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Thread: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    I'm so far behind I was worried I'd have to review three shows, but when I saw you started Saturday Night with Glacier vs. Al Greene featuring a col-pun-reading run-in from Ice Train, I'll admit I ended up skipping the rest of that show

    Good lord that was a long and drawn out opening segment to Nitro. I very much enjoyed the NWO in the skybox, any time you have them being the most obnoxious douchebags imaginable I'm all in on it.

    Awesome that you're doing something with the Undoubtable El Dandy and Hector Garza. You've got so much talent in that division you really don't have to make the same 3 or 4 guys important, so it's great that you're branching out.

    Jericho is an absolute delight in this character, and I like him turning to Wrath. Not sure why exactly Wrath would say yes, though? What is Jericho actually offering him that has value? This is one of those things that might have benefitedI from an extra few weeks to build to it, but you have a tournament to build to, so you don't really have the time to wait.

    I'm stunned Putski and Riggs didn't progress! Stunned, I tell ya!

    Fun segment with Flair and Bret. Love that you use Flair to get other people over, it's the best use of him at this stage in his career. Ad if this is building to something between them, I'm ok with that...

    You see, that's the great thing about a roster as stacked as this. You can give DDP 7 minutes against a guy like Fit Finlay and it just works. Spreading out opportunities, keeping the big guys looking strong. Lovely.

    Rock and Roll Express being brought out is fun for a one off thing, although probably not the kind of thing you hype up as some big surprise in the middle of the Monday Night Wars. Appreciated them having the hot start but then getting squashed. very much did what it needed to. Love that the taser is being used as a weapon too.

    Still enjoying Easy E getting treated like dirt, fun segment.

    I know Bagwell is something of a name guy, but even 5 minutes seems a little long for a match with him and Goldberg. I don't wanna see Goldberg selling for him even with interference. But anyway, this is all set up for the pay off of the huge clusterfuck ending, which was just great fun. Love a bit of chaos to end a show. And then Savage! Awesome!

    All in all, nothing spectacular on this show, but a really solid effort that keeps us moving forward. Very much feeling like it's getting your fingerprints all over it now too, which can only be a good thing.

    Lightning round on Thunder...

    I hope Blitzkrieg will get some love eventually. I like him being competitive and having a good showing, but he was such an exciting talent for me.

    You don't write bad Flair promos, but I could probably do with a break from them at some point. Feels like he has a super long promo on every show, which for a non-active charatcer (in theory) does feel a little like overkill, veen if he can sell a story better than anyone.

    Not Glacier and Ice Train being eliminated too now?! Think of all the ice puns! Were they for NOTHING?! You monster.

    Great idea to give Saturn and Booker time to establish themselves as a team before they get going. Can see them with a shot of winning this whole thing actually.

    I give you props for finding innovative ways for keeping the Pepe stuff moving, and I'm enjoying Disco trying to impress the NWO.

    Savage as a contender for Hogan works for me. Hogan's not losing the belt til Goldberg's ready for it again, so Savage makes for a big name for him to slay without ruining anyone else on the way.

    I loved the Raven at home segments irl, so I'm always gonna love them here too. Particularly Kanyon as a plumber! Men at Work ftw!

    Despite what I said about about Wrath, they do make for a fun team. Big badass with cowardly heel is always a fun combination.

    Great promo for Steiner. So much fun.

    Ah, there's the segment giving us something on Wrath. I'll be honest, this all feels a little shoehorned for the sake of the tournament, but it's a fun combo, so I'll let it pass.

    Great that WCW got one over at the end again, even if it was just NWO running away and pretending to be scared. Those wins for WCW are really fixing that issue of NWO winning all the time ,great job.

    Good solid episode of Thunder, good solid episode of Nitro, things are ticking over quite nicely now. Very much enjoying this.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Sounds like a stacked show for sure, though there’s still evidence of Flairs ramshackle match making with the info details of the main event being that it’s a title match. Nice and vague, lol. Good opener. Is it even WCW if the first match isn’t a Cruiserweight match? I’m all in on a concerted push for THE GREAT Hector Garza.

    Oh, looky here, another Flair promo delivers, lol. Flair addressing Bret first and foremost makes that stand out as a much bigger deal, which is obviously a good thing, and him sidestepping the Savage stuff to allow Randy that spotlight later is sensible in that it stops this from dragging and makes the Savage segment later mean more.

    “Orange Skinned Goblin” lmao. You need to find a way to keep Flair as President for much longer than 90 days. Him going in on Steiner was epic too, and fuck, imagine anyone uttering that Lewinsky line in 2019. They’d be cancelled by the end of the next commercial with the company publicly apologising! I hate this century!!!

    Holy shit, these really are the dregs of the tournament here. I am confidently predicting the Goon squad job in the next round.

    Booker/Saturn promo was perfectly fine stuff. Solidifies them as a team for now, and floats the possibility of them probably only being infrequent partners with the singles aspirations still there. Lol at the dress sense of Saturn though.

    Man, you’re the king of the one liners. Seriously, Pepe in the stable for the night? As much as I hate this stupid wrestlecrap, there’s always a zinger to take away from anything Pepe related. Konnan not even being able to beat Norman is a worrying sign, even if the no contest and post match was to ram home the point that the Latinos really need a serious Chavo on their side.

    I love the repeated digs at the WWE pre-Smackdown, lol. Probably not quite enough zaniness in the Savage promo for my liking, but I’d probably put that down in part to the recap nature of the show. That said, you manage to capture all of Flair, so maybe I’m going too easy!? Anyway, the “one final battle in the Immortal War” line sounds like the kind of over the top classic 80s type of tag line between two larger than life figures. Love that.

    Not sure what to make of the breaking the fourth wall in the Raven segment and acknowledging the camera, but I do love this emo version of Raven and the relationship with his mother. Kanyon can be a blast too, and I’m looking forward to this developing further.

    Typical Jericho goofy goodness with his entrance, and him ending up being the face in peril was a kinda funny twist I wasn’t expecting to see. Good to see the walking boot ending up as a crucial part of the match and while I’m on the fence about the dynamic with Wrath, Jericho continues to be one of the biggest highlights in this.

    Nice Steiner lines. Ready for him to totally eviscerate Flair in an in ring confrontation at some stage.

    Alright, you might be winning me over on Jericho and Wrath after all.

    Seven minutes was certainly long enough for any Mongo match. That was kind of you to have Mongo at least spare himself tapping to Scotty, and I imagine with the hatred between the factions, there’s no way he would tap, and would sooner pass out than give Steiner the satisfaction. Show closing angle was fine too, and I’m glad there wasn’t any big riot like on Nitro, and having the nWo back off instead.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Totally forgot to post these during Thunder. These are the brackets. Outsiders/Horsemen vs. Wolfpac/B&W in the SF, for example.

    WCW Tag Team Tournament Brackets
    The Outsiders vs. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
    Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams & Stevie Ray
    Booker T & Perry Saturn vs. Curt Hennig & Barry Windham
    Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Wrath of Jericho

    WCW Saturday Night
    January 30, 1999

    We got it all tonight, kids! Scott Hudson is here tonight again in the 3-man booth with the WCW Internet crew of Lee Marshall and smarky-heel Mark Madden, but kids, ignore all of that fat man’s insider terminology - kayfabe is alive and well! We have the New World Order in action tonight, the Four Horsemen in action, and a WCW Cruiserweight Championship match as talented Luchadore Super Calo looks to wrestle the gold home back to the Razaland!

    Horace Hogan (w/Vincent) def. Chase Tatum

    That’s right, the original nWo theme is playing on Saturday Night! The Black and White have become security guards, they’ve become a B-Squad, and any other association for people that no longer matter, but kids, that’s just not true! Horace Hogan is here to prove it! He does that, of course, with the loud-mouthed Vincent cheering him on the whole time in the squash match. The bald headed (well, completely bald headed) Hogan gets in some showcase offense, and gets the victory after paying homage to uncle Hulk with an Axe Bomber lariat, and then a Running Shoulderbreaker, but changing it up by hitting it with Tatum in a Canadian Rack position, where as the normal style has them shoulder-to-belly. Nifty, huh!?

    Scotty Riggs & Scott Putski def. Evan Karagias & Mark Laroux

    That’s right, Riggs and Putski are not to be denied! The two oiled-up prima donnas spend as much time wrestling as they do admiring themselves and each other, but through posing, flexing, verbal compliments, and the use of their mirrors. However, tonight is a much more successful match for the new team, considering their opponents are two Power Plant graduates. Karagias actually has a fun moment where the six-pack abs, corn-rowed beauty himself showcases his physical looks to the men, with the crowd responding better to Evan than Riggs and Putski. While the crowd might like Karagias more, it ends up costing him because he is the man to take the fall in the contest, thanks to a nifty High-High combination instead of a High-Low, Putski hitting him from the back with the Polish Hammer double axe handle, as Riggs decks him with the leaping forearm smash he calls the Five-Arm.

    I Haven’t Forgotten These Two Are Friends!

    There is a camera backstage where Kidman is warming up for his match with stretches and cardio calisthenics, when he is approached by Rey Mysterio Jr. The two men bro it up in their welcomings, with Mysterio wishing Kidman good luck in his match tonight. Kidman seeks assurances that Mysterio is okay after the assault he was victim of by Disco Inferno and Norman Smiley on Thunder, with Rey-Rey validating as such. Looking concerned, Kidman asks if he is sure that Mysterio wants him to back off from this business, explaining that while he respects his wishes to let him and Konnan try to rehabilitate Chavo Guerrero Jr. on their own, he doesn’t want to see his friend get jumped from behind either. Mysterio voices his admiration to his friend for respecting his wishes, and that while they are friends and have had each others backs, this Chavo business is “familia only,” and you gotta be Raza for this one to really understand the dynamics in play. Instead, Rey tells Kidman to just keep defending that belt and showing the world that the Cruiserweight Division is where it’s at. “That way, when I got my familia in order, you and I can have that one-on-one we’re past due to have,” he says with a smirk, the two men fist bumping as Mysterio lets Kidman get back to his warm up.

    Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) def. Emery Hail

    This match is actually supposed to be Hail versus Van Hammer, but again, Hammer refuses to compete against his “Earthly brother,” and instead offers him his flower and a bow before leaving. With an opponent needed, it is Morrus who answers the call, the big brute in no peaceful (or laughing) mood tonight. Instead, Morrus beats the holy hell out of his fellow big man, having no issues with manhandling Hail. A Falling Powerslam leaves his opponent on the ground long enough for Morrus to ascend to the top turnbuckle, and from there, the biggest Moonsault gets the victory, and that, is a No Laughing Matter.

    Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) def. Mike Enos

    The Ice Man has had limited wrestling action since returning to combat following his injury he picked up at the beginning of the month. While Malenko was tested some by nWo Japan two weeks ago in the First Round match of the Tag Team Title Tournament, he knows he’s going to have a much bigger step up in competition in forty-eight hours against The Outsiders in the Quarterfinals. It’s with that in mind that we have this contest, according to the commentating team, and why The Man of 1,000 Holds is competing against such a bigger foe in ‘Mean’ Mike Enos. Malenko is given a very competitive contest because of the size difference between the two, Enos using his superior size and power to manhandle Malenko at times. However, Malenko knows that’s the strategy, and he uses over ten of those thousand holds, submissions, and stretches to constantly chop Enos down to size, targeting the knee of Enos in very much the way his manager at ringside always would. It’s because of this strategy that when Malenko eventually locks on the Texas Cloverleaf, he changes his grip on the hold so that he is able to add torque to the injured knee to go along with the spine compression it causes, giving Malenko the impressive tap out victory.

    Wolfpac Inferno Bay-Bay!

    We always get one ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund ringside interview, and the man he has questions for tonight is a man that he cannot figure out for the life of him! He keeps parading around like he’s about to be a member of The Wolfpac, but his sources keep telling him there’s no credibility to it whatsoever - Disco Inferno, you need to get on out here, sonny! Inferno does indeed come out, with the Wolfpac howl playing before his “Disco Fever” theme hits to bring out the themed camera entrance where it looks like the camera lens has a disco ball in front of it to tint the screen. Okerlund jumps on that right away, demanding to know why Inferno is in a Wolfpac shit and having the Wolfpac howl in his theme music. Is he a member of the nWo Wolfpac!?

    Chomping on gum and grinning cockily, Disco declares that while he isn’t an official Wolfpac member yet, he really must emphasize the word… yet. He’s taken the liberty to start reppin’ the merchandise and music because after what he did on on Thunder to Konnan, well… he knows Big Kev and Medium Scotty were watchin’ and likin’ what they saw! Disco speaks directly to The Outsiders as he declares that he will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure that Konnan, or any other enemy of The Wolfpac, gets taken out! “And that includes you, Goldberg! I thought you got the message when I beat you up backstage the other week not to mess Big Sexy, but if you keep it up… I swear, man, I’m gonna have to beat you up in the ring next!” Okerlund naturally laughs at the hilarity and absurdity of Disco’s claims, to which Inferno then threatens Okerlund, letting him know if he doesn’t believe him, he can be the next man Disco beats up! That has Mean Gene hastily wanting to wrap the interview up, not wanting to risk getting hands put on him, especially having to suffer the embarrassment of Disco Inferno of all people assaulting him.

    Barry Windham & Curt Hennig def. Frozen Fruit Booties

    Sure, that’s not the actual name for Ice Train and Glacier, but I like it, so I’m keeping it. Windham and Hennig were victorious in their First Round match up, and while they know they will have a much harder contest in facing Booker T and Perry Saturn, a tune-up match can never do any harm. The veterans are expert in their approach tonight, cutting the ring in half, making quick tags, working an opponent over in the corner, and showing excellent chemistry despite still being a relatively new team themselves. However, veteranship and wrestling being in their blood tends to help with these things. While the frozen themed team put up a fight, they are again a clear class below their opponents, and after Hennig tosses Ice Train from the ring, it allows Windham to connecting with his Running Bulldog for another emphatic victory.

    Kidman © def. Super Calo to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

    Funny, innit, the cruiserweights headlining a show instead of opening? While the star power may not be here for this one, it is a Championship contest, so it gets treated as such for the C-show. Super Calo of course has not done anything to warrant the title opportunity, but it’s the C-show, so does the Championship Committee even know what’s going on right now? Regardless, the two still go all out to put on an entertaining contest and win the fans over, Calo using his Lucha Libre inspired offense to try and catch Kidman with some unique pinning combinations to go with his slingshot, springboard, and tilt-a-whirl attacks, and of course the fun tope suicidas, tope con hilos, and pescados! However, it is, again, the C-Show, so no title is changing hands here. Instead, after a fast paced encounter, Kidman yet again shows he is the premier cruiserweight in WCW right now, catching a charging Super Calo with the Rydeen Bomb to keep him down long enough to connect with the Shooting Star Press for the successful title retention.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    So far, I like this version of the Fingerpoke of Doom, especially since WCW is taking the fight to the NWO this time, which is something they should have done...

    Hope Sting comes back in a big way soon...

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    News and Notes of January 1999

    The Monday Night Wars

    We all know how World Championship Wrestling started the last year of the millennium, and it was certainly shocking and controversy-sparking to say the least. There were widespread reports, rumors, theories, and just outrageous reports coming out of Atlanta after the first Monday Nitro of the year. In a show that was advertised heavily as the first show in the new (temporary) reign for Ric Flair as President of the company, and of course the Starrcade World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Goldberg and Kevin Nash. Instead, we got Miss Elizabeth charging Goldberg with sexual harassment, Tony Schiavone’s scathing commentary on Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley winning the WWF Title and hundreds of thousands of viewers switching to Raw Is War, and of course, a returning Hulk Hogan pinning Kevin Nash with a mere Fingerpoke, reforming an Elite version of the New World Order under the Black and Red. Since then, Monday Nitro has been cut to two hours, and we have heard all kinds of stories about what might be going on in World Championship Wrestling. Here’s a recap of things we might know, and things we do know in our favorite company!

    Heading into 1999, the WWF has decidedly pulled ahead in the Monday Night War. The Monday before Starrcade, WCW’s flagship PPV, saw the WWF still out draw Nitro 4.7 to 4.0. On the final battle of the year, WCW closed the gap, losing 4.6 to 4.9. The ratings have continued to go up in the new year was wrestling continues to be a hot cable broadcast. The January 4 show - the Fingerpoke versus Mankind/Rock - saw ratings both clip 5.0 or higher, but it was again Raw winning, 5.7 to 5.0. These are huge ratings, as Nitro has only ever scored higher than a 5.0 when going against an uncontested Raw. Raw’s 5.7 ties a series high from April 27 of last year. While wrestling is hotter than ever and scoring huge numbers, the ratings have understandably dropped since then, albeit only some. Monday Night Raw continues to score in the 5 and higher range, clocking in at 5.2, 5.2, and 5.1 over the last three weeks to end January. Monday Nitro has fallen in ratings since the controversial ending, but with scoring 4.4 the last two weeks, is still scoring consistent numbers and better than every show in December, except the night after Starrcade.

    While these ratings are still numbers consistent with what WCW has been drawing throughout 1998, they are still numbers that are not better than Vince McMahon’s flagship show. This is going to continue to be a source of stress for Eric Bischoff, as getting WCW back at number one in the Ratings War is going to be a main objective for his immediate boss, Dr. Harvey Schiller. WCW does have a chance to help themselves greatly in that, as there will be no Monday Night Raw on February 8 (Raw will be that Friday). Expect a string of packed shows in the first few weeks of February in the build up to SuperBrawl on February 21, to try and utilize the 2-8 show to steal some of the WWF’s viewers.

    The problem though that WCW might be facing, is that it remains to be seen if they can gain a lot of those WWF viewers back to them. The USA Network allows Vince McMahon to book a much more adult-oriented, crass television show with very little restrictions placed upon him. The same cannot be said for WCW under TNT and TBS. The Standard and Practices, while allowing violence, blood, and foul language, is not going to allow near the amount of obscenities and sexuality that the WWF broadcasts, and like it or not, purist wrestling fans, Vince McMahon’s Sports Entertainment is selling right now. While WCW still has the Nitro Girls on television several times a night doing their dance routines, it is certainly nothing like some of the extremely risque content produced by the WWF. WCW will continue to refrain from that kind of content, and the hope certainly is that common sense, good wrestling, and intriguing storylines will win out in the long haul over the shock value television.

    The Giant’s Contract Situation

    Everyone was well aware of The Giant’s contract situation in World Championship Wrestling coming into the year, with his contract ready to expire at the end of the month. Given his poor use in the last year, and continued lack of progress on a new deal, it seemed like WCW was about to lose the young, homegrown star to a massive 10-year deal in the WWF. The rumors were even that Eric Bischoff was willing to let the man known as Paul Wight leave the company, as he was not willing to pay the big man the amount of money he was asking for, something closer to the likes of the top talent in the company such as Hogan, Nash, and Giant. Given the way we last saw The Giant being cleanly defeated by Hogan at Souled Out and then taken out and humiliated by the nWo to close the show, it seemed a foregone conclusion the 7-footer was Titan bound. However, it can now be confirmed in an absolute surprising development that The Giant has signed a brand new 5-year deal with WCW!

    While we are not sure of the numbers being thrown about for the salary The Giant can be expected to bring in, it is being reported he has earned a substantial pay raise to stay with the company. The biggest rumor coming out of the deal? There have been some leaks from within the company that it was not Eric Bischoff who worked out the deal with The Giant. This is merely speculation and cannot be proven to be true, but we’ve heard from several sources that Harvey Schiller is the man who offered The Giant the finalized contract, with varying reports saying that J.J. Dillon, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, and even a Ric Flair name drop played a role in setting Giant up with Schiller to get the contract signed. With so many rumors about it, it means that we will probably never know the truth - did Bischoff play a role, did this happen over his head, who helped keep Giant in WCW - the great news is simply that the homegrown star is going nowhere.

    While The Giant is staying in WCW, do not expect to see him still in the immediate future. Souled Out’s events served as a way to write him off in case he did leave the company, but The Giant has been granted time off after signing the new deal to heal up some of his niggling injuries so he can return to full health. When he does return, it remains to be seen if Giant will remain a pro-WCW fighter, or show resentment towards the company for failing to help him in the beat down to end Souled Out.

    Other Roster Moves

    Not much happened throughout the month of January, but there are three noteworthy incidents, with one the potential to have a bigger effect on programming! The first one some may already be aware of, given his sudden absence from Souled Out despite being scheduled. Juventud Guerrera has entered a drug rehabilitation facility for an unknown drug problem. Legendary manager ‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart has decided to take a step back from the camera, wanting to focus more on working in the production of the programming. While a longtime music creator for WCW with his rip-offs of famous songs for talent to use, Hart is going to also turn to working full-time in helping with the production of Monday Nitro and Thursday Thunder. Improving the production quality and consistency of the shows has been something demanded of Eric Bischoff, so let’s see if Jimmy Hart can help in that area.

    The final news is that the iconic ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and his infamous mouth has gotten him into some serious hot water with Eric Bischoff! After the controversial ending to the first Monday Nitro of the year, Piper was the guest on a sports radio show, and well… his thoughts on the topic were vocal, extensive, and critical. Piper had no issues blasting the company for the show, the reunification of the New World Order, the ego of Hulk Hogan, and the direction of the company as a whole. Eric Bischoff responded by suspending Piper for three months without pay, a pretty substantial response from the WCW President! There’s no way Hot Rod is going to be happy about the punishment handed out, and it’s feasible this results in a bigger issue between Piper and the company.

    What We Can Maybe Expect In February

    Besides more of WCW vs. nWo? Obviously the war within World Championship Wrestling will continue to dominate the scenes as despite the backlash to the reunification of the two nWo factions, Eric Bischoff has committed to the storyline, and it cannot just be ripped apart now. ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage is going to continue to be featured as well now that Savage has been given the all clear from his doctor after rehabbing from his ACL injury. Savage’s new girlfriend will continue to feature as his valet as well, Macho Man having bought the trademark for her to be dubbed Gorgeous George.

    Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is one of the few key men in the company to not be on a side in the WCW versus nWo war, and amid fears The Hitman would be taking time off from a lingering groin injury suffered in a match against Dean Malenko last year, Hart is set to continue to feature in storylines, and has been given the all clear to do so. While Hart’s first year in WCW has been an absolute disappointment and failure to say the least, there is hope that his fortunes are about to tick upwards after his big segment with Ric Flair last week on Nitro.

    The storyline entangling Konnan and Chavo Guerrero Jr. is another one expected to be a big midcard feature. Those within the newly formed booking committee working with Eric Bischoff (although Bischoff is reported to have the final say in all matters) is high on Chavo, and want to continue to feature the angle of Konnan trying to rehabilitate the third-generation superstar. While it has been suggested that the nWo is responsible for Eddy Guerrero’s real life car accident on New Years, it is not known if that will ever become a more prominent part of the storyline. Rey Mysterio, Norman Smiley, and Disco Inferno have all found themselves as part of the storyline, as well as the nWo, and it will continue to be part of WCW programming.

    With Rey Mysterio moving up into a tag team with Konnan and Juventud Guerrera in rehab, expect to see new faces utilized more prominently in the cruiserweight division. While Billy Kidman remains the staple of the division of Cruiserweight Champion, we have seen El Dandy and Hector Garza start to feature more, while many are high on young talent Blitzkrieg as well. Former ECW Champion Mikey Whipwreck is also signed to the company as well, and is waiting to make a debut, if WCW decides to utilize him. However, Sandman has been signed to a contract for several months now as well, and is still sitting at home waiting to be utilized. It’s like he was signed just to not be in ECW!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    What WCW Total Access Told Us About Tonight’s Monday Nitro: The Quarterfinals of the Tag Team Title Tournament start tonight, and we have a match so big, it’s the only tournament match on the card! It’s the Four Horsemen versus the nWo Wolfpac! WCW’s Elite versus nWo's Elite! Benoit & Malenko versus The Wolfpac! We have teasers for other Quarterfinal matches too as Booker T and Curt Hennig collide, while Quarterfinalists Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. will have a grudge match against Disco Inferno & Norman Smiley! Konnan is desperate to help rehabilitate Chavo Guerrero Jr., but with Smiley flaunting Pepe, and now Disco inserting himself into the mix by attacking Konnan this past week, this is a combination waiting to combust! After making his return to WCW last week on Nitro to give Hollywood Hogan a shocking surprise, Randy Savage is in the building too, and as we found out during his sit-down interview with Mike Tenay backstage of the Target Center, when this broadcast ends just before 8:55, Randy Savage plans to start off Monday Nitro in the ring!

    WCW Monday NitroMinneapolis, Minnesota
    February 1, 1999

    As Total Access ends, Monday Nitro goes live – 7 minutes before Raw Is War! WCW’s got two words for you, Vince: Turner Networks! – and it is right to the image of ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage looking bug eyed and crazy… and walking to the ring!

    The Madness versus The Man, A Real Ratings Grabber!

    “Pomp and Circumstance” does indeed hit the sound system, and The Macho Man emerges from the back, hand-in-hand with his stunning daughter new girlfriend, Gorgeous George! His hair pulled back tight to minimize the crazy look, Savage is looking absolutely ripped in his Madness tank top and shiny black leather pants, and the crowd is definitely buzzing to see the icon. Once in the ring, Savage gets on the mic and gives the crowd a popping, “OOO yyyeeeaaahhh!” Savage talks up how good it feels to be feeling the electricity of Minneapolis, and the worlds aligning to bring The Macho Man right here tonight. He claims The Madness has conspired with the forces to heal his knee ahead of schedule, “and that means, that Hooo-gan, I’m comin’ for you, brother! Diiig it!

    Lamenting on last week, Savage says it must have been a real shocker for Savage to show up, referencing the taser shot, much to the delight of the crowd. “But I’ve waited many moons and suns to be in this ring – The Machooo Maaan is here to bring The Madness onto the New World order, oh yeeaah, so whoever wants it first, you can expect the unexpected in the Kingdom of Madness, but The Macho Man is still the tower of power, and I got a real elllbooow to break some sternums, pup!”

    As Savage starts wiling out in the ring with flexing and just feeding off the energy of the crowd, “The Wolfpac Theme” and its wolf howl blares throughout the arena, and that can only mean one thing – the New World Order Wolfpac is here, and after the events of the last week – getting beaten up on Nitro, being run off to end Thunder – The Elite cannot be happy. Savage instantly shoots into fight pose, waiting for the group to come out from the back, but it’s not the curtain they’re emerging from – it’s the crowd! Yet again the nWo arrive like outsiders, and the whole group is here, all 6 of the best the New World Order has to offer, plus Elizabeth. The group file through the crowd and hop the barricade, surrounding the ring, Savage doing his best to prepare for a fight while shielding Gorgeous George (who receives an amazing death glare from Liz) from any potential harm as well…

    …but the nWo probably should’ve covered the side of the ring bordering the entrance aisle, as GOLDBERG is right on the scene, rushing out from the back to get his knuckle on in the war! Da Man dives into the ring to join The Macho Man, beckoning the group to get in the ring, even shouting at the group, “you got the numbers! You got the taser! LET’S DO THIS!”

    However, the arrival of Da Man has The Wolfpac retreating into one compact unit on the side of the ring opposite the entrance aisle, discussing new strategy now that while they still have the equivalent of a 3-on-1, it’s Goldberg and Randy Savage. Hogan and Nash scheme something quick, and just as the group start to prepare to surround the ring and climb onto the apron…

    “Also Sprach Zarathustra” hits, and now it’s Ric Flair coming out onto the entrance stage, the rest of the Four Horsemen (ah shit, including David Flair) right alongside him! Again The Wolfpac return to their one compact location, with Flair booming that if the nWo wants to do this right now, they can get the action started, “but takin’ a look at our numbers, I think the shoe’s on the other foot, boys! And Hall! HOGAN! If you wanna try and play Shockmaster, watch out FAT BOYS! The nWo ain’t the only one packin’ heat tonight, baby!”

    Double A and David Flair step up next to Naitch, revealing that both men have crowbars. Like an Onix rock slide against Pikachu in Pokemon, it’s super effective in getting the nWo, even with that taser, to back off (hey, this is 1999, and Pokemon is starting to get super popular!). The President throws a low blow too as he adds that he also doesn’t want Nash or Hall to get involved in any action just yet, because God forbid they do something now, they might feel like they’ve already earned their paycheck for the night and skip out on the main event! “But don’t you worry, Outsiders! Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko will stretch you out and tear you apart IN THE MAIN EVENT… or do it RIGHT – WOOO! – NOW! PICK YOUR POISON, BABY!”

    While the crowd doesn’t want to wait for the match, The Outsiders blow the proposal off, knowing the tables have been turned on them. Smirking, Flair adds a simple “that’s what I thought,” before he moves on. Flair says he still hasn’t gotten to properly thank Savage for helping him win the Presidency against Bischoff a month ago, and while he wants to do nothing more than reward The Macho Man with a World Title match against Hogan at SuperBrawl, he’s gotta earn it.

    “So MACHO! You better make sure that knee is truly healed up because IN ONE WEEK… you’re gonna get your chance to earn that match! You’re in a number one contender’s match next week… AGAINST THE MAN IN THE RING WITH YOU! GOLDBERG… it’s you and Macho, next week! Winner takes on Hogan at SuperBrawl! One way or another Hogan, hold onto the belt tight while you still can, jack! SUPERBRAWL! You’re dead, pal!”

    With Hogan (and the rest of the group) flipping out at the huge announcement, The President yells to the cameraman and the producers to hit the commercials – he runs the show now! As that gets ready to happen, Goldberg and Savage have one hell of an electric stare down, knowing that while they’ve become quick allies against the nWo, next week, they’re opponents!


    El Dandy vs. Hector Garza vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Psychosis

    While normally it is Mike Tenay who shines on commentary for matches with the cruiserweights, but tonight we get the Champion of the division, Kidman! Vanilla midget and vanilla in charisma, the young Allentown native assists the three-man booth in calling the action and getting to talk about himself a bit, since who in their right mind gives the cruiserweights mic time!? While Kidman doesn’t provide much insight into himself, talking himself up still as this kid who worked hard to try and get noticed in the business, but never thought he stood a chance until Raven dragged him off the streets and brought him in. Since breaking out from The Flock, his only goal has been to keep learning from all of the other great cruiserweights in the company and their different styles – the Lucha Libre of his good friend Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, and Juventud; the puroesu of Ultimo Dragon and Jushin Liger; spending time in the Power Plant with Paul Orndoff and Buddy Parker to improve his physical size and stamina as well – to put himself up to the elite level of some of the greatest cruiserweights this company has ever seen, lauding his victory over IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Jushin Liger as proof of where he’s at as a competitor. Bobby Heenan, naturally downplays Kidman, making an incredible Animaniacs reference as he says to Kidman, critiquing him on his still miniature stature, “You’re still about the size of a Pinky – finger or fat, take your pick – and I should know; they call me Brain!”

    The match itself is the absolute clusterfuck scramble we all knew it was going to be, an absolute sprint from start to finish that does its job to have repeated high risk spots to warm the crowd up. Kaz Hayashi, given little time to spotlight himself lately, has several big offense spots to almost score the victory, the best of them coming off a Handspring into the ropes from an El Dandy whip, firing back with a Back Handspring right into a Casadora-cum-Wheelbarrow Roll-up, hitting the almost Victory Roll like pin from the Wheelbarrow position, and doing it all in such an incredible fluid movement!

    Unfortunately for him, Psychosis breaks it up with a Running Basement Dropkick. Hayashi gets his back when he runs and dives under the bottom rope when the masked Luchadore is on the outside, diving himself into perfect position to spike Psychosis with a Tornado DDT!

    El Dandy gets several standout moments as well, the man Tenay and Kidman both refer to as El Hulk several times throughout the match because of not just his Lou Ferrigno-like appearance, but his deceptive strength, using his strength to his advantage. Dandy tosses Hayashi over the top rope to the outside with a Gorilla Press Toss (leading to Garza hitting his Corkscrew Plancha from the top turnbuckle to Kaz), and lifting both Hayashi and Garza simultaneously to hit a great double combination Fall Away Slam!

    El Dandy looks set to win the match when he hits Hayashi with an impressive Gorilla Press-pop up release-Sit Out Powerbomb, but as he goes for the pin, Psychosis flies off the top with a modified version of his Guillotine Leg Drop, clocking Dandy upside the back of the head with his leg! It’s Psychosis’ match from there, except an opossum-playing Garza quickly flings Psychosis out of the ring, and pins Hayashi with a Bridging Jackknife pin to steal it! The Professor hypes up that this is why Garza has been starting to call himself Thee Rudo, a reference to being a classic villain in Lucha Libre. Kidman isn’t impressed with the cheap manner of his win, saying that’s not what he wants his division to be about, with Heenan pointing out the facts: “show me what rule the kid broke!”

    Winner: Hector Garza at 9:09


    The Soprano Wolfpac Family

    Monday Night Nitro is backstage where Disco Inferno… is walking~! We can do it too, McMahon! His hair coiffed up in that fabulous doo of his, Disco is dressed to wrestle in his red tights, but has on a nWo Black & Red shirt! Much like WCWSN (lol, wut?), Inferno is wearing the colors of The Wolfpac, continuing to believe himself a member of the supergroup. Inferno grins like a kid on Christmas morning when he sees the man he’s always trying to find rounding a corner. “Kev! Hey Kev! Big Sexy! I’ve been looking everywhere for you, baby!” Kevin Nash may not look outwardly irritated to see the enthusiastic Inferno, but he certainly doesn’t look pleased either. Inferno comes up to him with the Wolfpac hand salute high in the sky, causing a very pointed, dismissive look from Nash, causing Disco to glumly drop his hand.

    Trying to keep it positive, Inferno asks Big Sexy if he saw what he did to Konnan last week on Thunder, and that it HAS to be enough to get him to recognize that he should be lucky number seven in The Wolfpac. “We have our Magnificent Seven already, and her name is Lizzie,” Nash coos smoothly. Again, Disco deflates, but fires back eight is a great number too because you turn it sideways and it’s infinity, and that’s what it means to be in the nWo – forever!

    Nash can’t help but suppress a chuckle at the line and Disco’s persistence. He finally admits that he liked what he did on Thunder, and that it showed a lot of potential. “But,” he adds with an ominous tone, he really likes the comments he’s been saying about Goldberg even more. Because no one probably watched Saturday Night, Big Sexy recaps that Disco’s been saying he’s been beating Goldberg up backstage, and if he keeps going after The Wolfpac, Disco’s going to beat him in public. “I like it so much, kid,” he adds again with a hidden agenda, “I think you should prove it. I want you to challenge Goldberg to a match this week on Thunder.” Disco initially gulps in absolute fear at the challenge laid down by the man he idolizes, but knowing this is his chance, Disco accepts, telling Nash he will do just that… and then he and Nash will have one more thing in common: the only two men to pin Goldberg baby!

    As Nash chuckles in response, Disco wants to know if beating Goldberg will get him into the New World Order. Smirking, Nash explains to Disco that the nWo is like The Mob. You don’t just get in to the family. It takes time, patience, obedience, and a lot of hard work before “Tony Soprano makes you a made man, capiche?” Nash says in reference to the new HBO series. Nash does admit though he likes Disco’s heart and gusto, and taking out a thorn in The Wolfpac’s side in Konnan, and having the cajones to challenge Goldberg? “You’re on the right track, kid. Hell, maybe The Wolfpac will even have your back along the way! But until then?? You don’t wear that shirt. You don’t get to go buy one like some mark in the audience and put it on. You wrestle here? You earn that shirt, the right to be considered a made man, to be called Elite.”

    Disco is absolutely gushing at the words from Nash, taking the momentary deathly serious words from Nash not as a threat, but motivation. Big Sexy doesn’t like to be serious much, and that’s why he changes the mood right back, giving Inferno a slap on the ass as he sends him on his way, shouting on his way out, “you’re gonna go far, kid! Now make me proud, son!” Once Disco is gone, Nash can only shake his head and laugh in amusement at the whole charade.


    Bret Hart vs. Bobby Eaton

    We’re treated to a video recap of the confrontation The Hitman had with Ric Flair last week on Nitro, when Flair challenged Hart to “stop showing up to collect a paycheck” and join him in fighting the nWo, with Hart then giving ol’ Space Mountain a dick kick after Flair gave Hart the verbal low blow in questioning if Hart left his heart and his, erm, manhood, in Montreal. The Hitman looks absolutely uninterested to be here tonight, and it shows early on in the contest as Beautiful Bobby is able to win several of their exchanges. Eaton’s early dominance in their technical grapplings helps to whip The Hitman into shape, and the two men put on a crisp throwback of a technical encounter, the commentators making sure to give Eaton at least a mention for how well regarded he is as one of the best technical wrestlers of his generation. However, while time is passing Eaton by, The Excellence of Executioner is still one of the most elite combatants in the sport. Their crisp sequences eventually leads way to Hart taking control of the contest, and utilizing his famed 5 Moves of Doom en route to earning the submission victory with his Sharpshooter.

    After the contest, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund meets The Hitman in the entrance aisle to ask him about last week’s heated confrontation with The President, and what he has to say to Ric Flair. With a derisive snort of a chuckle, Hart eventually answers Okerlund by telling the iconic wrestling host that he showed up tonight, he put his boots on, and he wrestled. “I fulfilled my contractual duties for the night. That’s what I have to say to Ric Flair. So now he and The WCW can pay me. That’s why I’m here,” he adds in the most sarcastic drip possible as he walks off, his nowhere-near-subtle message heard loud and clear as Okerlund hammers it home for those who didn’t get it, pointing out that that’s exactly what Ric Flair accused him of last week, only being here for the paycheck, and nothing else! “Maybe Bret Hart truly has no heart left, after all,” he opines sadly before sending it back to Tony and co.

    Winner: Bret Hart at 5:13


    All These Backstage Segments: Who Does WCW Think They Are? The Whiny Wrestling Federation?

    We’re backstage yet again, and it’s because there is a meeting of the minds between two of the biggest crowd pleasers in the company: it’s Randy Savage again, and the WCW United States Champion, Diamond Dallas Page! The Macho Man and DDP are really only just exchanging pleasantries, Savage congratulating Page on winning the United States Title two weeks ago now against Hart, while Page voices his happiness to see Savage back in the thick of things with his ACL healed up. Page has a good laugh at reminiscing of the sight of Hogan convulsing like a fish out of water from the Shockmaster Stick (my words, not his, unfortunately).

    The US Champ wants Savage to know that he’s got plenty of allies in the war against the nWo, and no bigger ally than Page himself. DDP wishes Savage luck against Goldberg next week, but stays biased when he says he would be happy to see either one of them beat Hogan and bring the World Title home. “But two things, Macho Macho Man. One, you’re gonna luck, all your years of experience, and er’y trick in the book against Goldberg, man. He’s the real deal. I know from experience.”

    While Savage starts to go off on a zany ramble, he only gets about two sentences in – thanks to the intimidating presence of Goldberg himself! Da Man’s physical charisma and presence creates an electric feel to the setting, everyone on a knife’s edge. As Goldberg just pierces a hole through both men with his intimidating presence, Savage shows his respect. “We may be tangoin’ next week, oh yeeaah, but Goooldberg… The Ma-cho Man’s got to say it now: I respect your game, kid, oh yeeaah. I like ya’, The Kingdom of Madness likes ya, all the inhabitants of The Madness like ya’. You’re a worthy opponent in a Clash of the Colossuses next week!”

    Goldberg isn’t quite sure how to respond to the somewhat incoherent rambling of Savage, so he instead just gives a hard stare at Savage, to Page, and back to Savage again. After staring him down, Goldberg slowly extends his hand out to Savage. Bug eyed and crazy, Macho stares all around, probably looking to the gods in the Kingdom of Madness for clarity on the offer, before ultimately shaking hands with Goldberg! Page is giddy even by it, almost jumping off his feet and pumping his arms up in celebration. However, Goldberg doesn’t let go of the handshake, and pulls Savage in!!!

    The guttural growl snarling out, Da Man makes himself clear while right in Savage’s face. “I respect everything you’ve done. For me, and in this sport. I got your back every night… except next Monday! When it comes to killin’ the nWo and makin’ them pay for what they’ve done to me… ANYONE… can be next!” Goldberg releases the handshake as the two men intensely stare at one another, Savage nodding his head in acceptance of Goldberg’s words as the US Champion looks intimidated in the background at the sheer intensity of the scene.


    The Reason Why He Takes It

    It’s another WCW vignette, and it is yet again of the trials and tribulations of the battered Eric Bischoff! We get several cuts of the temporarily-displaced President of the company polishing and cleaning all of the various trophies, medals, and replica championship belts earned by ‘The Living Legend’ Larry Zbyszko throughout his illustrious career. The room has shelves on all four walls, rows upon rows of accolades for Zbyszko, and Bischoff has to clean them all!

    It’s obvious that Bischoff spends hours begrudgingly doing the bitch work tasked to him by the members of the newly recreated Championship Committee, a committee Bischoff repeatedly marginalized and eventually demolished to consolidate his power. Larry Z shows up at some point while Bischoff is polishing an AWA World Title Belt, and smugly points out to Bischoff that he missed a spot! Easy E naturally moans melodramatically at the dick move by Zbyszko, and starts to complain and moan about how unfair this all is. “This is tedious, monotonous work! I have maids that do harder work than this, Larry! This, this… this is slave labor!”

    Zbyszko laughs at Bischoff’s plight and claims, responding that this is good, honest, hard work, something that Bischoff has forgotten all about in his years as President of WCW, stepping on the common man and showing no respect for anyone beneath him. Bischoff responds how this is unfair and he’s tired of Dillon and Zbyszko treating him like filth! The smugness quickly evaporated from his face, Zbyszko shows the steel of a veteran warrior as he tells Bischoff threateningly, “you’ll do EXACTLY what we tell you to! That’s how this works now! You work for us now! You fail to do that? And you breach the contract you signed when you made that match with Flair. Breach your contract? And you might not get the Presidency back at the end of March, and Ric Flair’s permanently taking your seat, Sleazy-E.. So… like I said… you missed, a, spot.”

    Both men glaring at each other with intense loathing - they have a long documented history of hating one another because of the war within WCW against the nWo - it is with absolute reluctance and hatred in his soul that Bischoff responds not with words, but by going back to the championship belt and trying to clean the spot he allegedly missed. Eric Bischoff may hate Larry Zbyszko, he may hate J.J. Dillon, he may hate the Executive Committee, and he may hate this menial work assigned to him, but Eric Bischoff loves the power, the money, and the authority of being WCW Presiden.


    Disco Inferno & Norman Smiley (w/Pepe) vs. Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Norman Smiley comes out riding Pepe during his entrance, happily performing his faux ass slapping Smack My Bitch Up dance to the stick/Pepe along the way, drawing the ire of Schiavone, while Heenan of course defends Smiley. “Jockeys whip a horse in backside to go faster, and it’s sport. Poor Norman Smiley does the same thing to get to the ring faster for his match, and he’s a bad person? He’s trying to save time, Tony; this is live TV!” Disco comes out motivated for the contest, without the Wolfpac t-shirt as ordered by Nash, but he has two men who are equally motivated to beat on him as well. Konnan cannot decide which man he wants to attack the most, considering Smiley’s taunts and goading towards Chavo to drive him further into insanity, while Inferno ambushed both he and Rey last week on Thunder.

    The fiery Konnan is throwing dukes from the rip, doing his best to literally beat Smiley and Disco into submission, while Mysterio brings the flair, sending Inferno out of the ring with a Leaping Headscissors, and then giving Inferno and Smiley a scare with his Tiger Kick Feint… only to immediately swing through the ropes again so he’s on the outside, and smoothly land a Double Jump Springboard Asai Moonsault to the both! So smooth, so crisp, that’s what the Luchadore is capable of!

    Mysterio’s lightweight stature does eventually hurt him though as Inferno is able to reverse a whip and send him into the heel corner, allowing Inferno and Smiley to work the cruiserweight over and control the bulk of the contest, keeping the bigger Konnan isolated on the apron. Mysterio does use his speed to have several quick counters and come close to getting a tag, but Inferno and Smiley show surprisingly smart chemistry as a team, the illegal man either coming into the ring to make sure Rey can’t reach Konnan in time, or one of the two providing a distraction to the referee so Billy Silverman misses the tag.

    Knowing he has to get both men down to make a tag, the masked underdog eventually does just that, rolling up and flipping over Smiley’s sternum and head to land behind him, immediately running at Inferno on the apron and hitting a Dropkick to knock him to the mats. Rey then ducks a Smiley clothesline on the run, using it to vault himself into a Floatover DDT, and make the hot tag! Pulling his pants up and ready to get rowdy rowdy & bowdy bowdy, K-Dawg rocks Smiley with a series of right hands and takedowns, stopping only when Inferno comes in to eat a Flapjack. Konnan pretty much single handedly takes care of Inferno and Smiley from there, the commentators wondering if Kevin Nash is going to actually provide any help to Disco as he alluded to.

    The only help that comes is Mysterio showing up to assist his partner, making sure the numbers can’t catch up to him by surprising Smiley with a Springboard Seated Senton! That allows Konnan to send Disco up and over the rope moments later with his patented Rolling Clothesline, and after the 187 DDT could put Smiley away, the Latinos do one better. Konnan whips Mysterio into the ropes, with Rey hopping up into the Wheelbarrow position. Instead of hitting a Casadora-influenced maneuver, Mysterio springs himself forward with such vigor like he’s going to do the roll-up on his own partner, that Konnan is the one who ends up dropping the Splash on Smiley, securing the pin and victory for the Quarterfinalists!

    Winners: Konnan & Rey Mysterio at 6:29

    The two celebrate the victory together afterwards, Schiavone in awe of the athleticism of Konnan in the winning maneuver (even though he literally just jumped off his feet to do a Splash; Mysterio did all the work to make it look nifty), but those celebrations are cut real short – Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger jump the winners from behind! Kevin Nash may not have provided Disco with help during the match, but he’s got no problem with The Wolfpac coming out afterwards to send a message to his former Wolfpac running mate, who again made himself a thorn in the nWo's side by helping in the brawl last week.

    Having just wrestled, Konnan and Mysterio are easy pickings for The Total Package and The Stuff despite the spirited fight by Konnan and Rey. As Smiley and Disco recover, the two men see Bagwell and Luger putting the boots to the two, and The Wolfpac allow the two to join in on the stomping! However, with all four men focused on putting the boots to Konnan and Rey, it means no one is focusing on the corner… or Pepe.

    Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes sprinting out from the back – maybe to help, probably to get Pepe – but the stirring crowd certainly pops for him to help his compatriots! The crowd helps the bad guys to notice Chavo just before he gets to the ring, and Smiley grabs Pepe before Guerrero can get his horse! There’s a stand off as a clearly grief-stricken Chavo stands on the apron, in anguish as he goes back and forth from watching Smiley in the ring, tossing Pepe back and forth between his hands and Konnan & Mysterio getting attacked… and CHAVO ATTACKS!!

    Chavo springboards into action, dropping Smiley with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! Pepe flies out of Smiley’s hands! Guerrero doesn’t notice and keeps going! Heducks a Disco clothesline and keeps running to hit an unsuspecting Buff Bagwell with a Dropkick to the back, knocking him into the turnbuckles face first! And now Guerrero leaps at Inferno, hitting a Tornado DDT! The crowd is loving this, they’re popping!

    Guerrero hops up to his feet and squares up to the only man left standing, The Total Package, Luger not the least bit intimidated despite the impressive feat of Guerrero here. As the two prepare to potentially go at it, his attention is diverted by the yelling of Norman Smiley. His rival is outside the ring, and he has Pepe in his hands again! Smiley raises a hand, threatening to hit Pepe, and then takes off running over the guardrail and into the crowd! Chavo gives chase! The crazy Guerrero can’t stand the thought of Smiley having Pepe or hurting his fake freaking horsehead, and he’s going after him!

    The distraction by Smiley is all it takes to help Disco and The Wolfpac make sure they remain dominant, as Disco is able to recover and drop Mysterio with the Chartbuster (Stunner), while Bagwell lands a double sledge from behind to Konnan, and then whips him right into The Total Package’s loaded Forearm Smash! Konnan and Rey are left down and out, and Bagwell and Luger too sweet each other with the Wolfpac hands, Disco left trying to get one himself, but ignored by the two, as he trails the two on their way to the back. As they do, the commentators further the angle, The Professor hyping up how effective Chavo Guerrero was in helping Konnan and Mysterio when he was able to focus the rage of his that makes him so unstable, with Heenan foregoing a one liner to say that none of it mattered in the end – The Wolfpac still was able to put the hurting on their rivals, standing tall as winners in the end, something even he is tired of seeing!


    The Wrath of Jericho, or Jericho Feels The Wrath?

    We all need ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund in our lives, and it’s why he’s ringside for another entrance aisle interview with a pair of Quarterfinalists, Chris Jericho and Wrath! The greatest doofus alive, Ralphus, of course is with them, the toothless wonder rocking his handmade Jericho Personal Security crop top, looking completely aloof to anything going on around him. Jericho, for his part, is no longer wheelchair bound, but still has the walking boot on his foot… and is mysteriously in a sling.

    Okerlund recaps how despite winning their First Round match in the Tag Team Tournament, the two partners did not seem to be on the same page at any point in the night – during or after the match (with the Thunder segment replaying on the TurnerTron) – and Okerlund believes it is exactly because of things like what he is seeing right now: Jericho overplaying his injuries from Souled Out! “We saw you wrestle, young man! You move just fine, and you used that walking boot to put a metal plate in it! That’s Lex Luger’s gimmick, bub, you better watch yourself!”

    Jericho laughs and scoffs at Okerlund’s comments, telling “Gene Mean” that he fears no man – The Faces of Fear, as he proved on Thunder when he pinned “The Dumbarian,” Perry Neptune, Lex Luger, the nWo, you name it, The Ayatollah will beat them all – but that does not mean that he is not susceptible to injuries. He still has 3 broken metatarsals, 1 cracked, and not to mention, a stubbed big toe! “And to make it worse, Gene Mean, when I celebrated my ability to wrestle in front of all of my screaming Jericholics on Thursday Night Jericho – get the name of the show right, Gene Mean, you’re as bad as Skee-avone! – I re-separated my shoulder jumping out of the wheelchair. That’s right! I wrestled a whole match with a dislocated shoulder, and still found a way to win the match! That’s what perseverance and resiliency is all about bay-bay!”

    As Jericho raises his one good arm in triumph, Okerlund rolls his eyes and snorts in disbelief, while the partner of Jericho makes his presence much more noticeable, walking so he is right behind Okerlund, breathing heavy on his bald head, causing the correspondent to turn his body in fear, making himself in between the partners, but a step behind them both, terrified of Wrath’s presence. The gleaming Jericho loses his exuberant demeanor as Wrath just stands there, breathing heavy, looking highly annoyed, clearly intimidated by his partner.

    After gulping in fear several times, Okerlund asks Wrath what his opinion is on his partner and his antics, trying to set the seed for what’s to come. After several more heavy, powerful breaths to sow fear in everyone around him, Wrath booms that he’s not in WCW to make friends. He’s here because it’s supposed to be where the big boys play, and to win championship gold. He’s damn big, but he ain’t won a title yet. “It’s high time that changes, and I’m not gonna stop until anyone who stands in my way feels The Wrath!”

    With Wrath glaring at his own partner as he says this, Mean Gene cannot help but respond that Wrath didn’t answer his question about his thoughts on his partner, and judging by the look he’s giving him, he wants to know if Jericho is on the list to feel The Wrath! Jericho immediately responds, shouting at Okerlund for trying to create a conspiracy inside The Wrath of Jericho, and sow dissension within their holy unity.

    “I will have you know, Wrath and myself have been close friends for many years! I was best man in your wedding; tell ‘em pal!” Jericho says as he playfully backhands Wrath in the chest, much to greater annoyance of the big man – as he GRABS Jericho’s hand, BENDING IT BACKWARDS!

    Wrath growls that if Jericho touches him again, “I’ll give you a REAL injury, and arrange your face so that dimwit next to you looks prettier!” The crowd (and Okerlund) absolutely love the threat by Wrath, while Jericho’s face look like he was actually slapped and ready to cry, both from his partner’s words and bending his wrist.

    Wrath roars that he does not like Chris Jericho, but they both needed a partner, so this is what it is. He does compliment Jericho though as he tells Okerlund that he actually has talent when he shuts his mouth and doesn’t fill the space between his brain and skull with hot air. “So let me make this real clear, Jericho. Lose the sling, lose the shenanigans, shut your mouth, and wrestle. You don’t? Then our next tag match? I got THREE MEN – not two! – about to feel the Thermonuclear Meltdown of The Wrath!”

    His statement made, Wrath takes the mic from Okerlund’s hand, shoving it into Jericho’s chest, sending him staggering backwards from the force, as he walks away on his own! Jericho looks to be in an absolute panic at the warning sent by his partner, and makes sure to shout at Okerlund before leaving, blaming him for this debacle he’s gotten himself into. “Look what you’ve done, Gene!” he yells, so panicked he doesn’t even call him Gene Mean for once. “This is all your fault!” On the verge of tears and creating that face, Jericho rips his sling off his ‘bad’ arm, throwing it at Ralphus and storming off to the back.


    Booker T (w/Perry Saturn) vs. Curt Hennig (w/Barry Windham)

    These two teams get the spotlight tonight in a preview of their Quarterfinal match-up, even though Schiavone informs us that their match will actually be the last Quarterfinal match-up, scheduled for next week on Nitro, with the Semifinals occurring on the following Thunder and then two weeks from tonight, the week before SuperBrawl. Both men have their partners at ringside for this contest, but surprisingly enough, considering the tag team nature of the set-up – and you know, it’s 199-fucking-9 – this match stays strictly one-on-one the whole way through, both partners doing nothing more than providing verbal support, and the occasional terse stare down between either Quarterfinal foe.

    What follows is a rather solid Monday Nitro contest, Curt Hennig using his veteran experience and crafty technical skills to neutralize the agility and raw athleticism of Booker T. Neither man holds an advantage for a lengthy period of time because of it, as when Hennig starts to wear Booker down, the Harlem man bursts through a hold to get on even ground, while Hennig is able to find an opening time and time again because of Booker’s at times erratic offense, finding a limb and locking a hold in.

    The tempo of the contest builds up as the match wears on, Booker thinking he’s got the win in the bag after hitting his patented 110th Street Slam spinebuster, but when it doesn’t get the job done, he goes back to the well again, allowing Hennig to read it and counter, slipping behind and landing a Belly-to-Back Suplex for a near fall of his own. A Swinging Neckbreaker earns him another one, and after having a look at his partner, Hennig decides to take out of Windham’s page, hoisting Book up top for a Superplex. Hennig climbs up and goes for it, but Booker blocks it!

    Digging his boots under the rope to keep himself on the turnbuckle, Booker is able to hold tight, and forearm Hennig all the way back down to the canvas! And immediately follow up with the Heat Seeker missile dropkick! It’s right into the cover from there, and it lands the victory! His partner joins him in the ring seconds later, just in case Windham had any post-match attack plans in mind. Hennig instead rolls to the outside of the ring to regroup with Windham, The Flawless One making sure to shout to their Quarterfinal opponents to enjoy the victory tonight, because it won’t mean a thing next week. Whether it will or won’t is a story to be told in seven days, but tonight, it’s Book and Saturn standing tall.

    Winner: Booker T at 7:49


    Inside The Horsemen’s Stable

    We are inside the locker room of the Four Horsemen where Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are all stripped down to compete, Benoit cracking his neck side to side and Malenko rubbing his wrists to have them ready. Arn Anderson is almost shouting in excitement and adrenaline as he booms that this is their time, their night. “You two are the best darn technicians in the game, boys! And tonight, you show it! Your talent! Your heart! That’s the best! The Outsiders?? I don’t think so!”

    Mongo aggressively rubs the shoulders of both men, feeling the adrenaline of the room and wanting to hype them up too, while scrawny David shouts words of encouragement as well. It sets up the leader to take the focus as he yells that the days of the New World Order ruining every show are over. “The nWo doesn’t run the show anymore! I DO! THE HORSEMEN… run the gamut! You two… are the masters now! No one gets one over on The Four Horsemen! NOBODY! Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hogan… Bret Hart, Bischoff… TA’NIGHT! The Four Horsemen remind the world just who in THE HELL! WE ARE!”

    It’s like a locker room full of athletes before a big game, yelling and roaring reverberating inside the walls. Benoit and Malenko even get into it, yelling and bouncing on their feet, no longer the cool, calm, collected technicians you would normally see. It’s Mongo who is leading the charge of the energy, he himself a former Super Bowl winner. He yells a bunch of words – some audible, some completely unintelligible – inside their quasi-huddle, eventually booming to no one in particular, “Outsiders! You end ‘em tonight! Nash gets snapped! Hall gets broken! They’re all goin’ down! Bret Hart! I’m a get him on Thunder! Next week, we take on another! Our time! ROOO! ROOO! HOO-RAH! HOO-RAH! WE GO! LET’S GO!” There’s a whole bunch more of yelling and roaring as Mongo damn near headbutts Malenko and Benoit to bring all their heads together, squeezing them in tight before pushing them away and leading the charge out of the locker room. Don’t change your channel; the main event is next!


    Tag Team Title Tournament – Quarterfinals: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (w/Four Horsemen) vs. The Outsiders (w/nWo Wolfpac)

    All of the soldiers are in the trenches for this one, ready to try and help their respective two men on the front lines, but a special shout out has to go to the WCW/nWo World Heavyweight Champion, making sure to take a dig at Minnesota’s new Governor, old rival Jesse Ventura, by wearing a newly designed nWo Prez t-shirt, with the back saying Real Men Run 4 President, his ego making sure that he gets any sort of shot he can at Ventura since he didn’t get the mic tonight (great, someone in the back’s gonna hear about that). There’s 4 from each side at ringside for this, although it’s got to be advantage nWo because half of the Horsemen side are Double A and David Flair; Elizabeth as a fourth for the Wolfpac is still more physically capable than David.

    The crowd is absolutely stirring for this one, and even The Outsiders are much more focused than normal, taking things seriously. It shows too, as The Bad Guy dominates the opening exchanges with Benoit, not letting The Crippler grapple him to the ground, instead deflating the pro-WCW crowd by shoving him down several times. When both men make tags, the cockiness comes right back to Big Sexy – but can he be blamed? – as he goes chest-to-nose with The Ice Man, Malenko coming in at over a foot shorter than the former World Champion.

    Nash continues the dominance of the group with several easy knock downs with his sheer strength… until Malenko surprises him with a low Dropkick to the knee! Nash Flair Flops to the canvas, and Malenko hops right on him with one of his 1,000 Holds, stopping only to spin circles around Nash, slapping him up before finishing! That gets a huge ovation from both the Minnesota crowd and the Horsemen at ringside, while Nash looks stunned and even slightly scared at what he just experienced! Scott Hall comes in next to take the pressure off his partner, but Malenko just shoots right behind him, sweeps the leg, and does the exact same to him, but as Hall tries to scramble to his feet, Malenko rocks him with a quasi-Basement Dropkick! Even the stoic Malenko yells out in testosterone-satisfaction at the sporting schooling! This is a war, and the Horsemen are scoring some early victories!

    The match evens out from there, Nash and Hall changing their approach as needed to try and neutralize Benoit and Malenko, but the Horsemen stick with them at every step, scoring several offensive maneuvers as well to keep the pro-WCW crowd popping, while Naitch goes crazy on the outside over and over again, continuously revving up his boys and the crowd. Big Sexy turns the tides decidedly in The Outsiders’ favor though when he is able to catch Malenko in a rare error, blocking his second turnbuckle Cross Body attempt by simply catching him, and using the position to hit a modified Snake Eyes… followed by a hellacious Clothesline that turns Malenko inside out!

    Truly able to assert dominance, The Outsiders then remind all of wrestling just how good of a tag team they are, keeping Malenko in their corner and using that superior size advantage to work The Man of 1,000 Holds over with a host of body shots, Nash preferring Knee Lifts to the abdomen in the corner, while Hall just use stinging right hands. The Bad Guy uses his Abdominal Stretch to wear Malenko down further, as well as a Fall Away Slam that brings Benoit in to keep the Horsemen alive in the match.

    It’s a lengthy isolation period, including several false hope spots of Malenko almost making the tag but being unable to do so, while Nash and Hall make sure to rile up the Horseman on the outside by having the illegal man choke Malenko in the corner when referee Randy Anderson is distracted by the legal man. Malenko preserves like a true Horseman though, and that’s why when Nash goes for the Jackknife Powerbomb, he is able to roll up and over Nash, landing behind the 7-footer and drop him with a Chop Block! And then make the hot tag to his partner as well!

    Fresh and energized, Benoit gets the house of fire treatment, rocking Big Sexy with a series of right hands, and then knocking him into the corner with a Dropkick. That allows Hall to come in to try and break it up, but Benoit ducks his charge, and hits a German Suplex! Benoit gets up as Nash comes at it, but he just lowers himself and takes Nash down with a release Northern Lights Suplex! Look at Kevin Nash taking bumps!

    The Crippler is on a roll as the nWo start to look concerned on the outside, but Benoit keeps going, dropping Hall with his trio of German Suplexes into a pin, forgetting that Hall’s not the legal man! A recovered Nash pulls The Crippler to his feet instead, dropping him with his Release Vertical Suplex, Nash staying on his feet as he lets Benoit fall to the canvas (protecting his knees), and with Benoit quick to his feet, he charges right into Nash’s Sidewalk Slam! That’s a cover by Nash, and Benoit gets a shoulder up just before 3!

    The Wolfpac are enraged by the decision, Hogan and Steiner especially throwing a very verbal dispute and tirade towards Randy Anderson. That fires up Ric Flair, and he’s tired of it! IT’S ON~! The Nature Boy sprints round the ringside, tackling Big Poppa Pump! Mongo and David Flair are right in on it too, with Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger getting in it too as Hogan backs away from it all!

    The nWo still have the numbers advantage as David is tossed to the side with ease, but a retribution-seeking Konnan & Rey Mysterio come out from the back too, with Disco Inferno soon behind him to help the New World Order! Jesus fuck, it’s overbooking at its finest – nWo Black & White are coming out now too to join in on the melee – Brian Adams, Stevie Ray, Horace Hogan, and Vincent are out to suck up to The Elite squad… which means Diamond Dallas Page is rushing out from the back, and now even Arn Anderson is getting involved, going after Vincent! There’s a God damn riot going on outside of the ring with the main event going on!!!

    It certainly causes a distraction in the ring, Nash the first one to be thrown off by the chaos of what’s going on. That allows Benoit to recover and go at Big Sexy, lighting him up with knife edge chops, and then rocking him backwards with a Headbutt! Nash staggers off the ropes and back in – into a Crippler Crossface!!!

    But Scott Hall made a blind tag, and Anderson caught it! Hall comes in to break it up, but here comes Dean Malenko! Missile Dropkick cuts him off! The submission is locked in, and while it won’t count even if Nash taps out (just another way to protect the big guy!), Hollywood Hogan is taking no chances!

    Hogan, the lone man to avoid the brawl, enters the ring and runs through Anderson, knocking the referee down with a shoulder block! And Hogan tees off on Malenko with a series of right hands as well!

    Hogan breaks the Crossface with a kick to the face of Benoit, allowing The Outsiders to recuperate… and for Hall to grab the taser! Hogan and Nash put the boots to the Horsemen to keep them down on the canvas so Hall can get The Shockmaster clicking, ready to trip another wrestler to the floor like their name was Fred Ottoman…

    ...BUT HERE COMES THE DYNAMIC DUO! Goldberg and ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage have waited to get involved in the fight, but they are here now!

    Goldberg and Savage move past the brawling soldiers in the aisle like they’re not even there, getting into the ring just as Hall is about to Shockmaster the helpless Malenko… but Goldberg rips right through him with a SPEAR!! The Bad Guy bounces off the canvas! Savage flies off the top, and CROWNS Hogan with a Double Axe Handle! Nash starts throwing haymakers at the two men, taking them on himself, at least until Macho Man lands a strike to stagger him back, and Goldberg knocks Nash through the ropes with a Savate Kick! And if you think that’s good, it’s getting better! Savage picks up the fallen taser, and TWO WEEKS IN A ROW… Savage prods Hogan with the taser!

    The crowd is in an absolute frenzy - who knew this could happen when WCW look strong!? - and Hogan convulses all about the canvas until he falls out of the ring, and Savage exits the ring to help WCW in the fight against the nWo, while Goldberg exits the ring to do the same… but not before dropping Nash on the outside with a SPEAR!! Hogan is out! Nash is out! Hall is down and stirring, the same can be said for Randy Anderson, but Benoit and Malenko are up!

    The Horsemen strike! Malenko shows impressive strength to scoop Hall up - Tiger Bomb by The Ice Man! As soon as they land, Benoit flies from the top - SWANDIVE HEADBUTT connects! Both men jump on the cover! One! A Two! And a Three! The Four Horsemen have just eliminated The Outsiders!

    Winners: Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko at 12:49 to advance to the Semifinals

    There’s an absolute roar from the crowd as Benoit and Malenko show their emotions of winning the match with an embrace. They don’t care that the victory isn’t a straightforward clean victory, they just beat one of the greatest teams in WCW history, and eliminated the favorites in the Tag Team Title Tournament. With the match over, it’s like magic that Doug Dillinger and his yellow shirts in security are able to get the brawl separated, the added efforts of Goldberg and Macho Man playing a big part in having the rest of The Wolfpac run off to the back. It means that the rest of the Four Horsemen join the victorious Benoit and Malenko in the celebrations inside the ring, DDP also joining the crew in the festivities.

    Konnan and Mysterio have seemingly disappeared into the back, while Goldberg and Savage remain in the entrance aisle, watching from afar while also staring each other down as well, knowing they will be opponents in one weeks time. Schiavone is having his nightly aneurysm at the result, gushing at The Horsemen pinning The Outsiders, calling it, “one of the greatest nights in the history of this war,” throwing a curveball on his usual saying. But, it’s a huge moment no matter what, and it is why Monday Nitro ends with the celebrating Horsemen, and Bobby Heenan giving us a dark thought to ponder though despite the scenes, “This is two weeks in a row WCW has defeated the nWo. What in the world is The Wolfpac gonna scheme up with next to change this!?”

    Current SuperBrawl Card - February 21, 1999!
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg/Randy Savage
    WCW World Tag Team Championship: Tournament Finals!
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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    First off, the first thing I want to commend you on is the presentation of your project. It is very easy to read and is detailed enough to give a good picture of what's going on, but not too detailed that it becomes almost like a chore to read. I also really enjoy the fact that you are keeping up with the B show Saturday night and just throwing it by the wayside, like so many other people do who book during this time period for WCW. Now on to the actual review itself

    Overall, this was a very well thought out and booked show. I look to find inspiration in it that can motivate me to make mine better even, considering we are basically booking the same product just in different ways. I also really like your style of writing, instead of just recapping the show as it is, you put your own spin on the events being told like an actual writer would do in writing a novel or some other project. Very unique and it makes me more excited to read some more of your stuff as it comes out. On to the show finally lol.

    - One hell of a way to open up the show! I am really loving the total access stuff to get the fans not to turn over to the other side, and you start it out with a bang! Macho Man looked like a million bucks right here and seemed to be willing to take on the entire NWO here, which put him over huge. I also liked the adding in of a fuming and raging Goldberg willing to join forces with anybody he has to in order to take out the NWO. One thing I particularly liked about this segment is that even though you put Savage and Goldberg over huge as legitimate tough guys gonna fight the whole world if they have to, you didn't completely bury the NWO by making them look like chicken shit heels. They moreso just looked like a group of guys who are strategizing about how to wipe them out in one fell swoop. I loved Flair coming out right here. You have his promos and demeanor down to an absolute T, and I'M DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing Savage and Goldberg go at it next week. I can't even pick a definite winner there on that either because I feel like both of them have a lot to bring down on Hogan and the NWO. David Flair by Ric's side was awesome there too and Flair's monologue really did a lot to hype the segment itself, but also build him up as an authority figure who is not just gonna be pushed around AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that a true changing of the guard and new era is in place. This makes it even more interesting to see how the NWO correlate with this and if they truly will be able to rise above it. As much as I can praise this first segment, definitely have to give you a 5/5 on this segment alone right here. Great work.

    - Good solid cruiserweight match right there. Really putting over strong that Kidman is a fighting champion willing to wrestle anybody and that he is the quinessential Ricky Steamboat like babyface. Just solid booking and some nice high spots to electrify the crowd and follow an extremely emotional and intense opening segment before hand. So once again, kudos on that.

    - I always loved the side angle that was going on in WCW at that time with Disco Inferno wanting to be a part of the Wolfpac. Disco himself is just absolutely hilarious, and you have written him very well in that role. Him throwing up the wolfpac hand signal and then just getting rejected had me rolling hahaha. It's like that guy in school who so bad wants to be a part of the popular group, which is exactly what I always got the feeling of when I would look at The Wolfpac, NWO, or hell even the Kliq in general. So you definitely captured that mystique really well. I loved the correlation too with "the mob" and the sopranos which were huge at the time. I always felt WCW, specifically during this time period with gangstas like Hall and Nash, they utilized other sides of pop culture really well. They caught that "cool factor."

    - Good match from Bret Hart here, Bobby Eaton was the perfect guy to put him up against and made him look great. The Bret promo afterwards was classic Bret during this time, which is always a treat. It's pretty much how I'm booking him on my end as well. The comment from Bret about how he did what he is supposed to do and now is ready to get paid just reeked of classic heat, and makes me as a reader just want to see him get his ass kicked even more. I think that character was clearly best suited for him during that period, because in a way I think he was kind of over the whole thing and drained by the time he really got into WCW...whether he wants to admit it or not lol. But classic promo here and I'm looking forward to seeing how you progress the office vs Bret going forward here.

    - The backstage exchange between Page, Macho, and Goldberg was another fine way to build up for their huge #1 contenders match next week on Nitro. Nothing too flashy here just a follow up from that amazing opening segment and a nice way of being simple with the handshake pulled in with an angle that makes complete sense with Goldberg wanting his retribution.

    - Not much to say about the Bischoff segment, just absolutely classic during this time lol. Larry bossing him around like that is just satisfaction for all the dastardly things Eric had done for the last 2 years. Just perfect storytelling, and a great satisfaction to the viewer.

    - Oh my god, talk about having the whole aura of a character pegged perfectly and his dialogue on point. I don't think you can go any further than the way you write for Chris Jericho. As I was reading him talk about his "injuries" and the mispronouncing of names, I could literally hear his voice in my head doing it. Wrath as moreso the strong silent type with dominance and intimidation and Jericho as just the rambling annoyance is such a great mesh and I really look forward to seeing where you go with this going forward. This entire segment was just perfect.

    - Wow! One hell of a main event riddled with drama and surprises and just overall classic material here. I can't imagine if this was going on that any viewer would want to switch over to the other channel, I guess it just proves how far the business has gone down lol. But nonetheless you made both sides look stronger than ever before here, Malenko and Benoit definitely got the rub on this one and looked just as big of stars as Hall and Nash here...which I think on paper would almost be unachievable at this point. But damn you did it. I personally liked the inclusion of all these run ins because it allowed like 4 different stories to be built up while still focusing on the major story going on from the very beginning. I am at fever pitch awaiting what is gonna happen between Mach and Goldberg next week and who will get the opportunity to challenge Hogan. I LOVED the spot where Savage tased Hogan with the prod in a very fulfilling kind of moment. I can imagine the crowd popping huge for the receipt of something of like that. I'm really glad Malenko and Benoit walked away with the victory here, and I think for the first time in A VERY LONG TIME, NWO is actually kind of almost looking like the underdogs now. I think that's one thing that WCW real life failed to do is that they didnt really let WCW get much of a boost in that whole story, other than just couple times with Luger winning the belt and a few other things. But this establishes WCW as just as hot and strong as the NWO, which makes the feud and story even that much more interesting. I can't harp on this segment enough, I loved it and I'm genuinuely excited to see how you follow up with it, and how the NWO will try and get their fire back.

    Overall a very very solid show. I tried to look for stuff I would change, but I feel like you have a pretty good direction with everything going on. I like kind of the odd pairings with guys like Booker T and Saturn, and I was happy that you gave them (specifically Booker) the win here...since he is clearly on the upwards movement during this period. But just outstanding show and I look for this to almost be like the standard bearer for where I wish to get my project up to. You definitely got a weekly reader in me, my man!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh, digging the Macho Man kicking this off. Such a small detail, but it’s massive – with you hyping that Macho was starting the show from Total Access. Exactly the type of hook you expect during the Monday Night Wars. But fuck you for making me laugh on the first fucking line with the daughter bit. While I didn’t watch much WCW (apart from Worldwide) in 99/00, I loved Gorgeous George when I’d see her in the magazines … but back to the topic…

    Anyway, give Savage a rapping gimmick you coward. Bring forward “Be A Man”. That’ll bury Raw in the ratings. It shocked me when you said (either in here or in a PM, I can’t remember) you’d never booked or written a Savage promo before the other week. But I’m hoping that that’ll end up being a good thing, as you should have a decade and a halfs worth of material for him you’ve been dying to use. You writing crazy Savage promos? **Insert the “Take my money” meme here**

    The ‘shocker’ line was brutally and beautifully corny, and of course the Gods or whoever helped heal Savages knee, lol. Please keep the nWo entrances coming from the crowd. I love visualizing that shit – especially in a 99/00 setting when the crowds were fucking wild. There better be a Liz/George catfight at some point too on PPV. Goldberg and Savage standing side by side like that just feels HUGE, and it’s another one of those things I can easily visualize with both guys standing in the ring, with fans going apeshit as they challenged the greater numbers to a fight. Badass.

    And then you wheeled out DAVID, and lost me on that Mauro Ranallo style Pokeman reference lol. Still, I like the idea of the Horsemen having crowbars as equalisers, and the Outsiders backing out of the proposal to do the match now. Savage vs Goldberg next week is fucking massive though. I feel like Savage HAS to win, because we’re not ready for Goldberg vs. Hogan (way too much juice to squeeze there first, my friend), but I’m finding it hard to envisage you jobbing Goldberg either … so you’ve got my curiosity there.

    Also, as an aside, whilst Savage vs. Goldberg for the first time ever (right?) feels like it should be on PPV, I love that you’re giving it away on TV with a weeks build. You’re in a fucking ratings war – this is the shit you have to pull. Kudos.

    Oh good lord, bring David Flair back out here!! Kidman on commentary!? Why do you hate everyone? Another week, another Heenan classic, I see, btw. A lot of those moves went over my head, but they sounded fun, and Garza winning made the most sense. He’s the one whose stock is on the rise these last couple of weeks, and feels like he’s going to be the next in line for Kidman.

    Yeah, I’m glad you had Nash repeat what was said on Saturday Night because I skipped it this week. There’s something charming about Disco’s attempts to get into the heel faction, which is weird, as he’s just a suck up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow this ended up in a face turn in the end for him. It’s not a Nash promo if there isn’t an insider term in there somewhere, lol, and I liked the ass pat at the end too.

    I bet Bret vs. Bobby would be a low-key great match if they got 10 minutes. Even in 1999. But if you want to run that match back, stick it on Saturday Night and give ‘em 15. Just for me. But yeah, you’re pitching a perfect game (or whatever the fuck the term is) on this Bret Hart angle so far. I really didn’t think I’d enjoy this version of Bret this much … but here we are. Alongside Flair, he’s the best thing in this thread right now, and I’m all in on seeing this arc progress.

    Given their own history, I like you having Savage and DDP meeting up here to have a chat and wish each other well etc. As for the Goldberg handshake, I sure hope it was a classic Savage ‘Mega Powers’ esque shake, lol. It felt a little goofy to have ultra serious badass Goldberg interacting with ultra zany Savage like this though, but you pulled it back in the end with Goldberg yanking Savage in off the handshake.

    While lacking the humour of previous skits, this Bischoff one was important in reminding us WHY he’s going through with all this shit, and what is keeping him going. There’s plenty more mileage in this, obviously, if the Committee start really fucking with him in the hope he breaches his contract.

    I sure hope Steve Austin isn’t on USA when this tag match got wheeled out!! In fairness, this tag match at least has a reason for happening after the events of Thunder, and you put over the right two guys. You made me lol again at the description of Konnan pulling his pants up. I will say, while I don’t know how you’re tournament is going to shake out, I think you missed a trick not having Konnan & Rey facing Buff & Lex in the Quarter Finals, as there would’ve been more reasons for them to run in and put a beating on them after the match, whilst still giving Disco a reason to think it was Nash doing him a favour.

    Anyway, Chavo Guerrero is an idiot. That’s all I’ll say about him. While I can see the comedy still in the Pepe angle, I still feel like it’s hurting the serious stuff his latino brothers are doing when the angles keep crossing over like this. Personally, I’d prefer you kept them separate, but I believe – knowing you – there’s a reason for all this, and there’ll be a good pay off for it in the end. But for now? Not a fan.

    Wrath of Jericho is a great team name btw, even if this isn’t going to be a long term team. Not sure if it was a mistake on your part with the speech marks, but did you really have Okerlund make that Luger comment!? Could be my lack of watching weekly WCW shows, but that felt really off on his part, and way too ‘wink wink’, or something. But fuck, go get someone from the indies and bring them in as Perry Neptune, lmao. The tag team partner Saturn REALLY needs.

    And wow, you just got me invested in Wrath too. He always had the “look”, but he came off as a total bad ass here with the threats to Jericho. I can’t help but feel that Jericho WILL continue to come up with these “injuries” though, despite the warning. The guy just can’t help himself, surely? Very fun interview though, and I’m enjoying this dynamic. Who’d of think it; Jericho turns chicken shit into chicken salad!!

    Ohhh, nice match up. Booker going over Hennig makes sense, with his star on the rise and Hennig ummm, maybe not on the wane, but certainly not on the rise. Nice breather of sorts with no shenanigans or any angles going on. Cool.

    Good little pre-match rah-rah shit, and Mongo leading the way at the end with his football background for the locker room style “get ‘em fired up” pep talk was just fine. All good stuff happening here.

    Ha ha, Liz > David is 100% true. Wow at the write up out of you for this one!! Knowing how you like to write nowadays, this was WrestleMania- errr, WCW, that’s right; Starrcade level of detail here!! Loved the early going of this, letting Nash and Hall have the better of the start so they could get cocky, allowing you to have Malenko fuck ‘em both up. With the amount of bumps and work Nash had to do in this match, I don’t expect to see him in any kind of competitive match for at least a month. That said, I love that he didn’t take the bump off the suplex, lol.

    I love this booking at the end. WCW looking like equals – like a THREAT!? - to the nWo?? That’ll never work!! Honestly, this was just superb Monday Night War era booking with the run ins, and a chaotic finish to a show, with the Goldberg and Savage run in’s complimenting DDP and making all the difference. The added touch of Savage giving Hulk the taser again is great too, and if you’ve any guts it’ll be a Taser on a Pole match at SuperBrawl.

    Also, Benoit AND Malenko having to cover Hall to keep him down was the icing on the cake. Exactly the type of thing (like Nash not being legal whilst in the Crossface) that would have to be done to protect the “stars”. I loved everything in this match, but I especially love WCW sticking it to the nWo again, as I had this pegged as a “comeback” night for the poison, and for Nash and Hall to continue in the tournament much to Flairs chagrin. HUGE moment for Benoit and Malenko personally to get that win, regardless of how it happened. Those closing thoughts from Heenan though are ominous. Guessing you’ve something big planned for the nWo to get even after two weeks of being bitched out. It’s surely got to be something more grandiose than ruining the main event next week to set up a triple threat. That’s the kind of lazy shit I’d do.

    This thread is getting better and better. As I said in a PM, it feels like you’ve really got your “groove” back with this thread, and it’s amazing to see at the minute. Fuck you.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Nitro review

    I love that you pointed out Nitro's starting 7 minutes before raw. Nice move to undercut the competition.

    And a great way to start the show with Savage and Goldberg. This felt like a huge moment, with the two megastars standing side by side against the biggest stable of all time. The horsemen coming to the rescue was great. I can't wait for an eventual War Games. Goldberg vs Savage sounds massive, but there's no way this goes very long without someone coming in. Somehow Savage will get the win. I think Goldberg and Nash have a match coming.

    Of course we're starting Cruiserweights. I'm glad you just recap the commentary if Kidman's getting time on the mic. A win in front of the champion, and Jim not respecting the victory is a good build to a future title match.

    Fun segment with Disco and Nash. I loved the "well 8 is a good number too!" line. I don't think he's ever going to be part of the NWO, but it's fun for him to try

    Unsure of where this Bret Hart angle is going. It's clear you've pointed out he has no side in the fight of NWO vs WCW, I wonder if that could change, but right now I'm curious where we go next for Marshawn Lynch Bret Hart

    The Savage-DDP convo fell flat for me. A couple grammatical errors and boring dialogue took me out of it but Goldberg appearing (the use of the word "tangoing") and "looking to the gods in the kingdom of madness" got a big pop from me

    I was for some reason a fan of the Konnan and Mysterio team when I was little (probably more so for one of the wrestlers over the other) so I'm glad to see them get the victory. I like commentary being in awe of an unathletic maneuver, and Chavo evening the odds only for them to get beaten down is prime WCW.

    I really like your portrayal of Jericho. He's one of the best on the mic, I'm struggling with writing for him myself so I commend you for writing such a fun character. I like this angle, I'm glad he's sticking around for now. And you made Wrath interesting as well, I think it'd be fun to see this team continue on a little longer

    Booker T over Hennig is the right move for sure, I like that the partners stayed out of the match and let them work it out.

    Fun little more match promo with the horsemen before the main event

    And the main event was an absolute clusterfuck of 1999. Of course this match was about all of wcw vs nwo it was always going to come to this. Good to see Benoit and Malenko coming through in the end here.

    I love that you plant the seeds at the end. Wcw has got the better of the NWO for two weeks straight. What are they going to think up next? That Goldberg Savage match looks like prime real estate for a fuck you to Ric Flair. All in all this was a fun Nitro and really built up next week as must see TV - which is huge in this War.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    I’ll probably have no constructive criticism to give here, this is just a review of the show as I read it. Following your work for too many years, I know you know what you’re doing and everything has a purpose. So I’m not even gonna attempt to question things

    Really solid way to kick off the show. I think the small, minute details like starting the show 7 minutes before Raw is what makes this thread stand out. Cracking up at the line about Gorgeous George. Much like Wolf Beast, I too used to search for her and Tylene Buck on Kazaa and Limewire (yes, the illegally downloaded music programs also had a vast library of well…you know…) As corny as Macho Man was at this stage in his career, he still has some juice left in the tank. The Wolfpac coming through the crowd was well done. Goldberg is here to fuck shit up. Such a chaotic opening scene but it sets the stage for the rest of the night. Flair took care of a huge chunk of housekeeping in about five minutes just then. Flair’s character reads awesome here too, in my eyes he’s more of a wrestler attempting to keep the peace rather than an authority figure, and I really like that a lot. Really cool way to start the show.

    The Cruisers do their thing, and what better spot to put them in than the first match. I remember in its heyday, they always went on first on Nitro. Obviously you’re a historian on this time period so you know that too. Kidman on commentary played like a cocky heel, really fun stuff from him in the booth.

    Pure gold from Disco here. Turning the number 8 on its side becomes infinity? Fucking hilarious. Love the reference to The Sopranos, too. Huge fan. Nash speaking as if Disco has a chance is great. Really fun segment, had me cracking up.

    I’m interested to see where this Bret Hart angle goes. Blurring the lines and coming close to knocking down the fourth wall, but still all believable. Hart goes through the motions but still wins, meanwhile he doesn’t give a shit and just wants to get paid. Okerlund keeping things on track with that last line nailed the segment.

    Some good hype between Goldberg and Savage. Really authentic segment here. Goldberg hates the now more than he likes Savage, and that shines through in his dialogue. Setting the hook for the main event for this show and the next in about 2 minutes.

    Bischoff doing bitch work is another really well done segment. That’s back to back segments that were very short and to the point, but super effective.

    Pretty standard tag match between these two, but the post-match antics are why we’re here. Chavo coming down solely to grab Pepe and then ending up in the mix was great. The nWo really stands out in this episode so far. I liked the small comment from the announce team that when Chavo focuses on fighting instead of Pepe he can do great things, so I am wondering if his chase for Pepe leads him to go on a winning streak. Very fun booking here.

    This pairing of Jericho and Wrath is really working out well. Jericho playing up his “injuries” was great, and the authenticity of Jericho was in full stride here, loved “The Dumbarian” and Perry Neptune. Just spot on stuff from Jericho, and Wrath plays off of him perfectly. This strange bedfellows makeshift tag team has all the makings of a long run- in the end I think it’ll play out with Wrath finally becoming unleashed, but I’m ready to enjoy these skits in the meantime.

    Another pretty standard match between Booker T and Hennig. The real story here is what will happen when these teams square up. I’d like to add that this Tag Team Tournament has really shaped up well and you do a great job of making every team matter.

    Mongo giving the pep talk was hilarious. Almost headbutting Malenko at the end, all of this was classic stuff. How can you not cheer The Horsemen after this segment?

    The main event delivered just as it was supposed to. I was very surprised to see Malenko and Benoit winning, but I commend you for having The Outsiders end up losing the match after all the chaos that ensued. You gave them an out, kept them strong, all while putting The Horsemen over. Not too many times did we see the nWo end up not standing tall, and I’m glad you took that direction here. I can just picture the crowd getting hot and fired up about this entire ending.

    So the WCW guys stand tall, Savage zaps Hogan once again, Goldberg is on a war path, and The Outsiders lose. A pretty good night of booking for Nitro. Awesome read man. Highly entertaining, I can’t wait for your next episode!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    WCW Thursday Night Thunder
    Providence, RI
    February 3, 1999

    We’re live from the Civic Center for the best professional wrestling on Thursday nights, and surely the best program on TBS: The SuperStation! It’s the new Thunder dream team of Tony ‘The Greatest Announcer in the History of Our Sport’ Schiavone, ‘Iron’ Mike Tenay, and Bobby ‘The One They Call Brain’ Heenan at the huge announcer’s table set up off to the right of the entrance stage, and quickly give us a rundown of what to expect on this HUGE show tonight! Less than a week away from his big number one contender’s match, Goldberg will be in action against the Disco Inferno, in a match essentially set up by Kevin Nash for Disco to ‘impress’ Big Sexy; Mongo McMichael challenges Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart to get back at Hart for his low blow on Ric Flair; and we have two Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinal matches! Plus, Diamond Dallas Page is in action, and has convinced the Executive Committee to turn the scheduled non-title match into a US Championship match as a bonus to the fans!

    El Dandy & La Parka vs. Hector Garza & Psychosis

    Tonight features a combination of two well-established cruiserweights in La Parka and Psychosis teaming up with less established members of the Luchadore brethren, with El Dandy again coming out with an El Hulk t-shirt, while Garza romances a woman at ringside, going as far to let the woman smooch him on the cheek before outright dissing her, much to the dismay of the crowd, further solidifying himself as a new bad boy within the division. It’s another sprint of a contest as everyone gets a chance to get their spots in, La Parka adding some comedy flair to the contest, El Dandy tossing and lifting Garza and Psychosis around to continue showing himself as The Incredible Hulk of the Cruiserweights, Psychosis bringing the greatest aerial threat of the contest, and Garza mixing in his own high risk offense with some underhanded tactics as well.

    Garza has to hit what is becoming his obligatory patented Corkscrew Plancha from the top turnbuckle to the outside, but that’s not the only time The Rudo finds himself going to the outside – thanks to El Dandy lawn darting him over the ropes with a Gorilla Press Throw! As the contest nears its end and starts to break down, referee Johnny Boone become distracted by the fight between El Dandy and Psychosis in one corner, meaning he misses La Parka trying to be his Chairman of WCW self, bringing his trademark steel chair into the ring. Unfortunately for him, it ends up literally backfiring as Garza dropkicks the chair into his face! Garza then helps Psychosis eliminate the threat of El Dandy with a great looking Running Cross Body that sends both he and Dandy over the ropes to the outside, crashing hard! It leaves just Psychosis and Parka in the ring, and Psychosis scores the win with La Parka staggering from the inadvertent chair shot, connecting with his Psycho Stunner (Casadora Stunner) to earn himself the victory for his team. The cruiserweights always know how to jerk that curtain and warm up the crowd!

    Winners: Hector Garza & Psychosis at 7:45


    The Follow Video Has Not Been Paid For By the nWo… But It Does Feature Them!

    A pre-recorded segment from Earlier Today shows us at a hotel in Providence, and we are naturally in the Presidential Suite on the top floor because the members of the New World Order Wolfpac are all lounging about, doing miscellaneous fun cool stuff, because they’re fun and cool. And hip too! Despite having an absolute torrid Monday Nitro where Kevin Nash and Scott Hall lost to the Four Horsemen, and Hollywood Hogan learned he would have to defend the World Heavyweight Title against one of either Goldberg or Randy Savage at SuperBrawl, the mood is considerably light and buoyant in the hotel, Nash and Hall both in chairs getting shoulder massages from some random floozies. The actual purpose of the segment starts when the nWo Black & White are allowed to enter the suite, with of course no one from The Elite looking particularly happy to see their presence.

    ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner even verbalizes the group’s thoughts on their glorified crack team of security guards, roughly asking them why they’re here, his lackey Buff Bagwell piggybacking off it as he cackles, “yeah! How did you guys even get our room number!?” As Bagwell (and only Bagwell) laughs at his crack, the Black & White make it clear they’re here for business. Stevie Ray, with a beautiful mean mug at Bagwell, reminds the group that tonight, it’s him and Brian Adams against Buff and Lex Luger in the Quarterfinals of the Tag Tournament, so dey wants ta’ know – “just what are we gonna do about n-Dubya-o versus n-Dubya-o??”

    There’s a bit of tension in the room as Stevie Ray brings this up, with Vincent trying to soothe it over by declaring that this match was clearly set up by Ric Flair to pit the nWo against each other in a civil war, to which Kevin Nash rhetorically asks in a condescending tone, “civil war? Heh. This ain’t no civil war, brah.” The Total Package clarifies by saying that for it to be a civil war, they need to all be one group, “and you guys… not in our group. You’re not Wolfpac. You’re not Elite. You know… at least not yet,” he finishes.

    Taking a break from strumming on a guitar, Hogan says that all of them should be lucky he even allows them to still wear the Black & White colors. Those colors are rooted with the success of he and The Outsiders, but because of the current crop of B&W, it’s been synonymous with nothing but failure. Hogan reminds the group that they swore their allegiance to The Elite, to prove their worth to them, so they could earn their spots back in The Elite New World Order, brother. “And right now, I haven’t seen a single one of you do a darn thing to earn these stripes,” Hogan says with menace, drawing the ire of the Black & White, with Horace naturally looking just heartbroken at it. To hammer it home, Scott Hall adds that… Disco Inferno… that chico is closer to Wolfpac… than any of them.

    It’s obvious the Black and White are not happy having showed up just to get verbally emasculated by The Wolfpac, the usually silent Scott Norton stepping up to ask the group then what they want from Adams and Stevie tonight. Just lay down for The Wolfpac? It gets a roar of laughter from The Wolfpac, with the obnoxious Bagwell making it all too clear. “You boys are going to your JOB… and do the J-O-B job! Hahahaha!” The Black and White look furious at this revelation, but a knowing look and nod from Hogan and Nash make it all too clear: you’re damn right you’re laying down tonight.


    WCW UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: Diamond Dallas Page © vs. Scott Putski (w/Scotty Riggs)

    Wanting to just gush and fondle the great DDP, Schiavone spends the opening minute talking about how this was a scheduled non-title match, but Page insisted to J.J. Dillon that it be made a title match because DDP wants to be a nonstop fighting champion who will wrestle on Nitro, Thunder, Saturday Night, Worldwide, or any live event he can, with the United States Title on the line. That leads to commentary talking about how DDP is a real champion WCW can be proud of, unlike Hollywood Hogan, who has a nice cushy contract from Eric Bischoff last year that states when Hogan is the World Champion, he’s only contractually obligated to defend his World Title once a month!

    While commentary fap over DDP and moan about Hogan, there is an actual match happening. Normally having to fight as an underdog, Page actually dominates most of the match against the self-absorbed Putski, hitting some of his signature spots like his series of Shoulder Blocks while having Putski trapped in a wrist lock, the Trip to the Diamond Mind tilt-a-whirl slam, and the Diamond Clash belly-to-back inverted slam where it looks like he might give Putski a Piledriver but just falls forward so the second generation Polak goes face first into the canvas. The wannabe model requires the help of his fellow stud on the outside to help him stay in the match on several occasions, even getting physical with Page, first tripping him up off the ropes when Putski has referee Scott Dickenson distracted. Putski then tosses Page out of the ring later in the match and distracts the official, allowing Riggs to grab DDP by the hair and waistline to slam him into the guardrail!

    The tandem of Riggs and Putski puts Page in a spot of bother, making Schiavone fearful that DDP’s bravery is going to come back to cost him the US Title, but Page ensures that doesn’t happen. Thinking he has the champ right where he wants him, the arrogant Putski strikes a flexing pose before charging at DDP for a front-facing Polish Hammer… but Page ducks it, and in one smooth motion, reverses into the Diamond Dream floatover DDT! That puts Putski in a bad way, and Riggs gets onto the apron to insert himself into the match. Bad move, monkey! Page whacks him right off with a Discus Clothesline, getting retribution for the earlier attack! From there, there’s only one thing left, and all of the Civic Center throws their hands up in anticipation of it as well. Page gets his hands in the Diamond symbol and uses the gap to measure Putski up as he tries to get to his feet – DIAMOND CUTTER finishes it! It ends up an altogether relatively easy win for the champion despite the few moments of concern, Page making sure to celebrate his victory not in the ring, but in the crowd with his adorning fans.

    Winner: Diamond Dallas Page to retain the United States Championship at 6:04


    Super Bowl Winning Defensive Tackle; Future Hall of Fame Kicker

    Nothing gets a Thunder party going like a ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund interview, tonight coming not from the ring or ringside aisle, but right on top of the little Thunder stage! Dressed in a suit coat and sweater instead of a tuxedo – “old man’s gotta dress warm for the winters in Rhode Island. He’s frail! – Bobby Heenan – Mean Gene gets right to hyping one of the two main events for tonight’s broadcast by discussing how this man’s opponent – Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart – is such because of the issues he is having with this man’s leader – ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair – after The President challenged him to “stop showing up for the paycheck, have some heart, and fight alongside him against the nWo,” and Hart responded, “well, by kicking The Nature Boy, right in Space Mountain, if you catch my drift!”

    Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael comes out solo for the interview, already dressed to wrestle with his signature Chicago Bears over top of his shorts. Okerlund talks up how Mongo challenged Hart to this match, and wants to know what his thoughts are heading into the big contest, knowing how important a victory over someone as legendary as Bret Hart would be for Mongo in the eyes of the Executive Committee. A trademark smirk, Mongo says that tonight’s match has nothing to do with victories or losses, or impressing the Championship Committee. He doesn’t care if he beats Bret Hart, or if he beats him… so long as he beats some heart into Bret Hart.

    Mongo lauds his credentials of being a Super Bowl winner and a Horseman. “Those two things right there? That means I got talent and heart out the wazoo, Gene, and in two different sports at that, mind you. Bret Hart? He’s only got one of those attributes, and only in one sport too. So tonight… I’m gonna make sure that you learn all about a Mongo Spike, Hitman, and that when the bell rings – win, lose, or draw – you’re ready to think twice about the words ol’ Naitch threw at you.” As Okerlund and Mongo have a little back and forth about the Hart/Flair issue, the topic gets back to the match, and Mongo explains that tonight, “for one night only, my football days won’t be remembered for me being a Defensive Tackle. Tonight, consider me a Pro Bowl, kicker. ‘Cause after that little kick you gave Naitch in the – how did you say it, Gene? Space Mountain – yeah, Space Mountain… I got a receipt to deliver to you tonight, Hitman!” That gets a big “Oh!” from Gene in surprised response, with Okerlund doing one last hard sell for the match before wishing Mongo the best of luck.


    WCW Tag Team Tournament – Quarterfinals: Brian Adams & Stevie Ray (w/nWo Black & White) vs. Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger (w/Elizabeth & Scott Steiner)

    The commentators are all excited for the worlds collide of the two New World Order factions, even despite the Earlier Today segment where The Wolfpac told the B-Squad to do the job. The Elite are not sweating this contest too much, as the big guns are not present for the match, while the original colors have the whole squad – Horace Hogan, Scott Norton, and Vincent are at ringside for the contest. There’s certainly some stirring to the match from the crowd – they want to see the two factions go to war – and well… it’s WCW, so disappointment ensues.

    Adams and Stevie look pissed as can be as the bell rings, and neither man looks like heading to their corner, or laying down. They both stare Lex and Buff down, who naturally look amused at the whole scene. There’s a tense stare down for a few seconds, punctuated by Big Poppa Pump hollering from the outside at the B&W to “get on with it!” That seems to serve its purpose, as after another regretful look between the two, Adams shakes his head in shame while Stevie Ray drops to the canvas, allowing an incredibly arrogant Buff Bagwell to place one solitary foot on his chest, grinning and flexing his muscles in the arrogant Most Muscular pose as the bemused Nick Patrick registers the three count.

    While there are thankfully no over the top celebrations like one month ago, the connection between this happening one month after the Fingerpoke controversy is not lost on the commentators, and is certainly hit on. It’s laughter from the three Elite members as the rest of the Black and White get into the ring afterwards, some trying to peacefully get the emasculation from The Wolfpac to cease, others trying to reassure Adams and Ray that the right decision was made. As the tensions seem to be evaporating though, one man is ready to ignite the whole powder keg again – because Scott Norton is hollering like crazy at everyone!

    Taking the center of the ring, Norton is in between his Black & White brethren on one side, The Wolfpac on the other, turning back and forth to shout at the other, the hard camera in the corner of the ring catching him shout to both, “I didn’t come here to be made a fool of!” As Adams and Vincent try to de-escalate him, Bagwell, Steiner, and Elizabeth all share a laugh, while Luger smirks and mock applauds him. That’s it for Norton, who rips his nWo tank top right off his chest, balls it up, and chucks it right in Luger’s face!!

    There’s a pop from the crowd, but a complete stunned silence from everyone else in the ring, Bagwell looking like he just got slapped in the face somehow, while Luger, after taking the shirt off his face and letting it fall to the ground, looks absolutely enraged (that’s the steroids talking). Norton isn’t backing down though, challenging all three men to a fight! Steiner and Bagwell both look privy to it, but Lex puts an arm across each of their chests, quickly becoming stoic at the challenge. Instead, Luger looks seemingly right at Norton, and nods his head once… and Norton gets attacked from behind!

    Luger wasn’t nodding at Norton, but at the Black & White behind him, ordering them to take their own man out! Brian Adams absolutely wrecks Norton from behind with a running clothesline, and the beat down is on! Stevie Ray, Adams, Horace, and Vincent all put the boots to Norton, kicking and stomping away at him until the gajin is down and out, face down on the canvas! The four Wolfpac members all look on approvingly at the display, Luger again applauding the display. When it’s all said and done, the Black and White members look up at The Wolfpac, showing them that they are indeed loyal to the New World Order… but not a single face looks happy about what they have done. There is conflict and anguish all throughout the Black and White members, but they have proven where their loyalty lies here tonight. As the beleaguered group depart behind The Wolfpac, even Tony Schiavone, the staunchest nWo hater, has to defend Norton tonight for having the courage to finally take a stand against The Wolfpac, while “the Black and White might just be even worse than The Wolfpac! What a bunch of cowards! They turned their back on their own friend just to try and impress The Elite of the nWo! Absolute scum!” Tell ‘em, Tony!


    The Best Acting WCW Can Buy

    It’s another pre recorded vignette capturing the depressed episodes of Raven, a man who has regressed from the couch to his bedroom, laying under his sheets but clearly not trying to sleep, the curtains closed around the windows to keep the sunshine out. There are stacks on stacks on stacks of plates on the nightstand, dirty clothes all over the floor (even though he’s still in his bathrobe); it’s the human equivalent of a pig stye. Mrs. Levy comes into her son’s room looking worried at the mess that is her son’s life, working around the room to clean everything up. As she does, she says to her son how worried she is about him. “You’ve been home for a month now, Scotty, and you’re not getting any better!” While Mrs. Levy says all about how he’s not eating right, he’s not bathing, he’s still not seeing Dr. Nygard, all Raven can do is scoff, “maybe I’m getting worse the closer you try to get to me, Mom,” the jagged edges of his word sharp as talons.

    As Mrs. Levy does her best to act hurt and offended by her son’s barbs (damn that poor acting!), she begs her son to know what it will take to get him to just “be my Scotty again,” but Raven’s not having it. Instead he just rolls his eyes, slinks back further into the bed, and throws the covers fully over top of himself. Mrs. Leavy can only give one last worried look at the state of her son before walking out of the room with a hopeful line about maybe some rest will do him good. A few minutes pass by of just Raven laying under the covers when Kanyon walks into the room, making noise as he does so, a book hitting off the door panel. Thinking it’s his mother again, Raven starts to whine about her presence, but an enthusiastic Kanyon informs his friend it’s just him. “I snaked your Mom’s drain good and hard a little while ago, so I’ve actually had downtime. Raven, I’ve been hanging out in your closet, and look!”

    Kanyon tosses the book on the lump that is Raven. It causes Raven to pull himself out from underneath the covers and take a look at the object, Kanyon exclaiming it’s one of his high school yearbooks. That actually gets a response from the depressed sociopath, Raven opening up the yearbook and going right to a particular page. Seeing his friend show a sign of life and interest for the first time in weeks, Kanyon hops over and onto the bed right up next to Raven, looking at the same page. Seeing that Raven is focusing on something on the page, he asks, “hey, Raven! Who is that babe!?” For the first time in who knows how long, Raven actually flashes a smirk at Kanyon, although the vignette ends there…


    Bret Hart vs. Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael (w/Arn Anderson)

    While this is a match that could easily main event Thunder, Schiavone of course has to tell fans how this is a marquee PPV quality match-up that could easily be on SuperBrawl, but it’s happening here tonight, on live cable television! Wanting to show that Horsemen heart and fire, Mongo comes out with the heavy hitting early on, throwing The Hitman off his game and preventing him from trying to grapple with the big man and use those excellent technical skills to take him down and work him over. Instead, it’s a lot of juking and dodging from Hart, taking only the body shots and deflected strikes instead of allowing an early big blow. The best big shot Mongo can land on Bret is a rocking forearm strike, but the problem is The Hitman’s so close to the ropes that the veteran is just able to easily escape to the outside of the ring afterwards anyways, forcing a break in the action while Mongo roars from the inside to come back for more.

    The Hitman opts for stall tactics because of Mongo’s early surge, and it works perfectly up the intensity of Mongo’s aggression, baiting him right into several easy takedowns by Hart, shooting at the legs or ducking in behind the big man. It is that latter tactic that allows Hart to take out the knee of Mongo with a Chop Block, allowing Hart to do what he does best: cut his opponent down to size, and systematically work a body part over. Stomps, elbow drops, knee drops, and even headbutts to the knee follow, as well as rope-assisted seated sentons and slamming the knee off the ring post to allow complete and total domination for The Excellence of Execution.

    Hart uses several stretches and submissions to wear Mongo down further, but the ex-Chicago Bear shows the heart he has claimed he possesses, refusing to give up, and instead continually fighting his way out of the submissions. That heart helps even further when Hart goes for his second turnbuckle Elbow Drop, getting a boot up to clock Hart in the face as he soars to the canvas! Heenan, of course, points out how it was foolish of Mongo to do because by putting the boot up to hit Hart instead of rolling out of the way, he still had Hart land on him as well, inflicting more damage to Mongo, especially the leg, with how that leg of Mongo torques from the impact.

    That counter by Mongo still is crucial to halting Hart’s momentum, and allows the Horseman to start landing strikes to The Hitman again, and then doing one better by scoring a near fall with a Spinning Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Mongo starts going on a big run of offense as The Hitman bumps and sells like crazy to make his opponent look like a million bucks, and Mongo’s going for the Mongo Spike! The Horseman looks for his version of the Tombstone, but Hart slips out – and right away hits a Low Dropkick to the back of the targeted knee! Excellent quick thinking by The Hitman!

    Hitman’s excellent maneuver takes Mongo out of the match yet again, and follows it up even better as Mongo hobbles up to his feet, Hart quickly traps him in a hold and rolls forward into the Gannosuke Clutch pin, trapping one of Mongo’s arms in a modified hammerlock while on top of Mongo’s good leg, making it impossible for Mongo to find any leverage to kick out, ending the match! It’s expert technique and awareness from Hart, taking away Mongo’s one leg and putting all his weight on the good leg in the pin. While it’s excellence from Hart, the post-match is far worse though because as Mongo tries to pull himself up to his feet after the pin, Hart strikes right away – Field Goal kick to the groin!

    It’s absolutely classless from The Hitman, making Mongo eat his own pre-match words, while the commentators cry foul. Hart shows no smirk, no delight at his actions, instead staring down blankly at Mongo for a few seconds, and deciding he’s done enough to earn his paycheck for the night and leaving. There is surprisingly no Horsemen run-in either to help Mongo out or confront Hart for his actions (Tenay quickly saying that the rest of the Horsemen are at the Power Plant training with David Flair), instead just Double A coming into the ring once Hart is going to help his comrade at, The Enforcer giving the back of Hart’s head a solemn look, shaking his own head in disappointment at what The Hitman has become. Schiavone and Tenay hammer home how Bret Hart once again showed that he is one of the most talented wrestlers in WCW, but has again showed an absolute lack of class in how he conducts himself. “He should be on the horse next to Ric Flair leading the fight against the New World Order!” cries Schiavone.

    Winner: Bret Hart at 8:26


    Divine Lineage

    We need at least one more ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund interview, and it’s another one taking place on the little Thunder stage. His next guests are one of the teams who will wrestle in the final Quarterfinal match-up on Monday Nitro, and a team that is going into that match without the momentum, Curt Hennig & Barry Windham. Knowing they’re not on the card for the night, it’s street clothes for the veterans tonight, Windham continuing to look like either a cowboy or going to a Canadian wedding in all denim, while Hennig of course is in a suit. Okerlund discusses the loss that Hennig suffered to Booker T on Nitro, and wants to know how the veterans are going to adjust their strategy knowing that they’re now going into the match off a loss. It, of course, draws scoffs and glares from Hennig and Windham.

    Hennig is quick to declare that losing to Booker T on Nitro means absolutely nothing, especially in contrast to the Quarterfinals match next week. “Hello, McFly? Anybody home?” he asks Gene condescendingly. “Have you taken a look at us? Barry and I? We are a Divine Lineage of professional wrestling. God himself has sculpted the bloodlines of our families. Myself and Barry both come from wrestling heritage; winning when it matters is what we do!” Windham chimes in that Booker T winning a singles match don’t mean a thing because next week, that’s tag team wrestlin’. “And when it comes to be a tag team? We’re the next Tag Team Champions. It’s like Curt said; that’s in our blood. Our daddies? Former Tag Team Champions together. And their sons? Next Tag Team Champions.”

    Okerlund discusses how their fathers were indeed former Tag Team Champions in the territory days together, but Windham and Hennig themselves are still a relatively inexperienced tag team together, drawing another scoff from Hennig. “Don’t you get it, Okerlund? It don’t matter if Barry and I teamed together for a day, a week, a month, or a decade. Wrestling, and being a team, is what’s in our heritage. Winning those belts” He adds that they’ve won gold everywhere they’ve been – including in Dubya-See-Dubya, in case you forgot – and while they’ve been talking about their heritage and birthright, they still know how to go in 1999. “Barry and I, we ain’t done winning championships yet, either.” Windham wraps it up as he says that they may be getting older, but when you’re wrestling royalty, age don’t matter. “We age like fine wine!” he says, before having a final thought, smirking. “And when we win those straps at SuperBrawl, we goin’ be sippin’ on the FINEST wine!” As the two men share a laugh, Mean Gene is left to just wish the two luck, but clearly not meaning a lick of it.


    Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. The Wrath of Jericho (w/Ralphus)

    Tony Schiavone is fearful that Konnan and Mysterio are going to be wrestling this match looking over their shoulders because of any combination of The Wolfpac, Disco Inferno, or Norman Smah-Lay wanting to come in to attack the two, but Heenan slyly adds that Jericho is going to be wrestling with one eye over his shoulder too – for fear of Wrath knocking his head off! However, there is nothing but normal wrestling gear on for The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla tonight, the Canadian clearly fearful of his partner’s threats from Nitro if Jericho continued to utilize the fake injuries and shenanigans his eccentric ego just can’t help himself from using sometimes.

    Jericho and Mysterio get to tear the house down throughout the early stages of the match, going through several high-pace interchanges with all of that great Lucha shit, with Jericho throwing in some of that Japan shit as well to just dazzle the work rate fans of the sport. It serves as a great reminder of just how talented Jericho can be he’s focused, his best highlight being a defensive counter. With Jericho in a wrist lock, Mysterio goes for the spotlight with a triple jump from second rope to turnbuckle to third rope, but just ends with Jericho catching him out of midair with a Dropkick to the torso! Huge elevation from Jericho on the leap!

    That’s not going to start off any lengthy isolation period, mainly because of Mysterio surprising Jericho off a whip with a Casadora cum Floatover Arm Drag, showing his ability to literally spin circles around his opponent. It also allows the bigger men to get into the match, both men showing off their desire to try and knock each other clean out, as well as incorporate some fun early double team maneuvers. Konnan hot shots Mysterio up and over him to surprise Wrath with a Swinging Hurricanrana to take the big man down at one point. Wrath, however, uses Jericho in a much more unconventional way, picking him up into a Gorilla Press position amidst the cries of Jericho – “What are you doing!? I’m doing what you said! Oh God no, I just want to live!” – and chucking him over the ropes to the outside… so he can take down Konnan with an innovative Cross Body Block!

    Jericho doesn’t know if he should be fuming at Wrath rag dolling him out of the ring, relieved he’s alive, or happy that the move actually worked, his face a beautiful contortion of emotions. That interaction does create a distraction for Mysterio to capitalize on, launching himself from the apron at Wrath – SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA… caught by Wrath! The atomic mass is able to prevent the ‘Rana this time, and instead, he just THROWS Mysterio over his head, sending the Luchadore crashing awkwardly face and torso first to the canvas! What a brutal landing!

    Now that does help Wrath and Jericho to really control the match, the two men doing a surprisingly good job of working together to keep the flighty Mysterio grounded, The Paragon of Virtue using his submission skills to target Mysterio’s back for the Liontamer, but also targeting Rey’s surgically repaired knee as well, wanting to naturally make it harder for WCW’s elite flyer to find a way to counter their offense. Obviously there’s false hope spots and all of that good stuff, but what’s more exciting? Rey almost making the tag to Konnan but ultimately failing, or Konnan finally getting that hot tag after Mysterio is able to do the spectacular again, turning a Belly-to-Back Suplex by Jericho into Rey in mid-air countering into a Bulldog!

    The pants hiked up K-Dawg comes in throwing hands with the newly legal Wrath, unable to knock him down, but able to keep staggering him back into the ropes! Wrath reverses a whip, but Konnan ducks a Clothesline, fires back off the ropes, and hits his Rolling Clothesline… and then winds back the clock with a Standing Dropkick to finally knock the big man down!

    Konnan is able to keep Wrath on his toes, but he finds it hard to score with the repeated knock downs one would normally get on the hot tag. However, lucky for Konnan because Jericho ends up blind tagging himself in when Wrath runs off the ropes. It slows Wrath up on the charge because of the impromptu nature of the tag, distracting him and allowing Konnan to hit a Drop Toe Hold to Wrath and then still catch the charging Jericho with a Back Body Drop!

    Konnan starts taking it to Jericho, beating the tar out of him with his strikes, stopping only to tag Mysterio in after hitting his 187 DDT… so Mysterio can fly with a Springboard Leg Drop to the back of Jericho’s head!

    Still irritated by that tag, Wrath isn’t trying to break up the count – but Jericho just gets a shoulder up before three! The big man is leaving Jericho to fight his way back into the match, not coming in to break up the count, after Jericho’s foolish tag back in has hurt them.

    Mysterio and Jericho go back and forth again with high octane offense, Mysterio staggering his opponent with a Whirly Bird Head Scissors, only for Jericho to reverse Rey’s next plot, countering into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Quick thinking next – LIONSAULT by Jericho!

    Nope! Mysterio gets his knees up! Jericho went for broke, and it backfired! Both men stagger back to their feet from there, and it is Jericho who actually goes back on the offensive, winning out in their ensuing brawl, and whips Rey into the ropes… but Rey is ready for it, leaping off the ropes –


    Excellent counter by Mysterio! Rey bounces right up on the landing, while Jericho lands legs up in the air. More quick thinking by Mysterio, and he goes legs over legs and arches backwards with a Bridging Prawn Hold Pin… and gets it! Jericho kicks out just after three!

    Winners: Konnan & Rey Mysterio at 12:43 to advance to the Semifinals

    There’s a huge roar from the crowd Mysterio and Konnan winning to advance to the Semifinals, but Jericho cannot believe it! He first screams at referee Mickey Jay for the count, adamant he kicked out before three, but Jay’s not having it! That’s the senior official for the company, and he’s not making a mistake on the count! Mysterio and Konnan take their celebration up the entrance aisle, not wanting any part in Jericho’s tantrum… and oh boy, he’s turning it on his partner now1

    Jericho screams at Wrath why he didn’t break up the pin, and starts pointing the finger, literally, at the big man! Jericho yells that he held up his end of the bargain, but the big man, hands on hips and irritated at Jericho’s screaming and whining, roars back that he’s the one who just got pinned. “Because you didn’t break up the pin, you stupid idiot!” he screams back, SLAPPING WRATH!

    There’s a nice helpful “Oooh” from the crowd as Jericho immediately realizes the fatal mistake he just made in putting his hands on his partner. Immediately trying to make amends, Jericho starts pleading that he didn’t mean it, even going as far to yell that the loss was all his fault, and he let Wrath down… but the big man ain’t having it! He grabs Jericho by the arm, kicks him in the gut… and hits The Meltdown!!! Wrath absolutely smushes Jericho, and now that they’re out of the Tag Team Tournament, it looks like The Wrath of Jericho has died a quick and painful death… for Chris Jericho!


    You’re (On) Next, Kid!

    It’s just about main event time, and there’s a camera backstage following around a panic stricken Disco Inferno, a man clearly on a mission for something. We find out after several heads in a door and knocks on locker rooms that he’s not on a mission for something, but someone. That someone is of course ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, who he finds not in a locker room but just awkwardly hanging out in a hallway, talking up some young hot blonde. With a huff and roll of his eyes, Nash dismisses the young ditty as Inferno rushes up to him, out of breath, remarking thank God he found him. Always quick with a joke, Nash remarks that Disco’s about to have a match; it’s probably a bad sign he’s already out of breath.

    Inferno replies that the match is exactly why he’s here AND why he’s been looking for him all night. Preferencing with how he knows Nash must be mad about how Monday Nitro went down, Disco wants to know if Big Sexy is ready to get some revenge on Goldberg with him tonight! “What’s the plan, big mang!?” he asks, even trying to add that Scott Hall drawl to it to sound more in sync with the group.

    Disco’s attempts to get Nash reminiscing on the bitterness from Monday clearly doesn’t work as Nash simply smirks and tells him, “you’re on your own for this one, young Padawan.” As Disco looks absolutely heart broken, Nash tells him that The Wolfpac has bigger plans than just tonight after what happened on Nitro. This naturally perks Disco up instantly, wanting to know what the nWo has in store, how he can help, and if he’s already a part of the plan. Chuckling at the persistence of Disco to be one with The Elite, Nash just shakes his head and tells him that he’ll find out what the next step is… when everyone else does. Nash then looks at his wrist, where there’s no watch, and jumps in shock. “Whoa, look at the time, kid! You gotta hurry to the ring! Main event though; you’re gettin’ close to the big leagues!” As Nash sends Disco on his way to the ring, he waits a few seconds before hollering out to him, a not so subtle warning and double entendre, “and just remember kid… you’re next!” While Nash says it with a big, encouraging grin, the catchphrase of Goldberg is clear in the air for Inferno, his face somehow looking even more panic stricken now than it did at the start of the segment.


    Disco Inferno vs. Goldberg

    We of course get the full entrance for Goldberg, starting with the knock on the door from Doug Dillinger and the trademark, “it’s time!” With the head butting of the door, the walking through the sparks, and the exhaling of the smoke, “it’s the most intimidating entrance you’ll see in professional wrestling” according to Tony Schiavone (surely not trying to put it over The Undertaker’s creepy AF current Ministry entrance, right Tony??). It certainly intimidates Disco Inferno, who right away starts waving his arms across his torso, pleading Goldberg to have mercy. “I didn’t want this, I swear! I never said anything bad about you!”

    As Disco begs for his life, Goldberg pierces his eyes like a hawk and stares down the disco loving fool… and charges! SPEAR~! Goldberg runs right through Disco Inferno! The only good thing for Inferno (or bad, actually), is that that he lands with such force from the Spear that he flies through the air, bounces off the canvas, and tumbles to the outside, continuing the contest. That means that like a lion and his prey, Da Man can just toy with Disco for a little bit, whipping him into the side of the ring and the guardrail, as well as dropping him throat first off the guardrail with a Gorilla Press Drop!

    This match is only one man getting offense the whole way, Disco being reminded very quickly that while he has been building some momentum this year and wants to be nWo Elite, elite he is certainly not. Goldberg thrashes him, ending the match when he does only because he doesn’t want to just pin him, Tenay chalking this up to Disco having been making comments on Saturday Night and in the locker room that he’s been beating Goldberg up backstage. Da Man shows off his arsenal with a Pumphandle Fall Away Slam and a Gorilla Press Spinebuster, Disco so ravaged by Goldberg that Da Man has to pull Inferno up to his feet by the air… so he can finish the helpless chud off with the JACKHAMMER! Splat. It’s over, a squash main event that the crowd absolutely loved.

    Winner: Goldberg at 3:26

    The crowd naturally serenades the winner with “Goooooldberg, Goooooldberg” as Da Man celebrates his victory in his most standard way: not bothering to let the referee raise his arm, flaring his nostrils and flexing his shoulder muscles, just looking like a straight fucking bad ass. The commentators put over yet another huge victory for Goldberg, and start hyping the monumental first time ever clash between Da Man and The Macho Man this coming Nitro, winner goes to SuperBrawl to face Hollywood Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship…

    …and here comes Randy Savage! “Pomp and Circumstance” hits the sound system, and dressed in all tight clothes – leather pants too because he’s hip! – Macho Man is marching down the aisle, and gets right into the ring with Goldberg! Savage is wild eyed and crazy, but Goldberg is Da Man! He’s not backing down, and the two men are nose to nose! Chest to chest! These two men are going to go to war on Monday Nitro, and they’re talking straight trash to one another in the meantime! They both want to win, they both want to be World Champion, and they both want to destroy Hulk Hogan! However, we also want to have the two men on even footing going into that huge match (without any competition from Raw!) on Nitro, and that is why the Thunder broadcast ends only with the two men confronting each other in the ring, staring each other down, no fisticuffs thrown… until Nitro.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    just going be a quick recap here... i am trying to do a few reviews for people so i'm not going to do a segment by segment review... just going talk about stuff that stood to me...

    I absolutely loved the entire segment between the NWO Elite and the B&W... really shows that there is a big difference between both and then it set up Norton leaving the B&W brilliantly... i have a feeling that you are going to slowly trim the branches of the NWO and get down to the Elite as the only NWO members...

    Really enjoyed the Tag Team match between Rey/Konnan and Wrath of Jericho... i havnt read much of your BTB, but you did a great job of recapping what is going on with the show and i didnt feel lost

    Also, the Raven storyline is going to be a fun one... all i could think of during the segment was the Tony Schiavone podcast and that song he did... Raven's mom has got it going on... also, i think the yearbook chick will be Beaulah

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Ah, the ONLY Thursday night wrestling show on the planet!! Goldberg!! Bret Hart!! Shame about the opposition for both – but fuck it, that’s the kind of shit I love about the late 90’s era where you could have a TV main event of a main eventer against a midcarder or a tag wrestler and no one blinked an eye. Perfect booking for DDP as the “Peoples Champ” to give them an unscheduled title match tonight too.

    Thought this would’ve been a perfect opportunity to continue the push of Garza by giving him another pin, rather than giving Psychosis that rub. Felt like a missed opportunity just to hammer home that Hector is the rising force in the division (this month), unless you’re changing direction on that one. Which you better not be.

    I’d be more than happy to see the Elite nWo cut the chaff … but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the hell out of this skit. This may even be the night where this side story comes to a head, as it doesn’t feel like the B-Team will be laying down in the tournament match. Adds some spice to an otherwise ‘meh’ match on paper.

    Surprised you gave any Putski match – even if it’s a title match – three whole paragraphs! What is this, late 2000’s era Szumi!? Again, I mentioned before about potential guys to put up against Hogan, and DDP is right up there, imo. He’s diametrically opposed to Hogan in every way – as you outlined at the beginning of the match – and him on a tear as U.S Champion could easily move him into a program with the Hulkster.

    Heenan getting that old man dig in on Okerlund was awesome. The Mongo interview was perfectly fine, and set the table nicely for the self contained main event of the show tonight, giving us all a reason to stick around. Pretty good lines too about beating some heart into Bret and giving the receipt for Flair … so there better be a ball shot in here somewhere!

    Bit disappointing that the B-Squad didn’t stand their ground, but at least they’re firmly positioned now as bitches. I think doing it this way makes Nortons stand look all the better though, as the only guy with a backbone. He’s above being one of those goons anyway, and I can get behind him as a kick ass mid card face for the nWo to take on too.

    I snaked your Moms drain good and hard” … he’s talking about something else, isn’t he? Wait- it IS Kanyon, so…

    Overall, these Raven vignettes are a nice change of pace on the show. And I like that you’re only doing one a week at the moment, and not on both shows. Like Bigmc said, that tease at the end probably points to Beulah … and in 1999, I’m all for that

    I can buy Bret getting a half decent 8 minute match out of Mongo. He’s Bret freaking Hart, he can get a passable match out of anyone (prior to 2000) and a typical kind of Bret thing to do by winning a match with a pinning combination, even if I’ve no idea what a Gannosuke pin is. I’d hoped it would be Mongo with the nut shot to Bret, but I’ll take any nut shot to keep this story going, and the post match stuff was a good way to hammer home that Bret is a fucking disappointment of a human being to everyone.

    Divine Lineage would be a great name for Hennig and Windham tbf. Decent enough interview to get some focus on that final match of the round for Nitro.

    RIP Wrath of Jericho (1999-1999). What a beautiful team that could’ve been … alas, I guess the positive is it leaves all the “serious” teams left in the tournament, and it gets you into a Jericho/Wrath feud. And if the stuff so far between them is any indication, it should be a fun program for a few weeks at least, and probably one that Jericho comes out of on top.

    The more of these Disco segments you do, the more endearing he’s coming across, lol. Trying to do the Scott Hall drawl? Awww. Nash looking at his fake watch was hilarious too.

    I felt a bit sorry for Disco here in the end too. Goldberg is a bully. BOO. Stand off with Savage was the perfect close for the night, making everyone tune in to Nitro for a fucking mega main event. Schmoz finish incoming…

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Pumped for some Thunder! Coming off a hot Nitro, and leading up to SuperBrawl, I expect this show to be filled with action and fun storylines, and of course, the hilarious shit you bring to your shows on a weekly basis.

    Solid start to the night. Gotta get the Cruisers on early, get the fans going, and this was a fun match. Garza has had a nice little showing over the past few shows. It’s cool to see a few different CW guys getting a push, with Garza being at the top of that list.

    Pretty fun segment here with the nWo. You do a masterful job of setting the scene, and I can totally picture Hall and Nash getting massages while everyone else kind of stirs around the room. Curious to see what ends up happening later on tonight with Adams/Stevie up against Bagwell/Luger. Another thing I keep forgetting to mention is how well you’ve booked this entire nWo angle. The top guys really come across as true mob bosses, while everyone fights for position underneath, and hopefully climb up the rankings. It is all really well done, thoroughly planned and everything comes across making perfect sense. But obviously you know that already since you’ve been doing this BTB stuff forever!

    DDP as the fighting champion, coming across great. “While commentary fap over DDP and moan about Hogan…” Great line there. Somehow you’ve managed to put the words “fap” and “moan” in the same sentence on a wrestling show- quite the feat Curious to see where DDP ends up down the road in this. He is starting to come across as a major player.

    Mongo is slowly becoming one of the more entertaining characters on here. He wants to be taken so seriously but comes across as such a goof, it’s quality writing on your end.

    So much going on in this match. Norton has had enough! I’m a huge Scott Norton mark, so I’m all for a potential push for him. Luger calling the shots and having Norton taken out brings me back to what I said earlier- I love this mafia-esque style of booking for The Elite. Luger is a shot caller, and Norton just made his play, and now Norton has to live with it. Norton just disrespected a “made man” in front of everybody. That’s a big no-no. Awesome stuff all around.

    A lot of laughs from this Raven segment. Everything about it I really enjoyed. Kanyon telling Raven he just got done snaking Raven’s mom was obviously the highlight of the segment, but I’m wondering who the girl in the yearbook could be? As some mentioned above me, it’s gotta be Beulah. Or at least I hope it is!

    Bret kicking Mongo in the balls was the highlight of this match. Man, what’s Bret’s deal with kicking Horsemen in the balls? This dark Bret Hart character is starting to become one of my favorite parts of this thread.

    As Wolf stated above, “Divine Lineage” is a money tag team name for these two. I like them a lot so far, hoping they continue their success and get a hold of the tag titles.

    And now, my low-key favorite part of your thread- The Wrath of Jericho…aaaand it’s over Really good action throughout the match, by far the match of the night. The Meltdown! Man, I am a huge Wrath mark. More Wrath all the time in this thing, please. I am guessing the next step is Wrath wanting to kick Jericho’s ass again, all while Jericho attempts to either make good with the big man or weasel his way out of Wrath’s war path moving forward. Really good stuff.

    Disco gets fed to the wolves, or wolf for that matter. I’m surprised Disco lasted 3 and a half minutes, that’s 3 minutes longer than I expected. Fun end to the show with Savage coming out and the stare down.

    Overall man, this was another very entertaining show that left me pumped for Nitro. We get a PPV caliber main event, on top of a stacked undercard. Many questions heading into Nitro. Who will Bret kick in the balls next? Wrath continues his war path on Jericho, plus some more tag team tourney action. Maybe we get another Raven vignette? All of those questions, plus whatever the nWo has planned. Very excited for what’s in store for this thread man, I’m hooked.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    I'm 3 behind again, and as with last time I planned to review all 3 including Saturday Night... until you kicked that show off with a Horace Hogan exhibition against Chase Tatum. I swear to god you're just doing this to troll me now. I'm excited for Al Greene vs a Nitro Girl or some shit this week.

    So moving swiftly on to the 2 shows that actually matter... all this Savage and Goldberg stuff is good honest fun. It seems pretty clear that Savage is the one being lined up for the Hogan match while Goldberg heats up again (there's no way you'd be this unfocused for an actual Goldberg title match - when he's getting pushed, he's getting PUSHED), so no idea how you're going to book yourself out of the hole of having him in a #1 contender match, especially when he really shouldn't be eating any more losses any time soon. I also found it a bit quirky that Flair would pit the 2 guys who are going against the NWO against each other, almost like he's trying to create division in his own army, but Savage and Goldberg as the unstoppable duo is a very fun angle for sure.

    Absolutely loved the way you've used Jericho so far, it's been hysterical. And combining him with Wrath was a lot of fun. I had thought the idea behind this team was Jericho was going to have to get his shit together and stop being a whiny, faking idiot, because he was terrified of what Wrath would do if he didn't. Like a way to make Jericho a bit more serious and actually seem like a threat in the year he really needs to start breaking through. But after Thunder... clearly not! I feel like there were may more legs in the Wrath of Jericho based on their Nitro interaction, but I suppose that's just not the direction you're planning. And you won't be seeing me complain, because the booking of both men thus far has been impeccable.

    One of my low key favourite parts of what you're doing so far is the way you're highlighting different Cruiserweights to what you'd expect. It's so obvious you know WCW inside and out as you're not getting stuck on the usual Kidman/Rey/Psicosis/Juvi/Malenko/Guerreros group, but branching out and making stars out of other guys who also have upsides. I'd say that around this time the CWs were losing a little luster compared to what they were before, and while Blitzkrieg is a star and I'll fight anyone who disagrees, heating up some other guys to keep things fresh is something I'm 100% on board with.

    Loving the stuff with Disco, too. One of my favourite things about BTBs is seeing how people utilise midcarders, and having Disco get involved with the main NWO guys without ever seeming like he's on their level is perfect. He's getting a rub from the whole thing, but not a rub that feels unrealistic. With Disco, plus Hogan's always amazing promos, and Bagwell, you write obnoxious really well. No further comment.

    Something which is basic but really solid is having DDP just be this good guy who is open to challenges and wins them. Two of the biggest flaws with WCW was they'd forget to do simple things like "guy is popular and good at wrestling so he wins a lot", and everything always felt like it was heat heat heat heat heat heat without any rays of sunshine or light at the end of the tunnel. It became almost nihilistic after a while (hey! Now I understand why you love WCW so much!) So DDP just going out there having matches for his secondary belt and winning is the kind of thing that makes you as a fan not feel insulted for investing in the product. Good stuff. Although facing Putski for 6 minutes? Either you're punishing him, or punishing me.

    There's a few things that still aren't quite landing for as well as they could, though, with Chavo the big one. I really admire the way you've stuck to the whole Pepe thing, but either it needs to be played for laughs as a sideshow or jettisoned altogether. At the moment, it blending with actual stuff is harming the stuff that it's around. I thought on Nitro you'd finally had Chavo snap back and have a moment of clarity, but then you just had him run away after Pepe again. I get the idea and I commend you for trying, but it's not working for me I'm afraid. Sorry.

    The other thing that didn't really work for me was the Nitro main event. I know WCW was a bit of a mess and you're trying to be authentic, but I counted ten run ins PLUS the guys who were already at ringside. TEN?! That's just too ridiculous even for someone who loves run ins as much as I do. The other part of it I struggled with was Nash and Hall putting Benoit and Malenko over. As someone who has written and is about to restart a WCW BTB I totally sympathise that things inherently have to get a bit unrealistic every now and again to keep it interesting, and no-one wants to read a thread of Nash no-showing because he's been asked to job to Dean Malenko, but at the same time I just found it hard to believe this result would ever happen, even with such an insane amount of run ins. I dunno. You always have to park realism to one side with BTBs and I do do that, but that's one result that just felt that bit too much for me. (As a quick aside, I'm also not super keen on The Giant not leaving WCW for the same reason. The damage is done by this point and hadn't he already signed for the WWF like a year in advance? I just can't see him sticking around on a 5 year contract after he's been so depushed and when Vince is throwing money at him promising to make him the new Andre. Given you and I share desire for realism, that seems a surprising decision to me). (As another aside, I've lost count of the amount of times I've instinctively written "Andrew" instead of "Andre" over the years. Somehow I don't feel like "Andrew The Giant" sells out the Silverdome at Mania 3.)

    I'm also getting a bit of angle overkill if I'm honest. You obviously know it's angle overkill because you keep making jokes about it, but just because you joke about it doesn't mean it isn't still overkill, you know?! Your angles are almost always great, but I found Nitro in particular became something of a slog to get through by the end as it was just so much. And I know you of all people hate that kind of thing.

    Anyway, aside from those bits of constructive feedback, I'm still really enjoying this, and it really does feel like you're writing in your natural habitat now. I can tell you're really enjoying it and it radiates off your work. Long may it continue, there's gold in here.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    WCW Saturday Night
    February 6, 1999

    Turn off the Nintendo 64 – WCW/nWo Revenge can wait for another two hours! – because Scott Hudson, Lee Marshall, and Mark Madden are in the broadcast booth to call the action of SIX matches – including the WCW World Television Title defense! – and an in-ring interview with ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and the Four Horsemen’s Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko! What better way to spend your Saturday evening? So grab some Dunkaroos, and let’s get watching!

    Blitzkrieg def. Bobby Walker

    It’s a return from injury/unemployment/wilderness/somewhere for ‘Hardwork’ Bobby Walker, a longtime staple of the WCW undercard. The still-young African American cruiserweight has some great muscle mass to him for being a cruiserweight, which allows him to over power the very-young masked rookie at times throughout the contest. However, the always improving Blitzkrieg wrestles every match like it’s his last, no matter the show or placement on the card, and goes for broke with maneuvers from the top rope, slingshots into the ring, and springboards off the ropes. A twisting Springboard Asai Moonsault to the outside on Walker absolutely takes the cake for the rookie, while a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Floatover DDT spikes Walker down for the finish. Up on the top, facing away from Walker, it’s that beautiful twisting flip through the air called the Stardust Press (a Phoenix Splash), and it gets the young man the victory!

    The Faces of Fear def. The Armstrong Brothers

    Meng and Barbarian reunited for the Tag Team Tournament, only to job in the first round, and now Jimmy Hart has decided right afterwards that he’s done being a manager, leaving The Faces of Fear… on WCW Saturday Night! They have no mouthpiece shouting instructions or trying to garner any heat for the Tongan warriors, but neither man really need it here tonight. Instead, the two savages take care of business in short order, manhandling Brad and Scott without any issue. While The Barbarian’s Kick of Fear could easily put the match away, it is instead Meng earning the pin fall victory tonight on Scott, of course while having him trapped in the Tongan Death Grip. An enhancement win for the two, and a reminder that despite the loss in the Tournament and an absence of The Mouth of the South, these are two intense, intimidating brutes.

    Meet Hector Garza, Thee Rudo

    A pre-recorded vignette airs next, and it is a video featuring the cruiserweight breaking out of the ashes of the Latino World Order to start getting some individual notoriety, Hector Garza! The vignette features Garza being adored by dozens of beautiful women as he walks out of an arena, them all rushing to touch him, to get an autograph, to be near him. Clips of his excellent aerial maneuvers are showcased in between the clips of women trying to get the love of Garza, while we then get several cuts of Garza in a different location, seemingly doing a photoshoot with multiple women rubbing him down. As the vignette continues to flash between women trying to get the attention of Garza and the shoot of Garza with several scantily clad women rubbing him down, there are rare moments of Garza speaking into a camera in broken English. What we do get out of it though is Garza calling himself Thee Rudo of professional wrestling, and the Lover of all Latinas. He boasts himself as the man that soon, women of all over will adore him and desire him. With an angelic, cocky smirk, the final words of Garza in the vignette are him declaring that, “I look better than you. I am better than you. I pin you… and then… I pin your lady too.”

    Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) def. Tokyo Magnum

    We got to meet Hector Garza in the last segment, but all you need to know about Magnum is that the protégé of Ultimo Dragon is still dressing up like a male Chippendales dancer, and trying to get the crowd up and dancing with him… even though his look is not that much of a PG character. Kids are watching! The Cat, of course, gets on the mic before the match to hype himself up as a 3-time World Karate Champion, as The Greatest, and as a “bad, bad, baaaaad man!” The Cat and Onoo hype up how Miller could beat up any loser in the audience tonight, but instead they’re going to have to suffice with knocking this chipmunk out instead. Miller’s insert promo helps to get some support for Magnum during the match, but unfortunately, it is another victory for Miller tonight. The Feliner roundhouse kick tends to always get the job done, and it does again tonight for The Cat, despite a spirited effort by the young lion from Toryumon Japan.

    Frozen Fruit Booties def. Damien & Ciclope

    Until they get any sort of direction or purpose, Glacier and Ice Train will absolutely continue to have this be their team name, because how can it not be? Ice Train does join Glacier for his entrance tonight, and even has the icy blue fake contact lenses as well, because synergy~! It’s helpful for the faces too, as they actually get a victory! The two Luchadores give the makeshift team a lot of problems however, giving ourselves a lengthier contest compared to a lot of enhancement matches that you normally see on WCWSN. However, a Cryonic Kick from the Sub-Zero wannabe puts Ciclope down for the count, with Ice Train getting to hit the exclamation point with a running Splash, sprinting full force off the ropes twice before jumping up and bringing his 300-plus pound frame on poor Ciclope for the rare win.

    Perry Saturn def. Roadblock

    That’s right, kids! Everyone’s favorite Saturday Night talent is back! The absolutely mammoth 6’10” 350-plus pounder comes out in his yellow singlet with “Dead End” on it and sawhorse roadblock as well, trying to bully some of the kids in the along the security guardrail. Kids, just remember, it’s not nice to be a bully, no matter how big or small you are! Thankfully, The Gargoyle is a man who despite his smaller stature,iis not going to be intimidated or bullied by anyone, not even someone as big as Roadblock. Saturn proves just that as well, showing that even with the near 100 pound difference, he can still hit his vast array of suplexes on his opponent, the best one coming with a Head and Arm Suplex, tossing Roadblock over his head. The Death Valley Driver is another great show of strength from Saturn to put him away, and he has no issues doing so, showing off his impressive strength.

    Charisma In Spades: Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit

    As promised, we do get ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund in the ring to bring out one-half of the Four Horsemen, the two men coming out in shirts tucked into their jeans instead of wrestling gear, a rare sight for the duo. Okerlund hypes up the big victory the two men had on Nitro, naturally, calling it a career defining moment for the two men when they beat The Outsiders. The Crippler smirks as he admits that it was one of the happiest moments of his career to pin Scott Hall on Monday; not because it was Scott Hall or The Outsiders. It was because it was a victory for WCW and the Four Horsemen against the nWo. The Ice Man admits that they’ve not had much to cheer about, but with Ric Flair in charge of the company, this is their time to right the ship and take back what is theirs.

    This leads to discussion about the Tag Team Title Tournament, with Okerlund announcing that because of defeating The Outsiders, and events from Thunder, they now know they have a Semifinals date with the other nWo Wolfpac team, Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger. This brings great joy to Benoit and Malenko, with the latter reminding Okerlund that the First Round, they beat Japan incarnation of the New World Order. Benoit toothily adds that they all know what happened in the Quarterfinals against The Outsiders, with Malenko finishing that it means there’s only one last nWo unit left to beat, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Two down, one to go, and from there, it’s just one last stop until the Four Horsemen have Tag Team gold, the way it was meant to be.

    Mean Gene talks with the two about other events that have been going on with the Four Horsemen, first discussing about how when Benoit and Malenko have not been scheduled to wrestle on television, they’ve been spending a lot of time down at the Power Plant, training young David Flair. Okerlund, of course, wants to know how that’s going! Both Benoit and Malenko have nothing but positive things to say about the budding second generation star (because they want to earn a paycheck). Malenko says that Flair has all the potential to live up to his father’s legacy one day if he keeps working hard with them, while Benoit adds that it’s been a pleasure working with David, not only because of the passion and drive that he has, but to work with the other young guns at the camp as well.

    The talk about the future of Flair and the Power Plant kids eventually turns to the final Horseman issue Okerlund wants to get into: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Okerlund recaps the issues Hart has had with Ric Flair, and his victory over Mongo McMichael and subsequent low blow on Thunder. Both men scowl throughout Mean Gene’s monologue about Hart before Malenko says that after the cowardly actions of Hart on the past few weeks, he wants The Hitman to try that to him, boldly challenging Hart to try and “excellently execute someone who knows more holds than you ever could!” Benoit adds his two cents to it as well, telling Okerlund that he knows Bret Hart all too well, having trained with him in his family’s Hart Dungeon. He too challenges Hart to try him, warning The Hitman he won’t kick him down low; he’ll just snap his neck! Mean Gene hypes a potential match between Hart and either of the two before wishing the two the best of luck in the Semifinals match next week against Bagwell and Luger.

    Scott Steiner © def. Bobby Duncum Jr. to retain the WCW Television Title

    Big Poppa Pump has to defend the TV Title once per calendar week, and we again find ourselves on the last day of television of the week for that to happen, meaning someone from The Wolfpac finds themselves on the C-show. Steiner’s challenger tonight has not been featured as much as he was at the tail end of 1998, but the commentators are absolutely accurate that this is the high level of match you would easily expect to see on Monday Nitro. The ‘rookie’ cowboy (he really isn’t a rookie at all, it’s just his first year in WCW) provides stern competition for Steiner, and the two men have an incredibly underrated match. Duncum’s cowboy strength sees him be able to toss and slam Steiner around just as well as the Big Bad Booty Daddy is able to suplex Duncum. While the cowboy goes close on several occasions, he just can’t hit that Full Nelson Front Slam finisher of his that would maybe earn him the title. Instead, it is Steiner who hits a series of Belly-to-Belly Suplexes as the match wears on, and that is what allows him to eventually lock in the Steiner Recliner to earn yet another successful title retention. That means that yet again, it’s another show ending with someone from the nWo standing tall, but that’s not what the commentators care about - Monday Nitro will feature Goldberg take on Randy Savage in a number one contenders match!

    To Come On Monday Nitro:
    #1 Contenders Match: Goldberg v. Randy Savage
    Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Divine Lineage v. Booker T & Perry Saturn

    WCW Tag Team Title Tournament Brackets
    Quarterfinal 4: Divine Lineage vs. Booker T & Perry Saturn
    Semifinal 1: Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Winner of Quarterfinal 4
    Semifinal 2: Four Horsemen vs. nWo Wolfpac - Benoit & Malenko vs. Bagwell & Luger!

    SuperBrawl Card:
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Hollywood Hogan (c) vs. Goldberg/Randy Savage
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Tournament Finals

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Well hello there, you piece of shit. I’m up to date with this again, but considering I’m lazy, I’ll leave some comments on Saturday Night as opposed to overall thoughts because it’s easier for me. You’ll cop something a little more in depth next time I’m around for one of your bigger shows.

    Right off the bat, and I think I just mentioned this in Charlemm1’s thread yesterday as well, but no idea why you feel the need to write the match result before the brief match recap. I’ve always found it annoying as fuck that I know who wins the match before reading the recap. Please change that. Anyway, first two matches don’t really have a lot of consequence in regards to anything, except that anytime The Faces Of Fear get a win, I’m kind of a happy man. GREAT BOOKING~!

    I want to be Hector Garza when I grow up… Fuck, that I’ll pin you and then I’ll pin your lady too line is gold. I’m all for this character based off this vignette, sounds hilarious. And I feel like these over the top gimmicks are the things you do better than anybody else.

    Again, three matches in a row where the result really doesn’t matter, outside of the fact that the talent who needs to win did.

    Promo for Benoit and Malenko did what it needed to, covering all the major angles ongoing. Another encounter with the NWO coming up, however it seems weird that they’d beat the BIGGER team in the quarter’s, and then face the lesser team in the semi’s. I’m sure you have your reasons for it, but my thoughts would be that you’d save the bigger match for as late in the tournament as possible.

    Also LOL at David Flair being able to carry on his Dad’s legacy. I should punch you in the fucking face right now for that blasphemy.

    Aaaaaaand, I’m glad they touched on Bret Hart as well. My favourite thing about this promo was that it covered all relevant angles. Bret/Benoit or even Bret/Malenko are both matches that get my mouth watering, so I’m hoping they happen at some point.

    Glad to see WE actually get some decent wrestling in the main event. The right call with Steiner going over obviously.

    Saturday Night is Saturday Night so whatever, but I’m just glad to be reading this bad boy again.

    Oh and Nitro card looks boss as fuck at this point, so good job!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Experimenting a bit more with some stuff to try and add some pop to it. Plus, throwing in a nice little treat because sometimes the nWo inspires me. I can't decide if there's too much red because of the color for dialogue or not. Happy to hear feedback on it. Feel like the lack of color with the dialogue quotes is also quite the boregasm. Hmph.

    WCW Monday Nitro
    Buffalo, New York
    February 8, 1999

    We don’t need any fancy opening video package – that comes after the opening contest! – but it is straight to the show starting fireworks and in-ring Nitro Girls dancing! That’s right – who doesn’t want to see Kimberly, Spice, and all those other sexy ladies shake their assets!? To cater to the audience that likes old, crusty men, we’re then at the broadcast booth with Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan to run down all of the events for tonight’s broadcast, but surely you already know it – you just read the preview! So let’s stop here, and watch/read some (heavily recapped) wrasslin’!

    WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Kidman © vs. El Dandy

    The Professor is the man on commentary to talk about the changes going on in the division as of late with a number of men either sidelined or wrestling out of the division – Mysterio, Malenko, Jericho, Guerrera, both Guerreros – creating opportunities for some of the less established cruiserweights in the division, and one of the men to have shown himself well in recent weeks is this man, ‘El Hulk’ El Dandy. Even though this is El Dandy’s first title opportunity, the commentators talk him up as a legitimate challenger, with Heenan of course providing the line: “I once heard a great man say to never doubt El Dandy, and I’m certainly not about to get on The Hitman’s bad side with where he’s been kickin’ lately! Go El Dandy, you beautiful Lou Ferrigno you!”

    The man who looks like The Incredible Hulk actor gets to showcase his strength in this match often, forcing this match to not always look like your standard cruiserweight affair as the veteran Dandy knows how smart it is for him to slow the match down when he’s in control and use his bigger size and power over the champion to his advantage. That’s not to say El Hulk doesn’t create fun spots though, an early highlight coming when he can finally catch Kidman after a series of quick maneuvers like Arm Drags and Hip Tosses knock him down. But when El Hulk can use those muscles, he gets Kidman over the shoulder, and with a running start, lawn darts the champion face first off the top turnbuckle! And then immediately hoists him up, THROWING him over the top rope with a Gorilla Press Toss!

    That kind of brutal landing not only knocks the wind out of Kidman’s sails, but is also serves as a very blunt acknowledgement of the kind of challenge facing the young man to retain his championship as well, a piece of gold he desires to make on par with any other championship in the company. Kidman uses his great conditioning and stamina to stay with El Dandy throughout the contest, finding little openings to mount some offense, and constantly showing no fear as well, taking flight with either a slingshot/springboard from the apron, vaulting off the top, or anything in between.

    Again though, it is the power of El Dandy that keeps playing a pivotal role. Trying to go on a consistent run of offense, Kidman hits the ropes and hops himself into that wheelbarrow position for a Casadora maneuver, but El Dandy holds onto him, stalling Kidman in the air for several seconds to show off said power, and then pops him into the air, fluidly snapping him back to the canvas with a German Suplex!

    It’s an absolutely wonderful display of ability from El Dandy, but somehow, it only gets a two count for the challenger. The unmasked Luchadore continues to toss and slam Kidman around throughout the ring as the match wears on past the ten minute mark, the two men still trying to find what it will take to make sure that Cruiserweight Title comes home with them. Dandy goes close with a Wheelbarrow Suplex off another Casadora counter, and then a Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker, while Kidman uses his agility to connect with a Tilt A Whirl Headscissors cum Russian Leg Sweep followed by a Slingshot Elbow Drop for a great false finish of his own.

    The two men heat this freezing winter Buffalo crowd up like only the splendid cruiserweights of WCW can do, and the stamina of Kidman comes into play again as he makes the reversal he can always be counted on to make: escaping an El Dandy Powerbomb into a Bulldog. However, while that would almost always lead to the Shooting Star Press, he’s too exhausted to get up right away! That has both men slowly stirring, but the killer blow comes from a third man entering the scene – Hector Garza blasts Kidman with his own Cruiserweight Title Belt!!

    Garza had run down the aisle while the two were down, and now he’s making himself known in this match, blasting the Champion in the face with the belt… and Dandy gets it too! The Rudo is not here to form an alliance with his compatriot; he is here to stake his claim in the Cruiserweight Title scene!

    Garza coming out and attacking the two men as they were doing everything they could to win the respect of the crowd is a great way to signify Garza’s new found status as wanting to be a bad guy, and it also serves to make sure this excellent bout ends without a winner. All it ends with is Hector Garza holding the title belt in his hands for a few seconds to look at it longingly, eventually patting the gold a few times before dropping it on the KOed Kidman, a clear message sent by The Rudo as to what to expect next.

    Winner: No contest at 13:18

    Horsemen. Stampede. Dungeon.

    What’s a Monday Nitro without an early Ric Flair segment in the ring!? That’s why “Also Sprach Zarathustra” brings out the temporary President of WCW, dressed in his finest slacks and… turtleneck. It must be Armani though! The Four Horsemen are all in tow tonight, including everybody’s favorite son, David Flair, and the commentators of course hype the dick kick heard ‘round the world from two weeks ago to Flair by The Hitman, as well as Hart defeating Mongo on Thursday Night Thunder this past week, low blowing him as well. The Nature Boy doesn’t cut right to the chase, instead electing to heat up the Buffalo crowd with some easy cheap pops and hype tonight’s big main event between Goldberg and Randy Savage in the #1 Contender’s Match.

    After getting through those cheap pops, Flair addresses the real reason why he’s out here tonight. “BRET HART! Heh… it’s real simple. You got no heart! No drive! No passion! I said what I said to you two weeks ago, and I’ll say it again! You left your HEART! AND YOUR BALLS! In Montreal! Quebec! Canada baby! And my mission… whether you like it or not pal!... is to bring back the guy… WHO BEAT THE MAN… once upon a time!” Naitch adds that if that means he has to go to war with Bret Hart, then so be it, because getting The Hitman on ‘their side’ of the war against the nWo was something important to him.

    “BUT HITMAN! I’ll tell you this right now. You can kick The Naitcha Boy in Space Mountain. The ride may need a little maintenance, but you ain’t closin’ that ride down, baby! Still the biggest ride in the park, and still the best! WOOO! But Hitman… when you start pullin’ the slimy crap you did on Thunder to Mongo… you’re askin’ for a war you ain’t ready for buck-o! So what you’re gonna do right now… is you’re gonna get your ass out here right now! Cause I got some words… YOU’RE GONNA HEAR! You wanna get paid!? EARN! THAT! WOO! PAYCHECK!”

    Flair shakes the top rope as he finishes his yelling charade, all the Horsemen looking tense at the pending confrontation with Hart, Mongo of course looking the angriest considering what his last week was like with Hart. There’s definitely a delayed response, but not one that warrants Flair having to get back on the stick – Bret Hart is on his way out to the ring. Walking into what physically is 1 on 6 odds, The Hitman looks nonplussed as he walks the aisle to the ring, jeans, leather jacket, and how ironic considering what is being said about him, a Montreal Canadians hockey jersey. One of the first things The Hitman says when he gets on the mic is to, half sarcastically half rhetorically, ask if Flair is inviting him out here to walk into a classic Horsemen ambush to take him out of action.

    Flair’s got a great response for that, firing off, “You wish, jack! You’d love nothin’ more than for Ric Flair and the Horsemen to string you up! Lay in a hospital for a week and sit at home for a few months, earnin’ a paycheck for doin’ less than you’re doing now!”

    The barb connects, but it only draws a sly smirk from Hitman, not really giving Flair any satisfaction. Instead, Hart fires back of his own, theorizing that, “maybe it’s that… or maybe I’m not talking to Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen anymore. Because that’s certainly not what I see. I look in this ring and I see some pathetic wimp entitled to think he belongs in a wrestling ring because he’s his Daddy’s son, a cripple who can’t wrestle anymore no matter how much he wishes he could; a retired NFL jock who thinks he belongs in my sport but should probably find his dog and go back to bickering with Bobby Heenan instead; two guys who are wasting their potential riding the coattails of a group who hasn’t mattered in the whole decade outside the name; and the man who used to be Ric Flair but now just parades around a mix of Eric Bischoff… and Ric Flair’s dad.”

    All of the Four Horsemen are absolutely irate at The Hitman’s huge mic drop on the group, Ric Flair of course beet red in the face and looking murderous. However, Flair is not the one who steps forward (in part because Mongo and Arn are almost half-restraining him to make sure he keeps his cool), but it is Chris Benoit who emerges from the pack! The Crippler steps right up to Hart, going face-to-face with him, the two men staring one another down, tense as can be… and takes the mic out of Hart’s hands!

    “Talk is cheap, Bret. You can say whatever you want, call us out as one or a group. I don’t care. I think Ric’s right, for what it’s worth. You lost your hearts. Guts. Drive. Whatever it is you want to call it. It’s why you lost the U.S. Title, and it’s why you haven’t even come close to the World Title. Excellence of Execution? You’re not the Excellence of anything.”

    Hart is expressionless as Benoit completely changes the tone and vibe of the confrontation, the two men staring each other down a few moments longer. The Crippler admits that all of what he’s saying is talk, so just like Hart’s words, it means nothing. “But out of anyone in this ring – and everyone in this company, for that – I know you the best. I’m from the Hart Dungeon. I’ve wrestled you inside your dad’s house. I’ve had Stu Hart tear me apart limb from limb. I know a Hitman when I see it. I know Excellence of Execution. I don’t see that in you… so let’s stop talking, and start proving. Why don’t you SHOW me, the Horsemen, WCW, the fans, and everyone in the world… just who Bret Hart is now. I wanna find out if Bret Hart still is The Hitman… or if he’s The Ghost of Bret Hart. Let’s just shut up and settle this: Dungeon style.”

    While Schiavone screams in delight and confusion as to what that means by Dungeon style (spoilers, it doesn’t mean a gimmick match or anything special), Benoit not so politely shoves the mic back into Hart’s torso, as if to tell him ‘your move, what’s your answer?’ The rest of the Horsemen look on in anticipation of what’s going to happen next, The Crippler having very surprisingly stolen the scene and using his personal link to Hart to try and get in his head. There are several – long – moments of exchanged stares between Benoit and Hart, neither one giving an inch of emotion to the situation.

    Finally, Hart does respond… by exiting through the ropes to the apron.

    While walking from the apron to the stairs to the aisle, Hart quips that surely he’s been out here long enough to have earned his paycheck for the night, so he thinks it’s time he heads off to the back and collect. “Enjoy the rest of your night,” he says dryly and with pure obvious sarcasm, walking out on yet another challenge by a Horseman to be the Bret Hart of old. Hart walks out without another look back to the ring, leaving Benoit to pierce his gaze and stare the back of Hart’s departing figure like a hawk, while Flair’s jaw tightens and looks ready to shatter from pressure, The Enforcer cupping a hand on the shoulder and trying to talk some form of strategy into the brain of his best friend…

    Tag Team Title Tournament – Quarterfinals: Barry Windham & Curt Hennig vs. Booker T & Perry Saturn

    The commentators recap how the momentum is with the makeshift team of Booker and Saturn going in after Booker defeated Hennig last week on Nitro, but the wise Heenan is apt to point out that winning a singles match is much different than a tag team match. Booker and Saturn are a brand new team, whereas Hennig and Windham are students of the game, born into the sport, coming from a divine lineage. They’re his pick!

    The new team still have no issues handling business early on thanks to the powerhouse that is Perry Saturn, bumping Hennig to the mat over and over again in their early encounters while staying vertical when Hennig tries the same Shoulder Block that was so effective for Saturn. Instead? Saturn just grabs the veteran and hits a perfect (*wink*) Snap Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex for an early near fall!

    Book and Saturn are the early winners with their singular offense proving effective on both Windham and Hennig, Saturn almost securing the win early again with a Belly-to-Back Suplex on Windham, while Booker’s Leap Frog and quick Heel Kick combination sequence on Hennig does the same. However, the in ring awareness of Windham and Hennig plays a role to help them out significantly, Hennig using the tag rope’s reach to full effect to move along the apron and land a knee into the small of Booker’s back as he comes off the ropes. That enables Windham to capitalize on the staggered opponent with a hellacious Clothesline, and give the veterans the advantage.

    Hennig and Windham then cut the ring in half while working Booker T over, keeping the athletic fireball of energy in their own corner or grinding him down with taxing rest holds, the action slow, and perhaps plodding, but old school effective. Hennig makes sure to try and target the right leg of Booker as well, The Professor pointing out how it’s the leg he uses for the Harlem Sidekick, Axe Kick, Hangover, and obviously one part of the Heat Seeker. Booker is resilient and always trying to mount a comeback, and his acrobatics help with that when he reverses a Windham Back Suplex into a modified Bulldog… but Hennig rushes into the ring to prevent the hot tag, grabbing Book’s right leg to hoist it (and partly him) up into the air and slamming down on the canvas!!

    It’s excellent in its effectiveness and heel chicanery, made even better because it lures Saturn into the ring to help out his partner… which of course means referee Billy Silverman is focused on him so the double team can happen in the form of an assisted Kneebreaker! Saturn interjects himself into the match again to break up a count after a Hennig Swinging Neckbreaker, still riled up from that spot moments earlier, and he takes some extra liberty after break up the pin, pulling Hennig up to his feet and just CHUCKING him the corner, effectively tagging in Windham… but Saturn just runs through him, knocking him off the apron to the mats below with a Running Shoulder Block!

    And that allows Booker to then make the hot tag to Saturn! Fire fought with fire by the makeshift team versus the veterans!

    The Gargoyle ain’t one to mess around with, and Silverman allows the hot tag despite it not occurring from the most legal set up. It means that Saturn can go to town on Hennig in the ring while the legal Windham is still on the outside, absolutely mauling The Flawless One with strikes and slams, capping it all off with a Stalling Vertical Suplex. He instinctively covers Hennig, only to remember he’s not legal, which allows Windham to sneak back in and blindside Saturn with a Running Forearm to the back of the head!

    The two hosses of the team duke it out from there, Windham holding the advantage over Saturn with his effective strikes. He eventually changes it up with an Irish whip, but Saturn shows his agility to with a Leap Frog like his partner did earlier, and then unloading a combo of strikes of his own! Jabs up top, kicks down low, and a Chop to the side of the neck! Saturn starts unloading a flurry of offense on Windham, and gets the crowd rocking with a huge Head & Arm Suplex!!

    Booker calls for the tag back from Saturn, thinking a Heat Seeker is near, but The Gargoyle is in the zone, laser focused on what he’s doing to Windham. Saturn keeps his innovative offense up, whipping Windham into the ropes so there’s more of an impact when he hits a Spinning Hook Kick to the mid-section of Windham, and then hitting an Exploder Suplex… only to pull Windham right back up! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Oh man, Saturn is explosive! Cover by Saturn… but he’s rolled up!?!? Oklahoma Roll by Curt Hennig, and Billy Silverman calls for three!

    What just happened!?

    There is confusion by Perry Saturn, he cannot grasp what just happened, Tony Schiavone is even more confused, but it seems like Mike Tenay is the only one who saw what just happened alongside Silverman. When Saturn whipped Windham into the ropes, a crouching Hennig made a blind tag on Windham’s hamstring, and then went around on the outside of the ring as Saturn hit the Exploder. The replay shows Hennig pulling Booker off the apron by that weakened right leg, smacking his face off the ring apron, and then coming into the ring to perform the modified Oklahoma Roll while Saturn was on top of Windham, and earning the win!

    Saturn wants to be vengeful on Hennig and Windham for the loss, but as he hears from the official about the tag, he can only shake his head in disbelief and disappointment (not knowing what happened to Booker helps as well). Saturn exits the ring ironically to help Booker up to his feet, the camera shifting away from the losers despite the fact that Booker surely is telling his partner about the blind attack by Hennig.

    Instead, the focus is on Hennig holding his partner up on his feet as the two celebrate, Hennig getting into the trademark corner camera for a close-up to shout, “I told ya’, but ya’ didn’t listen. You can’t touch a Divine Lineage!” As Hennig cockily winks, smirks, and then goes back to celebrating with Windham, Heenan wraps things up as he says just like Hennig, he told you all: Hennig and Windham are a team, and that’s why they won; their teamwork!

    Winners: Barry Windham & Curt Hennig at 10:31 to advance to Semifinals

    The Following Announcement Has Been Paid For By The New World Order

    It’s the classic no color frame, the jump cuts all around, with The Elite in a soundstage somewhere. Interspersed between close up shots, often a low lying camera facing up into the talker’s chin and face than a straight shot, is various other nWo members laughing, flexing, goofing off in the background, or Too Sweeting each other.

    Kevin Nash: What, Naitch? You surprised we found a way to get this little ad on TV?

    Scott Hall, crouching, squeezes his head in between Big Sexy’s arm and waist.

    Scott Hall: Ha ha ha… we always... find a way, Naitch mang. It’s what… we do.

    More goofing off between The Outsiders.

    Kevin Nash: Recognize that it doesn’t matter who wears the suit, who has little desk plate that says President… Easy E always got friends in high places, ready to serve their purpose.

    Jump cut to Hogan, arms perpendicular to his body and pointing outwards.

    Hollywood Hogan: And what choo gotta recognize, Flair, brother, is that your only keepin’ Easy E’s seat warm! You got less than two months, jack! And then… Eric Bischoff is Dubya-See-Dubya President… Hollywood Hogan is nWo President… and we don’t stop… until we finally FULLY take over… the Dubya-See-Dubya! Spit it, Flexy Lexy!

    Jump cut to several shots of Luger and Bagwell flexing and posing, Bagwell of course squeezing Luger’s biceps as Package poses for the weirdness.

    Lex Luger: We’re chasin’ gold, and we’re not gonna stop until this group’s got every single piece of hardware this craptown company’s got!

    Buff Bagwell: Haha ha, you got it right, Flexy Lexy! SuperBrawl, we’re takin’ the Tag Titles back to Camp nWo!

    Lex Luger: And Horsemen… you can try to brag and boast about last week… but the end result remains the same.

    Buff Bagwell: New! World! Order! TAKIN’ OVER BAY-BAY! Haha ha! It’s just TOO SWEET, daddie-o!

    Obnoxious shots of Bagwell laughing, while Luger just smirks cockily. Scott Hall can be seen goofing off significantly in the background of the shot because of Bagwell’s over the top antics. More cuts of the group posing and laughing until it’s Steiner’s turn for facetime.

    Scott Steiner: Dick Flair! You and all of Dubya-See-Dubya need ta’ recognize! We’re done playin’ games!

    Probably not a good time for Scott Hall to be trying to poke Nash in the eyes, who gets the hand in between them to block…

    Scott Steiner: You wanna see The Elite of the sport?? Lookin’ at us, jag offs! I got the peaks that can’t be beat, freaks in every area code! What you want, we got! So Dick Flair, you can keep throwin’ every vanilla midget mah way each week; Big Poppa Pump gonna keep chokin’ ‘em all out! Scorin’ freaks and chokin’ geeks! That’s what Michigan does!

    Flex the bicep… and kiss the steroid-infused tip! Jump cuts galore! The original three in the focus, Hogan center.

    Hollywood Hogan: So ta’night is supposed to be a big night for World Championship Wrestling?? Well how about that, jack!

    Scott Hall: And even bettah… the story they all… want to tell… is that we?? In a crisis!

    The three all pantomime shock and terror.

    Kevin Nash: Scotty, but you got pinned by Benoit last week! And Hogan?? You’ve got Goldberg! Or Savage! And ol’ Macho Man’s been playing with Hall’s shocking little friend on Hogan!

    Cue a shocker gesture from Hall. Hopefully the execs don’t get it.

    Hollywood Hogan: Here’s what ya gotta understand, dudes! Not So Macho Man? We all know a guy like you doesn’t… measure up... so you gotta use that taser to compensate, haha ha!

    Kevin Nash: That is what you’ve always been sayin’, Lizzie.

    Miss Elizabeth just shrugs her shoulders and smirks.

    Hollywood Hogan: Hell, you’ve been tellin’ me that for years, Liz… but you and I have always had our secrets from Randy, haven’t we?

    The two share a not so subtle look and grin.

    Hollywood Hogan: So Randy, you can keep copyin’ a page outta the n-Dubya-o’s playbook. It’s all you’ve done for years now, brother! And you’ve made a career outta copyin’ Hulk Hogan anyways, brah!

    Hogan over the top belly laughs like he was twins with Buff Bagwell.

    Kevin Nash: Just like all this goin’ on now and gettin’ on the silver screen… we always have a plan.

    Hollywood Hogan: Iceberg… Overcompensating Randy… it doesn’t matter who wins ta’night, brother! Because Hollywood Hogan and the n-Dubya-o are still gonna run wild on you both!

    Scott Hall: And you can both say hello… to mah lil friend!

    A jump cut shows Hall has The Shockmaster, followed by a shot of the whole group smirking devilishly.

    Kevin Nash: Ya’ see… no matter what card you play, boys… we always got a trump card waitin’ to be played. Don’t believe me??

    Lex Luger: You’ll find out…

    Buff Bagwell: ...Soon enough bay-bay!

    Scott Steiner: CAUSE THAT’S!

    All: Too! SWEEEET!

    “Rockhouse” finally stops playing as the vintage commercial for the group ends, and we can return to normal programming…

    The Diamond Challenge

    The talking heads are far away at the commentary booth talking about the New World Order vignette that just aired, Tony naturally getting ready to have an aneurism about everything that was discussed by the group, specifically the loaded connotation between Hogan and Miss Elizabeth. As the three speculate all their conspiracy theories, there is an unplanned interruption in the form of “Self High Five” bringing out the reigning United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page! Page comes out from the back but immediately makes his way over the guardrail and into the crowd, soaking in the adoration from his fans all the way through the arena until he gets into the ring. He’s not booked to wrestle, we’re informed, but we find out why he’s here pretty quickly. He’s grabs a mic from a stagehand, and cuts right to the chase.

    “Yo nWSCUM! I was backstage watchin’ the show on a monitor and I saw everything you monkeys had to say in that little video of yours. Real cool style by the way, jabronis, I haven’t watched that exact same clip for the last 3 years now! Good gaaawd am I tired of hearin’ ya’ll flap your gums about how great you think you are. You can talk all you want about how Elite you think you are now, but WolfScum, I got somethin’ you want!” DDP holds the Title Belt up in the air to show off exactly what he’s talking about.

    “Well boys, if you want all the gold in Dubya-See-Dubya, it sounds like you’re challengin’ Diamond Dallas Page! So if that’s the case, all you had to do was ask, jack! Heck, lemme put it in words you like to use: don’t sing it; bring it! DDP is right here, and I’ll be in this ring in thirteen days at SuperBrawl too. So whichever nWo-ite wants ta’ meet me in this ring, I’ll put the title on the line, and make scum soup outta ya! There’s your challenge, monkeys. So think it over, probably make your real cool and edgy video, and lemme know who wants ta dance at SuperBrawl, and Feel!The.BANG!”

    Dallas throws up the Diamond symbol, brings it down as the fireworks go off in sync, and “Self High Five” hits again, bringing about the abrupt exit of our US Champion. Page makes his exit through the crowd as well, making his way up the stairs in the 100s of the arena and out like he was a fan instead of heading to the back, the commentators talking about how DDP did not like what he saw from the New World Order, and he is deciding to take a stand! Tony Schiavone is naturally gushing at DDP coming out unannounced to lay down the challenge to the nWo in response to the vignette.

    Chris Benoit (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Stevie Ray (w/nWo Black & White)

    While The Enforcer is at ringside like always for one of his charges’ matches, the Fruit Booty Master has the whole gang at ringside, minus of course Scott Norton, as the dream team up in the booth talk about what happened on Thunder when the Black and White - under the orders of Lex Luger - attacked Norton, unceremoniously throwing him out of the group after Norton lashed out following Ray and Adams laying down for Bagwell and Luger. It must be said that none of the B&W men look to thrilled to be out here tonight, still obviously feeling the embarrassment of laying down like a fish to the superior nWo unit. That absolutely shows in the match too because well… Chris Benoit absolutely dominates Ray.

    While the size and presence of the Harlem man can be a threat for any competitor, The Canadian Crippler is able to work his way around it repeatedly, evading or squeezing underneath the big man’s arms to get behind him and go into the offense. When he gets into that position, Benoit has no problem finding a way getting the bigger foe up off his feet, dropping him with several German Suplexes throughout the match. He’ll strike with him too, lighting Ray up with knife edge chops just like his leader in Ric Flair, it just seeming like Stevie Ray is a step too slow the whole match. While he is able to gain some offense throughout the match, it’s relatively one sided, and it’s why Benoit ends up winning the match without having to drag it out too awful long, unconventionally winning after folding Ray up with a Dragon Suplex for the bridging pin fall victory.

    Winner: Chris Benoit at 5:51

    While the Black and White’s representative may have put a subpar performance in, that doesn’t mean the rest of the group - Brian Adams, Horace Hogan, and Vincent - are going to just take the loss so easily. Instead, the three men get into the ring and lay a post match attack on Benoit, starting with Horace’s double sledge from behind. The four men look to put the boots to The Crippler, and help is on the way quickly… but it’s not the Horsemen.

    A man looking to gain revenge, Scott Norton is out before anyone for the Horsemen are, the Black and White hardly able to put any boots to Benoit before he dives into the ring… and starts swinging!

    The heavyweight gaijin shows his former nWo friends just what he thinks by punching them all! Right hands galore, dropping each man as they come to him! They all go down, and then Adams takes a HEADBUTT right to the chin!

    Norton gives Benoit all the time he needs to recover, and he helps Norton in the attack, and the two men waste no time in ejecting the four men through and over the ropes out of the ring! Neither man is focused on each other during this, instincts take over, so when their backs bump into each other after disposing of the last two men, both men turn to fight - but FREEZE!

    Benoit and Norton have their dukes up, but they’re not swinging! Instead, the two men slowly, slowly drop their fists, respecting the other for the plight, leaving it at just a nod of the head in recognition of each other for a job done.

    Outside the ring, Stevie Ray and Brian Adams both look to make moves to go back into the ring after Benoit and especially Norton, wanting payback after being shown up (again) on the night. Vincent and Horace both get in front of the two to stop them, however, with Horace shouting at both of them to “remember the plan! We have bigger fish to fry!” The message gets through to the two, as they begrudgingly back off, departing with their tails between their legs. Tony Schiavone though, an expert listener, shouts about the Black and White having a plan and bigger fish to fry, screaming about what that could possibly mean...

    The Depths of Madness, Dig It!? (To Find The Depths, Ooo Yyeeeaaah?)

    We have a huge main event tonight, you know, I don’t think it’s been mentioned much, yeah? Randy Savage versus Goldberg? Winner faces Hogan for the Belt at SuperBrawl? It’s why we have ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund in the ring to talk about the main event and the implications for it… and why he’s bringing out the one combatant who agreed to be a pre-match interview, ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage! “Pomp and Circumstance” of course brings Mach out, hand in hand with the young and beautiful, and young, Gorgeous George. Savage is already dressed to wrestle, and it’s keeping up with the newer look, his hair pulled back tight into the ponytail, the tights a shiny leathery black, and a somewhat transparent tight sleeveless shirt that says Macho Madness. Looks like the little lady is getting Randy into some new kinks.

    Mean Gene is ready to talk lots about tonight’s epic main event between the two, commenting on how this is the first match for Randy Savage in almost eight full months, so the question has to be asked: how can The Macho Man be ready to compete in such a high stakes match against a man as powerful and dominant as Goldberg? That gets Savage to snap the sunglasses off his face, the classic bug eyes going for Randy.

    “Ooo, it’s the question of the hour, ooh yyyeeeaaahhh. The sand is fallin’, Mean Gene. Do you see it? Ooh The Maaacho Maaan sees it! Sand, fallin’ through the hourglass… just waitin’ to find out what is left in the tank of The Macho Man! Just waitin’ to find out who is the better man. Gooooldberg, The Macho Man is ready! Ready to find out who gets to tear Hooogan, limb… from limb! Ooo, yyyeeeaaahhh!”

    Mean Gene rattles off a quick list of accolades that Savage has accrued throughout his illustrious career, the names of opponents he has faced - and beaten - but has he ever faced a man like Goldberg?? “Meeeaaan Geeeene, I know that Goldberg is Da Man, ooo I dig it. But tonight, The Macho Maaan needs you to recognize Goldberg, that what you are… is just the man… between me, Hogan, and one last World Championship! So Goldberg, you can have The Streak, and I’ll fight by your side against the New World Order, ooh yyyeeeaaahhhh! We’ll bring ‘em all dooown! Down into the depths of The Madness! But tonight… The Macho Maaan ain’t gonna need a taser to bring you down in the dark depths of The Madness! Ooo yyyeeeaaahhh, dig it Goldy baby!”

    Mean Gene brings up the video that played earlier in the night from the New World Order, and he cannot help but to speculate about something that was said between Hogan and Miss Elizabeth: they’ve always had secrets from Savage. Okerlund is dying to know what Randy thinks they might be talking about, pointing out that ‘for years’ there have been allegations and rumors that while Savage and Elizabeth were married, her and Hogan had a secret affair! Sharing a look with uncomfortable Gorgeous George, Savage is closed and guarded. The traditional pomp and circumstance are not to be found.

    “Mean Gene, Hogan and Elizabeth can say whatever they want. You see her right here? This is the new love of my life, pal! This is Gorgeous George, and I’m a happier man now… than I’ve ever been! I don’t care what mind games Hogan wants to try and play, he ain’t getti’ into the cerebral cortex of The Macho Man! And I’ll tell you this, Mean Gene. Win or lose tonight, SuperBrawl or some other time… Hooogan, you and The Macho Man are gonna have one final Clash of The Immortals, punk… and I’m gonna break your damn neck! Let’s go George!” Saying he’s not bothered by the mind games of Hogan but clearly thrown off and annoyed, Savage ends the interview there, heading back to his locker room to prepare as Okerlund gives it one final hype job before sending it back over to Tony and the gang.

    Emery Hale vs. Wrath

    While the massive Wrath makes his entrance, still clips from Thunder air picture-in-picture of the quick and decisive implosion of the Wrath of Jericho following their Quarterfinal exit in the Tag Team Tournament. Wrath’s typically mixed reaction is much more positive than usual because of that, and the man who has had a dominant 1999 so far continues that path in the squash match that follows. Hale is a fellow big man – even bigger than Wrath at 6’9” 350 v. 6’7” 290 – but is just no match whatsoever for the Harrisburg native. The bigger they are, the bigger the pop when Wrath hits his spinning sit-out urinage called the Death Penalty, and more impressive when he lifts him upside down and thumps him down to the canvas with the Meltdown. Boom, roasted; Wrath wins in a squash.

    Winner: Wrath at 2:18

    The commentators hardly have any time to talk about Wrath’s squashing of Jericho on Thunder and what the future may be for the big man given his quick victory. However, Wrath ain’t here to just beat up on Hale; he’s grabbing the stick post-match too. Speaking through some huffing and puffing, Wrath, much like his match, keeps it short and to the point.

    “JERICHO… I don’t like you, and I never did! You were a means to an end, and you failed to hold up your end of the deal! I’m here in WCW to put gold around my waist, and it’s high time that happens! Since you ruined that plan for now, it can wait until after SuperBrawl, ‘cause in two weeks… I wanna finish what I started on Thunder! I’m a give you REAL PAIN and REAL INJURIES when I give you a Thermonuclear Meltdown!!” The big man then throws the mic down and makes his exit from there, a message delivered. Tony Schiavone sums it up best – “Well fans, I hope you enjoyed Chris Jericho’s time in WCW because he’s got about two weeks left until Wrath ends his career!”

    La Lucha Familia de Raza

    There’s a camera backstage where Konnan is walking with a purpose, his friend, tag team partner, and Raza Familia Rey Mysterio Jr. is right there with him. Both men are dressed to wrestle (which means Konnan is in black street pants, a flannel with only the top button done, and tonight a brand new K-Dawg beanie), despite not being on the card, although they do now know their opponents for their Semifinal match on Thunder. Tonight isn’t about wrestling though, as they quickly find the man they’re looking for – Chavo Guerrero Jr.… drinking a milk carton that has a miniaturized version of his Missing Pepe ad taped onto all sides of the carton. He is sitting at a stand that is devoted to posters of Pepe, of him missing, of their times together, and facts about horses. Neat-o!

    The look on the face of Konnan initially is one that says ‘I want to rip all of this crap apart’ but he quickly adjusts himself to try and have patience for Chavito. Instead, Konnan showers praise on Guerrero for helping them out last week when they got jumped. As Chavo tries to start talking about Pepe being out there, Konnan interjects over him, saying that no matter what, he was out there with them last week, and it felt like he had a real Guerrero by his side. This gets a pause in Chavo’s thought process, the thought of being an actual Guerrero strike a chord with him. Konnan sees it and runs with it, adding, “you showed me last week, vato, that jou can do anything when your mind is only on that ring out there, and whatever gringo is standin’ in your way, ya feel me?”

    There’s a few seconds of pause between the group, Chavo looking down at the floor, but then speaks after looking at one of his many homemade Pepe posters. He rebuts that Konnan doesn’t get it. He’s spent his whole life being made out to NOT be a real Guerrero. All he ever wanted was Eddy’s respect and love, and he didn’t get it. All he wanted was to feel accepted by others, and he didn’t get it.

    “But Pepe, that’s the only real friend I’ve ever had here! Eddy? Stabbed me in the back; broke my heart! And you guys?? You didn’t care about me either!”

    Unloading some pent up anger in a non-crazy way, Chavo yells that Konnan cared more about the nWo and the Wolfpac than this Familia he keeps talkin’ about. “You think I don’t realize the nWo are responsible for Eddy’s accident!? You think EDDY doesn’t recognize that!? But what am I supposed to do about it!? I’ve got no one! The only thing I had was a Goddamn horse on a stick to be my friend! To help me feel like someone gave a damn about Chavo Guerrero! Because Eddy didn’t seem to care! Big star Konnan was too important to care about Chavo Guerrero! Rey Mysterio was too focused on winning championships to care about Chavo! And now… now I have nothing! No one! Eddy’s gone and may never be able to come back, and I’ve lost Pepe… the only friend I had left…”

    There’s absolute heartbreak and anguish on the face of Chavo, a young man clearly self-tortured with feelings of inadequacies and loneliness. Feeling his sadness, Mysterio puts on arm around Chavo’s shoulders, telling him that he can’t change history, although he wishes he could.

    “We all know Eddy, vato. While sometimes, man, he got off on some real irrational theories, or didn’t have the right methods of how to treat people or get ahead in this business… Eddy Guerrero loved you, Chavo. And Eddy Guerrero cared about all of us, every one of us who claims to be Lucha, who claims to be Raza. He just… well, he had a real messed up way of showing it,” Rey says with a nostalgic chuckle, not really sure how else to express himself about Eddy, considering most of the time he was a lying, cheating, manipulative bastard.

    Konnan fills the empty space by telling Chavo that “right here, right now, we’re here… and I ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon, ya’ heard? Being a Familia, dat’s how we stick together, chico. Dat’s how we get ahead… we love and support one anotha’. We love and support you, Chavito.”

    Trying to be respectful, Konnan professes that he gets that Chavo calls Pepe a friend. But now, he has Familia waiting for him to come home. “Vato, I don’t even care if you ride Pepe down to the ring ev’y night if you gotta, ya’ feel? I just want you with us, every night, drivin’ every stretch of the road, bein’ a Familia. Bein’ Rrraza. The way it was always supposed ta’ be. N’ togetha, n-Dubya-o, Smiley, dat Disco fairy, I don’t care who it is, essa; WE got your back! None of dat Fo’ Life slogan, n’ I ain’t spittin’ Fo’ Eva’ eitha’. We Fo’ Familia, n’ dat’s more important to me than any length of time!”

    Konnan’s passionate speech ends with him opening up his arms, wanting Chavo to accept his embrace. Mysterio’s arm still around his shoulder, Chavo takes several seconds of thought and contemplation, staring at the ground. Finally, he stands up, takes one look at Mysterio, then Konnan, looking defeated and dejected… and takes a step AWAY from Konnan!

    Konnan’s shoulders drop in frustrated disappointment, but says nothing. Chavo does however, telling the two that he hears them, “but this? One conversation?? That don’t just take away everything. I need to think about all of this…. If Pepe were here, he’d know what to tell me…” and with that, Chavo walks off, either to think about this conversation, or more likely, try to find Pepe. As the camera shifts back to Konnan and Mysterio, the cruiserweight tells K-Dawg to just give it time, reassuring him that their message is getting through to Chavo, and that they’ll keep being there for him, no matter what…

    So Ya’ Like To Pee on Rugs Huh?? The Real American Dream is Cleaning

    Who doesn’t love to watch Eric Bischoff get emasculated?? Well get ready for it because here’s the vignette of Sleazy E getting more comeuppance. Wearing elbow high pink latex gloves, The Bisch is seen on his hands and knees back in the conference room in Atlanta where he peed in weeks ago as a passive aggressive way to get back at J.J. Dillon. The head of the Executive Committee sits back in an office chair grinning as he supervises Bischoff shampooing and scrubbing the floor, with cuts showing the passing of time as it’s clearly a lengthy process of manual labor for Bischoff. After what was probably several hours of work, Bischoff finally stands up, bitterly telling Dillon he’s done. A grinning J.J. asks Bischoff if he enjoyed cleaning up his mess, drawing a death scowl from Bischoff. Dillon happily adds that it seems fair, since Ric Flair and the Executive Committee are cleaning up all of his messes inside the company right now.

    Not at all happy with the BS he’s being subjected to, Bischoff for once happily retorts that Dillon can smile and think he’s making changes to the company and getting back at him, but reminds Dillon, “just remember, you have until the end of March until I’m back in power, and can either make your life as miserable as you’re trying to make mine… and then fire your ass as well!”

    Bischoff flashes his classic shit-eating grin at Dillon as he revels in what’s to come, but instead of being angry at Bisch’s remark, Dillon grins back. He comments that since Bischoff still has to listen to the Executive Committee for the time being, he guesses he’ll just have to make the most of it. As he turns towards the door, in walks the third member of the committee, Dusty Rhodes. The American Dream, in that trademark drawl, says that since Bischoff likes to clean up urine and all them there kinds of odors, he’s got some work for Bischoff.

    “You a gonna get ta’ come home wit’ da American Dweam baby. I got whole lots of work ta’ down on th’ farm, an’ I’ve a been savin’ all mah farm lovin’ just for you now, ya’ here.” As Dillon and Rhodes exchange smirks and laughs, Bischoff’s demeanor instantly reverts back to defeated and down trodden. He may have about seven weeks left until he’s back in charge, but he’s clearly struggling to handle the comeuppance he’s being served by all of his enemies…

    #1 CONTENDER MATCH: Goldberg vs. Randy Savage (w/Gorgeous George)

    We get all the fanfare for this one – a huge array of fireworks for The Macho Man’s entrance, the full Doug Dillinger “it’s time” entrance and Da Man’s intimidation tactics of walking through pyro and exhaling smoke, and the big match Michael Buffer introductions – and it is obvious that the crowd is absolutely buzzing for this one. This would of course be why when the bell rings, there is not any physicality, but the two men just staring one another down, letting the crowd go crazy for the first clash between the two. It’s a slooow start, pacing around the ring, locking up, testing for strength, and more pacing. The first lock up is a straight stand still, neither overpowering the other. The second? Goldberg shoves Savage to the canvas to thunderous cheers! So Savage gets up, locks up, and shocks Da Man by doing the same thing to him!

    It’s amazing how long these two men are able to drag this out, because they spend several minutes doing literally nothing but taunting, flexing, locking up, and engaging the wild and crazy crowd… and it’s all for a reason. As the two men get ready to seemingly finally do real battle, here comes the men to make sure that this match doesn’t actually happen on free TV, or make either man take a loss. The New World Order Wolfpac emerge from over the guardrail from all different sides, effectively surrounding the ring in one fell swoop, each man wielding a weapon – all with baseball bats, except Scott Steiner who opts for a shiny lead pipe, while Hollywood Hogan has taken over taser duties from Scott Hall.

    Ric Flair wanted to create a marquee match for the fans and to determine the best challenger for Hogan… and the nWo is ruining it.

    Goldberg and Savage immediately put a halt to the match itself, and there’s only a few seconds of hesitation between the two sides, The Elite wanting to still be methodical about how they enter the ring despite the weapons… but in they go! The nWo are jumping Goldberg and Savage!

    Winner: No Contest at 4:14

    Goldberg and Savage immediately jump at the mob of Wolfpac members swarming the ring, able to use their superior positional advantage to strike away as they try to get into the ring, although it is no surprise that Hogan does not actually join the group in trying to just blindly enter the ring. Goldberg and Savage keep knocking Bagwell, Steiner, Luger, and Hall through the ropes, even knocking Bagwell and Luger off the apron to the floor! They are putting up a huge right, beating through the weapons of the nWo!

    But Kevin Nash is able to blindside Goldberg in the upper back with a baseball bat strike!!

    It (somehow) doesn’t drop Goldberg, but it certainly staggers him long enough for the rest of the group to get into the ring and start using those weapons to good use. Luger and Bagwell are able to use the bats like swords and stab Savage in the ribs with the tip of the bats, while Scott Steiner is finally the man to drop Goldberg with a lead pipe to the skull! And The Outsiders start driving their bats into Goldberg, keeping Da Man down! This is an ambush! A barbaric one!

    Here comes the cavalry though!

    Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, Diamond Dallas Page, and Konnan are coming out to fight for WCW, to fight the New World Order… but they’re met by opposition at the bottom of the entrance aisle!

    Disco Inferno, Norman Smiley, and the Black and White hop the guardrail right at the end of the aisle, forming a barricade between the two WCW sides! It’s a perfectly executed trap by the New World Order!!

    Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, and Scott Steiner exit the ring quickly to link up with the barricade, wielding those two bats and one lead pipe, holding Flair and the WCW army off! There’s a heated few moments where you can tell that the WCW fighters are trying to figure out what to do, knowing that they’re wasting valuable time as Hogan (using his weight belt like a whip instead of utilizing the taser yet) and The Outsiders put an absolute beating on Goldberg and Savage in the ring, but knowing that the weapons at the nWo's disposal outside the ring they too are outmatched and walking into an ass kicking of their own…

    Someone has to make a decision to act, The Nature Boy hesitant to send his side into waiting shots from baseball bats and lead pipes… and the act comes from the most unlikely of sources! Chavo Guerrero Jr, Rey Mysterio Jr, and Scott Norton come running out from the back! Norton grabs Chavo by the neck and tights and just CHUCKS him at the nWo mob outside the ring, while Rey Mysterio runs and has Konnan alley-oop him into the air to simultaneously crash onto the group with a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Crash and burn!

    It sparks a huge melee at ringside between the two sides (as Heenan finds a way to yell through all of the mayhem, “Chavo, no! What are you doing!? Pepe is unguarded!” Because you know, Brain) WCW trying to fight through the New World Order collective to make it into the ring, but in the ring, Hogan and The Outsiders are knocking Goldberg and Savage out of commission! They know they have to act fast, and Hogan’s got the taser. Nash drives the bat into Goldberg while Hall pulls Savage up and shoves him into the path of Hogan – TASER to Savage!

    And now Nash and Hall pull Goldberg up – TASER to Goldberg as well! Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, and Chris Benoit are able to break through the melee and get into the ring, but they’re too late! Hogan and The Outsiders have already escaped!

    The three original nWo members escape out of the ring and over the guardrail as the three WCW men get into the ring to try and save Goldberg and Savage, standing triumphant in an empty space in the audience, Hogan firing the taser up into the air, the electricity cackling. Benoit wants to go pursue them, but Flair holds him off, his priority purely on trying to attend to Goldberg and Savage. Savage is motionless in the ring from the taser and brutal mauling, while Goldberg is stirring, moving ever so slightly, but clearly in excruciating pain. There is still a riot going on at ringside as the other New World Order forces (plus nWo suck up Disco and his new found friend Smiley) brawl with the men of WCW as Doug Dillinger and his crack security team arrive in masses to try and separate it, but the focus is only on the scene in the ring now.

    The Nature Boy and DDP, with Double A, David Flair, and a clearly concerned Gorgeous George now joining as well, tending to the brutally beaten Savage and Goldberg. Tenay is on commentary lamenting how tonight was supposed to be a dream match for WCW, and instead another would-be wonderful moment for the company has been ruined by the New World Order. As there is absolute mayhem outside the ring and panic inside the ring, an emotional Schiavone sounds us off, “we were supposed to crown the best man to challenge Hogan for the Heavyweight Championship of the World at SuperBrawl, and now, will we even have a main event!? How in the world are either one of Goldberg or Randy Savage going to compete anytime soon!? They’ve been heinously attacked with baseball bats, tasered like animals… and the Goddamned nWo has won again! They’ve beaten us down again! What is it going to take to defeat the New World Order!?” And with that, after having been knocked back several times the last few weeks, the nWo has responded, and responded huge, ending Monday Nitro on a horrible note…

    SuperBrawl Card - February 22, 1999:
    WCW World Heavyweight Title: Hollywood Hogan (c) vs. ???
    WCW United States Title: Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. ???
    WCW World Tag Team Titles: Tournament Finals

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    I didn’t read any preview? WTF is on the match card for the night. Can’t believe Fat Tony isn’t telling me…

    In all seriousness now, firstly I was pretty damn impressed to see the Cruiserweight Title match get 13 minutes. Cruiserweights always open WCW shows, but 13 minutes is a LONG time to give them, good shit. The match went along well with El Dandy more than holding his own, although obviously with the finish in mine, the champ had to look stronger here. Kidman is somewhat in control and then Garza takes out both men? Cool. I’m pretty sure I really enjoyed a previous Garza vignette you wrote, so keen to see where this goes. Also fresh blood in the Cruiserweight division feels really fun right now. Good start to the show.

    Hey, I’m all for the extra dialogue in these promos, and I don’t mind the red but whatever. Flair wanting to get Bret onside and going to war with him to do so is interesting, I love the dynamic of Flair knowing they need Hart to beat the NWO. Flair as usual was written perfectly, and the Space Mountain references were as glorious as ever. Bret’s rebuttal and trashing on the whole faction was quite good to, and Benoit’s response took it to a whole new level. The idea of The Horsemen now trying to get personal to get a reaction out of Hart, only to still not get one is brilliant. This whole segment hit the mark for me, majorly, and I can’t wait to continue to follow it along.

    Another match getting over 10 minutes and a pretty good recap? You’re spoiling us tonight. Good to see the tag tournament matches getting some real focus though, and I’ve enjoyed the inspired partnering of Hennig/Windham throughout. The ending to this one was written well, and the blind tag kind of makes this a result based on experience. I like it. Good stuff, as I don’t feel two of your young guns in Saturn or Booker really lose anything.

    Fuck, this is why you need to be writing promos in full. LOVED this NWO ad. The attitude, the cheap insults, the nicknames, the action in between dialogue. All of it is god damn awesome. I especially marked out for Hogan’s line to Liz about them always keeping secrets from Savage, brutal. Really good shit here.

    Awesome response to the NWO video by DDP. Page being a big part of Team WCW moving forward make a whole hell of a lot of sense, so looking forward to seeing who accepts his challenge. It’d be crazy if you had Bret join the NWO to get another shot… but anyway. This was more goodness.

    The war continues with NWO vs. Horsemen but obviously Benoit was always going over Stevie here. If you went the opposite, I would have quit this BTB. Anyway, the beat down aftermath followed by Norton making the save was solid enough. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but fuck I love Scott Norton. Push please.

    Randy Savage promo was quite good, hyping the main tonight. I liked that Gene brought up Hogan’s epic comment from earlier, and how it clearly through Macho Man off guard. Really fun stuff here.

    Wrath squash is fine, as is the message to Jericho afterwards. I hate the idea of Jericho getting squashed though, he better find a way to win.

    LMAO at the missing Pepe posters and the milk carton with Pepe’s picture on it… That’s gold. I really enjoyed this segment here, as you’re slowly transitioning Chavo from lunatic, to well, lunatic but with some real emotion behind him. His tirade here against everybody ditching him for bigger and better things was great. Chavo needs some to think about this and the way it was circled back to Pepe was nice. I noticed the NWO keeps getting mentioned as being responsible for Eddy’s accident, surely that needs to end up somewhere bigger eventually… Still, this was a great segment for me, continuing this enjoyable angle.

    More Bischoff goodness well he’s the Committee’s slaves. I like that he tried to bite back tonight, clearly having had enough, but fuck, Bischoff on the farm is going to be so good.

    All the hype for Savage/Goldberg only to get it ripped away… This was always going to happen though lol. The attack from the NWO was solid enough originally, and I liked that Savage and Goldberg held their own for a bit. Once the beat down kicked in and WCW showed up, the trap and Black and White coming through the crowd was brilliant.

    I marked out for Norton throwing Chavo at the NWO as well. But in the end, the original three still managed to taser both Savage and Goldberg… Definitely a big way to end the show, and the NWO rightfully get back on track after a few off weeks.

    Honestly, this might be my favourite show you’ve posted in here so far. Not just the full promo and more detailed dialogue, but every little thing on this show hit for me, and the war between WCW and NWO has well and truly taken over nearly every aspect of the show also. I read others saying you seem to be finding your groove in here and they aren’t lying. Great show. But I still hate you.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    -I know for a fact that pre-teen Dubb did enjoy seeing Kimberly, Spice, and all the other sexy ladies shaking their assets.

    -El Dandy is certainly an interesting choice to be taking Kidman to 10+ minutes and I know you have been trying to give other cruisers some focus including Dandy but I'm not sure what he's really accomplished lately to earn a title shot. That being said, I love the El Hulk gimmick and I hope it grows into him having anger issues...You wan't like El Dandy when he's angry! What I do like is the continued push of Hector Garza and liked him running a muck of this match and hopefully setting himself up for a title match at the PPV.

    -Man, no matter what diary it is - you always capture Flair so well and this is another great, great Flair promo. Hart is good too here, but Flair stands out. And then Benoit brings it to at the end. I can see Benoit being the one to finally get to Hart with the Dungeon ties to talk him off the ledge of "evil" and back to the side of "good" - aka WCW. But in the meantime, sign me up for any Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit match.

    -I am glad a makeshift team isn't going much further - as interesting as the Saturn/Booker combo is, they are both better off right now singles competition and possibly even taking each other on for the TV title. The more experienced tag team of Hennig and Windham was the right winner and I do love that they won using tag team expertise. Great finish there. Divine Linege indeed!

    -The nWo promos are always fun and this one hits all the key points as they ham it up.

    -Perfeclty captured DDP again here - both hitting on his fighting champion persona and getting him more mixed into the nWo feud. Will have to give it more thought to see who I think accepts the challenge.

    -Yeah, Benoit wins over Stevie. The Norton save was fun and am looking forward to more of Norton battling his former allies.

    -WRATH SMASH. Good to keep Wrath short and to the point, and am still sorta sad we didn't get more of Jericho trying to be friends with Wrath and we're skipping straight to a match between the two. Though I can't wait to see Jericho trying to weasil his way around that.

    -Ha, I love the comment on what it means to be "dressed to wrestle" for Konnan.

    -Wow, Chavo bringin' the feels with this promo to Konnan. Love that he addresses why Pepe even existed. I can't say enough good things about the direction this Chavo angle has took and like that he didn't come right out and join up with Konnan and Rey yet. THE INTRIGUE! I did find it got of odd that Konnan is using past tense when referring to Eddie's feelings for Chavo since Eddie is just injured at this point and hadn't left for WWF yet either.

    -Is it bad that I'm getting to the point where I actually kind of feel bad for Sleazy E? Although, I am looking forward to watching Bischoff down on the farm.

    -Oh damn you, Szumi. I mean I figured there would be shenanigans galore here but I was hoping we'd get some sort of match. But what a masterful trap set by the nWo for Goldberg and Savage. I wonder if you end up going with a triple threat instead of a one on one match for Superbrawl. I love the chaos going on with the heros trying to fight their way to the ring to save Goldberg and Savage - almost like their in one of the epic Lord of the Ring (and/or Avengers) battles with just a few heros taking on the multitude of nameless enemies. After WCW has ended on top the last couple weeks, nWo was due to end the show on top and they sure made it count this week.

    -As for the formatting, I quite liked the addition of the color. Also liked the framing of the nWo promo. The way those ads would literally interrupt a Nitro, seperating into the frame like that really "interrupts" the reading of the show, so well done.

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