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Thread: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    Daily Update
    Tuesday January 12, 1999

    OOC: That's weird, even though I made the image still posted it as smaller? If anyone has any ideas on how to keep it at original size on the post, that would be wonderful! BUTTTTT I did notice if you click this one, it does take you to a different page where you can zoom in on it lol. Again, thanks for reading!
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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    At this stage, I seem to be enjoying a lot of your simpler angles. Malenko/Booker is a lot of fun, Bischoff continuing hating on Flair, The Horsemen continuing to be targeted on the NWO, it's all solid stuff. Scott Steiner being in the main event and getting plenty of promo time is a major positive as well.

    I have to admit I'm struggling to get into the Guerrero stuff at this stage. Feels like this real EPIC angle that's been fast tracked within a few weeks. Plus Chavo's character seems to have just completely changed without any real explanation.

    The Hall/Nash pairing and Nash still being a good guy after the Goldberg stuff still feels rather confusing as well. And the Savage/Nash one night only fight and make up angle felt far to rushed.

    At the moment, it feels like you're doing the simple stuff well, but hot shotting way to much to try and build these 'amazing' angles. Don't be afraid to put in a month or two of solid booking to build to the ground breaking stuff. Not everything needs to be out of this world brilliant.

    Your writing throughout is rather enjoyable though, you've always known how to put together a good promo. You're close to your first PPV now, looking forward to seeing what you produce.

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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    -One thing I like here is starting the show off with a promo but it's not your typical opening show promo that features the Main Eventers, instead you give Chavo and Eddy the chance to take center stage and I dig that. I like Chavo getting emotional while Eddy brings the passion - these two were always great together whether it was teaming or feuding so I look forward to where this goes.

    -Finlay vs. Meng, ahh I salivate at the hard hitting in this one. Standard booking here (this is not a bad thing) for a European Legion vs. Faces of Fear feud which I am all for, btw.

    -Nash brings up a fair point about the Wolfpac not helping out, and I'm not really sure who the "fans" are suppose to behind here but I actually think Savage comes off looking like the heel/dick here - dude got thrown off a bridge and Savage is worried about who is 'leading' the group.

    -Solid promo from Bischoff to hype up the PPV. Can't help but wonder what Eric will have up his sleeves because obviously Flair would wipe the floor with him but with the nWo involved, you never know.

    -I really wish I knew what Saturn did to you to deserve this type of treatment. Saturn was still a nice, solid reliable midcarder at this time but feel like he's been treated like nothing more than jobber status at this point, and teaming with Sick Boy certainly hasn't helped. That said, I love building Wrath up as a monster and am fine with him winning the match, don't get me wrong as it's not just this match that has me lementing Saturn's status on the roster. Maybe Wrath will end up the Brock Lesnar type that just destroys everyone in minutes...and again, I'm okay with that too.

    -But yeah, squash Sick Boy all you want.

    -Liked seeing Hennig and Windham looking to weaken up their opponents - just some solid booking to build up to the title match at Souled Out.

    -Good match here between Booker and Cat with the TV title bringing the goods again. I suppose he could've adapted it earlier in this universe, but just a small point nagging me when I read the match was that Booker didn't start using the Book End for probably another year or so (he started using it I believe during his world title run or around that time anyway). Have enjoyed this Booker T/Malenko feud though and this was another good iron in the fire leading up to Souled Out.

    -You do a better job here of capturing Page I believe, he puts over the match with Hart well but the attack by Hart from behind is icing on the cake.

    -Liked the idea of nWo being the lumerbacks for the tag match and Mongo getting taken out of the match. Though with it basically now being a handi-cap match, I would've prefered Hennig and Windham to not need the DQ to save themselves from losing - which is just something I prefer for any handicap match situation...but it puts over Benoit strong while Hennig and Windham stand tall for the 2nd time tonight against two different teams.

    -Decent main event between Nash and Savage but the reunion at the end makes me wonder what the point really was. Steiner brings some good with his promo - though I'm not sure they would've referenced Hall's alcoholism on TV, but it certainly puts a whole lot of heat on Steiner, so I'll allow it. As much as I liked the initial brawl between the two groups, I don't know how Nash is getting back to his feet after STEEL baseball bats rained down on him repeatedly. And then Nash tossing Steiner onto the concrete below - oh and Nash hitting some cops and going to jail...a lot was happening there, and probably too much. It certainly puts over a lot of hatred between these two but to me seemed like "a bit much" all at once and some of it a bit too unrealistic even for pro wrestling. A fall onto concrete like that would be enough to write someone off for weeks I'd imagine, so Steiner being able to go for the PPV on Sunday would be a pretty big stretch, I would think.

    There's still a lot more good going on with Hart/Page, the tag team scene, the TV Title scene, the Wrath push, Chavo/Eddy - I am enjoying all of that. My biggest critique is that some of the booking sometimes feels like WCW is trying really hard to WWF's Attitude Era especially with the Nash/Steiner stuff.

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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    Daily Update
    Thursday January 14, 1999

    OOC: It's funny that you guys mention that about the hot shotting...because I literally tried to make a conscious effort to hot shot, because I realized that during this time WWF was kicking our butts and we needed stuff to try and throw to the wall to compete. I know the criticism of the counter programming I put on the Nitro time slot that was opposite of Mick winning the WWF title...which I completely understand that lol. But yeah I think I am gonna slow it down a little bit going forward. I appreciate all your guys' feedback though, it's what drives me to continue and try and get better at this. I know I have a lot of things I need to work on in this project, but I'm making it a mission to try and turn that all feedback good and bad is extremely extremely helpful. I will also obviously be returning the favors lol. But thank you guys so much for sticking with this and I hope that I can only improve. Plus I do have bigger plans for Saturn SaintDub don't worry
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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    January 14, 1999 | Richmond, Virginia | Episode 47
    Commentary: Tony Schiavone, "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko, & "The Professor" Mike Tenay

    Cameras open after the intro video package detailing the emotional rollercoaster that Ric Flair has been on after the vicious attack on his son David Flair and his best friend Arn Anderson. Mean Gene Okerlund is already standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in his hand building up how in three days at Souled Out Ric Flair is supposed to wrestle Eric Bischoff in a loser leaves town steel cage match, but that Flair has been MIA for days now, and that he hasn't answered telephone calls, messages, and has not given any word if he will even make his back to WCW ever again. Okerlund brings out fellow Four Horsemen member, Steve "Mongo" McMichael, who reportedly has an update on The Nature Boy, and if he has decided to take his final bow and give up to Eric Bischoff and the New World Order. Mongo comes out with an extremely emotional and somber look on his face, shaking his head and never bringing his head up once to look at or acknowledge the crowd.

    Okerlund goes right into the direct line of questioning to Mongo if he has any idea the state of mind Ric Flair is in right now, and if he will even show up to Souled Out in three days and fight Eric Bischoff and not just forfeit the match, his duties, and any responsibilities to World Championship Wrestling. Steve tries to hold back tears before he ever speaks a word, and finally after a few deep breaths, acknowledges that he hasn't been in touch with Ric but he has been in touch with the Flair family...and that Ric doesn't look like he will be ever returning to World Championship Wrestling again.

    A quick cut shot backstage shows Eric Bischoff with a huge shit eating grin on his face and the other members of the NWO Black and White cheering and clapping for this announcement. The focus goes back to the center of the ring as Okerlund sells the shock of Flair deciding to forfeit his match and his duties of WCW. Steve cuts Okerlund off and builds up how Ric has been having a really tough time with everything going on, especially with his son David who still happens to be in a coma at University Hospital in Augusta, GA.

    McMichael ponders and hypes the uncertainty of what the future holds not just for the Four Horsemen, but WCW as a whole. Mongo reiterates how much of a cancer the NWO has been to WCW, and that sometimes there just comes a time when you have to stop fighting the cancer...and just let it all go, which is what he thinks Ric Flair has done.

    "Ric, buddy....*deep breath* I'm right here with ya. You're a horsemen, and you're the main reason I even wanted to step into this business when my football career ended. You were the reason, Nature Boy! I understand everything happening with your son and I understand if you don't want to come back. Hell, I probably wouldn't either. But Ric, you are a legend....and whether you come back or not, you have given this sport more than it deserves. And for that Ric, from the bottom of all of our hearts...we thank you. Once a Horsemen...always a Horsemen. And we will keep fighting til we can't no more for what you have built this company and this entire industry for!" - Steve "Mongo" McMichael

    Steve's demeanor quickly changes from emotional to anger, he starts to fume staring intensely deep into the camera while pounding his fists together.

    "So Eric...EAZYYY E or whatever the hell you wanna call yourself, you may have control now and you may THINK that you and your little buddies are in the drivers seat....but you ain't seen nothin' yet!" - Steve "Mongo" McMichael

    The crowd starts getting louder and louder with their cheering as McMichael starts pacing around the ring and getting more and more emotional and intense just feeding off the energy of the crowd.

    "We...." - Steve "Mongo" McMichael

    Mongo throws up his finger and doesn't motion a Four Horsemen signal, but instead spells out WCW in the air.

    "We ain't scared of you, but WE damn sure are COMIN FOR YOU!!!" - Steve "Mongo" McMichael

    McMichael throws down the microphone and storms out of the ring in a huff as the crowd erupts into a WCW chant. The cameras cut to the backstage area again to show a very unimpressed and sarcastic Eric Bischoff just still rocking back and forth in his office chair, while the rest of the NWO Black and White mock Mongo for what he said.

    WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP RANKING EXHIBITION | WRATH (#2 Seed) versus DISCO INFERNO (#9 Seed). Before this match ever begins, commentary puts over the dominance Wrath has shown in the last few weeks, and how big of a coup it would be for Disco Inferno to actually pick up a victory over a man who has been undefeated since the Ranking system began. But this match clearly turns out to be exactly what it is. Disco comes out heated from the very beginning, trying to antagonize Wrath and the crowd with his dance moves mocking Wrath that he "can't keep up."

    But Wrath just stands there with an intense and intimidating look on his face just staring down his prey. As soon as the bell rings, he comes barreling in with a spear out of nowhere on Disco, completely leveling him out! Wrath doesn't even let Disco get back up to his feet, just picking his limp body up by his throat like it's nothing and slamming the top of his head several times on the top turnbuckle. Wrath finally finishes him off with his destructive Meltdown!
    After the match is over, Wrath drag's Disco's glittery vest off off him and rips it in two with his bare hands, screaming as loud as he can and acting as if he is going to tear through the camera man. The camera man quickly scurries out of the way to put over just how scary and unpredictable this monster Wrath truly is.

    The scene opens up in a very open and extremely advanced training facility with several men pacing around a gym mat in purple training jumpsuits. Loud thuds are heard crashing onto the wrestling mats and several voices are heard instructing someone like a coach,

    "Get down to his legs! Snap his right leg back! There ya go. Okay quick quick put your shoulder into him..."

    The camera pans out a little bit to see several trainers circled around an extremely focused and solemn Dean Malenko. Malenko looks untouchable in this short training montage, mat wrestling all these trainers like an absolute machine on a war path. Nick Bockwinkel walks to the edge of the mat with a stopwatch timing how fast Malenko can come down with each man, one after the other after the other. The short training montage focuses on Malenko who hits a belly to belly on one guy and then immediately turns it into his signature Tampa Cloverleaf.

    The scene quickly changes to show Dean Malenko running on a treadmill with several wires hooked onto his chest, just running as intensely and dramatic as he can while not even breaking a sweat, staring off into a catatonic type stare. Cameras zoom in to the piercing eyes of Malenko, as Bockwinkel paces back and forth next to the treadmill with words of encouragement of how Booker T does not stand a chance...but Malenko just disregards everything Bockwinkel is saying and just continues to run faster and harder not breaking eye contact as the camera fades to a commercial.

    Cameras come back from the commercial break to focus on commentary who is hyping the huge night we still have with Diamond Dallas Page maybe in his hardest feat to date, being forced to take on 6 NWO Black and White members INCLUDING his Souled Out opponent Bret Hart in a 6 on 1 handicap tag match. Commentary sells how Bret Hart is trying to do everything he can to soften up Diamond Dallas Page before their final submission match in three days for the WCW United States Champion, hyping that if DDP is unable to make Bret Hart submit...he can no longer challenge for the United States Championship again. Commentary hypes up the rest of the Souled Out card, and still the huge speculation of what this means for Eric Bischoff and the NWO now that Ric Flair in all estimations will not be making it to Souled Out in this steel cage match.

    But as commentary is finishing up the hype for Souled Out, a loud commotion is heard from the other side of the arena. The cameras chaotically try to quickly identify what is happening, and it's Chris Jericho who is fighting through the crowd with Ralphus, trying to get down to the ring but being held back and restrained by WCW officials and agents. Jericho screams that he isn't gonna be silenced any longer, and that he is not leaving the ring he could air out all his grievances and he's doing it IN THAT RING!

    Jericho hops over the guard rail and Ralphus like a doofus just falls over the guard rail with half of his ass hanging out, spilling his jumbo size bowl of cheese curl Cheetos. Jericho snatches the microphone from David Penzer's table and storms into the ring starting right in with his promo about how he is taking HIS TIME, and that he has a huge bone to pick with all of World Championship Wrestling and it's lackluster officiating. Jericho rants and raves about how WCW is gonna be sorry for passing on a star as big as him, cutting in several times to scream at Ralphus to "stop eating those damn Cheetos!"

    But after just a few seconds, acting WCW commissioner JJ Dillon walks out through the curtain with several members of the security to escort Jericho out of the ring. Jericho tries to break through the security, screaming how he "WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!" As Jericho is being carried out of the arena kicking, he screams in JJ Dillon's face,


    Security tries to pick up an oblivious Ralphus in the same way they did Jericho to carry him out of the arena, but he is just too heavy and awkward and he falls on his ass several times as security tries to drag him back through the curtain.

    CURT HENNIG versus REY MYSTERIO JR. Even though Rey Mysterio Jr and Billy Kidman are in the finals of the WCW World Tag Team Championship tournament, Curt Hennig and Barry Windham clearly are not taking their threat of winning very seriously at all. In a warm up match between Curt Hennig and Rey Mysterio Jr just three days before their big tag team title match at Souled Out, Hennig is able to take a quick advantage in the early going of the match...and follows it with a very intense and heelish mocking of Mysterio after each and every single suplex or big move he hits on Mysterio. Hennig slaps Mysterio a few times over the head in between moves and commentary continues to sell the ring generals that both Curt Hennig and Barry Windham are, and that if this is any indication of what is in store at Souled Out...Hennig and Windham without a doubt are leaving with the tag team titles in quick fashion.

    Kidman paces outside the ring trying to hype up his tag team partner to give him some sort of fight back in him, but Hennig just continues to dominate Mysterio and even at one point stomps on the back of Mysterio's head several times and then tries to rip his mask off! Windham laughs at all the heelish antics of Hennig, but the match starts to take a dramatic turn when Hennig is taunting at the crowd too long and Mysterio is able to reverse a sidewalk slam into a hurricarana out of nowhere from Mysterio!

    Hennig jumps back up to his feet and in anger charges at Mysterio, but Mysterio quickly ducks underneath a clothesline from Hennig and dropkicks Hennig in the back sending him crashing head first into the middle turnbuckle! Now Mysterio is having his turn to mock and poke fun at Hennig, who just can't seem to grab a hold of Mysterio now that the fans are riling him up and commentary is hyping the comeback and athleticism of Mysterio here! Windham jumps up onto the top apron which quickly catches the attention of the referee, so as Mysterio comes darting into Hennig, Curt out of nowhere throws his leg up behind the referee's back and kicks Mysterio between the legs to break all his momentum! The crowd boos and Hennig slaps Mysterio a few more times in the back of the head, clearly a lot more heated and serious than he was earlier in the match. Mysterio's comeback looks to be dead in the water against a much more experienced Curt Hennig now.

    But as Curt goes to pick Mysterio up one final time to come down with his signature PerfectPlex, Mysterio somehow someway finds a way to reverse it into an enziguri kick right to the back of the head of Curt Hennig! The crowd jumps up to their feet and Kidman starts rallying up his partner from the outside of the ring! As Hennig lies on his knees holding the back of his head and trying to regain himself, Mysterio quickly jumps up to the top rope and then leaps off in dramatic fashion with a slingshot diving crossbody right on Hennig! BAM! Mysterio quickly rolls Hennig up for the pin...1....2.....3!! Mysterio wins!

    Mysterio just picked up the upset of a lifetime over Curt Hennig!! Windham pounds the canvas in anger and goes to jump into the ring to attack Mysterio, but Mysterio quickly jumps out of the ring to celebrate with his ecstatic tag team partner now proving that maybe they can pick up the victory over Curt Hennig and Barry Windham this Sunday night! Hennig's eyes are as wide as silver dollars in complete and utter shock of what just happened. Windham paces around the ring violently kicking his feet and screaming at Mysterio and Kidman how "they have an ass whuppin waiting for them this Sunday night!"

    Hennig is shocked at first, but after he realizes what just happened he quickly becomes even angrier than Barry Windham, freaking out on David Penzer and threatening him not to announce Mysterio as the winner of the match. The two teams stare each other down with Kidman and Mysterio excitedly taunting back at an irate Hennig and Windham, "1...2...3!"

    Cameras come open up from the commercial break to show a dingy dimly lit old boxing gym on the corner of a rough neighborhood in Harlem. This completely unlike the advanced training facility that Nick Bockwinkel had Dean Malenko training in earlier, this gym is about as rough on the edges as you can get. Loud rap music is playing in the background and the camera focuses on a heavy bag in the center of the room. The WCW World Television Champion Booker T with the belt fastened around his waist, bouncing up and down pacing around the heavy bag for a few reps, before he just starts going right into it with full intensity.

    Booker utilizes his entire body to hit the heavy bag, training to dodge strikes and just come in with stiff punches, knees, elbows, kicks, and everything else. Even though the setting is completely different, Booker T looks just as focused and solemn as Dean Malenko did earlier. But Booker is a lot more emotional with his training and strikes, screaming verbal jabs at the heavy bag like he is actually fighting Dean Malenko.

    In between the violent strikes on the heavy bag, the montage cuts in and out with other methods in Booker's training, including a shot showcasing Booker T doing single jumps on seven piled up wooden pallets and doing hurdles weaving around small cones laid out zig zag on the floor.

    The final shot is Booker T hitting the speed bag while an unknown 300 pound monster is behind him trying to break his focus and concentration by hitting him in the back several times viciously with a leather belt...but Booker stays as focused as ever just staring a hole deep into the speed bag not letting up for one second. The camera zooms out to show Booker T's back covered in red welts and him slowly turning around out of breath staring deep into the camera,

    "Dean! Dean!!! Bring yo punk ass to Charleston this Sunday night! See what happens, sucka!" - Booker T

    Cameras open up in the arena with Mean Gene Okerlund standing in the ring with a microphone already in his hand standing alongside Chavo Guerrero Jr's father, Chavo Guerrero Sr "Classic". Classic has a somber tone on his face as Okerlund recaps the recent turbulent events that have led Chavo Guerrero Jr and Eddy Guerrero this emotional Cruiserweight Championship match at Souled Out. Okerlund initially apologizes and sympathizes with Classic about the dhasterdly behavior of his brother Eddy as of late, and expresses regret to Classic of how hard it must be to watch his brother not just turn his back on Jr, but his entire family.

    Classic shakes his head in disappointment and cuts a promo really selling the strain it has put on the Guerrero family, and maybe even moreso the Guerrero legacy, because if Eddy wanted a match with Chavo Jr. he should've went about the right way and challenged him in the ring to a wrestling match. Classic reiterates that even though Eddy is clearly in the wrong in this whole debacle, Classic pleads that his son needs to take the high road, be the bigger man, and keep this strictly a professional wrestling match.

    It isn't long before the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero Jr comes out to confront his dad in the ring and explain to him that he can't just let Eddy run rough shot. Chavo profusely apologizes to his dad for what he's gonna do to Eddy this Sunday night, but that it is truly for the best. Classic tries to reason with his son, but Jr. just cuts him off and expresses how much he loves him and how much he honors what being a Guerrero means, which is why he has to stop Eddy NOW.

    Classic doesn't accept his son's logic and continues to try and plead with him just to drop the belt if it means destroying the family, but Chavo shakes his head no and explains to his dad that he "just can't do that." Chavo builds up what being a Guerrero means to him and what this belt means to him, and that Eddy has shown that he doesn't give a damn about the family or anyone in it!

    "The Guerrero legacy is about owning up to your actions and being a man of honor and respect. I love my family and I love being a Guerrero. I love holding this belt, because this belt can be held up high in honor of the Guerrero legacy. I won this belt right here dad, for all of us. Eddy if he takes this belt...he wins it for himself. That's it." - Chavo Guerrero Jr.

    Eddy's music abruptly cuts Jr's emotional promo off, as Eddy walks out with a demented look on his face, slowly walking down the ramp like he could snap at any point in time. Eddy gets into the ring with a microphone in his hand and pushes passed his brother to immediately go face to face with his Souled Out opponent, Chavo. The two men stare deep into each other's hate filled eyes, just waiting for the other guy to jump. Eddy's music cuts off and the two just continue to death stare into each other's eyes, with each step one takes, the other follows suit.

    Eddy raises his microphone up first but quickly turns around to face his brother, Chavo Guerrero Sr instead. Eddy starts to cut a scathing and hate filled promo on his brother about the disgrace he brought to the Guerrero Legacy, and that he should feel ashamed for planting the seed of this "bastard" to ever be born. Classic takes all the heat from Eddy originally, as Eddy slowly starts getting closer and closer to his brother, continuing his hateful promo berating Chavo Classic for not being a man and teaching his son some respect behind the shed. Eddy shakes his head in disgust and tells Classic that he should be ashamed of ever raising a failure like Chavo, because this Sunday night he's gonna do what Classic never had the balls to do to his son 20 years ago when he first needed it.

    "I'm gonna take your son out into that ring this Sunday night and I'm gonna give him the ass whipping he has needed for years, ese. I WILL BE THE MAN THAT YOU NEVER COULD BE!! Just looking at you bato makes me sick..." - Eddy Guerrero

    Eddy rares back and spits in the face of his brother Chavo Guerrero Sr! Chavo Guerrero Jr. immediately darts at Eddy in a fit of rage wanting to make him pay for spitting in his father's face, but Chavo Classic grabs a hold of Jr. and pulls him out of the way. Eddy keeps antagonizing Classic and an absolutely livid and fired up Chavo Guerrero Jr. just wanting to do anything to get his hands on his uncle.

    Eddy screams back at the two that he is gonna give the Guerrero's a champion they can be proud of, unlike the two disgraces in the ring. Classic calms Jr. down enough to get out of the ring, but instead of getting out of the ring with his son, he turns around, takes off his shirt, and challenges his brother Eddy for a fight right here and right now!

    Guerrero Jr. tries to jump back into the ring to convince his dad to let him fight for him, but Classic isn't hearing any of it and gets face to face with his brother. Eddy contemplates it for a second with a twisted smile on his face, but Classic rares back and swiftly slaps him across the face which immediately sets him off! Eddy throws his arms up in a rage and rips his shirt off as well, screaming right back at Chavo Classic, "YOU'RE ON ESE!!"

    Cameras fade to a commercial as both men circle around the ring staring down at each other as a referee runs down the ramp and into the ring for what looks to be an impromptu match right now!

    EDDY GUERRERO versus CHAVO GUERRERO CLASSIC. Cameras come back from the commercial break and both these brothers are pacing around the ring, Chavo Guerrero Classic clearly looking like he is in no shape to wrestle a match in any stretch of the imagination. But Eddy is hot and as soon as the bell rings comes barreling in with some of the stiffest shots we have ever seen, not even letting his brother Chavo Classic put his hands up to block any of the shots. Classic's son, Chavo Guerrero Jr. is pacing around the outside of the ring worried about what his uncle Eddy is gonna do to his father.

    Eddy kicks the back of the head of Classic a few times and starts to taunt with a sadistic smile on his face at Jr. outside the ring that he's gonna put Classic in a home, which only puts Guerrero Jr. in even more of an unadulterated rage. Classic's only offense is a quick failed comeback when he connects with an elbow uppercut to Eddy, followed up with a headbutt and a few vicious bites! The referee warns Classic of biting Eddy and threatens to disqualify him, but it is clearly not needed. When Classic goes to pick Eddy back up to his feet, Eddy opportunistically rolls between Classic's legs and hits a belly to back suplex, followed up with a quick rolling DDT that bounces Classic's head right off the top of the canvas!

    Classic looks like he might be completely out now, but Eddy refuses to just end it there. Eddy spits in Classic's face again and then snaps on his vicious single arm camel clutch that the Guerreros made famous! Classic desperately tries to break free and Jr. cries out for his dad to "just give up", but the fire inside Classic just wants to keep fighting. But after too long and Eddy pulling even harder back on the camel clutch, Classic has no other alternative than to tap out!! Even though the bell rings, Eddy refuses to let go and just laughs as he forces Classic to fall completely unconscious from the pain.

    Chavo Guerrero Jr darts into the ring to save his dad, but the damage has already been done. Eddy lets go of Classic and Chavo Guerrero Jr immediately tends to his dad, holding his head up and trying to reassure him with tears rolling down his face that "everything is gonna be okay." Eddy goes to leave the ring but just continues to stare at what he did with a sick and twisted smile on his face.

    Eddy goes to leave the ring, but instead of leaving the ring he darts at Chavo Guerrero Jr. who is still holding his dad's head up and just punts Jr. as hard as he can in the back of the head wiping him out!! BAM! The crowd starts to boo the loudest they have all night and commentary sells the ruthlessness of Eddy Guerrero and how bad he wants to strip away any decency or respect he once had. Eddy looks at the crowd for a few seconds in seemingly disbelief of his own actions, but then looks back down at his brother and nephew who lie in the middle of the ring on their stomachs with a sadistic smile on his face.

    Cameras open up backstage to show United States Championship #1 contender Diamond Dallas Page standing alongside his beautiful wife Kimberly and Mean Gene Okerlund with a microphone in front of the Thunder backdrop. Okerlund goes right into what this next 6 on 1 handicap match means for him, knowing that not only does he have to face his Souled Out opponent just three days before their huge US Championship match, but he has to face 5 other members of the NWO Black and White in the process.

    Page chuckles to himself in disgust and looks at Okerlund with a dismissive look on his face cutting a promo about how this is just "typical Bret Hart" wanting to stack the odds as much against him as possible, because,

    "HE KNOWS INSIDE HIS HART...PUN INTENDED...that on an even playing field man o e man o...that he's not walking out this Sunday night with that US Championship." - Diamond Dallas Page

    Okerlund reminds Page of the events that happened on Nitro with Hart locking on the sharpshooter and Page unofficially tapping out, while Page also being in completely uncharted waters in this SUBMISSION match at Souled Out. Page just shrugs it off and in his typical fashion and says that Hart is trying to "soften him up", but he just can't seem to get it through his head that you can't soften something "THIS JACKED UP!" Page pats Okerlund on the shoulder with confidence and looks deep into the camera with a cocky smile,

    "So Hitman take it from me, you don't want to get locked in that sharpshooter. You can tell the world how it feels after this Sunday night...or hell, you can tell the world how it feels after TONIGHT." - Diamond Dallas Page

    Page holds up the diamond cutter sign to the camera and walks off the interview set with Kimberly following closely behind and commentary selling the confidence of Page going into the submission match, and building up the speculation that Bret might find himself in his sharpshooter tonight!

    6 ON 1 HANDICAP MATCH | DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE versus BRET HART, THE GIANT, BUFF BAGWELL, SCOTT NORTON, BRIAN ADAMS, & VINCENT. Even though Bret Hart comes down with the other 5 members of NWO Black and White in the match, they all seem very visibly distant from him, following far behind him. Bret once on the apron turns around and screams for them to hurry up, and tries to coach them on how they need to approach Page and "dismantle him"...which gets a very mixed and mostly poor dismissive reaction from the others.

    Page comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd and Bret just stands in the corner of the ring staring at a hyped up DDP with a cold dark stare, clinching his fists in anger and shaking his head at just the sight of Page. It looks like Bret is gonna dart over to Page, but as soon as the bell rings, Bret instead immediately sends Buff Bagwell to dart over to Page and knock him down with a clothesline out of nowhere! Bagwell starts pounding away on Page as commentary builds up how difficult of a feat this is and that it is almost virtually impossible for Page not only to just win this match...but to even walk out of this arena alive (which is exactly what Bret wants).

    There is an even keel amount of tagging in of different NWO Black and White members just pounding away on a resilient Page who refuses to stay down, but Bret is still yet to get into the ring to strike Page, instead just trying to scream from the other side of the ring at what he "thinks they should do next." The Giant comes in hits a chokeslam on Page that looks like it's gonna be completely over. But before The Giant can cover him for the pinfall, NOW Bret Hart tags himself in and starts stalking down a beaten down DDP.

    The Giant looks at Bret with an annoyed look on his face and then climbs outside of the ring to get in their corner. Bret is now taking full advantage of a weakened DDP, mocking him every single time he comes down with some sort of strike and kick. Bret picks Page up by his hair and looks directly over to Kimberly outside the ring, taunting at Kimberly how he is gonna "retire Page for good." But Bret takes a little too long in his showboating, and Page starts to get a little bit of that second wind back in him, fighting and clawing a comeback throwing anything and everything he can at The Hitman.

    Bret bounces off the ropes and tries to come down with an elbow drop on Page, but Page quickly moves out of the way, and now has full control of Bret Hart coming down with both knees to Bret's face! Page struggles up to his feet and falls into the ropes a few times, really selling the damage that has already been done. But instead of the NWO coming in for a quick save of Bret, they just stand there on the apron staring at everything going on in the ring. Page hits a few big suplexes on Bret, but the big moment comes when he locks on Bret's signature sharpshooter!!

    Bret screams out in pain and desperately holds out his hand to try and tag in ANYONE he can to break him out of this, but just as Bret is getting closer and closer for a tag...all 5 other members of the NWO Black and White hop off the apron and start to walk back up the ramp leaving Bret to fend for himself! Page pulls harder and harder on the sharpshooter making Bret scream even louder out in pain with his eyes widening at the realization that he is completely on his own with DDP now.

    Page screams at Bret to tap. Bret desperately tries to reach for the ropes, but Page is right there to pull him back into the center of the ring. As the NWO Black and White guys come up to the top of the ramp they are met with a huge grin on Eric Bischoff's face walking out through the curtain. Bischoff nods at his approval of them leaving Bret high and dry and screams towards the ring at Bret,

    "I run this damn show! This is my show! Get in my face again Bret, go ahead! Get in my face again! You're history!" - Eric Bischoff

    Bischoff with his huge devilish grin throws up his middle finger to Bret who is desperately with every single ounce of energy in him trying to break free, but as soon as Bischoff turns around and exits back through the curtain with the other Black and White members...Bret has no other alternative than to tap out to his own move by Diamond Dallas Page!! The crowd and commentary pops with excitement that Diamond Dallas Page has actually gotten Bret Hart to tap out to his own move, and hypes the suspense and uncertainty if this could be what happens in three days at Souled Out!

    The referee tries to break Page off of Bret, but he just continues to pull harder on Bret's back with the sharpshooter until his exhaustion finally breaks him off Bret to fall onto his stomach. Kimberly quickly gets into the ring and assists her husband who is being built up as totally an equal and formidable opponent going into Souled Out in this submission match against Bret Hart. Bret holds his back in pain while tossing and turning in the ring and really selling the injury and pain of the sharpshooter from Diamond Dallas Page.

    Page falls a couple times on his knees when he tries getting out of the ring, but with the assistance of his wife Kimberly, he is able to exit up the ramp with his cocky smile and his head held up high that he actually was able to make The Excellence of Execution submit to his own move!

    Coming back from the commercial break the cameras are focused back on commentary who starts right in hyping up the huge WCW World Heavyweight Championship match between Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in three days at Souled Out, and hypes to the max how personal this has gotten between these two warriors going into this match. Commentary shows clips of Scott Steiner throwing Scott Hall off the bridge and then Kevin Nash jackknife powerbombing Scott Steiner off the stage just three days on Nitro. Commentary announces that we are just moments away from an exclusive sit down interview with both Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner to catch their thoughts going into Souled Out.

    The scene shifts to show two different video feeds, one with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash sitting in what looks to be his living room with a very somber yet cold and solemn look on his face. On the other side Scott Steiner is slowly walking into a dark room with WCW's backdrop behind him, struggling to his seat and still selling the effects of what happened to him last Monday night with a neck brace on and all.

    Steiner is clinching his fists in anger and is clearly just one centimeter away from snapping into a rage, very confrontational from the very beginning with commentary who try to introduce them both in a simulcast ESPN style segment. Commentary tries to calm Steiner down in the beginning, but he just goes completely off.

    "You're telling me to calm down?! I don't need to calm down!" - Scott Steiner

    A few production assistants are trying to fix Steiner's microphone on his shirt, but in a huff he just aggressively pushes them over!

    "Get your damn hands off me! What are you some kind of fruit cake fairy or something?! Don't touch me!! I'm not gonna be..." - Scott Steiner

    "Scott! Scott...Scott...Scott!" - Mike Tenay

    "No shut up! You don't cut me off! Listen it's real simple. You ask me to come on here to talk about this world title match in three days at Souled Out. I don't need to talk about nothing! There's gonna be a lot of time for talkin' when that fat ass on the other side is laying on his back in a hospital bed, watching me come out with MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT the next night on Nitro! If his mouth isn't sewn shut from getting these fists from the man with the largest arms in the world, maybe you can ask him what it feels like to be a punk bitch who can't beat Big Poppa Pump?! You can ask him that next Monday night! I'm getting sic..." - Scott Steiner

    "Scott! Scott! Just listen to yourself for a second. What's around your neck right now? Huh? What's around your neck right now? That's right. That's from me hitting my jackknife on Nitro!
    Even with your boys having your back, Big Sexy still put that neck brace around you. And Scott..." - Kevin Nash

    "Come try to give me that jackknife again! Come on punk bitch! Come try to tak..." - Scott Steiner

    "And Scott...Scott...Scott. That's just one jackknife. That's just one. What happens when I can hit as many as I want in the center of that ring? So before you rant and rave like some psycho on the juice about how you're gonna kick my ass, how you're gonna kick his ass and his ass and everyone's ass. What happened this Monday night, Scott? I jackknifed you off the stage and I left with the world title belt. And that's exactly what's gonna happen in three days at Souled Out. IT'S THAT SIMPLE." - Kevin Nash

    "You think I give a damn about this neck brace?! You think I need this neck brace?! I don't need this sh**!" - Scott Steiner

    Steiner rips off the neck brace and throws it across the room, getting even more angry as he leans in closer to the camera.

    "You talk about this neck brace, listen you fat stupid son of a bit**, you didn't take me out! Even when you threw me off that stage, where am I right now? Huh?! I'm right here! I'm right here listening to your fat ass brag about how he's walking around as the world champion, when he ain't never beat a man like Big Poppa Pump! You want talk about facts. Yeah let's talk about facts! Hey Nash, how'd you get that title? Huh? You couldn't even beat Goldberg, a man if you even wanna call him that, who split and hasn't been seen again since he knew Big Poppa Pump was the next number one contender for that belt!" - Scott Steiner

    "Scott you don't think that I'm..." - Kevin Nash

    "(just continues to keep talking over Nash) You couldn't beat him without the help of your little boyfriend Scott Hall and a cattle prod! Hey Nash, tell your little boyfriend Hall to try and use that cattle prod on this genetic freak right here! Psh he can't, because I already threw his drunk bloated ass off that bridge, and put him in the damn gutter where he belongs with all the other white trash!" - Scott Steiner

    "Scott! Why couldn't you stop me this past Monday night when I jackknifed you off the stage? (staying calm) Come on Scott, answer me that. If you could've kicked my would've done it when you had all your boys take baseball bats to me and jump me from behind...." - Kevin Nash

    "I don't give a damn about what happened on Nitro! In three days you're gonna get your receipt when I snap this Steiner Recliner on your fat ass and make you scream I quit, like a bitch!" - Scott Steiner

    "Yeah yeah Scott. Just keep talkin'. That's the only reason you even have a shot at this title because Hogan's gone, and Eric Bischoff needs Hogan's less talented understudy to spear head his dying breed of the NWO Hollywood. We get it, Scott. We get it. But that's why I'm here, because I can hold this belt and WILL hold this belt for a longgggg longgggg time." - Kevin Nash

    "You think I care about Hogan?! Screw Hogan! I don't need that old bald son of a bitch! I don't answer to no man!
    Screw the NWO Hollywood! Hollywood is dead! So while you and your little boyfriends over there in the red and black bake your girl scout cookies, you can look over to see where the big gold belt is after this Sunday night! We aren't some primadonnas wearing little bandanas that say Hollywood across the front of them hopin' that we can be as relevant as we were 15 years ago. We're Jakked! You're looking at NWO Jakked! And you're looking at the biggest and baddest booty daddy of them all who is JAKKED....STACKED...and this Sunday night will be PACKED with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP draped around the largest arms in the world!" - Scott Steiner

    "Ha ha oh you gonna get that on a little tshirt too? NWO Jakked? (dismissively)" - Kevin Nash

    "Yeah I'll make sure to lay it over your lifeless Fabio looking ass this Sunday night after I leave you laying in a puddle of your own blood!" - Scott Steiner

    "Gentlemen...gentlemen, I think this is getting a little out of hand..." - Mike Tenay

    "! You're getting out of hand! You don't tell Big Poppa Pump what to do! Ya know what, as a matter of fact, I'm done with this bullsh**!" - Scott Steiner

    Steiner abruptly stands up and starts threatening the production assistants to take the little microphones off of him, which they do but still proceed with caution.

    "He's just mad that he knows in three days he's gonna end up just like Goldberg did..." - Kevin Nash

    Steiner's eyes grow even wider and he immediately puts the earpiece back into his ear and leans in closer to the camera, but now the microphones are off his body and his voice is distant and muffled.

    "What'd you just say?! What in the hell did you just say?!?" - Scott Steiner

    "Scott, it's fine. He was just..." - Mike Tenay

    "No he's a big boy....he knows what he just said! What'd you just say you stupid piece of trash?!" - Scott Steiner

    Nash with a confident smile readjusts himself in his seat and slowly leans in closer to the camera looking intensely into the shot.

    "Heh I said Scott...that you're just mad that you know what happened to Goldberg is what's gonna happen to you this Sunday night. I'm not even gonna bring any surprises into this thing with you. I'm gonna hit you with my big boot to your face...I'm gonna pick you up, I'm gonna crash you down onto the mat with the Jackknife, and then I'm gonna pin you 1...2.....3 (counts the numbers on his fingers). Oh and then I'm gonna take Midajah...and show her just how Jakked Big Sexy is. (winks) See ya Sunday, Big Poppa." - Kevin Nash

    Nash slowly stands up and takes his microphones off and with the camera man shuts off his live feed. Steiner just stares at the camera for a few seconds and then goes ballistic grabbing one of the production agents, throwing them head first into the wall and storming (even with a hobble) out of the room.

    As we come back from the final commercial break, Eric Bischoff is already standing in the center of the ring with a huge arrogant smile on his face, surrounded by a fifteen foot high steel cage. All of the now known as "NWO Jakked" guys are standing around the outside of the cage (other than Scott Steiner or Bret Hart) just watching their fearless and cocky leader slowly walk back and forth in the ring antagonizing the crowd in attendance. Before Bischoff ever starts to talk, commentary builds up the huge bombshell that was dropped at the beginning of the night with Steve McMichael that Ric Flair is probably gone from WCW forever at this point, and that now we will all have to suffer through whatever the hell Eric Bischoff and company want to put WCW through.

    Bischoff sarcastically clears his throat a few times and then starts right in with an extremely over the top cocky promo about how HE HAS PERSONALLY made The Nature Boy tuck his tail between his legs and run far away from this entire industry for good! Bischoff laughs and reasons it with an explanation that Ric Flair ran like the coward he is, because he knew deep down inside his heart...that at Souled Out, he would end up just like his failure of a son laying flat on his back in a hospital bed fighting for his life. Bischoff showcases a few of his "lethal karate like kicks and punches" much to the disgust of the booing crowd in attendance and commentary who roll their eyes and bash his overly zealous bragging.

    Bischoff continues to drone on ranting and raving about how Flair made the smartest decision of his life by running away, because he couldn't be responsible for what he would do. Bischoff goes on for a few more moments, but right in the middle of Bischoff's gloating, 2001 A Space Odyssey blares over the PA and the crowd pops! Bischoff's eyes quickly widen and he starts feverishly looking around the arena, trying to spot where Ric Flair is and the NWO members put up their fists and get ready to pounce down on Flair as soon as he comes down the ramp. Bischoff starts to look a little intimidated that Flair might be here, taking a few steps back and screaming at the NWO guys to blockage the ramp and not let him down!

    They start to walk up the ramp to get closer to the curtain, stopping about halfway up the ramp. But as he is instructing them to get ready for Flair, ten different WCW guys (Bam Bam Bigelow, Rey Mysterio Jr, Billy Kidman, Meng, Barbarian, Kanyon, Norman Smiley, Saturn, Sick Boy, and Alex Wright) come walking down through the crowd and hop the barricade. Bischoff looks at them with a confused look on his face as commentary builds the speculation of what these WCW guys are doing out here, and how they have anything to do with this. The ten WCW guys walk over to the bottom of the ramp and scream for them to turn around and face them.

    Bischoff walks over to the door of the cage making sure it is locked so none of the WCW guys can get in, but as he is tending to the door, the camera man inside the ring takes off a long brown wig to reveal The Nature Boy Ric Flair underneath the disguise!!!

    "WOOOOOO!!!!" - Ric Flair

    Bischoff quickly turns around in fear and immediately falls down to his knees in shock and awe that Ric Flair is back, and is INSIDE THE STEEL CAGE WITH HIM. Flair screams at Bischoff THAT IT'S ALL OVER!! Bischoff slyly tries to open up the steel cage door behind him, but the door is locked! Bischoff's eyes grow wide and he starts frantically trying to get out of the cage to get away from Flair, but The Nature Boy runs and tackles him down to the mat just unloading shot after shot on him like a madman who just broke out of prison!!! Bischoff tries to hold his hands up to block the shots, but Flair is just too fast and erratic, not letting up for one second and unleashing every single blow of rage that he has inside of him for what Eric Bischoff has put him through!

    The Black and White members of the NWO dart down to the ring in an attempt to save Bischoff, but the WCW guys immediately start unloading shots on them as well at the bottom of the ramp!! The two sides throw shot after shot on each other as commentary screams with excitement, hyping up how a revolt in WCW must be happening and that they are all here to stand behind Flair in his fight against the NWO!!!! As Bischoff is getting pounded on by Ric Flair, he screams up towards the rafters to "pull up the cage!!"

    But a quick cut scene shows several of the production crew members above the ring laying on the ground rolling in pain as Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael are standing there at the controls with huge smiles on their faces. The scene focuses back in on the beat down that is happening inside the locked cage with Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff. Ric gets back up to his feet and starts throwing Bischoff face first on each side of the steel cage before locking on his brutal figure four leg lock on the president of WCW!! Bischoff screams out in pain trying to break free, but no one is there help him! Flair screams at Bischoff as he pulls harder and harder on the figure four,


    Flair finally lets go of Bischoff's legs and kicks him a couple times in the face before climbing up to the top of the cage riling up the crowd behind him. As Bischoff rolls back and forth in the center of the ring in agony, Flair straddles the top of the cage and rallies up the crowd with WOOOOOOs that echo throughout the entire arena. The cage slowly lifts up with The Nature Boy still straddling the top.

    The scene fades to black as Flair keeps WOOOOOing with the crowd and commentary brings home the show with the echoing motif that The Nature Boy is back, and now Bischoff may be in big trouble this Sunday at Souled Out!

    ::Quick Results::
    Wrath defeated Disco Inferno via pinfall @2:45
    Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Curt Hennig via pinfall @9:33
    Eddy Guerrero defeated Chavo Guerrero Classic via submission @5:04
    Diamond Dallas Page defeated Bret Hart, Scott Norton, Brian Adams, The Giant, Buff Bagwell, & Vincent via submission @11:26

    Booker T (champion)

    #1 Seed: Dean Malenko (3-1) (#1 contender)
    #2 Seed: Wrath (6-0)
    #3 Seed: Bam Bam Bigelow (3-0) (beat Jericho in three separate matches)
    #4 Seed: Alex Wright (2-0)
    #5 Seed: Chris Benoit (1-1)
    #6 Seed: Konnan (1-2) (former TV Champion; lost to the current TV champion)
    #7 Seed: Kanyon (0-1)
    #8 Seed: Ernest Miller (0-1)
    #9 Seed: Disco Inferno (0-3) (former TV champion; lost to the current TV champion)
    #10 Seed: Psychosis (0-2)
    #11 Seed: Chris Jericho (0-4) (former TV champion)
    #12 Seed: Stevie Ray (0-0)

    January 17, 1999 | Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center in Charleston, West Virginia


    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match; Kevin Nash (c) versus Scott Steiner

    Steel Cage Loser Leaves Town Match; Ric Flair versus Eric Bischoff

    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Submission Match; If Page Loses, He Can Never Challenge For US Title Again; Bret Hart (c) versus Diamond Dallas Page

    WCW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals; Curt Henning & Barry Windham versus Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr.

    WCW World Television Championship Match; Booker T (c) versus Dean Malenko

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match; Chavo Guerrero (c) versus Eddy Guerrero

    The European Legion (Fit Finlay & Davey Boy Smith) versus Meng & The Barbarian

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    Re: WCW 1998: The Streak Is Over

    The story arc of Flair potentially not showing up again because his son makes sense, but I'm still expecting a triumphant return at the PPV. It's a good story though and this Mongo promo solid it well, first with the sadness and then the anger. Good to end things with some war talk as well, I thought this completely delivered for what it was. Good start to the show.

    Wrath over Disco was always the way to go, especially with their seeding differences.

    Malenko not breaking a sweat whilst running seems a little unrealistic lol. I don't mind hype vignettes like this though to put somebody over. Also think Malenko is probably one of if not your best uterlised character so far.

    An interesting Jericho segment here. No idea where you're going with it but I'll be watching this space with interest.

    I appreciate the added detail for Hennig/Mysterio which would have been a hell of a match. Works as simple hype for their tag match this Sunday and no issues with the result. Solid stuff.

    Getting a Booker T training vignette is great also. Love the differences between the training facilities and what not between the competitors. The contrast is tremendous, really good yet simple stuff here. Tremendous work.

    I've already mentioned how I don't like the booking of Chavo and seemingly forgetting what was happening before the thread started. With that being said, for tonight, this completely hit the mark. The family feud and adding Chavo Classic pleading with them both was terrific. Chavos passionate response, Eddie spitting on his brothers face and then the beat down, all really well worked stuff. Great heat on this one for a go home show also.

    SURELY DDP would be a little more concerned about facing 6 men? Seems weird that he wouldn't be. For that reason alone, this promo didn't hit for me. Your big guys don't always have to sound to cool for school.

    Hmm. Not sure how I feel about the NWO ditching Bret three days before the PPV. Especially considering now on the go home show, that feels like the big angle as opposed to the Bret and DDP match. Yeah just all feels a bit mistimed for me. I do appreciate that both men have made the other tap in the build to a submission match though.

    I like these ESPN type segments so I'm all for that. Steiner at his wild best right from.the get go was quite fun, I think you write him quite well. Nash was a bit hit and miss for me throughout. At times he seemed like his cool self, then other times it was weird how he just kept talking about all his wrestling moves lol. On another note, weird that suddenly he's not angry anymore. Enjoyed the ending here though and that last line about Midajah from Nash was gold.

    I would have been happy with Flair not showing up here and Bischoff just gloating. His gloating was fine however the appearance from Flair whilst visually cool, I'm not sure it was needed. With that being said, WCW holding off the NWO so that Flair can get on Bischoff is pretty damn awesome.

    Honestly, I felt this was a good show Still had a few questionable booking moments, but it feels like the consistency is starting to come. Added some nice heat to some of your bigger profile matches also.

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