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    The following is footage that was captured after Nova Diamond won the Carnal Contendership on the last Fight Night...

    The second guitar solo of Comfortably Numb is still blasting through the arena as Nova Diamond opens up the curtains that would take him backstage for everyone to see. He is a sweaty mess at this point, he had entered the match as the second entrant, going all the distance to victory. His hair is all over the place and his body is glistening from all of that sweat. But he is smiling, even quietly cackling to himself as he sees everyone staring at him, some of them clapping him for his recent accomplishment with impressed look on their faces. Nova simply ignores them as he makes his way through the hallway. A cameraman follows him during all of that, of which Nova turns his gaze into. He brushes his hair back and his face is now clear to the camera. He chuckles again and starts to talk for the first time after winning the Carnal Contendership.

    ''I will never get tired of saying this:

    I told you so! I told you all!

    I've done everything I said I will do. And I will continue to do so. I'm a man of my word, ladies and gentlemen, and I hope you've all learned that valuable lesson today.''

    He then leans against a wall out of exhaustion, holding his abdomen. This is probably the most tired we've ever seen Nova since his debut. His breathing is loud, his eyes are closed but that smile never leaves his lips.

    ''I had a very, very unlucky draw. When I took that little white ball that read '#2', I knew my job was going to be harder than I initially thought. But I knew that it wasn't going to be impossible. Nothing is ever impossible for me!

    I kicked-off the match, I saw men come and go. I saw old friends, old foes, new faces, big names, returns, I saw them all come and go! I outlasted them all!''

    Nova then spits on a nearby garbage can.

    ''And I am your Carnal Contendership winner. The contender to FWA World Heavyweight Championship. I'm going to Back In Business, not just be in the Main Event, but to be the Main Event!''

    He slides down until he's eventually sitting on the floor.

    ''The Long and Winding Road? Blocked.

    Gabrielle's dreams? Crushed.

    The 'future world champion' Prodigy? Safe to say he's not getting that chance any time soon.''

    Nova then gets up once again.

    ''I'm going to take a shower. Then I'll catch up with an old friend. Then I'm going to celebrate this like there's no tomorrow.

    But tomorrow? There will be no celebration. I'll focus on my game once again, like today never existed.

    And then, 'Nova Diamond: The Revolution Tour' will begin.

    And it will not end until the revolution is complete.

    Nova Diamond....über-fucking-alles. Goodnight.''

    He then turns his back and goes into his locker room, closing the door. And the video ends a few seconds after that.


    Suddenly, the door opens and Nova Diamond is seen being struck from behind by a gold metal object!!!

    Standing tall behind him is none other than King Sullivan himself. Nova Diamond grabs the back of his head, realizing Sullivan just hit him with that golden scepter he carries around. King Sullivan is wearing his Kingly Robes and his Triple Champ Crown.

    King Sullivan strikes with the scepter again, hitting Diamond in the back. Diamond grunts in pain, he tries to deflect Sullivan's swings but the King just keeps pounding on him with the scepter. He lets Diamond slowly attempt to get up to his feet, before striking him hard in the right knee.

    This sends Diamond to the ground. Sullivan stands tall above him...

    King Sullivan: I told you. I told all of you...I will not let the Carnal Contendership match give some peasant a freebie into the main events. Not again. In 2016, Cyrus Truth brought a dark cloud over the entire FWA by winning that match and jumping straight into a World Title match.

    It is not fair.

    Look at everything that I have had to do...I had to win 30 matches before I got a shot at the World Title.

    And this...this peasant...he wins six. Six matches, and he gets to jump right into the main event picture.

    I just slayed one monster the Carnal Contendership created...I will not allow another to be born.

    Sullivan gives Nova Diamond a kick to the ribs.

    King Sullivan:

    And then...after all of this, you think you're going to compete for MY North American title as well? You think you deserve the right to become a double champion like me? A triple champion? A quadruple champion.

    I do not think so.

    There is only room for one champion.

    So many others have bowed down before the King.

    The only thing you'll be rewarded for winning the Carnal Contendership, is a chance to bow down before me yourself.

    Sullivan strikes Nova Diamond one more time with that dastardly scepter, before giving the camera a disgusting grin and walking away.

    As soon as Sullivan is out of sight, medical staff comes into the area and rushes straight to Diamond's aid as the number one contender holds his right knee tightly.

    Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold begins to blast through the arena, as the majority of the crowd begins to groan. King Dave Sullivan struts through onto the entrance ramp in his three piece pinstripe suit, equipped with his Triple Champ crown over his head, and his usual Kingly robes.

    All three titles are equipped on King Sullivan, of course. The X Championship is over his left shoulder, the North American Championship is over his right shoulder, and the world championship is around his waist.

    Sullivan continues his strut down the ramp, all the while receiving many boos from the fans. He responds with his usual big cocky grin.

    King Sullivan finally gets into the ring.

    The boos continue. Sullivan just smiles and listens, before finally responding.

    King Sullivan: Shut up.

    The boos continue.

    King Sullivan: Shut your dirty mouths, and get on the ground to bow down to your king.

    How many times do I have to tell you people? I do not care what you think.

    I used to. I used to care...back in 2016.

    Back when I was The Redemption.

    Back when I tried my best to win the right way, and be a good guy doing it.

    Back when I wasn't a world champion.

    It's clear what my formula for success is here in the FWA. Very clear. Don't give a shit what these idiotic redneck 'wrasslin fans think about me or what I do. Do you want to know what seperates wrestling from most sports? Sports like football, or baseball, or basketball? Most of those sports, they have fans that have played the game their entire life. They love the sport, they love the game. Baseball players know what it's like to be there on the field each and every day. Football players know what it's like to take a hit full speed from another man. Basketball players know the pressure when they're taking a shot with time ticking down on the clock.

    Those fans, they can relate to the players they idolize. But wrestling? What do you people know about what it's truly like to be in this ring? Huh? Look at all of you. Fat tubs of lard...probably watch FWA episodes off your DVR, all the while eating fat tubs of lard in your mother's basements. Going onto Wrestling Forums and making big intellectual posts about what you think about the roster.

    And yet none of you people have been in my shoes.

    So when you boo me for what I did to Nova Diamond, I'll take it as just another sign of respect. Because you don't understand anything beyond that...This with Nova Diamond, involves many complicated layers that you can't possibly comprehend.

    But trust me when I tell you, that what happened to Nova Diamond needed to be done. I told you all last week. I will NOT let another Cyrus Truth be born. Another monster. Did you see all the work I had to do to slay the monster that is Cyrus Truth? All the blood, sweat, and tears that had to be shed? And yet when the fighting was over, it was I that held the FWA World Championship high above Cyrus Truth's decapitated head.

    That was not all for 'naught.

    Now, thanks to the Carnal Contendership match, another unproven peasant has gotten a chance to skyrocket into the main event, after fighting just SIX matches. Six. I have to wrestle in 40 matches to get my shot at that championship. I have to win the X Championship four times to get a shot. I have to win the North American championship too. I have to defend those titles every single week and win, and I have to beat guys in a tag team match and get the pin. I had to do ALL OF THAT to get into the world championship match...

    And Nova Diamond does what? Wins six matches?

    Not again.

    There will not be another Cyrus Truth.

    I will not let that ha-

    The King is stopped dead in his words as he’s just cut off by some vaguely familiar but long forgotten music.

    “Mein Herz Brennt” by Rammstein plays over the arena speakers, as a sense of confusion falls over the crowd and briefly over Sullivan as well. He squints his eyes towards the tron, which is just a flow of red and black, before all of a sudden the tron spells out in big, bold, silver letters across the screen….

    Sterling: WHAT?!?!?!?! IS IT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? LORD VINCENT TAKAAB BLACKBIRD?!?!?!? The Architect of Anarchy is back????

    “C L A N X B L A C K B I R D”.

    Sullivan takes a deep breath not really sure what to make of the situation as indeed, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird does walk out onto the stage! Flanked by Sonny, Bella Kendall and his new Chief of Security, River, Blackbird steps out onto the stage, trading his red and black Deadpool cosplay for a new Red and Black suit. His signature blade now being wielded by River, Blackbird is holding a different weapon in his hand….a microphone. HE pauses on the top of the ramp and begins to speak but Sullivan cuts him off.

    “Ya really got me there for a second, mate. For a moment, I thought someone actually relevant was about to take issue with what I was sayin’. Glad to see it’s just another relic from the past coming back to relive his glory days…But ya know what, I’ll indulge you a little here, what is it you want?”

    Vincent taps his microphone in thought as he walks back and forth on the stage.

    “What is it that I want…hmm, that IS a loaded question. What do I want? Wow. Well, let me pontificate on that for just a moment, but you see Sullivan, that championship that you’re wearing over you’re right shoulder…the one with the giant X on it…”

    “Ah, okay, I get it…you want a shot at the champion, right? Well, Vinny, I’ve got to say, I really don’t thin…”

    “You’ve got the wrong idea there, cap’n. I’m no longer on the active roster. No, you see, my days as a wrestler are long behind me. Nowadays, all my time is devoted to being the General Manager of nGw, and travelling to various sword fighting competitions across the country…no, my days in that ring are behind me. But as for your question…I guess what I want is for that X Division Championship to be held by someone who…intends on actually defending it!”

    The crowd pops at Vincent’s declaration as Sullivan jaw jacks in the ring.

    “You see Sullivan, I devoted my entire career to making that damn championship MEAN something. To make it different from the North American Championship, the Television Championship, the Young Lions Championship, and the World Championship! That championship that sits on your shoulder, to you…it’s just an ornament, decoration, an afterthought...but to me that championship represents hunger, passion, honor, and perhaps most importantly, VIOLENCE. That belt represents the young up and comers that will literally endure endless minutes in the most pain-staking submissions to prove that they belong in the FWA! It represents the men and women of the FWA that are not afraid to get powerbombed through a barbwired flaming table or to fall from a 20 foot ladder onto a bed of tacks! That championship is about creating careers, like Ryan Rondo, Baphomet, Wolf, Moira Crawford, Devin Golden, KAIZEN…

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird…

    And even you, Dave Sullivan. It deserves so…so much better than to be an afterthought or an ornament to boost your own ego! So, if you really want to know what I want, Dave….I want that belt to MEAN SOMETHING AGAIN. And that can never, and will never happen, as long as it is over your shoulder, so that’s why I am hereby STRIPPING you of your X Division Championship!!!”

    Sullivan just bursts out in laughter in the ring.

    “Yo…you’re WHAT? Can we please call the nursing home and let them know that Ol’ Man Blackbird is off his meds and out on the lamb again? Blackbird….this isn’t nGw! You have no power here!”

    Vincent taps his finger on bis microphone again before speaking.

    “ apparently haven’t been made privy to the change…you see….Ryan Rondo decided to step down from his General Manager role for personal reasons and the FWA decided that I had done such a bang up job in the nGw that it seemed reasonable for me to get a shot up here on the main show! And the very first thing I did was make sure that the rule about defending that championship in a certain amount of time was still in place, and well, Dave Sullivan, you have failed to defend your X Division Championship, and so…I have no choice but to strip you of that X Division Championship, and as of this moment…that belt is now vacant! I’ll make a decision next week on what exactly we should do to decide a new champion, but I can assure you…it wont be you.”

    Sullivan is pacing back and forth in the ring, screaming “YOU CAN’T DO THIS! I’M THE FUCKING KING!”

    “Indeed, you are the King, but a King is no match for a Lord. As you’re going to learn tonight. You think you were really shrewd taking out Nova Diamond before your match tonight, and well, normally, I’m always a big fan of the violence and I’d usually applaud your cunning. But I’ve got a show to produce and by attacking Nova Diamond, you’ve compromised my main event tonight, and potentially the main event for Back In Business, so for that you will pay. Nova Diamond will not be competing tonight for your North American Championship in that Triple Threat match against you and Mike Parr, but I think I’ve found a suitable replacement. Tonight, your majesty, you will defend your North American Championship against “The Prodigy” Mike Parr and….

    “The White Wolf”….


    The crowd explodes at the announcement of Krash’s name as Dave Sullivan absolutely loses it in the ring! He tosses his scepter at the barricade and ducks under the middle rope, about to head up the ramp when Krash’s music hits and The White Wolf stands at the top of the ramp! Sullivan stops in his tracks and seethes as he turns around, picks up the steel steps and tosses them to the ground, screaming, as we go to commercial break.


    Return from commercial as Dominic “Diamond” Dust steps out as his music plays and soon his music is replaced as “Riot” by Three Days Grace plays and Ashley Bell makes her way out, and joins her tag team partner for the evening...

    Kurt Harrington: This is a proving grounds tag team match! Introducing first, the team of Dominic “Diamond” Dust and Ashley Bell!

    “Prodigal Son” plays and Mike Valander walks out and is joined by Eli Black as his theme music "Colors" by Crossfade now plays, and the tandem make their way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, the team of Mike Valander and “The Artist of Chaos” Eli Black!

    Rod Sterling: We saw all four of these competitors compete in the Carnal Contendership but tonight they get a real chance to show off their skills and a chance to impress the fans!

    B]Proving Grounds Match
    Eli Black and Mike Valendar vs Ashley Bell and "The Diamond" Dominic Dust

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Dust is starting off for his team as he takes on Mike Valander and Valander is off to a hot start as he bum rushes Dust in his corner before he even gets a chance to start, and Valander pummels Dust in the corner and stomps away at him until he’s stopped by the referee. Dust helps himself up out of the corner and Ashley Bell makes the tag herself and she’s in the match, shaking her head at Dust. Valander is about come in hot again but Bell orders the referee to back him off again before she can prepare and once she’s ready she strikes with a sucker punch to Valander that nearly knocks him off his feet and Valander is about strike back but Bell is ready for him and hits a standing dropkick that takes Mike off his feet this time! Valander is back up on his feet however and charges in at Bell, but she ducks him and knees him in the gut and attempt a suplex but Valander has an answer for that and counter that with a suplex of his own!

    Valander then makes the tag to Black and Black comes in off the tag, and Bell is sitting up and Black runs the ropes and comes back with a running knee strike that connects square on Bell’s jaw and Black makes the cover…


    Black tags Valander back in and Valander brings her back up to her feet and drills Bell with a sharp uppercut that leaves her stunned on her feet and then he drops her with a saito suplex! He follows up with a running knee drop to the head followed by another pin…!

    He drags her over to his corner and tags in Eli Black, and Black comes in and lays into Bell with several stomps to the chest and head. Bell tries to crawl away to her corner to tag in Dust but Black grabs her by the hair and brings her in for an inverted DDT! Black laughs at her and poses and plays to the crowd that responds with some boos. Bell crawls back to her knees while he does this and he goes to bring her up but she counters with a jaw breaker that stuns him back some! She gathers her bearings and after he comes to he charges towards her but she ducks and as he turns around she catches him with a hurricanrana! He flies across the ring and lands near a corner, he’s in a prone sitting position in the corner and there Bell connects with running double knees to Black! She drags him away from the corner and makes the cover…


    She chooses to make the tag to Dominic Dust and Dust comes in as Black is crawling back up to a vertical base, but he’s met by a spinning discus elbow from Dust leaving Black stunned and allowing Dust to connect with a side effect! Another pin attempt!!

    Black kicks out and tries to reach out to Valander, who is desperately trying to tag in but Dust drags him away from his corner. Dust brings him up and is setting up Black for Diamond Eyes, but Black slips out of it then grabs Dust by the wrist and levels him with Blitzkrieg! Black tags in Valander and Valander has Dust in his sights...SAVAGE KICK! Valander levels Dust and before Bell can make the save she's stopped as Black knocks her off the apron while the referee makes the count...


    Kurt Harrington: The winners of the match, the team Eli Black and Mike Valander!
    Rod Sterling: An impressive for these newcomers and an impressive from all four, the future is bright!

    We cut backstage where we see the ever lovely Katie Lynn Goldsmith, standing by backstage with a mic in her hand, ever the professional.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: As we all know by now At Carnel Contendership; Nova Diamond stunned the world and booked his place in the main event of Back In Business against Dave Sullivan, however Nova Diamond isn’t here tonight after being assaulted by Dave Sullivan, as far as we’re aware here’s currently being treated for injuries sustained in the attack; here to provide us an update on his condition is a man close to him; The Returning “Amedeus” Kevin Cromwell

    A decent-sized pop echo through the area as Kevin walks onto the scene nodding his head, muttering “that’s generous” referring to the reaction, tapping his wrists as he does

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: First off, under the circumstances, this is probably the last thing on your mind but welcome back to Fight Night

    Kevin nods politely, but that’s about it knowing full well what’s to come.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: That being said as we all know by now, You’re the closet person on the roster to Nova Diamond, so the question on everyone’s mind is; How is he doing?

    Kevin’s tongue stabs against the side of his mouth as he considers the question.

    Kevin Cromwell: I’m not going to speak for Nova because we all know he can speak for himself...just try to stop him. I’ve known him my entire career, we’ve been up and down so many roads together; He’s the closet thing I have in my life to a brother, and at the Carnal Contendership I didn’t know if I was going to shake his hand or slap him in the face. Just like all brothers ay?

    He chuckles a little under his breath before he moves on.

    Kevin Cromwell: If there’s one thing I know about Nova is that he’s an ego-driven bastard, but he’s a tough ego-driven bastard, and yeah; he’s a little bruised and battered right now, but the only way Dave Sullivan is going to stop him from coming to Back In Business is by tying him down and driving a stake through his heart. Even then it’ll be touch and go. Nova has been through hell and back to get to his moment, and there’s no one -king or otherwise- that will stop him

    Katie Lynn nods, along with the answer before beginning to turn away.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Well that’s great to hear, in that case back to you-

    Before she goes, any further Kevin suddenly puts his hand on the mic and shakes his head.

    Kevin Cromwell: “If you don’t mind...

    He gestures for the mic, and after a beat KLG hands it over, nodding his
    appreciation, KC turns to the camera.

    Kevin Cromwell:I don’t really like leaving people in suspense. I don’t really like having to beat around the bush with things, or being cryptic, and I don’t really like sugar-coating many things. So I’m gonna be pretty blunt and unceremonial with what I have to say right Dave Sullivan; You screwed me out of titles, you cheated, you’ve lied, you’ve taken cheap shots, you’ve assaulted my friends and you’ve made a mockery out of the sport-No more. You stand for nothing but abusing power to get what you want. And it’s causing the fighters and true warriors and wrestlers of this company to be pushed into the background. But Dave, this world doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to everyone that loves this sport! Nova can have what’s left at Back In Business; but soon, I’m going, you’re going to be in the ring with me, and I’m going to choke. You. Out.

    Aggressively shoving the mic back into the interviewer's chest, taking a moment to flip up the collar of his jacket as he walks off.


    The show returns from commercial as “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts hits and Izzy Van Doren walks out on stage to a mixed reaction and without missing a beat, she keeps on walking down to the ring without any acknowledgment to the crowd.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her to the ring from Chicago, IL and weighing in at 121 lbs, “The Woman Without Fear” Izzy Van Doren!

    Rod Sterling: Izzy Van Doren made her long awaited return at the last Fight Night in the Carnal Contendership match, and although she may not have won the match she made an impression by costing Jason Randall to be eliminated from the match

    Daniella Kennedy: The Wildcard wasn’t happy about that and wants Izzy to pay but he’ll have to wait because tonight Izzy faces another returning star…

    “Rock Me Amadeus” hits to a roar of cheers and Kevin Cromwell steps out on stage, he poses on stage and then quickly makes his way down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and making his way to the ring from Manchester, England and weighing in at 187 lbs, “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell!

    Daniella Kennedy: Cromwell made his long awaited return at the Carnal Contendership after being on the shelf for quite some time, but he’s back and he’s looking better than ever

    Christian Quinn: Cromwell was one of the fastest rising stars before an injury derailed his momentum, so it’ll be interesting how fast he can rise back up the ranks once again

    Rod Sterling: Well he’ll certainly have his hands full with Izzy Van Doren, who is also looking to pick right back up where she left off before her unfortunate suspension by GM Ryan Rondo after her actions towards Penny over the summer where she put Penny on the injured reserve shelf

    "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell vs "The Notorious IVD" Izzy Van Doren


    Cromwell looks for a handshake from Izzy but she completely brushes it off, yet Cromwell is unphased by that and carries on as the two circle around each other and then lock up with Cromwell pushing Izzy to a nearby corner before being broken up. Cromwell chooses to give a light slap to Izzy on the face and smirks at that, but Izzy isn’t finding this funny at all and swings for the fences but Cromwell catches her by the wrist and takes her down with an arm bar and wrenches back while Izzy slaps the mat in frustration. Cromwell goes to kick Izzy in the while the arm bar is still applied but she moves her head and manages to kip up while still in the hold but strikes back with a headbutt! She fires off several more headbutts until Cromwell releases the hold and stumbles back some and Izzy rushes in at him and nails him with a running single leg dropkick that knocks him through the ropes and to the outside! Izzy quickly follows up with a bottom rope sliding dropkick! That knocks Cromwell back several steps into the barricade, and Izzy fires off several forearm strikes before tossing Cromwell back in the ring. Izzy follows back in the ring and hits a running leg drop to Cromwell and then makes a pin…


    Kick out by Cromwell! Izzy brings him back up but Cromwell fires back with strikes of his own and follows up with a pele kick! Izzy stands stunned and Cromwell continues to strike and hits Izzy with a rope assisted gamengiri and Izzy drops to the mat and Cromwell makes the cover…


    Izzy gets a shoulder up and Cromwell quickly applies a headlock to Izzy, who tries to counter out of it and manages to do so and both of them are up on their feet now. Izzy goes for a low roundhouse kick but Cromwell catches her by the leg and takes her down and transitions into a single leg crab! He tries to pull her leg all the way back but she manages to get to the rope in time to break it up! Cromwell waits as Izzy gets up and sizes her up and hits a german suplex into a bridge…


    Izzy kicks out and keeps herself in this match, and she rolls to her side before crawling to the nearest corner and brings herself up. Cromwell notices her set up and goes for Supersonic, but she slips out of the way in time and Cromwell is trapped in the corner and Izzy fires off several clubbing blows before dragging Cromwell from the corner and drops him with a reverse DDT! This time she makes the cover…


    He kicks out and Izzy tries to apply a single leg boston crab but Cromwell kicks her away allowing himself back up to his feet and connects with a roundhouse kick that stuns her, and then he sets himself up and connects with a springboard european uppercut that takes her down! Cromwell is feeling it now and he’s hyping himself up along with the crowd as Izzy is up on one knee and this time he connects with Supersonic! He picks her up now...Champagne Supernova (bridging dragon suplex)!


    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match, Kevin Cromwell!
    Camera's cut backstage to Katie Lynn-Goldsmith and Gabrielle, whose appearance garners a loud cheer from the audience. That reaction brings a warm smile to her face as she clasps her hands together.

    Katie Lynn:
    I'm here with Gabrielle, who tonight teams with one of her fiercest rivals in Cyrus Truth against former Tag Team Champions the New Breed. Gabrielle welcome, I have to know what are your thoughts teaming with Cyrus Truth here tonight?

    Gabrielle: Give me a moment to decide how best to broach this matter.

    I'm not looking forward to it at all. Its not the first time I've had to team with Cyrus, and I get the feeling it wont be the last either. I hate sharing a ring with him and not being to just punch him in his smug, holier than thou face. It's not cute, its not fun, I don't in anyway want to work with Cyrus. To say I cant stand him would be an understatement.

    I've never known someone as unlikable as Cyrus is, as delusional and ridiculous as he is. The sort of person who will pretend he's never done anything wrong so he can pretend he's above everyone else. The sort of person who has an endless list of excuses for anytime he losses. I've owned up to my recent setbacks, I haven't been good enough. But earlier this week I heard Cyrus blaming all of his failures on me, he cant ever admit he's not as special as he thinks he is. Criticise my humility, when you have none yourself Cyrus...

    At this point there's a slight commotion off screen before a vocal Cyrus Truth enters the scene.

    Cyrus: We're all tired of this act Gabrielle, you can drop it already. We all know you aren't as humble as you're pretending.

    The two of them get face to face, Katie Lynn shrinks back getting right out of the way before a swarm of security and ring crew get between Gabrielle and Cyrus and pull them apart before a blow can be thrown, which its obvious was about to happen.


    The Cheshire Cat Clan vs The Wave

    It’s an obvious clash of styles, but it seems to me like the debuting team have something to prove here. Andre Mack tosses Nova around in the early going, his size far too much for Nova right away. Mackis able to eventually sling Nova into the corner with a two-handed choke toss, and then chokes Nova in the corner with his big boot. Mack takes a few steps before charging in at him, that Nova easily uses the turnbuckles to help him spring upwards, shooting over Mack as he charges at him. Mack hits the breaks before he hits the turnbuckles, but Nova still flips forward, sliding down Mac and scoring with a sunset flip. Mack kicks out right away, but Nova’s already on his feet before Mack can react, and Nova scores with a dropkick to the face!

    Nova starts attacking him with wild forearm strikes. It backs Mack into the ropes, but a whip is reversed by the new comer. Mack meets Nova in the center of the ring, but tilt-a-whirl… and Nova takes the head scissors takedown! Crowe gets a tag in, and he goes to town on Mack for a while, but Big Mack is able to knock him down to the canvas and tag in Johnny Devlin.

    Using his quick feet enters the ring, and it results in Crowe trying to attack Devlin from a brawling stand point. It fails, and Devlin takes control, over powering with right hands to knock him down. And using quick tags and impressive double teaming The Wave is able to ground down the CCC

    But the CCC keeps fighting, and Nova is able to slowly get up to his feet and the CCC fight back

    The match eventually doubles takes a turn, once Ashley Bell assaults Alice at ringside, with a forearm to the back of the head causing The legal man, Nova to get distracted but that’s all The Wave need to hit their blockbuster/Spinebuster combo to Nova leaving the legal Devlin to hook the leg while Mack deals with Crowe to make sure the pin isn’t interrupted.

    Here are your winners - "The Wave" - Johnny Devlin and Andre Mack!

    “Shoot to Thrill” hits and the fans erupt in cheers for “The Wildcard” as he quickly walks out on stage and wastes no time briskly walking down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from San Diego, CA and weighing in 225 lbs, he is “The Wildcard” Jason Randall!

    Daniella Kennedy: The Wildcard looking to bounce back after coming up short in the Carnal Contendership and a week before that at Desert Storm, he’s been having a bad run of it as of late it seems…

    “Judas” now hits and the fans erupt into boos for Michael Garcia, who walks out on stage and throws his arms out and poses for the fans that continue to boo him while he just relishes in it before walking down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in at 375 lbs, he is “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia!

    Christian Quinn: Things just went from bad to worse for Randall, Michael Garcia is here and he’s looking for a win as well after the Carnal Contendership match despite his amazing showing in the match itself…

    Rod Sterling: Whether you love him or hate him, and I’m more than certain it’s the latter, you cannot discredit this man and what he is capable of inside that ring. He talks a big game and he can certainly back it up, and I’m sure that The Wildcard is about to find that out first hand

    Daniella Kennedy: Randall is no slouch himself though Rod, and I wouldn’t take anything away from him despite what his win-loss record might say he is capable of big things

    "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia vs "The Wildcard" Jason Randall


    Randall explodes from his corner and immediately charges in at Garcia, and pummels him in the corner with wildly thrown lefts and rights until the referee can force a break. Garcia composes himself after the attack and barks orders at the referee to do his job and keep Randall away, while The Wildcard is itching for a fight and Garcia mocks and yells some trash talk his way while Randall is still being held back.

    “You’re nothing, you hear me Wildcard? NOTHING!”

    Randall moves the referee out of his way and goes back on the attack once more in the corner, and drives several shoulder blocks to Garcia in the corner and then he looks up at Garcia only for Mike to shove him away like he is nothing. Randall tries to get back up but Garcia drives a boot straight to his head…

    “Stay down if you know what’s good for ya!”

    Randall still with a lot of fight left in him is back on his knees and tries to take down Garcia, and all Mike can do is laugh as he grabs Randall by the hair and drills him with a headbutt that sends Randall to the mat…

    “You’re pathetic!”

    Garcia brings Randall up and is looking to end it early, setting Randall up for The Pittsburgh Pendulum but Randall fights out of it and drives several back elbows to the side of the head of Garcia forcing him to let go. Randall then drives a boot to Garcia’s gut and looks for Deuces Wild but Garcia shoves him away to the ropes, and Randall comes back off the rebound with a pendulum lariat! Garcia isn’t down off his feet just yet though and Randall runs off the ropes again and this time comes back with a Thesz press followed by wildly thrown punches much to the delight of the crowd!

    Rod Sterling: That’s the first time Michael Garcia has been taken off his feet during this match so far!

    Daniella Kennedy: Randall has got to keep this momentum going if he wants to pull out the win here!

    Randall lies in wait as Garcia is finding his way back blade! Sling blade from Randall and he makes the cover!


    Garcia gets a shoulder up at one! He shakes the cobwebs away and is trying to find his bearings while Randall seems to be lining him up for the Killshot and as he goes for it Garcia thinks better of it and rolls outside much to the dismay of the crowd. Garcia points at his head saying he’s smarter than Randall thinks and then does a little bit of jaw jacking with the front row fans, and this gives Randall the opportunity to launch himself through the middle like a torpedo right into Mike! Mike flies into the barricade and Randall fires away more rapid fire strikes before tossing Mike back in the ring. Randall slides back in himself and looks for the Killshot again wasting no time this time around, but Mike was ready for it and moves out of the way and catches Randall with a roll-up!


    Randall kicks out and rolls to his side before popping back up, but little did he know Mike was back up too and Mike just about beheads him with a big boot! Mike looks down Randall and trash talks him some more and then poses for the fans that still boo him relentlessly, getting even louder than before. Mike lays into Randall with several stomps before sliding him over the corner and then drives his boot right into Randall’s face and throat in the corner, just about choking him until the referee forces a break…

    “Get the hell out of my face! I know what I’m doing you idiot!”

    Garcia barks at the referee as he props Randall up on the top turnbuckle, and then climbs up himself but Randall tries to fight back with some forearm strikes yet Garcia has an answer for that with a headbutt that stuns Randall and then Garcia is up on top with rope brainbuster! Garcia plants Randall head first to the mat and this may very well be over…


    Somehow, Randall gets his shoulder up and Garcia is in a bit of disbelief at first but then smiles. He stands over Randall and relishes in more hate from the fans while Randall is starting to stir and is on all fours, Mike kneels down and starts smacking him on the head and talks even more trash…

    “You just don’t know when to quit, do you? You’re gonna end up on the shelf like your old lady if you keep it up!”

    Those words seem to have lit a fire underneath The Wildcard, who is still getting smacked around by Garcia but he’s starting look angrier and angrier while Garcia is just laughing at him until Randall fires off a headbutt that takes Mike back a bit. Mike is a lot less smiles now and charges at Randall, but Randall ducks underneath and spins Mike around and kick to the gut...Deuces Wild! Snap double underhook DDT to Garcia! Can Randall end it here?!


    Randall rolls over after Garcia kicks out and thought he had it, but he gets up and takes Garcia by the arms like he’s setting up for a surfboard submission and then drives a flurry of rapid fire foot stomps to Garcia’s head!

    “You stupid son of a bitch!”

    Randall yells at Garcia while driving each boot into his head, probably hoping to cave in Mike’s head but he’s forced to stop by the referee…

    Rod Sterling: Randall is fired up now!

    Daniella Kennedy: All of Big Mike’s trash talking came back to haunt him!

    Randall is lying in wait while Mike is coming to and when he’s up Randall sneaks behind him and tries for a crossface chickenwing submission! However Garcia has it scouted and quickly uses his all of weight and forces himself and Randall into a corner where he crushes Randall in the corner! He drags Randall out of the corner with Randall’s throat throttled and drives him to the canvas with a chokeslam! He makes a cover…


    Randall stays alive! Garcia is growing frustrated now and pounds his fist on the mat. He brings Randall to his feet and Randall tries to fight back, but Mike overpowers him with strikes of his own and then shoves him to the ropes and off the rebound...THE SIXTH RING! Spinning side slam by Garcia is delivered with such power and force that it takes a lot out of both men as they lay on the mat spent before Garcia drapes an arm over Randall...


    Daniella Kennedy: How on earth is The Wildcard still in this?!

    Rod Sterling: The man is full of heart and refuses to go down without a fight!

    Garcia is up first and brings up Randall, who is slightly groggy, but then a burst of energy flows through Randall and he starts throwing several rights that have Garcia stunned. Randall goes for a boot to the gut but Garcia has the wherewithal to catch it and shoves Randall back, Randall however comes back off the rebound and looks his signature rebound lariat but Garcia has it scouted and blocks it and counters...THE PITTSBURGH PENDULUM! Garcia hits his finisher with force as he plants Randall to the canvas and makes the cover...


    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match, Michael Garcia!
    Garcia sits up and relishes in the hate as he celebrates his win, he stands up and raises his arms out to loud booing. He wipes his hands together like a job well done and leaves the ring while Randall comes to and slams the mat in frustration.


    The Elite vs Over The Edge w/ Alana Allure

    Noah Stocke is on the apron hyping up Trevor Ocean who is ready to start things off for team Elite. Meanwhile, Killemall is in the other corner with Ted on the apron and Alana Allure at ringside.

    The bell rings, and Killemall storms towards Stocke, who ducks and hits Killemall with a kick to the back, and then a kick to the knees that sends Killemall to the ground.

    Stocke then quickly tags Ocean, who comes in and hits a big forearm splash onto Killemall.

    Ocean covers Killemall...



    But Killemall kicks out.

    Trevor Ocean picks Killemall up by the head, but Killemall hits him with an uppercut, and then jumps over to the corner to take in Ted.

    Ted comes in right away to go for the clothesline on Ocean, but Ocean ducks and Ted ends up knocking Trevor Stocke off the apron.

    Ted turns around, and gets a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker from Ocean!

    Ted looks like he's in pain.

    Noah Stocke is back up on the apron now.

    Ocean gives Stocke a big high five to tag him in. Trevor Ocean then runs to the opposite corner, and dropkicks Killemall off the apron!

    Meanwhile, Noah Stocke is up on the turnbuckle, and hits a huge frog splash on Ted, going right into the cover.

    The ref counts....




    Winners: The Elite

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes is already waiting in the ring, with the theme music dwindling. The crowd's buzz reduces until the lights go dark. "Defying Gravity" by The Veer Union hits and the fans' buzz returns. Kayden Knox appears at the top of the crowd and begins making his way through the outstretched arms as if they don't exist.

    Knox reaches around halfway down the section before a fan steps in front of him. Knox simply shoves the 30-something-year-old man to the side and causes him to stumble backwards a couple of steps. Kayden Knox reaches the front row and hops over the fan railing to the ring area.

    Kayden Knox vs. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    Kayden Knox stands in the corner while Eyesnsane begins shuffling his feet and dancing. Eyesnsane slowly closes the gap while Knox crouches in the corner. Eyesnsane makes the move to engage and Knox lands a forearm to the jaw that stumbles him backwards a couple of steps. Knox takes a couple more steps forward and lands another big forearm to the jaw. Then a third shot. Then he whips Eyesnsane across the ring into the ropes and hits a big elbow to the chest that plants Eyesnsane into the middle of the ring.

    Knox grabs Eyesnsane by the neck and whips him to the ropes. Eyesnsane ducks the next elbow shot and lands a few forearms to the face in retaliation. Eyesnsane whips Knox to the ropes and lands a knee to the ribs. Then he tries a vertical suplex but Knox doesn't get flipped upside down. Instead, Knox counters by lifting Eyesnsane up and dropping him stomach-first onto the ropes. Then two fists to the back that causes Eyesnsane to fall backwards and outside on the floor.

    Knox steps out of the ring and follows Eyesnsane. He sends him back first into the guard railing and follows with repeated punches to the forehead. Knox resets the ref's 10 count and receives a kick to the gut from Eyesnsane. The former North American Champion and long-time FWA veteran whips Knox into the nearby ring steps and then resets the count. He grabs Knox and rolls him into the ring, follows, and covers.

    Eyesnsane grabs Knox and tries a neckbreaker. He connects with it and goes for another pinfall, but it's another two count.

    Eyesnsane whips Knox into the turnbuckle and tries a follow-up but Knox explodes out with a clothesline. Knox hits the DOA detonation kick afterward and seems close to finishing the match. Knox steps back and hits the Malice Intent curb stomp and then covers with a weak far leg hook.


    Winner: Kayden Knox

    “The Orange man” blares over the arena speakers hailing the arrival of “The Excellent Executive” Thomas Princeton! Green and Gold spotlights shine down on the stage, as Thomas steps foot out onto the stage with a calm, confident swagger about him! He stands at the top of the ramp with his hands firmly clasped behind him as he holds his head high, chest puffed out, taking it all in! Princeton confidently walks down the ramp, as several older fans show their support for the returning superstar! Princeton jogs up the stairs and into the ring, wearing new green trunks with gold dollar bill symbols all over it. Princeton readies himself for his match by running the ropes.

    Sterling: Don’t adjust your televisions, folks! This IS 2019! And that IS “Executive Excellence” standing in that ring and what’s more, he’s going to be facing off against an old foe, “The Golden One” Devin Golden right here, tonight! Talk about renewing an old rivalry!

    Kennedy: We saw glimpses of this in the Carnal Contendership, Rod! There is a certain level of respect between Golden and Princeton, that’s for sure, but there’s also a lot of animosity and some unsettled business that we may see finally settled here tonight! Personally, I can’t wait to see how exactly Princeton looks in a one on one setting, if it’sanything like how he looked in the Carnal Contendership, Golden will have his hands full tonight!

    Kennedy is nearly cut off by “Coma” from Guns N’Roses as the fans explode in anticipation of the arrival of “The Golden One” Devin Golden! Princeton back in the ring, claps his hands and nods his head in respect to his opposition in this match! The crowd chants “GOL-DEN ONE!” “GOL-DEN ONE!” as the lights on the stage begin to swirl.

    Quinn: Ya know, I used to have all the respect in the world for Thomas Princeton, but the sight of him actually giving a complete fraud like Devin Golden any sign of respect, just absolutely disgusts me. I want the old Thomas Princeton! The one that would spit in your face, kick you in the balls, and shove a 100 dollar bill down your throat for good measure! Not..whatever this is, in the ring, right now!

    Princeton’s look of eagerness turns to one of confusion as Golden’s music stops without him even stepping out into the ring.

    “Embraced by the darkness, I'm losing the light
    Encircled by demons, I fight….

    What have I become, now that I've betrayed
    Everyone I've ever loved, I pushed them all away
    And I have been a slave to the Judas in my mind
    Is there something left for me to save
    In the wreckage of my life, my life”

    Sterling: Oh…what the hell is he doing out here?

    Fozzy’s Judas hits the speakers as “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia steps out onto the stage, wearing a T J Watt jersey and black Adidas athletic pants, microphone firmly in his hand. The crowd rains down boos upon him so he holds his finger to his lips and begins to speak to the crowd.

    Garcia: “What did I do?”

    The crowd begins a “You suck!” chant to the Monster of the Midway!

    Garcia: “Now…that’s not very nice! After all, it’s the Christmas season and the Carnegie Carnivore is in the mood to give! As a matter of fact, that’s the very reason that I’m here tonight, right now, on this very stage…I have some gifts to give to each and every one of you, tonight! Tonight, all of you…right here, will walk out of this arena with the ability to say that you were THERE the very night that Michael Garcia started his journey to becoming the FWA World Heavyweight Champion. Because tonight, I am officially challenging Devin Golden to what will be the biggest match in the CAREER of Michael Garcia, I am challenging Devin Golden to a match at Back in Business. For months, I have had to listen to that sanctimonious son of a bitch sit at commentary and take unwarranted shot after shot at me, when I was just trying to do my job of providing unbiased, quality commentary to help make this show better! And then….then I have the balls to do what’s right for our company and stand up against nepotism here in the FWA, and at every turn, I’ve got a little golden thorn in my side, screwing shit up! Carnal Contendership was the last straw! I tried to do what every single superstar in the FWA should have been doing….eliminating the CWA trash first and I get blindsided by that turncoat! Well…fear not, FWA faithful, for Devin Golden is no longer going to be a thorn in my side.

    I...realize now that I need to turn my attention to Devin Golden and eliminate him, first. If there’s one thing I’ve been priding myself on for my entire career, it’s the careers that I’ve ended…Gryphon, The Mist, DIVINE, hell, I’ve already ended Golden’s career once…but he’s somehow come back, granted a shell of what he used to be. This time, I’m going to end it for good. This time, Devin, there will be no return. Not to commentary, not to wrestling, hell, you won’t even be able to take on a desk job in this company. I will make sure that Devin Golden can never and WILL NEVER exist in my universe again! Now, I know Devin, and I know that he doesn’t see me as a big enough name to accept my challenge for Back in Business, which brings me to YOU…Thomas. And my very special Christmas gift!”

    Garcia drops his microphone and turns around, heading to the back.

    Sterling: “I absolutely shudder to think what…Oh no…Oh. My. God.”

    Garcia comes back out to the stage…this time dragging a clearly unconscious and bloodied Devin Golden out onto the stage by his Guns N’ Roses T-shirt. Golden suddenly starts to move, and tries to grasp onto Garcia’s pants so an annoyed Carnivore turns around, and stomps away at Golden before delivering a Penduluum to Golden on the stage! Golden’s head hits with a thud as Garcia rolls his neck and pulls himself up to his feet. He scoops the bloodied Golden up and onto his shoulder, carrying him down the ramp and rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Garcia walks back up the ramp, as Princeton is clearly confused in the ring. Garcia picks up the microphone and looks back in the ring as he says…

    Garcia: Merry Christmas, Tommy.

    Singles Match

    “Executive Excellence” Thomas Princeton vs “The Golden One” Devin Golden

    Garcia leaves the stage as Princeton looks at his fallen opponent in the ring. He looks to the crowd, as if he’s unsure of whether he should take the easy win or do what’s right. Thomas drops to one knee as the crowd pleads with him not to do it, but he sets the other knee to the ground! The crowd is letting Pronceton have it, before he gets back up to his feet, shaking his head vigorously and shouting “Not this way!” He reaches down to pick Golden up, but Princeton is blindsided by Killemall and TED! Princeton falls to a heap on the mat, as Over The Edge begins viciously laying into Princeton with a series of stomps and forearms! Princeton tries desperately to cover himself up, but the onslaught is just too much for him! TED eventually pulls Princeton to his feet, and Thomas begins to fight back! Thomas knocks Killemall to the ground and throws an uppercut to TED before eating a Spinning Backfist by Eyesnsane! Hughes takes off the T-shirt he was wearing and throws it over Princeton’s face, before having TED and Killemall pick him up, so that he can hit him with an Eye Don’t Like U! Princeton drops to the mat just a few feet away from Golden, not even moving. Hughes calls his boys off and the trio head to the back, leaving Golden and Princeton laying in the middle of the ring as the referee looks to the timekeeper and just shrugs his shoulders.

    Match declared a No contest.
    Quinn: Isn’t this the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen? This is the greatest day! Thomas Princeton got taken out by James Hughes! Eyesnsane is reinserting himself as a true threat in the FWA! Devin Golden got GOT! Michael Garcia gave us the gift of his greatness! And we found out that at Back in Business, Devin Golden is going to be retired! How much better can one day get?

    Kennedy: Why don’t you just run right over and kiss Eyesnsane’s ass? He’s right over there….just run over there and kiss it!

    Sterling:Alright,you two, simmer down…one thing we can all agree on though, is that none of us know WHY James Hughes and Over The Edge picked Thomas Princeton? Did I miss something there? What is going on in his mind?


    "Sick" by Adelitas Way hits and The New Breed comes out together. The Prototype is first and "The Protégé" Sean Hughes is second. Both men walk down to the ring together with the crowd watching and lightly booing. The Prototype stands tall next to Hughes and easily steps over the top rope. Hughes hops over with his more-athletic style.

    "Envy" by KHZ hits and the lights go out. Gabrielle Montgomery comes out slowly but with a very stern and annoyed expression. She seems a little disinterested by the entire occurrence, but she makes her way to the ring anyway. Gabrielle enters the ring and then looks to the ring stage.

    Christian Quinn: So ... this should be interesting.

    Daniella Kennedy: As a woman watching a woman ... this does nooooot seem like a fun time for Gabrielle. Her body language is waaaaay off.

    The first cords of the violin play with the lights still out. Cyrus Truth's figure emerges from the darkness and slowly takes shape. Cyrus makes his way to the ring with Gabrielle watching him. When he reaches the ring area, he decides not to step up to the apron to join his teammate. Gabrielle stands in the corner of the ring watching him, like a cat protecting its territory.

    Rod Sterling: Is Gabrielle even letting Cyrus into the ring?

    Christian Quinn: I don't even think Cyrus wants to come in.

    Gabrielle Montgomery and Cyrus Truth vs. The New Breed

    Gabrielle starts the match for the strange bedfellows team. The Prototype does so for The New Breed. Gabrielle dances around the ring a bit while The Prototype towers over on one side. He tries to grapple but Gabrielle dodges him and takes a double leg takedown. The Prototype is down to his knees and doesn't go completely on his stomach on the canvas. Gabrielle locks in a side head lock and pulls the head down. The Prototype pushes himself up to a standing position and hits a back suplex that causes Gabrielle to release the hold.

    The Prototype tags in "The Protégé" Sean Hughes, who immediately stomps a mudhole into Gabrielle to keep her from getting back upright. Hughes whips Gabrielle into the ropes and lands a back body drop. Then he runs off the ropes himself and hits a leaping leg lariat. Hughes quickly scurries over for a cover, but it's just a one count.

    Hughes grabs Gabrielle around the neck and whips her into the ropes. Then it's another back body drop attempt but Gabrielle lands a knee to the side of the head. The former World Champion lands a clothesline and drops to one knee to catch her breath.

    Christian Quinn: I feel like Gabrielle could use a tag soon but I don't know if she'll ... do it.

    Daniella Kennedy: All match?!

    Gabrielle glares at Cyrus Truth and turns around. She immediately hits a back suplex on The Protégé. Then she whips him to the ropes and lands an atomic drop. Gabrielle hits a spinning discus punch and kneels down for a cover.
    .....................1..........................2......Kick out

    Gabrielle seems in control and grabs Hughes around the neck but is driven backwards into the heel corner. The Prototype is waiting and quickly tags in with a slap to the shoulder. The Protégé has Gabrielle in the corner and The Prototype puts a boot into her chest and presses. The Prototype releases and pulls Gabrielle out for a sidewalk slam. He then makes the pinfall attempt.
    ....................1........................2..................Kick out

    The Prototype grabs Gabrielle and whips her back into the heel turnbuckle. He tags in The Protégé, who grabs Gabrielle by the arms while The Prototype delivers repeated shoulders into Gabrielle's exposed body.

    The Protégé enters the ring and hits a snap suplex. Then he goes for the pin, but Gabrielle stays alive.

    The Protégé grabs Gabrielle and whips her into the ropes, but the former World Champion ducks and kicks into the stomach. Gabrielle lands a big forearm uppercut and runs off the ropes herself but Cyrus Truth reaches and tags himself in!!!

    Rod Sterling: OH MY! HERE WE GO!

    Gabrielle stops dead in her tracks to eye up Cyrus Truth, who enters the ring and glares back at Gabrielle. The Protégé tries to get a shot in but Cyrus is fresh and ducks it. He hits a kick to the gut and a snap DDT! Cyrus goes for the cover but it's a two-count kick out...


    Cyrus springs up and gets in Gabrielle's face, but she doesn't back down. Finally, Gabrielle lands a big right hand to the jaw of Cyrus Truth. The crowd is now buzzing and waiting for something to happen. Gabrielle lands a second and third punch to Cyrus' jaw as the crowd watches. Gabrielle tries to clothesline Cyrus out of the ring but he ducks and tackles her to the canvas. He lands a few wild punches with Gabrielle putting her fists and forearms up as defense.

    Rod Sterling: This isn't even a tag team match at this point!

    Daniella Kennedy: It's basically two versus one versus another ONE.

    Cyrus gets off and Gabrielle rolls to the ropes. Cyrus turns and meets a HUGE big boot from The Prototype, who entered with a tag. Mayhem has taken effect inside the ring, and The New Breed now has control. The Prototype grabs Cyrus by the neck and hits a bit military press slam. The Prototype grabs Cyrus again and hits a big stalling vertical suplex! Then he tags in The Protégé, who goes to the top turnbuckle. He flies off but Cyrus Truth dodges it and The Protégé lands back first on the canvas! Cyrus then rolls to the side of the ring while The Protege struggles to get up. Cyrus and The Protégé get upright around the same time, and Cyrus hits a kick to the stomach and then a fireman's carry.

    He rises up to his feet but Gabrielle slaps a tag on the shoulder. When Cyrus grabs her, she turns and lands a huge SMACK across the face and then a dropkick that sends him falling through the ropes.

    Gabrielle turns around and hits the Double 34 D-DT finisher! Cyrus watches as Gabrielle hooks the leg and glares out of the ring at him.


    Winners: Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle Montgomery

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for your MAAAAIIIINNNNNN EVENT of the the evening and it is a Triple Threat match that is scheduled for ONE FALL! And it is for The FWA North American Championship!

    Sterling: I can’t wait for this! Mike Parr took the current World and North American Champion to a tie several weeks ago and he’s been chomping at the bit to get the rematch that he’s proven to have earned!

    “Sick” by Adelitas Way hits the sound system as Mike Parr walks out to the ring, this time not flanked by his fellow New Breed members. He walks down the ramp and into the ring, awaiting his opponent.

    Kennedy: Say what you want about “The Prodigy”, he could have ordered his protégés to stand by his side and help him to ensure victory but Mike Parr has made it clear by coming out here on his own that this is about proving that he can win the North American Championship again, all on his own!

    “Back in Town” hits the arena speakers as Krash runs out to the ramp with a burst of energy that gets the crowd jumping! “The White Wolf” claps hands with fans at ringside as he skips down the ramp!

    North American Championship

    The FWA Double Champion “The King” Dave Sullivan vs “The Prodigy” Mike Parr vs “The White Wolf” Krash

    The three men all circled the ring before Krash and Parr stepped forward to each other as Sullivan smiled and nodded his head, cockily. The two adversaries stopped in ntheir tracks before looking at each other, sensing an understanding, and nthey both turned and began clubbing Sullivan in the corner! Sullivan dropped to a seated position as the two continued to rain down shots on him. Parr pushed Krash aside as he continued to pummel the champion. Krash returned the favor, tossing Parr back, as he continued to throw shot after shot at The King. Parr stormed back in, spun Krash around, and got right in his face, which gave The King the opportunity to club Krash straight in the back, who stumbles into Parr, knocking him to the ground! Krash pulls himself up and walks right into a well placed right hand by the King. Sullivan screams at him as he pulls Krash to his feet, but Krash fights with a series of right hands before being cut off b y a kick to the ribs. Irish whip to the corner for Krash, as Sullivan charges in with a running shoulderblock but Krash springs out of it, flips over his shoulder, runs the ropes, leaps OVER Sullivan, lands on his feet, rolls under a clothesline into a handstand hurricanrana to The King! Dropkick by Krash! Sullivan rolls to the ropes, as on the other side Parr looks to re-enter the ring. Krash runs the ropes, causing Parr to jump off the apron with his hands M>feet.

    Krash locks eyes with Parr on the outside, who smirks as he slowly starts to re-enter the ring. Krash mouths something to Parr, before Sullivan grabs him by his neck and tosses him out of the ring! The crowd boos Sullivan immensely as he seems proud of his work, but takes a step backwards as he sees Mike Parr is now in the ring. The two men lock up in the center of the ring, but Parr shoves him to the ropes. Sullivan rebounds as Parr drops to his stomach, The King runs to the opposite side as Parr gets up and leaps over Sullivan on the rebound, and then connects with a hard running knee to the abdomen on the rebound! Sullivan rolls out of the ring as Parr taunts the crowd, but when he turns around he’s standing face to face with Krash! Krash and Parr circle the ring before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Parr overpowers Krash and takes him down to the mat, wrenching away at the arm of the White Wolf on the mat. The two men engage in a solid 30 seconds of chain wrestling before they get a position where they both spring to their feet to an appreciative roar from the crowd!

    The two men share a nod of begrudging respect after that, as Sullivan reenters the ring and charges at them, only to eat a Drop Toe Hold and fall flat on his face! Parr hooks him up in something of a surfboard, pulling back on Sullivan’s arms as Krash hits a sliding dropkick to The King’s face! Parr jumps on the King’s knees for good measure! Krash smiles and extends his hand, but Parr just absolutely coldcocks him with a devastating right hand! Krash almost has a glazed over look in his eyes as Parr pulls him back towards the center of the ring and works over his right arm with an inverted armbar! Krash screams out in agony as he desperately tries to reach out to the ropes and moments later, is barely able to. Parr releases the hold, but quickly buries a knee to the lower back before jumping up and double stomping the right arm of the Mustached Man. Kick to the head by Parr before he pulls Krash to his feet and looks for a clothesline but Krash ducks and manages to hip toss Parr to the mat and lock in a quick pinning combination by surprise!



    Sullivan runs into the ring and punt kicks Krash in the ribs, breaking up the pin! The King begins brutally kicking them both in the ribs, relentlessly! Both men were left rolling around the ring in pain as Sullivan turned to the crowd and did his royal pose. Sullivan picked Krash up first and dumped him out of the ring before turning his attention to The Prodigy. He mounts Parr and begins leveling him with hard right hand after right hand before picking Parr up and dropping him with a hanging neckbreaker.

    The King drives his knee into the skull of the The Prodigy a few times before noticing Krash on the apron. He runs with a forearm but Krash connects with a right hand. Krash looks to springboard into the ring but Sullivan lunges forward and knocks The White Wolf off the top rope, hanging him over it! The King with a hard running knee sends Krash back out to the outside! Sulivan turns around but gets hit with a couple of hard kicks to the knees, but Sullivan comes back out of nowhere with a Pump Kick to Parr’s jaw!



    Parr kicks out at 2! Sullivan grabs Parr by the hair and pulls him up to his feet and Parr fights with a few right hands and then a step up enziguiri! Sullivan rolls to the far corner s Parr gets back to his feet, and turns right into a Springboard Hurricanrana from a re-emerging Krash! Krash with a running shoulder to the gut of The King in the corner, before ducking out to the apron and hitting an overhead kick to The Champion! Springboard Asai Moonsault to Parr on the outside! Krash back to the apron and then he hits a springboard Spinning Uppercut on Sullivan inside the ring! Krash covers and gets a two count from the ref! The crowd was really into that series fromKrash, who wills himself back to his feet, picks Sullivan up in a Fireman’s Carry, but Parr comes back in the ring and hits Krash with a hard open right hand that staggers Krash and allows Sullivan to slide off his shoulders! Sullivan with a right hand that staggers Parr, but The Prodigy recoils back with an even harder right hand that knocks Sullivan to the ground! Krash back to his feet with a kick to Parr’s gut and an Irish Whip to the corner, but Parr pulls himself up and over as Krash tries to follow in. Parr lands on his feet and connects with another Step Up Enziguiri! He staggers backwards and right into a German Suplex from the King, but The Prodigy lands on his feet nd then hits him with a hard kick that sends Sullivan to the mat! Clothesline to Krash! With both men down, Parr stacks them on top of one another before grabbing each man’s right leg and applying a double Inverted Sharpshooter on his adversaries! Sullivan and Krash are both screaming in agony as they both fight to get to the ropes! The problem is they are both pulling in different directions and neither man is getting anywhere! At one point, Krash raises his hand in the air, but Sullivan uses his free hand to grab it and prevent it from tapping! Krash and Sullivan both settle on a rope to pull to and they both are able to make it there together! Krash rolls under the bottom rope as the referee counts to 5, but Parr pulls Sullivan back to the center of the ring and looks to reapply the hold! He attempts to lock it in, but Krash re-enters the ring and hooks Parr into an Octopus Stretch! Sullivan takes a few moments to get back to his feet, before running behind and Krash and delivering a hard Backstabber! Cover by the King! 1…2… Kickout by Krash!

    All three men are recovering and pull themselves up to their knees as the crowd begins to stamp their feet in support of this match! Each man begins trading right hands from a kneeling position and eventually into a standing position as it explodes in intensity! Eventually Sullivan ducks out of it as Parr and Krash continue to go at it! Parr takes control as The King tries again to sneak up with a German Suplex to Parr, but a standing switch by Parr sets him back in control! Sullivan breaks free and then connects with a Crescent Kick to The Prodigy that sends him out of the ring! Sullivan ducks a clothesline from Krash and then connects with a Running Knee Kick on the rebound! Cover by The King!



    Krash kicks out! Sullivan is pleading with the referee to count faster but the referee shrugs him off. Sullivan turns back to Krash, pulls him up and looks to suplex Krash, who blocks it, counters out, connects with right hand! Sullivan retreats to the corner, Krash follows in looking for a Monkey Flip but Sullivan moves out of the way! Krash lands on the middle turnbuckle, looks to Springboard, Sullivan is ready with a RKO, but Krash was faking! Sullivan gets blindsided by a re-emerging Mike Parr! Krash drops off the turnbuckle to take out Parr and connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick! Running Big Boot by Sullivan to Krash! Leaping Crescent Kick by Parr to Sullivan! Krash with a Standing Shooting Star Press to Parr as he hit the mat from executing the kick! All three men are down again! Krash and Sullivan pull themselves up to their feet as Krash runs forward and looks for a Springboard Moonsault onto Sullivan, but The King catches him with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Unfortunately Krash rolls straight out of the ring after the RKO as Sullivan tried his best to scurry after him! Once Krash made it to the outside, Sullivan opulled at his own hair but decided to use the time with everyone else down to recover! Sully crawls over to Parr in the center of the ring and the two men lock eyes, before literally going nose to nose at a kneeling position and then again just unloading on one another! Parr begins headbutting The King, which stuns The King but seems to also have stunned Parr! The Prodigy does manage to pull himself up and then delivers a nearly decapitating kick to the side of Sully’s head! The King rolls out of the ring as well, as Parr lunges for him to keep him in but comes up just short! Parr does head out to the apron, which causes Sullivan to leap out of adrenaline and yank his leg down, causing Parr to hit his head off the side of the ring! Krash slowly rolls back in the ring, as Parr and Sullivan are down on the outside!

    Parr scoots himself towards the steel steps, as Sullivan gets back up. The King notices the situation and runs toward Parr with a running knee but Parr lunges out of the way! The King’s stops just short of hitting the steps! Sullivan dodges a Springboard Moonsault attempt by Krash, who lands on his feet but gets hit with a Rlling Elbow! Parr is up on the apron and connects with a running senton to Sullivan from the apron! Parr grabs Krash quickly and tosses him into the ring! Tiger Bomb by Mike Parr!



    Sullivan dives in and breaks up the count! Again, all three men are down but Parr is eventually the first up to his feet and he climbs up to the top rope looking for an X Marks The Spot! HE steadies himself up on the top rope, but The King rolls out to the apron, springs to his feet and connects with a right hand to Parr.Sullivan climbs up to the middle rope from the apron and positions himself in front of The Prodigy. God knows what could’ve happened here, but suddenly Krash leaps up to the middle rope as well and slugs Sullivan. Parr is literally hanging on to Sullivan to keep himself steadied as suddenly Krash leaps up and hits a DOUBLE TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA to Sullivan and Parr! The crowd explodes as Krash gets back up on Adrenaline alone as does Parr! Reverse Hurricanrana to Parr, followed by a Famouser! Krash covers and gets a looong 2 count! Krash drags Parr to the corner and climbs up to the top rope and takes off his elbow pad! He points down to it, looking for his finishing Daybreaker, but Dave Sullivan runs in and knocks Krash off the top rope! He turns to Parr and pulls him up, but Parr breaks off and shoves him away only for Sullivan to come back off the ropes looking for an RKO that Parr blocks and counters into the Rolling Cutter! Sullivan spins out of it and into a pinning combination!



    Parr kicked out! Sullivan got up and immediately pulled Parr back up, but Parr caught him with a lightning fast Rolling Cutter out of nowhere! Krash with a Running Reverse Neckbreaker to Parr before he can cover! The White Wolf looked out to the crowdbefore pointing to the top rope! The crowd roared in approval as Krash dove off the top rope and connected…with Daybreaker…to the HEART of the champion! Krash covered!



    There was no kickout.

    There was no save.

    Just a foot laying partially underneath the bottom rope that stopped the count.

    The referee stopped counting and there was very nearly a tear in Krash’s eye as he looked at the referee in disbelief as he pointed to the King’s foot. Krash pulled his head back and ran his fingers through his hair as he slowly got up…

    And staggered right into a Rolling Cutter from The Prodigy!

    Mike Parr covered Krash!




    Here is your winner and NEW FWA North American Champion @ 21:17 – “The Prodigy” Mike Parr!
    Sterling: WE’VE GOT A NEW CHAMPION! WE’VE GOT A NEW CHAMPION! “The Prodigy” Mike Parr, the longest reigning North American Champion in FWA history, has regained the title that he helped put on the map!

    Quinn: And listen to this reaction! Some cheering, many booing…I think the fans are ecstatic that tonight, Dave Sullivan has lost not one but two championships tonight! And just look at the look etched on the face of the World Champion as he stares at the new North American Champion in the ring!

    Sullivan is sitting by the barricade absolutely seething as he stares at Parr in the ring, who is now standing on the turnbuckle, gloating right at The King as he holds the North American Championship high in the air. Sullivan slowly pulls himself up, with a crazed look in his eye, not being able to take the insult with the injury. He grabs a steel chair, folds it up and points to Parr, but The New Breed run out to the ring to have Parr’s back! The King paces back and forth on the outside before stepping up to the apron, but then he tosses the chair aside, drops off the apron, and in a huff, rips his World Championship away from the timekeeper and walks to the back, screaming at Parr all the way as Parr’s music continues to play.

    With Sullivan at the top of the ramp, Parr continues his celebration as streamers begin to fall from the rafters! Parr hugs and embraces Hughes, and then the Prototype, before the three men hold each others hands in the air! “The Prodigy” starts to walk out of the ring, as he notices Krash struggling to get to his feet in the far corner. Parr goes over to Krash and helps him up, giving him a pat on the back for good measure. He walks Krash over to the center of the ring, and holds his hand high in the air, as the audience gives both men a standing ovation for their effort. Parr lets go of Krash’s hand and then claps his hands, mouthing to him “Seriously, man…Even I’m fucking impressed…”. Krash nods his head in appreciation and thanks, before Parr places his hand on his shoulder and stops him. Krash turns around as Parr finishes his statement… “with how good I was tonight!” and then Parr kicks him in the stomach and delivers a second Rolling Cutter to Krash!

    Sterling: Oh come on! Why do that? What the hell is the point of that?
    Kennedy: Because he’s the champ, Rod. Because he’s the champion and he can. That’s why!

    Sterling: So he doesn’t have to have morals? He doesn’t have to act with integrity? Come on, Daniella, you’re better than this!

    Kennedy: Krash has morals! Krash has integrity! Guess which one of these three doesn’t have a championship! Krash!

    The New Breed attacks like a pack of wolves, just assaulting The White Wolf with boots to the skull, ribs, and abdomen as Parr directs them. He drapes his new championship over the ropes, before climbing up to the top rope and hitting his X Marks the Spot! Parr gets helped to his feet by his partners before confidently grabbing his championship and shooting a winning smile at the camera, before once again holding his North American Championship high in the air, flanked by The New Breed, one foot over the fallen and broken Krash as the show goes off the air.

    Editors note: The Main Event was, yet again, ridiculously close and required a tie breaker. Parr and Sullivan tied, and Krash was literally .5 behind. Will post grades for that match tomorrow. The others all mostly had no shows, but if you'd like to know your grades for your promo just PM me. Since I didn't get around to doing individual promo reviews this time around, (Holidays in retail are hell), I'll do a review for every promo on the next show.
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    This was a big show with lots of developments.

    I really enjoyed that Blackbird return, and how King Sullivan went from being on top of the World, and being his arrogant best to having one of his trophies ripped away, which was a precurser for the end of the night too. I couldn't help but wonder if Krash being thrown another Title match will lead somewhere.

    Garcia vs Randall was a fantastic battle. Jason is a great babyface and Michael is a great heel so there was a really fun dynamic there between them, and how the match was written to make the best of them.

    And then from there the Garcia and Golden feud continued to grow. That was a fun segment with him dragging Golden out to the ring. Like I just said about Randall, Golden is a great babyface as well. And strong, likeable babyfaces work so well against the overly hatable Garcia. And then from there we got Over The Edge taking out Princeton...OTE vs some version of EE feud incoming?

    Cyrus and Gabrielle just cant get along, their tag match breaking down like that was a great way to play that out.

    And then after being stripped of the X Title, Sully loses the NA Title. Tough night for King Sullivan, and its intriguing to see how Sullivan will react to this next time out. And what sort of head space he'll be in as well.

    Great show all around.

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    This was a great show on a character stand point. As someone who's new to everyone except Cyrus and Krash since i was in CWA you guys do a good job letting new readers understand who everyone is and their history without beating it over the head. Sullivan is a heel you love to hate and Miguel Garcia has x PAC heat for me lol. Main event was clearly the MOTN. All the other matches were ok or pretty good. Characters really stole the show. Also glad to get my first win. It was cool doing a team promo with Mike.

    Looking forward to the next Fight Night

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    Michael Garcia definitely has XPac heat. He is the true Baron Corbin of the FWA, only better in the ring.

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    Probably should've sent you a segment for this show, sorry for being lazy and having the world title contender make no appearance on it. It was my bad.

    Other than that, it's another fantastic show and a great job done by the mods. I did not expect Vincent Blackbird at all as the new GM. Loved to see Kevin Cromwell back on shows once again. And that main-event was a blast, shame that I could not appear. Huge congratulations to Mike Parr, a well-deserved victory.

    And to think about the fact that Sully even managed to tie that fantastic Parr promo....damn, awaits me the most predictable non-Kennedy match in the BIB history.
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    No need to apologize. We wanted you off this show to sell the injuries more. There's supposed to be a slight intrigue as to your well being right now. Cromwell was representing you in this feud tonight.

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    Great show all round.

    Obviously delighted with the main event win, took a risk with it as my comfort zone is dialogue heavy and this went the other way so glad people judged it OK. Knew it had to be something out there to give Krash and Sully a match. The run Sully has been on is incredible and massive respect for pulling out all the stops on such a consistent basis for the past year.

    It's great the depth that suddenly seems present on the show again, I probably need to check up on a few of the characters on this show even (past/present) but exciting to see it. Particularly looking forward to seeing the tag teams that I know very little about (the elite/the wave)

    Great job again with the results guys.

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    Congrats to Prodigy on his second NA title win! I know from experience how difficult its gonna be to get that belt from him so good luck to all challengers!

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    Congratulations to Parr on being a two time NA champ, well deserved win. Great show all around, this was a fun show to work on I’m happy that everyone has enjoyed it.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Yeah huge congrats too Prodigy on getting a win over Sully and his second NA Title run.

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