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Thread: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

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    FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    April 17, 2020


    Pyrotechnics explode throughout the PPG Paints Arena. The screaming voices of 25,000 people temporarily drown out the attempts of the announcing team to introduce the show. Fans hold up signs supporting "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan, Cyrus Truth, Gabrielle Montgomery, Michael Garcia, Nova Diamond, "The Golden One" Devin Golden, Krash, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, and more. But the most are for ZACHARY KAZADI, the returning former X Champion.


    Rod Sterling: Back ... in ... Business ... we are a Fight Night removed from it ... but the results linger. And tonight, we have a North American Championship REMATCH inside a steel cage. Krash is the new champion. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr is the former champion who is getting his rematch!

    Christian Quinn: We have Cyrus Truth, the former World Champion, against Nova Diamond, the man who won Carnal Contendership but just fell short at Back in Business against "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan.

    Daniella Kennedy: But ... there's one more. And it's going to happen ... RIGHT ... NOW.

    Rod Sterling: Get ready, folks. ZACHARY KAZADI!

    Christian Quinn: This gives me goosebumps.

    "G.O.M.B." by Sickick hits and the crowd explodes with an absolutely BONKERS cheer. Zachary Kazadi comes out with his light black hoodie, white face paint covering most of his face and black face paint around his mouth and eyes. Kazadi's eyes peer from the paint and in the hole of his hoodie sweat shirt. He looks out to the sea of screaming fans and soaks it in briefly before walking down the rampway.

    Rod Sterling: I'll be honest. I never expected to see this again. This man ... walking down to the ring to wrestle in an FWA ring.

    Christian Quinn: Remember when you said that about "The Golden One" just a few months ago? And when we said it about Golden wrestling at Back in Business?

    Daniella Kennedy: The parallels seem to stop there.

    Kazadi enters the ring with a head-first slide and head-flips back the hoodie. He ignores the screaming fans, who all hold u his supportive or unsupportive signs. Kazadi has full support from the fans in attendance and removes the hoodie sweatshirt.

    Right then, opening bass chords of "Zombie" by The Cranberries. The lights go out and cell phones illuminate the PPG Paints Arena. "The Golden One" slowly comes out to the stage with his black T-shirt and black tights. He flips his hair back behind his face to show off his black eye liner and the red highlights in his hair bangs, now down to the roots.

    Golden walks to the ring, where Kazadi is waiting.

    Rod Sterling: Did you ever expect to see this type of dream match? Devin Golden, a former three-time World Heavyweight Champion. Zachary Kazadi, a former X Champion and one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in the wrestling world. The man who walked away AT HIS PEAK.

    Christian Quinn: He returned after YEARS away to answer Golden's challenge. He did it IN MINUTES. This is something. What a way to start this Fight Night.

    Daniella Kennedy: Quick question: Was Kazadi's cheer louder than Golden's? Are the fans more behind Kazadi?

    Golden enters the ring as the lights turn back on. He eyes up Kazadi, who is still hidden largely behind the face paint. Kazadi is bouncing in his corner of the ring as Golden removes the T-shirt and smirks across at his competition.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden vs. Zachary Kazadi

    The crowd remains standing once the bell rings. Golden and Kazadi circle the ring once before lunging at one another in a basic lock up. Golden quickly places his left arm around Kazadi's neck and head for a side lock. Kazadi quickly grabs both legs for a double-leg takedown and maneuvers to a front head lock. Kazadi walks Golden upright, and "The Golden One" tries a back body drop from here. Kazadi holds the head lock and pulls Golden back. Golden lands on top of Kazadi's shoulders for an unorthodox bridging pin, and Kazadi kicks out right before a two count.

    Kazadi quickly grabs the arm for a side arm twist. Golden walks around the ring while Kazadi keeps the hold applied. Golden then reverses with his own arm twist. Kazadi quickly reverses and has Golden with an arm lock behind his back. Golden puts his right foot on the second turnbuckle and tries to push Kazadi back, but Kazadi turns and hits a falling neckbreaker, the first major move of the match.

    Kazadi whips Golden into the opposite turnbuckle. He lands a running forearm to the jaw. Then a second one. He walks Golden to the middle of the ring and tries a vertical suplex. But Golden hooks the leg to block it and then hits a fisherman suplex. "The Golden One" quickly scurries over for a cover, but it's a one and a half count

    Golden grabs Kazadi by the neck and tries turning the match into a brawl. He lands repeated forearm strikes to the ropes. Then a whip to the ropes and a back body drop. Golden runs off the ropes himself and hits a spinning wheel kick. Golden is in control as the crowd begins a small "KA-ZA-DI! KA-ZA-DI!" chant.

    Golden grabs Kazadi with a rear waist lock and hits a big German suplex. Then he rolls for a second one. The vocal fans begin booing as Golden rolls after the second German and gets up for the third one. But Kazadi grabs the ropes and steps to the second one, pushing himself back and landing on Golden!

    Kazadi bridges for a roll-up on top of Golden!!!

    .................KICK OUT!

    Golden springs up right away and tries another spinning wheel kick. Kazadi ducks and lands a jumping knee into the jaw. Kazadi then locks in a Canadian Clutch hold!!!


    After about 20 seconds, Golden finally reaches the bottom rope and the referee steps in to break. Kazadi waits for Golden and runs off the ropes, coming back at "The Golden One" and tackles him through the middle and top ropes.

    Golden and Kazadi tumble to the outside floor. Kazadi is first up and quickly takes it to Golden with a few forearms. Then he puts in the French clutch!!! Golden is struggling on the outside as Kazadi keeps the hold applied. He waits until the count of 8 before releasing it and grabbing Golden and rolling him into the ring. Golden is struggling, crawling to the other side of the ring. Kazadi hits a front-flip DDT right after and goes for the pin!

    ...................1.....................2....................SHOULDER UP!

    The crowd is stunned. They thought it was over. Kazadi grabs Golden and whips him into the ropes. He teases a back body drop and "The Golden One" does sort of a running front tumble over Kazadi's back and then hits a German suplex, the last of the triple set from earlier!

    Golden hooks the leg!


    Kazadi sticks around, and the crowd EXPLODES with cheers for him. "The Golden One" senses the match ending coming. He pulls Kazadi to the turnbuckle after stomping into his ribs a few times. Then he steps to the second turnbuckle with his back turned to Kazadi, who is laying on the mat close to the corner. Golden steps to the third turnbuckle and tries a split-legged moonsault!!

    But Kazadi rolls inside and Golden misses! Kazadi quickly runs over to Golden and bridges his legs for a pin!!! Kazadi is crouched but using all of his weight to keep Golden down!!!


    Christian Quinn: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! HOW?!


    Winner: Zachary Kazadi

    The crowd EXPLODES when Kazadi bounces off right as the referee's hand hits the mat. The three count registers and Golden has his arms up and his mouth wide open. Kazadi jumps up as if he's just won the World Championship. He leaps to the ropes and exclaims loudly as the fans all scream and yell with their hands and arms in the air.


    Christian Quinn: We will NEVER hear the end of this. Never.

    Kazadi exits the ring while Golden remains an occupant, stunned into silence as he looks at Kazadi celebrating and seethes internally.



    We’re outside the lockeroom of ‘The King’, the Undisputed FWA World Champion; Dave Sullivan. The mere presence of his name brings up a loud chorus of boo’s from the FWA fans, though there is a noticeable number of cheers. There’s not the typical nameplate or a Star upon the door, it’s a much more ornate gold plaque of the man sat upon a golden throne with his golden Championship in his lap. The camera pans back revealing a fully dressed Gabrielle Montgomery which garners a loud roar of approval and a smattering of catcalls. She reaches a hand out and knocks on the door loudly and then barges her way into Dave Sullivans lockeroom and proudly announces herself.

    KNOCK, KNOCK. Opportunity comes a knocking.

    She giggles at her own terrible joke as Dave Sullivan gets to his feet, making sure to brandish the FWA World Championship over his shoulder. There’s a mixture of annoyance, disgust and that familiar sheer arrogance upon his face.

    King Sullivan:
    Gabrielle, my loyal, often choking in all the big matches subject. Come to remind yourself of what the World Championship looks like have you?

    They smirk at one another, both maintaining this look of confidence in each others faces.

    Oh no Davey…King Davey I’m not here for ‘that’. After all I have a guaranteed Opp…or…tun..ity anytime I want at that Championship. That’s why you’re looking over your shoulder all the time, why your couch now faces the door, and why you look ever so tense right now.

    Dave just laughs and shakes his head.

    King Sullivan:
    Why would I be nervous about a broken down old Goddess that had to lay there on the ground semi-conscious while I won the World Championship.

    Sullivans smirk has grown even more as he talks himself up. Gabrielle’s smile fades for but a moment before she approaches the FWA’s resident King.

    But oh wise King Davey have you ever pinned me to the mat? No…the lone time it was just us I put a lone loss in your record, one that still haunts you to this day.

    Sullivan goes to speak up again but Gabrielle reaches out her hand and presses a finger to his lips.

    These hostilities are getting in the way. I didn’t come here to argue with you or to posture. I come bearing a gift, a Birthday Gift for you.

    Sullivan raises an eyebrow, looking slightly suspicious before a realization hits him as he looks her up and down.

    King Sullivan:
    Already seen it Gabby, seen it and had it. Besides I think it’s a bit too ‘used’ at this point, I mean talk about regifting…am I right?

    Sullivan smirks as Gabrielle just shakes her head.

    No…not that Davey. I bought you a gift…this.

    She produces a small black box and hands it over to King Sullivan. He pops the lid off and pulls out a rather expensive and ornate looking watch. It’s a little bit gaudy too with maybe a bit too much bling, but it's showy enough for a King.

    King Sullivan: This is…wait…

    He’s just spotted the ‘catch’ to this present. The face of the watch is a grinning image of Gabrielle herself.

    Gabrielle: What…it’s a good reminder that at any time, any place any Opportunity I have THE Opportunity to take that World Championship away from you.

    Sullivan grits his teeth for a moment as he and Gabrielle then go face to face, neither one of them backing down before Sullivan does take a step back and applauds.

    King Sullivan: Bravo Gabrielle, bravo. You have this Golden Opportunity up your sleeve, and you need it because it’s the only way you could ever take this away from me. Now I know its not first thing in the morning when you’re used to doing you’re daily walk of shame…but GET OUT.

    There’s a real sting to his words as Gabrielle then backs off, but they never break eye contact as she steps out of his lockeroom leaving him with that overly grinning image of her on a watch.


    "Battle Cry" by Little V hits and Gerald Grayson walks out onto the stage to a positive reaction from the Pittsburgh crowd. Grayson has taped-up ribs from the wild X Rules match he endured at Back in Business, and the match from last Fight Night against Michelle von Horowitz. He's noticeably NOT 100% but is pushing through whatever discomfort he's experiencing. He pauses for a moment, surveying his audience and nodding confidently to himself.

    Kurt Harrington: This next contest is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina… He weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds… Gerald Grayson!

    Grayson slaps hands with some of the younger fans as he walks down the ramp and towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Here comes a man who, though yet to pick up his first victory here in FWA, has certainly impressed in the three matches he’s had so far. Coming up just short in the X Title match at Back in Business, he went on to put in an impressive performance against the champion of that division last week. And he has his ribs taped up, obviously not in comfort.

    Christian Quinn: That’s right, Rod, but impressive performances don’t count for anything in the FWA. If Grayson wants to put his name back in that title picture, he needs to pick up a win here tonight.

    As Grayson prepares himself in the ring, his music fades and is replaced with "Sonne" by Rammstein. Alyster Black walks out onto the stage and the fans continue to cheer. In contrast to Grayson, though, Black seems to pay the crowd no attention, instead facing only his opponent in the ring as he begins to stalk down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds… from San Dimas, California… Alyster Black!

    Rod Sterling: Here comes the man they call Black Jesus, and he will hope to continue his winning ways here in Pittsburgh tonight…

    Christian Quinn: Wins against Captain El Franko and Eli Black have got Alyster’s career off to a perfect start here in FWA, and he’s made it clear that he’s gunning for Michelle von Horrowitz and her X Division Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: A tough test stands in his way tonight, though, in the form of a man who will also want to re-establish his name as one of the top contenders for MvH’s title…

    Black has climbed into the ring and the two competitors have entered into a stand-off. The referee makes his final checks and calls for the bell.

    Gerald Grayson vs. Alyster Black

    The match starts as you'd probably expect it to, with Grayson attempting to shift the pace upwards and force Black to fight the match on his terms. He has some success in the early going, hitting the ropes often and leapfrogging, sliding, and rolling to evade Black's attempts at strikes. Grayson is able to get some offense in during these early stages, rocking Black with a dropkick and then taking him down with an STO. He gets only a one count for his efforts, but continues on with this strategy.

    After a sling-blade takes Black down, both men are up to their feet and Grayson attempts to take Alyster over the top rope with a lariat. Black is able to duck it, though, and sends Grayson onto the apron with a back body drop before stumbling into the centre of the ring. Grayson landed roughly on the apron, his ribs striking first. Grayson places both hands on his taped-up ribs and grimaces.

    Black is in the ring and recuperating for about 20 seconds. Grayson finds a little more energy and quickly pulls himself up to the apron. Black then turns round just in time to see Grayson soaring through the air with a springboard clothesline! It's only enough for a one count again, though, so Grayson lifts him up and takes him down once again with a snap suplex.

    Rod Sterling: Gerald Grayson is in control of this one in the early going, and you’d have to think it’s in his interest to maintain this high pace.

    Christian Quinn: That’s right, Rod. Black is certainly no slouch in the speed department, either, but Grayson doesn’t want to be throwing hands with Alyster. He needs to keep him disorientated. And he also needs to protect his ribs.

    With Black down in the centre of the ring, Grayson decides it's time to climb. He steadied himself on the top rope, before leaping off with an attempted elbow drop… Only for Black to roll out of the way! Alyster recuperates in the corner whilst Grayson writhes about in agony after crashing and burning, holding his elbow.

    From here, Black settles into a rhythm, utilizing a myriad of strikes to keep Grayson incapacitated. When Gerald is on his feet, he’s on the receiving end of forearm strikes and European uppercuts, as well as stiff kicks to the sides and to the arms (a lot of Black’s attacks seem to focus on the point of Grayson’s elbow, which was just driven into the mat). When Grayson is down, he’s targeted with stomps (again mostly to the arms) as well as - at various points - two knee drops: one to the elbow and one to the back of the head).

    Christian Quinn: You’ve got to love this methodical attack from Alyster Black. He saw Grayson land funny on that elbow, and now he’s picking it apart.

    Rod Sterling: It’s certainly an effective game plan, capitalizing on Grayson’s early mistake and slowing the match down to compliment Black’s style. He's also targeting the injured ribs more and more.

    Black punctuates his strikes with the occasional power move, getting a two-count after a bridging German suplex and soon afterwards a butterfly suplex. Eventually, he throws Grayson half-way across the ring with a belly-to-belly overhead release. Instead of going for another pin attempt, Black slides out of the ring, grabbing Grayson by the leg and dragging him towards a corner. Showing his vicious streak, he drives Grayson’s knee into the steel ring post (whilst Gerald is still lying prone within the ring) not once but twice. He grabs Grayson’s bad arm and yanks that towards the post, before driving the elbow against the steel! Black takes Gerald by the wrist and bends his arm around the post at an unnatural angle, the referee forced to use a five count to break the hold. Afterwards, Black takes his opponent by the hair and yanks him to the outside. He delivers a few punches and stiff shots to the ribs, which deliver sharp pain through Grayson's body.

    Daniella Kennedy: Black is showing us his calculated side here, as well as a bit of a vicious streak…

    Christian Quinn: Vicious is such a pejorative term, Daniella. This is excellent strategy from Alyster Black.

    Alyster starts to use his environment to his advantage, dictating the slow, methodical pace designed to keep Grayson’s feet planted firmly on the ground. First, Black takes him by the hair and throws him face-first onto the announce table, before utilizing an Irish whip to send him into the steel barricade! With Grayson’s back arched over the railing, Black nails a series of knife-edge chops to his chest. He again takes him by the hand, attempting to whip him towards the steel ring steps… but Grayson’s able to reverse! Black is thrown over the steps hard instead!

    Rod Sterling: Little more than a desperation move from Grayson, there, but he needed that!

    After taking a moment to shake away the cobwebs, Grayson lifts Black up and rolls him under the bottom rope. He follows him in and hooks the leg…




    Grayson, showing no signs of frustration, lifts Black up and whips him into the corner, charging in for the first of ten repeated forearm strikes in the corner! Black slumps forward onto the mat, and as he climbs to his feet Grayson is busy climbing out onto the apron and teeing him up…

    Rod Sterling: Springboard hurricanrana!

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s more like it from Grayson!




    Gerald lifts his opponent up and whips him into the corner. This time, he drives his shoulder into Black’s midriff three times, before taking him down with a snap suppler Grayson then begins to climb to the top once again, looking for another aerial attack. He steadies himself on the top rope as Black gets to his feet... but then Alyster throws himself into the ropes, causing Grayson to lose his balance and get crotched on the top rope!! Black doesn't let up, climbing up onto the second turnbuckle next to Grayson and lifting him into a fireman's carry...

    Rod Sterling: DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! From the second rope!!

    Christian Quinn: And it doesn’t look like he’s done there… Black lifts Grayson up and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection…

    Daniella Kennedy: GAMMA BOMB!

    Alyster Black gets all of his running Liger bomb, and the referee is quickly down to count…



    TH - NO!

    Black can’t believe it, and takes a moment to check with the referee that it wasn’t three. Shaking his head almost in exasperation, he picks Grayson up by the hair once more and signals that this one’s over. He again doubles Gerald over with a boot to the midsection and applies a front face lock…

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Black might be going for his Satan’s Spike finisher…

    Christian Quinn: If he connects with the brainbuster DDT then this one’s over…

    Rod Sterling: There’s still fight left in Grayson yet! He reverses with a Northern Lights suplex!



    TH - NO!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Grayson almost pinches this one from Black!

    Both men are up to their feet quickly and begin trading blows in the centre of the ring. The crowd are getting behind both of them as they unwind with forearm after forearm, both competitors refusing to give each other an inch. Eventually, Black follows a forearm with a huge headbutt! Grayson stumbles back… and then fires off a headbutt of his own! Black goes down!

    Grayson is signaling for his own finisher now, climbing through the ropes and standing on the apron, teeing Black up… Alyster finally gets back to his feet, and turns around to face Grayson…

    Rod Sterling: EXTREME IMPACT!

    Christian Quinn: NO! Black manages to get out of the way and transition into a front face lock…

    Daniella Kennedy: SATAN’S SPIKE!

    Rod Sterling: Black hooks both legs!




    Winner: Alyster Black by pinfall at 11:22

    As his entrance music blairs out around the arena once again, Black takes a moment to suck in some oxygen after his hard-fought victory. His defeated combatant rolls out of the ring as the referee takes the victor’s hand and lifts it high into the air.

    Rod Sterling: A clear statement of intent there, and you have to think that this victory places them somewhere near the X Division Championship picture…

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s right, Rod. I imagine this man is getting closer and closer to securing a shot at Michelle von Horrowitz. Meanwhile ... Gerald Grayson CANNOT buy a win in the FWA. He has YET to win, however, you could easily say he's one of the best and brightest wrestlers right now in the division. It's just insane how close he has been to winning each and every time, and how he has yet to get a win.

    Christian Quinn: It WILL come. He's too good and too talented. But it has to be getting to him.

    Gerald Grayson is furious. He is kneeling in the ring, staring down at the canvas as sweat drips from his nose. His hands are pressed against the mat as he breathes heavily.

    As Alyster Black celebrates on the second turnbuckle, we fade to commercial.


    "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore is already standing inside the ring when we return from commercial break. "The Narcissist" theme for Orion begins playing, with the slow and melodramatic tone airing through the arena. The crowd cheers lightly as Orion comes out. He looks around a bit surprised, unexpecting some cheers. He tries to shout, "No!" but they grow louder. Then he grunts and stomps toward the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Orion is coming out looking for a big win tonight. He's this big 6'5 brute, but fans seem to be taking to him. He doesn't say much in his promos. Doesn't have many words for it. But he's got an endearing quality to him.

    "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black is out next. The African American male with no shirt, toned abs, a bandana covering his mouth, and a do-rag over his hair and forehead. Black strikes a momentary pose at the top of the rampway and heads to the wing with a cool-ass strut.

    Christian Quinn: Black came up just short last week against Alyster Black but was in a hard-fought match and nearly pulled off the win.

    Daniella Kennedy: He's going to come up big tonight. I have a feeling.

    "The Artist of Chaos" hits the ring and removes his black sunglasses, revealing his eyes. He's pointing his glare at each Orion and "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore. Then he removes the do-rag but leaves on the bandana that covers his mouth and nose.

    Orion vs. "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black vs. "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore

    "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black immediately takes a liking for beating down "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore. Eli Black lands a few quick kicks to the gut and then backs Moore into the turnbuckle with repeated chops to the chest. Black whips him across the ring towards Orion, who stands firm and gets run into by Moore. Orion doesn't budge, while Moore hits him in the chest and goes down. Black slowly walks into the middle of the ring, completely unfazed by Orion's size. The two lock eyes and Orion swings, misses, and Black begins throwing forearms. He doesn't much move the big man, but he is able to back him up to where Moore is on his hands and knees, kneeling like a foot stool. Orion trips backwards over Moore and goes down like a satchel of bricks!

    Moore is sort of befuddled by the whole ordeal, and he gets a swift kick to the gut from Black and then a snap suplex. "The Artist of Chaos" then hits a fisherman carry into a backbreaker and goes for the pinfall, but Orion breaks it up with a double fist forearm right into the lower back.

    Orion grabs Black and flings him into the turnbuckle. Black charges out of the corner but Orion hits a back body drop. Black lands in a perfect hurricarana position atop Moore's shoulders, and he leans backwards and performs the move! Moore front-rolls forward and kick-ups, but is met with Orion's clubbing clothesline. Orion then runs straight through Eli Black with a running elbow strike to the forehead!

    Orion grabs "The Man of the Hour", who has taken a major beating thus far. He whips Moore into the turnbuckle and tries a corner clothesline, but Moore dodges it. Donovan Moore begins a flurry of strikes to assert himself. He sees Eli Black charging and sidesteps, with Black going chest to chest into Orion in the corner. Moore then hits a belly-to-back suplex and goes for the pin!

    But Orion quickly breaks it up!

    Orion grabs Moore and easily lifts him high over his head for a military press drop. The power on display is outstanding, and the crowd EXPLODES with cheers. Eli Black has scooted to the top rope and hits a beautiful front-flip blockbuster on Orion! The ring shakes when both men hit the canvas, and "The Artist of Chaos" quickly springs up.

    Moore is first up, and Black comes in from the side with his "Chaos Theory" cutter! He drops Moore face first into the canvas and rolls him to his back for the cover.


    Winner: "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black

    Daniella Kennedy: SEE?! I knew it! I KNEW Eli Black was rebounding from last Fight Night.

    Rod Sterling: Eli Black has emerged victorious against Donovan Moore AND Orion tonight. Now we're going to see this guy rising up the ranks. Maybe HE is the next challenger to the X Championship.

    "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black puts the do-rag back on his head and sunglasses over his eyes. Black exits the ring with the same cool strut he showed before. Orion rolls out on his own doing while Donovan Moore still recovers from taking the brunt of the offense in this match.


    We cut backstage, where we’re greeted with wrestling’s favorite trope; The invisible perverted camera man, who no one notices, that sneaks into wrestlers dressing rooms and films everything they do. Creepy. This time we’re in the personal locker room of CWA and FWA tag team champions, The Elite. Moments away from their match, Trevor Ocean is sitting back deep in contemplation while his fellow Canadian crippler Noah Stocke is shadow boxing in the corner. After a moment or so Ocean picks up his belt and steps forward.

    Trevor Ocean: “You ready to put on a show?”

    Stocke finishes up his series of elbow reps, before casting a telling side eye at his partner. It was a question that needed no answer. Noah was always ready and Trevor knew that.

    He picks up his own belt before nodding at Ocean, The Elite share a totally heterosexual life mate fist bump before making their way out of the area, opening the door to the locker room as we fade to bla-


    Ocean and Stocke flinched back instinctively once the massive tropical bird shot into the room like it was fired out of a cannon and landed on one of the tall lockers where it starts moving back and forward across it.


    Ocean and Stocke shared expression is one of utter bemusement totally nonplussed by this bizarre scene,Ocean looks around in the hallway for some kind of owner or animal control, or any real explanation where this admittedly adorable bird came from as Stocke moves forward to shoo it off….but the parrot responds jabbering on, in what sounds like….Japanese?! The hell?! Noah goes to move forward but thinks better of it, following his partner out the door to the room.

    Noah Stocke: “...I hate this place.”


    “Prodigal Son” by Kid Rock hits and after a few moments Mike and Louis Valander walk out onto the stage. The reaction is generally positive, but there are some areas of boos amongst the assembled Pittsburgh crowd. They begin their walk towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen, your next contest is an eight-person tag team match scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty five pounds… they are Mike and Louis… THE VALANDERS!

    Rod Sterling: A big win at Back in Business over their tag team partners tonight put them in the hunt for a tag team title shot, but a loss last week to The Undisputed Alliance checked their momentum.

    Christian Quinn: But they have another huge opportunity here tonight to put them back in title contention.

    The brothers are in the ring, on the second turnbuckle and posing for the fans. Their music fades out, and they await the appearance of their partners.

    “Three Days Grace” by Riot sounds out and the Wave walk out onto the stage, accompanied by their manager. The crowd are negative towards them but neither Andre Mack or Johnny Devlin seem particularly bothered by this as they begin to walk towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And introducing their tag team partners… accompanied to the ring by Ashley Bell… weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and thirty five pounds… they are Andre Mack and Johnny Deviln… THE WAVE!

    Rod Sterling: Their partners are another team that will be looking to bounce back after a loss last week, when the Wave came up short against the Elite.

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s right, Sterling, but tonight they have their chance to earn a Tag Team Championship match in the near future. All they have to do is coexist with the Valanders and win this match, and then we have a three-way tag team dance on our hands at the next pay-per-view!

    Christian Quinn: ’All they have to do’, Daniella?! That’s no small task that you described, overcoming the two teams that have dominated the title scene recently.

    Mack and Devlin jaw with some fans as they walk down the ramp whilst Ashley Bell strides behind them, talking up her clients. When they climb into the ring, there’s an uneasy stand-off between The Wave and The Valanders. Devlin traces his hands around an invisible title belt around his waist, whilst Louis Valander gets right in Andre Mack’s face. It seems as if they might not even be able to start the match without trading blows, but they all turn towards the stage when the next theme music hits…

    “Bown Down” by I Prevail plays to another mixed reaction, and Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix walk out onto the stage. They look all business, focusing on the four men stood in the ring, as Britney Adams enters the arena to lead her team down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And their opponents… introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Britney Adams… they weigh in at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy six pounds… Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix… THE UNDISPUTED ALLIANCE!

    Daniella Kennedy: Here come the former FWA Tag Team Champions, who will certainly be looking to get their hands back on those prizes in the not so distant future…

    Christian Quinn: I’m sure they will be, Daniella, but tonight they will be teaming up with the team that took those championships away from them, and they will have to coexist if they want another opportunity…

    The Undisputed Alliance seem to be acutely aware of this fact, and don’t look particularly happy with their assignments for the evening. They walk around the ring together, eye-balling each of their four opponents in turn. Finally their music fades out and is replaced by...

    Again, the audience doesn’t know whether to cheer or boo as Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean walk out onto the stage. The tag team championships sit proudly on their shoulder and - despite the uneven reaction from the Pittsburgh faithful - they seem the only pairing of the eight that is in good spirits. They hold their championship belts up in the air before they begin to make their way to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And their partners… fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbia… at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty two pounds… they are the current FWA Tag Team Champions of the World… Noah Stocke… Trevor Ocean… THE ELITE!

    Rod Sterling: And here come the champions, who have an excellent opportunity to weigh up the three teams coming after them and their titles…

    Daniella Kennedy: We alluded to the ‘strange bedfellows’ nature of this match earlier, Rod, but this is an even more difficult situation for the champions. In order to keep their next defense as a regular tag team match, they will have to join forces with their biggest rivals in the Undisputed Alliance…

    The champions slide into the ring and climb to opposite corners, again holding their belts high above their head. The Wave and the Valanders are in the ring, staring up at the champions and, more noticeably, their belts. The Undisputed Alliance are still outside of the ring, shaking their heads in disdain as the champions parade.

    The Elite immediately request microphones, with an audience of six as The Undisputed Alliance, The Valanders, and The Wave all watch from their spots.

    Noah Stocke: I just want to say ... this stipulation ... of if we win then it's a regular one-on-one tag match ... or if they win ... and it becomes a three-team match. ... Yeah, we're not okay with that.

    The crowd boos a little as Stocke pauses.

    Noah Stocke: No, no. We're not trying to squirm out of anything. We want ... ALL THREE TEAMS ... no matter what happens tonight!


    Eventually, the champs retreat to their corner, the Alliance slide into the ring. Jackson Fenix climbs onto the apron, but Savage turns his back on the champions, remaining in the ring and staring across at their opponents.

    Rod Sterling: It looks as if Savage fully intends to start this match for his team, but it doesn’t appear he’s discussed it with The Elite…

    The Elite simply laugh it off, climbing out of the ring. Stocke can be heard shouting ‘you go get ‘em, big boy!’ at Savage, who doesn’t register the comment. On the other side of the ring, Louis Valander is in the ring, his three opponents on the apron. The referee conducts his final checks, and then calls for the bell…

    8-Person Tag Match
    The Elite and The Undisputed Alliance
    The Wave and The Valanders

    Savage and Louis start in the ring, and the younger Valander picks up the pace instantly in an attempt to do things on his terms. He flies around the ring, taking him down with a pair of dropkicks, a flying shoulder tackle, and then a hip toss. The crowd gets behind Louis as he continues to pick Savage apart with various high-flying attacks, including a flying clothesline from the top rope and then a standing 450, for which he gets a two count. He tags in his older brother, who wears Savage down with a series of technical holds, transitioning from a wrist lock into a sleeper and then a snapmare, followed by a chinlock. When Savage fades onto the mat, Mike slaps on a head-scissors. Nate struggles and slithers his way over to the bottom rope and places a foot on it, forcing Mike to break the hold.

    Rod Sterling: A quick start from the Valander brothers here. Nate Savage is a little bit shell-shocked from this early onslaught…

    Christian Quinn: You think he’s regretting starting this one off?

    Mike picks Savage up to his feet and drags him over to his own corner with the intention of tagging his brother back in, but Andre Mack reaches over the top rope and tags himself in instead. He climbs in and instantly shows off his strength by putting Savage in a bearhug. He attempts to grind him down with the hold, but Savage drives his elbow into Mack’s head once, and then twice… Sensing the hold is about to slip away from him, Mack takes Savage down with a belly-to-belly suplex. He then instantly tags in his partner, who climbs up to the top rope, and hits an elbow drop on Savage. He goes for the cover, but Nate is able to power out at two…

    Devlin decides he wants to go for a quick tag with his partner again, but Louis reaches over and tags himself in instead. Valander strides across the ring apron so that he’s in line with Savage, and then leaps to the top rope with a springboard. He appears to be going for a flying clothesline, but Savage ducks it and goes behind into a rear waistlock, before taking Louis over with a German suplex! Both competitors are up to their feet instantly, and Louis charges at Savage… but Nate hits a big back body drop, and then stumbles across to tag in his partner.

    Rod Sterling: Finally Nate Savage is about to tag himself out of this one, and Jackson Fenix leaps over the top rope and into the action…

    Phoenix charges at Louis and takes him down with a clothesline, and when the two get up to their feet Valander is taken over again with a dropkick. Jackson drags him up to his feet by his hair, applies a front facelock, and then takes him back down with a snap suplex. Rather than going for a cover, Fenix fires himself into a nearby set of ropes… but before it becomes clear what he’s attempting, Noah Stocke leans over the top rope and tags himself in.

    Daniella Kennedy: I almost thought that the champions were content to watch this one play out in front of them, rather than get involved…

    Christian Quinn: Me too, Daniella, but I imagine the Elite will do everything in their power to increase their odds of retaining their championship at the next pay-per-view.

    Rod Sterling: That’s right, Christian. Everything, that is, except coexist peacefully with The Undisputed Alliance…

    Stocke climbs into the ring and squares up to Fenix, his partner, and the two have some choice words for one another that the camera isn’t able to pick up. Eventually, Jackson turns away and climbs out of the ring, allowing Stocke to focus his attention on Louis Valander. From this point, the Undisputed Alliance and the Elite seem to somewhat work together. They generally only tag in their own partners unless somebody steals a tag, but none-the-less they manage to ground Louis Valander and keep him in their own corner.

    Valander takes a lot of punishment in the middle portion of the match. Not only is he the victim of a series of hard strikes from Noah Stocke (including a roundhouse kick and a pele kick), he receives (at various points) a vicious spinebuster and a top rope superplex from Trevor Ocean, the latter of which gets Ocean a two-count. On the Undisputed Alliance side, they also help to keep Louis isolated in their side of the ring, the highlight of which being some neat double team offence, including a double suplex and, later on a powerbomb from Savage followed up by top rope splash from Fenix, which again earns him a two-count.

    Rod Sterling: Louis Valander is showing resilience here, but he is in desperate need of making a tag to his brother or one of the members of the Wave…

    At one point, Savage hits his atomic drop followed by an abdominal stretch. He is driving his elbow into Louis’ ribs, and Mike has seen enough. He climbs into the ring, but as he’s moving over towards Savage, Fenix springboards in and takes him down with a cross-body! The Wave are in to help out their teammates, sensing that their championship opportunity might be slipping away, but the Elite - during their one show of cohesion with the Undisputed alliance during the whole match - charge into the ring and take the Wave out. Six men are on the outside and there are bodies everywhere. Mike Valendar and Jackson Fenix are exchanging blows near the ramp, whilst Andre Mack is throwing Noah Stocke over the announce table and into the commentators! Meanwhile, Trevor Ocean sends Johnny Devlin into a barricade with an Irish whip, and then clotheslines him over and into the crowd!

    Christian Quinn: The official needs to regain some control, here!

    Rod Sterling: That’s easy for you to say, Christian! There’s eight of them and only one of him!

    Back in the ring, Savage has released his hold and hoisted Louis up into the air, throwing him into the corner with a vicious buckle-bomb! Just as Louis Valander makes impact with the turnbuckles, we see Mike Valander taking Jackson Fenix down with a reverse DDT onto the ramp! In the ring, Louis stumbles back out of the corner and towards Savage, who doubles him over with a boot to the midsection…

    Rod Sterling: Nate Savage nails him with a pumphandle neckbreaker! He hooks the leg!



    T -- NO!!

    Mike Valander stays in the ring to lift Savage up to his feet, whilst his brother begins to regain a vertical base and starts to climb up top… and Mike takes Savage back down with a Saito suplex!

    Rod Sterling: What power on display there from the older Valander brother… Nate Savage is upwards of two hundred and fifty pounds!

    Indeed, Mike lifts Savage up and whips him off once more. Louis throws himself off an adjacent set, watching as his older brother hoists Savage up... 3D!!! Savage hits the mat hard and the crowd pop! The audience support may be going to the Valanders’ head, though, as once more Louis chooses to not pin Savage. Instead, Mike waits in the corner, willing Savage to get back to his feet just one more time…

    Rod Sterling: Perhaps Mike Valander is preparing to strike with his Savage Kick! He’s waiting patiently for Nate Savage to return to a vertical base…

    Daniella Kennedy: It looks like the referee has other ideas… He’s seen enough double team offense and now he wants Mike to get out of the ring!

    Indeed, the referee has his back to the action and is remonstrating with Mike to get out of the ring. The older Valander is arguing with the official, watching on as Savage gets to his feet. Louis picks up the slack, measuring Savage up, perhaps thinking about his Kid Krusher finishing move…

    Rod Sterling: MY GOD! Noah Stocke just slid into the ring and clocked Louis in the back of the head with his championship belt!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Whilst the referee had his back turned! The cowards!

    Christian Quinn: Well, if Mike Valander had observed the official’s five-count, this wouldn’t have happened. The Valanders just got a taste of their own medicine!

    Rod Sterling: And there’s another shot with the championship belt, this time for Nate Savage! He goes straight back down to the mat!!

    Daniella Kennedy: They’re meant to be on the same team!!

    Christian Quinn: The Wave don’t need anybody else other than each other!

    Mike is pleading with the referee to turn around as Stocke pulls Savage on top of Louis and then rolls out of the ring… and Trevor Ocean grabs Mike’s feet from outside of the ring, pulling him to the outside and taking him down with a hard lariat! Finally the referee turns around, and sees Savage lying atop Louis Valander…




    Winners: The Elite and The Undisputed Alliance via pin-fall at 13:58

    The match is over, but Nate Savage doesn’t look like much of a winner. He rolls off Louis Valander and Jackson Fenix slides into the ring to check on his partner. Louis rolls out of the ring and remains on the outside, along with Mike and the two members of the Wave. The Elite scamper up the ramp, staring back at the Undisputed Alliance with shit-eating grins on their faces.

    Fenix stares up at the ramp at the tag team champions, who lift their belts high into the air once again and mouth off at the camera.

    Rod Sterling: You’d have to think that the Elite have accomplished everything they’ve set out to tonight. Not only have they laid down the challenge to EVERYONE in the division, but they’ve also got one over on their biggest rivals and future opponents.

    Christian Quinn: That’s right, Sterling. The Elite have sent a clear message to the rest of the tag team division tonight: that they have no intention of relinquishing those belts to any of them, including the Undisputed Alliance.

    We fade to commercial as the Elite exit the arena to a chorus of boos.


    Backstage in Lord Vincent's office, the General Manager is speaking softly on the phone when a door swings open aggressively. Vincent turns and locks eyes just a few feet away with the sweaty and fired-up Devin Golden. The man known as "The Golden One" waits with heavy breathing for Vincent to lower the phone from his head and mouth.

    "Can I ... help you?"

    "Yes ... you can give me ... a rematch ... next week ... against Zachary Kazadi."

    The crowd cheers lightly as Golden makes his demand.

    "Why ... why would we do that match ... again?"

    "Because ... you ... OWE me."

    "I what?"

    "I put MYSELF out there ... open challenge ... and that lured back one of the brightest stars to ever walk away from the FWA. I brought back Zachary Kazadi ... to the FWA. You are the new GM. And you're reaping those benefits. So yes ... You ... owe me."

    The crowd comes to a hushed silence as Vincent takes a step towards Golden and gets eye to eye, nose to nose.

    "I don't take kindly to demands, or threats, or inferences that I need HELP to do my job.

    You've got your match. But Golden ... let this be a warning. Your big-headed attitude won't get you very far with me."

    Golden doesn't back down. Instead, he smiles back at Blackbird with an air of cockiness.

    "Call it a big-headed attitude all you want. What I said is true. And whenever I want, I can ask for a World Championship match. And you better believe that I'll get it, no questions asked. That's just who I am."

    The crowd lets out a very mixed reaction as Golden leaves the office. Blackbird watches on and the announcing team contemplates what is going on with "The Golden One" and his attitude of late.


    Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” plays and Nova Diamond steps out, he wastes no time with showboating or anything of the like and simply walks down to the ring with a look of sharp focus and determination while the fans show their appreciation for him.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Manchester, UK, and weighing in at 82 kg...Nova Diiiiamond!

    “Subconscious Entry Version” now plays and after the intro to the song, Cyrus Truth steps out and he too is shown appreciation from the fans but just like his opposition he pays no mind to it, and remains laser focused on what awaits him in the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent from The Long & Winding Road, and weighing in at 232 lbs, he is “The Exile”...Cyrus Truuuth!

    Cyrus Truth vs. Nova Diamond


    The two briefly stare each other down in the center of the ring while the roar of the crowd is behind both men. Nova takes his eyes off Cyrus for a split second, and Truth looks to drive a forearm in Nova’s jaw but Nova catches him out of the corner of his eye and grabs him by the arm and attempts an arm drag takedown yet Cyrus manages to block that and counters with his own arm drag! Nova kips back up however and locks eyes with The Exile, but soon he goes for a clothesline yet Cyrus was ready and ducks underneath and throws a back elbow that catches Nova on the jaw as he was turning back around. Nova stumbles back holding his jaw and Cyrus sends him to the ropes and off the rebound Cyrus hits a shoulder tackle, however Nova sits up but this allows Cyrus to attempt Wanderer’s Wrath, but Nova rolls out of the way and catches Cyrus is mid spin with a quick sneaky roll up!


    Kick out by The Exile and he rolls through and over to a corner to gather his bearings, but he’s not aware in time that Nova is incoming with a helluva kick! Cyrus is in the corner now, stunned from the running corner kick. Nova drives a back elbow right to Cyrus’ jaw, and then follows up with another to the temple. Nova drags Cyrus from the corner and hits him with an exploder suplex! Cyrus sits up after taking the move but clearly unaware of his current surroundings momentarily that allows Nova to strike with a kick to the lower back! Cyrus cringes and drops to the mat and Nova makes the pin…


    Nova has Cyrus grounded now with a headlock but just as Cyrus starts to show signs of life, Nova transitions into an inverted headlock backbreaker yet Cyrus somehow slips away from Nova’s grip and flips out of it just in time. He stumbles back some before catching his footing, and he manages to catch Nova with a straight kick to the gut doubling him over. Cyrus then stomps on the back of Nova’s knee and follows up with a running big boot, Broken Path! Nova goes down but he rolls away underneath a bottom rope to escape Cyrus temporarily for a breather. He gathers himself on the apron and Cyrus comes at him but Nova is ready and strikes with an elbow that stuns Cyrus briefly allowing Nova to drop Cyrus neck first over the rope! Cyrus stumbles back some, desperately gasping for air while clutching his neck. Meanwhile, Nova re-enters the ring and sneaks up on Cyrus and locks him in position for a dragon suplex but Cyrus fights him off with several back elbows. Cyrus spins Nova around and connects with his own dragon suplex followed by a pin…!

    Cyrus now has a rear chinlock applied on Nova while driving his knee into Nova’s lower spine for extra added pressure. Nova is struggling while grimacing in pain, and Cyrus adds extra insult to injury with several open palm strikes to Nova’s exposed chest! Cyrus relinquishes the hold and this time as Nova is kneeling, Cyrus connects with Wanderer’s Wrath! Another pin by Cyrus…


    Cyrus grabs Nova by the hair and pulls him up and strikes with a knife edge chop! The sound echoes throughout the building. Cyrus then sends Nova to the opposite corner with an irish whip, and Cyrus then charges in at Nova but Nova pops out of the corner and catches him with a uranagi! Cyrus is slammed to the mat full force! He shows no signs of relenting though as Nova urges him to get up and Nova hits him with a rolling elbow! Cyrus remains on his feet but still stunned as Nova strikes with a roundhouse kick that puts down The Exile and Nova then climbs up top...flying elbow drop! He reaches over and hooks the far leg…


    Cyrus just kicks out right before three and Nova starts to show small signs of frustration, but he stands up and Nova is willing Cyrus back to his feet as he lies in wait and as Cyrus stands and turns around, Nova goes for a superkick but Cyrus catches Nova by the boot and counters with Memento Mori! Cyrus then climbs up top and hits his own flying elbow drop! This time it’s him hooking the far leg…


    Nova kicks out now and Cyrus remains calm however his facial features indicate that he is slightly irate. He picks up the drowsy Nova and has him in position for Journey’s End, but Nova manages to slip out of it and he’s behind Cyrus now, who turns around...24K KICK! Cyrus is stunned as Nova takes him in position...UNCOMFORTABLY NUMB! Nova makes the cover…


    Winner: Nova Diamond

    The crowd EXPLODES with a stunned buzz. Nova Diamond rolls off of the three-time World Champion and quickly goes out of the ring. Cyrus Truth rolls to his stomach and comes to terms with the fact that he lost ... again.

    Rod Sterling: In all of the time we've seen Cyrus Truth in the FWA, I ... I don't remember anything like this.

    Christian Quinn: He's ... he just can't seem to get going back on the winning train. You're right. I don't remember anything like this.

    Cyrus is pissed, and the crowd can't take its eyes off of him. Nova Diamond is the winner, but everyone is more focused on Cyrus in the ring, trying to figure out what to do next.



    Cut to backstage where Katie Lynn Goldsmith is standing by with “The Wildcard” Jason Randall. He’s wearing a Cage the Elephant “Social Cues” t-shirt, jeans, and black boots. He’s also still sporting the scars from the brutally violent X-Division match at Back in Business.

    Katie Lynn: Jason, you’re not scheduled to compete tonight, but I’m guessing you’re still here because of the open challenge issued by Michelle von Horrowitz?

    Jason looks at Katie and smirks, he rubs the scruff on his chin as he answers.

    Jason Randall: You guessed right Katie, and I know that according to Michelle that I am not allowed to answer that challenge so I’m interested in seeing who has the balls to answer her…

    Katie Lynn: About that, how do you feel about Michelle declaring that she wants nothing to do with you?

    Jason Randall: You know Katie, it’s clear to me why Michelle wants nothing to do with me, do you know why?

    Katie Lynn: Why is that?

    Jason Randall: The eyes chico, they never lie.

    Katie Lynn: ..What does that mean?

    Jason Randall: Do yourself a favor and watch Scarface, but what that means is that I can see it in her eyes that she’s afraid. She’s afraid of facing me one on one because she knows what I’m capable inside of that ring under X-rules. She’s afraid to lose that title because as much as she won’t admit it, that title means something to her. Like I said, the eyes never lie…

    He turns to face the camera.

    Jason Randall: To whoever will be accepting Michelle’s challenge, and Michelle herself, I want you both to listen real closely. I hope for both of your sake, that you have eyes in the back of your head because just...never...know...who...or what...may sneak up on you...when you least suspect it…

    With that he backs away slowly while staring at the camera still as the scene cuts back to ringside.


    When the X Champion’s music hits, there’s a wave of negativity that washes over the PPG Paints Arena. She walks onto the stage with a huge smile on her face and the championship belt sitting proudly on her left shoulder. She is in full ring-gear and ready for her upcoming match, and slaps the face of her belt with her free hand as a mark of ownership before beginning to saunter down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Here comes our X Division Champion, recently crowned at Back in Business and, despite that war that her and five others went through in Orlando, she is walking to the ring in seemingly good spirits…

    Christian Quinn: But she may have less to smile about soon, Sterling. Tonight she’s issued an open challenge and will defend her championship against anyone on the FWA roster…

    Rod Sterling: Anyone, that is, except for Jason Randall…

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s right, Rod. Von Horrowitz has made it very clear that she has no intention of facing Randall again after pinning him at Back in Business, as well as a perceived lack of respect from The Wildcard during her screen time last week.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen, your next contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, and is an FWA X-Division Championship open challenge match! In this contest, there will be no disqualifications, no countouts, and falls count anywhere. Introducing first, hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and weighing in at sixty seven kilograms… she is the reigning and defending FWA X-Division Champion… Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!

    Von Horrowitz has climbed into the ring and spends a moment surveying the Pittsburgh crowd, soaking in the animosity. With no words, she turns to face the entrance ramp, her championship belt still on her shoulder. Her music fades out, and, after some silence, is replaced by...

    When Falco’s timeless classic sounds out around the arena, there’s a big pop amongst the assembled Pennsylvanians. Cromwell walks onto the stage, looking - as he always does - all business and beginning his walk down the ramp immediately.

    Kurt Harrington: And her challenger: he comes to you tonight from Manchester, England, and weighs in at one hundred and eighty seven pounds… he is ‘Amadeus’... Kevin… CROMWELL!

    In the ring, von Horrowitz has a sly smile on her face, and she shakes her head in derision. Finally, she takes her championship belt off and hands it over to the official, watching on as Cromwell stalks towards the ring.

    Rod Sterling: So it looks like none other than Amadeus himself is going to answer von Horrowitz’s challenge! This should be a barn-stormer!

    Christian Quinn: That’s right, Rod. These two should have a pretty good idea of what the other will bring to the ring, after they brutalised each other in the X Title 6-Person match-up at Back in Business.

    Cromwell climbs through the ropes and into the ring, heading to a corner to climb to the second turnbuckle and pose for the fans. Von Horrowitz refuses to vacate the ring. When his music fades out, the referee begins his parade with the championship belt, showing to the audience what these two are fighting for. Cromwell’s glance momentarily flutters onto the gold plating of the belt, whilst MvH has eyes only from Amadeus. At last, the referee begins to make his final checks.

    Daniella Kennedy: This will, of course, be a huge test for Michelle von Horrowitz in only her first championship defense. Kevin Cromwell is a former X Division Champion himself, and put in an excellent showing last week during the Elimination Chamber.

    Rod Sterling: That’s right, Daniella. It’s a very real possibility that von Horrowitz’s reign will end before it’s even begun…

    Christian Quinn: And what a wonderful thought that is…

    X-Division Championship Match
    Michelle von Horrowitz (c) vs. Kevin Cromwell

    X-RULES: no disqualifications, no countouts, falls count anywhere

    With the bell rung and the contest finally underway, the pair slowly begin to circle the ring. They keep a safe distance from one another, tentatively coming closer, until it looks like they’re going to lock it up with a collar and elbow tie up… but before contact is made, Michelle drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope. She makes a slow circuit of the ring, Cromwell in the meantime backing himself into a corner and keeping loose.

    Christian Quinn: It doesn’t look to me like von Horrowitz has any desire to tie up with Cromwell, given his amateur wrestling pedigree…

    Rod Sterling: I’d wager a certain amount of this is mind-games, too…

    Michelle rolls back into the ring and takes up her stance in the centre of it. Cromwell comes towards her, offering her a test of strength. Again, momentarily, it looks as if MvH is going to reciprocate, lifting her hand towards Amadeus’... but at the last second she again moves away and rolls beneath the bottom rope. The crowd’s animosity only grows, and Michelle eats it up, a big grin on her face as she circles the ring for a second time. Cromwell, to his credit, is not the least bit fazed by her antics. He once more retreats into the corner, smiling to himself as he shakes his head.

    Rod Sterling: This Pittsburgh audience is certainly letting Michelle von Horrowitz know what they think of her.

    Daniella Kennedy: I don’t think she cares, Rod. She’s in no rush to get this championship match started…

    On her way past the announce table, she picks up Christian Quinn’s water and launches it into the audience, the commentator visibly and audibly confused and annoyed by the gesture. Finally, she slides into the ring, and this time Cromwell lunges at her, giving her no opportunity to scamper away again. He takes her in a hammerlock, wrenching at the joint momentarily before transitioning into a wristlock, and then a headlock. He quickly takes her over with a snapmare, before placing his knee firmly into her back and slapping on a chin lock…

    Rod Sterling: This will no doubt be Amadeus’ strategy in this one, keeping things as close to a traditional wrestling match as he possibly can.

    Christian Quinn: That might be easier said than done, Sterling! This is the Blackbird’s demonic vision of the X Division that you’re talking about.

    MvH has wriggled her way back to her feet, causing Cromwell to transition back into a headlock. She reaches out for the ropes, but Cromwell drags her back into the centre of the ring. Changing tactic, von Horrowitz reels off a trio of elbow strikes into the abdomen, causing a little separation. She follows up with a knife edge chop, which backs Cromwell up into the ropes. She whips him into the opposite set and leapfrogs over him as he comes back, and then attempts a wild lariat on his second pass. He’s able to duck it, and Amadeus rolls MvH up with a school-boy…


    T - - NO!

    Michelle kicks out and both competitors are straight back up to their feet… and Cromwell instantly rolls her up again with a small package…


    TW - - NO!

    Again, the two are back up to their feet instantly, and Michelle goes for a straight right hand. Cromwell floats through and looks to be going for a backslide, but MvH checks the momentum when they’re back to back, and flings an elbow into the side of the hand to gain respite. Facing Amadeus’ back, she hits a clubbing forearm blow just above the waist, and then puts him in a rear waist lock…

    Rod Sterling: MvH hoists Cromwell up and over with a German suplex! She bridges for the cover…




    Cromwell gets a shoulder up, but von Horrowitz is back on him in an instant, applying a front face lock and hoisting him up to his feet. She drives a pair of knees up into his sternum and backs him up into a corner, reeling off a trio of European uppercuts when he’s up against the turnbuckles. She whips him into the opposite corner, and follows him in with a running drop kick. She whips him back into the original corner… and follows him in with a second drop kick! Cromwell slumps down to the mat, and von Horrowitz takes the opportunity to start climbing to the top rope.

    Daniella Kennedy: Von Horrowitz perhaps has the edge in this one when it comes to aerial ability, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her take to the skies often. She won’t want Cromwell dictating the pace of this contest.

    Rod Sterling: But Cromwell is up to his feet to cut this one off at the pass, rocking von Horrowitz with a forearm strike whilst she perches up top!

    Indeed, MvH teeters for a second on the top rope, and Cromwell steps up onto the second turnbuckle. He applies a front face lock on von Horrowitz, perhaps going for a superplex… but MvH begins to fight for her life, nailing a few right hands to his side, and then a European uppercut sends Cromwell back into the ring. Von Horrowitz steadies herself on the top rope, before leaping off with an attempted flying clothesline. Amadeus ducks, and Michelle - who has landed on her feet and rolled through - turns around into a roundhouse kick from Amadeus! Michelle hits the mat, but Cromwell grabs her by the waist and drags her back up in a rear bearhug. He hooks one of her legs, and takes her over with his belly-to-back suplex variant! He hooks a leg in a pin attempt…




    Von Horrowitz gets a shoulder up, and Cromwell continues his attack. He drags her back to her feet in a headlock, and then rocks her with a pair of European upper-cuts which back her into a corner. After a trio of knife edge chops, he drops to a knee and drives a shoulder into Michelle’s gut, trapping her against the turnbuckles, before taking her over with a northern lights suplex. He bridges for the cover…




    Rod Sterling: Michelle von Horrowitz can’t let Cromwell get into this sort of rhythm, or her X Division Championship reign could come to an end before it’s even begun…

    Cromwell re-addresses von Horrowitz and lifts one of her legs, perhaps looking for a single leg Boston crab. He begins to try and turn her over, but MvH struggles relentlessly. She kicks out at him wildly with her free leg, and then causes some separation by grabbing Cromwell by the hair and unleashing a trio of straight right hands to the temple. She is quickly back to her feet and goes for a kick to Amadeus’ side, but Cromwell is able to catch it, and then he takes her down with a dragon screw leg whip! Von Horrowitz, to her credit, is straight back up, and she charges in once more, but she’s taken over again with an arm drag! She considers another attack, but instead rolls beneath the bottom rope and out of the ring, breathing heavily and shaking her head in disbelief.

    Daniella Kennedy: A wise move there from the X Division Champion. Cromwell has a head of steam here, and this crowd is firmly on his side.

    Von Horrowitz backs away from the ring, weighing up her options… but Cromwell doesn’t want to give her a second to strategize. He rolls out after her, and she’s forced to leapfrog the ring steps to get away from him. She slides back into the ring and he rolls in after her. But the momentary higher ground is enough, and she’s on him with a trio of stomps to his head. She throws herself off a nearby set of ropes and hits a basement dropkick, before hoisting Cromwell up in a front face lock and taking him over with a snap suplex.

    Instead of going for a cover, MvH backs away into a corner, crouching and waiting for Cromwell to get back to his feet. When he does, she charges in for the busaiku knee kick. Amadeus throws himself out of the way and then goes for a lariat of his own. MvH ducks beneath and moves behind him into a rear waistlock, perhaps looking for another German suplex. Cromwell blocks it by placing his foot behind MvH’s calf, and then drives an elbow to the side of her head before going behind into a rear waist lock of his own. He bundles MvH forward into a set of ropes, and then takes her over with an Okada roll. He rolls all the way through, and then takes her over with a German suplex of his own! He bridges for the cover.




    Rod Sterling: Again, von Horrowitz is able to get a shoulder up, but you’d have to think the collective weight of all these suplexes will soon begin to wear her down.

    Cromwell shows no sign of slowing, getting back to his feet and lifting up MvH’s legs. He steps through and is able to turn her over into a sharpshooter!

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Finally. Cromwell is able to lock in a submission move, and now he’ll look to further damage that back that has already deteriorated thanks to all of those suplexes.

    Cromwell sits down on von Horrowitz’s back, wrenching hard on the hold and bending her into an unnatural contortion. MvH can be seen and heard screaming out in agony, but when the referee asks her if she wants to give it up she shakes her head defiantly. She begins to crawl, hand over hand, towards the edge of the ring…

    Rod Sterling:
    Michelle von Horrowitz is desperately trying to make her way to the ropes, but Cromwell has her right in the centre of the ring!

    Christian Quinn: The ropes won’t help her anyway, Sterling! This is an X Rules match!

    Even so, each time that MvH looks near to tapping, she fights the urge and crawls closer and closer to the bottom rope. Eventually, she is within arms reach of it, but instead of reaching out she continues to crawl, and finally falls out of the ring to the outside. Cromwell, still in the ring, can’t keep the hold locked in, and he stumbles forward after releasing, sucking in a few deep breaths before he continues his attack. He turns around, reaching through the ropes for von Horrowitz… but he takes a chair shot to the face!

    Rod Sterling: What the - - ?! Where did that come from?

    Daniella Kennedy: Von Horrowitz must have fished it out from under the ring.

    Christian Quinn: I knew it wouldn’t be long before she decided she needed a weapon! Cromwell was comprehensively schooling her in this contest.

    Daniella Kennedy: It’s all within the rules, Christian. If this is the championship that Cromwell wants to fight for, steel chairs are something he’s going to need to get used to.

    Cromwell is sort of hanging in the ropes, so von Horrowitz drags him to the outside and hoists him onto his feet. She takes him by the scruff of the neck and throws him face first into the steel ring post! Cromwell hits the mat and the champion begins to celebrate her handiwork, smiling at the audience and loudly declaring herself the Queen of the X Division… but then turns round into a spear from Amadeus! He leaps on top of her, nailing a series of right hands, and then backs off to lift her legs and catapult her into the ring post! Von Horrowitz is doing her best to crawl away, but Cromwell shakes his head and follows her around the ring… and MvH lifts up the discarded chair and throws it into Amadeus’ face once again!

    Both competitors are down for the time-being, doing their best to catch their breath and allow their bodies a moment of respite. It’s von Horrowitz who is able to get to her feet first, and when she does she starts looking beneath the ring, retrieving a table and sliding it beneath the bottom rope. Despite their antipathy for her, the crowd are pleased at the introduction of the table. She ignores the hardware for now, instead lifting Cromwell up and Irish whipping him not once but twice into a nearby barricade. She applies a front face lock and drags him onto the entrance ramp…

    Rod Sterling: We knew this one could go anywhere in this building, guys. Von Horrowitz looking for her snap suplex on the ramp…

    Daniella Kennedy: But Cromwell blocks it by dropping to a knee… before taking her over with a snap suplex of his own!!

    He doesn’t go for a pin-fall attempt, instead deciding to lift MvH up once again and continuing to walk up the ramp towards the stage. When they’re almost there, he nails a series of forearm strikes, knife edge chops, and European uppercuts, before doubling her over with a boot to the midsection. He pulls her head between his legs, wraps his arms around her waist, and hoists her up…

    Rod Sterling: Cromwell with a pile-driver on the ramp!!

    Cromwell hooks the leg, going for the pin…



    T - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz gets her shoulder up once again, and Amadeus takes a moment to control his frustration. Eventually, he picks up one of von Horrowitz’s wrists and drags her, by the arm, the remainder of the distance up the ramp onto the stage. After a couple of stomps to further incapacitate her, Cromwell lifts her up by the hair and throws her face first into a screen (which is showing the FWA Fight Night logo) next to the curtain…

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Cromwell is letting his wilder side come to the forefront here, abandoning his usual game plan and fighting a more hardcore style tonight.

    Rod Sterling: We’ll have to wait and see if that’s a good strategy, Daniella. I would think he’d want to keep things between the ropes.

    He lifts her up again, and throws her face-first into the screen for a second time!

    Christian Quinn: It doesn’t look like he’s doing too badly at the moment, Sterling!

    For a third time, Cromwell lifts MvH up, but this time he places her in a bearhug. He positions himself near the screen, and despite the champion struggling to get loose, he catapults her into it with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex! Von Horrowitz’s back hits the screen, which cracks and switches off, and then she slides down to land head first on the stage!! He’s able to hook the far leg as he goes for another cover.



    TH - - NO!!

    Again, von Horrowitz gets a shoulder up, and Cromwell shares a look with the referee as if to say, ‘seriously?!’ Shaking his head, he lifts von Horrowitz up and begins to walk her down the ramp once more towards the ring. Before they get very far, the champion’s legs give out, and she rolls down the ramp a few paces in front of Cromwell.

    Rod Sterling: Things aren’t looking good for von Horrowitz. This could just be a matter of time.

    Cromwell takes the opportunity to re-compose himself, allowing MvH to slowly drag herself to her feet on her own accord. When she has a vertical base, Amadeus charges at her, perhaps looking for a big lariat…

    Daniella Kennedy: No! MvH ducks the clothesline and takes Cromwell over with a big back body drop!

    Rod Sterling: And now it’s the champion’s turn to lack the urgency required to cover her downed opponent. Von Horrowitz looks more concerned with getting her breath back than finishing this one off.

    With Cromwell down on the ramp, von Horrowitz sucks in a few deep lung-fulls of oxygen before following up with a series of slow stomps, deliberately dictating the pace so that she can somewhat recover. She picks Cromwell up by the neck and drags him back to the ring, and Irish whips him hard into the steps once again! Not content there, she picks up his prone body again and continues to drag him around the ring towards the announce tables. She gets him in position and nails a Russian leg sweep, driving Cromwell’s back into the edge of the announce table! He instantly slumps to the ground.

    With Cromwell flat on his back on the outside of the ring, MvH busies herself with removing the top half of the ring steps and dragging it over to in front of the commentators’ desks. Afterwards, she lifts Cromwell up by the hair and drags him over to the steel steps. Everything is a laborious process now, actions that would take moments at the start of the contest now arduous for both competitors. Eventually, she gets him in position near the steps and hooks both arms, before driving him face first onto the steps with a double arm underhook DDT!

    After taking a few deep breaths, Michelle rolls him off the steps, and hooks a leg…



    T - - NO!!

    Rod Sterling: Kevin Cromwell showing incredible resilience here after this burst of offense from von Horrowitz.

    Daniella Kennedy: But each move is taking a little bit more out of the champion, here, and rather than capitalising on her advantage she seems more interested in remonstrating with the referee.

    Indeed, von Horrowitz is claiming a slow count, and after flinging a few expletives in the official’s direction, she shakes her head and then hoists Cromwell up, backing him over to one of the announce tables with a series of knife edge chops. Cromwell is using the announce table to support his weight when von Horrowitz retrieves her steel chair. She winds up and slams it down onto Cromwell’s skull! The first blow draws blood from Cromwell… but she brings the chair crashing down onto his head once more, just for good measure!

    Christian Quinn: Two unprotected chair shots to the cranium there for Kevin Cromwell - that’s enough to keep anyone down for three…

    Rod Sterling: Something tells me that von Horrowitz isn’t through...

    Michelle inspects the Cromwell-shaped dent in the chair before discarding it. Then, takes Cromwell by the hair, before slamming him onto the Spannish announcers’ desk face first not once but twice. Cromwell is split wide open from the chair shots, a thin stream of blood steadily running from his forehead, and he makes no attempt to move, instead lying lifelessly on the desk. Michelle climbs up onto the table and then drags Cromwell up to his feet.

    Rod Sterling:
    This definitely echoes Back in Business, where von Horrowitz drove Cromwell through an announce table with her Tiger Driver ‘98…

    It looks like MvH is going for the exact same thing. She positions Cromwell’s head before beginning to hook his arms. She almost has him in position, and readies herself to attempt to lift. But Cromwell drops down to a knee to check his momentum, and then wriggles his arms free. Finally, he takes Michelle over with a HUGE back body drop… Von Horrowitz flips through the air and then crashes through the English announcers’ desk!!

    Daniella Kennedy: OH MY GOOD GOD!!

    Rod Sterling: If Cromwell can take advantage of this situation, we might have a new champion…

    But Amadeus is anything but ready to capitalise, instead simply slumping forward onto the still-standing table and generally looking lifeless. The camera picks up von Horrowitz, who is lying amongst a mess of monitors and broken wood.

    Rod Sterling: Both of these competitors may be unable to continue!

    Daniella Kennedy: How is Cromwell still alive?! Just a week since his efforts in the Elimination Chamber, and two since he and von Horrowitz were tearing each other apart in the X-Rules 6-Way at Back in Business?!

    The 'HOLY SHIT' chant goes on for almost a minute before Cromwell is finally able to climb down from his table and cover von Horrowitz…



    TH - - NO!

    Christian Quinn: You'd have to think this one would be over if Cromwell could have followed up a little quicker…

    After spending some more time doing his best to recuperate from the chair shots, Cromwell goes back over to von Horrowitz. He hoists her back to her feet by the scruff of her neck, and throws her face first onto the table that’s still standing. Then, as if he’s almost out of ideas, he simply launches her into the time-keeping area before collapsing to the ground…

    Rod Sterling:
    Amadeus’ face is a crimson mask right now. It’s no surprise that he’s struggling to keep up his offensive here…

    Daniella Kennedy: The crowd is doing it’s best to will the contender on, but I’m not sure how much Cromwell has left…

    Cromwell staggers over towards von Horrowitz, looking to reach over into the time-keeping zone and drag her back to the ring. But von Horrowitz comes out of nowhere with the ring bell! She clocks Cromwell with it and the man from Manchester falls onto his back! After a few moments, von Horrowitz throws herself back over the barricade and begins to crawl towards the ring apron, searching beneath it for the next weapon…

    Rod Sterling: This one’s getting a little out of hand…

    Von Horrowitz produces another chair and throws it into the ring, along with a kendo stick and what looks like a staple-gun. She is fishing under the ring again as Cromwell makes his way to his feet and moves over towards her. He again tries to grab her, but she turns around with a fire extinguisher in hand, spraying Amadeus with its contents and in the process disorientating him! She discards the fire extinguisher and waits for Cromwell to turn back towards her, charging in and taking him down with a busaiku knee kick!!

    She lifts him back up and rolls him into the ring, sliding in afterwards and picking up the kendo stick. Cromwell slowly makes his way to his feet, but is cracked over the skull three times with the stick, backing him up to the corner, where he takes a seated position. Von Horrowitz backs away, retrieving her staple gun and holding it in the air…

    Christian Quinn: I don’t think they taught Cromwell about this in wrestling school.

    Michelle fires a couple of warning shots from the staple gun as she saunters back over to Cromwell, a smile plastered on her face. She grabs him by the hair, and fires a single staple into his already bloody forehead!!

    Rod Sterling: Oh my God! That’s sick! There’s no place for that inside a wrestling ring!

    Christian Quinn: There wasn’t, Sterling, until we gave the Blackbird power…

    Von Horrowitz staggers over to a different corner as Cromwell attempts to pry the staple out of his head. She busies herself with the second turnbuckle, removing its cover and exposing the steel ring beneath. After she’s done with this, she climbs up to the second rope. She has no attack in mind, instead deciding to bow deeply for the audience. This only increases the volume of their boos.

    Rod Sterling: One would think that Michelle should be focusing on her opponent instead of antagonising the audience.

    Eventually, she hops down, and picks up her steel chair. She unfolds it in the middle of the ring, before moving back over to Cromwell. Dragging him towards the chair, she places him in pumphandle position, perhaps looking for her Psycho Driver #2 onto the weapon…

    Daniella Kennedy: It doesn’t look like there’s much left in von Horrowitz. She’s struggling to lift Cromwell up…

    She can’t do it, and eventually Cromwell is able to gain some separation by throwing a couple of elbow strikes at MvH. He goes behind her quickly, clutching the wristing and throwing her overhead with an exploder suplex…

    Rod Sterling: GALLAGHER’S REVENGE! Onto the unfolded steel chair!!

    Cromwell has no power left in him to follow up, and for a moment the two of them simply lie lifelessly in the middle of the ring. After perhaps half a minute of nothing, Cromwell rolls over onto his front, crawling over to the ropes and using them as support to climb back to his feet. After a deep breath, he spies his opponent’s prone, broken body. With von Horrowitz still down, he busies himself with setting up the table that she introduced earlier. He places it upright near one of the corners, and then refocuses his attention on his opponent. He drags her to her feet and then towards the corner near the table, proceeding to hoist her into a seated position on the top rope. He nails a palm strike to rock her and then follows her up, applying a front face lock…

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Cromwell may be looking for a superplex through that table. This could be bad news for von Horrowitz!

    Christian Quinn: It looks like it could be bad news for both of them, Sterling!

    MvH is desperately trying to fight out of the predicament. After a half dozen fists to Cromwell’s side, she manages to get out of the front face lock. She rocks Amadeus (see what I did there) with a headbutt, and he teeters on the second turnbuckle, almost looking as if he might fall back through the table… He steadies himself by holding the top rope with an outstretched hand... Before firing back with a headbutt of his own!! Michelle is dazed, and Cromwell puts her back in the front face lock. He steps onto the top rope with her, hoists her up…


    Rod Sterling: Surely this one's over! Did you see that?!

    Daniella Kennedy: It looks like Cromwell is struggling to capitalize AGAIN, though. Both competitors are down amongst the debris!

    The crowd are showing their appreciation, finally, for both competitors, and eventually Cromwell is able to drape an arm over von Horrowitz…



    THR - - NO!!

    Cromwell rolls away from her, clearly frustrated with the official. When he’s finally able to drag himself to his feet, he turns on the referee, a slightly wild look in his eyes and his face covered in blood. Uncharacteristically, he complains about the count, slaps his hands together three times (as if showing him what he’s meant to do) and takes a step towards the ref. The official backs away, and Cromwell remembers himself. He turns back towards his opponent, who has finally rolled onto her front and is doing her best to get up to her feet. Cromwell stands behind her, teeing her up, and when she is close to a vertical base he puts her in a full nelson…

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Cromwell is going for his Champagne Supernova dragon suplex… NO!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Did you see that, Rod?!

    Rod Sterling: Von Horrowitz kicks out at Cromwell, a clear, undeniable low blow getting her out of the full nelson...

    Christian Quinn: And there’s not a damn thing that the official can do about it!!

    Cromwell is keeled over, holding the source of his pain, and MvH takes him by the wrist. She drags him over to the corner with the exposed turnbuckle, and drops him head-first onto it with a drop toe hold! Amadeus slumps down to the mat, and von Horrowitz grabs her steel chair, proceeding to climb up towards the top rope…

    Rod Sterling:
    It looks like the champion smells the end here. She steadies herself on the top rope, steel chair in hand…

    Daniella Kennedy: 450 SPLASH! Von Horrowitz drives her body and the steel chair down onto Cromwell’s chest!!

    She hooks the leg and, just to make sure, places her own feet onto the nearby second rope…




    Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz via pinfall @22:57

    Collapsing into a heap in the middle of the ring, she rolls away from Cromwell, unable to celebrate her win as Roy Orbison begins to play again around the arena.

    Kurt Harrington: Here is your winner, and STILL the FWA X-Division Champion… MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!

    The official collects the belt and hands it to her as her music blares out around the arena. When she sees the gold, she snatches it out of the official’s hands and backs herself over to a corner. Cromwell, too, is now rolling onto his front, slowly coming back to life.

    Rod Sterling: What a contest that was!

    Daniella Kennedy: I didn’t think they would be able to top the mayhem of the six-person match at Back in Business, but I think they may have just done exactly that.

    Christian Quinn: And the important thing is that both that match and this one have finished in the same way…

    Rod Sterling: That’s right, Christian: with Michelle von Horrowitz holding the X Division Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: But surely this isn’t sustainable. Two matches like that in the space of a month for both of these competitors will surely take its toll on their careers.

    Rod Sterling: Both of them are broken… Kevin Cromwell is a bloody mess… I’d have to agree with you, Daniella. But this is exactly what Lord Vincent wants.

    Von Horrowitz is still staring across the ring at Cromwell, who has just about managed to get himself back to his feet. The two stumble into the middle of the ring, throwing words at each other which can’t be heard over Roy Orbison.

    Rod Sterling: What’s this about? Perhaps a mutual respect has formed between the two?

    Christian Quinn: I doubt it, Sterling. It’s far more likely that they’re just working out when and where they’re next going to beat the hell out of each other!

    They continue to talk to one another, Cromwell doing so through a crimson mask. Von Horrowitz lifts her championship high above her head, much to the dissatisfaction of the audience…

    … but then she’s turned around and gets a boot to the midsection, FOLLOWED BY A SNAKE’S EYES FROM JASON RANDALL!!! Von Horrowitz hits the mat immediately!

    Rod Sterling: Where did Jason Randall come from?!

    Christian Quinn: I had a feeling we might see the Wildcard before the end of tonight!!

    Cromwell is confused and bloody, and he tries to say something to Randall… but he gets a Snake’s Eyes as well! Randall beats his chest as “Go To Sleep” by Eminem, Obie Trice, and DMX hits and the fans go wild!!

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Randall has staked his claim to that championship belt!

    Indeed, he moves over to von Horrowitz and collects the championship from her. He holds it high above his head, the audience showing their support for the Wildcard. He throws the belt back in von Horrowitz’ direction and leaves the ring, stomping up the ramp as his music rings out.

    Rod Sterling: This one, folks, is NOT over…



    “Truth to the Weak (Not Built to Collapse)” hits and Kayden Knox steps out to jeers from the fans. Knox stands on stage and scowls at each of the fans before walking down to the ring, still scowling at any fan that gets too close to him.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Las Vegas, NV and weighing in at 200 lbs, he is “The Afflicted”...Kayden Knox!

    Knox removes his jacket and tosses it aside as “Hail to the King” begins to play and as the song kicks in, “The King” makes his way out to a tremendous mixed reaction considering that they are in his hometown, the cheers almost drown out the jeers as The King makes his way out.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from right here in Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in at 210 lbs. He is the reigning FWA World Heavyweight Champion, and he is “The King”...Dave Sullivan.

    Sullivan orders the referee to remove his robe but then thinks better of it, and doesn’t want the referee’s filthy hands on his robe so he removes it himself and hands it off to the ringside attendant. Sullivan points at Knox and can be heard saying, “You’re going down chump!”. Knox refuses to let the champion get in his head and simply ignores the trash talk while never taking his eyes off Sullivan.

    "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan vs. Kayden Knox


    The two men stand toe to toe in the center of the ring and Sullivan is still trash talking…

    “You’re going to end just like everyone else that has stepped up to me; a worthless peasant groveling at my feet!”

    Knox has heard enough and headbutts Sullivan, knocking him back some. Sullivan holds his head and checks his hand for blood, and says to Knox, “You just made the biggest fucking mistake of your life!”. Sullivan charges at Knox but Knox ducks underneath and starts throwing lefts and rights with Sullivan in the corner, Knox getting booed by all the hometown Sullivan supporters but the ones that still don’t like him find themselves behind Knox. Knox is fired up now as Sullivan remains in the corner, and Knox comes barreling towards Sullivan but Sullivan pops out of the corner and Knox gets caught with a spinning back elbow that knocks Knox for a loop!

    Daniella Kennedy: I think I saw a tooth fly on that one!

    Sullivan has Knox in the corner now and begins a series of lefts and rights of his own, including an uppercut and a jab to the throat. Sullivan drags Knox from the corner, and then drives a knee to the gut of Knox. He has Knox by the wrist and then levels him with a clothesline! Sullivan poses some his hometown audience and then turns his attention back to Knox, who is on one knee and Sullivan begins to toy with him by slapping him on the head. Sullivan then goes for a jumping bicycle knee strike but Knox barely avoids it and rolls up Sullivan from behind with a quick roll-up!


    Sullivan kicks out and rolls over and back on his knees with a look of shock in his eyes, he’s irate now that he was almost caught like that. Sullivan rises back up to a vertical base but Knox is faster than him at this time and drives a boot straight to Sullivan’s gut! He then plants Sullivan’s head to the mat with a DDT and follows up with another pin…


    Knox goes by a corner now while waiting for Sullivan to get up, and once The King is up, Knox charges at him and goes for a jumping high knee but Sullivan sidesteps it and hits Knox with a german suplex! Sullivan shakes any cobwebs loose and grabs Knox by the hair, and sets him up for an inverted headlock backbreaker! Knox pops back up from that although he is stunned allowing Sullivan to connect with a jumping neckbreaker followed by a pin…


    Knox gets a shoulder up and Sullivan grabs a hold of Knox’s arm and applies a cross armbreaker submission! Sullivan is cranking back on the hold while asking the referee if Knox gives up and the fans are going mad hoping for a Sullivan win. Knox is desperately trying to get to the rope nearby and manages to just barely snag on to it enough to break the hold. Sullivan reluctantly releases his grip and begins to stalk Knox, he then positions Knox’s arm in position with his palm on the canvas and looks to stomp on Knox’s arm but Knox fortunately rolls out of the way in time. Knox has rolled out to the outside while Sullivan begins to talk more trash, but Knox pulls Sullivan out from underneath his feet and drags him to the outside and tosses Sullivan into the fan barricade! Knox has Sullivan propped up enough for him to deliver to stomps to the chest. Knox drags Sullivan back towards the ring and tosses him back in, and delivers a drive by kick to the head of Sullivan, who rolls back in the ring with a stunned look from the kick. Knox is on the apron and then connects with a springboard elbow drop to Sullivan and makes the cover…


    Knox goes back to the apron and has Sullivan in his sights now for a slingshot spear, but Sullivan pops up and catches Knox and immediately plants him with a rope hung DDT! Sullivan uses this time to catch his breath and rethink his strategy. Sullivan brings Knox up and has him in a rear waistlock and is about to go for the Three Rivers, but as he goes for it Knox slips away and rolls through behind Sullivan and before Sullivan reacts, Knox hits him with an inverted spike hurricanrana! Knox hurriedly makes the cover…


    Sullivan gets a shoulder up in time and Knox can’t believe it, he really thought he had it there. He makes sure with the referee that it was three, and the referee assures him that it was. Knox is beside him but regains his composure while Sullivan is starting to stir, and Sullivan is on all fours now while a devious smile grows on Knox’s face. Knox charges in at Sullivan looking to pull off an upset with a Malice Intent curbstomp...but as he’s leaping for the stomp…


    Daniella Kennedy: Holy cow! Sullivan caught him mid-air for that RKO!

    Christian Quinn: Unreal!

    Sullivan makes the cover while the fans are losing their minds at what they just saw…


    Winner: "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan

    Sullivan's music momentarily hits as he gets the hand raise and retrieves his prestigious FWA World Championship.

    However, his moment of attention is short-lived.

    'The In Between' hits the arena loudspeakers, and the FWA fans loud cheers almost drown it out. The catcalls and whistles are abundant as Gabrielle herself steps out atop the entryway looking like she's dressed for a night out on the town. A silky skin baring full length red dress hugs her curves, a slit up on side of it reveals an entire leg. She confidently grins from ear to ear as she struts down to the ring while looking out over the sea of fans. Once inside the ring she's quickly handed a microphone. She's a complete contrast to what we saw last week, when she was exhausted yet satisfied after winning the Elimination Chamber. She was a Warrior then, now she looks more like a seductive pin up.

    Thank you...thank you for that warm welcome. It really does mean so much to me.

    It is crazy to think that two years ago I was content in my retirement, with no plans to ever step foot in this ring ever again. Since then I've won the Quest for the Best tournament last year, I've won a Trial By Fire match...and now I have a guaranteed Opportunity at Dave Sullivan and the FWA World Championship anytime I want.

    That is a cool feeling indeed.

    Where I was once the Caramel Coated Goddess, I am now the Goddess of Opportunities. My Opportunity means that on a night like this where Dave Sullivan is preparing to face Kayden Knox I can just get dressed up and relax instead.

    As Gabrielle holds her hands up above her head and does a slow twirl the male contingent of the Fight Night audience roars and whistles in approval. Sullivan simply watches from the other side of the ring.

    Gabrielle: A night off is always a real bonus, its my Opportunity to relax and just watch..even give out a watch. But I'm not selfish...I don't only care about my Opportunities. I've been around long enough to know talent, and to know when someone is so close that they just need that final push. I saw it in Chris Kennedy, in Dave Sullivan, in James Hughes.

    And I see it in someone else. Someone who just needs one big win. Someone that could beat our 'King' he just needs the right motivation, and the right Opportunity. It's not me, I'm holding onto my Opportunity...but Michael Garcia he deserves an opportunity at the World Championship. He's so close, he's almost there...but so far it hasn't panned out. But this time I know the man that dominated the Elimination Chamber like he does every match will make use of an Opportunity.

    Gabrielle smirks from ear to ear as the fans seem a bit confused, there's some cheers for Garcia, and still whistles for Gabrielle and her curve hugging, skin exposing dress. But there's a lot of silence...that's broken when Sullivan brings the microphone to his mouth and holds up his hand.

    King Sullivan has a shit eating smirk on his face as the crowd has it's mixed reaction. He looks around the arena before making eye contact with Gabrielle in the ring, rolling his eyes in disgust and amusement at what she's been saying.

    King Sullivan:
    Oh Gabby, Gabby, Gabby...since we're brainstorming new nicknames, you should call yourself The Jester. Because that's what your role has become since you've been stripped of your goddess title. You are the perfect fit for my jester, because that seems to be all you do here amuse me.

    You know I at least had some respect for you back when you were The Goddess. You weren't so busy wasting time trying to do the right here you are...fooling everyone including yourself that better than me. That your ego is better than mine. It's not Gabs, our egos are two of the biggest monsters on this roster.

    Gabrielle smiles back at Sullivan in the ring, waiting patiently to see how she can pick apart every word she's saying later for some twitter smackdown.

    King Sullivan:
    There is so much I want to pick apart from everything you just said. Let's start from the top shall we? Goddess of Opportunities? When I heard you say that, I got that queasy "I feel like I'm gonna hurl" feeling in my know like the one you get when you see two overly romantic people making out in the back corner of a Walmart parking lot.

    How can you call yourself The Goddess of Opportunity when you've blown every opportunity you've gotten since coming back to the FWA? Go ahead and keep bragging about your resume. It's empty, and you know it. Yes you won Quest for the Best...and then you choked when it came to fighting Cyrus one on one.

    And then you choked again in the triple threat match at Desert Storm. You gloat all you like about how you weren't the one pinned. The reason I had to pin Cyrus instead of you is because Cyrus was out-competing you. He was the guy I had to put down, you were just someone who needed to get out of the way. Which you so easily laid down and did when you needed to. Either way, you lost. To me. Mike Parr goes around telling people I lost my North American championship to him, and that's true...even though Krash was the one pinned. I could say Mike Parr hasn't pinned me either, but unlike you I know it's a meaningless gloat.

    I don't blame you for trying to grasp at whatever gloats you can get your hand on. Me? I've got so many I feel like I'm at a gloat buffet.

    Because you see unlike you, I haven't choked at every opportunity I'VE HAD. When I got the opportunity to fight for this title, I didn't blow it time after time like you. I won it on the first time...while you were off in some meaningless feud match with Cyrus Truth, I was main eventing the biggest show of the year with the title YOU want so bad.

    Sure, you finally beat Cyrus...but that's because the title wasn't on the line. There was no pressure, and nothing for you to choke away. You are a choke artist Gabby. That's your gimmick...and now, you want to give a title shot to ANOTHER choke artist? Michael Garcia might be one of the people in the locker room that I can't stand to be around least...I like the guy. We've shared conversations, we send each other memes, sometimes we even like to talk about how much we love The Godfather movies...he's a sucker for those mafia films. But the guy, like you, is a choke artist. You say he dominated the Elimination Chamber? How did he dominate if he lost to the biggest choke artist in the match? That's all the man does. He lost in the match that I WON to earn my shot at this title. He LOST to Cyrus Truth, he LOST to Devin Golden at the biggest stage of them all...he loses.

    You know what, you two actually would make a perfect pairing.

    Gabrielle smirks in the ring as Sullivan continues his ranting.

    King Sullivan:
    You know what, I've been thinking for a good bit about you Gabby. You've gotten me a bit...confused I guess is the right word. I've been thinking about how badly you crave this title. How much you get the thrill of chasing for it. Longing for it. Dreaming for it. Fighting for it...when you won in that chamber, I was fully expecting you to cash in your challenge against me right then and there...but yet here we are, with you still not setting a date for our match.

    You think I don't see what this is, Gabs?

    I know you. Good girl act or not, you do everything with a motive. You come out here going on and on about how Mikey Garcia deserves a shot at the title I have. The title you WANT.

    And why?

    Because you KNOW you aren't going to beat me.

    So what? You put that big dumb brute Garcia against me, and hope HE gets lucky and beats me for the title? Then you cash in your challenge on him, and get an easy path to becoming a three time world champ? Is that it? Or worst case, you want Garcia to run the tables against me...get me all exhausted, and then you try and cash in your challenge against me when I'm tired and worn out.

    Well, Gabby...I'm sorry, but my answer is NO. Michael Garcia will not be handed free opportunities like some Make-A-Wish kid trick or treating on the 7th floor of Children's hospital.

    The only person you can pick to fight me for my title is yourself.

    So instead of trying to get some lackeys to do the dirty work for you...I say we just do this thing RIGHT NOW.

    The crowd pops loudly at the idea of getting to see Sullivan vs Gabrielle right here on fight night.

    Oh Davey. Your interpretation of this is as deluded as everything else that comes spouting out of your mouth. Whether you win or Michael wins does not matter to me. I want to beat the best person, and if Michael beats you...if he dethrones 'The King', then that makes him the new man to beat. Besides, I've already beat you before.

    But that's fine. I can see you are afraid of Michael. Afraid of me. You've said it yourself, you've been thinking a long time about me. I'm already so deep in your head.

    Day after day, the ticking is going to keep getting louder and louder. You are going to be begging me to take your title. Begging for the ticking to stop.

    So no, we won't fight tonight. Your torment will continue. The ticking will continue...

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird's theme music hits, sending the crowd into a jubilant frenzy. The man with a big trench coat and The Riddler-esque glasses comes to the top of the stage.

    "So ... Dave Sullivan DOES ... have a point here. Michael Garcia ... you haven't really ... done anything to ear a title shot. I mean, yes, you have been impressive. Second place in the Elimination Chamber match. Second place against "The Golden One" Devin Golden and second place against Cyrus Truth..."

    Rod Sterling: Oh ... second place. HAH!

    "But that's not quite ... enough. Here's what I'll do for Michael Garcia. He's got a 3-on-1 handicap match up next. He wins that? I'll consider him for a World Championship match.

    But ... as for earning opportunities.

    I've got six ... REEEEEALLY hungry wrestlers in the X division. The one I have a soft spot for. The man in the ring ... Kayden Knox. Then Ashley Bell. Gerald Grayson. Alyster Black. Orion. Eli Black.

    Those six will be in a GAUNTLET MATCH ... against that man, Dave Sullivan. The first person to beat him in that gauntlet match ... gets a World Championship match at Payback. The biggest match of their careers in the FWA ... next Fight Night. Better hope you're first ... to get the first shot before anyone else. Or hope you're last ... to get the tired Dave Sullivan who has already been in five matches back to back to back ... to back ...

    to back.

    So Dave ... someone will earn a title shot against you. Someone will do it ... the right way. ... By beating you."

    Lord Vincent's music hits and the crowd is left buzzing and tense. The scene closes with Gabrielle smirking from across the ring at Dave Sullivan, the two who seem destined to face eventually.


    “You are beautiful on the inside….
    You are innocence personified….
    And I will drag you down and wear you out…
    Run Away…”

    The chorus of Judas by Fozzy blared over the arena speakers as the fans gave a surprisingly warm reaction to their hometown boy, “The Monster of the Midway” Michael Garcia! Garcia came out in a black Adidas striped pants and a “Pittsburgh’s Favorite Son” T-Shirt. Garcia stopped at the center of the stage and actually took a moment to bask in some mild adulation from the fans! Garcia put his hands on his hips and for a split second, a smile almost started to form on his face, before he pressed his lips together and got serious. Almost as if he were on a mission, Garcia walked with a purpose down the ramp and into the ring, looking at the three competitors standing across the ring from him. The Mops were all dressed in loud colors, all with rainbow colored dreads.

    Christian Quinn: Listen to this ovation for Pittsburgh’s Favorite Son!

    Daniella Kennedy: It’s uh…deafening…if you’re a dog, maybe?

    Christian Quinn: You’re just jealous that you never received a reaction like this in your entire career, Daniella!

    Rod Sterling: Well, Garcia IS receiving a far more welcoming response here in Pittsburgh than he does in most cities we’re in, that’s for sure! But I know three men that are less than thrilled with seeing Garcia tonight!

    Daniella Kennedy: Make that 4, Sterling.

    Christian Quinn: We’ve seen the guys that you talk up, Daniella! How is Desmond Fox anyways?

    3-on-1 Handicap Match
    “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs The Mops

    Garcia ripped his shirt off and tossed it into the crowd. The Mops all huddled together in the corner, with Pop Mop directing his two younger sons. Pop Mop and Big Mike circle the ring, with Garcia watching his back from an attack of the younger two, so he knocks them both of the apron which allows Pop to attack! Pop whips Garcia into the ropes, but Big Mike reverses! Clothesline attempt from Mike that Pop ducks, but runs right into a decapitating boot to the face from Garcia! Garcia drops to the ground and violently bounces Pop’s head off the canvas several times! The referee backs Garcia off, so Pop rolls to the corner andd tags in Slop Mop! Slop runs towards Garcia with a clothesline, but Mike ducks it, grabs Slop and drives him into the far corner! Garcia drives several shoulders deep into the gut of the Mop clan member bfore giving a few edge chops! Garcia runs to the apron and again knocks Pop and Bebop off the apron! Garcia turns around and Slop connects with a running dropkick that staggers Garcia! Garcia falls back into the corner! Slop Mop tags Bebop in! Slop whips Bebop into the corner for a splash but Garcia moves out of the way! Bebop goes flying into the turnbuckle as Garcia drills Slop with a hard clothesline! He tosses Slop out of the ring so that he lands on Pop on the outside! Bebop tries to attack from behind but Garcia simply pie faces him away! Bebop doesn’t learn his lesson though, as he runs the ropes and nearly gets POUNCED out of the ring by the Carnegie Carnivore! Garcia grabs Bebop off the mat by his throat and chokeslams him back down to the mat! Pop gets back into the ring and eats a chokeslam as well! Garcia turns around to see Slop flying off the top rope with a Crossbody…but he gets caught in mid-air with a Homewood Heart Attack…onto Pop and Bebop!

    Garcia dropped down and pinned all 3 of them!

    Here is your winner at 1:49 – “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Garcia smiled as he pulled himself up to his feet and asked for a microphone, He took a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow before grabbing the mic and collecting himself.

    “Ya know…”

    He paused as again he was surprised at the fact that he wasn’t being met with a deafening amount of boos.

    “Damn, ya’ll…makin’ me rethink what I was gonna say, now.”

    He paused a moment longer as he legitimately was not used to this.

    “These past few weeks, they’ve been a real emotional roller coaster for me. I walked into Back in Business with a hell of a lot of confidence, and I walked out of Back in Business questioning if I even belonged in the business. Now, Devin Golden said some kind words about me, and that’s more than most anyone has in this business, but all that mattered to me was that I walked out of Back in Business with a loss. Yeah, I put up a hell of fight…I gave Devin Golden everything he could handle, but really…isn’t that the story of Michael Garcia? Isn’t that my career in a microcosm? To run the distance and fall just short of the finish line? I tried everything. I re-evaluated everything. But nothing changes, Michael Garcia keeps doing Michael Garcia things. I sat in that ring for several minutes at Back in Business as Devin Golden celebrated his victory, and I questioned if I would ever set foot in an FWA ring again. I was humiliated. I didn’t talk to anyone that night. I didn’t even stick around to watch the rest of the show to me. It didn’t matter. None of it mattered. I went back to my hotel room and I drowned my problems in some Hennessy. I won’t say how much. It wasn’t until the next day that I looked at my phone and saw a few text messages. Now of course, I expected the usuals from my Mom and my brother, but I was surprised when I looked at Malik’s text wishing me luck in the Elimination Chamber match on Fight Night. I had every intention in my heart of telling Vincent Blackbird that I wanted time off to re-assess my career, but when I called Malik, after everything I’ve put him through, he encouraged me to give it one more shot. One more chance. World Championship opportunities don’t grow on trees, after all.

    So I spent all of last week training for the biggest match of my career, an Elimination Chamber match where I had the opportunity to face Dave Sullivan at any time of my choosing if I win. I gave it everything I had to change the narrative of the Michael Garcia story. But…well, you all know it, that story last week had the same tragic ending for me. I ended up falling at the feet of the Goddess. So…what does that mean for me? Does that mean that I’ve come here tonight, in front of all of you, to announce that I’m taking time off? Does that mean I am taking myself OUT of the running for a World Championship match at Payback? It seems, from watching what happened right before my match ... that I at least have an outside shot now.

    I requested this time to come out here tonight…in front of my hometown….perhaps the only people in the world who would ever give me the time of day to do this… to make the most important announcement of my career. The past couple of days I’ve sat down and I’ve really thought about things. You see, I put things into the proper perspective. Sure, I lost to Devin Golden at Back in Business, but I took that man to places he’s never been before. I made him bust out moves that he’s never even thought about before, because it was the only way to beat me. And yes, I came up short in the Elimination Chamber, but I lasted longer than every single person in that match, there were multiple times in that match when all 6 of those bastards needed to team up to put me down, I went through the glass pods THREE TIMES, and I was STILL in there until the end!”

    Garcia started to pick up intensity in his speech as the crowd started to get behind him.

    “And being there until the end meant I did some damage all the way up until the end, and I guaran-damn-tee that if you asked Kayden Knox or Mike Parr who handed out the most punishment in that match, they’d tell you it was Michael Goddamn Garcia! I know if you asked Cyrus Truth that question he’d tell you it was me, and do you know why? Because I’m the reason Cyrus Truth didn’t win that match. The most consistently dominant champion in recent history got pinned, and eliminated, by me! Now, Gabrielle is legitimately one of a handful of people in this company who I don’t despise with my entire soul. But Gabby, you know this as well as I do, on that night, in that moment, if I hadn’t had been in that match, for 20 minutes longer than you had, I’d be standing in that ring with my hand held high. One on one, last week, Gabby…I’d run your ass over like a mack truck because the Elimination Chamber gave me the one thing that I was missing. The one thing that you never want to give a man that’s seven feet tall and 375 lbs. It gave me motivation. It brought a fire back to my soul that I haven’t felt since the days when I first walked into this company. The self doubt that’s existed in the bottom of my soul has been squashed. Last week showed me that I can beat ANYBODY in this company at ANY time and that includes Dave Sullivan! Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. It might be at Payback. It might be later. One way or another, David, I’m gonna crush your skull and your soul and when I do, the story of Michael Garcia will have come full circle. You’ll see.”



    The arena turns dim with a thinning light shining down toward the ring. A steel cage lowers from the ceiling to cover each side of the squared area. As the cage lowers, the announcers hype the upcoming main event and the North American Championship rematch from Back in Business XIV.

    Rod Sterling: Remember everyone ... this is the primary rule. You MUST win the match by exiting the cage. You can do so either through the door or by climbing over the top. The first wrestler with BOTH feet touching the floor ... wins. They walk out with the FWA North American Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: We are hearing ... no pinfalls. No submissions. No disqualification. No countout. No real rules or restrictions on what you can do during the match.

    Christian Quinn: First person out ... wins. Everything else is fair game.

    The cage finally reaches the ground, and the crowd sort of lets out a rising hum of excitement. The lights remain dim inside the arena, just in time to explode for the first entrance song.

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr has his usual look about him. He comes out first in a nice suit jacket, but he quickly removes that at the top of the ramp to reveal a white T-shirt underneath. He removes his nice black pants to show off purebred wrestling tights. The 29-year-old, five-year FWA veteran has sandy brown hair, a smug look and a disheveled-yet-upkept facial hair style.

    Rod Sterling: Mike ... Parr ... a multi-time North American Champion. A former X Champion. A self-proclaimed champion of Television way back when. He's had a title-filled career. He has tons of accolades. And now ... he's trying to reclaim a title that is most precious to him.

    Daniella Kennedy: The title that he lost at Back in Business ... to a man he would quickly tell you he despises.

    Mike Parr slowly walks to the cage and steps in through the ropes. He's unfazed by the whole ordeal. In fact, he looks more like he's just ready to throw fists.

    The drum beat hits and the crowd immediately rises for cheers. The fans welcome the one-word-named FWA North American Champion with a glorious ovation. Krash comes out with his classic banana-colored yellow pants down to his ankles, a fit-in soft black belt and no shirt. The handlebar mustache completes the look. Krash has the championship over his shoulder and raises his arms just in time for the "your man ... is back ... in ... town" line of the song.

    Rod Sterling: Krash would probably tell you he's not a big fan of Mike Parr. No love lost here. And that's why it's a cage match, I suppose.

    Christian Quinn: BOTH men were in the Elimination Chamber match, and Krash went out before Mike Parr. I honestly felt both men were sleeper picks to win it. Obviously, we now know that Gabrielle would emerge victorious. But their rivalry continued inside the Chamber. Now it's another cell structure. This could get bloody.

    Krash reaches the cage door, but Mike Parr is standing close to it. Krash hands off the championship belt to the referee and stares up at "The Prodigy". He doesn't try to enter the cage with Parr standing right there. He knows it'll leave him vulnerable for a quick assault.

    Krash instead steps back and begins ... CLIMBING THE CAGE FROM THE OUTSIDE!


    Daniella Kennedy: Krash is getting some practice in. Might be a little unfair!

    Krash climbs up as Mike Parr wide-eyed watches him from inside the cage. He hunches down and prepares for whatever Krash is going to do next. Parr watches still as Krash reaches the very top, about five or six grabs and steps up the 15- or 20-foot structure.

    At the top, Krash sits there and looks down at his challenger and rival. He smirks, which only irritates "The Prodigy" further. Krash then starts talking ... without a microphone. But it's easily picked up by FWA cameras.

    Krash: Are you gonna let me come down and beat your ass?! Or are you gonna take a cheap shot like you always do?! Like you did before Back in Business?!

    Parr steps back and puts his hands out, as if to welcome Krash into the ring. The North American Champion cautiously pushes himself off the perch atop the cage and lands his feet onto the ropes. He grabs the chain link to stabilize himself, but he's too trusting...


    Parr sprints forward as Krash looks down for a second and the challenger sweeps the legs from under Krash and causes him to awkwardly and dangerously fall! BACK FIRST! He lands somehow BETWEEN the ropes and the side of the cage. Krash is able to grab the top rope and one of the chain links to slow his fall a bit, but he still lands in a way that has his leg sort of bounce off the middle rope and ricochet up into the air, going in a weird and quirky direction.

    Christian Quinn: Oh ... I ... I don't know. Is Krash okay?!?! He fell ... really really weirdly.

    Krash is fortunately able to pull himself up, but he's not walking fully on his left leg. He's gingerly going to his corner as the referee pulls Mike Parr back with a bear hug to keep him from doing further damage. Another referee has unlocked the cage door and is tending and checking on Krash.

    Daniella Kennedy: I ... I don't know. I guess the match hasn't even started yet! This is WILD! Mike Parr ... what a conniving little ... genius! Really, you have to commend him for doing whatever it takes!

    Rod Sterling: He could've ENDED his CAREER!

    Krash gives the go-ahead and quickly hops on his legs, landing and looking stable. Mike Parr looks across the ring with a flame in his eyes that is directed right at the champion. The ref rings the bell and finally ... we're off.

    FWA North American Championship
    Cage Match
    (win by exiting the cage, no pinfalls or submissions)
    Krash (c) vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    "The Prodigy" quickly runs toward Krash and throws repeated forearm blows at Krash's head. He beats down the champion until Krash is all the way to the bottom rope. Mike Parr begins stomping further and further until Krash is basically laying on top of the bottom rope with his head on the outside and touching the side of the cage.

    Parr grabs Krash and begins focusing on the left leg that landed awkwardly. First, he steps on it with all of his weight. All 230 or so pounds, which hurts like hell. Then he uses the ropes to jump up and land with both feet on the left leg. Parr then jumps and sits down on the left leg with all of his weight. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr has now worn down Krash and injured his leg severely. Krash is holding his left leg in severe pain. Parr then walks to the other side of the ring and steps up to the middle rope, grabbing the chain links. He looks back at Krash on the other side of the ring and smirks at the champion, who hasn't moved.

    Parr then takes another step up, this time standing on the top rope. He grabs the next link up and places his foot inside one of the holes on the cage wall. Then he reaches up and grabs the top, just about to fling his arms over the top and pull his lower body up closer.

    But Krash now grabs his left leg!!! Krash has a hold of it, reaching up with a hobbled standing of his own. Parr tries to kick him off, but Krash holds tight. The challenger has his hands on top of the cage wall and Krash is now pulling him to where Parr's lower body is dangling from the side of the cage! Finally, Krash yanks Parr backwards and has him land ON the canvas from about 10 or 12 feet in the air!!!

    Rod Sterling: OH MY GOD!

    Daniella Kennedy: Mike Parr DID NOT land well on that shoulder. He might've separated it!

    Parr lands in a way that his shoulder takes a really tough bump. He's moaning and holding his right shoulder with his left arm. His eyes are closed and the referee kneels down to check on him. Meanwhile, Krash hobbles toward the corner and looks down at Parr. He doesn't lose whatever anger he had and quickly hobbles forward and drops a forearm into the face. Then Krash sits atop Parr like a thez press finish and delivers repeated strikes. Finally, Parr shoves Krash off with his left arm. Krash then begins moving toward the cage door, opening it on his own after hobbling. But he has trouble getting through the ropes.

    Mike Parr gets up, shoving away the referee who was checking on him. "The Prodigy" is enraged and tackles Krash into the close-by turnbuckle. Parr then locks in a headlock with the left arm and drags Krash down to the canvas.

    Daniella Kennedy: The match has deteriorated into a full-out street fight. It's like watching two injured drunks brawling in a parking lot.

    Christian Quinn: This isn't a pure wrestling match, but the fans are LOVING it.

    Parr can be heard saying, "YOU F*CKED UP MY SHOULDER, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!"

    Krash is able to wiggle his head free from the head lock and land a forearm into the back of the head. Krash then hits a Famouser leg-hook faceplant!!! Krash stays sitting next to Parr and shouts back in retort,

    Krash then hobbles his way to the turnbuckle, but Parr again gets up and lands a running forearm to the back to stop him from exiting the cage through the door. "The Prodigy" finds enough strength with his one good shoulder to hit a belly-to-back suplex on Krash!!! The action re-enters the middle of the ring, with both men gasping for air and tending to their injured limbs.

    Rod Sterling: This match has been ... just brutal. It'll certainly take some years off of their careers!

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr grabs Krash by the neck and tries a whip to the ropes, but Krash counters and sends Parr into them. Krash then hits a back body drop. Parr stumbles to the ropes on the other side of the ring. Krash follows and smashes his face into the side of the cage. He does it a second time. Then a third time. Afterwards, Krash gingerly steps up to the second rope with his one healthy leg and then steps up to the third rope, using the side of the cage for balance. He then turns and jumps off for a crossbody as Parr turns to face him! It is beautiful and flawless, despite the injury!

    Krash rolls away after the landing, which may have done more pain to his left leg. He scoots himself toward the turnbuckle and, sensing time is short, pulls himself up using the ropes on either side of the corner turn.

    Krash then hobbles his way to climbing the turnbuckle. He gets to the top, standing, and then begins cimbing up the side of the cage! Krash grabs the top and is about to swing his left leg up over when Mike Parr grabs his right leg. Parr then climbs up behind him. Krash lands an elbow to the nose. Parr falls back and lands on the canvas. Krash then tries to climb up again. Parr again stops him. He reaches the top turnbuckle and grabs Krash by the back of the head and smashes his face into the cage cell. Then he does it a second time.

    Parr then does the unthinkable. He grabs Krash for a front head lock on the top turnbuckle and pulls him back for a TOP ROPE DDT!!! Krash ... crashes ... and both men lay on the canvas for about 30 seconds without moving a muscle!!!



    Mike Parr is first to rustle. He slowly turns his body and begins crawling to the cage door. The crowd begins stirring, cheering and murmuring. An intense urgency rises as everyone senses "The Prodigy" closing in on a win. He gets to the ropes and then pulls himself underneath them, crawling alongside the cage wall with the door just a few feet away.


    Now Krash is stirring, and he senses what is happening. So Krash follows him. First he is crawling. Then he is sort of lunging and diving to make up as much distance as possible.

    Daniella Kennedy: Krash won't let him get out without trying!

    Parr is able to push the door open and get his head and arms over the side of the apron. All he has to do is fall and his legs will hit the ground. But as he tries to do so, Krash grabs him by the ankles! Now it's the champion pulling him back into the ring. Parr is able to kick him in the chest, sending Krash backwards a few steps. Parr tries to exit again, but this time Krash is able to dive and grab Parr around the waist to hold him down. Krash then pulls him back into the middle of the ring!

    Parr gets up but Krash lands a forearm to the face. Krash then whips Parr into the ropes and somehow manages to hit his "One-Shot Kill" running knee! Parr takes the knee right to the jaw and goes down in the "X" position! Krash goes down to his knees and crawls to the nearby turnbuckle!


    Krash yanks himself upright with the help of the turnbuckle and ropes. Then he steps up to the top turnbuckle and begins climbing. Parr hasn't moved at all. Krash is gingerly going up each level, finally standing on top of the turnbuckle. He reaches up and grabs the top of the cage. At this moment, Mike Parr finally begins moving. Krash is up about halfway between the turnbuckle and the top of the cage cell. He grabs the top and pulls his upper body up above the eclipse. He has about half of it to the top. If he can get the other half up there, then all he has to do is fall ... if he must ... and he WILL win the match and retain the championship.


    But Mike Parr quickly runs into the turnbuckle and THROWS HIMSELF against the cage! It shakes the side of the structure enough to cause Krash to lose his balance a bit. He regains it, still close to the top. But Mike Parr does it AGAIN! He throws himself into the side of the cage and shakes it! Krash again loses his footing. Regains it. Tries a third time!

    And a THIRD TIME ... Mike Parr THROWS HIS BODY into the side of the cage and this time causes Krash to lose his grip and his footing and fall from the side of the cage and structure! He lands flat on his back, about as well as he could from 13 feet in the air!

    Mike Parr and Krash lay on the canvas for about a minute. The crowd is RED HOT for the brutal encounter they've witnessed thus far. Krash is the first person to stir. He reaches the turnbuckle and pulls himself up. Mike Parr turns to his stomach and eyes the cage door.

    Krash begins climbing and reaches the top of the turnbuckle. Mike Parr begins crawling toward the cage door. Krash sees that Parr is going the quicker route, so he tries to fasten his pace. He reaches up to the top of the cage and begins pulling himself up with everything he has. On the ground, "The Prodigy" is now underneath the ropes and reaching out to push open the unlocked door.

    Krash and Parr seem like they're in a dead heat for the final leg of this race. Krash finally swings his leg up and over the peak of the cage wall. He now is leaning just barely on the inside half, and he finally adjusts and is sitting squarely at the top. He looks down and considers jumping. Then he looks over and sees that Parr has JUST NOW pushed open the door.

    Krash swings the other leg over and begins climbing down. Parr pushes himself towards the door opening and has his hands and head leaning over the side of the ring. It looks as if Krash is going to win, having a step down on the outside of the cage.


    Sean Hughes sprints down the rampway as Krash is climbing down, and Hughes stands right below Krash in preparation to block him! He shouts, "GO! GO, MIKE! I GOT HIM!"

    Krash looks down and sees Hughes. He sees that his path is blocked. He's about one-third of the way down the side of the cage, maybe 13 feet in the air to the floor where he needs to touch with both feet.

    Mike Parr is now more than halfway through the door. His hands are now touching the floor. And he's wiggling his legs and feet from under the ropes. So Krash HAS to make a desperation play here.

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh my God ... what is Krash going to do?!

    Krash decides to go for it. He JUMPS from his spot on the cage wall and down ONTO Sean Hughes! He lands on "The Protege" just as Mike Parr's legs fly through the doorway and drop down in the air.

    Hughes is able to catch Krash though ... and falls backwards with Krash about to land on top of him!!! With the commotion there, Krash's feet are delayed touching the ground floor! And Mike Parr's feet both touch right as Sean Hughes is about to hit the ground with Krash on top of him, still yet to touch the floor with any part of his body!


    Krash finally hits the ground and touches the floor, about three-fourths of a second after "The Prodigy" did.

    Daniella Kennedy: I ... I think Mike Parr technically just won! I think we have a three-time North American Champion!

    The referees all look at one another confused. Mike Parr raises his arms in the air, to signal as if he won the match. The bell rings ... the match is over.

    But there's no announcement of a winner. Just the raucous chatter and chanting from the energetic fans watching.

    Match Result: ???

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr raises his arms in the air as he remains laying on the ground just outside of the cage. Krash is likewise laying on the ground, and he too has his arms in the air. Sean Hughes is pointing to Parr and then to Krash and trying to tell the referee that Krash's feet didn't hit the floor right away.

    Rod Sterling: This ... this is chaos. I can't recall ANYTHING quite like this. I think ... I think .. Mike Parr's feet hit first. But ... there hasn't been any announcement!

    Christian Quinn: Could they give Krash the win based off Sean Hughes' interference?! They couldn't, right?!

    Both competitors believe they won the match, and suddenly the FWA Fight Night logo appears in the corner of the screen. The last visual we get is "The Prodigy" Mike Parr with his arms in the air, asking "Where is the title?", and Krash laying on the ground near the entrance rampway, asking the nearest person "Who has my championship? Where is it?"
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    Shannon O'Neal
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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    A chaotic show. Didn't expect Kadazi to beat Golden so soon so that was epic, There were a lot fun segments and promos on this show. That gauntlet match going to interesting. The X division open challenge and the North American title match were insane. Great show guys

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    I thought this was a really good show. I loved the main event, and the ending was particularly strong. Going off the air with the confusion and the FWA logo showing up in the corner was some WCW levels of show-closing carnage. It's great that this feud is rolling on and I'm looking forward to seeing where Parr and Krash go next with it.

    The highlight of the show for me was the Sullivan-Gabrielle stuff. The two have great chemistry and play off each other really well. The Captain Hook watch gift was amusing, but the second segment was on another level. Sullivan stepped up big time and his monologue was fantastic. That's going to be a really great feud. It'll be interesting to see how Garcia plays into it all now and, of course, if any of the six gauntlet contenders can get a big win next week.

    The tag match stipulation change should lead to an exciting contest at Payback. I thought Black-Grayson was really close and whoever lost that would've been able to feel unfortunate. Grayson in-particular has had good showings consistently for a few shows and I'm sure he'll break the storm soon. Huge opportunity for him next week.

    Interesting to see where both Truth and Diamond go after that match.

    Thanks to everyone who helped put it together.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    -Always nice to see Jon back, dude is a king pin and if he stuck around the first time, I like to think about Zak as the Nate Diaz of the EFed world, elite level level probably should be a world champion a million times over if he didn't have a spat with management, hope he sticks around

    -As we all knew they would Gabby and Sully knocked it out of the park, they're two masters of their craft and I honestly hope that Gabby doesn't cash in for awhile and just continues trolling Sully in segments like this. One small thing; I'm not a fan of Dave speaking like a medieval king. the robe, specter, crown etc reminds me of King Booker, who was pretty much a comedy charrie, less booker more ric flair would be dope, but I'm not the champ. So what do I know?

    -Aw bugger. No disrespect to my boy Al, who deserves the win, but GG is the most over baby face with me, And I was willing him to win. GG if you keep at it, I promise, wins are coming,we need people like you. You are going to go a long way in this fed I promise that.

    - Yep, Eli is still a bamf, going to be a player soon.

    - Huh, Weird segment with the parrot. Probably means nothing. Just a bit of skull duggary.

    -Honestly, This has been a long time coming and the Vs and the new wave should have gotten a shot long ago because they're both chill like this, looking forward to the PPV.

    - Ohhhh yes I like this story, the down fall of Cyrus, I'm not going to lie; after getting my heart broken by Cyrus about eight times in a row, I'm experiencing a profound sense of schadenfreudian enjoyment and I love it. I'm curious where this is going.

    -Aw double bugger; First off, congrats to SS and damn what a brutal fucking match, probably the fight night match of the year, never been a fan of the whole hardcore thing but that's what this division is about, so it lived up to the billing, This is probably the end of KC, I treated this match like a win or die for him which is why I went ham in my promo, so don't expect any amazing promos for his last few matches, I had one bullet left in the chamber for him and it's another dud, that's just how it goes, I'm happy I worked with KC, it was a experiment to see if I can write serious wrestlers and I gave it a good swing with six months work but evidently I can't. So it goes.

    I will say one thing and I think it's something most people would agree with; MVH is far too good for the third ranking belt in the company and it was a total mistake to get her involved in the x belt, I feel like if we have to have a x-belt -And to be honest? with the roster size do we need threebelts? but that's beside the point- should be treated like a belt for new comers to get them rolling and motivated or people trying to rediscover themselves, Seeing MVH with that belt is like seeing stone cold with the hardcore title. She's utterly too good and she should have been shot up to the main event with a rocket. But here we are, and I fully expect MVH to break Kai's record because damn is SS good.

    -Hooo boi. I'm not sure where to begin with this...When I first read this -and sayer will attest to this because I was discording my live reaction to this to him- I was a fan of where this was going, some kind of six way match between new comers and people who whose never had a shot at the main event before is a fantastic idea, and I was all for it; ...Until I read a little down and saw it was a gauntlet match against Dave...And honestly? Not a fan; First off. VERY weird booking of a heel champion. the heel trying to overcome the odds by beating a bunch of other people and over come the odds set down by a unfair authority stacking the deck against him. But more then that, on the surface it seems like a great opportunity for the new comers but the trick is; Sully is very very good. I don't think he's been beaten this year, and it's entirely possible that Dave beats everyone and if Dave systematically pins all six one after the other that's just a straight up burial of those six. I'm not sure if there's any other way to look at it. I'm sure you guys have it all planned out but I'm worried where this is leading and TOTALLY supporting the new guys.

    - Big Dick Mick, getting promo time. Nothing but good things to say

    -AW shit shit be crazy in the main event! I love that ending so creative and now I'm really intrigued where everyone goes from here.
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    I loved the cliffhanger ending.

    Glad people enjoyed the Sully / Gabby stuff. I know Sully and I both enjoy writing segments between them because theres this very natural and easy dynamic/banter between them. Glad that comes across well.

    Whats this Garcia getting a Title shot off a loss...I call shenanigans...on Gabby.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 04/17/2020

    Kazadi has to be the weirdest guy from a fan perspective, booked so strongly but has RVD/Jeff Hardy tier flakiness

    I think I know who owns the parrot. TARS IS BACK ON WC!

    I can vibe with the Elite mindset. Think they'd get along with Kazadi a decent bit. - That is until I saw how they got the W. Mucho disappointed Elite.

    Big rebound win for Nova Diamond. Another loss for Cyrus. He should commiserate with Gerald Grayson on a solution to constant defeat. Would love to see Nova Diamond facing off against any of the champs at this point since they're all pretty strong and he's a really good contender for any belt at this point.

    Would be hilarious if Randall just attacked anyone who tried to answer MVH's challenge.

    MVH is going to get that weekly MOTYC rep Cena had when he was US Champ I'm thinking. She's a great character and I think she'll do well to elevate the whole X title scene and make it interesting.

    That gauntlet match sounds really fun & massive. Though a part of me wants to see if theres a possibility Sully adds to his legacy and wins it all?

    Nice way to end the show with Krash/Parr. Theyre two guys that contrast really well so more ring time between them is always nice.

    I enjoy the very ambiguous roster hierarchy in FWA right now. Really feels like anyone could challenge for any belt and all belts matter.

    Sweet stuff.

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