Slowly going through AJPW/NOAH archive of matches. Watched the Rikidozan vs. Kimura clips, holy was the ending of that pretty brutal. Goddamn.

Watched Giant Baba vs. The Destroyer from 1969 2/3 Falls. I don't think I was paying enough attention and must've missed a fall because I was quite confused by the ending. Seemed like the match ended after Baba submitted to the Figure Four Leg Lock but Baba still won? Idk. Sometimes language barriers can be a bit hard in keeping track of what's going on. It was an alright match and plenty worked. Destroyer's a great heel, the build to the figure four leg lock, the bloodying, the Destroyer's cheating, etc was all nice. Crowd was real into those interminable leg headlock moments early on. Nevertheless, way too long for me but I understand a lot of these early stuff probably won't be my cup of tea. I'm mostly just doing this to watch matches from names I've heard of plenty but don't know much or enough about and I'm a completionist when it comes to watching stuff.

Going to checkout Baba vs, Destroyer from '72, Destroy vs. Mascaras from '73, and The Funks vs. Jumbo / Baba. I'd do a whole review thread but who knows how long this will last so I'll just post here whenever I get further down the list.