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    Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    The camera pans over the sold out crowd in the Honda Center before landing on the commentator's table.

    Jim Taylor: Good evening fans and welcome to another spectacular edition of Adrenaline Rush! We've got four exciting matches in line for tonight including the crowning of a new High Voltage champion and the main event of Drew Conner vs Jon Snowmantashi!

    Tim Coleman: Well quit your yapping and lets get this show on the road!

    Triple Threat Match
    Duke Martin vs. El Pecado w/Alexa Medina vs. Mark Merriwether

    The eerie sound of Dark Orchestra Music rings throughout the arena as the arena goes dark and soon El Pecado makes his way out followed by Alexa Medina. Pecado slowly saunters to the ring with a creepy aura about him as the fans are unsure of how to react, quite possibly spooked by this man.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to ring and being accompanied by Alexa Medina, from Mexico City, Mexico and wrestling out of The Darkest Alley in Boyle Heights, California. Standing at 5'11 and weighing in at 220lbs, "El bastardo de la familia Méndez"...EL PECADO!

    Jim Taylor: This man made his CWA debut last year but he vanished before his career here could really take off, he's back now though and looks like to a make big impact

    Tim Coleman: This guy kind of gives me the creeps!

    The lights come back on and El Pecado slowly paces in his corner as he waits for the arrival of his opposition, and soon enough "Hollywood" hits and the crowd jeers for the arrogant man known as Mark Merriwether. Merriwether stands on the stage with his back towards the fans and his arms outstretched before turning around and taking a bow. He confidently strides to the ring and looks into a nearby camera shouting out, "I'm from Ho-LLY-WOOD! The Megastar is back babay!"

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent approaching the ring from Seattle, Washington and now residing in Hollywood, California. Standing at 6'0 and weighins in at 230lbs, he is "The Megastar"...MARK MERRIWETHER!

    Tim Coleman: The Megastar is back! Isn't this great!?

    Jim Taylor: I'm certain that the fans don't share your enthusiasm, despite Merriwether's talent inside of the ring they are certainly no fan of his arrogant personality

    Tim Coleman: When you're a Megastar like he is Jim, you have every right to be arrogant!

    Jim Taylor: We'll see if he'll be able to back up all of the hype surrounding him

    Merriwether enters the ring and stands across from El Pecado, seemingly unimpressed and not intimidated by him he smirks cockily at him. "Sweet Little Rock & Roller" fills the arena to a mixed reaction and Duke Martin struts out to the music. He struts along the way to the ring and looks at each fan he passed by with a smirk.

    Lindsay Monahan: and their opponent from Los Angeles, California, standing at 6'1 and weighing in at 230lbs...DUKE MARTIN!

    Jim Taylor: Another returning star after having a brief stint earlier this year with CWA, big things in store for this young man if he keeps at it

    Tim Coleman: This guy makes The Fonz look like an amateur!

    Martin is in the ring now and removes his leather jacket before handing it off to the official, Johnny Yamaguchi. Martin stares over at El Pecado with a curious look, and then over at Merriwether with a sneer yet a slight nod to go with it.


    As the bell is rung Merriwether nods back at Martin and the two immediately bum rush El Pecado in the corner and pummel him down before utilizing their feet with stiff stomps to the dark luchador until he's slumped down in the corner. Both Martin and Merriwether begin to gloat to the fans, who return with jeers and Martin with his back turned to Merriwether soaking in the jeers before turning around and getting leveled by Merriwether with a clothesline!

    Tim Coleman: That was certainly a short-lived partnership!

    Merriwether stomps and kicks away at Martin on the mat before kicking him out of the ring like he's nothing. Merriwether then outstretches his arms to soak in more hate from the fans and he loudly proclaims, "HO-LLY-WOOD BABAY!", but then he's greeted by Pecado with a hard roundhouse kick straight to the head!

    Jim Taylor: It's lights out for the Megastar!

    Pecado quickly hooks the leg...


    Merriwether kicks out but he looks as though he's unsure of where he's at as he rolls to his side. Pecado shows him no reprieve though as he brings Merriwether up in position...POWERBOMB BACKBREAKER!

    Jim Taylor: Powerbomb backbreaker onto that one knee of Pecado nearly breaking Merriwether in two!

    Tim Coleman: That's no way to treat a Megastar!

    Merriwether crumbles to the mat clutching his lower back while grimacing in obvious agony. Just then Pecado is leveled from behind by Duke Martin with a double axe handle dropping Pecado to one knee. Martin notices the set up and aims for Pecado's head with Burnin' Rubber, but Pecado ducks out of the way and catches Duke in a roll up but instead of a pin he rolls Duke over and springs up in time to deliver an avada kedarva kick of his own straight in the mush of Martin who collapses to the mat instantly. Pecado then sets himself up setting his sights on Martin's prone body...SENTON ATOMICO! Pecado hooks the leg...


    The pin is broken up by Merriwether with a kick to Pecado and stomps away at the luchador. He picks him up and locks him in position...HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE! Full-nelson suplex drops Pecado and now Merriwether makes the cover...


    Pecado with a shoulder up and Merriwether immediately grabs hold of that arm locking in an arm-bar submission, wrenching back on Pecado's arm...

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether displaying a technical side with that expertly applied arm-bar

    Pecado is reaching out for the rope but Merriwether pulls him back slightly to keep him away. Eventually the hold is broken up by Duke Martin, who drills Merriwether in the back with a clubbing forearm. The hold is broken allowing Pecado to roll out of the ring for a breather as Alexa Medina checks up on him. Meanwhile, in the ring Martin looks to take control with some wild punches delivered with authority to Merriwether, keeping The Megastar reeling into the corner before unloading with some vicious stomps. Martin follows up with a boot to the throat looking to choke the life out of Merriwether, but soon enough the referee forces him to break it up. Martin gloats a little and relishes in the heat from the crowd before refocusing on Merriwether bringing him up. He hits a boot to the midsection dropping Merriwether to one knee and he looks to put him away with Burnin' Rubber, but Merriwether ducks it and pops up in time...FINAL CUT!

    Jim Taylor: Merriwether catches Martin with that jumping cutter out of nowhere!

    Merriwether is too busy showboating to realize that Pecado has re-entered the ring, and he sneaks up behind Merriwether drilling him with a forearm to back before hoisting him up...LA SOMBRA DRIVER V.1!

    Jim Taylor: The self proclaimed Megastar is seeing stars right about now!

    Pecado then turns his attention to Martin, who is still motionless after the Final Cut. Alexa Medina is on the outside shouting out orders to Pecado to finish him, and Pecado listens as he hoists Martin up in position for another one...LA SOMBRA DRIVER V.1! Pecado then hooks the leg as Alexa looks on with a devilish grin...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match...EL PECADO!

    Jim Taylor: El Pecado picks up an impressive victory in his return match!

    Tim Coleman: I gotta admit that it was pretty impressive, but he still gives me the heebie-jeebies!

    El Pecado exits the ring leaving both Martin and Merriwether in his wake. Alexa Medina meets up with him and the two walk back up the ramp to the back while the referee checks on both Martin and Merriwether as the show cuts backstage.

    The arena is a buzz with activity as various technicians and stagehands and the like go about their business, setting up the arena for the upcoming Adrenaline Rush. Among them is Michelle Kelly, twirling her microphone in her hands while beside her, her ever-loyal cameraman tinkered with his camera, rummaging through the gallery to find and/or delete a certain video he filmed last night, alone, by himself, the contents of which he refused to explain to Michelle.

    In either case, Michelle glanced at her watch, and rolled her eyes. “Any minute now, right?” She deadpanned.

    Her nameless cameraman merely grunted in response.

    Michelle rolled her eyes. Figures. She opened her mouth to make another dry remark when something, or rather, someone, caught her eye. The rim of a large, brown Stetson cowboy hat, tilted enough to mask the face of a man leaning against a doorway nearby, arms crossed. How long the man had been leaning there, she did not know. But upon feeling her gaze, the man lifted his head into view, exposing a thin layer of blonde stubble around a toothy grin and bright, emerald eyes shining in the light.

    “Howdy, pardner.”
    He drawled, in a poor imitation of a cowboy accent, sauntering over in a pair of brown trousers, a white t-shirt, and a fancy black waistcoat.

    Michelle Kelly blinked, momentarily speechless. “… What on earth-”

    “Michelle, y’all seem a mite shocked!” The cowboy exclaimed, flicking his cowboy hat back as he approached, before leaning casually on the wall beside Michelle. “I reckon y’all are stunned and captivated by the amazing cosplaying abilities of ol’ Krasher now, ain’tcha?”

    Of course. That’s the reason her oral skills had taken a rapid sudden downshift into speechlessness. Clearly. “… What are you doing.” Michelle eventually said, after a few seconds of confusion.

    The cocky smirk fell from Krash’s face. “I’m… I’m cosplaying.” He explained, reverting back to his standard Australian accent. “Like Leo Taylor, except better. I’m a cowboy.” He added, doubtless earning himself a place beside the likes of Captain Obvious.

    “… You’re just wearing a cowboy hat.” Michelle pointed out.

    Krash nodded, that toothy grin returning. “Yep. Pretty cool cosplay, right?”

    “Isn’t it cosplaying if you’re dressing up like a pre-existing fictional character?” Michelle, ever the voice of reasoning, wondered aloud.

    Krash scoffed. “There’s lots of pre-existing fictional cowboys. Read a book, Michelle.”

    “Yeah, but you’re not one of those. You’re just some dude in a cowboy hat.”

    “One could argue that many famous cowboys are just dudes in a cowboy hat.”

    Michelle let out a sigh and placed a hand against her forehead. “Krash, I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think you’re quite getting the hang of this ‘cosplay’ thing.”

    Krash paused, frowning, as he took the cowboy hat off and observed it in his grasp. “… Michelle, do you know how much this cowboy hat cost?”

    “I doubt it’s worth more than twenty dollars.”

    “Fifteen, Michelle!” Krash corrected, waving the cowboy hat in the air. “I spent fifteen dollars of my hard-earned money on this cosplay to upstage Leo Taylor at his own game, and you’re telling me this barely even qualifies?” Michelle shrugged, and Krash let out a sigh, before perking up. “It’s a good thing I got a backup cosplay.”

    “You what-”

    “Here, Mich, hold on to this.” Krash continued, placing the cowboy hat on Michelle’s head. The hat fell over her face, obscuring her view until she corrected it, to find… absolutely no difference too what Krash was wearing minutes ago. “Behold, the best cosplay anyone could hope for.” Krash explained, posing dramatically as he waved a hand at himself.

    “You’re not wearing a cosplay outfit.” Michelle remarked.

    Krash wagged a finger. “On the contrary, I have the best cosplay of them all, that being the cosplay of none other than Krash! Ain’t nobody better than me, be it in the ring, or in a costume. Which, Michelle, is the reason why I’m winning the Ruler of the Ring tournament – that’s right, I’m aiming this into a promo, that camera better be working by now.” Krash said, pointing a hand at the cameraman.

    A quick nod from Michelle’s loyal, if silent, cameraman confirmed this, before Krash continued. “Because I am the absolute best there is, bar none. I didn’t return from a career-ending injury because I got bored sitting at home watching the world pass me by, oh no, I returned to professional wrestling because I’m damn good at it, you get that? The Echo know it, which is why they bailed like a pair of rats the second they threw hands with myself and Cyrus Truth. And tonight, Leo Taylor’s going to realize it. I’m all for fun and games, hell I spent all of last week trying to learn the perfect cowboy accent, but if you’re between me and glory, then sorry mate, something’s gotta give, and I already gave my knee for this profession and I don’t quite think I can do it again.”

    With that note, Krash turned to exit, before doubling back and picking up the cowboy hat off of Michelle’s head. “I’m keeping the hat, by the way. Happy trails to the both of y’all.” He said, placing it back on his head before sauntering away, whistling a quiet jingle as he went.

    Michelle watched him leave, half-expecting a tumbleweed to softly billow past him. [/FONT] “You got that all that, right?” She said to her cameraman, who merely nodded in response.


    Fatal Five Way (winner becomes the new High Voltage champion)
    Cyrus Truth vs. Elijah Edwards vs. Ethan Conner vs. Humanity vs. Nate Savage

    We return to the arena as “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes plays, a cheer emanating from the crowd as Elijah Edwards appears on stage. He walks down the ring quickly, high-fiving the front-row fans as he does. He plays up to the crowd in the ring, getting them pumped for the upcoming fatal five-way…

    Jim Taylor: “And we’re ready here for High Voltage Championship action, Tim…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, it’s time to crown a new champ after the title was vacated thanks to the actions of a disgruntled employee. Noah Hanson made this match last week on Adrenaline Rush, and five of the best are about to duke it out for that shiny new belt.”

    The White Stripes fades away and is replaced by Shinedown’s “Cut the Chord”. Nate Savage appears on stage to mild hostility, though there are some clusters of support for him here and there. He wanders down the ramp with a look of grim focus on his face.

    His music fades away and is replaced by “Terror Time Again” by Skycycle. Humanity walks out to much applause, the audience hyped for his return.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes a former High Voltage Champion, Tim, a man looking to reclaim a prize he held a long time ago.”

    Tim Coleman: “And what an opportunity for Humanity on his return to the company. He could walk out here a champion on his first night back!”

    Humanity climbs into the ring and eyes up his two opponents as his music fades out. Primus’ “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” is next to play, the crowd instantly turning negative as Ethan Conner walks out onto stage. He has a big shit-eating grin on his face and the CWA Tag Team Championship is on his shoulder. He walks down to the ring, talking into the camera about being the soon-to-be only double champion in CWA until Drew puts the fat dog to sleep in the main event. He doesn’t climb into the ring, instead watching the other three reproachfully as he circles it.

    His music is replaced by Julia Claris’ “Subconscious Entry Version”, the crowd going wild as Cyrus Truth appears. He strides down the ramp with purpose, climbing into the ring and to the second rope as Savage, Humanity, and Edwards limber up and watch him. Conner does the same from the outside. Eventually, after storing his tag team championship with the timekeeper, he slides into the ring, Truth’s music fading and Lindsay Monahan taking the microphone.

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this fatal five-way match is scheduled for one-fall, with a thirty minute time limit, and is for the vacant CWA High Voltage Championship! Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… “Double E”… ELIJAH EDWARDS!”

    Jim Taylor
    : “Support for Edwards is strong here, as it seems to be in most stadiums. Edwards lost this very championship to LIGHTBRINGER earlier this year, Tim, and will be hoping to become a two-time champion tonight.”

    Lindsay Monahan: “And his opponents… first, weighing in at two hundred and sixty six pounds… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… NATE SAVAGE!”

    Tim Coleman: “The crowd aren’t quite so positive about Savage, Jim, but there’s no denying that he’s dangerous. Leo Taylor may have beaten him in the Quest for the Best last week, but Savage is coming off a big win in a handicap match against Johnny Vegas and Ariel Justice at Kings Reign Supreme, neither of which have been seen since.”

    Lindsay Monahan: “And next… weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds… from Princeton, Minnesota and wrestling out of St Paul, Minnesota… HUMANITY!”

    Jim Taylor: “Humanity makes his long-awaited return tonight and looks in great shape. He’s a former Tag Team Champion as well as a High Voltage Champion, and will be looking to extend that legacy here with a second reign.”

    Lindsay Monahan: “And weighing in at one hundred and seventy eight pounds… currently residing in Gainesville, Georgia by way of your mother’s bedroom… ETHAN CONNER!”

    Tim Coleman: “The crowd do not like Ethan Conner, but he and his brother have dominated the tag division in 2016 for a reason. He's my pick. It's about time the Echo dominated the singles division too.”

    Lindsay Monahan: “And finally… weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds… from The Long and Winding Road… “The Exile”… CYRUS TRUTH!”

    Jim Taylor: “The crowd goes wild for Cyrus, Tim, and he seems to be keeping a keen eye on Ethan Conner after the events of Kings Reign Supreme…”

    The referee lifts the new belt into the air and shows it to the audience before he hands it to Lindsay Monahan. It is deposited to the timekeeper as the official makes his final checks, the anticipation in the arena reaching fever pitch. The five men stare around the ring at one another in turn.

    Fatal 5-Way for the vacant CWA High Voltage Championship.
    Cyrus Truth vs. Elijah Edwards vs. Ethan Conner vs. Humanity vs. Nate Savage.

    As soon as the bell rings, Ethan Conner slides under the bottom rope and retreats to the outside, deciding to watch the early throws from a safe distance. Back in the ring, Truth, Edwards, and Humanity gang up on Savage, much to the crowd’s delight. They take it in turns to hit Nate with a few strikes and then a power move, Truth nailing a German suplex before Elijah hits him with his Day The Earth Stood Still delayed vertical suplex. Humanity picks Savage up and tosses him unceremoniously over the top rope. He has no time to celebrate, though, as Edwards and Truth are straight over to him to take him down with a series of clubbing forearms. Humanity tries to fight them off, but the numbers game is too much for him. He is overwhelmed to the point where he has to roll under the bottom rope to escape the double team, leaving Cyrus and Elijah to duke it out in the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “Just listen to this crowd, Tim! They are pretty much fifty-fifty here: one half screams ’let’s go Cyrus!’ and the other answers ’let’s go Edwards!’

    It goes on like this for some time, the two men staring at the scene around themselves before they eventually begin to circle the ring. It looks as if they are about to bring it in for a collar and elbow tie-up… but suddenly Truth face-plants the mat! Conner has tripped him by reaching under the bottom rope, and proceeds to pull him out of the ring. The two exchange right hands on the outside… and out of nowhere comes Edwards, flying through the second and third rope with a suicide dive! Truth and Ethan buckle under his weight and hit the floor, whilst Edwards pops up to pump his fist… but is taken down by a hard clothesline from Savage! Nate stands tall for a moment, but Humanity charges in with a low dropkick to the knee… and then an enziguri!

    Things break down on the outside for a few minutes, with Humanity picking Savage up and hurling him into the barricade and then over the announcers’ table. The two brawl in a straight-forward and vicious manner, Humanity climbing onto Nate to deliver some right hands before Savage can reverse with a few fists of his own. On the other side of the ring, Truth and Edwards have come to and are fighting up the ramp, Conner eventually joining the fray to take Edwards down with a drop kick, before he shoulder-blocks Truth off the ramp. Cyrus falls the short distance to the concrete below and Ethan focuses his attention on Elijah. He takes him by the scruff of the neck and leads him over to the steel steps, before forcing his face down onto them! He tries to repeat the move, but this time Edwards blocks, and then hits a series of elbows to Conner’s abdomen before throwing Ethan’s face down onto the steel. Edwards drags him away and attempts to Irish whip the tag champion into the steps… but Conner reverses it, and Edwards goes flying over them instead!

    Jim Taylor: “A premature celebration here from Ethan, listing both hands in the air as if to say he’s in full control…”

    Tim Coleman: “Well… he IS in full control, Jim!”

    After a good twenty seconds of goading, Conner lifts Edwards up and rolls him into the ring. He slides in afterwards, looking to crawl onto Elijah for a cover… but Savage charges across the ring, having seen off Humanity and climbed into it on the opposite side, cutting Ethan off with a punt to the ribs! He covers Edwards instead…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Savage looking to steal one there, but Edwards gets the shoulder up.”

    Nate looks to keep up the momentum, though, and after a half-dozen stomps to Elijah’s abdomen he hoists him back up to his feet. Savage doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and looks like he’s going for a Powerbomb… but Conner is back to his feet, and he uses Edwards’ back for a step up enziguri! Savage slumps to the mat and rolls to the corner as Ethan and Elijah face off again. They exchange forearms before Edwards cuts him off with a raised knee to the midsection, before putting him in a front face lock. Before he can do anything, though, Cyrus Truth slides back into the ring and hits a boot to Edwards’ midsection, keeling him over. Truth puts BOTH Edwards and Conner in a front face lock of his own, before driving them to the mat with a double snap DDT! Truth covers Edwards…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Edwards kicks out, so Truth covers Conner…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    This time it’s Conner’s turn to kick out. Cyrus takes the opportunity to suck in some deep breaths and weigh up his next move. Eventually he’s up to his feet, and he begins to walk across to Savage… but in comes Humanity, who hits Cyrus with a double axe handle to the back. Humanity takes Truth and tries to Irish whips him into a corner, but Truth reverses it and sends Humanity into the corner instead. He charges in for an attempted clothesline, but Humanity ducks it and lifts him up and over onto the apron, where Cyrus lands on his feet… only to be wiped out by a huge forearm from Humanity! Truth lands on his back on the apron and Humanity recovers in the corner… and so Conner charges in for a shoulder block, which Humanity dives out of the way of, sending Ethan shoulder-first into the steel post! Humanity moves back over to him, looking to capitalise, but he’s cut off by a clothesline from Savage that sends him over the top rope and onto the mat below!

    Savage focuses his attention on Conner, throwing him back against the turnbuckle. He hits a trio of knife edge chops before driving a knee and then a shoulder into Ethan’s gut, following up by forcing Conner into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Savage climbs up after him, hooking his arm and looking for a Superplex… But Truth has climbed up on the ring apron, and he leaps over the top rope into position for a Powerbomb beneath Savage…

    Jim Taylor: “Tower of Doom! All three men hit the mat!”

    Truth is obviously the least hurt by the move, and is up to his feet… but before he can make a cover he’s met by Edwards, who throws him over the top rope. Elijah goes straight into a cover on Savage…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    And then another on Conner after the kick out…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Humanity has slid under the bottom rope and makes the save. Humanity and Edwards begin to trade blows in the middle of the ring, Humanity coming off the better in the exchange. Edwards realises that he’s not going to win a strike-off and instead catches an attempted forearm, looking to drag Humanity down into an arm bar. Humanity instantly hooks the top rope with his free arm, and the referee comes in to force a break… Conner is back to his feet, and he charges at the two men near the ropes, who disperse as he gets closer… so instead Ethan somersaults over the top rope, taking out the recuperating Cyrus Truth on the outside!

    Tim Coleman: “Did you see that?! That’s why Ethan Conner is a tag team champion!”

    Jim Taylor: “I can’t argue with you there, Tim! These fans are showing their appreciation!”

    Ethan lifts his middle finger up to the fans and shouts something about not wanting their cheers. He talks a little trash as he hits some stomps on Cyrus. Eventually lifting him back to his feet. He looks to Irish whip Truth towards the timekeeper’s area… but Cyrus reverses and sends Ethan into the barrier instead. Conner lies draped over the barrier, and begins to rummage around in the timekeeper’s area as Cyrus waits for him to free himself. Eventually he does, and Truth charges towards him… but Conner wipes him out with his championship gold!

    Jim Taylor: “Underhanded tactics from Ethan Conner there, and the crowd don’t like it one bit! They’ve turned on Conner almost immediately.”

    Tim Coleman: “Oh, please. Boo hoo. It’s a No Disqualification match! Anything fair game!”

    Ethan takes Truth by the neck and hurls him over the barricade, the fans beginning to disperse as Cyrus flies towards them. Conner lines him up, waiting for Truth to get to his feet, and runs towards the barricade. He leaps over it, looking for a cross body… and it’s all that Cyrus can do to simply dive out of the way, Conner flying into the first row of empty seats! Cyrus is quick to follow up with some kicks, and Conner begins to climb up through the rows, looking to evade Truth’s assault. Cyrus goes after him, the two getting higher and higher, exchanging strikes and disrupting the audience…

    Jim Taylor: “I expected this to happen, Tim! These two have long-standing issues with each other and they seem to have forgotten about the CWA High Voltage Championship entirely!”

    Tim Coleman: “They just plain don’t like each other, Jim…”

    Truth has caught up with Conner and has dragged him over towards a flight of stairs. He hits a pair of clubbing forearms to the back before dragging Ethan into a front face lock. He hooks the arm, looking for a suplex… but Conner drops to a knee to block it, and then hits a low blow! Truth is doubled over, and Conner leaps on him, sending him up the stairs with a pair of right hands… the two disappear through an exit, exchanging strikes!

    Jim Taylor: “And that seems to leave three, Tim!”

    Inside the ring, Edwards had managed to work Humanity down to the mat with a series of holds, but became distracted as Truth and Conner withdrew from the field of combat. As they disappear, he is watching them from in the ring… and is rolled up in a schoolboy by Humanity!

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Savage has slid into the ring to break it up, and he looks to put Humanity into position for a bridging fisherman suplex. Humanity powers out, though, driving Nate all the way back into a set of turnbuckles to break free. He takes Savage and hurls him over the top rope, just as Edwards is back to his feet to charge over at Humanity... but Humanity rolls him up with a small package….

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Again Savage comes in and breaks it up. This time, he looks to lift Humanity up into position for a pumphandle slam… but Humanity slips out the back and hits a low dropkick to Savage’s knee. Humanity charges off the ropes and hits Nate with a shining wizard! Savage rolls beneath the bottom rope and again Edwards is there, charging at the rising Humanity. Humanity ducks the attempted clothesline and lifts Edwards up into a fireman’s carry…

    Jim Taylor: “Humanity hits it! The Devil’s Whisper! He hooks the leg…”


    Nate Savage is still rummaging around under the ring apron….


    Savage rolls into the ring with a steel chair in hand and dives towards the cover…

    THR - - NO!

    Savage brings the chair crashing down onto Humanity’s back to break it up at two! He’s quickly onto his feet and brings the chair down onto Humanity’s back three more times, Humanity retreating across the ring! Savage drops the weapon and hurls Humanity between the second and third ropes to recover on the outside, before focusing his attention on Edwards. He picks Elijah up and throws him off the ropes, hitting a Pop-Up Powerbomb onto the chair!! Savage hooks both legs and counts along with the referee.


    Lindsay Monahan: “Here is your winner… and the NEW CWA High Voltage Champion… NATE SAVAGE!!”

    The bell rings, and Savage takes a moment to come to, the other two men taking their leave of the ring. He takes a seated position in the corner, taking in heavy breaths after the exertion of the match. As the referee collects the CWA High Voltage Championship from the time-keeper, he pulls himself up using the top rope and staggers to the middle of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “What a match, Tim! And now Nate Savage is presented with his title belt.”

    Tim Coleman: “And the crowd seems to be loving it, Jim, which somewhat surprises me.”

    Jim Taylor: “Me too, Tim, but perhaps the memory of the championship’s theft is still fresh in their minds, and a man who has given so much to CWA holding the title can’t be a bad thing.”

    The audience’s applause only grows as he mounts the second turnbuckle, lifting the belt high above him and beating his chest. He climbs down and walks across the ring, repeating the gesture in the opposite corner. He waits there, nodding his head and placing the belt on his shoulder. He smiles in a satisfied, slightly smug manner, before hopping back down from the turnbuckle…

    … and he turns into a Busaiku Knee Kick!! The belt flies across the ring and Savage hits the mat!

    Jim Taylor: “That’s Michelle von Horrowitz!! Where did she come from!”

    Tim Coleman: “Where is security?! This woman is not employed by CWA! Get her out of our ring!”

    MVH seems worried about that too, and she glances nervously from her downed foe and the stage, expecting a team of security to appear at any moment. Savage is climbing to his feet, and she moves in with a boot to the midsection, following up with a Double Arm Underhook DDT! She transitions straight into the Cattle Mutilation, wrenching away at Savage’s neck and shoulder joints…

    Eventually, security come running down to the ring, and von Horrowitz is quick to let go of the hold. She collects Savage’s newly won championship from the mat before rolling out of the ring, moving over to the barricade and hopping over it. There are four large, muscular, private bodyguards waiting for her there, one of whom hands her back her own championship, the other three beginning to carve a path through the increasingly hostile crowd.

    Tim Coleman: “Just listen to this crowd, Jim! They’re letting MVH know exactly what they think of her.”

    Some fans go as far as to throw litter at the retreating von Horrowitz, but she marauds on regardless. One man attempts to charge past her security team, but is pie-faced to the ground by one of the guards! Michelle doesn’t stop at the exit to pose, instead disappearing through it immediately with a High Voltage Championship on each shoulder. Nate Savage comes to in the ring, using the corner to help himself up and fuming as we cut to commercial.


    Ruler of the Ring Match
    Krash vs. Leo Taylor

    Instead of coming through the entrance way, as Party Hard rages on, Leo appears in the crowd, towards one of the steps as he pumps the crowd up before running down the steps, handing everyone high fives as he stops half way there, points towards a certain section of the crowd before being lifted up by that section, surfing on the crowd down to ringside as he's dropped on his feet before raising his hand up. He runs towards the apron and jumps on before jumping of the rope and going for a high five from Krash and the referee.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from New York, NY, he stands at 6'0 and weighs in at 200lb. He is "The Ultimate Fanboy"...LEO TAYLOR!

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor always having a fun time with the fans but soon he's going to have to focus because he'll have his plate full tonight

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Melbourne, Australia by way of The Hinterland, West of Melbourne. Standing at 5'11 and weighing in at 205lbs..."The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!

    Jim Taylor: Leo is going to need all of the energy that he can muster because tonight he faces his toughest test since his arrival in CWA

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, no kidding about that Jimbo. While he may be a little too goody shoes for me, there's no denying that Krash is an accomplished superstar in this company holding multiple championships

    Jim Taylor: You make a valid point there Tim. Krash is no stranger to championship gold in CWA having been the holder of the tag team championships and the world champion on more than one occassion, and you can bet that he'll be looking to add more notches on that belt

    The bell rings as Krash extends his hand to the newcomer, who accepts with wide-eyed enthusiasm. After the handshake, the two men lock up in the middle of the ring, looking for position. Krash gets the advantage with an armbar transition, wrenching back on the shoulder. Taylor, showing his agility, rolls out and goes for a forearm, but Krash transitions that into a waistlock. Taylor manages to grab the rope as Krash attempts to roll him up, forcing him to break the hold. Taylor goes for a running kick to the head, but Krash ducks and gets to his feet. Both men go for a dropkick and collide as they hit the mat. Krash and Taylor scramble to their feet as Krash goes for a lariat, which Taylor ducks and turns into an armdrag, which Krash follows up with a hip toss of his own. Taylor manages to get in a sneaky pin attempt that Krash rolls out of before going for a pinning combination of his own. Taylor kicks out as Krash and Taylor have a brief face-off, getting a round of applause from the crowd.

    Both men nod as they lock up again, this time Leo getting the better of it by transitioning to a headlock. Krash struggles as he pushes Taylor into the corner, forcing Taylor to break the hold. Taylor tries for a forearm, but Krash counters that into the first real offense of the evening with a back suplex! Taylor lands hard as Krash goes for a series of kicks, the feeling-out process now done and over as Krash has a craving for World Title gold. However, Leo's not backing out as he manages to grab Krash's leg and whips him down with a dragon screw. Leo follows up with a running dropkick right to the face and, as Krash goes down hard, decides for a little showboating as he climbs up the corner for some high-risk offense. And it doesn't pay off as Krash gets up and pushes Leo off the top...but Leo turns it into a tope dive into the audience! The crowd is carrying the Ultimate Fanboy on their arm as Krash looks mightily confused and rolls out, asking the fans to please give him back as they're in the middle of a match. The crowd does as they set Leo on the barricade, who goes for another dropkick, but only just grazes Krash. Taylor tries to follow that up with a superkick, but Krash is too familiar with the move having dealt with the Echo and catches it, spinning Leo around and hitting him with a German suplex on the arena floor! Krash rolls Leo back into the ring and goes for the pin, only getting two.

    Krash, the veteran, takes advantage of the situation by using solid technique to grind away at Leo, keeping the newcomer grounded while using pin combinations to score the win. Leo shows a ton of heart in keeping his shoulders off the mat, but the experience edge is obvious as Krash continues to keep the pace slow and methodical. Though he's known for being fast himself, Leo's youth means that Krash's speed isn't QUITE up to Leo's energy.

    Krash, after a lengthy ground and grind session, decides to up the ante in offense with a gourdbuster, but Leo counters that into an inverted DDT! Leo looks winded as he heads out of the ring and rummages under the ring. He pulls out a can of some kind of energy drink called RedFox which he opens and chugs down. Whatever is in that rotgut seems to have charged up Leo as he races back into the ring, wild-eyed as he delivers a series of clotheslines to Krash before downing him with a pair of axe handle smashes. Leo's gotten a very hyper second wind as he picks up Krash for his finisher Die Hard, but Krash turns that into a headscissors takedown! Leo's quick to his feet as he flies in with an enzugiri, dropping Krash. The crowd's hyped as Leo decides to give them something to cheer for.

    He heads for the corner and does an astonishing headstand on the top turnbuckle, before going for a springboard moonsault...Krash gets the knees up! Leo clutches his midsection as Krash drops him with Satan's Spike brainbuster! Krash goes for the top rope and connects with the Kill! The White Wolf covers...

    ...NO! Leo kicks out of The Kill! What guts! Krash looks astonished (and perhaps a bit amused) as Leo, clutching his chest, struggles to get to his feet, trying his best to feed off the crowd. But the crowd's energy is not enough as many are pulling for the former World Champion and Krash ends this with a knee right to Leo's chin! Krash hooks both legs and scores the win, advancing to the finals!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match...KRASH!

    Krash helps Leo to his feet and once he's up Leo extends his hand out to the wily veteran, who obliges Leo with a hand shake. Leo then takes his leave holding his chin that was just rocked by Krash's knee, while the veteran enjoys his moment.

    Jim Taylor: Krash moves on to the finals, but you have got to give it up for Leo Taylor who showed that he can hang with the best of them!

    Tim Coleman: I'll admit that the kid impressed me. More performances like that and he'll no doubt be a champion in years to come, but tonight is Krash's night and he'll take on either Snowmantashi or Drew Conner. Personally my money is on Drew, he's going to do what his brother Ethan couldn't do earlier tonight and holding singles gold along with tag team gold!

    Jim Taylor: I can bet that Jon Snowmantashi will have something to say about that, and as a matter of fact we're going to hear from the champion now...

    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 500, align: center"]
    [TD]Backstage, Jonathan Snowmantashi sits with KAITADESU and John Duncan as they prepare for the main event championship bout.

    'To Chase Glory. One Must Evolve Instead Of Repeating The Same Incessant Stuff.'

    “They don't want these type of wrestlers here, in this company, but they allow the nuisances that come with Cyrus being on this roster. It's a lack of common sense, just like how it's a lack of common sense to have gone nearly a YEAR. A DAMN YEAR. and neither me or Ethan has got a shot at the world title..The more we’ve stuck in the midcard the more CWA loses mon-”

    The snore cut through the endless tirade coming out of the flat screen television set posted up in the corner. Snowmantashi and KAITADESU both turned over to John Duncan who was sprawled on his chair, drooling. To be fair, Snowmantashi had long since pulled out his phone and began playing Cookie Clicker, a menial game that lacked effort and dulled the mind, but yet he found it a more exciting option than what was playing on the television set. Feeling the stares of the two men within the locker room, Duncan woke himself from his slumber. His head turned between the two men at his side, and he posted an innocent smile.

    “Oh, come on. Look, I’ve been watching every single Adrenaline Rush since Jon-lad was hired in the first place - every time one of those two brothers comes on into the ring, they repeat the same nonsense every single time!”

    KAITADESU scoffs and says, “It’s not that bad, come on, they’ve been here as long as Snowmantashi, they’ve done some fresh stuff since then, they paired up with Indy Club.”

    “Actually, KAITADESU, this time I’m inclined to agree with Duncan-kun. The CWA is a mountain of incredible warriors, Misheru-kun, wherever she may be, Eriya-kun who proved himself last Adorenarin Rush, Grim-san who is making his return, LIGHTBRINGER. Countless others. They’ve evolved. Changed. They’ve become better versions of themselves. And, while they are not ready to fell me, they’ve gotten closer to it… but I’ve faced these Young Boys before, and there’s a reason that, from the first day I’ve faced them, or from the first day they stepped in the ring, that I have still regarded them as Young Boys.”

    “Because they act like petulant children?” KAITADESU in particular wasn’t a big fan of the Echo brothers, their childish tirades and disrespectful behavior did not go well with a man of constant tradition, who had plied his trade in a foreign land of honorable warriors. John Duncan, once a fan of their controversial behavior, now slept through a behavior that had been played on repeat this past year so often, that it could no longer be deemed controversial, merely impolite.

    “That is part of the issue, but children grow. We were all petulant once - these Young Boys they have not grown. Young Boys are meant to mature, I do not mean they lose the light in their eyes, but at some point, they discover they must evolve to continue up the mountain… but the Young Boys, Drew and Ethan, they have satisfied themselves with their comfortable position halfway up the mountain. Eriya-kun, he could have pulled off a miracle and beaten me for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World, Leo Taylor could shock the world when we face off, Kurasshu-san could regain his great past glories. They have tales. They have stories. They’ve fallen from the mountain. They have risen up the mountain. They’ve grown. They’ve changed. But the more things change, the more the Young Boys have become comfortable in their stability. They make their money. They hold onto their pair of titles. They say the same things the world come to boo, and they think they stand out, but they’re merely furniture now. These people, they jeer out of habit, not out of genuine hatred. They no longer care for the Young Boys who have not done anything new in months.” The television screen which had gone on muted, was turned on again.

    “I figure if I take a page out of their book, maybe he'll listen to me. Maybe this one little scene will make the front page of CWA dot net and the rest of the segment just ignored.“ The world had indeed perked up when Drew Connor for once showed an attempt at deviating from what had become formulaic for the brothers, they wanted to hear what Drew truly had to say, something different, something out of the ordinary… but then he went on to repeat the very same things he had said before he began his ‘shoot’. He complains about Cyrus Truth being out of control - just as seconds before the shoot he was calling Cyrus a ‘maniac’, he complains about Cyrus being a man smaller than everyone else, a direct call back to what he called the ‘little man’s syndrome’ before his shoot began, he states that this show is his (and Ethan’s by extension) but this calls back to even before his shoot, he’s been claiming it’s his show for months. He whines at not getting world title opportunities, while he is now fighting for it, and this has been the same complaint he’s had since the moment Snowmantashi first fought him and his brother, Snowmantashi was ‘tossed’ to the front of the line while they languished in midcard mediocrity.

    Snowmantashi shakes his head and mutes the TV set again. “KAITADESU, for a second I believed that Drew would for the first time since he’s entered the CWA, emerge from that hole he’s made in the mountain, and once more remembered why he got here, to climb to the top - and you do not climb to the top by repeating yourself, by becoming an endless fractal. This is what these Young Boys are. They throw the same vast insults at their opponents every week. They complain of injustices, of a lack of opportunity but they have spent the past year hauling Makuginisu-kun on their shoulders. And when they have had the opportunity to step into the ring with me, they’ve resorted to every single means of ending a match that does not involve pinning me or submitting me. I have never done a ‘shoot’, I have never needed to. I have always proved myself in the ring and in my failures I have risen, I have become a greater titan, and I have always achieved victory. The Connors have never even acknowledged failure, they fear it, when they close in on it, they find ways to avoid it, to put an asterisk next to it in hopes that no one will see it is a failure.”

    Duncan clears his throat. “It’s not that I disagree with you, Jon-lad, look, I’m always out there for controversial statements, I was hoping Drew would say something, whether true or untrue, that would shake the CWA. We all watched the FWA when Chris Kennedy spoke and everyone who wrestles, and every wrestling fan, FWA or not, and even those who aren’t fans, they all perked up to listen, there was truth in there, something new, something that shook the foundations of the FWA. Drew spouted the same dribble he does every week, except this time he did it twice over and I imagine he thought we were so dumb we wouldn’t notice his shoot was the same as his straight stuff, or maybe, at the last second, he was afraid of doing something different so he pulled back-”

    “John, are you going somewhere with this?” KAITADESU interrupts what had become less a Devil’s Advocate point of view and more harping on the Young Boys’s failures.

    “Yes, sorry. Look, when it all comes down to it - Drew Connor pinned Cyrus Truth in that ring last week, he would not be here if he had failed at that task.”

    There’s a couple of seconds that passes by.

    “Sairaisu Truth-kun is a man of many mysteries. I thought him a man lost, he failed in his quest for supremacy in the FWA, and then he returns here and he failed in his quest to shut down the Young Boys, and last Adorenarin Rash, with an opportunity at redemption, an opportunity at absolute glory, he could not reach for it. He failed.” Snowmantashi looks absently down, though he had belittled the glory chaser last week, there was a part of him that had hoped he would truly chase glory and bring to Snowmantashi a war to remember. “And then, at a grand stage, he faced off against the FWA’s greatest warrior, and he emerged a champion. How fitting would it be, to crown the Ruler of the Ring, that the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World and the FWA Heavyweight Champion of the World do battle, how fitting to prove who truly is better?” Duncan could probably salivate at the marketing power such a main event would have. “But he lost against the Young Boy.”

    “You’re putting too much credit on Cyrus Truth failing, and not Drew Connor winning.”

    “You’re right, and that’s a mistake I’m willing to acknowledge. Sairaisu-kun would not bend for any opponent, certainly least of all the Young Boy. I have never claimed the Young Boys were without talent, they have utterly taken over the tag team wars, and become Empire-esque in that no one dares rise to challenge them. Makuginisu-kun would not have come to their side unless they had earned his twisted respect. Sairaisu-kun would not seek to mentor and guide just any warriors, only those with the potential for glory. But Sairaisu-kun, ultimately, did not mentor them, because he sees what I see, beyond their juvenile behaviors.”

    “They’re afraid of reaching for glory,” KAITADESU said at almost a whisper. Snowmantashi nodded.

    “You two are starting to sound awfully like Cyrus Truth with your talk of glory and reaching for it, and such. Drew wasn’t entirely wrong when he called him a maniac, let’s not deviate to that mental status quo.”

    “You don’t understand. I was like the Young Boys once, I was a fat-,” John Duncan coughed, earning a deadly glare from Snowmantashi that quickly made him look away, “infantile, afraid man. I had been given a stage to rise, but I never sought to achieve glory, or greatness, or the mountain’s peak. I satisfied myself with the paycheck that allowed me to eat, and the claps and cheers that followed a silly victory over whoever I faced, be that my falling on top of an opponent trying to lift me, or my skull shattering another’s into unconsciousness by way of their own headbutt. I was content with it. And I never sought to reach any higher, until I fell to the bottom. Drew is afraid to reach higher.”

    “It sounds to me like you’re gonna start imparting life lessons on everyone you face,” Duncan said.

    “The CWA is a land filled with warriors, all who seek to beat me, but none who are ready to do it, and it is up to me to impart on them the strength to reach that glory. Even Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun, for all their great experience, and success, they do not know what it takes to conquer many worlds. Perhaps Sairaisu-kun is learning, for that is why he left the CWA in the first place, and perhaps, what he is learning will give him what it takes to fell me, to burn my mountain to the ground. But as of yet, he has shown no such knowledge and growth.” His thoughts seem to endlessly go back to the man he thought had the greatest chance at reaching the mountain peak. “Drew Connor, has the potential for glory but he’s afraid of reaching it,” he repeats, and nods to KAITADESU. “It’s not like Eriya-kun who wasn’t ready. Drew has shown he can beat the greatest of warriors - and perhaps that’s what he needed, to be apart from his brother, and so he could finally have no one but himself to rely on, and caught in a corner, he has chosen to bite back, instead of digging a hole in that corner and escaping through there. It is quite possible, Drew Connor will step into the ring, will see the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World held up to the sky, and all that fear will disappear, the corner will truly be a corner and not a means of escape, and he will want to do nothing else but reach for the glory that is so close to him.”

    Snowmantashi looks at the CWA gold sprawled on the bench. He had decided to put the belt on the line, and that might have been sheer arrogance, or a desperate desire to push his every opponent to exceeding what they’d done before, at the chance at ultimate glory, at the peak of the mountain. But - he doesn’t truly believe he’ll lose it. He will push his opponents past their limits, but he does not believe that reaching past those limits will be enough to slay the KAIJU that has stood over the CWA like a great cloud, and been unmoving for a year now.

    “Can you imagine, Drew Connor, CWA World Heavyweight Champion? Next thing you know, he’s given a first opportunity to Ethan Connor, and they’re main eventing the PPV.” KAITADESU chuckles to himself at the idea.

    “Hey, either that would sell ridiculously well, or that match would turn into an empty arena match,” Duncan replies.

    “No,” Snowmantashi’s word cuts into both men’s giggles like a knife edged palm strike. “I will not allow the Young Boy to become the champion atop this mountain. He may be a true warrior without his brother, but his brother has not left, he is still very well present. If Drew Connor were to defeat me tonight, he would not take my place atop the mountain. He would steal the gold that hails me as KAIJU and he would hurry back to his hole at the midway point, to shine his gold with Ethan and deem it precious. And then, like Makuginisu-kun, he would find every which way, with his brother, to keep hold of his title, every which way that does not involve ever truly retaining the honor I have fought to instill in that crown.”

    Snowmantashi stands up and walks over to the belt, he grabs it. He had always been under the belief that a championship belt means nothing if it’s wielder means nothing. You may grab the sharpest, deadliest blade in the world, but in the hands of a child, a wooden stick could emerge victorious. Snowmantashi had accepted every challenge, be it a friend, the deadliest structure known to man, or an ambitious women, and now he was putting it on against every opponent before him in the quest to be Ruler of the Ring. The belt had become synonymous with a man who could not abide by dishonor, by lack of sense, by petulance. And he would not allow it to degrade to dust in the hands of one who did not deserve it.

    “I will beat the Young Boy tonight because it’s my responsibility. Sairaisu Truth-kun returned to the CWA because he believed it had become rampant, wild, and overcome by disease and yet, he has succumbed to that very same disease and now he is a part of an issue. He is complacent. I will not be complacent. I have watched Drew defeat Sairaisu Truth-kun. I have faced him before. I have faced the man that inspired him and destroyed him. I have seen their every successes. I will not allow this to be one of their successes. I will give the Young Boy a taste at glory, at what it means to be at the peak of this mountain, and then I will send him back to his hole. But I will give him a thirst for what it means to attain glory, I will give him a glimpse, a fleeting touch, and he will abandon his brother one day to attain this again. Someone will whisper into his ear, and it will not be his brother, it will be the ambition within, the glory chaser within, the mountain slayer within, it will whisper to him that this here, is the one belt that rules them all. If he wants to reach it, to hold it. He has to shed every thing. He is lucky, he does not have the world on his shoulders as I do. He has one man. His brother. All he has to do is let go of it, and I will stand in the ring, arms ready to face him again, and only then will I even consider defeat at the hands of the Young Boy.”

    “So what are you gonna do if Ethan Connor tries to get involved, kid.”

    Snowmantashi thought long and hard about that. Guarantees with a third party involved were always a long shot, and he had learned in his rivalry with McGinnis that he could not guarantee he’d emerge victorious when he had to look behind his back for the slightest movement.

    “Perhaps Drew Connor will find honor in that victory he had last week and advise his brother that he is capable of doing this on his own. And perhaps, his brother, fallen for Drew’s confidence, will agree, and stay in the back.”

    All three men looked at each other in stone cold silence. Snowmantashi smirked and the other laughed.

    “If Ethan Connor decides he will involve himself in my war against Drew Connor then that is his decision to make, there is nothing I can do to avoid that dilemma, but, should he make a mistake and end up within my grasp, I will tear him apart. Ultimately, it would be wrong of me to consider defeat, and I won’t consider it, even with Ethan standing at the corner. To consider defeat, as I always say, would be to lull yourself into thinking defeat will be fine. It will not. I can’t allow it. Not against Drew. Thus, I will say only this, he may find a million ways to try and beat me, but I have shown Makuginisu-kun that I am not a man you can be rid of unless you truly and absolutely destroy me. The Young Boys have called me a whale a great many times, and they are right. I accept the title of Moby-Dick because we are a great deal alike. Your captain, Makuginisu-kun or Ahab… they were desperate to beat me. They lost all sense of sanity. And in their desperation, they were dragged into permanent defeat. Ethan and Drew may choose to follow their captain as Ahab’s crew did, and they may fall to the same fate.” He shrugs. “Ultimately, that’s up to them.”

    He puts the championship on his shoulder. “Tonight, I hope that Drew Connor, after having tasted glory over Sairaisu Truth-kun, will truly shed his old habits. I am not suggesting he change who he truly is. He will always be a man who has always had to fight against the odds, and against the world. He can be proud of his trailer park all that he wants. But I hope that tonight he will show me something different, I hope he will not come out, attempt to shock the world with something they’ve seen plenty of times, and then repeat complaints about not getting opportunities, about getting kept down, about my incessant spot at the top. Tonight, he has that opportunity. There is no more room to bawl. There is no more room for him to cry. Tonight, after a thousand years of going through the fluff of the first page of his life, he finally turns the page and he moves on. He has the opportunity of a lifetime, and if he fails, he will have no one else to blame but himself. Unlike Makuginisu-kun, I will be a fighting champion. I will fight every single person in the CWA to prove I am who I say I am, not merely the one at the top of the mountain, but the mountain itself. And I await to find the man who can destroy this mountain. That man isn’t you Drew. At the very least, not yet. So tonight, I hole Drew into his little cave, I send him back to the comfort of stagnance and I continue chasing a warrior worthy of destroying me.”

    The television set has arrived to the face of Krash defeating Ethan Connor by now. Almost fatefully. Snowmantashi walks over to the door, he’s got a main event to fight.


    Ruler of the Ring Match - Main event for the World Championship
    Drew Conner vs. Jon Snowmantashi (c)

    The familiar tune of "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" plays out and the crowd erupts into a massive negative reaction, giving Drew the scathing response that he desires as he soaks it all in when he steps out. He walks down the ramp with a pep in his step and swagger while his tag team championship is wrapped snuggly around his waist.

    Jim Taylor: As usual I sense no lack of confidence from the elder Conner

    Drew enters the ring and his music soon fades out and is replaced by "Sword of Destiny", causing the crowd to explode with cheers and Jon Snowmantashi appears from behind the curtain. He slowly walks to the ring, ever stoic and stoney eyed expression with his focus remaining on the obnoxious man he's about to face off with.

    Tim Coleman: Why shouldn't Drew be brimming with confidence Jimbo? The man, along with his brother, have dominated the tag team scene since their arrival and now are seeking out loftier goals

    Jim Taylor: Yes, but can they get by on their own is the question. We saw earlier tonight that Ethan was unable to capture the High Voltage championship, can Drew be the difference maker between the two? My guess is that we're about to find out...

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Gainesville, Georgia by way of your mother's bedroom, standing at 5'10 and weighing in at 172lbs...DREW CONNER!

    The fans continue to show their displeasure for Drew, though a smattering of cheers can be heard from some of his supporters, albeit small amount of supporters but supporters nonetheless.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent coming to us from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California, standing at 6'5 and weighing in at 290lbs. He is the current reigning and defending CWA World Heavyweight Champion and also simply known as "Kaiju"...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    The fans obviously in heavy favor of the champion, who hands his championship over to the referee before the bell is signaled.

    Drew Conner leans back on his corner, for all his confidence, between now and the moment the bell rings, he has a sort of reality check. Snowmantashi is at the opposite side, standing front and tall, straight-faced, he only allows a short glance at the title being passed onto the outside, then refocuses on Drew. The bell rings. Snowmantashi walks over to the center of the ring but Drew is quick to raise his arms and mouth something which causes the champion to pause in the middle of the ring. Drew offers up a handshake, and the crowd is quick to demand Snowmantashi refuses it. But honor prevails and he reaches out back only to get brutalized with a superkick and we’re not even a minute into this one. Snowmantashi stumbles back but does not fall, and when he brings his head down, there’s a sneer there. He’s quick to chase and Drew is quick to slide right outside. Snowmantashi does not hesitate in his pursuit. He slides right outside but Drew slides inside, and as soon as ‘Tashi tries to get back in, Drew drop kicks him, sending three hundred pounds crashing down at ringside.Elder Conner has a smirk on his face when the jeers arrive and he steps onto the apron, looking down on his opponent. He nods his head off, and then in a stunning display of athleticism hops off for a shooting star splash off the apron and onto the back of Snowmantashi. He rolls around holding his gut, proving the old adage that often great rewards and great risk come as a package. Snowmantashi gets up not before long and Drew’s already slid into the ring. He moves over to the ropes and waits for Snowmantashi to slide back in - but this time the KAIJU knows better. He slides right back out to avoid the running drop kick, and then like a demon out of hell, reaches back in to drag out Drew. Elder Conner is desperate to hold onto the ropes but Snowmantashi keeps pulling, until he pulls so hard Drew releases it and finds himself sit out powerbombed right there at ringside. Endless replays showcase the replay of the impact. Snowmantashi stands up coolly and adjust his tights. He lifts Drew up and tosses him into the barricade. He takes a running start to lariat the shit out of him but Drew dives out of the way just in time. He returns on the offense in a split second, a boot to the gut, two fist but he’s quick to notice his strikes only piss the big man off and he hurries into the ring.

    This time, he’s well aware Snowmantashi is right behind him and he continues onto the ropes, by the time Snowmantashi gets a chance to stop his momentum, he’s caught in Drew’s springboard moonsault. Drew hooks the leg almost instantly but in that very instant, he’s sent flying away. Drew is up again, and Snowmantashi has to take a second to get on a knee, but that’s a bad decision. Drew rushes in and hops on Snowmantashi’s shoulders, driving him head first into the mat in a modified hurricanranna. And again he goes for the pinfall after rolling Snowmantashi over, this time he gets to one before Snowmantashi kicks out. Drew pushes the hair out of his face, slapping his knees and stands back up, he calmly goes over to the ropes (as calmly as a Conner can be) and holds onto it with one arm, waiting patiently for ‘Tashi to get up. He doesn’t have to wait too long, super kick number two! But wait! Snowmantashi drives his own skull into the sole of that boot and knocks Drew off balance.

    Rarely do you see the super kick countered in such a fashion, if that can be called a counter. Snowmantashi grabs Drew by his hair and drags him into the middle of the ring all the while laying into his skull with vicious kicks that will no doubt knock some teeth loose. And then, when he releases his hair, he goes on top the man on all fours and wails at him with wide haymakers that look like they’ll either decapitate Drew, or if we’re lucky, just give him a concussion. Drew has no choice but to drop flat on his belly and put his hands across his head. At last, Snowmantashi relents and takes a step back. Drew, believing he has a chance to at least crawl to the ropes, is back on all four but his eyes go wide and he makes the silliest face you can imagine when Snowmantashi palms his hair again and drags him up to his feet only for himself to be sent stumbling away with a pele kick! Was that a desperate move, or Drew baiting the world champion, the grin on his face doesns’t reveal much. Seizing the daze of the world champion, Drew does his best display of acrobatics before catching ‘Tashi’s skull and planting him down with a Tornado DDT.

    Drew doesn’t quite go for a pinfall, instead he chooses to slide out of the ring. He goes over to ringside and gestures to someone in the crowd, in the second row. “After I win this championship from tubby over there, you want to celebrate? I only have a twin bed, but trust me, we don’t need anymore than that.” And his chatter is promptly ended when he turns around and three hundred pounds crushes him into the barricade. “KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU!” the roaring chant comes rapid. Snowmantashi stands up and lifts Drew Conner with him, all the way onto his shoulders. Drew tries to punch his way out of it but it’s pointless, and when he finds the KAIJU running across ringside, he reaches out for nothing and gets sent flying back first with a running powerbomb. Drew is quick to holler at the ref and point at his shoulder and the referee is quick to slide out and direct the KAIJU back into the ring.

    Drew and the referee confer for seconds before Drew nods and both he and the ref head for the ring. Snowmantashi wants to get right back into it but the referee allows Drew some breathing room, one he doesn’t care to take, he shoves the referee aside and hits his third super kick of the night. This one rocks Snowmantashi into the ropes, but he’s not done there, he takes a fourth super kick and Snowmantashi damn well leaves his feet. He crotch chops. A fifth super kick has Snowmantashi lifted off his feet so much so that he goes over onto the apron. Drew runs to the corner, then sprints across to the other corner, hops on the top turnbuckle, jumps off, catches Snowmantashi’s skull and drives into the apron. The KAIJU falls limp at ringside while Drew slides into the ring and demands the referee makes the ten count. There’s a question of whether the title can change hands or not via such a decision when considering its also a tournament match but Drew seems willing to take that risk. The referee raises one finger, ‘Tashi doesn’t move, a second finger, still nothing, a third, he stirs, a fourth, he rolls onto his back, a fifth, he groans and rolls back onto all fours, a sixth, and he reaches for the barricade, a seventh and he takes another breather, an eighth and he pulls himself up, a ninth, and he has a surge of energy to slide back into the ring.

    Drew Conner shakes the ring ropes in sheer frustration but doesn’t allow that to stop him from halting his offense. He measures Snowmantashi and hits shooting star leg drop to the back of the man’s head. It takes an enormous amount of effort to drag him fully into the ring and hook the leg, and he doesn’t, this time getting deep into a two count before he kicks out. Drew stands back up and hears the mounting “KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU!” chant attempting to will the champion up, he looks at the champion trying to get back up and slaps him clean across the face. And then, his crotch inches away, does a crotch chop right there and then. There’s a resounding chorus of boos but that only gets Drew grinning wider. He slaps him a second time but Snowmantashi seems too lost in the immediate moment to react seriously.

    When he’s at least gotten back to a vertical base, Drew turns his back on Snowmantashi and faces the ropes, “watch this!” he shouts and as soon as he bends forward to flip, big meaty hands wrap around his waist and he’s dropped onto the back of his head with a german suplex. The man rebounds against the mat so hard he’s back onto his feet before promptly dropping to the mat. Snowmantashi is calm but there’s an unmistakable fury in his eyes. He lifts Drew up, and with immense power sends him across the ring, and he follows it up, the moment Drew bounces off the ropes, he’s turned inside out with arguably the most vicious lariat you’ll ever see, Drew damn near does two revolutions in the air before hitting the ground. Snowmantashi finally bothers to hook the leg and nearly gets a three count before Drew breaks millions of hard lifts his shoulder up. Snowmantashi isn’t fazed by the kick out. He gets Drew back up, measures his opponent and the jumping axe kick hits him square in the face but at the same time, he’s been struck with a super kick. Drew falls to the mat upside down, and Snowmantashi stumbles back into the ropes.

    For once, Snowmantashi seems truly dejected, grasping for air and he chooses to end this one when he gets to his feet, adjusts his tights, lifts Drew up and tosses him on his shoulders for the Hailstorm - but Drew knows the perfect reverse and drills Snowmantashi skull first into the mat. It’s a wonder the man doesn’t have a damn concussion yet. Drew remains on the mat as well and the referee begins a count. It only strikes five before booth them are up, Drew, desperate, rakes at the eyes of Snowmantashi and drills a kick that might have been a bit low considering where Snowmantashi reaches in pain. He jumps onto the back of the neck of the champ and everyone remembers the maneuver that put away Cyrus Truth and forever altered the long and winding road! It’s the Canadian Destroyer. Can he pull it on the three hundred pounder? We never get a chance to find out, Snowmantashi stands straight, wrenches on the legs of Drew to send him spine first into the mat with an Alabama Slam! He pushes forward on the leg to put all the pressure on Drew’s back as he goes for the pin but Drew someone manages to kick out once again, right on the nick of time.

    Snowmantashi is on his back, perhaps thinking how he’ll put this one away, and the idea comes in quickly and simply, the same way he’s put a great deal of matches away before. He marches to the ropes, back turned to Drew, and the crowd go silence. Snowfall straight onto the mat, Drew rolls away just in time and both men lie near dead in the ring, all for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and a chance to be crowned Ruler of the Ring.

    Jim Taylor: This one is for all the marbles and these competitors are giving it their all tonight!

    Drew begins to stir, albeit slowly as he barely drapes his over Snowmantashi...


    Jim Taylor: Drew in disbelief thinking he had the championship inches within his grasp!

    Drew rolls to his feet and pleads his case with referee Billy Stevens, berating the poor man by calling him an idiot and telling him to count faster. All the while Snowmantashi has regained his composure, slowly but surely and sneaks up behind Drew with a school boy roll up!


    Drew kicks out and he's irate that he almost got caught like that. He rolls up to a vertical base as Snowmantashi is on his knees and before he can react he's clobbered with superkick! Yet Snowmantashi doesn't budge, instead he rises up to his feet much to chagrin of Drew and Snowmantashi unloads on Drew with brutally stiff knife edge chops that echo through the building. Drew is teetering on the ropes now with a beet red chest before Snowmantashi hoists him up on shoulders looking for the Hailstorm, but Drew somehow scrambles away and catches Jon from behind with a razor's edge pin...


    Snowmantashi kicks out and looks fired up as Drew cannot believe it. Drew attempts another superkick, but this time Snowmantashi swats him away like an annoying gnat before hoisting him up...HAILSTORM! Snowmantashi makes the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match and STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi continues to roll on defeating Drew Conner, which advances him to the finals to meet Krash!

    Tim Coleman: You've gotta give credit where it's due Jimbo, Drew Conner put on one helluva performance AGAIN I might add, and yet you sit there still singing the praises of Snowmantashi!

    Jim Taylor: I'm not taking anything away from Drew, Tim. He put on one heck of a performance out there and very well held his own against Snowmantashi, but in the end it just wasn't enough to keep the fighting champion down. Now, as some would call it a dream match, will take place as Snowmantashi will defend his championship against Krash in the finals! Until then we'll see you next week fans, good night!

    *END SHOW*


    Match credits
    Cyrus Truth: Leo Taylor vs Krash
    Jon Snow: Drew Conner vs Jon Snowmantashi
    SuperSaiyan: Fatal five way
    Jimmy King: Triple threat/main event finish

    Punk Wolf
    Jon Snow

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Interesting show. It was about time one of the Conners got a singles title shot and I'd love to read AON's RP for the main event. The final with Krash next week promises to be another belter. Looking forward to where we're going from here.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Interesting show. It was about time one of the Conners got a singles title shot and I'd love to read AON's RP for the main event. The final with Krash next week promises to be another belter. Looking forward to where we're going from here.
    I think you're getting bored of my rps

    Wasn't expecting a Savage win tbh but Nate Savage vs MvH should be an interesting thing going forward.

    Wonder if we get Truth vs. Ethan soon. Also Krash and Snowmantashi should have the worlds friendliest contract signing. Feel like the only way it gets antagonistic is if the internal alpha male genes kick in and they start taking gradually worse jabs at each other. I think going forward, both with this and Kazadi, I need to write more varied promos or segments. I was critical through Tashis voice at the idea of being repetitive andd that was hypocritical, though the subject and words have varied, my method has been pretty constant. I feel like a dull Del Rio type. Or Cena. Keep going back to the well for what works instead of going on an adventure for a different source.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
    I think you're getting bored of my rps
    not at all. It's just I've already read yours. AON needs to post in his sign-up thread more. Well, I guess he doesn't need to, but I'd like him to...

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Forgot to mention but thanks as always Jimmy/Cyrus for putting the show together. Y'all don't get enough appreciation for what you do

    As for the main event, I'm sure it was a tight finish, havent fully read AON's rp but I will when I get the chance. I was thinking that Drew Conner winning would be an interesting situation, especially if we saw some twin magic but it would leave open the possibility for a unique Krash/Drew/Snowmantashi triple threat and some combos like Krash/Snowmantashi vs. Drew/Ethan, or even all four in a fatal four way. It'd definitely be something different. I'm curious as to if the Conners might move into singles competition permanently (Drew to ME and Ethan to HV).

    Hopefully I didn't treat Drew too badly in our match and he looked just as good as Snowmantashi.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Five way was fun... kicking myself over missing the deadline because I really feel I could have given the eventual winner a run for their money. next time. Snowmantashi emerges victorious. It is going to be an epic win whoever in this tournament is able to dethrone the champion.

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