a title change happening, and given the match got over 10 minutes, would it not have been better served to have it happen next week after Anarchy Rulz when people might buy into the potential of a title change?

    Not often that Jerry Lynn has the upper hand/last laugh on a given week, so I’ll take the visual of him laying out AJ & Red (& Hidaka!) – even if that guarantees he’s probably getting eliminated first at Anarchy Rulz. Nice final angle before the three way dance though.

    Oh YES! Love the trolling with the Jeff Jarrett promo video

    I think my only shock about the main event was that Paul London didn’t follow out whenever Michael Shane ran in! Felt like a fresh match here, with the Briscoes and Jarrett in the mix, and plenty of focus on the two title matches for the PPV but with keeping Sandman and Jarrett apart until things broke down before giving a brief preview and showing that Jarrett is in big trouble without help. Jarrett going over Jay makes all the sense in the world too, as the Briscoes can eat losses here when stepping up a level like this.

    I’ve been down on the feud recently, but I thought the London and Shane promos were excellent, and especially with London got the point across that this is a blood feud. I applaud you for how bland and uninteresting young Spanky came across here in Pulp Fiction – the kind of verbiage you’d expect from a young newcomer, and top marks for using the mist to end Tajiri’s segment.

    Mark Briscoe telling Jay to get HYPED, BRO just got me thinking of the Hype Bros, lol, but Credible and Anderson had a much stronger promo. Personally don’t think the titles should change hands just yet, and you could get much more out of making the Briscoes chase, but I guess we’ll see.

    Personally would’ve just had the Daniels promo elsewhere on the show, as it was just too long to fit with the whole Pulp Fiction gimmick where you’re looking for mostly short, sharp snippets, and you have a lengthy closing promo with Sandman, which definitely couldn’t be cut.

    But holy shit, that Jarrett promo killed me. Awesome, memorable promo from him, sticking it to ECW die hards once again. And Sandman closing it out was an epic piece of writing too, and gets the pro-ECW people fired up for sure to see Sandman outlast the Network.



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