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Thread: nGw: Death of an Empire Results

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    nGw: Death of an Empire Results

    /ooc: I'm going to forward and explain that the reason why the beginning of the results are more detailed then the ending as well as why it took me so long to post the Results is because I've been having to try and find the passion to write out, in detail, entire nGw Shows. Now, this isn't me saying that I'm going to relinquish the nGw, as that will ONLY happen if the FWA Mods pry it from my hands [ie ask me to step away from the nGw]. This is simply me informing you all that, while I plan on continuing the nGw, the format of how each of the Results will look, will likely return to the way it was before. In that, it will be "Match" followed by the essential of what happened in each "Match". Also, until I am able to find the burning passion within, I might be limiting the nGw Results to iPPV's [Akin to NXT TakeOver's] as opposed to how NXT has shows & TakeOvers. Anyways, on with the Results:

    nGw: Death of an Empire
    Tokyo, Japan
    October 31st, 2016

    OPENING MATCH - nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship Gauntlet Inferno Match
    Wally Tusket vs Greg vs Mike Mundane vs Lenny Delafonte vs "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP vs Derreck "Bionic Eye" Mitchel vs Adam Bonnie vs Orwell Dawn vs Norman Mars vs Charity LeGrange vs Elizabeth James vs Mi' Redencion vs Jiggy John vs Jugem Jugem vs Jobber Jimbo

    After the opening video and pyro, we look to see Lenny, Orwell, Norman, Triple J Security, Redencion, Mitchel, James, Mundane, and Reginald standing in the ring as "Waltzing Matilda" plays and out comes Charity LeGrange. As she approaches the ring, her music is replaced with "Fiesta" by The Pogues and Adam Bonnie comes out, pissed and focus to reclaim the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship. Adam gets into the ring and his music disappears, getting replaced with "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross and out comes Greg. After Greg gets into the ring, his music stops and "Worlds Apart" by CFO$ and the current nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion, Wally Tusket comes out to a very loud pop. Wally gets in, then jumps when the pipes around the ring ignite for the Inferno Gauntlet Match.

    After several scorching eliminations, the match came down to current Champion, Wally; recent nGw signee Greg; former Champion, Adam; and the badass Charity. Adam connected with his Instant Infamy finisher knocking down Wally just short of the flames. Adam shrugs then goes over to try and roll Wally into the flames only for Greg to charge and rebound off of the ropes straight into Adam sending him face first into the flames. The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as the burning screams of Adam could be heard while the medical staff tend to him. Greg looked on shocked at what just happened, only to turn around and gets low blowed by Charity, whom then connects with her GNS finisher sending Greg into the blazing fires as well.

    Charity smirks, then turns and tries to find Wally when the bell sounds. Confused, Charity looks and sees Wally outside of the ring trying to put out his head band that somehow got caught on fire. Wally, realizing what just happened, tries to explain to the referees that he's still good only for the main official to hand the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship to Charity LeGrange, making her the new Champion. After the fire dies down, Wally quickly gets into the ring, causing Charity to get ready for another fight. Instead, Wally walks straight up to her and shakes her hand before heading to the back, stunning and confusing her as she raises her newly won Championship into the air.

    Winner and NEW nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion = Charity LeGrange

    Video Package showing Terror Squad's history from debut to their feud with Desmond Fox

    SECOND MATCH - nGw Tag Team Championship TLC Match
    "True Destiny" Desmond Fox & "The Technician" Bryan Poler vs Terror Squad

    Nolee: The following contest is a TLC Match and it is for the nGw Tag Team Championship. Introducing first, they are the current nGw Tag Team Champions, Damien Straight and Choi. They are, Terror Squad.

    "Monster's Ball" by Butcher Babies plays and Terror Squad comes out to heavy boos. As they make their way down the ramp filled with Ladders standing up, Tables set up with Chairs laying on top of them, they stop at the ring then look towards each other, then back at one of the tables with chairs on it. They look at each other, then turn back and each grab a chair before sliding into the ring and get ready for their opponents.

    Nolee: And their opponents, introducing first, "True Destiny" Desmond Fox.

    "Kings Never Die" by Eninem ft. Gwen Stefani plays and Desmond comes out to the stage, moves towards the ramp then stops as his music is changed to "The Zoo" by Scorpions.

    Nolee: Introducing his partner, "The Technici....

    Desmond interrupts Nolee

    Desmond: Introducing my partner, "The REBORN" Bryan Poler.

    Desmond drops his mike and "Phoenix Rising" by Annihilator plays and Bryan Poler comes out with a whole new attire

    Desmond and Bryan make their way to the ring, grabing folded chairs along the way. They get into the ring where they and Terror Squad come to a stalemate. The referee quickly signal for the bells.

    After a hard fought battle which saw all four men go through tables, saw high flying spots and chairs get broken. The end took place after Desmond nailed both Choi & Damien with the American Eagle off of the tallest ladder in the ring causing all three men to land on the exposed arena floor on the outside. Bryan would then climb the ladder and pull down the nGw Tag Team Championship Belts to pick up the victory.

    Winners and NEW nGw Tag Team Champions: "True Destiny" Desmond Fox and "The Reborn" Bryan Poler

    Bryan slowly climbs down the ladder carrying both Championships then rolls out of the ring. Bryan helps his partner up and hands him one of the two Championship Belts. Breathing heavily, they hug then hold up the Tag Belts to a loud pop from the crowd. Bryan and Desmond head to the back while the the medical staff come down to check on Terror Squad.

    Video Package showcasing Amber Warren's chaotic history in the FWA and nGw as well as Thema's nGw Career

    THIRD MATCH - nGw Women's Division Blazing Tables Match
    Thema vs Amber Warren

    Nolee: The following is a nGw Women's Division Match where the only way to win is to put their opponent through a table that has been lit on fire. Introducing first, she is the "Queen of the Warren Family", she is Amber Warren.

    "Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and Amber comes out to a loud pop. Amber makes her way to the ring look at the tables with gasoline containers and box of matches on them. Amber gets into the ring.

    Nolee: And her opponent, from the Ivory Coast. She is the "Ivory Soldier", Thema.

    "King Kunta" by Kendrick Lamar plays and out comes Thema to a mixture of cheers and boos. Thema gets into the ring. The referee signals for the bell only for Amber to immediately get out of the ring to boos from the crowd. Thema taunts Amber telling her to get back in the ring. Amber shakes her head, then pulls the ring apron to reach the bottom of the ring mat directly. Thema starts to move towards Amber only to stop and back up after Amber pulls out the infamous Kama that is caked in the dried blood of those it had sliced into since Amber took it and stabbed Vincent in the back, both literally and figuratively.

    After a hard fought, bloodied and brutal battle, which did see the use of the infamous Kama slicing both Thema and Amber herself. The end came after Thema took Amber through a flaming table with her African Spear.

    Winner = Thema

    As the referee and medics came down to tend to the injuries that both ladies had sustained when "Monster's Ball" by Butcher Babies plays and out come the former nGw Tag Team Champions, Terror Squad. They shove the referees and medical staff aside, with Damien Straight laying out a couple of the ringside crew that were about to extinguish the last table engulfed in flames. Choi Li picks up Thema and puts her through the enflamed table with Jethro Warren's Knockout Bomb causing loud boos from the crowd.

    As they stand over the burning Thema, Amber stands up and smugly grins as the burning flesh fills the arena. They immediately run and hop the baricade as they see the new nGw Tag Team Champions, Desmond and Bryan rush down the entrance stage with several medics running behind them to help Thema. The crowd cheer as they chase Amber and Terror Squad away.

    FOURTH MATCH - nGw Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
    Special Guest Referee – Gabrielle Montgomery
    Daniella Kennedy (c) vs Sonny vs Bella Kendall

    During the Match, Gabrielle got knocked down after Daniella connected with her Bittersweet Chin Symphony. The Match ended in a Draw after Bella and Sonny both made Daniella tap out at the same time. Sonny locked in the Blackbird Dragon then Bella locked in her London Bridge forcing the tap out. Daniella Kennedy retained the nGw Women's Championship due to the draw.

    Winner and STILL nGw Women's Champion: Daniella Kennedy

    FIFTH MATCH - nGw Inferno Hell In A Cell Death Match
    Vincent Blackbird vs Vic "The Vulture" Voorhees

    Vincent wins after damaging Vic's mask and searing part of Vic's face.

    Winner = Vincent Blackbird

    MAIN EVENT - nGw World Cham
    pionship Hell In A Cell Match
    Donnie Peterson (c) W/ John Peterson vs Azrael Erebus Thanatos

    During the Match, Donnie struggles to his feat using Azrael's legs and body to help him up. As Donnie blindly reaches at Azrael's mask, Azrael shoves Donnie down causing Donnie to pull the mask off. The crowd, momentarily speachless break out in a loud uproar when they realize that Azrael was actually the legend Mac Machaud. Mac picks up the blinded Donnie and nails him with the F5KO before covering Donnie to pick up the victory and become the new nGw World Champion.

    Winner and NEW nGw World Champion: Mac Machaud

    [I WIN]

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    Re: nGw: Death of an Empire Results

    Mac the new nGw champ, eh? Interesting.

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