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    Keith Lee

    The last two months of NXT has reminded me how fun this guy is and how criminal it was that NXT took forever to put him in anything interesting. For Evolve he was one of the guys that kept the promotion alive and relevant when their super roster got signed away, really it was him, Walter and Riddle doing the heavy lifting for most for 2018. Was one of the standout acts of mania week 2017 I thought. I just think there's too many gaps in his runs to justify a top 50 spot, but the talent is there for sure for him to be really impressing as a great wrestler in the coming years.

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    Re: Keith Lee

    I was thinking about making a thread for him, I basically echo your comments. Good wrestler with a lot of upside, however too much time spend in absentia may rule him out for me. Also, those big fake epic spotfests against Riddle and Dijak were no good to me.

    He has good offence and obviously his charisma and crazy athleticism is the draw, but I think I prefer him best when he is working from beneath and he does less flashy stuff and is a really emotive seller. The WALTER match was great, and off head I really liked his matches with Tracy Williams too.

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