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Thread: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

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    "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    : Jon Snowmantashi
    Nickname: "Inhuman" - "Kaiju" (In Japan)
    Date of Birth: October 15th, 1978
    Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
    Currently Residing:Los Angeles, California
    Height: 6 ft 5
    Weight: 290 lbs
    Disposition: Face
    Wrestling Style: Pure Style (extremely stiff with heavy brawling, can get athletic - cartwheels, moonsaults,
    suicide dives.)
    Gimmick: Hailed from Japan as a quasi-unstoppable monster, Jon Snowmantashi has arrived in America
    with aspirations of defeating the best they have to offer. Despite his no-nonsense in-ring style, Snowmantashi
    takes enjoyment in engrossing in American pop culture, and executing his dry and sarcastic sense of humor,
    to the fans delight.
    Backstory: Snowmantashi has performed in Japan for the better part of 17 years with occasional matches
    in Europe, and Mexico. While his career didn't start off as smoothly, originally recognized as a slow, over-
    weight competitor, he gained some notoriety in the second half of his career through hard work, losing 60
    pounds, performing athletic maneuvers no man his size could have and becoming recognized in the
    Puro wrestling scene as "Kaiju" Jon Snowmantashi, an unstoppable monster. For a great deal of time he
    dominated the NWA Japan main event title scene, only losing the titles through cheap tactics, injuries,
    strips, and only once coming truly close to being cleanly beaten by an American Indy Darling though emerging
    victorious by referee stoppage. The match served to renew Snowmantashi's vigor who went on to be far
    more dangerous for the next year and a half before vacating his title and announcing a signing with CWA,
    coincidentally enough, the new home of the man who nearly beat him.

    Basic Moves

    Jumping Axe Kick
    Dropkick (& Missile Dropkick)
    Lariat (Preceded by a Cartwheel in the Corner)
    Clubbing Hammer Strikes
    Belly-to-Back Suplex
    T-Bone Suplex

    German Suplex
    Suicide Dive
    Endless Head Stomps
    Sit-Out Powerbomb
    Endless Head Butts

    Signature Submission Move
    Torture Rack
    Frostbite (sleeper hold often done after head based strikes)

    Finishing Move
    Snowfall (Moonsault)
    Hailstorm (Fireman Carry into a Cutter)

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    My last ditch attempt at efedding. Jon Snowmantashi.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Welcome back to CWA Jon! I wonder if you'll ever run into this Indy darling here

    You'll be booked on the next show after this PPV, and if you want a segment or promo on this PPV let me know.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Hey hey, good to see you back.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Mentioned it before but Snowmantashi's very much an extension of the McGinnis-verse (and Willis's style was a big part of me trying this again, though I'm not keen on heaping praise on him), akin to how Flash more or less took Arrow's formula and just went completely different tonally, that's what I'm trying to do with Snowmantashi. It's mostly light-hearted in tone and hopefully a fun if not a little bit funny tale, with lotsa wrestling stories involved. I tried to make the dialogue distinct too with accented words, suffixes for names (and forcing everyone to use them) and often dropping words altogether or having to fumble for them. And those first two scenes also build on his extreme improvement backstory. He starts off real rough xD Oh and since I use a lot of staff members, hope I didn't botch them too hard e_e All in all though, had boat loads of fun writing this, no matter the result.


    August 23rd, 1998 – National Wrestling Association: Japan
    Tokyo, Japan.
    Backstage at the Hiroshima Green Arena

    1998, National Wrestling Association just opened its doors to the second biggest wrestling scene in the world – though the die hard in Japan will tell you otherwise – after DRAGON Pro folded its doors. It’s the law of the jungle here, kill or be killed. When the alpha dog dies, all the other dogs are picking at its bones, scrapping for the meat, for the leftovers. Thing is, whoever heads up NWA, they’re coming in thinking Japan’s easy game, it’s not. The crowd isn’t the same, half the time, the NWA talent who haven’t stepped foot in the ring get the feeling they’re putting on a 1/2 star spectacle. Not the sort of wrestle crap that has you laughing your ass off, the crowd isn’t laughing their ass off. You’d think they’re mute, they don’t react. Occasionally they clap, but the guys, they haven’t caught onto the way the world works on the side of Earth, and they haven’t realize the crowd’s too busy paying attention to chant “This. Is. Awesome.” every time some ball busting moment happens. By the time NWA opens up, half of them think the wrestling market in Japan is dead.

    It’s the opening night, April 10th, 1998, and only a few of the NWA folks from overseas have the balls to fight in front of this crowd again. It means they’ve got to start scrapping for talent before the show. Most of the big guns in Japan are offended being overlooked in the first place, and they’re more loyal to the local companies then they are this cheap expansion anyways. So you got to dig deeper, find the guys too desperate to reject your offer, when you’re too desperate to reject their application.

    George Jr. Wellington: What in the holy fuck is this, Hashi-san?

    George Wellington’s got the hard end of the stick. After fucking up NWA-Michigan so hard they had to deal with a truck load of lawsuits, he’s got one last chance, not to fuck up NWA Japan. Why’d he even get a second chance? Well, you saw the Jr. in his name.

    Shinsuke Hashi: Konbanwa, Wellington-san! This is Jon Snowmantashi-kun. One of my students.

    Hashi can’t teach to save his fucking life, but ever since he got Sasuke Nakamura, a Japanese prodigy to graduate from his dojo, everybody thinks he’s hot shit and no one’s realize he isn’t yet. Or maybe they’re just hoping he gets another Nakamura on his hands, and maybe this time he did.

    George Jr. Wellington: What. In the holy fuck. Is this?

    George’s finger starts poking in Snowmantashi’s chest. The man weighs 350 pounds, maybe that’s being generous, but look, he’s a fat turd. If he hadn’t had a shirt on, his chest would be dancing like jelly. The man doesn’t care though, he’s dressed in an oversized Nakamura shirt, some pants far too tight, and sandals. He’s got long hair going to his neck like he’s some sort of idol. He isn’t. Best of all, he’s eating a McDonald’s bigger, do they even sell triple big macs? George has never cared about messing with guys bigger than him, he’s started more fights than he can count, see NWA-Michigan. And no no-name Japanese jobber’s going to start a fight with him. So he keeps finger poking.

    Shinsuke Hashi: Uso! Wellington-san, you never cease to make me laugh. Look, you’ve got your first match in (he checks his watch) ten minutes, you said you needed someone in the opener. I’ve got him. You’ve seen Godzilla, no? You Americans love to copy us, I’m sure you’ve remade one over there already. Well, you see how we love monsters, Snowmantashi is a monster.

    George tries to size him up but Snowmantashi’s barely paying him attention, digging another bite out the triple big mac. It’s his second bite. It’s done.

    Jason Stabb: George, where’s my goddamn opponent?

    One half of the night’s opener, Jason Stabb. He got his name from stabbing someone, with a pencil, back in NWA Michigan. The man was desperate for a job, Wellington’s desperate for talent, match-made in heaven. George’s eyes switch between Snowmantashi and Stabb.

    George Jr. Wellington: Ah, fuck me. Jason, you’re facing Snowmantashi. Finish this in five minutes, you got me?

    He doesn’t even wait around for Stabb to comment, and good riddance too, he’s about one fuck up from sending him back to America. He’s desperate, but desperation still has its limits. Hashi’s got a big fat smile on his face.

    Shinsuke Hashi: Well then, good luck Stabb-kun, ja mata ne, Snowmantashi-kun.

    Stabb and Snowmantashi are left alone, about a minute from the start of the show. Now that Snowmantashi’s done the big mac, his focus is all on Stabb.

    Jason Stabb: All right fat ass, I’ll make it quick for you.

    He’s out first, doesn’t waste time with Snowmantashi, and doesn’t get to hear the man’s thoughts on it.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Sayonara.

    Stabb would learn in Japan, sayonara doesn’t just mean good bye, it means you don’t be seeing that fucker again for a long time.

    August 23rd, 1998 – National Wrestling Association: Japan
    Tokyo, Japan.
    Hiroshima Green Arena
    Jason Stabb vs. Jon Snowmantashi

    The bell rings. You know the sound, I don’t need to spell it out for you. Stabb doesn’t waste time, he’s on Snowmantashi as soon as he hears it, like it’s a gun shot at a track meet, or a horn in a hot dog eating contest, pick your poison. His punches are light though. Snowmantashi’s barely fazed. He doesn’t react, but you can’t tell if it’s because he doesn’t feel it or because he’s too slow. Probably the latter. Stabb gets creative, runs the ropes, drop kick, not a fucking inch moved. The man just bounces off and drops to the floor, hitting those 350 pounds is like hitting a trampoline.

    Jason Stabb: For fucks sakes!

    Stabb runs the ropes again, jumps high but he just lands in Snowmantashi’s hands and lies there like an oversized baby. All the big guy has to do is drop forward, 350 pounds squash Stabb like a pancake. Snowmantashi doesn’t hook the leg, he forgets to, just stands up and waits for Stabb to get back up, after one minute he does.

    Jason Stabb: Oh fuck this shit.

    Jason drops under the ropes, goes fishing under the ring. This isn’t NWA: Michigan though, there aren’t any weapons waiting for you there. So he goes to one of the ring announcers, has to threaten them thrice before ceasing the chair.

    Jason Stabb: Maybe you fuckers are gonna’ react to this! Fuck your honor.

    Stabb slides in the ring and drives the steel chair right on Snowmantashi’s skull but the only thing dented is the chair. Stabb looks bemused, seeming to check if he’s just holding some cheap chair. He’s not, he shrugs, slams the chair five more times, to the sound of the bell signalling Stabb’s disqualification too and even then, Snowmantashi’s still standing. He shakes his head a bit and there’s some blood seeping down his forehead but otherwise, the man’s still the same he was five shots ago, except, well, he looks a tad pissed. Stabb tries another shot but Snowmantashi punches it away then sends a headbutt so hard Stabb looks drops to the ground looking unconscious. As if motivated by the clapping happening at the Hiroshima Green Arena, Snowmantashi, all 350 pounds of him, climbs up the top rope. The big man’s wavering though, shaking on it, imbalanced, till he trips over his own goddamn feet and flips forward, 350 pounds falling onto Stabb back first. The ref shrugs, and he slams the mat even though it ended five minutes ago, one – two – three. Jim Meltzer gave it a ½ star 17 years later while looking back at the see-saw career of Snowmantashi. Just the first of many.

    June 8th, 2015 – Clique Wrestling Alliance
    Somewhere in America
    The Office of Isaac Richmann

    Someone knocks on the door.

    Isaac Richmann: Who is it?

    His breath’s heavy, but we won’t go into the reason why.

    Vanessa: Vanessa, I’ve got Jon Snow-?

    Jon Snowmantashi: Snow-Man-Tah-She.

    Vanessa: Jon Snowmantashi, here for your meeting.

    Isaac Richman: Right, right! Just give me a second (some fumbling, something falls), all right come in.

    Vanessa opens the door, Snowmantashi steps in. As usual, he doesn’t do suits. The man’s dressed wearing a “Mad Max: Fury Road” shirt, some shorts, and his wrestling boots. No, he’s not wrestling tonight.

    Isaac Richman: Snowmantashi-kun, great to see you!

    Snowmantashi has a fat jovial smile on him and offers a handshake, Richman thinks about taking it, but Richman’s a human, which means he learns, and he knows he’ll need another trip to the physio if they shake hands, so he just bows forward, twice, thrice. Snowmantashi shrugs.

    Isaac Richman: Look, Snowmantashi-kun, you know what, can I call you Jon? Snowmantashi’s a bit of a mouthful.

    Jon Snowmantashi: That would be disrespectful, Ritchiman-san. In Japan, respect very important. Respect difference between life and death.

    Isaac Richman swallows his spit, loosens his collar.

    Isaac Richman: Right, we’ll stick with Snowmantashi-kun then. Uh, you can take a seat…

    The super heavyweight’s too busy grabbing photos lying on a bookcase to take a seat. He grabs one of the fresher pictures, Richman shaking hands with new CWA World Heavyweight champion, Jonathan McGinnis.

    Isaac Richman: We’ve decided to toss you in head first on Adrenaline Rush, we’ve got Craig Owens coming through, talented guy, Drake Styles too, he’s young but I see a lot of me in him, definite future in the company and we decided to give the fans a treat, the three big signings all in one match. Of course, you’re sort of the wild card, you’re from Japan, and this is your first rodeo in America- err well, for CWA, so I was wondering what I was working with here. A Japanese monster right? Maybe come out with the national anthem, wave the Japanese flag around, and wear some Samurai kimono crap. You can even take a page out of Cyrus’s book and run around demanding respect?

    Jon Snowmantashi: Ritchiman-san, you don’t respect me?

    Isaac Richman: No, no, no, come on, Jon- err, Snowmantashi-kun, I have nothing but respect for you. I just need to know what you do?

    Jon Snowmantashi: You don’t watch me in Japan? You say you very impressed.

    Isaac Richman: Well that was for the press. I don’t watch none of that NWA Japan crap, the crowd’s always silent, the commentators are screaming a bunch of gibberish, and all anybody ever does is stomp on each other. Noah Hanson wanted us to expand our cultural diversity, Vanessa said you were the biggest guy there – literally, and we could always do with another foreign monster for someone like Truth or McGinnis to beat.

    The new portrait drops to the floor, the glass cracks and Richman nearly jumps out of his seat.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Gommenasai. I have big fingers, things fall easy. (Richman looks pissed but not pissed enough to send his frustrations out on Snowmantashi) Ritchiman-san, you want to know what I do, you should watch tapes. I give to Vanessa so she can give to you, un? (Richman skeptically nods his head) Ritchiman, I tell you a story? (the question brokers no answer, he gives him a second and doesn’t even wait for Richman to nod his head) I tell you story. I resu many times, all around world, except here. I went to Mexico once, to find new opponent. Mexico very different. Resura in Mexico is like hero. Like Supaidāman in America. The resura’s wear mask, fans wear mask too, to copy Supaidāman, to copy the resura, to be like resura. But I don’t wear mask, I’m big, simple, boring, so they boo. (he shrugs, indifferent about that reality) And then their hero comes down the ring. Uno Mascara. Everybody has his mask. They even have manga of him over there. I have at home too, I show you after. Very good, like Battoman. So, Uno Mascara dances to the ring. He flips (Snowmantashi twirls his fingers for some visual aid) around the ring, and they clap. Very good. I’m too fat for flips, but I do sharin. (he fumbles for the words, tries to do something with his fingers but that just confuses him more) Ah! (finally he finds the word) Cartwheel. I do cartwheel sometimes, all I can do, too big for too many flips. He hugs fans. Kisses baby, (Snowmantashi approaches Richman, wraps his big hands around his head and kisses his forehead) like this, everyone loves him. They want Uno Mascara to win. They want their hero to beat the big, simple man, like the movies. So Uno Mascara tries hard, a hero has to try hard. He flies around the ring like Aianman, even I clap. Very impressive. But eventually, he has to hit me, but he doesn’t hit hard enough. They chant harder. So he hits harder. But it’s not hard enough. (his story begins gaining momentum, Richman’s genuinely interested) Then I break him.

    Richman looks perplexed, he waits for some follow up, Snowmantashi just smiles, he has nothing more to say.

    Isaac Richman: Th-that’s it? You break him? C’mon, don’t you guys have a sense of pace?

    Jon Snowmantashi: Un! I break him. Then I go eat. The fans cry because the hero is broken. I cry too, maybe, I like heroes. Then I fight new hero. And I break him. I’m very big. I’m very simple. I break people. I break heroes. I break villains. I break Ouenzu-kun. I break Doreiku-kun. Then I go eat at Leon. I hear it very good food in Rondon, un? You can come too. Then I break the next person. Until I champion. Then people try to break me… (he pauses, in deep thought about the cycle, then breaks a smile again) but I break them instead. Now, Ritchiman-san, you know what I do, un?

    Richman nervously half-laughs, half-nods, Snowmantashi’s five centimeters away from him, uncomfortably close. Finally, Snowmantashi backs off, he puts the broken picture of McGinnis and Richman back on the desk.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Very good, Ritchiman-san. Now, I go. Domo arigato, ja, mata ne.

    Richman’s grabbing tissues to wipe the sweat shaping on his forehead as soon as Snowmantashi leaves.

    June 9th, 2015 – Clique Wrestling Alliance
    Somewhere Over The Ocean
    In some US to UK Plane

    Jon Snowmantashi’s got a window seat – well, seats, he lost some weight but the ass is still very much voluptuous. Most of the other passengers have opted not to sit next to him, rumors are abound that he has a tendency of calling over flight attendants for more food, but loves his window seats so he’s never willing to take the goddamn isle seat. And no one’s going to object to that decision. Jonny Yamaguchi – the best damn CWA referee ever - ends up last on the plane with naught but one seat available to him, the one next to Jon Snowmantashi. Yamaguchi doesn’t seem to notice who he’s sitting with – not for lack of vision, don’t be racist, he’s just not paying attention -, and Snowmantashi’s too busy digging into a burger to realize either, until the two meet each other’s eyes –it’s not love at first sight-. Yamaguchi tenses instantly, jaw locked, lips thin, like a deer hearing the predator snap a twig. Snowmantashi on the other hand is mid-bite of a Subway. Yamaguchi quickly tries to look away, fumbling through his things, finding a book and locking his attention on that. Snowmantashi keeps staring though, and Yamaguchi can feel it, his hair stands up, sweat builds up his forehead.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Oh, Yamaguchi-kun, I don’t see you since Japan.

    Jonny ignores it, tries to pretend he didn’t hear it. Snowmantashi takes the final bite of the steak and cheese combo. He sniffs, closes in on Yamaguchi and sniffs him too, though the referee does his best interpretation of a wall. Snowmantashi’s nose closes in on Yamaguchi’s bag.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You have California roll, not as good as Japan, but America still has very good sushi. Onegai!

    The referee still keeps his attention on whatever book he’s reading.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Yamaguchi-kun, are you ignoring me.

    His voice lacks the jovial tone it earlier had, and a hand clamps down on Yamaguchi’s shoulder. The referee brings his arms up, flinching back.

    Jonny Yamaguchi: Don’t hurt me, Snowmantashi-sama!

    Jon Snowmantashi: Why I hurt you?

    Jonny Yamaguchi: Why hurt me? I’m halfway across the world and I hear stories about you!

    Jon Snowmantashi: (feigning as much shock as he can) Oh, like what?

    Jonny Yamaguchi: You broke Jason Stabb’s ribs!

    Jon Snowmantashi: (Snowmantashi frowns thinking about it, arms folded) I don’t remember.

    Jonny Yamaguchi: What about Jin Yang, the referee, he had a concussion.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Ah, he stole my chow mein, try play joke on me, I play joke on him, instead. He was (again, Snowmantashi fumbles for the word) cracked up.

    Jonny Yamaguchi: You don’t mean that literally, do you? (Snowmantashi just shrugs) Fine, Shawn Beck, a friend of mine told me you slammed him so hard he had to miss a show.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Shon Bekku is shoujo. She’s a girl!

    Jonny Yamaguchi: You slammed a girl? That only makes it worse.

    Jon Snowmantashi: (Snowmantashi has a sleazy smile thinking about it) That one is true.

    Yamaguchi seems to finally get the message. He ah’s and Snowmantashi nods in agreement.

    Jonny Yamaguchi: All right, fine, what if I don’t share my California rolls with you?

    Jon Snowmantashi: That would be disrespectful. Respect is very important to me.

    Snowmantashi’s straight faced again, joviality absent. Yamaguchi has to grab a napkin from an oncoming passenger to wipe some sweat from his forehead. Finally, Snowmantashi starts laughing, Yamaguchi tries to join in with a nervous chuckle.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You crack me up, Yamaguchi-kun!

    Jonny Yamaguchi: Just to be clear, I can eat my California rolls and not give it to you, right? Haven’t eaten all day and it’s all that I got.

    Snowmantashi continues laughing then manages to speak up between breaths, his hand resting on Yamaguchi’s shoulder.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Un, un! You can eat alone, (Yamaguchi gives out a sigh of relief) but I crack you up if you don’t share.

    Jonny Yamaguchi: Wait, what?

    June 10th, 2015 – Clique Wrestling Alliance
    London, England
    The London Arena

    Michelle Kelly and Jon Snowmantashi stand backstage, a half hour before Adrenaline Rush is officially set to happen in The London Arena, and thus when the camera falls on the interviewer and her interviewee, there’s nothing more than a modest applause for the man dubbed “Inhuman” after signing a contract for CWA at World’s Strongest. Jon’s dressed pretty plainly, he’s got a Maya Yoshida Southampton jersey on and his regular plain black trunks.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentleman, I’m here with my guest, who will also be making his debut alongside “Mad Love” Drake Styles and of course, “The World Renowned” Craig Owens in a blockbuster triple threat match. “Inhuman” Jon Snowmantashi, obviously this is a different environment than you’re used to, and even now, you’re making your debut in London, so you’ve still yet to really stand in front of an American crowd, nevertheless, how does it feel being here?

    Jon Snowmantashi: I was very disappointed I not resu in America first, but I’m… big fan of England. I, like Ouenzu-kun, travel world too, been in England before, Snowmantashi has “mad love” for England.

    Michelle Kelly: Your first match is a triple threat match which isn’t always the most favorable match to make your debut in, how do you prepare for a match like that, particularly against two opponents you’ve never faced, or seen before.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Oh, very simple, un! I very big, not many bigger than me. So, Snowmantashi only resu’s one type of person… someone smaller than him. There’s no need to prepare a lot, all I do is eat, so I stay big, and my opponent always smaller. If you not big, and you not small, you have to prepare a lot, you never know who you face, that’s Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun, they have to prepare for both, I only prepare for small. Makes it easy.

    That earns a chuckle on Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Definitely an interesting perspective, but you’ve got to account for the different wrestling styles and the different personalities too.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Iya! No. You fly, I catch you, you try to hit me, I too hard, you try to carry me, I too heavy, you try to make me tap out, I too big. See, simple strategy. No need to prepare for someone stronger, or bigger, they always smaller, same strategy. I don’t know Styles, so you can’t prepare for personality. Ouenzu-kun is like me. He acts, me too, many movies made after me, Kingukongu, Gojira, Pashifikku Rim. He models, me too, I model for large underwear in Japan, very popular, very inspirational, like Maikeru Jodan and shoes. I bilingual too, I speak Japanese and fluent in English. He likes wine, I like sake very much. He likes food, I like food. He dances, I do pole dancing, very good. I show you sometimes, Keri-chan.

    Michelle Kelly: I’ll consider taking you up on that offer.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I not very good singer, but mostly, me and Ouenzu, very similar. I know Ouenzu, like I know McDonalds, every layer, every meat, every flavor, every sauce, and every ingredient, so I know what Owens do. He not surprise me. And Doreiku is very tiny man, nothing to fear. He has many moves, but pointless if you can’t use them. He also has body guard, bigger than him, but in Japan, I fight four people very easily, need at least five to beat me, or it’s not very fair for you. If Doreiku finds ichi (one finger goes up), ni (two), san (three), shi (four) more body guards, then maybe he can beat me. (he shrugs) Maybe.

    Michelle Kelly: Bold statement, and before I let you prepare for the match Snowmantashi-san, a lot of us are aware of your success in Japan, what are your aspirations now that you’ve arrived in CWA.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Same as Japan. People don’t want me as champion, Ritchiman-san won’t want me as champion, it’s okay. I will beat everyone in CWA until no one else to beat. I will beat the new people he brings, Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun, I will beat the old people he brings back, Pain-kun and Jonzu-kun, I will beat those who have name here, Enigma-kun and Shedo-kun, I will also beat CWA’s legends, Sairasu Truth-san. And finally, when I have beaten everyone, and Ritchiman has no choice, I will beat their champion. Whoever it may be.

    Michelle Kelly: Thank you so much, Snowmantashi-san, and good luck on your match tonight.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Domo arigato, Keri-chan.

    Snowmantashi walks out the scene with the camera fading to black and CWA in The London Arena officially getting underway.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Second RP and while it came in a bit late and I struggled on the second half, I think it ended on a strong note. Obviously, it's still very Willis-ish inspired but in a lighthearted way, I continued using Yamaguchi who I'm loving and kept on having some fun with ridiculous stories though this time they all correlated strongly with the opponent this week. Had lots of funs writing this, even through the struggling exorcism scene (I thought about them trying to actually fake the exorcism but decided against making that scene go on too long). Hope it's an enjoyable read, anyways.

    June 17th, 2015 - Clique Wrestling Alliance
    Somewhere in America
    The Office of Noah Hanson

    Getting called into the boss’s office is either good and bad, there aren’t any shades of grey there. Hell, we’re not even talking about Isaac Richman, this is the head boss in charge, the man that funds this whole shtick, Noah fucking Hanson. Any man would be nervous in the owner’s presence, sweating bullets and biting nails. On the upside, if this was the swift end of the road for the Kaiju, at least he was getting fired by the big guns and not the assistant. Then again, Richman wouldn’t have the balls to fire him face to face, would he? Jon Snowmantashi sat on the long line of identical red chairs, cheap, hard, butt numbing ones, like Hanson wants whoever’s coming in to feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t faze Snowmantashi, you want to make him uncomfortable, take away whatever he’s got in hand, but then you might end up in an uncomfortable situation yourself. The ill-fitted athlete had a 20 piece bucket of fried chickens straight from Kentucky’s finest, some fries, gravy, barbecue and honey garlic sauce on the side and some coleslaw on the side to keep healthy. Then again, he never finished the coleslaw, it tasted like shit, but his nutritionist insisted he get it. His nutritionist also sucked at his job, but CWA had insisted he get one, so he found the worst one he could find. Snowmantashi bit into leg of fried chicken, the juice dripping down his chin, he only stopped mid-bite when the door to the office opened, no, not to Hanson’s room but the entrance door. The man who stepped in stopped upon the sight of Snowmantashi, eyes bulging out.

    Jon Snowmantashi: (with a wide smile and the half-bit fried chicken still in hand) YAMAGUCHI-KUN! Ohayou!

    Yamaguchi swallowed spit and slowly walked over.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    What are you doing here?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (shrugging) Hanson-sama call, said urgent meeting. He take time though, lie, not very urgent after all.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    He’s just trying to make a point.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    What point?

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    That he’s the boss, he can make you wait forever if he wants.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (more than a tad perplexed) But we know he bosu, he pay me so I can eat. If I finish eating, I leave.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    Talking about food, I haven’t eaten all day, you mind if I-(he’s stopped by a glare from the super heavyweight, tries to feign a smile), come on Snowmantashi-kun, just a bite. You finished my enter platter last time!

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    No, can’t, gomennasai! I get very mad when I hungry, need to eat all twenty. You can have coleslaw.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    (his eyes sadly glance at the coleslaw)Seriously?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    You reject kind offer?

    The gleam in Snowmantashi’s eyes tell Yamaguchi that answering yes might lead him to a swift journey to his grave, luckily, the interruption comes just in time. The door to the office opens, the one to Hanson’s personal room this time.

    Snowmantashi-kun, Yamaguchi, you two can come in.

    Yamaguchi doesn’t need to be asked twice but Snowmantashi takes his time chowing down through the chicken leg, licking every damn finger, resisting grabbing another piece though at the very least dipping a fry in gravy before finally walking towards the office. Noah Hanson sits at his desk, with Richman just finishing whispering in his ear, he backs off nervously as soon as Snowmantashi steps into the room. Vanessa stays in the corner, if she weren’t so damn gorgeous, she’d be like a fly on the wall. Yamaguchi stands next to Snowmantashi who has a grin that hides his more in-ring ruthless nature.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Hanson-sama, ogenkidesuka, (he bows forward as a sign of respect).

    Noah Hanson:
    I’m great, glad to finally meet you Snowmantashi-kun. (much to the shock of Yamaguchi and Richman, it seems Hanson knows a little bit of Japanese, at least his basics. He gets up and bows alongside Snowmantashi who rises back up with an even wider grin. Hanson gestures towards the two chairs, equally uncomfortable, the two sit, much to the dismay of Richman who’s likely thinking Snowmantashi’s Michigan J. Frog, and he the hapless businessman who fails to expose his lies.) I would’ve liked to see you under differing circumstances but an… alerting accusation was brought forth to me. It was brought to my attention that your victory may have been illegitimate.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Illegitimate? (he says, not fully understanding, but a straight face, devoid of any smile says he gets the gist of it, and if you pay close enough attention, you’d have seen his eyes flicker menacingly towards Richman for a fleeting moment, and the general manager flinches at the sight)

    Noah Hanson:
    Undeserved… gained unjustly… that you cheated. That Yamaguchi here counted just a tad too fast. (he pauses to gauge their reactions, Snowmantashi looks downright furious, Yamaguchi is nervous, the seam at his arm pits darkening).

    Isaac Richman:
    We saw you two getting chummy on the plane, lord knows you might be old friends from Japan-

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    I left Japan at three years old…

    Isaac Richman:
    Distant cousins then. And we reviewed that pinfall over and over again, it seemed off, and then you raising his hand so happily after the match-

    Noah Hanson:
    I’ll handle this Richman, (Richman whispers apologies and backs off).

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Hanson-sama, in Japan, respect and honour very important. I never cheat. I respect rules, if I cheat to win, no one afraid of me. If you want, I fight again, pin for go seconds this time, ni versus ichi. I pin both for go seconds each.

    Noah Hanson:
    (grinning at the proposition) As much as I enjoy your enthusiasm, and would love to see that, it’s unnecessary. You proved yourself… allegedly, on your debut. You’ll get another chance to prove yourself on the main event of the next Adrenaline Rush against the man that shortened Cyrus Truth’s career, Shade. If you happen to be a fraud, Shade’ll eat you alive, if not, we’ve got a great spectacle on our hands and just mayb, Shade’ll get what’s coming to him. (he grins, Snowmantashi doesn’t return the smile, Yamaguchi just nods). That’s all, it was good to meet you Snowmantashi-kun, I’ll be watching Adrenaline Rush attentively this week.

    The two got up and bowed, Snowmantashi glanced at Richman who hurriedly looked away, pretending to be busy whispering something to Vanessa. The Inhuman and the referee both left the office, with the announcement of the upcoming bout sure to spread relatively quickly.

    October 31st, 1998 - National Wrestling Association: Japan
    Oita, Japan
    Dragon Event Hall
    Jon Snowmantashi (c) vs. The Possessed

    Technology is a fascinating thing, years ago, we would’ve had to shell out the cash navigating some website of alien language - before google translate no less - to find DVD’s of puroresu origin. That is, if you’re one of those too-good for sports entertainment Americans whom deem the best their nation has to offer is simply not up to par with their pals from across the sea in Japan. Today, however, NWAJP Online allows fans from around the world to subscribe to the Netflix-like service and watch thousands of hours worth of content from NWAJP’s long and storied history. In fact, the folks over in Japan were nice enough to hire some bilingual minimum wage chaps to go add subtitles to every damn video in their library, how’s that for contributing to your country’s economy? In any case, the match in question we’re looking at dates back to 17 years ago, at the Dragon Event Hall in Oita, Japan, the newly crowned NWAJP Openweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi -who stumbled and bumped and tripped his way to the now irredeemable belt-, faces off against the one and only The Possessed.

    Yakoshima, Toru:
    A lot of people do not think Snowmantashi-kun deserves the NWAJP Openweight Champion, that size is the only thing driving him, that he has very well fluked his way to obtaining that belt, well, if Snowmantashi-kun disagrees, tonight is the night he can prove us all wrong.

    Takeshi, Kushaka:
    You are correct Toru-kun, and I am of those who do not have faith in our NWAJP Openweight Champion, and I don’t believe he will prove anything tonight. The Possessed is like nothing we’ve ever seen in NWAJP before, he comes in without anyone seeing him, in that crimson face paint only interrupted by black lines, pure red irises, The Possessed strikes fear in everyone he has faced, much like Snowmantashi, he comes in undefeated, tonight only one of these two will remain undefeated, Toru-kun.

    Yakoshima, Toru:
    Oh boy, oh boy! I have goosebumps just waiting to see these two in the ring (the lights turn off) and here The Possessed comes now (he continues ominously).

    The camera focuses in on Snowmantashi who’s in the ring, bathed in darkness with just barely a hue of light revealing his face to the world. He looks panicked, the most emotion we’ve seen out of the NWAJP Openweight Champion since he’s debuted. His eyes wander around, he wanders around the ring, slightly panicked in the darkness.

    The Possessed:
    (the voice emerges from everywhere and nowhere at once)Are you afraid, boy!

    Snowmantashi nearly stumbles to the ground when the voice gets out, he just roars back a defiant ‘no’ after regaining a modicum of composure.

    The Possessed:
    That’s brave (he laughs, a deep, dark, snarling laughing that sees Snowmantashi swallowing his spit), but you will be afraid!

    The voice vanishes, there’s utter silence, more so than their usually is in front of a Japanese crowd, and then suddenly, a finger touches the back of Snowmantashi. He turns around instantly, only to drop onto his posterior at the sight of the wildly grinning demon in front of him, bathed in a red spotlight that only adds to his sinister demeanour. Snowmantashi tried to get back to his feet to regain any self-respect he had left but stumbled once more when The Possessed took a step towards him. Again, he laughed his demonic, blood-curling laugh. The referee hesitantly tried to restore some discipline into this match, hurrying Snowmantashi to his feet, reluctantly backing up The Possessed and raising up the belt to initiate the match.

    Snowmantashi circled around, for the first time seeming worried in one of his matches, The Possessed did not bother a lock up, waiting for Jon to make the first move. And so he did, attempting to rush The Possessed only to find that every time he closed in The Possessed seemed to easily move out of the way at the last second like an ethereal ghost. After having done that often, Snowmantashi grew frustrated and Possessed began getting mildly aggressive, striking Snowmantashi but slowly realizing the big man would not fall. He began abusing his apparent power, the lights would go off and he’d have Snowmantashi available to him in a compromising position, delivering crossbodies, lariats, hard-earned suplexes and what have you. Still, give Snowmantashi credit where he is due, the big man would always get back up, though with each flicker of the light, he grew more hesitant… more afraid. Then, when Snowmantashi somehow managed to reverse a flying forearm into a near hailstorm, the lights disappeared again. When they reappeared, The Possessed was nowhere to be found, once more causing Snowmantashi to drop to the ground, the lights turn off, and then the metallic sound of metal against flesh resounded throughout the arena, once, twice, five times, ten times, twenty, thirty times, and finally they were back on. Snowmantashi lied on the mat of the ring, bloodied forehead, The Possessed standing above with his manic grin, he laid a foot on Snowmantashi… one… two… three.

    Yakoshima, Toru:
    W-what just happened?

    Takeshi, Kushaka:
    I think we have a new champion, Toru-kun.

    Yakoshima, Toru:
    But the people do not seem happy.

    In a retrospect of 30 days of Snowmantashi, in honour of his signing, Shock would award this match with a 1/2 star, the extra 1/4 star given over Jim Meltzer’s rating was simply due to the hilarity of the situation and Shocks enjoyment of worst-ever matches. The Possessed did not last long in NWAJP with his character simply not resonating with the Japanese crowd, he soon left the company after losing the belt to a Jonin “Lightning” Talon in a match where he was without power. Snowmantashi however, for a long while, would not be the same, long scarred by the abilities of The Possessed. To this day, Snowmantashi has not overcome that fear for the supernatural.

    June 20th, 2015 - Clique Wrestling Alliance
    Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California
    A School in Little Tokyo

    The Japanese have long made Little Tokyo their home in Los Angeles and thus it was the first place Jon Snowmantashi believed he would find the salvation to a man that has haunted him since his career first began. The oddball pairing Jonny Yamaguchi and Jon Snowmantashi stepped out the pink hummer, Yamaguchi driving the vehicle though it clearly belonged to the Inhuman. Snowmantashi, straight faced and not his usual jovial self, marches towards the entrance of the school with Yamaguchi having to half-jog to keep up the pace with him. He stopped him at the front of the door.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    Snowmantashi-kun, what are we doing at a girl’s boarding school in Lil’ Tokyo?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (looking around to ensure no one else is looking) I tell you story, Yamaguchi-kun, before I was who I was, I was I (Yamaguchi looks like he wants to interrupt but a stern glance from Snowmantashi stops him). And I was champion. One day, I face man, not normal man. Very evil, but not normal villain. Not like Ouenzu-kun or Doreiku-kun, he different. He has powers, dangerous powers. He disappear, turn everything to darkness, and reappear, and he has evil laugh. If Snowmantashi-dono is monster, he is akuma, pure evil. I look Shedo-kun, he not normal villain, he like akuma too. Not normal.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    (the referee looks near ready to burst out laughing) And how are we supposed to find help here?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    You lose culture, Yamaguchi-kun, little girls very in tune with the other world. They speak with spirits, exorcise demon in Shedo-kun so that he normal man… and no normal man can fight I. (Yamaguchi’s still at the precipice of making a mockery of Snowmantashi’s idea) Enough talk, we go.

    Snowmantashi knocks, and for a long second, there is no response, until there is. The door slowly squeaks open, but no one is there to answer it. Snowmantashi seems to see it as absolutely ordinary but any hint of laughter on Yamaguchi’s face has now vanished at the sheer oddity of the situation. Jon trudges on, passing several doors before stopping at room 665. Alas, 666 was under renovations. Desks are placed next to each other in a circle with school girls sitting at each desk besides one which holds an elderly woman and two which are free for Snowmantashi and Yamaguchi. On “The Wall of the Exorcised” are pictures of various ‘demons’ straight out of the Exorcist, the Ring, Insidious and what have you. Yamaguchi seeks to mention it but Jon isn’t interested in hearing any of it.

    Old woman:
    Snowmantashi-kun, you have arrived, sit - sit.

    Jon bows, Yamaguchi hesitantly follows suit and tails the big man as he takes a seat, the chair practically snapping under his full weight. The school girls have their
    eyes closed, seemingly unaware of the presence of the two visitors.

    Old woman:
    I’ve prepared everything for the sermon, now, tell me about this man who you seek to exorcise, his name-

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Shedo-kun. He is small, but dangerous. They call him Itami no Fenikkusu and Kurai no Akuma. He does not seek victory, nor glory, he seeks pain, only pain, and to destroy others. He attacked Sairasu Truth-san, broke him. And soon, he will try break Jonasan Makuginisu but before that, Shedo-kun will face me, I must make him mortal man to fight him.

    Old woman:
    You’ve come to the right place Snowmantashi-kun, many mortals have been dispossessed at the hands of these girls. They have been trained since birth to ward off evil spirits, now, before we begin, that will be 1000$ for the room… and a 5000$ for the exorcism instead.

    Yamaguchi’s mouth drops as the old woman curiously looks to see if Snowmantashi will take the bait… and he actually does. Snowmantashi reaches for his wallet and begins fiddling through mounds of cash.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    Wait-wait! Stop! You’re not serious are you.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    I very serious, Yamaguchi! I don’t go half-way, I go full-way. Never think twice. Always sure of self. Shedo-kun is demon.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    Shade is not a demon, or a ghost, or possessed or whatever. He’s a schizophrenic masochistic religious nut. (obviously those words surpass Snowmantashi’s vocabulary) He’s cra-zy! (Yamaguchi twirls his fingers around his head to emphasize the point.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Shedo-kun is normal man?

    Jonny Yamaguchi:

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Why you don’t tell me before?

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    You’re kind of a jack- erm. You seemed pretty focused.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Yamaguchi-kun, you cost me time and too many worries. I need to eat, we go to Daikokuya, very good noodles! You pay.

    Old woman:
    (half-disappointed she missed out on pounds of money, even the little girls open their eyes in frustration) at least give us the cash for the room.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (despite Yamaguchi’s pleads he action does fork over 1000$) Domo arigato gozaimasu!

    The two walk away with Yamaguchi often glancing back in dismay. The old woman savours each and every bill in that pile.

    Jonny Yamaguchi:
    But she’s a fraud.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (suddenly stopping, eyes widened in shock) You never disrespect exorcist and little girls. You no watch The Ring? Toire no Hanakasan? Yuki-Onna? Women crazy, you never cross women, Yamaguchi-kun.

    June 27th, 2015 - Clique Wrestling Alliance
    Newcastle, England
    The Metro Radio Arena

    Adrenaline Rush as always, stands by its name, providing a slew of exhilarating matches all set to culminate in the night’s main event, a battle between a masochistic psychopath and a Japanese monster. It’s most certainly not the first match that comes to the mind when you think of a blockbuster, but damn you if this isn’t a match you’d love to see once it reaches the forefront of your mind. Michelle Kelly stands backstage with one of the men who will be participating in the big main event tonight, the super heavyweight, “Inhuman” Jon Snowmantashi. The camera manages to flash at some fans beforehand to show the growing English fanbase of Snowmantashi bowing forward, in a way replicating Snowmantashi’s respectful gesture to his opponents Craig Owens and Drake Styles after having vanquished them at the London Arena. The camera flickers back to a mildly grinning Snowmantashi who paused from taking a bite from his plate of fish and chips.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, I’m here with the man who last week emerged victorious in a triple threat match with Craig Owens and Drake Styles. It was an eventful opponent between three very capable athletes but in the end, only one of them could come out of it with their hands raised. How does it feel to walk away with that first victory?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (Snowmantashi’s got his usual stoic outlook on, shrugging) I not lose in long long time. Last time I pinned was… (he raises his fingers and thinks internally to himself, but then shrugs again) I can’t remember. It like I told you, Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun good, but not good enough. I simply better, I never have back on floor for more than three seconds. I never hurt enough to cry and give up. I can’t cry and give up. Not born that way. Sad for Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun, they good, but no way they win match with me. They do better on second match, un?

    Michelle Kelly:
    I’m sure they’ll impress. That said, there was an even bigger story circulating in London, in a rematch from World’s Strongest, Jonathan McGinnis defended his title against the former champion, Cyrus Truth, but before we could even get a winner, the number one contender to the World title, Shade, interfered and not only took out our champion but sidelined Cyrus Truth indefinitely. Tonight, Snowmantashi-kun, you’re facing that man, as you well know, you’re the first man to step into the ring with him since that incident. People have been tweeting out support for Cyrus Truth, but obviously there’s no remorse on the part of Shade, does last week’s aftermath effect this match at all for you.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    Sairasu Truth-san very good resura, until not long ago, he was best here, but now, he is not. I sad, a bit, that I could not resu Sairasu-san but eventually he come back and I beat him then. It not effect me, I told you, match always same for me. I not think about it too much, if he is man, then he is man, and nothing to fear in man. I not fight for Sairasu-san, when Sairasu-san is back, Sairasu-san will fight for himself. He not need me to fight for him. I fight for myself. I not fight for Makuginisu-kun either, he fight for himself too. He not need me to beat Shedo-kun for him.

    Michelle Kelly:
    So is there any worry going into this match against Shade. He’s obviously proved himself a formidable opponent having gone this far to become the number one contender and he’s also earned a ruthless penchant for wanting to see both himself and his opponent suffer as much as possible. One would say he thrives in the pain, how do you combat someone like that?

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    A friend tell me Shedo-kun is kureiji (his finger twirls around his head to prove his point), Shedo-kun think he not normal but Shedo-kun is not special, he’s normal man, he’s like Ouenzu-kun and Doreiku-kun, like you Misheru-chan. He want pain, love pain, it okay, everyone has fetisshu. Some people in Japan like tentacle, I think very disgusting but it okay, you love what you love. I will give Shedo-kun what he loves, Snowmantashi give lots of pain. Shedo-kun say poetry about pain, and darkness, and death, and demons, about how world works, he talk in nazonazo. Confusing words, make people think he’s smart. Make people try to find out how he thinks. I not care how he thinks, I not care about his words, I not care about his poetry. I don’t need to understand Shedo-kun. I am kaiju. Shedo-kun can talk and fight against other people, but only one fight is hopeless, only one fight has certain result, that is man and nature. Shedo-kun can find all spirits in the world, can find majikku if he thinks majikku helps, it doesn’t matter, he is man, and against nature, man will always lose. I am kaiju. I am nature. It only natural I beat Shedo-kun.

    Michelle Kelly:
    And just one last question before I let you finish (she eyes the food platter suspiciously) getting ready for your match, what are your thoughts on Jonathan McGinnis sitting ringside for your match against Shade.

    Jon Snowmantashi:
    (anger flashes on Snowmantashi’s face for a second but he quickly overcomes it) If Makuginisu-kun want to sit and watch I beat Shedo-kun, it okay. McGinnis is normal man, he has to get ready for big fight, make sure he win so I can beat him after, I not surprised he come to watch. I give Makuginisu-kun a message (he focuses on the camera), Makuginisu-kun, you stay on chair, you not move, you not enter the ring. It me resuringu Shedo-kun, no one else, I will hurt anyone who try to step into the ring. I not care about you and Shedo-kun fight, if you enter ring for revenge, you will have to face me, Makuginisu-kun, and it is not yet time for that. So again, I tell you Makuginisu-kun, you stay on your seat. You watch, you take notes, you study, I show you Shedo-kun weaknesses, but I still leave him walking for you, so you get revenge, but you will stay sit on that chair!

    Michelle Kelly:
    A rather poignant message, Snowmantashi-kun. Thank you again for your time, and good luck in the main event tonight.

    Snowmantashi bows forward to Michelle Kelly and is immediately digging back into the platter of fish and chips as the camera switches away.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    EDITOR'S NOTES: This RP was intended to do a few things, address the Yamaguchi attack, address Snowmantashi's weak knee, hopefully make him come across as more dangerous than he's being perceived, and set his focus on Austerio above Jones and Pain and hell, develop a story of him underestimating the American competition.

    The urgency backstage was palpable, the EMT’s demanding, staff members and wrestlers alike, move out of the way as they carried the limp, battered and bruised body of Jonny Yamaguchi to the arena’s medical room. Keeping up as best as he can, with a crutch under his shoulder and a dead leg, Jon Snowmantashi trailed the EMT’s, often rejecting requests from road agents for help. The super heavyweight was expressionless as he pounded forward. But it wasn’t the sort of absent-minded demeanour he usually presented, it was a dangerous sort of expression, the sort you don’t wanna be in front of when he lets loose whatever he’s hiding inside.

    As they should, the EMT’s attempt to check up on Snowmantashi’s obviously damaged knee once they reach the medical room. The super heavyweight tries to shrug the aid off before begrudgingly accepting a knee brace, Austerio had ensured that the Kaiju wouldn’t forget the mark he’d leave on his body and in all sincerity, there was no way Jon would forget the pain from the leg lock, and the several clips attempted to keep him from a vertical base. On the upside, the damage done to Yamaguchi hadn’t been too severe. The Souvenir DDT still left the referee lying on the medical bed, but the EMT’s had cleared out soon enough, satisfied that Jonny would make a swift enough recovery.

    “Am I still alive?” The referee managed, still mostly dazed, but the sight of the three hundred pound figure entering his hazy vision solved his line of questioning. “Yeah, must be, God’s not cruel enough to let you be my first sight in heaven.”

    “Ah, Yamaguchi, I not think you live. More strong than I thought.”

    “Maybe I should step into the ring.”

    “Not that strong.”
    Snowmantashi steps up from a bench. He limps over to Yamaguchi and clasps a hand on Yamaguchi’s shoulder, ignoring the accompanying painful groan. “You no worry about Osutereo-kun, he make mistake… give me reason to hurt him. He learn never to give me reason to hurt him again.” With the steely words hanging in the air, Snowmantashi steps out of the medical room, leaving Yamaguchi to recover on his own.

    Waiting for the super heavyweight outside is none other than CWA’s resident interviewer, the ravishing Michelle Kelly tactically tries to clear her throat and get Snowmantashi’s attention. “Snowmantashi-kun, earlier in the night you faced off against Austerio, and while you managed to beat him, it obviously came at a cost when he assaulted both you and the referee, Jonny Yamaguchi. How is Yamaguchi doing after that Souvenir DDT?”

    “Osutereo-kun not very strong, is why he not beat me today, is why he not beat me in match with Makuginisu-kun and Shedo-kun, is why Yamaguchi not very hurt. He okay.”

    “And obviously, you suffered some damage in that match-up as well, much like in your tag match on Adrenaline Rush, Austerio made sure to capitalize on your knee, and obviously further added to it with the post-match assault. You’re currently wearing a brace… is that gonna have any lingering effect on you going forward.”

    Snowmantashi thinks it over, stone faced, he glances from the camera to Kelly, then finally offers a hand to grab the microphone.

    “I say before match, Osutereo-kun is very sumato man, he knows he not able to beat me, not in simple resura. He need to resura sumato to win. So he attack leg, very sumato, he do it at Adorenarin Rasshu, he do it today, at Kingusu Reign, and he do it after match, in case we resura again. Osutereo-kun think that I hurt more and more each time he do it, that I not inhuman, that I very much human. He think eventually leg not stand no more, eventually I drop, and eventually, Osutereo-kun finally win. Osutereo-kun, I tell truth… you hurt leg all you want, you break leg if you want, you grab knife and you cut off leg if you want, you never keep Snowmantashi down for win, you never make Snowmantashi give up. Snowmantashi not know how to give up. You understand?”

    Michelle tries to interject, leaning over towards the microphone, “I’m not sure if you’ve heard, Snowmantashi-kun, but Isaac Richmann announced that on Adrenaline Rush, you and Austerio will be in another match…” Snowmantashi’s lips twitch at the possibility of getting his hands on the deranged masked man, “but you’ll also be facing off against Prince Pain and Thomas Jones and this is, of course, an opportunity to face off against the man who retained his CWA World Heavyweight Championship, Jonathan McGinnis, for the most prized possession in the company. Are you worried at all that Pain, Jones and Austerio might all make headway to target that leg? It goes without saying, you’ve arguably got the biggest target on your back being undefeated and being the biggest man in the match-up.”

    Snowmantashi gives Michelle the microphone back and, hands on his hips, slowly starts walking away, though he stops mid-journey. The super heavyweight’s steely glare reaches the camera and he unlatches his hand from his hips. He bends forward, reaching behind his knee and unstrapping the brace, he rips it apart all too easily and tosses it aside. He glances at the camera again and puts his hands, palm first, onto the concrete wall. His shoulders heave up and down in quasi-frustration and all of a sudden, in some sudden sort of fit, the Inhuman begins DRIVING his knee into the concrete wall. The abrupt action causes Kelly to let out a minor yelp, he doesn’t stop, he keeps driving it in and in, the yellow skin soon becoming a filthy white, then the skin starts splitting, then it starts bleeding, blood latching onto the cracked crater-like minor hole he’s drilling into the concrete. Staff members stand aside nearby, half-tempted to try and stop this heedless and reckless fit, but too fearful to end up as collateral damage.

    It’s only when Michelle yells out “Jon!” that he delivers a final crunching charge into the whole. The super heavyweight’s shoulders heave up and down as he stops the masochistic display. To his credit, Jon refuses to show pain, he walks back to Michelle, his knee looking like an absolute bloody mess but he puts all his effort in walking straight, forcing the limp away through sheer will.

    He grabs the microphone from Michelle, as if he need say anymore. “Is answer. I not worried. I never worried. I never think I lose. You think you lose, then you lose, but if you know you win, then no reason you not win. In home, I never lose, people like Aizakku-san have to make it kyoso-ryoko no arimasu. He has to make it fair, or else, not very fun for people watching. I face three people sometime, sometime five, sometime tournament, I beat five people in one night. No way I lose, but if Osutereo-kun, Purinsu Itami-kun and Tomasu Jonzu-kun want win, they have to make sure I not able to walk, then carry, and throw me out arina… then they pray I not find way to walk again, or I come back.”

    Still halfway-distraught and impressed by Jon Snowmantashi’s pain threshold, it takes a second before Michelle finally grabs the microphone again. Though resolute to continue delivering all the hard hitting questions she’s established herself off of, she continues delivering her set of inquiries, “Snowmantashi-kun, there’s been some obvious doubt going into this match as well, it took a McGinnis tag in for you to win at Adrenaline Rush and an O’Connor Roll to pick up the victory tonight, not exactly the most dominant set of performances.”

    “Un. You’re right. I make mistake, I not perfect. I come to Amerika, and I think, only one man strong, only Makuginisu-kun, and I treat everyone not very good. I too confident. Osutereo-kun better than I think, I learn lesson. This time, I keep guard up, this time I hurt Osutereo-kun, this time I hurt Purinsu Itami-kun and Tomasu Jonzu-kun.I say only one more thing, I not great at many things, only one thing I great at… resura… I only know one art… I hurt those who hurt me. Tonight, I make Osutereo-kun like pig, I gyakusatsu, I kill, pig not like it, he not like it, but the people, they eat it, they like it, and that is all that matters. Shori wa, soreha kakakuda shiharau koto o yorokonde iru hito no tame ni yoyaku sa rete imasu. I pay price for victory, no matter what price is.” He glances down to his bloody knee, still leaving a tiny pool at the base of his feet, as if to answer the threats posed by his opponents.

    Snowmantashi allows that to be his final words, heading, hopefully, for the medical room.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    RP #6 I believe. Not much mention of the opponents, and not really a standard promo per se, more so just focused on Snowmantashi's character development. I know I could've delved into the history with Shade and getting speared by Pain but that didn't seem all that important as much as just drilling in some Snowmantashi redemption here. I tried to do that verbally last time and it didn't go as planned so I'm going about it differently this time. An interview speaking about past conquest and surviving longer than Prince Pain would've been too simple/typical. Anyways. Here it is. Carry us, Tig.


    “Jon Snowmantashi has been eliminated.” The sound reverberated in the super heavyweight’s mind. Staring up into the arena’s bright lights, the Alabamians jeered the ecstatic junior heavyweight as he celebrated his unexpected victory over the three other title contenders. The Inhuman aimlessly rolled over until he was on the mat at ringside. “And the winner of the match and new number one contender, Austerio!” The referee offered help, but the man who felt very human had no answer. He walked past waving hands, past “KAIJU” shouts, and only stopped at the top of the stage when he spotted the man he dared to call his rival. Jonathan McGinnis held the CWA World Heavyweight championship up high, eyes focused on his challenger, not Snowmantashi but Austerio. Snowmantashi could only look on, sigh and continue his march backstage, through the halls, past Yamaguchi, past Michelle Kelly, past Toxic Rain, into a locker room that had been all but emptied with the show having concluded.

    He dropped to the wooden bench, head hung low, sweat dripping, mostly from the tips of his hair. He had a towel in hand but that was the least bit of his concerns. He’d failed. The man whom had conquered Japan, whom no other could overcome, arrived in America to do the same… and he had failed. Fallen at the first hurdle. It should not have gone like this. He’d tossed all his worries aside, and when the first true threat arrived, he assured his people he was tough, made an entire show of it, bleeding out his knees, which now lay scarred and bandaged, but it’d been all for nothing. He couldn’t toss a man half his size off of him. He’d lost.

    “Are you just gonna’ sit there all fuckin’ day?”
    Snowmantashi looked up, he didn’t really need to, he recognized the voice, he just had no idea what it was doing here of all places. “For Christ's sake, get up!” The man moved away from the room’s dark corner. Jon hadn’t even bothered opening the lights nor looking through the room. The man was balding, skin so rabidly beaten down it had become leathery to the touch. Chopping hurt him about as much as it hurt you. He’d seen one man rip the skin off his hand trying to give him a knife edged chop.

    was all Snowmantashi managed. It meant stiff. You don’t have to guess why people called the old man stiff, all you needed to know was, expect to be sore after you step in the ring with him. He’d gone to Japan and made them look like pansies with how hard he fought. It wasn’t long before everyone around had forgotten what his name was and just called him Kataidesu. “What you doing here?”

    He stepped forward, hands crossed, he had the shadow of a grin on his face, he always had the shadow of a grin on his face, like he engrossed in some permanent internal delight he wasn’t interested in sharing with anybody else. “Your english still sucks.” But Snowmantashi wasn’t in the mood for jabs, he remained stoic to the insult. “You know I live in America, hell you damn well moved to my goddamn city. But not a call, not a damn visit? But you know what, that was all right, I don’t mind, I thought it meant you were focused… but then I hear all this dumb talk about how you became chummy with the referee. I tell myself, naw, not Jonny, he doesn’t work like that, too much honour and all that bullshit.” He pauses to leave the question hanging in the air.

    Jon sighs again, “He friend, is all coincidence. I not know why they put him matches with me.” He didn’t, the blatant conspiracy was rampant yet Isaac Richmann felt no need to have Yamaguchi ref different competitors.

    “That’s what I thought Jonny, you’re not used to this country yet, honour isn’t much of a thing here. Betrayal, conspiracies, secrets, that sorta’ thing, that’s America. And hey, maybe you could’ve avoided all that, but then you started playing to the press, taking interviews with that blondie, being friendly with the man you came here to beat, how’d you expect to keep your mind on your opponent if you were too distracted playing up the damn crowd?”
    His voice got louder every time he spoke. That’s how Kataidesu drilled his message into you, it just got louder and louder till that was the only thing echoing through your brain. Snowmantashi shook his head, there was only one man who could punk out the Kaiju, and it was him. “You know, Jonny, soon enough no one’s gonna be callin’ you Kaiju or Inhuman. They’ll be calling you the fat japanese foreigner who came in with a lotta’ hype but couldn’t cut it when his name was called.”

    Snowmantashi darted up. Anyone else would’ve dropped, shat and/or pissed their pants but Kataidesu had a handle on him. He was also one of the few who knew how to rile him up, he thought Austerio had done it too, but the way Snowmantashi showed up tonight, made it look like his grudge was all for show, like he didn’t actually care about Yamaguchi, or making a statement. “It’s one loss.” Snowmantashi mutters, but he knows it’s more than that.

    “Are ya’ kiddin’ me? Did you rewatch your match at King’s Reign, I watched it three times, they were calling it one sided, and not in your favour either. And tonight, you practically gifted yourself to that freak, I thought you were tougher than that, Jonny!”

    The Inhuman still looked down, yet standing tall over Kataidesu. “I am.” It’s a whisper almost.

    “Are you? Didn’t look that way to me, why didn’t you kick out then?” Kataidesu closes in, he’s red in the face, practically screaming in Snowmantashi’s ear.

    “I not know.” But Jon couldn’t look him in the eye. His eyes looking aside, anywhere other than Kataidesu’s face.

    “I know why, Jonny, you forgot your purpose, you forgot what I thought you, you’re distracted. I thought you a lot of things, but one thing most of all, it doesn’t matter who your partner is, it doesn’t matter who your facing next week, it doesn’t matter what your fighting for or who you want to fight, or what someone said or didn’t say, there’s only one thing that matters. Your opponent. You’ve gotta’ focus on your opponent. You’ve gotta focus on beating the crap out of em’. The crowd doesn’t matter, just the man opposite you. Just the man you’ve gotta’ break and make bleed. It’s not about a grudge, or vengeance, or a rematch, that’s gonna come, but it’s gonna come on it’s own, the only thing your head should be focused on is just kicking ass, you understand me, Jonny?” His voice now dropped to a calm whisper, and he backs down, still glaring at Snowmantashi who finally raised his head.

    The super heavyweight breathed in, inhaled, exhaled. “Un.” That’s all he had to say, Kataidesu got the message.

    “Good. No interviews this week. None. All I want you to do, is whatever you need to do, to focus on whoever you’re facing next week. And when Adrenaline Rush comes calling again, I want to see you beating the living crap outta’ any of those scrubs that tries to knock you down. I don’t care if it’s Austerio again, that Thomas Jones kid, or the big guy who split you in half. You beat the crap outta’ them, Jonny. I’ll be in touch.” Kataidesu drills some friendly slaps into Snowmantashi’s cheek, the two finally exchange eye contact, and bow before Kataidesu leaves. Snowmantashi stands there for a bit longer, breathing in, focusing, focused. He can’t drop the ball this time. He’s got no excuse. The only people that matter, are the people he’s stepping in the ring with. That’s all.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Editor's Note: Yay for SDS reunion. 1. Holla' at Willy for the awesome layout this week. 2. Love the SDS reunions because I get to write as McGinnis (at least so far) and he's a fun character to write for, especially in the way him and Snowmantashi interact.

    Willy moved forward his soap operatic angle with Kate including the contract situation, the Austerio aftermath, and the Becky Black affair. On my solo I just wanted to introduce Duncan further, give Kaitadesu his on-screen appearance, and give Snowmantashi more time to speak. Though I'd like to think the gem of this rp is the in-ring one, because it didn't leave things happy-go-lucky between Snowmantashi and McGinnis. McGinnis has his issue with Austerio to deal with, and Snowmantashi's got a quasi-shaken confidence after his loss to Austerio which he needs to renew and challenging the biggest guy on the roster AND beating him would do just that. Plus tension between the two partners, since their goals aren't really unified. All in all loved writing it. Flowed real easy.

    Welp. That's my rambling for the day. Enjoy.

    Secret Wars Issue #2
    "Terrible Things "
    Location: San Francisco, California
    Date: September 1st, 2015
    The scene opens up with Jonathan McGinnis entering the McGinnis household as he walks in and see’s issues of “The Life And Times of Young Revolt on his dining room table that he has to sign for release. Young Revolt comics being a project that the CWA heavyweight champion of the world has with Image Comics to make. McGinnis looks at the issues on the dining room table and the fedex box they came but shrugs it off before dropping his bags from his road trip with CWA which picks right back up as he has to head out back on the road tomorrow morning but quickly wanted to check in at home. McGinnis sits down on the couch inside his living room and turns on the TV and uses his DVR to watch the latest episode of "Fear The Walking Dead". He kicks off his shoes and as he does his wife Kate walks down the stairs and sees that he is home, it is nighttime and she is wearing pajama shorts and black tank top with reading glasses. She see's McGinnis on the couch as she keeps walking.

    Kate McGinnis: You got the fedex box here, babe, it was sent from Image comic.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know, I saw it when I came in, got sign those and ship them back.

    McGinnis walks over to Kate who is in the kitchen as she looks through the fridge and takes out some fruit to snack on. McGinnis wraps his arms around his wife as she looks upset about something.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Where is Brett?

    Kate McGinnis: He is upstairs sleeping.

    She walks over to the couch where Jonathan was just sitting on and she takes a seat and her husband walks over and sits next to her. He finally picks up on Kate’s vibes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Is everything okay?

    Kate McGinnis: No, no, I'm not. To be embarrassed like that on live TV, what was that?

    McGinnis knew exactly what Kate is referring to as he pauses for a second and thinks to himself about what should he say next. He looks at Kate who is looking right him and finally he opens up his mouth to speak.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You can’t believe what that scum bag said, baby. He wants my championship and is willing to go to any length to get in my head and take me off my game. He wants my championship, he wants what I worked my ass off to get. You can’t believe the lies that come out of that man’s mouth. You are worrying yourself for nothing.

    Kate McGinnis: Now, why would he make that up?

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    How the hell am I supposed to know? Listen, you shouldn't believe anything that comes out of that lunatics mouth.

    Becky Black via text: Hey, we need to talk...
    McGinnis looks at his phone and just deletes the text message and places down on the living room table and goes back to watching TV as he relaxes. He reflexes on what happened between him and his ex girlfriend Becky Black, when the last time he saw her, which was the hospital bed of their trainer Joe Redick and the two got into it and lead to McGinnis placing a kiss on Becky and leaving.

    Becky Black via text: You can't keep ignoring me, Jonathan. We need to talk about this.
    McGinnis hears the message to his phone and picks it up and responds.

    Jonathan McGinnis via text: No, we don't, it was a mistake. I'm in a difficult time right now and what happened between us, meant nothing, I'm happily married and I need you to leave me alone.
    McGinnis put his phone down and just as he does that Kate walks in to the room.

    Kate McGinnis: Who was that?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Someone from Image comics wanting to know when I will finish up signing all the copies and ship them out.

    McGinnis lying to his wife and he gets up and takes a stack of Young Revolt comics and begins to sign them. Kate who is next to McGinnis drops her head on her husband shoulder as he watches Fear The Walking Dead and signs comics. With her head rested on the shoulder.

    Kate McGinnis: What time's your flight tomorrow to head back on the road with CWA?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I have a afternoon flight, so should be out of here in the morning. Speaking of that, I should get what I need to ready for tomorrow. Guess I can sign the rest of these on my way to the airport.

    McGinnis gets up and heads up stairs but he makes the mistake of leaving his phone downstairs as a text message is sent and the alert is heard as Kate picks up her husband's cell phone and looks at the text.....

    Isaac Richman via text: Seriously, we need to sit down and talk this contract situation out.We got you the opportunity to work with Image Comics, as way in good faith to show that we can talk this through about you staying with CWA for years to come. Please call me when you get the chance or if anything, I'll see you at Adrenaline Rush.
    Kate places McGinnis's phone down as she heads upstairs and finds her husband packing a fresh bag for him to take for the road. He see's Kate walk in as he finishes up what he was doing.

    Kate McGinnis: You left your phone downstairs, Isaac Richman sent you a text about the contract situation, anything you want to tell me about that?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Same as before, they want me to sign the extension and I still haven't.

    Kate McGinnis: Are you?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I really don't know.

    Kate McGinnis: What do you mean, you don't know?

    McGinnis looks away and doesn't answer her question.

    I asked you a question...?

    McGinnis turns around and looks his wife in the eyes as she stands right in front of him.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I really don't know what you want me to say here. Everything is going so well for me, to be here in CWA, and be its champion, damn right I'm in a situation where I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm doing this to secure our family, but also this is my dream. So my heart is saying to stay but my head is telling me to move on. Of course I will get your input on the decision, this our family but I can't lie to you or myself anymore about being 100% certain that I want to leave this all behind.

    McGinnis gets up and heads to the upstairs bathroom as the shower can be heard turning on. Kate gets up and enters the bathroom just as McGinnis is in his boxer shorts as she places a kiss on his lips.

    Kate McGinnis: Whatever you do, You know that I will support you, and if you want to sign to stay in CWA longer, I will support you. I won't say I want you to but I will be here for you, we are a family, and we will stand together.

    McGinnis smiles but in the back of his head he knows that he isn't being 100% honest with his wife, as yes he did confess about not being certain that he wants to leave CWA once his contract expires. But that fact that not only has he been talking to his ex girlfriend behind her back but he and her kissed is something that looks to be not ready for McGinnis to confess. Will he ever confess about this, he knows that some how the challenger for his Heavyweight Championship knows, and one day soon Kate will find out but he doesn't have the guts to tell her now. The scene comes to an end with the CWA World Heavyweight Champion in the shower with so much going through his head he just has a blank stare on his face.
    Location: Adrenaline Rush - Lexington, KY
    Date: September 7th, 2015

    The sound triggers unanimous cheers from Lexington, Kentucky, and it can only mean one thing, the arrival of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Jonathan McGinnis steps through the curtains but he doesn’t have his usual glee, the humble feeling he gives off everytime he steps in front of a crowd. He still nods his appreciation off at the CWA universe, but there’s something lying underneath as his tongues hovers over his teeth and he breathes in. The man dressed in his “SuperKick City” shirt, the golden belt he worked so hard to get, and a microphone to deliver whatever message he intends on sending. The champion makes his way down the ramp, though even through all the internal issues, he still makes time to slap hands on the way back to the ramp, and even run back up to do the same to the other side of the ramp. McGinnis makes the round of the squared circle, even exchanging a few words to whoever loyally represented the “SuperKick City” brand with a shirt of their own. The CWA World Heavyweight Champion finally slides into the ring after giving all of the ringside fans their due attention, and waits out a “SUPER-KICK CITYYYY!” roaring chant from the Kentuckians. It’s enough to get the faintest hint of a smile.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Every week, I come out here for all of you people, and for me, and for my family… to do what I do best, and that’s wrestle, put on a show, and entertain. And I’ve always been confident of the risk and the rewards every time that bell rang and I was face to face with another man. My body and as of late, my title… and I’ve always been confident heading out, after that bell rang again… that I’d still be standing tall, that I’d still hold this belt. And up until last week… this was the undebatable truth about my career.

    He lowers the microphone and stops to observe the crowd. This time, not even the “SUPER-KICK CITYYYY!” rhythm can get that smile out of him. He’s stoic, and waits for the fans to die down once more.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I made the decision to come into CWA and leave a lot of friends behind not only because it was my dream to arrive here… on the biggest stage… but because I wanted to ensure that my wife, and my baby boy, never had to care for anything ever again. I wanted to make sure they never had anything to worry for, but they were never supposed to get involved. In this ring, it’s me, my title, and my opponent, that’s it. But that didn’t satisfy Austerio… no… he had to dig… and dig.. And dig… I don’t know why. But what Cyrus Truth saw at World’s Strongest, and what Shade saw at King Reign’s Supreme… that’s NOTHING… nothing compared to what Austerio’s going to feel… not at Global Collision. No… he wanted to start things early and when things got too hot, he thought he’d get away, but you kicked at the hornet’s nest, Austerio… and it’s about time you got stung. So how about you come out here, right now, and we settle things tonight, here in Lexington… henceforth known as Superkick City!

    The crowd explodes at the announcement, and McGinnis drops the microphone and strips off the SuperKick City shirt, even tossing it into the crowd and demanding off the microphone that the challenger comes out. He paces back and forth around the ring, waiting… and waiting… until it becomes painfully obvious that Austerio isn’t stepping down that ramp, he’s content waiting until Global Collision. McGinnis’s pace slows down, and the crowd’s dies down too. McGinnis, hand on hips, red faced, bends back down to grab the mic-


    The vocals perforated the arena and then paused, the crowd cheering in anticipation and the intensity resumed from the physical attendance system. Jon Snowmantashi stepped through the curtains - though not alone. By his side, a man of much shorter stature, a mixture of excitement and nervousness as he struts down the ramp with the super heavyweight. Snowmantashi is stone faced, eyeing McGinnis who doesn’t look happy to see the other half of Suicide Dive Squad at this point, he’s far more interested in the masked villain. Snowmantashi steps up the steel steps, and like a dog paddling after its master, the smaller man keeps up, both with a microphone in hand. Before either man can even start speaking, McGinnis cuts the song off.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I don’t know who you are… and Jon, I don’t know what you’re doing here… but you’re not the man I was looking for.

    Jon Snowmantashi raises the microphone to his mouth the smaller man raises a hand and mouths “allow me!”, speaking up himself. The super heavyweight rolls his eyes.

    JohnDuncan:Well, mister CWA World Heavyweight Champion… I’d like to introduce myself as Snowmantashi-san here’s… representative. Now as much as we’d love to sit backstage and watch you kick Austerio’s ass all over Lexington… we all know that’s not going to happen.

    McGinnis seems to wonder what he mans so the Inhuman interjects himself.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Osutereo-kun is… like kitsune. He plays gemu… is how he beat me… is how he beat you at Gurobaru Collision. Osutereo-kun resura you on Osutereo-kun time… when Osutereo-kun is ready… and when you not ready, Makuginisu-kun.

    The threat of him losing only seems to rile up McGinnis more and Duncan seems to realize the Kaiju is getting sidetracked from their purpose.

    Jonathan McGinnis:There’s a reason I’m CWA World Heavyweight Champion… there’s a reason I’m undefeated-

    There’s a subtle underlying threat to his every words, the emphasis on “I” doesn’t escape Snowmantashi who’s only reaction is flexed fist and the slightest twitch of the lip but otherwise, it’s really only John Duncan who throws worried glances at Snowmantashi, McGinnis is fearless.

    Jonathan McGinnis:That I’ve got through, Cyrus Truth, and that I’ve got through Shade and every person that they’ve tried to put in front of me since I’ve stepped into this ocean and proved I’m a big fish anywhere I go. Austerio will not beat me at Global Collision.

    McGinnis approaches Snowmantashi, a feet away, the slightest tension though McGinnis just seems to be channeling his anger for Austerio on to Snowmantashi who doesn’t replicate the anger.

    John Duncan: Yes, that’s all well and good but that’s not why we’re out here, you see, Snowmantashi-san here has other priorities, we’ve established why Austerio won’t be making his way here, so let’s ask someone else to come out… the man who smacked a chair across Jon Snowmantashi-san’s back… last week.

    Snowmantashi turns his back on McGinnis who seethes in his own corner, undecided on rather he’ll leave or stand his ground. The camera gets a good look on the reddened mark of a chair across his back though he seems unbothered by it.

    John Duncan: Prince Pain, you like being the big dog in town, that’s all very clear, and you’re mad there’s someone tougher and bigger than you who’s come along, and EVEN WORSE, you’re mad he’s come along and outshone you last week in that tag match. Snowmantashi-san, he’s not afraid of a fight, not afraid of a challenge, or of facing a man as big as he is… so it goes without being said that he’s most CERTAINLY not afraid of you. And unlike Austerio… we’d like to think games don’t concern you… we’d like to think the only thing that matters to a man who calls himself Prince Pain… is to fight. You two don’t have any pre-ordained collision, so-

    Duncan wants to add further but Snowmantashi nonchalantly speaks over him.

    Jon Snowmantashi:Very simple… you want resura Purinsu… I want resura too… you… me… here in ringu… right now.

    The Englishman at his side shrugs, he couldn’t have put it better himself. McGinnis grows further frustrated and looks to put a stop to this call out, but before either he or Prince Pain could respond to the challenge, another man steps on the large titantron screen about the ramp. The general manager of Adrenaline Rush has a big fat grin on his face, an idea obviously entering his mind in light of recent events.

    Isaac Richman:
    McGinnis… Snowmantashi… I get it. Both of you want to get your hands on Austerio and Prince Pain. Unfortunately, you signed a contract for Global Collision… not Adrenaline Rush, McGinnis. As for you Snowmantashi… I’m just not quite sure these people are ready for the two biggest man in CWA to collide just yet… at least not one on one. But… you know, a couple of weeks ago… I had the brilliant idea of bringing in one of the biggest teams to have never stepped in a CWA ring… to a CWA ring… and boy was it great, Suicide Dive Squad against the All-Star team of Austerio and Shade. What better way than to cap off the road to Global Collision then by picking up a couple of our globe-trotting athletes, reuniting them once more and pitting them again… Austerio… and, never call me an uncaring boss… Prince Pain?

    All three of the men realize this is the closest they’ll get to getting ahold of their opponent. McGinnis has a stern nod as “ESSS-DEEEE-ESSSS” echoes through Lexington, much to both Richman and Duncan’s glee.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Aizakku-kun… I not promise Osutereo-kun make it to Gurobaru Collision.

    The Kaiju still has vengeful intentions about the man who defeated him not too long ago, though at the very least he’s able to keep his cool after falling to anger mere weeks ago.

    Jonathan McGinnis:And I can’t promise Austerio is leaving this arena of his own will.

    McGinnis drops the microphone, seemingly satisfied he’ll get his hands on his opponent. Snowmantashi watches his partner go up, who doesn’t spare him a look as he marches up the ramp. Duncan is more than satisfied, speaking off the microphone to the super heavyweight amidst chants of “ESSS-DEEEE-ESSSS” still echoing from the Kentuckians mouths.
    Location: Adrenaline Rush - Lexington, KY
    Date: September 7th, 2015
    Adrenaline Rush continues to astound fans worldwide with hard hitting action but takes a momentary break to journey backstage in the Rupp Arena. The reaction mounts immensely when the camera spots the super heavyweight, Jon Snowmantashi with his representative at his side, the jumpy and profoundly energetic John Duncan paddling with each step the Kaiju makes.

    John Duncan: That was terrific, Snowmantashi-san, mate, my hair was literally standing up. Literally. Look, I’ve got goosebumps on my arms, who knew a degree in communication would genuinely pay off. I mean, it’s like three am in England right now, but wait till my parents wake up and see that!

    Snowmantashi stops in the middle of a hallway, and the joyful smile on Duncan quickly subsides at the glare on Snowmantashi’s face.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You think this is gemu, Dankan-kun?

    The representative’s head bobs down and he murmurs-

    John Duncan: No, absolutely not, one hundred percent serious, mate.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Good, is gemu for Osutereo-kun.

    He thinks about it further. Gets sidetracked.

    Jon Snowmantashi: And gemu for me too, very easy, everyone tiny, like playing with little city and little toys.

    Then suddenly serious.

    Jon Snowmantashi: But you see what happened to Yamaguchi-san. Osutereo-kun, Purinzu-kun, they not care for you, and I not able to protect you. I not have to protect you. You protect self, or you run, but you not distract me. I focus on the other resura. If you hurt, it not my problem. Rikai?

    John Duncan: Rikai? Wha-what does that mean exactly?

    Kaitadesu: It means understand. I see you two are getting along finely.

    And from a nearby locker room comes the bald man seen on CWA dot com’s post-show clips.

    Kaitadesu: You know, he’s right Duncan, you’re there to make sure his mind’s on his opponent. You mince words with those idiots, and Jonny here focuses on kicking ass. If you get in their way, then that’s all on you, Duncan. Oh, and sign those insurance forms I told you to sign.

    John Duncan: Yeah, don’t mind if I hold off on those, mate. And you know what, I think I’ll head to the cafeteria, rethinking my life choices.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Un! Very good. Get me-

    Kaitadesu: You can eat after the match. America’s already made you put on enough pounds.

    Duncan shrugs and walks away down the hallway muttering to himself.

    Kaitadesu: All right, Jonny, you didn’t get the match you wanted, but you’ve got the next best thing, two guys you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. But your partner, and look I know you trust him, but I don’t, he’s the x-factor, the man who can call the audible.

    Jon Snowmantashi: It not matter, Kaitadesu.

    Kaitadesu: It does, he doesn’t have his head on straight, part of him wants to kick Austerio’s ass, the other’s focusing on his gal back home.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You not rikai, it not matter if he mad, or if he not focused. I focused. I focused on Purinzu-kun an’ Osutereo-kun. Keizoku wa chikara nari. I hear, in English they say… perse- un, yes, persevere but never fear. I not need Makuginisu-kun. I fight better alone. But, we say something else too, Kaitadesu, Kannan-ni atte hajimete shinyu-wo shiru.

    Kaitadesu: Sorry, my japanese is rough.

    The words come across dryly but it goes over the super heavyweight’s head.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Tonight, I discover if Makuginisu-kun really friend… or not. Only through toso - war… do you know who friends are.

    Kaitadesu: Scuse’ me, Jonny, but I’ve never been much for proverbs and fancy quotes. You don’t wanna find out a friend is not your friend in the middle of a war… because if that man is half-good, and McGinnis is… you won’t walk away from that war to get some vengeance. Now allow me to give you some wise words, what is it you guys say… no aru… taka wa… tsume wo kakusu. The talented hawk hides it claws. I like that one. And McGinnis, he’s a hawk, and he hides his claws, though if Austerio’s anything to believe and I do take his every word with a pinch of salt…. McGinnis doesn’t hide his claws very well.

    Jon Snowmantashi: And you say I English is bad. Kaitadesu, Makuginisu-kun knows who raibaru is… Osutereo-kun and Purinzu-kun. He knows who nakama is too… I. I not worried. Purinzu Itami-kun and Osutereo-kun, they not friends, they not trust each other like Makuginisu-kun and I. Osutereo-kun know I WILL hurt him… and Purinzu-kun utaigai self… not every confident, it take chair to hurt me, he knows I bigger, stronger, faster… he scared. Purinzu-kun very big jiga… ego… he wants to be tafu, he wants people fear him… but he unsure of self, he pay for it. I hurt him too. You, Kaitadesu, just sit and wash, tell Dankan-kun to bring poppukon, we make sure Osutereo-kun and Purinzu-kun kuroru away from ringu, tonight. You no worry.

    The Kaiju pats Kaitadesu on the back and makes his way the direction John Duncan went.

    Kaitadesu: What are you doing? I said no food before the damn fight!

    The words fell on deaf ears and Snowmantashi continues his journey down the halls of Rupp Arena.
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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Sunlight peers through the window to shine into the dully-decorated gym. The windows so aligned so as to ensure the light shone on one spot, where the worn squared circle stands, yet not still. Only a single sound emerges, the sound of leather crashing into flesh. More curious yet, is the absence of groans or moans. The flesh’s proprietor remains on his knees, hands clenched into fists, face contorting with each collision but that’s as much as he gives, it’s as much as he’s willing to give.

    “You hurtin’ Jonny?” The supplier says without the requisite empathy in his words, another boot follows, ravaging the colossal figure’s chest.

    He grimaces again, taking in the pain, then says “Un.” The super heavyweight isn’t disillusioned, he doesn’t lie to himself, not even for the sake of pride. “But it not matter, Kaitadesu,” he adds.

    The veteran smirks ever-so lightly, and then sends one even harder, Jonny’s body rocks fro and back at the impact of it, but he remains as stoic as he can manage. “And why not?”

    “Itami… pain… is temporary. It not last. Fleeting feeling.” He stops, another boot sends ripples across the layers on his chest. “I not fear pain, I not walk away from pain. Pain… pain makes one stronger, Kaitadesu. Pain steels skin. Pain steels nerves. Pain give me many scars, many bones broken, many muscles… torn… but I stand here… I still resura… pain can slow me… it can push me… it can set me on a different path. But pain cannot stop me, pain will never stop me.”

    Kaitadesu stops, pauses and looks down on the Kaiju. The Kaiju, noticing the halt in pain, stares back. “And yet, pain is what cost you your ambitious goals not long ago. You succumbed to the pain. Gave in. You let it defeat you. That’s the reason you’re not fighting the champ tonight.” He’s trying to bait him, and for a second, Snowmantashi’s chest rises heavier than usual, but than his breathing stills again.

    “I not fear failure either, Kaitadesu. Failure is good too. Failure is healthy. Failure can be” The boot clashes with his chest again, this time, mid-sentence, he grunts. “Rewarding… like success. You must learn from failure. I learn from failure. When I first start, I fail a lot, I make many mistakes… it take many years before I…. Embrace mistakes. But when I start accepting failure and not reject failure, I able to see past it. Osutereo-kun teach me a lot in my failure, he reminds me what is like to lose.” He stops, thinking back to it, the defeat, the despair that followed. Until Kaitadesu had returned, he’d nearly let it consume him, but now, he used it, like he used all those defeats of the past. “I not like losing,” he says, snarling, “I hate losing. That is what Osutereo-kun teach me. What is like to lose again… the feeling… I not like it. I will not let it happen again.”

    The old man nods, and the super heavyweight acquiesces, standing to his feet, chest reddened with the mark of leather and lace imprinted into his chest. Kaitadesu goes over to the apron. “Are you sure? Prince Pain’s a big guy. He doesn’t weight as much as you, hell no one does, but he’s damn sure built like a muscle car.” He grabs two pads, and straps them to his arms.

    “Purinzu Pain-kun is dangerous. Big… not bigger than me… but faster. I not deny it. He’s former chanpion of resura here, he resura Sairasu Truth-san… I not kasho hyoka… look down on Pain-kun. But… I not care if Pain-kun is dangerous, or big, or faster, or former chanpion, or resura with best here in Amerika. You hit someone hard… hard enough… and keep hitting… and saishutekini… they fall. Is very simple strategy… but it never fail. So, at Gurobaru Collision, we see who last longer, who skin is hard, who mind is… fukutsu no… who mind never gives. I think is me.”

    The padding hits Snowmantashi’s head before he even sees it coming, head bobbing back from the impact. Kaitadesu keeps throwing them further, the first few connect easily, but as it goes on, Snowmantashi starts deflecting some of the padding, and further then he starts smacking them away. Kaitadesu’s forced back when instead of simply countering, he moves into the offensive, those big clubbing blows rocking the pads and sending shivers up the veteran’s spine until one such blow sends him rolling into the corner. He cracks a smile, getting onto one knee and wiping sweat from his forehead, eyeing the super heavyweight, who’s lips seem to tug into the faintest grin, having dished his own bit of pain to the mentor.

    “It’s not any match either, Jonny, there’s something big at hand here, the goddamn shot you’ve been waiting for, the big brass and either way the night’s main event goes, you get to face someone you’ve been wanting to get your hands, that masked lunatic… or Jonathan McGinnis. That’s if you win. It’s a big if.”

    Snowmantashi backs into the corner, letting Kaitadesu recover, and stand back onto his feet. “It not matter who wins with Makuginisu-kun and Osutereo-kun. It only matters that I beat Purinzu Pain-kun. I beat Purinzu Pain-kun then beat chanpion-kun, then I can resura anyone I want, so it not matter who I face at Resura Rowaiyaru. I let chance escape once. I embrace mistake, but I not seek it, I not get comfortable in failure. Mistake only good if you not make it twice. At Gurobaru Collision, Purinzu Pain-kun will resura Kingu Pain-sama, kare wa ojigi o shimasu… the Purinzu will bow to the Kingu, Kaitadesu. This… I vow.” The sun’s all but vacated on this fall night, and dimmed the ring into a dull grey. The natural clock signals the end of Jon Snowmantashi’s preparation… it signals the start of his war.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Last Week Tonight with John Duncan - the popular podcast - begins as it usually does, with highlights of the entertainer’s finest and most ridiculous moments in the podcast’s history. When the traditional opening comes to an end, we return in front of a long white oak desk, some papers on top, behind it are seated John Duncan with a trademark crooked smile and to his right is Jon Snowmantashi. He has a KFC paperbag in front of him in lieu of John Duncan’s pile of papers. Behind them is the scenic view of a Californian beach, entirely fake, but it suits Duncan’s purposes.

    John Duncan - “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and people in between, welcome to Last Week Tonight with John goddamn’ Duncan. And yes, tonight, it’s not simply John Duncan, it’s John goddamn’ Duncan because when I’m next to my dear friend Jon Snowmantashi - who people around the world call Inhuman, I’m a whole new man too, I graduate from John Duncan level toughness to John goddamn’ Duncan level toughness. And you, security guard, you better not question who I am when I try to get on my stage because I look like a random turd in a suit, tonight, I’ve got Snowmantashi with me and I will not, I repeat, I will not be confused for a nameless monkey like - I dunno - Isaac Richmann! You got that, Mr. Security guard, yeah, you better… … … Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’d like to introduce my guest for this show, Jon Snowmantashi! He is a three time NWA Japan Heavyweight Championship, a two time NWA Japan Tag Team Champion, and he’s won too many other titles across the world to name. In a couple of weeks, he will try to do something he’s never done before, he will try to win a title in North America… not any title, but the biggest prize in ALL of North America, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “Very long introduction, Duncan-kun, I is Jon Snowmantashi, Kaiju, resura, is all.”

    John Duncan - “I think you don’t give yourself enough credit buddy. Now, Jon, you’ve been here for a couple of months now. You made your debut back in my home country of London, England all the way back in June, you’re on your fourth month already - while things have gone extremely well, there’ve been some obvious obstacles in your path, Shade, Prince Pain, but most importantly… Austerio.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “Every kaiju has obstacle in path. You must understand, Duncan-kun, we very big, is not easy to get around, there’s always many buildings in the way, sometimes we just take long way around, sometimes we destroy building and just go through, like Gurobaru Collision - Purinzu Itami-kun is very big, so I go through it. Shedo-kun not very big, so I go around. But Osutereo-kun is like, big canyon you have here, is like maze, hard to get around, eventually I did. It take time, for a second, I very lost, I get distracted easily, canyon very pretty and I have appreciation for world beauty, but, eventually I find my way around, and here I am. I not resura for CWA title at Gurobaru Collision, but is okay, at Resura Royale, I will resura for CWA title. I patient man, I able to wait.”

    John Duncan - “And as you mentioned, you will finally get the chance to fight for what you’ve been oh-so very patient for. Now before we get onto the matter of you facing Jonathan McGinnis - wait for it folks, try to be a little patient, we’ve got time, we’ll get to it -, I want to talk about your history together. Now, we know you two have been teaming for a while here in CWA, but this isn’t the first time you’ve faced off, or teamed as the “Suicide Dive Squad.””

    Jon Snowmantashi - “A long time ago… in galaxy very very very far away-”

    John Duncan - “Might I interrupt to say, the force is strong within you my friend.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “If only it strong with you too.”

    John Duncan - “You’re supposed to compliment me back…”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “…”

    John Duncan - “All right then, carry on.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “In galaxy far far away, I am NWA Champion, as you say, and no one can beat me, like in CWA, except, in Japan, people not use lots of tricks like Shedo-kun or Osutereo-kun. Everyone is like Purinzu Itami-kun, just want to fight, just want to hit hard so is very simple. Makuginisu-kun come to Japan because he do very well everywhere else, win a lot, so he come to Japan, he think he can win here too, he think he can beat me. Makuginisu-kun, like in CWA, he win very big tournament, and he get chance to resura best, to resura Snowmantashi. At same time, many Gaijin try to ruin Japan, Makuginisu-kun very honorable, come to resura to protect home with me, and we win in first match together and become champion together, is very great time. But, we have to resura each other eventually too. Is very long, is very tough, I kick Makuginisu-kun in head a lot, like he does with supakikku, it make him very dizzy, he try to go up, to… go fly, but I kick him too much, he fall, he not wake up.”

    John Duncan - “So you won by stoppage, and there wasn’t a rematch?”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “No. Makuginisu-kun have baby, and then, after he come here.”

    John Duncan - “Back home, we call that coward, Snowmantashi, a coward! But, hey, look, if you want to be honourable, I know how much that means to you, we’ll just pretend he had other priorities. So, you leave Japan, and you come here chasing the one man who you couldn’t make either tap out or pin down for three counts.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “I never face anyone I not able to beat. I not care if hero, monster, or kureiji like people here, in CWA. I able to beat anyone, so I come here to beat best in Amerika, and I come here to beat Makuginisu-kun, and to make sure everyone in world knows who is Kaiju.”

    John Duncan - “Now, you’ve finally gotten your opportunity, but I’m sure you’re well aware, as is everyone keeping in touch with CWA - Jonathan McGinnis’s contract is hanging in the balance - no, he’s not considering going to FWA, don’t get your hopes up, there won’t be any Chris Kennedy versus Jonathan McGinnis match-up anytime soon, but he’s considering leaving to spend time with his family - don’t aww me! I’m sure he has enough money to find another wife, and adopt another baby down the line, you can get a family at any point, you only have so much time before your body doesn’t allow you to circle around that ring any longer. Anyways, that’s besides the point, what are your thoughts on that situation and CWA desperately trying to get him to stick with them.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “Stop asking Makuginisu-kun to resign. I say wait. Wait to Resura Rowaiyaru. I not think Makuginisu-kun still champion after Resura Rowaiyaru. I not think he still future. I not think he still gorudenboi. Wait. Save money, and wait. Patience is virtue.”

    John Duncan - “You see it all the time, someone gives a guy a big fat check thinking they’ve got their Messi - or uh Gretzky or Michael Jordan for you Americans, but instead, the guy breaks knee, the guy gets dethroned. I can see the logic. In a not-so subtle way, you’re claiming you will beat McGinnis at Wrestle Royal, and you inferred the same on Adrenaline Rush when you two met at the end of the show, to clarify, are you saying you will beat McGinnis at Wrestle Royal.”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “Yes. At Resura Rowaiyaru, I will beat Makuginisu-kun. Makuginisu-kun think I underestimate him, he thinks I treat him like Shedo-kun, Sairasu Truth-san and Osutereo-kun treat him. That I think he not tough. Makuginisu-kun not understand that I face him before. I know he very good resura. I know he one of best resura. He not understand, that, because I know him, because I respect him, because I know what he can do, I am more ready than anyone else was, to resura with him. They say to overcome big obstacle, or big fear, you need to understand obstacle or fear, I understand it, and because of that, I know how to beat it. I know I will beat it.”

    John Duncan - “Just to steer away from what a little bit, there’s still a road before Wrestle Royal, as you are well aware, on Adrenaline Rush, you face a team of painted deranged lunatics, Shade and Austerio. These are the two men that McGinnis last successfully defended the title against. And while you beat Austerio one on one, he did beat you to get his own opportunity. And of course, there’s the obvious tension between you and the champion. Any gameplan ahead of that big match-up?”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “Plan? No. I beat Shedo-kun before, many times. I beat Osutereo-kun before, many times. In tag team match. Alone. I not need plan, I better. Makuginisu-kun do same, he beat both man many time, alone, with me, same thing. Tension not matter. Me and Makuginisu-kun resura very long time, we know what you need to do to win. We know what to do to beat them. We know how we work best together. It not matter if tension is there. It only mean one thing, it mean me and Makuginisu-kun work even harder to do better than each other. It mean we want to show each other what we can do. It means we want Adorenarin Rush before we face off, and will do everything to win. Nothing on line tonight - except Puraido, and me and Makuginisu-kun will do anything for Puraido. Shedo-kun and Osutereo-kun, they will try to play games, they will try to hurt us, they will say they should be in main event of Resura Rowaiyaru for CWA championship, I not care. They not there because they not good enough. We will win tonight. And at Resura Rowaiyaru, I will win.”

    John Duncan - “One more question, Snowmantashi, if you will - when will my beloved fans get to see John Duncan on Adrenaline Rush, once more?”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “… … …”

    John Duncan - “Seriously!?”

    Jon Snowmantashi - “I say only one thing, when you see me eat spinach on Adorenarin Rush, then maybe you see Duncan-kun again.”

    John Duncan - “
    You know what… I’ll take that. With all of that said, thank you Jon Snowmantashi for being such a gracious, such a generous, such an entertaining guest, and I mean that sincerely. I will see you all next week where we will see if the security guard will let me through after I called him out this week. I really didn’t mean it, Bob… Bob! Don’t pout!”

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    The Green Well wasn’t the place Jon Snowmantashi would’ve chosen to eat out in but Kaitadesu had offered to pay for the meal, and it would’ve been rude of him to reject the old mentor’s offer. Jon’s eyes wandered warily across the restaurant, a vegetarian’s haven, and Kaitadesu’s straight face brokered no hidden joke in this chosen destination.
    “You know, Kaitadesu, I find better place, very good steakhouse down street.”
    “Actually, I’m pretty good right here.”
    “Is very expensive, I not want to put you off.”
    “Oh, don’t worry about it. And you know, I’ve already got a seven course meal all ready for you too.”
    A waitress stops by to drop two tall glasses filled to the brim with a green liquid, and decorated excessively though it does nothing to refine the visual appeal of the glass. Snowmantashi skeptically eyes it, lifting it up to get a better look.
    “Kale smoothie.” As if to reassure Snowmantashi that it won’t kill him, Kaitadesu takes an exaggerated gulp of the drink and releases a satisfying sigh. Snowmantashi grimaces but tries to do the same. “I didn’t just ask you out here to see your pretty little face, kid. I know you’re focused on facing the McGinnis boy, but, you’ve got to brush that aside, now. You’ve seen who you’re facing next show? Harrison Wake.”
    Snowmantashi seizes the opportunity to stop himself short of a sip, “Ah, the, uh… the hillbilly. This what they call it here in Amerika’.”
    Kaitadesu rolls his eyes. “Hillbilly isn’t accurate, kid. This guy ain’t some overweight man, in a straw hat, with some oversized overalls, a bunch of missing tooth - actually that might be a tad accurate but back to the point - and a dumb look on his face.” Kaitadesu’s straight laced face tells Snowmantashi enough, the old man is thinking Wake’s going to be a hard fight.
    “You think he can beat me?” He asks. It’s hard to tell if he’s being insecure or genuinely curious. Kaitadesu laughed, banging his fist against the table.
    “Is your ego that fragile, kid? I’m just warning you not to take him easy.” He doubles back, realizing that maybe this is his chance to bring Snowmantashi back down to earth. “Anyone can beat you, that’s a fact, never get so confident you forget that.” But all that did was make the big guy want to laugh, he didn’t buy it. Kaitadesu carried on. “Kid, you’re used to being the toughest kid wherever you go. Even back in the East, all those veterans mean mugging you, all those short bulldogs looking to prove they’re tougher than they look, and shit, you never looked tough yourself, you still look like the chubby kid who took advantage of McDonald’s being every five meters down the street, but you know, didn’t take long till you showed everyone you were the toughest kid there. Remember, Yano?” He smirks, nostalgia, the greatest enemy of a retiree, taking hold of him.
    “Ah, yes. He play… sakka, and become resura. Kicked very hard.” Snowmantashi rubs his shoulder, recalling the memories. “Not kick hard enough.”
    “You’ve got a simple way of putting it.” He chuckles. “Yano thought he could literally kick the shit out of you, hell he’d done it before. But you know what happened next, happened all your life, you ended up on top. You beat him till those tough legs couldn’t keep him on his feet anymore. At one point, you deliberately let him punt you in the head too. Thought you’d got carried away then. Ten seconds he was on that mat when that kick didn’t phase you.” He laughs some more, but realizes this isn’t doing much in assuaging his eog. “My point is, you’ve always been the toughest guy around - but right now, I’m not sure if that’s true. I mean, we know Prince Pain isn’t tough, he’s a bully, that’s all, and you stood up to that sack of shit, that’s why you’re here now. And McGinnis, yeah he’s tough, a sort of underdog, tired-of-being overlooked toughness, but it ain’t natural like you… or Wake.”
    The first meal finally arrived then, to him, it looked like a variety of leaves folded in whatever which way but Kaitadesu looked at it with glee, only momentarily distracted.
    “I not think eating grass will make me any tougher.” He poked at it with a fork. “Harison U’eku look dangerous, I not lie, he know how to resura, is only reason why Richmann put him in match with me before I resura Makuginisu-kun, but there’s reason why is not Harison U’eku at Resura Rowaiyaru against Makuginisu-kun.” He doesn’t need to explain the reason.
    “You’ve got tunnel vision, kid, you’re focused on McGinnis, you don’t even realize a train’s about to T-Bone you.” The thought of a t-bone only has him salivating for meat. “Wake’s more than meets the eye, he’s a tough son of a bitch, and sure, he looks like he ain’t got much up here,” Kaitadesu points to his head, “but he does his work, he studies his opponents, which is more than you’ve ever done-”
    “I not need to, I bigger, is very simple, you know Kaitadesu.” He casually tries to take a sip of the drink, and grimaces before swallowing it.
    Kaitadesu has to concede, only slightly. “Well it hasn’t failed you yet,” then he snickers, “except against Austerio. And Wake, the man’s just as much a sociopath as Austerio.”
    “Game works on me once, not twice.”
    “I didn’t say he plays games, but he’s heartless, amoral, the guy’s like Shade and Prince Pain, but he doesn’t cower away, and he isn’t just another bully, his sole focus is on kicking your ass, your focus is on McGinnis, and that’s the issue.”
    “Makuginisu-kun is one with title, not U’eku.”
    Kaitadesu groans, he’s got to go about this a different way. “You know, kid, there are two types of people in this world-”
    “I hear a lot of people say only two people in the world, but they always have different categories. I think too many people in world to sum to two.”
    The mentor’s face reddens, he has to take a drink a bit more of the kale smoothie to calm down, much to Snowmantashi’s disgust.
    “It’s just a saying. Let me finish. There is cold iron… and there is hot iron. There are also those who are both-”
    “So there are three kinds?”
    “No, dammit. Let me finish. The third is both, it’s not a separate category. Hot iron works off anger, passion, they’re obviously hot-headed. That was you in that fatal four way when Austerio pinned you. You were too pissed about Yamaguchi. And Austerio, will he knew he had your number, dude was cool as a cucumber. Then there’s cold iron, calculated, measured, steely. Hot iron against hot iron, winner’s up in the air. Cold iron versus cold iron, same shit. Cold iron versus hot iron, well, shit, I haven’t seen hot iron beat cold iron much. Heck, only time I’ve ever seen hot iron win was McGinnis over Austerio. He, like you, is a bit of both you beat Pain’s hot iron because you were focused, you were cold iron, emotions aside, which is what you’ve done most of your career.. And McGinnis is both too, and he beat Cyrus Truth months ago because Cyrus was hot iron, the man’s too obsessed with glory to be anything less. Wake though, he’s as cold as it gets, and you’re going to have to be ice cold to beat him him ice cold, but that means focused, forget McGinnis.”
    Snowmantashi thinks it over a bit, unconsciously grabs a piece of the salad and then spits out as soon as it touches his lips. Once he’s got the taste out of his mouth, he goes on. “So at Resura Rowaiyaru, what is Makuginisu-kun?”
    “Hot iron. Kid’s got too much on his mind, he’s easily angered, you just gotta make sure you don’t get riled up along with him. We’re talking about Wake though.”
    “You know, Kaitadesu, I resura for very long time, I resura many different type of people, cold, hot, tough, not tough. You think I confident, you think I think this will be very easy victory. Makuginisu-kun thinks too. He thinks I underestimate him, I don’t. I don’t underestimate U’eku-kun either. I not think like that, but I not think there’s any point in thinking too much of it either. U’eku is tough, he is cold iron, but it not matter. I hot or cold, I tough, it not matter. Resura is not complicated, resura is not game like Shedo-kun or Osutereo-kun think, is why they’re never champion, is not science or math, resura is simple. You beat person you face, best way you know how, best way you think how, and you keep beating and beating until person you face no longer able to move. U’eku win matches because he understands that. I understand it too, and so at, Adorenarin Rush, it will be about very simply thing, who beats other harder and faster… but I not win if I not have meat for resura.”
    “Well shit, kid, when you put it that way, you sort of kill all my figures of speech. You know what, beat Harrison Wake, and I’ll give you your steakhouse crap.”
    Ultimately, Kaitadesu had been reminded of one thing, Snowmantashi was just as simple a man as Harrison Wake, and trying to usher in strategy was redundant. Wake and Snowmantashi would indeed beat the living shit out of each other, and they’d do it amorally and without regards for the other man, until one person would either tap out or fail to get their shoulders up before three counts. Kaitadesu was just hopping it was his man standing tall at the end, the only assurance was that he’d been standing tall for the past decade, and he had to simply trust in that.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi


    Backstage. Joe Louis Arena. Detroit, Michigan. It’s Wrestle Royale. There’s no sound. The crowd isn’t there. The only living souls in the Joe Louis Arena are Jon Snowmantashi and Doc Adams. Snowmantashi sits on a long bench. Doc Adams sits on a director’s chair. There’s two director’s chair lying next to Snowmantashi, broken. Snowmantashi’s face is a tad flushed, otherwise, he’s composed. Adams clears his throat.

    “In less than twelve hours, the Joe Louis Arena will be filled with over eighteen thousand wrestling fans. They will be here to watch the best of CWA compete. They will be here to watch thirty athletes throw each other over the ropes for a chance at the most prized possession in our line of work, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. They will also be here to see two men compete for that very same prize. The CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis will defend the CWA World Heavyweight Championship against his number one contender, Jon Snowmantashi. Jon, thank you for being here with me.”

    He nods. “Un.”

    “Ever since your defeat at the hands of Austerio, you’ve avoided spending time talking to the media and have instead focused on the in-ring competition. The most we’ve seen out of you was a podcast with your representative, John Oliver. Today, you’ve given me the pleasure of interviewing you exclusively before your match against Jonathan McGinnis.”

    Nods again. “Un.”

    “There’s a lot of history between you and Jonathan McGinnis, so it’s only right we start off with your opponent. There’s also a friendship - if I may - there. Of course, in recent weeks, that friendship seems to have been placed on the wayside for the sake of that belt. What does McGinnis mean to you, personally.”

    “You right. Makuginisu-kun is friend. He’s very respectable person. Loyal,” he laughs, realizing recent events, “Well, loyal to me. Is cliché but brave too, not afraid of fight, not afraid of bad odds. Very competitive. Wants to be best. Very admirable qualities. Makuginisu-kun is a good hero for kids. He’s a good person to have at side. Respect, good qualities, very important to me, only make sense Makuginisu-kun is friend.”

    “You mentioned loyal, and laughed. Why?”

    “Ah. Is not for me to say. You hear Osutereo-kun speak about Makuginisu-kun and wife-chan. I not know if real or not. I just say, he loyal to me, who else he is loyal or not loyal to, is not to do with me.” He shrugs. Further divulging that he’s not too interested in McGinnis’s personal affair.

    “What do you think you mean to McGinnis, personally?”

    Snowmantashi shrugs again. He doesn’t care for speculation. “It not matter. I very simple man. Either you like me and my simplicity, or you don’t. Some people are bothered by it. Purinzu Itami-kun, and U’eku-kun not like it, makes them angry, you see last Adorenarin Rashu. Makuginisu-kun, he not like it very much when I opposite of him. But as person, I not too hard to like or not like.”

    “You and McGinnis have both been pinned only once in your time here in CWA. You lost to Austerio in a fatal four way, and McGinnis just recently lost to Johnny Vegas. You were there to see that first hand. What are your thoughts on that defeat coming so close from your own match?”

    “I was speaking to Kaitadesu-kun - he is, uh, trainer. I was speaking to him before match with U’eku-kun. He tell me, I need to focus on match with U’eku-kun instead of looking to match with Makuginisu-kun. So instead, I pay attention to U’eku-kun. I not win. U’eku-kun get too mad, no discipline. Needs good trainer like Kaitadesu. Someone to teach him honor and respect. But I not lose either. Is point. I focused on opponent now, not opponent after. Makuginisu-kun much better than Begasu-kun. Is why he champion. But Makuginisu-kun not pay attention, too focused on me. Very bad mentality. Now, Makuginisu-kun have two problems. He’s angry, and he loses confidence. He see Begasu-kun beat him and he not sure if he can beat me.”

    “You believe that McGinnis is doubting himself?”

    He nods. “Un.”

    “Do you believe that McGinnis can beat you?”

    Snowmantashi smiles, a big wide toothy one. Doc Adams remains firm in his line of question. “No. I not believe anyone can beat Snowmantashi.”

    “But, you’ve lost before…”

    He shrugs. “Yes. So? I not believe I lose again. Why resura if you doubt self? Why resura if you think someone will beat you? I beat Makuginisu-kun last time we not same side of ring. I not pin. I not make give up. I not leave on ground for ten seconds. It’s true. All I did was beat Makuginisu-kun so hard, he not able to stand. Makuginisu-kun not want to admit, but he knows, I not need to prove anything, he needs to prove self, I know I can beat him, I know I better. He’s not sure.”

    “Not long ago, you two met in the middle of the ring for a contract signing. McGinnis believed you were being too confident. After your words here, with all due respect, I’m inclined to agree. Are you afraid that a possible overconfidence may cause you to underestimate your opponent and underperform?”

    Snowmantashi isn’t the least bit offended. “I’m not too confident. Confident enough.” He gestures with one hand to show what too much is, and the other hand goes considerably under to show he’s even-keeled. “I know how good I am. It not opinion. I beat Makuginisu-kun before. I know I can do again. Makuginisu-kun has problem. He not know if he can do it. I have no problem. I have no fear. I know I can do it. All I have to do, is do it again. When you know you can do something, you not need to doubt! You do interviews before?”

    Doc Adams is caught off-guard by the question. He stammers “Y-y-yes.”

    “So you don’t doubt you do this interview well?”

    “Well, yes, but it’s not exact-”

    “I not think so. I think it same thing. You know you can do something because you did before, so you not need to doubt it. I know I can beat Makuginisu-kun because I did before, I not doubt it.”

    The interviewer clears his throat and adjusts his tie. “Fair enough. There are some that criticize your motivations. They believe that you’re not interested in representing CWA, you’re not interested in being the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Your sole interest here, is proving once and for all that you are better than the champion, Jonathan McGinnis. I’m not going to ask you rather or not that is true. I’m here to ask you what being the CWA World Heavyweight Champion would mean to you.”

    Snowmantashi nods. He doesn’t answer instantly, but lets the question swig in his head. “I very good resura. I enjoy resura. I enjoy resura best there is in the world. In Japan, I resura everyone there is to resura. I beat everyone there is to beat. I go to Mexico. I beat a lot of people. I go to Europe too. Now, I come to Amerika, I come to one of best places to resura in the world. I come to resura the best Amerika has to offer. The CWA World Heavyweight Champion is most important title in the world. I take CWA World Heavyweight Champion, I am best in the world. It means very simple thing, it means every resura in Amerika is going to have one person they want to beat over everyone else. It means everyone will try to resura Jon Snowmantashi. It means I will face the best. It means I will break the best. That is what CWA World Heavyweight Champion means for me. Facing best. Breaking best. I start with Makuginisu-kun. I face Makuginisu-kun, he best. I break Makuginisu-kun, I break best.” And yet, with all the arrogance that should ooze from such words, he says it bluntly, matter of factly, so sure of himself.

    Adams mouth hangs open for a second too. He’s dealt with a wide variety of wrestlers. Humble champions like McGinnis, and egomaniacal champions, and even champions with God-complexes. But Snowmantashi’s different. It’s not a matter of seeing himself as a God. Or fooling one self into believing the world centers around him. He knows it doesn’t. But he sincerely believes in his ability to conquer anyone he faces.

    Doc recomposes himself, and looks through a set of papers on his lap. “Jon, you’ve had an interesting journey since arriving here. It’s been half a year since you debuted. You’ve faced a variety of wrestlers here. And you even had a chance to face Jonathan McGinnis at Global Collision but came just short. Now, you finally get that chance. What does the seemingly end of this journey mean to you?”

    “Is not journey for me. Only journey is time between my last match and my next match. Between U’eku and between Makuginisu-kun. I focus on next person I face only.”

    “All that said, do you ever look back? You still have a lot of stories left to finish. Harrison Wake and you have unfinished business. You’ve gotten your hands on Austerio but you still haven’t truly gotten some… redemption after what he did to Johnny Yamaguchi and after he defeated you.”

    “Is right. I think world works like circle. Everything come around. Me and Makuginisu-kun not resura in long time, but only a matter of time until eventually, me and Makuginisu-kun resura again to see who is really best, without question. Osutereo-kun and I will meet in ring again, and I will make Osutereo-kun regret actions. U’eku and I will meet in ring again. I think that is not question. U’eku wants to fight. I want to fight. I think we will fight again. You know, maybe I win CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and he win Resura Rowaiyaru, and we face for title, I not know. I not look that far. I not think of Resura Rowaiyaru match much. I just focus on my match. But I sure I face people again. I sure I will close the circle. Just like I close circle with Makuginisu-kun tonight.”

    “Jon, it’s been sort of established that you don’t hold much stock in studying your opponents. You believe in your size, you believe in a single-minded strategy. Yet, you’ve teamed with McGinnis often, you’ve faced him in the past, you two know each other very well. You’ve also been the recipient of McGinnis’s Superkick City. You know how many people have succumbed to it. Do you have any intention on finding a way to counter McGinnis’s trademark Superkick.”

    Snowmantashi laughs. Doc Adams is perplexed. He doesn’t see the humor in the question. “Why I have to think how to counter Makuginisu’s kicks? He can kick me one hundred times if he wants. I’m not afraid of Makuginisu kicks. If I kick Makuginisu once, is as good as he kicking me a hundred times that. I very big. Lotsa fat. I not feel it much. I not worried.”

    “You’re not at all worried about a maneuver that’s put away many men before you?”

    “No. I not like others.” And that’s all he says about it.

    “Before we wrap this up, I’d like to simply ask you for your final thoughts on your opponent, anything that comes to your mind.”

    “Thought. Hmm. Here’s thought for you. What is difference with Makuginisu-kun and I? I not speak of very obvious thing. Makuginisu-kun is not as big as me. He very tiny compared to me. That’s not difference. I speak something more… kihon… is as you say, fundamental. Who we are. Makuginisu-kun has come here, and he has been hero. He is little man. From little place. Resura in front of little people. Every point in life, he has to beat odds. Is very impressive story. It was he is. A man who beats odds. A man you look up to. A man you want to be like. He’s a hero. At the end of story, he is usually man who stands atop. Against Sairasu Truth-san, he ends up on top after beating odds and winning tournament. Against Shedo-kun, against Osutereo-kun, against everyone he face, he make sure of one thing, he make sure he beat odds. He do what people think he cannot do. He beats villain. He makes little boy, and little girl that believe in him very happy.”

    “I’ve got to ask, Mr. Snowmantashi, if he is the hero, does that make you the villain. Doesn’t that go contrary to what you believe, that you will undoubtedly win?”

    He shakes his head now, deadly serious. “No, I not villain. This is not hero versus hero either. At Resura Rowaiyaru, Makuginisu-kun face neither villain, nor hero. In all stories, hero wins… except one. There is one thing hero can never defeat. There is one thing the hero can never overcome. When hero faces nature, it inevitable… that hero loses. Nature, is the one force, no hero, no villain, no one can overcome. I, Snowmantashi, am a force of nature. I am inhuman. I am monster, kaiju. I do not respect rules of story, I do not care rather you are villain, or you are hero. Rather people look up, or down to me. I do one thing. I destroy everything in front of me. If I break dreams on the way. If I destroy terror on the way. That does not matter. Only thing that matters is I crush everything in front of me. No moral. No ethic. No value. No fate. No control. Nothing like that matters to nature. All that matters is that whatever stands before, is as nothing as nature passes through. That is difference between me and Makuginisu-kun. He faces nature at Resura Rowaiyaru. And in battle of man versus nature, we do not question what will win.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Snowmantashi. I would wish you luck against the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, but I reckon that it would mean nothing to you. And so, as with everyone else tuning in to Wrestle Royale, I simply anticipate an extraordinary collision between man versus nature.”

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    (V.O.): At Five Star Attraction, the battle that has stood the test of time reignites once again, the battle between David… and Goliath.

    From Buffalo, New York, we see Michelle von Horrowitz's tiny figure stand fearless before the title-holding CWA World Heavyweight Champion, inches from a premature test of skill.

    (JIM TAYLOR): Tonight, a monster rises from the East

    Wrestle Royale. Superkick! Stunner! Superkick! Cutter- NO, Snowmantashi murders him with a lariat. He’s back up on his feet: HAILSTORM! It’s not over. The Kaiju climbs up the top rope, turns his back on the champion: SNOWFALL! ONE! TWO! THREE! Snowmantashi is the new CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World.

    (LINDSAY MONAHAN): Here is your winner of the 2015 WrestleRoyale… MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ

    Main event of Wrestle Royale. Harrison Wake has just eliminated the Echo. He looks down menacingly. His eye is off the prize. Just when he considers turning around – DROPKICK SENDS HIM TUMBLING OVER THE ROPES AND HIS TWO FEET TOUCH THE RINGSIDE MAT. Michelle von Horrowitz has done it! She is now the number one contender for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World and will main event the biggest event of the year, Five Star Attraction.

    (JIM TAYLOR): Rarely have we seen a man so dominant come into the CWA and destroy just about everyone that’s been in his path. King’s Reign Supreme? He beat the Masked Terror. At Global Collision? He beat one of the most fearsome man to have ever stepped in this ring, Prince Pain. At Wrestle Royale… he beat the new face of the CWA after taking everything the man had to offer.

    King’s Reign Supreme. He stands tall over Austerio with the O’Connor Roll to victory. Global Collision. Snowmantashi hits the picture perfect Snowfall on Prince Pain and gets the three counts to Wrestle Royale. Wrestle Royale. A near reflection of what we saw moments earlier, he hits the Snowfall to crush McGinnis and win the title.

    (JIM TAYLOR): And yet, parallel to this story of sheer dominance lies… a dreamer. Michelle von Horrowitz has come in under the weight of no expectation and has overcome everything in front of her. Only at Wrestle Royale when she conquered twenty-nine other competitors did anyone take notice of Dreamer and since then having beaten Vegas, and former champion McGinnis, everyone has taken notice of the women who might make history.

    Despite all the glamorous entrances, the reactions are always lukewarm to Michelle von Horrowitz but no matter, she beats a flurry of who’s who in Anna Malikova, Johnny Adams, and Wolf. Wrestle Royale. She survives throughout, unnoticed, everyone expecting her to be another forgettable elimination but she survives till the very end and wins it all! The next night she proves it was no fluke and defeats the former CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. At the CWA/FWA Super Show, she beats Bell Connelly and Jon Snowmantashi. On Adrenaline Rush she repeats it with a victory over McGinnis and Snowmantashi. And in the penultimate show before Five Star Attraction, she beats Johnny Vegas to send a clear message… she’s coming for the biggest prize in professional wrestling.

    (V.O.): Tonight, just twenty-four hours before the biggest event of the year, Five Star Attraction, we take an in-depth look at one of the competitors heading into the main event, the defending CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, the Beast from the East, Kaiju, Jon Snowmantashi.

    We flicker to a sight of Jon Snowmantashi, he still has stitches on his forehead and he’s in front of sheer darkness, the sole focus on him and the gold belt on his shoulder.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): When I first started wrestling, it was nineteen-ninety-eight. I was very fat. (He laughs) Fatter than I am now. I had a bad trainer. I wasn’t very good. But I fought a lot of people who weren’t very good either.

    Stills thin on quality flash through. Snowmantashi about fifty pounds heavier than he is now. A trainer who looks more like a pimp than the hard hitting dojo heads who’ve come to be world renown for their brutal methods of upbringing. Snowmantashi manages to overcome the bulk of his opponent through lucky means.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): It took a long time before people realized I was this overweight man who did not actually know what he was doing. It took a bit longer before I realized that too and in 2005, I stopped wrestling.

    Snowmantashi’s luck runs out. The man lies on his back time and time again when he finally starts facing the true talent of NWA: Japan. His last match in 2005 has him walking away, hands on hips, sweat dripped hair hanging over his face, but no one looks all too interested in his demise.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): But not for long.

    Jon Snowmantashi and Kaitadesu stand arm in arm in a picture dating back to a decade ago.

    (KAITADESU): I got told in around late ’04 that I couldn’t go in the ring anymore. I was fifty years old. I’d been fighting in Japan for just about three decades and my health finally caught on to me. So why the hell did I start training this… and I’m quoting Michelle von Horrowitz here but it’s a pretty accurate summation, especially back then, this fat Japanese man-baby? I was still a gaijin no matter what respect I had earned and no one wanted me teaching at any of their dojos. Snowmantashi was a joke, the joke in the Japanese wrestling scene, it was a match made in heaven, if I could teach this guy how to fight, how to wrestle, eyes would turn, we both knew that.

    Snowmantashi, for all his blubber, for his unconquerable desire to eat whatever comes to mind, still looks to train a great deal in stills that have his chest red with chops, that have his head brutalized with forearms, and have his backs lined with vicious kicks.

    (KAITADESU): Some guys have pure talent, some guys have sheer force of will. Snowmantashi had both. The athleticism for a man his size was incredible. I don’t think you’ll see another three hundred pound man with his dimensions hitting a perfect moonsault the way he does. And I don’t need to tell you that he’s as fucking tough as it gets, you’ve seen him take a beating first hand. But he also had this indomitable will. Not the sort of McGinnis will where you won’t give up, the will where… it’s almost innate… almost as if he knows he cannot be overcome, and he knows he will conquer. So in 2006, the kid was ready to come back.

    Looking a lot like he does today, Snowmantashi stands tall, Kaitadesu in his corner in front of one of the most respected legends in Japan.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Yugi Ho has fought in every big company in Japan. He’s a legend. He run one of biggest dojos there too. When he hear that I went to train under a Gaijin, and when he hear of who I was before, he think I am joke, and I am also disgrace, that I better off retiring than having trained under Kaitadesu.

    Before the match started, in an earlier press conference, Yugi Ho slaps Snowmantashi but the Kaiju is straight faced and indifferent. Officials have to pull back Ho who’s further angered by his failure to agitate the Gaijin-trained Snowmantashi.

    (KAITADESU): New Genesis was the last time Yugi Ho ever wrestled. The crowd clapped when he hit just about a hundred chops on Snowmantashi, when he brought back the Mongolian Chop for another hundred times, when he took out one of Snowmantashi’s teeth with half-a-hundred forearms. The kid just (he mimics spitting to the side) spat the tooth out… and went on to beat the holy shit out of Yugi. He didn’t pin Yugi, they threw a towel in, which, if you know the people over there in Japan, you know they love taking a beating. Yugi Ho was as old as I am, and he never stood a chance.

    Kaiju, bloody mouth and all, stands in front of Yugi Ho, face blank, as if questioning rather it was all Yugi had to offer. Yugi has a leg back, a step back, realizing just then, as he looked into Snowmantashi’s eyes, that he’d made the gravest mistake he’d done in his long storied career. The next still is Yugi, limp, on Snowmantashi’s shoulders and you can but imagine the beating that took place between those two moments. When the next still comes, Jon is in a corner and the body of Yugi Ho is swarmed by medics and his dojo mates.

    (KAITADESU): That was just the start. What followed was a few years of beating the shit out of people but never moving up to where he belonged, the top brass. It was a mixture of me having trained him, and him having retired a legend. They didn’t want him up there. So they gave him shots at the smaller gold, they sent him to Europe, and Australia and Canada to ‘refine’ his skills. They teamed him up with guys who weren’t at his level yet so he could settle for tearing up the tag division. Until they had no choice.

    Snowmantashi goes through a variety of unique talents. He heads over to smaller buildings in the UK, in Germany, in Ontario, in New Zealand and he conquers the best they have to offer every single time.

    (KAITADESU): Eventually, they had no choice (he repeats) the people spoke, they wanted Jon Snowmantashi fighting for the biggest prize in Japan, and they gave him a long shot, the Yugi Ho Climax… yeah. Nine matches against nine of the best Japan had to offer. If he won, he got a chance at the Bulldog, a brutal bad ass who took pleasure in just taking pain. He did. He beat every man in front of him. Just as he did in CWA. And then he fought the Bulldog. And as much as the Bulldog loved pain, the human body has its limits, and the Bulldog, make no mistake, was a human.

    Nine rapid fire stills go through, each one is alike, Snowmantashi stands next to a variety of refs, his hand risen and in front of him is variety of opponents, iconic and unknown, all fought valiantly, none valiantly enough. Bulldog, a short, bullish man who matches well with his name, stands in front of Snowmantashi. The two man take immense pleasure in beating the hell out of each other, each trying to prove who’s tougher, and who can deal more damage. Bulldog’s leash on life ends up shorter, Snowmantashi lifts him on his shoulder and drives him into the mat with a Hailstorm that could inundate the largest metropolis.

    (KAITADESU): No one in Japan would ever beat the Kaiju fairly, no interference, no third party, one on one, man to man, no one, not before he left just last year to come here. Hell, only one man came close that, Jonathan McGinnis. And you know the end of that tale. It got to the point where he started going around the world to find new people to fight, he made the NWA Japan Heavyweight Championship… a Heavyweight Championship of the World… and where he fought, there was nowhere bigger than Mexico.

    The tone changes quite brightly with upbeat musical tracks playing in the background. The contrast between Japan and Mexico is easily seen, the loud music, the bright masks, the acrobatic wrestling.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): I came to Mexico to resura Mexico’s greatest hero. I gave Mexico offer. Six nights. Six nights to find their hero, the best resura in Mexico and I would put the NWA Japan Heavyweight Champion of the World on the line against him, in his arena of choice, in front of his people, in whatever match he wanted. Only catch, he loses… he take of his mask.

    (V.O.): In six nights, six events across Mexico happened in their quest to find the man who would challenge the Monstruo del Este and put his mask on the line for a shot at the prized gold.

    Despite the challenge that is the Monstruo del Este, the Mexicans show their pride and cheer on both the greatest rudos and the tecnicos that will put forth their greatest effort. One man shines brightly among the pack, a rookie overcomes the legends of Mexican wrestling, a man by the name of Phoenix Lee. An incredible talent the crowd quickly come to hailing as the next great legend of Lucha Libre, and after beating the formers of such class, he earns his shot at the title.

    (V.O.): Phoenix Lee’s success was unprecedented. The people had come to believe that the young luchadore had inherited the talent of the greatest iconic legends that had come to pass away in the history of Lucha Libre, for only that was reason enough for a rookie to manage to overcome the greatest talent there at the time. Phoenix Lee was a true hero, chosen by the Lucha Libre gods to overcome the foreign monster and bring prestige and peace to Mexico.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): It was Fenikkusu Li’s destiny to free Japan and Mexico from the tyranny of Monstruo del Este. (He smiles the sort of wicked smile you’re not all too used to seeing from the Kaiju) On that night, in front of fifteen thousand Mekishiko hitos, Fenikkusu Li stood in front of me, Monstruo del Este, ready to complete the fairy tale.

    Monstruo del Este vs. El Heroe de Mexico became one of the most iconic events in Mexico featuring a star studded card of NWA: Japan’s finest vs. CCLL’s brightest and it would be headlined by Phoenix Lee and Jon Snowmantashi. The picture of the two men standing face to chest in front of the thousands in Arena Mexico is still a picture fondly looked upon in both Mexico and Japan.

    (KAITADESU): In Mexico, devils and demons come in bright red costumes, masks with horns and great grins, and sometimes tails and sometimes they come in with tridents. You see a devil coming from a mile away. To them, Jon Snowmantashi could never be nothing more than a monster to be conquered. On that night, Mexico would discover that devils come in all shapes and sizes. On that night, Phoenix Lee would sign a deal with the devil he’d regret entirely. In exchange for the infamy that would come from headlining on that night, he would serve but one purpose, to satiate the devil.

    There had never been a more one sided match in CCLL or NWA: Japan history, not even that of Yugi Ho had suffered so uniquely in the way that Phoenix Lee suffered that day. Monstruo del Este entirely mauled Phoenix Lee and the once vibrant atmosphere sunk into devastated gloom. In a main event that lasted but ten minutes, El Heroe de Mexico fell.

    (KAITADESU): So what happened? After beating all those Mexican legends, after laying the ground for becoming the youngest brightest tecnico in Lucha Libre, how did he fall to Snowmantashi? A lot of people who don’t know Snowmantashi have said different things. He flew too close to the sun. He got confident. I know Snowmantashi and I can say with certain affirmation that it wasn’t Phoenix Lee’s fault, at least not entirely. You see, when those fifteen thousand Mexicans were cheering on Phoenix Lee, they were fueling Snowmantashi. Every time Phoenix Lee beat another one of those Mexican legends, Snowmantashi was salivating further for the moment he would come face to face with him. Face to face with the prodigy. The one man who would end the monster’s reign. By the time Phoenix Lee was face to face with Snowmantashi, the monster was starving for what should have been the biggest fight of his life, instead, it was but the biggest feast. And Lee lied so broken, they had to wrestle the mask off of his unconscious body.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): I was a bit disappointed (he says, falsely humble) I think he wasn’t ready for such a big match, you know.

    (CAMERA MAN): You think that Michelle von Horrowitz is ready for a big match against you?

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Maybe. (he laughs jovially but there isn’t a hint of sadism there that you might expect, it’s almost disarming) I hope she is.

    The tapes might show that she is. A victory over McGinnis. She pinned Bell at the CWA/FWA supershow while Snowmantashi was laid out at ringside. She pinned McGinnis a second time on Adrenaline Rush, once more with Snowmantashi by his side and she pinned Vegas just a week later.

    (KAITADESU): Michelle von Horrowitz is perhaps the toughest lady I know. Gabrielle over in FWA, she’s tough but Michelle, there’s something about her that sets her apart. She’s proven herself. She won the Wrestle Royale. She beat the former champion, the man Snowmantashi came here to conquer. She beat Snowmantashi twice – sure, she didn’t pin him, but she beat him, and he wouldn’t deny that. And then she beat Vegas. And last week, last week she sent a message.

    The sight turns grey as Michelle von Horrowitz wields both chair and champion in a brutal demolition of the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Each time Jon Snowmantashi stands up, Michelle takes it to the next hardcore level and it isn’t until security and E.M.T.’s come along that Michelle is finally forced to stand down and Snowmantashi has a tough walk to the back.

    (KAITADESU): Sending that message might have been the worst decision Michelle von Horrowitz ever made.

    Michelle von Horrowitz stands at the top rope after having beaten Johnny Vegas and she signals around her waist for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World that should be present there. The “Sword of Destiny” strikes and Jon Snowmantashi, bandaged and with the entire arena erupting, stands at the top of the ramp, glaring at the ring where von Horrowitz perhaps comes to realize who she’ll be facing at Five Star Attraction.

    (KAITADESU): Up until that moment, Michelle von Horrowitz had solely been trying to rile up Snowmantashi with fancy verbose and clever insults. That sort of thing goes over Jon’s head, it doesn’t interest him. When Michelle decided it was time to prove herself, prove that she could beat the monster, she made what I believe is a grave mistake. When you’re faced with a devil, there’s only one thing you should be doing, and that’s hiding, if you want to take him down, you’ve gotta make sure he doesn’t notice you. Because, when he does notice you, and when you enter hell’s gates… there’s no going out. El Heroe de Mexico, Phoenix Lee learned that. Prince Pain had that painful lesson. The Last Indy Darling, Jonathan McGinnis figured that out. At Five Star Attraction, people are going to be horrified by what Snowmantashi will do.

    Snowmantashi adjusts the golden belt on his shoulder, and listens keenly to the camera man.

    (CAMERA MAN): Jon, in less than twenty-four hours, you will wrestle the biggest match of your life against Michelle von Horrowitz. The floor is yours.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): I enjoy fighting, it’s what I’ve always enjoyed doing. I imagine, everyone here, in CWA, enjoys fighting too, it’s why we all do what we do. I think the difference between us all, is the reason we enjoy fighting. I can list the reason why Makuginisu-kun, or Begasu-kun or Purinzu Itami-kun like to fight, or even Misheru-kun… it’s all different, I only tell you mine. There is no reason. (his face is as blank as it can be, expressionless, not menacing, not jovial, not disturbing, but plain) I say it before, I say it again, I am a force of nature. I’m not the men Misheru-kun has beaten before. I’m not the long line of people Makuginisu-kun beat to take this gold belt, and after to hold onto it. I’m a force of nature. I don’t have a reason to be here. I don’t have a rhyme to be here. I’m simply here. There are dozens of people that I’ve beaten in the past. And after I beat them, they sit, they think, they ask themselves. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. This isn’t the fairy tale ending. They ask their divine being why… why did I lose to this plain-looking, fat, unimpressive Japanese man? Maybe they’ll realize it then or maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll discover that fairy tale are as nothing to a force of nature. The boy who could have one day become president and changed this country for the better, is swept away by a sudden flood. That is what you are to a force of nature. To something that cares not for your destiny, your hopes, your dreams, your ambition. When you gather the attention of a force of nature, there is but one way that this tale will end, and it’s with the destruction of this world you’ve constructed around you. This world where you are the center, where everything ultimately serves the purpose of you accomplishing your destiny. This world will be flooded, burned, frozen, ended, when you come face to face with a force of nature. Misheru-kun, if you had faced Makuginisu-kun instead, perhaps your destiny would’ve overcame his. But, Makuginisu-kun faced me, and his destiny was as nothing to nature. And Misheru-kun, now, you will face nature, and you will discover that your destiny, your hopes to change CWA, your hopes to be an inspiration, to bring about a new age, they are as nothing to nature. And until nature passes, everyone in the CWA will have to but watch aside as the people they love, the people they aspire to become like, also the people they hate, the people they want gone… all fall to this force of nature. The people that watch every week can cheer on eternally as I break everything before me. Eventually they may even come to detest me as their rising heroes will fall too to this force of nature. I am indifferent. Indifferent to it all. I do but one thing and I continue doing but one thing, destroying whomever I face. When I took the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, it was in the knowledge that all the greatest obstacles Amerika has to offer would be drawn to this gold belt, they would all converge on this force of nature. Like stuntman, and extreme athletes, they will believe fiercely, with adrenaline pumping through their veins that they will be the special ones who will overcome this force of nature. They do not realize that the best thing you can hope for is but to escape this force of nature. But Misheru-kun. At Go Suta Attorakushon, I make promise, there is no escaping this force of nature. I will break your world. And I will break you. And I will keep marching forward for my next obstacle.

    Snowmantashi stands up, still blank faced and walks away.

    (V.O.): At Five Star Attraction. David vs. Goliath. Dreamer vs. Kaiju. Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Jon Snowmantashi.

    “Devil’s Whisper” plays with the final shot of Jon Snowmantashi and Michelle von Horrowitz, back at Adrenaline Rush standing on the ramp and at the top rope, glaring at each other. Interspersed are flashing clips of every time Snowmantashi has conquered another opponent in his stunning rise to the main event of Five Star Attraction since his debut six months ago. It stops a last time on Snowmantashi on the top of the ramp, bandaged and blood seeping through, and the deadly glare on the face of the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. “You better run – Run from the Devil.”

    Editor's Notes: I had immense amount of fun writing this. I took inspiration from the awesome mini-docs on the WWE Network, it might have been even cooler if I added in other blurbs from other wrestlers but I didn't want to make this too too long. Hope it's as enjoyable to read as it was to write.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    そして、まだあなたのNWA :世界のJPヘビー級チャンピオン...パンクロッカーJ. Wolfington !

    Snowmantashi and Kaitadesu are lounged backstage in the Sun National Bank Center. Snowmantashi isn’t much for the lavish lifestyle of a world champion but he can appreciate some of the benefits that come from it. A small laptop sits on one of the locker room benched and a long HDMI cord links it to the flat screen TV suspended in the corner of the room. It usually just replayed some of the events from Five Star Attraction and a variety of CWA YouTube channel videos but Kaitadesu and Snowmantashi had quickly gotten over watching the endless replays of the Indy Club’s debut and the Echo’s backstage rampaging. Oddly enough, he seemed entirely unimpressed whenever the final shot of McGinnis signaling for the imaginary belt he once held while Snowmantashi stood in the ring half-elated, half-exhausted from his first defense. Instead, they’d plugged in the latest NWA:JP show, “Fresh Start.”

    (NWA: JP ANNOUNCER): 私たちはよく、本当にパンクロッカーJ. WolfingtonはNWAの新しい顔である疑いもなく言うことができると思う: JPと自分自身を外人であるにもかかわらず、彼は文化に徹底的に自分自身を夢中だ彼は、基本的に私たちの一つです。ジョンSnowmantashiが去り、彼はゼロ恐怖を破った後、誰がではなく、さらに今夜彼の統治に反対しなかった後、彼は昨年、空いているタイトルを獲得しました。

    The door burst open but only Kaitadesu’s head turned to see who had come. Snowmantashi gazed almost longingly at the TV screen.

    (KAITADESU): Mr. Duncan, you look particularly more flustered today than you generally tend to look.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Ha, ha. Funny. Terrific humor. What in the bloody hell are you two watching?

    (KAITADESU): Fresh Starts-

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Is that a new Netflix show or something?

    (KAITADESU): New NWA:JP pay-per-view, we missed it on the count of Snowmantashi’s big match at Five Star Attraction.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Right, so the newly founded Indy Club or wandering backstage beating people senseless and you two are here watching overseas wrestling?

    (KAITADESU): You’re blowing things out of proportion, they beat like, what, three-four guys in suits? I mean, uncalled for, but they stopped right?

    Duncan holds himself tightly.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): That could’ve been me.

    (KAITADESU): You worry too much, you’ve got plenty of other guys to take your place back at the agency, right?

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You worry too little. There’s a significant difference between facing off against a little girl from lord knows where in the nameless parts of Europe and having to contend with one of the best singles wrestlers in the world and two of the best tag team wrestlers in the world.

    Snowmantashi hasn’t even bothered acknowledging John Duncan’s presence at this point.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Tashi-lad, I know you’ve got this whole ‘I’m not worried about anyone mentality’, but seriously, I’m a bit concerned you’re not the least bit worried right now. I’m going to optimistically hope you’ve got some friends to back you up right, the new Japanese guy, LIGHT-something or another.

    The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World frowns a bit at the half-mention of the name.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): LIGHTBRINGER. But no. I not need friends to help me. (he has to realize how that might sound with Kaitadesu next to him) Well, physically in the ring. Lucky for you, John.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): To be quite frank, I’m just flattered you think of me as a friend. All that said, surely you can’t fight off all three of them. McGinnis at Wrestle Royale nearly beat you as it was.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun at Resura Royale is not same person as Makuginisu-kun today. He’s different.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Quite right, he’s got no more morals, and two psychopathic kids with him. And no wife. He’s more dangerous.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Weaker. No one to fight for. Nothing to push him to fight. And the Echo are disgraceful resura’s who use silly means to draw attention to themselves because they not know how to really fight. Makuginisu-kun at Resura Royale had wife and kid to fight for, he fought because he wanted to beat the odds, he fought because these people were everything he had too. Now, he has no reason to push himself, the Echo will make him do stupid things in the name of attention he never cared about before. Money blinds him. He is no longer the man I once respected. No longer the man I once wanted to fight. He is nothing.

    The agent is almost exasperated at Snowmantashi’s flippant dismissal of the most dangerous contender for his prized possession.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Old man, surely you realize that the Indy Club are a lot more dangerous than McGinnis was… before all of this.

    (KAITADESU): There’s a difference between someone like what McGinnis is today and what say, Michelle von Horrowitz is. Michelle von Horrowitz fought for her own code, she had ambitions beyond simply wanting a shiny gold belt, beyond simply wanted the subsequent fame. McGinnis lost his ambition, this whole Indy Club charade is a bunch of bullshit. A shame too, you know, when McGinnis and Jonny here first teamed, it was because they were facing a couple of outsiders who wanted that sort of infamy, they wanted the whole of Japan to hate them, and they got their assess kicked and sent back home. The Echo, they wanted the same damn thing over in Japan, they’re lucky the NWA:JP sent them back here, because I’d never seen Snowmantashi so fucking pissed in my life. Respect, honor, shit, that’s the one thing you don’t fuck around with around Snowmantashi. If McGinnis wants the kid’s attention than all he has to do is something stupid, something disrespectful. You want the kid to acknowledge McGinnis, maybe go get McGinnis to do something silly like that.

    Duncan sighs and realizes he’s not getting through to either men.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Then you’ll be happy to know that’s not the only reason I’m here. I just got word that the Indy Club are having their first match together tonight, and, yes, I can metaphorically hear your inattention ‘Tashi-lad, and Kaitadesu, I know you’re wondering how this is relevant after all you just said, here’s the thing, they’re going to be facing The Moment, who took the tag team championships from them at Five Star Attraction… and The Moment’s partner is none other than Snowmantashi.

    Ouuu, a flicker of attention from Snowmantashi who turns away from the TV. There’s almost the faintest sign of a frown on the champion’s face.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun does not matter to me, but Doryu-kun and Isan-kun. They came to my country. They came to my ringu, and they disrespected it. They left before I ever got the chance to to make them pay the price for playing with fire. The Moment can be in my corner, or they can take the night off helping the poor victims of Doryu-kun and Isan-kun recover. It takes more than three people to beat me, it takes at least six-

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You said five last time…

    Snowmantashi glares at the agent.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Six it is, carry on.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): I will do what every man and woman in Amerika wishes to do to these brothers, I will break them, I will send them back to their dear mothers and I will ensure that we never see them again.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You’re still neglecting McGinnis, here. I know you think he isn’t worth your attention but he’s still a dangerous man, he’s still got the talent, even if you don’t think he’s got the fire. You know, ‘Tashi-lad, I almost get the feeling you DON’T want to face McGinnis tonight.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Makuginisu-kun has fought me before, he’s stood on opposite side of ringu, and he saw his entire world come crashing down, he saw his dreams broken. Everything Makuginisu-kun stood for disappeared after I beat him at Resura Royale. When Makuginisu-kun stands on that apron, and Doryu-kun and Isan-kun lie on the mat broken, beaten, and they reach out, crying, begging for Makuginisu-kun to save them. Makuginisu-kun will look me in the eyes, and he will feel every kick, every punch, every Snowfall, every Hailstorm he’s felt before and he will realize he cannot beat what cannot be truly beaten. Indy Club is a machination by men to defy nature. A silly attempt to conjure an opposition to the unopposable, they will realize that it was a pointless attempt after tonight. They will talk as the weak are wont to talk, they will belittle the people that have brought them to where they are now, they will glorify themselves, but it is all pointless. The end of Adorenarin Rashu will come, and they will have to face me, and it will end just as soon as it began. The sole use of their new shirts will be to clean off their blood from my ringu. And after that, I will wait and see who has the will, the strength to rise up and challenge me, maybe Misheru-kun will be stronger after Go Suta Attorakushon, maybe she will give me an even bigger fight. That will be great. Maybe I will get to make U’eku pay, finally. I await a new challenge, Duncan-kun. Now… I will go eat.

    John Duncan stands there bemused as the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World stands up and marches past him and out of the locker room leaving Duncan and Kaitadesu alone.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You really don’t think he’s underestimating them. Maybe the title’s giving him an ego.

    Kaitadesu chuckles.

    (KAITADESU): I think he is underestimating them.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Then why aren’t you beating some bloody sense into him.

    (KAITADESU): That’s not for me to do. It’s not a matter of ego. Fact is, he is the champ. The Indy Club has to prove themselves, and once they do, once the kid takes them seriously, in the same way he took that girl seriously, they’re going to have a real fight. Maybe that happens halfway through tonight’s match. Or maybe it’s pay-per-view time and Snowmantashi finally realizes he’s got a real fight on his hands. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter when, Snowmantashi needs to feel the threat to acknowledge it, and once he does, he’ll be better for it. The kid’s only greater than what he thinks he’s facing.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): You’re telling me he needs to get his ass kicked before he starts taking them seriously.

    (KAITADESU): If they’re worth being taken seriously, then yeah, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. And if they aren’t, the kid’s going to do what he tends to do, break whoever’s standing in his way.

    Well, should be an interesting night.
    Editor's Notes: Not my best but I think I got the message I wanted out of it correct. Snowmantashi has lost before (twice leading up to FSA, and against Austerio too), so while I love billing him as a force of nature, I also think that I need to build it so that losing is believable too. Not that I intend to lose this week! But it's part of making Snowmantashi a well rounded character and it's something I'm going to continue thriving for. Not much acknowledgment for The Moment here but that's intentional. You want 'Tashi's respect, you gotta fight with/against him in the ring which was what originally helped 'Tashi & McGinnis team up. I've started enhancing Snowmantashi's vocabulary and that's intentional, I want to widen the scope of what I can say while not taking away from who 'Tashi is. The principle is still there, he prefers discovering and doing things in the ring than talking on the mic. Welp. Enjoy.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Snowmantashi walked up the ramp first. His back to the ring. There, Ethan and Drew Connor, and their new ally, the former CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jonathan McGinnis stood. Their hands were raised. They threw too sweets like it was going out of fashion. They boasted to one another about the countless superkicks they’d just dealt to The Moment and Jon Snowmantashi. They stood atop the turnbuckles, and with cocky grins that would make you want to snap a kitten's neck, they laughed and bathed in the jeers coming at them from every depth and corner of the arena. The Indy Club had well and truly made their mark felt in CWA. They had beaten the tag team champions and the heavyweight champion all in one sweep. They were at the top of the hierarchical ladder. Snowmantashi stopped at the top of the ramp, he looked over his shoulder with a sneer. Ben held Nick’s arm as they walked to retrieve their gold belts. The referee sprinted up the ramp, heavy gold in hand. He handed over Snowmantashi’s own. The champion collected it without much attention, the whole of it was on the Indy Club. He finally relented his anger and turned around to walk past the curtain.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): I told you!

    John Duncan stood not far past it, suit disheveled (you can imagine his dismay anytime the Indy Club mounted any sort of offense in the match), face redenned with what was surely a mix of anger, frustration and being gassed at doing both.

    (KAITADESU): Now’s probably not the best time Duncan?

    Kaitadesu wasn’t far, leaning back on a black chest, arms folded, his face seeming to dance on the edge of a smirk. He didn’t seem as concerned with the defeat as either of his associates. Duncan swung around to him.

    (JOHN DUNCAN): Why bloody not?! I warned him. I warned you. You didn’t take me seriously and you didn’t take them seriously. Now is perfectly the right time. I should film it to ever remind you of it! Here, hold my phone. Oh, no? Alright, well I’ve got a selfie-stick.

    The selfie-stick was broken about a second after Duncan pulled out of his vest. The phone dropped as a result too, a crack inevitably forming.

    Warned you.

    That’s perfectly fine. A real businessman always has a second phone on him.

    I not think you want second phone broken too.

    Alright, fine, I’ll be the better man and cede your warning, maybe you’ll learn that way.

    So kid, taking them seriously yet?

    The champion frowned, he threw the title over his shoulder instead of holding it limp in his hands.


    Might I chime in? Perhaps because they just beat you.


    Literally just seconds ago.

    Duncan is dismayed by his thick-headedness but Kaitadesu knows just about where this is going.

    I know get pinned. I not give up. Other person gave up.

    There’s a bit of anger underlying there, to his partner for conceding defeat, or to the opponents for provoking defeat.

    You can’t fight this war alone, kid. You’re going to need some help. You want to beat the Indy Club, you’re gonna have to work with your partners a bit more. I know you miss McGinnis by your side, but he’s on the other side of that ring now, time to find someone else to trust.

    A champion… (he holds the title up to gaze at it)... can fight any war, no matter circumstance, on own. I not need partners, I not need help, Makuginisu-kun and his friends can face me in the ring again, one on three. They want to prove they’re the best, they need to find way to make ME tap out, to keep ME down for three seconds. The reason Makuginisu-kun turn his back on me, is because he knows he cannot do that on his own, so he got friends. To turn to others, because I fear I will lose this battle is a cowardly as his own actions. I do not need allies, I will beat him on my own and then I will find a new challenger, someone worthy of facing me, someone who won’t fear standing man to man against me.

    A throat cleared.


    Michelle Kelly arrived on seen, microphone in hand. It was rare that she got an interview with the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World lately, not as a result of exclusivity but because of his focus on telling his own tales in the squared circle by the blood of his victims.

    Jon - I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying and I might have the answer to your current predicament.

    The champion says nothing but stares blankly. John Duncan seems to realize this is his job and steps forward with his broken-toothed smile.

    You’ve found two capable wrestlers who would like to team with Jon-lad here and whom he won’t mind teaming with.

    Not exactly, I was just informed about next week’s blockbuster main event -

    Please tell me he’s not facing the Indy Club three on one -

    Michelle’s already exasperated with John Duncan. Kaitadesu stays far away from the camera in the background and ‘Tashi is still stone-faced.

    I was just informed by General Manager Isaac Richmann that next week, for the first time ever, it’ll be the High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards against the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi.

    Who’s Elijah Edwards? What’s a High Voltage Championship.

    Both Kelly and Snowmantashi frown at Duncan’s unintentional insult of the new champion.

    Any comments, Snowmantashi?

    The champion adjusts the title on his shoulder, a silent emphasis on what title he holds.

    Iraija Edowazu-kun won his very first championship at Go Suta Atorakushon. Very first. I won my first championship almost two decades ago. When I first held that championship, it not mean a great deal. It was gold. It mean that I was better than a lot of other people. It meant I get paid more. More respect. That was all it meant. I did not deserve it. I did not appreciate it for what it was. I think Edowazu-kun has come so close many many times before. And now, he’s finally done what he waited a long time to do, he became a champion.

    He looks down on his title, perhaps inwardly appreciating his own title now more than ever.

    I think Edowazu-kun appreciates title a lot more than I did. I hope he knows what I’ve learned over many years. A title means two things, a responsibility to be better than anyone you step into the ring with, a responsibility to bring your best every time you step into the ringu. The moment you hold the championship, you are holding onto it until the day inevitably comes when someone is more determined to be better than you, when someone brings his best and it is better than your best. It happens. No matter what. Sairasu-Truth-kun lost sight of being the best and someone came and was better. Makuginisu-kun too, lost sight, and now I have come, and I have been better. Misheru at Go Suta Atorakushon tried to be the best, tried to be better, but she couldn’t be, not against me. You want to do those two things better than me, then you will have to be better than you’ve ever been, and you ever thought you could be. You have to not simply be your best, you have to be THE best, if you want to beat me, if you want to take my title.

    Well, this isn’t exactly a title match...

    Snowmantashi’s frown says he begs to differ.

    No? Is it not. This gold weighs a lot but it means little. The name means little - unless I define it as more. When I prove I am better than whom I face, I prove that it matters more. High Voltage Championship is stupid name. But he is champion. And when we face in the ring, the victor will define his championship as meaning more than the championship that his opponent holds. In world where Edowazu-kun beats me, we might as well trade gold, because his title will mean ever more than mine until I could beat him again. That - will not happen!
    There’s a promised threat there, a promise to not fail in this clash of champions, a promise to emerge the uncontested victor.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): Edowazu-kun will bring his best to that ring, I believe. But it will not matter. Because I will do what I did at Resura Rowaiyaru and at Go Suta Atorakushon, I will not bring my best, I will bring the best. I will bring the best that this company has seen. And I will prove I am the champion. I will send a message to Makuginisu-kun and a message to the two kids who stands behind him. The message is clear, I am the champion. You not strike fear in no one. I strike fear. I am the one who conquers, not the one who is conquered. My message is: fight me. You know where to find me. In that ring. Come down, and fight me. If you need to wait till after I beat Edowazu-kun, after we’ve given each other a fight you wish you could have given me, then do so. Then come down that ring, Makuginisu-kun, Indy Club, come down that ring and fight me. I know you doubt yourself, you doubt you can do it. Push that doubt away Makuginisu-kun. Look at this.

    He takes the title of his shoulders, and holds it up to the camera.

    (JON SNOWMANTASHI): This - is what you want. This is why the Indy Club is together. You WANT this. I HAVE this. Come down that ring, and try to take it from me. Bring your best. All three of you bring your best. Because you are facing THE best.

    The open invitation cuts away to a zooming shot of the gold belt. And the lettering on it. “CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World - Jon Snowmantashi.” Once it read Cyrus Truth. Once it read Jonathan McGinnis. Today it reads Jon Snowmantashi. And it will read Jon Snowmantashi for a very… very… long… time.
    Editor's Notes: Uhm. It is what it is?

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    “Sword of Destiny” blares through the physical attendance system. The female vocals announce the arrival of the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World and the moment the heart pounding drums echo through the minds of the attendees at the Prudential Center. Jon Snowmantashi steps through the curtains and there is not a single ounce of the joviality he has become renown for between the time he is seen and the time he steps into the ring. He’s in shorts and a “KAIJU” shirt with little other branding to his name. At his side stands his representative the loud and grinning John Duncan. The oddball pair are odder yet with their varying moods. The KAIJU does not wait for John Duncan to finish his waves to the crowd, he begins a rhythmic walk to the ring, the gold around his shoulder bouncing up and down as his every mass practically jumps with each stomp down to the squared circle.

    [JIM TAYLOR]: It goes without needing to be said but our world champion looks none too happy tonight.

    [TIM COLEMAN]: Your world champion maybe, Jim, my world champion is backstage with the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world getting ready to do what they do best, Jim, steal the show. Maybe Snowmantashi should go back there and get ready for his own match.

    [JIM TAYLOR]: Tim, I think you might be the only man in this arena who doesn’t want to hear what Jon Snowmantashi has to say. Our champion isn’t known for coming out here and putting his thoughts forward.

    [TIM COLEMAN]: And thank God for that. One, he’s incoherent and barely speaks english. Two, the less we see of Snowmantashi, the more we see of the real reason we’re all here, Indy Club.

    The champion doesn’t wait to take in the ring, or slap hands (though he was never wont to that anyways). He marches up the steel steps and goes under the top rope to get in the ring. He’s steel-faced as he paces up and down the ring, rubbing the sweat off his nose, waiting as John Duncan hustles around the squared circle for a microphone and then clumsily slides into it himself. The “Sword of Destiny” comes to an end and is replaced by a roaring “KAIJU - KAIJU - KAIJU” chant akin to a deathly cult awaiting the arrival of their monstrous savior. John Duncan makes attempts to speak but they’re more or less futile. Angered, Snowmantashi gestures for Duncan to give him the microphone. The fans die down, anticipating whatever roar might exude from the KAIJU.

    I said in the past, I am like a force of nature. Morality… right… wrong… hero… villain… it is as nothing to a force of nature. And so, you may question… what does honor mean to a force of nature, if anything. Kaitadesu told me that I should not let honor dictate me as I once did. He is right. Honor does not dictate nature. But. But…. Honor and lack thereof, is action driven by the intention to give or not to give it and that action… and that intention will be received with an appropriate reaction - with the appropriate consequences.

    He’s practically choking the words as, if he’s stiffling them through his teeth. Angry, to the near point of breaking the microphone within a hand that’s very nearly turning into a fist.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Karma… dictates nature too. And those who deserve to be rewarded will be rewarded. Not by me, no. I am not an agent of reward. I am an agent of punishment. And as such… those who deserve to be punished… will be punished.

    He lowers the microphone. He speaks vaguely, and the attending populace can but guess at who he speaks of. Duncan who has managed to conjure a microphone of his own is eager to shed some light on the words behind Snowmantashi’s subtle threats.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: For those of you who do not know me. I am the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jon Snowmantashi’s representative, I am John Duncan. And as his representative, it is necessary that I not only translate his message, but deliver it. To deliver this message, it requires that I take you all back in time to December 11th, 2013… the first time my client Jon Snowmantashi stepped into the ring with the former CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, the man he beat to get this title… Jonathan McGinnis. The tides were turned back in December 11th, 2013. Jon Snowmantashi was the champion in Japan. He was the man people idolized. Jonathan McGinnis was the foreigner who thundered through everyone in his path to get his shot. And yet… while the positions differed, the result did not. Jonathan McGinnis COULD NOT beat Jon Snowmantashi. And so he left. He came back to America. He came here. He won this title here. He thought he had escaped Jon Snowmantashi, the man he could never… ever… defeat.

    The words hang there. Not for the crowd. Not for Jim Taylor or Tim Coleman. Not for Snowmantashi. It hangs there for Jonathan McGinnis. Is he listening? Is he listening closely? Is his conscious urging him to listen? It should.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: He thought he had escaped Jon Snowmantashi but he had not. My client came to America because for years he had Japan in his clutches. He was a conqueror. He could not be beaten. So he came to conquer another land, he came to conquer America. He came to conquer the greatest wrestlers on this damn planet. The Cyrus Truth. The Prince Pains. The… the Jonathan McGinnis. And it was inevitable that fate would see this force of nature crash down on Jonathan McGinnis again and at Wrestle Royale… it happened. McGinnis’s world was swept away by Jon Snowmantashi a second time. And so, McGinnis’s answer? To find an army, then to go find someone else to fight. He returns to Japan and he’s trying to lay his stake on the championship he failed to beat Jon Snowmantashi for because he knows he cannot beat Jon Snowmantashi for the championship he failed to defend. That was not his mistake. Maybe it was wise. Maybe he should’ve settled for the High Voltage Championship, the title belonging to the man this KAIJU beat last week. It seems McGinnis was so afraid, he went all the way to Japan instead. Again, that was not his mistake. His mistake was his lack of respect. You see, there’s something that’s not only distinct to Japan, it’s everywhere. WE RESPECT THE PEOPLE WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR US. You respect your grandparents. Or the man in the picture on the mantel where you work. We respect the Mr. Willis’s. We respect the founding fathers who allowed us to be here tonight. There is no America. No CWA. No CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World without the people who precede us. WE HAVE TO RESPECT THEM or there is nothing. Jonathan McGinnis went over to Japan, he berated the people who had once put him on a pedestal, but that is not his crime, that is not his transgression against the very nature of who we are, his transgression was superkicking… SUPERKICKING… a legend, a hero, a man who had paved the way for this KAIJU to start his conquering… he superkicked Zero Inoki when his back was turned and then he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs!

    The footage is shaky but it comes straight from Japan. Jonathan McGinnis is confronting the champion, Punker J. Wolfington who has the NWAJP Heavyweight Championship around his waist. The two are at ringside and McGinnis slaps the spit out of the champion’s mouth. He doesn’t defend himself for the retaliation but scurries away to the ring with Punker in hot pursuit. Young boys hustle to the ring, and agents and referees alike try to separate the two premier talents from a premature confrontation. Even Zero Inoki is there, the legend stands out and the crowd in Newark can easily tell who he is, Punker J. Wolfington seems to cede under the demand of Inoki and then - SUPERKICK! Inoki falls limp to the floor. The crowd is silent for a half-second and then they erupt, angered, furious, rioting. McGinnis doesn’t wait around, he hurries away even as he’s assailed from every direction. The camera returns to John Duncan, shaking his head but it’s the expression on the face of Snowmantashi. It’s not frowning. Not read. It’s blank. You can imagine he’s saving it. Saving all that pent up aggression.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: Jonathan McGinnis titles himself an Indy God. Jonathan McGinnis, let me speak to you frankly, on behalf of Jon Snowmantashi the GOD within CWA. THE CHAMPION within CWA. THE FORCE OF NATURE within CWA. You are no longer in the independents where you learned your craft and beat other people learning their craft. The brothers at your side. They are no longer in the independents where they could disrespect every person that stepped in front of them. You are at the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST stage in the world. Being the best in the independent, being a so-called god there is nothing in the CWA. You want to be venerated here, you have to beat every man - excuse me, everything that stands in front of you. And here is Jon Snowmantashi. Not a man, the GOD of CWA. He stands before you. You want to be a god. You WANT this championship so badly. Jon Snowmantashi ushers you invitation. He ushers your brothers in invitation. And whether you accept or not is irrelevant. Because while I may not be a weather man, I can predict the shitshow, I can predict the hellacious cold winter that will sweep over CWA and this storm, this storm WILL NOT stop until it has done what it has set out to do, give the consequences to the lack of honor, Jonathan McGinnis gave to a legend in Zero Inoki. But until then - until that moment that he gets his hands on you Jonathan McGinnis, people will suffer indiscriminately, and that, that is unfortunate. And the first person - persons to suffer will suffer tonight… The Moment… the CWA Tag Team Champions of the World… Ben Bruce and Nick Lawton.

    Admittedly, the reception isn’t the greatest, at the very least not compared to when they’re opposite The Echo. This time however, they will be opposite of the KAIJU, and at the height of his tenure, there is little the cultist in Newark prefer than to see KAIJU’s onslaught. The KAIJU himself lifts the microphone his prey metaphorically before him within the camera’s lens. They are looking into the eyes of a being who has little pity for their fate.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Dankan-kun is correct. Nature does not discriminate. Makuginisu-kun made a mistake, and for that, everyone shall pay. Ben Burusu and Nikku Roton, weeks ago you stood by my side, and we sought to wage war against Makuginisu-kun’s army… and we failed. Nikku… you succumbed to the pain. You abandoned yourself to defeat. You could not hold on, fight through the pain until your partner Ben Burusu or I could help you. And in losing, we allowed Makuginisu-kun to continue his dangerous path. And in losing, Makuginisu-kun was allowed to go to Japan… and to do what he did. This is not why I am doing what I am doing, Ben… Nikku. Tonight, I will expect a great war. You are champions. And like Iraija Edowazu before you, I will expect you to fight like champions, like the best of CWA. But, there is only one who is above all else, there is only one KAIJU who does not obey the laws of men, of other champions, this is who I am, and this is something that cannot be helped. The pain, the suffering, the punishment I will deal to Makuginisu-kun… to the Indy Club, it is inevitable that tonight you will suffer equal punishment.

    He says it in an apologetic tone but one look and one can tell there is no ounce of regret in the eyes of Jon Snowmantashi for what he intends on doing to his two opponents. Snowmantashi lowers the microphone and Duncan does not miss a beat.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: In court there is something called an Act of God. An event that is out of human control. A natural disaster. Something that no one can be held accountable for. And so, while Jonathan McGinnis may be at the very heart of this storm, he may be the man that kick mountain ever so lightly so as to cause the unrelenting avalanche, it is unfortunate that everyone on that mountain must thereafter suffer. But I must drive home this point, nature does not discriminate. And so, you must really look past this being personal, it’s not Ben, Nick, it’s not. Everyone on this mountain will be broken bones and bloody messes. It doesn't matter if you are one. It does matter if you are two, and two of the very finest in this world at that. And it doesn't matter if you are three of the slimiest, scrawniest, cowardly men in the world, this force of nature does not discriminated. I can but offer you this as a sort of reassurance… the men at the heart of this… the men responsible for what will happen to you tonight… he will suffer equally.

    And maybe there’s a crack there. Proof that it’s all a metaphor. Because when John Duncan says equally, there’s wryest of grins. Equally. No. When Jon Snowmantashi faces the Indy Club, they will suffer a fate greater than any one has ever suffered. The Sword of Destiny plays again, and it will play again and again, until the sword finds its destiny.
    Editor's Note: Busy busy times for me so this came in late Thursday (about 5 minutes before midnight my time). I did love this RP though. Really. Fully used John Duncan in a Paul Heyman like role but I still wanted Snowmantashi to speak to. I've stopped alluding to hard to his accent but it's there, I just think I should leave it up to the reader to sort of interpret how thick his accent would be. I picture it a la Ken Watanabe. Still, I really love the Force of Nature shtick I've kept going here. I think my only regret with this one is probably not enough emphasis on the 2 v 1 aspect. And maybe too much emphasis on his anger towards McGinnis. But that said, I still enjoyed this and thought it further McGinnis's/Snowmantashi's long term story, particularly since McGinnis's act was likely to anger Snowmantashi, it was fitting that this served as a continuation to that RP.

    Oh, this is intended to be used as an opening segment so if you need one, feel free to use it.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi


    [PIERS GALLAGHER]: Who is this guy? Can he beat Kennedy!?

    [LANGDON TRAFFORD]: If you don’t know who Cyrus Truth is then I feel sorry for you! And we’ll find the answer to that question RIGHT NOW!!

    Up until that moment, Jon Snowmantashi was stoic. His lips a thin line. His brows: unmoving. His eyes: static as it took in the whole of the screen showcasing FWA’s Carnal Contendership. The moment Cyrus Truth had unveiled himself in Dublin, Ireland, his lips twitched ever-so slightly. KAITADESU’s eyes shifted from the screen to Snowmantashi, and only he caught the flash of anger. The mentor pursed his lips. The man who knew Snowmantashi best wasn’t sure how the KAIJU would react to the unveiling. As much as Snowmantashi would have wanted Cyrus Truth to face defeat, to return to his home having failed to conquer FWA, he knew that was not something that should happen. Cyrus Truth had made a decision to go to FWA, and now, having appeared, there was no choice but to succeed, or he would not be the man the KAIJU wanted to conquer, he would be a legend, but no longer the legend. Cyrus Truth would have to achieve victory here, to succeed in FWA, to rise above all of its greatest warriors, and then to return home to face the greatest warrior.


    [PIERS GALLAGHER]: You have got to be kidding me!


    Once more, KAITADESU’s eyes flickered to Snowmantashi. The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World stood up and turned the television off. John Duncan’s head finally rose from the phone that had kept his attention.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: Oh, the show’s finally over? Who won?

    [KAITADESU]: Cyrus –

    Snowmantashi turned around, without folding his chair, tossed it against the wall, the metallic sound reverberating through the room and probably across the hallways beyond. Yes. He was aware that it was necessary for Cyrus Truth to attain glory in FWA, it did not mean he would be happy with his departure. The chair clanged more as it slowly dropped from the bench it had landed on, and a third time as it folded onto itself. Pointless, of course, no one would be able to sit on it ever again.

    [KAITADESU]: Truth.

    He finished.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: I take it we did not want Cyrus Truth to win…

    [KAITADESU]: We didn’t want Cyrus Truth to enter – though to be fair, we couldn’t have expected he’d leave CWA for FWA in the first place.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: So the heart and soul of CWA left because he couldn’t cut it against the best CWA has to offer. I mean, it makes sense, he did lose to Jonathan McGinnis – and, McGinnis isn’t the best anymore, two and two together says this isn’t Cyrus Truth’s playground anymore. It’s yours.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Sairasu Truth-san will never be afraid of glory. He’s not afraid of me. He will return. He has to. He has to avenge himself. He has to beat the man who beat him, Makuginisu-kun. He will not walk away until there is no doubt, no mark of defeat in his legacy that he has not overcome. And so, that means one thing… I must win tonight. I must beat Misheru-kun… Begasu-kun… Ueku-kun… Eniguma-kun… and Makuginisu-kun. I must be what can never be conquered. I must be what will never be risen over. I must be the unclimbable mountain. Sairasu Truth-san chases glory. And I must be the glory every man, every woman will chase. I must be what Sairasu Truth-san will thirst for, I must be what makes Sairasu Truth-san think… if I can achieve this glory… I can walk away from this all. And he will attempt it. And he will fail. Because I will not be conquered. I will be the unachievable glory in everyone’s tale. I, KAIJU, will remain the indomitable mountain all glory-seekers will try to conquer but fail.

    Snowmantashi had spoken out loud but more to himself than to Duncan or KAITADESU in the room. A knock on the door stopped anything else he may have to say.


    [JOHN DUNCAN]: That would be me.

    [PRODUCTION ASSISTANT]: The Steel Roulette’s been set up, you guys wanted to check it out before it went up? I mean, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t want to step into that without knowing what I was getting into either.

    Duncan, and Snowmantashi were already heading out before the production assistant went on with the ignorant statement. Only KAITADESU stopped with the faintest smirk on his face.

    [KAITADESU]: The champ’s not going there to behold what he’s stepping into, he’s going in there to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand what he’s going to do to the guys that are stepping into that Steel cell with him.

    KAITADESU pats the production assistant on the back and follows close behind an ever-determined Snowmantashi. Their journey towards witnessing the sight of the Steel Roulette is put to a halt when Michelle Kelly stops them not far from the entrance. With a camera in tow, no one needs to guess what she wants.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: Snowmantashi-san, would you mind if I took your time for a CWA dot COM exclusive interview ahead of your match tonight, the first ever Steel Roulette against five of the best CWA competitors out there?

    Snowmantashi grunts his approval.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: We haven’t heard of your reaction on the announcement that you will be defending your title in the Steel Roulette match. Evidently, it’s not what any of us expected Isaac Richmann’s announcement was going to be and it’s unprecedented. You have a history with most of these competitors. You’ve gone to toe with Enigma countless times. You’ve faced Vegas before. You and Wake had a hard fought war not long back before you became the champion with no one coming out of it with a victory. You and Michelle von Horrowitz have fought countless times on the road to Five Star Attraction, and though she always came out with the victory, at Five Star Attraction, with the title on the line, you emerged the champion. And of course lastly, Jonathan McGinnis who is finally getting his rematch – though not exactly the way he expected it to go. It goes without saying, Snowmantashi-san… but this may be the toughest championship defense a CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World has ever had to face.

    John Duncan nudges himself between Snowmantashi and Michelle Kelly, a big silly grin on his face, eager to take hold of the microphone.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: I have to let you know, you never actually got around to proposing a question. But, you’re right, the world hasn’t heard from the defending champion about the circumstances he’s facing at Retribution so allow me to be unequivocally clear, as far as I’m concerned – I would have this entire match called off. You’re telling me the champion, has to defend against five competitors, only one of which is owed a match by virtue of being the champion who lost to the current champion, the other four is comprised of a loser at Five Star Attraction, two psychopaths who’ve been tangled in this by the machinations of the Indy Club, and the woman he fairly beat at Five Star Attraction? And… the cherry on top… it is a hellacious match inside a structure never before seen in CWA history. This match should not be happening. But it is, because of all the people I could possibly represent… I’m representing a man who would smile at the chance to beat five of the best inside a career-shortening Steel Roulette, he would not merely be content with this match, he would be gleeful… ecstatic… that he would get to defend his title in there. Unless you could come up with a structure more destructive, an environment more murderous than the Steel Roulette, then you could not make this man any happier.

    Michelle Kelly looks puzzled, which only adds to the bemused look of KAITADESU in the background. It was the same puzzlement John Duncan did when he’d tried to convince Snowmantashi that they should have this match overturned. For all that Snowmantashi did, he still managed to surprise most of the people who knew him best. Snowmantashi shoves John Duncan out of the way (whom quickly circles about to get back in the camera’s range) and grabs the camera.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: I made a promise, Misheru-kun… that I would give Makuginisu-kun the appropriate reaction for his transgressions against honor… for his lack of it. I promised that I would not discriminate. Makuginisu-kun did not heed my warnings, he did not heed the anger, the unwavering will of nature behind it. At Adorenarin Rashu… he thought he would keep doing what he’s been doing since Go Suta Atorakushon… he was going to attack me while I was waging another fight. Makuginisu-kun truly has no honor… all that he but did was add oil to the raging fire… all that he did was light a tree, in the middle of a great forest, on fire. He does not realize he is in the middle of that great forest… he does not realize that he will not escape that great forest before it burns down everything around him. And in that forest he is not alone. Many may burn with him.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: You mean the Echo?

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: If the Eko wish to step into the great forest, they may, but I believe they have their own worries to care for with The Moment. The grave mistake Makuginisu-kun and his young boys did was stopping me from destroying their opponents at Ritoribyushon. I do not care what the Eko choose to do tonight or choose not to do. If they step into the Suchiruretto… then they will suffer the same fate that Makuginisu-kun will suffer. If they remain where they are, with gold or not, then they survive another day until they dare to wage war against me.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: Then… who is he with?

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Ueku-kun, Misheru-kun, Eniguma-kun, and Begasu-kun.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: It seems to me like they want to get their hands on him just as much as you do. After all, Johnny Vegas has been out for a month thanks to their attack at Five Star Attraction, and Wake, Michelle and Enigma have all had their matches endlessly interrupted by the Indy Club.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: You’re right, Misheru-kun. They may want to hurt Makuginisu-kun, just as I do, but… that would not be the smart thing to do. Makuginisu-kun is not the champion… I am the champion. Makuginisu-kun is just a coward, who has no honor. I have beaten Makuginisu-kun. I have beaten Eniguma-kun. I have beaten Misheru-kun. And after Ritoribyushon… I will have beaten Begasu-kun and Ueku-kun. If they want to survive the Suchiruretto, not just achieve victory… but to survive the Suchiruretto, they will have to put aside their differences and they will have to unite to defeat me. They are all in this great forest, this great forest that is burning with unmatched ferocity… and if they want to escape this forest, this forest that Makuginisu-kun has lit on fire, then they will find each other, and they will try to escape together. But that is but their greatest chance at survival. It is not an assurance that they will survive. And it is most certainly not an assurance that they will win. It’s a chance at escaping. That is all.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: You’re suggesting that all five of your opponents team up to beat you?

    Even though she’s seen what the champion can do, even she can’t quite believe the words Snowmantashi is saying. She’s caught between thinking this is a display of supreme arrogance or Snowmantashi is truly fearless, but fearless doesn’t mean he can survive such adversity.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: At the very least, you didn’t beat Harrison Wake when you two faced off – some say he may have had your number had he not lost control and gotten himself disqualified.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Ueku-kun is like Makuginisu-kun, he has no honor. He’s not a coward, no, but he has no honor. He fights well, he’s a very good resura, but he has no discipline, he has no code, no sense of respect for what he does. Ueku-kun did not defeat me because Ueku-kun has never faced someone who is not smaller, who is not afraid, who he could not dominate. So he lost control. He had never faced someone he could not defeat. Someone who could stand before him and look him down in the eyes. He may enter Suchiruretto, and he may think to himself this is a butcher’s shop, a world where he can make everyone around him suffer. He may think this is the place where I will be smaller, I imagine he is used to fighting in a cage. I am not used to fighting in a cage. He is right. I am not. But it does not matter. I am the KAIJU… I am the fire raging in the great forest. Suchiruretto is one with me and I am one with Suchiruretto. When we step into Suchiruretto tonight… he may think that I… that all of us are stuck in Suchiruretto with him, that this will be the place where he makes us all suffer a great deal… he will soon realize that he is stuck in Suchiruretto with me. That Suchiruretto is the place where he learns what it is to fear. I am not the little boy he fights in the playground. I am not the meat he butchers in the shop. I am not Makuginisu-kun who needs young boys at his side to help him. I was not pampered with money growing up. I am not a mere man or woman. Ueku-kun will feel the fear he instilled in every smaller person he has bloodied, he has broken, and he has made cry. Ueku-kun… he… will be beaten into submission tonight. And this great fire will burn away any doubt you had about Ueku-kun being capable of beating Snowmantashi-san.

    Michelle, trying to get some sense – any sense of vulnerability from the champ, tries again.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: Snowmantashi-san, don’t you think that the Steel Roulette match may be the one thing you can’t overcome. You’ve proven yourself in singles matches, but you’re against five people in a structure that may as well be a sixth opponent all on its own.

    Snowmantashi grunts a kind of laughing snort that doesn’t come off like he’s genuinely laughing if only because his face is an unwavering steel mask. It seems whatever he’s feeling is all too prevalent to even treat Michelle Kelly with the unerring attention he usually affords her. And yet, he’s well aware that what he’s about to gift Michelle Kelly will go beyond anything she’ll get from the other five opponents. The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World brushes past the microphone and begins a march towards the entrance of the TD Garden arena.

    [MICHELLE KELLY]: Where’s he going?

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: Trust me, Michelle. You want an interview for a lifetime, I’d suggest you holler your camera man over, and follow him.

    With both KAITADESU and John Duncan tailing the gold embroidered champion, Michelle Kelly shrugs and chooses to follow the champion into the TD Garden. Past the curtains we witness the Steel Roulette, the embodiment of terror, hell and inhumane destruction. A literal steel chamber. A four cell revolver. The irony? Those four cells will be the last moments of peace for four competitors – or, I suppose, three, because to Snowmantashi, that cell will be but an internal war of patience as he awaits the peace that comes with unleashing himself upon the other competitors. Snowmantashi, unlike the camera man, Michelle Kelly, KAITADESU and John Duncan, doesn’t stop to absorb the death chamber, he marches down the ramp unintimidated by something that will shave years off all of their careers. Duncan snaps himself from the reverie and calls over one of the production assistants.

    [JOHN DUNCAN]: The champion would like to see the Steel Roulette first hand, you mind opening it?

    He shrugs and jogs past Snowmantashi who stood in front of the steel steps, waiting for the door to be unlocked. Michelle Kelly gestures for the camera to follow her and every one of them follows Snowmantashi into the Steel Roulette. The way they all shiver, you can tell they can already feel the agony those six bodies will go through tonight. Snowmantashi slides in between the two ropes and into the ring. There, he lays the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World flat in the center of it. He marches to the opposite side of the entrance, past the ropes, where steel surrounds him, and glass, and elements built solely to draw pain and deathly cries. The four stay by the entrance, they don’t dare go any deeper into hell, the gates is as much of their humanity that they are willing to sacrifice. Snowmantashi goes to the chain wall, just a few meters of the ten miles worth of steel chain used to put the structure together. His fingers slowly enrobe it, his knuckles whitening as he grips it, and then shakes it viciously. The palm of his hands are blistered after that, a shade of red just below that of blood. He tears off his shirt and tosses it aside. He begins pacing back and forth between the two cells and then runs to the ropes, bounces off it and smashes his back into the chain wall. Michelle barely stifles a yell and Duncan is asking KAITADESU what he’s doing. KAITADESU’s arms are folded, and he watches on, thin lipped. All of them are horrified but none will even try to stop him.

    He does it again. Runs to the ropes and then rushes into the chains back first. It only takes a second try before his skin is the paper on which a red cell has been painted on. Red square blisters line up most of his back. And yet that doesn’t stop him. He runs the ropes and does it a third time, smaller scratches with the thinnest tearing of the skin parting for blood. He breathes heavily yet he doesn’t show an ounce of hurt on his face. His visage is as cold a steel as the one his back collides with time and time again. This time, with no warning or indication of what he’ll do, he drops back first. The sound of the drop - the sound of cold steel kissing warm flesh and melding into one another echoes across TD Garden. Everyone’s watching now. The people setting up the arena, they stop what they’re doing, and like the ancient romans watching gladiators fight to the death, they stare, half-horrified, half-anticipating what will happen next.

    Snowmantashi stands up, fuming now. He grabs the chain link again and like cheese on a grater, relentlessly rubs his forehead back and forth, until it has as many layers as KAITADESU’s own. The sheer shot of adrenaline the pain delivers sends him to the glass cell, hands gripping either end of the cell, he pulls his head back and drives it right into the glass. The tiniest crack. Again! A fissure now. Again! Duncan is the first to squirm and ask KAITADESU if he’ll stop this madness, but he won’t. Again! Cracks emerging from every which way. Like a bullet into bulletproof glass. Again! Now blood lines it, flowing through every which crack. One last time! Maybe a hole appears in the wake of it. Snowmantashi finally backs up, his shoulders heaving up and down. Blood flows down his face like a newly formed canal. He steps back into the squared circle and walks slowly over to where Duncan, KAITADESU, Michelle Kelly and the all-absorbing camera stand. All cringing, almost flinching. He grabs the microphone and circles back to the center of the ring, where he sits neatly, legs folded, almost akin to one of his greatest adversaries, Michelle von Horrowitz. He places the championship on his lap. The camera man, closes in on the ropes, but his greed for whatever he may catch isn’t enough to have him step into the heart of the Steel Roulette.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Makuginisu-kun, when you and I met, you had fought through every obstacle to fight me. You had come to a land that was not your own to prove yourself. And yet, before you could do such a thing, we united against a greater enemy. We united against an enemy that had no morals, no honor, no respect, they did not care for the ring they wrestled in, they did not care for the people they fought, or the people they fought before, like every great union of forces, the thirst for power, the desire for domination, it had overcome them, they would have destroyed the company in which I had built my legacy in. But you and I, we have seen what happens when a great united force seeks to subjugate everyone before it, it grows unwieldly, heartless, and uncontrollable, so we pushed our own war to fight a greater enemy… and we emerged victorious.

    He stops. Though he may not feel the pain, or care for it, his body takes a moment to absorb some air.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: CWA has faced its own enemies before. Egos united, egos ignorant to whatever else was around them, egos with the sole intention of putting itself above all else. And time and time again, heroes have risen and united themselves to push these egos to the ground. To bury them where they stood there. I could never have suspected that you Makuginisu-kun, you who has bled for people your whole life, you who has fought tyranny everywhere, even alongside me, would once become a tyrant yourself. And in your tyranny you have angered dangerous people: Eniguma-kun, Begasu-kun, Misheru-kun, Ueku-kun. You have angered them, and they have risen up, unwilling to stand-by your tyranny. I don’t believe they realize this… but you are not the great tyrant you believe yourself to be. You are no king. You are no god. Your Indikurabu… it is not something I have not faced before. It is not a greater enemy than anything I have conquered before. I am the tyrant within the CWA. I am the king. And in Suchiruretto… I will be the Shinigami… the God of Death. I will not need the aid of other heroes to win. Suchiruretto will be where Indukurabu makes its last stand and dies.

    One arm stretches out, gesturing to the various cells around him.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: You, Makuginisu-kun, have gathered enemies tonight. And so we are gathered – six saikopasu. One who has money beyond anything we could ever imagine, and yet, he would rather fight with those ‘below’ him. One who has long forgotten what sanity means. One who takes pleasure only in pain unto who he faces. One who believes herself destined for heights she believes no one else can ever aspire to. And you Makuginisu-kun. Who has lost everything. And who will do everything to gain just one part of it back. And now, among us six, four will question themselves, they will be caught between the desire to hurt you Makuginisu-kun, and their desire for what I hold… for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World. I will give answer to any doubt any of you may have. I will give answer to the mistake Makuginisu-kun made on the road to Ritoribyushon. Here is my answer: put aside your anger for each other. You want victory? You want glory? You want to slay a KAIJU? Then I demand of you, face me, face me with everything that you have. Every ounce of anger you feel for Makuginisu-kun. And you Makuginisu-kun, you who has traded sanity for what? I do not know. But whatever it is you have gained from this loss, use it to fight me, you will need it.

    His hand tightens around the microphone, the camera zooms in on to his bloody visage.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: You must. You must put aside your feelings and you must face the fact that I am the KAIJU. I am the champion of CWA. I am the one who you must defeat. I am the KAIJU who has conquered every world he has stepped. I am the KAIJU who does not care for your anger, I am the KAIJU who does not care for your hopes, your dreams, your sanity, your lack of sanity. I do not care if you have gathered an army and your destiny is to attain glory. I do not care if the all-knowing, all-powerful God has decided that you must win tonight, that it only makes sense for you to win tonight. When you step into the path of the KAIJU, what makes sense does not matter. Makuginisu-kun, you made a grave mistake. And for that, you, and every other person who will step into Suchiruretto will suffer.

    He wipes the blood from his forehead, now near blinding him and rubs it against his chest, a bloody streak going across it.

    Aizakku-kun announced at Adorenarin Rashu the first ever Suchiruretto. A prison where the only means of escaping is being faced with such pain you can no longer bare to continue fighting. Aizakku-kun both made his greatest mistake, and gave me the greatest gift he could have given me in announcing the Suchiruretto. In Japan, we do not fight in such structures as the Suchiruretto. We fight our wars one against the other. And it is but our body that we use to inflict the great pain upon whom we face. And for years, it is but with my body that I have broken, and beaten and conquered everyone before me. Including those who will step into Suchiruretto tonight. And yet, Aizakku-kun has given me another weapon. He has given me Suchiruretto. And he has put five of his greatest warriors before me. I know these five warriors will put on brave faces. They believe that Suchiruretto will help them. That Ritoribyushon will be the night they will achieve their Ritoribyushon. The fateful night. But we must not forget, in that ring, are five other saikopasu. They have lost all sense of sanity. They do not understand what they will be stepping into. Those brave faces are born of ignorance. None of them will achieve their fated Ritoribyushon. Tonight, Aizakku-kun will allow me to do what may have taken me months to do – but would have been done nonetheless. He will let me conquer every single one of these warriors. At Resura Rowaiyaru, I took apart every bit of sanity Makuginisu-kun had. At Go Suta Atorakushon, I made Misheru-kun question her destiny. I have made Ueku-kun ask himself if he is the fiercest beast there is. This… this is what I have done with but my body as a weapon. But tonight, Aizakku-kun, you have given me Suchiruretto. This has nothing to do with mere Ritoribyushon. It is a KAIJU enacting his will. Aizakku-kun, you have not locked these warriors in the den of a lion, you have placed them in the palm of a KAIJU.

    His free, bloody, scraped hand opens before him.

    And I will not let go. Aizakku-kun. CWA. Amerika. Makuginisu-kun. Ueku-kun. Eniguma-kun. Misheru-kun. Begasu-kun… I will not let go…

    He folds it back into a fist, once more his knuckles whitening, but not for long.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: Right now, I give you my blood. But tonight. Tonight I will not let go until there is but your blood remaining in the palm of this KAIJU. Until there is but your blood remaining in Suchiruretto.

    Indeed, blood seeps from Snowmantashi’s fist, over the whitening knuckles, onto a mat with which by the end of the night, will be a far different shade than it currently is. It seeps onto the championship. Fitting. Blood lies with every footprint he leaves. And tonight, whoever may emerge victorious, blood is what they will have shed to claim it.

    There is but one question. Whose blood will it be?

    Editor's Notes: Really enjoyed writing this RP. There's no way to guarantee victory against so many talented writers, all I tried to do was make sure the judges didn't have an easy decision to make. I look forward to reading what everyone else writes

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    “Last time we had a noble CWA World Heavyweight Champion lose his title, he lost all sense of sanity, began superkicking anyone in his way, started a scandal not on a daily-basis but on an hourly-basis, and damn well turned the entire company into a Civil War zone. I’ve already talked to John Duncan, and besides that, Jon Snowmantashi isn’t the sort who’d lash out at a camera crew.”

    “To be fair Miss Anderson - McGinnis wasn’t the sort of guy who’d lash out at a camera crew before he lost the title either. And in all honestly, an insane giant Japanese man with a fetish for pulling a murderous wrestling move is a lot more intimidating than an insane tiny white man with a fetish for kicking people.”

    “Look - if you don’t want to do this. You don’t. You’ll also get fire though. So, really, up to you.”

    And that’s how I ended up in front of The Stiff Dojo. It’s in Los Angeles - which, I suppose is a fair exchange considering the only time I can ever afford to go here is when CWA stops by on a show and pays the travel… and the hotel (I negotiated it into the contract).

    You see, no one had heard from Snowmantashi ever since Retribution. And, well, you heard it from the horse’s mouth, the last time that happened, McGinnis turned into a psychopath (don’t let him hear you say that). As much as Megan Anderson wasn’t a big fan of an overweight Japanese man with no ounce of merch or marketing appeal aside from people wanting to see him murder other people, he was still the biggest star people wanted to cheer for. Wake had a penchant for hurting people too but it wasn’t on the Snowmantashi level, at least not yet. And most people hated Michelle von Horrowitz, Megan Anderson was probably hoping the female talent they got that was good enough to compete with the men had more of a female role model appeal, but Michelle was too much of a rebel to ever be in that position. And shit, we don’t need to talk about McGinnis, he’s the whole reason we’re in this mess.

    So - back to the point at hand. Megan Anderson needs to keep tabs on her biggest ‘star’, lest he also turn into a psychopath. The Stiff Dojo (I wonder how many people came here thinking it was a sex dojo) was a lot more high-end then I’d expected. It’s owned by one of Snowmantashi’s guys, KAITADESU. A wrestler you’ve probably never heard of unless you’re a big retro-puro fan. He left America early to ply his trade in Japan but never came back, he made a name for himself there, returned home when his time was done, started up a dojo, and makes a living bleeding unassuming American puro fanatics red until they go home, realizing watching tapes is a lot better than ever partaking in the action itself.

    We opened the door to the sight of John Duncan, a big gap-toothed smile in some business pants and some grid-based shirt he probably rotated with a million other grid-based shirts daily.

    “The victims are here! The victims are here!” He clapped his hands with delight, and I can’t say I didn’t consider an alternate job filming reality stars in Jersey. “I’m just kidding of course. Look, I understand Megan Anderson’s concern,” he said looking into the camera, and I had a distinct feeling I was already filming some sort of reality show. “But, you misunderstand the situation. McGinnis was a perfectly normal - yet overachieving man who’d lost everything he ever worked for, his snapping was to be expected. Snowmantashi-lad on the other hand, was never anything close to normal. He’s a fat Japanese man, who calls himself a KAIJU, believes himself to be a literal force of nature, and makes a living beating the… you can censor this out… SHIT out of whoever steps into the ring with him. So far we’ve seen him do that to clowns, masked lunatics, millionaires, a european babe with a snarky attitude, a steroid-fueled man who calls himself Prince Pain, and… well, you get the point. Snowmantashi, in his own unique way… is already insane. Unless Megan Anderson was unsatisfied with what he was, then really, there’s no issue here.”

    I was ready to pack the camera up and go back, but I didn’t, because fuck me, you get an exclusive on Snowmantashi, it’s hard not take advantage of it. “So what has he been doing these past two weeks.”

    “Honestly,” John Duncan doesn’t look like he can quite believe what he’s saying, “maybe defeat did make him a bit more sensible.” He gestures for us to follow him.

    I’ve been to my fair share of gyms, and wrestling schools. I’ve filmed my fair share of superstars, and legends going back to where they honed their craft, and shit, I wouldn’t last in most of them, they’re intense as fuck. Guys like Dan Maskell - you don’t want to see where they learned to fight. It’s brutal. But not the same sort of brutal as The Stiff Dojo. Not the same, and not nearly as. Sometimes you hear how hard hitting it gets up north in Canada. But really, we all know where the toughest shit goes down, it’s overseas, in Japan. The Stiff Dojo, it’s like KAITADESU knew he wasn’t one of them, so he had to up the ante. He had to go ten times as hard. You’ve got young aspiring twenty year olds, complete white meats turning into red meats before your eyes. Chest chopped so hard, the skin starts ripping. Won’t be long before they’ve got the same leathery skin as KAITADESU. And the guys doing the chopping, they’ve got to where bandages less their own ripped skin mixes with the blood of the guys they’ve been chopping the shit out of. In one of the rings, you can see two big motherfuckers throwing forearms so hard they’d break my throat in one shot. I don’t envy whoever has to clean up the collective liters worth of bile, spit, blood, tears (oh-so many tears) and other foreign liquids in here. Despite how fancy the whole place is, it smells like absolute crap.

    Even John Duncan’s nose is wrinkling every other second. Occasionally pulling out a handkerchief to cover it.

    “Snowmantashi-lad, our dear friends from the CWA Headquarters are here.”

    No one really turns around to look at them, as if his words were yelled out fruitlessly. But you can’t miss the big Japanese man, on his knees in the center of the ring. If that’s Snowmantashi though, you can barely recognize his face. The old man lets loose a superkick and it hits him square in the jaw. His hands go swinging back but he keeps his balance. He spits a mix of saliva and blood to the side. Bites his lips. Smacks his thighs. Reminds you of Retribution. Reminds you of McGinnis and Snowmantashi, dead center of the Steel Roulette. Snowmantashi begging for another show. And gestures for another one. KAITADESU doesn’t give a shit about Snowmantashi’s face full of welts, cuts, and bruises, he sends another one and this time Snowmantashi headbutts the man’s foot and sends the old man stumbling back, almost losing his balance until he catches the ropes.

    “You motherfucker.”

    The old man’s stumble leaves a trail of blood, but I can’t tell if it’s from Snowmantashi’s face, or the old man kicking his head so often his own foot started to bleed.

    “He’s all yours.” Duncan signals and goes to sit on a unique chair he probably brought in solely for himself.

    Snowmantashi steps back onto his feet and gets a white towel that soon turns reds to wipe his face. It doesn’t help any. His face still looks entirely swollen, jelly beans on top of an oversized jelly bean with a red mop for hair. He walks up to them, chest heaving up and down like he’s about to drop from an asthma attack.

    “You don’t want to take a seat or something.”

    He scoffs. “KAIJU doesn’t get tired, camera man. What does the little lady who signs the paychecks want?”

    “To see if you aren’t about to call LIGHTBRINGER and Harrison Wake up to start the 50 percent japanese 50 percent psycho club.”

    “A KAIJU fights his wars alone. She worries too much. If I have allies, it means I am reducing the amount of people to fight.”

    “So you still don’t think you need help to take out the Indy Club. I hate to be that guy but… at Retribution, McGinnis beat you on his own. He didn’t even have the Echo to help him.” Snowmantashi frowns, but his face doesn’t twist up in rage like I expect him to.

    “You know the interesting thing about nature. It can be a drop of water in a desert. Completely harmless. Or it can be a great tsunami, very willing to kill thousands in an instant. That is the interesting thing about nature. One day you may conquer it - the next, you might wonder how you ever thought such was a possibility. In the Suchiruretto, I was not the great forest fire I thought I would be. I dwindled down to nothing. My flame was extinguished. And now… I am no longer the champion. Makuginisu-kun has done what has trouble him for over two and a half years… he was finally able to put me down for three seconds. I make no excuses. Four other men matters not. Suchiruretto matters not. Makuginisu-kun defeated me.” The words hung in the air for a while. Rarely did a champion ever concede defeat so soundly.

    “And yet. I stand the same. No, not the same but greater. Makuginisu-kun lost all sense of self when he lost at Resura Rowaiyaru. He is no longer the man who he once was. I have grown. Every defeat I suffer. Every time my body fails me and I remain fallen long enough for another man to claim they have conquered me. It does not weigh me down like an anchor. I have no anchor. It allows my mountain to grown. It makes me all the more unassailable. Sairasu-Truth should have hoped I had won. Makuginisu-kun should have hoped I had lost. Grown too confident. Forgotten what defeat was like. But he has reminded me. He has reminded me the pain of defeat. I thank him.”

    I was perplexed for but a second. I’d seen Snowmantashi get riled up before, and so I knew it was possible. If Megan Anderson sent me here, then it was to see if the man was still sane, there had to be something that would send the KAIJU over the edge.

    “I’m assuming you watched Adrenaline Rush last week-”

    “No,” he says bluntly, “this KAIJU only watches people he has not yet beaten, so that he may see if they are worth his time.”

    “Erm. Well. Alright. Jonathan McGinnis claimed that, as with what you did to him, he will not give you a title shot, at least not from four-five months to that. Do you intend to do anything to get your rematch clause sooner?”

    “If I have beaten everyone on the roster, and there is only Makuginisu-kun and I left, then for the show to go on, we will have to fight for the duration of Adorenarin Rashu… I think that’s an efficient plan.We can do that.”

    “I mean, that’s easier said than done. You weren’t able to accomplish that at Retribution, and you didn’t exactly beat The Moment in your two on one match. How could you expect to say… beat The Echo two on one?”

    He laughs at that. I think he genuinely doesn’t see the Echo as a threat. “Makuginisu-kun’s young boys? They are champions where there are no contenders. Why would I worry about Makuginisu-kun’s young boys? Misheru-kun, U’eku-kun, they will give me great fights. But the young boys? No. I’m not overconfident. I say this from an objective point of you. They cannot overcome a KAIJU. They can return to their mother, and ask them if she happened to have poisoned the earth with other similar clones of them, and if they are lucky, maybe they’ll find a dozen more. I wouldn’t be worried. But it would be a bit of a challenge then. Though I would still win.” He shrugs, as if there’s nothing more that needs to be said about it.

    Well, fuck. This probably won’t make for much of a special exclusive. I suppose there’s a reason why Megan Anderson wanted McGinnis to sign the headlining contract. But that bit her in the ass. Probably should’ve kept Snowmantashi away from the title, and saved their underdog story for Five Star Attraction.

    “Will you be at this week’s Adrenaline Rush?”

    “Yes, beating, what, twenty other resuras so that no one else is in my way will take some time, and time is not something I like to waste.”

    I didn’t get a chance to walk away. He must’ve sensed KAITADESU getting ready to continue the session once more because he walked back to the ring before I could say anything. The man oft compares himself to a mountain. I don’t think it’s a good comparison. A mountain remains still, waiting to be conquered. A mountain doesn’t move, conquering others. And yet, that’s what Snowmantashi claims to be.

    Writer's Notes: Real off week for me. Vacation has made me a bum and I definitely need to get back on a regular schedule e_e This is a different sort of rp than what I usually do. Doesn't deal too much with the Echo but I think of this as the aftermath of losing a world title at Retribution, and I think dealing with that development was more interesting than talking at length about Echo, something I've done tons already during this feud. Plus the parallel to McGinnis's own defeat aftermath considering they both held similar ideals as champion was interesting. Here it is.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    "GANGGANGGANGGAAAAANNNNG" the ear grazing trap track blast through the stadium and though the first time they heard it on Adrenaline Rush it must have been a shock, already some inside the ground can't help but lower themselves to the below-common denominator and rattle out the words made most famous in a vine. Though typical of big man, little man dynamics is for the big man to calmly strut out with menace telling the tale, and for the little man to match up to it with hyper activity, this isn't the case for the pair. Jermaine Creed is the first one to hustle out, displaying near inhuman athleticism by front flip with the utmost quickness and ease then spreading his arms out wide. Kendrick Lethal, jumps out, the blood pumping track in his veins, and wraps an arm around his brother, both men roughing each other up as only those who truly feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through their veins can feel.

    Jim Taylor: The newest addition to CWA's tag team division, Murder Inc. composed of Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal.

    Tim Coleman: Clever names, Jim. But really, have we lowered ourselves so much so that we now have thugs opening up Adrenaline Rush? Is this really the FIRST thing we want people to see when they tune into the PREMIER wrestling show in the world.

    Jim Taylor:
    Character aside, Tim, these proved they were here to stay with an incredible repertoire of moves last week. People want to see Murder Inc. wrestle.

    Tim Coleman: I know what this really is. Isaac Richmann couldn't find two semi-decent candidates to fight The Echo, so instead he turned to the only two guys STUPID enough to be willing to do it.

    Jermaine and Kendrick spend all too much type slapping hands and chanting the all-too-simple chorus with fans (parents likely aren't too pleased to see their little princess roaring out 'GANGGANGGANGGAAAAAAANNNG' on live national television but what can you do?). The pair go around the ring and get a microphone before heading out to their den.

    Jermaine Creed: You know, we signed contracts to show up on Adrenaline Rush weeks ago. They wanted us to come out here, do what we do best, they wanted us to deliver a soundbyte. They wanted us to deliver that word that echoes every time they wanna' hype up Murder Inc.

    Kendrick Lethal: But we ain't no goddamn marketing puppets. We do our own shit, when we want it, how we want it. They wanted a goddamn soundbyte, we gave them one last week. All they had to do is record the sound all ya'll people made when I gave the Cap'N the sorta injection he aint accustomed to, not the sorta injection that made em' the way he is, but the sorta injection that puts you out for good, a Lethal Injection. And when my boy Creed climbed to the top of that rope and for one second made you all forget Albert Einstein's name. That's all the sound they'll ever need. That's all the sight they'll ever need.

    Jermaine Creed: And consider that a gift, because we know you've been using the same one-note sound for MONTHS now... almost like we in a shallow room, and there's only one goddamn sound to be heard, the Echo of a superkick.

    Kendrick Lethal: Make no mistake, just as Murder Inc. is a very fitting name for us, the Echo is all too fitting for those brothers. Aye now, we could get into a verbal fight, we could call them skinny little trailer park trash white boys from the south, they could call us - actually, what they might want to call us would probably get censored on TV. But this ain't gonna be a war about that. We didn't work our asses off to get on national TV to make it about that. This is about one damn thing, it ain't about what any of us did to get here, it ain't about whatever excuse you gon' make next time some dumb ass gives you a microphone and makes us all suffer as a result, it's about one thing, the pair of gold you two have.

    Jermaine Creed: The Echo is fitting for one reason only. You two talk about domination but see, when you're an empty room, and the only voice you hear is your own, you ain't dominating *CENSOR*. For eight months you've screamed loudly, you've been spouting a bunch of crap because there ain't no one here to put you in check, clearly... CLEARLY, last week was the last time you two are gonna have that luxury. The room ain't empty anymore. Your words, they aren't gonna Echo anymore, no one is EVER, going to have to listen to whatever *CENSOR* you two gotta say any longer...

    Kendrick Lethal: But we didn't come out here just to put y'all on notice. See, we came out here to look for the baddest mother *CENSOR* in town. We thought about that backwoods psycho, Harrison Wake. He can fight. We all know he can fight. We also thought about Michelle. Aye... I know y'all don't love her, look she probably didn't want to fight with us anyways, so we ain't gon bring her out here. Naw, there was only one man, aside from Mickey Mouse McGinnis who's been at the top this past year, he calls himself Godzilla, but all we see is a yellow stay puft marshmallow man. Thing is, the big gold belt he wore for so long speaks for itself. And when the rich man in the back told us the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse needed someone to fight tonight, we knew the only man that could fight next to Stay Puft without tearing each other apart was Murder Inc. So we gon' lay our offer right here right now, no second thoughts about it - you want a war with the Clubhouse, you gon need fellow friends in suit of armors, whatchu' you say?

    "SWORD OF DESTINY!" The crowd explodes, once the last defense against the Indy Club, now fallen and looking to take back his throne though well aware that it's a fleeting war. Snowmantashi steps on the front stage, with a towel in hand and water soaked hair. He dries his hair then tosses the towel to the ground and begins his methodical walk up the ramp. Kendrick and Jermaine relax back against the ropes and turnbuckle as Snowmantashi stops before the ring to give each of them a fitting glance, then walks up the steel steps and into the ring. Both of them step into the ring and mutter a few things to Snowmantashi off the mic. Snowmantashi seems dismissive of the words until Kendrick slaps Jermaine on the chest and tells him to give him the mic. Jermaine reluctantly does so and Snowmantashi accepts.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You want to go to war with me...?

    There's a general sense of nodding and a mild cheer that follows.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I'm a warrior - not a commander... I don't tell you what to do... don't tell you who to fight... where to go... you fight next to me, you fall, not my problem. You just hold your own. You don't get in my way.

    Kendrick Lethal: Don't get us wrong, Stay Puft - we ain't looking for a leader, this ain't your war no more, you failed that when you lost at Retribution.

    You'd expect a reaction, a physical one, but this is Snowmantashi we're talking about, he remains stoic.

    Kendrick Lethal:
    Fact is, we're only after those gold bets around the Echo's waist, you're after what keeps Mickey Mouse's red shorts from falling down. You take care of him, we take care of the Echo, that's what's happening tonight.

    Kendrick and Jermaine aren't farther than a feet from Snowmantashi who stares each man down. Is that the most remote hint of a smirk.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Then tonight we go to war.

    The microphone drops. "The Sword of Destiny" hits.

    Tim Coleman: How did these two just jump the line straight to the main event, straight to the tag champs after the Echo had to work almost a year to get here?

    Jim Taylor: Well... there's no one else for the Echo to fight, Tim, you said it yourself.

    Tim Coleman: You know what, Jim, this is all a waste of time, the Indy Club is a three man mount rushmore, and you DO NOT take down mount rushmore, not unless you're some Disney fairy tale movie.

    Jim Taylor: I'm sure tonight this trio will put that question to the test.
    Editor's Notes: Honestly, I haven't got a chance to touch my computer all week, my family finally left at 4 am this morning and I woke up at 11. Started at 12. Had to go pick up my cousin from belgium, got back home. Finished at 1. Gonna keep him company now. Make this a draw if you don't want to to count it but I refused to 'entirely' no show, and this can work as an opening segment too.

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