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Thread: State of the FWA: Episode #1

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    State of the FWA: Episode #1

    (Posted on and throughout the FWA social media channels)

    The video opens to a shot of a horizontal left-to-right table with three people situated behind. On the far left sits Daniella Kennedy, one of the color commentators on Fight Night. In the middle, the man with the microphone and the person welcoming us, is Cameron Cross, a former FWA Television Champion. On the right hand side is another former FWA competitor, and a former FWA World Champion, Thomas Princeton.

    Cameron Cross: Welcome, folks, to the very first edition of "State of the FWA". This is a periodic online television show where we, three decorated former wrestlers, provide an update and recap on recent Fight Night shows, some of the main storylines, and what to expect in the future. I am Cameron Cross. You may remember me from many years ago, winning the Television Championship. On my left and your right is Thomas Princeton, who was in the last Carnal Contendership match and won a World Championship back in 2009! Way back in the day. And then we have Daniella Kennedy, who sits ringside and commentates on the shows. She's also a former Tag Team Champion and Women's Champion, and a relative of ... well, nevermind. I won't label her based on her bloodline.

    Daniella Kennedy: I appreciate that, Cameron. Now I know why Gabrielle took a liking to you all those years ago.

    Thomas Princeton: Hey, hey. Before you two go on a date, let's talk about some FWA storylines, right? I don't think I need to remind y'all why we are here.

    Cameron Cross: For sure. So just to note, we will run through the main storylines and angles. Provide some insight. Some expert analysis. Maybe some stuff to watch going forward! Also, we will give our "Top 3 Stars of Fight Night" to highlight who stood out the most. Some shows, we may have special guests for interviews. And we may even have TWO guests for a special face-off interview. But for this inaugural show ... let's start with someone who ... is sort of falling?

    What's Going on With Cyrus Truth?

    Cameron Cross: Cyrus Truth is a three-time World Champion. He's a lock to make the FWA Hall of Fame after four very successful years in the company, which comes after many successful years in the CWA. But ... lately, he hasn't been piling up wins, rather getting tough-luck losses.

    Thomas Princeton: Look ... this happens to EVERY-ONE. Everyone. Cyrus Truth is dealing with a run that every star goes through in the FWA. This isn't surprising to me. What's surprising is this hasn't happened more often to Cyrus.

    Daniella Kennedy: The last time something like this happened was was back in 2017, when Cyrus has a tough time with Shannon O'Neal. But he fought through that and came out the other side as a two-time FWA World Champion. He lost his third title reign at Desert Storm in a triple threat match against Dave Sullivan and Gabrielle Montgomery. Then he lost in Carnal Contendership. Then a one-on-one match against "The Golden One" Devin Golden. Then he lost to Gabrielle at Back in Business. Then lost the Elimination Chamber match. Then ... just on Fight Night ... a loss to Nova Diamond.

    NONE of these losses are bad losses. He's not losing to scrubs. These are LEGITIMATE main-event stars. But Cyrus Truth usually rises to the challenge. I do wonder what's going on here.

    Cameron Cross: What's next for Cyrus Truth? Does he have a claim to a World Championship match?

    Thomas Princeton: No, not right now. I would put four or five people above him. I think he needs to get out of his head and pick up a big win or two against some of these guys in the pack. You have Nova Diamond. Devin Golden. Now a Zachary Kazadi. Gabrielle Montgomery. Michael Garcia. Even Mike Parr and Krash. There's a long list of names in this main event.

    Cameron Cross: So where does Cyrus Truth go next? What do you think are his plans for Payback, the next pay per view?

    Daniella Kennedy: I'm not sure ... but I think Cyrus Truth doesn't go quietly. He will make noise and make sure he isn't lost in the shuffle. No way, no how. He's a legend and legends don't get forgotten.

    Zachary Kazadi vs. Devin Golden: What's Next?

    Cameron Cross: Zachary Kazadi was one of those names mentioned. He pulled off a HUGE win against "The Golden One" Devin Golden on Fight Night. And now I want to ask ... what should we expect with a second match? Apparently that will happen on the next Fight Night.

    Daniella Kennedy: AND ... it will be a SUBMISSION MATCH! That is Zachary Kazadi's request. Obviously, he is a submission SPECIALIST. "The Golden One" is more of a high-flyer and brawler. So ... I think this makes Kazadi the favorite, right?

    Thomas Princeton: I've wrestled Devin Golden a few times. Beat him even a few months ago. But I will say, if he's motivated now, I would be worried if I was Kazadi. Honestly. Golden when motivated is one of the best ever. And ... man, he looked like he had a fire in his eyes on Fight Night after losing. I'm not in his head. I don't know what he's thinking. But he ... didn't seem all too focused going into that match. And you heard what he was saying before. About how he's a championship in and of himself. He's the person people come back to face. Yada yada. It was like he got this big head.

    Cameron Cross: You say Kazadi is in trouble, but I think Kazadi is game for this. And I think Golden is in trouble now. This is a match Golden ASKED FOR. What if he loses again?!?!

    Daniella Kennedy: What if Kazadi wins again?! We talked about who could get a World title match. Would Kazadi be in that discussion?!


    Cameron Cross: I'm going to throw out six names now. ... Alyster Black ... "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black ... Kayden Knox ... Orion ... Gerald Grayson ... Ashley Bell. Those six ... have a chance to BEAT the World Champion and get a title shot at Payback! Who saw THIS coming?

    Thomas Princeton: The title needs to be defended. If it's not Gabrielle, who has the Golden Opportunity, and it's not Michael Garcia ... then who? I ... I'm not sure about this. I don't know if any of these six actually can beat Dave Sullivan. And if that happens ... what next?

    Daniella Kennedy: No, I LOVE this. We're giving six rookies in the FWA a chance to prove themselves, to rise up on a big stage. We could get a star come out of this. All of these underdogs. I love it. Plus, it's a GAUNTLET match on Fight Night. So the sixth person ... they're going to get an EXHAUSTED "King of the FWA". They will have an advantage.

    Cameron Cross: Gerald Grayson, let's look at him first. He hasn't yet won a match in the FWA! He lost a triple threat match the show before Back in Business. Then he lost at Back in Business. Then he lost to the X Champion, Michelle von Horrowitz. Then he loses to Alyster Black on this past Fight Night. Now he's getting a match against the World Champion! What if he wins?! What a story!

    Thomas Princeton: Of everyone on this list, I think Alyster Black and Eli Black have the best chances. Alyster Black is cut from a wrestling background. He's got experience running with and hanging with Krash. I think he could be the one to win. And Eli Black is just a natural athlete. He's SO MUCH FUN to watch in the ring. And he has such a cool persona about him. I just love it. The fans do, too.

    Daniella Kennedy: Put me in the corner of Kayden Knox. He nearly beat Dave Sullivan on Fight Night one on one, straight up. What if he is fourth, fifth, or sixth? He's going to be rested and Sullivan will be exhausted. I also think Orion is someone to watch here. He's a big, muscular, powerful guy. And Ashley Bell is a wild card in this. She's a member of The Wave but who knows?! We've seen women do some amazing things in the FWA.

    Cameron Cross: And just one more name. A seventh name. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia. We heard what Gabrielle said about him deserving a title shot. We heard Sullivan's response. Then we heard what GM Lord Vincent said about it. Did Garcia do ENOUGH to get a shot? He cleaned up The Mops in less than two minutes. A one-on-three handicap match! And it was a squash. Unbelievable performance. ... I think Michael Garcia is waiting ... just waiting in the wings ... to pounce and move into the title match spot. And I know he has had some close losses lately. But I would NOT want to face him if I was "The King".

    FWA Tag Team Championships Match Announced: FOUR TEAMS

    Cameron Cross: We have a title match announced for Payback! It's going to be a FOUR-TEAM match. On Fight Night, we should it'd be two teams or three teams, max. But The Elite are NOT playing around. They want everyone.

    Thomas Princeton: Ever since The Elite came into the FWA, they've been about elevating this tag team division and making it the top division in the FWA. They've hit some snags, but this is putting the division on the map. This is getting everyone talking. Everyone wants to tie The Elite to The Undisputed Alliance. This is one way to make them and the tag team division BIGGER than an old CWA rivalry.

    Daniella Kennedy: I thought what The Elite did was so so so surprising, in a good way. I never expected them to be so upfront about wanting to face EVERYONE. We all think of the tag team champions as squirmy and cheap, but I think they are stone cold competitors. They want to fight, and they want to fight EVERYONE. I love it. I absolutely love it.

    Cameron Cross: So this is a HUGE chance for The Valanders and The Wave. These two teams are new to the FWA. They're rookies. But they are showing some signs that they deserve this. I can't wait to see these two teams in a title match.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is fresh. This is invigorating. This is what The Elite wanted. The tag team division is really getting exciting with these four teams. What will the stipulation be? My mind is RACING thinking of the possibilities.

    Who Is the FWA North American Champion?

    Cameron Cross: The BIGGEST news of Fight Night was the ending. A hellacious and VIOLENT North American Championship match ensued inside a steel cage. Krash, the defending champ, against the former champion "The Prodigy" Mike Parr. We saw people get injured. Possibly a separated shoulder. At least a bruised leg. And then we saw "The Protege" Sean Hughes block Krash from jumping down to the floor.

    He CAUGHT Krash and held him and his feet in the air for just long enough ... for Mike Parr to exit the door and have his feet touch the ground.

    BUT ...

    Thomas Princeton: A big "but" there ...

    Cameron Cross: BUT ... the referees didn't know what to do! They didn't signal either as a winner. And we have heard NOTHING from the General Manager's office. We even have learned that neither Krash NOR Mike Parr actually left with the North American Championship.

    It's completely ... up in the air.

    Daniella Kennedy: I think the answer is obvious. The replay and tape shows it. Mike Parr should be the North American Champion of the FWA. His feet touched first, about a second before Krash's feet hit. No matter how it happened, it happened. It's a cage match. There are no rules except first feet to touch the floor wins. We said that ON ... THE ... AIR. So what is going on here?!

    Thomas Princeton: I think ... well, I do agree with Daniella here. I think Mike Parr should be the North American Championship. It's a shame, though, because you can tell that if not for Sean Hughes being there ... Krash would've won. No doubt about it. He would've won. So I ... I do get it. I get not feeling great about just saying, "Alright, Mike Parr is the champ. Sorry, Krash." I get it.

    Cameron Cross: What should we expect on Fight Night? We have to get answers from Lord Vincent Blackbird.

    Thomas Princeton: I'm going to guess ... you know what? I have no idea. NONE.

    Daniella Kennedy: Neither do I, because I felt like the answer would've been made on Fight Night. It hasn't been made a day later. So now ... I don't know what our GM is going to do here. But it's EXCITING! My god, the FWA universe and social media world is all talking about it.

    Cameron Cross: I just think ... this feud has become so personal. So physical. So violent. Can we handle a third match between these two?! I don't know if they can be within 10 feet of one another without throwing punches. I was worried Krash's leg broke on Fight Night. And Mike Parr's shoulder?! Is it healthy?!?!

    Thomas Princeton: I love it. As someone who has had many battles for the North American Championship back in the day ... I love seeing this fire and intensity over the championship. It's the oldest title in the FWA's history.

    3 Stars ... From Fight Night

    Cameron Cross: Now it's time to end ... and time to hand out our "3 Stars" from this past Fight Night. I'll get it going. Number one ... the reigning ... X Champion. Michelle von Horrowitz beat "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell in a BRUTAL open challenge match to retain the title. That's TWO title reigns in TWO straight shows. She beat Gerald Grayson two Fight Nights ago. ... and Kevin Cromwell was a GAME competitor. I honestly thought he would win it a few times. But Horrowitz did it again. And now it's Jason Randall getting involved?! The X Championship scene is getting awesome.

    Number two ... she didn't have a match but Gabrielle Montgomery. Man, she made her presence KNOWN on Fight Night. I loved it. She got into Dave Sullivan's face early in the show. Then she got into a war of words with him later. She gave a rub to "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia. I feel like Gabrielle with the Golden Opportunity contract is ... going to be A LOT of fun.

    And lastly ... it has to be Zachary Kazadi. We already went over it earlier. He beat a HALL OF FAMER. Not a future one. A CURRENT ONE. Someone who beat Mike Garcia at Back in Business. Someone who beat Cyrus Truth one on one. Zachary Kazadi probably had the biggest win of the night. In his first match back in THREE YEARS.

    Thomas Princeton: I like your list. And I agree with Kazadi's inclusion. He gets a star for me. I also give one to Nova Diamond. A big win against Cyrus Truth. And lastly ... I'm going with Alyster Black. That win against Gerald Grayson was a hard-fought victory. And I'm loving watching him right now. He beat "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black in a really good match two shows ago.

    Daniella Kennedy: I am a big fan of Michelle von Horrowitz's work. I start with her. She's the next REALLY BIG star of the FWA. I can feel it. And yeah, Gabrielle was awesome, but she didn't wrestle. Dave Sullivan did wrestle. "The King of the FWA" got a win against Kayden Knox and he held his own AGAINST Gabrielle Montgomery on the microphone, trading barbs back and forth. He gets my second star.

    My last star ... this is tough. But let's give a shout out to The Elite. They are HYPING the FWA Tag Team Championships and the division as a whole. They crapped on the whole this-or-that stipulation for the match and said, "We'll fight EVERYONE." I said it earlier. I love this. I love the mentality. And I love what The Elite is doing for the tag team division. AND ... they won. So all-around a great show for The Elite.

    Cameron Cross: That's it for the inaugural episode of "The State of the FWA". Check back with us after Fight Nights to see what we're thinking. Look for future shows to possibly have an interview with a current wrestler and star. Maybe two of them. Who knows?! I'm Cameron Cross. With Daniella Kennedy and Thomas Princeton. Everyone ... stay safe, keep watching the FWA, and thank you for being a part of our universe!

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: State of the FWA: Episode #1

    I love this. I hope you guys keep it up

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    Re: State of the FWA: Episode #1

    This was great.I loved seeing something like this back.

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    Re: State of the FWA: Episode #1

    Yeah this is great. The Cyrus section was really well done in particular, I thought.

    Can I put my 'star' in my FWA accomplishments?!

    Hope that this becomes a regular thing.

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    Re: State of the FWA: Episode #1

    Sweeto, I dig this. A semi-regular post-show breakdown, going over the major beats and highlighting people who surpassed expectations. Great stuff, I approve.


    I'm not good at signatures.

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    Re: State of the FWA: Episode #1

    This is cool. I hope it sticks around for future episodes.

    - Crazy how long Cyrus Truth has been around. Just doesnt feel like its been so many years and honestly I expected Cyrus to wrap it up ages ago so crazy hes still going. Im very curious to see what he'll be up to and I'm still crossing my fingers that I get a match with him before he calls it a day

    - Kazadi does not need a championship match when he's already won a championship this past Fight Night, thank you very much. He will henceforth be defending the Devin Golden Championship for the foreseeable future.

    - I really want the 6 gauntlet guys to bust out the best RP they've had thus far here. Would be wild if Sully got ousted early and the rest were competing to hold onto the opportunity (though Im not totally sure about the rules). Should be a real wild high stakes match. Why was Blackbird down in FWA-NXT during my first run & then trying to challenge me ;( Couldve been giving me title shots

    - I'd like to know who is in current possession of the physical NA belt. Whilst I think Krash should remain champ out of sportsmanship, Mike Parr did win considering the rules.

    - My three stars wouldve gone to MVH, Nova Diamond & Zachary Kazadi. Not long ago, Nova's win would've crowned him champion so he's being slept on too much. Rebounded strong and definitely should be a contender.

    Neat stuff! Keep it up!

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