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Thread: 12/06/19 Fight Night Promo Discussion Thread.

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    Re: 12/06/19 Fight Night Promo Discussion Thread.

    Its good to get some feedback on the new direction I'm taking Gabrielle. There are little things here and there that are building to something else.

    Its good to see some reviews, and some constructive criticisms at that. We need more reviewing of work in the FWA honestly.

    The FWA is light on 'traditional' babyfaces. Cyrus and Gabby are the top two babyfaces right now, and both are much more egotistical and selfish than a prototypical babyface. But Devin Golden and Krash are two characters who excel at that more traditional, heroic, idealised babyface.

    The Elite: To be honest I wanted more. This felt like the set up to something else. Nice little backstory moment indeed, but I expected what you have here to be an introduction to something relevant to here and now, as opposed to just a flashback.

    Cyrus Truth: I really dig how despite both being babyfaces, Cyrus and Gabby just cant stand each other at all.
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    Re: 12/06/19 Fight Night Promo Discussion Thread.

    I will be playing KC as an out and out baby face.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: 12/06/19 Fight Night Promo Discussion Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    I've come close to doing this before, and have in the past. It didn't auto save? Sometimes you can click restore in the bottom left corner of the quick post box and it will give you all the autosaved material. This has saved me before.

    I try and copy and paste everything though as I'm writing as a fail safe. So after I finish a section, I'll do a quick copy of everything.
    That was the first thing I tried it only gave me the promo image header I put down That mistake won't happen again, forgot I used to write on wordpad before posting on here.

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