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Thread: WWE WrestleMania 36 - Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

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    Wrestlemania Generic WWE WrestleMania 36 - Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

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    There’s an argument to be made that Kevin Owens was, perhaps, always going to accept Seth Rollins’ offer of a one-on-one match for WrestleMania. But The Show of Shows’ last-minute venue change to the WWE Performance Center made the decision even easier.

    As Owens explained, the PC is the former Universal Champion’s “home turf,” the place where he defied the odds and the naysayers to make lifelong memories and forge his destiny as a WWE Superstar. Given that Rollins continues to disparage Owens’ skills and question his viability as a Superstar, there is perhaps no better place for KO to take on the man who fancies himself a savior of the industry.

    Rollins, of course, comes from the PC as well. He is famously the first-ever NXT Champion. But while these men passed through the same doors, they are not necessarily cut from the same cloth. Rollins has taken to delusions of grandeur and a brutish squad to help him enforce his self-proclaimed revolution — a strategy that has more than paid dividends and left Owens scrambling to catch up. But nothing motivates a fighter like hometown pride. Owens seems to have found it, and if he has his way, WrestleMania will be one more doubter proved wrong and one more memory made sweet.

    The Only WrestleMania Too Big for Just One Night! Don't miss an historic two-night presentation of WrestleMania 36, streaming on WWE Network with former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski hosting The Show of Shows at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Saturday, April 4, and Sunday, April 5.


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    Re: WWE WrestleMania 36 - Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

    Owens beating Rollins...calling it

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