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Thread: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

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    Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    This is a thread in which you were supposed to post promos for the week. The deadline in which you are supposed to have these promos in by will be Tuesday, December 3rd at 2:59AM EST or Monday Dec 2nd at 23:59 PST OR 7:59 BST on Tuesday December 3rd. If you are unsure of the deadline, just PM a mod. This is the point in the discussion where I tell you that 24 hour extensions will be available upon request up until 24 hours before deadline, but if your opponent has already posted their promo, your extension will be denied. Also, if you ask for an extension, everyone else involved in your match receives one as well. Have fun and good luck to everyone!

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    We’re somewhere we never really see much of. The Gabrielle of ‘old’ preferred to take us to expansive mountaintops, stunning fields, beaches, these scenes of great natural beauty where she could stand as its caramel complexioned crown jewel.

    We’ve seen the Kennedy Estate plenty of times before, the expansive, luxurious, over the top home belonging to Chris Kennedy. An Estate he shared with Gabrielle in the past, and Bell Connolly more recently. This isn’t that, this is Gabrielle’s Estate. Her home whenever she’s off the road. Her daughters home every second week. Her Parents home whenever they’re in America. Her friends home whenever they come to visit. Its simpler than the Kennedy Estate, less over the top…but its still an Estate, its still the stuff of dreams. Millions of dollars spent creating a home that most could only ever dream of. Its fitting in that regard for years and years Gabrielle was the woman that most could only dream of. Gorgeous, sweetly skinned…sinfully sexual. “A fantasy come to life” Dave Sullivan had once called her in private in years passed. “A gift from the Gods” Danny Toner had called her a year or two later. There’s a sense that that is the ‘old’ Gabrielle though. This Gabrielle feels different. The Hidden Estate is the same; a large towering three storey Earthy toned house takes pride of place. It avoids the tackiness and extravagance of most such buildings, much more simple, smoother, more elegant. There’s two smaller guest houses, an Olympic size pool, a Tennis Court, and even Stables for her Horses. Chris Kennedy has a Tiger, the former Gabrielle Kennedy has Horses.

    This is her home, this is one of her days off, spent relaxing, and after the disappointments of recent weeks, two massive setbacks she needs it. So CLOSE to becoming the World Champion at Desert Storm. So CLOSE to booking herself a third successive shot at the FWA World Championship this time at Back In Business. It would have been her third Back In Business World Title match.

    These disappointments, these failures coming at her thick and fast is something she’s not used too. The Goddess of The Mountain, The Caramel Coated Goddess, the Goddess of Professional Wrestling…THE Goddess was never down for long. Disappointment always led to a victory shortly afterwards…now that Goddess is gone. Her divinity crumbled around her as the setbacks mounted up one after the other, now its just Gabrielle. A little girl all grown up, still chasing her dream of being ‘Immortal’. Not the Immortality of Divinity, just the Immortality of being a Legend. It is this Gabrielle that we witness today. Recent weeks have seen a fragility emerge from within her, she almost hid her humanity for over a decade. She was a Goddess whether she scorned our affection and made us all hate her or fought for our love. She was above all of that, all of this. Above weakness, above messy emotions, above ever appearing weak or defeated. But Gabrielle Madison Montgomery, a woman born to middle class Parents on the other side of the World cant hide this. She doesn’t look or feel above us anymore, she looks and feels so human, so normal, but we still know she’s extraordinary.

    That hasn’t changed. Her aura has but she’s still a future Hall Of Famer, she’s still gorgeous. She’s still an exciting little tease for the senses. She’s still one of the most decorated and successful competitors in FWA history.

    We’re inside one of her Living Rooms, there’s a Bar in the corner, there’s Championships displayed upon a Wall, pictures of her Weddings to Jenny Ignito and Chris Kennedy along with portraits of her little Princess; Carmella upon another. A large TV dominates a third wall, while the last houses a fireplace. This is a room where Gabrielle can relax, or watch TV, or entertain friends and family, where she can host Parties, where she can sit and silently reminisce, or today where she can address the FWA faithful a week removed from the sting of coming second in Carnal Contendership, a match she has never been able to win.

    Have you ever wondered how these things work?

    The Dreamer stares into the Camera, her deep brown eyes silently backing up her question, wondering if we know the answer.

    Well there’s a back and forth, a very brief one between FWA Management, and myself, or my Agent. This is how things are set in motion, there’s schedules to be worked around, so many different talents to film, so many locations to go too. So there has to be a conversation about when and where I or any other talent wants a camera crew.

    Well this week, for the first time ever I didn’t really know. They called and asked where I needed the camera’s and all I could think was ‘here’, was at home. I didn’t have anything planed, I didn’t have any idea’s, so home it was.

    I guess this really sums up my career right now, because I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know what I’m doing.

    She sighs, just a sigh, it doesn’t escape her lips, or saunter free from her mouth, she just sighs. Then she raises a hand up to her head, and rests her chin in her open palm and just sits there in thought for several moments.


    …For the first time since I returned I don’t have an immediate goal in mind, I don’t have direction or even a purpose. Sure the FWA World Championship is my ultimate goal of course. But for one of the only times in my career, I don’t know what could possibly be next for me right now. Not since the days, weeks, months, years even before The Great Siege, before my first World Championship have I been so unsure of what’s next. Not since those days have I felt rudderless, directionless, goalless.

    Another pause, she really doesn’t know what to say. If it hadn’t already last week, then whatever remains of the Goddess façade crumbles away in her uncertain silence.

    I came back at the start of the year with a score to settle with Izzy Van Doren. She tried to run my name through the mud, and in turn I ultimately ran her out of the company. Then there was the Quest For The Best where I beat people like Dave Sullivan, and Izzy Van Doren again. That in turn led me to facing Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship.

    I was almost a three -time Champion. I took Cyrus to the limit, I almost beat him, I almost had him. He may not want to admit it, but we had one hell of a match. But that doesn’t change the fact that I lost, almost beating him doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t beat him.

    Then there was all this nonsense with Krash, with friends giving each other Title matches, with the CWA Legacy being dragged through the mud, with Devin Golden being treated used as a pawn, with Michael Garcia getting back into the ring. I came through all of that with another chance to be World Champion. One more shot, one more epic match, one more millisecond away from being World Champion, but I lost again.

    Another pause, another awkward silence. All she can do is fidget with her long dark brunette hair. These actions seem to consume her, she tucks her hair behind her ears…that doesn’t do it. She tussles her hair over one shoulder…that doesn’t do it either. So she ties it back into a ponytail…that for now does it, she can live with that result.

    Then there was a lifeline.

    Carnal Contendership. The lifeline thrown to everyone, one match, an entire roster, one shot at glory. I’ve Headlined Back In Business before as the FWA World Champion. Both times I walked in and walked out as World Champion. This was an opportunity to dethrone a World Champion at Back In Business, to make a new kind of history.

    But I lost, again. I was oh so close, again. I almost won, again. I made it to the end, but Nova Diamond was better than me, so I lost…again. A kick to the jaw, and I was done.

    She glances over at the large framed image of herself in her Wedding dress being held by Chris Kennedy on that magical day. Its not a happy memory right now though, being kicked in the jaw only brings up some deeply painful memories that she wants to quickly move on from.

    Now I don’t know where to turn, what to do, who to focus on. Back In Business season is upon us all now. That one night of the year that people spend every other night of the year building towards. The day after Back In Business is the day that people start planning where they want to be for the next Back In Business. I don’t have three hundred and sixty four days to plan it out, I have much, much less, and I don’t know what there is for me.

    The FWA World Championship was my goal, I’ve been good enough in the past to be World Champion, and I want to be good enough again. But doubts are creeping in now, am I still good enough to be the FWA World Champion for a third time?

    An exasperated sigh, and she pauses again, taking a moment to adjust her form fitting white tee shirt. It’s a simple little outfit she’s wearing. A plain white baby tee that shows off a bit of midriff and some cleavage, an outfit finished with a pair of tight blue jeans. It’s not extravagant like the Gabrielle of old, its simpler, but she still looks so beautiful, so alluring. She hasn’t dressed up, but she’s still so stunning. This Gabrielle is now, changed, simpler but still with an undeniable beauty and an undeniable strength within her, even if she doesn’t highlight it like the Goddess would have.

    It is always my end goal, but perhaps I need to set my sights lower now. The pursuit of that Championship has…killed my Divinity. Chasing the World Title only to fail, and fail…and fail again has sent a Goddess crashing down from the Mountain top. I’m not the Gabrielle I was when I returned at Revival, I’m certainly not the Gabrielle I was four years ago, and I’m not even the Gabrielle I was four weeks ago now. I’ve had to leave all of that in the past, I’ve had to change who I am now, because who I was isn’t good enough anymore.

    She stares right into the camera again, her brown eyes locked onto the camera lens.

    But maybe who I am left as now isn’t good enough either.

    Silence. She doesn’t sigh, we can’t even hear her breathe. Its just eerily quiet as those last words awkwardly hang out there, weighing upon her more and more heavily the longer she goes without speaking until she has to break the silence and save the camera crew from the awkwardness, as well as saving herself from those words tearing into her any longer.

    Perhaps there’s a comfort in me never having won a Carnal Contendership before, so this latest failure is nothing new to the old or new Gabrielle.


    But it doesn’t feel that way at all.

    I lost again.

    But I do find some comfort in one thing.

    Cyrus Truth lost as well…again.

    There’s a slight little smirk to her lips now. She enjoyed that, she enjoyed reminding us that Cyrus lost Carnal Contendership as well.

    Well I find comfort in two things really; because Cyrus and his false Truth’s, his lies is no longer the FWA World Champion. If I cant be World Champion, at least Cyrus isn’t either.

    But I so desperately wanted to be the one to dethrone him. I wanted to be the one to make him eat his words. I wanted to make him swallow his pride and admit his lies. I wanted to hurt him, I wanted to embarrass him, I NEEDED to humble him.

    That smirk has completely gone now, just as quickly as it came.

    I don’t get to do that now. Cyrus has been dethroned, I can rejoice in that at least, if nothing else. But he’s not out of my life.

    Perhaps it’s the same person who felt it prudent to film and broadcast an emotional, cathartic moment I had after Desert Storm went off the air, also thinks its cute to force myself and Cyrus to team up again. We’ve done this in the past, the FWA putting us together on the same team seeing if we can coexist.

    I’m a Fallen Goddess, I’m not who I once was at all anymore. But one thing has not changed…I cant stand Cyrus Truth. I hate Cyrus Truth, every time I hear his name I want to kick him in the throat.

    The FWA, the Pro Wrestling industry is full of bad people, arrogant, selfish people. Full of people who will cut any corner, take any short cut, hurt anyone and everyone they can to get to where they want to be. People who will attack others from behind, people who will involve families, people who will seek not to just simply beat someone, but break them as well. People will sink to the lowest depths imaginable just to garner any kind of glory.

    I’ve been there myself…and I see men like this everywhere still. Men like Michael Garcia, men like Mike Parr.

    But still despite that it is Cyrus Truth that I hate most of all. Cyrus Truth that I cannot stand. Cyrus Truth that I hate being around most of all. He’s the worst of them all. I’ve dealt with so many insults in my life, so many people trying to tear me down. So many people finding any excuse they can to explain my success as anything except hard work.

    They were all just insecure little boys and girls who couldn’t deal with someone like me kicking their asses.

    She grits her teeth together as she continues to stare into the camera.

    Cyrus is different. He seeks to deny every good thing I have ever done, and define me wholly by the things I have felt necessary to do to create my legacy in the past. The things I regret now. But he’ll try and tell you it is all I am. He’ll lie and tell you there isn’t a good bone in my body. He’ll lie and tell you I’m not as good, not as dedicated, not as talented, not as driven or motivated as his friends or himself.

    She scoffs at the thought, but then quickly refocuses herself. Her hatred of Cyrus is giving her some direction and guiding her mind.

    You deny your own arrogance and misdeeds Cyrus. And you don’t know me Cyrus, you know the headlines but aren’t smart enough to see the full story. You aren’t bright enough or empathetic enough to see the duality of people, the struggles within people, the need to fulfil desires, and the need to make up for past wrongs.

    Whereas she was simply just speaking to us before, there’s a defined intensity to her voice now.

    I hate having to team with you again, I hate having to try to get along with you. I don’t want to team with you, I don’t want to win with you, I don’t want to have to put up with you or pretend to be civil with you. But I refuse to lose because of you. I refuse to let you cost me a win, I refuse to let you give me another setback.

    So the New Breed may watch this and think I’m easy pickings, think I’m distracted, think I don’t care about beating them and just want to bludgeon you Cyrus. But I refuse to have you play any part in me losing another match. I’d rather take on the Prototype and the Protegee by myself. I’d prefer it that way Cyrus. Do us both a favour and sit this one out.

    You wont of course, you wont pass up an opportunity to annoy me. So I know you’ll be in my corner with that stupid look on your face, and those stupid garish tattoo’s all over your body. But you’re not costing me another victory Cyrus, I refuse to allow that. So no matter how much I loathe you, no matter how much I detest being around you and having to be civil, I’ll play along just long enough for me to win this match.

    She grits her teeth together again. Earlier when she started to speak to us, she was once again venting, expressing herself, getting thoughts and doubts that were flooding her mind out of her head. Now she’s focused on tearing into the one person she despises more than any other.

    But I’d be a fool to just overlook The New Breed. You don’t make as much history as I have without taking people seriously. Sean Hughes and the Prototype are former Tag Team Champions. They played a role in retiring Phillip Jackson. They’re accomplished and successful, they’re a threat.

    I just don’t quite understand them.

    Prototype you’re the grizzled veteran with a young ‘student’ under your wings. I get that part. He is your Protegee, you are showing him the ropes, you are teaching him, you are moulding him into a capable Wrestler. I think that’s commendable, I’ve taken people under my wing before…

    One of them became the only triple Champion in FWA history.

    But you’re dedicating this entire chapter of your career to it, dedicating this part of your career to making Sean Hughes the best he can be. Again that’s commendable, who knows what you could do by yourself, focused upon yourself. What I don’t understand is that ultimately you yourself just answer too Mike Parr. What sort of Prototype are you really?

    Just some mindless creation of Mikes?

    Are you just his Prototype of a mindless stooge?

    Are you actually just Mike’s Protegee? And he’s just gone and put you together with some young punk kid?

    Gabrielle raises an eyebrow as she leans back into her large white leather couch.

    Because Pro, and I will call you Pro from here on out that is what I’m getting a sense of here. That ultimately you are just a Protegee yourself, Mike Parr needs backup from time to time. Mike needs people he can rely on so he has you and Sean following him around, supporting him. Your wins make him look good, and you have helped him to some of the biggest moments of his career.

    It makes so much sense. In reality yourself and Sean Hughes are really no different, Mike is the true teacher, with his two students. That I can recognise so well. Dave Sullivan, Dany Toner, Christian Quinn, the Garcia Brothers. I’ve had people like you and Sean under me before, I’ve had students, Protegees. I’ve supported my own Hughes, James Hughes giving him that motivation to hit the next level. There are people I have tried to bring up to my level, it doesn’t always work out though, there has been a lot of disappointment along the way.

    I mean what was I ever thinking with Danny Toner?

    A little smile crosses her lips again. This woman who used to constantly be smirking and looking down upon others is now much more ‘fragile’ so its nice to see her smile, nice to see her happy, nice to see her have that fire and energy to herself.

    Are the two Protegee’s a disappointment to Mike Parr?

    I’d hope not, he’s needed you both so much. I can tell he draws strength from you, having your support, having you in his corner. It changes everything.

    But when it comes to us, it changes nothing.

    You’re so familiar to me, you’re a couple of foot soldiers. Obedient, loyal, dedicated. I say these words not to mock you, or dismiss you both. I say them because its what you are, and its because what truly makes you dangerous, what truly makes you a threat to myself and too Cyrus. You have someone motivating you both, you have someone you look up too. Wether you see Mike in this role or not Pro, you do look up to him and seek to make him proud of you. The same way Sean seeks to make you proud of him.

    This is why I’m looking forward to the challenge now. I started all of this unsure of what I wanted or needed. Now I know. I want a fight, and I expect you both to give it too me. I also expect and will be thankful for every time either one of you drops Cyrus on his head. I cant do that, I wont do that. Not during our match at least, so I’m relying on you both to do it for me.

    Mike Parr is your ultimate motivation, your ultimate inspiration, let me add to that.

    I will be eternally thankful for every drop of blood and every tooth you knock out of Cyrus Truth.

    Her eyes lock on the camera, with a little smirk on her lips as she leans in closer to whisper her last words.


    And just like that. A more focused and driven Gabrielle than had welcomed us into her home now bids us adieu.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    "When Doubt Creeps In"

    We open up with an apartment and the sounds of a TV and we can hear the noise playing in the background the light from the TV shines throughout the room.

    Knox is eliminated.

    There is the video of Kayden Knox going over the top rope and landing on the ground. The video is played back over and over in a loop as the camera pans around to see Kayden Knox sitting on the ground and we see that on the floor are empty bottles of Jack Daniels and pills lay across the floor.

    I just got to know what I missed.

    Knox is talking his voice is almost gone as tears run down his face the man is holding a glass in his hand filled to the top with who knows what kind of substance but he just pauses the video and stares at the drink and then pulls out a bottle of pills from his jacket. He sits there and stares at the bottle opening it up and looking at the white pill in his fingers. He then begins to talk to it.

    I remember you...

    I remember that night...

    I feel as bad now as I did back then, maybe even worse.

    We go back to a memory of Kayden Knox after the final words between him and Tommy Thunder. Sterling Jagger sits on the floor of a different apartment and is seen drinking heavily there are sounds of him getting up walking around and talking to himself. The words are a drunken slur and he isn't very much all there. Jagger opens up a bottle of pills and takes them a few seconds later he is seen crashing to the ground as the memory fades as he seizes on the ground.

    We flash back to the here and now where Knox is now standing staring down at the spot that he almost died now smoking a cig inside his old house. He still holds the pill bottle in his hand. The room is poorly lighted as the floor is dirty and there is a stain from vomit on the carpet.

    There is a knock on the door as Knox turns to see who it is.

    He goes to the window to see peeking out and its AJ Drake in a black suit.

    Knox doesn't answer instead going to a chair and falling back into his depression. He stares at the bottle opening it up and placing the pills in his mouth. He grabs the bottle of Jack and is about to take a drink.

    AJ Drake: Kayden I know you are in there.

    Drake with force opens the door and see Knox sitting on a chair with the bottle in his hand and Drake rushes to Knox as he throws the bottle at Drake and it shatters across the floor. Drake screams at Knox who sees the pill bottle in his hand.

    AJ Drake: Is this really who you are. Is this really the man I have put my faith in? You take that pill and I am gone. You take that pill and you are back in the same place you were before, A broken down piece of shit man that I refuse to call a friend. Do you think one little loss is going to take away everything that we have worked so hard on?

    Drakes screams at Knox throwing him into the wall getting face to face with him as Knox looks on shocked by Drake as he puts his hand out in front of Knox's mouth.

    AJ Drake: Drop it... Drop it don't do it for me don't do it for them do it because you wanna do it for you. There is no one in this world that can understand the demons you have to fight not even I can do that. There is so much more to fight for Kayden just because you fall doesn't mean you can't get back up.

    Kayden you took the very best step forward the day you drop being who everyone else wanted you to be. You didn't win the CC so what guess what neither did Cyrus Truth, Devin Golden, Garcia and a number of others. Nova Diamond may have won but, look what happen to him he is now not even able to compete because Dave Sullivan took him out.

    Knox drops the pill onto the floor and falls to his knees. He begins to cry his face red and tears flooding the carpet where he stood. Drake looks down at him getting on his knees to hugging his friend in an embrace as the he talks to him.

    AJ Drake: You got to move on, you can't take everything to heart. You wear your heart on your sleeves and you are bound to get hurt time after time.

    AJ Drake: Take a look around you Kayden, this is your past this is not your future.

    Your future is a match with James Hughes and you and him are looking on to bigger and better things. You see Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is winning the FWA Championship.

    You think James Hughes is out here thinking about his past?


    He is out here thinking about his future thinking about facing you at Fight Night and embarrassing you.

    These people out here think they know who you are they still to this very day are out here mocking you.

    AJ Drake watches as helps his friend up. You can tell he is emotionally drained and you can see the look of distain for himself as he stares back at the shattered bottles on the ground. There is a moment of quiet as they begin to walk outside and Knox pulls out a cig. He takes a drag using it too calm his nerves. He then takes a breath and looks over at his friend as the morning sun hits his face. He has a serious tone in his voice as he speaks.

    Kayden Knox: I... still got these demons and its not pills its not the booze it is this fear.

    I have fear in my heart that I will never be good enough that I can never be what I feel I could be that every chance I get I will fail. Do you know how it feels to be a failure? Do you know how it feels to feel like your never good enough?

    I wear my heart on my sleeves because I don't think I ever felt it beat in my chest.

    Knox bangs on his chest as he smokes his cig. He pauses for a moment before taking another drag he shakes his head from side to side.

    I see guys like Nova Diamond guys like James Hughes get chance after chance as if someone is out there giving them a helping hand helping them climb to the top and I am destined to be a fail.

    I doubt myself.

    I do it almost every day

    AJ Drake looks on nodding his head as his friend speaks.

    I fight with voices with this inner part of my head as it whispers your not good enough and every God damn day I swear it gets louder and louder and it gets to the point where everything else around me is just background noise.

    AJ I just feel like what's the point?

    Knox's looks over at his friend as he finishes his cig. He tosses it to the side and sits on the steps. He looks at his scars across his body feeling the rough patch on his skin.

    I feel like where do I go why should I even do it in the end the reality of everything is that things are always gonna end up the same that I can't change my luck tat the cruel hands of fate just laugh at me because that is all I know.

    How do you keep your feet on solid ground when all you know is falling?

    After the speech Knox looks back at his friend who stands up and places his hand on the shoulder of Knox. He smiles for a moment using that sly usual grin and instead it is this genuine loving one.

    Shit I don't know. I don't think anyone does. The thing is though is that you can't be deafeated you can't go in with that mindset. You lost, I get it I understand how badly you wanted it I could feel that pressure be lifted from your shoulders and I know you feel worse off then you did before because you feel the pressure again but, you will prove these people wrong.

    I know you will it may not be today, may not be tommrrow but, you are going to. Kayden you aren't going to prove anyone wrong if when you fall when the world is throwing you a wicked right that you can't throw one back.

    You get up, time after time shot after shot even when your knees are weak the legs are heavy and you feel like you aren't going to beat them the difference is you don't need these people you don't need to crave there approval and I know that deep in your heart you still do.

    You need to go out there for yourself.

    I will stand by your side but, I won't watch you decay and wither away if you go back in there. You will be FWA Champion and when you do you will hold that title up high there is no doubt. Kayden let's get you too a meeting come on.

    AJ Drake leads his friend into his car as they drive off.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    The camera opens onto a large Bose speaker, bumping bass. The song "Humble." by Kendrick Lamar is playing

    Sit down, be humble

    As the camera pans out, we open to a large empty room, with mirrors along the walls, and one lone person in sweats and a hoodie at a mat running through their workout routine. Push ups, burpees and sit ups. The camera zooms in and we realize the hooded figure is one of the FWA's newest superstars; Ashley Bell. She finishes up her workout, takes a drink of her water and sits down on her mat.

    Sit down, be humble

    "You know I was humbled last week. Last week I made my much anticipated debut, as part of the most chaotic match in all of FWA, the Carnal Contendership. Now I knew it was a tall task to beat the best of the best on my first night, but to be eliminated first? That was frustrating. Everything I worked so hard for over before the fifth entrant could even come out. I'm making it my goal to work my way up, and next year to be victorious in Carnal Contendership..

    But I am a woman who's all about opportunities. Making the most of opportunities to be exact. This week my boyfriend Johnny Devlin and his partner Andre Mack have the chance to rise up the tag ranks, while I have the opportunity to set myself apart from these other newcomer's. They're calling it a proving grounds match, me and Dominic Dust against Eli Black and Mike Valander.

    Ashley now stands up, taking another drink from her water before taking her hood off, letting her long blue hair flow.

    My opponents and I will always be connected, as each of us debuted in the same match.

    Eli Black, you like to call yourself "The Artist of Chaos". You've been all over the globe, wrestling across multiple countries because nobody wants to keep you. You'll be in FWA for a month before you work your way back to some two bit promotion in Canada. If you're the artist of chaos then meet your masterpiece. I am the Mona Lisa of Chaos. I am the Sistine chapel of Chaos. I've seen things you couldn't imagine. When you step in the ring with me there isn't any paint brushes that will save you.

    His partner, Mike Valander. Mike, you got upset because you're name on the match card said Mike Calendar. And just like this year's calendar, your time is almost up. They wrote calendar because nobody knows your damn name. And nobody will ever know your name as anything other than Ashley Bell's stepping stone on her way up the FWA ladder.

    Last but certainly not least; my tag team partner this week, Dominic Dust, is making his debut. I don't know much about you Dominic, but I do know a lot about tag team wrestling, and for us to be successful Dominic I suggest you stay out of my way. You like to call yourself the "Diamond", well I'm the rough. I can get this done all by myself, cause I'm the real deal, make your life a living hell, one and only: Ashley Bell.

    Ashley pulls her hoodie back over her hair, slipping headphones into her ears as she cleans up her mat and leaves the gym as we fade to black.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    Ten minutes after The Carnal Contendership

    Standing before the FWA cameras now is none other than backstage correspondent, Todd Salum. Salum is neatly dressed and, as usual, is wearing a full, black, pinstriped suit, with a silver paisley tie and designer eyeglasses. He is standing just outside, of all places, the showers. Before long, another figure steps into frame, clearly heading for a much-needed wash-up, but he'll have to make a bit of a pit-stop. Otherwise, Salum might just follow the man into the shower stall, and that would be just a little too much. Heaving a deep, slightly-aggravated sigh, the man turns to face Todd Salum. Even with the patches of sweat upon his face and chest, this man is easily recognizable as the returning Amadeus Kevin Cromwell". He sort-of glares at Todd, as the little guy pipes up inquisitively towards the champion. «

    Todd Salum: "Hey-hey, Kevin, can I get a quick word with you?"

    Todd brandishes that soft smile of his, trying to reassure Cromwell and convince him not to turn down the interview. Cromwell appears to be hesitant, but at the same time, he knows Todd won't stop pestering him until he gets his interview. Better to get it over with now, Kevin thinks to himself. «

    Kevin Cromwell:" I—Yeah, fine."

    Salum's face lights up as he's getting his first interview with Amadeus in quite a long time. Todd clears his throat and adjusts his collar, just to make sure that everything is perfectly set for this one.

    Todd Salum:" Well—I know it's probably a touchy subject, but tonight….You came up a little short when your apparent partner threw you over the top rope official loss in your first match in ten months?. How are you feeling?

    It kind of stung Cromwell that question. Sure, he gave a good account of himself, and he was damn proud of it, but at the same time, losing a shot at the main event of Back In Business against the man he holds a grudge against, to a man like Kevin was no frivolous matter. Staring towards the floor, he takes a deep breath before offering up a response.

    Kevin Cromwell:" Losing The Carnal Contendership...Yeah, it stings. It's not a good feeling by any means. Especially since it brings questions about my capabilities to ever be good enough to be world heavyweight champion, it brings questions to whether or not I'm fit to even be here. Most of all, it begs the question – If I can't win the Carnal Contendership, why did I even come back?"

    Cromwell now glances up from the floor to Todd, bearing a slight grin.

    Kevin Cromwell" Think that's what my doubters want to hear, Todd? Don't you think people like Dave Sullivan would love to know that my confidence has been shattered? Sorry to say, but that is not… the case. In this line of work, Todd, there's no way for a man to never lose, there's no guarantee of winning every single match, even the big ones If not making it to Back In Business in my first match backs makes me less of a wrestler… if one set back strips away everything I am?, Then I'd gladly quit right here, right now. But that's not how it is. We learn from our mistakes. And I'm taking this as a gift—a blessing, Ten months ago I had Dave Sullivan in the center of the ring ready to tap when he pulled out a roll-up out of nowhere and pinned me, the same thing I learned that night, I learned tonight. That I can still get better, that I still have room to improve. And there's no glass-ceiling anymore because Nova Diamond just broke through it, This is only going to serve to increase my focus because I love the fact that there's still so much room for me to get better. I love knowing that I'm not at the mountain's peak yet, 'cause the climb is such a thrill. I'll get there someday, but for now, I'm gonna keep busting my ass, night in—night out, because that's what I'm all about, that I CAN beat anyone in the world...if I can say that now? When I'm not even at my peak? Then everyone in the locker room should be pretty damn worried and tonight was the proof."

    As much as this loss could have forced Kevin into a shell and destroyed his confidence, he shows the mentality of a veteran with how little he is letting it affect him. The fact that he actually seems to view the loss as a good thing is shocking, considering just how obsessed he was with victory only a few days before. Salum is definitely satisfied with Kevin's response, knowing now that he is just as focused as ever.

    Todd Salum: "Well, of course, the elephant in the room is your relationship with Nova Diamond, you clearly know each other very well, given how things went down between you two tonight how are you feeling?

    Kevin Cromwell: Now isn't the time to get into me and Nova's relationship, and without getting overly dramatic or sentimental. I always knew it was only a matter of time before we ended up facing off in an FWA ring. Throughout both our entire careers, we've always been connected; We both grew up in Manchester. We both traveled up, and down the same roads, he's the closet thing I have to a brother in this business. But when I was in the ring with him, I forgot the most important thing about Nova Diamond; He's a sneaky little bastard. So I don't begrudge what happened out there….but I do owe him one

    Todd Salum:" That's good to hear,. Was a little bit worried that this would hit you hard, but you're showing some real mental strength But I think things are only just starting to heat up for you. Next week, things might just get worse than ever for you."

    Cromwell is now staring at Todd with an inquisitive gaze. After how vague his words were, Kevin has no doubt Salum knows something he doesn't. Yet, it seems like Todd is under the impression Cromwell has already been informed. Cromwell kind-of tilts his head to the side and questions the backstage correspondent's words.

    Kevin Cromwell" What are you getting at, Todd? Did I miss something? C'mon, spit it out, man."

    Suddenly, Todd Salum gets a guilty look upon his face, as if he were completely unaware that Cromwell was… completely unaware. Being the man who always has the" backstage scoop", obviously Cromwell would know what's going down next week. He just never expected to have to break the news to Cromwell in a situation like this: Thankfully, Cromwell is fairly upbeat about the whole situation. Otherwise, this would be a lot more difficult.

    Todd Salum" Erm, close— Cromwell, I was informed, just a few minutes before I came to find you, that… Next week, at Fight Night, it's gonna be you versus Izzy Vo—"

    Todd didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence before Kevin erupted into a huge smile, and everything seemed right in the world. With how hesitant Todd was, Kevin could only assume that was all he had to say. That huge smile plastered to his face, Kevin pats Todd hard on the shoulder and nods his head confidently.

    Ten minutes before match time...

    We arrive on the broadcast of Fight Night, Missouri is the hub, and the venue is the enterprise Center. With the conclusion of the opening matches. The camera moves deep within the bowels of the arena, and we see a figure leaning against the wall. Dressed in a long leather jacket, decked out in red white and blue but otherwise dressed to compete for his match later on in the night, we know who this man is but before anything can be done, the sound of his man's voice cuts through the air like a knife. Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin Cromwell, has something to say. Not bothering to stand up straight from the wall, Kevin has his arms folded and is looking down to the floor as he speaks.

    Kevin Cromwell: "Adaptation, one of the single most interesting traits in this world, every single living animal on the face of this planet has adapted to survive. Adaptation has led to some animals becoming the complete and utter dominant species in their food chain and, in the case of human beings, adaptation has led to us becoming the most dominant species on Earth. Yet, every day, we find new ways to adapt, not to survive against other animals but against each other. We've adapted in order to become smarter than some. We've adapted to become faster than others. The ones who have adapted to become mentally more superior to others go into high paid jobs and put their minds towards the betterment of mankind. The ones who become physically superior become athletes, and even then, they still have to adapt to become faster, stronger, more agile. Those athletes adapt to become BETTER athletes. Why am I giving you this rather impromptu science lesson? "You see, FWA prides itself on being the top of the ladder, the highest plateau in wrestling today. It holds that title because the talent here in FWA is second to none; there is more talent here in that locker room than there are in several companies combined. As a result, you have to place yourself above others. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd and make yourself known, simply put, you have to adapt in order to succeed here FWA. Adaptation is your best chance of survival when you get to this company, and the last time you all saw me, I was being forced to adapt. I was being forced to evolve and to change the very nature of my existence to all of you people. The last time you saw me, I was in the middle of the ring getting screwed over by Dave Sullivan but now? Now you see someone that you had never seen before in FWA."

    Despite the introduction, Kevin doesn't look towards the camera. Instead, he looks up at the opposite wall of the arena, but we catch a faint glimpse of the eye of Kevin, one that's filled with confidence

    Kevin Cromwell: "You see, I'm undergoing an adaptation to save my FWA career. I was the man that started off with a future so bright that people were calling me one of the fastest rising stars in FWA and then, just like a bright candle, that flame was starting to burn out, and people were beginning to believe that 'Kevin Cromwell' was just here in FWA to make up the numbers, so that men like Cyrus Truth and Dave Sullivan would have men to defeat on their way up and everyone in FWA came to accept it. I looked at the landscape of FWA, and I saw men that I knew weren't in the same league as me achieving success! I saw those men achieving success and the common denominator, how they have adapted to succeed in FWA? I have to adapt too, Kevin Cromwell adapted in order to bring an element of danger. To remind people what I'm capable of and remind them that my past is nothing compared to what I am going to achieve, and it started at Carnal Contendership."

    For the first time since the camera started rolling, Cromwell pushes himself away from the wall and stands up straight and turns towards the camera; On closer inspection of the jacket, there's a zipper about sternum level but no other features there that are worth mentioning, the eyes of Kevin Cromwell tell the entire story, cold and determined, and devoid of any real emotion other than a slight hint of focus as he remembers the feeling of his past failures.. After a couple of moments, Kevin decides that now would be a good time to continue with his address to the FWA fans.

    Kevin Cromwell: I walked into Carnal Contendership as a new man, a new man filled with confidence and I set out with one mission in mind to prove that I am what I say I am. Everyone should be on their guard but there's one man that should be on his guard more than ever before...Dave

    At the mention of that name, he offers the camera a cheeky little wink, his meaning clear.

    Kevin Cromwell:But I can wait, see Carnal Contendership; was meant to be my fast track to Dave, but considering how that worked out, I'm happy to take the long way around, and that starts with Izzy this week a wrestler that, much like myself, is looking to get back on track. This week, I face a man that left this company with her punk rock tail after begging Gabby for a fight….and she couldn't take the fight. You were were fired from this company, and yet you think that you can come back and try to become the queen You want to become the queen that you believed your born and bred to be. Instead, you're the same person you've always been...a girl with an over-inflated sense of entitlement, with an endless barrage of flash kicks and rolling elbows. By the time I'm done with you, not even the finest plastic surgery that money can by will restore that face of yours back to its former glory and you will be left with a constant reminder of the power that is the Amadeus ."

    The smirk leaves the face of Kevin for a moment as he speaks and doesn't return as he continues.

    Kevin Cromwell: Izzy. I'm putting you straight into a DISASTER-PIECE! I'm putting you into an environment that can be summed up in three words; Chaos, despair and pain. Chaos because of what is going to hit you, despair at not knowing what's coming next and the pain of knowing that it's only a matter of time before I put you out of your misery and I turn the lights out on you for good. We've fought before a long, long time ago and, I'm not taking anything away from you, you're a hell of a wrestler, and you're tough, but ice always beats fire. And control always smothers chaos, and that will always be the case, and I'll say it before, and I'll say it again. I'm way more focused now; You're facing a Kevin Cromwell that's faster, stronger, more deadly than ever before so that just means, you're not my opponent tonight. You're going to be the lamb to the slaughter, and I hope Dave Sullivan, watches this match-up very carefully because, if I have things my way, after I've bashed Izzy's head in. I will be coming for the king next."

    A small smirk forms on Kevin' face as he returns his attention to Dave Sullivan and you can tell that the Amadeus is looking to have words register with the reigning king as well as his actions.

    Kevin Cromwell: "You better watch out Dave because I doubt even your delusion will be able to save you from the storm that's coming for you. After tonight, I want you to find whatever hospital I put Izzy Von Doren in and ask her how she feels because it's only a matter of time that you will experience what I'm capable of because tonight, I'm going to show everyone that everyone should fear the name, Amadeus.

    With his parting words echoing around the halls of the Stadium, the man is known as 'Amadeus" stands tall with a smile on his face. Kevin Cromwell is clearly looking forward to his match with IVD, not just so that he can inflict as much pain on the Punk rock chick as he possibly can but also to send a very deliberate message to the current World Champion, Dave Sullivan that this is the rise of Kevin Cromwell. Is that going to continue tonight or is his party going to be crashed? One thing is for certain, however; someone's resurgence is going to come to a very sudden and violent end on Fight Night
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    May Eli Black and Mike Calender get an extension? We are working on the promo together and I think our timing is a bit off

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    I'm going to go ahead and allow this, solely because you all are still new, but in the future, extensions are only available up until 24 hours before deadline. But you guys are working on it, and still new to the process, so yes. You have 29 more hours, exactly.


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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    Fade in to the sound of applause from the audience inside of Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Kick in the Door by Notorious BIG plays through the hall as the booming voice of the male Japanese ring announcer announces Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean as the victors of the contest. Trevor Ocean can be seen getting to his feet, his body shimmers with sweat, and his breaths growing heavier with each second as he removes the tape from his wrist. By contrast, his tag-team partner Noah Stocke stands opposite him his black sleeveless ELITE t-shirt still tucked into his wrestling shorts. The referee raises the hands of Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean but Ocean quickly pulls his arm back. Noah grins and shakes his head at the Trevor before lazily bowing to their defeated opponents, who return the gesture. Stocke does a small little jog to catch up to Trevor who is making his way out of the ring.

    Smiling and shaking the hands fo the fans at ringside, Trevor leans over to Noah and begins...

    Trevor Ocean: You were sloppy in there, Noah.

    Noah Stocke: You can't expect for me to give my all if the competition isn't worth it, Trev.

    Trevor Ocean: The competition is always worth it, Noah. You playing games in the ring because you didn't view them as worth your time almost resulted in you getting pinned.

    Noah Stocke (laughing): I didn't almost get pinned.

    Trevor Ocean (sarcastically): Did I dream up rushing into the ring to save your ass. Or, did that actually happen. Remind me?

    Noah Stocke: I had it under control...just like I always do.

    Trevor Ocean: Noah, if you were "always in control" then we would have been released from our contracts with CWA. But, instead, we got screwed by them...

    Trevor turns around to face the applauding crowd with a seemingly sincere smile. Noah turns around with him as Trevor holds up a peace sign to the crowd.

    Trevor Ocean: Twice.

    The two turn and walk behind the curtain and are greeted by the applause of other wrestlers on the card and company personnel. A company official bows to the two and The Elite return the gesture as the official reaches into the breast pocket of his suit and hands both men envelopes. Trevor opens the envelope and thumbs through the money inside with a satisfied look on his face. Noah places his envelope in his pocket with a dissatisfied grimace on his face as the official attempts to exit. Noah puts out an arm, blocking the official from leaving before moving closer to him.

    Noah Stocke:Remember when we agreed to compete for you all under the condition that you'd provide us with genuine competition? Where's the competition at? Because, I see the money that you keep giving us but I'm not seeing ANY of the competition that was promised. I mean, the Japanese pride themselves on honoring their words and commitments.

    Trevor grabs Noah by the arm and slowly pulls him away from official as Noah struggles to get away from him, not breaking eye contact with the obviously intimidated official.

    Trevor Ocean: Noah, chill out. He doesn't speak or understand english and you acting like THIS isn't gonna help us in getting booked again.

    Noah pushes Trevor away from him before reaching into his pocket and grabbing the envelope with money. He looks at the envelope and then back at Trevor before slamming it on Trevor's chest.

    Noah Stocke: You got your fucking money, Trevor. When am I gonna get what I've been asking for? When am I gonna get what I want?

    Trevor pushes his finger into Noah's chest before having it swatted it away from him by Noah.

    Trevor Ocean: Don't you forget that you owe me. If it weren't for me believing in you and your quest to prove we're the best tag-team we would be wrestling the best competition in the BIG companies. But instead, we're wrestling in these shitty little small companies against rookies for pennies on the dollar. All because you fucked us with those CWA contracts.

    Noah Stocke: I owe you? Let's talk about how you owe me! Before I decided to come and save you and Shawn in CWA, what was your record? Who wanted to offer you any money before me? Who wanted to book you two? Yeah, no one. Don't talk about me making one mistake when you're entire career was a mistake before I came and saved you and that constant fuck up, Shawn.

    Trevor Ocean: Fuck you, Noah. You think any company is gonna wanna put up with you without me or Shawn to keep you in line? You think anyone but us will put up with your little tantrums?

    Noah Stocke (scoffs): Yeah, okay. Let's see how far you get without me. Unlike you, I managed my money well. I don't need any of this. I can wait out the remainder of that CWA contract and be just fine. But, can you?

    A tense silence arrises between the two as the sounds from the arena start to lurk into the backstage area.

    Noah Stocke: See how you do without me. You need me, I don't need you.

    Stocke grabs a towel and and smirks at Trevor before walking towards the exit of the arena. Fade out.


    Brothers fight and brothers argue but absolutely nothing can come between the bond of two brothers. While they may not be brothers by blood, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean are as close as one can get without sharing the same DNA. In the ring, the two have spilled blood, their own and others, won championships, conquered companies, and ruled over tag-team divisions. While their arrival into FWA was lackluster and overshadowed by other actions of wrestlers, their ascent to the top of the tag-team ladder will be nothing short of excitement. But, before we get to their ascent. We must first delve into what lead them to get to FWA.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    The scene opens up with Jason Randall standing alone with a backdrop behind bearing the FWA logo. He’s dressed to compete by the looks of it as he’s wearing his black vest with no shirt underneath, dark cargo pants, and black boots. There is nothing fancy about this setting as Jason stops pacing and stands still, and stares directly at the camera.

    “What kind of excuse should I make for myself now, huh? I couldn’t get the job done yet again. It’s almost becoming like a running gag at this point, actually I feel like I’ve made that point before about the running gag. Everyone is on the joke except me, but am I going to sit here and piss and moan about coming up short, again?”

    He shrugs slightly, scratches the facial hair scruff on his face.

    “No, I’m not. That’s not who I am, despite the fact that it does piss me off that I continually lose in big moments, but I’m not going to dwell on it any longer than I have to. It doesn’t help, it doesn’t make the pill any less difficult to swallow. Is it my fault that I got eliminated by someone that by all accounts was already eliminated? No, we have some shoddy officiating but that’s neither here nor there. Izzy was eliminated though but she just couldn’t stand that fact and had to come back for more and continue to ruin my life. You see Izzy you made it personal when you did what you did to Penny back in the summer, and now you’ve just made it even worse for yourself because when I do get my hands on you there will be hell to pay…”

    He shakes his head at that last part, then he scoffs at himself for sounding so cliche.

    “Anyways, I digress. As much as I’d like to discuss in great detail what I’m going to do Izzy, there’s someone else that I must deal with this week. A guy that loves to make everything about himself even when it doesn’t concern him, an obnoxious, delusional blowhard. If by now you haven’t figured out by now that I’m referencing Michael Garcia, then obviously you haven’t been paying attention”

    “Mike is a guy that always has something to say even when no one, I mean absolutely no one asked for his opinion. Mike is the kind of guy that thinks he’s a good guy and that he’s doing the right thing, but in reality he’s just a jackass. Yeah, sure Mike had a rough life, a rough upbringing but so has everyone else so why should it make me feel any sympathy for you Mike? Does that make me heartless? Whoever said I had a heart? Maybe to you it makes me heartless Mike, but to me I’m just being real with you.”

    He shakes his head and laughs to himself.

    “I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, I just don’t like you Mike. I’m confident that the feeling is mutual and that’s perfectly fine with me. That’s what makes this even better and it’ll make it a whole lot easier when I beat the piss out of you in the middle of that ring. What don’t I like about you Mike? Like I said before, you make everything about you. Everything has to be about Mike, you have to be the center of attention. Newsflash Mike, not everything has to be centered around you, and I could go for the low hanging fruit right there and say that a lot can be centered around you due to your size but that just feels cheap if I’m being honest…”

    “Another thing I touched on before, no one is going to feel sympathetic towards you Mike because no one likes you. Have you heard the fans react to you? Maybe with your selective hearing you hear them chanting your name but in reality you’ve got an entire arena calling you an asshole. I don’t think they’ll be feeling sorry for you anytime soon Mike, so you can go ahead and cry all you want about your rough upbringing but no one will feel sorry for you…”

    “You can go ahead and make jokes about me all you want because I know that’s what you’re going to do when you talk about me, isn’t it? You’re too predictable Mike. Let me help you out though, I’m a loser, I can’t win to save my life, I don’t belong here, did I miss anything Mike? You can say whatever you want and it won’t matter to me because I’ve heard it all before. Better men and women before you have said it about me and coming from you it wouldn’t even matter. Yeah, I look like a bum. Yeah, I can’t win the big one. I probably don’t belong here but I will remain here to show that I do belong…”

    He begins to pace back and forth again, this time a little quicker pace but then he stops and turns back to the camera.

    “Will I win this match? Probably not. My chances are not good. As much as I just shit on Mike, I must admit that the man has talent. He’s a powerful, massive beast. One of my toughest challenges to date. I will not let that stop me from trying my damndest to pull out this win just to say I beat the almighty Michael Garcia…”

    “Mike, like I said, you’re probably going to throw everything you have at me. I most likely don’t stand a chance in surviving this fight, see I said fight because this isn’t going to be any ordinary wrestling match this will be a fight. There’s a good chance that Mike will leave me beaten, bloodied, and bruised...but I’ll still be breathing...and I’ll still be ready for a fight…”

    With that the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19


    The scene opens up to show the FWA ring crew setting up for tonight’s Fight Night in St. Louis, Missouri. Several men were setting up the barricades aroung ringside as a few others were assembling the announcer’s table. Road agents were talking with some of the talent like Eli Black, Dominic Diamond, and Hannibal Crowe. In the stands sat Izzy Van Doren discussing some things with Road Agent Saddle Sally, and there was even a Triple J Security sighting as they were huddled in a group by the entrance ramp. The ring was fully erect, as was A.J. Drake the moment Daniella Kennedy walked into the scene looking for James Hughes. Finally the camera swung to the left as Michael Garcia finished his conversation with Christian Quinn and walked over to the camera.

    “Yo, over here….it’s about time, bro. Ya can’t keep someone of my caliber waitin’ like that. I got important shit to do today. Can’t be waitin’ around like that, bro. Not like you got anything to do for a couple hours. Come on, man, you gonna follow me for a minute.”

    The camera man nervously rocks the camera back and forth, clearly intimidated.

    “Come on, man, give me that thing.”

    Mike angrily grabs the camera and hoists it up on his massive shoulder.

    “If you want somethin’ done right, you got to do it yourself, I guess.”

    Several producers take notice as Garcia begins to walk around ringside with the camera in hand.

    “Welcome, one and all, to Michael Garcia’s Backstage Pass starring Michael Garcia. The hottest and most informative new webshow on the internet. I’m not only the hottest thing on TV but now I’m the hottest thing on the World Wide Web, as well. Maybe I should make myself a belt for that. Michael Garcia, Internet Champion, does have a nice ring to it. Sullivan, you know anyone that can design me a cheap looking plastic belt like yours? K-mart sells more realistic looking belts.

    Anywho, this show is designed to be an informative and educational look at all of the effort that goes into producing an FWA televised event. For instance, we would have nothing to wrestle on if it weren’t for the amazing young men and women, who set up our ring and make sure it’s a safe place for us to compete. These men are trained extensively in how to safely and quickly assemble our squared circle. Here…let’s….excuse me, sir….sir!”

    Mike locates a noticeably shaken young man in a blue T-shirt and jeans.

    “ Michael Garcia…. Senior Reporter of the Backstage Pass….How ya doin?”

    The confused kid nervously answers, a touch of trepidation on his lips.

    “Oooo….kay. I guess.”

    “Fantastic. Son, we are taking an exclusive in depth look at what it takes to produce an FWA event and I was just wondering if you could provide us with some insight on what goes into making sure our ring is a safe and secure place to perform. Could you go through some of the steps that are necessary to assure safety?”

    “Oh….yeah. I suppose so. Well, the first thing we do…”

    “WELL….isn’t that fascinating? Thank you, boy, now we’re done with you. Thanks for your time.”

    Mike swings the camera around and sees Triple J security huddled by the ring apron.

    “Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are certainly in for a treat because these gentlemen right here are surely going to provide us some fascinating stories about their experiences in the FWA. Excuse me, guys…”

    Jugem Jugem stares cautiously at Garcia as Jiggy John takes a few steps back.

    “Hey there….Mike Garcia…Backstage Pass. The FWA Universe is getting an in depth look at what it takes to produce a live event and I thought…’Wow, who better to get some great stories from than guys like you who have seen it all! Ladies and Gentlemen, the FWA Custodial Arts team! These gentlemen make sure we have a clean and tidy workplace to compete in and I’m sure they’ve got some great stories to provide us with! Yo, you, Jugem….remember the time Malik and I gave you a swirlie? Ain’t that how you got your “Poop-throwin’ machine” nickname? And you, Jiggy John….remember when we ripped up your ring gear and you competed wearing Saddle Sally’s? Ahhhh….good times, good times. Anyways, ya’ll ain’t worth my time, and ya know what, no one out here is worth my time. So I’m gonna go ahead and call out the only man worthy of being on this program today…So…you, sir!”

    Another cameraman walks over to Mike, sheepishly.

    “You capable of holdin’ this thing steady? I ain’t gonna hurt you. Well, unless you fuck up…”

    As soon as Mike hands over the camera, he rolls into the ring and then tells the cameraman to step up on the apron.

    Now…camera…right here, never leaves this gorgeous physique, ya heard? Alright. So, like I said, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Okay. Where was I?”

    Christian Quinn yells out from ringside "Yo guest!”

    “Oh, that’s right. Anyways, you people deserve better. Actually, that’s just mindless rhetoric….you don’t deserve shit, but consider this a gift from your benevolent future World Champion. I’m going to give you the biggest and hottest star in the FWA….me. So anyways, as you can see, there’s a lot of work that goes into an FWA show from the lights, to the sound, the ring crew, the makeup artists…road agents and rehearsals, trainers and technicians. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a production. It takes all of these people to bring quality FWA product to your television monitor. The product is a sum of it’s parts.

    In a little over a month, millions of Americans are gonna sit in front of their television sets and tune in to watch one of the biggest Hollywood productions of the year. It’s a production in which they celebrate and revere the other Hollywood productions of the year. Awards are handed out, celebrities hug each other’s nuts, and mindless sheep all around the world, ya know, you guys out there watching, idolize these celebrities. It’s quite the spectacle. The pageantry. The glamour. The self-righteousness. Overpaid actors getting a pat on the back and a verbal blowjob from their colleagues.

    The FWA is very similar to Hollywood anymore. It’s announcers, like Langdon Trafford, pitch the narrative for you sheep to follow. They push the merchandise of superstars they want you to cheer for and support by putting it front and center and on the main page of They shill the fact that certain superstars are the future and other saren’t. The FWA has focused far too much on the superficial aspects of the product like the marketing and the production values and with that they decided to stop letting the wrestlers decide who the future and they started TELLING you who the future is. If they force their puppets to tell you that Devin Golden is the golden child or some revered locker room legend than that’s what you’re going to believe. It’s all an act and Devin Golden is in the leading role. He is their chosen one after all. Their Golden One, if you will.

    But hey, I give Devin credit where credit is due. He puts on quite a performance. I mean, after all, the award for Best Wrestler to impersonate a hero does go to Golden himself. As well as the Best Wrestler to let everyone of his so called allies down Award. That eye rake was a real crafty move there. Have to ask yourselves though, if Michael Garcia were the man to rake the golden eyes of the untouchable Devin Golden, just exactly how much the narrative would have changed. Devin Golden was coined a ‘hero’ for what he did, eliminating me,and rest assured, had it have been me, eliminating the outsider, Krash, with an eye rake ….I would have been the villain. Yes sir, it was a ‘crafty’ move from a noble competitor. If it had been me, only one word would have been used….cheating.

    So it’s fitting that right here in the new Hollywood FWA that someone like Golden is given center stage. Look I get it, he’s handsome, charismatic, got a nice smile, always willing to cut ribbons and make wishes. So it’s a nice look for our sponsors to have our own little Ryan Gosling out here to put on magazines and TMZ, to co-host with Kelly Ripa, host Teen Choice Awards and maybe even sell a few extra tickets. That’s you, Devin. That’s why you’re here. Sure, you’ll compete in this ring every night and the adoration from the people is great, isn’t it? But that’s all it’s about to you, Golden, is the fame and the fortune. Truth of the matter is, Devin Golden is not a good guy. Not the hero this production would have you believe. He’s a selfish bastard that cares only about reliving the past and getting in that one last hero’s return, at my expense. You went into Carnal Contendership with only one goal to take away from me. You weren’t even worried about winning the damn thing, and why should you? You are handed everything. Do you know why I’m here?

    I’m here to take shit away from people. Everything you’re handed from people is just more for me to take. Don’t get me wrong, Devin, I’m not interested in being the hero. I don’t give a damn about being the hero. I just want to take what’s rightfully mine. You see, that whole thing with Krash made me realize one damn thing. Too many people are taking from my plate. Stealing from my table. And not only did a very few select of us have the balls to stand up and fight for our opportunity, there were actually a few of them that helped them and applauded them along the way. Devin Golden, for example. But what’s worse are the guys that just stood back and chose to not get involved. Guys like, well, my opponent this week, Jason Randall! In recent weeks, I’ve made several comments about “The Wildcard”…all of them true, mind you. Ya see, Jason Randall is what they call in this business, a “good hand”. He shows up, never causes any problems, does what he’s told, shakes some hands and goes home to that hot lil’ bird, Penny. Thing is, Jason Randall was never that guy. That’s not the Jason Randall I remember. I remember a Jason Randall that actually earned the nickname “The Wildcard”. He did his own thing, played by his own rules, marched to the beat of his own fucking drum…and if someone got in between him and what’s his, he wouldn’t hesitate to clip their balls off with a set of hedge clippers. Literally. I remember a Jason Randall that DEFINED the X Division and made the sadistic Lord Vincent Blackbird look like a wrestling purist. I remember a Jason Randall that struck fear into the hearts of his opponents, because they knew that win or lose, they were gonna wake up unable to walk one day!”

    Garcia walks over to the corner of the ring and pushes himself up to the top turnbuckle, sitting on it, arms crossed as he stared into the camera.

    “ That Jason Randall has been dead for some time, now, sadly. All that’s left is just the shell, the corpse that walks to the ring, bangs his chest, kisses your babies, jobs to the next big thing, and smiles as he takes his paycheck home to Mama! I thought that maybe…just maybe…that when someone stepped foot in the FWA and cut the line, taking an opportunity that you worked for 5 years to get, that maybe, just MAYBE, it would light that fire in you again, but you just continued to smile, wave and continue being the neutered circus act that’s been lost in the shuffle for far too long. What’s it gonna take, Jason? What has to happen for you to wake up and start fighting back? You’ve become irrelevant. A bit part. In Hollywood terms, you’re the lovable loser that gets killed first, which is a shame, Jason, because you used to be the really cool Anti-hero that everyone wanted to see make things interesting. You’re a product of this fucking company. You’re a creation. A puppet. You are exactly what they tell you to be! You’ve become this cardboard cutout of yourself….a total fake.

    But me? I’m as real as they come. I’m no Hollywood phony. I’m no sellout. The current Jason Randall represents everything that is wrong with this company. Everything that this company has sold itself out to. I represent what this company should be. Real men who were built by their own hard work, and not by the machine that invested in them. It’s a vicous cutthroat business, Jason and the way it used to be…only the strong survived. It’s not like that anymore. The weak now can hide behind those that support them and claim success just by doing what their told. It’s up to me, people like me, to make the changes necessary to bring this company back to what it should be. That’s what I’m doing. Taking out their untouchables one by one until they realize that the adage is true….Only the strong do survive and I’m the strongest of them all. I hope you’[ve got a stunt double, Jason, because this lesson on Fight Night….is gonna hurt. Everyone’s gonna learn. You. Golden. Krash. Sullivan. ALL OF YOU WILL LEARN. I’m done playin’ around. Tonight, Hollywood has a new leading man, and when Fight Night goes off the air, I will have shown what I’m truly capable of, and there will be one less cog in the machine. Randall, you sad, lost, irrelevant bastard…It’s time to put you out of your misery.

    That’s all. You’ve seen these gorgeous baby blues enough. Shut it off.”

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    "Fight In My Head"
    There was always going to be questions.

    I was always going to try and find a way.

    I was always gonna be lost in a crowded place.

    There are so many new faces.

    It seems that things will never change.

    It is like watching the ocean as the tide keeps crashing in again. The current took us under we didn't think we would survive there up in the stars a heart shape lead us to this side. The Dark Forest is more then that Cat who brought us here in time.

    Nova is seen looking up at the stars that make a heart and the voice inside his head sane speaks. He sounds smart as if he wasn't put through the hell that Nova was put through.

    You know that in the end.

    You must find the answers even if it breaks the family apart.

    I know we should be focused.

    I know that The Wave is coming but the truth of the matter is other things seem more important but, Cheshire says our paths are already set. That made me think if that's the case then why does it feel like we are jut going through the motions?

    There are always going to be more goals up ahead and this war that is coming, The Wave gonna be caught in the crossfire.

    Hell is empty, all the demons are here. William Shakespeare once said that as I find myself thinking maybe they aren't so innocent.

    No one really is are they?

    We are all connected by our sins like stars in the night sky.

    Three souls just like ours that in a different place in a different time you could of been us.

    You could of been one bad day from being us.

    We are not unique.

    We are not special we are just the ones chosen to be the champions of The Dark Forest.

    Is there any reason to think that the Cat isn't telling the truth. He did lead us here he did give me a family he turned me from the black sheep to the shining star and it was only because of the things he said us to do. We went through The Looking Glass we saw the future we saw us holding the FWA Tag Team Champions but, it seems to me that everything is not what it seems?

    Alice seems lost.

    Crowe seems distraught.

    I am inside my own head right now and I can't seem to even get the right words to come out.

    Nova goes to speak as the words come out in riddle he seems to be stuck as always looking up at the stars as he follows his way out to the hearts in the sky they walk to the east torwards the stars seeing what will become of one another.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    Exile Chronicles (Volume 2)
    Chapter 14: No Place for Heroes

    Our scene opens a few days after Carnal Contendership, where the main event for Back in Business was set. Defending the World Title is Dave Sullivan, the triple titleholder. But surprisingly to many fans, the man who will be taking on “King” Sullivan is Nova Diamond, who survived from the start to the end, lastly eliminating Gabrielle Montgomery to punch his ticket.

    There’s been a lot of buzz at this momentous victory for Diamond...and just as much buzz regarding the status of the rest of FWA’s heavy hitters in the wake of Sullivan’s ascension and the fallout from Carnal Contendership. Fans and industry experts have been chatting and debating at large as to where FWA’s future lies with Dave Sullivan at the helm...and what happens should Diamond be the one to dethrone the King.

    We find ourselves in a little corner pub in Chicago, a few days before Fight Night in St. Louis. It’s late at night as the pub finds itself attended, but not crowded. The patrons seem well into their cups at this point as the bartender stands behind the counter, wiping down the table in preparation to close up.

    A new figure walks in as the front door’s bell chimes. It’s a male figure, face obscured by a drawn hood. The figure makes a beeline for the bar, has a seat, and without missing a beat rasps out:

    “Whiskey, on the rocks. Make it a double.”

    The bartender scoffs a bit as he wipes his hands with the towel he was using to clean the bar.

    “I mean, sure...but I gotta tell you, Last Call’s gonna be happening in about ten minutes.”

    The hooded figure looks up so that the bartender can see his face.

    “I think, tonight, you’ll stay open a bit longer.”

    The bartender’s expression changes when he sees the man. Irritation gives way to understanding and acceptance as he produces a bottle of whiskey and a glass with ice, pouring the man a double.

    “You that I think about it, I suppose I will.”

    The bartender leaves the bottle on the counter next to the man and walks off to clean some more glasses. The hooded man, silently, sips his drink as he tilts his head up to a TV hanging over the bar. On the screen is “FWA Aftermath,” a talk show hosted by FWA interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith. Aftermath, a fairly recent addition to FWA’s broadcast lineup, serves as a recap and preview show for FWA’s events with various industry commentators and wrestlers past and present popping in to give their two cents on the comings and goings.

    As the man is watching the program in silence, one of the bar patrons catches a glimpse with a sideways glance, his eyebrows raised in recognition. Drunkenly, the patron stumbles over and gets right next to the hooded man and slurs out:

    “ I know you.”

    Not even looking at the drunk, the man replies.

    “Do you, now?”

    “Yeah, I do! I know exactly *hic* who you are.”

    “Good for you. Now, piss off.”

    The drunk looks indignant as the hooded man doesn’t even turn to face him. He just continues to sip his drink and watch Aftermath. The drunk, however, seems to have not gotten the message as he slurs out:

    “Hey, hey, HEY! The fuck’s your problem, *hic*? Turn around and look at me when I’m talkin’ to you!”

    The bartender, not looking up from his glasses, simply but sternly warns:

    “Paul, leave him be. Call a cab and go home.”

    “Hey! Fuck you, too, Johnny! I don’t have to *hic* do nothin’ I don’t wanna. And I got somethin’ to say to this guy.”

    The hooded figure finishes sipping his drink as, without even giving Paul any attention, reaches for the bottle to pour another.

    “Does ‘piss off’ mean something different to you than for everybody else? You should back down before this gets even uglier than it already is for you.”

    The hooded man’s words and dismissive tone seems to strike a nerve with the inebriated Paul as he slams his hand down on the counter loudly.

    “You *hic* think you’re so tough? That you’re some kind of *hic* badass? You’re’re a loser! A loser and a *hic* phony! Your run at the *hic* top was all just a bunch of smoke and *hic* mirrors. You got your ass beat at *hic* Desert Storm and Carnal *hic* Contendership and now ain’t shit compared to the Ki…”

    Before Paul can finish his sentence, the hooded man grabs the back of Paul’s head like a lightning bolt, slamming it with a fury into the counter. There’s a sick crunch and cracking of teeth as Paul collapses in a heap on the floor next to the hooded man.

    The rest of the patrons stand up, startled. Johnny, however, is cool as a cucumber as he says:

    “Bar’s closed. Get out of here.”

    The patrons hesitate for a second, but a stern look from Johnny is enough to scatter them, with a couple of Paul’s buddies quickly scooping up their unconscious friend to drag him out. The only souls left in the pub are Johnny and the hooded man. Johnny, with a sigh, grabs some ice to replenish the man’s glass.

    “Bit excessive, don’t you think?”

    “Not really…”

    The hooded man’s lethargic tone sharpens as he sees something on the TV that grabs his attention.

    “Hold on. Turn up the TV.”

    A bit confused, Johnny nevertheless finds the remote and turns up the volume, where Katie Lynn Goldsmith is in the middle of a thought.

    “...And as if that titanic main event wasn’t enough, we just found out that a major tag team match has just been announced by FWA officials. The New Breed are in action against Gabrielle Montgomery...AND Cyrus Truth! Now this match has some real explosive ramifications, considering…”

    Katie’s thoughts are drowned out as Johnny looks over towards the hooded man. Even underneath his hood, we can see rage building as the man’s jaw is clenched like a vice, the hand holding the glass trembling with ire. Johnny, looking concerned for the first time since this man arrived, speaks up.

    “Hey, pal...are you all…”


    The hooded man’s whiskey glass shatters into dozens of shards, leaving only a clenched fist dripping with whiskey and blood. The hand still shakes as the man uses his unbloodied hand to pull out a stack of high-denomination dollar bills. He sets them on the table, grabs the bottle of whiskey, and stands up. He says little...but what he does say? It’s absolutely dripping with malice.

    “Sorry about the mess, Johnny. I’ll see you around.”

    With that, the man turns and heads out of the pub. Johnny, a bit shaken by that display of rancor, takes a deep breath as he heads towards the door, locks it, and turns off the open sign. The last we see of the bartender is him heading to his back room, presumably to grab a broom or a mop to finish cleaning up…


    A new video uploaded to opens up in what appears to be a graveyard of sorts, although a very old one based on the conditions of the headstones. Many are chipped and weathered, with the names and dates on them eroded due to the passage of time. The camera pans over to a hill where an obelisk-like marker stands next to a tree…

    ...and hanging loosely from the tree is a tattered rope, swaying in the autumn breeze.

    There’s a familiar figure sitting on the ground in front of the obelisk...the former FWA World Champion, Cyrus Truth. He’s dressed plainly, wearing a heavy woolen coat over gray slacks and dark brown boots. What is a bit strange is his left hand, which appears to be heavily bandaged.

    To say The Exile has had a trying time as of late is a bit of an understatement. Losing the title at Desert Storm to Dave Sullivan, failing to secure the main event at Back in Business...ever since coming to FWA, Cyrus has not suffered this many setbacks. And now, for the first time since coming to FWA, Cyrus Truth will not be in the main event of the biggest show of the year, and there’s nothing he can do to change that.

    Another man will be defending the championship that he has defended time and time again over the last four years.

    Another man will be challenging for the belt that has been his and his alone for much of his tenure in FWA.

    Cyrus’s head is down as his arms are resting on his raised knees. We can’t see his eyes or his face, but we can hear the anger in his voice...a mix of rage, dejection, and resignation, seasoned with a righteous indignation.

    “Haven’t any of you listened to a single word I’ve said? Apparently not, since I have to remind you yet again. Something that’s all the more important now that I’m not…”

    Cyrus pauses, as if the words are caught in his throat, not wanting to be spoken.

    “...Now that I’m not the World Champion. So listen up, because I’m not going to repeat this…

    “I am NOT a good person.”

    Cyrus raises his head, and we can see a wild, ferocious look in his eyes. It’s not a look of determination...not one of fiery will and iron resolve. It’s the look of a feral beast whose leash is on the verge of snapping.

    “I’m not a bad person either, before any of you pop off and head onto Twitter to say ‘See? See? I told you so!’ But yes, I’m not a good person. Not by a long shot. What I am is principled. FWA hasn’t had a proper principled World Champion for least, not until I showed up and fixed that. I’ve made it no secret that my concerns are with my own pursuit of glory and ensuring that my legacy was one beyond reproach. This isn’t exactly a sentiment that’s mine alone, but what sets me apart from every single World Champion FWA has had since coming to the WC Network is that I seek my glory within certain boundaries. My principles dictate how I handle my business and approach my fights. Principles that, in all honesty, are what EVERY champion should have. I keep hearing people talk about all the great things they’ve done, and all I can do is laugh and mock them. Doing something does not’s HOW you do it that truly define you and your legend. So, yeah, I’m a selfish glory-seeker. But when I was champion, I tried to be better than my nature. Tell me, what happened?

    “I won the title without resorting to cheating or backstabbing. You all claimed that I was ‘protected’ and ‘coddled’ by management.

    “I defended my title without ever sacrificing my principles once. You all ranted about how ‘undeserving’ and ‘overrated’ I was.

    “I faced down the arrogant, egotistical backbiters who would take the championship that I tried SO HARD to restore prestige to and exposed them for the scum that they were. You called me ‘boring,’ called my words ‘repetitive,’ and celebrated those bastards who would shit all over this business and this sport that I have sacrificed EVERYTHING TO…”

    Cyrus voice raises as if he’s about to scream, but he stops himself just short of that. However, it’s clear from the way his arms are tensed and his jaw is clenched that it’s all he can do to keep his frustration bottled up.

    “Every step of the way, I’ve had to fight all of this unwarranted and undeserved vitriol from the roster and others. And for what? Do any of you not realize just how much I was trying to make FWA better? To bring back the prestige of a title that your so-called ‘legends’ and ‘favorites’ dragged through the mud just to satiate their own egos? Somebody had to restore some principles regarding how a champion should act, and since none of you could do anything to stop me, that burden fell on MY shoulders. I have carried that weight ever since I debuted in FWA, and not ONCE have any of you taken a moment away from your own personal wants and desires to step back, look at the things I’ve tried to do, and realize that this was all for the benefit of EVERY champion that would come after.

    “Did you all want a champion that lords over all of you like you’re ants under his boot heel? The kind of egomaniac who’ll waste time with a pointless ‘coronation ceremony,’ berate and belittle you? Well, you wanted a different World Champion, didn’t you? Not some “CWA reject, right?” Well, you have your wish. And thanks to some nGw young buck and Gabrielle once again failing to get the job done, you all get to enjoy World Champion Dave Sullivan for quite some time. I hope it’s everything you’ve all wished for. And I hope you all remember everything you’ve said about me the next time Sullivan opens his sewer mouth and calls you all worthless, spineless, and pathetic. If I’m being honest? I can’t say you wouldn’t deserve it.”

    Cyrus stretches out his legs as he lets his arms fall to his sides. A good deal of tension seems to be subsiding, as if getting that off his chest was liberating. However, the wild look in his eyes never goes away.

    “I’m owed a rematch as the former champion. But unlike Sullivan, I’m not going to bitch and complain about what I’m owed. What I will say is that the two victories that Sullivan has over me have to be put into perspective. The first was interrupted by Bell Connelly. The second was with Gabrielle involved. Given a one-on-one match against Sullivan, without any distractions or interlopers, I can and WILL beat Sullivan and reclaim what’s mine. But until then…”

    Cyrus clenches his fists, as his tone turns a shade darker.

    “I conducted myself with dignity and honor as the champion. I will continue to do so even without the belt. But here’s the thing that should scare everybody in the FWA locker room. The champion should be an example for others to follow. I’m no longer the what exactly is binding me? What exactly is staying my hand from running through all of you? I tried my best to be a champion worthy of respect. All of you saw fit to give me none. You’ve sowed seeds of disrespect and derision...I wonder, how many of you are prepared to reap the harvest of pain, blood, and retribution?

    “I am violence. I am the bloody reckoning. You wanted to paint me as the villain, but now? You’re about to be torn apart by a monster of your own making. And right after you go on to your social media accounts or have your interviews and say “See? I told you so! Look at how much of a hyprocrite Cyrus is!,” I want you to take just a moment...JUST A MOMENT to contemplate that everything I do and everything that happens to ANYONE that gets in my way is all on your heads. You created this. You wanted this. And what happens between now and when I reclaim my title is because you deserve it.

    “And because FWA has a hard-on for Gabrielle, it seems that she and the New Breed are the first to get a taste of what that actually means.”

    Gabrielle. The name crossing his lips is like poison, as Cyrus’s lips twitch with disgust.

    “And before you say anything, I’m well aware that this match is advertised as a tag team match. But even the idiots in our locker room aren’t that dense. Gabrielle said it herself on Twitter...her one and only concern in this match is to upstage me. But none of us should be surprised. That’s all she’s ever wanted ever since she’s crossed my path. Gabrielle may want us to believe that I’ve beaten some humility into her, but do any of us believe that? The only means she has to stay relevant is to continue to grab onto my coattails and hang onto them for dear life like a drowning woman with a life preserver. It’d be amusing in a pathetic sort of way if it weren’t for the fact that her clinging to me has actively held me back. She did NOT deserve to be in that match at Desert Storm. I don’t care what she says or what management says. She lost to me at the Anniversary Show. There was no #1 Contendership match. There was no victory over me. The only way she should’ve been given a title match is if I had decided to give her one, and I wasn’t about to give her one so soon after losing. But yet, she got one! She got another title match for doing absolutely NOTHING. And if she wasn’t in that match...had it just been me against Sullivan? I don’t doubt for a single moment that I would’ve retained. I’d have my fourth straight Back in Business main event, facing Nova Diamond or whoever ended up winning Carnal Contendership. But that was taken away from me because of two vultures looking to pick the flesh from my bones.

    Cyrus’s left hand is still clenched, but we start to see blood starting to seep through the bandage. The Exile, however, pays no mind to it.

    “I don’t have much of a problem with The New Breed. In fact, I actually had a bit of respect for their boss. Parr is a fool who can’t decide what he wants to be, but when he fights? He fights like a champion should. Parr’s one of three people in this company that’s got multiple wins over me in one-on-one matches, and unlike Dave Sullivan? Parr’s wins were clean. There were no extenuating interruptions, no hanger-ons interfering in matches and contests they have no right to interfere in. And had things leading up to this moment gone differently...had others used their heads and not their egos to drive their actions and form their words?

    “But...there’s little point in dwelling on that. What’s been done has been done, what’s been said has been said. And unfortunately for the The Prototype and Sean Hughes, they have to be the first victims of the Reckoning. I know they have talent. I know they’re former Tag Team Champions. I know that they possess power and speed and are as cohesive a unit that can be found in FWA. I also know that none of that matters. I have to win. I have to crush anybody who stands in my way. I have to remind this gods-damned company just who the hell I am, and the only language that anybody in FWA truly understands is a pile of broken and battered corpses left on their doorstep. And I can’t be too picky with whoever FWA throws in front of me.

    “Try not to take it personally, you two. You just got caught up in the middle of a raging storm. But when it’s over? I hope you remember that all of this was the fault of those who wanted to make themselves look better by disparaging me, by belittling my accomplishments and my principles. People like your unofficial partner, Gabrielle.”

    Cyrus slowly stands up, back sliding up against the obelisk. He looks up to the sky as the clouds overhead start to roll in, and rain starts to fall.

    “I. Am. Done with you, Gabrielle. I am through listening to your false claims of humility, your pathetic attempts to disparage my name, and your insistence upon flouting a legacy built brick by brick with lies and deceit. FWA has to be reminded of just who the hell I am, and will be taught in a wave of fire, blood, and bone. Do whatever you think you want to in that match. Leave me to fight a two-on-one. Try and jump me to get some attention on yourself...I know you’re starving for it. Or try and beat the New Breed by yourself. I don’t care. Because the days of you clinging to me for relevance are over. You no longer matter. The only purpose you serve in FWA is as the first reminder to EVERYBODY that words have consequences, actions have repercussions...and in your case? Inaction leads to desolation.

    “I will not lose on Fight Night. I will not allow Gabrielle to drag me down any further. The New Breed will be smashed through. And the beatings and bludgeonings will continue...until I reclaim everything I lost, and the roster realizes just how foolish they all were to try and tear me down.”

    Cyrus places his bleeding hand on the obelisk and drags it across, leaving a bloody mark across the surface as he walks away. The storm is starting to gain strength as the camera zooms towards the stone pillar that Cyrus had been leaning against. Unlike the other markers in the cemetery, the words on this obelisk are clear:

    “When principles are abandoned...
    “When honor is disparaged...
    “The gates of hell fly open…
    "And a bloody reckoning will begin.

    "It will be a place for no heroes
    "Never one to begin with
    "Count your sins and transgressions
    "And be ready for judgment."

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    “His biggest enemy is himself. His biggest mistake was believing the hype that he was born to do this. His downfall is thinking that he can hold back the rebellion of three divisions at once and live to tell the tale.”
    ???????, ?????? (2019)

    He wasn’t the most popular kid in his school year, nor was he the smartest, but he really knew how to get things done. He appreciated that it was more who you knew and what they could do for you, as opposed to what you knew and how you could apply it. The ability to know that is, fittingly, the distinction between being just another one in the crowd eagerly trying to get attention. It is the distinction between being the star pupil and the class clown with the crayons because you aren’t allowed to use permanent ink yet.

    Monday mornings suck. They suck when you are elderly as another weekend that you may have some family nearby or been on an activity has passed you by and you are left with Whoopi and your daytime television friends. They suck when you are in the middle of your life as you drag yourself out of bed to the latest day in your slow crawl towards retirement, the retirement where you imagine you will be happy to lie around with Whoopi and her daytime television friends but in reality you are just happy to have made it through another weekend. They suck when you are in college or university as you stagger around your apartment with your brain still, by osmosis, steeped in vast quantities of differing types of alcohol that you have decided would be a good idea at the time and invariable has resulted in you either missing another day in education or turning up solely in body but not mind.

    Lastly, they suck on days like today, days where you have just had one of those weekends cutting loose with all your buddies before you have to make your way back into school for the week. Those days where you dip your head in the seat at the back of the class unless you have assigned seating (or to directly quote our student in question, ‘the bitch that decides to put you where you don’t want to be’) or those days where you are continually yawning and your eyes are straining as you regret staying up to watch the sports or just another movie on the Sunday night previous. But, in the end, you get up and you go for it. You take your schoolbag that has been prepacked by your parents and you throw the lunch out on the way so you can try and elicit sympathy from the kitchen staff in exchange for something considerable more appetizing that the ham sandwich that someone, at one point, thought would be a good idea and conducive to a prolonged period of storage in a bag in the fridge before your consumption of it hours later. For the record, it is a terrible idea and is borderline child cruelty to expect them to appreciate a ham sandwich hours and hours after its initial creation.

    Anyways, as the bell rings, young Mikey Power shuffles into class with his bag about a ham sandwich lighter than it was when he left the house this morning, and makes his way to the back of the room. Mikey was one of those kids in school who had the ability to be top of the class but had troubles applying himself – his teachers would tell you it’s an attitude problem but he would tell you that it’s more of a class content problem. He is bored by the same stories over and over again, and feels that any work that he is given these days is far below the level that he can actual complete. So he doesn’t really try. What should be a grade A because he does have the ability translates into a Grade C because it’s of no effort to really mail in the Grade C and get what you need to keep your head and shoulders above the varying floating Grade C waters.

    As the bell has sounded for class to begin, in walks the history teacher. He was one of the more experienced teachers that the school had to provide, he’s been here years and he knows what he is talking about to a degree but his delivery is just all wrong. Mikey loses interest very quickly, he can’t retain and pretend to be interested in the old school mannerisms of Mr. Wrondo as he shuffles his way towards his impending retirement. His biggest issue, in Power’s eyes, is that he still thinks he is the teacher that he once was and still tries to capture that old magic now and again. He isn’t though, and still tries the same old thing over and over again expecting the same results that he simply isn’t capable of delivering any longer.

    “Alright everyone……lets open up your books at page 6, lets hope everyone did what they needed to do over the weekend now….”

    He wheezes this last sentence at the kids who stare at him blankly. Well, all of them stare back at him blankly with the exception of Power, who raises his eyebrows in slight disbelief before looking around the class and trying to catch the eye of someone else to share his distaste with. Luckily for him, he catches the attention of two of the guys across the room from him. They are the newest kids in class, one moved from the school with which this one has a rather storied rivalry. Therefore, in the spirit of fairness and inter-school co-operation present in all children, he was sent to sit on the ‘virgins table’. Now……not in reference to their sexual promiscuity although being only 14 years old at the time of writing, it’s true, but virgins in terms of their experience in life here at the Freeman and Watkins Academy. Freeman and Waltkins Academy was name after the two founding members, but for clarity going forward we will refer to in it’s more commonly used short form across the city, the F.W.A.

    Aside from all that, Mikey has been a member of the F.W.A for quite some time and the last thing that he wanted to do was to catch their attention and give them the impression that they are somehow welcome here. They’re not. But they have been making a bit of an impact as of late. Across many different classes that they share, they have been standing up and almost making Mikey look bad in comparison. They are shooting for Grade A’s and hitting in, probably their capabilities at a maximum, whereas Mike as aforementioned is sitting coasting in the Grade C’s. They’ve almost made so much of an impact that Power almost knows what they are called. The one that moved from the rival school, the Christian Workman’s Association (C.W.A. for short) goes by a peculiar nickname, although I say peculiar only in the fact that it’s probably more ironic than anything. He is a slight figure, not overly built, so in the spirit of childhood fun and games, they’ve nicknamed him Krush. And yes, for the record, that is crush with a ‘K’ as the person to whom the nickname invention is attributed can’t spell.

    The second one is the Italian exchange student, although in terms of an exchange we got the Italian student and they got rid of him. His first name is one of those traditional types that has about 16 letters and is too confusing, so he, in the spirit of children’s simplicity, has been referred to since the day he walked through the doors by his surname, Dia’Monde. He’s been here a bit longer than Krush, but lately has started to find his feet (maybe he’s learning the language over here) and has begun to come up in staff conversations about who exactly could be the top achiever in the tests at the end of the year. He might be replacing Mikey as the potential shining light for those in the F.W.A upper management at present. Anyways, back to Mikey catching their eye…..he knows he made a mistake right away. Dia’Monde gives him a knowing nod, as if to say that he knows the Wrondo is talking about of the hole that isn’t his mouth before blanking Mikey completely but Krush…Krush just sits and locks eyes in an intense staring contest. A contest initiated and only participated in by himself, although Power is still in there by default until the silence if broken again by the unique tones of Mr.Wrondo.

    Mr. Wrondo “OK everyone, today we are going to be looking at the story of Charles I. Can anyone tell me who Charles I was… about y---?”

    A full few minutes into the start of class, or the regulated start of class, the door almost flies off of it’s hinges as the missing occupant of the seat near the front of the class enters the room. He is a different sort altogether, if Mikey is the dark horse that knows that he has potential, this guy is the horse that has ran into the lead and is shouting back at everyone else and letting them know that he is beating them. This is Davey Sull, he is the pick of the bunch from a performance standpoint. In truth, he is the minimum that Power should be if he even applied himself a fraction as much as Sull. With everyone at 14 years old, he is the most likely at the minute to ace the end of year exams and make his way all the way to a potential scholarship. He also holds a grudge against Mikey from a few years back, their grade point average was neck and neck but he just managed to pip Mikey to the post and while Power has moved on from that contest, Sull didn’t like being pushed that far. With hindsight, it was pushing him that far that has likely lead to the present situation.

    Davey “Thanks for waiting for me girls, the Prince has arrived”

    Sull remarks as he takes his seat at the front, where he was moved as he was such a disruptive influence before. Wrondo shakes his head but doesn’t deal with the conflict accordingly, which is typical. He lets Sull’s influence grow and grow until it’s taken over the entire class and if he had his way, would take over the entire F.W.A. For the record, he calls himself the Prince his current level of performance and grade point average has him tracking to be the highest the F.W.A has ever produced in years from now. Also for the record, modesty is not his strong point.

    Mr. Wrondo “Thank you for joining us Davey”

    The sarcasm doesn’t mix well with the dull tone so nobody reacts or identifies it as such.

    Mr.Wrondo “Perhaps you could tell us a bit of what you know about Charles I then, Mr. Sull, since you’ve been so kind to join us?”

    Sull loves the attention. Charles I, just to be clear, was the subject of the homework that was set over the weekend. Mikey isn’t so much slumped in his seat but inwardly furious at himself as the chance to usurp and get one over on Davey now passes, and it passes to DIa’Monde, who takes Sull’s current absence of speech as an indication that he isn’t too aware of the answer to his question.

    Dia’Monde “He was the King of England in the 1600s, Sir.”

    What a kiss ass. Clearly they never taught him how to have fun in Italy over the weekends instead of swatting up for your history lesson on Monday morning. The first question of the day is always the trigger for some furious page turning, as the majority of the class who haven’t completed their research try to locate the section about Charles I as a point of reference in case any questions are put directly to them. Power has found it, but isn’t so inclined to offer up any development on Dia’Monde’s initial answer. This isn’t the case, so much, with Sull.

    Davey “Actually Wrondo, he wasn’t just the King of England, he was also the King of Scotland and Ireland until 1649.”

    He doesn’t even try to disguise the slightly robotic tone you get as you read something from a book.

    Mr. Wrondo “Thank you. And Mikey, perhaps you can tell me why he was so popular?”

    The glare of the class focuses back on Power, including Davey’s smug smirk knowing that he got in there at the right time. How much of a joy it would be to knock that smirk off his face or at least crush (with a c) some bones with his fist. Power tries to maintain eye contact with Wrondo and read from the book at his desk at the same time, which is pretty much impossible.

    Mr Wrondo “Mr. Power, did you not complete your assignment over the weekend?”

    Wrondo, the old weasel, shoots an inquisitive look over the bridge of glasses at Mikey, and they both know without any doubt that Power has no earthly idea about any of the finer points of the life of Charles I past being the King of England, Scotland and Wales at the same time.

    Mr. Wrondo “OK then, apart from you and you, anyone else want to share something they learned about Charles’ popularity at the time?”

    The ‘you and you’ was a reference to Dia’Monde and Sull, who both had already participated in the discussion in the eyes of the old wart Wrondo. He of course, naturally, is met with stonewall silence from the remainder of the class, all of whom are in the same position as Mikey but just haven’t been subtle enough not to get caught out about it.

    Mr. Wrondo “OK everyone, you have fifteen minutes to get your information together on Charles I, and then I’m going to call a few of you up to the front of the room to address the class and let them know what you have learned. I have to say, I’m deeply disappointed that you all didn’t apply yourselves to this over the weekend….Back in my day, we would love the chance to learn about those who – ah, never mind, 15 minutes then please and we will start again.”

    There was almost a collective sigh of relief as the majority of the class get to work, completing what they were assigned to do over the weekend. Mikey is still secretly furious at being exposed like that, he was once the one who was able to paint himself as best in his class. However, this……..this is his shot at getting a small win over victory as well as the rest of the group. Sometimes, rage and wanting to prove a point are the best motivations that one can have, and maybe that’s what was needed to light a fire under Power, at least on this day.

    As the fifteen minutes winds to an end, Mr.Wrondo invites someone from the group to share their findings. It’s a three way conflict between Sull, who wants to reinforce the belief that he is the best in the room. There is also the new guy, Dia’Monde, who is trying to stick his nose in Mikey’s business where it doesn’t frankly belong. And of course, there is Mikey Power himself.

    Mr Wrondo “Oh, lovely to have so many volunteers to the floor. OK….Davey, we can start with you.”

    Power is furious. He just wanted the chance to express himself in a straight fight and instead, when it was a dead heat, he still had to sit there without anything to show for it as Davey’ lorded ir over him and everyone. Even Dia’Monde had to be upset, although he sort of retreated back into his shell, probably getting a headstart on the next assignment that he can try and make an impact on. Davey, knowing that he is the center of attention just like he loves, is grinning from ear to ear as he begins:

    Davey “Charles I became the King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 27 March 1625. He ruled strongly until he could no longer conquer and surrendered after a long battle in 1645. Being as clever and impressive as he is, he managed to escape but then at some point was recaptured where this time, they knew that they couldn’t take any chances with him outsmarting them again. He was convicted of high treason in 1649 and he was executed.”

    He finished his neat little explanation with a little bow, as if he has just acted out the lead role in the school play. Mr. Wrondo had a stupid grin spread across his face, Sull was clearly favoured by the higher up in this room anyway, however that stupid grin was turned into a quizzical frown as Mike raised his hand and asked for the floor. As is established class protocol in the F.W.A, if the situation permits and someone raises their hand at the right person at the right time, they will have the opportunity to express themselves. Whilst the key is to try and foster an environment of progressive learning, it essentially turns into a pissing contest when you have two ego’s taking part, and there are no two greater ego’s in the F.W.A than Davey and Mikey at present.

    Mikey “I think he missed the key point, Sir. Charles was the King of three separate kingdoms, and he tried his best to keep a rule over those three kingdoms that he actually made things worse for himself. He believed in something that was called the divine right of kings, sir, and I used my phone to find out that the divine right of kings is believing that you are entitled and born to be in the position that he saw himself in. He tried to rule everything as one, tyrannical monarch. But he tried to take on too much, Sir. He tried to rule over all of the kingdoms and he manages to make the religious folk angry. He managed to make all the politicians angry. He tried to make everything fall in line to suit him and tried to reform everything to fit in with his vision. In the end, he only made everything stronger by giving them all something common to oppose. And that’s why he was beaten. And arrested. And that’s why he was killed, sir. He was killed because he became a tyrant, a monster, and he couldn’t hold all three kingdoms down. He was arrogant. So when you asked me earlier why he was popular, I would suggest that you were speaking ironically to try and get us to identify the reasons why he wasn’t.”

    You could almost hear a pin drop in the room. Wrondo is delighted, maybe the old dog has some new tricks left in him yet, as he has managed to somehow coax out a detailed and impressive analysis from a student who about 20 minutes ago was trying to slump away in the corner of the room and remain unidentified. As for Davey, if looks could kill. There was a vein about ready to burst out of his head, forget about the instance from years ago that Davey couldn’t let go of, this will be one that he will tell his own grandchildren when they are the same 14 years of age that he and Mikey are now.

    Mr. Wrondo “Excellent work Mr. Power, excellent work. Although next time, it would be nicer if you had prepared that impressive insight over the weekend as requested.”

    Power grins ever so slightly, nothing to do with Wrondo’s comment but to do with the fact that he can still visibly see that Sull is seething. Dia’Monde, the new upstart in the corner, has been reduced to the afterthought that is pretty much his rightful place when grouped around such strong competition on the class.

    Mikey picks up his pen, and besides his notes that he just recited his analysis from, jots down his summary:

    “His biggest enemy is himself. His biggest mistake was believing the hype that he was born to do this. His downfall is thinking that he can hold back the rebellion of three divisions at once and live to tell the tale.”
    Power, M (2019)

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    We open into a luxurious looking office, with the newest tag team of the FWA, The Wave, sat in front of a TV, watching their debut match. Johnny Devlin looks up and notices the camera

    "Oh that's right now? Andre look alive, they're here to interview us about our match against the Cheshire Cat Clan this week."

    "Wait what? Like from Alice and Wonderland?"

    "Yeah Andre I'm not going to lie to you I'm not sure what's wrong with those guys. They're freaks. But us? We're freaks of nature baby. They like to hang out in the forest, they aren't physical specimens like us. Them stepping into the ring with The Wave is the biggest mistake you can make. We're all mad here but you'd have better luck chasing a rabbit through a hole."

    "Off with their heads!"

    *Laughs* "We watched you freaks put on quite the performance in the tag team tournament last month, but if we were a part of the tournament the talk of the town would be all us. You were just in the right place at the right time. The only reason you're relevant right now is because we haven't had the chance to showcase our talents."

    "That's right, when we're done with the Cheshire Cat Clan, they're going to wish they only had to deal with the voices in their heads."

    "The Wave is coming, don't let it take you under.. Now get out of here, I don't have time for this today"

    Short and sweet, Devlin and Mack make their point and leave it at that. Dre sits back down in his recliner, as Devlin starts up a new match, this time one of the Clans previous matches, as the camera fades to black.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    The Prototype and The Protégé have had… do we say it without wanting to offend…..interesting time so far in FWA. But everyone seems to forget that initially, they only came here because they saw their friend struggling….they saw Mike Parr getting beaten down week after week, outnumbered at every turn by those that they considered not worthy. And now? Look what has happened to Mike Parr. He went from not speaking to anybody to the main event of this very show. But this isn’t about Mike Parr right now……this……..this is about making a statement.

    The image we have is grainy and blurred, the equipment simply isn’t up to scratch for high definition television for one. You can just about make out two silhouettes, and as the image focuses and refines more much like how your eyes get used to the dark when you have no light, we can see that we are as simple and a reserved a setting as one could hope for all things considered, we are in the middle of a wrestling ring. One of those independent rings that look a bit cheaper and considerably more worn than anything that you would do on national television or a pay-per-view. If you look closely at the mat, you could probably see the remnants of the blood stains that have been cleaned on multiple occasions. If you were to drop down to your knees and smell, you’ll get nothing but the faint smell of sweat. Put your hand on the mat and you might even pick up some residue. The camera suddenly jerks up and makes a 180 turn and it is clear that we are now recording on a phone – and one with a very unimpressive camera all things considered. We appear to have switched to the front facing camera as whilst the grainy picture still isn’t the best quality, the resolution has been slightly improved by only having to take in the speakers face.

    “We thought about it you know. We thought about putting together one of those video packages that you get from time to time, of us running the ropes back and forth until we build up enough of a sweat so it goes flying through the air in high definition slow motion. We thought about putting a camera in front of us as we work out, to try and distract from the fact that the last two weeks that we have stepped in front of a camera we have frozen and lost our tag team championships.”

    “But then we thought that you don’t’ deserve it. We let you all into our world before, we let you into the reason why we walked into this company in the first place. We let you backstage. We let you see us joking. We let you see us strategize? And where has it got us really? It got us tag team gold that we have actually lost and you all were GLAD? What have we done to really make you dislike us?”

    “We stood up for our friend Sean. We came in and we helped him and then we helped ourselves. We helped ourselves to the slim pickings of the FWA tag team division, still recovering from the farce of having one man hold and claim himself as the tag team champion of the entire division. We came in here without anyone really knowing who we are or what are potential is but we breathed life back into the division. Hell, we even got rid of PAJ for everyone?? That guy, by all accounts from everyone that knew him, was an asshole. And we managed to send him packing. But all we got was scorn, we got the eye roll and the head shake and the lecture about how we should’ve done better. You knew nothing then about what we stood for what we achieved and you know nothing now about what we want to accomplish, yet you have all cast your judgment. You all think that we have served our purpose. You all think that we peaked with our tag team championship run?”

    “You are all a disgrace, so gone is the carefree young man that walked into this company and in his place now is a grizzled younger athlete who is as sick as he could ever be about this company, its fans, its management and its roster. Look at what we have had to contend with since we walked in. We won the tag team championships after those in the decision making process were forced to give us a shot because they couldn’t ignore us any longer. And our reward for that wasn’t the main event? Hell it wasn’t even a title defense. We had to enter the tournament for our own pissing championship belts. We had to actually enter and swallow the bullshit explanation on offer that we should’ve just treated this as a title defense or two when in reality we had what we earned taken from us just after we won it. So all week, since the last pay-per-view in fact, we keep getting asked about whether or not we are upset about everything? Well YES. I’m upset that I’ve had to mature so quickly and now that I have to be somebody who I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be the next Mike Parr, I don’t want to be brooding and serious all the time but you know what else I don’t want to be? I don’t want to be a running joke and I certainly don’t want to be an afterthought that is thrown into something in a desperate attempt to keep other people relevant off of MY star power.”

    It should be noted that as Sean and Prototype switch speaking, they rotate the phone between them so the recording is the lens staring straight into their soul. Suppose it’s just fortunate that for something staring into your soul is so blurry that anyone will struggle to get an acceptable read off of it.

    “He is still learning, but that doesn’t mean that he and by extension I, should be treated with such disrespect. Last week, the Carnal Contendership…..where were we? If we were good enough to be thrown into a tournament for our own damn championships why would we not be good enough to be put into a match for someone else’s? It’s thinking that like that means that one person has ended up holding every singles belt in the company. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, you throw us in what is essentially the curtain jerker and for what? Because you needed the New Breed to be able to market those other teams that need to bask in the light that we shine on any ring that we step in to. You management need the New Breed and you fans need to understand that we are pretty special. You need to stop booing us, you need to stand to attention when we walk into an arena and you all need to shut up and watch a masterpiece at work. Do you think Mozart had to compose anything when surrounded by a baying mob of thousands of people screaming at him? If the conditions were not good enough for Mozart then there is certainly no way that I’m going to sit idly by and let you ruin the masterpieces that we are going to create.”

    “Oh and it will be absolutely glorious to watch the crest fallen faces of everyone in the crowd drop as the New Breed take out two of the perceived main event talents in this business. It will be like PAJ and Viktor Maximus all over again….PAJ limped out and Viktor ran away before he knew that that the New Breed were about to get him. This week? This week it’s going to be so much fun to walk back through the curtain to the backstage area and hear silence. To look at the management behind the curtain stand with the mouths aghast as the New Breed have thrown a massive spanner in their grand plan. Instead of building up Cyrus and Gabrielle as these odd bedfellows and instead of watching to see if they co-exist, all anyone is ever going to remember is that this is the night that the FWA tried to use the New Breed and exploit the star that shines upon them for the last time. The question, the big marketing ploy is going to fail, because we aren’t just going to sit here and be an afterthought. And we won’t be doing it for Mike, we won’t be still trying to help Mike land where he deserves in this company, but we will be doing it for Sean Hughes. We will be doing it for The Prototype. We will be doing it for any fan out there that has booed us. We will be doing it for anyone who tries to exploit the talents before them just to make their own shitty home grown wrestlers morph into superstars.”

    “So in case you didn’t quite get what he was saying, you can take your adorable tag line for this tag team match and you can insert in straight up your ass. We won’t know if Cyrus and Gabby can co-exist because there isn’t much co-existing to be done whenever whichever one decides to start the game is dropped with a punch to the face. And before you know it, we will leave this shithole in St Louis still wondering whether those two could get together and make a good team, because we certainly are not going to let them try. So we are not going to show you our workouts and we are not going to let you in our strategy. The only thing that we are going to do is ensure that when you walk out of Fight Night, the only strange bedfellows that you will be considering is about how they could put the New Breed and the formerly fantastic team Cyrus and Gabby in the same match…because when it comes to four on four, they aren’t even in our league.”

    Formerly Fantastic, if this bedfellows experiment were to continue, Prototype should probably claim a royalty. It’s hard not to argue that they haven’t got a point, albeit it was made in the wrong manner. The New Breed are the afterthought in this match, the sacrificial lambs in trying to build some sort of working tension between two elements that will react and explode if left just in the vicinity of an another. The phone has been discarded to the ground with some level of force, although luckily the camera quality hasn’t dipped. Unluckily, that is because the camera quality was atrocious to begin with. One has to wonder whether that was their plan all along….it’s clear that they’ve been rejected by the mainstream audience who boo them every time that they walk in but to film in something that won’t make television, maybe their claim that they don’t care about fan opinion is a façade and they are going after the smarter online version. The version that doesn’t think that tuning into Fight Night necessarily means we are going to get the expected Cyrus and Gabby collision but instead might get the New Breed coronation, right on the stage that the claim to still own.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    We are backstage where an intimate set up is being set up. On the right side you see resident FWA backstage interviewer Katie-Lynn Goldsmith sitting down getting Mic up. Camera man behind finishing setting up when Eli black and Laurie Stoudemire walk on set. Eli dressed in a suite that you see on fashion week and Stoudemire with a casual business look.

    Stoudemire: Are we going to standing this whole interview or seats coming?

    The stage handlers pause looking at the pair on confusion. Stoudemire claps her hands for them to hurry up. With pep in their step bring two chairs for them to take a seat. Eli signals for one of the stage handlers to bring in something. It a canvas with surreal painting half done just showing Eli with his hands being raised. Eli places beside him...when a third chair is placed beside Stoudemire. Mike Valander walks on set and sits in the newly place chair.

    Goldsmith:Hello everyone im excited to have you three here. People are buzzing about the arrival of fresh blood in FWA. How do you guys feel about your debuts?

    Valander: You know, I feel great standing here talking about making my debut for the fwa, and it may seem nerve racking but I dont mind it. I thrive from that.

    Stoudemire: Eli's debut did not go as planned but I think he made an impression on not only the FWA fans but everyone in the back. He will take that loss as a lession and move forward.

    *Eli begins to paint

    Goldsmith:Tell us about what your journeys to FWA is like and your individual goals are here in FWA?

    Valander: Well, a few years ago I remember being attacked on a different fed because this dude lost his mind and wanted to go handicap on me, afterwards, I stopped wrestling and needed to find myself and low and behold, I changed. I wasn't some cocky dude upstart starting, I went back and got grizzled and now I'm ready and to show why I'm going to be a champion here in the fwa.

    *Eli stops painting*

    Black:Eli's been a fan of this business for as long as Eli can remember. Wrestling is acting, comedy, drama , a sport and epic all in one arena. You can be whatever you want and that's always inspired Eli as a kid. So Eli traveled the world to hone Eli's skills in preparation to make it to the big leagues.....

    Stoudemire: ...And if I have anything to do with it he wont be only arriving he will take the sport by storm. The best...that is Eli ultimate. Whether it's in a tag team or a singles competitor. He wants to be known as the best

    *Eli continues to paint*

    Goldsmith: Valander what do you think of your partner?

    Valander: I think he has potential, we may be different in a way, but hey opposites attract and sometimes that's good. We have two different game plans, and if we understand that. There's no stopping us in this match.

    Goldsmith:Uh i might as ask you Ms.Stoudemire what do you guys think of your tag partner?

    Stoudemire:As our partner for the night Mike has said we are very different but that does not have to be problem cause at the end of the night our goal is to be winners.

    Goldsmith:This match you two have on Fight Night is a showcase of some of the new talent here. What can you make of your opponents?

    Valander: Well, this lady I don't know much about, but I'm willing to bet she's not really a happy camper, come this week, her bell will be rung.

    Stoudemire:There's not much to report on these two. They are hungry just like Mr.Valander here but no where as Hungry as Thee Agent of Chaos.

    Goldsmith: So what do you guys think your chances of victory with mix match tag team you guys have?

    Valander: I think we have a good chance of winning our match, like I said before, we may be opposite but hey doesn't mean we can't help out and be a good team for this match.

    *Eli looks to finish off the painting*

    Black:With Eli on the team the chances are very very high. As long as everyone follows Eli's lead we will definitely be victorious at the end of the night.

    Goldsmith: Is there anything you like to say?

    Valander: Other than this, this week, our opponents are going to feel a ride on the country side they have never seen before

    Eli taps Mike to show him the finished painting. It's Eli and Mike in the middle of a ring with there hands being held high by Laurie Stoudemire.

    Eli: This is our future.

    Interview ends as the team walks off and the camera focuses on the painting.

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    King's Layover

    The month of December is considered one of the hardest months for Air travel professionals. With all the traffic coming through the airports, it makes security all that much harder.

    Today, this December 5th, it is no different. Some people are travelling home from an extended holiday following a Thanksgiving break. Others, like college students, may be wrapping up their Fall semesters and returning home for Christmas.

    And others are simply travelling for business, like King Dave Sullivan.

    Dave Sullivan is here today in the JFK International Airport, en route to St. Louis Lambert International for the next Fight Night show.

    He looks different than usual. He isn't wearing his usual three piece suit, nor is he wearing his Kingly robes or crown. When King Sullivan travels, he prefers to be comfortable. That is why today he is wearing his gym clothes. A pair of navy blue "champion" brand pants, a gray under armor t-shirt, and a pair of gray under armor sneakers.

    Over Sullivan's shoulders is an army sized duffel bag, that looks packed so full it's about to burst. King Sullivan is pacing fast through the airport walkway, almost as if he is late for his flight. With that said, he still hasn't checked through security.

    Sullivan gets right up to the metal detectors. He kicks off his shoes without even untying them, and throws them in the bin along with his phone and wallet. Sullivan pats his pockets for a moment, thinking he lost his keys...but then he remembers he took an uber here. He then throws his big duffel bag up on the belt to be checked.

    Everything appears normal as Sullivan casually walks through the metal detector arches. The machine doesn't beep, and Sullivan seems to believe he's in the clear, but then he sees the TSA agents begin to stir as his duffel slides through the metal detector. The large John Goodman looking man with a chocolate stain on his white uniform shirt calls over another agent.

    Sullivan looks immediately annoyed.

    King Sullivan: What's going on?

    TSA Agent: Sir, your bag has been flagged as high risk. We are going to have to look inside.

    King Sullivan: You do not have permission to look inside my bag. I am a KING. You are nothing...what are you? Some TSA loser? How low does your life have to be to work in a job like this?

    The TSA agent glares at Sullivan, but doesn't say a word as he begins to unzip Sullivan's duffel bag anyway as Sullivan glares on.

    The TSA agent has a shocked look on his face as he looks inside Sullivan's duffel bag.

    The angry face on Sullivan grows even redder as the TSA agent reaches his hands inside.

    The agent pulls out a shiny gold championship title. The X Championship.

    He holds it up in the air, as now more TSA agents begin to circle around Sullivan.

    King Sullivan: Take your damn slimy hands off of my title! Only a King is fit to hold it!

    The TSA Agent pulls out yet another championship belt. This time, it's the North American title.

    King Sullivan: I swear to god I am going to kill every last one of you...those titles are not fit for anyone's hands but me. You have no idea the length I'll go.

    The TSA agent searches deeper in the bag...

    King Sullivan: Don't you dare...don't you dare touch my world title.

    Sullivan gets closer to the TSA agent, but a large man the size of Michael Garcia steps in his way. The world championship is pulled out, and laid onto the table. Sullivan continues his rant.

    King Sullivan:

    Do you people even know who you're standing in front of right now? You are standing in front of royalty. You are standing in front of greatness.

    You are standing in front of the only man to hold all three FWA singles titles at the same time.

    You are standing in front of an X Champion.

    You are standing in front of a North American champion.

    And you are standing in front of a World Champion.

    Over a year ago, like your planes, I took off into the sky. And I haven't come down yet. Some compare me to the story of Icarus. Some say that I will fly too close to the sun...the wax on my wings will melt, and I will fall.

    I'm tell you all, that is not going to happen.

    As much as people try. And boy do they try.

    But trying is all they do. And failing is the rest.

    I don't remember a night where I wasn't fighting for or defending my championship gold. Do you know how impressive of a feat that is on it's own? Some people go their entire careers without having a championship fight. And yet look how many i have had.

    Do you know why? Because I am the goddamn King.

    The TSA agent seems unamused. Their only job is to search Sullivan's bag for contraband. They continue to go deeper in.

    They pull out two action figures.

    Sullivan's face turns a shade of red.

    King Sullivan: Stop touching my stuff!

    The action figures aren't just any action figures.

    The one is an action figure of King Sullivan himself, released brand new on at the beginning of this month. Order it now for Christmas!

    The other action figure, is a bit more outdated. It's of Mike Parr, but it's a version released in 2016. Mattel has yet to release a new Mike Parr figure since then, due to the low demand of the first one.

    Sullivan snatches the figures out of the hands of the TSA agents.

    King Sullivan: This is perfect actually. This is a perfect opportunity for me to show you more visually just what the situation is like.

    Picture a scene. Let's say...2016. Maybe, after some match. Like I don't know, a fatal four way ladder match where a certain future king defended his X Championship against three peasants.

    Sullivan picks up the Mike Parr figure and the King Sullivan figure, and holds them both in his hands.

    Mike Parr Figure: Boo hoo hoo. You are such a meanie head Sullivan. You buried me for no good reason. I know that I totally didn't put any effort into the match at all, but I still didn't deserve to get buried by you! That was so not fair. I am just such a little bitch.

    Sullivan smirks at the words he's forcing the Mike Parr figure to say.

    He then holds up the King Sullivan figure.

    King Sullivan Figure: You're such a little crybaby Brown Noser, Parr. You cried like a little bitch backstage about being buried, and you're crying like a little bitch now. All you do is cry cry cry. Tears tears tears. You aren't action figure, you're a doll. You're a girly little doll.

    Sullivan then holds up the Mike Parr Figure again.

    All the while the TSA agents surrounding Sullivan look on in complete and utter confusion.

    Mike Parr Figure: It's just not fair! I have every right to cry like the little girl I am. You don't deserve your championships. You don't deserve to be a World Champion. And you didn't deserve to win that match. Even though you've completely demolished the FWA over the past year, won every singles title you could win, and defeated Cyrus Truth didn't deserve to win that match against Gabbreille and Cyrus Truth. You are just not good enough. Even though you competed at a level that may have been your absolute best of all time, I'm just such a crybaby little snake that I can't ever accept it you're just always going to be better than me.

    Sullivan then once more holds up the Sullivan figure.

    King Sullivan Figure: Well my my, it's so great to hear it from the horse's mouth. Heaven's forbid someone ever put words into your mouth, even as true as those words are, even as true as the events that actually DID take place, but to hear it come straight from you...well what a relief it is.

    Mike Parr Figure: You know it's not my fault. I just can't get over my gigantic ego despite the fact that I've never had any legitimate success in my entire life besides one fluke North American championship win.

    King Sullivan Figure: Well what ca-

    TSA Agent: OK! That is enough! We aren't going to stand here and watch a grown man play with dolls.

    Look. We don't see anything illegal in your bag, but the simple fact of the matter is you can't take all this stuff with you carry on. You're going to have to check the bag in.

    King Sullivan: What? Check the bag in? No. That is not going to work.

    There is no way in hell I am going to let you take MY three championships. Do you think I would serious trust you incompetent idiots to protect these? Do you know how sought after these are? Mike Parr literally walks around with a plastic championship pretending to be champion. He has attempted to steal my title from ringside! For all I know, you're working for him!

    And then, then we have Nova Diamond lurking around too. A peasant, who like Cyrus Truth three years ago, got lucky in the Carnal Contendership match and won.

    Well I've said it before, and I'll say it goddamn again.

    I am not going to let another monster be born from the Carnal Contendership. I won't let it happen, if it's the last thing I do. Nova Diamond has had less matches than Krash's tinder profile. And not only is he now competing for my North American title, but also my WORLD title?

    I won 30 matches before I got a world title shot. This year, after 7 years in the FWA, is the first year I got a North American Championship match. And I won it on my first go.

    And now? Nova Diamond, fresh out of diapers, is getting shots at both of these titles?

    When I had to work for seven years to rise to the top?

    Mike Parr and Nova Diamond both look like they've come straight off of a My Chemical Romance album cover. Two little punk kids who think everything in the FWA is entitled from them.

    People can criticize my ego. My attitude...

    But you can't criticize my accomplishments. You CANNOT say I didn't earn everything I have gotten. That I didn't earn all three of these titles. The FWA as a whole made me jump through every possible loop they could think off in order to get one of these titles off of me, and I passed their test every time. They designed an entire match to try and get the title off of me, and instead of losing one of them I got both pinfalls and kept them both. I beat a 7ft giant, and I broke the arm of yet another loser crybaby.

    I won the tag team match even though the odds were against me...

    And I beat both Cyrus Truth and Gabrielle. Two of the best in history...they bowed down to me.

    And this Fight Night, Nova Diamond is going to bow down to me for the FIRST time. It will only be a preview of how hard he'll be on his knees at Back in Business?

    And for Mike Parr? That little crybaby is going to do a lot more than bow down. He'll be crying so hard the mascara will be running down his face...but he will be on his knees, and he will be kissing my boots in front of the entire arena.

    He WILL respect his King.

    The TSA agents appear unphased.

    Everything is now shoved back inside Sullivan's duffel bag, but the TSA Agents are firm in that it is too large to be a carry on..

    TSA Agent: You cannot take this bag with you on the plane.

    Sullivan grabs the bag from the hands of the agents, and that's when things start to get physical.

    Out of nowhere, Sullivan is zapped in the neck with a taser.

    The King drops to the floor just as fast his followers drop to their knees.

    Sullivan goes down quick, but he's still kicking.

    King Sullivan: You asshole...

    I am a King.

    You cannot treat me this way.

    I am sick and tired of being disrespected.

    I am sick of being censored. I am sick of being told what I can and cannot say about people. If I want to tell people all about how much of a crybaby bitch you are, I will. If I want to tell people you steal your mother's underpants and wear them to the gym, I will.

    If I want to tell people you're a rookie scrub who got lucky for six matches and is about to step on his meat...I WILL.

    I have flown higher than all of you. My plane is not coming down. It's only going higher, and higher.

    Little known fact you know what point of air travel the plane is at it's highest risk to crash? The takeoff. That is where you're at right now. I took off over a year ago, and I've been cruising high ever since. People on my plane are sitting in first class, eating appetizers? Your plane? It's going to explode on the take off, and go down in flames?

    And Mikey "Crybaby" Parr? Well the closest thing he has to a plane is the food on a spoon that mothers fly into their toddler's mouths.


    BECAUSE I...

    I AM KING.

    Sullivan shouts out one more time, before being tazed once more in the neck.

    This time, he's down for good.

    He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: Fight Night Promo Thread 12/06/19

    Bit by Bit

    Thomas Princeton appears at a construction site, the St. Louis arch stands proudly in the distance. Princeton is wearing a hard hat, work boots and denim button up with dark jeans.

    Shit it erased all the rest of my content forgot that the token expires. So there goes my promo, welp nothing I can do about that.
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