Hey guys, I just want to start a music thread considering I'm one of the biggest music fans you'll ever meet. I also like to make my own lists and write my own reviews on this topic just like I do on Pro Wrestling, and considering I really like the community here, I think this will be a thread where I'll document my work on projects and discuss music with you guys.

I'm starting this now because I'm looking to start working towards writing about music for a living, and if you guys would read and give me feedback on my writing as well as your own opinions, that would be much appreciated! I'm currently working on a review of Death's ''Leprosy'' and my next big list will be the ''Top 200 Albums Of The Past 20 Years (1999-2019)'' I also have 2 reviews and 1 list written that I could upload if you guys would be interested. Thank you, and have a nice day!