We’re back for the third and final edition of AOB in 2019. And after the two inductees into the 2018 Legends Circle of BTB sat in the hot seat for the previous two Art of Booking chats, it’s only fitting for the 2019 King of BTB, TY2J to round off a star studded year!!

Ty2J took the tournament by storm this year, proving himself to be a worthy winner of such a prestigious accolade, adding to his two BTBOTM awards. A long time member of the BTB section, Ty has seen plenty come and go over the years, and here, we hope to get his thoughts on everything over his time here in WC.

Let’s not hang around… enjoy!!

Better just get started with the usual introductory question for these things; Tell us about yourself… Who is Ty2J? What makes you tick?
Ah, alright. My name is Tyler Domenic, I'm a 21 year old (just turned 21 on the same night SmackDown debuted on Fox, what a gift yeah?) full time college student and gas station attendant. I work graveyard shifts, so yes, that creepy guy pumping gas at 3 am is the same dude you all saw win this tournament :P I'm from northern New Jersey, and studying communications currently. My ideal job is to either get a job on air in the radio industry, or to be in pro wrestling as a commentator, which is partly why I used to have a relatively active YouTube and Twitch centered around wrestling booking simulators/wrestling in general. My favorites of all time are Chris Jericho, William Regal, and Victoria, favorites currently are Tam Nakano, Tommaso Ciampa, and PAC.

Obviously, you didn’t land here by accident. What was it about wrestling that drew you in, and what kept you as a fan all these years?
I actually never actively seeked out wrestling. I remember being very young and seeing Edge on Smackdown talking about beating the shit out of Mick Foley (I only remember the context after the fact of learning about their storyline years later). I started watching in 2008 after football practice. A friend threw on Raw, and I saw a mixed tag team match between Kofi Kingston and Kelly Kelly vs. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix I believe. The only ones I remember crystal clear are Kofi and Santino in the match, but yeah, 2008 Santino Marella drew in a 9 year old to be a fan, shocker. I kept up because, to me, wrestling is comic books. Its the same thing, but visual instead of reading. As my uncle (who is a super stereotypical early 2000's indie wrestling fan) got me DVDs and got me into TNA 2009, ROH 2010, and some specific guys like Generico (got Kevin Owens to sign his mask during his last ever independent match against AJ Styles), Kings of Wrestling, and Bryan Danielson, I branched out on my own on the internet. It's like an addiction at this point, it's been a constant through a lot of very difficult struggles and I have never been more of a fan than right now.

Naturally, that leads me to ask another obvious question; when did you first get drawn into the booking side of things? And of course … how did you first stumble upon the BTB sections on wrestling forums? Or was it BTB you actively searched out??
This is actually pretty funny. I've been "booking" longer than I knew what booking was. I used to create an entire company full of characters, and run shows. Full shows, written out sheets with plans and future cards, etc. I recorded and even put a few on YouTube when I was 12, though they're all private now. When my ability to spend hours creating individual characters waned, I had learned about the term Fantasy Booking. I seeked that out, and found a separate forum when I was very young. It wasn't super active, and now the link redirects to a different site, but I made my way here because of Willis. I looked up BTB after learning what it meant, and Ring of Honor: Evolve or Perish by Willis was something that got me hooked right away. In some ways, Willis is why I put so much effort into this site. I guess I just like to be able to tell stories. I was originally studying to be a writer/editor for some kind of publications, maybe even a screenwriter, but BTB was always a way I could get out that creative energy. Anything that creates content is fun for me, writing music, writing scripts, editing in video and pictures, I love it all.

So you're saying we can't check this YouTube channel out!?
I mean, you definitely can, it's just largely dead haha. SaveUsTy2J was the channel, and its the name of the Twitch channel I still pop on every now and then. May get back into it in the future, but for now the channel is just a place to dump my edits for BTBs.

We all have fun stories about our early BTB attempts. Give us the low down on your first go at this booking lark. Do you remember much about it?
Oh my god. My first thread in this site may be uniquely the worst thing ever. I was maybe 14, I posted a thread of WWE 2014. The only post in the entire thread is "WWE MERCH RELEASE" and a badly photoshopped shirt with Ryback and Curtis Axel's face on it. The thread didn't see another post, but then I started my WWE 2014: Network Era thread, which I actually kinda miss. Network Era I learned a lot about writing things out because everything in your head may not translate to text perfectly, but yeah. My "First" BTB ever consists of a poorly photoshopped Shirt, and that's it. No roster, no backstory, nothing. Just Big Hungry and Perfect 2.0.

Oh man, that sounds memorable. Quite the arrival into BTB. That might be my favourite story I've heard of a first BTB, lol. Did you have any plans for it, or was it just ... a spare of the moment thing?
I honestly couldn't tell you anymore, it's been so long. I do know that I started my next one a month later, and I actually did plan ahead for that one haha.

What would you say would be your favourite aspect of this pastime of ours?
I think the ability to provide something authentic is the best, honestly. I try very hard to make everything feel as if you're just watching a transcript of what's on screen, and I think the ability to have stories from a wrestler you just see on TV, and present them in a way so true to them that others aren't able to tell the difference, is great. There are certain voices I feel as though I have a pretty good feel for; I think I can cut pretty realistic promos for guys like Cody Rhodes, Paul Heyman, Triple H, etc. Guys that are largely corporate guys are really easy to pin down, but I like having to deal with learning new people. Writing for Bray Wyatt is probably my favorite, and I'm sad I didn't get to more when I did WWE threads. Bray's cadence, his word choice, his character, all of it, it's just so unique and easy to tie in different emotions, even before Firefly Fun House.

Yeah, I think, despite the larger amount of possibilities with a guy like Bray Wyatt, people tend to find those kind of promos hard to nail. I take it your biggest piece of advice for anyone attempting to write someone 'out there' like a Wyatt would be to study up on their promos?
I think that's the easiest way to write for anyone, honestly. Once you learn their speech patterns, their level of vocabulary, and their emotional output, it's usually pretty easy to try to replicate. The only ones this really doesn't work for, in my opinion, are guys that are just so far above that you need to get entirely into their head to write for them accurately; guys like Rock, Stone Cold, CM Punk. They just can't be imitated too often.

You’ve had a number of successful threads here on WC covering a range of different companies, and you’ve been rewarded with BTBOTM honours in the past for your endeavours. Is there one particular project that you look back on the fondest? And if so, why that one?
Saving Impact is my baby. I had such long plans for that one, with Rosemary to this day being the single person I have booked the longest storyline for. I know it was semi controversial as I introduced Havoc as her abusive ex (something they did IRL on a throwaway week of Impact in the UK that I wanted to use as a big plot point), but there was legit a 16 month plan to make Rosemary the star of Impact Wrestling as a whole. The culmination of that thread was going to be Bound For Glory 2018 in Madison Square Garden, with marquee matches like Chris Jericho vs. Cody (ironic, huh?), Jay Lethal vs. Bullet Club Leader "Natural" Nic Nemeth (Dolph), and Rosemary against Havoc in the main event. I considered a continuation/sequel after SaveUsRasky went down, but at this point, I think Saving Impact was planned so far ahead that any other Impact thread for me would be a disappointment. Impact was my favorite company from 2009-2018, and I think the amount of care I put in, the fact that that thread was the first where I really started finding a unique format that fit both this site and my very anal attention for details, and god damn face of the company Rosemary. RIP Saving Impact.

On the other side of the coin, of those former projects, is there one you wish you had continued with or look back on with regret that it didn’t turn out as you intended?

I really regret how SaveUsRasky went. I think we could've done better, but at this juncture I think we're both too busy for that to have every really been a great idea. I do wish that I stayed with my WWE 2016 thread a bit longer, because I did have some really fun plans for that, but at the end of the day, I just don't care too much. WWE has started interesting me again recently, but for a long while my interest was just dwindling. That's why I have gravitated towards projects that are kinda out there, why I use more independent guys/worldwide guys than a lot of WWE people, to an extent. But yeah, that thread could've been great if I just stuck with it for a little while longer.

Of those previous BTB’s you’ve attempted, is there one you wished you had continued with at any point, or indeed, one you’d like to revisit in the future, perhaps?
I'm confident in saying every thread that is dead as of this moment is dead for good. I don't like going backwards, if there's a new thread apart from what I do currently, it'll be an entirely new project. Gotta pad that discography brother brother

Of course, in amongst your threads over the years, you and Rasky also teamed up previously. You mentioned in your victory post in the KOBTB discussion thread that you’d spoken with Rasky a lot prior to, and during the tournament. How important has Rasky been to you, here in BTB, as a friend, and as a confidant, over the years?

He's been greatly important. I met him on this site, actually. We exchanged skype to chat, then realized he lived like 2 hours away from me. We've been pretty close friends since. This was like, my senior year of High School so 2016-2017ish. He's helped me plan out things that could work if I couldn't figure out how, he's helped me proofread just because I get into modes where I write for 3 hours and never read it again. Its been less lately, but that's more because I've been incessantly nagging him with ideas for him to come back

It’d be remiss of me not to bring it up, considering how fresh in the memory it is now, so let’s talk about your victory in the King of BTB Tournament. If I recall correctly, you’ve entered the tournament previously?
I've entered the tournament every year since I have been here, yes.

And how did those prior experiences help shape your thought process going into this years tournament?
Oh, it was nuts. Last year, I no showed round one. With the same entry that I ended up submitted for this years round one. Well, same theory, never even got around to writing the entry last time. But yeah, before this, I never got past Round 2 in every single attempt. My thought process was; learn how to write a match that makes sense. Nothing else has to make sense, just make sure the match does, then work backwards. I was confident in my promo ability and my formatting, but up until this year I've always been screwed over the second it comes time to actually write a match.

It was clear to me that you weren’t taking the tournament lightly. From very early on, I could see you wanted to win this, and you stated as much in the discussion thread once everything was said and done. Was there a sense of relief, or a different emotion once you had the chance to read the results of the final?
Very much so relief. I don't think of myself as a great writer, per say or however you spell that. I put myself somewhere squarely in the middle, in that I write solid quality things that have varying sense of craziness to it. I hold myself below the people of this section like OBEY, GCB, Kilik, etc. and was very worried of working very hard on this tournament for it to not pay off. I literally didn't even read it, I scrolled to the bottom, saw the result, and went to read why without anxiety.

You clearly thought outside the box in some form or fashion with each and every entry you submitted. Your ideas for presentation alone (loading the FITETV app in Round 2, the newsletter layout for the final etc) really impressed me. Did these ideas just come to you, or were these things you’d thought about previously?
I can honestly say, everything for this tournament that was out of the box was new as it happened. FITE TV was because I knew the match itself didn't have a backstory, I just wanted to write a comedy match between Yano and Orange Cassidy. Easiest remedy? Make it on a one off show and just have it about the two guys and not the match itself. The newsletter was literally "How do I logically put the backstory directly in front of the match without giving every match a hype video." Fun easter Egg: Me and Rasky ran a legitimate, short-lived wrestling news site called Headlock on Wrestling. My biggest piece was on Kenny Omega's G1 win. But yeah, I think this tournament cemented me as the Wild Card of BTB, and I'm very happy with that. Life needs more Chaotic Neutrals.

And now, as only the fifth person to earn the honour of calling yourself King of BTB, are there any tips or pointers you’d dish out to any hopefuls for next years tournament?
Don't enter. Lemme win by default so I can take Kilik's honor. Jkjk, just be prepared to make it a priority and you'll go far. Plain and simple. I truly believe I won because of how important I made this tournament to myself, and if you enter into a competition where others take it very seriously and you don't, there's a good chance that shows.

Well, you've definitely set a bar for anyone that's looking to take that crown in 2020. I think reducing the tournament by at least one round should hopefully shorten the, and make it more inviting for potential entrants. I'll be taking on board the suggestions you made too, in terms of changing up the process. I just didn't want to come in and rip up a format that had worked. But I'd like to gear at least one of the rounds to a simple booking task, focusing less on writing a promo or a match, but presenting details of an angle from beginning to end.

Getting back to the nuts and bolts of these interviews; tell us about the kind of characters that appeal to you and get your mind flowing with ideas for promos/angles etc.Anything, honestly, I think that's part of the fun of wrestling. In any one show, to go from MJF to Minoru Suzuki to Marko Stunt to Eli Drake is like a rollercoaster that makes you need to be able to put yourself in any character's mind at any given time. In terms of characters, everything has the potential to be a wrestling character. I'm shocked nobody does the poison mist with vape smoke yet, but hey, it'll probably happen eventually. In terms of getting ideas, I look at everything. My apple music library is just a library of wrestling songs, songs that could be themes for people or shows, or songs that could be the background to a promo. I think that's part of why I keep doing this, I don't need to get my mind flowing. My mind actively seeks for ways to input different characters/cultures/anything into wrestling, and this outlet is just how I get my brain to shut up, rather than needing it to get going.

If you could go back and point at one angle, a match, one promo and one show that you’ve written in the past and class it as your favourite, either from a writing standpoint or just for the sheer joy you got from it, what would it be?
Fucking oof. Alright. Shows? Double or Nothing. Easy. That shit was my baby, I put so much work into that, and I'm glad it got some decent recognition. The others are a bit difficult, because like I said earlier, when I leave a thread that thread's dead to me. I don't remember a lot of the past threads, but I remember my favorites. Enzo and Cass promo at No Mercy was fun because I felt I really caught Enzo's voice, but that's second to probably my Cody promo on James Storm in Saving Impact. I was really proud of tying in elements of Cody, Dusty (in terms of the structure for inspiration), and Dustin (using film references) in one way to have Cody still come off as a douche. Honestly, every match that I've really thought of as favorites are super subjective. It's anything from Roman Reigns vs. Neville, AdR vs. Nakamura, AJ Styles vs. John Cena and Kurt Angle vs. Dean Ambrose all from SummerSlam 2016, Lethal vs. Mundo and anything Lucha Brothers from Saving Impact are all highlights. I think if I had to pick any one single match I'm most proud of it's PAC vs. Hangman right now though. Angles, part of what I'm planning now is my favorite so I'll leave on an unfavorable cliffhanger for that one.

I'll at least be clear that it is an angle that has already started in my thread. I'm just a big fan of where it'll go in terms of how I can present it compared to how it's usually presented. Again, vague, I know, but I'm talking about a pay off that's a few months ahead in thread time, which can be like a year in real life lmao.

And I have to ask … would you have a least favourite – for whatever reason that may be; be it an angle that didn’t come off as you wanted it to, or a match that didn’t click etc.?
It's definitely not my least favorite, but the AEW BTB definitely had some interesting reactions, specifically from Zoom-E, which I think I want to take this to address. While waiting for my time to post another thread, I was actually between two thread ideas; Saving Impact II: The Callis Effect or GDPW: Flatbush Zombies Presents Glorious Dead Pro Wrestling. What I really wanted to do was create and mold a company into an image where I could just go and tell stories. Rumors spread about AEW, and I started to write ideas for that thread. While some things I am doing don't seem realistic, I largely only did that to things that are changeable IRL (the WWE non compete clause historically not holding up in court) or for things that largely don't matter in terms of just reading a thread like the show being 90 minutes. I feel bad only calling Zoom out for it, but he was the only one super vocal with negative critiques. I'm sure others share that opinion, and I just wanted to clear up that the idea with the AEW thread was simply; How would I do pro wrestling right now? There are parts that I love with the criticisms I've gotten that are going to be big game changers, but I do think it's interest the reaction I got from some when I built AEW as a "Super Indie" right off the bat, despite them IRL largely doing way better than I have them set to be. I just think it's the fact that so many threads plan big and fizzle out, that when people see something that looks odd off the bat, the general consensus is that it's too bold to succeed. While I get the concern and to an extent it can be correct, I do feel that starting the AEW thread when I did, and using the names I have so far, may have unfairly gotten some people to not take the thread seriously. That may be another subconscious reason I wanted to win KOBTB, just more promotion for my own stuff because I'm my own biggest mark.

Well, I think it's safe to say, if you didn't have the eyeballs on your thread before, you will now. We've spoken about favourite angles and matches you've written, but how about in real life? Do you have a specific match or feud that sticks out as a favourite? Something that you looked at that gave you inspiration in itself maybe?
Well, Specifically for KOBTB, I watched old bullrope matches on the network to get ideas for spots. Bob Orton Jr. vs. Dick Murdoch, Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes, JBL vs. Eddie, etc. I just watched a bunch of them for that match that gave me some inspirations on how to do a match that I'd never seen done live with the rules I was using. In terms of my favorite matches, Regal vs. Ohno and Regal vs. Cesaro from NXT are both masterclasses. Anything with Kenta Kobashi is absurd, and currently, STARDOM as a whole has been nuts. I don't really try to take much inspiration from other angles in terms of similar stories, because I worry about that becoming a bit of just copying a different storyline, but I do look at wrestlers and matches in real life and think "Okay, how can I use that?" That's where most of my joshi in my thread come from. I doubt nearly anybody knows who Reika Saiki, Maho Kurone, Tsukasa Fujimoto, etc. but what I find fun is making people familiar with them to the point where I can introduce people to them. Kinda like what real AEW did for Yuka, Riho, Nyla, etc. As far as just my pure favorite angles to watch, Jericho and Michaels in 2008 was great, and that was right when I started watching. Seeing Daniel Bryan's rise to the top, and being there live for the last Gargano and Ciampa match that they had, those have really set them apart for me.

Obviously, your most recent thread has been AEW, and from what I can see so far, it’s the longest running AEW thread in the section. Are you planning to pick it up again now that the KOBTB tournament is completed? And if so, can you shed any light on some future developments we can expect?
Oh lord. Yes, this will be back. I was going to be a little ambiguous and spring back like I did with Double or Nothing, but yes. The next thing that will be posted is Inside AEW, which is less than halfway done. The same can be said about the next edition of Dynamite. However, I can say that the future does bring very strong ideas. I like what AEW is doing IRL, but I want to anchor my thread's AEW in a different universe. Just because I do something doesn't mean AEW is going to, vice versa. There are parts of real AEW that I personally think aren't as good as they can be, but what I want people to be excited for is characters and Bash at the Beach, honestly. My characters are so planned out, I have a google doc of every single roster members alignment, personality, short term goal, and long term goal. All of the characters have different intricate details, and I think part of the fun of my thread will be noticing and picking those out and seeing which characters you like best. In terms of why I said Bash at the Beach, for full transparency; All Out is the next PPV. It's the biggest show of the year. I've never gotten to book a WrestleMania/Bound For Glory/whatever in an actual thread before, so as soon as I get passed Bash at the Beach, we're on the road to it and I think everybody should be excited for that. OH! And for me to use weird and different characters. I'm still a wildcard in my own thread.

So it's safe to say that there's exciting times ahead. Do you find it easier to focus when you're approaching a big 'destination' point in a thread, such as All Out now in this current thread? Or is that not really an issue, and it's more of an issue of simply not having enough time available with real life commitments?

Honestly, it's easiest to focus when I'm just writing TV. I've set up my TV to be very easy to pump out at a semi regular pace, it's just that PPVs are going to be so intricate that I know it's gonna be a pain to get all set and ready to post. Real life commitments now are worse than ever, so it definitely factors in, but I think when I really get into the swing of it, the only thing that really gets me stopped up for a bit is either a big show or big moment, because I fear making it seem to formulaic and not coming across as special as I'd want.

Also, now that AEW Dynamite is now a real thing, is there anything about the presentation of the show that has surprised you at all (as much as you can read into from one show), in comparison to your own Dynamite show? Apart from airing on different nights, of course!
The airing on different nights things may not be as big a difference as you think . But my thread's spoilers aside, I really like the rainbow presentation. I was there live in attendance for Dynamite's debut, and it was absurd how good it looked. I was blown away. I think the biggest difference is that AEW IRL is going to be heavily inspired by old territory booking, as Cody and Khan are noted fans of that style. My own style, I tend to book very similar to New Japan in terms of psychology. I want wrestling to be a sport, but not a sport that isn't allowed to have silly gimmicks. Wrestling has it's own rules, independent of any other medium, and I wanted to make that clear with my AEW. Think of WWE as a cartoony, variety show. That's what they want. I want my AEW to be UFC. That's why I do constant tale of the tapes, it's why every match has it's clear time limit, but wrestling can't lose it's characters. That's why I've continued the Orange Cassidy saga in bits and pieces, Andy Wu's Bushido Battle Star Character is going to be fun but I worry if people will be receptive since he's a very niche independent guy. I just think that AEW IRL has the advantage that anything they do is automatically realistic, while I am trying to have fun with people that I actually know (hence a NJPW connect in my thread instead of the IRL DDT one) instead of hyper focusing on realism. Somebody works best woking with what they're most comfortable, in my opinion.

Right before your current AEW project, you had teased a return of your former Impact thread. What was it that swayed you and excited you about going for AEW instead?
When I was teasing the Impact thread, as I mentioned before, I was between the return of Impact or a new custom promotion called Glorious Dead Pro Wrestling. The idea was that it was a wrestling company started by the rap group Flatbush Zombies. I had a whole planned out roster and storylines, the show was gonna air on IG-TV as a 21 and up show, the whole 9. But I also started writing out ideas for an Impact thread. In the end, I decided I wanted impact more. But when AEW rumors started up, I started writing a third thread idea. As AEW was officially announced, I was super excited. Small, nerdy insight. When I used to play with action figures as a kid, the company I always used was "Elite Wrestling Federation" with a top stable called "The Elite." Seeing a whole company, with a big financial backer, actually using gimmicks and names I used as a kid hooked me. I decided to compound ideas together from both GDPW (like the hip hop concerts at shows, the fan rallys) and combine it with unique things for a custom thread (shows having a "Half Time" intermission on ppv, complete with concert) to make the thread that I have now.

How important do you find feedback to be? If your readers are in unison over a dislike of an angle, or a character, would that ever make you reconsider certain plans? Or would you be headstrong in your belief that the ends justify the means, and be determined to see your vision through?

Incredibly. Zoom-E helped me decide to can a bad character with his critique. Without that, I likely would've kept it and my show would've been worse off. I think being headstrong is stupid, both in threads and in real life, but that depends on your goal as a writer. My goal when I write is to write stories and to entertain. If I'm getting current feedback to my thread that a character or story sucks, I'm not gonna waste my time writing it, but I'm sure as hell gonna use that failed character as part of future stories just like real life. I'm super young, not all of my ideas are going to be good, but I need a response of some kind to know if they're just plain garbage or not, right?

And, if so, can you offer any insight into any angle/character that you tweaked due to feedback either in the past, or in your current thread?
Aaron Solow. I've thought up some really fun stuff for him now that wouldn't have worked in his old image, but trust me. He's accidentally going to be a very important person in history.

For anyone reading that’s looking to pick up some helpful tips for a successful BTB, can you shed any insight on what kind of planning goes into one of your shows? Do you prefer meticulous planning, or do you find more success in booking by the seat of your pants?
I'm probably the worst in terms of flying by the seat of my pants. I have a literal notebook I keep with me at all times. It has all of my shows planned down to the minute. Not big write outs, just blocked out time sheets like real TV. It has each match, the segments, the confirmed PPV on the bottom of the page, and next to each timed out segment is a system of coded symbols. Each symbol means what that angle/match accomplishes. Anything from continuing feud to starting feud to character development to promoting future appearance, etc. When I sit down and write for the week, that show becomes pretty malleable. The only thing I'm stuck that I refuse to change is my PPV card. I plan PPV to PPV for about a year or so ahead, so while the TV can be a little flexible, PPV's really can't barring slight injury substitutions in case I spice things up. I might be doing that more now, too.

I've always been a big advocate of planning ahead, but that even blows the level of detail I thought I went into completely out of the water. I hope people reading this take note, because imo, while it may not work for everyone, the rewards are there by making solid plans. Have you ever, or do you think you could ever, book on the fly without having big goals or end games in mind?
Oh there have been times where major plans have changed. Its not common but it can happen. Seth winning the IC title in my Network Era booker was decided as I wrote the finish of the match. There are certain things that I leave where it can end either way and have the story advance, but in terms of my major stories where I know where I want to go, those usually don't change. I continue to think further ahead for those stories as abstract ideas, but I rarely change it because I have a lot of story ideas I really want to see through.

What about motivations? What motivates you to book? And what advice can you give for anyone that is looking for some motivation or inspiration?
I just don't have friends, to be honest. I work graveyard shifts, 10 at night to 6 am, and I'm asleep when everybody else is out and about. I think the motivation should come from yourself, because really, this is just a hobby. You can't force yourself to enjoy a hobby, because 1) you don't get paid, 2) that's how you resent the hobby. Just need to step away and take a break every now and then if you aren't motivated. As I said before for inspiration, I find inspiration in everything. Literally anything can happen in wrestling, nothing's real, who cares. I almost had Barrack Obama do a presidential We The People for Jack Swagger at WrestleMania 31. To be 100 honest, if you're of legal age, get fucked up for some fun ideas. I get trashed and just watch either wrestling, netflix, or YouTube and see what I think would be fun. Peaky Blinders, a great British gang show on Netflix. A lot of their vibe is gonna get used when I book Villain Enterprises in AEW. It's all about what can I repurpose. Sting's just The Crow. Razor Ramon was just Scar Face. Anything can be great, you just need to know how to make it your own and how to make it entertaining to see.

Peaky Blinders is the best thing going right now. You've clearly got good tastes in TV programmes!! Can you shed any light on other shows that gave you inspiration for BTB in the past, or shaped how you presented certain people?
Yeah, I mean, it's actually more common than I notice sometimes. There's a show on YouTube I watch called Ready Set Show, and they have some episodes on British Slang that I'm gonna use for some characters. There have been moments that I want to recreate, like in Breaking Bad there's a great monologue about Half Measures in an early season. It's hard to explain, but if you've seen the scene, you know it's cold, unsettling, and threatening. That's a feeling I'd love to capture in a similar fashion, so there may be characters that use that kind of portrayal. Stuff like that. I also use songs alot to build feud ideas. I look up on Apple Music like two keywords, and find songs with the title. For the current Death Match storyline for Bash at the Beach, here's a sneak peak of the storyline. Listen to MONEY & FAME by NEEDTOBREATHE, that's the promo video for the match, and that's a large tell into what story this match is going to tell. I'm a big fan of doing things this way, especially because then the music helps make the storyline feel more alive.

A Peaky Blinders AND Breaking Bad fan? Clearly, you’ve quality taste in TV. Breaking Bad is an all timer, and I know the episode you’re referring too. Also, 100% on using music and using it to add to a storyline.

And to wrap up … what’s the goals now for Ty2J? The King of BTB Tournament is in the bag … so what’s next on the horizon?
I'm gonna be All Elite for the foreseeable future. I have some really fun ideas. What I want next, is that Legend spot. I seem to get an award here every two years. 2015 BTBOTM, 2017 BTBOTM, 2019 King. Let's speed it up a bit eh? I want that legends spot, I want some BTBOTM crowns, I want it all. And to quote my fellow Jersey native, that's not a bad thing. That's a
good thing. This place can only thrive from competition year round for those awards, and we have great writers here. I'm coming for that top spot, because my main goal is to become a name this place echoes. We talk about the OBEY, Syk, Order, Baldwin, Ego, etc. as the best of the best. I want to be that guy. I want to make sure that there isn't a conversation that can be had on this section about the best bookers around and not have my name involved. Mostly because I want to be in wrestling for real one day, and it'd be sweet for y'all to follow me from here and see me work IRL. But still, yeah, that's the goal. Be the best, beat the man, all that Ash Ketchum shit.

And that, as they say, is a wrap!! Massive thank you to King Ty for putting time aside to answer my inane questions for this edition of the ‘Art of Booking’, and for going into great detail with his responses too. I’ve no doubt everyone will get plenty of insight and enjoyment into reading this, and hopefully pick up a couple of pointers too.

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As always, if anyone has any suggestions on improvements I can make or particular types of questions/topics you’d like to see future participants take on; let me know!! That’ll be the last edition of the Art of Booking for 2019, but I’ll hopefully have a new one completed early in 2020, once the End of Year Awards are out of the way.

Until then; thanks again to Ty2J for taking part, and thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to read this!!