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    Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Highlights from Kings Reign Supreme play out...

    Mason throws off his straps and brings Leo in for another belly to back suplex! Mason is getting fired up and so is Leo as he begins to hulk up with the support of the fans as he deflects strikes from Mason before hitting him with a Spirit Bomb! Leo now brings Mason in...DIE HARD! He hooks the leg for the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Leo Taylor!
    Johnny rolls off of Nate onto his stomach while Nate lies on his back breathing heavily before rolling to his side. Both competitors begin to stir and rise up, and turn to face each other delivering stiff right and lefts to one another. Johnny busting open Nate's upper lip while Nate does more damage to Johnny's already busted nose, and finally it's Nate with the upper hand or knee as he knees Johnny in the gut doubling him over. He places Johnny in position...FALLAWAY PACKAGE POWERBOMB! Johnny crashes to the mat in a heap but Nate isn't through with him just yet as he sends him off the ropes...NASTY BOMB! Johnny isn't moving at this point as Nate collapses on top for the cover hooking the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor: In what supposed to be a handicap match turned out to be an all out war between two bitter enemies, and in the end it's Nate Savage that wins the war

    Nate rolls out of the ring and stands outside of it looking back in at Johnny, who has still not moved. Nate then slides back in the ring and takes Johnny dragging him out of the ring in position...POWERBOMB OFF OF THE APRON!

    Jim Taylor: That was completely uncalled for!

    Tim Coleman: He did what he set out to do Jim. He even told you that he was going to break Johnny Vegas and by the looks of it he did just that!

    Jim Taylor: That still doesn't make it right!

    Nate now leaves as more officials and Jenny check on Johnny as Nate walks up the ramp smirking all the way
    Von Horrowitz breaks up the count with a double axe handle! She drags LIGHTBRINGER up and away from Edwards by his arms, and plants him with a double underhook DDT! She senses that the end of the match is close, and she waits in the corner, teeing up the champion… before sending him down with the Busaiku Knee Kick! MVH climbs the turnbuckle as quickly as she can, tending to various aches in her body after the hard fought match-up. She steadies herself on the top rope… 450 Splash! She gets all of it, and she clutches her ribs in pain before managing to hook the far leg…

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “This time it’s Edwards’ turn to break up the three, as he simply collapses onto MVH to stop the count! But he can’t do anything offensive to follow up. All three competitors roll away from each other, their bodies destroyed!”

    Tim Coleman: “You can say that again, Jim! Elijah Edwards has taken FOUR LIGHTBRINGER lariats! Unbelievable! And it’s still not over!”

    LIGHTBRINGER is the first to his feet, though it's a struggle for the champion having gone through so much punishment in order to keep his championship. Elijah begin to stir now and groggily rises up and shakes away the cobwebs before facing LIGHTBRINGER. Elijah attempts his tornado kick, but LIGHTBRINGER slowly moves out of the way gripping Elijah with a waist lock looking for a german suplex yet Elijah has fight left in him as he throws back several elbows that force LIGHTBRINGER off of him. Elijah spins around into a waist lock of his own and brings LIGHTBRINGER down with a german suplex! LIGHTBRINGER lands pretty hard, yet somehow he's up once more being fueled by pure momentum, and Elijah is completely unaware as he turns around...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!

    Tim Coleman: How has he not beheaded him or broken his arm at this point?

    LIGHTBRINGER collapses to the mat after the lariat just as Michelle rolls over still clutching her ribs, but she fights the pain and is bent over in the corner lying in wait as LIGHTBRINGER rises up...BUSAIKU KNEE! LIGHTBRINGER falls on his back but Michelle isn't through yet as she's running on fumes now bringing him up in position...BURNING HAMMER! Michelle drives LIGHTBRINGER to the mat and slowly drapes her arm over him for the cover...


    Tim Coleman: Please kick out!


    Elijah begins to slightly stir...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, and the NEW High Voltage Champion...MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!

    All three competitors lay in the ring completely spent as Michelle's music rings throughout the arena. It seems like an eternity before Michelle moves as she rolls over and is handed her championship by the official. She's on her knees now and cradles the belt like a newborn baby...

    Jim Taylor: What does this mean for the High Voltage Championship?

    Tim Coleman: I couldn't tell you Jim, but I'm disgusted by this and for once I share these fans feelings

    Michelle hugs the championship like there's nothing else in the world at that very moment as the fans shower her in hate with trash. She eventually exits the ring and walks up the ramp cradling her championship, while the fans continue to litter the ring but she never turns back as she vanishes behind the curtain.
    Drew tags in Ethan, who climbs up top while Drew sets Cyrus up in a powerbomb position, but before he lift Cyrus up he's flipped right into the corner where Ethan is precariously positioned and Ethan is wishboned on the top rope as Cyrus is willed on by the fans and Krash to make the tag and he finally does so with a leap towards Krash's outstretched hand. Krash runs into the ring and knocks Drew out of the ring before turning his attention to Ethan on the top rope and climbs up to the top with Ethan placing him in position...SUPERPLEX! Ethan is flattened with a suplex off the top rope and Krash drapes his arm over Ethan...


    Ethan kicks out at the last possible second and the crowd cannot believe it. Both competitors lie on the mat for what seems like forever until Krash finally begins to move, feeling the effects though as he rises up and has Ethan by the head...LOW BLOW! Low blow by Ethan and the referee saw it clear as day and immediately calls for the bell

    Jim Taylor: You've got to be kidding me!

    Tim Coleman: This is brilliant!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winners as a result of a disqualification, Cyrus Truth and Krash! Although, the titles cannot be changed hands by result of disqualification so therefore still the CWA Tag team champions...THE ECHO!

    Krash has collapsed to the mat clutching his groin while Ethan and Drew celebrate on the outside like a bunch of children on christmas morning. The crowd showers them with hate and throw garbage their way while in the ring Cyrus checks on Krash and glares at The Echo.

    McGinnis screams at Snowmantashi to give up as he looks now for an STF. However, Snowmantashi is able to prevent McGinnis from cinching it in as he forces McGinnis back with a back headbutt. McGinnis's nose looks a little bloody as Snowmantashi gets to the ropes and drags himself up onto his feet again, wobbly but defiant. McGinnis again goes for a superkick, but this time the Kaiju catches McGinnis's leg and traps it under his left arm. McGinnis is wide-eyed as he knows he's caught and tries, rather fruitlessly, to get Snowmantashi to let go.

    Snowmantashi is not feeling merciful today.

    HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! ELBOWS AND FOREARMS! HEADBUTT! EVEN MORE HEADBUTTS! McGinnis has no idea where he is as Snowmantashi grabs McGinnis and locks him in a torture rack!

    Snowmantashi's wobbly, but his strength is still unreal as he tries to break McGinnis's spine! So much torque, so much suffering...and it ends up being too much! MCGINNIS TAPS! SNOWMANTASHI SCORES THE SECOND FALL AND WINS THE WORLD TITLE!

    The bell rings as Snowmantashi dumps McGinnis...not in any way, mind you. In a way that represents the pride and respect of Japanese wresting and Snowmantashi's honor. In a way that sends a message to McGinnis: "Disrespect will NOT be tolerated anymore."

    He drops him with a BURNING HAMMER.

    This awe-inspiring move and CAREER ENDING technique drops McGinnis damn near on his head and neck. The message is sent clearly: respect has come back to CWA's World Title, and its champion is once more Jon Snowmantashi...
    After it ends with a shot of Snowmantashi holding aloft his world championship, Adrenaline Rush begins with a panning shot of the crowd...

    The Sleep Train Arena - one, unless native to the area, could not be quite sure why it was called so - was most certainly not asleep when ‘The Rising Sun’ reverberated throughout Sacramento drawing goosebumps from the near eighteen hundred capacity crowd. The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World stepped through the curtains, his face an emotionless mask, and what excitement or pride he may have held within after his victory at Kings Reign Supreme was muffled by that stone mask. He wore a shirt threaded with an endless amount of titles: “Godslayer; God; Titan; Conqueror; Kaiju; Inhuman.” He was geared in his usual trunks, some kneepads and traditional boots, in truth, all the flair in his gear was limited to the shirt and a towel across his neck.

    He walked down the ramp with purpose, a subtle swagger that contained a great deal more intimidation within than anything that might draw adulation. The champion was also without his mentor, KAITADESU or his representative, John Duncan, much like he had been without the pair at Kings Reign Supreme. In the year he had spent wrestling for the CWA, Snowmantashi had developed a keen knowledge for the English language, and though his accent was thick, he nevertheless had a way with words that most would not have presumed of him when he’d first began and kept his sentences short and threatening. He walked around the ring, ignoring the outreaching hand and grabbed a microphone from an agent who knew better than to question him. It wasn’t long before he stood in the ring and the melodic track came to an end.


    “Oy.” It came off more like a grunt than anything but it still stopped the burgeoning chant right in the throat. The champion had little need for the rabid chant, in a night featuring Cyrus Truth, and Krash before him, in truth, there’d been enough worshipping for one night. “At Kings Reign Supreme… only one King proved he was Supreme, I am that King.” He held up the most valuable gold in the kingdom to prove his point. “The Young Boys tag team champions needed to find a way to victory that deserves no respect. But Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun were weaker for not finding a way to victory before The Young Boys could abuse the rules. And I say this as one who has suffered time and time again through such dishonorable losses, but I never disregarded those defeats, and no one else did, I merely made a promise, when the book was closed, the final victory would fall to me.” He looks at the golden belt he holds, proof of who did in fact emerge with the final victory.

    “Tonight, you two have a chance to redeem yourself as well with victory over The Young Boys - but I imagine, these people here care little for that, you’ve both built a legacy to be admired here, they will not forsake you because you’ve faltered just once.” He stared backstage as he said those words. “But we shall put the matter of Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun to rest for now, for there is another who emerged greatly victorious and who might consider themselves a King next to me. Once, Misheru-kun was the greatest threat I had faced - in truth, she is still the greatest challenge I have overcome.” He adjusts the belt on his shoulder, and thinks nothing more of the slight to his most notable rival. “But Misheru-kun is also impatient, and entitled, and she has dreams her reach could not yet, perhaps never, grasp. Misheru-kun could have proven herself, she could have challenged me yet again, to put to rest the knowledge that I am the only one who has taken her dreams within his gauntlet, and like an eggshell, I crushed it and left her beaten in my wake.” His free hand reached out, open palmed and then caving within itself.

    “Misheru-kun emerged victorious over LIGHTBRINGER and Eriya-kun, she became the High Voltage Champion, and then she walked away. And now she travels the world, she calls herself a Worldwide Champion fighting countless men and women, but the only one she does not challenge is the only one she needs to defeat to prove she is truly a Champion of the World, the only one has beaten her, with doubt having no home in the discussion, and who still stands above all else. Misheru-kun has slandered me time after time, she does not believe I am deserving of my crown, she believes because those in charge keep me from slaughtering those who stand no chance every week, that I am without the requisites necessary for a King. And I’ve ignored it. And I will continue to ignore it. Before Misheru-kun lost to me, what she said carried heft, after all she was at the highest peak she had been given permission to reach - but since, she’s been given a chance to reach higher, but she’s failed, and now she’s down below the peak, and she dares not try to move the immovable.” In recognition that Michelle von Horrowitz may not be backstage like Krash and Cyrus, Snowmantashi makes such statements with his eyes staring dully at the camera. He remains in position during this, never moving an inch until he’s finally done.

    “Tonight is a new beginning for the CWA, for many reasons.” His title wielding shoulder lifts up to signal one. “Makuginisu-kun is gone, though it does not mean The Young Boys will stop the plague of debauchery. Two legends have returned and they have no other goal but to fix the CWA and return to the peak they once called home. And of course, tonight was the declaration of the Ruler of the Ring tournament.” The rumors and the news had already surely spread and the crowd cheered in anticipation of one of the greatest tournaments of the year, though the coincidence of it occurring at the same time as FWA’s Quest for the Best made it so wrestling fans would have ample material to watch in the coming weeks.

    “I have won many gruelling affairs such as the Ruler of the Ring, I’ve gone a weeks worth of days fighting night after night with opponents who had become victorious just as many times as I had and had to earn a victory to face an even greater opponent, but I always emerged at the end of that climb the sole man who had not succumbed to defeat.” A silent message to those competing in this year’s tournament. “But last year, I had not yet arrived when a new Ruler of the Ring was crowned. Instead, Makuginisu-kun emerged victorious. You all know how that tale plays out.” Who could forget the twenty-seven superkicks that would highlight McGinnis’s first claim to superstardom over Cyrus Truth. “That year, Cyrus sat on his throne, at the peak of the mountain, and he waited to be challenged, and then he succumbed to defeat. And he tried one more time… before he left.” He’s diligent now, a lesser man would have said Cyrus Truth ran away, after all, he never came back, at the very least not before he tried his luck in FWA and failed there as well.

    “This is a new beginning, and that is not a blank statement. A war ended at Kings Reign Supreme. I lost battles in that war, it sometimes looked like I would falter, like darkness would shroud the entirety of the CWA, after all, that is why Kurasshu-kun and Sairasu-kun came back, they feared that the CWA had been lost. But when the final battle arrived, I did not simply win, I did not simply claim glory for but a moment, I ensured this was truly the final battle. I destroyed the man who titled himself a God.” The camera noticeably zooms into his shirt, “God” & “Godslayer” not far apart, and then zooms unabashedly out.

    “No one will ever question who was the greater warrior, when all is said and done, I stand here now, with this belt, and Makuginisu-kun is nowhere to oppose me.” He pauses. Looks to the back. One might think “Blessed” would emerge from the physical attendance system to reignite this dance, but even after a lengthy pause, it doesn’t. What is that in Snowmantashi’s eyes? Satisfaction at his victory. Or sadness that his once-friend and greatest rival is truly gone. “And after the night was over, a broken and battered man left in the ring while I walked up the ramp with the greatest gold on the mountain, I walked to the back, and for a long moment, I could do nothing more than stare blankly at the gold of which I’d fought through everything to regain. And I wondered, what was next. Once, I would have demanded Sairaisu-kun and Kurasshu-kun meet me in the ring so that could fall to me too, to validate why no one could oppose me as CWA’s Titan. But now, the situation has changed.” He might have lost the crowd there, they’re not quite sure where he’s going with this.

    “Once, I thought my purpose here was to conquer everything before me, but now I realize, that’s not my purpose, and it’s an impossibility. You see, ultimately, everything must fall. I came to the CWA because I have never found anyone who could do to me, what I did to Makuginisu-kun at Kings Reign Supreme. Victory, temporary victory, anyone can achieve that. When I fell to Makuginisu-kun at Steel Ruretto and found I could still stand on my own, I was disappointed, because once more I had fought a man who could do little more but push me an inch off the peak, and I knew this man would fall inevitably to me. Not merely halted, but tossed entirely off my throne, my mountain. I realize that what I desire more than anything, is rest, it’s what we all desire, truly, but I cannot rest. Yes, ultimately, everything must fall, but… I have not found anyone with the power to make me fall. Sairaisu-kun, The Last Dragon, a man who will do anything for glory, I thought that desire would be enough, but I may have overestimated the undying heart of the CWA. And Kurasshu-kun, he’s a man who had fallen, he had gotten the long eternal rest, but he reached out, caught a ridge, and as a should-be broken man he tries to return to the peak of the mountain, he should have accepted that peaceful rest, and should he face me, I suspect that I shall ensure he no longer has the will to reach once more. If Kurasshu-kun faces me, I will send him to that long, deep sleep.” In those words, Snowmantashi has come to a more solemn whisper, there’s not much vitality in there, and again, his statements, for the now, seem more cryptic than meaningful.

    “And thus, I found myself wondering who shall be able to send me to my own eternal slumber. The Queen Who Ran, The Last Dragon, The Broken Hero? All seem so unlikely. But I have heard the challenged laid by Misheru-kun, and I shall accept it. You people want a champion who shall defend his throne with honor and fury, and there is no fiercer monster than me, who can do it. I will not sit idly by waiting for someone to come to me, I will come to them. I will enter the Ruler of the Ring, not merely for some mere validation of my monstrosity, to prove that I can accomplish that Makuginisu-kun has done or to bolster the endless accomplishments I have accrued - but to find the one willing to push me down that mountain to endless descent. And to find that man, I will do a thing no one before me would do, I will defend my throne against anyone and everyone. I will emerge this tournament a victor and a ruler, or someone will have to take this from me.” He lifts the gold up and those words could not be any cleared, Snowmantashi will defend this championship as long as he survives in this tournament, it means that a single defeat could mean a new champion is crowned. It means as soon as tonight, we could have a new name plate on that gold.

    “And the first to receive this opportunity, the first who I hope will attempt to put up more than just an ostentatious display… is Eriya-kun.” There’s a positive reaction for Elijah Edwards, but not a sincere belief that Eriya-kun can overcome the KAIJU. “Eriya-kun, this isn’t the first time we’ve stepped into the ring together, as both allies and enemies we’ve exchanged fist… but never have you emerged above me. You’ve fought LIGHTBRINGER-kun, you’ve fought Misheru-kun, you’ve defeated Makuginisu-kun, and deep within you Eriya-kun, I’m sure there’s confidence to match my own.” He points to his chest, and to his wherever he may be backstage.

    “But that confidence is misplaced.” There’s a poisonous edge to those words. All his passion, and anger, wild and undirected before now has a sole target. “You will not be the one to destroy the KAIJU, the Godslayer, you will not even push me an inch off this mountain. If you could not defend your High Voltage championship, then you should have regained it, and if you could not regain it, then you will not defeat me. Defeat, it’s a thing I have learned to accept, to hone, and to better myself with, but defeat is only a thing I’ve accepted out of those who’ve earned a place before me, and I regret to unleash these revelations Eriya-kun, but you have yet to earn the right to challenge me for this gold, you get this opportunity merely out of the sheer luck - or lack of it, depending on your worldview, that you were chosen to face me in this tournament.” There’s the passion, the stone face broken with just the slightest frown, and though he does not yet, his tone is a great deal more aggressive.

    “Tonight, I will enter this match, with the confidence of a man who faces one obviously lesser than him, as a wolf facing a sheep, or, a cub, for you are still growing, not yet ready to displace me from this thrown. Yes, you are not the same man I defeated before, but you are not yet ready. All I can do for you, is to once more show you how far away you truly are from this peak, and to see whether defeat will kill you and send you away like it did Misheru-kun, or if it will reinvigorate your soul, for the better, or as with Makuginisu-kun, for the worse, to challenge me again, better than you were before. But that is all I can do for you, and I will do that by forcing you to relive that defeat you suffered when we first faced, to relive the defeat you suffered at Kings Reign Supreme to Misheru-kun and before that to LIGHTBRINGER-kun.”

    “Eriya-kun. Relive in this case would be the wrong word. What I will do to you will exacerbate that defeat. I will show you why these people here do not speak of you next to my name unless we are competing in the same ring at the same time. You have overstepped your reach a great deal, and facing those below me seems to have lulled you into the false believe that you belong among those who fight at the top of this mountain. In that case, I accept your request to enter the peak and challenge my throne, but I warn you, the fall down is a steep one, and as I’ve informed, the climb, should you take it once more, it will be even harder. Makuginisu-kun broke. Misheru-kun settled. Sairaisu-kun found a new mountain. What will you do Eriya-kun, when you lose to me?”

    He lets the thought sink in and then backs away from the camera. “No, do not answer that question, do not even think of it, put it at the back of your mind. Use your confidence, bring the fight to me, bring the best you can muster and let it see where it brings you, all I seek to do is wake you up. You’ve been putting on contest with LIGHTBRINGER-kun and Misheru-kun that are to be lauded and studied, and what have I been doing? What was I doing, in this great and final battle, one that should have gone long in memory? I destroyed the man who I faced. A vicious defeat so one-sided no man could truly call it a battle. These people walk away from this show rarely remembering when I’ve stepped into the ring, because it results in the same thing, whoever is opposite of me has been thoroughly destroyed, else they turn away their honor for glory. I think better of you than that Eriya-kun, I don’t believe you will forgo your honor for glory. I believe you will do what you’ve always done, do your best. So… will your best leave these people walking away remembering our battle, or will this blur into every destruction I’ve orchestrated since I’ve arrived?”

    “There are a great deal many questions Eriya-kun. And they will be answered tonight. You have the opportunity few man have, least of all after having faced defeat. You have the opportunity to make history. The opportunity to establish a new throne atop this mountain. To break the monotony I’ve held over this mountain for this past year. You can become the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. All you have to do is defeat me. But you will not. A KAIJU will remain standing atop his throne. And a fallen warrior will have decisions to make of his future.”

    Jim Taylor: Blod words from our new world champion, Jon Snowmantashi. We will see him again later tonight as he takes on Elijah Edwards for that world championship, and speaking of Elijah Edwards we will hear from him later on but first we must get to our opening contest which will kick off things for the Ruler of the Ring tournament...

    Ruler of the Ring Match
    Leo Taylor vs. Nate Savage

    "Cut the Cord" rings out through the arena and soon enough Nate Savage steps as the song kicks into high gear. The crowd as usual greets Nate with a rather scathing welcome, and as usual Nate doesn't really care at all what the fans think of him as he simply walks to the ring with purpose and the usual scowl on etched in his features.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, PA. Standing at 6'0, and weighing in at 266lbs..."Nasty" Nate Savage!

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage coming off a victory at Kings Reign Supreme after completely decimating Johnny Vegas, but not before taking out Vegas' partner Ariel Justice. Now he finds himself with a chance to earn some gold around here but he'll have to get through this man first...

    For nearly a minute, the calming sounds of the opening play, the lights soon diming as at 45 seconds, a spotlight soon appears, shining into the crowd and onto the stage, looking for someone as the song skips towards 2:05, looking for the person in the crowd before it spots a moving cardboard box. At 3:08, the person underneath lifts the cardboard box to show himself to be “The Big Boss” Leo Taylor, as he stands, in full outfit, before running and jumping the railing, taking cover by the ring apron as he ‘shoots’ out the spotlight, the lights raising back to their full level as Leo enters the ring, handing his weapons to the referee.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from New York, NY, standing at 6'0 and weighing in at 200lbs..."The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor!

    Tim Coleman: Is this guy serious?

    Jim Taylor: I've mentioned before Tim that Leo Taylor is rather unique. Plus, he's a joy to watch in the ring and the fans certainly do appreciate him

    Tim Coleman:
    Well one person that isn't impressed besides me is Nate Savage...and he's about to get an early start to this match it seems!


    Just as the bell sounds Nate bumrushes Leo in his corner with several striking forearms eliciting a loud, negative response from the fans. Nate takes Leo and violently whips him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, and Leo bounces off of it hard straight into a discus elbow smash from Nate that has Leo reeling now allowing Nate to follow up with a discus lariat that brings Leo down in an instant and Nate is quick to cover...


    Leo throws a shoulder up and Nate soon grabs hold of him by the chin applying a rear chin lock. Leo is able to find a way to free himself as he slips out of Nate's grasp and hops up to his feet before connect with a standing dropkick! Nate is back up however but pays the price for it as he eats a sharp pele kick to the temple bringing him to his knees in a daze. Leo then follows up with a shining wizard bringing Nate down and Leo falls on top of him for the cover hooking the far leg...


    Nate with a forceful kick out and Leo rolls off of him bringing himself back up to a vertical base. Suddenly, a light bulb goes off in Leo's head and he begins taunting Nate and slaps him across the face before taking off out of the ring as Nate follows suit, but Leo is nowhere to be found.

    Tim Coleman: Never poke or prod an angry bear

    Jim Taylor: I'm afraid I'll have to agree with you on that, but where on earth did Leo vanish to?

    Tim Coleman: Maybe his planet needed him and he warped away?

    Nate searches underneath the ring, but to no avail yet he keeps looking underneath when on the other side of the ring Leo appears from underneath. He sprints back over behind Nate and jumps on his back applying a sleeper hold.

    Jim Taylor: Ha! He seems to have outsmarted Nate Savage

    He keeps the sleeper hold locked in for a bit until Nate flings him over his shoulder and levels him with another discus lariat! Nate re-enters the ring as the referee's count has reached five and Leo is just beginning to come to. Finally at the count 8 he's up to his feet and slides in much to the dismay of Nate, who charges in for a stomp as Leo slides in but Leo instinctively rolls out of danger and slips behind catching him for a roll up...


    Nate kicks out and is furious that he almost got robbed as Leo rolls out of the way and back to his feet. Nate charges at Leo for a running clothesline but Leo wisely side steps him and drills him with a super kick! Nate is staggered now on jelly legs as Leo charges up...THE BEST IS YET TO COME! The double axe handle clobbers Nate and then Leo immediately sets him up using all of the strength that he can muster up...DIE HARD! Leo with the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Leo Taylor!

    Tim Coleman: I can't believe that he did it!

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor successfully moves on and now he's one step closer to gold!

    Leo celebrates with the fans on the outside while Nate remains in the ring having come to and not too pleased with the outcome as he has a look of pure rage in his eyes.


    The walls had been shaking all night long as a sold out crowd has been screaming, chanting and moving every second of tonight's Adrenaline Rush show. But the moment that “Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver” by Primus hit the PA system, is the moment this crowd's excitement dropped to be replaced by pure and utter bile knowing full well what that theme represented and the more knowledgeable fans have an extra reason to groan because they realized they were straight out of commercial break for viewers watching at home, another one was 15 minutes away... that meant, 15 minutes of Connor was in their near future. As the lights dimmed and LED lights of purple and red flashed behind a cloud of smoke on the entrance stage... none other than the elder Connor, Drew appears on the stage surprisingly alone, his arms spread aloft welcoming the crowd’s hate with aplomb a smarmy grin on his face insufferably confident.. The fans continued to boo while Drew strutted down the entrance ramp his title in his hands he strums it like a guitar reveling in the fact that he still has it. He sports a shiny red vinyl jacket with black stars. He was also wearing his ring tights, which were a light purple color with golden lightning strikes on the sides. He rolls inside the ring and was greeted with a microphone that lay in the center, just for him. He picked up the microphone, and looked around the arena, still holding that devilish grin on his face. The crowd continued to bring in flurries of jeers, making Drew’s grin stronger on the inside. His music began to fade slowly after as he brought the microphone up to his chin... speaking over the fans, he says...

    Drew Connor:
    “”The Party’s h-”

    The crowd boo's got louder as Drew looked to make an electrifying start to this segment. But being that it wasn't going to happen, Drew mumbled to himself after pointing and mocking the crowd for interrupting him...

    Drew Connor:
    “Ah, just screw it! That’s my brother's thing”

    The crowd boos his refusal to sing along with The Echo’s signature phrase while he paces the ring back and forth even so calmly waiting for the fans to quiet down so he could speak.

    Drew Connor:
    “So you guys must be pretty happy huh? Indy Club’s dead, right?

    The crowd do indeed answer in the affirmative as Drew rolls her eyes

    Drew Connor: “Yeahhhh I thought so, McGinnis got his back broken clean in two by Shamu and all of you are about to start singing “Ding Dong The Witch is dead”....But here’s the thing….If that was all true….Then why the hell I’m I smiling?”

    Drew pauses and smiles to the hard camera for effect

    Drew Connor: “Because you want to know the big dirty secret to the Indy Club? All the Indy Club EVER was, was a means to an end. Simple as that. That’s the ONLY reason why me and my brother convinced John Boy all those months ago to kick Vegas’s teeth down his million dollar throat along with those silver spoons. Let’s rewind back to before the Indy Club. Oh, sure The Echo was riding high and we were proving night in and night out how damn good we are.but where did that get us? Huh? No matter how many we won. No matter how many times we screamed for the world to pay attention to us. All that got us was a permanent place in the background. Opening shows. Warming up the crowd. Jerking the curtain against losers and scrubs that DON’T deserve to tie our expensive shiny multicoloured boots. While IDIOTS. DORKS. Got a push ahead of us and that is BULLCRAP. So Me and my brother decided. If we couldn’t get people to notice us.We’d MAKE them and that’s exactly what we did and we rode the Indy Club gravy train RIGHT to Main Events.: “....But here’s the thing….we need MORE. Because we’ve STILL being looked down on. There’s still a fucking glass ceiling. We STILL need to prove ourselves, that we can handle the spotlight. That we deserve the spotlight. That we can shatter the glass ceiling into a million pieces...We can prove ourselves as THE main event players that we know we’ve always been. Ruler Of the Ring...Time to for us to put up or shut up…. That’s why my brother isn’t out here tonight. The name of the game is divide and conquer….Because let me clear up any confusion….one of us WILL win The Ruler Of The Ring. One of us WILL go on and fight for the world championship and one of us WILL bring that title home to the trailer parks and the fact that we have to go through Krash and Cyrus to do that? That just makes things all the sweeter.

    Drew chuckles to himself at the idea of both he and Ethan embarrassing two out
    and out legends

    Drew Connor:
    “Everybody seems to be so caught up in the moment, that it seems... It’s exciting times in CWA Whether it's Leo Taylor flapping his gums about..stupid or if it's Johnny Vegas’s spewing out his weekly dose of... irrelevance, Everyone is talking about what happened how me and my brother “Screwed over”. But it's no big deal, I'm a good sport! I can play nice, I can share the attention, I learned that a long time ago. But not from wrestling, not from CWA or Japan or Mexico...

    Drew sarcastically grins.

    Drew Connor:It all goes back to the days when me and my brother were just beginning to learn our way in this business. We were taught certain rules. Three golden rules that you had to learn in order to survive in this business. We learned... 'wait your turn'... we learned 'Don’t take what’s yours'... we learned 'put it back'. Pretty straight-forward, it's not hard to understand... I think any common man would be able to get that.

    Drew glanced across the arena, as the crowd seems confused about his point.

    Drew Connor: I'm not standing at the edge of a mountain here... listen to what I'm saying. We learn numerous valuable lessons when we were rookies….But some of us still need to learn those lessons, and unfortunately it leaves the real men... like myself and my brother, to have to pick up the slack, to change diapers. So my point is,me and my brother are out busting our asses, giving all of you dorks out there something to hee-haw about, and we get a slap on the ass followed by a 'Way to go, Drew! Nice going, Ethan! Thanks for saving tag team wrestling!'. That's not enough anymore, but for guys like Krash and... I'm gagging just thinking about this, guys like Cyrus Truth...

    That name was all too familiar to Drew as a look of disgust pours in on his face whilst the crowd reacts in cheers to the future Hall of Famer's name.

    Drew Connor: ...They think they can flock back to CWA like they're the missing piece and just get whatever they want! Cyrus comes back like CWA hasn't existed since he left... NEWSFLASH, CWA has seen ratings through the roof since your shrimpy ass left town and it wasn't because we left the Cyrus Truth highlights on re-run... it's because The Club took the GINORMOUS space at the top of the pyramid... that you were hoarding. What can I say? It was an opportunity. And lemme tell ya, did that opportunity shine bright. It was almost as if it was locked in a room... scratching and clawing to get out. All because that was Cyrus Truth’s' room, and Cy’ didn't like to share, Cy didn't like to leave his room. Because his room is the only place he knew he could go and be safe... because there's no way in HELL people wanted to go to crap-hole states like Sacramento to get themselves a title shot! Cy finally stepped out of that room, and the second that door opened... the opportunity fled from him... that means... it was OVER for Cyrus Truth. We all know that, but it seems to me that Cy, Cy The wrestling guy ... does not. Cyrus comes in swears about this and swears about how awful The Echo is. So he strolls back in thinking he’s a contender. He thinks he can reclaim his throne... yeah….let's let him believe that for a second. How 'bout it? Give him a round of applause ladies and gentlemen, for his hard work and dedication he’s shown to this company in the last year.

    The crowd remains silent, a few random howls of unappreciation towards Drew can be heard, though.

    Drew Connor: Wait a second. Ya' see, Cy while you were on your ass pulling the lint out of your bellybutton and yucking it up with those FWA dick holes.... it was THE ECHO putting on shows in sold out arenas in front of THOUUUSSAAAANDS of people. Then you had the nerve, last week, to come to OURs how, with the classic comeback speech... 'I CYRUS. I AWESOME. ME WANT GLORY As far as it's looking... you may have thought you had the edge in all of this for being champ and you may think you're on the right path to being the comeback kid. But there's just one thing you're forgetting... and that's rule number one, Dork! WAIT... YOUR... TURN....Because me and my brother has waited long enough for OUR shot.””

    The fan breaks their minutes of silence with a showing of gratitude towards Cyrus for his hard work and accomplishments in the past. They jeer Drew Connor and his anti-Truth momentum that he seems to be taking into a whole other dimension. As the fans boo, Drew embraces it with a smile on his face.

    Drew Connor: People, people, pipe down. Just relax Cyrus isn't hurt by what I'm saying. He isn't phased by anyone but himself. I'm just speaking through opinion, and even though we know me and my brothers is a little more valuable than everyone else's...We might be wrong about a few things.

    Drew nods his head, shamefully being able to admit that he might be wrong. But what's he getting at?

    Drew Connor: He might not be here for the World championship, and he might not be here for any championship for that matter. But it's apparent... that if he's not here for titles, he must be here to walk around on that high horse of his,bash in a few people's confidence and continue to thrive off of his ego. He thinks CWA would have gone under without him! Really? He thinks that this company fits the mould that HE created, his image! Really? He thinks that nobody else in this company can be a World champ besides him! Really? Get this one... he says he's not playing any political games...that he’s going to do this the right way, but when did Cyrus have the moral high ground? When was he a “good boy”? Was it when he used his power to get a shot at OUR belts? Or when he was smashing people's faces in, ending careers. I don't recall a single moment where Cyrus Truth wasn't committing some type of felony. So where does he get off lecturing The Echo ?! If he truly made CWA what it is today, if Cyrus truly was the saviour that CWA needed; then how is it, if we needed him so badly... that I’m STILL standing here with the tag team title and not you and your BFF? You're a saviour? No, dork, The CONNORS ARE SAVOURS. CWA looked to us and McGinnis when you abandoned this place, they looked to us to pick up the slack from when you left. If you say this place is everything you made it, I look around and I can agree... because this place is starting to look like this state It's lookin' dirty, it smells disgusting and most importantly... there's no culture, there're no morals, there's no discipline. So I'm supposed to take you seriously? I'm supposed to be scared of you, or anyone in this company? I'm spitting my coffee everywhere, Cy! I can't take it, I'm dying of laughter... I CAN'T BREATHE! That was sarcastic. Which is exactly what I thought you were when you came in here acting like you were the 21st century David Koresh . This isn't sarcastic: if you're the 21st century David Koresh, I'm the 21st-century burning flame, the red-hot plank of wood that's gonna end your ridiculously over-extended career... Every man meets his match sooner or later, you may have been this unstoppable force, this unforgettable madman... we'll all remember that, don't get me wrong. But you've met your match tonight and you've met the match you should have met a year ago before you ran off. The Ruler Of The Ring isn’t for another excuse for you to show us all how big your dick is. It’s MY shot to prove that I deserve a shot at the big time, and you won’t take that from me. You can’t. When tonight's all said and done, the one thing we'll all remember from Cyrus Truth, wasn't what he did in the beginning, or the middle of his career... it'll be what they remember last. They'll remember tonight and how someone finally beat it into Cyrus Truth that CWA doesn't belong to him, the World title doesn't belong to him... nothing but an imagination, stale sense of humour and one friend... belongs to Cyrus Truth. RULE NUMBER TWO! Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you!

    Once again, the crowd does not appreciate Drew's verbal assault on Cyrus Truth as he continues to list off these “rules” to implement them in CWA. Drew shrugs it off as he continues.

    Drew Connor Oh, boo-hoo, Cyrus Truth doesn't care about you people he doesn't care about ANYTHING. His way of caring... is hating. He hates the world because the world didn't want to give him an opportunity he felt he deserved. When people took notice of his career, he spat on everybody and now that we've moved on from him? When we all got bored of his act he pissed off to FWA where he felt he’d get some attention, but when he felt everyone in CWA stopped paying attention to he, he comes back and he feels like CWA owes him something…

    Drew reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a wad of one dollar bills

    Drew Connor: This here is a hundred bucks, Cyrus. It's what you would have made the last year if you had a job!”

    Drew holds the money in the air before violently ripping it up into shreds. For the pieces that didn't fly around him, he threw the rest into the air above him as pieces of one dollar bills rained over him. As the money fell into a pile around him, he kicked the money to the outside of the ring and even scooped up shreds of the money and tossed it out to the crowd! “You like that?”, Drew said as the crowd all reached their hands out to get some of the money. He spits out to the crowd, as his saliva landed on the barricade and hit no one, “That's from Cyrus”, Drew would also say with a grin on his face before heading back to the centre of the ring to continue his rants.

    Drew Connor: He wants the truth? He’s a man who loves the truth? Here’s a truth bomb for you. We owe him nothing. So he can bring his greasy hair and his saggy ass back to the ring, he can run his mouth about me and my brother or McGinnis. Whatever! But the truth is that he's gonna do nothing... but complain and run,his,mouth.Cy needs to look into a mirror and he needs to REALLY see what's “actually there”, not just talk about it. Because what's actually there... and I do mean this literally... is a three -foot nothing goblin looking turd who,in a real world, couldn’t stand in the ring with The Echo on his BEST day. You know what your problem is? I know what it is, Cy? I'm no doctor but it's obvious what you've got here... YOU'VE GOT LITTLE MAN'S SYNDROME! I'm no doctor, but all the signs are pointing in the right direction. You're short, you're annoying, you're out of your mind, out of control, demanding, arrogant, egotistical... and most importantly, you think this world revolves around you and owes you something because you're a small man with evil deeds.

    That straight-shot look appears on Drew’s face as he loses his sense of humor for just a moment. A tense look on his face

    Drew Connor:
    Cy I can speak for myself on this... or I can speak for the hundreds of people that have walked in and out of those locker room doors the past two years. Whatever it is in your head, that's making you angry, that's making you demented and twisted..You need to be locked up, strapped away, or somethin'. Because I can only imagine this downfall you'll have when I eliminate you…. when you find yourself alone in the dark again, when you find
    yourself pitter-pattering in your own pool of blood... you have nothing. And you'll continue to get a whole lot of nothing... because you are isn't a professional wrestler, you aren't a sports entertainer... you're a maniac. And it all makes sense that this match happen tonight, here at the Sacramento..

    After the brief showing of blunt realization that Drew showed towards Cyrus Truth was over, he returned to his normal self with enthusiasm and excitement!

    Drew Connor:... This place is full of crazy people, rich people, dirty people, ugly people, beautiful people... there's a whole lot of characters in this city and it's only suiting that Cyrus Truth’s' career ends here. After the match is over, he can fade off to the casino down the Strip and feel... like he belongs….Because that’s what he’s doing now.Cyrus is taking his gamble against Drew Connor in this pro wrestling casino later tonight, but right now...

    Drew pauses just a little a sly evil smirk coming over his face

    Drew Connor: I'm shooting like every other bum in this crap-hole of a city. Don't tear up my contract just yet, Noah cause I'm not shooting nothing into my body. I'm shooting something into EVERYBODY'S body,words. If Cy can get away with his little “shoots”, I have a few words to say myself. I have a few words to say about Cyrus Truth that go beyond this match,that go beyond CWA... I have a few things to say about Cyrus’s person. And management, don’t you think you’re safe either: roll the warning, dorks!”

    Suddenly, at Drew’s request... the lights shut off. The arena was darkened. In an awkward spinning effect, a paragraph of words spun in the center of the jumbo tron until slowly coming to a stable, and centered stop. The words were as followed...

    WARNING: This is a shoot promo. Everything that is about to be said is completely the honest truth. Drew Connor supports himself, and nobody else. If you are offended by the words in this promo, Cyrus Truth has room for one more in the closet. Viewer discretion is advised.

    As the message faded off of the screen, a spotlight dropped around Drew who was now sitting in a steel chair? It seems as the lights dimmed, a chair was provided for Drew to sit on. The spotlight provided the only source of light in the arena, as Drew leaned forward with his elbows resting on his legs. He held his head up over the microphone, and with a smile... he began to speak.

    Drew Connor“Let's face it, Me and my brother? We’ve classy people. I’m pure as driven snow. But guess what? I've had a lot on my mind, and since Cyrus seems to take notice in these types of things... since he takes notice as me and my brother’s biggest threat in this entire company... I figure if I take a page out of their book, maybe he'll listen to me.Maybe this one little scene will make the front page of CWA dot net and the rest of the segment just ignored. Well? Good, because Cyrus isn't gonna get the message unless I put on the theatrics and give him a show to watch. That's all it ever is with Cy. theatrics and blood and gore and violence. Sounds to me like you shouldn't be in wrestling, you should be doing foreign horror flicks.

    An ooze of “Oohh!'s” can be heard in the arena as the crowd is already getting the jist of this shoot promo.

    Drew Connor: The last time we all saw you. You tried to fool us all, you climbed You were in it... “for the fans”! The people that got you where you are... and judging by last week, these people won't admit it, but I can tell because I'm not stupid. You're back to your old game, you're back to your old political games? I mean,making deals with the board of directors for title shots? No matter how you dress it up. That’s low and you know it. But you’re above that aren’t you? You’re a GOD. A King. A your own head, but the TRUTH is, you’re just one man. One man who's smaller than everybody else... but has a bigger mouth, and a bigger head than anybody in the back... combined. Now you want to come talk to me, come sit down out here in the ring? We can work out these problems like I'm Dr. Phil McConnor, I don't mind. But what I do mind... is someone that doesn't do a thing, that doesn't do a damn thing, and ya' come on OUR show. to claim it as your own. This isn't your show anymore, this isn't FWA where you can fart in a crowded room and it could start a fight backstage.This is a new era of professional wrestling... a new era that's just began the moment Johnny McGinnis arrived into this company before his untimely departure.... Something that's been the same though, since the day you left? This show is ours!

    The crowd surprisingly reacts to Drew with cheers, this coming 5 minutes after Drew spit on the crowd on behalf of Cy ! A turn of events indeed, but Drew isn't doing this to fuel the audience... he's speaking out loud to Cyrus

    Drew Connor: See, and while you'll take this opportunity with the dorks that are suddenly back on my bandwagon, and you'd run with it? I'm not full of it like you are... I can spit on you all, I can tell you to shut up... and you cheer me? Cheer me when I get rid of Cyrus Truth later tonight, or cheer me when I win the World Heavyweight championship in a few weeks. But don't cheer me when I speak the same truth me and Ethan has been speaking the whole time... jeez... hypocrites.

    Drew smiled whilst putting emphasis when calling the fans “hypocrites” The fans react with boo's nonetheless, and Drew puts on a happy face afterwards to continue.

    Drew Connor You're hypocrites just like management are hypocrites.They don't want these type of wrestlers here, in this company, but they allow the nuisances that come with Cyrus being on this roster. It's a lack of common sense, just like how it's a lack of common sense to have gone nearly a YEAR. A DAMN YEAR. and neither me or Ethan has got a shot at the world title..The more we’ve stuck in the midcard the more CWA loses money, they lose ratings, and now they're losing peoples' respect in this industry because the Cyrus Truth Show is back on air... for the last time!”

    The lights flash back on, as Drew ignites out of his seat with the microphone in his hand. From underneath him he grabs the steel chair and folds it up. After folding it, with his left arm he props it up against his shoulder as if he were a soldier in war, and the chair was his rifle. He holds the microphone with his right hand, filled with emotion at this point he's just speaking on impulse.

    Drew Connor: “RULE NUMBER THREE... put it back. I want you to go back in time, I want you to put your gear back in storage, I want you to NEVER have walked through these doors tonight like you just did. And I want you to give your career up, give yourself up... find a new hobby, write a poem or draw a picture… Go fuck around with that FWA sideshow. Because we were fine without you and we'll continue on without you. The last thing we need is someone to barge in and tell us what we need, or what we need to do, or who we need to hang a banner of in our arena. Because CWA needs a Connor. to become a World Heavyweight champion, OUR name goes in lights and OUR face is on posters. You're the one thing stopping us from those things right now, with McGinnis out of the picture. That spot may be up for grabs, it's up for grabs for the best man out there, that man is ME, Drew Connor, Ruler Of The Ring. Everyone thinks that Cyrus is going to march into the finals, everyone thinks me and my brother are JUST tag team wrestlers but that’s a dream. This is a reality!, and it's gonna be the stone cold truth of Cyrus tonight... because EEEEEEVERYBODY knows... that when it comes to The Connors and The Ruler Of The Ring? It's like PB&J. When it comes to Cyrus Truth and the Ruler Of The Ring? It's more like... SHIT SANDWICH. Like I said, Cyrus.. and I'm not... gonna tell you again... go back to where you belong, cause it sure ain't here. Go back to a place that may actually need you, whether it's those other guys or if its your cold living room sofa. Because in just a few moments, this place is about to get really spiced up Mr. Koresh... and I'm about to light the roof up! Pun intended...because as all kowing as you claim to be, you forgot the FOURTH and most important rule...never mess with the Brothers Connor.

    What's this? Drew drops the microphone after that line and unleashes himself with rage and emotion. That static thud that echoed throughout the arena was like a cue... he brought that steel chair down from over his shoulder... BANG... SMACK.. CRACK... slamming it against the canvas, against the turnbuckle... a loud screeching noise was heard as he slammed it against the microphone. He then dropped the chair, and began stomping his boots on it. His sleak pony tail had loosened up... in which he removed the band keeping it together and tossed it out into the crowd! The fans weren't sure what was going on, but they knew that this was indeed a different Drew... one that has never been seen before... and things were going to change around this place for good. His theme played as Drew stood in the center of the ring with his foot on the dented steel chair, his face looking like a deer in headlights a evil smile on his face. This was from all the screaming,and yelling he was doing when causing his ruckus and throwing his tantrum. The cameras would then come to a fade... Cyrus Truth vs Drew Connor in the first round of the ROTR was two matches away. How will The Elder Connor fare up against the future Hall of Famer and multi-time World champion, Cyrus Truth?


    Ruler of the Ring Match
    Cyrus Truth vs. Drew Conner

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one-fall with a thirty minute time limit, and is a round of eight match in the Ruler of the Ring tournament! Introducing first, from Gainesville, Georgia, by wy of your mother’s bedroom… He weighs in tonight at one hundred and seventy two pounds… One half of the CWA World Tag Team Champions… DREW CONNER!”

    Jim Taylor: “Another pay-per-view comes and goes and still Drew Conner, along with his brother Ethan, holds onto that championship belt, but tonight he goes up against one of his most recent and fiercest challengers…”

    Tim Coleman: “Drew doesn’t look all too worried, and why should he? He and Ethan showed at Kings Reign Supreme that they have Cyrus Truth’s number, not to mention Krash.”

    Jim Taylor: “Ethan Conner will compete later in the evening, and he’s probably preparing for his match now. It’ll be interesting to see how Conner handles things without his brother here to back him up.”

    Conner poses on the second turnbuckle before hopping down and loosening up in the corner. His music fades out and there’s a long pause before we hear ‘Subconscious Entry Version’ by Julia Claris, the crowd going nuts for the former champion’s arrival (although there are some pockets of mistrust, mostly due to the man’s ongoing FWA run). Cyrus Truth appears on stage to mostly adulation, walking down the ramp with a look of grim focus on his face.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And his opponent… from the Long and Winding Road… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty two pounds… CYRUS TRUTH!”

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes the returning Exile, Tim… a former two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion and he has to have an eye on a third reign following this tournament.”

    Tim Coleman: “But you have to question his focus, Jim. It’s common knowledge that Truth has another championship match on the horizon…”

    Jim Taylor: “True, but do you realise what that means? Not only could Cyrus be the first man to hold both the CWA and the FWA World Championships, he could be in possession of both belts simultaneously. And you know what Truth thinks about making history and building legacies…”

    Truth climbs into the ring and enters a stand-off with Drew Conner, the referee separating the pair and ordering them into their respective corners. The two wrestlers obey, the official making his final checks before calling for the bell.

    Singles Match – Drew Conner vs. Cyrus Truth.

    The two circle the ring at the outset, bringing it in for a collar and elbow tie up. They engage in some chain wrestling, Truth putting Conner in a hammer lock, before Drew goes behind into one of his own, moving into a rear waist-lock. Cyrus reaches between his legs and takes Drew down by the boot, before placing him in an Argentine leg lock. Conner has no choice but to get to the ropes, Truth breaking the hold and Conner sliding under the bottom rope to take some refuge.

    Jim Taylor: “Drew Conner takes a breather in the early stages, here.”

    Tim Coleman: “Just composing his thoughts, Jim. Drew is always thinking.”

    When the referee reaches six, Drew slides back into the ring, and again the two circle the ring. Truth offers his hand up, and Conner takes it, before wrenching his arm down into a wrist lock. Truth reverses into a headlock, but Conner lifts him up and slams him down with a belly-to-back suplex. Drew is quickly up to his feet, and he goes for a wild clothesline, which Truth ducks before riding Conner down to the mat. He is looking for an STF, the crowd cheering loudly, but Conner wriggles to the rope and hooks onto it, forcing the break.

    Jim Taylor: “Again Drew Conner makes his way to the ropes to escape a submission hold, and again he slides out of the ring to re-evaluate the situation. I’m not sure he really wants to get into a wrestling match with Cyrus Truth.”

    Conner waits until the referee reaches seven before hopping up onto the apron, but this time he tries to take Truth by surprise, springboarding off the top rope and going for a double axe handle. Cyrus sees it coming, though, hitting a right hand to Drew’s ribs, following up with a schoolboy roll-up…

    ONE… T - - NO!

    Drew kicks out, and he’s up to attempt a forearm… Truth catches it, though, swinging his body around Conner to hook his other arm with his legs and rolling him up with a crucifix…

    ONE… TW… -- NO!

    Again Drew rolls out of it, getting to his feet and thinking about charging once more. He re-thinks this approach, though, instead backing away from Cyrus and climbing through the ropes. He walks around the outside of the ring, sliding back into the ring on six again, circling the ring once more. He looks like he’s going for a collar and elbow tie-up… but as Truth comes towards him, he attempts to nail a Superkick… but Cyrus sees it coming and ducks, following up with a reverse DDT! He quickly hooks the leg…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    After this exchange, Truth begins to dominate proceedings. He spends long periods of time working Drew with mat-based submission moves, most notably a hammer lock which has Conner screaming and squirming to the ropes for cover. Truth releases, but wastes little time charging in again to hit a series of vicious body shots on Conner. Drew again cowers against the ropes for cover, Cyrus seemingly a little frustrated by the constant breaks.

    Jim Taylor: “One could argue that’s a display of cowardice from Drew Conner…”

    Tim Coleman: “Only an idiot would say that, Jim. This is sensible strategy from one half of your Tag Team Champions.”

    The two come together again, and this time Truth puts Conner straight into a headlock, before taking him over with a snapmare. He follows up with a kick to the back, which has Conner rolling over to his front, Cyrus then hitting a pair of elbow smashes to the grounded champion. Truth drags him to his feet, hitting an Irish whip across the ring, charging in after Drew and hitting a cornered clothesline. Conner slumps down into a seated position, Cyrus wasting no time in hitting five consecutive stomps against Drew’s head, sending it into the bottom turnbuckle…

    Jim Taylor: “He calls that the First Five Steps, Tim!”

    Tim Coleman: “He can call it whatever he likes, Jim, it’s still against the rules.”

    When he’s finished with the stomps, Truth drags Drew out of the corner in a front face lock, following up with a fisherman’s suplex, bridging for the cover…

    ONE… T - - NO!

    Conner gets the shoulder up, and Truth drags him to his feet. Cyrus propels himself into the ropes, going for a discuss punch, but Drew ducks beneath it and goes for a clothesline of his own when Cyrus turns. Truth ducks it and goes into a rear waist lock, before nailing a tiger suplex! Again, he bridges for the cover…

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Again, Drew gets the shoulder up, and again Truth drags him to his feet. He doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, before charging off the ropes and nailing a running neckbreaker! He hooks both legs this time…

    ONE… TWO…. - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “What a flourish of offence there from the two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion!”

    Tim Coleman: “But Drew kicks out each and every time! What resilience! And look at Cyrus, Jim, I’d argue there’s some frustration creeping in…”

    After remonstrating with the referee, Truth slaps on a sleeper hold, grinding Conner down. Drew remains active, though, squirming towards the ropes, and eventually he manages to get to one knee. He hits a few elbows to the midsection, trying to cause separation, before backing Cyrus up into the ropes. He propels him off into the opposite set, Conner attempting to hit the oncoming Truth with a Superkick… but Truth hooks his arms onto the top rope to check his momentum. Drew charges over to him, going for a clothesline over the top rope, but Cyrus ducks it, lifting him over the top rope with a back body drop in the process…

    Tim Coleman: “But Conner shows great agility in landing on his feet on the apron there, and Truth turns around into a vicious forearm!”

    Jim Taylor: “Cyrus Truth stumbles back into the centre of the ring, Drew waiting for him to get into position. He springboards off the top rope, going for a cross-body… no! Truth catches him in a fireman’s carry… is he going for Journey’s End?”

    Tim Coleman: “His intentions are irrelevant, Jim, because Drew has slipped out of the back, landing on his feet… Truth turns around and Drew goes for another Superkick! Truth ducks it…”

    Jim Taylor: “And turns Drew Conner inside out with a vicious discuss punch!”

    The Tag Team Champion crumbles into a heap on the mat, Truth not going for the cover, instead retreating to a corner to draw in a few deep breaths. He shakes the cobwebs loose before heading back over to his opponent. He hoists him to his feet, positioning himself behind Conner before lifting Drew up into the Argentine rack, maybe looking for the Exile’s Edge… but Drew manages to slip out of it, landing on his feet. Cyrus turns and attempts a short arm clothesline, but Conner ducks underneath it and charges to the ropes. He springboards off the second, hitting a cross body on Truth! Both men, are back to their feet, but Conner takes him down again with a leg lariat. Truth still fights up to a vertical base, but he’s a little less sturdy than before. Drew charges, going for a Superkick… but Cyrus drops to his back and rolls beneath the bottom rope…

    Tim Coleman: “This time it’s Cyrus Truth’s turn to take refuge on the outside, Jim…”

    Jim Taylor: “But that doesn’t seem the most sensible point of refuge, Conner charging off the opposite set of ropes… SUICIDE DIVE! Both men go down!”

    Conner is up moments later, clutching his ribs but re-focussing on Truth with a few stomps. He hoists Cyrus up to his feet and hits a hard Irish whip into the steel steps, before throwing him under the bottom rope. Drew hops up onto the apron as Truth rolls into the centre of the ring… and then hits a Springboard 450! He gets all of it, hooking a leg and smiling at the fans as the referee begins the count…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Truth gets the shoulder up, but a picture perfect aerial move by Drew Conner there, turning the tide in this one with a quickly flurry of offence.”

    Drew drags Cyrus to his feet in a front face lock, steadying himself before lifting Truth up, going for a suplex… but the former World Champion falls out of the back, landing on his feet and stomping on the back of Conner’s knee. Drew staggers and stumbles, allowing Cyrus to propel himself off the ropes and hit him with a big boot!

    Jim Taylor: “There it is, Tim, he calls that the Broken Path! And Cyrus Truth hooks both legs…”

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Conner gets a shoulder up, and Truth is quickly back to his feet, hitting a pair of stomps. Drew rolls over, trying to escape the kicks, but Cyrus looks to lock in the Long Road to Nowhere…Drew senses the danger and quickly squirms to the bottom rope, forcing the break. Truth lets him go and retreats across the ring.

    Jim Taylor
    : “A show of sportsmanship there from Truth.”

    Tim Coleman: “A show of stupidity, Jim! He had till five!”

    The two circle the ring again, bringing it together in a collar and elbow tie up. Truth is quick to move into a headlock, wrenching at Drew’s neck whilst Conner attempts to shake him loose. The tag champion eventually goes for a belly-to-back suplex, but Truth rotates three hundred and sixty degrees and lands on his feet behind Drew! Conner turns around into a kick to the midsection, and Truth lifts him up into a fireman’s carry…

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps looking for Journey’s End? Truth has him up!”

    Tim Coleman: “No! Conner slips out the back, and Truth turns around… INTO A SLAP ACROSS THE FACE FROM DREW CONNER!”

    Truth is flabbergasted at the disrespect, and pauses for a moment, his opponent flashing him a wide grin. Cyrus charges across the ring and goes for a savage clothesline, but Conner ducks it. Truth turns around, and Drew stamps on his foot, causing the former champion to bend over. Conner takes him in a front face lock before slamming him down with a snap DDT! He goes for the cover.

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Drew puts Cyrus in a rear waist lock whilst he’s still grounded, looking to squeeze the air out of his opponent. It looks to be working, too, Truth gradually being worn out and seeming to fade. The fans get on his side, chanting his name and willing him back to life. Cyrus begins to rally, fighting up to a knee, and then eventually to his feet. Truth hits a pair of elbows to the side of the head, looking to cause separation… sensing the hold slipping, Drew charges forward, causing Truth to collide chest-first with the turnbuckle, driving the wind out of him. He follows up with a German suplex, bridging for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Cyrus Truth powers out of the bridge, but an impressive show of wrestling from Drew Conner there, grinding his opponent down before hitting him with the suplex.”

    Drew is quick to push home the advantage, and he lifts Truth to his feet, standing behind him. He puts his head beneath Truth’s left arm and lifts him up. He places him down in a seated position on the top turnbuckle, facing away from the ring. Drew begins to climb after him, applying a rear waist lock again…

    Tim Coleman: “It looks like Conner’s going for an Avalanche German Suplex here…”

    Jim Taylor: “And Truth does not want to be hit by that, beginning to fight him off with a pair of elbows to the side of Drew’s head.”

    The third knocks Conner off the second rope, but Drew lands on his feet. He charges back in and hits a clubbing forearm to Truth’s lower back, before again beginning his ascent. This time he doesn’t go for the rear waist lock, and instead climbs right up to the top rope, hitting a head-butt to further stagger Truth. He stands on the top rope, takes a deep breath… before nailing an inverted frankensteiner!! Both men land in a heap on the mat. The crowd launch into a ’HOLY SHIT’ chant, the referee’s double count-out reaching a six before Conner eventually stirs, crawling over towards Cyrus and rolling him onto his back, hooking a leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Truth kicks out at two and nine tenths! If Drew could’ve got over to him a bit sooner this one might have been over…”

    Tim Coleman: “You’re right, Jim, but now Drew Conner is in firm control, and will look to press home the advantage.”

    It takes Drew a while to drag himself to his feet, and when he does he stumbles over to Truth, reeling off a half dozen stomps. He hoists Truth to his feet, Irish whipping him into the turnbuckles and hitting a splash. He whips him into opposite corner before following him in with a forearm. He gives Truth a snapmare so he’s seated in front of him, Drew climbing to the second rope and hitting Cyrus in the back of the head with a drop kick!

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Again Truth gets the shoulder up, and Conner is forced to pause for a moment to suck in some more deep breaths. He moves over to Truth, who is up to his hands and knees, and drags him up to his feet in a front face lock. Conner hooks his arm, looking for a snap suplex, but Truth drops down to a knee to block it. Conner powers him back up to his feet before weakening him with a half dozen clenched right fists to Cyrus’s abdomen. Finally, he hoists him up and over, slamming him to the mat with the snap suplex. Drew is slow to his feet and looks lethargic as he stumbles over to the corner. He begins his climb to the top rope, steadying himself as he faces away from the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like Drew’s about to go high risk… he leaps off, a picture perfect moonsault! But NO! Cyrus Truth lifts his knees and Conner rolls across the ring in agony! Veteran ring awareness on display there by the two-time world champion!”

    Truth uses the ropes to help himself back to his feet, supporting his weight in the corner for a moment whilst he waits for Drew to rise too. Eventually Conner is back to a vertical base, and Truth comes towards him, placing him in a full nelson. He hoists him over, looking for a Dragon Suplex… but no! Conner lands on his feet… Truth gets up, and Drew nails him with an enziguri! Conner can’t follow up, though, stumbling backwards and away from his opponent.

    Tim Coleman: “Both of these men are exhausted, they’re leaving everything in Sacramento!”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s how much the Ruler of the Ring means to all eight of these men, Tim!”

    Cyrus slowly drags himself to his feet, Drew Conner waiting patiently for him in the corner. As the former World Champion turns around, Conner approaches with a Superkick attempt… but no! Truth ducks it, and lifts him up into a fireman’s carry, going for his Journey’s End finisher… Drew fights back with a trio of hard elbows to Truth’s head, Cyrus eventually forced to drop his opponent. Conner hits a boot to the midsection, pulling Truth’s head into position between his legs… but again Truth reverses, hitting a big back body drop, Cyrus retreats into the corner, sucking in oxygen and staring at Drew as he begins to climb to his knees…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like Cyrus Truth is sizing up Conner for the Wanderer’s Wrath, which is often the prelude to the end…”

    Truth does indeed charge in, looking for the running knee strike… but Conner rolls backwards just in time, and Cyrus turns into a massive Superkick! Cyrus is stunned, and staggers backwards into the ropes, using them to support himself…

    Tim Coleman: “How is he still on his feet, Jim?! Conner almost took his head off with that kick!”

    Jim Taylor: “Cyrus Truth has been here before, many times, Tim! There’s fight left in him yet!”

    Conner moves in for the kill, dragging Cyrus to the centre of the ring and kicking him in the midsection. He drags him into position for the Canadian Destroyer… but Truth senses it, and drops down onto his knees to block it. Conner hits three clubbing blows to the lower back, before backing away, going for another Superkick… Truth ducks it, and lifts Conner up into the Argentine rack…

    Jim Taylor: “Exile’s Edge! Truth gets all of that neckbreaker! And now he crawls over to Conner, hooking the leg in the lateral press…”

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Conner gets a shoulder up! Truth can’t believe it, and he stares at the referee for a moment in frustration, maybe even desperation. In the meantime, Drew rolls over to the ropes, beginning to use them to get back to his feet. Cyrus stares at him from across the ring, shaking his head, almost in disbelief…

    Tim Coleman: “Truth needs to hit him with that killer blow. Conner has shown that he’s a fierce competitor, and it’s going to take Cyrus’s very best to put him away.”

    Jim Taylor: “It appears that Truth has come to the same conclusion, Tim, moving in for that Journey’s End once more!”

    Cyrus is indeed attempting to hoist Conner up into the fireman’s carry, but Drew has enough sense left in him to drop to a knee to make the task more difficult. Truth redoubles his effort, trying to get Conner up, but this time one half of the Tag Team Champions drops to both knees, sandbagging his opponent. With one gargantuan exertion of effort, Truth lifts him up anyway, getting him up into the fireman’s carry and preparing for the sit-out belly-to-back piledriver that usually follows… but no! Drew Conner escapes over the back, rolling Truth up with a sunset flip…

    ONE.. TWO… - - NO!

    Truth rolls backwards to escape the pin, landing on his feet… but Conner is on him in an instant, charging towards him whilst Cyrus is still bent forward…

    Jim Taylor: “CANADIAN DESTROYER! Conner gets every bit of it!”

    Tim Coleman: “God, I love that move…”

    Jim Taylor: “Drew Conner hooks the leg…”


    Tim Coleman: “This one’s over!”

    Lindsay Monahan: “This winner of this match… via pin fall… DREW CONNER!”

    Conner celebrates in the ring, his brother absent, preparing for his own match later in the night. He takes his championship belt and climbs to the second turnbuckle, holding it high above his head as Truth rolls onto the outside, the referee checking on his condition.

    Jim Taylor: “There you have it, folks! Drew Conner joins Leo Taylor in the semi-finals of the Ruler of the Ring tournament.”

    Tim Coleman: “And after that war, I can’t believe how much we still have left to come tonight, Jim! We have a CWA World Heavyweight Championship match, Jon Snowmantashi putting his belt on the line in their round of eight contest in the main event.”

    Jim Taylor: “And before that, Tim, we’ll hear from the general manager on the situation regarding the CWA High Voltage Championship… but up next, the other half of the Echo, Ethan Conner, will compete against another former World Heavyweight Champion, Krash! Don’t go away.”

    Drew makes his way up the ramp, all smiles in the face of the crowd’s boos, as we cut to commercial.



    The shrill cry echoed throughout the backstage CWA hallways, as the self-proclaimed hero of our story, the recent returnee and Heartbeat of CWA, none other than Krash, paced to and fro inside his private locker room. Mere minutes ago, the well-anticipated dream team of himself and Cyrus Truth taking on the scumbag scoundrels who held the CWA Tag Team Championships with an Iron Fist, Drew & Ethan Connor of The Echo had ended in a rather… unwanted way.


    It was hard to say who was unhappier with the result: The CWA fans who had a grand, decisive finish, as well as new Tag Team Champions for that matter, yanked away from them at the last second, or Krash himself, who… Well, let’s be honest – It’s hard to find someone who’s particularly pleased in any way after taking an uppercut to the crown jewels, let alone such an incident costing you more, uh, crown jewels.


    Indeed. Soon though, the outbursts faded, and those very important technicians and workers in the backstage hallways of the arena were able to do their jobs in peace. Well, as much peace on can get in a professional wrestling arena, but I’m sure they appreciated one less dude yelling in the next room, even if they were having quiet betting pools on how many more ‘GODAMNIT’s our hero would curse. Krash’s locker room drew silent, and for some time, he was temporarily forgotten by the world as the final encounter between Jon Snowmantashi and Jonathan McGinnis blossomed in the spotlights.

    Or, so he thought.

    A fist gently knocked on the door of Krash’s locker room, connected to the slender arm of Michelle Kelly, Primary Backstage Interviewer for most CWA tidbits, accompanied by her trusted cameraman, whose name no-one ever seems to remember. Dressed in a black leather jacket over a red t-shirt and blue jeans, twirling a microphone in her free hand, Michelle waited patiently, listening to the sounds of movement from within the locker room, before the door opened enough for the Heartbeat to poke his head out.

    “Mich?” Krash questioned, wiping away at tired, exhausted eyes with a hand. “How can I help you? Or do I even need to ask that, I wonder.” He idly mumbled aside.

    “I was hoping to get some words with you, following your match tonight, but if now’s not a good time…” Michelle trailed off. Journalist in all but name she was, she wasn’t going to shove a microphone in someone’s face if they didn’t want it. Well, nine times out of ten, she wouldn’t. Maybe. On a good day.

    Krash closed his eyes, bowing his head. “No, it’s fine. Come in.” He replied, resignedly, drawing back the door and beckoning Michelle Kelly and her trusted cameraman within. The two stepped into the locker room, noticing a flat-screen TV currently showing a live feed of Snowmantashi vs McGinnis in front of an opened steel chair, evidently what Krash had been watching before Michelle came knocking. Speaking of, Krash fumbled around with a remote, switching the TV off, before placing it on a bench beside his gym bag and slouching himself down onto the steel chair. Still dressed in his wrestling gear, Krash motioned for Michelle to sit down in a nearby chair.

    “Would be more comfortable with a lounge chair, right?” Michelle joked, attempting to ease the tension as she sat down on the chair and crossed her legs.

    “Good luck fitting that through the door.” Krash replied, but the attempt worked – the Heartbeat seemed more as ease than before. “Let’s get this piece on the road, shall we?”

    Michelle nodded, before turning to her cameraman and nodding. He flicked a switch, and began recording. “Hi. I’m Michelle Kelly, Lead CWA Backstage Interviewer, here right now with The Heartbeat of CWA, Krash.” She automatically began, motioning a hand to Krash, who leaned forward and clasped his hands together. “Now, Krash, earlier tonight we witnessed the Dream Team, yourself and Cyrus Truth, two of the longest-standing CWA veterans, team together in an attempt to take the CWA Tag Team Championships away from Drew and Ethan Connor, The Echo. That attempt didn’t exactly go the way you wanted it to, did it? Your thoughts?”

    Krash paused, and blinked. “My thoughts.” He repeated dryly. “My thoughts on being screwed out of being crowned CWA Tag Team Champion once more, by a pair of blatantly unworthy trashbags who would rather take the easy way out when it was evident myself and Cyrus had their number? You want my thoughts on that?” His emerald eyes burning, Krash’s jaw clenched, before he let out a breath and slouched, voice even. “I should be Tag Team Champion right now. I should be toasting Cyrus as we celebrated two of the all-time greats of CWA joining forces for the first time to restore glory and honour to the CWA Tag Team Championships, bottles of wine in our hands and gold on our shoulders. An alliance solidified. A hazardous return from an injury risk, and an exile lost in a distant land, banding together for a common goal and scoring the big win like a children’s tale. That’s what it should’ve been, y’know?”

    Michelle nodded. “Perhaps. But-”

    “But it wasn’t.” Krash agreed. “No. Instead, Ethan and Drew, once again, bailed once they realized ‘holy dicks, these two are, like, for real, bro.’ Now the CWA Tag Team Championships are still in their dirty, grubby mitts, and it’s rather… infuriating, Michelle.” His voice waved, betraying exactly how much fury he was holding back, and Krash took a brief second to compose himself. “I had a chance, WE had a chance, and the only reason we didn’t succeed is because THEY took the easy road out. It’s not right, Michelle. Not right at all.”

    Michelle could only make a vague motion of impartiality. “Speaking of your tag team partner, Cyrus Truth – Was this the last time you and him will be teaming together? For that matter, where is Cyrus at this moment?”

    “I don’t bloody well know. He’s not here, I can tell you that much.” Krash said, waving a hand around the locker room as if he were hoping to magically produce the former CWA Champion out of thin air. “Rest assured, my issue with the Echo is far from over, and I doubt Cyrus’s is too. I’m more than happy to fight alongside him once more at any opportunity. If, or when, we get another opportunity against The Echo, my oh my Michelle, the tricks I have up my sleeve, the lines I’m now willing to cross…” Krash let out a loose chuckle, soft and deceiving. “It would be such a shame for the story to end here.”

    “I can agree with that.” Michelle said, hiding a concerned frown. “And as a matter of fact, I have some news for you regarding such.”

    Krash raised his eyebrows. “News, you say? Well, don’t keep me waiting. I could use a pick-me-up.”

    “I have been told that, next week on Adrenaline Rush, you face off against one-half of the CWA Tag Team Champions and one of your heated rivals, Ethan Connor of the Echo, in a first-round match of the Ruler of the Ring Tournament. Your thoughts?”

    Krash blinked, before his lips curled into a smile. “Perfect.” He purred, running his hands together with glee. “Oh my, this IS a pick-me-up indeed. Michelle, this is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be brutal, it’s going to be relentless, but above all, it’s going to be… So, so good. I’m going to take a delightful amount of glee in taking the Echo down a peg. Even if it’s not for the tag titles, a blow to their overblown ego will be a fantastic first-step, wouldn’t you agree?” Krash paused for Michelle to agree. When she didn’t, he shrugged, and let out a relieved sigh. “Man. Ruler of the Ring Tournament. I returned at a good time.”

    “You sure did.” That, Michelle could agree on. “Krash, I’d like to thank you for your words here. Good luck in next week’s match.”

    “Michelle, we’ve been over this.” Krash said, extending a hand. “Luck’s for losers, and I’m no loser. Thanks for the news.”

    Michelle took the hand, shaking it thoroughly as the cameraman flicked the switch, stopping the recording. “Good stuff, Krash.” She said, standing and stretching. “I’ll let you get back to Snowmantashi vs McGinnis. Have a nice evening.”

    “Same to you, Mich.” Krash replied, grabbing the remote and turning the TV back on for the live feed, immediately engrossed in the main event. With that note, Michelle left, cameraman in tow, being sure to close the door behind her.
    Jim Taylor: That was moments after his match at Kings Reigns Supreme where The Echo weaseled their way into victory Krash and Cyrus Truth, but tonight Krash has a chance at some redemption as he faces the other half of the tag team champions, Ethan Conner!

    Tim Coleman: Well Jim, Cyrus didn't fair well earlier against Drew so Krash's chances aren't looking pretty slim if you ask me...

    Ruler of the Ring Match
    Ethan Conner vs. Krash

    The familiar music plays once more and the crowd gives Ethan the same exact reception that his brother received earlier in the evening. He arrogantly struts out while wearing his tag team championship around his waist.

    Lindsay Monahan: The follow contest is scheduled for one fall where the winner will move on in the Ruler of the Ring tournament, introducing first from Gainesville, Georgia by way of your Mother's bedroom. Standing at 5'10 and weighing in at 178lbs, he is one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions...ETHAN CONNER!

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd. He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner, patiently awaiting his opponent.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent from Melbourne, Australia by way of The Hinterland, West of Melbourne. He stands at 5'11 and weighs in at 205lbs, he is "The Heartbeat of CWA"...KRASH!


    The bell sounds as Ethan, brash and abrasive as ever, gets in Krash's face and starts mouthing off, telling him he's washed up and will never be a champion in CWA again. Krash responds the way you'd expect anybody would to one of the Connor boys: he punches him in the head. That sends Ethan into a corner as Krash lays into him with vicious knife-edge chops. There's a slight wildness in Krash's eyes, as if he's acting as feral as his White Wolf namesake. After Krash is done chopping Ethan's chest raw for a minute or so, he Biel tosses him out of the corner to the center of the ring as Ethan scrambles to get some distance, only to get dropped by a big boot! Krash goes for a cover, but Ethan kicks out at one.

    Krash is feeding off the energy of the CWA faithful, who are cheering him and loving every second of Ethan getting pummeled in the early goings of this match as Krash is eschewing tactics for punishment, making sure Ethan pays dearly for taking the coward's road at Kings Reign. Forearms and elbows are the course in this meal of agony as Ethan finally manages to get out of Krash's grasp long enough to roll out out of the ring. Not that he's any safer as Krash drives him into the barricade with a suicide dive! Ethan arcs his back in pain as he stumbles to get some distance as Krash gets back to his feet and goes back on the hunt. Ethan, seeing Krash out of the corner of his eye, slides back into the ring as Krash follows...STOMP TO THE KNEE! Ethan furious stomps away at Krash's knee to keep him from getting to his feet, frantically trying to re-injure Krash's bad knee. Krash endures this for a few blistering seconds before using his good leg to boot Ethan in the head again to get him to back off. Ethan staggers for a bit as he turns into a leaping lariat from Krash! However, despite the explosive move, Krash is noticeably favoring the leg as he's slow to make the cover, getting only a two count.

    Krash picks Ethan up to deliver a suplex, but his knee is now clearly tweaked as he is unable to make the lift. This allows Ethan to squirm out and kick at the knee, earning a slap from Krash. Ethan responds with the Indy Club trademark superkick to the head of Krash, sending the White Wolf down to the mat hard. Ethan takes this opportunity to run the ropes and crash onto the former World Champion with a somersault leg drop! Ethan covers, but only nets a short two count.

    Ethan, now feeling like he's in complete control, begins to focus his offensive strategy on hitting big and (of course) flashy moves to keep Krash on the mat. It is a rather impressive display of acrobatics and high-flying offense, but any "wow" factor is nullified whenever Ethan stops to crow about how awesome he is and how he's going to have several attractive ladies in the front row meet him at his hotel after the match, causing the crowd to boo him mercilessly.

    Maybe it's his persistence in taunting the crowd, or perhaps it's not being in a tag environment, but the one thing that Ethan is NOT doing is continuing to ravage the knee of Krash, something that the commentators point out. It appears this lack of foresight comes back to bite Ethan as he, after a lengthy discussion with a male fan about whether or not his mother is a garbage bag slut, is quickly rolled up by Krash for a long two count! Ethan seems pissed at how quickly he was almost beaten as he picks Krash up, allowing the White Wolf to answer with a STIFF forearm smash to the side of Ethan's head. Ethan tries to recover, but is unable to as Krash continues the barrage, his knee seemingly holding up either due to the lack of persistent attack or adrenaline. Ethan blocks one of the forearms, but Krash counters that by kneeing Ethan in the gut with his good leg and planting the Connor brother with a facebuster! Krash rolls back to his feet as he uses the ropes for momentum before driving his boot into the throat of Ethan! Again, Krash goes for a cover, but the Connor boy somehow kicks out before three!

    The crowd is firmly in Krash's corner as he slowly ascends the top rope for The Kill elbow drop. But, he takes too much time as Ethan is able to recover and, in a downright impressive feat of athletic ability, leaps up and drops Krash to the mat with a headscissors takedown, planting Krash head-first! The crowd gasps and boos as Ethan crawls for a cover...1...2...

    ...NO! Krash kicks out as the fans are roaring their approval, while Ethan slaps the mat and yells at the ref for not counting to three. Ethan tells the ref and crowds to suck his dick as he heads for the ring apron and springboards into a shooting star press...NO! Krash gets his foot up as Ethan's head collides with the sole of Krash's boot, knocking the Tag Champion loopy! Krash, sensing his opening, gets to his feet and drills Ethan with a brainbuster! Krash then climbs the ropes one more time and leaps off, connecting with The Kill! Krash covers and scores the win!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match and moving on in the Ruler of the Ring Tournament, Krash!

    Jim Taylor: Krash does indeed successfully move on in the tournament leaving Ethan to sulk in the ring. Moving on, earlier today Elijah Edwards spoke with CWA cameras about his match tonight, here's a look at that...

    We open on with a wide shot of an empty arena with a lone figure sitting high in the nose bleeds. This individual is Elijah Edwards. He’s dressed in a nice blazer with a shirt of the Tragic Kingdom album by No doubt and tattered jeans. Elijah is setting forward with his hands resting on his knees, almost in a retrospective demeanor. The camera pulls in closer on Elijah. The more he talks the closer the shot gets.

    I remember the firs time I ever saw a professional wrestling match. I must have been about four or five years old. The larger than life characters, the pageantry, the combat- the blend of theatre and sports was enough to stimulate my senses. At the age of seven, it became my obsession. Every time it was on tv- no matter if it was Saturday morning on a local channel or Monday night on TSN, I sat in front of the television screen watching. As I got older, and the internet became more prevalent, I would watch wrestling from all of the world. From Japan to Mexico, and so on. No matter how much wrestling I consumed, it was never enough. I always wanted more. Sure, I had other interest, but nothing could quite capture my interest as professional wrestling. As every child does, I mimicked my favorite wrestlers- creating outfits similar to that of my heroes to copying their mannerisms and maneuvers- pulverizing stuffed animals, family, and friends alike. I even envisioned myself as a champion. From imagining myself to be tag team champions with the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to being the Intercontinental champion.

    A huge grin surfaces on his face, recalling a cherished memory. He chuckles as he begins to explain.

    I remember once even making a World Heavyweight title out of cardboard, parading around my home with it around my waist or shoulder shouting, “I am the man! I’m the champion of the world! Nobody is better than me.”

    He shakes his head, his smile unfathomably growing wider as he radiates joy. Elijah embraces the moment, briefly before moving on with his thoughts.

    It was at that young age I decided I would make this fantasy into a reality. Someway, somehow I was going to become a professional wrestler. Everyone in my family thought it was just a silly little phase. Most kids proclaim they’ll become a fireman, a police officer, a Power Ranger or what have you and eventually they would choose a career more “realistic” to most of society. They all believed that once I got older I would pick a career that was more sensible and financially beneficial. But the dream never died. I not only wanted to be a professional wrestler, but I wanted to be one of the best. I wanted my name to be spoken in the same breath as a Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Harley Race and so on and so forth. I wanted to be revered and spoken about the same way Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan were for their sports. A legacy that no one may ever match or surpass. My determination to be a professional wrestler never wavered. I even joined the wrestling team in middle school to help hone my skills and during the summer I would practice ju jitsu. By the time I was eighteen, on the brink of manhood, using all the money from summer jobs, birthdays, and selling old stuff of mine- I moved to Calgary to carry out my dream. On the first day, I must have been in a class of 40 people. Some looked as if if they were professional athletes while others looked as if if taking a step took away all their energy. The drills- my god- the drills. They’re burned into my memory as if it happened yesterday. I can remember the feeling my squads being sore after the 250 Hindu Squats we were forced to do. Each drill was harder than the last. Some gave up while others body’s gave out on them from exhaustion. By noon, the class must have shrunken to at least 25, and by the next training session, the class dwindled down to at least twelve. No matter how much discomfort I felt, no matter how tired I became to the point I wanted to vomit my insides out, I never quit. I spent too many years dreaming about becoming a wrestler that I wasn’t going to stop now. No matter how many nights I limped home or waking up too sore to get out of bed, I would train my ass of to become the best I could be.

    Fast forward eight months later, I was ready to compete inside a squared circle. The dreams of a child still intact, yearning to be fulfill them. It was in my wrestling infancy that I experienced the woes of professional wrestling, especially upon entry into this grueling sport. I may have been technically sound, better than most new comers and some veterans, but I was nowhere near the caliber of athlete as many of the men I would face in EWE. Each and every week, I suffered lost after lost after lost. I lost so much that I started to think it was my middle name. I would win matches intermittently against less than exemplary wrestlers, and it would boost my spirits. My outings would earn me contenderships and championship matches. Every time I wrestled against the champion for their gold, I would lose- lose spectacularly. It didn’t matter how much I pumped out my chest and shouted to anyone who would listen that I was going to beat them. And I never would. Why couldn’t I beat them? I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I wanted it more than I wanted anything in the world.

    Elijah’s clutches his fist, gritting his teeth in the process as well. The frustration and heartbreak of losing hitting him like a tidal wave. It’s as if it happened a week ago. It’s a reminder, a motivator. While it’s history, it’s a feeling he never wants to experience again. A set back he never allow himself to endure again. Not if he has anything to say about it. He takes a deep breath, sitting back in his chair appearing pensive.

    It took me a long time to realize the teachings most of the Power veterans were trying to instill in me- despite their harsh and cruel actions towards me. I had a champion’s desire, but I lacked a champions work ethic and mind. A champion doesn’t log in an hours worth of practice and day and think that’s going to get the job done. No, a champion slaves away 7 to 10, maybe 12, hours a day honing their skills until it’s second nature. Practicing a single hold over a thousand times even when it’s perfect. In the ring, when you’re pushed to the point of exhaustion, you’re hurt, and taking a beating you don’t stop- you don’t give up. Doesn’t matter how much physical anguish you’re feeling. You have to dig deep, deeper than you ever would possibility think to dig, down in the reserves, a place you didn’t think you even had, and continue to march forward. It doesn’t matter if your collar bone is bruised or your knee is smashed to bits. You gotta keep pressing on until the bell sounds and you get what you want. It’s paying attention to the small things. The little details that a normal person wouldn’t notice. It’s being better than everyone’s best. Going further than anyone else while not being distracted by others. It’s taking on the tough challengers who spectators and analyst may perceive to be better than you finding their weak spots- no matter how small of a weakness it is- exploit it and use it to your advantage. It’s doing what you do best and not giving a damn what anybody thinks. That’s a mentality that got me to where I am today. It’s the same mentality that got me through wrestling school and it’s what had lead me to this moment at Adrenaline Rush.

    The intensity building within Elijah Edwards comes pouring out in this moment. He’s even found himself standing at this point and somewhere within his speech the blazer he was wearing has come off, throwing it to the floor to accentuate his point. His breathing has become sharp and his gaze reads as if his blood his boiling. It’s as if The World Heavyweight champion is standing right in front of him. As if these two titans are a mere bell ringing away from clashing. Maybe he’s staring at us all who are watching at this right now. That’s how close we are at this point. He’s speaking directly to us.

    Any confidence I lacked in my early career, I have found and it’s served me well. It’s helped me garner victories over Craig Owens and Jonathan McGinnis. It’s what helped me put on the performance of a lifetime against the LIGHTBRINGER in our two one on one matches and in the Triple Threat at Kings Reign Supreme. The champion’s work ethic, that mind set, is what made me take FOUR LIGHTBRINGER Lariats, a move that would have taken out any other competitor after one, and keep on fighting. And sure, even with this mentality, failure comes. It’s inevitable. No one is perfect. We all fall. It’s what you do after the loss that defines you. I didn’t stop and sulk when I lost the High Voltage championship. I got back to work to better myself, using the loss as a learning tool. Just like my loss at Kings Reign Supreme. I’m not going to throw my arms in the air, give up, and call it a career. I’m disappointed that I loss, but I have nothing to be ashamed of in the work I put in during the match because it’s lead me to this match in the Ruler of the Ring against Jon Snowmantshi.. for the World Heavyweight Championship none the less.

    A proud yet jokey smile appears on Elijah’s face as he delivers the last line. He stands defiantly as he begins to deliver the next part of his speech.

    No one, outside of my friends and family, believe I have a chance against the Kaiju. After all, the last time Snowmantashi and I stood across the ring from one another he beat me. What’s to make anyone believe I am capable of beating him now? He's a two time World Heavyweight champion. He's been in the Main Event scene for over a year now. He’s the premiere wrestler of the CWA brand, he’s the champion. I’m nothing more than a lowly mid carder who spent the majority of his run duking it out in the opening match or middle of the card. y. Well, let’s consider the circumstances of our last encounter. He beat me in the infancy of my growth as a wrestler. He beat an Elijah Edwards who wasn’t one hundred percent committed to the match. He beat a man on cloud nine from winning his first ever championship. He didn’t face the battle hardened, tried and tested Elijah Edwards. The man who stood face to face with the Indy God and embarrassed him for ever considering that I wasn’t in his league. The man who took LIGHTBRINGER The man who stood across from the previous World Heavyweight champion who scoffed me challenging him only to end up being embarrassed not once, but twice. A man driven for greatness.

    Elijah begins to lean forward. The camera pulls in closer.

    Look me in my eyes, Jon.

    It’s an extreme close up on Elijah’s Eyes. His left index finger comes into frame has he begins to point. And as his speech unfurls, the camera pulls back to a medium shot.

    I want you to remember this gaze as we stand across from each other in the introductions of our match. I want you to see that every word I utter I feel and believe whole heartedly. I want you to see the fire burning inside of me that’s going to carry me through in this match against you. The childhood dream waiting to become a reality. The motivation to right the wrong of putting in a world class effort against LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowitz and losing despite not being pinned or submitted, knowing that I could very well be standing here today the High Voltage championship, but I’ll assuage the burden of defeat with the consolatory prize of the World Heavyweight title.

    You’re not Inhuman, Jon. You can be hurt, you can be punished. You can lose just like me and McGinnis before you. I don’t care how hard you hit me, Jon. Your chops may feel like being hit with an aluminum baseball bats and your punches may feel like I’m being creamed in the face with cinderblocks; I’m going to keep coming back and hitting you just as hard. I will bring you to the mat and I will negate your strikes. I’ll focus on your leg- I’ll wrap it around the post and lock you in the figure four if I have to. I’ll batter your arms until you’re incapable of bringing the Hailstorm upon me. You may not think I’m a threat, but you’re going to learn just how mistaken you and everyone else is. You’re going to give me the respect that I deserve. I’m not asking for it, Jon. Because quite frankly I’m going to take it from you- just like I’m going to take the World Heavyweight title from you.

    You also call yourself the Kaiju? Well, consider me the Oxygen Destroyer to your Godzilla. The monster may leave a wake of devastation in their path throughout the course of a movie, but in the end they always fall.
    Jim Taylor: We'll see that in just a matter of moments fans, but first I'm being told that we'll be hearing from our interim GM Noah Hanson after the break so stay tuned!


    As we return from commercial, a podium has been set up within the ring, on top of which are placed a microphone and an object obscured by a black cloth. The camera settles on the stage just as Noah Hanson’s entrance music sounds and the general manager walks out to a mixed reception. He is dressed in a smart-looking black suit with a red tie, striding down the ramp with purpose and what looks like a forced smile.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes the boss, ladies and gentlemen, Noah Hanson making his way down to the ring to presumably shed some light on the situation regarding the High Voltage title.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, the events of Kings Reign Supreme have left us without a champion and even a championship in the High Voltage division, thanks to the actions of Michelle von Horrowitz.”

    As Hanson climbs through the ropes, footage from the pay-per-view is played on the big screen. It shows the culmination of the triple threat match and von Horrowitz making her hasty retreat from the arena with the championship belt. We cut back to the arena to see the figure of Noah Hanson standing behind the podium with the microphone in hand.

    Noah Hanson: “There is no way for me to skirt around the subject, or play down news from afar. I’m pretty certain that anyone who cares enough about my promotion to buy a ticket tonight will have read the news. For the first time in its near-eight year history, the High Voltage Championship has been taken from the CWA. It was taken by Michelle von Horrowitz, who is now gallivanting across the Far East accepting unofficial challenges from uncontracted wrestlers. Japan, China, Russia… I hear it’s France and the UK next. None of this matters a single bit. What matters is the rule-book, and what I say, not what some ungrateful traitor is spouting half the world away.”

    Hanson pauses for a moment, his free hand running over the black cloth and the item lurking beneath. The crowd are subdued, listening carefully to the general manager’s decree.

    Noah Hanson: “And the rule-book is quite clear. Any defenses of the CWA High Voltage Championship must be sanctioned by the CWA itself. Furthermore, the board of directors, and the general manager, have the right to strip a wrestler of their championship should they fail to fulfil their professional responsibilities to the company. It is clear to us that Michelle von Horrowitz is in breach of contract, is guilty of disloyalty and theft, and is in no fit mental state to be in possession of a CWA championship. It is therefore the decision of the board to not only strip Ms von Horrowitz of her title, but also to begin legal proceedings against her. And that leaves us in a peculiar situation, without a High Voltage Champion, but this is a scenario that we’ve seen before. Twice in its history, this great title has been without a holder, and on both occasions it provided an opportunity for the rest of the field. So it shall be again.”

    Here, Noah pulls away the black cloth, revealing – rather obviously – a championship belt. It is identical to the previous High Voltage title, a carbon copy but for the blank nameplate. He picks it up from the podium, showing its gold plating to the camera for closer inspection.

    Noah Hanson: “So, next week, live on Adrenaline Rush, we will be having ourselves a little match to declare a brand new, official CWA High Voltage Champion, featuring some of the best and brightest stars we have in the company. Firstly, after his hard-fought - albeit ultimately ill-fated - battle with Leo Taylor earlier in the evening, Nate Savage has earned his spot in this match. Secondly, after dominating the tag division for almost a year, many have forecast future singles gold for The Echo. I am neither deaf nor blind. So, although Ethan Conner was unsuccessful against Krash tonight in his Ruler of the Ring round of eight match, I am throwing him into the mix as well.”

    The audience are negative about Savage, and that only increases with the announcement of Ethan Conner’s involvement. Hanson allows himself a little smirk before he continues.

    Noah Hanson: “Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, I’m saving the best for, well, not last but next. I’m very pleased, after lengthy negotiations, to announce the return of a CWA legend. He’s a former CWA High Voltage Champion, a two-time CWA Tag Team Champion. Joining Savage and Connor to compete for the vacant title will be… HUMANITY!”

    The crowd goes NUTS at the news, and Hanson lowers the microphone to let the appreciation build.

    Jim Taylor: “Sacramento is going wild, Tim!”

    Tim Coleman: “And so they should be! Momentous news from the general manager.”

    Hanson allows the pop to build, the crowd chanting Humanity’s name as Noah stands in the middle of the ring, smirking. Eventually they begin to subdue once more, and he continues.

    Noah Hanson: “But that’s not nearly all, folks. The fourth man competing for this beautiful, storied championship will be… the two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… Cyrus Truth!”

    Another loud pop. The audience are behind Hanson now, a duelling Humanity-Truth chant bringing another smile to the general manager’s face.

    Noah Hanson: “And finally, Elijah Edwards is still to compete later on against the current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and could be walking out of Sacramento with the biggest prize of all. I wish him the best of luck, but – should the KAIJU emerge victorious tonight - there is a spot for him in this match should he want to turn this into a fatal five-way match!”

    The crowd are positive again, a ”DOU-BLE-E” chant circulating, though some are doing their best to get a LIGHTBRINGER call going to rival it. Hanson seems to ignore them, placing the championship belt back down in front of him and staring at the camera.

    Noah Hanson: “And then, when Adrenaline Rush goes off the air next week, we will once again have a champion that we can be proud of, that we can believe in, and not a petulant child who takes her ball home when she’s not getting her own way. Savage, Humanity, Conner, Truth, Edwards – the very best of luck to you all. May the best man win.”

    Hanson’s theme music hits once more as he picks up the championship belt, placing it on his shoulder and giving the plate a quick polish with the sleeve of his jacket. He leaves the ring, the crew beginning to remove the podium ready for the main event.

    Jim Taylor: “There it is, ladies and gentlemen – five men invited to compete for the vacant High Voltage Championship, three of which have never held the crown before, whilst another looks to claim the title they lost earlier on this year.”

    Tim Coleman: “But the man you refer to, Elijah Edwards, has bigger things on his mind should he find a way to put down Jon Snowmantashi in tonight’s main event. And, as Mr Hanson said, it’s for the Kaiju’s CWA World Heavyweight Championship, Snowmantashi out to prove that he’s the dominant force that he says he is.”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Tim, and that match is NEXT!”

    Hanson leaves the arena, the Sacramento crowd politely applauding his announcement as we cut to another commercial break.


    Ruler of the Ring Match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Elijah Edwards vs. Jon Snowmantashi (c)

    The crowd buzzes in excitment and after a brief moment of silence the sound of "Icky Thump" fills the arena, and the fans become unglued when Elijah Edwards steps out looking more focused than he has ever looked before. He walks to the ring alone, without his agent Romeo Rollings at his side, choosing to go at this alone. He calmly walks to the ring slapping hands with a few lucky fans along the way, and then he enters the ring propping himself atop one of the turnbuckles and stares out at the sold out crowd.

    Jim Taylor: This is quite possibly the biggest match in Elijah's CWA career, a big opportunity tonight for sure for this young man out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Tim Coleman: Big is an understatement when referring to the match and his opponent!

    Elijah gently hops off the turnbuckle and steps into his corner as awaits the arrival of his opposition. Soon enough the opening to "Sword of Destiny" rings out and the crowd still cheering wildly, this time for the two time CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Snowmantashi walks to the ring in a calm manner with his eyes remaining glued to Elijah inside the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi dethroned his former friend Jonathan McGinnis at Kings Reign Supreme to become a two time world champion, but can he keep this wave of momentum on his side?

    Tim Coleman:
    I smell an upset tonight Jim, I don't know but I can just feel it!

    Jim Taylor:
    We'll see if you're right Tim. Snowmantashi has defeated Elijah once before, but Elijah claims that he was a different person back then and looks make it even between him and Snowmantashi tonight

    Tim Coleman: He does seem more motivated than I've ever seen him before, so I'm telling you Jim there's a chance!

    Snowmantashi enters the ring without ever taking his eyes off of Elijah, who is returning the gaze back at the champion as Lindsay steps in the center of the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is the final match in the first round of The Ruler of the Ring tournament. and it is also for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship!

    The crowd roars in approval.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first the challenger, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He stands at 6'4 and weighs in tonight at 221lbs, he is "Double E"....ELIJAH EDWARDS!

    Loud cheering for Elijah who remains lazer focused at the man across from him.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan and wrestling out of Los Angeles, California. Standing at 6'5 and weighing in at 290lbs, he is the current CWA World Heavyweight Champion and known simply as "Kaiju"....JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    More cheers for the champion ring out as he hands over his championship while his gaze remains fixated upon Elijah. The referee for the match, Billy Stevens, holds up the championship for the fans to see before handing it over to the timekeeper and signals for the bell.


    The crowd is buzzing as the two men step forward in the center of the ring. Snowmantashi with the height and weight advantage, but Elijah shows no signs of intimidation as he stands toe to toe with the man known as Kaiju. Elijah extends his hand out as a sign of respect and good sportsmanship, to which Snowmantashi responds by looking down at Elijah's hand but instead of shaking his hand he bows before Elijah to which Elijah responds with a bow of his own but then Kaiju fires off a huge clubbing blow to the spine of Elijah dropping him to the mat instantly. A smattering of jeers ring throughout the crowd, but most fans realize that it's just the way Kaiju operates. Snowmantashi brings Elijah back up by the head and looks for a headbutt, but Elijah has other plans as he blocks the attack and drills Snowmantashi in the midsection with a boot yet it doesn't double over the big man but it appears to have done some damage allowing Elijah a brief reprieval. Elijah fires off several forearm strikes to Kaiju's head and the big man is reeling back now into the corner as Elijah is unrelenting with his strikes. Then Elijah backs up a few steps and lines up Kaiju looking for a corner clothesline but Kaiju counters...URANAGE!

    Jim Taylor: Kaiju with a devastating uranage!

    Elijah clutches his lower back while cringing in agony as he attempts to bring himself back up, but Kaiju obliges him bringing Elijah back up and lays into him with several knife edge chops straight across the chest leaving Elijah's chest beet red.

    Tim Coleman:
    He's lighting him up like a Christmas tree!

    Elijah drops to one knee holding his chest but Kaiju gives him no room to breathe as he brings Elijah up and follows through with several clubbing hammer strikes that have Elijah staggered. Kaiju brings Elijah in...T-BONE SUPLEX! Snowmantashi promptly makes the cover...


    Elijah throws a shoulder up and Snowmantashi grabs hold of Elijah locking in a front headlock keeping Elijah grounded for the moment. Snowmantashi grinds on Elijah's neck adding pressure to the hold, but Elijah finds the strength to slip out from Snowmantashi's grip and rolls up to his feet just in time to catch Snowmantashi with a several stiff kicks to the chest of Snowmantashi, who remains on one knee now. Then out of nowhere Elijah unleashes the KICK OF FURY! Tornado kick from the challenger and it has dazed the champion allowing Elijah to grab him by the scruff of his neck and plants him down with a snap DDT! Snowmantashi is off his feet for the first time this match and Elijah hooks the far leg...


    Tim Coleman: Come on kid, it's going to take a lot more than that to keep that big oaf down!

    Jim Taylor: I'm afraid that you're right Tim

    Elijah readies himself now before applying the heel hook submission hold, keeping extra pressure on Kaiju's legs. Kaiju grimaces in pain but refuses to quit as he reaches out for the ropes, but Elijah shows no signs of relenting the hold keeping it locked in tight.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah focusing on Snowmantashi's legs, perhaps softening him up for the Excellent Execution

    Tim Coleman: It's the smart thing to do if he wants to keep Snowmantashi down

    Elijah continues to wrench back with the hold as Kaiju continues to wear a grimace but he fights through the pain, and struggles to reach for the ropes and just barely clings on to the bottom rope to break the submission. Elijah relinquishes the hold but the damage may have been done to Kaiju as Elijah delivers a few stomps to the area he targeted previously in the submission hold, and Kaiju lets out some audible grunts of pain as each stomp strikes his heel. Kaiju is trying to rise up using the ropes as some form of leverage, but before he can fully rise he's brought back down with another stern stomp from Elijah, this time Kaiju's knee being the target. Kaiju on one knee and Elijah strikes once more with a mongolian style chop keeping Kaiju at bay before dragging him to the nearest corner, and it's there Elijah unloads several elbow strikes that rock Kaiju's head leaving him in a foggy daze. Kaiju slumps down in the corner giving Elijah the opportunity to continue his assault with a facewash straight across Kaiju's facial features, and Elijah then brings up Kaiju hooking him position for a snap double underhook suplex and uses all of the strength that he can muster hoisting him over and down to the mat! \

    Jim Taylor: That may have taken a lot of Elijah, maybe more so than it did Snowmantashi

    Tim Coleman: I imagine it's like lifting up a killer whale

    Jim Taylor: Will you stop!

    Elijah lay on the mat breathing heavily, as is Snowmantashi but he sits up to catch his breath. Finally he rises up yet limps slightly due to the damage done earlier to his heel, but he fights through it bringing Elijah up bringing him bear hug like vice yet Elijah finds a way to break free with another mongolian chop catching Kaiju by the head forcing him to release his grip. Elijah then whips Kaiju off the ropes and off of the rebound he catches an incoming Kaiju with a PENDULUM BACKBREAKER! Kaiju crumbles to the mat clutching his back and Elijah hooks the far leg...


    Elijah doesn't miss a beat after the kick out and goes in to apply a grapevine STF! He has it locked in but Kaiju finds the strength to fight free from the hold as he rolls over on top of Elijah, and turns it into a pinning predicament for Elijah...


    Elijah kicks out and breaks his submission hold. He rolls over away from Kaiju trying to find a reprieve, while Kaiju sits up finding his bearings. Soon enough both competitors slowly begin to rise and it's Elijah sneaking up behind Kaiju locking him in place for From Toronto With Love, but Kaiju throws back some elbow strikes to fend off Elijah and now Kaiju turns around to find Elijah staggered yet he grabs him with a rear waist lock...GERMAN SUPLEX! Elijah driven to the mat with force as he flops down. Kaiju isn't through yet though bringing Elijah back up...SIT-OUT POWERBOMB INTO A PIN!


    Jim Taylor: Elijah mustered enough power to kick out, but how much does he have left in the tank?

    Tim Coleman: He's gotta be running on empty soon!

    Kaiju showing no signs of frustration after Elijah kicked out. Instead Kaiju uses this opportunity to send Elijah off the ropes and off the rebound...FROSTBITE! The sleeper hold submission as Snowmantashi looks to put Elijah to sleep and the young Canadian showing signs of fading away with a glazed over look in his eyes while struggling to fight free from the dreaded sleeper hold. After a third time of checking up Elijah shows signs of life eliciting a pop from his supporters in the crowd...SLEEPER SUPLEX! Before Elijah had a chance to break free it was Snowmantashi coming right back with a destructive looking sleeper suplex...

    Tim Coleman:
    Elijah has gotta be seeing stars now! There's no way he's going to get up after that!

    Snowmantashi took himself a bit with that move as he sits up holding his head. Taking his time he ascends to the top rope looking for Snowfall and he leaps off...BUT CRASHES TO THE MAT AS ELIJAH SLID OUT OF THE WAY IN TIME!

    Jim Taylor: Just like that the tide has turned for Snowmantashi, who may just taken the wind out of his own sails!

    Snowmantashi is lying on the mat holding his belly and chest while Elijah finds a reprieve. He's up and the crowd comes alive for him as he's found a second wind...EXECELLENT EXECUTION! He locks it on Snowmantashi stretching back on the big man, who is grimacing and grunting in pain but refuses to tap out. Elijah using all of his strength to keep the hold applied wrenching back...Snowmantashi slowly crawls to the ropes as Elijah fights to keep him from moving, but Snowmantashi reaches out and clutches the bottom rope! Elijah is forced to release the hold and he shows signs of frustration now...

    Tim Coleman: Get your head in the game and quit your belly aching!

    Jim Taylor: That's easier said than done Tim. He was within grasp of the championship before it slipped away

    Elijah lies in wait as Snowmantashi groggly rises up and Elijah attempt another Kick of Fury, but Snowmantashi has the wherewithal to side step him and drills Elijah with a jumping axe kick! Elijah on dream street now which allows Snowmantashi to bring him up...HAILSTORM! Elijah planted to the mat and that very well may be all she wrote as Snowmantashi hooks the far leg...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match and STILL your CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Kaiju"...JON SNOWMANTASHI!

    Jim Taylor: Wow! WHAT. A. MATCH!

    Tim Coleman: You can say that again Jim!

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi very well may be thanking his lucky stars tonight because there were times that Elijah Edwards came SO close to becoming the new champion!

    Tim Coleman:
    This is usually the part where I berate the defeated man, but I gotta give credit where it's due to Elijah Edwards. He impressed me tonight, that's gotta be the performance of his life!

    Jim Taylor: It's not every day that I agree with you Tim but you're right about that!

    Snowmantashi is handed his championship and drapes it over his shoulder while the fans give a standing ovation. He looks at them and nods in approval, then he chooses to assist Elijah to his feet and shakes his hand and pats him on the shoulder. He leans in close to Elijah and the camera picks up him saying something...

    "Well done Eriya-kun"

    He pats him on the back and exits the ring as the crowd gives both men a standing ovation. Elijah remains in the ring soaking in the adulation and respect he's receiving while Snowmantashi walks back up the ramp, still with a bit of a limp.

    Jim Taylor: Excellent show of sportsmanship from Snowmantashi! I'm afraid that's all of the time we have for tonight fans, for Tim Coleman this is Jim Taylor saying good night!

    *END SHOW*

    Match credits

    Cyrus Truth: Krash vs. Ethan Conner
    SuperSaiyan: Cyrus Truth vs. Drew Conner
    Jimmy King: Nate Savage vs. Leo Taylor, Elijah Edwards vs. Jon Snowmantashi

    Jon Snow
    An Original Name
    Punk Wolf

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Well, that match for the High Voltage title is going to be exciting...

    And I'm pretty happy that I was able to get through to the next round, Pretty Exciting times ahead.

    "When I say something memorable, I'll put it here" - Forrest

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    This was a really good show. I thought the two promos posted for Edwards vs Snowmantashi were excellent and it seemed quite a close one. The semi-final draw for the tournament will be fun - all three men against Snowmantashi would be really interesting... Drew because the Echo have been one of the very best and most consistent for ages, Krash as an old guard vs new era sort of match, and Taylor just because it would be a massive opportunity for the character. Should be exciting!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live!

    Mmaaaaaan were cooking now lads, a lot of big things going on in the company great show guys
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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