Bit of a step down this week.

- Brock and Drew segment was fine, I still don't buy it as a Wrestlemania main event but the fans are into it which is a good sign for WWE

- Street Profits vs Seth and Buddy was a nice moment. The build to Owens vs Rollins has been solid, but it's gone on soooo long and not in a good way. Rollins' promos still suck and he keeps getting time. I did like that he's pissed off about losing his title and is the one demanding the match with Owens.

- The Black vs AJ stuff has been well built. It's just a shame it's all to facilitate some old fucking waste of space beating AJ at Wrestlemania in a match that benefits nobody except people that are desperate for Undertaker to have a watchable match for the first time in 5 years. I hate this, and both AJ and Black deserve better.

- The Shayna vs Kairi match was a disaster and someone needs to have a word with whoever booked that match. Why book a heel versus heel match for Shayna's debut, against a heel that is pretty much irrelevant outside of the fact she hangs out with a far better more interesting heel. Why book it for that long? Shayna should have crushed a face wrestler in about 3 minutes tops. Also Becky was really obnoxious on commentary. This is the first week that this feud has missed the mark with me.

- The tag match with Garza, Andrade, Rey and Carrillo was predictably amazing. Just let these four wrestle each other for the next six months and I'll be happy.

- Main event segment was ace. I'm still enjoying the feud.

Overall this is the least excited I've been for Wrestlemania in a long, long time. There's nothing that's gripping me at all and nothing I'd describe as must-see. Every match that has a positive still has a big next to it.

Edge vs Orton has been built well* - *but Orton sucks as a heel wrestler and Edge was barely good even in his prime.
Drew vs Brock could be fun* - *but I couldn't care less about Drew.
AJ vs Undertaker - I have nothing positive to say about this
etc etc