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Thread: The End of an Era

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    Pretty good

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    Re: The End of an Era

    It’ll be weird not seeing Fuji in the staff area. There’s not much more I can add, except a hearty thank you for everything you’ve contributed to this forum. It’s always a blast participating in the Fave Fives, and I’m glad Pawsitivity Bear is going to continue that tradition. While I’ve not been here that long, you’ve been a constant in this place, and it wouldn't be the same if you weren’t here, so I’m pleased you’re still going to be around, and especially to dish out some much needed burritos!

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    Re: The End of an Era

    Shit dawg, I am surprised the day has come. Thought WC's resident movie mogul would be a mainstay for sure.
    Not sure what has happened but all the best going forward bro.

    I am sure we will have plenty of maf run ins.


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    Re: The End of an Era

    Quote Originally Posted by Silk View Post
    Oh fuck how did I end up the senior Smod.
    I'm starting to wonder which staff members are even still left from the Jim admin era.

    Since Fuji isn't dead, I'm not going to eulogize him, but I suppose I'll say a few things. When Fuji first signed up, I quickly thought he was a troll or a potential up to nogooder. My memories are fuzzy as to why, but I know WC was being hit with a good deal of them at the time. Then there was the debate over whether or not he should even have his own movie review thread when there's already an all purpose review thread. I suppose over time he was a decent enough movie poster to not only warrant his own thread, but to also be the top choice when we were looking for a new entertainment forum mod. Over the four-ish years we were on staff together, Fuji was one of the more dependable staff members that I was able to rely on. I think at one point he was TNA mod? It's the TNA section, does it even matter if he was? I know Drunk Fuji popped up in live discussions at the time though. He had some pretty god awful opinions on the Friday the 13th series, which makes me think my original thoughts that he was a troll may have been accurate after all. When we needed some new blood on the upper staff, Fuji not only stepped up, but he managed to be an upper staffer that wouldn't annoy the fuck out of me, which can sometimes be rare for smods. In the time since I've stepped down as admin, Fuji remained a Smod, so I presume he didn't suck so badly that Ed had to can him. So kudos to Fuji for that. He also was a yearly participant in my Fright Fest threads, which feeds my ego, which I'm a fan of. In one of his final posts as Smod, he called me a "crusty curmudgeon". What a dickbag.

    Hearts and kisses,


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    Re: The End of an Era

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    I quickly thought he was a troll or a potential up to nogooder.
    Ah, the classic Jim first impression.

    As for Fuji, I always seem to either annoy him or entertain him. Seems to go both ways, so it's cool. Hope to still see you around, Kevin.
    Everything will surely be alright.

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