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Thread: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    In Toronto, Jon Snowmantshi will realize he isn't fighting a war solely against Jonathan McGinnis, he is fighting a war against the whole of the Indy Club, and every single battle, not merely the one against McGinnis in the grand stage, matters. This one against Ethan Conner, as insignificant as it may seem, will be just as vital in the grand scheme of things, as his fight against McGinnis for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the world will be.

    Japanese Canadian Cultural Center,
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    A couple of nights before Adrenaline Rush.

    We’re at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center. A modern building and the hub of the twenty-thousand-something Japanese community in Toronto, Ontario - it’s certainly not of the size of the Chinese community or what have you, but there’s still a solid Japanese-Canadian society here that thrives. The Japanese Canadian Cultural Center (henceforth known as the JCCC) is one of the bastions of that community. Where every facet of the Japanese culture are unabashedly brought to the fore to be embraced. It was inevitable that one of the biggest Japanese wrestling stars would find his way to the JCCC. There’s a horde of fans who surround Jon Snowmantashi, not all Japanese, plenty of other Canadians have made their way to the JCCC upon hearing that the former CWA World Champion would be present, and of course the cameras are inevitably flashing. Jon Snowmantashi is here to present a motivational speech to the young men and women of the Japanese-Canadian community.

    John Duncan is by his side, and though Kaitadesu isn’t right there, the old dog is always somewhere there, and you likely have to look a bit harder to notice him. The cameras flash and some desperate reporters try to get a nail-bite.

    “Any thoughts about Noah Hanson now being in charge of the CWA, at least partially, with Isaac Richmann and Megan Anderson seemingly out of commission.”

    “Just one thing, Noah Hanson is lucky my client prefers to solve his issues within the squared circle, instead of in court. Thank you.”

    They keep shuffling closer to the entrance, knowing very well that the faster they move, the faster they’re beyond the onslaught. Snowmantashi often stops to give autographs to anyone who demands it. It’s less a charitable act, and more so one of indifference. It will make someone’s day. It will not hurt his. He does not care for the gathering fanbase, he’s never fought for them. But people flock to those they admire. And Snowmantashi, in some ways, is undoubtedly admirable. He looks blankly when someone gets to sneak in a selfie but once more never rejects. Stopping for the half-second it takes to do it, then marching on. Alas, this procedure makes for a very elongated trip into the JCCC.

    “Has there been any word on what sort of match you and Jonathan McGinnis will be competing in for the title at King’s Reign Supreme?” Another one asks.

    “I’m sure you would’ve heard something by now if there was any. You’ve all watched Snowmantashi fight in every match he’s been put in without voicing a single complaint. Handicap. Steel Roulette. The no disqualification stipulation change at World’s Strongest. Tashi-lad does not care what match he’s in, so long as there’s a means of winning, he will compete.” Duncan shoves the microphone out of the way and the journey continues on up the steps.

    “Until Steel Roulette, you were the most dangerous man in wrestling. But you’ve lost against McGinnis twice now. You’ve always been confident in being the best, do you still consider yourself the best.”

    “What sort of absurd, stupid question is that?” Duncan’s eyebrow raises and he’s about to usher Snowmantashi forth but the KAIJU stops to stare down the reporter.

    “Dankan-kun is correct. It is a stupid, absurd question. Do you see me with the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World?”

    The man sort of stumbles on the easy question, “err, uhm, no?”

    “Then I am not the best. Makuginisu-kun is the best. He is the champion, and until someone else beats him for the championship, he stays the best.”

    “You’re freely admitting he’s better than you?” The man says it without thinking, semi-distraught at the straight answer he received. Snowmantashi doesn’t quite glare but it’s nevertheless a stare that sees the reported fade back into the background.

    They make it to the top of the stairs and into the JCCC finally and security, hired-solely for this day, disperses the reporters now. The president of the JCCC is the first man to receive Snowmantashi at the entrance of the building, his name is Gary Kawaguchi.

    “It’s an honor to meet you Snowmantashi-san, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate a man of your stature finding time in his schedule to stop by and speak to the youth of our community.”

    Snowmantashi just bows as the two man’s hands meet in a sign of respect.

    “You teach a great deal of the martial arts here?” Snowmantashi says, it’s a bit odd to see him having a casual conversation but here he is.

    “Of course, come, let me show you.” Gary leads on Snowmantashi with Duncan straddling behind, he’s too busy on his phone to pay a great deal of attention on the pair’s conversation. They stop by a room, there are clear glass windows leaving onlookers to stare at the young martial artist practicing. “This is Aikido, the Art of Peace.”

    “A martial art called the art of peace?” Even Snowmantashi, in his self-confident wisdom is perplexed at this one.

    “One does not need to fight in order to win.” It’s an almost over-confident fighting style, Snowmantashi observes. The weird of Aikido is quite simply making a mockery of his opponent, dancing around, dropping him when he gets aggressive, full of circular movements that but continue to ridicule the victim. “Have you ever experienced Aikido?”

    “It seems I have.” Of course he has. It’s what McGinnis and the Echo have prided themselves on doing ever since they formed their boys club at Five Star Attraction. They’ve never fought a straight fight. They’ve been making a joke out of Snowmantashi, von Horrowitz, Wake, Vegas, and anyone who’s stood in front of them. Oh, perhaps the intention was different. It most certainly wasn’t in regards to achieving peace, but it nevertheless avoided the true fight. “How do you combat the art of peace.”

    “Easier question asked than answered. Most certainly not with the art of the sword, it is in that way that you fall. You become too aggressive, you enter the Aikido practitioner’s trap. They say Aikido is best used with the way of the staff, and the way of the staff is built around countering the way of the sword. I imagine if you’ve been facing someone who fancies the art of peace, and you’ve been failing, then you have been using the art of the sword. At the very least, that is the sort of man you strike me as. And in a fair battle, the way of the sword, in the hands of the mightiest, will generally win you the battle, but as I surmised earlier, this is not a fair battle you fight, and so, the way of the sword becomes useless to you.” He points to a group of man sitting down, calmly. “Look at them.” The men he points out go through a series of movements which through the naked eye are, plainly put, dull. “We call it Iaido, it’s not one of our more popular classes.” He laughs, Snowmantashi isn’t surprised. “It’s about precise movements, and split second timing. To have mastered Iaido is to have mastered the path to harmony in any situation one may find himself in. Do you understand?”

    He did. “I’ve been close minded then.” This was stupid of him. He should have known that McGinnis would have brought forth his young boys to aid him in his war, he should have been prepared for it, and yet he wasn’t. But now he was. “I’ve been caught in inevitabilities instead of thinking of all possible eventualities.” How often had Snowmantashi assured Duncan, Kaitadesu, Michelle Kelly, or the people looking at him from far of the inevitability that he would destroy whoever stood in his way. He’d always dismissed the sheer notion of defeat. Rightfully so, in a way. He still believed that no one could defeat him in singles combat with honor on either side of the ring. But not all men have honor, he’s fought long enough to understand that. And not all fights are fought fairly. And though he could wallow in this knowledge, and merely satisfy himself with that knowledge, that could never be enough for Snowmantashi. Would he debase himself and lower his standing to that of McGinnis, using any means to achieve victory? Of course not. Honor, and might could ultimately win him the fight. Blind honor, and blind might, however, would not. He had to wait for the precise moment, and strike. Perhaps, against one of McGinnis’s young boys, he could find that moment now.

    “It seems time has gotten ahead of us, shall we head to the assembly room so you can speak?” Snowmantashi nods, as the kids and teenagers training in the room begin gathering to head to the assembly hall themselves.

    When they get there, the hall is packed with almost five thousand individuals, a crowd big enough to put a wrestling show in front of on its own. Snowmantashi would be humbled by the crowd gathered here if he was in any way infatuated with the popularity. He’s dressed in some long shorts past knee height, and a regular KAIJU shirt, though surrounded by man in suits, he stands out painfully so. He walks up to the podium, and watches as the crowd quickly silences itself down to very thinly spread chatter.

    “I was born in Japan, like some of you, or some of your parents. I grew up there, but I have always had a fascination with American and Canadian culture. And, just about a year ago, I had the chance to finally realize a dream, to move to America and wrestle for the CWA. I came to the CWA and I could have been what they expected out of me, a fat Japanese man, an incomprehensible monster from overseas to be vanquished and sent back. But I was not. I am the KAIJU that does not fall at the end of the film. I am a KAIJU who will stand before expectations and spit down at them, I will step on it, and keep walking. I have learned the language here, I have fought the heroes here, and I’ve beaten most until now. What I am here to speak about today, is accepting failure, it may come often, or it may come rarely to you, as it does to me, but it nevertheless comes, and it’s a pain some of us cannot withstand.

    I have failed a great deal lately. I have stood against odds greater than I, and I believed I could surmount them, but I did not. I failed, and I lost, this is why I don’t stand here with glory around my waist and a proud smile proclaiming I am the greatest warrior there is. I am not, not anymore. I had an opportunity to redeem myself, and once more, I have failed. Makuginisu-kun, a man who was once one of my greater allies, betrayed me. And I bought into the tale I often discarded, the tale I often called nonsense, I bought into the idea of fated vengeance, that was wrong. I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as a fairy tale. No such thing as destiny. No such thing as an ultimate purpose. And you should never rely on it.

    My dear friend who betrayed me, should have been conquered at my hands, and I should have risen back at the peak of the mountain I called home for a time. But I failed. Perhaps weeks back, when I was faced with the circumstances I am faced with today, I would dismiss it passively, I am facing one of Makuginisu-kun, my friend’s young boy. He is a lot like you kids here I imagine. You speak boldly and confidently. You feel hard done by. You act out. You say stupid things. You enjoy the hate too I imagine, though you would pretend not to. Given the choice between good or bad, you often choose bad, because it’s easier, one day you will mature, and you’ll see the flaws in your decision, this young boy I am facing, Ethan Conner, he and his brother have never grown past this, they were never beaten so furiously, and so badly, and never disciplined enough to truly learn the way the world works. Ethan Conner and his brother have lived with a simple mentality, they are the center of the world, and anything that does not go as they would like it to go is a precise decision to spur them, but they remain confident that inevitably the universe will come by their side, because they are who they are.

    In the past, I would have looked beyond to Makuginisu-kun again. I call these brothers young boys not because they are still learning to fight, they know how to wrestle, like Makuginisu-kun, they are champions, I can not take that away from them. But young boys in Japan are not there to simply learn to wrestle, they are there to learn respect, honor, determination, to be prideful but also humble and modest. And these young boys have yet to learn that. Tonight, I am not interested in Makuginisu-kun, he knows that his time will come, tonight I focus on Ethan. But I also remain weary, I will not allow myself to be blind to what surrounds me, to Makuginisu-kun, for I know, even with his brother Drew barred from the ring, it would be foolish of me to ignore others willing to aid him.

    And so, I will speak directly to my opponent here in Toronto, Ethan Conner. You’ve regarded me as a spectacle pranced around by CWA because I come with foreign glory. You do not respect me, or what I have done, and that is fine. You may not even fear me, though I do believe deep inside, you understand the threat I possess. At Adorenarin Rash, you have a great opportunity. You will be able to prove to the world, to your brother, and Makuginisu-kun, that you are greater than anyone has ever acknowledged you to be. You can beat me, drill a kick right to my jaw, and stand proudly having vanquished the KAIJU, you can end my legacy as the KAIJU from the East come to terrorize CWA. You can send me back home, having lost to a young boy, embarassed.

    But you will not. I have come to Toronto with renewed vigour. This is not about fate. It is not about me being destined to beat Makuginisu-kun’s young boy. I accept that you are skilled. And this is why you will not win, because I will not underestimate you. I will treat you as you request to be treated, with respect. But I will refused to ignore the very presence of your allies as well. Tonight, I do not prepare to fight Ethan Conner only, I fight Drew Conner, I fight Jonathan McGinnis - and no, I will not disregard Noah Hanson, I will fight him as well. I will prepare myself for all eventualities, and I will strike when the moment is right. Makuginisu-kun is at the peak of the mountain, and at his base stands his two young boys. If I wish to stand atop that peak once more, I have to ignore the peak, I can not look up, only forward, and I must climb above the base, that is Ethan Conner.

    The lesson I impart to you all is a simple one, we all aspire to be greater than anyone thinks we can be. Some of us look up, and they are humbled by the grandeur of what they want to vanquish. Do not let that be you, do not look up, that’s foolish. Look forward, fight every singular fight one at a time, and give your all to the fight before you instead of looking beyond. King’s Reign Supreme will come, that is a guarantee. But I will ignore King’s Reign Supreme until it is King’s Reign Supreme. I will give my all to beating Ethan Conner, and anyone who stands in my way here in Toronto, and I will do this every week, not until King’s Reign Supreme, but perpetually. I will endeavor to be the unconquerable mountain every single week, not only when ultimate glory is at hand, but even when minor glory is all that I am fighting for, such as in Toronto.

    Ethan Conner. We will fight. Bring your army, your brother, you guardian. I am ready for it all.”

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    A Year In The Making.
    One King Reigns Supreme.

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship

    Jonathan Snowmantashi vs. Jon McGinnis III

    May 29th, 2015. World’s Strongest. Philadelphia, PA.

    “Here he comes, the CWA world heavyweight champion! He’s been in the same boat that McGinnis is in now and he knows what McGinnis is feeling right now, but now he’s the man to beat and rest assured that he’ll use everything in his power to make sure he keeps that championship in his possession.”

    Cyrus Truth, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion grabs McGinnis from behind and sends him fast onto the back of his neck with a German Suplex into the apron.

    “Many times we’ve seen Cyrus defend that coveted championship and we know how much it means to him and what he will do to keep that championship. McGinnis better be ready because he’s about be in the fight of his life, and this one is for all the marbles!”

    The onslaught continues, he throws McGinnis into the steel rails, lifts him up and power bombs him right onto the apron, and adding further damage to the challenger’s back, he hits the buckle bomb straight into the damn guard rail.

    “Good grief he may have just broken Jonathan McGinnis in half!”

    “Both of these guys are tearing each other apart all for the richest prize in the game!”

    A sprint of moves flashes, countless superkicks, an ankle lock, the Journey’s End, the small package, Something Light and even the ridiculously named C-A-S. In the end, one hand stands victorious.


    McGinnis cries with the belt hugged against his chest, humble, the first thing he does is kiss his wife and child.

    “What a perfect moment!”

    June 13th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. London, England.


    Jonathan McGinnis adjusts the CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder, he looks at the crowd, near tears at the genuine appreciation they have.


    He yells passionately, “BECAUSE OF ALL YOU, I DID WHAT PEOPLE SAID I COULD NEVER DO!!!!. I beat Cyrus, and I Walked out YOUR NEW!!!!! CWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!!”

    And then he speaks directly to the camera. This is the picture of a man who is humble, respectful, has beliefs, goals, something holding him up, and he talks to that something then. “I have important people who are watching at home and I want to say to my wife Kate and son Brett, You don’t know how important you guys are in all of this, I love you and Brett, daddy did it.” Yeah, daddy did it.

    We switch backstage, that same night, Cyrus Truth professes his truth as he’s done for years now. “Congratulations, McGinnis. You slayed the Last Dragon...barely. But I don't stay slayed for very long. Tell me, do you feel the weight of the title "World Champion" yet? Have you begun to understand what I've been saying for months now? No...I doubt it.” Maybe he did begin to understand that night, or maybe he would never understand it, and that’s how it’d change him in a way he could never have expected. “Tonight, I'm going to do you a rare favor and teach you another lesson: what does it truly take to keep that glory?”

    Cyrus Truth and Jonathan McGinnis do battle as fiercely as they did at World’s Strongest. It’s a bigger fight than it was before, a much more personal test of ferocity. Fighting Spirit is nailed with a Backfist. Knife Edge Chops responded with a Heart Punch.

    “What is Shade doing here?”

    The spectacle quickly turns to gloom. But within what follows, one subtle moment lays more forgotten than the vicious assault that preceded it, the words that Cyrus Truth would whisper to Jonathan McGinnis.

    June 27th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Newcastle, England.

    “You know, Michelle, being champion may have put a target on my back, a target that I have never experienced before.” The flashback from last week where he was also a victim of Shade is shown. Now, in the ring this week, stands Jon Snowmantashi, a fast rising import from Japan, and Shade, the head antagonist of the CWA.

    “Me and Snowmantashi have history with one another, and when he came here to CWA, I knew he was going to make a splash here. But tonight, he faces the man I will face for my championship, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping that Snowmantashi would tear Shade apart, just before our world title match.” And so he request, so he receives, Snowmantashi kicks the holy hell out of Shade’s skull.

    “You wait till Kingu Reign for Shedo-kun, I leave some left after tonight so you still have fight. But until bell rings again, and someone say winner, you don’t get off table, un?” The warning from Snowmantashi ahead of the main event rings loud when McGinnis pulls Shade out from underneath the apron. Snowmantashi is indifferent to the good intentions, he hits a colossal suicide dive and takes both men out. One can’t miss him looking down on McGinnis, something that would come forth all too often afterwards, and shaking his head.

    In the end, Snowmantashi stands forth, victorious over his opponent, while McGinnis looks pleased, but of course, there’s nothing more to that?

    July 11th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Blackpool, England.

    “SU-PER KICK CI-TY! KAIJU! KAIJU! SU-PER KICK CI-TY!” Snowmantashi stands in the ring with McGinnis, not long after the near confrontational ending to their first true meeting in CWA after a short history in NWA:JP.

    “I told you I not want help,” Snowmantashi says. “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you want, any man would’ve been grateful that I was there,” the CWA World Heavyweight Champion replies, and again, hindsight allows us to look such words in a different perspective. But the subtle arrogance in Snowmantashi never changes: “I not any man.”

    Richmann, then healthy general manager of Adrenaline Rush interrupted the proceedings with an announcement, “Jon Snowmantashi, Jonathan McGinnis, you will both be stepping in the ring together in the main event,” though clarified soon after, “The two man you’ll be facing will be your opponent at Kings Reign Supreme, Shade, and the man who made his return and beat Prince Pain last week, Austerio!”

    “McGinnis and Snowmantashi have a storied past, but this is a whole new scene so it'll be interesting to say the least if they can co-exist! Those two better get on the same page or else they'll fail miserably!” The two athletes do enter the main event that night together.

    “You need to realize where you are, you can’t expect to win every match just because you’re the better man in that ring, they will find ways to hurt you, they will find ways to get around you.” A blink and you’ll miss it shot of Snowmantashi suffering a trio of superkicks from the Indy Club a long way down the line.

    “It not matter if cheat, I still win, I better, all that matters.” Snowmantashi and McGinnis are perfectly in-sync this night, hitting the ropes and colliding with Austerio and Shade with the picture perfect stereo suicide dives. “THIS IS AWESOME!”

    Snowmantashi and McGinnis both see their hands raised and the chant is all too validated. This was indeed an awesome time.

    July 26th, 2015. King’s Reign Supreme. Manchester, England.

    “Snowmantashi has done it! He has prevailed against a game Austerio tonight!” The bittersweet victory that night came at the cost of Snowmantashi’s friend, Johnny Yamaguchi’s health, but it was a victory that carried him forward nonetheless.

    “The Echo taking a page out of our world champ’s book with all of these super kicks!” Maybe we should’ve known then, but how could we. Yeah, they loved super kicks. Yeah, they’re proud independent wrestlers. But their arrogance, their desire to anger the universe, that was far from the humble, respectful, loyal, CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    “The winner of the match, and STILL your CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis!” Jonathan McGinnis celebrates in the middle of the ring, a confident second defence over Shade.

    August 10th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Mobile, Alabama.

    “Making his way to the ring from Tokyo, Japan and now residing in Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 290lbs, “Inhuman” Jon Snowmantashi!” - “He’s gotta be the favorite to win this match.”

    And when you see Snowmantashi soaring through the ropes with the suicide dive and taking out his army worth of opponents in Austerio, Prince Pain, and Thomas Jones, you might agree that he is the favorite to win this match. But that last but a short while when he’s speared through the goddamn barricade by Prince Pain. The Kaiju tries to make it back to the ring, to take the victory with only the man he defeated the night before left but a Souvenir DDT takes him out.

    “Jon Snowmantashi has been eliminated, and the winner of the match and NEW number one contender, AUSTERIOOOO!” That night sent Snowmantashi into his own spiral, his first true defeat. The first time he’d been pinned. It was a mistake, he’d lost focus. Instead of pushing those around him away, he brought them closer, soon enough, Duncan and KAITADESU would become major pillars in Snowmantashi’s career.

    But before that. McGinnis stood at the top of the stage, championship held up for his bout to come against Austerio. One that, like Cyrus Truth’s whispers, may have also been the twist in McGinnis’s fate.

    August 24th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Louisville, Kentucky.

    That night, as Snowmantashi emerged from a vicious assault at the hands of Prince Pain furious and seemingly unscathed, he stood tall, back on his feet, a man renewed after a painful defeat. But that night was not about Jon Snowmantashi’s redemption.

    “I ponder if you really, truly, honestly know what you’re getting yourself into because once you signed that paper you basically signed the death warrant to your CWA career,” the crazed Austerio stated. A bold statement. At the time, it felt like an empty statement. McGinnis had proven he was pound for pound the absolute best in the CWA, what could Austerio do to threaten him?

    “I know that your wife will probably be there cheering you on and she’ll be depressed when she sees you beaten at Global Collision.” - “If I were you I’d choose your next words wisely.” - “Oh, struck a nerve have I? Well, at least when she sees what a loser you are after our match that you’ll always have that friend of yours to fall back on…” Some would say this was the moment, the moment the first string of McGinnis’s mental guitar broke.

    “I understand we don’t want to ruin that boy scout image of yours. I mean you paint yourself as this devoted husband and father when you’re really just a phony Jon. You know it.” One might wonder what Austerio thinks of Jonathan McGinnis today, is he pleased his foretelling came true? Or indifferent he wasn’t there to take advantage of it. “It eats you up knowing that I’m right and that you’re nothing but a piece of scum that doesn’t deserve to hold that world title.” Who wouldn’t agree with that today? McGinnis shouts at Austerio to end the final shot from that night, a crazed look in his eye, bloodthirsty for Austerio’s head.

    September 5th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Lexington, Kentucky.

    “There’s a reason I’m CWA World Heavyweight Champion… there’s a reason I’m undefeated-” McGinnis spouts, opposed by Jon Snowmantashi and his new representative, John Duncan who attempted to dissuade McGinnis’s anger ahead of his match against Austerio. Perhaps, Snowmantashi should’ve tried harder to get McGinnis to regain his senses back then.

    Once more, Richmann came in time to break the tension between Snowmantashi and McGinnis whom, though dear friends, had egos that never allowed either of them to be entirely passive in their friendship. “What better way than to cap off the road to Global Collision then by picking up a couple of our globe-trotting athletes, reuniting them once more and pitting them again… Austerio… and, never call me an uncaring boss… Prince Pain?”

    Backstage, before the big aforementioned match, maybe others saw flaws in McGinnis before Snowmantashi ever did. “McGinnis, he’s a hawk, and he hides his claws, though if Austerio’s anything to believe and I do take his every word with a pinch of salt…. McGinnis doesn’t hide his claws very well.” KAITADESU would state rather boldly. Were the two ever truly dear friends, if they’d had cracks within the ship so far back?

    It’s some Suicide Dive Squad magic once again that night nevertheless, Snowmantashi hits the Suicide Dive to get some measure of revenge on Austerio and McGinnis pays him back in dividends with a little Something Light on Prince Pain to earn the pair a victory.

    September 21st, 2015. Global Collision. Nashville, Tennessee.

    “I told you didn’t I Jim? We have new tag team champions in The Echo!” Ah, the Echo. Ever silent, but ever present in the background. The Echo’s first loud statement in CWA was this victory at Global Collision to claim the most prized pair of belts in the company.

    Like King’s Reign Supreme, the trend continued with our victors but this time, the victory meant a greater deal, a shot at arch nemesis Austerio or long time rival, Jonathan McGinnis. And further then, one could say, tonight was the night the inevitable happened. Snowmantashi soars through the sky with a Snowfall to pin Prince Pain. “I can’t believe it myself Jim, but here I sit watching it happen before my very eyes!”

    And in the main event? SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! The trifecta allowed McGinnis to deliver on his promise on the arrival of Superkick City in Nashville and of a very painful headache for Austerio. “Your winner, and STILL the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis!” But when he was declared victor, Austerio was wiped from his mind, there was only one thing on his mind.

    “He can't celebrate for long because he has to deal with his so called best friend at Wrestle Royal!”

    October 12th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Memphis, Tennessee.

    “On Five Star Attraction…” one of the Echos says, “The Big Dance. The Grand Daddy of them ‘em all. Spout out any cliche you want: It all amounts to the same thing...The Biggest show of the year….and The Echo are going to make an impact in a BIG way.” Did they know what they were going to be doing at Five Star Attraction back then?

    But that night was also the night Snowmantashi and McGinnis would meet in the ring for the first time knowing their date with destiny. “This time we finally settle the score, once and for all, for the greatest prize in this business.” But are scores ever settled. Until one of them is dead, until one of them is truly no longer standing, the score is never settled.

    “I not simply beat you Makuginisu-kun, I know I can do that, I not simply beat you, I make sure everyone knows, these people here who see you as hero, people in suit who sit on knee for you to stay, the resura's in back who make jokes and try to be like you, I make sure they all see that I have broken you, friend. They will know that all hero's fall, you will fall to the Kaiju.” Snowmantashi’s blatant disregard for the mental and physical health for McGinnis no doubt had some sort of impact on how McGinnis turned out - but it hasn’t weakened the resolve of a man who has always been out for proving he’s the best no matter the cost. One could say, or Cyrus Truth in particular, that is the cost of glory.

    After all, he would prove what he said he would prove, and unlike Austerio, fulfil his promises of a broken McGinnis. He just didn’t break him the way he expected him to break.

    “I am a better man and wrestler than you.” McGinnis holds up the championship in the air, eyes staring into Snowmantashi’s own, their friendship was firmly placed into the side in favor of one simple question, who was the better man, the better wrestler.

    November 13th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Johnny Vegas would tell you the day McGinnis broke was the day he beat him in Grand Rapids, Michigan, fair and square, in the middle of the ring, in one of the biggest underdog victories of the decade. And you know what, maybe after that very first defeat, many would agree with him.

    November 27th, 2015. Wrestle Royale. Detroit, Michigan.

    “Those Echo kids are the future of tag team wrestling, if not the entire Clique Wrestling Alliance!”

    “Well, two men who might disagree with that are now set to face one another for the CWA World Championship. A rivalry that goes back years now comes full circle for the richest prize in professional wrestling.”

    “It's McGinnis vs Snowmantashi. One-on-one for the CWA World Title.”

    It wasn’t the first time these two fought and they wouldn’t act like it. Snowmantashi and McGinnis knew they were the absolute best in the company and to win, they’d have to bring the absolute best out of the other. The Super Kick City was well in motion thought Snowmantashi wizened up quickly enough to McGinnis’s propensity for the deadly strike.

    Through several super kicks. Through Something Light. McGinnis found himself back in that ring at World’s Strongest, forced to go to the limit to take this victory, this defining victory in his career, he went for the C-A-S… and ended up torn upside down with a lariat… looking at the stars until near three hundred pounds thundered onto him and lay there for three inevitable counts.

    “What. A. Match.”

    “Tonight, a monster from the East rises.”

    And a demon from the west is born? That same night, the first triple Stereo Super Kick occurred in the Wrestle Royale, no one thought anything of it.

    December 14th, 2015. Adrenaline Rush. Albany, New York.

    “I gave my all, I had to beat Snowmantashi, it still remains this mental demon that I have yet to get over, maybe I never will.” He would, but at the cost of what? McGinnis wasn’t the same man that day, he wasn’t the man who always fought like he had everything to lose, maybe the title was always bigger than his family, because that night, it truly felt like had already lost everything.

    “Michelle von Horowitz just defeated the former world champion! Could this mean Snowmantashi's reign is in jeopardy?” Jonathan McGinnis sits in the corner, three defeats in singles competition in a row. In his entire career, the Last Indy Darling had never felt so broken. Michelle von Horrowitz and Jon Snowmantashi were now the biggest names in the CWA and as they stared at each other, with McGinnis in the background, maybe you’ll notice some sort of glint in his eyes that says more.

    January 10th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Buffalo, New York.

    “MICHELLE SNEAKS IN AND ROLLS UP JONATHAN McGINNIS - ONE! TWO! THREE!” - “The winners of the match, Michelle von Horowitz and Johnny Vegas!” This had become the common fate of Jonathan McGinnis, even when paired up with Jon Snowmantashi, the once face of CWA had entirely lost what made him the best in the company.

    January 25th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Brooklyn, New York.

    “McGinnis always positioned himself as the wrestler of the people. An every-man who left it all in the ring each week. When he reached the top that he always strived for he didn’t know what to do with himself, and he diminished.” The four defeats McGinnis has faced, with disappointment writ plain on his face flash as Horrowitz denounces him as a false hero.

    That night, when Michelle von Horrowitz and Johnny Vegas would face off, two of Five Star Attraction’s headliners, it would be Jonathan McGinnis that would decide the victor for the match. “Isn't it obvious Jim? He's playing mindgames with Johnny!” A timely distraction would cost the millionaire the victory, only the first mind game Jonathan McGinnis would start playing both with himself and others.

    February 10th, 2016. Five Star Attraction. New York City, New York.

    The night that changed everything.

    When The Echo were defeated by The Moment, we might have thought that was a good sign for things to come at the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

    “He’s done it! Jonathan McGinnis has finally gotten that monkey off of his back and he has beaten Johnny Vegas!” And Jonathan McGinnis had finally redeemed himself after a long and painful road all the way from Wrestle Royale, but no one could have predicted what would happen next.

    The Connors sprint from the back and are quick to viciously assault Johnny Vegas until Jonathan McGinnis steps into the squared circle with a steel chair in hand, stopping the Echo did in their tracks.


    “What the….? Oh my G- Did that just happen?!”

    The arena is in complete silence. Vegas just had his skull drilled into by a steel chair courtesy of Jonathan McGinnis. Another super kick straight to the skull of the held up corpse of Johnny Vegas. Each man gets a super kick in and then in a clear flashback to Wrestle Royale, TRIPLE SUPER KICK!

    “I can’t believe what we have just witnessed. I’m…I’m in disbelief right now.” Jonathan McGinnis blows the smoke off his gun-shaped hand, a grin on his face, a grin like nothing we’d ever seen before.

    That night, Jonathan Snowmantashi would emerge victorious too. But as he stood at the top of the ramp, staring into the eyes of Jonathan McGinnis his allies in the Echo, everyone knew that there was still a score to settle.

    February 24th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Trenton, New Jersey.

    “Where is my title shot....?” The ominous question came out of McGinnis, sided by two equally hungry Echos. “The three of us should be RULING this damn place, We are the three most talented wrestlers this company has ever seen. He won the World title two months after his debut. We went eight months undefeated! We should be kings. This show should be called Johnny McGinnis We should have posters. Movies. T-Shirts. TV shows. Interviews. Everything.” The two were jeered in the crowd but for those who enjoyed the anti-authority, rebellious trio of stars.

    “That leaves me to our world champ, I'm coming for my belt... that is all on my mind. Every night, I think about how you took what mean't the world to me. Tonight, Snowman, you will find out, that you are just holding that belt for me. Keep it warm. Big man.” And somewhere in the back, Snowmantashi is indeed watching, and he’s waiting.

    That night, the Indy Club did ring victorious, forcing one half of the Moment to tap out while Snowmantashi couldn’t force his way back in the ring to stop the submission. The Indy Club stood tall that night once again, too sweets being shared around the world.

    March 9th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    “Where the hell would this company be without me? I brought in this renaissance for the CWA, before I entered this company, most wrestlers on the roster wouldn’t know a arm bar from a arm chair. This place sucked, I know it, and you all know it, but that’s how things were, until when I showed up. I brought, “Wrestling” back to CWA.” None but Cyrus Truth might truly disagree with that statement. The arrival of McGinnis would pave the way for Snowmantashi, The Echo, Michelle von Horrowitz, LIGHTBRINGER, among others. But the jeers still rang it, they still couldn’t concur with his methods.

    That night, it’s once more The Indy Club’s night to rule. Drew Connor distracts Enigma long enough for him to get his head super kicked off and lose to Ethan. And in the main event, the pair interfered in the LIGHTBRINGER’s match against Jonathan McGinnis, and super kick the head off of the new import from Japan.

    Of course, they quickly realized that their supremacy in the CWA wouldn’t be unchallenged. An attempt to circle and close in on Snowmantashi was foiled by the arrival of every person they’d spurned so far, all looking for a fight against The Indy Club and coming to the side of the CWA World Heavyweight champion.

    March 23rd, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Newark, New Jersey.

    “In court there is something called an Act of God. An event that is out of human control. A natural disaster. Something that no one can be held accountable for. And so, while Jonathan McGinnis may be at the very heart of this storm, he may be the man that kick mountain ever so lightly so as to cause the unrelenting avalanche, it is unfortunate that everyone on that mountain must thereafter suffer. Everyone on this mountain will be broken bones and bloody messes. It doesn't matter if you are one.And it doesn't matter if you are three of the slimiest, scrawniest, cowardly men in the world, this force of nature does not discriminate.”

    John Duncan’s monologue came amidst the rage Snowmantashi felt in that main event as he did battle with The Moment, taking his eyes away from the task of the Echo for but a moment. Ultimately, the Ind Club can never stop themselves from being the last face seen on Adrenaine Rush.

    But that night, a bold match was declared for Retribution, one that would change the fate of CWA much alike Wrestle Royale and Five Star Attraction had done before it and a year back, World’s Strongest as well.

    “You get your rematch against Mr. Snowmantashi for the world title, Not just any match though Johnboy, it'll be inside of an elimination chamber! Joining you and Snowmantashi will be Michelle von Horrowitz, Harrison Wake, Enigma and one man who has been itching to get his hands on you... the final participant will be Johnny Vegas!”

    A Steel Roulette match featuring six of the best in the CWA. It would undoubtedly be a great challenge in Snowmantashi’s second ever match.

    April 7th, 2016. Retribution. Boston, Massachusetts.

    “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!” “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!” “Get out here you son of a bitch!” McGinnis yells, defiant. “SNOW-MAN-TASHI!”

    That night, six man went to war but only would be able to emerge victorious. We go through stills of that night. McGinnis slapping Snowmantashi. The then-CWA World Heavyweight Champion german suplexes McGinnis hard on the back of his head. The countdown begins and Michelle Von Horrowitz enters the fray.

    MvH is as dangerous as all the man she’s fighting with, an uppercut, a crossbody into the chains. The busaiku knee even nearly ends it for Snowmantashi but McGinnis stops us from ever finding out if he would’ve kicked out in a bizarre if not egotistical change of fate.

    When Enigma is out next, we get to see a unique powerbomb, german suplex, superplex combination that could have collapsed the entire steel roulette onto itself.

    Soon after, Harrison Wake comes into the squared circled and he is remorseless in his assault on everyone else in the ring, throwing haymakers and landing back breakers, even adding himself to the list of people nearly eliminating Snowmantashi.

    Johnny Vegas makes it into the ring just in time to put on hold the Super Kick Party, and he goes on a spree, taking just about everyone out with an arsenal of DDT’s and even tossing in his own Super Kick to the party. Ultimately, his excitement gets the better of him and as he’s sent crashing off the pod, he sees his dreams crushed by Harrison Wake.

    This is the start of an endless barrage of eliminations, Enigma spears the pylon glass and looks dead as MvH picks up the scraps and eliminates him. MvH goes moments later when Snowmantashi gives her a bad case of deja vu and she’s crumpled with a Snowfall. Wake is the next one to follow her, super kicked by McGinnis and sent through a Hailstorm by Snowmantashi.

    The two man who started are the two man who end it. We get a flash of all the many Super Kicks Snowmantashi would go through, particularly the last one where Snowmantashi begs him for another. “He went through hell to and Snow wouldn't go down until his last breath but we do have a new world champion, and his name is Jonathan McGinnis.” The Indy Club throw too sweets in the air, now entirely dominant here in the CWA.

    The Road to World’s Strongest.

    The Road to World’s Strongest is a short but one that can be summed up rather simply, there was only one match that could main event, a rematch between Jon Snowmantashi and Jonathan McGinnis, the second time they’d face off in singles competition, and the first time since Wrestle Royale in December.

    Snowmantashi smacks the chair out of McGinnis’s hand in his desperate attempt at hurting his future challenger, and a rabid spree of headbutts, shows McGinnis he won’t be driven in to insanity but he will most certainly win the title back the way he won it months ago. And in a picture perfect shot, he goes flying with the short lives Murder Inc to take out the Indy Club with a three speaker stereo suicide dive.

    June 2nd, 2016. World’s Strongest. Miami, Florida.

    The night where McGinnis would face Snowmantashi one on one, an opportunity to truly settle the score the way it should have been at Wrestle Royale. An absolute assurance as to who is truly the better man. The Indy God or the Inhuman KAIJU.

    It’s a much more personal fight than what it was at Wrestle Royale. The super kicks are aplenty in this one but Snowmantashi retaliates when he can, exchanging a super kick and paying it right back with a killer lariat. This match is almost a brawl, yet methodical in that McGinnis targets Snowmantashi’s legs frequently. Still, when McGinnis goes for countless super kicks, Snowmantashi’s brutal array of clubbing blows nearly breaks bones in the champion.

    Snowmantashi unleashes his own super kick as well, and hits a Hail Storm that nearly does it but the referee is out and though the crowd counts to six, it’s all fruitless. It takes a Snowfall to finally seal the deal.

    “Winner and NEW!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Inhuman" JON SNOWMANTASHI!!!!!!” Is this the end of the Indy Club, one might wonder, but mood grows somber when Noah Hanson steps out from the curtains. “Clearly McGinnis foot was under the rope and because of that I order that this match be restarted, under NO!!! DQ!!!!!!. RIGHT NOW!!!!!”

    The Echo deliver a double super kick before anyone knows what’s what. They use a chair and deliver another double super kick when that isn’t enough. Still he refuses to stay down. TRIPLE SUPER KICK! And that finally does it. “Winner and STILLL!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis”

    July 19th, 2016. Adrenaline Rush. Calgary, Alberta.

    "At Kings Reign Supreme, one final confrontation between Snowmantashi and McGinnis for the World Title. First to score two falls wins." Cyrus Truth states in his authorative voice, he might not be entirely in charge of CWA but one could not tell. "This is it, boys. Victory or annihilation. Time to find out who the best in CWA is." The Last Dragon sent his message to the two. The rivalry would finally come to an end. Victory or annihilation.

    July 31st, 2016. Kings Reign Supreme. Montreal, Quebec.

    “Ladies and gentleman, I’m backstage with the challenger in tonight’s main event, Jon Snowmantashi.”

    Snowmantashi nods. He doesn’t have food on him tonight. He doesn’t have his scarf. He’s in his trunks only, and his focus seems to be one-sided, all on McGinnis.

    “Jon, this has been building up for over a year. At World’s Strongest last year, Jonathan McGinnis won the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, just last week, Cyrus Truth made his return to the CWA. Ever since then, Jonathan McGinnis has lost the championship to you, won it back at Retribution, formed the Indy Club in between and even managed to pin you not once, but twice. Tonight, you two face off one last time in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall being a tables match. The second fall being a submission match. The last fall, if it goes that far, is a last man standing match. How do you prepare for that sort of match on such short notice? But more importantly, there are people saying this is very much the end of Jon Snowmantashi versus Jonathan McGinnis, the very last encounter, what does that mean to you.”

    There’s no John Duncan to answer his questions this time. Jon Snowmantashi stands alone and grabs the microphone to address his opponent tonight.

    “This has been building up for much longer than just a year, this has been building up since the first time I met Makuginisu-kun a few years ago. And until he beat me in the Steel Ruretto, I was confident that I was better than Makuginisu-kun. But at Ritoribyūshon, he beat me, and I have no excuse, I had the same opportunity everyone else had, and like everyone else, I lost to Makuginisu-kun.

    At World’s Strongest, I believed I would redeem myself. Makuginisu-kun managed the impossible in the Steel Ruretto but in a one on one match, he had never beaten me in all the times that we had met. But once more, Makuginisu-kun was smarter than I expected - or perhaps less self-respectful, and once more, I find myself staring at the top of the building for only the third time since I’ve come here to the CWA. I now knew how Makuginisu-kun felt not long before when I defeated him, and Begasu-kun did, and Misheru—kun did. He felt less than what he was. But I did not let that change me.

    Cyrus Truth has given me one last chance, and though his fate lies too against me, I will push that aside and thank him for this opportunity. How do I prepare for this match? Misheru-kun, in this past year, you’ve learned preparing is as nothing to me. I have fallen but I have not changed, and I have not faltered. I am still Inhuman. I am not the sort of man who will break at the weight of glory, I will not fall to a knee in the face of defeat.

    The table match matters little, it is not a test of true skill in the ring. Maybe I accidentally fall through it, maybe it is over with great ease and I simply throw him through it. The second fall, I will not lose because there is no way Makuginisu-kun can ever make me tap out. There is no man who can inflict so much pain on me that I will abandon myself to defeat. I am willing to have a broken arm, a broken ankle, I am willing to have a broken kneecap, he will have to break every bone in this KAIJU so that the referee decides I can no longer continue, but you must not doubt that I will never abandon myself to the pain.

    And the last fall, that may very well decide the ultimate fate of that victory. A last man standing, I have not so egotistical as to say that there is no way Makuginisu-kun can not keep me down for ten counts, because that is not true. I will assure you that Makuginisu-kun will need to do more than anything he has ever done in his entire career, he will need to unleash every power his godhood grants him, or tonight I will become a slayer of gods.

    Misheru-kun, to this being the last time Makuginisu-kun and I go to war… I agree. Makuginisu-kun will have to end my career, or I will destroy him. I am not mincing words, I am not being poetic. Here, in his home, I will put him to bed where he was born. Tonight, this is the end. This decides who is better. Tonight, this decides who will stand atop the mountain of CWA. It decides who Kurasshu-kun and who Sairaisu Truth-kun or LIGHTBRINGER-kun will pursue. The Echo may choose to interfere as they have done countless times before, and I will be ready. They may aid him in his pursuit of my fall through a table, my submission, or my destruction, and so be it, it is to be expected and it shall not be an excuse. Tonight, it all ends. Makuginisu-kun. Or Snowmantashi-san. Only one of us remains. Makuginisu-kun may slay his greatest demon in his home, and perhaps redeem himself now that it has been destroyed. Or his greatest demon will envelop him and swallow him whole, his fall into ruination complete. By the end of this night, only one King will Reign Supreme.”

    Snowmantashi walks away from the set, there’s no flair in his step, no true intimidation, he’s blank faced, entirely focused, and ready to end it all.
    Editor's Note: You can skip most of the "rp" till the last scene since it's basically just a 'recap' of the feud a year in the making, but I thought it was a fun project to undertaker (the original RP idea would have been parallel press conferences between the first time McGinnis/Snowmantashi faced off and this last time). The last part is a simple monologue. It was enjoyable going back and seeing it all come to an end, I wish it would've ended in a more fitting fashion but shit happens. Most importantly, thanks everyone that helped make this a pretty fun story, definitely interesting to see Snowmantashi's constant persona throughout the year as opposed to McGinnis's left to right progressive turn across the year and all the guys who've come and gone in the CWA since then. I mentioned it at the end, Krash/Cyrus Truth/LIGHTBRINGER are all prospective opponents and I'd be interested in working with MvH again who is no doubt relishing a rematch. And there's always guys like Elijah Edwards waiting in the wing too.

    I don't have any intentions of abandoning Snowmantashi anytime soon, I'm sure there's still a lot of fun stuff for him to do and this whole year worth of efedding has probably been my longest run ever and it's been a blast. So thanks and here's to another year or however long this lasts, worth of fun.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    The Sleep Train Arena - one, unless native to the area, could not be quite sure why it was called so - was most certainly not asleep when ‘The Rising Sun’ reverberated throughout Sacramento drawing goosebumps from the near eighteen hundred capacity crowd. The CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World stepped through the curtains, his face an emotionless mask, and what excitement or pride he may have held within after his victory at Kings Reign Supreme was muffled by that stone mask. He wore a shirt threaded with an endless amount of titles: “Godslayer; God; Titan; Conqueror; Kaiju; Inhuman.” He was geared in his usual trunks, some kneepads and traditional boots, in truth, all the flair in his gear was limited to the shirt and a towel across his neck.

    He walked down the ramp with purpose, a subtle swagger that contained a great deal more intimidation within than anything that might draw adulation. The champion was also without his mentor, KAITADESU or his representative, John Duncan, much like he had been without the pair at Kings Reign Supreme. In the year he had spent wrestling for the CWA, Snowmantashi had developed a keen knowledge for the English language, and though his accent was thick, he nevertheless had a way with words that most would not have presumed of him when he’d first began and kept his sentences short and threatening. He walked around the ring, ignoring the outreaching hand and grabbed a microphone from an agent who knew better than to question him. It wasn’t long before he stood in the ring and the melodic track came to an end.


    “Oy.” It came off more like a grunt than anything but it still stopped the burgeoning chant right in the throat. The champion had little need for the rabid chant, in a night featuring Cyrus Truth, and Krash before him, in truth, there’d been enough worshipping for one night. “At Kings Reign Supreme… only one King proved he was Supreme, I am that King.” He held up the most valuable gold in the kingdom to prove his point. “The Young Boys tag team champions needed to find a way to victory that deserves no respect. But Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun were weaker for not finding a way to victory before The Young Boys could abuse the rules. And I say this as one who has suffered time and time again through such dishonorable losses, but I never disregarded those defeats, and no one else did, I merely made a promise, when the book was closed, the final victory would fall to me.” He looks at the golden belt he holds, proof of who did in fact emerge with the final victory.

    “Tonight, you two have a chance to redeem yourself as well with victory over The Young Boys - but I imagine, these people here care little for that, you’ve both built a legacy to be admired here, they will not forsake you because you’ve faltered just once.” He stared backstage as he said those words. “But we shall put the matter of Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun to rest for now, for there is another who emerged greatly victorious and who might consider themselves a King next to me. Once, Misheru-kun was the greatest threat I had faced - in truth, she is still the greatest challenge I have overcome.” He adjusts the belt on his shoulder, and thinks nothing more of the slight to his most notable rival. “But Misheru-kun is also impatient, and entitled, and she has dreams her reach could not yet, perhaps never, grasp. Misheru-kun could have proven herself, she could have challenged me yet again, to put to rest the knowledge that I am the only one who has taken her dreams within his gauntlet, and like an eggshell, I crushed it and left her beaten in my wake.” His free hand reached out, open palmed and then caving within itself.

    “Misheru-kun emerged victorious over LIGHTBRINGER and Eriya-kun, she became the High Voltage Champion, and then she walked away. And now she travels the world, she calls herself a Worldwide Champion fighting countless men and women, but the only one she does not challenge is the only one she needs to defeat to prove she is truly a Champion of the World, the only one has beaten her, with doubt having no home in the discussion, and who still stands above all else. Misheru-kun has slandered me time after time, she does not believe I am deserving of my crown, she believes because those in charge keep me from slaughtering those who stand no chance every week, that I am without the requisites necessary for a King. And I’ve ignored it. And I will continue to ignore it. Before Misheru-kun lost to me, what she said carried heft, after all she was at the highest peak she had been given permission to reach - but since, she’s been given a chance to reach higher, but she’s failed, and now she’s down below the peak, and she dares not try to move the immovable.” In recognition that Michelle von Horrowitz may not be backstage like Krash and Cyrus, Snowmantashi makes such statements with his eyes staring dully at the camera. He remains in position during this, never moving an inch until he’s finally done.

    “Tonight is a new beginning for the CWA, for many reasons.” His title wielding shoulder lifts up to signal one. “Makuginisu-kun is gone, though it does not mean The Young Boys will stop the plague of debauchery. Two legends have returned and they have no other goal but to fix the CWA and return to the peak they once called home. And of course, tonight was the declaration of the Ruler of the Ring tournament.” The rumors and the news had already surely spread and the crowd cheered in anticipation of one of the greatest tournaments of the year, though the coincidence of it occurring at the same time as FWA’s Quest for the Best made it so wrestling fans would have ample material to watch in the coming weeks.

    “I have won many gruelling affairs such as the Ruler of the Ring, I’ve gone a weeks worth of days fighting night after night with opponents who had become victorious just as many times as I had and had to earn a victory to face an even greater opponent, but I always emerged at the end of that climb the sole man who had not succumbed to defeat.” A silent message to those competing in this year’s tournament. “But last year, I had not yet arrived when a new Ruler of the Ring was crowned. Instead, Makuginisu-kun emerged victorious. You all know how that tale plays out.” Who could forget the twenty-seven superkicks that would highlight McGinnis’s first claim to superstardom over Cyrus Truth. “That year, Cyrus sat on his throne, at the peak of the mountain, and he waited to be challenged, and then he succumbed to defeat. And he tried one more time… before he left.” He’s diligent now, a lesser man would have said Cyrus Truth ran away, after all, he never came back, at the very least not before he tried his luck in FWA and failed there as well.

    “This is a new beginning, and that is not a blank statement. A war ended at Kings Reign Supreme. I lost battles in that war, it sometimes looked like I would falter, like darkness would shroud the entirety of the CWA, after all, that is why Kurasshu-kun and Sairasu-kun came back, they feared that the CWA had been lost. But when the final battle arrived, I did not simply win, I did not simply claim glory for but a moment, I ensured this was truly the final battle. I destroyed the man who titled himself a God.” The camera noticeably zooms into his shirt, “God” & “Godslayer” not far apart, and then zooms unabashedly out.

    “No one will ever question who was the greater warrior, when all is said and done, I stand here now, with this belt, and Makuginisu-kun is nowhere to oppose me.” He pauses. Looks to the back. One might think “Blessed” would emerge from the physical attendance system to reignite this dance, but even after a lengthy pause, it doesn’t. What is that in Snowmantashi’s eyes? Satisfaction at his victory. Or sadness that his once-friend and greatest rival is truly gone. “And after the night was over, a broken and battered man left in the ring while I walked up the ramp with the greatest gold on the mountain, I walked to the back, and for a long moment, I could do nothing more than stare blankly at the gold of which I’d fought through everything to regain. And I wondered, what was next. Once, I would have demanded Sairaisu-kun and Kurasshu-kun meet me in the ring so that could fall to me too, to validate why no one could oppose me as CWA’s Titan. But now, the situation has changed.” He might have lost the crowd there, they’re not quite sure where he’s going with this.

    “Once, I thought my purpose here was to conquer everything before me, but now I realize, that’s not my purpose, and it’s an impossibility. You see, ultimately, everything must fall. I came to the CWA because I have never found anyone who could do to me, what I did to Makuginisu-kun at Kings Reign Supreme. Victory, temporary victory, anyone can achieve that. When I fell to Makuginisu-kun at Steel Ruretto and found I could still stand on my own, I was disappointed, because once more I had fought a man who could do little more but push me an inch off the peak, and I knew this man would fall inevitably to me. Not merely halted, but tossed entirely off my throne, my mountain. I realize that what I desire more than anything, is rest, it’s what we all desire, truly, but I cannot rest. Yes, ultimately, everything must fall, but… I have not found anyone with the power to make me fall. Sairaisu-kun, The Last Dragon, a man who will do anything for glory, I thought that desire would be enough, but I may have overestimated the undying heart of the CWA. And Kurasshu-kun, he’s a man who had fallen, he had gotten the long eternal rest, but he reached out, caught a ridge, and as a should-be broken man he tries to return to the peak of the mountain, he should have accepted that peaceful rest, and should he face me, I suspect that I shall ensure he no longer has the will to reach once more. If Kurasshu-kun faces me, I will send him to that long, deep sleep.” In those words, Snowmantashi has come to a more solemn whisper, there’s not much vitality in there, and again, his statements, for the now, seem more cryptic than meaningful.

    “And thus, I found myself wondering who shall be able to send me to my own eternal slumber. The Queen Who Ran, The Last Dragon, The Broken Hero? All seem so unlikely. But I have heard the challenged laid by Misheru-kun, and I shall accept it. You people want a champion who shall defend his throne with honor and fury, and there is no fiercer monster than me, who can do it. I will not sit idly by waiting for someone to come to me, I will come to them. I will enter the Ruler of the Ring, not merely for some mere validation of my monstrosity, to prove that I can accomplish that Makuginisu-kun has done or to bolster the endless accomplishments I have accrued - but to find the one willing to push me down that mountain to endless descent. And to find that man, I will do a thing no one before me would do, I will defend my throne against anyone and everyone. I will emerge this tournament a victor and a ruler, or someone will have to take this from me.” He lifts the gold up and those words could not be any cleared, Snowmantashi will defend this championship as long as he survives in this tournament, it means that a single defeat could mean a new champion is crowned. It means as soon as tonight, we could have a new name plate on that gold.

    “And the first to receive this opportunity, the first who I hope will attempt to put up more than just an ostentatious display… is Eriya-kun.” There’s a positive reaction for Elijah Edwards, but not a sincere belief that Eriya-kun can overcome the KAIJU. “Eriya-kun, this isn’t the first time we’ve stepped into the ring together, as both allies and enemies we’ve exchanged fist… but never have you emerged above me. You’ve fought LIGHTBRINGER-kun, you’ve fought Misheru-kun, you’ve defeated Makuginisu-kun, and deep within you Eriya-kun, I’m sure there’s confidence to match my own.” He points to his chest, and to his wherever he may be backstage.

    “But that confidence is misplaced.” There’s a poisonous edge to those words. All his passion, and anger, wild and undirected before now has a sole target. “You will not be the one to destroy the KAIJU, the Godslayer, you will not even push me an inch off this mountain. If you could not defend your High Voltage championship, then you should have regained it, and if you could not regain it, then you will not defeat me. Defeat, it’s a thing I have learned to accept, to hone, and to better myself with, but defeat is only a thing I’ve accepted out of those who’ve earned a place before me, and I regret to unleash these revelations Eriya-kun, but you have yet to earn the right to challenge me for this gold, you get this opportunity merely out of the sheer luck - or lack of it, depending on your worldview, that you were chosen to face me in this tournament.” There’s the passion, the stone face broken with just the slightest frown, and though he does not yet, his tone is a great deal more aggressive.

    “Tonight, I will enter this match, with the confidence of a man who faces one obviously lesser than him, as a wolf facing a sheep, or, a cub, for you are still growing, not yet ready to displace me from this thrown. Yes, you are not the same man I defeated before, but you are not yet ready. All I can do for you, is to once more show you how far away you truly are from this peak, and to see whether defeat will kill you and send you away like it did Misheru-kun, or if it will reinvigorate your soul, for the better, or as with Makuginisu-kun, for the worse, to challenge me again, better than you were before. But that is all I can do for you, and I will do that by forcing you to relive that defeat you suffered when we first faced, to relive the defeat you suffered at Kings Reign Supreme to Misheru-kun and before that to LIGHTBRINGER-kun.”

    “Eriya-kun. Relive in this case would be the wrong word. What I will do to you will exacerbate that defeat. I will show you why these people here do not speak of you next to my name unless we are competing in the same ring at the same time. You have overstepped your reach a great deal, and facing those below me seems to have lulled you into the false believe that you belong among those who fight at the top of this mountain. In that case, I accept your request to enter the peak and challenge my throne, but I warn you, the fall down is a steep one, and as I’ve informed, the climb, should you take it once more, it will be even harder. Makuginisu-kun broke. Misheru-kun settled. Sairaisu-kun found a new mountain. What will you do Eriya-kun, when you lose to me?”

    He lets the thought sink in and then backs away from the camera. “No, do not answer that question, do not even think of it, put it at the back of your mind. Use your confidence, bring the fight to me, bring the best you can muster and let it see where it brings you, all I seek to do is wake you up. You’ve been putting on contest with LIGHTBRINGER-kun and Misheru-kun that are to be lauded and studied, and what have I been doing? What was I doing, in this great and final battle, one that should have gone long in memory? I destroyed the man who I faced. A vicious defeat so one-sided no man could truly call it a battle. These people walk away from this show rarely remembering when I’ve stepped into the ring, because it results in the same thing, whoever is opposite of me has been thoroughly destroyed, else they turn away their honor for glory. I think better of you than that Eriya-kun, I don’t believe you will forgo your honor for glory. I believe you will do what you’ve always done, do your best. So… will your best leave these people walking away remembering our battle, or will this blur into every destruction I’ve orchestrated since I’ve arrived?”

    “There are a great deal many questions Eriya-kun. And they will be answered tonight. You have the opportunity few man have, least of all after having faced defeat. You have the opportunity to make history. The opportunity to establish a new throne atop this mountain. To break the monotony I’ve held over this mountain for this past year. You can become the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. All you have to do is defeat me. But you will not. A KAIJU will remain standing atop his throne. And a fallen warrior will have decisions to make of his future.”

    The KAIJU lets go of the microphone. The Rising Sun echoes throughout the Sleep Train Arena again, and they might very well be asleep by their utmost silence. The KAIJU has entered the Ruler of the Ring tournament. He will face Elijah Edwards. And it will be for the greatest prize in all of CWA, some would say the world. He claims it’s a new era. But who will be the one to lead it?
    Editor's Notes: Back to basics for this one. A nice simple monologue for Snowmantashi. Gambit's definitely a top contender now so we'll see if my safe RP pays off or costs me. Good luck, dude!

    Inspiration for this RP definitely goes to the Mad Titan, Thanos - who the similarities mainly extend to, a man who wants death but can never get it, no one is capable of destroying him. 'Tashi's been around the world, and though he's lost battles, he never loses a war, so he wants to see if anyone can truly destroy him.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    Backstage, Jonathan Snowmantashi sits with KAITADESU and John Duncan as they prepare for the main event championship bout.

    'To Chase Glory. One Must Evolve Instead Of Repeating The Same Incessant Stuff.'

    “They don't want these type of wrestlers here, in this company, but they allow the nuisances that come with Cyrus being on this roster. It's a lack of common sense, just like how it's a lack of common sense to have gone nearly a YEAR. A DAMN YEAR. and neither me or Ethan has got a shot at the world title..The more we’ve stuck in the midcard the more CWA loses mon-”

    The snore cut through the endless tirade coming out of the flat screen television set posted up in the corner. Snowmantashi and KAITADESU both turned over to John Duncan who was sprawled on his chair, drooling. To be fair, Snowmantashi had long since pulled out his phone and began playing Cookie Clicker, a menial game that lacked effort and dulled the mind, but yet he found it a more exciting option than what was playing on the television set. Feeling the stares of the two men within the locker room, Duncan woke himself from his slumber. His head turned between the two men at his side, and he posted an innocent smile.

    “Oh, come on. Look, I’ve been watching every single Adrenaline Rush since Jon-lad was hired in the first place - every time one of those two brothers comes on into the ring, they repeat the same nonsense every single time!”

    KAITADESU scoffs and says, “It’s not that bad, come on, they’ve been here as long as Snowmantashi, they’ve done some fresh stuff since then, they paired up with Indy Club.”

    “Actually, KAITADESU, this time I’m inclined to agree with Duncan-kun. The CWA is a mountain of incredible warriors, Misheru-kun, wherever she may be, Eriya-kun who proved himself last Adorenarin Rush, Grim-san who is making his return, LIGHTBRINGER. Countless others. They’ve evolved. Changed. They’ve become better versions of themselves. And, while they are not ready to fell me, they’ve gotten closer to it… but I’ve faced these Young Boys before, and there’s a reason that, from the first day I’ve faced them, or from the first day they stepped in the ring, that I have still regarded them as Young Boys.”

    “Because they act like petulant children?” KAITADESU in particular wasn’t a big fan of the Echo brothers, their childish tirades and disrespectful behavior did not go well with a man of constant tradition, who had plied his trade in a foreign land of honorable warriors. John Duncan, once a fan of their controversial behavior, now slept through a behavior that had been played on repeat this past year so often, that it could no longer be deemed controversial, merely impolite.

    “That is part of the issue, but children grow. We were all petulant once - these Young Boys they have not grown. Young Boys are meant to mature, I do not mean they lose the light in their eyes, but at some point, they discover they must evolve to continue up the mountain… but the Young Boys, Drew and Ethan, they have satisfied themselves with their comfortable position halfway up the mountain. Eriya-kun, he could have pulled off a miracle and beaten me for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World, Leo Taylor could shock the world when we face off, Kurasshu-san could regain his great past glories. They have tales. They have stories. They’ve fallen from the mountain. They have risen up the mountain. They’ve grown. They’ve changed. But the more things change, the more the Young Boys have become comfortable in their stability. They make their money. They hold onto their pair of titles. They say the same things the world come to boo, and they think they stand out, but they’re merely furniture now. These people, they jeer out of habit, not out of genuine hatred. They no longer care for the Young Boys who have not done anything new in months.” The television screen which had gone on muted, was turned on again.

    “I figure if I take a page out of their book, maybe he'll listen to me. Maybe this one little scene will make the front page of CWA dot net and the rest of the segment just ignored.“ The world had indeed perked up when Drew Connor for once showed an attempt at deviating from what had become formulaic for the brothers, they wanted to hear what Drew truly had to say, something different, something out of the ordinary… but then he went on to repeat the very same things he had said before he began his ‘shoot’. He complains about Cyrus Truth being out of control - just as seconds before the shoot he was calling Cyrus a ‘maniac’, he complains about Cyrus being a man smaller than everyone else, a direct call back to what he called the ‘little man’s syndrome’ before his shoot began, he states that this show is his (and Ethan’s by extension) but this calls back to even before his shoot, he’s been claiming it’s his show for months. He whines at not getting world title opportunities, while he is now fighting for it, and this has been the same complaint he’s had since the moment Snowmantashi first fought him and his brother, Snowmantashi was ‘tossed’ to the front of the line while they languished in midcard mediocrity.

    Snowmantashi shakes his head and mutes the TV set again. “KAITADESU, for a second I believed that Drew would for the first time since he’s entered the CWA, emerge from that hole he’s made in the mountain, and once more remembered why he got here, to climb to the top - and you do not climb to the top by repeating yourself, by becoming an endless fractal. This is what these Young Boys are. They throw the same vast insults at their opponents every week. They complain of injustices, of a lack of opportunity but they have spent the past year hauling Makuginisu-kun on their shoulders. And when they have had the opportunity to step into the ring with me, they’ve resorted to every single means of ending a match that does not involve pinning me or submitting me. I have never done a ‘shoot’, I have never needed to. I have always proved myself in the ring and in my failures I have risen, I have become a greater titan, and I have always achieved victory. The Connors have never even acknowledged failure, they fear it, when they close in on it, they find ways to avoid it, to put an asterisk next to it in hopes that no one will see it is a failure.”

    Duncan clears his throat. “It’s not that I disagree with you, Jon-lad, look, I’m always out there for controversial statements, I was hoping Drew would say something, whether true or untrue, that would shake the CWA. We all watched the FWA when Chris Kennedy spoke and everyone who wrestles, and every wrestling fan, FWA or not, and even those who aren’t fans, they all perked up to listen, there was truth in there, something new, something that shook the foundations of the FWA. Drew spouted the same dribble he does every week, except this time he did it twice over and I imagine he thought we were so dumb we wouldn’t notice his shoot was the same as his straight stuff, or maybe, at the last second, he was afraid of doing something different so he pulled back-”

    “John, are you going somewhere with this?” KAITADESU interrupts what had become less a Devil’s Advocate point of view and more harping on the Young Boys’s failures.

    “Yes, sorry. Look, when it all comes down to it - Drew Connor pinned Cyrus Truth in that ring last week, he would not be here if he had failed at that task.”

    There’s a couple of seconds that passes by.

    “Sairaisu Truth-kun is a man of many mysteries. I thought him a man lost, he failed in his quest for supremacy in the FWA, and then he returns here and he failed in his quest to shut down the Young Boys, and last Adorenarin Rash, with an opportunity at redemption, an opportunity at absolute glory, he could not reach for it. He failed.” Snowmantashi looks absently down, though he had belittled the glory chaser last week, there was a part of him that had hoped he would truly chase glory and bring to Snowmantashi a war to remember. “And then, at a grand stage, he faced off against the FWA’s greatest warrior, and he emerged a champion. How fitting would it be, to crown the Ruler of the Ring, that the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World and the FWA Heavyweight Champion of the World do battle, how fitting to prove who truly is better?” Duncan could probably salivate at the marketing power such a main event would have. “But he lost against the Young Boy.”

    “You’re putting too much credit on Cyrus Truth failing, and not Drew Connor winning.”

    “You’re right, and that’s a mistake I’m willing to acknowledge. Sairaisu-kun would not bend for any opponent, certainly least of all the Young Boy. I have never claimed the Young Boys were without talent, they have utterly taken over the tag team wars, and become Empire-esque in that no one dares rise to challenge them. Makuginisu-kun would not have come to their side unless they had earned his twisted respect. Sairaisu-kun would not seek to mentor and guide just any warriors, only those with the potential for glory. But Sairaisu-kun, ultimately, did not mentor them, because he sees what I see, beyond their juvenile behaviors.”

    “They’re afraid of reaching for glory,” KAITADESU said at almost a whisper. Snowmantashi nodded.

    “You two are starting to sound awfully like Cyrus Truth with your talk of glory and reaching for it, and such. Drew wasn’t entirely wrong when he called him a maniac, let’s not deviate to that mental status quo.”

    “You don’t understand. I was like the Young Boys once, I was a fat-,” John Duncan coughed, earning a deadly glare from Snowmantashi that quickly made him look away, “infantile, afraid man. I had been given a stage to rise, but I never sought to achieve glory, or greatness, or the mountain’s peak. I satisfied myself with the paycheck that allowed me to eat, and the claps and cheers that followed a silly victory over whoever I faced, be that my falling on top of an opponent trying to lift me, or my skull shattering another’s into unconsciousness by way of their own headbutt. I was content with it. And I never sought to reach any higher, until I fell to the bottom. Drew is afraid to reach higher.”

    “It sounds to me like you’re gonna start imparting life lessons on everyone you face,” Duncan said.

    “The CWA is a land filled with warriors, all who seek to beat me, but none who are ready to do it, and it is up to me to impart on them the strength to reach that glory. Even Kurasshu-kun and Sairaisu-kun, for all their great experience, and success, they do not know what it takes to conquer many worlds. Perhaps Sairaisu-kun is learning, for that is why he left the CWA in the first place, and perhaps, what he is learning will give him what it takes to fell me, to burn my mountain to the ground. But as of yet, he has shown no such knowledge and growth.” His thoughts seem to endlessly go back to the man he thought had the greatest chance at reaching the mountain peak. “Drew Connor, has the potential for glory but he’s afraid of reaching it,” he repeats, and nods to KAITADESU. “It’s not like Eriya-kun who wasn’t ready. Drew has shown he can beat the greatest of warriors - and perhaps that’s what he needed, to be apart from his brother, and so he could finally have no one but himself to rely on, and caught in a corner, he has chosen to bite back, instead of digging a hole in that corner and escaping through there. It is quite possible, Drew Connor will step into the ring, will see the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World held up to the sky, and all that fear will disappear, the corner will truly be a corner and not a means of escape, and he will want to do nothing else but reach for the glory that is so close to him.”

    Snowmantashi looks at the CWA gold sprawled on the bench. He had decided to put the belt on the line, and that might have been sheer arrogance, or a desperate desire to push his every opponent to exceeding what they’d done before, at the chance at ultimate glory, at the peak of the mountain. But - he doesn’t truly believe he’ll lose it. He will push his opponents past their limits, but he does not believe that reaching past those limits will be enough to slay the KAIJU that has stood over the CWA like a great cloud, and been unmoving for a year now.

    “Can you imagine, Drew Connor, CWA World Heavyweight Champion? Next thing you know, he’s given a first opportunity to Ethan Connor, and they’re main eventing the PPV.” KAITADESU chuckles to himself at the idea.

    “Hey, either that would sell ridiculously well, or that match would turn into an empty arena match,” Duncan replies.

    “No,” Snowmantashi’s word cuts into both men’s giggles like a knife edged palm strike. “I will not allow the Young Boy to become the champion atop this mountain. He may be a true warrior without his brother, but his brother has not left, he is still very well present. If Drew Connor were to defeat me tonight, he would not take my place atop the mountain. He would steal the gold that hails me as KAIJU and he would hurry back to his hole at the midway point, to shine his gold with Ethan and deem it precious. And then, like Makuginisu-kun, he would find every which way, with his brother, to keep hold of his title, every which way that does not involve ever truly retaining the honor I have fought to instill in that crown.”

    Snowmantashi stands up and walks over to the belt, he grabs it. He had always been under the belief that a championship belt means nothing if it’s wielder means nothing. You may grab the sharpest, deadliest blade in the world, but in the hands of a child, a wooden stick could emerge victorious. Snowmantashi had accepted every challenge, be it a friend, the deadliest structure known to man, or an ambitious women, and now he was putting it on against every opponent before him in the quest to be Ruler of the Ring. The belt had become synonymous with a man who could not abide by dishonor, by lack of sense, by petulance. And he would not allow it to degrade to dust in the hands of one who did not deserve it.

    “I will beat the Young Boy tonight because it’s my responsibility. Sairaisu Truth-kun returned to the CWA because he believed it had become rampant, wild, and overcome by disease and yet, he has succumbed to that very same disease and now he is a part of an issue. He is complacent. I will not be complacent. I have watched Drew defeat Sairaisu Truth-kun. I have faced him before. I have faced the man that inspired him and destroyed him. I have seen their every successes. I will not allow this to be one of their successes. I will give the Young Boy a taste at glory, at what it means to be at the peak of this mountain, and then I will send him back to his hole. But I will give him a thirst for what it means to attain glory, I will give him a glimpse, a fleeting touch, and he will abandon his brother one day to attain this again. Someone will whisper into his ear, and it will not be his brother, it will be the ambition within, the glory chaser within, the mountain slayer within, it will whisper to him that this here, is the one belt that rules them all. If he wants to reach it, to hold it. He has to shed every thing. He is lucky, he does not have the world on his shoulders as I do. He has one man. His brother. All he has to do is let go of it, and I will stand in the ring, arms ready to face him again, and only then will I even consider defeat at the hands of the Young Boy.”

    “So what are you gonna do if Ethan Connor tries to get involved, kid.”

    Snowmantashi thought long and hard about that. Guarantees with a third party involved were always a long shot, and he had learned in his rivalry with McGinnis that he could not guarantee he’d emerge victorious when he had to look behind his back for the slightest movement.

    “Perhaps Drew Connor will find honor in that victory he had last week and advise his brother that he is capable of doing this on his own. And perhaps, his brother, fallen for Drew’s confidence, will agree, and stay in the back.”

    All three men looked at each other in stone cold silence. Snowmantashi smirked and the other laughed.

    “If Ethan Connor decides he will involve himself in my war against Drew Connor then that is his decision to make, there is nothing I can do to avoid that dilemma, but, should he make a mistake and end up within my grasp, I will tear him apart. Ultimately, it would be wrong of me to consider defeat, and I won’t consider it, even with Ethan standing at the corner. To consider defeat, as I always say, would be to lull yourself into thinking defeat will be fine. It will not. I can’t allow it. Not against Drew. Thus, I will say only this, he may find a million ways to try and beat me, but I have shown Makuginisu-kun that I am not a man you can be rid of unless you truly and absolutely destroy me. The Young Boys have called me a whale a great many times, and they are right. I accept the title of Moby-Dick because we are a great deal alike. Your captain, Makuginisu-kun or Ahab… they were desperate to beat me. They lost all sense of sanity. And in their desperation, they were dragged into permanent defeat. Ethan and Drew may choose to follow their captain as Ahab’s crew did, and they may fall to the same fate.” He shrugs. “Ultimately, that’s up to them.”

    He puts the championship on his shoulder. “Tonight, I hope that Drew Connor, after having tasted glory over Sairaisu Truth-kun, will truly shed his old habits. I am not suggesting he change who he truly is. He will always be a man who has always had to fight against the odds, and against the world. He can be proud of his trailer park all that he wants. But I hope that tonight he will show me something different, I hope he will not come out, attempt to shock the world with something they’ve seen plenty of times, and then repeat complaints about not getting opportunities, about getting kept down, about my incessant spot at the top. Tonight, he has that opportunity. There is no more room to bawl. There is no more room for him to cry. Tonight, after a thousand years of going through the fluff of the first page of his life, he finally turns the page and he moves on. He has the opportunity of a lifetime, and if he fails, he will have no one else to blame but himself. Unlike Makuginisu-kun, I will be a fighting champion. I will fight every single person in the CWA to prove I am who I say I am, not merely the one at the top of the mountain, but the mountain itself. And I await to find the man who can destroy this mountain. That man isn’t you Drew. At the very least, not yet. So tonight, I hole Drew into his little cave, I send him back to the comfort of stagnance and I continue chasing a warrior worthy of destroying me.”

    The television set has arrived to the face of Krash defeating Ethan Connor by now. Almost fatefully. Snowmantashi walks over to the door, he’s got a main event to fight.
    Editor's Notes: Wasn't sure where to go with this. Didn't want him to head to the ring and do another '20 minute' promo so instead I had him bounce with a conversation with his two greatest allies. I was also tempted to go a greater length but I'm always hesitant that past the 3K mark it starts getting stale so I decided not to go too far past that. Hopefully it's an interesting read and hopefully AON had the time to bring his best for arguably the biggest Connor match ever. Good luck!

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    NWA: Japan, Fresh Start 2009 -

    Fresh Start 2009 might have been where it all truly began again for Jon Snowmantashi. It was at the Bodymaker Colosseum in front of 7500 fans. They all watched with a starker silence than was the norm for the crowd. Bulldog was flat on his back, still, a minute after the match ended, and the hand risen was that of the new NWA: Japan World Heavyweight Champion. The champion bore no emotion, no glee, no satisfaction for what had been over a decade’s worth of build up. He dropped to a knee only momentarily to capture his breath.

    Yakoshima, Toru: Kushaka-san, eleven years ago, we were here for the very first show, and we watched Jon-san fight against Stabb-kun and win. And we watched him not much longer, face his first challenge in The Possessed and be embarrassed. We watched him all the way until 2004 when he decided to leave NWA: Japan, the place where he spent his career, and attempt to learn to wrestle again. In 2006 he returned a new man, you can say tonight, this is the end of his journey.

    Takeshi, Kushaka: You do not have to remind me, Toru-san. Right next to you, I said Jon-san did not impress me, he was not meant to be a wrestler, he did not know how to wrestle, he was dishonorable, disrespectful, he did not appreciate this sport, he was a disgrace. It takes a lot for me to take it back, but I do Toru-san. And I want to add a correction. I do not think this is the end of his journey, I think this is only the beginning - I hate to be corny or poetic, but this is a fresh start for a monster in NWA: Japan, a KAIJU.

    As is relatively custom at times in these NWA: Japan events, a road agent comes into the ring to hand over a microphone to Jon Snowmantashi for a farewell speech. The only man at his side is KAITADESU but he makes sure to blend in with the crowd of cameramen and reporters that have gathered in the ring, instead of drawing attention away from the newly crowned champion.

    Snowmantashi, Jon: I don’t quite know where to begin.

    Snowmantashi had never been prone to speaking, even in the past, his hefty size told enough in press conferences, and grunts usually did the job in between fist sized bites of whatever he’d brought to the presser.

    Snowmantashi, Jon: When I started, ten-eleven years ago, I had no ambition, no goal. I was here because life had brought me here. And in the six years that followed, everyone took a chance to beat into me what it means to do what I do, they beat into me the honor that comes with being what I am and an honor, I, myself, should be upholding. They beat into me respect for everyone else here. They beat into me the pleasure of pain, and the altogether different pain of defeat. And it took all of those beatings, all of that lost blood, the sweat, before I knew I needed to learn all of this again, differently.

    He adjusts the title, and stands up straight.

    Snowmantashi, Jon:
    No one wanted to take me on. They believed I was hopeless, and I’m not surprised, I was at the time hopeless and they did not want a man staining their name, their gym, I understood that. No matter who I went to, they did not want anything to do with me, so I had to go to a person no one else wanted anything to do with.

    Jon gestures for the camera man and reporters to move aside and he hobbles to KAITADESU. He removes the championship from his own shoulder so they can both get a look at it.

    Snowmantashi, Jon: KAITADESU-senpai. Three decades here, and you all know who he is, you’ve yelled his name in support and in hate, and you’ve made all the other veterans here, and around all of Japan jealous because this great Gaijin warrior was as dangerous, as beloved, as honorable as our best Japanese warriors. When he wanted to pass his knowledge, you all shunned him. When he wanted to make his claim at greatness, you had shunned him then too, and when others sought his knowledge, you shunned them in turn, but you could only shun me for so long. KAITADESU-senpai, this is for you!

    The championship is draped on KAITADESU’s shoulder and the two share a hug and perhaps tears but the camera isn’t quite able to capture those.

    ???: Oy!

    A man steps in to the squared circle. He stands out from the sea of reporters and officials easily, dressed in faux fur, and looking like a 90s pimp.

    Takeshi, Kushaka: That man is Shinsuke Hashi, former head of the Akuma Dojo and, Toru-kun, he is a fraud.

    Yakoshima, Toru: How can you say that? The Akuma Dojo is responsible for the greatest star-

    Hashi, Shinsuke: Oy! You’re going to disrespect me like that?

    Shinsuke pushes past the crowd and stands a decent distance from Snowmantashi.

    Hashi, Shinsuke: Jon-kun, I made you what you are! I got you here in the NWA of Japan. I got you your first opportunity. I TRAINED YOU. And you’re going to disrespect me like that. You’re going to credit this stupid Gaijin for what I’ve gifted you. You talk about honor but you have no honor! You want honor, I’ll give you honor. I’ll give you a man who sticks by those who have guided him, a man who has set all of the NWA of Japan on fire, the PERFECT STAR -

    Yakoshima, Toru: KUSHAKA-SAN. HE’S RETURNING?!

    Hashi, Shinsuke: SASUKE NAKAMURA!

    The perfect guitar riffs echo through the arena and the loud “SASUKEEEEEE” chants from the pitchy girls in the crowd quickly explode. Sasuke steps through the curtains with a big great grin on his face, embracing the adulation and suddenly there is no attention on Jon Snowmantashi and KAITADESU anymore, all of the eyes are on Sasuke Nakamura, the Perfect Star!

    Yakoshima, Toru: You call Hashi-san a fraud then you are also insulting the Perfect Star, Sasuke Nakamura! This man put NWA of Japan on the greatest platform, he’s fought around all of Japan, all of the NWA, he is truly the Perfect Star. The Ace of the NWA of Japan. I think Jon-san did in fact turn on Hashi-san in favor of KAITADESU-san, maybe KAITADESU-san tricked him or manipulated him.

    Takeshi, Kushaka: I don’t care that KAITADESU-san did, all I know is that one year Snowmantashi was a disgrace and the next he’s the most dangerous man here, a MONSTER I SAID!

    The Perfect Star takes his time to make it to the ring, hugging fan girls at ringside, shaking the hands of every official lined up, smiling for the pictures within the ring, and climbing each turnbuckle so the Osaka fans can get a great look at him. When he’s finally done, Hashi feels an obligation to hug Sasuke to highlight that their friendship is just as great as that between KAITADESU and Snowmantashi, though Sasuke does not seem entirely into the hug. Sasuke gingerly takes the microphone from Hashi and stands in front of Snowmantashi, a bit closer. He has a confident smile on his face that doesn’t quite border on arrogance but maybe there’s a hint of a patronizing grin in there. As for Snowmantashi, well, picture a white wall, there’s his expression.

    Nakamura, Sasuke: Jon-san… congratulations on winning the Yugi Ho Climax, and going on to beat Bulldog and become the NWAJP World Heavyweight Champion.

    Yakoshima, Toru: Can you imagine if Sasuke-san hadn’t been injured? He would have been the one facing Jon-san tonight, it could’ve been a totally different story. Or imagine if Sasuke-san had been in the Yugi Ho Climax?

    Takeshi, Kushaka: Let’s focus on the present, Toru-san.

    Sasuke offers his hand out for Snowmantashi to shake. There’s no hesitation, the champion shakes it instantly, with his veins bulging a bit, other than a widening grin, Sasuke doesn’t show a sign of pain.

    Nakamura, Sasuke: Now that you are NWAJP World Heavyweight Champion, now that you’ve finished celebrating, it’s time you readied yourself for your first challenger. At Wrestling Festival 2009, I, the Uncrowned Champion, the PERFECT STAR, the graduate from the A-DOJO versus Jon Snowmantashi, the Champion, the Yugi Ho Climax 3rd Winner, the turncoat from the A-DOJO.

    There’s venom in his last statement, and Snowmantashi frowns ever so lightly. He takes a step forward and Sasuke accepts the invitation and takes a step forward too.

    Nakamura, Sasuke: Hashi-senpai is right, you know nothing about honor. These people know you know nothing about honor. A man of honor DOES NOT TURN HIS BACK AGAINST THE MAN WHO MADE HIM WHO HE IS. A man of honor sticks by him no matter what, whether he is scum, or dirt, a man of honor sticks by those who’ve raised him. Through all the success I have had, through the tag team title reigns, through the two Yugi Ho Climax victories, through the World Heavyweight Champions, through the fame and the glory, I have stuck by Hashi-senpai, who gave me my first shot. And now, in honor of Hashi-senpai, in honor of all those people here today, I am reclaiming the NWAJP World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestling Festival 2009.

    He lowers his microphone and stares into the eyes of Snowmantashi. The champion lifts the microphone to his mouth all the while adjusting the championship he has on his shoulder once more.

    Snowmantashi, Jon: I think this is a great opportunity to prove who is the more honorable man of us two, Sasuke-san. You will carry the honor of Hashi-senpai to the Wrestling Festival, and I will carry the honor of the man who made me who I am, KAITADESU-senpai, and whoever’s honor stands stronger will win. I do not care if you are the Perfect Star. I do not care if these fans love you like their own mothers, and fathers. Every star dims eventually, Sasuke-san. Every star dies, even the brightest, even the perfect star, even the heart, the sun of the NWA of Japan, must die.

    Sasuke loses his confident grin, his chest heaving up and down. Snowmantashi lowers the microphone and the Perfect Star and the KAIJU stare into each other’s eyes. Shinsuke Hashi, tired of standing around, pushes Sasuke out of the way and spits in the face of Snowmantashi. The KAIJU’s eyes bulge and Sasuke knows better than to leave Shinsuke, fear stricken as he is, in front of the champion. He grabs him roughly and throws him past the crowd in the ring so he can unceremoniously roll outside. As soon as he turns around, he’s turned upside down with a crazed lariat. The man rolls around in pain and has to roll right out of the ring.

    Takeshi, Kushaka: Never has Sasuke-san ever backed down from a fight, but here he is, on his ass, Toru-san, looking up at Jon-san. Do you see his eyes? That’s recognition! That’s the knowledge that he is going into his greatest challenge.

    Yakoshino, Toru: I refuse to believe the Perfect Star will dim, Kushaka-san, not until a new star has truly come to take its place, not a monster. Not a monster.

    A Few Days before Global Collision -


    “Izaya-kun.” Snowmantashi said with a great deal less enthusiasm than should have been there. He did not much react to his younger brother forcing a hug. “Are mother and father here?”

    “No, we said our goodbyes friday, they’re in China on some conference.”

    He grunted. He didn’t quite mind not seeing them. Not for lack of love.

    “Are you sure it was a good idea coming here before your big match?”

    “All of my matches are big.” He stepped into the house looking around. There was once six full rooms here, with his youngest brother now leaving, there’d only be that of their parents, and yet, it still seemed as if an entire family still lived here. It still felt like home.

    “But this is bigger than usual, brother, you’re underestimating it. I studied a bit, there aren’t any bigger stars in the CWA than Krash and Cyrus Truth - I mean, short of Dan Maskell coming back.”

    Snowmantashi had the tiniest sliver of a grin. “He’d be a great man to fight with, he’d have a true desire to destroy me.”

    “You’re not serious are you?”

    “About what?”

    “This poetic getting destroyed or put to sleep nonsense. If you have a death wish, you should see a doctor.”

    Snowmantashi went into the first room to his right. There was a computer and an older big screen television there with a long crack running across it, he couldn’t remember how it happened. He flopped on the couch, worn from his overuse, and sat.

    “Not a death wish. I began all of this ten years ago.”

    “You can’t discount those first eight years.”

    “Fine, then eighteen years ago. I’ve fought all around the world, I’ve arrived in America, and here too, I’ve defeated the best, and I think I’ve run out of people to defeat.”

    “You still have Cyrus Truth. And you can always head over to FWA or maybe try Mexico again.”

    “Cyrus Truth.” He mulled the name over. “Once, perhaps, but he’s lost his way on the long and winding road he claims to travel by. I’ve invited every challenger and yet he has yet to step up.”

    “You know they call him the Last Dragon. You still have Krash to defeat. They’ve fought before. Allies and rivals. You want to get the Last Dragon’s eyes on you then you have to beat Krash.” He paused. “You know, I think you underestimate Krash. Cyrus Truth is dangerous, a lone warrior, he might claim to be CWA, but he isn’t, Krash is. He’s the heart of it. The passion. Krash is the man on the front of the poster. Cyrus Truth is the one with his back turned, he’s the dark force there, the guy who comes out when even the heart stops beating… that doesn’t mean Cyrus is better…” he struggles to say what he means, “They’re like two sides of the same coin. Krash is the coin I’d aspire to be.”

    Jon ignored the aspiration statement. “So, flip it, and you get the other side?” Defeat Krash and maybe Cyrus Truth emerges.

    “It’s not that easy.”

    “You don’t think I respect Krash? I do. I will never fill the role that Krash or Cyrus Truth have had in the CWA. That’s not my place to fill. When the tale of CWA comes to an end, they will always remember Krash and Cyrus Truth above all the other names but I won’t carry that same infamy with me.”

    “Then why are you looking past Krash?”

    “Krash will rise when faced with someone like Cyrus Truth, a man on the other side of the coin, or Austerio, or McGinnis…” he pauses for a second, “I’m not evil. He’s not fending off some great demon or beating back against an encroaching darkness. Krash fights a righteous battle and wins, this isn’t a righteous battle. This is one for glory. I don’t have a great motive for conquering the CWA, I do not wish to destroy it, I do not wish to watch it crumble, to debase the fans, or to bring it to ruination. If such happens, it’s merely as collateral to my breaking everyone there is to break. Krash returned in the hopes that I would fail against McGinnis and he would rise to the occasion, ready to do what he does best, defeat the great banes of CWA, but that is not what I am. There is nothing to make his heart beat faster against me. Unless Krash can turn his attention fully on one purpose, glory, and shed his personal valiant ethics, he cannot defeat me.”

    There’s a ring at the door before the discussion can go any further.

    “Were you expecting anyone?” Snowmantashi asks.

    Izaya looks away with hesitation. “Uncle.”

    Snowmantashi frowns and stands up, brushing past Izaya, unlocking the door and nearly slamming it open. He stands above a man, who, even nearly twenty years later, still portrays the image of a forgotten pimp. He looks up at Snowmantashi and frowns.


    “Shinsuke-kun,” Snowmantashi replies.

    “Will you let me in?”


    “I am here to convince your younger brother to reconsider training in America.”

    Snowmantashi grunts.

    “You yourself learned to wrestle here in Japan. You think he will be welcomed here if he learns his craft in America, you think they will accept him, do you see all these other gyms and the talent emerging there? They don’t need him - but if he stays, I can pave the way for him, he could make it to the NWA of Japan like you did, or SPJ.”

    “You wish to ride my family name into the revival of the Akuma Dojo?”

    Shinsuke snarls. “In the same vein that you rode my name into NWA of Japan. You can insult me all you want, but without me, you would have never gotten the opportunity. You were not born into this business, you did not care for it, but I gave you a chance in life where you had none, and now you are a star around the world, you owe me a debt, Jon-kun!”

    Snowmantashi steps outside of the house, forcing Shinsuke back.

    His uncle doesn’t stop there, even as he reluctantly steps off the porch. “The Akuma Dojo could have been up there with all the great gyms here, Sasuke was a star, if you had stuck by me, your blood, your trainer, you would have made us big, capable of competing against anyone else. Even the big money gyms. But you betrayed me. And then you destroyed the gym!” He spits to the ground spitefully.

    “You want to know the reason why Sasuke-san could never defeat me, not that first time, not ever again after?” Snowmantashi asks but his uncle says nothing. “Sasuke-san was more talented than I was, the Perfect Star even with the worst trainer, but that was just it, I had the greatest trainer, and had Sasuke-san even had a decent trainer, someone with a bit of knowledge, he may have defeated me. But he did not. He had you. And so he stood no chance.”

    Shinsuke clenches his fist but does nothing more than that. He tries to force a grin, the smile of a man who’s lost but demands the last word, the last punch, even if it’s futile. “You know you’re going to lose, right? You don’t think Uncle Shinsuke’s been paying attention to you? I do. I saw you toss around that McGinnis kid, I saw you push around that little girl Michelle, but when you had a real challenge, like that Steel Roulette, you lost. Here, you’ve got another real challenge, the CWA’s Ace. You’re underestimating him aren’t you? I know you are. You’ve always been arrogant. You always see yourself on a higher pedestal, you don’t really care about anyone else.” He catches his breath, undeterred by Snowmantashi’s stoic eyes. “You know, when you beat Sasuke-san, you broke the NWA of Japan. You think this is just an ordinary fight but it’s not. Krash-san is fighting against a man apathetic to anyone else, a man who wants to conquer, period, nothing more. That apathy will kill the CWA. If he knows this, he knows he needs to beat you.”

    Snowmantashi grunts. “Maybe you’re right then. Maybe Krash-san is fighting for something more than just victory, maybe he’s fighting to save CWA. Maybe at Global Collision I will see Krash-san at his very best. You could very well be right, Shinsuke-kun, for the first time in your life. I have been destroying CWA. McGinnis. Pain. Austerio. Shade. Enigma. Where are they all now? Have I killed Elijah Edwards’s quest for glory? Will Michelle ever attain the ambition that once lied within? Or have I killed it all in my apathy for their dreams and desires? I don’t know.” He smirks. A rarity. “And I don’t care. If in conquering every single hero in CWA, I break it, if in beating Krash, the CWA flatlines, then so shall it be. I won’t stop defeating and destroying these great warriors until there is one capable of destroying me.”

    The uncle is just further angered by all this, his fist tightening further.

    “That’s enough, uncle,” Izaya says. “I have made my decision and I’m going to train in America. Jon-san did not ask me to come learn there, I have. Japan’s dojos are a land of betrayal, politics, money and blood. I won’t distract myself with that, I am confident that I will rise above it all, above them all. If I return to Japan and must start at the bottom then I shall.” His uncle breaths heavily and begrudgingly nods. “You’re still dear to me, I shall make sure to call you from time to time.”

    His uncles fist open, and loosen. He exhales. “Then so it shall be. I wish you the best of luck, Izaya-kun.” He nods sternly to his other nephew and walks out of the front fenced yard to his car.
    “So,” Izaya said after a long silence. “You really think Sasuke-san would have beaten you with better training?”

    Snowmantashi scoffs. “No, I would still have broken him, and no matter what sort of spirit Krash-san brings to Global Collision, I will break him too.”

    Global Collision 2016, Pre-Show

    Michelle Kelly: I’d like to invite my next guest for the CWA Global Collision pre-show, he is our current CWA World Heavyweight Champion, the KAIJU, Jon SNOWMANTASHI!”

    Michelle Kelly sits at a set with the arena behind her. Jon Snowmantashi enters the set and we find out why there’s a third seat when John Duncan is in tow, taking the seat between the champion and the pre-show’s host.

    Michelle Kelly: It was only a bit over a year ago when you made your debut Jon. You were lauded as a star from the land of the rising sun and you quickly rose to prominence, to become a World Heavyweight Champion in just a few short months, here we are today, and you’re already a two time champion. But tonight, some are saying you’re facing your biggest challenge yet, perhaps the biggest match you have here in the US, you are facing Krash in a once in a lifetime match between the beating heart of CWA and the KAIJU.

    John Duncan clears his throat and leans into the microphone.

    John Duncan: Michelle, you would be correct in saying this is a once in a lifetime match… but it’s not the once in a lifetime match anyone really wants. You see, Krash has been on life support since he left us all that time ago. He isn’t the same beating heart he once was. Krash is a lamb on his way to slaughter.

    Kelly looks obfuscated so Duncan is quick to raise a hand to calm her down.

    John Duncan: I understand, you want to antagonize me for what I just said. I just belittled a legend here in the CWA. I respect Krash. I admire him. I have a little kid who has a great deal of Krash action figures. But we all saw what happened to Krash. He was broken and… he still is broken and now we’re putting him against a man… who breaks people? It’s just not sensible. I’m not speaking for Jon-lad here, I’m speaking from my own point of view. This match should not be happening.

    Michelle Kelly: Krash is a three time tag team champion! A Five Star Attraction tournament winner. He’s won the Wrestle Royale. His one championship reign is longer than Jon Snowmantashi’s two so far combined. You need to regard him as a true challenge, not a dying legend.

    John Duncan sighs.

    John Duncan: A few weeks ago, when Jon-lad declared he was going to defend his championship in the Ruler of the Ring tournament, and then cited his desire to find an opponent fitting to send him floating away on his burning double-wide boat, everyone was confused. He wants to lose? They asked.

    He pauses.

    John Duncan: I think, there comes a point where everyone who steps into that ring asks themselves why they do it. Some say its for money. Fame. The crowd. But it’s not. They do it for one reason, glory. Cyrus Truth has been preaching that forever. And he’s been right. They do it for glory. They do it to be the very best. To beat and beat and beat and win and win and win. But you can’t do this forever. This isn’t an eternal battle. It’s a long and winding road, yes, but that road ends for everyone. What Cyrus Truth misses and what Jon Snowmantashi understands is that there’s only one way that road can end, by finding someone who can do deeper down that road than you. It’s why we pass the torch. It’s why sometimes bitter legends, those legends pushed from that road, from that mountain, it’s why they often speak with venom in their words for those who’ve long surpassed what was once greatness to set a new standard. And, I think, and Jon-lad agrees with this… Krash has met the person who will let him fall, truly fall, and he wants that glorious defeat, that’s why he returned. I just wished he hadn’t.

    Michelle Kelly: You think Krash wants to lose tonight, in the main event for the CWA World Heavyweight Champion?

    Michelle Kelly is both bemused and disbelieving, almost scoffing at what Duncan’s saying. Jon Snowmantashi puts a hand to John Duncan, and Duncan easily yields.

    Jon Snowmantashi: You’ve listed out Kurasshu-san’s accomplishments. He has done everything that needs to be done in CWA, and then, he was hurt. And he disappeared. The beating heart of CWA stopped beating. But deep down inside, he could not walk away as it was, even knowing, he had no need to return. But he returned nonetheless. First, to combat Makuginisu-kun’s young boy club, because he had an obligation to protect CWA, but then he saw me put an end to that threat. And I believe he realized that the real reason he returned was for an honorable defeat, he seeks what I seek. A greater man to send me off into the endless night. He seeks the greatest battle of his career and there is no one who can offer him such, no one but me. But Kurasshu-san isn’t the one who will gift me my great final battle, and I do not know if I am destined to wage my war forever or if I will ever find someone worthy, but it will not be Kurasshu-san.

    He looks to Michelle Kelly, with the slightest bit of sympathy.

    Jon Snowmantashi: For years, Kurasshu-san has been a hero here in CWA. Where you had the dark, all too serious Sairasu-san, you had Kurasshu-san smiling and happy, the beating heart, the true star of the show. I have watched you smiling, Misheru-san, every time you have the opportunity to speak with Kurasshu-san. I have watched the people outside watch with glee, as the beloved man gave them everything they’d forgotten since Makuginisu-kun’s betrayal. A true hero to stand behind. I have even stood at his side, carried by his warmth before war with the young boys club. And now, Kurasshu-san’s given me the unfortunate task of breaking all those smiles, of turning the warmth into a cold wasteland. Kurasshu-san could have given me a valiant battle had I arrived three years earlier before he came a broken man, a battle to be long etched in memory. But at Global Collision, I am fighting a broken man, not the one who stood at the peak of the mountain for half a year, I am facing a man who will never climb to that peak again. This broken man, I will break him further. I will end Kurasshu-san. I will stop the beating heart from beating any longer.

    He stands up, championship on his shoulders.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I hope you’ve had your last moments of bliss with Kurasshu-san, I hope he has given you one last bit of warmth. When he walks down that isle again, another opportunity at the CWA World Heavyweight Champion he covets, I hope that confident, light smile he has fills everyone else with one last bout of warmth, the warmer the better.

    He’s done talking to Michelle now. Instead, he looks at the camera. Duncan looks dejected sitting at his side.

    Jon Snowmantashi: When that bell rings, I will bring Kurasshu-san to his tragic end. I have destroyed every single great warrior that has stepped in my way. Purinzu Itami, Enigma, Makuginisu, Osutereo, there are only two great warriors left, only two last bastions to represent the glorious CWA of old, Sairaisu-san and Kurasshu-san. Tonight, I will have to destroy the latter, the beating heart of CWA. When I came to America, I came to beat the great warriors, when I destroyed the young boys club, it wasn’t to uphold the CWA, it was because they stood in my way of facing the greater warriors. I do not care for CWA. All that interest me is breaking the best it has to offer. I am a force of nature, with a singular goal, to break everything before me until I am faced with one who is capable of breaking me and Kurasshu-san, this broken man, once great, now no longer, he will not be the one to do it. At Global Collision, one of the last heroes fall. And I await to see if anyone will step forward, I await to see if I will awake in the last people left here, someone great enough to stare me down, and send me to my own good sleep.

    He adjusts the belt and sighs himself.

    Jon Snowmantashi: And if there was not one worthy, I will destroy everyone here until there is no one left.

    OOC: Decided to return a bit to the root of my earlier RP's. Went though my older stuff, and even some of McGinnis so I could better revisit Snowmantashi's past. Though this one focused on the match at hand in its connection, I'd like to tell a longer term story with future iterations.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi


    “Please kick out!” 2… 3! The sound blasts through the house and Izaya hurriedly brings it to a mute but the sound of footsteps warns him that it was a futile effort. Jon comes in to the room wearing a bathrobe though he makes no great effort cover himself up. His eyes narrow as he looks between the muted visuals of Michelle von Horrowitz caressing the then High Voltage Championship (now it was something like the Worldwide High Voltage Champion - though he would confess to not knowing if Nate Savage had retained that name or brought it back to its more humble and modest origins) and his brother’s innocent smile.

    “You’re up early,” Izaya tries.

    Snowmantashi just grunts.

    “If you won’t study your opponent and your partner, then I may as well for you,” and he gives up on his charade quickly enough.

    “There’s nothing to study. I’ve beaten Misheru-kun before and I have teamed with LIGHTBRINGER as well, though he wasn’t called that and he was practically a young boy then.”

    “Exactly! He’s grown. The man’s practically a hero now.”

    Snowmantashi frowns. “This is the one you young boys look up to now? What has he done? He left Japan before he could climb its mountaintop and now he proves he isn’t even ready to beat the best here. He is not much of a man to aspire to be.”

    “That’s no slight against you.” Izaya laughs. “You know better than anyone you’re not very inspirational. You just go out there, fight, and you leave. LIGHTBRINGER has the whole reputation of the STRONG STYLE DOJO behind him, he’s daring!”

    “Disrespectful some would say.”

    “He made a name for himself.”

    “If I slapped a man, I’d be prepared to beat him soon after, not run off halfway across the world. He’s not ready to face me.”

    “But you’re not facing him, you two are teaming. You won’t fare well if you can’t trust your partner. You know you don’t do quite well in a tag team matches, at least not since you and McGinnis decided to break up.”

    Snowmantashi’s chest heaves up and down.

    “I fight for myself, I don’t need anyone else by my side. This match is of no consequence, one well knows that if you step into the ring with me, with no one behind each other’s backs, you’ll do well to be able to defeat me. Misheru-kun learned that well. I’m sure you’ve watched it all, she did a great deal to emerge victorious over my teams, so did Makuginisu-kun, but when it came down to just the two of us, as it must ultimately become if you want to lay claim on my mountaintop, then history has and will continue to favor me. You have the tapes of me beating them both, don’t you.”

    “Don’t be so stubborn, brother. Michelle has grown since.”

    “In arrogance, no doubt.”

    “Aside from Cyrus Truth, some people say she’s the best bet to take that championship from you. She wouldn’t have lost the High Voltage championship if it wasn’t for LIGHTBRINGER.”

    “Another reason my partner is dishonorable. Here’s a lesson for you I must impart, you never interfere in another person’s war, no matter the personal grudge you might bear. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to have your vengeance and the correct confines of a ring, you and your opponent, just as I had after Misheru-kun attacked me, and just as I had when Makuginisu-kun escaped twice from my grasp, when it came down to it, the ultimate vengeance belong to me, and it was captured rightfully. This is why I brought you to America. I don’t want you to learn from these dojos, they’re arrogant, and they go against the very values they should be instilling in you. You’ve watched the FWA, you’ve seen the actions of a man like KAIZEN, and certainly I don’t need to remark upon the actions of LIGHTBRINGER any further. They have no honor and no respect. And that is why there is one man who has achieved greater success coming from Japan to America, and there is one man who can currently claim to be World Champion.”

    His brother chuckles, humbly. “I went along with you, don’t condemn me. But some say it’s only a matter of time before KAIZEN takes the FWA World Heavyweight Championship from Cyrus Truth, and then your statement won’t hold much water?”

    “Nonsense. If KAIZEN defeats Cyrus Truth it’s because he has renegged on his past ways and now sees the true road forward, the same I have taken. He’s remembered what honor and respect means. You’ve seen his wars with his recent opponents, though I would not have shown the same pity he shows his opponents, I believe that is where he still lacks a bit of respect. Respect, after all, comes in many forms.”

    “So you do watch other people fight.”

    “Of course, I must seek those capable of usurping me from the mountaintop and if KAIZEN can truly attain the Royal Road then he’ll do well against me. LIGHTBRINGER, however, is far removed from that path.” He pauses. “Tell me, you’ve watched enough of the pair, do you truly think KAIZEN will beat Cyrus Truth.” There was a hidden tone of disappointment in that idea.

    “I think you know well enough that when you reach that level, it becomes anyone’s game. You really do want Cyrus Truth?”

    “Once upon a time, Cyrus Truth had the greatest legacy to conquer here, but he’s gone to war in the FWA and I find his legacy has been soiled with endless defeats to men below him, men I would never allow to conquer me. It’s not because I find myself wrestling without the gold on the line that I will lower my efficiency, I could never allow that. This gold, rather it’s on the line or not, will not effect my desire for victory.”

    “He’s still the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, you may place great power in being able to emerge victorious in every single encounter, but others look upon that gold plated belt, and that is enough for them.”
    “If he’s able to defeat me, then that’ll be enough as well. But if he finds himself facing off against these self-crowned warriors and failing to win, then I don’t believe he’ll fare well against a man who defeats true-crowned warriors. I must admit to my excitement however, I have been here for well over a year, and I have waited patiently for a chance to test my mettle against the most prideful man in the world, a furious warrior who knows what it takes to wage war more than anyone else. And yet, I do not think this warrior will attempt to test his value against me, I believe he’ll bide his time until we truly go to war, it’s inevitable now.”

    “You wouldn’t be wrong, after Krash, you’ve got to wonder who else CWA has to throw on you. LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle will no doubt try to dethrone you once they’ve gotten past each other, the question is who wins.”

    Hmm. “Michelle, I believe. She’s come closest to utmost glory, and once one tastes it, one can’t help but do everything to taste it again. I am only disappointed she chose the easy path, self-titling herself on my level, instead of marching up to me and asking for another opportunity. Perhaps she fears me. Behind and below all those bitter words, maybe she does not believe she can defeat me, that would be greatly unfortunate and in that sense, LIGHTBRINGER may be the man I’ll have to humble next.”

    “And you’ll take great pleasure in that.”

    “Incredible pleasure. If it’s as you say and all the young boys aspire to be like him then it is time I show all these young boys what LIGHTBRINGER’s methods bring him. He believes being a showman will render him a star, and it has, but I have always valued glory over stardom. And I assure you, if I ever stepped into Super Puro Japan, I would’ve humbled all its warriors.”

    “You don’t know how many people would have loved to see The Red King versus the KAIJU.”

    “Ah, another man who prides being a showman and idolatry over glory. He wouldn’t have lasted too long.”

    “He might emerge from retirement to hear you say that.”

    “If he did, he would not return to retirement in such healthy conditions.”

    “Maybe you should be looking at things differently. You once teamed with LIGHTBRINGER, as you were rising, he knows better than most how much you’ve grown, this is a chance to show him what it’s like fighting as you fight.”

    He thinks about it. “You know, some would say that these Dojos war against each other because of misunderstandings. I don’t believe so. A man like LIGHTBRINGER enjoys their little drama-plays, these little wars they wage brings them delight, it distracts them, it distracts everyone else. Even here, removed from the politics of Japan, you can see LIGHTBRINGER and KAIZEN ready to come forth and fight once more. You saw it at the last show, KAIZEN sought him as an opponent instead of reaching for a greater glory, instead of facing me. I don’t believe KAIZEN is humble enough to have chosen this because he was afraid. He isn’t afraid. He’s a confident man. But he was distracted by these pathetic wars. Did you want to end up as these men are? Yes, they’ll be remembered long after, but a true legacy, one remarked for it’s dominance and tyranny, when they speak of a great champion, unbeatable and indomitable, the unmovable mountain, they will speak of me.”

    “Sometimes I wonder if you’re not an egomaniac yourself.’

    Snowmantashi flashes a summer-lightning smile, rarely does he gift those without food on the table. “I am an egomaniac. LIGHTBRINGER and KAIZEN are far too distracted by others to be as such. But I focus on myself, and conquering. The greatest warriors are egomaniacs. And those able to blend their showmanship and glory, are egomaniacs as well. You believe Cyrus Truth walked his long and winding road all alone without being an egomaniac? I would implore you to rethink it. Cyrus Truth has deluded himself into thinking the smaller wars don’t matter but he’s wrong. When we step in the ring to meet, and we exchange fists, he will find and feels a force he has never faced before on his long and winding road. He will see the greatest obstacle on that road but he will also see a sliver forward, that is LIGHTBRINGER. But after our encounter, as he continues down the long and winding road, he will begin to notice something in the far distance.” Snowmantashi’s eyes glimmer with self-assurance. “He will see that at some point, his long and winding road ends. There is an obstacle there, it is the final obstacle, the last obstacle. It’s an obstacle he will not be able to overcome. That’s me. Me and him. One on one. No other distractions. No one else. Eventually he will not be able to avoid it. No one will. And I will finally put an end to his long and winding road. In me, he will finally find someone who has tasted glory and is willing to do even more for it, than he ever was.”

    His brother stands. “Careful brother, if you defeat Cyrus, who else will be left to dethrone you.”

    Snowmantashi stands too and pats his brother on the shoulder a bit too hard. “If you learn well enough, you’ll be in the best position to do it. Now go sleep, tomorrow we’ll begin training.”

    His brother is a bit distraught by that statement but Jon is already gone. He turns around to see Snowmantashi making his entrance at the main event of King’s Reign Supreme, moments before he would utterly vanquish Jonathan McGinnis and emerge once more the one King Reigning Supreme.

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    “Shawn Summers… who is he?” Snowmantashi had said in response when an agent had come to him and his ‘entourage’ in their locker room. The man whose identity remained a mystery to Snowmantashi, had ordered his presence in the ring for an announcement and he’d been informed via Noah Hanson's aide that he had no choice.

    “He has the right to challenge for any championship in the CWA.”

    Snowmantashi frowned. “And so he wants me there to tell me he will challenge for the mountain-top? That goes without being said. Who wins a prize for any prize, and goes for anything but the grandest prize? A coward. Surely, this man who has won this right, is no coward.”

    “He hasn’t decided yet. He will also have the High Voltage champion and the Tag Team champions out to hear his decision.”

    His frown sank deeper. Snowmantashi did not like farces, and this was a farce, of that he had no doubt.

    The four men headed to the ring. Nate Savage, a man after Snowmantashi’s own heart, though egotistical and rash, had his High Voltage gold, having survived Michelle von Horrowitz to retain it. He did not think Nate would have held the gold had LIGHTBRINGER not shed his honor and cost Michelle the match. Personally, Snowmantashi had hoped that Michelle’s ego would lead her to declare the Worldwide High Voltage belt over his own World Heavyweight championship. Had she done that, she would have no choice but to prove it firsthand, and he had quite enjoyed their first brutal encounter.

    There, as well, were the Connor Brothers without the new addition, the sister, who seemed to have more potential than either of the twins. They held their tag team gold nonchalantly, well aware that no one had the heart to challenge them. They held their belts not because they were greater than everyone else but because there was no one else to contest them for it. They were pathetic champions. He knew that if he had found an ally here, perhaps if LIGHTBRINGER had taken his eyes off Michelle, or McGinnis not fallen to darkness, then he could force the Connor Brothers to relinquish what they held so dearly. But that is neither here nor there. They were still good competitors, held back by the other, the Ruler of the Ring had proved which of the two was currently superior, but neither one had fought long enough without the other to ever pose a sincere threat to his own gold.

    After these momentary gazes, his eyes gazed with indifference at the man walking down the ramp. The greatest warriors are all egotistical, he had told his younger brother, but the weakest warriors are just as such. He could not yet tell which this man was. The man, Shawn Summers, looked at each one of them, Snowmantashi leveled him with a gaze. Snowmantashi wasn’t a very intimidating man. None of the four in the ring were all that intimidating to begin with. Here, Shawn Summers looked like a true star among the flabs of Snowmantashi and Savage and the boyish looks of the Echo. He was an Adonis next to his peers. And yet, he was the man who did not hold the gold. The man seeking to lay out a challenge.

    But this was all a farce, a pathetic one.

    Snowmantashi could have spoken out. Taken the microphone from his hands and dared him to oppose him. But he did not. He knew the outcome. Shawn Summers would challenge him. Else he was nothing but a coward. And Shawn Summers had an ego, he would not abide being known as a coward. Summers belittled the roster, angering everyone in the back, but Snowmantashi wasn’t angered. He spoke truthfully. When Snowmantashi had arrived, talent laid at every corner: Austerio, Enigma, Prince Pain, Jonathan McGinnis, Shade, Craig Owens. None of them remained.

    He gripped his title. Not for fear. A silent message. He’d have to pry the belt out of his hands, truly, if he wanted to be hailed as a God King. The farce continued. He built the anticipation that wasn’t at all there. Every single person in the arena knew who would remain in the ring to accept his decision. Nate Savage and The Connor Brothers, for all their egos, knew what was to come as well. The anticipation was, in truth, non-existent. A fake feeling. The God King was a fake too, Snowmantashi couldn’t help but observe.

    The God King pulled out a pair of belts he’d once held. The High Voltage championship. The Tag Team championship. And he tossed it at the feet of Nate Savage and The Echo. The bag was empty now. His declaration of war began.

    Snowmantashi smirked internally. This would be his declaration of war.

    The crack echoed off the microphone. Summers stumbled onto his ass. Blood rushed down his nose. He hurried to his feet but men in black suits had swarmed the ring and stood between the pair, focused on holding back a furious Shawn Summers. Snowmantashi allowed a smirk to remain on his face as he nonchalantly stepped out of the ring and marched up the ramp, the championship on his shoulder, Shawn Summer’s curses behind him. The God King wanted his attention, now he had it.


    “Doesn’t he remind you of someone?” Izaya, his younger brother, asked. They were squat against a plain wall, it had been a day since his match at Wrestle Royale had been laid out.

    Snowmantashi said nothing. He knew where this was going.

    “You’ve faced a self-proclaimed God before.”

    “Everyone calls himself a God,” he said with no irony in his voice. He wore a shirt with an endless set of names. On it, both “God” and “Godslayer” were threaded plain to see. He too, called himself a God once, a God of Death. Duncan had hailed him proudly as the God within the CWA. And he had never opposed that statement. Everyone was a God in their own eyes, and at once, the exact opposite.

    “But no one so proudly as Jonathan McGinnis.” There, he said it. “The Indy God. First time you faced him in CWA was at Wrestle Royale, for the CWA World Heavyweight championship, and you beat him. You feeling confident?”

    “Makuginisu-kun did not make it easy. This man, Shon Samazu-kun, he has talent like Makuginisu-kun.”

    “A day ago, you didn’t even know who he was!” Izaya-kun was aghast. This meant that his brother had done his research on Shawn Summers. It went said, that Snowmantashi rarely ever looked up his opponents. In his early days, he had declared that he was a mastodon, and thus, he had little to worry about changing up strategies, every man he faced, without exception, was smaller than him. Shawn Summers was merely an addition to that list. A physical specimen in a way no one that he had faced before was, save maybe Prince Pain, but still a smaller man. Summers hadn’t wrestled in two years. With the exception of his recent appearances, he could not have formed a complete opinion of the man in such a short span of time unless he had gone back to watch his old contests.

    “Beyond Shon Samazu-kun, I see Sairaisu Truth-san, and beyond him, I do not know what I see, I do not know if I will overcome, or if I won’t overcome Sairaisu Truth-san. But, history and destiny, they are not set in stone. I’ve defied people’s so-called destinies, their dreams, their goals, I’ve done that time and time again. Misheru-kun should have ushered in a revolution, but she could not defeat me. Makuginisu-kun should have shrouded the CWA in darkness, but instead I sent him spiraling down his own darkness. And Kurashu-san. He should have finished his grand return, but now, he is truly broken. Not just physically, but inside as well. It’s my fault I did not end him permanently. Now he wanders like a husk, a shell. I should have another chance to break that shell and set him free.” He puffs, noticing he has been distracted from what he intended on saying. “Though I see past Shon Samazu-kun, that is no guarantee that I will defeat him. I have learned that in my own past defeats. Makuginisu-kun vanquished me twice, before I could achieve victory. Shon Samazu-kun has no illusion that he will win. He is confident. Overly so. I cannot allow myself to lose as a result of a simple mistake. A snake is nothing to a an elephant. But if it strikes at the right moment, it can fall such a giant with ease. I cannot allow Shon Samazu-kun to strike me at the right moment because I refused to acknowledge him. The horizon draws close, and I will not allow myself to falter now. Shon Samazu-kun will not be the one to bring me to a knee. I cannot kneel to him.”

    “Then you’re well aware of his style in the ring. You’d think McGinnis patterned himself after him. Canadians, technical wrestlers, acumen for mixed martial arts. Give McGinnis a dose of performance enhancers, and he’d even have the same body.” Izaya grunted as his thighs began to burn. “You know they have him doing a lot of drug tests to make sure he’s clean. Gets you to wonder, what of what he’s done, is legitimate, doesn’t it?”

    “It doesn’t,” Snowmantashi replied. He did not waver. Despite all of his weight, he was firm and tree-like in his refusal to budge an inch. “He defeated Sairaisu Truth-san, how he did it does not matter. I will not begrudge Makuginisu-kun because he defeated me with the help of a demonic structure, nor will I refuse him his victory because he had the aid of his young boys to help him, so why should I begrudge Shon Samazu-kun for his own means of enhancing himself. They say a King, or a God, or both, they are beyond reproach, so why shall I reproach him? I won’t. Shon Samazu-kun defeated Sairaisu Truth-san and so he deserves my every attention, Sairaisu Truth-san will have to wait. But know, it does not matter means he uses to enhance himself, I won't relinquish my title to him.”

    “Brother, I think if he faces the full brunt of your attention, he won’t fare too well, physically, or emotionally.”

    “Now, why do I need an ego when I have you to swell my confidence for me?”

    His brother chuckled.

    “He has one thing going for him, Izaya-kun. Shon Samazu-kun specializes in a single art, the art of submission.”

    Every CWA fan remembered January 3rd, 2014. Shawn Summers stood in the ring opposite of Cyrus Truth. Summers had taken from Cyrus a chance to main event Five Star Attraction for the golden belt he was now challenging for. Then too, Shawn Summers had declared it the start of his new era. No longer would he be held down, he’d stated, as he was stating now. No one would hold him down. He dueled with Cyrus Truth, and met the Journey’s End with bravado, a lifted arm just as the crowd stood to celebrate another victory with Cyrus. It wasn’t meant to be. It was almost faithful that Summers avoided Cyrus’s “Screw Your Destiny”, as if in answer replying that his destiny was paramount. When it came down to it. It was. Truth could do nothing as he was locked in the Alpha Male Guillotine Choke, helpless even as he pounded Summers to the floor, as his body and conscious both faded, he met the end of his own journey. The Era of Shawn Summers had begun.

    But had it? Summers soon disappeared. Just as quickly as his era had begun. It had ended. A momentous victory tossed aside like dirt. Just as his reign as High Voltage champion had been. Just as his reign as Tag Team Champion had been.

    He had proved, however, that he could make a man like Cyrus Truth fall to him in submission. There was no reason why he could not make Jon Snowmantashi submit. Calling him a technical mastermind was no hyperbole.

    “You’ve never tapped out in your entire life. You really think he can make it happen?”

    “Sairaisu Truth-san did not tap out to him. You do not need to tap out to lose by submission. The body has a will of its own. Just as I succumbed to obscurity three times before. To Osuterio-kun, and to Makuginisu-kun twice, I can very well submit to it as well, against Shon Samazu-kun, if I am not weary and aware of what he shall try to do. In truth, it’s not his guillotine choke that I revere, but his ankle lock.” He avoided calling it ‘The Best F’n Ankle Lock Period.’ An extravagant name that no doubt remained a mouthful for commentators whether it deserved to be called as such or not. Izaya-kun nodded with appreciation at that. It was not a maneuver that he relied on to truly bring him victory like the Alpha Male but against Snowmantashi it would be a great deal more useful than the guillotine choke. Snowmantashi had near one hundred pounds on Cyrus Truth. Keeping him down for any length of time with the Alpha Male was a tough task, and when you factor in the dead weight on you then you’re risking a pin fall position yourself. “I have faced many people who have relied on targeting my ankles or my knee to keep me down. They believe that will make my power useless if I cannot stand to use it. And they are wise in that idea but they are never able to take that to its full breadth. If Shon Samazu-kun is truly a technician then he will know how to target my leg in ways no man or woman I have faced thus far, knew how. And he will know the right moment to put on that ankle lock so that I must decide between living to fight another day, or losing the usage of my ankle.”

    Izaya-kun dropped from the squat, breathing heavily and laying his arms on his knees. Snowmantashi did not budge an inch, nor did he bestow judgment on his younger brother. “I can’t imagine you’ll sacrifice your pride to live another day?”

    Snowmantashi flashed a grin. Izaya-kun knew well enough the answer to that question. “My body may succumb to darkness but my heart, and my mind, they never will. I do not hesitate when I state that my opponent shall have to destroy me, permanently, if they wish to defeat me. If I lose my leg in the process then I will fight with one leg until they achieve the challenge I have set before them. I do not care for living to fight another day. I’ve lived a long time. I’ve had many other days. I will accept defeat when defeat forces me to accept it, and not any other time.”

    It would be wrong to say Snowmantashi had never tapped out. He had. Once. The only fortune was that it had never been broadcasted on television, though a few DVDs flowed around the market, and if you looked hard enough, you could certainly find a clip of it on the internet. This was sometime after he had made his return in 2006, at NWA: Japan’s New Genesis show to defeat the veteran, Yugi Ho, and retire him.

    After his victory, a great shadow had been cast upon him. Some were still skeptical that he was the same lazy man he had been before his return, and others were spiteful that he had ended the career of a legend. He’d been sent away to both prove himself and let the animosity come to a standstill. His first stop had been in Germany where he’d fought successfully in Eastside Xtreme Wrestling’s 24 Carat Diamond tournament. This was the early days of eXw and no one had paid much mind to his victory in what would become a hallmark tournament in Indy wrestling in later years.

    His second stop was in England where he would appear at BREAKTHROUGH Wrestling’s SUBMIT OR DIE: DAY TWO event. He had missed the first night because of travel issues. He had also missed the opening match. David Wolfe, a man who proudly wore the Union Jack and represented everything of the older days of catch-as-can wrestling in England, had broken his opponent’s leg. The man he’d faced had plied his trade in the seedier parts of California and his ego prevented him from tapping out. He’d fought through countless deathmatches, had thousands of thumbtacks removed from his back at some point or another. To lose to a man like David Wolfe, who only struck him to make it a point of shaming him, and who did not draw a single drop of blood from him, was a disgrace. He couldn’t tap to him. Now he would be sidelined for a year recovering.

    Snowmantashi had watched with a snort as David Wolfe, in a cockney accent, berated the KAIJU from Japan. He advised him to return home, or keep his train going elsewhere because if he entered that ring, and brought his King’s Road to a clash with his catch-as-can, then he would see that catch-as-can would be victorious. Snowmantashi narrowed his eyes as the camera caught him walking by when Wolfe made the threat. He said nothing and continued walking by amidst a barrage of insults he did not much understand at the time.

    The eXw 24 Carat Diamond tournament was still enough of a landmark achievement across Western Europe though it meant little elsewhere. As such, there was respect for Snowmantashi and Wolfe was quite cautious. Wolfe was the sort to utilize every means possible to win, but that did not hinder the fact that he was skilled. When the referee wizened to his behavior, he relied on pure skill. He knew the perfect time to trip up Snowmantashi, and his occasional strikes were pin point and precise where he wanted it. Whenever Snowmantashi was down, Wolfe would wrap around Snowmantashi’s leg like a snake and sap all the energy from it in a variety of painful locks, twists, clutches and holds.

    Snowmantashi, undeterred, had climbed to the top rope for his moonsault but was shaky on his vertical base and unable to get a firm stance. It was enough time for Wolfe to clip his leg, sending him dropping on the turnbuckle on the back of both legs and tumbling off it. Wolfe, with a wolf’s snarl, locked Snowmantashi into the figure four lock and wrenched. He slammed himself to the mat back first to add more pain, twisted and pushed up further. He bridged to add more pain. Snowmantashi was at the edge of his tears. He remembered talk of the californian’s defeat. He cursed in Japanese. He had waited a year to make his return, he would not wait another year recovering. He’d sacrifice his pride today, so that one day in the future, faced with the same outcome, he’d emerge the victor. He swore to himself, he would not submit to such pain again.

    And at Wrestle Royale, he knew that this personal vow no one else knew of, would be tested.


    The odds of who would win the CWA World Championship match were a lot more even than one might expect. Many were under the impression that Cyrus Truth would win the Wrestle Royale and face off against Shawn Summers at Five Star Attraction. It would be a rematch from their faithful encounter in 2014 and a shot at Cyrus Truth redeeming himself or Shawn Summers truly entering CWA into the God King era. That isn’t to say there wasn’t money in Jon Snowmantashi defeating Shawn Summers (a man not yet seen as reliable) and defending against Cyrus Truth. Snowmantashi had not yet lost without controversy in a singles match since his debut in 2015 and Cyrus Truth was the reigning FWA Undisputed Champion and always the spine of CWA. To assure Snowmantashi’s legacy, he would have to defeat Cyrus Truth. And for Cyrus Truth, the only next stop on his journey was Snowmantashi. As such, Vegas would see a great deal of bids on the outcome of that match but most were confident that Cyrus Truth would win the Wrestle Royale (perhaps underestimating LIGHTBRINGER, Michelle von Horrowitz, among others, in the process).

    Snowmantashi wasn’t a big fan of tradition or order. He was a fan of spontaneity and surprise. Las Vegas was very much a place he could take comfort in. But for reasons his own, he had decided to allow a new tradition to begin this year. In the darkened arena, there were two seats, a long couch and a single seat one. On the single seat one is Doc Adams, a longtime cherished voice in the CWA. On the left is Jon Snowmantashi.

    It had been a year since the two sat together to talk. It was in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan then. Snowmantashi was anticipating his first encounter with Jonathan McGinnis after he had earned the right to challenge the ‘Indy God’ for his CWA World Heavyweight champion. Now, Doc Adams sat with him again in a similar situation, this time, he had the gold around his waist, and he was the one hosting a challenge.

    “In less than twelve hours, the T-Mobile Arena will be packed to the brim with nearly twenty thousand CWA fans come here to watch twenty men toss each other over the rope until only one of them is left standing for a shot at…” he gestures to the gold belt on Snowmantashi’s shoulder, “that prize. But as of yet, we do not know who they will be challenging for that prize, it could very well be the man sitting next to me, Jon Snowmantashi, or it could be the man challenging him on this night as well, the God King… Shawn Summers.” He pauses, a practiced timely pause done a million times. Though his interviews are sparse nowadays, he’s never lost his touch. “Jon, thanks for allowing me this interview.” Snowmantashi nods respectfully. “A year ago, we sat here, and we talked about your match against Jonathan McGinnis. You were unequivocally clear that at Wrestle Royale 2015, you would defeat Jonathan McGinnis and become the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. At Wrestle Royale 2015… you defeated Jonathan McGinnis and became a CWA World Heavyweight Champion.” He nods his head, the admiration sinking in. He once thought he saw arrogance in this man, but he knows better. “My first question is very simple… will you beat Shawn Summers at Wrestle Royale 2016 and retain your CWA World Heavyweight championship?”


    The arena is empty and so there is nothing but silence as viewers at home watching the interview await the answer. Snowmantashi does not smile. “Yes,” he says firmly. “Shon Samazu-kun calls himself God King. I have beaten a man who calls himself God before: Makuginisu-kun. I do not fear his title. A God has only power on those who fear it. I fear no entity. A King has only power on those who acknowledge it. I acknowledge no power over me.”

    Doc Adams nods. There isn’t the shock he had last year at such certainty. “As with every other fan of the CWA. I have watched this past year with awe. You defeated Jonathan McGinnis at Wrestle Royale 2015 and have not looked back. You found a hitch in the road, but even with the numbers against you and no ally at your side, you ended the threat of the Indy Club, a threat to not only yourself, but this company and this business as a whole. And as a fan of the CWA and professional wrestling, I do sincerely thank you for that. Along the road you’ve beaten the Connor brothers, Elijah Edwards, Michelle von Horrowitz, and even the Beating Heart of the CWA… Krash. Now Shawn Summers returns and he is staking a siege at your mountain top. Are you at all worried about your reign?”

    “No,” again, with absolute certainty. “Shon Samazu-kun believes this company needs him. It needs him only for one reason, to delay the inevitable, I will have Sairaisu Truth-san at my mercy. He is right. CWA is not as it was before. Countless men and women have risen to challenge me and my throne, and they have all plummeted to the distant beyond, to be forgotten and discarded. They now wander at its base, broken shells of what they once were. And I patiently await the next person to climb it. They do not seek to rise again because they know I will have no mercy. I will break them.” He had said that. He had said he would break everyone. That the sole reason he was going to defeat McGinnis was to await the greatest challengers and break them. And he had broken them. “Shon Samazu-kun will find out the true reason why this company is no longer what it once was… no one can overcome me. They’ve lost faith, and they’ve lost…” his thoughts flicker for a moment to King’s Reign, “heart.”

    Doc Adams frowns gently. “Are you saying you’re hurting the CWA?”

    “The FWA prospers now. They see Sairaisu Truth-san, a man who has proven himself beatable here and there, countless times, and they see an opportunity at true glory. They see me, and it is like walking into hell, there is no way out. There is no potential for glory here. Anyone who challenges me, loses heart and fades. Where is Makuginisu-kun? Purinzu Itami-kun. What has happened to the heart of the CWA… what has happened to Kurashu-kun? Does anyone think he will find his heart again and win the Resura Rowaiyaru? I do not think so. They think LIGHTBRINGER may win, because he has not yet felt my wrath personally. They believe Sairaisu Truth-san may win, because he is the last beacon in the CWA to stand. They do not think Misheru-kun will win, she fears her crusade will die with certainty should she win it a second time and see history repeat itself at Go Suta Attorakushon. Eventually, they will all get their opportunity, and there will be no one left, and I will sit atop my throne on an empty mountain, once full of dreams, now a nest of night terrors.”

    The legend shivers at the prediction but composes himself. He points to a far off poster, it has Cyrus Truth on it. One of a multitude for the possible prospects to win the Wrestle Royale. “You have made your intentions clear. You want Cyrus Truth. Tonight, you face a man who has defeated Cyrus Truth. Do you not believe you should give your opponent a greater deal of respect.”

    “Life is not that simple. Defeating someone does not make you better than him. It is the final outcome that matters above all else. The one who stands longer. When Shon Samazu-kun vanished, Sairaisu-san kept marching, in spite of his defeat. When Makuginisu-kun lost, he fell to darkness, when I lost, I grew more determined, and there is only one of us who still stand now. Shon Samazu-kun is as broken and twisted as Makuginisu-kun and I have not even faced him yet. He is desperate to be recognized as the savior of CWA because he failed to do such the first time. This is a man who would win the High Voltage championship and then lose it soon after. A man who takes no pride in himself or what he holds. He has no respect for wrestling though he would claim himself the finest wrestler in the world. It is not simply a matter of wanting to win, it is necessary that I win. Should I lose, Shon Samazu-kun will do more damage to the CWA then I ever could. He is a man whose heart would fall soon after. A man who delights in the rise, but whose heart is falters when he is high. The one who will defeat me will be a man who will not simply satisfy himself with that victory but who will uphold my legacy. They will stand on this throne and they will bat aside any blade aimed at them with their very life. Shon Samazu-kun is not that man. He will just as soon leave this throne once he captures it to find another throne. When I leave this throne, it will not be to chase more glory. Only destruction awaits me beyond this, and I will not abide destruction at the hands of this false god.”

    Doc Adams looks to the championship gold and then to Snowmantashi. “Jon, you sent a message to your opponent on Adrenaline Rush when you left him bleeding. Shawn Summers is a very motivated man. He believes he deserves what you have.” He points to the gold. “He believes you’ve forgotten about him. He is a man who thrives on motivation. I’d be inclined to agree with you, he would not cherish holding that belt only taking it. But he is motivated by the taking of it. He is at his best when he is taking a prize. You struck first blood, but I saw anger in his eyes, a deep desire to fulfill what he believes is his destiny. And anger, when harnessed, can be an incredible weapon to overcome.”

    Snowmantashi shrugs. “I did not forget about him. I did not know who he was.” Doc Adams stifles some sort of reaction at the disrespectful statement. “I only had my eyes for Sairaisu Truth-san, but he can sit comfortably in the knowledge that I know who he is now, after all, I’ve tasted his blood. And a God who bleeds is no God at all. I hope you are right, and he brings forth all the anger, all the thirst that has built up, the desire to right the wrong he believes has been incurred to him. I shall wait for it tonight. And when he steps to the ring, and I face his anger first hand, I will smile, and I will teach him that his anger is nothing to me. What he is owed is nothing to me. I do not care. He is no King. He is no God. He is not even a usurper. He is just a pretender. I have faced pretenders many times. And I have brought an end to their charades. Shon Samazu-kun is merely a man who has sold himself on these charades. He believes what he says. But that means nothing. He has broken many men. He has put many people through restless sleep. And he himself, has been broken. He himself has been put through that restless sleep. It is a shame that I will have to send him back to the pitiful state he’s found himself in for the past two years, much as I have done to the Beating Heart of the CWA, but he is the one who has challenged me. I vow to show him not the anger of a pretender or a mortal, but the anger of the force of nature that has stood tyrannically over this company for a year now. This is a force of nature even beyond that of the cold winter storms he’s braved in his great north. This is the anger of a force of nature that leaves its victim lost, and stranded, forevermore. I am this force of nature. And I will have no mercy for the God King!”

    Silence lingers for a moment before Doc Adams allows himself to speak again. “Snowmantashi, I can only thank you for your time once more. I hope that in a year’s time we can do this again, and I can once more watch you clash with another of the world’s finest talent in a quest for glory. I, as with every fan of CWA, look forward to the God King’s duel with the KAIJU.”
    Editor's Notes: Enjoyed writing this match and looking into Shawn Summers past. The comparisons between Summers & McGinnis were also pretty fun to observe so I thought it'd be cool have a deja vu moment with the interview. Hope the read's enjoyable!

    Good luck to iGoElectrico and Shawn Summers! Hope this is the first of many matches

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi

    "In battle, if you can make your opponent flinch, you have already won." - Miyamoto Musashi

    It wouldn’t be too long before Jon Snowmantashi would stand in a corner of the ring in the Madison Square Garden, opposite him would be an old friend, and a new enemy, LIGHTBRINGER. And he would gaze lower, past this new enemy, and staring at him with a confident grin, with enmity too, would be BoBo. Snowmantashi would lay that indifferent gaze upon both, but deep inside, he wondered, was this the culmination of a lifelong journey. Was this the end of his tale?

    It had begun long ago. He remembered back in Junior High, it was 1990. Shinsuke Hashi, his uncle, had brought Jon and his younger brother, barely in elementary school then, Izaya to a JAP Wrestling show. There were four men within the ring, but one of them captured his interest, as much as one could capture Snowmantashi’s interest then. He was far shorter, and yet still heavier. Snowmantashi was barely passing through school and doubting continuing his education past Junior High though his parents were insistent on it.

    “Who’s that man in the mask?”

    “Black Mask The Second” his uncle replied.

    “I want the mask too!” Izaya had said. His uncle was cheap and got him a bootlegged version after the show.

    “The other man is Hideo Suzuki. That’s his partner, they’re both young but very talented. And their opponents are veterans. They’ve been wrestling a long time, everyone respects them.”

    But it did not strike Snowmantashi as if Black Mask II respected either of his opponents. He stared them down like they were prey. The mask meant little, he could see it in his eyes, the desire to upend the natural order of JAP. When he stepped into the ring, he wrestled with absolute furiosity, with no interest in learning from either of the veterans he fought, he wanted to assure the world that a new era had arrived. Hideo was talented too, but hesitant, his desire to change wasn’t as strong. In fact, it took Black Mask II pushing Hideo, roaring at him to fight with some desire to push Hideo to his limits.

    One day, Black Mask II would go on to remove his mask and continue to lead the new generation in a relentless conquering of the old era. Both him and Hideo would be allies and rivals all at the same time, winning countless gold and establishing their place in puroresu. One day, Snowmantashi would go on to take what Black Mask II had done and use it in his own pursuit for glory. He would lead a war against the old generation and he would win it. Snowmantashi wondered, when he would look into LIGHTBRINGER’s eyes, what would he see. Black Mask II, that endless desire to end the old generation and take his throne, or perhaps there would be the hesitation of Hideo in his eyes. An uncertainty. The latter, Snowmantashi thoughts, “When you have so many voices in your head telling you to go this way and that, how can you see clearly. How can you have a singular goal? Only hesitation would plague your thoughts.”

    He thought back to Adrenaline Rush. He laid on his back, his head felt as if it had been taken off. His sight was blurry, but above was LIGHTBRINGER. His face was cold, and distant, and indifferent to him. It wasn’t the same sort of indifference, Snowmantashi thought. “I see a man who has chosen indifference because he sees no better way to move forward. He knows he’s chosen the wrong path. A path soiled by the footprints of others. A path tread on so often, it’s the easy path. And so you walk this path, almost fearless, if so many have walked it, then there is nothing to fear. You walk it indifferent, the same way a child walks the way home every day. Walked so often, he no longer things of the dangers that might be there. You’re fooling yourself if you think that path isn’t dangerous. In fact, it’s dangerous because it has been so trodden. Just as a park, a place meant for safety, and enjoyment, can hide the most dangerous predators.” His eyes wandered to BoBo, the man throwing barbaric insults down at him, no fear in his eyes, he would not have been surprised to feel spit washing down on him.

    “You’re so fat, you probably don’t need that, let me have it,” his classmate had said.

    It was lunch time, and they were sitting in class. The homeroom teacher was gone. The kid was surrounded by two others. Snowmantashi was alone at his seat, his feast taking up his entire table. He was alone not out of an inability to make friends but because he saw no need for one. He was comfortable within himself.

    “No,” he replied, as if that should easily settle the matter.

    The bullies stopped laughing. The leader reached to grab a sashimi but he had been in little hurry to pull back and Snowmantashi caught his wrist. It was a tiny wrist, and it did not take any effort for Snowmantashi to squeeze hard enough for the boy to cry out and let go of the sashimi. Snowmantashi let go too, and the leader took a step back, his eyes welling up with tears out of anger. He punched Snowmantashi in the face. It was a weak punch. Heck, it hurt him more than it did Snowmantashi considering he’d done it with his hurting hand. Still, Snowmantashi stood abruptly, his food spilling over to the ground, and then he swung. The clubbing blow was alike what he did today. Then it wasn’t calculated. Just reckless, and almost unintended. The boy dropped to the floor among the spilt food. He did not get back up on his own two feet. Still, as he laid there unable to move, he wasn’t any concern to Snowmantashi who was more flustered about his spillt food than anything else.

    “There’s more to life than university. He’s gone through high school, that oughtta be enough for you,” Shinsuke argued with Snowmantashi’s parents. “You remember what he did to that boy in school. He’s strong. If he comes to my gym, I can whip him into shape, make him something to be proud of. You know wrestling disciplines a boy, makes him into a man, gives him a goal… and if he’s good enough, he’ll be as well off as he could be being a banker or a doctor.”

    He had to credit his uncle, if it wasn’t for him, his parents would not have budged. But even then, they had little trust in Hashi, so they sent Snowmantashi off to tryout at other dojos. There had been plenty on his list. SS Dojo, Tiga-gun were just two of many more. He tried out now at the Rainbow Gym. It was Black Mask II, now Yugi Ho. If you would recall, Yugi Ho became a legend for NWA:JP years later. He would win the NWA:JP Heavyweight Championship countless times, and would have his last match against Snowmantashi in a premature retirement. Still, his legacy lives on in the yearly Yugi Ho Climax tournament, a round robin tournament Snowmantashi would go on to win as well.

    At the time, however, Yugi Ho was simply a hero to Snowmantashi. There were few men Snowmantashi admired, and Yugi Ho was a rare exception. He had not tried out for the Rainbow Gym because that would force Snowmantashi into a position of emotion he had little intention of being behind. But here he was.

    “Boy, you insult me by being here,” Yugi Ho barked.

    Snowmantashi was behind all his fellow competitors in the tryout exercises. Sure, he had done well in the strength test but even then, he was unable to pace himself and after a few impressive feats, everyone else proved they were capable of doing it at a steadier pace. That was the smallest hint of potential he had shown.

    Speed, endurance, agility, intelligence. He was outmatched by everyone else. They had prepared. Sure, some were delinquents as he was, and some smaller, lighter, but they had prepared for this beyond a fleeting interest. Snowmantashi had sweat gallons of water and would have given up had he any interest in doing so. But at that point, he was merely going through the motions.

    “Stop. STOP!” Yugi Ho yelled. He’d had enough. He was embarrassed. How dare someone of this sort present himself. It was a mockery of his craft if he truly thought he could match up to it. “The heavens laugh at you.” He said calmly, and spitefully.

    “There is no limit to technique, there is always room for improvement,” Jon quoted.

    “What?” Yugi Ho frowned, puzzled.

    “You said this when you won your fourth crown. They did not think you would win. They thought it was time for you to pass the torch to the ascending dragons but you did not. You were better then, than you had been before, even as you stared time down. You said a man can always improve. There is no limit.” If his parents had been there, this would have been the most involved their son had ever appeared in their life. They would have known then, that this was his future.

    “I suppose I was wrong… it seems some of us have larger thresholds of potential than others. I do not see improvement in your future. You are already at your limit. You will do well to survive in our society. But you will not find a future in my art.”

    There was nothing more for the young adolescent to say.

    “To think, a boy who has been rejected by all the other dojos, thinks he can come here, and find a place under me? This should have been your first choice, and even then, you would not deserve a place here. I’m searching for a heir, a future dragon, a man who will change the world. You are nothing of the sort.”

    It was the same he had heard elsewhere. The great dojos all sought one thing, a man that would climb to the very precipice of the wrestling world. They looked at Jon Snowmantashi and they did not see a dragon, they saw cattle. Something to poke and prod. An example of what they were not looking for. Each dojo had sent him away before the very end of the session. He did not walk away crying, even when Yugi Ho demanded he leave. He stood, sweat drenched, grabbed his bags and left without a word, his head held high, with only a passing indifferent gaze to the red faced dojo head sending him away.

    “I told your parents there was no sense in going through these trials and tribulations. All this talk about ascending dragons, they would not see through sheer potential. But I do! You saw how well Sasuke has done. They are saying he will be among the best in his generation. I see potential in you too. You can be as good as him, and your family to boot.” Shinsuke Hashi had an eye for talent, that was true, but he knew nothing about harnessing it. He himself had been nothing but a coattail rider his entire career.

    And so, he wasn’t the man that had thought him. It was KAITADESU. But when he would stand opposite of LIGHTBRINGER, there would be no KAITADESU at his side. No, he accepted all that KAITADESU had thought him, but one of his prevalent messages was to rely only on himself. As he would stare into LIGHTBRINGER’s eyes, and see BoBo at his side, he knew they were different in that regard. He remembered when he had met LIGHTBRINGER, then he was called ICE. Everyone knew of him.

    “You’ll be teaming with a newcomer, his parents are very rich. And you’ve done well for yourself since you’ve returned, I think you two can find some success together,” the manager had lied to him.

    LIGHTBRINGER was not a part of the Strong Style Dojo then, he had yet to become the man he is today. His parents were very rich people, and the understood knowledge around the locker room was that they had payed the way for the man, and with that, no one sought to respect any accomplishment he might accrue for himself. No one wanted to upset him either, and risk the grudge of his parents. Snowmantashi had returned from his sabbatical and torn everything in his path, including Yogi Ho. Still, they did not see him as a star, and his alignment with a Gaijin trainer made them weary of him. In short, they wanted to keep him away from the dragons at the peak of the mountain. They knew there was enough talent there to carry ICE, and to satisfy whatever will his parents expected of him.

    Snowmantashi had seen more. ICE was far from like him. The boy was good looking, golden haired, prince-like in a way. He was the man you wanted on posters, a star to admire, a hero. He reminded him of Yugi Ho too in a way. But he also saw uncertainty. And Snowmantashi himself wasn’t sure if the rumors were true, if he had paid his way to his position.

    “Don’t worry about what everyone else is saying. As long as you’re with me, you need only stand on the apron looking pretty, and I will vanquish our foes on my own. Fear not, I assure you, you won’t get hurt. Your parents will be proud of your accomplishments.”

    Bitterness had very rarely left Snowmantashi’s mouth, and maybe that was a grave mistake. Maybe he could have changed LIGHTBRINGER’s future then. Taken him away for what would follow. The politics. The warring dojos. They all had ulterior motives. They’d forgotten the point of the dojos in the first place. To craft talent. To harness the dragons. To push the greatest talent forward. It wasn’t merely for bragging rights, it was for the honor of the thing. But as he would stare at BoBo years later, he knew there was little honor built into LIGHTBRINGER. A warrior’s sole purpose, whilst alive was to fight, but it was to fight with honor, and if one could not win with honor, the one might as well die. But honor, that was a thing they had all dismissed. And as Snowmantashi spitefully told ICE to merely rely on him as he did his parents, he had momentarily forgotten his own honor.

    The two would find success together, and Snowmantashi would come to respect him. They would hold gold, and a sort of mutual respect would build. Of course, it never grew further than that. Neither of them allowed it. And one day, ICE would part ways with NWA:JP, truly, that was the last Snowmantashi had truly spoken to ICE. He was never the sort to linger, he had already moved on to his next success. But years later, in 2016, the ghost from his past had returned, just as he, a ghost from McGinnis’s past, had come to haunt him.

    Would the result be the same? Would LIGHTBRINGER take Snowmantashi’s gold as he had done to McGinnis? Doubt was crushing, and yet, for once, it crept into Snowmantashi’s mind.


    That was that LIGHTBRINGER wanted. He had faced these mind games before. Austerio. Shade. Jonathan McGinnis had even turned to them. Michelle von Horrowitz. They had all tried to overcome Snowmantashi mentally when they realized they could not do it physically. But, Snowmantashi’s eyes could wander to the gold the referee would raise to declare the start of the match, and he would see his name on the plate. His name. His mind was a fortress, a calm fortress. He had no doubt. He had no voice in his mind telling him this or that. Perhaps there was a consideration, a thought for what would happen otherwise. But with absolute certainty he had no fear. Snowmantashi was prepared to accept death but he knew LIGHTBRINGER would not be… could not be the one to defeat him. He had the potential, everyone had the potential, but only once they achieved the calm nirvana he had achieved. They needed to defeat him through might alone. No ulterior motive. Nothing to poison their will.

    But even then, time had changed Snowmantashi again. He remembered facing one of the Connors, and Elijah Edwards, and Krash. With every encounter a question came forward: Who could finally defeat me? Who could send me off into that good night? But the question faded. He was beginning to realize, as he closed his eyes, and felt himself alone, surrounded by nothing, how infinite he truly felt. How invincible he felt. He was invincible.

    “That’s the difference between you and I, LIGHTBRINGER. My path, to the naked eye, may not be clear. It is not the long road that Cyrus Truth travels by. But it is not your easy, well-trodden road with sign posts lining the road. It is riddled with obstacles. Obstacles no one has ever overcome. They say there are many paths to the top of the mountain, and I’m inclined to agree, but that does not mean every path is of equal worth. One day, we will all reach the peak, and we will have to contest for that peak. We will have to compete. And what will dictate the victor? His road, of course. Your road is one I’ve seen many others take, and everyone of them who has met me, has fallen. All alike with their desires, and their motivations. But my road was different, it was pure, and no one else had travelled by it. I was not flooded with poisonous thoughts, ulterior motives and a multitude of ambitions, some not mine as you are. I had one goal, to be the greatest warrior walking and that goal has never been altered, it has never changed. I have always had the singular purpose to overcome my opponent, and when I would overcome him, there would be no doubt of it. But even you now acknowledge that your path is stained. You’ve been given a ladder to climb this mountain. A foot stool at your side for every obstacle, to help you move a foot on the right ledge to move forward, or to move the obstacle for you. And yet, I am not afraid. I have faced armies before. They have beaten me down. Bloodied me. Nearly ended me. But I am an army myself. I will never need anyone else’s help to vanquish a foe.”

    Internally, Snowmantashi would smile. LIGHTBRINGER was confident that he had garnered anger out of Snowmantashi. That his ploy worked. That he now controlled the champion. He couldn’t truly think it was that easy. He couldn’t truly think that his game had worked. He may have pulled the wool over on the people wearing his shirt, and sporting his coat, but Snowmantashi had never doubted the man, and what he thought was necessary to overcome him. The issue was there. The issue was very clear. The moment LIGHTBRINGER believed he needed to do more to defeat Snowmantashi, he had defeated himself. Snowmantashi had proven such a presence, Tokyo-Kisai decided he needed to rile up Snowmantashi and make him lose all sense. He attacked him with his back turned. Even BoBo, his friend and mentor, doubted LIGHTBRINGER, there was no doubt about it. It was BoBo who felt LIGHTBRINGER needed help to defeated Krash, and it was BoBo who costs Snowmantashi the tag team reunion of LIGHTBRINGER and Snowmantashi.

    Snowmantashi realized that BoBo was another obstacle he needed to deal with, and he knew how… he had to dismiss it as an obstacle. He could not pin BoBo to win. He could not submit BoBo to win. He was not his opponent. There was only one way to ensure BoBo was not a factor, he would defeat LIGHTBRINGER decisively. He would pin LIGHTBRINGER in the very center of the ring. There, BoBo would not be able to push LIGHTBRINGER’s foot under the ropes as he had done in the past. But further than that, he would not rely himself on using the ropes to survive whatever LIGHTBRINGER had plotted for him. It did not matter how many lariats he took, he would push LIGHTBRINGER off him with his own strength. He had faced Prince Pain and refused to succumb to that man’s power, so there was no reason he could not overcome LIGHTBRINGER as opposed to resorting to the easy tactic of a rope break. And if kept the fight with LIGHTBRINGER in the center of the ring, then BoBo would be as nothing to him.

    Another difference between the way these two men thought. LIGHTBRINGER would know very well that BoBo is there to aid him. When he is close to the ropes, a deep part of him will rely on BoBo to help him out instead of relying on his own strength. When he is pinning Snowmantashi near the ropes, he will not fear Snowmantashi’s refusal to surrender because he will rely on BoBo to help sabotage that refusal. It was clear LIGHTBRINGER cared nothing for honor. Even on this grand stage. Even in front of so many fans. Even with his entire dojo watching on. LIGHTBRINGER would do what he needed to win and what he needed to win, he had learned in recent weeks, was the man right outside the ring, BoBo.

    He remembered a great quote KAITADESU had stolen from some Japanese legend or another. “If you make your opponent flinch, you had already won.” And was there anything more to be said than that.

    “LIGHTBRINGER’s actions are constant flinches. Constant hesitation. Constant fear. Constant doubt. That’s been his entire life. It’s all led up to this moment. He has arrived at a great stage and still he shakes. Still, I see in his eyes, his pupils cannot stand still. I know that if I walk up to that man, and we stand face to face, he will not meet my eyes. In a way, your desire to control me, to control my anger, and my fear and my doubt, as allowed me to control you. It’s the same mistake every opponent has done. Their desires to make me budge, to make me stray, has forced them to stray. It has forced them to alter their path.

    As I look upon you, LIGHTBRINGER, I see a rising dragon. But you must know, I’ve devoured many rising dragons. I’ve devoured ascended dragons too. And elder dragons. I’ve dealt with them all in a singular fashion, as a straight arrow. I come to you now with no other thought in my mind but to prove that I am still an immovable mountain. Time passes. Many men and women around me have come and gone. They have said I have ridden myself of my own competition. But I do not care for that. I will never be satiated. I will defeat everything that comes before me. You may see this as the moment you ascend to the top, as the moment you become the peak. As the moment that your entire life has been leading up to. But I must scoff at that notion. How many others thought that? How many others believed this was a redemption? How many thought this was the start of a revolution? That this was proof that they were still at the heart of all things? That this was the moment they broke away. And how many lay flat, moments later, wondering how fate could have betrayed them.

    You’re just another LIGHTBRINGER. Another body. Another fallen warrior. Another who lacked confidence. Who relied on fate. Who relied on others. Who forgot their own strength. And one’s own strength is all one can ever rely upon. My strength is tried and tested. It has ensured I am the one at the top of the mountain being challenged, not the one challenging. No, I have not challenged in a long, long time. I take pride at the top of this mountain. From this peak, I see all, I watch everyone. And I assure you, I have watched you LIGHTBRINGER. I am prepared for everything you will bring to me. I am prepared for your fiercest strikes. I am prepared for your lariat. I will take everything you have to give me. And it will mean nothing.

    KAIJU is a name I have hardly ever reflected upon, because I leave that to my opponents. I leave it to you. I leave it to you to figure out why I am the monster. I have seen gods of all sorts. But monsters. A god conquering monster. An absolute monster. There is but one. There is but me. And once more, with glory on the line, on this great stage, with spectators worldwide watching. With your people. With every dojo seeing what they’ve missed out on. With every dojo realizing they mean nothing, at the end of the day, to the pure desire for victory. You will see the monster awaken. And like all rising dragons, you will feel what it is like to have your wings clipped at the very edge, and to fall back to where you started from. And when you look up again, you will see that silhouette that has made it so that no challenger stakes their claim a second time.

    LIGHTBRINGER… tonight, I bring you darkness.”

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    Re: "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi


    JON SNOWMANTASHI sits on the couch in his L.A. mansion living room. He’s gained a bit of weight and it’s obvious why. The glass table his feet are on is littered with the aftermath of his ravaging of Chinese take-out (for ten). On the TV: his first showdown with Jonathan McGuinness in Japan. Right in front of the TV, stacks of DVD cases with each undoubtedly containing one of his matches.
    A KNOCK blasts against his door repeatedly. He barely glances at it and turns back to his TV. More knocks.


    Oh. They’re faster than I expected. I hope it’s freshly cooked.

    He struggles to get off his couch and groans on his way to the door. Alas, when he opens, its not delivery. KAITADESU, his old mentor, JOHN DUNCAN, his agent extraordinaire, IZAYA SNOWMANTASHI, his indy darling younger brother.

    JON hurries to close the door. Izaya easily sneaks in and KAITADESU puts his feet to the door to stop it.

    You really need to let me come over more, brother. I’m tired of staying in those closet hotels.

    You just need to let me do my job and negotiate your deals. You’re a hot commodity being paid pennies.

    It’s not fun when you start making it a business.

    But it is a business. And LOOK at what realizing that gets you.

    He spins around gesturing to the mansion.

    Save that for later. Jon, how you been?

    Satisfied, until you lied to me about the delivery, now I’m hungry.

    Perfect. We’ll go get breakfast.

    He glances at the table.

    Fifth breakfast.

    Don’t go out of your way. I’ve already made my order.

    Did you already pay?

    Of course, I don’t want to have to talk to the delivery man.

    Then the delivery will be waiting for you for sixth breakfast when you get back. Let’s go.

    Those last words broker no more argument.


    There’s a long line outside the popular breakfast that goes on endlessly.


    It's a packed house in the popular breakfast place. Their table is already strewn with empty plates (mostly on JON's side).

    Izaya, you and I HAVE to spend more time together. Who knew one of the twenty people you wrestle in front of would get you an in here.

    He digs into his meal: waffles, sunny side up eggs, and bacon. There’s tea there too, that’s what English people drink.

    I can get you in without us having to spend more time together.

    Even better!

    You done anything else besides sleep, eat, and watch tapes of your old matches since the school closed down.

    What is there to do? I’ve done everything. I’ve conquered the mountain. I failed at conquering the heavens. I tried to become god and create for the future, but I could not.

    Oh don’t blame yourself, these Americans are just soft.

    He notices a few glances his way.

    You’re all proving my point. You kow that right.

    I tried to teach them how you taught me, Kaitadesu.

    One, there’s a reason I stayed in Japan. Two, there are certain lines even I didn’t cross.

    Am I supposed to nod as I’m disrespected. I’d break his leg again if I had another chance. Maybe more. Ah, but I guess that’s the problem, I even failed my brother.

    Yeah, you did. But I guess destiny wouldn’t let me falter and now I’m a star.


    To dozens.

    Why are you all here? I’m sure you have better things to do.

    I imagine you haven’t heard but CWA is hosting it’s tenth year anniversary soon. In the Garden.

    And what, do they want me to take their fragile champion’s crown. Who holds it now?

    Who knows, but no. See, the controversy with your school has sort of killed your reputation.

    Then are you simply telling me this to make conversation. If we’re gonna talk wrestling, let’s talk about my old matches.


    JON shoots a look to kill but IZAYA shrugs and keeps digging in.

    No, we did get you a match.

    Cyrus Truth? I have been waiting a great deal of time to face him. The coward never answered my calls. Always ran. Not like Krash, there was a respectable man.

    Cyrus Truth won’t be there.

    A man without honor, he is. How he’s grown such a legacy I have a hard time understanding. Then who? Shall I defeat the Echos single handedly again, shall I have my vengeance against Lilith?

    We got you into the ten thousand dollar battle royale opening the show.

    He made me ASK to get you in.

    Do I look like I need ten thousand dollars? I lay atop the mountain of CWA for over a year. No one has dominated that company in its ten years like I have. Of any number of opponents, past and present, who people would pay to see, you would have me beg for a chance? You Kaitadesu, can go compete. Ah, or how about you get Izaya out in front of a crowd that can truly see his talent after he faltered in his last chance. But me, I will remain home. I have NOTHING to prove.

    Once upon a time, Jon, proving yourself didn’t matter. The fight was all that mattered. Remember that? Everyone who stepped into YOUR ring had something to prove to you, a legacy build, a destiny to fulfill, and what did you do?

    I sent them back down the mountain.

    McGuinness. MVH. Krash. LIGHTBRINGER. All back down the mountain. You didn’t care about being ENTITLED to anything. You cared about winning, about the fight, pure and simple. And you’re right, NO ONE has ever dominated CWA like you did.

    You’re not convincing me to go back.

    I am. Go back for the fight. For nothing else than to beat the holy hell out of however many idiots of CWA past decide they need those ten thousand dollars.

    You want me to climb the mountain again.

    No. You never lost your spot atop the mountain. You in the match changes everything. You become the target. They all know what you can do. Ten thousand dollars doesn’t matter at that point, the only thing that matters is who can beat you. It’s basically a guaranteed contract at any company, a boast to last years. You step in that ring, it’s ten, twenty, thirty guys trying to take you off the mountain. Screw the title. You’ve done that. Screw any other opponent they can think of. What’s beating one guy to beating all the guys?

    Stand atop the mountain one final time?

    One final time.

    Yeah, because you guys always stick to your word. Didn’t you just have a return from retirement and another retirement match last month, Kaitadesu?

    So be it. I’m sure the mountain has been littered with pretenders since I last left it, it is time we clear the way to see who truly deserves to stand on it. If nothing else, I will show the world whether there is anyone worthy.
    (he clears his throat)
    Thank you for being so patient. I’ll have everything on page four and five now.

    The waiter at the table who has been standing awkwardly listening to the four go back and forth on mountains and what not is relieved to be able to leave and dismayed with the endless plates he’ll have to return to.

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