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Thread: BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank

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    BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank



    4Front Pro Wrestling
    Episode 003
    "Third Times The Charm"
    Greensboro Coliseum | Greensboro, North Carolina

    Heroes and Villains
    "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

    "Seen to be in many ways the hero of 4Front Pro Wrestling. The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino has definitely been put through the ringer since the promotions inception. Forced to battle "The King" Jerry Lawler in his backyard and then having had to survive against the wrath of "King Kong" Brody. This time around Bruno faces perhaps his most vile and sinister foe yet. The dangerous and unstable "Rowdy" Roddy Piper who has proven himself to be willing to do anything he has to in order to get his hand raised. Can Bruno leave victorious once again? Or will it be the Rowdy one who leaves with his hand raised?"

    The American Dream's Nightmare
    Falls Count Anywhere
    "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes vs Mankind

    "If there is one thing that can be said about Dusty Rhodes it is that he will not back down from a fight. Having had to fight for everything he has earned in this life. Dusty's fighting spirit while not in doubt will definitely be put to the test as he faces the deranged Mankind. This sinister side to Mick Foley's personality has come to light having gone winless thus far in 4Front Wrestling. Seemingly pushed to breaking point by these defeats. Just what will he be willing to do in order to leave with the victory knowing that the rulebook has been thrown out the window and falls will count anywhere."

    A Royal War
    Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Sabu

    "To say Jerry Lawler is brash and outspoken would be an understatement. The opinionated Lawler along with making his claims of being royalty in wrestling. Has very much been highly noted for his negative thoughts and opinions on ECW as a whole. The fledgling promotion where many a wrestler got their start. It is not surprising that many have took offense to what Jerry had to say. In particular Sabu who while not being the biggest talker is not only said to be fighting for ECW's honor. But also to show Jerry Lawler that when it comes to wrestling there is only one true royalty and it is not a King but rather his Uncle The Sheik!"

    War of the Titans
    Haku vs Stan Hansen vs Bruiser Brody vs Steve Williams vs Terry Gordy

    "When 4Front Pro Wrestling began unveiling it's roster members. It soon become apparent that they had a fondness for the biggest and toughest wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in the ring. Now on this third show we will finally see five of the men who very much fit this billing turned loose in the ring for an all out war. Just who will be the last man standing?"

    La Mera Mera vs The Pirate Princess
    Thunder Rosa vs Kairi Sane II

    "Since 4Front's inception there has not been a rivalry fiercer than that of Thunder Rosa and Kairi Sane. These two well travelled contenders very much seemed to have a fair amount of respect for one another before their first contest. But with that match ending in a draw it seemed that frustration soon boiled over and that respect soured. Now we will see the highly anticipated rematch between two of the most talented women's wrestlers in the world today!"

    Hair vs Mask Match
    Vampiro vs La Parka

    "Two superstars from Mexico very much known for their distinctive looks and appearances will also do battle in quite the high stakes affair. For Vampiro and La Parka will each be offering up a key part of their identity in this clash. This will not be the first collision between the two with both men being apart of opposing teams of the premier episode of 4Front. But this time round they won't have any partners to rely on. Just who will be leaving this contest whole once it is complete?"

    Triple Threat Match
    Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Super Crazy vs Psicosis

    "A tradition of 4Front wrestling has been it's thrilling opening contests featuring some of it's talented high flying superstars. For this third show it will be no different as we see Andrade Almas, Super Crazy and Psicosis collide in a clash of Lucha Libre talents. While in the past Super Crazy and Psicosis may have been a team we know that the relationship between the two has soured as of late. Which will definitely be news to the opportunistic Andrade's ears. Which Luchador will be leaving this contest with the victory?"


    Keef Moon

    Keef Moon Productions Presents...

    KMP Men's World Championship: No Holds Barred!
    "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman (challenger) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (champion)

    After an acrimonious split many years ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin started to find his voice as the beloved anti-authority babyface, taking on any and all challengers with a fearless spirit and a middle finger, and it led to his coronation as Men's World Champion last year. His former teammate Pillman, on the other hand, didn't leap in to success as easily as his one-time best friend. As Pillman scrapped and clawed for notoriety, he eventually snapped, revealing his Loose Cannon persona for the first time, and with that, announcing himself as a major player.

    With Austin having beaten all who came before him, Pillman eventually found his way to the top of the list of challengers, and the two faced off at the Great Ameri-Keef Bash, but their unpredictability led to a Double DQ bullshit finish. The only way to solve who truly is the better Hollywood Blond, and who is the most worthy champion, is to take those rules away...

    KMP Women's World Championship!
    Bayley (challenger) vs. Awesome Kong (champion)

    There has been no champion in KMP more dominant than Awesome Kong. Every challenger the Women's World Champion has faced she has batted away with ease, and it has long seemed like there is no stopping her.

    It's been the opposite for KMP's resident Hugger, Bayley. A naive, innocent, thoroughly decent type, Bayley has committed to doing things the right way even if it costs her. And boy, has it cost her. But for every time she's fallen she's gotten back up, and bit by bit she has earned her way to facing the seemingly unstoppable Women's World Champion.

    KMP International Championship: Steel Cage Match!
    Andre The Giant (challenger) vs. Sami Zayn (champion)

    While the Women's World Title Match has a heel giant against a smaller babyface, here we have the exact opposite. Sami Zayn has proven himself to be one of the most obnoxious members of the KMP roster, and that has only escalated since winning the International Title. The fans have been hoping for months that someone will shut him up, and they might be about to get their wish.

    Sami has riled everyone on the roster up, and Andre The Giant has had enough. He's been hunting Sami down for a match for months, but Sami has continually run away. That left KMP Chairman Kiefer J Moon to book the match for Wrestle-moon-ia, and what's more, there will be no running for Zayn this time... as he's locked inside a Steel Cage!

    KMP Tag Team Championships
    The Usos (challengers) vs. L.A.X. (champions)

    The Usos had only just won the Tag Team Titles when the newly-debuted brutes L.A.X. destroyed them, and then squashed them in the subsequent Tag Title match. The Usos were left to regather, regroup, and gradually re-earn their shot at the titles like good babyfaces, while L.A.X. continued to go on their vicious tear. The Usos now promise to not underestimate the badass champions, and will do whatever they have to in order to win back their belts.

    KMP Lightweight Championship
    Juventud Guerrera (challenger) vs. Kushida (champion)

    With so much intensity elsewhere on the card, this contest is intended more as an easy-going crowd pleasing opener. Kushida has been a great champion so far, but Juventud promises to be his biggest challenge yet.

    Hoss Fight!
    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Big Van Vader

    For months now, Bam Bam Bigelow and Big Van Vader have laid waste to all that came before them, but never interacting. As time passed, the question started to grow as to who the best big man was not only in Keef Moon Productions, but wrestling history. Now, at Wreslte-Moon-ia, these two absolute beasts will face off for the very first time.

    First Time Ever!
    Rey Fenix vs. Kota Ibushi

    There may be no two more spectacular individuals in wrestling today. Both are former Lightweight Champions, but they've never met in one-on-one action... until now. Both put everything on the line every time they step in the ring, so this one is being built up as a Dave Meltzer Scale-Breaking Classic before it's even happened, and that can't possibly backfire.

    Martial Arts Spectacular!
    Low Ki vs. Rob Van Dam

    With a card aiming for "something for everyone" (wild brawl main event, dominant heel versus plucky babyface, dominant face versus cocky heel, a hoss fight, high flying spectacular, tag match), that continues in this one. Until losing the International Title three months ago to the loud-mouthed Sami Zayn, RVD was the hot up-and-coming thing in KMP, making good use of his "Educated Feet" to dazzle the crowd. But in the background has always been Low-Ki, a man unimpressed by, well, everything. Low-Ki has been saying for weeks that he thinks he can do anything RVD can but better, and here he gets the chance to prove it.



    BattleTank Pro Wrestling Presents:

    The War at the Shore

    Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey

    Convention Hall

    “The Perfect Match”

    -The Olympic Gold Medalist and the man who has a gold medal for being perfect-

    Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Perfect

    “Never Trust A Snake”

    -The Viper and the Godfather of all things dark and sinister-

    “The Viper” Randy Orton vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

    “All In The Family”

    -Family Barbecues will never be the same again-

    “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns vs. “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu

    Million Dollar Wall-Street Fight
    Winner will gain possession of the loser's net-worth-

    -These two men must fight to the train station around the corner, get on, take it to New York City, and pinfall attempts may only occur inside of the New York Stock Exchange after the opening bell-

    John Bradshaw Layfield vs. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

    “Once in a Lifetime”

    -Amateur wrestling fans have waited for this one-

    World’s Greatest Tag Team- Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
    American Alpha- Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

    Doors Match

    -Because tables are a thing of the past-

    “The Man-Beast” Rhyno vs. “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

    Monster’s Ball Invitational- B.Y.O.W Match (Bring Your Own Weapons)

    -Three men step into the heart of Nick Gage's MDK Country, and will bring out everything, including a kitchen sink-

    Abyss vs. Nick Gage vs. Doink the Clown vs. Spike Dudley

    Plus: Pre-Show Meet and Greets on the Boardwalk (prices vary):

    -Wear Kurt Angle's gold medal

    -Take a gamble on life and hold Jake Roberts' snake, Damien

    -Family portraits with Roman Reigns & Jacob Fatu

    -Nick Gage will sign your weapon of choice

    -Ted Dibiase will pay YOU to do something crazy and no, Virgil will not be with him

    -Doink the Clown in a dunk tank full of White Claw Hard Seltzer

    -Let Rhyno Gore you through a door

    -Chat with the show's promoter-BattleTank- and ask him why he booked such an outrageous card


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    Re: BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank

    Giving the nudge to Keef over Shade
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    Crimson Knights W/L Record

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    Re: BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank

    Between Shade & Keef, thinking on it.

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    Re: BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank

    I think the poll closed a little while ago, but thanks all for the votes, and huge thanks to Shawn for organising! Great fun, and only mostly because I won.

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    Re: BATTLECARD! The Finals - Shade vs. Keefmoon vs. BattleTank

    Yes! Sorry Keef... I kept thinking about this at the absolute wrong times, and then forgetting by the time I was on the computer.

    Thank you all for playing, and congrats to Keef!!


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