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Thread: Create your own stable

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    Create your own stable

    If you could create your own stable right now in WWE, who would you have in it?

    Charlotte Flair
    Dana Brooke
    Lacey Evans

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    205 Live Re: Create your own stable

    I've always felt that my favorite stables were those that had a common goal to work towards, or attitude to share, regardless of their differenting backgrounds. Throwing people together for the sole reason being that they share a similar look, or even worse, simply because they're all of the same race, feels cheap and strips the characters of anything that makes them unique from an aesthetic standpoint. Give me a reason why they've decided to join together aside from the fact that they look similar to a visually impaired person.

    With that being said, I want a 205 Live/Cruiserweight stable to suddenly debut on Raw and beat the shit out of a dull 'big man' with speed, talent, and numbers. Take the 205 Live OGs, frustrated and feeling like WWE set them up to fail by putting their show on the Network-only, never promoting it on TV or PPV, hardly allowing any crossover to advertise themselves to entice new viewers despite them busting their ass to make it work, giving a CW title shot to Lio Rush on NXT with zero build or story just so NXT has anther thing to advertise, having a GM that's more focused on chasing the 24/7 title or pissing his pants instead of helping 205 Live, etc, etc. So, anyway, they beat the shit out of a big man, the big man challenges for revenge, but the 205 Live Gang will only accept it if he faces them on 205 Live, not Raw, not Smackdown, not NXT, not PPV. Only 205 Live. Big man tries to, and gets his shit kicked in via numbers. Rinse and repeat as necessary, target a different big man each month. The 205 Live Squad will still fight each other on 205 Live, but will put aside their differences every Raw or Smackdown appearance if it means attracting more viewers to their brand.

    The way I see it going, is that there's a core group consisting as those who have been on 205 Live since the beginning and never officially got drafted to Raw or Smackdown, ie Jack Gallagher, Ariya Daivari, Brian Kendrick, maybe Tony Nese & Akira Tozawa too. Bring back Noam Dar from NXT UK/Purgatory that he's been banished to if they want to bump it up to a sixth OG member. That's the de facto faction, but there's also the 205 Live Alumni, those who have since moved on to Raw or Smackdown such as Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, Mustafa Ali, who all vary between wanting no part of this stable, being hesitant on joining the stable they inadvertently helped create, and recognising that the stable has a point and they were forced to work uphill with little reward. Ideally, the stable would always have an open offer towards the ex-205 Live members, allowing the likes of Buddy Murphy to call in some personal backup to take care of a problem he caused - like Aleister Black kicked his face in again so he'd like some help returning the favor just this once - or Cedric Alexander to call in some buddies he can trust since they've worked to create something. Face or heel, on Raw or Smackdown, you're still a 205 Liver at heart, just say the word and we'll be at your side.

    And then there's the likes of Humberto Carillo, Raul Mendoza, Mike Kanellis, Isaiah Scott, etc, newer people who have appeared on 205 Live for a spell. Are they considered part of the 205 Live stable? Where do they stand? What about Ricochet or other guys who technically make the weight cut for 205 Live but never appeared on the brand? Or Angel Garza, the current CW Champion? Where is the line the 205 Live Gang declares that makes you 'one of them'?

    Oh, and Jack Gallagher goes back to wrestling in that kickass waistcoat suit & tie. Because shut up, I said so. Also in my imaginary scenario designed only for me, he's the one who dethrones Brock Lesnar for the WWE title via trickery and 'literally every cruiserweight kicking the shit out of Brock Lesnar while the referee is busy tying his shoelaces' and proceeds to defend it on 205 Live only. If Smackdown wants their top title back, they'll have to send someone who qualifies to compete on 205 Live. I have this all written down in my 'Jazz Wolf's Shitty BTB Ideas' notepad, right next to 'Konnor = Universal Champion.'

    As a side note, anyone who can throw me a good name for this 205 Live Group will get some rep.
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    Re: Create your own stable

    Lacey Evans and Natalya is the good stable and they can win even Women Tag Team champions for good.

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