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So… what was up with that text message?

Otis, the fun-loving big man, was on cloud nine and even more jovial than usual after scoring a Valentine’s Day dinner with Mandy Rose, only to receive a mysterious text – supposedly from Mandy – that said she was running late.

The Golden Goddess arrived on time, however, and when Otis finally got to the restaurant with flowers in hand, Dolph Ziggler had taken his spot at the table. Without saying a word, a crestfallen Otis dropped the bouquet and silently exited.

That seemingly innocent text message led us down The Road to WrestleMania and to a place where Otis is heartbroken, Mandy is with Dolph, and The Showoff is (somehow) more arrogant than ever. Even with Mandy on his arm, The Showoff has taken wicked delight in kicking Otis while he’s down by ridiculing the Blue Collar Strong Superstar and even using the TitanTron to display pictures of himself and Mandy while Heavy Machinery was competing in a tag team match.

Seemingly ready to explode on the March 27 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Otis stormed Ziggler in the backstage area, but WWE officials and Tucker held him back. After a wild shouting match, The Showoff challenged Otis to a bout at WrestleMania, and Otis immediately accepted!

Win, lose or draw, will Otis get the storybook ending and win Mandy’s heart? Or will The Showoff continue to have the upper hand on his nemesis? Find out at the first WrestleMania that is Too Big for Just One Night, streaming at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network on Saturday, April 4, and Sunday, April 5!