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    "Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis

    Name: Jonathan McGinnis
    Nickname: "The Last Indy Darling"
    Date of Birth: July 4th 1989
    Place of Birth: Montreal, Canada
    Currently Residing: Los Angeles, California
    Height: 5 ft 11
    Weight: 207 lb
    Disposition: Face
    Wrestling Style: Lucha Libre (lots of "spots", lots of high risk, high flying maneuvers, acrobatics, very fast paced, non-stop action.)
    Gimmick: McGuinnis is someone who will take any risks in the ring at any risk to his own body. Who looks after his family and will do anything he can to make sure they are supported.

    Independent star who is know for working the wrestling independent scene. Labeled a wrestler of the people, a man who has wrestled all over the world and is a respected wrestler and has a great following from his hard work of working the indy wrestling scene, he is known as the "Last Indy Darling" with the indy wrestling scene getting thinner and thinner with talent, Jonathan McGinnis could very well be the last great indy star that has yet to make it to the big stage of wrestling companies, until now.

    More To Be Added When More Promos get posted.

    Wrestling Abilities
    1. Speed
    2. Technical
    3. Charisma
    4. Brawling
    5. Power

    Entrance theme

    Basic Moves
    Diving bulldog
    Diving corkscrew somersault into a cutter
    Diving crossbody
    Diving crossbody
    Heart Punch
    Mule Kick
    Rope hung DDT
    Scissors stomp to a kneeling or bent-over opponent's head followed by an elbow smash
    Springboard suicide dive
    Suicide dive
    Triple rolling double underhook suplexes

    Signature Strike Moves
    Superkick!!!!! SUPERKICK!!! SUPERKICK!!!! SUPERKICK!!!

    Signature Submission Move
    Ankle Lock

    Regular Finishing Move

    Something Light: (Powerbomb dropped into a double knee backbreaker)

    Super Finisher
    * Only used in extreme situations *

    Create A Special (C.A.S): (Superkick chained into a Stunner, into another superkick, chained into an Ace Cutter after the Ace Cutter, runs onto the top rope and delivers a phoenix splash before rolling through and delivering an F5.)


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    Welcome back Willis! Good to see you back in CWA, and a very cool looking character.

    You'll be booked on the next show for sure after our PPV.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
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    WWE RP #1: "Sometimes Goodbye's The Only Way"

    Adrenaline Rush RP!

    The noise of water splashing is heard while the screen is black. The sound of water continues and it starts to get quite. With the sound of the what can be described as a running water faucet gets faded out and replaced with a loud sound of a roaring crowd that is chanting McGinnis! In almost perfect unison. With the screen still black a voice is heard in the mix of loud cheers from the roaring crowd.

    February 13th 2015 - Ring Of Syndicate
    Los Angeles, California

    The screen goes from black to reveal a jam packed arena, which is more like a bingo hall. The fans in the arena are thrilled as it revealed to be an indy promotion Ring Of Syndicate a independent wrestling company based out of California.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer:Here he comes, the man of Ring Of Syndicate, he is the reigning, defending heavyweight champion, the man, the myth, Jonathan McGinnis.

    The crowd breaks out in a huge superkick chant which gets louder and louder until finally the most familiar theme song in the companies short history is heard and McGinnis steps out and the crowd goes crazy. He walks down the ramp dressed in street gear while holding the companies title around his waist. He walks down and smacks the hands of a few lucky fans in the front row.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: A huge announcement was rumored tonight from McGinnis, and we are sure whatever it is that it has to be groundbreaking as the champion rarely asks for this time to address Ring Of Syndicate. What does the champ have to say?

    McGinnis enters the ring and the super kick chants remain just as loud. He walks over and asks for a microphone and is handed one by the time keeper. McGinnis looks at the crowd in front of him and then down at the mat below.

    *Two Hours Earlier*

    Jonathan McGinnis walks into the office of the promoter of Ring Of Syndicate Z.A.G. The office is small with just the usual desk and cluttered with stuff. He walks in with the companies belt over his shoulder and Z.A.G who is sitting at his desk looks up and the two lock eyes.

    Z.A.G: You signed didn’t you?

    McGinnis looks at Z.A.G with a look of disappointment as Z.A.G Gets up of his chair and walks over to McGinnis and drops down on his desk and sits on it.

    Z.A.G: Did you?

    McGinnis gulps before finally speaking.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, yeah I did.

    Z.A.G: Man, I guess I’m proud of you. I just wished you would of spoken to me while you were in negations with CWA.

    Jonathan McGinnis:It was all so sudden, had a talk with my wife, and we just felt, this was the best for me and my family.

    Z.A.G: I can't disagree, it is what it is, you have to look out for what’s best for your family, but my question is, now what?

    Jonathan McGinnis: That's what we need to figure out, I have a few more dates here to work with you guys, but the one thing I need to do is be honest with the fans and let them know from my own mouth what is going on. I want to talk to them directly and let them know what my plans are.

    Z.A.G: That can be worked out.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know that is why we need to talk about the future of this place so it can have something to help push forward after I head over to CWA.

    Z.A.G: When do you head out officially for CWA?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Next month.

    Z.A.G: Congratulations. I forgot to say that, but the floor is all yours tonight.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thanks.

    Z.A.G: Don’t worry about it, after all you gave this place, it’s the least we can do.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I guess I will let you handle the rest of the show, I'm going to head to the locker room to talk to the boys.

    Z.A.G offers his hand out to McGinnis and the two shakes in and then hug. McGinnis heads out the office. He walks down the hallway of the arena and enters in the locker room.Once inside he notices that it’s pretty much empty. Shrugging his shoulders. He walks out to see this female standing in front of him. McGinnis takes his belt and re-adjusts it on his shoulder before speaking.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Hey, what’s up?

    It is an awkward moment of silence as the female standing in front of him happens to be his ex girlfriend, a female wrestler named Becky Black. She stands in front of McGinnis. With neither of them saying anything which makes things even more awkward.

    Becky Black: I heard you got signed to CWA, congratulations.

    Jonathan facial shows the expression that he looks confused.

    Jonathan McGinnis: How, I just told Z.A.G not even a few minutes ago...

    Becky shows him her cell phone and that the news of his signing leaked on the internet.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Well that was fast. Didn't know it would leak.

    Becky Black: It’s the internet man, everything leaks out.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Wow, that’s crazy. Thanks I guess, I know that we haven’t really spoken to each other since.. well..

    Becky cuts him off.

    Becky Black:Don't worry about it. Nasty breakups, they happen. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck moving forward.

    McGinnis smirks before smiling and hugs Becky.

    Jonathan McGinnis: So the news leaked, what are they saying about it?

    Becky Black: Take a look for yourself.

    She hands him her phone and he takes a look.

    Originally Posted by Order
    About time.

    Originally Posted by Punk Wolf
    Can't believe he actually signed. Things are going to get real interesting in CWA.

    The scene takes us back to McGinnis standing in the ring with the crowd cheering for him. McGinnis takes a look at the crowd before his eyes start to water. Once that happens you can see in the crowd a few fans start to piece together

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer:
    The champion is expected to make his announcement

    McGinnis puts the microphone to his mouth.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It pains me to say this but.....

    The fans realize what is happening and the chants turn to PLEASE DON’T GO! McGinnis pauses for a second as the fans show their respect for McGinnis and quite down so he can speak.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You don’t know how to say this, but I have officially signed to head to CWA. I know that the news might make some of you upset, but just know that wrestling here in this arena and in front of you guys is the greatest time I have ever had doing this. You guys are like my family, NO!. You guys are my family, loving this company so much, I moved from my hometown to live here in L.A Just so I can be closer to you guys. It was always my dream to be a professional wrestler, it was always my dream to become a champion, but to come out here every night and wrestle for you guys and to make sure each of you got your money worth. Now that right there makes all the travel, all the bull shit that comes with this business all worth it.

    The crowd breaks out a “Thank You, McGinnis.”

    Jonathan McGinnis: NO!. Thank you, thank all of you. You guys made me your champion, this belt, hell my career is all due to each and every one of you guys.

    McGinnis points to the audience.

    Jonathan McGinnis: That right there is my wife, and she can honestly say that I spend more time here with you guys then home with her, and I don’t say that with regret, you guys made me who I am and I will always be in your debt for that. This was the first ever promotion I ever worked for, and from here I went on to travel the world and win titles all over the world, and I wouldn't of been able to do any of that without you guys.

    A fan screams out “We love you McGinnis.” Which makes McGinnis smirks.

    Jonathan McGinnis:: But with everything, just know, the boys in the back are more than ready to take things in this place to the next level. This place won't miss a beat without me, and I can promise you that.

    McGinnis takes his world title and holds it in his hands and looks at it.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Being the champion in this place, was all I ever wanted. I remember when I first started working here, and I went up to Z.A.G and told him I would be his champion, and now to stand here as the longest reigning champion in this companies history, I could of not done it without you guys, I swear. Now though, sadly, I have to give up this title and let someone, let someone step up and fight and claw for this belt like I did and be the next person up to keep this ball rolling.

    McGinnis hands over the title to Z.A.G who is at ringside. He brings to openly tear up and a tears fall down from his face as the fans with a roaring “Thank, you, McGinnis.”

    Jonathan McGinnis: All you guys are awesome. And I will always love every one of you guys, from the crowd, to the camera man, to the boys in the back, to Z.A.G, all of you guys are credited for what stands before you tonight, and I’m thankful.

    McGinnis goes to the leave the ring and he does, he walks over to Z.A.G and gives him a hug, he walks over to the announcer booth and gives the announcers a handshake. He smacks the hands of the fans, a few in the crowd actually crying, he walks over and gives a kiss to his wife who is in the front row. He heads up the ramp where the roster is waiting for him and they all show their respect for McGinnis and gives him a standing ovation as well as the rest of the crowd in the arena.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: The raw emotion here is just awesome, we here wish McGinnis the best in moving forward. One of the and maybe is the best to ever enter this company, the future is bright for Jonathan McGinnis.

    March 23rd 2015 - The McGinnis House Hold
    Los Angeles, California

    The sound of running water is back and the scene opens up to McGinnis in his bathroom throwing water on his face. McGinnis stares at himself through the mirror in his bathroom. With everything leading up to this, he now finds himself in the big leagues of professional wrestling, the biggest company is CWA and now McGinnis has finally made it. That though leaves the giant question, is he ready? With so much hype going into this big of a signing for the company, can McGinnis live up to the hype? McGinnis stares at himself but the sound of a baby just waking up is heard through the baby monitor knocks him out of the daze he was in. McGinnis walks to his son's room and finds his son, Brett McGinnis awake in his crib. He goes to pick him up and carries him to the kitchen where he holds him in his arms.

    Jonathan McGinnis: How’s my big boy?

    He plays with his son before sitting him in his baby chair. He goes to look in the fridge for food and as he takes something out, foot steps can be heard walking into the kitchen.

    Good morning.

    McGinnis looks up to see his wife Kate McGinnis walk into the kitchen wearing a robe as she steps in and picks up Brett. Jonathan smiles before taking out the carton of Orange Juice and takes a sip out of it.

    Kate McGinnis: Hey, use, a cup.

    Jonathan shows that the carton was just about empty and that he was just finishing it off. He walks over to Kate and places a kiss on her lips. She smiles before going to the kitchen and prepares Brett’s bottle. Jonathan walks into his entertainment room where he flops down on a lazy boy chair. He looks around in his entertainment room and looks at all of his awarded accolades that he received during his days in the Independents. From all over the world, photo’s taken of all the places he has been, he gets up and looks at the photo of him and Kate in Japan. He sits down to watch some TV when Kate walks into the room holding Brett.

    You got anything planned for today?

    Jonathan looks up at her.

    Jonathan McGinnis:My debut CWA match is coming up, have to shoot some stuff for that, but other than that, I should be free.

    Kate McGinnis: Where you going to do that?

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    It’s by some studio in downtown L.A.

    Kate McGinnis: The time sure went by fast, now you are having your first match. This is just for two years, right?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Two years. Don't worry, this is the exit strategy, I know how you feel about me wrestling.

    Kate walks over to Jonathan and sits next him while holding Brett.

    Kate McGinnis: Just remember what happened in Japan last year. I don’t want a repeat of that happening again.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know, I know, don’t remind me, even though, I’m fine here today, injuries happen.

    Kate McGinnis: Two years, we agreed. We take all that CWA gives us and by then we should be able to live life comfortably.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I promised you. I wouldn't of left Ring Of Syndicate if I wasn't prepared to make this CWA thing happen. I sat down with Mr. Willis, the CWA road agent and we worked out everything about me coming it. I'm here for two years and by then Brett should be starting school, and things will get more normal.

    Kate McGinnis: I know how much you love to wrestle, but you have a family to think about now.

    Jonathan repositions himself on the couch as Kate takes Brett and the two leave the room. He looks at the time that is on his cable box before leaping up out of the couch. McGinnis starts to get ready for the big day that is ahead of him, today is the day where he officially starts his work with CWA, and heading to CWA studio’s this afternoon is the first thing McGinnis will do with CWA. The start of this two year relationship starts today. Jonathan takes his car keys and says goodbye to Kate and Brett before heading out.

    March 23rd 2015 - CWA Studio's
    Los Angeles, California

    CWA Backstage interviewer, Michelle Kelly is standing in front of a CWA monitor, she is wearing along black dress and she stands in front of a camera crew filming. She is all smiles while holding a microphone in her hand, the red light on the camera is set and it is rolling.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the new CWA signing, international superstar, Jonathan McGinnis.

    McGinnis walks out wearing a Ring Of Syndicate T-shirt, with black jeans and a baseball cap on.

    Michelle Kelly: You have wrestled all over the world, and now you enter CWA, with the biggest buzz that a rookie has ever entered here in a long time, but now that you are officially in CWA, how do you feel?

    McGinnis who looks to be in a happy mood places his arms behind his back.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s all about the opportunity, that is the only thing that is really worth anything, opportunity. Everyone on this planet have the opportunity to do something special with themselves, to make their name known to the world. Every place in the world I have been I made sure that I made the most out of every opportunity. So how do I feel, I feel optimistic.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Speaking of opportunity, your debut match here in CWA is in the prestigious Ruler Of The Ring tournament, do you think you can handle the pressure of your first match here having so much at stake?

    Jonathan McGinnis: CWA is the biggest wrestling company in the world, if it wasn't, my plan to come here wouldn't of been made. And the Ruler Of The Ring is such a huge deal here, just look at the past winners of the Ruler Of The Ring, the who’s who of CWA history. With the prize of winning this whole thing getting a chance at the World title, so much is on the line, and for me to get thrown into all that in my first match here, I’m ready. I’m ready for all of it. I did not come here for nothing short of being the world champion, so I know that I can swim with the best wrestlers in the world, and I will use the tournament to prove just that.

    Michelle Kelly: You won't have an easy task, as you will go one on one against Hiro Saiko.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know who I'm facing and I'm sure he is going to be prepared as he can, but I can't think about that. I have to focus on myself and make sure that I come fully prepared and I enter this tournament looking to be in it for the long haul, so I start with Hiro and I take this one match at a time.

    McGinnis pauses for a second as a sound is heard behind the camera crew that distracts him.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I can only worry about me at this point of the tournament and bring my A game come Adrenaline Rush , and you can ask anyone that I have ever faced, a McGinnis on his A game is a McGinnis who can’t lose.

    Michelle Kelly: Hiro being a man that you never faced before in your wrestling career, how will you prepare for him?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I never wrestled Hiro, but I wrestled wrestlers like him. He has a style that is very connected to the Japanese style of wrestling. I been to Japan, and did my tour of promotions around there and I'm very familiar with the style that Hiro looks to use against me. I will watch as much on Hiro as I possibly can, study the game tape and see what I can do to put myself in the best position to win. But that's all I really can do.

    Michelle Kelly: I wish you not only the best of luck in the Ruler Of The Ring tournament, but I wish you the best of luck here in CWA.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thanks Michelle, looking forward to the challenge.

    The interview comes to an end with McGinnis walking off the set and the camera crew cutting the feed on the camera.

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    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    WWE Supporting Characters

    Supporting Characters
    *In Jonathan McGinnis Universe
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    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    WWE RP #2: "Things Change, Rearrange And So Do I"

    Adrenaline Rush!

    April 3rd, 2015 - The Redick Wrestling School
    Boston, Massachusetts

    A 2009 dodge challenger pulls up in front of the Redick Wrestling School in Boston, Massachusetts. The school is ran by the man who trained McGinnis, Joe Redick the two time National Wrestling Alliance Grand Pre champion and member of the wrestling hall fame and the grandfather of former CWA superstar, Drake Redick. Jonathan McGinnis gets out of the dodge challenger and steps to the entrance of the gym. McGinnis with gym bag in hand places the bags straps over his shoulder and opens the door. He walks into the gym and he looks at all the classic photo’s of the Redick family wrestling days, with Joe Redick to his son Brad Redick who was also a wrestler that he his career ended due to a car accident and then photo’s of Drake Redick with him starting out to him in CWA. McGinnis keeps walking and looks at more photos and he comes across photos of him on the wall with his great career traveling the wrestling world. He stops at a picture of him winning the NWAGP World Cup Tournament in Japan. McGinnis looks at the picture and smiles and proceeds to keep on walking. Loud screams can be heard and with each step McGinnis gets they can get louder and louder, and finally the screams are revealed to come from an actual wrestling ring inside the wrestling school. Inside the ring 79 year old Joe Redick is torturing this man rookie trying to learn the ropes in the wrestling business. The poor guy starts to cry while McGinnis walks over to the ring smiling. He places his bag to the side of the ring and leaps on to the apron.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Leave the kid alone. He is starting to cry.

    Joe Redick looks up to see who it is and grins when he see’s that it is McGinnis. He finally lets go of the guy and he quickly rolls out of the ring.

    Joe Redick:
    Go put ice on it.

    Joe turns to Jonathan.

    Joe Redick: Look who it is, the runt of the wrestling school. What brings you by here, I haven’t seen you in a while.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Came to say hi, maybe get a workout or two, I was in the area, did a show for CWA in Ohio, so I made the trip from there. Nice to come back and see where it all started, you know.

    Joe Redick: CWA, the big leagues of this generation, I’m telling you the times change. None of those punks could of made it back in my day.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I get it, you're old...

    Joe quickly gets on the offensive and throws his hands up and looks like he wants to fight.

    Joe Redick: Still old enough to kick your ass.

    Jonathan McGinnis:You still got the fight in you. Some things never change.

    The two of them leave the ring and walk to Joe’s office inside the gym. Joe takes out a bottle of Jack Daniels and pours himself a small cup. He goes to offer McGinnis some but McGinnis turns it down.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Drinking already?

    Joe takes a sip.

    Joe Redick: It’s happy hour somewhere.

    Jonathan McGinnis: That’s the spirit, I guess..

    Joe Redick: What do you know, you barely have hair on your chest, you young punk.

    McGinnis busts out laughing at Joe’s insult.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, but I'm still the greatest graduate of this school, so go screw yourself.

    Joe Redick: You don’t know shit about this business, haven’t been in it long enough to make a cup of coffee.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What does that even mean?

    Joe Redick: Too young to understand.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, that must be it... sure.

    Joe Redick: CWA, you finally made it. Congratulations.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thanks, but didn't Drake get a contract?

    Joe Redick: Yeah, but he didn’t last, he worried too much about his gimmick. I tried to tell him, that all it mattered is what he does in the ring, and that should be it. Wrestling isn't about the gimmick, it’s about what goes on in the ring.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Tell me about.

    Joe Redick: Shut it, McGinnis, I see all those, what do you call it, Superkicks, you be doing. What the hell is that?

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s call being entertaining, this isn't the 70’s, got to change with the times.

    Joe Redick: Nope, that shit is stupid, plain and simple. Today's generation only care about, what you guys call them, "spots". That most of you don't have the basics. You do, because I taught you them

    Jonathan McGinnis: You have to look at it like this, back in your day, a body slam was a big move, hell a drop kick was finisher.

    Joe Redick: Yes. Those was the days. The days when wrestling was about athleticism and being tough, now it’s about superkicks, right?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Nothing wrong with superkicks. The more the merrier.

    Joe takes a big gulp of his Jack Daniels before slamming the glass down on the desk. McGinnis from there gets up and stands before taking a stretch.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I'm going to let you go back to doing whatever it is that you were doing, going to go train now.

    McGinnis walks out Joe Redicks office. He walks over to where he put his bags down earlier when he first arrived. He enters the ring in the gym and run the ropes. While he runs the ropes he notices that Becky Black is also in the gym and she is kicking a kicking bag and has headphones plugged in to her ears. McGinnis pauses for a second before he goes back to running the ropes in the ring. McGinnis goes a quick rep of squats before leaning on the turnbuckle, he turns to Becky Black and he see’s that she is walking over to him. McGinnis leaves the ring and sits on the apron.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What are you doing here?

    Becky Black in a sports bra and shorts walks up to McGinnis.

    Becky Black: I was about to ask you the same thing. I have a match coming up, wanted to get some work in.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Really, a match?

    Becky Black: A title match, actually.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Awesome. I wish you the best.

    Becky leaps on to the apron and sits next to McGinnis.

    Becky Black: Last time I saw you was at Ring Of Syndicate, and on CWA Adrenaline Rush, you looked good man. How did it feel?

    Jonathan McGinnis:How did what feel?

    Becky Black: Making it. It was always your goal to make it to CWA.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Its still much for me to take in, you know. To work for this large brand, compared to me traveling and being mostly independent, it’s a different world, I will tell you that.

    Becky Black: I can imagine. It must feel like a different beast to conquer.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It does, it really does. Just the whole aura from the camera shots and everything, it really makes things larger than life.

    Becky Black: Saw you were wearing a Ring Of Syndicate shirt while doing the interview for your match, got any heat for that?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Not that I know of, but I did just jump straight into shoot quickly as I got there. So who knows.

    Becky Black: That was nice of you to do that.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Its all I can do for that place, for all that it has done for me. I met Kate at.....

    McGinnis quickly realizes that talking to his EX girlfriend about his wife can definitely lead to an awkward conversation. He pauses before shaking his head and quickly changing the subject.

    Jonathan McGinnis: When is your title match?

    Becky Black: Next week.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will try to stop by.

    Joe Redick walks out from his office looking more grumpy than earlier. The two see him walk out and begin to snicker.

    Jonathan McGinnis:He just gave me crap about doing superkicks.

    Becky Black: That man is out of touch.

    Jonathan McGinnis: And that is what makes him more lovable.

    Becky Black: Ha, Joe and love used in the same sentence.

    McGinnis gets back in the ring.

    Becky Black: Training sessions like the old day.

    She gets in the ring and the two get in a quick training session together. The two work out together and bust a sweat in doing so. After good training session the two stop. McGinnis walks out the ring and checks his cell phone to see the time. Becky remains in the ring. Jonathan looks through his phone before placing it back inside his bag.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Where has the time gone. Should be heading back, I have a long drive ahead of me.

    Becky Black rolls out the ring. She goes to give McGinnis an awkward hug goodbye and McGinnis steps back. He places his bag over his shoulder and waves to Joe goodbye before looking to head out the door. He turns to Becky and back peddles while looking.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will see you, or try to see you at your title match, and if I don't, good luck.

    McGinnis walks out the gym. He hopes into his car and places his bag in the backseat of his car. He pulls out and drives away.

    April 3rd, 2015 - Hampton Inn & Suites
    Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Kate McGinnis is inside the hotel room and is laying on the hotel bed in a white robe. It is a typical room, nothing really special about it. Kate is laying on the bed flipping through the channels, her laptop lays on the bed next to her. The room to the hotel starts to open and Jonathan walks in. He steps in the room and places his bag on the floor, a recliner is in the hotel room which he just flops himself on it. Kate turns around on the bed and faces the direction of with Jonathan is sitting in.

    Kate McGinnis: How was the workout?

    Jonathan McGinnis: It went Ok, the drive back was a bit tiring.

    Kate McGinnis: It was, we drove from Ohio to here, and then you went from here to Boston. You look tired.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will be fine. What have you been doing while I was gone.

    Kate McGinnis: Nothing much really. Just went around the town, did some shopping and came back. Skype'd with my mom and Brett.

    Jonathan McGinnis: How is everything with them?

    Kate McGinnis: Fine.

    Jonathan starts to remove his clothes and change into something comfortable. He take his bag and just throws it in the corner. He flops on the bed and lays next to Kate.

    Kate McGinnis: When is our flight back to L.A?

    Kate asks while she cuddles with Jonathan.

    Jonathan McGinnis:In the morning.

    Kate McGinnis: Anything interesting happened at the gym?

    Jonathan McGinnis:No, not really, typical stuff.

    Of course Jonathan couldn't reveal that he was working out with his ex girlfriend at the gym. So he just keeps that part of the day to himself.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Want to do anything today?

    Kate McGinnis: No, don’t feel like getting dressed.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Fine. Let’s just relax in here for the night.

    Kate takes the remote and channels surf some more and changes the channel. McGinnis quickly snatches the remote out of the hands of Kate and changes the channel to ESPN.

    Kate McGinnis: Hey, I was watching TV.

    Jonathan smirks at Kate.

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, you weren’t. You were just changing channels.

    Kate McGinnis: No, I wasn’t, give it back.

    Jonathan takes the remote and gets up out of the bed.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You want, come get it.

    Kate gets up smiling and stands on the bed. She removes her robe to reveal her bra and panties. Jonathan signals with the just bring it. Kate leaps into the arms of Jonathan and he catches her, he places her on his shoulder and carries her around the hotel as she is laughing hysterically. He slams her on to the bed. He flexes his muscles. Which allows Kate to jump on his back. She tries for a headlock, but Jonathan starts to tickle Kate which causes her to let go of the headlock. Still tickling her, Jonathan and Kate go face to face and Kate places a kiss on her husband's lips. The two get more passionate with kissing.

    April 3rd, 2011 - Ring Of Syndicate
    Los Angeles , California

    We are taken back to 2011, at the Ring Of Syndicate show in Los Angeles California. The back area of the event is where the scene opens up but you can hear the roaring crowd having a great time watching the event. The camera man holding the camera finds the then Ring of Syndicate Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis who is bleeding from his skull after a successful title defense of his championship. In an empty locker room, McGinnis has the title draped over his shoulder. McGinnis isn't alone as by his side is Becky Black, which was his manager/valet during this time. McGinnis looks like he just through hell and back while defending the championship, the camera man holds the camera while McGinnis tries to catch his breath. He looks at his title draped over his shoulder. Takes it and folds the straps and places it down next to him.

    Jonathan McGinnis: With this title defense, some people might call me the greatest Ring Of Syndicate champion, in this companies short history, but I don't entertain that thought. While I'm flattered that I’m held on that pedestal by some people, it’s not what I want to define me. I’m just a man, a man that is here to leave it all in the ring, and do what I love to do and that is wrestle. When I stand in that ring and I hear the bell and I hear the crowd, it gives me goosebumps every single time.

    McGinnis pauses for a second before he resume speaking.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I didn't have the greatest childhood growing up, but I didn't let that be a roadblock in me achieving my dream. I took what ever money I had to my name, at 17 years old and I went to the Redick Wrestling School, there wasn't no plan B for me, I wasn't going to let my dream die and for me to stand here with this belt and to work for the greatest indy company on the planet, I know that I made the right choice, I know that every sacrifice I made was all worth it. Now that I'm here today, and having great matches like this against the best undiscovered talents in world, life can’t get much better than this. I can say, everything for me, is going as best as it can be. I have my championship...

    McGinnis pulls Becky Black close to him. He places a kiss on her lips.

    Jonathan McGinnis: And I have the best girlfriend that a man can ask for. Someone who shares the same desire for this business as I do. Always there to keep me grounded and keep me focus while I’m the champ, and I can honestly say this wouldn't be possible without her by my side. Some may call us, the best couple in pro wrestling, but just like I said about me being called the best Ring Of Syndicate champ, the labels aren't important to us. It may sound corny, but we are here and we do what we do, because we love it.
    Z.A.G walks into the picture dressed in a suit and he is all smiles walking up to his companies champion, Jonathan McGinnis.

    Z.A.G: What a great title defense, you my friend are the man. I swear, you’re the best.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I appreciate it, but without you putting this together, I wouldn't be a champion right now.

    Z.A.G: Becky, make sure he enjoys himself, and he enjoys great title defense. I swear man, you got to live a little. Enjoy the success.

    McGinnis looks at his championship and then back at Z.A.G and grins.

    Z.A.G: I guess some things never change....

    Z.A.G walks out the scene while McGinnis faces the camera.

    Jonathan McGinnis: That's right, some things never do change. Like me, working here at Ring Of Syndicate. Like me, having the greatest girlfriend ever and me giving my all for this business, and doing what I do best for as long as I can do it.

    Becky Black is handed the title belt by McGinnis and the places it on her shoulder and the couple walks off scene together.

    Back at Hampton Inn & Suites, it is morning and Jonathan is up and is seen packing up his things. In the bed next to him his wife sleeps, naked, wrapped up in the blanket. Jonathan looks at the time and see’s that he has time before check out. He starts to pack and throws whatever is his inside his bag. From there he walks over to the bathroom and throws water on his face. He turns around and grabs a towel and dry’s his face with it. He hears Kate getting up and he walks out the bath room. He see’s Kate getting dressed and resumes packing whatever he had left which was just very little. Kate quickly puts the few items she brought with her for the trip and gets herself together. She puts on a baseball cap and looks over to her husband.

    Kate McGinnis:When do you want to leave?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Let’s get out of here soon.

    Kate McGinnis:Alright, give me a minute.

    Finally the couple leaves the hotel room and make their way to Jonathan's car and they put their stuff in the cars truck. The two get inside the vehicle and pull off. Inside the car Kate looks over to Jonathan.

    Kate McGinnis:Going to drop the car off at the rental place?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah the place is right next to the airport, so going to do it on the way.

    The McGinnis's drive off as they head to the airport with Jonathan getting ready to head back on the road for CWA and Kate is heading back to the McGinnis household.

    April 13th, 2015 - CWA Adrenaline Rush
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Before the start of CWA Adrenaline Rush, the scene opens with Jonathan McGinnis who is wearing a CWA hoodie with a tank top underneath, with denim jeans and sneakers. He in catering with Michelle Kelly and showing pictures of his son Brett to her. Kelly is wearing her hair up in a pony tail, with red jeans and a CWA shirt revealing her belly button.

    Michelle Kelly: Oh my god, he is so adorable.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thank you, feels like he is getting bigger every day.

    Michelle Kelly: Second show here in CWA, how are you liking it so far?

    Jonathan McGinnis: So far, everything seems to be going great.

    Michelle Kelly: Nice to see everything is going great for.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I want to say thanks, you know, for showing me the ropes here, I appreciate it.

    Michelle Kelly: Just glad to help.

    McGinnis & Kelly speak but someone else walks up to them and it is the CWA road agent, Mr. Willis. Wearing a suit and dressed professional he walks up to the two of them. Michelle Kelly looks at Mr. Willis and then back at McGinnis and touche McGinnis arm.

    Michelle Kelly: This looks important. Talk to you later, Jonathan.

    She walks off while McGinnis is approached by Mr. Willis.

    Mr. Willis: Big match coming up tonight.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Believe me I know.

    Mr. Willis: I feel like you don’t, listen, the Ruler Of The Ring makes careers and right now you are in the final four of the tournament. Some say you are in over head right now, and that maybe you will choke under the pressure.

    McGinnis goes to speak but Mr. Willis cuts him off and resumes speaking.

    Mr. Willis: When Krash gave me your tape and told me to check it out about giving you an opportunity here in CWA, I watched it and knew that I had to bring you in. CWA is always looking for the best competitors. That is why you are here, but your first time here and you were thrown right into the deep end of the Ruler Of The Ring tournament and I want you to just know, that you shouldn't lose focus on the goal.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You think that I don't know this, I know what it means to be in this tournament, and I know what it means to be in the final four. The next two matches can lead me to challenging for the most coveted title in wrestling today, the CWA Heavyweight title, I know all this. The lights don’t get any brighter than the road that I am on now.

    Mr. Willis: It’s only survival of the fittest here in CWA, you were a big fish in a small pond, but now, McGinnis, you're a guppy in a ocean. Don’t let this get to your head and make you lose focus.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will not. I can't lose focus of why I am doing this. I’m fitting for so much more than me.

    Mr. Willis: Just remember, one step at a time.

    Mr. Willis walks away while Jonathan McGinnis remains standing there and thinks about the conversation that he just had with Mr. Willis.

    April 13th, 2015 - CWA Adrenaline Rush
    Cincinnati, Ohio (Later On In The Night) *Live*

    Jonathan McGinnis is in the locker room. He is in his wrestling gear and looks to be ready to take on Shade in the semi finals of the Ruler Of The Ring. McGinnis looks at the camera in front of him and he has a facial expression showing that he means business.

    McGinnis: Some people believe that I am over my head. That right now, being in the final four of the ruler of the ring, has me in waters that I may not be able to swim in. But what those people don't understand is that I thrive in these situation. When I get thrown to the wolves, I don’t blink, no fear is shown, I just fight. That’s all I can do, I can just lace up my boots and step into that ring and look my opponent in his eyes and let him know he is going to get the best that I can give.

    Now that I stand here in the final four of the most prestigious tournament in CWA history, nothing will change. I will still be the same competitor that I have always been. I have too much to fight for, for me to get caught up in the big stage that is the Ruler Of The Ring tournament. For me to just get caught up and lose focus, now that will never happen. So, to that certain CWA Hall Of Famer, and former world champion and well former Ruler Of The Ring, you may think that I will drown in the deep water, but I promise that I will swim and that I will keep on swimming till I reach my goal and that is to become the Ruler Of The Ring.

    Now the man who stands in my way is Shade. A man that I can say I know very little about, he is a mysterious character, and he stands in my way of becoming Ruler Of The Ring. I know that in what ever weird way he prepares himself for matches, he will be prepared, just like I do, he aswell knows the importance of the ruler of the ring, and come Adrenaline Rush, only one of us will move on. The person who is the most focused, and most prepared will be advancing and you are going to get the absolute best of Jonathan McGinnis, Shade.

    Shade likes to get into the mind of his opponents and use that as a way to distraction them from not being at their best, but believe me Shade, that won't work. You talk about bringing pain all you want, but, that will not distract me from leaving it all in that ring and doing everything, and using everything that I have within me to move on to the final round of the Ruler Of The Ring. I don't truly know what you fight for Shade, but that can't stop me from fighting for what I fight for and who I fight for. Come Adrenaline Rush, nothing will set me off my track, from hitting you with a few superkicks and taking you to the superkick party, and moving on with my mission to challenge for the world heavyweight championship. If you want the best, Shade, there is no one better than Jonathan McGinnis.

    McGinnis gets up and heads out the locker and he is ready to leave it all in the ring for a chance to advance to the finals of the ruler of the ring.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    RP# 3: "Tell Them I Was Happy"

    Adrenaline Rush RP!

    Cincinnati, Ohio - CWA Road Trip
    April 14th, 2015

    A car drives through the busy streets of an inner city, a 2012 Prius and inside the car, Jonathan McGinnis sits in the passenger seat of the car wearing a hoodie with basketball shorts on. The person driving the car is CWA backstage interviewer Michelle Kelly. The two have become road buddies and they travel from CWA event to CWA event together. Michelle Kelly is wearing a t-shirt with jeans and is driving the vehicle while looking at her cell phone while doing so, something that is most certainly dangerous.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You shouldn't be doing that, you know.

    Michelle Kelly: Do you know how long it’s been since I been in an accident..?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I think I would be more comfortable if you never been in an accident.

    Michelle Kelly smiles and puts her cell phone away. She keeps driving, turning on the radio and putting the volume up. McGinnis nods his head to the song playing and Michelle sings along to the song. This takes place until another car on the road cut them off which sends Michelle into an road rage.

    Michelle Kelly: Hey, watch where you're going, asshole.

    Kelly looks over to McGinnis who is looking out the car window in a daze.

    Michelle Kelly: What’s on your mind?

    Michelle Kelly’s question doesn't do it’s job of snapping McGinnis out of his daze.

    Michelle Kelly: Hey, you OK?

    McGinnis turns his attention over to Kelly Michelle.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Yeah, just thinking about some stuff.

    Michelle Kelly: Like what?

    Jonathan McGinnis:The transition from where I started to here, it’s been a lot.

    Michelle Kelly: What do you mean? You seem to be moving along quite fine here.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Being here, its just not what I thought it would be. I know it was my dream to make here and to finally get a spot on the CWA roster but at the same time, it just doesn't feel like I thought it would.

    Michelle Kelly: What the hell did you think being here would be like, rainbows and gold?

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, just, finally getting here, and it being under my current circumstance. It just feels weird, it feels weird that I have to make the most out of this opportunity, because it looks like it might be my last.

    Michelle Kelly: What do you mean about that?

    McGinnis pauses for a second before turning back to Michelle Kelly and answers her question.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The plan is, after my two year contract finishes up, I’m gone from there.

    Michelle Kelly: WHAT!, Why?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can’t really get into the details, but, it was a decision I made for the sake of my family.

    Michelle Kelly:I guess there is nothing wrong with that. Family should always be a man’s top priority. If it’s important to you, it’s important to you. Just remember though, a chance to be here in CWA is a once in a life time opportunity.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I know. But, the only reason I pursed coming here is to put this plan into effect.

    Michelle Kelly:Sounds like you are having second thoughts. When I hear you talk about your past in the independent scene, sounds like you to miss it to be honest.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I do miss it. All the crazy fans I had, the atmosphere was just infectious, now, that I reach a wider audience, now I have to reach them and the challenge sounds hard.

    Michelle Kelly: Many wrestlers come to CWA and try to capture the heart of the CWA universe, and fail. When I look at you out there, I can see that, you aren’t going to be one of those guys, and you will give the fans everything that you have. That’s all that matters.

    McGinnis nods his head in what looks like he is agreeing with everything that she just said. Michelle Kelly turns into a gas station and pulls up next to a gas pump. McGinnis gets out the car.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I’m going inside to get me a drink and some snacks.

    He walks into the gas station store and looks around to see what snack he should purchase. He scans through out the store looking for what he wants and he gets a tap on his shoulder. McGinnis turns around to see a wrestling fan standing behind him.

    Wrestling Fan: Excuse me, mind if I can get a picture with you?

    McGinns looks at the guy who is wearing a R.O.S t shirt.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Sure. Nice t-shirt by the way.

    McGinnis takes the picture with the fan while a smile on his face.

    Wrestling Fan:Yeah, I loved you in Ring Of Syndicated. Too bad, you sold out on us.

    Jonathan McGinnis:What do you mean about that?

    Wrestling Fan:You left us for CWA, you were our’s and now well you’re, theirs. I understand everyone has to move on, but you do know that CWA is just going to ruin you.

    Jonathan McGinnis:I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

    Wrestling Fan:Sure I do, I’m shocked they let you keep your name and did give you a crappy gimmick and had everything that made you great stripped away from you. But they are known to ruin wrestlers, in the name of “sports entertainment.”

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s a shame that you think like that.

    Wrestling Fan:It’s a shame that you left the wrestling company who made you who you are, to just have your career ruined. You sold out, McGinnis. I was at the show when you announced that you were leaving, and I guess the rest of the R.O.S fans don’t think how I do, but nothing will change my mind of you being a sell out.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Listen, I was nice enough to give you the picture, and now I don’t appreciate you telling me what I should do with the decisions in my life. This is my career. My choice and I feel like I made the right one.

    The wrestling fan walks away but not before turning around.

    Wrestling Fan: Whatever you say, sell out.

    McGinnis takes his snacks and heads to the counter and pays for everything. He walks out the store to Michelle Kelly who is standing by the car. She notices that something is wrong as McGinnis posture shows that he is not too happy right now.

    Michelle Kelly: What happened?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Nothing, just dumb wrestling fans who think they know everything.

    Michelle Kelly: You are always going to run into those people, McGinnis, and now that you are apart of the most main stream wrestling company in the world, it’s not going to go over well with those kinds of wrestling fan.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Maybe you're right, just strange to see how some of them can be.

    Michelle Kelly: It call comes with the territory. Can't please them all, McGinnis, the sooner you learn that, the better you will be.

    The two of them get into the car and McGinnis takes some of the snacks he bought and started to dig into it and they drive off. The two drive to the next hotel for the next CWA Adrenaline Rush television taping.

    Hotel - CWA Road Trip - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    April 17th, 2015

    Inside the hotel room, McGinnis in shorts and t-shirt looks to have a night in. He is by himself in his hotel room laying on his bed with his laptop next to him and he is reading issue #1 of Spartan Island, written by Jonathan Snowman. He flicks through the pages of the comic books while he lays back and just uses this time to relax. The peace and quiet doesn't last long, McGinnis’s laptop starts to make a sound that an incoming skype message is waiting to be answered. He looks to see who is sending him the skype message and it is his wife, Kate. He answers it and starts to video chat with her. Kate is wearing a long t-shirt as she sits on her bed in the McGinnis home back in California.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Hey, what’s up?

    Kate McGinnis: Nothing, just got your e-mail about coming with you to the next show, it’s your big match right?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, it’s the finals, if I win this one, I'm going to challenge for the world title. It is going to be awesome to have you in the front row. I will pick you up at the airport, and we will go to the arena from there. I will text you later with all the flight information.

    Kate McGinnis: How was the ride from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Eh, long and exhausting, how’s everything at the house?

    Kate McGinnis: Quiet, just a normal night, just put Brett to sleep. About to go to sleep soon myself, but there was something I needed to tell you.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What’s up?

    Kate McGinnis: Your sister called today.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Really? What did she have to say?

    Kate McGinnis: She said that it was important that you get back to her. Any idea what she is talking about?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Most likely nothing good, every time, I hear from my family, nothing good comes from it, trust me.

    Jonathan pauses.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s better to just leave that alone, I will handle it when I get the chance to. Other than that, just relax. I have other things to worry about then what ever is happening over there.

    Kate McGinnis: I know you really don’t like to talk about your family, but if something is going wrong, let me know.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Of course I will. Believe me, it’s nothing good. Its just better not to worry about it. I will give her a call later. What time did she call?

    Kate McGinnis: Late last night. I don’t think she has your cell number.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don’t think so either.

    Kate lays back on her bed but yet stays in the view of the camera for the skype video call.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You tired?

    Kate McGinnis: Yeah, a little. But I can stay awake to talk to you.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Go to sleep, I will talk to you tomorrow. I’m about to do the same myself.

    Kate McGinnis: Okay, talk to you tomorrow, love you.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Love you too.

    Jonathan ends the video chat call. He then goes over to youtube and searches through the videos and he comes across a video on youtube called “McGinnis, the sell out.” McGinnis clicks on it. The video opens up and it is the same fan that McGinnis came across a couple days ago.

    I want to take this time, to get my opinion out there on a topic that I feel hasn’t been addressed yet. The man who was labeled “the king” of the indies, and how he sold out on his fan base. The same fan base who made him who he is today, now I understand that he has to do right for his family, but what about Ring Of Syndicate. He just left them dry and went to CWA. He went mainstream, and he stands with a company that is going to run his name straight into the ground, like past talents who have went there, he will get burned by CWA and then what? He will be coming right back to Ring Of Syndicate. He should of stayed, he should helped bring Ring Of Syndicate up to higher levels, but now, he just smells of sell out. I saw him at a gas station a few days ago and I told him this straight to his face. I will no longer support McGinnis and I hope he see’s this video and he knows that he is letting down all of his true fans that were with him from the beginning, but I’m sure he doesn’t care and he only cares about the money. But what about the love of the business that McGinnis proclaims that he has, where did that go? He just like everyone else, just forgetting about why he got to where he is, and that he needs to respect the people who put him where he is. Come to think of it, working at CWA might just expose how overrated he is, soon enough, everyone will see everything he has and get bored with him, trust me......

    McGinnis seems to have enough of this rant and closes the video. Looking a bit ticked off at the video he goes to close his lap top but then he realizes that tonight is Becky Black’s title match at the Ring Of Syndicate. He goes after to the live stream on BattleFight.Com to check it out. He told Becky that he would of tried to be there live to see but due to being across country with CWA, that wasn’t possible. He loads up the stream and it is in the final stages of the match for the Ring Of Syndicate Women’s championship between Becky Black and former CWA talent, Scarlet Fiona.

    April 17th 2015 - Ring Of Syndicate
    Los Angeles, California

    Ring Of Syndicate Womens Championship
    Scarlet Fiona (c) vs Becky Black


    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: These two females are tearing the house down, as the crowd goes wild.

    Both females are in a hard grueling title match as the crowd is going crazy, both Scarlet and Becky look tired and exhausted and going at each other. They trade forearm strikes in the center of the ring until Scarlet knee's Vecky in the mid section and tries for a hurricana which Becky counters into a sitdown powerbomb and she chains it into a Lion Tamer submission. Scarlet screams in pain and she starts to try and reach for the ropes. She then manages to counter her way out the submission and kick Becky with a kick to the gut and she tries for and hits a DDT, she then heads to the top rope and waits for Becky to get up and she leaps off but Becky with SUPER KICK!!! to Scarlet and she covers for the 1...1.......2..... Scarlet kicks out and then manages to quickly maneuver Becky into a (Octopus hold) and Becky screams in pain. She tries to stop herself from tapping out as the crowd goes crazy.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: Will Becky tap out! The crowd is going crazy.

    Becky is able to fight free of the Octopus hold and Scarlet tries for a spear which Becky leaps over Scarlet and clocks her with a superkick as she turns around. Becky sets up Scarlet with a Taka Michinoku driver and she covers.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: Can this be it?

    Scarlet kicks out though. Becky then takes Scarlet and places her on the top rope. Becky tries for a top rope move but Scarlet fights back, the two trade punches on the top ropes and then Scarlet takes Becky and places her on her shoulders. Scarlet leaps and hits a SUPER FIREMAN's CUTTER!!!!!.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer:
    Oh my GAWDD!!! What a move... can she cover though?

    Scarlet and Becky both lay in the middle of the ring and a this is awesome chant breaks out in the small venue, Scarlet though starts to crawl and slowly she gets there and she drapes her arm over Becky for the cover and the ref counts 1..2...........3!!!!! NO!!!! Becky gets her right shoulder up just in time.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: HOW did she kick out!!!!

    Scarlet has her arm still draped on Becky which turns into a mistake as she snatches it and locks her into the LeBell lock!!! The crowd goes crazy as she has the champ locked in the middle of the ring. Scarlet screams in pain and she has nowhere to go, Scarlet tries to flip around but Becky still has the hold locked in and Scarlet screams in pain and has no choice but to tap out!!!!!! The crowd goes crazy.

    Ring Of Syndicate Announcer: And We Have a new champion!!!! What a match!!!!

    Becky Black who can barely stand gets to her feet and is handed the Women's championship and tears start to fall from her eyes. Scarlet who gets to her feet and looks disappointed in defeat shows true sportsmanship and offers her hand out for a handshake. The two hug and Scarlet leaves Becky to have her moment.

    McGinnis looks over to his cell phone and takes it. He sends Becky a text. "Hard work does pay off. You won your big match, now I will go win mine." McGinnis puts his phone on charge next to him and sits back and relax on the hotel bed. He starts to close his eyes and then eventually dozes off.

    June 23rd, 2011 - Ring Of Syndicate
    Los Angeles , California

    Flashback to 2011, Jonathan McGinnis is quiet sitting inside the locker room of Ring Of Syndicate event. He is the only one in the locker room and he sits back half dressed in his wrestling gear. You can tell that something is wrong but the way he just sitting there. He remains seated until the door opens and Becky Black with a furious look on her face. She has a note in her hand and she walks up to McGinnis who stands to his feet and she slaps him in the face and does it repeatedly. She keeps hitting him to eventually McGinnis blocks the strikes. She looks at him with tears running down her eyes.

    Becky Black: You broke up with me, with a letter?

    McGinnis remains silent.

    Becky Black: If you didn't want to be with me anymore, be a man about, McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’m sorr.....

    Becky punches McGinnis in the face and storms out before throwing the note in his face. McGinnis picks up the note.

    McGinnis picks up the note. He tosses it to the floor and goes to find Becky. He looks for her and can't find her until he finally comes across her and she is sitting by herself.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Listen, I thought the way that I handled it was the best choice of action, I really did.

    A sobbing Becky.

    Becky Black: When did you start feeling like this?

    Jonathan McGinnis: For a while now, I just didn’t really know how to tell you.

    McGinnis pulls a seat next to Becky and sits next to her. He goes to put his hand on her shoulder but Becky pulls away.

    Becky Black: Do you know how you should told me how you felt?

    McGinnis looks at Becky as she spits in his face.

    Becky Black: Like a man.

    She gets up and walks away from McGinnis and this time McGinnis doesn't give chase. He has a match to get ready for and goes to focus on that. ZAG walks into the picture and see’s McGinnis wipe the spit off his face.

    What the hell happened?

    McGinnis walks past the owner of Ring Of Syndicate.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Don't worry about it. Got to get ready for my match.

    April 30th, 2015 - CWA Adrenaline Rush
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ohio *Live*

    Toxic Rain is standing in the parking lot. She has a microphone and camera crew with her. She is wearing a red dress with high heel shoes on.

    Jim Taylor:
    Toxic Rain is standing the parking lot and is awaiting for the arrival of the Ruler Of the Ring finalist, Jonathan McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis arrives and walks into the parking lot and he isn’t alone. His wife Kate is walking into the parking lot with him, he is holding his bag with his gear inside while wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans while Kate is wearing a pink top and a mini skirt. Toxic Rain walks up to McGinnis.

    Toxic Rain:
    McGinnis, tonight, you stand to have your biggest match, as you are in the finals of the Ruler Of The Ring tournament, against the current CWA High Voltage Champion, Enigma. What are your thoughts heading into tonight’s big about?

    McGinnis turns his attention to Toxic Rain and answers her question.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Who would of thought, that just my 3rd match here in CWA, I would be in the finals of the most prestigious tournament in wrestling. So much is going on in my mind right now, it is hard to get all the thoughts together. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach right now. This here can be a special night for me, and for my family, which is why, my wife will be front row and watch me as I chase after the dream of mine to become the Ruler Of The Ring. Everything is just lined up too perfectly right now, everything. It seems that the ball is in my court, and I have the much needed momentum on my side. From last week, when I super kicked Shade’s face off and proved that I belong here in the final two. Now I look to take on the final obstacle that stands in my way of becoming Ruler Of The Ring, and that is Enigma.

    Toxic Rain:
    Yes, Enigma, the current High Voltage Champion.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Believe me, I know that. I know that this won’t be a walk in the park. CWA is loaded with weird characters, from Shade, to Enigma, it seems that, the more wrestlers I face, the more weirder and jacked up in the brain they are. But just like Shade’s mind games didn't get in my head, Enigma’s won't either. I wish I can understand what goes through the head of the guy, but I can’t, and to be honest, I don't want to. I’m just here to give the fans a superkick party.

    McGinnis pauses for a brief second

    Jonathan McGinnis: I can see that Enigma is the High Voltage Champion, that isn't something I will not lose focus on. He stands right as the second best wrestler on the roster and for me to get my chance against Cyrus for the world championship, it is only fitting that I have to go through him. Like I said, I'm not here to break down his philosophy and to give insight to make sense of the way he carries himself, I just know that it's up to me to beat him. Its up to me, every big match I enter, I see it in only one way, that its up to me. If I go out there and handle what I need to handle and keep my mind where it needs to be, I know that I will be walking out the 2015 Ruler Of The Ring. It's obvious to the world, that Enigma needs to find a little corner and straight jacket with padded walls more than he needs to be the Ruler Of The Ring, that dude right there is bat shit crazy, and I know I shall expect the expected from him tonight, because even in that messed up head of his, he wants to be the Ruler Of The Ring. He wants to challenge for the world heavyweight championship, but there is no way in hell that he wants it more than me. There is no way in hell that he has more desire, more passion, more motivation to win this whole thing, more than I do. I can see it in his eyes.

    Toxic Rain: Not sure how anyone can see in the eyes of Enigma...

    Jonathan McGinnis: Believe me when I say, that I can. No man on this roster can look into my eyes and see that he has more desire to climb the top of the mountain. No one, and I know that Enigma see's himself like a god, but not even him, has more desire than I do. I see him as just another man that will walk in but not out of the superkick party. Tonight, will be my night. It has to be, everything is lining up too perfectly for it not to be. I am on the path to having the greatest rookie year in CWA history, but for me to continue on that path, I have to win tonight. Plain and simple. I have to lace up my boots, and go out there and do what I do best and I have to take the trophy home with me. I have a nice little spot for it.

    Toxic Rain: You seem confident heading into the finals.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I need to be. I can't have no doubt in my mind, it would idiotic for me to even think that. I seem confident, because I am confident. If I can go out there and wrestle my style, and keep things where they need to be, I can't lose. Because at my best, there is no one, better than a McGinnis.

    The McGinnis walks off while Toxic Rain remains she turns to the camera.

    Toxic Rain: One thing we know for sure, this will be one hell of a match, guys, back to you.

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    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    So I'm looking over ur stuff....again and between u and CT and some others including FWA material...all I can say is wow and already Im having ideas as to how it's already making me better. Or how it can make me better.

    Nice stuff man. And again ur details are impeccable.

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    Roleplay List

    RP #1:
    "Sometimes Goodbye's The Only Way"
    RP #2: "Things Change, Rearrange and So Do I"
    RP #3: "Tell Them I Was Happy"
    RP #4: "Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?"
    RP #5: "Every vein, every vessel, every bullet lodged" - Next RP
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    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    WWE RP #4: Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?

    World's Strongest RP!

    Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?

    May 18th 2015 - The McGinnis House Hold
    Los Angeles, California

    The 2015 Ruler Of The Ring trophy stands proudly displayed on the mantle of the winner of the tournament, Jonathan McGinnis. There it joins the rest of McGinnis accolades that he has obtained during his wrestling career. The trophy room inside the McGinnis house hold is probably Jonathan’s favorite room in the house and by looking at all the trophies that he has won over the years, one can consider McGinnis quite accomplished, but by far the CWA Ruler Of The Ring Trophy of 2015 is his most prized trophy in the room. McGinnis enters the trophy room and stares at his newly acquired prize with a look of accomplishment on his face. McGinnis in red pajama pants and white t-shirt, it is night time in California. Jonathan looks at his newly won trophy as it sparkles like a star in the night sky. He takes it off the mantle and holds it in his hands.
    May 15th 2015 - Adrenaline Rush
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Backstage of the May 15th edition of Adrenaline Rush, McGinnis is fresh off his huge victory that crowned him the 2015 CWA Ruler Of The Ring. He holds the trophy in his hands as a few wrestlers stop by and pat him on his shoulder for congratulations on the massive accomplishment. McGinnis dripping of sweat holding his trophy as Michelle Kelly steps into the scene with microphone in hand. She approaches McGinnis.

    Michelle Kelly: I’m here with the 2015 Ruler Of The Ring winner, Jonathan McGinnis. McGinnis, this might have been the most impressed string of victories pulled together in a row that lead you the Ruler Of The Ring trophy. Now that you are the winner of Ruler Of The Ring, has does it feel?

    McGinnis holding the trophy in his hand looks up at Michelle Kelly. He places the trophy at his side before standing up and next to Michelle Kelly. He pauses for a second before answering the question that she asked.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s hard to put this into the right retrospect at the moment. Trying to take it all in and right now, it’s just settling in. First off and most importantly, one hell of a match that Enigma put on against me. He left it all in the ring and I take my hat off to you for the hard hitting and back forth match we just had. So before I can process this major accomplishment, I will like to show respect towards Enigma. I can see why he is where he is in his career right now.

    Michelle Kelly: If you can try and process this, how does it feel winning this tournament, I mean, you have to feel something.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, you work word during your wrestling career. You work hard to achieve accomplishments like these and when you finally achieve it, you think to yourself that this might just be the highest I can go. Like if it all ends here I can say that I at least accomplished this. I have many trophies in my trophy case, and all of them mean different things to me.

    Michelle Kelly: What does this one mean to you, the 2015 Ruler Of The Ring, what does this mean to Jonathan McGinnis?

    Jonathan McGinnis: It's hard to say, it really is. I can't say anything for now beside joy. This is hard work paid off and it feels great to hold this trophy but to say exactly what it means, I have to wait a while to really give it the definition that all my other trophies have. I just can't believe it, that in my first four matches here in CWA I win one of the most celebrated honors in the company's history.

    Michelle Kelly:You came into CWA as some would say unknown and now you are the Ruler Of The Ring, what has this ride been like?

    Jonathan McGinnis: A crazy one. And I wouldn't have it any other way, to come in to this great company and storm through the best competition not only in CWA but in the business, now that right there is a crazy ride. And to have a crazy ride with my family by my side, made it that much better. I’m a true family man and to have it done this way, really means a lot to me, it really does. Coming into CWA, I came in relatively unknown, just a indy guy with some buzz around him, but now, I proved myself. I proved that I can hang and that everything that I say about my abilities and that what the wrestling world said prior to me coming here to CWA is true, damn true.

    Michelle Kelly: Speaking of family, your wife was in the front row tonight, how was it to win probably the biggest match of your career in front of her?

    Jonathan McGinnis: It was great, she knows how much wrestling means to me, and she knew how hard I worked to even get a chance to make here to CWA and to go on and challenge for the Ruler Of The Ring title. So to have her in the front row, I knew that she was my little good luck charm that I needed to have in my corner to pull off this massive win and to take this trophy home.

    Michelle Kelly: Now that you are officially the Ruler Of The Ring, now we move forward to you challenging Cyrus Truth for the world title at the upcoming World Strongest’s pay per view, so now you have to leave this behind and quickly focus on that. With the world champion in your immediate future, how you feel heading into the match?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know that I have the huge task of challenging Cyrus for his world title, and I will definitely be preparing for him like I do for all my opponents but I will address Cyrus and the CWA world title some time soon but not right now. Right now it is all about the moment here and me becoming the new Ruler Of The Ring. If you really want my thoughts on Cyrus, you will hear them, and I'm sure Cyrus will want to hear them as well, but for right now, it's not about him, it's about me winning the Ruler Of The Ring. It's about me winning this trophy, but you know Michelle, I promise that you will hear what I think about his whole ordeal with the company. You will get my opinion on everything, but not now.

    Kate McGinnis, the wife of Jonathan McGinnis walks into the scene and hugs him. The two look to each others eyes and smile as McGinnis takes his trophy and holds it in his hand by the handle. He looks at into the camera before looking at the trophy.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Brett, this one is for you.

    McGinnis dedicates the trophy win to his son as he and his wife walks off.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, there you have it, McGinnis, the new Ruler Of The Ring winner. He looks for a long night of a well deserve celebration.

    Back in his trophy room, McGinnis puts the 2015 Ruler Of The Ring trophy back on its mantle and goes back to staring at it. There is complete silence in the room but that doesn't last for much longer and foot steps can be heard behind McGinnis. Jonathan turns around and it is Kate who is standing in the doorway of the trophy room holding a cup of water in her hand. She is wearing a pink tank top and blank panties. She stands in the doorway looking at McGinnis who was staring at his Ruler Of The Ring trophy.

    Kate McGinnis: Babe, what are you doing up still?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can't sleep. So much on my mind.

    Kate McGinnis: Like what?

    Kate steps into the room taking a sip of her water and then placing the cup down.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s hard to explain.

    Kate McGinnis: Tell me.

    Jonathan McGinnis: With so much success that I’m having in the CWA, I wonder....

    Kate takes a seat and looks up at Jonathan who is standing.

    Kate McGinnis: Wonder what?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’m I making the right choice here? I know we both agreed to two years and we coast into the sunset but after winning the Ruler Of The Ring, all on my mind is if I’m making a mistake.

    Kate McGinnis: Listen, being there for your family is never a mistake. Using the CWA as a way to save and make sure that we live comfortable as a family, there is nothing wrong with that. I know how much you love to wrestle, but you can’t do it forever, even you know that, so why not leave the business with the ability to have a life after. You have no suffer injuries that will affect you later in the life, and that right there is the most important thing. You leaving with the business with perfect health.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You're right. But you know just looking at the trophy, just had me thinking.

    McGinnis lays down on the couch inside the trophy room as Kate gets up out of her seat and she steps over to McGinnis and lays on top of him.

    Kate McGinnis: That's your problem, you think too much.

    Kate says while smiling.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You might just be right, you just might.

    Kate McGinnis: But look all the trophies you have, you have to look at them and see that you done all you could have ever wanted in the wrestling business. Like really look at them you have so many, you have a freaking room just for them. Like that one, what is that trophy?

    McGinnis looks at the trophy that Kate pointed at.

    Jonathan McGinnis: That is the 2012 Indy wrestler of the year.

    Kate McGinnis: You have four of those. Do you see what I mean?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, I do. But just achieving so much success in CWA, to make it to the big time and have success, just has me thinking.

    Kate McGinnis: But you have been successful everywhere you went, so why be surprised that you are successful in CWA? You have the time to do all that you want to do in CWA, and then we coast off into the sunset. The CWA trophy is just another trophy to add to the mantle. All those trophies mean something to you, and I'm sure this new one isn't any different but this shouldn't change up the goal that we have set for us. Family first.

    A long silence happens. Kate snuggling with Jonathan looks up at him as he looks down at her.

    Kate McGinnis: We have to think about our future.

    McGinnis is quiet for a second and Kate notices and she places a kiss on his lips.

    Kate McGinnis: Believe that you are making the choice, I know that you are, everything happens for a reason and you made to CWA with the chance to make sure that you will never worry about providing for your family.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah. You're right. Just got caught up in the moment.

    Kate McGinnis: I know baby, but don't let it keep you up at night, just know that we are doing the right thing here. And if you need to talk about these kind of things, you know that you can talk to me.

    The two remain snuggled up on the couch as Jonathan is in a daze looking at the ceiling. Kate gets off of him and goes to walk out. Jonathan soon after sits up and follows her. He goes to walk out but he comes across a trophy that is on his mantle. He walks over to it and picks up it. The NWAJP Junior Cup trophy. He stares at it before taking it off the mantle. In his mind he thinks about what he said during the interview he conducted after winning the Ruler Of the ring tournament.

    Jonathan McGinnis: (V.O.): “I have many trophies in my trophy case, and all of them mean different things to me.”
    Kate walks back into the room and stands in the doorway with a towel in her hand.

    Kate McGinnis: Going to take a shower, you can join me if you want.

    McGinnis with the NWAJP Junior cup trophy in his hand that reads 2012. He looks over to Kate.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah.

    Kate walks out the doorway to the trophy room but McGinnis still has the trophy in his hand and looks at it. And again what he said in the interview plays in his mind.

    Jonathan McGinnis: (V.O.): “I have many trophies in my trophy case, and all of them mean different things to me.”

    McGinnis holds the 2012 Junior cup trophy that he won in japan three years ago. He won the tournament against some the best junior weight wrestlers in the world and by winning it he earned a shot to face off against the NWAJP Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi. Winning the trophy earned McGinnis a shot at the most coveted prize in Japan. He looks at the trophy and puts it back. In the distance you can hear Kate.

    Kate McGinnis: You coming?

    McGinnis remains in a daze staring at the Junior cup trophy.
    December 11th 2013 - NWAJP Supercard of The World
    Tokyo, Japan

    Eleven thousand strong in the Ryougoku Sumo Hall in Japan are on their feet as the 2013 Junior cup winner Jonathan McGinnis takes on the NWAJP Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi. The action is already in action as Snowmantashi & McGinnis trade stiff kicks back and forth between one another as the crowd goes wild.

    NWAJP Announcer: これらの2人の戦士は、彼らが持っているすべてを戦っています。 (Translation: These two warriors are battling with everything they have.)

    *Earlier In The Night*

    McGinnis in the back getting ready for the match and against Jon Snowmantashi. He is doing push ups on the floor inside his wrestling gear and looks jacked up and intense. He is silent and he keeps looking at his cell phone that was on the bench next to him. Kate who went on the trip to Japan with him is in labor. McGinnis is waiting for the phone call and he plans to rush to the hospital but first he has to finish up the match against Jon Snowmantashi. The cell phone rings as McGinnis quickly answers the call. He stands up and looks a bit worried while answering it.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Is everything OK?

    McGinnis paces back and forth with the phone in hand and his face looks pale like a ghost. He quickly sits down and places his hand over his face while remaining on the phone.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will be there just as I am done with the match. I can’t leave now, but I promise, I will be there. McGinnis hangs up the phone and goes back to getting ready for his match.

    The agent assigned to McGinnis to make sure his visit to Japan went smoothly as possible enters in and notices quickly that something is wrong with McGinnis. He steps up to him.

    NWAJP Agent: Hey, McGinnis, what’s going on?

    Jonathan McGinnis: My wife who is pregnant is going to labor right now, she came with me on the trip thinking that we had a enough time to get back to the states and have the child but my boy is coming a little early.

    NWAJP Agent: If you want, we can cancel the match, you don’t have to go out there.

    Jonathan McGinnis: All the tickets already been sold, this has been building for months, can’t do that. I believe I can get out of here and to the hospital on time. Everything should work out fine.

    NWAJP Agent: You got it, McGinnis, will have the car waiting outside for you to shoot you over to the hospital.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I appreciate it man. Thanks.

    NWAJP Agent: Don’t worry about it.

    Back to the match against Snowmantashi, the two battle as Mantashi starts to pound on McGinnis and use his ultimate size advantage against him.

    Snowmantashiはマクギニスよりもはるかに大きいであり、彼は今、彼の利点にそれを使用しています。(Translation: Snowmantashi is much bigger than McGinnis and he is using that to his advantage right now.)

    McGinnis though starts to battle back with everything he has and the crowd gets behind him. He hits Snowmantashi with super kicks after superkicks which don’t phase the big man and he clobbers McGinnis with a hard closeline and then starts to ruthlessly stomp on McGinnis head. McGinnis starts to look woozy as he tries to get to his feet and Snowmantashi starts to hit him with hard open hand slaps like begin to knock McGinnis loopy. He takes a step back and Snowmantashi almost takes his head off with a massive big boot to his skull, he takes McGinnis and then drops him down with a massive powerbomb. He covers but McGinnis gets his shoulder up at 1 which Snowmantashi is ticked off about and he continues to rain down the stiff strikes to the skull of McGinnis. Snowmantashi heads to the top rope and looks to fly and the big man leaps but McGinnis manages to move out the way and Snowmantashi hits the mat hard. McGinnis then quickly up to his feet and clocks the big man with a superkick to his skull and then another one and then another one. Snowmantashi is down and McGinnis heads to the top rope and looks to fly but he begins to hold his head and lose his balance as he falls unexpectedly to the floor on the outside and is unconscious.

    EMT WORKER: McGinnis can you hear me??

    McGinnis awakes on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. He is surround by EMT workers as he is strapped to the stretcher. He has a look of confusion on his face while he lays on the stretcher that is on its way to the hospital.

    McGinnis: What happened?

    EMT WORKER: You blacked out during your match. You feel out, it looked pretty bad, going to take to the hospital to run tests on you to make sure that everything is Okay.

    McGinnis: What about my wife?

    EMT WORKER: What about her.....

    McGinnis: She is at the hospital in labor, take me to her. NOW!

    EMT WORKER: We can’t, we have to take you to the hospital to get you checked out. I’m sure that she will be fine. But have to run tests on you to make sure that you are fine.

    Jonathan McGinnis: NO!... Take me to my wife NOW!!! You hear me..... NOW!!!!

    EMT WORKER: We will see what we can do Jonathan, I promise.....

    The ambulance pulls up to the hospital. They take McGinnis to the ER as the EMT worker explains in Japanese to the doctors what happened to McGinnis. The doctors check on him and run tests on him as McGinnis looks annoyed by the entire process.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Listen, I have to see my wife, she is in this hospital. She is in labor. I have to get to her.

    The doctor who doesn’t speaking English tries to explain McGinnis that he can’t just yet. But McGinnis quickly leaps up out of his hospital bed and goes to leave but the doctors stop him and security comes to calm McGinnis down so he can be checked and have tests ran on him. He doesn’t put up a fight and just tries to rush the process up so he can get out of there. McGinnis finally just gets up and walks off but this time no one stops him. He goes looking for Kate as finally the EMT worker who drove him to the hospital.

    EMT WORKER: The maternity ward is over there. Hurry.

    McGinnis runs to the maternity ward and looks for Kate. He finally looks to be on the right track to reunite with her and hopefully be there right as his child his being born. He finds her inside a hospital room and she asleep with their child in her arms. Knowing that he missed the birth of his child he starts to break down emotionally.Kate's eyes open and she looks at Jonathan while holding their son.

    Kate McGinnis: Jonathan........

    McGinnis breaks out of his daze while still holding the NWAJP Junior Cup Trophy in his hand. He hears Kate calling his name.

    Kate McGinnis: Jonathan........

    Kate with towels in her hand comes to the trophy room and stands back in the door way.

    Kate McGinnis:You coming?

    Jonathan puts the trophy back on the shelf and heads out. A final shot of the Ruler Of The Ring trophy next to the NWAJP Junior Cup trophy as the lights in the trophy room go black.

    May 26th, 2015 - The Redick Wrestling School
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Jonathan McGinnis is inside the Joe Redick wresting school. Looks to be just finished training for his huge word title match against Cyrus Truth, where he looks to cash in on winning the Ruler Of The Ring trophy and win the CWA Heavyweight championship of the world. The CWA camera crew is set while McGinnis who is drenched with sweat after what can sure be an intense work out by from his trainer, Joe Redick. McGinnis looks into the soul of the camera and wipes his mouth.

    McGinnis: My path to the World Strongest PPV, to the biggest match in my entire CWA career which only took my three matches to get here, people ask me how do I feel? People ask me if I expected all this to happen so quickly? And my answer to that, is of course. Of course I saw myself here, I saw myself sky rocketing so quickly up the ladder here in CWA. Not to sound cocky, I know how hard I work and the things I had to go through just to make here to the CWA. I knew that the only person holding me back or that would hold me back is me.

    When I am on my game, there isn’t a wrestler on this planet that can out perform me. No one. Not Shade, not Enigma and not the damn champion here, Cyrus Truth. Everything was going to fall in place and the doors to everything here in CWA were going to open, open wide for me. I worked too hard for it to be any other way. This is just me reaching my full potential, I’m suppose to do the things that no other man in this business can do, that’s what I aim to do when ever I enter into any wrestling promotion. Doesn’t matter if its in the United States or any other wrestling promotion in the world, McGinnis looks for the chance to show to show why I’m high ranked in the wrestling business. I know where I stand and I know where I should be standing and that is the next CWA Champion of the world.

    Cyrus Truth isn’t no easy task, he is the champ and been the champ here for a long time for a reason, but I can see something in his eyes that I’m sure that no one else can see. It is something that he tries to hide, but as soon as I locked eyes with him I spotted it right away. His fear of being complacent, his fear that he will just be like every other person to wrestle for CWA, his fear that he won’t go down in the record books after he is all set and done as being one of the greats. The competition here, isn’t really challenging him, and the fear of being just like everyone else, scares him to death. So he embraced this attitude, this annoying attitude that he deserves more respect, and I have to be completely honest, so far here in CWA I went up against a crazy man and someone who thinks he is Jesus Christ, and by far, Cyrus is the most delusional.

    This rage that he has that he isn’t respected in the CWA is bull shit. He knows it and so do I. You’re delusional, Cyrus. You must be if you think that I will be some pawn in this little chess match that you are having with the person who runs this company. It will be the worst thing for you to do Cyrus, to over look me. Believe I’m just touching the surface of what I can do in the wrestling ring, everything so far leading up to this match Cyrus, it’s all been a little preview, believe me. So when I hear you ramble on about how you demand respect, you are not giving me, the most dangerous man you have ever stepped in the ring with the respect that I deserve. You are hypocrite, asking for all this respect, but yet, when a respectable challenge steps up for your title, you throw this little girl attitude.

    Though with all that being said, none of that will play into my approach when it comes to our match at World Strongest's, I will bring my super kick party straight to you just like I did to everyone who stood in my way of getting to you for a chance to win the world heavyweight championship. Nothing changes on my end when it comes to our championship match, the same McGinnis will do what McGinnis always does, out perform his opponent. I don’t know why but for some reason you just get under my skin, I don’t know if it’s because you have it all, you are the man in CWA, the champion and yet to bitch and moan or is it because you walk around with this attitude that you can’t get your face kicked off by me and everything you ever earned, goes away like your title belt.

    Against all the others I faced, the matches against them never felt like this, I know that neither of them had the kind of stakes that this match has, but those other matches felt like a job, like something I had to do so I can advance in my career, but you Cyrus. I’m going to enjoy proving to you that you aren’t what you believe you are. You believe that you are this god like wrestler, but listen when I say even god’s can bleed. It took only one bullet to kill Abraham Lincoln, just like it will take one superkick to kill the god like ego that Cyrus Truth has.

    Its going to bring pure joy to me to know that I will be the one to put that jackass in his place, and show him that crying like a baby about respect is not the way a champion should carry himself. Take pride in being a champion, Cyrus. Be a man who cares about the better of the company, not someone who asks like a child. The CWA Heavyweight Championship needs a better man, it needs me, and Cyrus, I’m a better man than you, Cyrus and come the pay per view, I will be the better man than you.

    The scene fades to black as McGinnis goes back to training for the title match.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    WWE Championships and Accomplishments

    Disclaimer: The accomplishments revealed in McGinnis independent days are indeed fictional companies, and as more of the past of McGinnis are revealed in the upcoming RP's, the list will be updated accordingly.

    2013 NWAJP Junior Cup

    Ring Of Syndicate
    Ring Of Syndicate Heavyweight Champion (755 days)
    (January 21, 2013 - February 13, 2015)

    CWA World Heavyweight Champion (Current)
    (May 29th, 2015 - Present)

    2015 Ruler Of The Ring


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    Quote Originally Posted by
    CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis "Superkick City" Shirt back in stock.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    WWE RP #4: "It's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success"

    It's beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success

    Boston, Massachusetts
    July 20th, 2015

    In a Boston hospital, is where we find the reigning, defending CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis. He walks into the hospital with a worried look on his face, wearing a red and black hoodie and jeans, he walks to the front desk of the hospital. He gets the attention of the person working the desk.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’m here to see, Joe Redick, can you tell me what room he is in.

    The worker at the front desk looks up the room number for Joe Redick and points McGinnis to where he needs to go. McGinnis heads towards the room as he has an emotionless stare on his face. McGinnis gets to the room and he see’s Joe’s daughter Kelly who is on her phone in the hall talking to her job about when she is coming back to work as she is dealing with an family emergency to deal with. She turns and see’s McGinnis standing there and she quickly ends the call and walks over to Jonathan giving him a hug. Wearing shorts and tank top she looks a bit tired and you can see it on her face. McGinnis who looks puzzle about the entire ordeal gives her a warm hug.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What hell happened to him?

    Kelly Redick: He was at the house doing some work outs and he collapsed to the floor and fell unconscious. He was rushed here after I found him on the floor.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Is he Ok?

    Kelly Redick: Yeah, he is in the room, he is awake now.

    McGinnis heads into the room and surprise to see that Joe isn’t alone as Becky Black is in the room with him. Joe see’s
    McGinnis walk and he cracks a small smile.

    Joe Redick: Looks its the freakin champion of the world....

    McGinnis smiles as he walks up to Joe and shakes his hand.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I thought this was finally it for you, old man...

    Joe Redick:Not even close, I ain’t done yet boy. Watching you become world champion should of put me in the ground, but it didn’t...

    Jonathan McGinnis: You got jokes, I take it you saw my match against Cyrus huh?

    Joe Redick: If you are asking me if I saw that thing “you” call a wrestling match, yeah I saw that abomination. How many fucking super kicks did you try to do again....

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, lets not talk about that haha. Just know, I’m the champion.. Of the world.

    Joe Redick: For now....

    Jonathan McGinnis: What do you mean?

    Joe Redick: If I taught you anything, never over look your opponent, and I feel like that is what you are doing with Shade, Jonathan.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’m not overlooking Shade, believe me.

    Joe Redick: Then why are you here?

    Jonathan McGinnis: To check on your bitch ass...

    Joe Redick: You could of called, and then went to training and preparing for the biggest match of your career, your first title defense. If you want your reign as champion to mean something it starts here, McGinnis. You should be training, you should be busting your ass to be in the best shape so you go out there and put on the best performance needed to keep your title. And what is this I hear about you not wanting to sign a contract extension to stay with CWA? That company made you its champion, they have faith in you, they gave you the ball to run with it. What are you getting here cold feet?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Just some things that I needed to figure out.

    Joe Redick: Figure out, like what? Do you know how many wrestlers would dream to be in the position that you are in right now? To be the champion of the world?

    Jonathan McGinnis: It's complicated, Joe.

    Joe Redick: There is nothing complicated about that. You are a wrestler, and now you are a world champion. ACT LIKE IT!!! I trained you better than this, McGinnis. Go. Prepare, be ready.

    Becky Black who is in the room watches on as McGinnis looks stunned at what Redick is saying to him. McGinnis goes to head out the room.

    Joe Redick: You know I’m right, deep down. Be the champion, I know that you can be. I’m going to take a fucking nap.

    Becky walks out after McGinnis and catches the CWA World Heavyweight Champion as he is leaving.

    Becky Black: That was pretty intense, huh...

    Jonathan McGinnis:Damn right.

    Becky Black: But since he touched on the subject, why are you having cold feet about signing that extension with CWA?

    Jonathan McGinnis: You wouldn’t understand, Becky, I have a family now.

    Becky Black: Is Kate making you do all this, is she making you close the door on your life long dream?

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, my family comes before anything, like I said, you wouldn’t understand Becky.

    Becky Black: You are the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the world, Jonathan, and I just won the Ring Of Syndicate Womens title, I’m on my way to maybe one day going to the CWA’s or FWA’s of the world but till then I’m working for that because that is my dream. And not only did you make it to CWA, but you are their champion. Live in the moment, do it to just open your eyes that and that this is all that you wanted and if Kate loves you like I’m sure she does, she will understand that this is your dream.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Things change, yeah, to be champion was my dream, but that is the key word, WAS!

    Becky Black: Not even sure I know who I am talking to right now. Since I first met you, this was your goal and I seen you bleeding, I seen you almost break every bone in your body and now when you get there you get cold feet, You tell me I don’t understand, and you know what, I DONT!.

    McGinnis goes to walk away but stops and turns around and gets into the face of Becky. He has a serious facial expression on his face as he locks eyes with his ex girlfriend.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I have a family depending on me, I have a wife, I have a son and as badly as CWA needs me as their champion, they need me more. I expect this from the old man, because he has always been a delusional person, but you, I would think you would understand.

    Becky Black:No. I see a man who is doubting himself, that even being the heavyweight champion of the world, you are still doubting that you can do this, that's what I feel, but you know, I hope that I am wrong.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Just know, that me being champion, makes a life for my family better. And the more money I can make and walk away from this whole thing with my family financially secure and me being able to say that I am 100% healthy.

    Becky Black:You know, I guess, you do know best for you, but damn to throw this all the away, to make it and now don’t want it. I can never agree with that.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Nobody is asking you to..

    McGinnis finally walks out the hospital looking a bit upset look on his face. He walks to his rental car as he goes to open it. He then turns around and see's Becky standing behind him. The two look at each other and lock eyes as Becky places a kiss on McGinnis. He looks shocked but responds back with a kiss of his own. Then he slowly steps back and into his car as he drives off.

    On An Airplane In The Air.
    July 22nd, 2015

    McGinnis is on a first class flight to Manchester, England for the CWA Kings Reign Supreme pay per view where he is set to defend his CWA Heavyweight Championship of the world against the number one contender for his title, Shade. McGinnis though has a lot on his mind leading into his massive title defense. Personal stuff and business stuff all plague the mind of the champion. He opens up his travel bag and looks at the endorsement deal he has been offered. He reads through them and looks at what can be his possible future if accepting one of these and as well as a contract extension would really be what is best for him. He puts the contracts away neatly as he rests his head back and replays in his mind the events that transpired a few days ago when he kissed his ex girlfriend Becky Black in the parking lot when seeing his trainer, Joe Redick. McGinnis gets a skype message from his wife, Kate as he reads it.

    Kate McGinnis (Skype message): Good luck... have a great flight.

    McGinnis reads the message from his wife and closes his eyes as he tries to sleep through the flight but he keeps going back to what happened a few days ago. With this, the stress of being pressured to sign the contract extension with CWA, and his dearly beloved trainer in the hospital, focusing solely on the title match just seems like an impossible task.

    Joe Redick: Figure out, like what? Do you know how many wrestlers would dream to be in the position that you are in right now? To be the champion of the world?
    McGinnis remembers what Redick said to him when he went to go visit him in the hospital.

    Becky Black: Live in the moment, do it to just open your eyes that and that this is all that you wanted and if Kate loves you like I’m sure she does, she will understand that this is your dream.
    Becky Black's words drill in the head of McGinnis as the idea of trying to take a nap on the flight becomes harder and harder. A flight attendant walks up to McGinnis.

    FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Can I get you something, sir. Water, a snack.?

    McGinnis looks up at the flight attendant as she stands over him.

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, I’m fine. Thank you though.

    The flight attendant nods her head but as soon as she does she notices McGinnis.

    FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Oh my god, you are, Jonathan McGinnis.... My son is a huge fan of yours... may I take a photo for him.

    McGinnis who clearly isn’t in the mood for all this but sucks it up and does it.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Of course.

    McGinnis takes a photo with the flight attendant as she looks so happy.

    FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Thank you so much, my son won't believe this.

    Jonathan McGinnis: No problem at all.

    McGinnis signs something for her to give her son and smiles before she walks off. He then rests back in the seat and flicks through the TV channels on the flight. He has a huge title defense coming up and forces himself to remain focused on the mission ahead. McGinnis places headphones on his head and tries to relax through the flight.

    Manchester, England - Airport
    July 22nd, 2015

    McGinnis uses his cell phone camera as he records a message to the man challenging him for his CWA World Heavyweight Championship, Shade. Landing at the airport he waits for his ride to pick him up and he uses this time to address the man who looks to end his reign before he barely even begins. McGinnis with cell phone in and looking beyond tired opens up about his opponent, Shade.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You are looking really shakey, Shade. I mean, just look at the road to Kings Reign Supreme. The road has been filled with lost after lost for you. First, Snowmantashi, took you and planted you into the mat and finished you off, and after that, we had a tag match where I defeated you. And this wasn't even the first time I defeated you Shade. Remember Ruler Of The Ring, I went through you to get the trophy, and I went through you again in the tag match and come Kings Reign Supreme, it won't be any different. I have to beat you, Shade. This time everything I have is on the line, I want to keep this championship, as this championship is a dream of mine, and to be the champion of the greatest wrestling company on earth and for it to all end now, and to end because of you? You are going to have to kill me, because there is no way in hell you are taking this belt from my alive body.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The path here, for us Shade, it has been interesting, first with you taking out Cyrus, but I'm not him, and as far as the records go, I have two to your zero. Two times you have tasted defeat by the hands of Jonathan McGinnis, and its not to sound cocky, its the truth. Its the truth that you can't escape, to know, that you can't beat me, Shade. You just can't. I work too hard and I dedicate myself to being the best wrestler that I can be, and I don't think you do the same. I don't see it in your eyes, Shade, to be the best, you might be crazy, well no, scratch that, you are crazy. But you being crazy isn't going to be enough, no where near enough to go up against the best wrestler on the world today. I'm on a roll right now like no other, and for it to all end, to someone, like you Shade, who has no honor in any of your motives.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You don't have what it takes to be the man here in CWA, you are too inconsistent in the ring Shade. And for you be the best in this company, every night you have to be on, and every night you have to be ready to leave it all in the ring. To be the champion, everything to be the champion, that is all that matters to me, to hold this gold and be the best champion I can be. After all the sweat and tears I gave to reach this point in my career, and it won't end here, I promise you that. I promise you that you will not have what it takes to take my championship away from me, too much is riding for me and me being the champion. More than you ever know, Shade, the weight I carry is heavy, and I don't think you can handle the pressure, like Cyrus, the man I beat to get this championship, told me, "The price we pay for glory is high" and I am willing to pay the price are you? I don't think you are Shade. I don't think you are willing to leave everything you have in the ring, everything... and to pay the expensive price for the glory of being champion. See you at Kings Reign Supreme Shade, where you will lose to me, again.

    McGinnis ride arrives and he takes his bags and makes his way over to the car. He places his bags inside it before realizing his camera was still on and he turns it off ending the segment.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    I got into my groove writing this rp, it was fun. Went back and forth on a few things, but just decided to just let things flow and glad how things turned out. Wanted to touch on a few things, show a little back and forth tug a war between McGinnis love for his family and as well wrestling. This shall be a recurring theme in future rps, and with other elements coming into the folds as well. The first scene was inspired by HBO's Ballers, love that show, and the rest just came to me as I went along, I also hope to use more of Megan Anderson in my RP's, I actually liked writing as her. My knowledge of her history isn't strong but I'm sure I can do my research on it. Also the same goes for Michelle Kelly, looking to create more personal relationships with this people who most just use very generic. Give these characters some personallity, instead of just being the job to hold the microphone.

    " Sometimes It's Like ......"
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Date: September 2015
    Jonathan and Kate McGinnis pull up in the parking lot of AwSo & Cult financial. The McGinnis's pull up in Jonathan's 2015 Aston Martin, as they both get out the car with Kate holding their son Brett McGinnis in her arms. McGinnis double checks to make sure his car doors are locked before walking forward, he looks at Kate.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Why are we coming here again?

    Kate McGinnis: To talk to a financial manager, a lot of athletes do this, to help plan our money for the future.

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    Seems like a waste of time to me.

    Kate McGinnis:
    Let's just see what this guy has to say.

    McGinnis still showing the signs of the beat down by the hands of his upcoming opponent Austerio, he is stitched up. He is still feeling loopy after the attack, and looks to not be there as his wife Kate talks to him. McGinnis take a s second and catches a breath as Kate looks worried, the beating that he just came off from just a few days ago was a bad one and now he is here with her for this meeting before he has to hop on a flight and take plane over to the next CWA event, Global Collision where he has a title defense. With shades on his face Jonathan refocuses as he and his wife enter the financial center, and inside the place it looks beautiful with plaques everywhere and the building just gives off a professional vibe to it and Jonathan and Kate enter inside as they walk up to the secretary

    Kate McGinnis: We are here to see James.

    Secretary: Mr. Scott is wrapping up a meeting and he will be with you in a moment, you guys are welcomed to have a seat in our waiting room and help yourself to anything we have in there, like cookies, coffee.

    Kate McGinnis: Thank you.

    The two seat down in the waiting room as McGinnis picks up a ESPN magazine and runs through it. He reads it and looks through the pages as the two wait, Kate plays with Brett as McGinnis goes fades away in a daze. He quickly breaks out of it as Brett crawls over to him and McGinnis takes his son and holds him the air as he plays around with his son, the secretary looks over and smiles as soon a door opens and a man steps up, he is well dressed and is all smiles and he walks up to Jonathan and Kate and introduces himself.

    James Scott: Hi, welcome to Aso & Cult Financial Center, I'm James.

    He looks at Brett as Jonathan holds him in his arm.

    James Scott:
    Cute kid.

    Kate and Jonathan McGinnis both shake the hands of James as he tells them to follow him. Inside Mr. Scott's office is pictures of his clients who are the who's of the sports world. McGinnis looks at the pictures as everyone in the office gets seated, James Scott sits at his desk as he presents with a contract, McGinnis takes a seat as James looks over to me. He hands him a pen but see's that Jonathan has a confused look on his face. Scott sits back in his chair and smirks prior to opening his mouth.

    James Scott: Let me quickly tell you guys what this is all about, signing this will open us up to help and manage your finances. Our division works with the who’s who of the sports world and we are always looking for more clients. I spoke to your wife and see spoke about you guys looking for a way to save money and retire from the days of wrestling much sooner than later.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I haven’t decided, but it is in consideration.

    James Scott: I know that is a huge decision to make, but when you are considering this, you won’t have to worry about the finances as we plan to use this partnership as a way to make your dreams of living a comfortable life a real reality.

    Kate McGinnis: Excuse us, James. Can we have a few moments.

    James Scott: Take all the time you need.

    Scott gets up and leaves as Kate and Jonathan are by themselves.

    Kate McGinnis: You know.....

    Jonathan cuts his wife off as he looks upset.

    Jonathan McGinnis:What the hell is this, huh? You had this planned, you talked to him without even telling me. I know this is our decision to make, but what are you doing?

    Kate McGinnis: Babe, how long can you keep putting yourself in these situations? How long do you want to be apart of this machine, just look what happened to you last week. You know how hard it was to see you get beat down like that.

    Jonathan remains quiet as Kate speaks.

    Kate McGinnis: Just look, Austerio is trying to tear our family apart with his lies, and he has been getting into your head.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Don't you worry about Austerio.

    Kate McGinnis: How? Look at what he did to you.

    McGinnis once again just remains quiet.

    Kate McGinnis: You have your title match against him, but where will he stop? That man is crazy, and looks to go to any length to get into your head, and by that targeting me. The plan was to leave it all without looking back, and I know you want to reconsider it, and I’m okay with that, but this right here is perfect for us to use to leave it all. All the drama, the pain.... Everything.

    The CWA World Heavyweight Champion remains silent as he looks at the contract. He looks back over to Kate and then at his son who he is holding in his arms. He thinks about what Cyrus whispered to him a few months ago.

    "The price we pay for glory is high, but one I gladly pay. What about you?....

    James Scott enters back into the room as he sits back down at his desk.

    James Scott: If you want to look over everything, take the contract with you. Take your time, but even if you do decide to keep wrestling, this partnership can still work. We have many of active competitors in the sports world still playing in their respected fields. So take the time needed. We will love to have you aboard for us to represent you.

    The McGinnis's head out to leave Scott's office as either of them really say anything. Kate takes the contract and puts it in a folder in her purse as they leave the building and head to the car. Once in the parking lot. Jonathan puts his son Brett in his car seat and gets him situated as Kate remains on the outside of the car. Jonathan looks at her as she has a concern look on her face. McGinnis walks over and gives his wife a hug and places a kiss on her. She looks at him.

    Kate McGinnis: I Hope you do the right thing.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Me too. Me too.

    McGinnis gets a text message on his phone and he looks at it as Kate gets in the car.

    Megan Anderson VIA TEXT: Hey Champ, need to talk to you. When you land for the the pay per view, meet up with me.

    McGinnis responds.

    Jonathan McGinnis VIA TEXT: Yeah. See you then.

    McGinnis gets in his car as he and his family drive off.
    Location: Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee
    Date: September 2015
    The hotel room in Memphis is where we find the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. He has been in the hotel room for quite a while as the CWA World Heavyweight Championship lays on the bed in front of him. McGinnis is dressed in what some consider casual gear white t shirt and jeans while his belongings find a spot in the room. He has his cell phone on charge and his laptop on the dresser next to him. He takes a seat on the edge of the room's bed and begins to rub his feet. He turns on the hotel TV room. He turns on a rerun episode of Big Bang Theory. He zones out for a brief second as he stares at the TV but quickly breaks out of it. He takes picks up a phone and orders himself something to eat as he goes to pick up the phone and make the call there is a knock at his door. McGinnis places the phone down and goes to answer it as it is Megan Anderson. McGinnis shocked to see her standing in his hotel room doorway as she steps into the room. She enters wearing a business suit, probably pretty expensive. Though looks like she has had a long day and wanted to speak to the champion before she calls it a day. She looks exhausted.

    Megan Anderson: Hey there, champ.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Well, I know why you are here, but right now? You want to talk about the contract situation right now...?

    Megan Anderson:I have something to do back at the headquarters, new talent, etc. But I want to talk to you, I know that this contract negation has been a bit stressful.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Who are you telling....

    Megan Anderson:You may have your reasons why you want to take your ball and go home when your contract expires. But right here, is the best offer that we have for you. Believe me, we have only your best interest. You are our world champion, you are the face of CWA. You are the future of this place, and we want you around for the foreseeable future.

    McGinnis takes a seat on the bed as he doesn’t respond to Megan. As she walks up to him and picks up the CWA World Title and holds it as she looks at it.

    Megan Anderson: This championship right here means the world to my family. This title represents everything my family fought for to get CWA off the ground and now it is taken to heights we haven’t even dreamed of. You are the person, you are the one, you are the man. You are the champion. Why are you looking to drop it all?

    Jonathan McGinnis:You wouldn't understand.

    Megan Anderson: Try me.

    McGinnis doesn’t respond as Megan sits next him.

    Jonathan McGinnis: My family, I have a family....

    Megan Anderson: Don’t we all.... If this is your passion, if this is your dream to be here, to be in this position, why are you throwing it all away. The offer is 6 years 4 million dollars. More than enough to support your family, and if you go out there and get endorsements, more the merrier. We got you the deal with Image Comics, you have to fight for your dream.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Six years, four million dollars...

    Megan Anderson: But put aside the money, this business is in your blood, just like it is in mine. You didn’t scratch and crawl to the top just for you to quietly walk off the mountain.

    Megan hands McGinnis the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Megan Anderson: This is yours, and you have a huge title defense coming up, and I know you want to get your hands on Austerio and honestly can't wait to see what happens when you do.The offer is on the table.

    McGinns stands up and so does Megan as she offers him a handshake. McGinnis shakes her hand.

    Megan Anderson: I look to be in more talks with you. You are our champion, that something to be proud of. I wish you luck at Global Collision.

    Megan walks out the room as she leaves Jonathan McGinnis in his hotel room holding the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and again he thinks about what the former World champion, the longest reigning CWA Champion in company history whispered in his ear.

    "The price we pay for glory is high, but one I gladly pay. What about you? Can you stand and fight, when the darkness comes calling?"

    McGinnis stares at the CWA World Heavyweight Championship that he holds and looks at himself in the mirror while he holds it. He looks at himself, and sees a man who has everything someone in his position could ever want. He stands as the CWA Champion, he stands as arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world. Yet he is in so much conflict, a man torn between his dreams and his his family, he tries to keep it together, he tries to go on a business as usual but you can look at him and see that slowly he is slipping away. He looks like he is about to snap, and to add to all this, he has Austerio, a man who will go to any length to take him off his game, and he looks to use that as a way to snatch the CWA World Heavyweight Championship from McGinnis. To take away all that he worked hard for. But Austerio knows a deep secret of McGinnis and uses it as a tool to take his mind off the huge title match. With so much going on inside the head of the champion, he looks to snap and the fact that he hasn't speaks volumes to how much his mind can hold. He stares at the belt and the words of Cyrus runs through his mind like a train in the middle of the night. He throws his title belt on the hotel bed and flops on it right behind it as he tries to catch some rest before the huge world title match.
    Location: Global Collision, Nashville, Tennessee
    Date: September 2015

    The CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis is in the locker room still in his street clothes. He sits with the World Title draped over his shoulder as tonight he has to defend it against the current #1 Contender Austerio. As this feud has become more personal than McGinnis intended it to be, he looks to be in a daze as he sits in the locker room, wearing a Superkick City T-shirt and jeans. He sits quietly as CWA Interview Michelle Kelly walks in, but not to seek a interview for the champion but to instead talk to her friend McGinnis who looks like he has gone off the deep end. Michelle walks in into the locker room wearing normal clothes, t-shirt and jeans as she approaches McGinnis.

    Michelle Kelly: Are you OK?

    McGinnis doesn’t answer as he is just still in his daze.

    Michelle Kelly: I’m worried about you ....

    Jonathan McGinnis: No interview, I’m not in the mood. Leave me alone.

    McGinnis tells her quietly. As she doesn’t move and has a look of a concern for McGinnis.

    Michelle Kelly: I’m not here for a interview, I’m worried about you, after Austerio took you down like that last week, and he seems to have really got to you, and in your head. What does he know?

    McGinnis remains quiet and doesn’t answer Michelle Kelly as he goes back into the daze.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It doesn’t matter Michelle, it doesn’t matter what he knows because all that matters is that tonight, I kick his ass.

    McGinnis leaps up and gets in the face of a now frighten Michelle Kelly.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I KICK HIS ASS!! Tonight it will get ugly, it will get F%##ing ugly as I look to put his head on a stick. This is about more than the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, this man messed with my family and went too far by making things personal, and now he thinks that he is inside my head, well tonight.... He loses his.... as I swear I’m going to superkick it off.

    Michelle Kelly tries to calm her friend down as the champion has looked to have finally snapped after weeks and weeks of dealing with the antics of Austerio.

    Michelle Kelly:
    You can’t let him....

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can’t let him what, get in my head like this, well since you are always looking for the exclusive comments and interviews. Try this one on for size, Michelle, tonight, Austerio is a dead man. Simple. You look at me like I’m crazy, but this man isn’t here to just try and end my reign as CWA Champion, he wants to harm my family, he wants to spread lies and attack me and leave me bloody for my wife and son at home to see on TV. I fight for my family, Michelle, you don’t have one, so you wouldn’t understand what I am going through.

    Michelle Kelly: What are you going through, what is Austerio talking about when he calls you a cheater, what is he talking about?

    Jonathan McGinnis: All you need to know, is that tonight, the main event won’t start with a tie up or front face lock, the match will start with me beating the hell out of Austerio, to show that he is indeed messing with the wrong one. And my personal business, should remain just that, my personal business.

    McGinnis sits back down as he picks up his CWA Heavyweight Championship and looks at it as Michelle Kelly finds a chair and sits next to the champion as she can see and surely the world can see that McGinnis is losing his mind.

    Michelle Kelly: This isn’t you, Jonathan. You can’t let Austerio get in your head like this, it seems that he has struck a chord in you that maybe opened up something that you didn’t want to show, but you can’t let it change you like this. I understand that Austerio has took things to another level but you can’t change how you react to things, you can’t change who you are, because if you do, he has already won.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, I appreciate the advice, Michelle, but I really don’t want it or need it right now. Everyone wants to tell you what to do in certain situation, and what they would do “if”, but that is word is “if”. You don’t know what I’m going through...

    Michelle Kelly: So tell me, Jonathan...

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don’t want to.

    Michelle Kelly: Why?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Because, what’s the point? Now, I have to get ready for my match, can you please excuse me, and get out.

    Michelle Kelly leaves as her friend and road buddy Jonathan McGinnis looks to not be is typical self right now. McGinnis gets ready for his world title match tonight as he phone starts to vibrate and it is a ext message from his wife, Kate. He picks up the phone and reads the text.
    Kate McGinnis VIA TEXT: Good luck in your babe, me and Brett are here watching.

    McGinnis puts his phone down and looks at his CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He starts to tape up his hands and reflect on what has been transpiring during all this and everything going through his mind. From the massive title defense that he has tonight, to the challenger successful getting into his head. To this contract situation, his home life and everything else, all he tries to do and push that all aside and prepare himself for the world title defense that he has tonight in the main event of the Global Collision pay per view. He thinks about the brutal attack that he fell victim to by the hands of the man challenging for his title.

    Austerio re-enters the ring, blasting McGinnis with a steel chain-wrapped fist! Austerio is livid as he unceremoniously kicks Pain out of the ring and continues to pummel McGinnis, drawing a trickle of blood from the champion. Austerio, wide-eyed and deranged, drags the World Champion to the corner and uses the chain to restrain him. Bloodied and unable to free himself, McGinnis can do nothing as Austerio slaps him repeatedly, yelling:

    Austerio: You think I'm some joke, McGinnis?! Huh?! You think you can stop me? The REAL WORLD'S CHAMP?! I OWN YOU! I am the constant! ME! I'm getting what's mine! I'LL EXPOSE YOU FOR THE SCUM THAT YOU ARE, CHEATER! I will break your wife's little heart when I take MY TITLE and show the world what a rotten person you are! You can't stop this...YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

    So much is going on and now he has to turn on the switch and get ready for the title defense and as he gets ready, he puts on his tights and then begins to lace up his boots. He looks back over to his CWA Championship and he remembers to what Cyrus Truth whispered into his ear month's ago and it still plagues his mind.

    "The price we pay for glory is high, but one I gladly pay. What about you? Can you stand and fight, when the darkness comes calling?"

    Jonathan McGinnis who is almost ready as his ring gear is just about on, he gets up and picks up the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and wraps it around his own waist. He walks out the locker room to the rest of his roster mates who stand by and look as he gets himself hyped up by shadow boxing. He walks down the hallway and has a look on his face as if he is ready to kill someone.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It' GO TIME!.

    McGinnis happens to walk past Megan Anderson, as he stops and stares at her before walking down his path down the hallway.

    Megan Anderson: Good luck, champ.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    " Another Friday Night........"
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Date: November, 2015

    A early California morning has the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan McGinnis riding in the backseat of a yellow taxi cab. He sits in the backseat with his eyes looking outside the window, just watching as the world around him just passes him by. Dressed in casual shirt with a CWA logo on it and jeans with basketball sneakers McGinnis has his bagged back in the backseat right next to him, where it is slightly opened just enough to see that the most prestigious prize in professional wrestling which is the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    McGinnis looks at it for a second before turning back to staring outside the taxi window as he is on his way to the airport to head out for what can possibly be the biggest match in his early but successful CWA career as he takes on a once friend of his Jon Snowmantashi for McGinnis's CWA World Championship. But that isn't the only thing that plagues the mind of the champion, McGinnis is just going through a whirlwind of emotions. From his contract issue with CWA and pressuring him to signing a very top dollar contract to remain within the CWA and be apart of the number one wrestling company in the world. While his wife pressures him to not sign and ride out what's left of his contract and ride into the sunset with her and their son and live a peaceful and somewhat normal life.

    All this and more rests itself on the head of the champion, you can see as he stares out the window as it seems that all around him the world is collapsing. Losing his very first match in CWA, where the upset of the year when he slipped up and allowed Johnny Vegas to pick up the huge victory over the reigning champion and that really has the wrestling world buzzing. McGinnis just remains quiet but looking into his eyes you can see that his quietness speaks louder than most screams. He just looks and as the taxi makes its way to the airport for McGinnis to start the next days on the CWA tour while leading up to CWA WrestleRoyal.


    McGinnis thinks about to just yesterday, as at home with his wife Kate, the two just returned from a Friday night date night. Both dressed for the occasion just returning from a fancy restaurant, the two still dressed in their dinner clothes with McGinnis in a designer shirt and dress pants with shoes while Kate McGinnis wearing a designer black dress. The two sit at the kitchen table and just eat the leftovers that they took home with them. Kate can see that something is wrong with Jonathan as he sits quiet as he eats as she speaks up and voices her concern for her husband.

    Kate McGinnis: Is everything Okay? You don’t seem like yourself.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah everything is fine, just tired.

    Kate McGinnis: I don’t know, you just odd all night.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’M FINE JUST DROP IT!

    Kate looks surprised at Jonathan's sudden outburst as he steps away and scraps whatever left overs he has left into the trash can. He goes to walk away as Kate steps up and stands in the way of McGinnis as he tries to walk away from her.

    Kate McGinnis: What is wrong, huh, is it because you lost for the first time. Babe, sometimes you have to lose just to see what getting back up feels like. You are still the champion, Vegas was the better man....

    Jonathan McGinnis: NO! Fuck that, he isn’t the better man, he will never be the better man. That was a fucking fluke. My mind was just off the prize, off the game plan....

    Kate McGinnis:It's not the end of the world...

    McGinnis walks away from his wife and heads into the bedroom where he just flops on to the bed. Kate follows as she lays next to him, and she kisses him on his check before whispering to him.

    Kate McGinnis: In time all this won’t matter, believe me, it won’t.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, yeah it would.

    Kate McGinnis: Why would it? In the larger picture why would this matter.

    McGinnis sighs as he sits up and sits at the foot of the bed and Kate follows as she sits next to him. McGinnis looks at his wife and places his hand on her lap as he looks down.

    Kate McGinnis: What, what is it?

    Jonathan McGinnis: There is something I have to tell you.

    McGinnis snaps out of this daze as he sits back in the in the cab but not. The cab drive gets cut off by another driver on the road which he loudly shows his feeling towards that. McGinnis looks at the cab driver who looks a little ashamed at his outburst but Mcginnis sits back and looks back out the car window. He then opens up his travel bag and looks at the contract for the extension for CWA which he officially signed!. He is signature right at the bottom of the contract with inks him with CWA for another six more years for 5.5 Million Dollars. He looks at the contract before placing it back in his bag. McGinnis closes his eyes and rests his head back right as the taxi cab hits a traffic jam.


    The night after McGinnis first defeat in CWA, he sits in Megan Anderson's office as he is in casual street attire. He sits in front of her desk while having the CWA World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. Enters in Megan Anderson who has the contract in hand. She is all smiles as she enters in and takes a seat at her desk. McGinnis who is still not over his lost to Vegas looks like he just wants to get this over with and get the hell out of there. Megan Anderson places the contract in front of the champion of the company as she places a pen right next to it.

    Megan Anderson: We here at CWA are so happy that you decided to resign with us McGinnis. I guess we just had to add a little more money and now everything is set, just need your signature. But if you don’t mind me asking, what made you come to the decision, well besides the money?

    Jonathan McGinnis: To be honest, that well anything can happen. Losing to Vegas really opened up my eyes to see that in life and in this business any given night anything can happen. I have to make sure that I have everything set for me and my family to be able to have something in case anything happens, ya know.

    Megan Anderson: I can understand that, that in the long run it's your family that matters and believe me you made the right choice.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, now try to explain that to my wife.

    Megan Anderson: I know that you did for your family, but that's not all you did for. You did this for yourself, deep down you are a wrestler and you know it. The lights, the whole package of what we do in this business is a high like no other. Once you get hooked, you can’t shake it. This is who you are, and not many will understand what all this is and we surely shouldn’t be wasting our time explaining it to them.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You might be right, I can't really disagree with you.
    Megan slides the contract over to McGinnis as the champion picks up the pen. He pauses for a second but quickly signs the contract as Megan offers her hand in a handshake.

    Megan Anderson: Like I said, you made the right choice. You may not like yourself for it, but you made the right choice.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I think that I did.

    The taxi finally escapes through most of the traffic and is back on its way to the airport. The cab driver looks back to McGinnis who sits back in the backseat.

    Taxi Driver: So Much traffic. Man almost bumper to bumper. We should be smooth the rest of the way.

    McGinnis nods his head as the driver turns back to his attention on the road. While McGinnis who hasn't really said anything the whole car ride remains silent. The cab driver notices.

    Taxi Driver: You don't talk much do you. I haven't heard a peep from you the whole ride.

    McGinnis just smirks as the driver quickly recognizes who he is.

    Taxi Driver: You're Jonathan McGinnis, OH shit. Man you are like my son's favorite wrestler. Damn. I knew you looked familiar man. Wow..

    McGinnis smirks before closing his eyes quickly throwing out the vibe that he really doesn't want to speak. The driver picks up on the vibe just as quickly as McGinnis through it out there.


    Kate is furious as she finds out that McGinnis has signed the six year contract extension to stay with CWA. McGinnis just sits on the foot the bed as Kate stands in the bedroom doorway just holding her head as she looks disappointed. The champion doesn't really know what to say right now as his wife walks over and slaps him across the face. She looks like she is about to tear up as finally McGinnis goes to explain himself but Kate just walks out. She heads to the bathroom where she starts to remove her jewelry and her husband enters but just stands in the doorway.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don’t know what to say, I really don’t.

    Kate McGinnis:
    Try, Jonathan, fucking try. And if you don’t want to try, let me help you. How about, sorry honey, I should of informed you that I was going to make this decision that not only affects me, but my family, how about that. Or Honey, sorry about how you had this whole plan we had to do this together and you just gave no shit’s about it and decided to be selfish. Huh. I’m I in the ballpark here?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I hope that you see that I did it all for you, and Brett.

    Kate McGinnis:
    How, but going behind our backs and signing without telling me. You did it for yourself...

    McGinnis finally snaps as he can't take much longer and just explodes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know what, fuck this, you’re right. I did do this for me, I’m a wrestler. This is who I’m and what I do. You never liked that about me and you tried to change me to something that I’m not. This is all that I am and I’m fine with that. So love it or fucking leave it baby. You call me selfish, you need to do yourself a favor and look hard in the fucking mirror and see selfish right in the eyes.

    Kate McGinnis: GET OUT!!!! Now..

    Jonathan McGinnis: What!

    Kate McGinnis: You heard me, LEAVE NOW!!!! Go and leave, go to CWA and don't let me and our son hold you back from your dreams.... but I swear don’t expect us to be here when you get back

    Before McGinnis says or does something he might regret he takes his bags that were already packed and storms out the door and as he does Kate’s mom pulls up as she was watching Brett while the two went out. McGinnis gives two shits about that and heads out in his car.

    McGinnis finally arrives at the LAX airport, he pays the driver and even gives him a nice tip. Takes his bags out the car and places them over his shoulder and enters the airport. Waiting there a fans who rush to the CWA World Heavyweight Champion in hopes of getting an autograph and even a picture with McGinnis. McGinnis signs a few autographs and takes pictures with fans before moving towards his gate where he has to wait for his flight. Having time to kill before boarding the plane, McGinnis checks his phone as the story of him signing the contract extension leaked. It is now all over the internet and this makes McGinnis turn his phone off and he gets up as it is almost time for him to board his flight to Michigan. McGinnis with all this going on now has to focus on defending his championship against what many say might be his toughest opponent so far in CWA. The scene comes to an end as McGinnis boards the flight.
    " Crawling Back To You"
    Location: Detroit, Michigan
    Date: November, 2015

    McGinnis sits inside a cafe in Michigan, Detroit, and with CWA Wrestleroyale just days away, he sits inside the cafe wearing casual gear like a baseball cap with jeans and t-shirt with a sweater on. He sits with a coffee in front of him but it looks untouched. He looks around at the people who also share the same cafe space as they look on and point at him. Being a CWA champion really makes it hard for him to just be a random face in a crowd. He notices this and pays no mind as he keeps looking at the door of the cafe as if he is waiting for someone to walk in. While he waits he pulls out his cell phone and looks through it on his social media accounts, mostly just to pass some time. As he checks on his phone he keeps his eyes peeled on the door of the cafe. A few fans in the cafe walk up to McGinnis and ask for a photo and autograph with McGinnis being the fan favorite that he is fulfill the request.

    McGinnis feels that he waited too long as he slowly gets up out of his seat and looks to head out just as his ex girlfriend Becky Black walks in. With Ring Of Syndicate hosting a show in the same weekend as CWA as a way to get their name out there, she is in town in Michigan, Detroit. It's no secret that Ring Of Syndicate use to be the early stomping grounds for McGinnis as he was the king of that company before finally signing with the CWA.

    Now his ex girlfriend Becky Black is the current Women's champion of the company. The two had a nasty break up years ago, and well things between them haven't got much better. Until a few months ago. As the trainer Joe Redick who trained them both fell ill in the hospital, the two of them rushed to his side and during a argument between the two, McGinnis slipped a kiss to his ex girlfriend which of course made this worse and more complicated. Now the two finally stand face to face with one another as Becky wears ber t shirt with her logo on it and tight jeans on with sneakers. She stand in front of McGinnis with her hands on her hips. The two walk quietly as the find a bench to sit at. Becky is the first to speak.

    Becky Black: So now you want to see me, huh. I thought you wanted me to leave you alone, and I did but now you ask to meet me. What do you want, McGinnis?

    McGinnis remains silent as Becky sucks her teeth and goes to head up.

    Becky Black: I knew this was a waste of time.

    McGinnis finally speaks.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I just don’t know...

    Becky Black:Don’t know what? Huh. You want to talk about what happened the last time we saw each other...

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s this hold that you have on me, but the feeling is weird. I can’t explain it, no matter how much I try, I just can’t.

    Becky Black: You know, I was thinking about what happened. I been thinking long and hard and I finally got it. You’re scared....

    Jonathan McGinnis: Scared?

    Becky Black: Yeah, scared. Scared of failure, scared that you might not live up to this great hype that built for yourself, that you might be a flash in the pan. Now you see me and I bring you back to the better times where you were a big fish in a small pond, where you ruled your world and you want to go back to that.

    McGinnis remains silent as Becky smirks at him.

    Becky Black: I’m right, deep down, you know I’m right.

    McGinnis lowers his head as Becky looks at him. Finally Jonathan opens up about the issue.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Everything was so simple, everything made sense when I was in my world of the indy scene. Just days that I wish that I stood there. But now...

    Becky Black: Now what, you have this target on your back? You made it to the top of the mountain, and you know who many of us would kill just to be where you are right now. Look at me, I’m training everyday, working everyday to get better to hopefully one day get myself a shot to be on the stage that is CWA. You have it all one, and now that you plan on just leaving it all behind...

    McGinnis cuts off Becky

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, I signed my contract extension.

    Becky didn’t hear the news of this and she nods her head.

    Becky Black: Good for you. You were crazy to even think about living this all behind now. How did Kate take the news?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Not well. Things got a little heated, I think it might be over between us.

    Becky just gets up out of nowhere and walks off as McGinnis follows. She turns around and looks upset as she shoves her ex boyfriend back.

    Becky Black: What do you think this is, huh? Now that it seems that Kate and you might be over, now you are running back to me. It took me a long time to get you out of my head, and now I find myself where I need to be to finally get my break in this business, and you are here to get me back.

    Jonathan McGinnis: No, it’s not like that all. Trust me.

    Becky Black: Then what is it like, huh?

    Jonathan McGinnis: I just need you to make sense of all this for me. When I was with you, this business was great for me, now, everything changed...

    Becky Black: That’s because the times have changed. You moved on, I moved on. Things are different. Like I said I represent the times where everything was simple and made sense, but me, just like those days are long gone. I’m not the same person I was years ago and neither are you. Deal with it. You have no choice but to. You are the best wrestler in the world, McGinnis and that is because you are the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. The target that comes with holding that championship is messing with your head. This is something that you have to work out. The days of us, and the days of you being a indy god, are dead and gone.

    Becky walks away from McGinnis as she leaves him standing all alone.


    Good Morning Champ...........

    McGinnis awakes inside a hotel room just a night removed from winning the Ring Of Syndicate championship. This was the happiest moment for him in the business to work hard and to win the top prize in one of the world's most respected indy promotions in the world. He wakes in the bed room and right next to him is the Ring Of Syndicate Championship smiling as he looks at it. Around the hotel room clothes and champagne bottles as there looks to have been a huge celebration.

    He remains in the hotel bed as out from the bathroom walks out Becky Black who is topless as she has a glass of champagne in her hand she gets in the bed next to McGinnis and places a kiss on his lips as she see's him locking eyes with the newly won championship.

    This was such a happy time for McGinnis, the business that he wished to be in now has him as a champion. He picks up the title belt and holds it in his hand and just a silence takes place throughout the hotel room as you can see a tear drop from the face of McGinnis. Becky looks so happy to see her man finally getting to the top. He places the championship back down and turns to Becky and smiles.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, I’m actually speechless right now.

    Becky Black: You did it. What a match, and now you’re the champ.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I worked so hard for this.......

    Jonathan McGinnis: I worked so hard for this.......

    Now in the present day, McGinnis finds himself alone in the hotel room as he gets ready for Wrestle Royal. With the world collapses behind him, he still has the huge title defense coming up and now he must switch focus to that and face a huge demon in his past that is Snowmantashi. In the hotel room he sits and stares at the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and in deep stare with his championship, the only thing he has.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I worked so hard, for this and now Snowmantashi, I will not, I can’t let you come and bring this all crashing down for me. I can’t. This is all that I have, and to take this from me, you better be aiming to kill me. You better be looking to drain my body of my last breath, I swear to god, you will get the best of McGinnis, you face a man that has everything to lose and you will see a side of me that you have never seen before. I promise you this, I promise that you won’t know how to handle me in that ring come Sunday.Now I know that is most important, it is the glory, it was always the glory, fuck everything else. It took for me this long to open my eyes and see that this is all I need to keep my happy, to keep me sane. This is all that I want, I need this, it’s apart of me. I don’t think you would be able to comprehend what this means to me, Snowmantashi. You wouldn’t know until you go where I have gone, until you stand all alone and success is your only friend. You will never be able to understand.

    McGinnis pauses as he just stares at his championship.

    Jonathan McGinnis: This is my championship, and if you think this will go down like it did in Japan, you have a huge surprise coming your way and come Wrestleroyale, you will see why I’m the best in the world. Not because I’m the world champions, it’s because the length I’m willing to go to be the champion. That will separates me from you Snowmantashi. I don’t know your motivations and I really don’t care. I know why I do this and that is all that matters to me. MY CHAMPIONSHIP! MY GLORY!!!

    McGinnis holds his CWA Heavyweight Championship in his hands as he begins to breath heavy. The scene comes to hand as a pan out view of McGinnis sitting in his hotel room holding his most precious possession and a crazed look on his face.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    "What's In It For Me?"

    "There's only one rule in this world, a small question that drives all success. The more a man invests in that question, the more powerful that man will become....Can you guess what that question is?"

    - Revolver (2005)

    The scene opens inside the hotel room of “The Indy Darling” Jonathan McGinnis, sitting in a chair with his feet up on table, he looks relaxed. There is a silence for a brief second as McGinnis dressed in a sports hoodie with the hood up and jeans, he looks at the camera as it pans over to him. He removes his hood to reveal his face, and gets up and positions himself on the hotel bed. He has a huge match coming up at Five Star Attraction, as he takes on Johnny Vegas. McGinnis who has been a losing streak looks for nothing but to snap it come FSA. In this hotel room, he should be, could very well be getting himself together emotionally and mentally for what is his first ever FSA.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, I wasn’t sure how I was going to come out and say this, but I guess straight forward is the only way.

    McGinnis pauses before continuing.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I didn’t see myself here. And when I say that I don’t mean, here like at Five Star Attraction. Because I have always believed that I would be here on this stage, the biggest stage in CWA, the show of all shows. But when I look at the card, when I look at who I’m facing, I can’t tell you with a straight face that I belong in the same breath as my opponent. After the epic run that I had from my debut to winning the world title in only four matches, I should be the headline, I should be at the damn top of this card. Not with some, silver spoon ass-face, Johnny Vegas. I really don’t care how that sounds, Vegas is a good wrestler, maybe a C+ compared to someone like me, but that's where the problem starts, he is a C+ player going up against me, The Best Wrestler on this damn planet. I should be in the main event. I carried this place on my back, I carried it all by myself, and now with the biggest show of the year on the horizon, I get this man, who beat me in what might be the biggest fluke in CWA history.

    McGinnis pauses as he thinks about the victory that Vegas has over him. It looks like this might be actually driving McGinnis crazy. A lot of what some might be considered a fall from grace, started with Vegas getting that massive upset over McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Now, he thinks that he is in my head......Since losing to him, I went on to drop my championship to Snowmantashi, lose the wrestle royale match, and then lose to Horrowitz, but that has nothing to do with him. I have been going through things that made it almost impossible for me to keep my head where it belongs and focus on what goes on in between those ropes. I hope Vegas soon comes to realize that his is nothing but delusional. I have been getting asked a lot about him, and how on the biggest stage this business has to offer, I have to go toe to toe with the man, people are calling someone that I can't beat? I don't really listen to all that, it sounds like nonsense to me.

    McGinnis smirks before shaking his head. He points his index finger at the camera.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The question should be turned around to him, they should be asking Vegas, how will he be able to deal, how will he be able to cope with not being able to get the job done. All the talking off of one fluke victory, just for you to come to the biggest show in the year and be exposed, be exposed to the world that you can't hang with the best wrestler in the world.

    Once again a eerie silence takes over, as McGinnis still sitting on the hotel room bed. He smiles but quickly the smiles turns to a more serious facial expression and looks to be dead serious.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent, so after I teach Vegas, this valuable lesson, I will move on.

    Camera man: Move on to what?

    The camera man who remained quiet the whole time speaks up and asks McGinnis the key question, after FSA, what is next for him. McGinnis rubs his hands together.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I want what's mine. after the dust is settled, and I leave Vegas laying, I want back my World Heavyweight Championship. Because, I deserve my rematch, I have a rematch clause, and I was denied it. Why, so I can try and get Vegas and make him look better than he actually his. I look at all this with a new perspective, that now, this right here is all that I have left. I sacrificed everything and now there is no looking back, I want it all, I want the glory. Now I take what's mine, I take it all, and it starts at Five Star Attraction, it starts with Vegas.

    McGinnis gets up and starts to walk around the hotel room, nonchalantly he starts to whistle while walking through out the hotel room. Something just seems a bit unsettling about this. Finally McGinnis stops and turns to the camera.

    Jonathan McGinnis: A wise man once said....

    McGinnis pauses mid sentence and smirks before continuing what he was saying.

    Jonathan McGinnis: A wise man once said.... "If you change the rules on what controls you and you will change the rules on what you can control." Things are going to change, for me, for my perspective. Wrestling is all I have now, this is it for me. I made my choice, and now I look to change the rules on everything here in CWA, and I mean everything....

    An awkward laugh comes from McGinnis as he smiles.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You have no idea how radical I plan to be....

    Camera man: Radical...?

    Jonathan McGinnis: Do you know what so elegant about this little game..? Nobody knows where the real enemy is, no one knows that he exist.... the greatest trick... ever played.....

    The camera man is confused, as McGinnis is really all over the place with this.

    Camera man:
    What's the greatest trick ever played...?

    Jonathan McGinnis: You like everyone else, fail to see what is right in front of you...

    Camera man: What do you mean, right in front of us?

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, never mind. Going to ask you leave...

    The camera man slowly back peddles out the hotel room door. The camera shakes as he leaves the room. McGinnis slams the door. The camera man who stands on the outside of the door finds something spray painted on it.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    "Don't Need The Truth, Do We?"

    The McGinnis theme that is almost synonymous with the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis. "Blessing" by Big Sean blasts through the P.A system, and oddly enough, a mix reaction for McGinnis can be heard for the former champ. Seeing how his recent change of actions, one would of thought that he would not receive any positive pops but maybe the crowd has got just so use to cheering once hearing Blessing intro that almost out of habit, they cheered. What ever the case might be, out steps out one of the members of the Indy Club, The Indy God, Jonathan McGinnis. Wearing the Indy Club Shirt and jeans, he steps out, but not alone as behind him is the Clubs advocate Celina Sasha. She too is wearing a Indy Club shirt and jeans as the two head towards the ring. As the two walk down the ramp, McGinnis throws up the Too Sweet to the word before breaking out in a laugh. He walks but before entering the ring, he takes a detour around it, he stops at the announce table and throws a Too Sweet towards Jim Taylor, and knowing the history between the two from last week, Jim looks in no mood to give one in return. McGinnis smirks, and then walks over to the poor time keeper that he super kicked twice last week, and tries to give him a Too Sweet but the time keeper declines as McGinnis mocks like he is going to super kick him again. The time keeper flinches. Celina Sasha has something set up in the ring as she orders for officials to set up a chair and bring in a microphone. McGinnis enters the ring, and walks over to the chair and takes a seat in it. He looks over at the crowd, before picking up the microphone that was set up for him. With no more time to waste, McGinnis speaks.

    Jonathan McGinnis: If I can be serious for a moment....

    The crowd doesn’t pipe down, and this quickly bothers McGinnis. Sasha takes the microphone from him.

    Everyone.... SHUT NOW!!!!!

    This of course upsets the CWA Universe, and they show their displeasure's of being told to shut up. Sasha hands the microphone back to McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Thanks. These people are so rude. I want to use this time, to talk about something that is very dear to me. It means a lot to me, and that is my recognition. MY RESPECT!!! Let’s be honest for a second. Where the hell would this company be without me? I brought in this renaissance for the CWA, before I entered this company, most wrestlers on the roster wouldn’t know a arm bar from a arm chair. This place sucked, I know it, and you all know it, but that’s how things were, until when I showed up. I brought, “Wrestling” back to CWA. I made this place relevant again, and I did it in matter of weeks. My rise to the top saved this place from the rough days in was in, and the rougher days it was heading towards, I did all that, me. Believe me, I know here to toot my own horn, I have a point to all this. Just look at the roster before I came here and now look at it. I opened up the doors for everyone who came in after me, I proved that someone, like me, can travel the world, and then come to CWA and make not only a name for myself, but a myth, it had to be a myth for me to climb the top of the CWA mountain as quickly as I did. But I showed the way for someone like, our CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Snowmantashi. Without me, lighting up Japan and getting the CWA to notice me out there, they would never have had come across Snowmantashi, and most likely, his ass would still be in Japan, being the big fish in the small pond that he was. It was going toe to toe with me, that opened the eyes of every executive here that, he was worth a chance here.

    McGinnis readjusts himself in the chair.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I did that, I'm the key reason behind the success of our current champion, who by the way is still holding MY BELT!!. He owes me for his success, whether he wants to admit it or not, he knows the truth. It was ME!!! I brought the strong style, that now seems to be so common here in CWA, I brought that style here. ME!!! I'm the reason for his success, and I'm the reason for my opponents tonight success here, and I'm talking about "The Light Bringer" TOKYO KISAI!. Just like Snowmantashi I opened up the door for him as well, but you see, not like The Echo, who show me the respect that I deserve for opening doors, when it comes to The Light Bringer and Snowmantashi, they refuse to even let it cross their minds. I stand behind both of their success, as a proud father. But how fitting, that the path to MY WORLD TITLE!!! , I have to go through "The Lightbringer", it's almost poetic, that for me to get back what is mine, and I was robbed off, I mean, just ask Jim Taylor, even he agrees that I was robbed out of my championship rematch for MY WORLD TITLE!!! I He was screaming about it to the heavens last week.

    The camera pans over to Jim Taylor who is shaking his head.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I was reasonable for all this, I'm reasonable for the fact that asswipe in the front row is wearing a Light Bringer shirt, which he wasted whatever money he spent on it, I mean, he could of got himself one of these Indy Club shirts, but it's all sold out.... but I'm interested in something.

    McGinnis leaves the ring and walks over to the time keeper and snatches the ring bell from him. He walks over to the fan wearing The Light Bringer shirt and starts to ring the bell in the poor fans ear.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Why.... just why....?

    Fan: Lightbringer is the MAnn.....

    McGinnis cuts the fan off by ringing the bell again and even louder this time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He isn't... shit.... or I mean, he wouldn't be shit, if it wasn't for me. Haven't you been listening to what I have been saying.... HELLO!!!!!

    Again McGinnis rings the bell in the fans ear.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I should make you take that shirt off, but I fear what's underneath, like blubber.... so keep it on. Matter of fact here.

    McGinnis drops the ring bell that he had in his hand and takes off his Indy Club shirt and hands it over to the fan, but quickly snatches it back. He puts it back on and smilies before walking over to the time keeper and giving him the bell back. He rings it one more time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, it still works, thanks for letting me barrow it.

    He enters the ring and takes a seat again, looking more calmer and relax then he did before.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The dominoes are in effect, everything is lined up, and now it is only a matter of time before everything goes to plan. It started last week, it started with me using CWA's propaganda tool over there, to reveal the travesty of be being robbed of my rights here in CWA, where the fuck is Donald Trump or something when you need him, he knows the truth when he see's it.. plus his steaks are to die for... delicious. He told me I'm his favorite wrestler, after we had a long discussion of banning Asians in CWA. We're working on it, he is about to be President soon, this could be a reality for us. But tonight, after I super-kick Light-bringer teeth down his throat and he falls to the knee's of the Club, we will be on step closer, to achieving our goal, of making this place a whole lot better. Because tonight, KISAI, you face not just the best wrestler in this company, but the best wrestler on the planet, and when history looks back at our first ever encounter in the ring, they will see, that when I say, I 'm the better man than you, that I mean it, and I went out there and proved it. Because tonight, if you take away one thing, you will take away, that the Club always win, because we always play by Club RULES!!!!

    Blessing plays as McGinnis gets up out of his seat and leaves the ring with Celina Sasha by his side. The two travel up the ramp but not before McGinnis interacts with the fan one more time, smiling in his faces as the fan has the balls to flip off The Indy God. This makes him crack up before turning around and heads up the ramp. The camera fades to black......


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    3 am In Japan

    A television spot for CWA Adrenaline Rush in Newark, New Jersey Plays hyping up the huge bout between Harrison Wake and "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis.

    V.O: This week live on Adrenaline Rush, The Indy Club is in action, as "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis takes on Harrison Wake, one on one. Who will leave with the victory, and carry momentum towards CWA Redemption. Also Richman makes an huge announcement for the World title match at Redemption, who will be named the number one contender?

    Michelle Kelly stands in front of a huge monitor that displays the CWA logo as she hypes up the STACKED!!! card for this weeks episode of Adrenaline Rush.

    Michelle Kelly: What a HUGE SHOW We have this week. Starting with the main event as The CWA World Heavyweight Champion Snowmantashi takes on The Moment in a champion vs champions 2 on 1 handicap match. Can Snowmantashi over come the odds and take on and the tag champions, or will the number game be too much for the champ? Also just announced, Jonathan McGinnis will go one on one with Harrison Wake, in a first time ever encounter. We tried to get in contact with both Wake and McGinnis to hear about their thoughts leading into this huge match. Wake was unavailable for comments and McGinnis is in Japan right now in NWAJP, taking care of commitments over there, so he has been unavailable for comments as well. Tune in this week, to see what happens, from the Champion vs Champions, to the huge announcement to be made by Richman that will address the title match at our next CWA pay per view event, "Redemption", will we get the rematch of our Five Star Attraction? Snowmantashi defending against Michelle Von Horrowitz or maybe, McGinnis will finally receive his title rematch, and we will get Snowmantashi/McGinnis II at Redemption? Who knows, but we will surely anticipate the huge announcement coming our way this week on Adrenaline Rush. I'm Michelle Kelly, and we will see you, at Adrenaline Rush.

    The TV ad for CWA ends

    Camera pulling back to reveal that McGinnis who should be paying attention to the TV ad, or at-least some might believe that he should, doesn't even know that the TV spot is playing. It comes short of nothing but background noise for him. It is 3 am in Japan and McGinnis is fresh off a huge night, as he officially made his return to the NWAJP. Having a working relation with both NWAJP and CWA, this is his first night of a few dates working for the company that might be held in the regards made him a known name in the world of professional wrestling. Getting his big break there, winning the 2014 NWAJP Junior cup, an accolade that has McGinnis as the only American who ever take home that trophy. Winning the tournament put him on a ride that eventfully ended up with him in the CWA. He is back and for how long is really undisclosed between McGinnis and the top officials of CWA & NWAJP but tonight seemed to have gone well for McGinnis. As he is up in an glamours hotel sweet, celebrating drinking champagne straight out of the bottle. Shirtless with leather pants, he sits back on this massive coach in thie hotel sweet, but it doesn't take very long for McGinnis to reveal that he is not alone in the sweet. He is joined by a few gorgeous Japaneses female groupie . He sits on the couch with them, as one of them hand feeds McGinnis sushi, while one plays with McGinnis hair and the other kisses the neck of McGinnis. He living life like a king right now. A bottle of champagne in one hand, and pretty females at his side. He looks to be living life as a king right now, and he surely has the facial expression that reads that he genuinely believes that he deserves all of it. This is where he belongs, this lifestyle belongs to someone with the talent of McGinnis. He is "The Indy God", the youngest CWA champion in history, the superstar of the year of 2015, match of the year of 2015, all accolades that broadcasts McGinnis as the best wrestler in the world today, PERIOD.

    Living the style of a champion, even though, he isn't really one right now. With so much going on, McGinnis main focus is to get back HIS! CWA World Heavyweight Championship, and the fact that he lost could be the reason why he went down the road that lead him to create, The Indy Club, and terrorize the CWA with the Echo. Not having that championship, might have actually driven him mad, and we now, have to look and react to whatever route McGinnis will take to get that championship back. From harassing fans, to even harassing CWA announcers, like Jim Taylor. No one can really say for sure what is going through the mind, of the former "Indy Darling" and now "INDY GOD"!. And he is living like a God in Japan. Leaving to add value to his name, and doing just that by finding ultimate success in the CWA, and now coming back to the NWAJP, and he is a completely different man, he talks different, walks different and acts different. Back in the day, he never really had that "superstar" aura around him, but now on his return to the NWAJP, it is oozing out of him. He looks like success, smells like success and carries himself as such. Just look at him now, in Japan, not giving a zero fuck about anything, drinking and partying with these love females. The females strip to their bra and panties as McGinnis drops down to his boxer shorts, and looks to finish off the night right, with a night cap. One of the females mounts McGinnis on the coach, as McGinnis quickly stuffs a piece of Sushi in his mouth. The girl and McGinnis quickly start to make out as the others join in on what you might call, an EXCELLENT TIME! For McGinnis. Things come to an hault as McGinnis leaps up at the sight of a package at that is in the hotel room. The package has a CWA logo on as McGinnis opens it and it reveals the NEW! Indy Club T-Shirt, he looks over them.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Fucking! SWEET!!!

    He takes the back and dumps it on the floor, but not before quickly sprinting to the hotel room bathroom where he vomits in the toilet. Maybe a little bit too much partying for the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion. In the bathroom, he gets a text message from CWA C.O.O Megan Anderson reading "What The Fuck Did You DO!!!!." Sending him a link attachment to the text message reading, "CWA Superstar creates HUGE! International Incident". McGinnis clicks on the link and it brings him to an article which has a video of McGinnis in the main event of his first run back in NWAJP. In his return match, he took on Ken Grimesmura, in a match where the winner will move on to face the reigning defending NWAJP Champion, Punker J
    . Wolfington for the title at the next NWAJP Supershow. McGinnis clicks on the video and he takes a seat on the toilet and presses the start button to watch the closing of the match.

    Number One Contender Match for the NWAJP World Heavyweight Championship

    "Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis vs "The Dead Walker"
    Ken Grimesmura

    After a great back and forth match, McGinnis is bleeding from a cut above his eye as he and Ken Grimesmura trade punches back and forth. Grimesmura comes swinging with hard strikes to McGinnis as each hit knocks him back, before he takes McGinnis and throws him to the mat and starts to repeatedly kicks him hard in the skull, which knocks McGinnis loopy, but still McGinnis is able to block a kick and take Grimesmura down and lock in a STF but Grimesmura breaks free but quickly falls pray to a massive superkick that knocks him back, McGinnis with a second one and then a THIRD!! Superkick before taking Grimesmura and drops him down on the top of his head with a leaping spike piledriver. "The Indy God" gets to his feet and wipes the blood that blocks his vision, and he calls for the Superkick, and he is waits for Grimesmura to get back to his feet, as he does, he leaps forward which was blocked, and Grimesmura with a HARD!!! Lariat closeline.

    He then runs off the ropes and tries for another BUT! McGinnis blocks and manages to use the momentum of Grimesmura and flip him over and locks in a Cross Arm Breaker on him. In the middle of the ring, McGinnis has the hold locked in, but Grimesmura refuses to tap and even BREAKS!!!! His own arm in the only way possible to break free of the hold. Grimesmura is fucking insane, and he isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to pick up the win, and that even goes the length of breaking his own arm to get out of an submission. He slowly gets to his feet as McGinnis is shocked that Ken would go to that length, but now he only has one arm, and McGinnis quickly goes on the offense attacking the broken arm before dropping him down straight on it and locking in a Kimura on Grimesmura and now with the hold locked in on the broken arm, he tries to fight the pain, but can't. Still this bad-ass refuses to submit and passes out from the SEVERE!!! Pain. The referee calls for the bell and declares Jonathan McGinnis the winner of the match.

    Winner of the match via referee stoppage
    Jonathan McGinnis

    McGinnis gets his arm raised in victory. He wipes the blood off his face but really doesn't matter as the cut from which the blood is coming from still pumps out blood that covers it. McGinnis takes a step back and sits in the corner, he watches as Grimesmura who slowly gets to his feet, and rolls out the ring, leaving McGinnis in the ring alone. McGinnis reaches out and asks for a microphone. He stands in the center of the ring breathing pretty heavy.

    Jonathan McGinnis: There you have it..... just like that...... The man who can't die, just got his arm broken, and beaten by me... by a GOD!!!!. You can't be surprised, can you. I'm going to say this in English, because I don't care, I'm not here for you. I didn't came back here for you, I didn't come back here for NWAJP, I came back here, for the NWAJP World title. The title, that slipped away from me, years ago, I never forgot about that, I'm here for that, and that only. Fuck you guys and really fuck everyone here, I'm here for that championship.... So fuck you, Punker...

    McGinnis points over to Punker J. Wolfington who sits in the front row holding the NWAJP title. He smirks and doesn't really show any emotion to what McGinnis is saying. He just sits and watches.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I'm coming for that fucking belt, so whenever this match between us finally happens, be ready to give that shit to me. You know that you can't beat me. You know it. I'm better than Jon Snowmantashi, the man who put that championship on the map, and I'm better than you, Punker. That title you have, is nothing but a chess piece for me, I need it, to use it, to accomplish what I need to accomplish. You have what I NEED! and make no mistake about it, I'm coming for it.

    Still all this doesn't arouse a reaction from the NWAJP champion, Punker. He still remains seated.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don't think you are taking this seriously, Punker....

    McGinnis leaves the ring and goes ringside and gets in the face of the NWAJP Champion. Punker quickly gets up as he and McGinnis go face to face, as McGinnis slaps Punker in the face. This causes the champion to take off his coat and leap over the guard rail as McGinnis enters the ring. Punker follows as the two look to about to come to blows as NWAJP officials enter the ring and try to break this up before it gets out of hand. The champion leaves the ring as in the ring, the NWAJP President Zero Inoki, the 60 year old man, stands in the ring as he joins the effort to try and break things up. But he turns his back as Punker leaves the ring and McGinnis SUPERKICKS!!!! The old man in the back of the head, and the crowd loses it's shit and what looks like a riot is about to happen, Zero Inoki is a national hero in Japan, a revolutionary to the world of wrestling over there. McGinnis realizing what he did quickly gets out of the ring and makes his way out through the rioting crowd as even a few fans try to attack McGinnis, as garbage gets thrown at him, McGinnis quickly makes his way out before things get really bad for him.

    McGinnis quickly stops the video and starts to dial Megan Anderson's phone number. He stares at his phone for a second and contemplates if he should make this phone call. After watching the video, McGinnis knows that he is in the wrong here, but yet, he can't seem to call Megan Anderson back. As he holds the cell phone in his hands, another text message from Megan Anderson is sent to the phone, as it reads. "Call Me ASAP. You don't even know the hot water you just put CWA in."He goes to call her but suddenly he hears a voice.....

    "Don't call that bitch."

    McGinnis looks up and see's his reflection in the bathroom mirror, but it seems off, as it standing there looking him and smiling. The reflection in the mirror speaks again.

    "Yeah, don't call her back, fuck her..."

    Jonathan McGinnis: Who are you.....

    "I'm your eg...... I mean, I'm your conscience. "


    "You know, that voice in your head that stirs you from right and wrong, c'mon, you can't be that fucked up to not know that the fuck your conscience is, but besides all that, listen to me. You did nothing wrong here, you just increased the intensity level just a tad bit. So what, you super kicked an old guy, you think that's the worse thing to ever happen in the world of pro wrestling? Don't waste your time calling that bitch back. You got a match, a big one coming up soon, remember that..."

    McGinnis just takes a back-flip into the pool of crazy as he begins to actually have an conversation with "himself".

    Jonathan McGinnis: Against, Harrison Wake, I know, I know...

    "So, focus on that right now, like that is more important, then to call Megan and have her scream at you for doing what was best for business, right. So just drop it. You got Wake coming up next, and he is as tough as he is smelly."

    Jonathan McGinnis: Smelly?

    "He looks like he smells, I can't really tell, you know, being your conscience and all, he looks like he smells like Old Beer and Mayonnaise "

    Jonathan McGinnis: That really doesn't matter, I'm going to win, because ME! I'm the best wrestler in the world.

    "Damn right, you are. Go ahead and show Wake all that and more, show why you are the best, why you are who say you are. "

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, not really sure what the fuck his deal is anyway, sticking his noise in The Indy Club's business, like who the hell does he think he is. I have a super-kick waiting, that will knock his teeth, down his throat!. He doesn't know who he is fucking with, he has NEVER!!! Been in the ring with a wrestler like me, and soon, he will see why I stand head and shoulders over the rest, in not only, here, but the entire world....I'm the best wrestler on the planet. And he made the grave choice, to fuck with me?

    "I think his beef with you is that, you guys, kinda beat him down, so he wants revenge... "

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don't care about all that, that was so long ago, right? I just know, that at Adrenaline Rush, he will see why I am who I am, and why, he is, who he is. There is a reason why he has even had the very little success that he had here in CWA, and that is all thanks to me. I opened up that door for him.

    "You won't hear any arguments from me."

    Jonathan McGinnis: If he wants to stand and fight with those who stand in the way of the Indy Club, he can go right ahead and do just that. My motivate is to get back MY! CWA World Heavyweight Championship, and everything that stands in my way of doing just that will get laid aside, I have no time to "entertain" the Harrison Wake's of the world. Everything I do, every move I make, is to get back MY! championship. I don't care if he wants to act like he is the toughest man walking, that doesn't mean jack shit to me, they all go down, one by one, they all go down to the Indy Club, ALL of them. The Moment, Horowitz.... whoever, it doesn't matter. All that matters is the Championships and my club.

    "And that is all that should matter Hail The Club....."

    McGinnis seems to have snap out of what ever mind state he was in. The reflection in the stands the same as he does. The cell phone starts to ring and it is Celina Sasha and McGinnis goes to click ignore on the call. He looks like he might reconsider and as he looks in the mirror, he see's himself but in his head he can hear his ego/conscience in his head.

    "Just leave it. Don't answer. You have a good time waiting for you outside this bathroom door, go. Leave your phone here."

    McGinnis takes his cell phone and chucks it across the bathroom. A KNOCK! at the bathroom door as McGinnis opens it. In the bathroom door way is one of the Japanese girls who stands there wearing nothing but the Indy Club T-shirt that McGinnis opened up. She reaches her hand out to McGinnis.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Here I come ladies, sorry for the wait. Let's continue with what we were doing.

    McGinnis goes back to his "party" as his phone with a cracked screen. As what happened in NWAJP hit the states and the wrestling world explodes. Twitter explodes, on McGinnis phone notifications of tweets and other social media messages are being sent his way. A few tweets can be ready on his cracked phone.

    I hate the fucking Club... keep them away from my puro
    Who the fuck Superkicks a 60 man in the back of the head?
    A Superkick? Is that the only move McGinnis knows?
    Hey, Old ppl kicking better not become a trend due to this...


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

    "In The Middle Of My Right God Damn Mind"

    Boston, Massachusetts.......

    You is a sound of what appears to be a gun being loaded up, that is all that you hear, as we enter this dark and cheap motel room. Inside the motel room you can smell the scent of wet paint. Inside the motel room, McGinnis is in the room sitting on the motel room as we don't really see what he is doing. He has his back turned and looks to doing something, but you can see that he is obliviously moving. Sitting on the bed in wearing nothing but boxer briefs, he sits on the motel bed. Pretty much obvious to what is going on around him. He remains focused on what ever the fuck he is doing, with a huge match coming up for McGinnis as this is his first "Official" chance to regain his CWA World Heavyweight Championship since losing it to his former friend and partner Snowmantashi a few months ago, and add that with everything else going on with McGinnis, he seems to be taking the path straight to insanity. He knows that he has a big match coming up, but maybe, he just doesn't care, you think right now he would be in a gym somewhere training and getting in the best shape possible to be at his best for his chance to take back his championship, but no, he is here.

    With bags of chips laying across the room, and a laptop laying across him which has what appears to be a wrestling news site opened and loaded on it. He sits there and doesn't even care to even acknowledge it as he is focused on what he is doing, he gets up from the bed and almost knocks over a 2 liter bottle of soda that is on the floor. He walks over to a wall in the motel room a she begins to put up pictures, the pictures that he is putting up come as a blur and you can't really see what the picture actually are, as back on the lap top, the wrestling new site has an article reading "McGinnis Press Conference Turns For The Worst." There is a video that is on the online news article but it has yet to be played, the video is fully buffered as the bar is loaded for it to play completely but the play button has yet to be played. You can hear in the background McGinnis setting up what ever it is that he is on the motel room wall. The video of on the news article finally is pressed to play, but we don't see who is the person who actually pressed play on the video.

    "McGinnis Press Conference Turns For The Worst."

    "I speak...."


    "I speak for my client.... Jonathan McGinnis...."

    (Sounds of camera's flashing)

    "With the hopes of clearing these issues at hand."


    "So We can proceed with the title match as planned..."

    (Japanese translations are heard behind the statements made)

    (A Clip of the Superkick heard around Japan plays.)

    The NWAJP President Zero Inoki, the 60 year old man, stands in the ring as he joins the effort to try and break things up. But he turns his back as Punker leaves the ring and McGinnis SUPERKICKS!!!! The old man in the back of the head, and the crowd loses it's shit and what looks like a riot is about to happen, Zero Inoki is a national hero in Japan, a revolutionary to the world of wrestling over there. McGinnis realizing what he did quickly gets out of the ring and makes his way out through the rioting crowd as even a few fans try to attack McGinnis, as garbage gets thrown at him.

    Celina Sasha, the advocate and legal adviser for the Indy Club stand in a NWAJP press conference. After the incident where Jonathan McGinnis superkicked the owner of NWAJP Zero Inoki, after the number one contender match for the companies world title. After that incident, McGinnis title shot is being threaten to be revoked and be banned from NWAJP. The press conference where McGinnis is allowed to plead his case that he should not have his title shot revoked, Sasha looks to plead for the Indy Club that she supports. Yup, McGinnis is in some deep shit, and now, he might be banned for life from the Japan wrestling promotion that was a huge key in McGinnis pre CWA success. The room is filled, with reporters and NWAJP exectives. Camera's flash and take photo's of the press confrence as Sasha stands in front it all. Sasha dressed professionally, in a business suit as her client sits behind her, dressed in a more of casual attire with shirt and jeans, he sits with his hands folded and listens to Sasha try to get the title shot, that McGinnis technically won fair and square making him the rightful number one contender. In the audience sitting dead center is Zero Inoki as he gives McGinnis a death stare. Sasha with the attention of the press conference all on her, looks to try and somehow produce a miracle and save McGinnis's ass after this whole ordeal. She attempts to do the impossible here, but she will give it her best shot, and looks more than confident that she will get the job done for her client.

    Celina Sasha: MY client, Jonathan McGinnis, is a man who is indeed sorry for his actions. He knows that he took things way too far, and he is an remorseful man. But before you take away his championship opportunity, one that he earned fair and square, just take a step into the mind of McGinnis, see things from his perspective.

    Sasha points over to McGinnis who sits behind her.

    Celina Sasha: A man, who lost his wife, championship and screwed out the chance to headline the biggest wrestling show of the year in CWA Five Star Attraction. He is a frustrated man, and a man, that many would say is not or at-least that night where he superkicked Inoki, in the right state of mine. He should not be punished this harshly , taking away a title match that he earned. He is this companies rightful number one contender, just like he is CWA's rightful number one contender, and just like the CWA, this place is unfairly messing with his title shot, screwing this man out of the title shot like I said, is unfair and I will use every possible way I know how to tie this place up in so many injunctions that the next time NWAJP can even breath let alone make another dollar will be years from now. To look at McGinnis and understand that well, he has been going through hell, from personal and professional reasons, and doing what any person under that mental pressure, and breaking. He should not be stripped of a key opportunity, which is vital to not only the success of The Indy Club, but to the McGinnis brand himself. The fact that we are even here to discuss my clients title match being in question, makes me even wonder if McGinnis even belongs in a place like this.

    A reporter from the crowd throws a question towards Sasha. Standing up while his NWAJP press pass around his next, he stands tall and looks directtly at Sasha.

    Reporter: But, McGinnis, looks to show zero remorse for his actions... I mean, just look at him.

    The reporter points at McGinnis sits smirking before mouthing "Its rude to point.", looking to reveal that maybe the reporter might be on to something. Sasha responds to the question.

    Celina Sasha: How would you know? My client and I spoke about his feelings towards what happened, and believe me, he is truly sorry for what transpired. Even so, he should not be revoked of his championship opportunity that is rightfully his. But look at this man, and listen to all that he has been through, a man that was on the brink of exploding, finally did and it was unfortunate that the owner and Japan wrestling Legend Zero Inoki was at the blunt end of it, but this was not McGinnis fault, he was not in-control of his actions.

    Reporter: So you are saying, just to make sure we are all on the same page, that your client, Jonathan McGinnis is Crazy??

    Celina Sasha: Now, I never said that. I never used that label, and you should be ashamed to even try and suggest such a thing, McGinnis is not crazy, he is a man who has been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders for way too long and he snapped. But I will not, and shall not, label him as crazy.

    Reporter: I mean, just by the way you are explaining his actions, it seems like you are coming across...

    Celina Sasha: Doesn't matter what it seems like to you, all the matters is that my client is being violated by the head of the NWAJP and we will not stand for that.

    McGinnis cuts off the reporter and finally opens his mouth. There is a buzz of noise in the conference crowd. It quiets down as McGinnis looks over to Celina Sasha.

    Jonathan McGinnis: If I can say something, if I may.....

    McGinnis sits up and looks into the crowd of reports in the press conference.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Those people, the once I put down, The people I hurt, Superkicking, Zero Inoki....

    McGinnis pauses for a brief second.

    Jonathan McGinnis: If I could, I'll do it, all again!!!!

    The audience gasps at McGinnis remarks.

    Jonathan McGinnis: This is a circus, alright, a charade. It's an act..... This is all bullshit on how crazy I am... I ain't crazy.... I"M NOT CRAZY!!!!!. OKAY!!! I know what I did, most importantly I know who I am. I'm right where I belong, In the middle Of my right god damn mind. And any scum bag, any lowlife who I put down for standing in my way, I do it because I like it!!! Like superkicking Inoki, I LOVED IT!!!! I'm just itching to do it again. And you think any of you can stop me!! FUCK THAT!!!! You think this shit right here, this bullshit press conference is just going to stop me from doing what I want to do? WELL THAT AINT HAPPENING!!!!

    The crowd erupts and things quickly get out of hand as McGinnis stands up and flips over the press conference table that he was sitting at. Security runs over and try to take down McGinnis as a huge brawl breaks out. Inoki quickly gets up and out of there. McGinnis screams while being taken down by the security.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Everybody here wants to paint me with this picture of being the bad guy, they want to throw their finger at me, and tell me, I'm no good. That I'm a cancer... well damn right I am. And if you any of you piece of shit want some, I'm right here, COME GET ME!!!!

    The press conference comes to an immediate end. McGinnis gets taken to away as things start to settle down in the press conference hall. The announcement can be heard loud and clear that the NWAJP title match between "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis and "The Gentlemen"
    Punker J. Wolfington is CANCELED!!! And McGinnis is officially banned from NWAJP!

    The Video ends and we see on the wall in the motel, are six picture up on the wall. The pictures are of Johnny Vegas, Harrison Wake, Enigma, and the reining Michelle Von Horrowitz and defending CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jon Snowmantashi. The pictures are displayed on the wall, as McGinnis with a bag of chips in his hand looks over at them. It quickly and well obviously revealed that McGinnis has a gun, as he has it rested on a table that he sits at as he looks at the pictures of the other five participants inside Steel Roulette match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, that will take place at CWA Retribution. He looks at the picture as he takes bite out of a chip that he removes from the chip bag.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What the fuck is going on huh? What, is like fucking me out of my title matches just a new trend in the world of professional wrestling. Richman, knows, he knows, HE FUCKING KNOWS! that I deserved my title match, I never received my rematch, and now he wants to play these fucking games with me. Like seriously, what is his problem with me and the club I represent. Fucking with me and The Echo, does, he really want to tick off the hottest thing going for his product, because, like a man once said, "You do what is best for business." And The Indy Club, that is what's best for business.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He didn't go as for as that old hag, Zero Inoki, and stripped my of my number one contender ship and banned me from the company that I put on the map. But his crimes against me should be looked at just as worse. He threw me to the fucking lions, he wants to end me, he wants to take out McGinnis for good. For what? What did I do that was so bad? I harassed a few fans, harassed that propaganda tool in Jim Taylor, I put down a few pieces of shits, I raised the intensity level here in the CWA, just a tad. Now Richman wants to step on my toes, but be careful, Richman, just ask, Zero Inoki, don't think just because you are considered "the AUTHORITY" That you won't be held as someone who is .... "Untouchable."

    Jonathan McGinnis: I can drop your ass just like I did his, and people asked, how do I feel about being stripped of my number one contender-ship for the NWAJP title, well, when it comes to that, I won't be taken that lying down. This isn't over and I will it leave at that. Now, I focus on whats the most important, MY CWA World Heavyweight... CHAMPIONSHIP! This brings me to, Steel Roulette match at Retribution. And how unfair and unnecessary this match is, I have to be locked in a chamber with 5 wrestlers all gunning for me, more than they are gunning for the CWA World title. MY CWA World TITLE! I feel I need to mention that again. He doesn't want me to be champion, CWA doesn't want me to be champion. And I don't know why, I'm the best wrestler alive, I'm the key to the success here CWA. I stand here as not only "The Indy God", I'm the CWA God as well. Everything that here in CWA, the great success, is credited to me. Fuck it. Let's be honest. I know I say this a lot and I will say it till I go in the fucking grave. Pretty much everyone in the match, owes their success to me. Let's be fucking frank here, what was CWA before McGinnis arrived? Exactly. FACTS!! All Facts here. I saved this company and opened the door for these talents to walk in here and find success. So why does Richman have this unnecessary grudge against me? But with all that, with the odds stacked against me, I will leave Steel Roulette and Retribution with my title.

    McGinnis picks up the gun that's in front of him and aims. He looks at the picture of Johnny Vegas. He smirks before turning his facial expression to more of a serious look.

    Jonathan McGinnis: First thing first, Johnny Vegas, like this fucking turd is annoying. The fact that is even a thing, and still is considered of something of an actual value goes to prove, how big it is to get a victory over me. I mean, he beat me once, and pretty much lost every match since. He lost to me on the biggest stage in CWA, he is on a massive losing streak, he is a loser. That label fits on him like a glove and yet he still tries so hard to be a thorn in my side. Like, I really wish he can just hop in a ditch and die, he persistent in using me, and using the McGinnis name as a tool to get him mentioned in the upper echelon in the CWA, really bugs me. Like I hold losing to him that one time, that one FLUKE!!! Is quickly becoming the biggest regret of my career. The fact of me having to deal with jackass as often as I need to, makes me look to use this Steel Roulette match as a way to not only take back my championship, but to put him down for once and for all. Put an end to all this and send Vegas back to where he belongs, send him back to the land of irrelevance. Go back to where he was a year ago, doing things that no one cares about and just staying there for good. Or he can keep fucking with me and the Club, and we make the beating that we gave him at Five Star Attraction look like child's play. He needs to stop, and face the music, I got the one up on him, he was fucking disrespectful, and he was dealt with accordingly, he brought everything that happened to him on himself, and the fact that only having one victory in like the last couple months qualifies him to take a space in MY!!! CWA World Championship Match for MY!!!! CWA World Heavyweight Championship, makes me sick.

    McGinnis takes a chip from the bag and munches on it as crumbs from it fall to the floor.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He doesn't deserve to be in this match, his credentials don't equal to mine or really anyone else in this match. You can't really see this no other way, no matter how you slice it the facts, or the fucking facts and the facts have it that Vegas does not belong in this title picture. I how CWA and most importantly that piece of shit Richman take a step back look at the message they are sending to the rest of the wrestling, that Johnny Vegas, by being one of the six men challenging for MY title, means that they see him as one of the top six wrestlers in the fucking world. That's sad and really pathetic on CWA's part. If Vegas wanted to get his hands on me, all they had to do was book the rematch, but seeing how they incapable of booking rematches in CWA, now this waste of life, has a chance to cost me, my chance at the CWA World Heavyweight Title. And OH!!! If he does that, I will hurt him, if he tries to pull at Retribution that same nonsense he pulled at Wrestle Royale and sacrifice himself just so I don't win, next time I get my hands on him, will be the last time he will be able to walk, it will be the last time, anyone will ever see him fucking walk again. Plain and simple.

    He picks up the gun and looks at it with a smile on his face before placing it back down.

    Jonathan McGinnis: If he wants to go the route, if he wants to be in this match just to make sure I don't rightfully take back what is rightfully mine, that will be the end of him. He needs to realize that all the money in the world, that being a billionaire won't mean shit, it won't save him from me slamming his skull all over that chamber and giving him the worse beating of his life. I hope being a billionaire comes with the best health insurance, me being Canadian, I don't really need to worry about that, but you, Vegas, I hope you have the best health care, because you are going to need it.

    McGinnis pauses and shakes his head as the disgust of even speaking of Vegas just leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Vegas, is a name that I hope I can finally shake from, I feel that it is tied to me. That name can be held up as the reason why I had to go through the hell I went through. Losing to him, made him a house hold name for like a month before I proved at Five Star Attraction, that he can't hold a candle to the best wrestler on this planet. There is no wrestler putting on the matches that I do, no one, I have match of the year level matches, and put on a show like no one else can, and besides the two times that Vegas stood toe to toe with me, how can he even think for a second that he can do that. He slowly but surely sinking himself and he isn't doing himself any favors by still trying to prove to me that he is in my league, because no one is in my league, where I stand, with way skills, with what I do in the ring, it is surely a lonely place. Because only one can be the best, and that is me. So after I defeat him, and eliminate him from the Chamber, all this will hopefully end, all this will stop and I can move forward with my career and not have to worry about that waste of a cum shot, Johnny Vegas. So when it comes to Vegas, I will hurt him, and then I will eliminate him...

    McGinnis takes the gun and BLAM!!!! as he takes a shot at the picture of Johnny Vegas that is taped to the wall.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Engima. The man, who I defeated to become the Ruler Of The Ring that lead to me to becoming the youngest CWA Champion in history by defeating Cyrus Truth. Our roads to this point are very different, while I skyrocketed to the top of CWA and became a overnight CWA legend, he didn't.... more like, he couldn't. After the Finals of the 2015 Ruler Of The Ring, it wrote a chapter in both our history, I went on to do massive things, while Enigma, didn't. He is a failure, he lurked right under that glass ceiling and every time it looked like he was about to break out and make a name for himself and maybe try to enter the stratosphere of my league, he couldn't do it. He couldn't hang, he couldn't get the job done, this crazy ass-clown tried to be a success, and while he is better than a Vegas who hasn't done a damn thing in the CWA, Enigma hasn't really done anything worth mentioning 20 years from now. History won't be kind to Enigma. While having a better than average High Voltage title reign, what has he done since then? Once losing that title, he never seemed to get the ball rolling and now, he wants to take MY Championship!!! Now he takes a spot in MY!!! Championship rematch. Where the fuck did this come from anyway, what the hell is his beef with me anyway, like how quickly is The Indy Club becoming the Enemy Of The State here in the CWA.

    Jonathan McGinnis: How did all this happen, but it doesn't matter, because if history proves anything, it will prove what it proved already, Enigma is not World Championship material. He couldn't get the job done in the past, and he won't get the job done come Retribution. He will not shame MY! CWA World Championship by putting his name on it. He won't be leaving Steel Roulette the world champion. But this man here is fucking nuts. Like really... like batshit insane, and not insane in the fact that he is crazy enough to think that he has a chance at winning MY!! World Title, but, he is crazy as he needs to be locked up in a fucking mental asylum. CWA have to know this, like, how can they not, just listen to the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth. Talking about the darkness and speaking like a moron with no sense what so ever. And this man has a chance to be champion. He has a chance for MY! World title. Like what the fuck, someone really needs to like get all the stock holders of the CWA together and really consider getting rid of Richman, like I would support that idea and I'm sure The Echo would as well. Its fucking nuts, that CWA wants to me to beat the fucking crazy out of Enigma, and maybe, send him back to where he just isn't good enough to be a top contender, where he will just be a pawn on this chess table that is the CWA.

    McGinnis fires off a super kick right on the chin of Enigma, and Enigma is on his feet but on dream street and McGinnis takes full advantage of this by hitting Enigma with Something Light! He hooks the leg for the pin…




    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jonathan McGinnis: Man, I look back at winning the Ruler Of The Ring, and I hope it stings him deep down that once again I will stand in his way and once again I will kick his teeth down your throat and prevent him from achieving the great success that you so desperately look for. I stand in your away, and I kill any chance for your success, and I do with a smile on my face from ear to ear, because just like Vegas, I look to eliminate him, I look to break his spirit, I look to fuck him UP!!! BOY!!!! and when I do and when the smoke is settle, I want him to look back to me celebrating with the with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, just like when he watched me celebrate with the Ruler Of The Ring Trophy which I have in my house. I want that sense of jealousy, that sense of envy, that sense that I have it all, and he has NOTHING!!! he gets NOTHING!!!! he deserve anything.... he won't win, he will fail... and will go the rest of your career knowing that McGinnis once again stopped him and made him his BITCH!!!
    Quickly McGinnis takes aim and takes a shot BLAM!!!! at the picture of Enigma that is taped to the wall.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Speaking of bitches, you know, when I was a kid, my dad use to throw out these gems of ideals, and one of his quotes that I can remember was, "What is the point of a female, if she doesn't have a cock in her mouth or a sandwich in her hand." Now of course, this brings me to Michelle Von Horowitz, and well, why I can't stand her. I hate everything about her, for what she stands for and represents. To watch her parade around the CWA like a superstar, the fact that she has a Five Star Attraction main event under her belt, the match that was suppose to be MINE!. The fact that she was given what was so rightfully mine, really pissed me off.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Now, I know, people ask me about how she has beaten me in the past. And that is because, I wasn't where I am now. I wasn't really ready to take that bitch and beat the holy crock pot out of her. Women in the world of wrestling need to know their place, like stand at ringside or something, or fight other females while everyone else uses that time to go take a leak or something. We all know the truth, it's the fact that CWA got rid of the Women's title completely, the women's division or a women's division is nothing short of a bathroom break. They don't deserve to be in the same ring of the likes of me, "The Indy God." Horowitz miracle run of standing with the men, is about to come to an end, and no way in hell that this shit could last forever. No way, no how. She doesn't belong in a man's sport, with the men, and maybe the other wrestlers might think otherwise, but they are dead wrong, that bitch belongs in a kitchen or in a bedroom.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Throughout time, the world was a better place when a female just knew her role, she knew that her place in society is right behind the men and now that we are not equality and just bow down to male superiority. But no, here in CWA, we give people like Michelle special fucking treatment. She does what every average wrestler can do on this roster, but it just seems more because she is a female. How many men challenged for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship? A lot.. but since she is a girl, and she is challenging for the world title, it is suppose to come across as much bigger deal. Even though she loses. Like look at Five Star Attraction, with the chance to make history, on the biggest stage, in the main event, this bitch fell flat on her face. She couldn't get the job done, all that hype for nothing.

    Jonathan McGinnis: That should've been me, that should've been my Five Star Attraction moment, but no, that chance was hand delivered to Horowitz and for that, I will always hate her, for that she will always be an enemy to me and to the Indy Club. She will never be equal to me. NEVER!!!! Doesn't matter how many records she breaks of being the first female to do this or that in the CWA. Because come Retribution, she steps into a man's world, she steps into the Steel Roulette. She just like the others will fall to me, and she will just be a foot note in my history as I join the rare few in CWA to be a two time, CWA World Heavyweight Championship, when I take back MY!!!! Championship. So if she believes that the end of the story at Retribution, is that we will finally have a female world champion, that she will be making history for all women-kind, well she can go fuck herself. Because that isn't happening, not on my watch, not as long as I'm in the match.....

    as McGinnis takes a shot at the picture of Michelle Von Horowitz that is taped to the wall.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Harrison Wake, the person in the Steel Roulette that I most recently faced, and after dealing with the nonsense he was throwing my way, I can't wait till I get him in the chamber and do to him what I should of done at Adrenaline Rush.

    Jonathan McGinnis: When I look at Harrison Wake, I see, a man who is in over his head, a man, who really isn't smart enough to know that he is really in some deep shit. Adrenaline Rush was me, just messing around, but believe me, what happen that night won't happen again. Come Retribution, when we meet in that devil's playground, when I get him inside Steel Roulette, it won't be pretty. It's going to hurt, every time I ram his ugly face into the steel, every time I scrap away at his flesh, I do it, besides the fact of me getting my championship match, but I get my revenge. I didn't forget what happened on Adrenaline Rush, I didn't forget that, that like everything else sits on my head. The way he sucker punched me, like who does that? Who sucker punches? And then he dropped me down with a damn Timber Bomb, but, now, it's my turn. Prior to all this, it wasn't personal with him, but now it is, now I look for fucking blood..... he pissed me off, and I look to take out the frustration of everything, from me being robbed of title matches, to him cheap shot on me.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I will use all that balled up frustration, to fucking end him, Harrison. I don't take being disrespected for well, and the Steel Roulette is such an easy tool for me to use to show you, BOY!!! That you aren't as tough as you think pretend to be. This Steel Roulette will reveal the bitch in you....

    BLAM!!!! as McGinnis takes a shot at the picture of Harrison Wake that is taped to the wall.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Snowmantashi, now, where the fuck do I begin with him.... our history is known, everyone knows about our past, NWAJP, CWA etc... etc... and when I first formed the Indy Club, I decided to kind of hold my tongue when it came to him. I kept to myself, I didn't need to just go off and really just speak my mind when it comes to the man who is holding my championship. And the reasons was I couldn't really make up in my head how I wanted to address Snowmantashi. He was once a dear friend of mine, but after speaking to a dear friend, he brought up, where the fuck was Snowmantashi when I was getting robbed out of my rematch for my CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Where was he, huh! We we're friends, we were partners, the Suicide Dive Squad and together we were going to take CWA by fucking storm, but after...... *GULP* He took my championship from me. He never offered me my rematch, he never came up to me, and said.. Johnny, here, one more time, you deserve a rematch. I'm not sure if he is ducking me or what, but I finally know how I'm going to address him..... FUCK SNOWMANTASHI!!!. He only cares for himself, he is an egoistical parasite.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He never cared to what was right, and I can sit here and blame Richman or Jim Taylor but it was Snowmantashi who should of been the man and stepped up and gave me my rematch. He is a fucking coward, plain and simple, he would rather face bitches like Michelle, than a true worthy challenger like me, "The Indy God". Now, look, I finally get a chance to take my belt back from him, and now, the match that should of been a singles match, it should of been McGinnis/Snowmantashi 3! But it's not, it's the Steel Roulette. And it would not even surprise me if, this match was his idea, that Snowmantashi knows, that the belt he wears around his waist, belongs to me. And he knows, that given one more opportunity, I would finally do it, I would finally beat Snowmantashi. Snowmantashi fears me.

    Jonathan McGinnis: He fears that his title reign is in jeopardy. And his reign is in major jeopardy because now, he has to step inside the chamber, with me. While the others just equal out to white noise, this is all about me and Snowmantashi, has always had been. Our story, might come to an end, come Retribution, but, Snowmantashi parody of holding my championship, now that will come to an end. I say that, because unlike Snowmantashi, when I take the championship back, he will be FIRST!!!! In fucking line to a title match. I stand by the code, the code that the man you take the title off of is first to get a chance to get it back, but you know, Japaneses people and honor, you know Pearl Harbor and shit. But I digress.

    Jonathan McGinnis: At the end of the day, while, Snowmantashi stands as a coward, I will end his reign, I will be champion and no longer will the coward be the man who represents this company. Snowmantashi, I don't respect him no more, I can see past the monster image that he hides behind, I look into his ass and I see a man who holds no respect, holds no honor and is not worth of being champion. And he will face the judgement, he will face, me, he will face, "The Indy God" And won't be no surviving from that...

    McGinnis takes a shot at the Snowmantashi picture

    He slowly gets up out of his chair and stares at it. He looks at the picture and smirks. He slowly enters a bag and takes out a spray can and he goes over to all five pictures with bullet holes in it.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "The Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis


    McGinnis in a undisclosed location backstage, he sits on a chair with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship on his lap. He stares at the championship with a almost unsettling smile on his face. He rubs his hands on the championship before looking up at the camera.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Albert Eisenstein once said, that the definition of insanity, is to keep doing the same thing over and expecting different results. You know, I can understand that. I just wished a certain Johnny Vegas can understand, that no matter how hard he tries, he is not in my level. He is not worth my time, when it comes to going up against the greatest wrestler on this planet, he just doesn't fit. But yet, he tries and he tried and HE FUCKING!!! tries, to use me as a way for him to be relevant here in the CWA. Not matter how many times I kick his ass, no matter how many times I open his eyes, or at-least try to open and eyes for him to recognize that, McGinnis is just in another tax bracket. But he bitches and moans, and feels justified that it doesn't even matter how many times I beat hi, he just feels that in his delusional mind, that he belongs with McGinnis, he wants another match with McGinnis, and time after time, I have to give him the spanking that he should've got when he was a kid, someone has to teach him respect, to respect those who are unmistakably greater than him. I'm greater than you, Vegas, I mean, just face it already. It's not that tough of a pill to swallow Vegas, it goes down nice and easy once you just accept it.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Just go with the flow, you can't fight facts, Vegas. I mean, you are man, with clearly a lot of money, so you have to believe the theory that numbers never lie, and the numbers read, that McGinnis is light-years ahead of you in the world of professional wrestling. Because when it comes to the squared circle, it doesn't matter what the hell is in your ban account, it's about being the best and I"M THE BEST!!! I've been the best since day one when I walked into this company.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I don't need, the fans to cheer for me, forget that. If they didn't know how insignificant they are in my success, I guess I should tell them not, they had no part in it. NONE!! So pandering to the crowd Vegas is just sad, it's showing to me, how desperate you are and when people are the most desperate, they are likely to make mistakes. I see you Vegas, and I tell you, you have no idea. I'm not in the mood tonight, tonight should be McGinnis celebrating joining the OH! so rare two time CWA World Championship club. I should in a nice hotel, and in the company of a few beautiful women right now. But I'm not, I have to be here, tonight, against you, in a Last Man Standing match. Like c'mon, why do you want me to hurt you so much, huh? Do you enjoy getting your ass kicked by me? You find a weird enjoyment, I know rich money have weird fetishes, but what the hell.

    Jonathan McGinnis: This fairy tale that you live in, it's going to hit with a dose of reality, Vegas. I know maybe somewhere in your head, you sit and you dream about one day, you being able to finally, get one over on The Indy God, but that will never happen. You see fairy-tales, are nice and cute and great to tell little children, but they are mostly fictional. But some tales, the reality is a much sicker pill to swallow. Like the tale of Pocahontas, some look at as a innocent tale of a native American meeting a settler and following in love even though society say that they shouldn't'. A nice romantic tale, until, you get to the bare bone facts of the tale, you see the truth, Pocahontas got sold into slavery, married off against her will and died at the age of 21. You can't fight the truth, Vegas, you can't live in this fairy-tale for ever. When it comes to fact vs fictional, fact, the truth, me being greater than you, win ever time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yup. It's time, you just face the facts, and the facts have been the same since the beginning of time, McGinnis trumps Vegas every time, every damn time. This brings us, to tonight, to the Last Man Standing, and how, not only do I aim to make sure you never walk again, but the goal is to make sure you never breath again. If only you know how annoying you are, Vegas, how much of a headache it is that each week, like clock work, I have to hear you try and make this lie of a life, seem to be true. The lie that you have what it takes to do what no one can do and that is stop McGinnis. No one, not you, MVH, Wake and even Snowmantashi can step up and stop me, that's a fact... a straight fact. Believe me, you won't want to EVER!!!! face me again after tonight, after I leave you in a pool of your own blood, for like, the 5th time.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You see, who hurts you, the way I do, Vegas. I break you, physically and mentally and tonight, once more, I will do it again, and for the love of god it will be for the last time. One more time, I kick your teeth down your throat and take you to Superkick City, so I hope you enjoy your trip. I hope for this final time, you might find some enjoyment, in all this, I hope as I beat you within a inch of your life, that you can enjoy knowing the fact that this ass kicking, I'm receiving from McGinnis, is just going to be too sweet of a moment for you not to atleast enjoy, I hope you find some kind of value in all this. I sure hope. Because as much as things change, the more they stay the same, tonight, this ends.... FUCKING FINALLY!!!!

    Someone steps into the scene and it reveals to be Owner of CWA, Megan Anderson. She doesn't look to be happy at all.

    Megan Anderson: What the hell is the matter with you? You know how much hot work you are putting this company in, I should fire you right now....

    Jonathan McGinnis: But, you can’t, because I’m your meal ticket, I’m the star in this place... fire me... and what will you have? You know, fire me, I will be on another TV station for another promotion so quick your head will spin. Now, you play by my rules.. Club rules.

    Megan Anderson: Don’t get too comfortable, McGinnis. Go ahead and think that hurting relationships with other promotions by superkicking authority, go right ahead, and make me do what I have to do to make sure that this place moves forward with what is best for business.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Are you still upset about that, NWAJP thing, get over that shit. C'mon.... that's the past. But who's fault is that though? Maybe if this place didn't dick me around with my title shot, I wouldn't be kicking old men heads off now. So the blood was on your hands, not mine...

    Megan Anderson: You're crazy...... I can't wait for you to lose the championship. That fact that you represent my company and my family company, just makes me sick...

    Jonathan McGinnis: Listen, bitch, I’m what’s best for business. After I lay waste to Vegas, who I assume it was you who made this all happen, I will make you and this place lives a living hell. I look to build this place in my image, and then, this place will have some value.

    Megan Anderson: Go ahead, try, wrestlers like you come and go. You are all the same.... you're crazy, McGinnis... you need some help..... and.....

    McGinnis quickly back hands Megan Anderson as she is in shock. She goes to slap him but McGinnis catches her hand and pins her against the wall. He has a sick smile on his face as he whispers something into the ear of Megan which looks to make her very uncomfortable. He then kisses her on the cheek before walking off with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: "Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis

    Welcome To

    Character: "False Prophet."
    Ring Of Syndicate Special
    Crowning The Champion!
    October 5th 2017
    Chicago, Illinois

    Main Event

    Crown The Champion Finals
    Ring of Syndicate Championship

    Peter Desmond Vs Super Zacharias Thunder

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: WHAT! A MANEUVER! These two have been putting on this great performance in the ring but only one of these men can walk away here the NEW! Ring Of Syndicate Champion!

    A new Ring Of Syndicate Champion had to be crown as the former champion Donnie Pubs was forced to vacated the champion due to an injury that will sideline him for close to a year. Ring Of Syndicate, a well known independent wrestling company where "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis made his name known prior to coming over to the CWA and becoming one of the biggest names in wrestling today. But tonight a new champion has to be crown as tonight's R.O.S live special on the streaming site GOProFight.Com. The finals of a tournament to crown a new champion with wrestlers all over the world coming together for a 32 man tournament to give R.O.S a champion they deserve. The finals come down to Pete Desmond and Super Zacharias Thunder! Pete Desmond from the UK and Super Zacharias Thunder from Mexico. The two are putting on a wrestling clinic in the ring as they are in a grueling match that has just passed the 45 minute mark.

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: The crowd is ELECTRIC! As these two are leaving it all in the ring. I will tell you one of these two men will be a great champion that will represent our company.

    The crowd bangs on the guard rail as both Zacharias Thunder and Pete Desmond trade punches in the middle of the ring with both men looking completely spent. Zacharias with a strong boot out of nowhere as he hits his finisher DAY ONE DELIVERY! A running knee chained into an AA! As he covers Desmond 1....2....... Desmond kicks out!!!!

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: OH MY GOD! He kicked out...

    Both men lay motionless in the ring as the crowd chants

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"

    "This is AWESOME!"


    The crowd goes ape shit!!!



    THE INDY GOD! Jonathan McGinnis stands in the ring as the crowd goes crazy!!! Both Desmond and Thunder slowly get to their feet as McGinnis with a smirk superkicks both of them down to the mat. He takes Thunder drops him down with SOMETHING LIGHT! Desmond is up and gets hit with another SUPERKICK!!!! The crowd is going crazy as McGinnis hasn't been back in a R.O.S since he left years ago to head for CWA. He leaves the ring as for some weird reason now the ref calls for the bell for a no contest!.

    R.O.S ANNOUNCER: What is McGinnis doing here? This man is a psycho.....

    McGinnis leaves the ring as he snatches a microphone and the R.O.S Championship but before he goes back into the ring he superkicks the R.O.S announcer. He heads towards the ring as he throws the belt in the ring. He goes to enter but goes under the ring by lifting up the ring apron and takes out a sledgehammer. He then enters the ring and hits Thunder who is up to his feet and then drops Desmond as well. McGinnis takes the championship that he held for more than a year as he drapes its on his shoulder.

    How disrespectful!!!

    The crowd still going crazy! McGinnis wearing his Indy God shirt and jeans gets upset.

    Jonathan McGinnis:Everyone SHUT UP! For Christ sake, you guys are just annoying as the dufus that I just superkicked at the announce table, I always found him fucking irritating. Now everyone, shut up, because I have something to say.Man, I hate that fucking chant.

    McGinnis mocks the chant so hilariously

    Jonathan McGinnis: This is awesome..... OH shut the fuck up.

    He pauses and smirks as he looks at the carnage in the ring. Before he can go on speaking R.O.S security runs to the ring as he takes them out one by one with a superkick!

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can I now get what I have to say off my chest. Damn! You see this championship draped on my shoulder. I made this title special, I made this championship mean something, when I held this title for as long as I did. Now look at it... look at these men, from all over the world fight for this championship, that well isn't all that important now huh? It was I who carried this company on my back years ago, and now I'm here to pull the plug on it as I'm leaving with this... this title is MINE!.

    McGinnis is furious as he speaks with a burning passion.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I MADE THIS SPECIAL! Now when it was vacated and they had a tournament to crown who will carry this, where was my invite? Where was my championship invitation for a championship that I made prestigious. These two in this ring that you screamed "This is awesome" couldn't hold a candle to what I brought to this company, but this place just like CWA, showed disrespect by not treating me with the respect I deserve. When I was on the shelf, where was R.O.S? Where was Z.AG, the owner of this promotion, a man I made so much fucking money for, huh WHERE! was he? That's right nowhere to be found. I gave so much to this business, and what has it ever given me huh? I missed the birth of my son for this fucking business. But this business, doesn't care about me. We are all just spoke on the wheel, and the business will continue to just ruin lives. How many of us die before the age of 60? And you think CWA cares, you think R.O.S, NWAJP, any wrestling promotion under the sun, you think they care? They don't. That is why I'm here to pull the plug on it all. It seems everyone who steps in the ring only care about things like this. Fucking championship titles... just like this one.

    McGinnis holds up the R.O.S Title.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I know Z.A.G is in the back watching on monitor as uncomfortable as he possibly can be. He cares so much about this
    championship, but it's worthless to me, it's not but shinny leather with gold plates on it. But I can use it. I can use it as a political tool to accomplish what I need to and that is to save the world from professional wrestling.... So Z.A.G I know you are watching. I want you to see me leave with your title, man, we use to be best friends, what happened? Did I really burn a hole in your soul when I left for CWA? I had to, this place was never going to break out of his "local" status. I had a family to feed, but fuck all that, I'm getting off topic. Just watch me leave..

    Z.A.G walks out from behind gorilla position and stands at the edge of the ramp. McGinnis is laughing as he goes to leave the ring with one of the most prestigious championship in indy wrestling on his shoulder. He blows a kiss at Z.A.G as in the ring finally the two who originally did battle for the title slowly come to their senses.


    McGinnis is backstage at Adrenaline Rush as he has a huge match for contention for the CWA High Voltage champion. He sorting through the gear that he is going to wear tonight. Seems like he can care less about that right now. He is on his cell phone talking to someone on the phone.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah, I will probably catch up with later tonight. Be ready for me girl.....

    Someone is heard walking up behind McGinnis and it is none other the man in charge Afa Seanoa. These two are at odds and that is really being light with the situation. After what transpired at Retribution, these two just seem to be a few words away from trading punches. McGinnis turns around and just smirks in the face of Afa.

    Afa Seanoa: You know. I just can’t with you sometimes. Everytime I think there is a new low for you, you surprise me.

    Jonathan McGinnis: What? You mean me taking back what was always mine?

    Afa Seanoa: Just because R.O.S Is a promotion beneath us here in CWA, its.....

    McGinnis cuts him off

    Jonathan McGinnis: Woahhh, beneath CWA? Listen that's only okay when I say it. That place gave you the greatest wrestler this world has ever seen, don’t you ever forget it, Afa.

    Afa Seanoa: Just make sure you give them their belt back.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You know, I will think about it. I doubt it though, its mine. I can care less about the legal trouble, so save me that speech. That place will be just like this place, burned down to the ground. BUT! we are getting ahead of ourselves now. Just imagine how I will use the High Voltage Championship as my personal tool to help burn this place. And think there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, Afa. I dare you, put your fucking hands on me... I know you want it... do it and make closing this place for good easier than counting to three. I will own this place.... if you even think about laying a fucking finger on me. You see live in this delusional world where you think I will just go away. But you fail to realize that, I will die for this cause, you fucking hear me. And all you can do is just watch me bring this all down. It burns doesn't it. Now I have a match to prepare for, and a title to eventually make mine, but I won't do the High Voltage title, like I did the R.O.S title I got at home, I will win fair and square and hoist it in your face like a passing grade in the face of a asshole professor.

    Afa Seanoa: Listen, you’re going to give that fucking belt back. I swear..

    Jonathan McGinnis: Swear what? You going to suspend me? You know how paper thin this roster is, you need me more than you can ever think. Now like I said, 1. I ain’t given shit back and 2. Leave me be. I got a match to win. Plus I'm pretty sure you got a whole R.O.S legal team just ready to sue if I bring "MY" championship on CWA television. So leave me.....

    Afa doesn't move.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Fine. I'll leave....

    He walks away from Afa as Afaf stands with his arms crossed. McGinnis notices the camera man who caught the whole ordeal between the two and laughs.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Since you want to be so intrusive, Mr. camera man. Allow me to use you to address my opponents who are just like Afa, fucking delusional if they think that tonight is their night.. But there is one man in the match I want to address first because his name is just written on my mind, and that is Prince Ali. I hope that he realizes that his pinfall over me a few weeks back, man, you can be considered an all time great, Ali. But to be honest, Prince, my mind wasn't fully in that match and I think you can see where you watch the match back on the tapes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: But that doesn't change history now does it, Prince, but I will tell you this, tonight, lighting won't strike twice for you baby boy and I will tell you why. You put too much weight on to your principles, but listen here, principles don't mean shit when you are dealing with a man that would end your career for the fucking sake of it. I know that you have something to prove after your lack luster performance in the main event Steel Roulette. I mean, it seems like you barely a factor in that match. So I know that you look to come out the gates swinging but face it, Ali, my mission is a little more righteous.

    Jonathan McGinnis: To be fair, you and the rest in this match are more than incident casualties. Shawn Summers and Sammy Riggins, they are just road kill, just another victim, just more to have their teeth super kicked down their throats by The Indy God. Just ask Rolando, I'm pretty sure he is somewhere tonight just replaying our match at Retribution over and over in his head, so he just like the rest of those in this match and this whole ordeal set by Afa is nothing short but a waste of time.. because I will win tonight and I will move on to become High Voltage champion. And there is nothing Afa or anyone else can do to stop.... catch ya later... now get the fuck out my way camera man.

    The scene ends as McGinnis walks off overly confident that he will be getting the job done tonight.


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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