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Thread: WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 10

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    WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 10

    As Tig makes some crude gestures at Keefmoon, Man has had enough! He's taking a stand! He's been pushed around for too long, spent too much of this Rumble being on the recieving end of moves, and it's time for a change! He surprises Ed from behind with a german suplex, and does a vague 'jacked white athlete' dance!

    Wolf Beast: Wait, I know how this goes. HEY MAN, ISN'T THIS YOUR FIR-

    Man slaps the taste out of Wolf Beast's mouth!

    Silk: Boy, Man, you're doing pretty well for your firs-

    Man crushes Silk with a spinning wheel kick!

    Smooth Jazz Wolf: ... First Rumble for-

    Man rolls out of the ring, stomps over to the announce table, and glares. In less than a second, Smooth Jazz Wolf is reduced to a sobbing mess.

    Man climbs back into the ring, but Shawn was waiting for him, and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex! Man bounces near the ropes, landing back on his feet, and Shawn charges with a lariat!

    Man ducks, and Shawn misses! Man charges with a lariat!

    Shawn ducks, but this time tugs the top rope down too, and Man stumbles over the ropes! He hangs on, refusing to go gently into that night!

    Until The Golden One rushes in with the biggest of boots right to the mush, leaving Man to go gently into that night.

    It's our next entrant, a Hall of Famer, Jimmy King! He helps Man to his feet and commends him for a fantastic Rumble showing, before climbing into the ring.


    Day 10, let's make it a PRIVATE VOTING ROUND!


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    Re: WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 10

    The private voting round - Jimmy King's worst enemy.


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