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Thread: WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

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    No Way Out WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

    WWE No Way Out – Sunday, February 17, 2008

    The final event before WrestleMania would see the return of the Elimination Chamber in the shape of two matches in the structure to determine who would challenge for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships at WrestleMania. Edge would also defend his World Heavyweight Title against Rey Mysterio while John Cena would challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Title on the show. By the end of the night we would know the two main events for this year's WrestleMania and there would also be a huge Floyd Mayweather moment with the Big Show.

    DARK MATCH: Kane defeated Shelton Benjamin

    CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero ©
    ECW Championship

    Chavo Guerrero had won the ECW Championship a few weeks prior thanks to help from World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. CM Punk would get his rematch tonight after winning a Gulf of Mexico match on ECW earlier in the week. Chavo controls the early going after sending Punk to the outside but after a leg scissors Punk delivers a back body drop and a powerslam for a near fall. Chavo turns momentum and connects with a Tornado DDT from a GTS position. Punk would reverse moments later and take control looking for the Three Amigos which the crowd would boo. Punk would switch to a knee in the corner and a bulldog instead. CM Punk would end up with Chavo on the top rope and go for a Frankensteiner but Chavo would hold on and deliver the Frog Splash for the win. Not bad but nothing special and a bit like a standard TV match to be honest.


    We go backstage for an interview with Rey Mysterio after we get a recap of him accidentally taking our Vickie Guerrero on SmackDown with his senton while she was in a wheelchair. Mysterio has a torn bicep going into the match but is determined to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge regardless. The interview is interrupted by none other than Floyd Mayweather. Money appears to be in the corner of Mysterio.

    MVP vs. Big Daddy V vs. The Great Khali vs. Finlay vs. Batista vs. The Undertaker
    SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match
    Elimination Order: 1 – Big Daddy V, 2 – The Great Khali, 3 – MVP, 4 – Finlay, 5 – Batista

    The winner of this match would take on the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania. Before the match starts I just want to say man this is a weak field where you basically know there are only two men with any chance of winning in Batista and the Undertaker. The fact they both start the match is a good thing in that sense though as it doesn’t feel like they are just killing time.

    The opening period of the match was quite slow with Batista and Undertaker slogging it out and keeping the tempo relatively slow as you’d assume they’d be going right to the end of the match. Undertaker would start out on top before Batista came back in the second half of the period. Five seconds before the first pod opened they both connected with a Big Boot at the same time taking one another down.

    Big Daddy V would be the first man to enter the match and used his strength to dominate Undertaker and Batista at first. He slammed the Deadman and chopped the Animal down before delivering a Samoan Drop to Undertaker. Big Daddy V would drive Undertaker out of the entire Chamber with a headbutt which looked like a big botch to me as Taker just about landed safely on the floor outside. Batista would turn things around and hit an unbelievable Spinebuster on Big Daddy V which the crowd popped big for. Batista would clothesline Big Daddy V outside onto the steel grate as Undertaker connected with a DDT and the Animal covered to eliminate the Mastodon.

    That would bring us to the countdown and The Great Khali was next into the match. About 30 seconds in we get a ‘you can’t wrestle chant’ and I couldn’t agree more to be honest. Khali connected with his Khali Bomb for a near fall on the Phenom. He gets the vice grip on the skull of Batista but the Animal would escape and connect with a Spear to take Khali down. Undertaker would take Batista out and boot Ranjin Singh off the steel steps at the Chamber entrance. Undertaker would lock in Hell’s Gate on Khali who would immediately tap out.

    The two would carry on fighting until none other than Finlay entered the match. He would walk straight into a boot from the Undertaker though. Finlay would hit the Celtic Cross on Undertaker but the Phenom would kick out once again. Finlay would stay on top for a while and take Taker to the outside, he’d hammer his head off the chain and then break a pod with it as well. Batista would swoop in and throw Finlay into the ring post as MVP entered. Undertaker was at the pod and MVP tried to stay in the pod but instead the Phenom entered the pod and took out the United States Champion. Eventually, MVP would get the best of Undertaker and bust him open with his decorative necklace. Taker would not take kindly to it and would chase MVP to the top of the pod. The US Champ would be chucked off by the Undertaker for Finlay to pin MVP and eliminate him.

    Finlay would be handed his Shillelagh by Hornswoggle and would take out Batista but he was unable to do the same to the Undertaker who lifted him up and Chokeslammed him from the inside to the outside on the steel which Michael Cole keeps calling concrete annoyingly. That was a sick bump from Finlay who was eliminated leaving us with the two men who started, Batista and Undertaker.

    Batista would take the first shot and deliver a Batista Bomb for a near three count. He’d follow up by mounting Undertaker and punching him but Undertaker would use the position to pick up the Animal and deliver the Last Ride. Taker would take ages to cover to sell the damage that had been done and could only get a two count. They two would end up on the outside fighting before eventually heading back in the ring via an incredible counter from Taker which would see him end up in position for the Tombstone Piledriver to win the match and book his place at WrestleMania. This ended up being a really enjoyable Chamber match despite only two men ever in contention to win it which made the early going a bit predictable.


    Backstage Edge is reminded by Zack Ryder that Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania. The World Heavyweight Champion says they need to focus on tonight and the two of them need to step up in the absence of Vickie Guerrero. Theodore Long bursts in and says he’s in charge tonight due to the absence of Vickie and before they can make any plans he is banning Hawkins and Ryder from getting involved in any way.

    We then go to footage of Ashley taking Maria to a Playboy party ahead of Maria telling Santino on RAW whether he is picking him or a Playboy photoshoot.

    Mr Kennedy vs. Ric Flair
    Career Threatening Match
    If Ric Flair loses he must retire

    Ric Flair had been in career threatening matches for some time thanks to Vince McMahon and this was another one. He came to the ring with his left knee bandaged after attacks from Mr Kennedy and MVP in the previous week. It was the central theme of the match with Kennedy going after it time and time again with a low dropkick and hammering it off the ring post time and time again. Mr Kennedy would also add insult to injury with a Figure Four Leg Lock using the ring post. Kennedy would lock the same submission in in the centre of the ring to try and make Flair retire to his own hold. Flair would get rolled up by Kennedy who would pull the tight so badly we get a big moon, oh dear. Flair would eventually lock in the Figure Four and keep his career alive for another week. Kennedy did well here I thought in leading the match and you could really see why WWE saw him as someone who could be key in their future. Still sad about how it all went wrong. Enjoyed this.


    We go backstage where Vince McMahon confronts Finlay in the medical room and asks him how he’s going to feel when he takes on Hornswoggle in a steel cage tomorrow night on RAW to show him the tough love he needs. Gosh this stuff was so bad and has aged even worse.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Edge ©
    Singles Match
    World Heavyweight Championship

    Rey Mysterio had suffered a torn bicep at a live event in Chile earlier in the week. Mysterio was well in the match for the most part and these two meshed well I thought. Edge went for a baseball slide but Mysterio moved and he gave himself a low blow on the ring post instead. Mysterio connected with the 619 early but Edge would Spear him out of mid-air in quick fashion to retain the title. Obviously this went a lot shorter than it would have if Mysterio wasn’t injured. A shame as you feel they could have really done something special. This meant the Edge vs. Undertaker was set for WrestleMania.


    After the match the Big Show made a surprise entrance. Show smiles and looks very happy as Cole says he looks in great shape (Show has lost considerable weight). Show says he will be a champion again and that he has lost 108lbs. He says he is faster, meaner and he’s ready to be back in the WWE. While this is going on, Mysterio is getting medical attention on the outside. Show goes to the outside and grabs hold of Rey right in front of Floyd Mayweather who is sitting in the front row. Show gets Mysterio in the ring and threatens to Chokeslam him bringing the boxer into the ring to try and make the save. His entourage of about a billion people try to hold him back but Mayweather goes nuts and punches Show legit who sprints after him through the crowd only to be stopped by Shane McMahon and security. This was an awesome segment and one that most people remember 13 years on I reckon. The camera focuses in on Show who has blood running down his face from the legit Mayweather punch.

    John Cena vs. Randy Orton ©
    Singles Match
    WWE Championship

    John Cena made a shock return at the Royal Rumble to win just a few months after tearing his pectoral. He would take on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at No Way Out instead of waiting for WrestleMania though. The match started slow with both men feeling each other out and the crowd were deafening cheering for both men despite Orton being a supposed mega heel. Cena went for a reasonably early F-U which Orton escaped from and floored the challenger. Orton went round Cena’s body and in trademark fashion systematically stomped every joint. After some more back and forth fighting, Orton tries to escape up the ramp but Cena doesn’t allow it. The two fight on the outside and both men return to the ring on nine, something which made Orton look a bit stupid as the heel if you ask me. Orton would quickly take control with his modified backbreaker. Orton would go for an RKO but Cena would reverse into his back drop and immediately lock in the STF-U. Orton ends up on the outside after escaping the hold and suckers Cena in by asking the referee to count him out. Cena goes to the outside and tells the referee to not which allows Orton to get up and deliver an RKO to John Cena on the outside. Orton returns to the ring as Mike Chioda begins to count Cena out. Cena gets back just before the 10 count as the crowd go absolutely nuts. Orton deliberately slaps Chioda to get himself disqualified. Heel shithousery from Randy Cena angrily delivers the F-U and then locks in the STF-U with Orton tapping out but the match is already over so it counts for nothing but revenge.


    Triple H vs. Umaga vs. JBL vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
    RAW Elimination Chamber Match
    Elimination Order: 1 – JBL, 2 – Umaga, 3 – Chris Jericho, 4 – Shawn Michaels, 5 - Jeff Hardy

    The winner of this match would go on to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels start the match for the first four minutes. Michaels manages to get on top and goes for his big elbow drop from the top rope but he connects only with Jericho’s knees which gets a gasp from the crowd. Jericho went for the Lionsault only for Michaels to move but Jericho then went for the Walls of Jericho. Y2J was unable to lock it in though. The two took each other out with a crossbody both at the same time as none other than Umaga entered the match. Umaga dominates and gets a pop from the crowd when he delivers a double Samoan Drop to Jericho and Michaels. It was pretty damn sweet to be honest. He’d follow it up with a huge kick to HBK which sent him to the outside onto the steel grate. Umaga would eventually go for a splash to Jericho but Y2J would move out the way. Michaels would get involved and punish Umaga before Jericho locked in the Walls on the Samoan Bulldozer. Michaels would put in the Crossface at the same time as the countdown clock started. JBL would enter the match and go straight after Jericho.

    JBL would clean house with clotheslines and a neckbreaker to Jericho as he focused all his attention on Y2J. It was last month at the Royal Rumble that JBL cost Jericho in his WWE Title match against Randy Orton. Outside on the steel Umaga dominated HBK with a scoop slam while Jericho fought back against JBL in the ring. JBL would back body drop Jericho on the outside which looked horrendous. Triple H would join the action next as he went straight after Umaga and then would take out JBL as well. Triple H would throw Umaga into a pod before going for a Pedigree on Jericho. JBL would deliver a Clothesline from Hell instead but then Y2J eliminated the Wrestling God with a Code Breaker. JBL got steel chairs from the outside in anger and took out everyone with vile head shots. Ouch, that was hard to watch. It left all four men down with Jeff Hardy waiting to enter.

    Hardy would come in and take out everyone and hit a double Whisper in the Wind on DX which was great. Umaga would take out Hardy though and then hit a Spinning Side Slam on Jericho before putting Triple H in the Tree of Woe. He’d powerfully toss Michaels out of the ring and connect with a headbutt to The Game. Jericho was sitting against a pod which meant Umaga would run with his hip attack and take out Jericho and he’d break the pod leading to a ‘holy shit’ chant. He was about to go for a Samoan Spike on Jericho but received Sweet Chin Music, a Code Breaker, a Pedigree and a Swanton Bomb from the top of a pod to eliminate Umaga. Shawn Michaels would immediately connect with Sweet Chin Music to Jericho as Hardy covered him and we were down to three!

    That didn’t last long though as Hardy was thrown out of the ring and Triple H eliminated his DX brethren Shawn Michaels with a Pedigree! Triple H and Hardy went at it and ended up on the outside which could only be bad for both of them. Hardy would DDT Triple H out on the steel. Hardy would miss a Swanton Bomb back in the ring which would lead to Triple H hitting the Pedigree but Hardy would kick out much to the frustration of The Game. He’d grab a chair which was still in the structure after being introduced by JBL but Hardy would deliver a Low Blow and go for a Twist of Fate. Triple H would counter though and connect with a Pedigree on the chair for the one, two, three. Triple H would face Randy Orton at WrestleMania! (Of course John Cena would be added to the match). This was an action-packed Chamber match which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. It felt like six huge stars in major contrast to the one earlier in the evening as well.


    This was a memorable show in that it was the first time the Elimination Chamber between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania had happened and it really gave the pay per view a purpose beyond being filler between the two events. Both Chamber matches were enjoyable and the Floyd Mayweather angle is what will always be remember from this show where he broke Big Show’s nose. Neither the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship matches were great for different reasons and the ECW Title opener was a bit of an afterthought. Fun enough show overall though. I’ll give it 7.5/10.
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    Re: WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

    This show is loads of fun. Two super Chamber matches and one of the most memorable angles of the year. I always use that first Chamber as an example of how good the match is if it's booked cleverly, as the field is weak. But it's better than a lot of Chambers with far more talented wrestlers.

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    Re: WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

    Order, I think that gif of Hardy is him eliminating Big Show at No Way Out 2009!

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    Re: WWE No Way Out 2008 Review

    I may grossly overrate the Cena vs Orton match but I think it's amazing. A perfect package of good wrestling, great character work and storyline progression. Having this match at No Way Out instead of WrestleMania looks odd out of context but the match makes a lot of sense and makes you want a proper match between them even more (which they wouldn't do at WM because HHH needs a feud).

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