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Thread: WWE Money In The Bank 2020 - Men's MITB Ladder Match

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    Money in the Bank WWE Money In The Bank 2020 - Men's MITB Ladder Match

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    There are only a few certainties in life, and one of those is complete mayhem during a Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

    The chaos hits a whole new level as this year's competitors will have to traverse the halls, offices and boardrooms of WWE Headquarters to reach the briefcase located upon the roof of the multi-story building.

    Daniel Bryan, King Corbin and Otis each punched their tickets to the historic clash on SmackDown. Aleister Black, Apollo Crews and Rey Mysterio followed with qualifying wins on Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately for Crews, the Superstar sustained an injury while battling Andrade for the United States Championship and was forced to remove himself from the career-changing opportunity.

    As is tradition, the winner of the chaotic encounter will earn himself a guaranteed World Championship Match anytime and anywhere within the next year.

    Which Superstar affirm the risk is worth the reward, outfox his fellow competitors, pick the perfect time to strike and pull down the briefcase? Find out at WWE Money in the Bank, streaming on Sunday, May 10 at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network!
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