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Thread: The Aftermath

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    The Aftermath

    The second guitar solo of Comfortably Numb is still blasting through the arena as Nova Diamond opens up the curtains that would take him backstage for everyone to see. He is a sweaty mess at this point, he had entered the match as the second entrant, going all the distance to victory. His hair is all over the place and his body is glistening from all of that sweat. But he is smiling, even quietly cackling to himself as he sees everyone staring at him, some of them clapping him for his recent accomplishment with impressed look on their faces. Nova simply ignores them as he makes his way through the hallway. A cameraman follows him during all of that, of which Nova turns his gaze into. He brushes his hair back and his face is now clear to the camera. He chuckles again and starts to talk for the first time after winning the Carnal Contendership.

    ''I will never get tired of saying this:

    I told you so! I told you all!

    I've done everything I said I will do. And I will continue to do so. I'm a man of my word, ladies and gentlemen, and I hope you've all learned that valuable lesson today.''

    He then leans against a wall out of exhaustion, holding his abdomen. This is probably the most tired we've ever seen Nova since his debut. His breathing is loud, his eyes are closed but that smile never leaves his lips.

    ''I had a very, very unlucky draw. When I took that little white ball that read '#2', I knew my job was going to be harder than I initially thought. But I knew that it wasn't going to be impossible. Nothing is ever impossible for me!

    I kicked-off the match, I saw men come and go. I saw old friends, old foes, new faces, big names, returns, I saw them all come and go! I outlasted them all!''

    Nova then spits on a nearby garbage can.

    ''And I am your Carnal Contendership winner. The contender to FWA World Heavyweight Championship. I'm going to Back In Business, not just be in the Main Event, but to be the Main Event!''

    He slides down until he's eventually sitting on the floor.

    ''The Long and Winding Road? Blocked.

    Gabrielle's dreams? Crushed.

    The 'future world champion' Prodigy? Safe to say he's not getting that chance any time soon.''

    Nova then gets up once again.

    ''I'm going to take a shower. Then I'll catch up with an old friend. Then I'm going to celebrate this like there's no tomorrow.

    But tomorrow? There will be no celebration. I'll focus on my game once again, like today never existed.

    And then, 'Nova Diamond: The Revolution Tour' will begin.

    And it will not end until the revolution is complete.

    Nova Diamond....über-fucking-alles. Goodnight.''

    He then turns his back and goes into his locker room, closing the door. And the video ends a few seconds after that.
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    Re: The Aftermath

    I think as Gabrielle has become "humble", Nova has just become more cocky. Nice write up. BIB will be a huge clash of two large personalities.

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