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Thread: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

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    FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Sterling: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first Fight Night of the new year! And while a new year brings new resolutions, several of our FWA superstars are looking for res"olution inside that squared circle as Back in Business draws nearer!

    Quinn: That's right, Roderick! Tonight, I don't expect us to see any issues resolved, only exacerbated! But one man who is looking to definitely settle a score tonight is Kevin Cromwell, who is fighting for his friend, Nova Diamond, who was assaulted by Dave Sullivan not long ago! We've received word that Nova Diamond is now a 50% shot at competing in his match for the World Title at Back in Business!

    Sterling: Certainly a despicable act by our champion, but if there is a silver lining, Dave Sullivan is no longer a triple champion!

    Kennedy: That's right, the new year brings us a new champion! New United States Champion that is! "The Prodigy" Mike Parr has won back the belt that he put on the map, and tonight, he'll be in tag team action against "The White Wolf" Krash and Devin Golden tonight! But not to worry, because he's got a 7 foot bad boy in his corner, who has seemingly had Devin Golden's number the past few weeks! Mike Parr and Mike Garcia take on Krash and Golden in our main event,tonight!

    Sterling:All that and a hell of a lot more tonight and WHOA! We're starting the new year off with the FORMER FWA World Champion in action!

    The opening chords for “Subconscious Entry” hit and Cyrus Truth walks out to a massive round of cheers and he wastes no time walking down to the ring, and once he reaches the ring he stands across from his opposition…
    The violin chords of "Subconscious" brings the crowd to their feet as the former World Champion, Cyrus Truth, appears at the top of the ramp. There's a cacophony of cheers with some boos thrown in as The Exile makes his way down to the ring dressed in his ring gear.

    Rod Sterling: The former World Champion seems to have something he needs to get off his chest. As a reminder to our viewers, Cyrus is scheduled to be in tag team action later tonight against the Cheshire Cat Clan.

    Christian Quinn: You seem to have forgotten the most important part about that, Rod...Truth's partner? It's Gabrielle, same as last week. Sure, they won...but it's clear that they aren't going to be able to keep it together if this keeps going.

    Daniella Kennedy: It does make me wonder why General Manager Ryan Rondo has booked these two as tag partners for two consecutive shows...and based on Truth's expression, he's definitely not happy about the situation.

    Indeed, Cyrus's expression is one of twisted anger and frustration as he enters the ring. There's no posturing, no, The Exile is here with purpose as he demands a microphone from a nearby stagehand, who quickly gives it to the Wayward Warrior. As Cyrus speaks, his tone is just above a growl, bitter bile dripping on his every word.

    "Let me make this clear to Rondo, Robinson, and anybody else who has a hand in what goes on here in FWA. I do not like having my time wasted.

    "We are on the road to Back in Business, the biggest event of the year. An showcase that I've main-evented for three years straight. I realize and accept, however much I don't like it, that I'm not going to main event this year barring some major shift in the landscape. But seems to me that there are a multitude of avenues that management could go down that would at least be worth my time until I am given my rightful rematch for the World Title. Other championship pursuits, new and up-and-coming talent that are hungry to prove their glory...ANY of this would be worth my time and attention.

    "So tell me...why in all the Hells am I wasting my time giving Gabrielle the rub?"

    The mention of Gabrielle's name elicits a loud pop as Cyrus winces in irritation, as if that praise is anathema to him. Cyrus nonetheless continues.

    "Scratch that...I know 'why' management insists on these circus acts that they like to call tag team matches. But their only explanation and the only explanation that it could be don't change the fact that it is a massive waste of my time and energy. There's no way that this results in a Tag Title match, because I'm not the type of person to continue dragging somebody to glory, especially somebody as pathetic as "The New" Gabrielle. And as much as Gabrielle would love to believe that she can beat me, all evidence points to the contrary and, deep down? She realizes this as well.

    "So why, why, WHY am I forced to waste my TIME on this? Does management have literally NOTHING better for me to do? Can somebody explain to me why my only purpose as of late is to give Gabrielle's floundering legacy credibility by my presence? Please, by all means...if somebody could explain this to me, I'm all ears and, apparently, have nothing better to do than wait for an answer. For the better part of four years, I have faced the absolute best that FWA had to offer. One would THINK that any reasonable manager or owner could have something for me to do that's not keeping a falling star relevant well past their halcyon days. So please...either end this charade that I've been forced to put up with over the last few weeks and give me something better to sink my teeth into.

    "And if you can't...or won't? Then stop putting it off and give me Sullivan..."

    Cyrus grits his teeth as the crowd is buzzing due to The Exile's declaration. However, instead of Ryan Rondo's music we get 'Envy' by KHZ signaling the arrival of Gabrielle. The fans instantly get to their feet and loudly cheer for her as she steps out atop the entryway dressed in her ring gear, dressed for combat.

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth wants a Back In Business match, well these two right here seem like they're barrelling towards that.

    Daniella Kennedy: This here right now though could get ugly. These two refuse too get along.

    Gabrielle and Cyrus lock eyes the entire time that Gabrielle marches down to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and getting right in Cyrus's face for a moment. The two of them can be seen exchanging some thankfully unheard insults.

    Christian Quinn: Yeah this is NOT going to end well tonight. I don't think they're capable of working together at all, especially after last week.

    Gabrielle and Cyrus butt heads in the middle of the ring before Gabrielle takes a couple of steps backwards with a smirk firmly plastered upon her face. She outstretches her arms and plays to the live audience, once again receiving a loud cheer of approval. Then she points at Cyrus Truth, and the audience reaction changes, a slightly quieter cheer with a smattering of boos. Cyrus just shakes his head dismissively as Gabrielle continues to smirk as she brings a microphone up to her lips.

    "Just hand you Dave Sullivan right Cyrus, that is what you want. Through all your talk, all your bragging, all your bravado you want to just be handed a match with Dave Sullivan. How entirely...predictable. Through all your talk of earning things, deserving things you just want to be handed a World Title match now, right?

    I feel it is my duty to remind you of a few things then Cyrus. YOU lost to Dave Sullivan, blame it on me all you want but it was your shoulders on the mat. But you can blame me for the next one, because then I easily threw you out of the ring during Carnal Contendership. You want to discredit everything I have done, and all of my opportunities, then stand in this ring demanding a Championship match. I never demanded anything, I beat everyone put in front of me week after well to get my shots at the FWA World Championship...yet it wasn't good enough for you.

    You're a hypocrite Cyrus, and the worst kind of hypocrite. I always knew you were, talking such a big game, demanding so much of everyone else, yet you yourself are just a spoiled little brat who cant handle when things dont go his way. A spoiled little brat incapable of ever showing any kind of humility or decency. You think you're keeping me relevant."

    Gabrielle rolls her eyes as a look of utter disgust overtakes her beautiful features.

    "I may be a Fallen Goddess, but you Cyrus are trying to ride my former Divinity back to feeling important. No World Championship match for you this year at Back In Business...and that is just eating you up inside. It is such a beautiful thing to witness. Cyrus...Truth exposing all his own lies as he has to face the fact he's not important anymore."

    Cyrus glares daggers at Gabrielle, a look that threatens to kill. His tone is barely above a whisper, but simmers with rage.

    "Here to try and cling to me like a life preserver in the middle of the ocean again, Gabby? Once again, trying to use my own words against me and failing miserably at it. You hear, but you don't listen. I said it very clearly: unless FWA gave me something worthwhile to do, I wanted Dave Sullivan and my rematch. I've said before that I am MORE than capable of biding my time until I am given that rematch, but you conveniently forgot that little bit of information when it suited you. Unlike everybody else in this company, I don't bitch and moan about what is or isn't owed to me, and I can be patient as long as I'm given something to do worth my time. And sadly for you, dragging your sorry ass to relevance week after week is most certainly NOT worth my time."

    There's numerous vocal "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd as Gabrielle's lovely face is twisted some at Cyrus's insult.

    "And again, for all that everybody in this company likes to talk about traditions and the like...including yourself? You all like to conveniently forget certain ones when they benefit somebody like me. It's written in your contract as well as mine and everybody elses: lose the championship, you are entitled to a rematch. And unlike people like Ryan Rondo, Bell Connelly, or Chris Kennedy? I don't intend for my rematch to be forgotten about or ignored, especially since I've practically owned that title ever since I got here. Something you can't claim ever since your return.

    "Look at yourself, Gabrielle. You claim to have abandoned your divinity, but you still continue to want to project all of your shortcomings and hypocrisies onto others, and I've been your favorite target. The only thing you said that has any Truth to it is that it does irritate me to no end that I won't be competing for the World Title at Back in Business, and that's because the World Title has been synonymous with me since I took it from Stu St. Clair and Ryan Rondo the first times. I MADE that title what it was the last three years. Restored it after people like YOU tarnished it by making it a testament to your vanity. And the fact that it's in the hands of a walking cesspool like Sullivan thanks in no small part to your constant interference and your inability to accept the fact that you are incapable of beating me on your best day is a thorn in my side that you simply refuse to let me remove.

    "Fallen from divinity? The Truth is, I BEAT the Goddess out of you, Gabby. And if you value your livelihood and your continued ability to walk under your own power? I suggest you swallow that bitter pill, leave my ring, and find somebody else to leech off.

    "Or...don't. And lose what little I let you keep at the Anniversary Show."

    Gabrielle glares into Cyrus's eyes, getting right in his face as the sea of FWA fans all around them buzz, waiting for the first punch to be thrown. But Gabrielle just smirks for a moment and then looks upon Cyrus with utter contempt.

    "Is the moniker 'Cyrus Truth' meant to be so ironic? You're standing out here telling the World that I'm the one not accepting my faults, not accepting my shortcommings. I've owned them Cyrus, week after week I've said I haven't been good enough. I wasn't good enough to beat you at the Anniversary Show, and I wasn't good enough to beat you and Sullivan at Desert Storm."

    "I'm owning that Cyrus, I'm admitting it despite your claims to the contrary. But you just stood right here, right now and blamed me for you're own failures. I'm not the one who was pinned by Dave Sullivan, that was you. Satiate your fragile ego all you want by blaming it on me but everyone knows you failed, YOU lost the World Championship to Dave Sullivan. You need to accept that Cyrus, and move on from it, I mean...Dave clearly has your number and I wont allow you to hide behind me to explain why you cant beat him. Just accept that YOU lost, and maybe then you can start speaking some Truths instead of so many lies."

    Cyrus goes to speak up, intent to get a few licks back in but Gabrielle cuts him off.

    "And you want to stand here and complain about your rematch, like you have it so bad. I never got either of my rematches for the World Championship Cyrus. I had to go through a pregnancy, through a Divorce, through Trial By Fire matches. I had to endure a war with Stu St.Clair, I had to fight for the survival of the FWA itself when Jimmy King tried to end it, I had to go through so much. Three years of ups and downs to get back to the FWA World Championship. Then this time around I had to win a tournament after three years away from the ring to get my shot at you. I've had to fight so hard to get my rematches, to get my shots at being the World Champion again. So dont you stand here and throw a pity party for yourself because you couldn't win Carnal Contendership."

    "That means nothing to me. You want your 'rematch' then how about you try battling through half the crap that I've had too to get my rematches. Instead of coming out here and acting like you're so much better than me while simultaneously exposing yourself to be everything bad thing you claim I am, how about you man up and accept that you wont just be handed everything anymore. Instead of pouting and begging for what you want how about you try and show the World that you're so much better than me. How about backing up your words, instead of demanding things."

    "'Backing up my words?' Are you willfully stupid, or actually deaf? You stand there and tell ME that I have to back up my words?! Clearly you're either completely ignorant and unwilling to listen or haven't been paying attention. I am Cyrus Truth, you dumb bitch."

    That wipes the smirk off Gabrielle's face quickly with that pointed barb of an insult. Cyrus gets right into Gabby's face as he taunts her.

    "I'm willing to fight for what I desire. I've been fighting ever since I got here, to win the World Title and to keep it from everybody in this company who's ever said that I was unworthy to hold it. If I get my owed rematch, fine. If I have to brutalize every single member of this roster...its past, present and get my shot, all the better. You talk about how hard it was for you, how much you had to scrape and claw and push to get the accolades you've earned. And you want to pretend like I was handed everything since I got here. Tell me...when did FWA ever treat me as their top guy? When has FWA decided to put their faith in me as their champion?

    "You know the answer, don't you? They never did. And never will. Because they didn't make me. They don't have their stamp on me. Can you stand there and honestly say the same? In spite of your many 'woes,' you have been and will continue to be this company's Golden Girl until you either retire for good or are broken.

    "I won Carnal Contendership to earn my first Back in Business main event. I eliminated Stu St. Clair and Phillip Jackson to be the only worthy challenger to Ryan Rondo and I defeated him soundly to become the World Champion. The only reason that my tenure in FWA has been spent more with the World Title than not is because fools and blowhards like you have tried and failed time and again to keep me away from the belt. In the span of three years, I have remained at the top of the mountain not because I was handed ANYTHING. But because people like you were too weak to knock me off."

    Cyrus backs off, but there's a raw seething in his eyes as he continues glaring Gabrielle down.

    "As much as you wish it to be otherwise, you're not in my league. You never were and never will be. You don't get to bask in glory, not while I stand. You're through, Gabrielle. And if you want to continue trying to drag me down with you? You'll learn that there are far worse ways for one's journey to end..."

    THWACK! With no hesitation, Cyrus drives his elbow into the side of Gabrielle's head, staggering her. However, rage takes over as Gabrielle unloads with a series of elbow smashes of her own, as the two trade blows in the middle of the ring.

    However, General Manager Vincent Blackbird apparently saw this coming, as immediately swarms of security and trainers rush the ring, grabbing onto the two and separating them. It takes literally everything they have to keep the two apart, as both Cyrus and Gabrielle are practically foaming at the mouth wanting to tear the other apart...




    Goldsmith: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time...the new General Maanager of Fight Night...Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird!

    There is a mild cheer for the new GM, many still wary of his true intentions.

    Goldsmith: Vincent, last week, you stripped 'The King" Dave Sullivan of his X Division championship, but you didn't make an announcement as to crowning a new champion. Have you made a decision as to the future of the X Division championship?

    Blackbird: Absolutely, young Katie. You see, the X Division Championship apparently means alot of things to alot of different people. To some people it represents the youth of our company, making every attempt to prove themselves to the locker room. To others it represents a new style of pro wrestling, a high flying spot monkey style that excites the crowd and gets 5 star ratings from Shake Meltzer on PWI.

    But to me, Katie, it represents a breed of individuals who would be willing to do ANYTHING to achieve their goals! A group of individuals who would put their body and more importantly, someone else's body through absolute hell to get what they want. A creative bunch of heathens who are more interested in using their surroundings to their advantage than by adhering to a bunch of rules that prohibit real violence. The X Division under my rule here will bring back violence in its most extreme form. EVERY single X Division championship defense will be competed under Lord Vincent's code...that is to say, no rules, no DQs, no countouts, no rope breaks. Pure chaos. And this first X Division championship match will take place at Back in Business, and while I have yet to decide all of the competitors that will compete in that match, I do know for a fact that Kayden Knox and Eli Black will be two of them. The rest will be announced in the coming weeks. Could be just the two of them...could be 20 of them. Who knows?

    But all I know is...that whoever walks out of this match, will have earned it! They will have put their body through unspeakable pain, and have risked their careers... in a Hardcore Hell match! An enclosed structure with some of my favorite weapons enclosed inside! And if anyone wants to escape, well, there is no escape. Just pure, unsolicited hell.

    Vincent stares coldly into the camera.

    Back to you, Rod.

    The New Breed vs. The Wave (w/ Ashley Bell)

    "The Protégé" Sean Hughes begins the match for The New Breed. Johnny Devlin starts it for The Wave. The quick movements of these two bring excitement to the crowd. Hughes and Devlin trade arm drags and tease dropkicks while playing to a stalemate for the first two minutes. Devlin somehow gets out of the ring and tries a slingshot crossbody, which Hughes dodges. Hughes tries a corkscrew moonsault after but Devlin again dodges it. A belly-to-belly suplex follows, with a spinebuster as the second act. Devlin seems in control of the opening four minutes and quickly applies an arm twist maneuver. But Hughes counters with a Hammerlock DDT.

    Tag made to The Prototype, who stomps in with a big running clothesline to Johnny Devlin. He goes for a quick pinfall but it's just a short two count. The Prototype whips Devlin to the ropes but the speedster baseball slides through his opponents' legs and makes a tag to Andre Mack. The 6-foot, 4-inch man enters the ring and stares down The Prototype, who is 6-5. Mack and The Prototype grapple in a strong-man style, with The Prototype backing Mack to the ropes. The Prototype tries a big clubbing punch but Mack dodges it and now has The Prototype backed up into the ropes. Mack eventually pushes The Prototype to the turnbuckle and lands a few slaps across the chest! Mack then hits a Biel toss on The Prototype that sends the crowd into a tizzy!

    Mack follows with a lariat that knocks The Prototype back down. He tries a frog splash from the top turnbuckle, but The Protégé distracts him and allows The Prototype to meet him at the top rope. The Prototype then climbs up and hits a big superplex from the top rope!!!


    Daniella Kennedy: The whole arena shook, Christian!

    Both men are down for about 15 seconds while their partners wait for a tag. The crowd is revving up in excitement as Johnny Devlin is hopping around. Finally, the tags are made and Devlin and Hughes spring into the ring. Devlin ducks a spinning wheel kick and lands a dropkick. Then a tornado DDT! Hughes scurries to the turnbuckle and Devlin lands a leaping forearm. Then a springboard flying knee that hits right to the forehead!

    Devlin covers! ......................1.........................2..............The Prototype breaks it up!

    Andre Mack enters the ring and clotheslines The Prototype to the ground. Hughes tries to push Mack over the top turnbuckle but it's far too difficult for him. The crowd cheers as Mack slowly walks toward Hughes, who backs up slowly and puts his hands up. The Prototype rises up and lifts Andre Mack up with sheer FORCE. The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as The Prototype tries to land the One-Winged Angel finisher, but Mack is too heavy and escapes. Andre Mack then kicks The Prototype in the gut and lifts him up for a POWERBOMB!

    The crowd EXPLODES but "The Protégé" Sean Hughes lands a low-angle dropkick to the knees. This stops Mack's move and now he and The Prototype are down on the canvas. Hughes doesn't see Johnny Devlin from behind with a springboard hurricarana! Devlin connects beautifully and the crowd is now up on its feet!

    Devlin grabs The Protege by the neck and whips him into the ropes. The Protege gets flipped to a back body drop and lands in a precarious spot where he can grab tights for a roll-up pin!

    But Mack quickly breaks it up and The Prototype comes in with a furious knee to the back of his head. The referee loses control of the match and finally calls for the bell.

    Result: No Contest



    Vincent Blackbird: What I mean is that you’re not the same man that, as you put it, made my life a living hell. You’ve lost your edge, you’ve lost your passion…

    Randall looks down at the floor as he hears all of this, knowing it to be true.

    Vincent Blackbird: You’ve lost what made you who you are, you’ve lost what made you “The Wildcard”. You were this ruthless son of a bitch with a take no shit attitude, but I don’t know who you are but what I do know is that you’re not who I just described…

    Vincent gets closer to Randall and points at his chest.

    Vincent Blackbird: Another thing I know is that man that I just described...that man is still somewhere inside of you...just waiting to be unleashed!

    This time Vincent pokes Randall in the chest with his index finger and Randall looks up at Vince, now a bit agitated by the man that was once his enemy

    Vincent Blackbird: That look in your eyes, that fire it still burns inside of you but I want to see you unleash it in that ring in your match tonight. Prove to me that you’re still capable of being “The Wildcard” and maybe...just maybe I’ll consider putting you in that match for the X-Championship…

    With that Blackbird walks out of the scene leaving Randall to think this over as the show cuts back to ringside...

    Sterling: Wow....Vincent Blackbird...trying to bring out the "Wildcard" in Jason Randall... This my not bode well for Kayden Knox and Eli Black lter on tonight!

    Quinn: No way in hell is this something that either of those two men wanted to have happen going in to a street fight tonight

    “Kick in the Door” booms throughout the arena and the arrival Trevor Ocean on stage elicits a mixed reaction, and as always he’s flanked by his teammate Noah Stocke. Both men walk down to the ring, Noah speaking with Trevor on the way, possibly discussing strategy for Trevor’s match.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Noah Stocke, from Seattle, WA by way of Vancouver, BC and weighing in at 222 lbs...he is one half of The Elite...Trevor Ocean!

    “Bow Down” now fills the arena and more of a mixed reaction for the tag team champions, Jackson Fenix struts out on stage while holding his tag team championship over his shoulder. Nate follows behind him, wearing his championship around his waist as he stands on stage and stares coldly down at The Elite in the ring before walking down to the ring while Fenix mocks The Elite on his way down.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, being accompanied by Jackson Fenix, from Philadelphia, PA and weighing in at 266 lbs...he is one half of The Undisputed Alliance and one half of the current FWA Tag Team Champions...Nate Savage!

    Rod Sterling: The Elite made their return several weeks ago, spoiling the celebration of The Undisputed Alliance, and ever since then Savage and Fenix have wanted to get their hands on Ocean and Stocke

    Daniella Kennedy: Don’t forget Rod, these two teams have some history dating back to their days in the CWA so there is definitely no love lost between them

    Christian Quinn: That’s the past Daniella, none of that should matter to them now

    Singles Match
    Trevor Ocean w/Noah Stocke vs Nate Savage w/Jackson Fenix


    Ocean and Savage circle each other briefly before tying up, and Savage traps Ocean in a side headlock but Ocean shoves him away towards the ropes and Savage comes back off the ropes and takes down Ocean with a shoulder tackle! Ocean kips up however and the two stare each other down before breaking out into what looks like a hockey fight, trading lefts and rights with one another and Savage goes for a kick to the midsection but Ocean catches him and quickly takes him down by the leg and quickly applies a leg lock cranking back on Savage’s leg. However, Savage is quick enough to grab a nearby rope to break the hold, and as Savage uses the ropes as leverage he’s clubbed from behind by Ocean and then taken down with a leg hook saito suplex!

    Ocean is quick to apply a chin lock now and drives his knee into the lower spine of Savage, while on the outside Stocke looks on pleased and claps while Fenix is slapping the apron trying to rally on his partner Savage. Eventually, Savage is able to rise up and removes himself from the hold and drives several back elbows to Ocean. Savage gets Ocean with an eye poke, temporarily blinding him and follows up with several bionic elbows that stuns Ocean enough into the corner. Savage backs up and then crashes into Ocean with a running corner splash! Ocean slumps down and Savage comes back once more with a corner cannonball senton! Savage drags Ocean up to his feet and hits a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Ocean tries to crawl away but is picked by Savage and Savage has him in a sleeper position about to go for a sleeper suplex, but Ocean fights out of it with several back elbows and Savage is in the corner. Ocean runs at Savage looking for a running corner kick, but Savage was ready for it and counters with a uranage!

    Daniella Kennedy: He slammed Ocean with such ease and so nonchalantly!

    Savage climbs up on the middle turnbuckle and looks out to the crowd for a moment, lets out a roar, and leaps off with a senton but Ocean gets his knees up in time to block the offense! Savage crumbles to the mat but Ocean quickly drags him up and hoists him up and drops him down hard to the canvas with a fisherman’s carry cutter! He follows up with a pin attempt…


    Ocean whips Savage to the corner and goes for the Bees Knees, but Savage catches him and has him in position and sends him crashing to the mat with a running sit-out powerbomb into a pin!


    Stocke pulls the referee out of the ring and gets an earful from the official, but all Stocke does is throw his hands up in defense and Fenix yells him at him from the other side of the ring. Savage is up now and leans over the rope and yells at Stocke, meanwhile Ocean has come to and sneaks up behind Savage and applies Glutinous Punishment! Crossface chicken wing is applied with nowhere to go for Savage, and Fenix climbs up on the apron trying to distract the referee but Stocke sneaks up behind Fenix and trips him off the apron and to the outside floor while in the ring Savage submits!

    Here is your winner @ 8:17 - Trevor Ocean!
    Ocean and Stocke celebrate on the outside while Fenix comes to and checks on Savage, obviously both them frustrated by this outcome.




    “Judas” by Fozzy hits the arena speakers and the crowd rains down a chorus of boos towards the “Monster of the Midway”. Garcia comes out wearing an old Jaromir Jagr jersey and his usual black leather pants, carrying his trusty Easton Stealth hockey stick all the way to the ring.He also is flanked by about 5 or 6 personal security guard. He stops at the steel steps, and taps the blade of the stick against the step several times before smirking and heading into the ring. He calls over to the ring announcer for a microphone who doesn’t hesitate to do just as the big man asks. The crowd continues to boo, as they were reminded of Garcia’s attack on Devin Golden during the commercial break.

    “Go ahead! Boo me! Come on, Louisana! Is that all you got?!?!?!? No…Come on, Louisiana, if you’re going to boo me, then put your all into it! GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!!!”

    he boos come down harder, and it’s actually gotten to a point where Garcia struggled to speak.


    Garcia smiled and raised his hands in the air, as if he were basking in their hatred. He propped his Easton Stealth up in the corner, before putting the microphone back up to his lips and…

    “You morons reall…”

    Again he was cut off by the incredible amount of backlash that the crowd was throwing at him. Garcia rolled to the outside, grabbed a steel chair, unfolded it and sat down in the center of the ring. He spoke firmly over top of the crowd as he sat comfortably in the chair.

    “It’s really your call LaFayette! I can sit here all tonight! Just let me know when you’re done!”

    The boos go on for about 10 more seconds before they start to quiet down.

    “ I don’t give a shit what any of you mouthbreathers out their think about what I did last week!”

    Another wave of jeers goes to the Pittsburgh native.

    “That son of a bitch had that ass beating coming for far too long, and he should consider himself LUCKY that I chose to not end his career right then and there! In fact, Devin Golden should get down on his knees and thank me for not ending his miserable career both chances that I had to do it! And while he’s down there…”

    A few parents cover their children’s ears at ringside.

    “ Not that, ya sick inbreds. He’s already got a mouth full of Rondo. Nah, while he’s down there, he should beg me to take mercy on him for every one of his cheap shots on commentary, trying to get himself over at the expense of an honest, tell it like it is commentator. It was pathetic. Do you know how many times I wanted to reach across that table, grab him by his pencil neck and chokeslam him right through that damn table? EVERY DAMN TIME. EVERY DAMN DAY. But me, being the consummate professional that I am, I bit my tongue, minded my business and provided the type of quality commentating that made Fight Night a must watch TV Show. I received calls from major network executives asking when my contract was up! I could be covering professional football games on Sunday Nights right now, and trust me, I would much rather hear “Now here’s a guy…”during every broadcast than listen to the kind of absolute trash that Devin Golden spewed over the airwaves.

    But, really, because of how much I love this company, I agree to stick around, ignore all of that, be the bigger man.....I agree to carry that commentary team on my back, for you and for the FWA! And I tried, I really tried, I really tried to be unbiased and keep my personal feelings out of it. I endured an insufferable reign from Cyrus Truth. I restrained myself from getting up from this table and involving myself in a World Title match to screw that CWA outcast out of the belt he had no right to hold. I was a saint. Until…Krash. The very moment he delivered that first DayBreaker to Chris Kennedy, he drove an elbow into the soul of this company and it was at that moment, that I realized the FWA’s saviour was no longer needed on commentary, but now he was needed in action. Not for any of you, no, ya’ll can go kick rocks for all I care. Ya’ll may think that I have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but there aren’t many people that gave me a chance in this world, so to the few that do…I stay loyal to the end. The FWA gave me that chance. And so I feel very comfortable saying that I will go to war for the FWA anytime it needs me. I’m the warrior that it was so desperately longing for! And I was standing in the trenches, ready for war, Dave Sullivan and Chris Kennedy by my side, and just as I…

    The opening beats to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem begin and the crowd roars in approval. "The Golden One" Devin Golden walks briskly out to the stage with a microphone in hand. Garcia is fuming as he looks on from inside the ring.

    Golden is wearing blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a black leather jacket with nice black shoes. His hair is slicked back with the bangs and tips colored like he was in his most recent World Heavyweight Championship runs as "The Rotten Gold." He mascara around his eyes completes the ensemble.

    "You talked about 'going to war for the FWA'. Let's unwrap that statement a big," Golden begins, with a bit of a smirk on his face. The crowd cheers lightly as they prepare for what's to come from one of the legends of the FWA.

    "Was it going to war for the FWA when you attacked me during my Hall of Fame speech? Or was that just you being selfish and wanting the limelight as your career was spinning tires in the mud?

    What about all the other instances in the past, not even instances involving myself, when you chose to push people around, take away their opportunities, and make it about yourself instead?"

    Golden gets cheers from the crowd as he paces back and forth on the stage.

    "You see, Mike, the thing isn't about 'fighting for the FWA' or some other bullshit. Yeah, maybe you jumped in to fight with Kennedy and Sullivan under the guise that you wanted to be on 'Team FWA' against these two CWA implants. Or maybe you just saw me get involved — even though it was from a non-physical effort — and felt you were being left alone on the sidelines to watch.

    Maybe you just wanted to get involved because ... that's just in your nature, to always want to be involved.

    And that's something, Mike ... you know what, nevermind. I'll save that for later."

    Golden gives a wry smile as he looks at Garcia in the ring. The crowd begins a "GOLDEN-ONE" chant as the three-time World Heavyweight Champion relishes being in his home state.

    "You want the FWA to survive, right? You want the best for it? It gave you this amazing opportunity, which it certainly did, and you are a loyalist. I don't doubt that you believe this in your own mind. But ... and listen very closely ... your warped mindset of what loyalty actually is ... and your constant need to be in the middle of everything ... is going to hurt the FWA. It really will. Hell, it already has. I'm not joking."

    Golden pauses once more as he lets his words sink in.

    "Mike, I'm not really here to change your mind on any of it. You won't. I get that. But I am here to tell you what's what. And I'm here to let you know that you can blindside attack me week after week, take me out before matches, do whatever you want ... I'm not going anywhere. This isn't some sort of loyalty campaign that you'll win. You can't shove me out of the way like you have others. I'm standing here, smiling, and I'm ready to face you in that ring because now you can't cheap-shot me or blindside attack me during a Hall of Fame speech or any other tricks you have to make a career for yourself."

    Golden then drops the microphone and starts walking to the ring. The crowd begins cheering as the space between the two rivals shortens with each second. Golden steps up to the apron as Garcia stands tall in the middle of the ring and beckons him to DARE to step through the ropes.

    Golden motions like he's going to, which causes Garcia to charge forward like an enraged and loose bull. Golden steps back and jumps to the ropes and then jumps over the top with knees to the face of "The Carnegie Carnivore"! The crowd erupts as Golden gets up quickly and Garcia does the same, only for Golden to quickly drive Garcia into the ropes and push him through to the outside floor!

    Golden leans through the middle and top ropes as he now is the one standing in the ring. Garcia is fuming as security comes out and stands between the two, with Golden smiling and Garcia enraged.


    Six Man Tag Team Match

    Thomas Princeton and The Valendars vs Over The Edge

    The match starts off a little chippy with Killemall shoving Mike Valendar. Valendar responds with a shove of his own, and the veteran shoves Valendar again! Mike looks to his brother and asks “Can you believe this guy?” before giving the biggest shove yet! Killemall turns to his teammates as Mike taunts him so he turns around and slaps Valendar with a HARD knife edge chop! Mike responds by leveling him with a hard right hand then whips Killemall into the ropes, but the ninja reverses only to get caught with a shoulderblock on the rebound! Valendar runs the ropes, Killemall pops up and connects with a spinning reverse elbow that catches Valendar off guard! Killemall this time runs the ropes but he runs right into a scoop bodyslam! Leaping knee strike to Killemall, followed by a cover for a 2 count! Mike twists Killemall’s arm and walks over to the corner before tagging in Louis! Louis leaps off the top rope with a Double Axe Handle to the extended arm!

    Arm wrench into a shoulderblock then kick to the gut by the younger Valendar! Back suplex attempt to the OTE member but Killemall ends up flipping over and landing on his feet! He staggers back to his corner and tags in James Hughes! Hughes runs in with a shoulderblock and taunts the crowd but Louis kips up! There’s a fun sequence where the two men chain wrestle and then exchange hip toss arm drags and then each go for dropkicks at the same time! They stand on opposite sides of the ring, but Hughes backs down and tags in TED! Valendar tags in Thomas Princeton! Princeton and TED lock up in a collar and elbow tieup that winds up with TED in a side head lock. He shoves Princeton off and into the ropes but Thomas comes back with a clothesline! Princeton brushes off his shoulder and then blows a kiss to Hughes in the corner. He whips TED into the ropes and then connects with a dropkick on the rebound! The Executive of Excellence walks TED to the corner and slams his head into the turnbuckle but that only seems to anger the wrecking ball of Over The Edge as he begins to bang his OWN head off the turnbuckle! TED turns around and catches a kick by Princeton and then delivers a strong jab to the throat, an elbow to the forehead and then a Saito Suplex! Cover by TED gets a one count!

    TED tags Hughes into the match, but Killemall entered the ring as well and the trio ran over and knocked the Valendars off the apron, before mugging Princeton and then whipping him into the far corner, where they hit a series of corner splashes in rapid succession. Killemall and Hughes with a Double Superkick to Princeton! Eyes taunted Thomas who desperately tried to crawl towards his team’s corner, but Eyes pulled him up by his hair and dragged him into the OTE corner before tagging in Killemall. Various strikes by the Ninja, followed up by a Spinning Wheel Kick and then a hard palm strike! Tag back into Eyesnsane, who delivers a snap suplex and a running knee strike. Eyes whips Princeton into the ropes and ducks down for a back bdy drop, but Princeton kicks him in the shoulder and then levels him with an STO! Princeton makes the tag to Louis Valendar!

    Louis Valendar runs in and connects with a Springboard Moonsault to Eyesnsane! Valendar with a running double dropkick, wiping out TED and Killemall on the apron! Eyesnsane gets back to his feet but Louis whips him into the ropes and connects with a spinning sidewalk slam! One Count for Valendar! Louis stomps away at Eyes before throwing him into his corner and tagging in Princeton! Scoop slam by Princeton, followed by a middle rope leg drop! Snapmare takedown by Princeton, who tags in Mike Valendar! Mike tags in his brother, Louis! Princeton with another middle rope leg drop, followed by a springboard elbow drop by Mike and then a springboard body splash by Louis! Louis covers!



    Eyes kicks out!

    Louis drags Eyes back to the corner and stomps at his leg before pulling him up to his feet and dragging him over to the corner before tagging his brother, Mike. Back body suplex by the elder Valendar with another cover for 2! Valendar calls for his partners, who rush the ring and knock the OTE off the apron, before Princeton lifts Eyes up for a Brainbuster and the Valendars connect with a Double Superkick at the same moment of impact! Louis Valendar connects with a tope con hilo to the OTE members on the outside before tossing Killemall into the ring, where Mike Valendar connects with a Savage Kick!




    Here is your winner 5:45 – “The Man for All Seasons” Mike Calendar, Louis Valendar, and “Executive Excellence” Thomas Princeton

    "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold starts blasting through the arena, as a mixed reaction is heard from the fans. The heel lovers cheer his name, but the majority of the crowd boos in anguish.

    King Sullivan comes out in a three piece suit, with just the sole FWA World Championship flung over his right shoulder. Despite losing two of his three championships last week, King Sullivan still has a smug grin on his face as he hears the crowd boo his name.

    Sullivan struts down to the ring, and grabs a microphone on the way there.

    He waits for the crowd to settle down, but they don't seem to be doing so. So Sullivan speaks anyways...

    King Sullivan: Shut up.

    The crowd continues to boo.

    King Sullivan: All of you shut stupid dumb Louisiana hicks. Do you think your opinion is worth anything to me at all? Let me tell you something, it's not. You people are what? Saints fans?

    Sullivan looks around, and chuckles at the amount of black and old gold colored shirts in the ocean of the crowd.

    King Sullivan: Do you want to know what the Saints and Kevin Cromwell have in common? They are choke artists...they choke when every big match comes their way. And when the Saints play the Vikings in a few days, they are going to choke AGAIN. My guess is, Big Drew Brees fumbles on the game winning drive, and they end up losing in overtime to the Vikings.

    And then, Kevin Cromwell fumbles tonight in our match, and I end up kicking his teeth in...just like I did at Aftershock.

    The crowd's boos continue to roar, but Sullivan keeps talking as if he doesn't hear them.

    King Sullivan: But those losers are not the reason why I came out here to talk. I came out here to talk about an entirely different loser...Vincent Blackbird.

    Now granted...I already had little faith in the FWA Front Office as it was. Very little faith. Their decision making over the past year has been quite atrocious if I do say so myself. They signed Krash to an FWA deal...who has done nothing but LOSE since he's debuted. They let a nobody like Nova Diamond win the Carnal Contendership match, despite only fighting in like two matches before that...and...they made me defend my titles almost every single night. Every single night.

    Have you ever watched NBA basketball? They rest their stars. They don't want their stars to get hurt. Why? Because the stars make MONEY. I make this company money. These people? These gator eating rednecks? They pay money to come and see their KING.

    But what do they do instead? They overwork their I'm some kind of work horse out in the pasture. I am not a work horse...I am the BELL COW. I am the ace, and I don't deserve to be treated like this.

    But now they've made their worst decision yet...they hired Vincent Blackbird as their general manager. Vincent Blackbird...why? Was there a sale on losers at Goodwill or something? Blackbird is a reckless idiot, who couldn't ever compete with me in the ring even when I was at my lowest skill level. He was the guy I kicked around as a ROOKIE in the FWA.

    And look at what he's done in just ONE WEEK as a General Manager. One week...he took a RECORD BREAKING and HISTORIC title reign, and he ended vacating it off of me. 16 months I held the X Championship...I made history...I held three belts all at the same time...and Vincent Blackbird ends it all by himself, in the most anti climatic and disappointing way possible. And then...then he puts the born loser KRASH in my title match, he goes on to cost me another title. All in one night.

    Surely the FWA Front Office can't be satisfied in what they've seen from their star GM hire of Vincent Blackbird. Surely...I mean, he costed you money. That was a move that was BAD for business, because it was a move that hurt your star. A move that hurt that face of the FWA.

    If you know what's good for you, you'd FIRE Vincent Blackbird. It's not too late. Admit it was a mistake, and fix it...mitigate the damage done. Reinstate me as X Champion, and hire someone who actually isn't a moron.

    In fact...let's do what they used to do in baseball back in the good 'ol days. Did you know, they used to have players be the managers of the team? Make ME the GM of Fight Night. I know how to run this brand better than anyone, because I know how to WIN on it...unlike Blackbird. The decisions I make, would be smart decisions! I would first of all, reinstate myself as X Champion. Then, I would nullify that triple threat match from last week...because Krash was illegally added to it, and Krash was the one who got pinned.

    Then...lastly, I would also nullify Nova Diamond's Carnal Contendership win, because he shouldn't have been in the match in the first place, and he certainly doesn't deserve to be in the MAIN EVENT of Back in Business. Because I know what's good for business, and having a loser like Nova Diamond in the main event is not. Instead, I would bring back Chris Kennedy, and give him the title shot! Kennedy vs Sullivan...two guys undefeated at Back in Business...two would be a slobberknocker. But instead? We've got a King...versus a Peasant...

    Before Sullivan can finish his sentence,

    out comes Nova Diamond!

    He's running towards the ring full speed!

    Sullivan's face gets scared for a moment, but he drops his mic and prepares himself for a fight.

    Diamond however, stops before he gets to the ring, and grabs a microphone himself...

    Diamond: It's going to be a little strange coming from me Davey, but do you ever shut up?

    Crowd starts to cheer Nova, but it's clear on his expression that he barely cares about that.

    Diamond: I thought not. This is all you like to do. Bitch and moan and play the victim like you’ve been wronged and oh my god, the irony is killing me, though not as much as I should be killing you right now because of what you did to me a few weeks ago. But you see Dave, I do not let anger control my life unlike you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I could’ve got back on you a dozen times for that, but I want you to come to Back In Business as a healthy man. I want you to come to our match as a man in his prime. I want the best Dave Sullivan there is when I face you because I want you to understand that even in your prime, you are destined to lose to me. You will lose pretty bad Sullivan, and it’s going to haunt you for the rest of your career. You will seethe, you will cry, you will throw tantrums, you will blame anyone except you like you’ve always done but that won’t change anything in the slightest.

    This is not your story Dave. Back In Business won’t be about the end of your tyranny, it won’t be about your fall. It will be about my rise, my triumph. In the grand scheme of things, you will be just another brick in the wall, while I will only go up from there. You can deny all you want Dave, but I’m going to take everything from you, send you packing to Ground Zero, shatter your pride and give that title of yours a worthy champion. Give those fans a reason not to be ashamed of watching FWA. I know I’d be pretty embarassed if I wanted to watch some wrestling and the first thing I saw was a LARPing piece of shit holding the world championship, whining all the time like an entitled little bitch.

    Speaking of championships Dave, weren’t you supposed to have three of them?

    Diamond gives Sullivan a huge smirk before continuing.

    Diamond: The last time I was here, you were ‘the triple champion’, weren’t you? What happened now?

    Please let me answer before you start to break into tears about how you are getting unfair treatment again. Yes, a witless buffoon was made the General Manager, that surprisingly we can agree on. You were stripped out of your X-Championship by him, then my place was given to Krash and he fucked it all up for you and Mike Parr now has the North American title.

    But you aren’t the victim here, Sully. You weren’t the one who was attacked from behind by a coward. You weren’t the one whose opportunity to become ‘triple champion’ taken away. When you wanted to become ‘triple champion’, everything in this company bended over backwards to do make you exactly that. You and Kennedy attacked Cyrus and Krash like the butthurt thugs you were…and you were fucking rewarded for it. They gave you all the opportunities to win everything you wanted to win, which even you could not fuck up. And now you have the audacity to talk about how you are treated unfairly? Fuck right off, you assclown.

    You aren’t a victim. You faced the consequences of your actions. And even then you got off lucky with what you’ve got last week, because I decided to watch you reap what you sow instead of coming down to the ring and make you pay myself. I knew your vanity would be your fall and I wasn’t wrong. But if I had decided to take my revenge and attack you last week, I would’ve given you a beating that you deserved for a very long time. You can thank me for not humiliating you last week. You can thank the doctors that didn’t clear me to be in that match too, because as far as I’m concerned, they were trying to protect you, not me.

    You can think anything you like, you can say anything you like. You can call Kevin Cromwell a choke artist, regardless of the fact that he will choke you like an artist tonight. You can call me a loser, regardless of the fact that I didn’t lose once ever since coming to FWA. You can talk about how you would nullify matches and bring back your buddies. You can continue to run your mouth all the time like you always do Dave, but that doesn’t change anything. Your days are numbered.

    Your hubris won’t be your downfall.

    Your anger won’t be your downfall.

    Your recklessness won’t be your downfall.

    I will be your downfall.

    The greatest of all generations: Nova Diamond.

    King Sullivan: I am sick of hearing you talk. Why don't you come into this ring right now, and fight me now. Fight me now, so we can prove I AM better than you, and then put someone in the Back in Business main event that deserves it.

    Nova Diamond begins to climb up the steps into the ring now, as Sullivan keeps motioning for him to come in and fight him.

    As soon as Nova enters the ring, Sullivan throws his microphone at him like a baseball...

    But Diamond catches it, and throws it on the ground.

    Sullivan looks shocked. He sits his title on the ground, and runs at Diamond full speed with his fist postured in the air...

    but Diamond ducks out of the way, and Sullivan ends up on his ass. Diamond slowly starts walking towards Sullivan, but the champ rolls out of the ring to safety.

    Diamond chuckles, as he looks over at the FWA World Championship the king left in the ring.

    Sullivan can be heard shouting "don't touch my fucking title" as Diamond begins to grin as head towards it.

    He picks up the belt, and looks at it in admiration. He takes a deep breath, and visualizes himself holding the title up in the air at the end of Back in Business. Sullivan is still screaming from the outside. Diamond walks over to the ropes, and pretends like he's about to put the title around his waist...but then, he tosses it underhand to Sullivan on the outside.

    Sullivan grabs it as fast as he can out of the air, and quickly scurries off to the upper ramp.

    The screen fades to a commercial as Sullivan and Diamond stare each other down from their respective spots in the ring and on the upper ramp.


    B]Kurt Harrington: Introducing their opponents, first from The Long & Winding Road and weighing in at 232 lbs, he is “The Exile”...Cyrus Truth!

    Cyrus’ music is replaced the gritty sounds KHZ’s “Enzy and even more cheers as Gabrielle makes her way out, and she looks less than thrilled to be teaming with her mortal enemy again but she slowly walks down to the ring anyway

    Kurt Harrington: and his tag team partner, from Auckland, NZ and weighing in at 125 lbs, she is “The New” Gabrielle Montgomery!

    Sterling: And while we've been talking about new resolutions and new champions, it's a new year, new you for Gabrielle Montgomery! Gabrielle seems to be more humble yet more focused than ever. This new Gabrielle seems to be less focused on her stardom, less focused on the glitz and glamour,and more focused on reclaiming the World Title! But right now, management seems to want to try to force these two to coexist...I don't get it!

    Daniella Kennedy: I feel for Gabrielle, once again being placed in this uncomfortable position of being forced to team up with someone she loathes

    Christian Quinn: Oh come, give me a break Daniella! Do you think Cyrus wants to team with her? Surely the feeling is mutual! Do you think I enjoy sitting next to Chris Kennedy’s kid sister?

    Before Daniella can retort, Rod cuts her off.

    Rod Sterling: I really don’t want another Golden and Garcia situation at this table, so can we please just cut this out now and focus on the match?

    Daniella nods but rolls her eyes at Quinn who is smirking at her.

    Rod Sterling: Thank you, and yes to back off from what both of you said, surely the feeling is mutual between the two just as it was the last time they teamed up but they got it done last time so let’s see if they can do it tonight!

    The Cheshire Cat Clan make their way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first, accompanied by Hannibal Crow, the team of Alice and Nova...The Cheshire Cat Clan!

    Mixed reaction for the trio as they creepily slide into the ring!

    Tag Team Match

    The Cheshire Cat Clan (Nova and Alice) w/Hannibal Crowe vs "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle and "The Exile" Cyrus Truth


    Alice will start for her team while Gabby and Cyrus argue over who will start for them, eventually it’s decided that Gabby will start and the two still bicker before Gabby turns around and Alice for his roundhouse kick finisher right off the bat but Gabby nearly ducks out of the way in time. Alice smiles at Gabby and taunts her eliciting Gabby to strike Alice down with a forearm smash! Gabby mounts Alice and unleashes a flurry of forearm strikes and then pounds Alice’s head down on the mat several times!

    Daniella Kennedy: You’ve got to imagine that Gabby was seeing Cyrus when unleashing that wrath on Alice just now

    Alice tries to crawl away to her corner but Gabby catches her and uses the ropes to choke Alice until the referee breaks it up. Gabby backs away while Alice composes herself and gasps for air. Gabby picks up Alice but Alice strikes with a forearm smash of her own this time and then connects with a suplex to Gabby! Alice tags in Nova and Alice then hits a snapmare on Gabby followed up by a basement dropkick to the lower back of Gabby followed by a pin…


    Gabby gets a shoulder up and Nova drags Gabby over and tags Alice back, Alice stomps at Gabby’s head before picking her and sending her to the ropes, and off the rebound Gabby ducks underneath a clothesline and counters with an enziguiri that stuns Alice on her feet and Gabby stumbles back near her team’s corner and Cyrus tags himself much to the dismay of Gabby.

    Alice shakes it off and charges at Cyrus but he counters with an arm drag and then follows up with a dragon suplex! Alice slumps into the corner and Cyrus performs the First Five Steps to Alice! Cyrus drags her out of the corner and has her set up for Journey’s End but she slips out of it and tags in Nova. Nova charges at Cyrus but Cyrus ducks underneath the clothesline, but turns around and is booted in the gut by Nova before being sent to the corner and Gabby tags herself back in…

    Nova charges at Gabby now but she moves out of the way and with Cyrus still in the corner he eats the brunt of the splash from Nova! Gabby takes Nova from behind and hits him with GaBuster! Cyrus then shoves Gabby and starts to argue with her about allowing him to take that splash, but before Gabby can do anything about Hannibal Crowe turns up on the apron and grabs Cyrus from behind and taunts Gabby to hit him. Cyrus slips out of Crowe’s grip and eats a dropkick from Gabby that knocks him to the floor, Alice then comes in and is about to sneak up on Gabby but Cyrus stops her and hits her with a Journey’s End! Cyrus then rolls out of the ring as Gabby looks on with anger but turns around and finishes Nova with The 34 Double D-DT!


    Here are your winners at 6:55 - Gabrielle Montgomery and Cyrus Truth

    "Mindless Self Indulgence" begins and the crowd turns its attention to the entrance way. The music goes on for about 10 seconds before a slightly pudgy, sort-of-frail man with black hair and an orange-died half of bangs jumps out from the back and appears suddenly. The crowd lets out a light cheer as Captain El Franko is the name shown on the TV feed and the arena screen.

    Captain El Franko screams, "SHIT JUST GOT REAL!" and the crowd members who hear him let out a cheer. The newcomer quickly jogs to the ring while ... rapping? ... to no one in particular.

    Rod Sterling: Captain El Franko, huh? The FWA just continues to accept the oddities.

    Daniella Kennedy: It makes the FWA fun!

    Captain El Franko requests a microphone, but he's denied! This might be the first time in FWA history that someone is denied a microphone request when in the ring.

    Christian Quinn: You need more clout before asking for the mic, kid!

    The music pauses and is replaced with a slow build of a melodramatic tone. The keyboard sound slowly rises in volume with the lights dimming. Dominic "The Diamond" Dust appears with his long black hair, red diamond tattoo on his left bicep, and long black pants with red lettering and symbols.

    The crowd lightly boos as Dominick "The Diamond" Dust has a much different aura than Captain El Franko. "The Diamond" slowly walks to the ring with his eyes set on his opponent.

    Christian Quinn: This guy seems more up Rod's alley. Just a classic-looking wrestler.

    Daniella Kennedy: A tale of two tales in this match, and both are making their FWA debuts!

    Dust enters the ring with a big step over the top rope. Captain El Franko is crouched in his corner. Dust has at least 6 inches in height on his opponent.

    Captain El Franko vs. Dominick "The Diamond" Dust

    The match starts as most big guy-versus-small guy matches begin: Captain El Franko dances around the ring and keeps his distance, while Dominick "The Diamond" Dust tries to close the space and get his hands on his foe. Franko is suddenly backed into his own turnbuckle and decides to grab the top rope and pull half his body in between the top and middle ropes, to the outside of the rope area. Dust grabs him but the referee immediately steps between the two.

    Franko gingerly moves himself back into the legal wrestling area and Dust charges again, which leads to Franko grabbing the rope and moving his entire body to the apron. The referee steps between them a second time, and Franko mocks Dust with his thumb to his nose and wiggling his fingers.

    Dust swings wildly at Franko, who ducks and lands a smack across the face. He calls it his P-I-M-P SLAP!, which Daniella Kennedy says in dusgust. He steps up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off, landing on the other side of Dust. Franko turns and does his "Bell Clap" clap around the ears. Dust's ears are ringing, and Franko follows with an Eat Da Feet arm-pulled kick to the face. Dust falls to his knees and Franko lands a few more forearm shots until finally Dust is on his back. Franko jumps on top of him stomach-first and goes for a pin.
    ……………………...1...……………………….2..POWERFUL KICKOUT

    Dust shoves Franko off of him with force, sending Franko flying about 3 feet into the air. Dust now seems engaged, landing a big forearm club onto the head when Franko charges. Dust does the side-effect backstabber backbreaker into a neckbreaker. He then grabs Franko and flings him into the turnbuckle, landing repeated kicks to the stomach. Dust puts a boot to the throat until the referee calls for it to stop. Dust whips Franko across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle with such ferocity that Franko hits and then stumbles out with pain in his lower spine. Dust headbutts Franko to the mat and then lands a jumping stomp to the chest. He kneels down and covers.

    Dust whips Franko to the ropes and telegraphs a back body drop. Franko lands a forearm to the face and then runs off the ropes, but he's met by Dust's athletic big-man dropkick. Franko scurries to the ropes and Dust follows. With Franko trying to escape, Dust grabs him by the tights and lands repeated clubbing forearms into the lower spine. Then he sets up Franko for the Draping DDT from the middle rope. Dust goes for the cover again!
    ……………………….1...…………………….2...……….Shoulder up!

    Dust whips Franko into the ropes and plants him with a clothesline. He stalks the ring as Franko lays in an X position right in the center. Dust grabs Franko by the neck and makes a motion for his finisher. He screams, "Cutting Diamonds is my specialty." Then he teases a Diamond Cutter finisher, but Franko rallies! He comes to life, much to Dust's surprise, and lands another of his arm-pull kicks, this time to the ribs. Franko manages to escape Dust's grip, run off the ropes, and hit the Sweet 'n' Sour Chin Music superkick!

    Dominick "The Diamond" Dust stumbles backwards and eventually falls to his back. Captain El Franko crumbles to his knees and then lays atop his opponent.

    .............POWERFUL KICKOUT

    The kickout sends Captain El Franko up into the air and eventually through the middle and bottom ropes! He lands on the apron and then falls to the outside floor! Dust rolls to his stomach and then looks out to the crowd with a smirk, before placing his hand on the jaw spot where he took the superkick.

    Dust begins going to the outside of the ring, but he's met by Captain El Franko with a swift right hand to the jaw. Franko then enters the ring as Dust is sort of laying in between the top and middle ropes. He runs off the opposite ropes as Dust gets upright and Franko hits his "BOOM Goes Da Dynamite" running headbutt to the chest!!!

    The crowd lets out a loud "ooooh" as Franko stumbles back, possibly with his own head injury, but has the wherewithal to kneel down and hook the leg.


    Winner: Captain El Franko

    Rod Sterling: "More on that is no doubt still to come, but ladies and gentlemen we'd like to take you back and show some footage of what took place before tonight's broadcast…"

    We cut from the live feed to the conclusion of a dark match, a number of seats still empty, but most beginning to file into the stadium in preparation for the shows's start. Jobber Jimbo ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes, taking his opponent down with a shoulder block. He follows up with a leg drop, proceeding to retreat to a corner. He gestures towards his opponent, some green girl named Svetlana from nGw, to climb to her feet, and she dutifully obliges. On the ring apron, Jimbo's teammates stomp the apron, willing him on towards victory. In the opposite corner, Britney Monroe and Victoria St. James motion to the crowd to get behind their comrade.
    Inside the ring, Jimbo moves in for the kill. He doubles Svetlana over with a boot to the midsection, applying a front face lock…

    Rod Sterling: "Jimbo and the rest of Triple J were on the cusp of their first win in, well, I'm not sure how long, calling for the Brainbuster against this up and comer from nGw. But it wasn't to be, with Svetlana reversing into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two and a half count. And then things would take an unexpected turn… "

    We cut away from the match, where a woman in black and gold ring gear hops between two security guards. She's carrying a steel chair.

    Rod Sterling: "Michelle von Horrowitz, who we haven't seen in the United States for more than three years, announcing her arrival here in FWA…"

    In an instant, she slams the chair into the back of Jiggy John, who is blissfully unaware of the woman's arrival. He crumples to his knees on the apron and then to the floor, rolling onto his back to see Jugem hop from the apron and eat a chair shot of his own.

    Rod Sterling: "The 2015 CWA Wrestle Royale winner charging the ring and leaving nothing but carnage behind, completely derailing this six-person mixed gender tag match."

    The woman slides into the ring just as Svetlana is finding her feet. She takes her down with a ferocious Busaiku knee kick! The bell rings almost immediately.

    Rod Sterling: "Of course, the referee calls for the bell and this one ends in a no contest, but this interloper wasn't through there…"

    St Clair and Monroe both climb into the ring, sensing what is coming. Victoria is the first in, and the invader doubles her over with a chair to the midsection, before bringing the foreign object crashing onto her back. Britney attempts to cream her with a clothesline, but the woman ducks, drops the chair, and plants Monroe face-first into it with a double arm underhook DDT!

    Rod Sterling: "This woman… This interloper… She clearly came to Lafayette with one purpose in mind: to make a statement. But one would have to question the quality of opponent she chose to accomplish this. Three long-term losers and developmental talent, that, whilst clearly showing potential haven't nearly reached their peak."

    We see the pale skinned woman busying herself with the second turnbuckle cover, and then the three nGw wrestlers retreating from the ring.

    Rod Sterling: "And, whilst she did headline the biggest CWA show of the year, it's important to remember that was four years ago, and she was bested by the KAIJU Jon Snowmantashi.”

    The woman has finished with the cover and refocused her attention on Jimbo. She pulls him over to the corner and plants the back of his head into the exposed steel turnbuckle with a Russian leg sweep! She drags him away from the corner, hooks both his arms, and plants him in the middle of the ring with a tiger driver!
    She demands a microphone and opens up her discarded chair, taking a seat next to the fallen Jimbo. She places the souls of her black boots on his chest, one leg over the other, reclining leisurely before lifting the microphone slowly to her lips. The crowd are more confused than offended, most of them arriving only a minute or so before the woman did.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "Good morning, my dear, long-forgotten tulips…"

    Her voice is laced with a European accent, and her pale green eyes address the camera in a straight-forward but unrelenting manner. Her tone is playful and relaxed.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "So, here we all are once again, all these years later! You might not remember me, but oh BOY do I remember you?!"

    The crowd has caught up, surveying the moderate destruction before them. The nGw wrestlers have retreated up the ramp, shouting obscenities in the direction of the attacker. Jiggy and Jugem nurse each other outside the ring, beginning to contemplate the enormous, unenviable task of retrieving Jumbo from beneath the newcomer's boots. Tepid boos can be heard throughout the arena.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "Oh, you think I'm talking about you people? Of course not. You're not particularly memorable. I'm not talking to any of you. Lafayette is the armpit of Louisiana. You're just a bus stop, somewhere to rest on the way to somewhere else. Somewhere better. No, not you people. Those people.".

    She leans back in her chair and points her microphone in the direction of the stage, and - behind it - the boys in the back.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "Oh, it doesn't take years to learn what there is to know about this place, even from afar. And, for all the new faces, I can't say I'm surprised at what I've seen these past few weeks. When I was last here, the peacocks lined up in the back to prove they had the prettiest little tail-feathers. There was Ryan Rondo, and Shannon O'Neal, and Phillip A. Jackson... You people accepted nothing less than 'Astonishing'... Quinn, St. Clair, KAIZEN."

    A long pause.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "Bell Connelly."

    The crowd's reaction to the name is staggered. First a deathly quiet, then a handful of boos, then a few cheers. A 'Connelly' chant starts but it's out of time and the delivery is uneasy.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "The company seemed strong and alive. That's why Cyrus jumped ship, from our old home to his new one, and it's my understanding that he's still around here somewhere, competing with Golden over their legacies and longevities. But deep down, he knows he's already lost. Just by being here, he has lost. And what has he come to? This once-great company, the FWA. Just one week ago, a man calling himself the King brought all three of this federation's championship belts to the ring. When I was last here, that same man was losing the least of those trinkets to some poser named Jean-Luc Watkins. And he is your bright light? Your King?"

    She shakes her head, a chuckle escaping her. Jimbo still lies lifeless beneath her feet.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "What nobody back then was willing to see, willing to accept, was that all of the aforementioned greats were in various states of breakdown. Wash-outs, burn-outs, and fall-outs. And with each of them, the signs were there for all of you to see. Some more than others. But you chose to ignore them. And this mess? This is what you get."

    The crowd offers a defiant FWA chant, but the young woman just pauses and smiles. Eventually, the audience trails off, and with a shake of her head she continues.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "I could, of course, use my humble steel seat as a make-shift throne and tell you all that I'm here to save your beloved little sinkhole. But I would be lying. First, before we can get to any of that, people here will have to convince me that there's anything worth saving. Evidence is thin on the ground, tulips. And if something isn't worth saving, well… perpetuity isn't possible, and a quick, clean death is better than a slow one."

    She takes her boots away from Jimbo's chest, rising from her seat. She steps over her fallen foe, slowly walking towards the ropes and the camera beyond it.

    Michelle von Horrowitz: "For either of those objectives, I'll need a few things. Only those at the wheel can drive the train. The captain steers the ship. And this ship requires a golden key. Kings and Prodigies, they can wait. I want the Blackbird's attention. Whatever plans he has for the championship he loopholed away from Sullivan, you had better believe that I'll be watching closely. I am Michelle von Horrowitz. I am here to shake you from your slumber - to bring about the very end or to drag you from its jaws. It's time to wake up, people."

    Commercial break.

    Miracle on 34th Street Fight

    “The Afflicted” Kayden Knox vs “The Wildcard” Jason Randall vs “The Artist” Eli Black

    Sterling: These three gentlemen are all perhaps hungrier than they have ever been in their careers! Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird has basically called out the X Division about becoming soft! He wants to see just who exactly is willing to put their own career at risk to become FWA World Champion.

    Quinn: More specifically, he called out Jason Randall and I couldn’t agree more!

    The three men get themselves psyched up in the ring as the bell rings signaling the start of the action. Jason Randall immediately walks up to Kayden Knox and shoves him, which Knox responds by shoving Randall back ! Eli Black joins the fun with a running dropkick out of the corner to Jason Randall, causing him to stagger back towards the ropes! Eli immediately runs to the ropes and then springboards back with a double back elbow! Black kips up and taunts the crowd! He leaps off of Knox’s back to connect with a running knee to Randall! Spinning back kick to Knox! “The Afflicted” stumbled into the far corner. Black followed him over and irishwhipped him to the opposite turnbuckle before following in with a running uppercut! He whipped him back to the far corner but Knox reversed it and sent Black back first into the hard turnbuckle before following with a splash but Black caught him with an axe kick! Black pushed himself up to the top turnbuckle, to a sitting position, when Knox bolted forward and connected with a hard leaping knee to the skull! Black was out of it on the top as Knox stepped to the middle rope and put Black on his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry and then dropped him down with a Rolling Fireman’s Carry slam! Black popped back up into a sitting position from the impact, as Knox got back up and delivered a low dropkick to the jaw of “The Artist”!

    Knox sees Randall re-entering the ring and charges towards him but Randall ducks the clothesline, rear waistlock applied on Knox, who runs forward towards the turnbuckle but Randall pulls back and gets him into a rollup for a quick two count! Randall attempts to apply a submission but Knox kicks him forward so that Randall’s head NARROWLY misses connecting with the turnbuckle! Randall turns around, ducks a spin kick from Knox, connects with an open palm strike, and then a Fisherman’s DDT! Randall covers Knox and gets a two count before the pin is broken up Eli Black, who in the process,gets Randall into a pinning combination for a quick two count! Randall kicks out! “The Wildcard” heads to the corner, where Black charges in with a corner splash that Randall dodges! Black now in the corner and he eats a running back elbow from Randall! Discuss right hand by Knox wipes out Randall! Knox picks up Randall and attempts a back suplex, but Randall flips out and lands on his feet! Eli Black is right there and tries to do the same to Randall, who again flips over and lands on his feet! Randall to the far corner, Black charges in and eats a boot to the face! Randall bursts out of the corner and connects with a Sling Blade to Knox, who rolls out of the ring! Sling Blade to Black! Randall pumps himself up, and sees Knox on the outside before looking to the crowd, who is at a fever pitch!

    Kennedy: Jason Randall has been fired up by Blackbird! He’s been prodded and poked by Knox and Black! And right now, Jason Randall is pushing himself to his absolute limit! And…he’s not thinking about doing a plancha is he? Have we ever seen him do this?

    Randall leaps between the middle and top rope to Kayden Knox, who swings and connects with a steel chair shot to the skull! Randall’s body is literally hanging off the middle rope as Knox hooks him up with a vertical suplex onto the chair on the outside! Knox grabs another chair from under the ring and literally just tosses it at the skull of the artist, who was pulling himself up not far from the others. He grabbed a third chair from under the ring and set it up near the barricade. Knox tosses Eli over the barricade and then steps up onto the chair as if he was preparing for a move, when Jason Randall came up from out of nowhere and clubbed him in the back! Randall threw several more punches and then sat Knox down in the chair! Randall took a few steps back before running forward, but Knox stood up and back body dropped Randall over the barricade onto Eli Black on the other side! Knox then stood on the chair and dove onto Black and Randall on the other side!

    Randall begins to crawl through the crowd, but Knox cuts him off, picks him up and tosses him into a wall, head first. Knox taunts the crowd for a bit, before turning his attention to Black, who begins to fight back and throws Knox into an empty chair, before running towards him and connecting with a running boot that knocks him out of the chair! Eli celebrates for a few moments, before turning around and absolutely getting DEMOLISHED by Jason Randall running towards him with a trash can! Trash goes flying everywhere, and what’s left Randall dumps over Eli Black! Randall pulls Knox back up to his feet, but Knox connects with a hard uppercut and then tosses him shoulder first into a steel gate nearby! Eli Black re-emerges and clubs Kn ox in the back of the skull before walking him down an aisle and over to where the ramp begins. He pulls him up onto the ramp, before Black connects with an Inverted DDT on the ramp to Knox! Black pulls Knox up to his feet and tries to connect with the BlitzKrieg but Knox ducks, spins him around and connects with a Rolling Cutter on the ramp! Both men are down as the crowd shows appreciation for the action!

    Knox is back up to his feet and he heads back to the ring, kicking Jason Randall in the head as he tried to climb onto the ramp, along the way. Knox changes his mind as “The Wildcard falls to the ground, and Knox connects with a 450 Splash from the ramp to Randall on the ground below! It takes a few moments for both men to get to their feet, but when they do they are completely wiped out by Eli Black, who leaps off the top of the stage with a Moonsault onto both men! Off of what could only be called Adrenaline, Black rolls right back up to his feet and allows no time for Kayden Knox to recover as he grabs him by his hair, walks him to the ramp and sends him stumbling down to the ring!

    Black grabs two more steel chairs and tosses them into the ring before climbing up to the apron. Black steps back down and grabs two MORE steel chairs and tosses them into the ring as well! Black gets back up to the apron, climbsinto the ring and notices Knox is getting back to his feet, so he springs off the ropes with a Disaster Kick! But Knox ducks it, and when Black turns around, Knox hooks him up and delivers an Acid Drop (Dudley Dog) to Black on the steel chairs! Black is OUT as Kayden Knox grabs a steel chair and sets up in a sitting position in the far corner just as Jason Randall reappears on the ring apron. Knox looks to level him with a right hand, but Randall ducks and buries his shoulder into Knox’s gut! Randall tries to suplex Knox to the outside but Kayden blocks it, and tries to suplex Randall back into the ring! Randall isn’t having it and the two struggle over the ropes for a moment when out of nowhere Knox finally gets the upperhand and suplexes Randall back into the ring! Randall screams out in agony as he places his right hand to his lower back. Eli Black somehow gets back to his feet and charges toward Knox who hiptosses Black into the setup chair in the corner! Black is set up in such a position where his legs are hung from the turnbuckle but he’s hanging down in a tree of woe and his upper shoulders resting against the seat of the unfolded chair. Knox takes a step back, planning his next move, so he picks Randall up and then delivers a running Buckle Bomb to Randall onto Eli Black in the corner!

    Knox covers!




    Somehow Randall got his shoulders up! Knox wasted no time in going back to work noticing Black was still hanging so he positioned him for a top rope Back Suplex….but when he hooked him up, Eli started elbowing his way out of it, stunning Kayden! Kayden was about to fall backwards but Jason Randall ran up behind him and put him on his shoulders for a reverse Death Valley Driver! Knox’s head and neck hit hard off the mat, as almost immediately Eli Black leapt off the top rope and connected with a Frog Splash! The force caused Eli to bounce off of Knox, so Randall immediately kicked Black out of the ring and covered Knox himself!



    Black comes back in to break it up! Black immediately goes back to Randall, throwing a various array of strikes but Randall fights back and hits his Penduluum Clothesline! Randall raises his hands and calls for his Snake Eyes finisher on Black, who begins to stumble to his feet! Randall kicks him in the gut, but when he goes for the stunner, Black shoves him off, right into a hard chair shot from Knox! Randall doesn’t fall to his feet, he just stands completely staggered and motionless as Knox swings the chair straight at the skull of the Artist! Eli Black falls to the mat in a heap as Knox picks up Randall and delivers the D.O.A! Knox covers!



    Jason Randall with his foot on the bottom rope!

    Kayden Knox slams his feet in the mat with fury as he screams at Randall to stay down! Eli Black tries to get back up but he eats a tossed chairshot that puts him back down. Kayden Knox unfolds two chairs and lays them on their side, next to each other, before looking over at the Artist and attempting to deliver a Reverse DDT over the unfolded chairs! Black valiantly fights out, though, and spins free, shoves Knox into the ropes and then connects with a spinning sidewalk slam that drops him down back first over the spine of the chairs! Knox is laying there helpless as Eli Black pointed to the skies!

    Sterling: No. I mean, come on…he’s not thinking of…

    Quinn: This is insane!

    Kennedy: This can’t be real. He can’t do this! He…He just did!

    Eli Black flew off the top rope with a Spinal Tap onto Kayden Knox on the SIDES of the steel chairs! Eli covered!



    Jason Randall broke up the pin!

    Randall picked Black up but The Artist drilled him with a headbutt and sent him to the outside of the ring. Black followed him out there, but to grab a table from under the ring! Eli slid it into the ring and set it up on the middle ropes in the corner of the ring. He picked Kayden Knox up and laid him on top of the table before climbing up to the top rope! But when he did, Kayden Knox reached up and grabbed Black by the throat, causing him to pause! Knox pulled himself up and joined Black on the top turnbuckle! The crowd got to their feet and many began pulling out their phones as Knox pulled him up and then PILEDROVE Black off the top rope through the table! Kayden Knox crawled over to cover Black! But Jason Randall caught him with a Running Knee strike and then a Snake Eyes!

    Quinn: It's over! Randall's got it won...but...he's not going for the pin?!?!?!

    Sterling: What is going through the mind of Jason Randall?

    Quinn: Blackbird. That's what's going through his mind...

    Kennedy: Vincent told him earlier tonight that he had gone soft, and I guess Randall has taken that to heart!

    With both men down and out, Randall got a crazed look in his eye and began pulling at his own hair before looking at Eli Black! He picked up a steel chair, then a second, third and fourth and placed them over Eli’s body and then grabbed Kayden Knox, hooking him up for the Wildcard Special! Randall carried him around the ring before dropping Knox onto the pile of steel chairs and Eli Black underneath! Randall covered Black!




    Here is your winner @ 13:12 – “The Wildcard” Jason Randall

    "All Hail the King" by Avenged Sevenfold hits and the crowd turns its attention to the stage with a chorus of boos. "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan slowly struts out with the FWA World Championship launched over his shoulder. Once sporting three title belts, he now only has one, but it's the most cherished one in the industry.

    Sullivan has no time for games, in a foul mood from earlier, and he walks to the ring with a grunt-like expression.

    Rod Sterling: Dave Sullivan looks ready to reassert that he IS the best in the FWA, in the world even.

    Daniella Kennedy: He needs to. Mike Parr, "THE PRODIGY", has gone toe to toe with him numerous times and now has a draw and a win in recent weeks.

    Christian Quinn: It gives some fire to the idea that maybe Mike Parr should get a World Championship match soon.

    "Rock Me Amadeus" hits and the crowd surges in excitement. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell comes out with a jaunt, a skip of excitement as the crowd embraces his entrance. Cromwell, the good friend of Nova Diamond, has his eye on beating the World Champion in the middle of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Well now ... what if Cromwell gets a win here?!

    Daniella Kennedy: For his friend, too?! There are a lot of webs at play here.

    “The King” Dave Sullivan vs Kevin Cromwell

    Both Sullivan and Cromwell are in both corners of the ring as the bell rings. The crowd is booing Sullivan, but Sullivan just smiles and waves as Cromwell comes charging at him. Sullivan ducks out of the way, and Cromwell ends up in the turnbuckle. Sullivan chuckles, but Cromwell comes out of the turnbuckle in seconds and takes him down with a back elbow to the head. Sullivan hits the ground, as Cromwell yells out in strength. He picks up Sullivan by his hair, which has gotten longer over the last couple of months, and throws him against the ropes. Sullivan bounces off the ropes, and gets hit with a Cromwell clothesline on the bounce back.

    Cromwell stands tall above Sullivan now. He steps over him and stares him down from above, but suddenly, Sullivan pokes him in the eyes from below. Cromwell stumbles backwards, as Sullivan goes for the roll up pin!



    …but Cromwell kicks out.

    Both men jump to their feet now.

    Cromwell throws a right hook at Sullivan, and the crowd cheers!

    The King throws a right hook at Cromwell, and the crowd boos!







    After several hooks from The King, Cromwell stumbles backwards. Sullivan then kicks Cromwell in the gut, and attempts a DDT. But Cromwell twists out of it, and attempts an RKO on Sullivan!

    Sullivan’s own move! But mid air, Sullivan throws Cromwell off. Cromwell lands hard on the mat, but gets back up to his feet, when…

    RKO from Sullivan!

    Sullivan covers Cromwell with for the pin!




    Winner: “The King” Dave Sullivan

    "Sick" by Adelitas Way begins playing and the crowd comes to its feet to watch the newly crowned FWA North American Champion enter the arena. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr is looking stylish with a jacket over his bare chest and nice dress pants. He doesn't "look" ready for a wrestling match, but he quickly enters the ring and yanks off the pants to reveal his tights.

    Rod Sterling: The NEW North American Champion is HERE! What a moment this must be for him. He is in the main event again ... ONE SHOW after winning that title in the main event.

    The commentary team talks about his win against previously dominant Dave Sullivan at the last Fight Night. All the while, "The Prodigy" is grinning from ear to ear as he regularly glares at his championship belt. Then he holds it into the air as the fans provide a very mixed reaction.

    When "Judas" by Fozzy begins, the mood of the crowd swiftly changes from mixed to hellacious boos and heat. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia emerges from the back with his physical stature nearly dwarfing the entrance tunnel. He stops at the top of the stage/rampway and has his hands on his hips, basking in the boos from the crowd.

    Garcia stomps to the ring with complete disregard for the fans in the front rows with their hands outstretched. He enters the ring and stands in front of Mike Parr while looking at the North American Championship.

    Christian Quinn: Just look at how big Michael Garcia is compared to Mike Parr. The North American Champion isn't a small dude! He's like 8 inches shorter and 150 pounds lighter it seems like!

    Daniella Kennedy: Big Mike seems like he's eyeing that hardware. The only blemish on his resume is he's never, NEVER, won a singles championship in the FWA.

    "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk hits and the crowd's aura takes a 180-degree turn. "The White Wolf" comes out from the back to a roaring approval from the thousands in attendance. Krash points up to the sky with one finger and heads to the ring donning his usual attire of no shirt, yellow wrestling pants with some black trim, and no shoes.

    Krash reaches the ring and takes a spot in his corner. Garcia and Parr begin whispering and suddenly, with Krash's music still playing, then walk in opposite directions and begin surrounding Krash by inching closer and closer to him.

    Rod Sterling: What is going on here?! They look like vultures ready to attack!

    Just before they're about to attack, with Krash's fists up in defense, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem hits and the first beats send the crowd into a complete frizzy! "The Golden One" Devin Golden jogs out from the back and quickly races down to the ring! The bell rings right as Golden slides under the ropes, and it starts with all four men going at it!

    Tag Team Warfare
    FWA North American Champion "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia vs "White Wolf" Krash and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    Garcia backs off as Parr and Krash begin trading right hand punches. Garcia is waiting as Golden slides into the ring, ducks a clothesline, runs off the ropes and hits a big spinning wheel kick to knock the big man back! Golden then uses all of his power to clothesline Garcia out of the ring, sending the fans into another uproar!

    Rod Sterling: This match's intensity and action got going REAL FAST!

    The referee orders Golden to his corner and Garcia obliges as well. This makes Krash and Mike Parr the legal men to start. Krash has Parr in the heel corner and quickly changes that with a whip across the ring. Krash delivers repeated kicks to the midsection before a big uppercut to the jaw. He walks Parr into the middle of the ring and tries his Famouser leg face-plant move but Parr sidesteps out of it and executes a belly-to-back suplex.

    "The Prodigy" stomps into the chest of Krash a few times before pressing his knee into the ribs. He keeps Krash grounded for about a minute with this tactic before walking his foe upright and whipping across the ring. Parr misses with a clothesline and Krash lands a dropkick. Then he runs to the ropes for a springboard moonsault that takes Parr down right when he gets back standing. Krash quickly covers but it's only a short two count.

    Krash tags in "The Golden One" Devin Golden, who enters with an immediate series of backhand chops across Parr's exposed chest. Golden hits a basic neckbreaker on Parr and before he covers gets an earfull from Michael Garcia.


    Rod Sterling: Oh man, Golden is letting Garcia get in his head a bit here!

    Christian Quinn: This could cost him and Krash in the long run!

    Sure enough, Golden obliges to the request. He pulls Parr up and shoves him toward the heel corner, where Parr reaches up and Garcia tags in. Golden motions for him to come on, which Garcia does with a big boot. Golden dodges it and begins throwing wild right hands across the chest and jaw. Golden backs Garcia up about 3 feet after 10-15 punches, but Garcia quickly grabs Golden by the waist and shoves him backwards into the turnbuckle.

    Golden charges again with repeated punches and hooks. Garcia sticks his hands up in defense and then lands one big hook to the face, which has Golden stumbling backwards. Golden has a third surge of hooks and punches. This time it lasts for just a few seconds, as Garcia flings Golden across the ring like a piece of paper.

    Christian Quinn: Golden must've landed like 30 punches but it hardly did anything. Garcia lands one punch and one throw and now he has Golden on the ground.

    Garcia quickly whips Golden into the ropes and hits a big strong-arm running lariat. Then a big boot. Then a sitout chokebomb. The crowd boos as Garcia shakes the ring with Golden's impact on the last maneuver. He chooses not to pin and instead inflict more damage on his new rival.

    Daniella Kennedy: Just remember how Garcia got into Golden's head there. That turned the match. Golden had Mike Parr down and chose to LET one of the most dominant physical forces ever in the FWA enter the ring. For pride.

    Garcia grabs Golden around the neck and whips him into the heel corner. There he puts a boot into the throat and holds for as long as the ref allows him. He orders Parr not to tag in, seeing his hand go into the air. Garcia grabs Golden and hits a chokeslam into the middle of the ring, and then he pins him while looking at Krash with a smirk.

    .................1.................2............Kick out

    Garcia looks down at Golden and shouts, "You're STUPID!" He grabs the former World Heavyweight Champion and lifts him into the air in a military press style. With Golden's body high above his head, Garcia walks around the ring for about 10 seconds. Krash is able to reach up and nearly tag in, but Garcia steps back and shakes his head arrogantly.

    Golden is able to finally slide down and surprise EVERYONE with a HUGE German suplex on Garcia!!! The crowd explodes as Golden holds the rear waist lock and walks Garcia up. He then lifts Garcia for a SECOND German suplex!

    Rod Sterling: The strength shown by Golden is IMPRESSIVE! The old man still has it in him!

    Daniella Kennedy: This is patented Golden! His triple German suplexes! But can he hit the third on someone who's so much bigger than him!

    Golden sure enough tries, and he sure enough fails. He lifts Garcia an inch before finally succumbing to the weight and dropping him. Garcia gets free from the waist lock right after and lands one big right hook to knock Golden back down. Garcia kneels down and quickly locks in a sleeper hold-like maneuver. He has Golden fading until the Hall of Famer gets a foot hooked on the bottom rope. Garcia quickly yanks him into the middle of the ring before the referee can force a release.

    Garcia has Golden fading and delivers a few forearm/elbow shots across the face for good measure. The crowd tries bringing Golden to life, but Garcia instead quiets them by lifting Golden up and standing behind him, and then dropping him when he thinks Golden is out cold. Garcia then shouts, "It's OVER!" as the referee lifts one arm into the air. It falls.

    Christian Quinn: If Garcia can knock Golden out with a sleeper hold in just 20 seconds or so, then that's mighty dangerous.

    Garcia continues cockily walking around the ring while his tag partner looks on with a smirk.

    Second hand raise and a fall.

    Rod Sterling: Golden looks like he's fast asleep. I don't think he's getting up.

    Garcia then kneels down and begins shouting at Golden as the third hand raise happens. With Garcia talking smack to the seemingly unconscious Golden, the hand drops and stops in mid-air. Golden quickly opens his eyes, seemingly playing possum, and lands a kick-up into a jumping DDT!!! The crowd explodes as Golden connects and then lays on the mat next to Garcia. Instead of going for the pinfall, though, he pulls Garcia to the corner and hits a split-legged moonsault! The crowd cheers as Golden pulls this one out of his old bag of tricks. And now the two men are looking for a tag ... which happens for both!

    Krash and Parr are fresh, and they begin throwing right hands at one another. Parr seems to win the day and gets a double underhook backbreaker in after a big kick to the stomach. Parr whips Krash across the ring and tries a flying knee to the face, but Krash ducks it and hits a dropsault to the chest! Then Krash rears up and hits a HUGE spear through the chest of the North American Champion. He goes for a cover but it's broken up by Garcia!

    Christian Quinn: JUST when you think Krash has the opening to win, Garcia jumps back in.

    The crowd is antsy as Garcia stands over Krash and begins slapping him in the head. Golden flies in with a blockbuster from the top rope that surprises the big man! Garcia rolls out of the ring and Golden follows. Inside the ring, Parr is able to upperhand Krash with a few right hand blows. Then a jumping knee up into the face when Krash is doubled over after a kick to the groin. Parr goes to the top turnbuckle as the crowd cheers and he looks out to the fans.

    Rod Sterling: HOW BIG would it be for "The Prodigy" to get a pinfall against Krash here?! He'd get a win against Sullivan and Krash on back-to-back shows!!

    Daniella Kennedy: That's the kind of start to his North American title reign that puts the roster on notice!

    With the crowd standing, Parr goes for "X Marks the Spot" moonsault/frogsplash finisher! But Krash is able to dodge it! The crowd comes to life again as Krash pulls himself up using the ropes and quickly goes to the top turnbuckle for his own finisher. he pulls off his black elbow pad and flies off with the "Daybreaker" elbow drop to the chest! The crowd erupts when he hits it, and the commentary team chimes in with the count.




    Winners: Krash and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    Rod Sterling: Krash has DEFEATED the North American Champion! He pinned him!

    Krash rises up and is visibly psyched up. He points at the North American title and says, "I'm getting some GOLD up in here!" Parr remains on the canvas, nursing his chest after the elbow drop and missed frogsplash.

    Outside the ring, Garcia seems to be having his way with Golden. He tosses him into the ring steps like a train crashing into a wall. Then Garcia grabs Golden and tries to chokebomb him onto the steps, but Golden is able to pull his knees into Garcia's face. Golden then grabs the North American Championship and whacks Garcia with it across the face!!!

    Daniella Kennedy: Golden found a way to even the size difference with Garcia!

    Golden flings the belt over the ropes and into the ring, where Krash picks it up and smiles looking down at it.

    Garcia stumbles to the announcer's table and Golden quickly lands a knee into the ribs. Then he goes to the apron and top turnbuckle with Garcia laying on the table.

    Christian Quinn: You don't think...?! NO WAY! NO ... NO WAY WILL HE MAKE IT THAT FAR!

    Golden flies off from the turnbuckle to the announcer's table and lands his "Golden Touch" frogsplash finisher! The crowd roars as the table brakes and both Garcia and Golden fall into the rubble of wood splinters and plastic siding.


    The fans are wildly cheering as both men lay in the carnage, and the final scene we see is Krash tossing the North American Championship into the lap of "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and saying to him ... "One ... to zero. And it'll be TWO to zero soon."

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Chavez View Post
    im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
    Be the perfect feud for Blackbird. I love it.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Great show. Entertaining promo work for everyone and some crazy matches. Sad i lost but excited to know what I'm heading towards

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    It's been a very long time since I've seen a dedicated hardcore title in an e-fed so mark me down as SUPER interested in the direction of the X Division title. Every title defence falling under it's own extreme rules is sure to make every match stand out for at least one reason.

    This show was full of great promos, but I think my absolute favourite was Nova Diamond's response to Dave Sullivan. (but in all seriousness the monologue game in FWA is on point, in particular that opening promo battle with Cyrus & Gabrielle was certified HOT FIRE). Plus the return of Von Horrorwitz is like the strawberry frosting in great FWA debuts/returns recently. Elite, Blackbird, El Franko, Cromwell, the Valanders, Princeton, Diamond, Black, Dust, the Wave, and now Horrorwitz with Donovan Moore yet to debut, lots of talent coming in at a high rate. It's going to make for some pretty sweet matchups.

    Great show, lads.
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    Stay tuned.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Insert dialog here needs to be on a t-shirt. Just sayin.

    Great show lads , it warms my heart to see so many new people and new faces here on the fed being so active. The king killed it with his promo as to be expected.

    Big shout out to the MVH segment, SS is back, with his signature style, future world champ right there.

    Sullivan/ KC match: it is what it is.

    beyond that I love the new breed of FWA talent
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Sometimes the best answer is just silence...

    Though I'm sure it will be updated soon. (now that i had sent my part to the mods, sorry for the delay guys) Thoughts about the show later.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    The rosters really bulking up recently with so many new sign ups and returns, its great to see.

    This was a big show that had plenty of developments. I'm not familiar with MVH at all but I'm interested already. The X Title going back to its roots is really cool.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Really enjoyed the show. I agree that Truth-Gabrielle was a highlight. I'm obviously unfamiliar with the history between the two, but that makes what's to come fresher for me I suppose. The Blackbird-Randall stuff was excellent, and I really enjoyed Sullivan's monologue. The Golden-Garcia angle seems real interesting also.

    Looking forward to the next card and getting started properly!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 12/30/19 Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    Sometimes the best answer is just silence...

    Though I'm sure it will be updated soon. (now that i had sent my part to the mods, sorry for the delay guys) Thoughts about the show later.
    Your dialogue has been added in now.

    Good stuff from this show and we’re glad everyone has enjoyed it thus far, we have big things coming up so stay tuned!

    Banner credit: Booty

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