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Thread: FWA superstar out the door soon??

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    FWA superstar out the door soon??

    FWA star's contract running out while at home, company "sees nothing in them"

    It seems the kayfabe suspension put on Izzy Van Doren, might have actually been real...

    It has been weeks since "Chicago's Favorite Gal"'s name or face has either been seen or mentioned on air. Rumor going around the IWC is that FWA suspended Izzy Van Doren after multiple backstage policy violations. At this current time, Van Doren's contract is set to expire in November with reports of no offers being discussed between the two.

    On the latest Fantasy Wrestling Observer Radio, Shake Meltzer answered a mailbag question about Izzy Van Doren’s status with the FWA.

    "They see nothing in her as far as I know," Meltzer said. "Which is ludicrous to me, she's a great talent, heel or face. The Izzy on screen is the Izzy in real life. Officials have had to pull apart brawls Ms. Van Doren has caused in the locker rooms.
    It may be an eleventh hour thing, but it looks unlikely they want her back, or that she even wants to be back. Fans chant for her, but ultimately management doesn't want her there. I've heard that from a bunch of people."

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    Re: FWA superstar out the door soon??

    This a bummer, I'm a big fan of the Izzy character.

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