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Thread: Your opinion of the most over (& best) faction in NJPW (2020)

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    NJPW Your opinion of the most over (& best) faction in NJPW (2020)

    After the exit of the Elite, Bullet Club was no longer the best selling act in New Japan.

    Personally I think the current BC could possibly make waves if the rumors on the return of Gallows & Anderson are credible/reliable.

    With Tetsuya Naito at it's favorite and IMO the best faction in NJPW is undoubtedly LIJ.
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    Re: Your opinion of the most over (& best) faction in NJPW (2020)

    Bullet Club has been alright since the departure of Omega. But, just alright. I don't personally want to say it's an 'Elite' issue...because, I've never personally been a huge Bucks fan to begin with. But, Omega definitely left a void in that stable that has not been filled since. Everyone has done their best...and the group has still been relevant. But, they never got back what they lost there, IMO. They'd lost significant members in the the form of Styles and Devitt...but, Omega seemed like a particularly large loss at a time when Switchblade just never seemed to rise enough to fill that spot.

    As for my personal favorite stable...I'm a big Suzuki Gun fan. Which is probably obvious from my avatar.

    Most "over" currently...I'd say that's LIJ.
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    Re: Your opinion of the most over (& best) faction in NJPW (2020)

    I think the factions are one of the weakest areas of NJPW's booking philosophy. Of the top 5 companies in Japan I would probably put them 4th ahead of AJPW in this and also less than Joshi companies as well which make it lower.

    LIJ is about the only one I would say is well done and even then I would say it actively hinders two of it's members (EVIL & SANADA) while the other two would break out regardless and actually don't necessarily fit their aesthetic anyway (Shingo & Hiromu). But truthfully whatever flaws there are are going to be covered by Naito's popularity. I do hope of everyone I wish EVIL would break off and dump that gimmick as he is floundering.

    CHAOS sucks. It's Okada, Ospreay, and a bunch of losers. Mega stale and no real aesthetic to fit together. Would be the first on my list to go and be rearranged.

    SZKG is ok except who's the leader? Suzuki is arguably the least pushed of the Heavyweights at this point. At least they seem like they fit together for the most part.

    BC I dislike on principle because their matches suck so much for the most part and Jay White has been a pretty large miss with all the effort they've wasted in pushing him, but at least they have KENTA to be a heel that people genuinely dislike and has been both effective and interesting. Everyone else is completely worthless to this company in that group IMO. White has been pushed so much he has some Western appeal and the upside of a different character at least. Nobody is clamoring for more Guerrilas and Gallows & Anderson certainly will not make them any better.

    I'd probably blow everything up similar to how NOAH just did their Jr. factions outside of LIJ since they are too much of a cash cow to break up therefore they're clearly the most over and best one.

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