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Thread: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 09/06/19

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    Live from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee

    Fight Night opens with no pyrotechnics, no loud entrance music, no fast pans through the crowd, no off-screen bellowing from the commentary booth. The first image we see is the FWA trademark and logo in the bottom corners of the screen and FWA play-by-play commentator Rod Sterling standing in the middle of the ring. He's holding a microphone in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other.

    The camera quickly changes and looks out at the stage, which currently houses seven FWA superstars. On one side is FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth and recent roster addition Krash. On the other side is "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy, "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan, and "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia.

    Between them is a group of six security personnel with the sole purpose of keeping the two pairs separated.

    Standing in front of the security team and around halfway down the rampway is Gabrielle Montgomery, a neutral party in the recent fracas.

    Standing at the bottom of the rampway, just in front of the ring, is a frustrated Devin Golden. He looks perturbed and unwanting to be out here in any connection to what's going on.

    That's the current, general layout. One trio standing united, one pair standing opposed to the trio, and two individuals positioned away from the groups and standing their own solidarity ground.

    Rod Sterling: When I woke up, I never expected that I would be standing in the ring and addressing the FWA crowd and roster with a microphone in hand. I always thought I'd be where I always am, talking off on the side at the table. But since announcers are now involved and getting into physical altercations, I guess it's fitting that this Fight Night show will begin with zero actual announcers or announcing.

    The crowd hums and buzzes as Sterling takes a breath. The four FWA superstars are patiently waiting.

    Rod Sterling: I was asked to deliver a message from our general manager, who could not be here tonight due to personal reasons. This address ... addresses ... the recent issues between some of the FWA roster members. This stems from an impromptu FWA World Championship match between Cyrus Truth and Krash, which resulted in interference and attacks from Chris Kennedy and Dave Sullivan. The next night, we have Michael Garcia and Devin Golden involved. So ... it's time to come to a conclusion.

    The crowd buzzes and waits as Sterling again takes a breath in a long, drawn-out pause.

    Rod Sterling: We have seen two groups form. Two groups of thought. One side has their beliefs, and they are justified. The other ... has their beliefs and those should also be justified. Then we have people in the middle, or just on the outskirts. And they have the right to not join a tribe if they so choose.

    However ... we must settle this as we always do: In. The. Ring.

    The crowd cheers the last line as Rod Sterling delivers it with emphasis and enthusiasm.

    Rod Sterling: Per our general manager, on the NEXT edition of Fight Night, there WILL BE a six-person tag team match. Cyrus Truth, Krash ... and a sixth person ... yet to be decided. But ... I think we all know it's either one specific individual ... or no one at all. I mean ... only one person has actually stood up for Cyrus and Krash in this. Only one person has defended them. I don't see ANYONE ELSE coming out from the locker room to be the third person.

    The crowd cheers, wanting it to be Devin Golden. But he looks around and shakes his head. Sterling shrugs it off as he says off microphone, "Then who?!"

    Rod Sterling: Will face ... the team of Chris Kennedy, Dave Sullivan, and Michael Garcia. There IS ... a caveat ... and a consequence.

    Another pause, as Garcia smirks off to the side.

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth gave Krash a World Championship match. He can do so again in more formal fashion. Chris Kennedy and Dave Sullivan felt that title shot should've been theirs. They can earn and prove such in the ring.

    If the team of Cyrus Truth and Krash win ... then Krash WILL wrestle for the FWA World Championship at our next Pay-Per-View ... Desert Storm!

    The crowd cheers as Krash nods his head in approval.

    Rod Sterling: HOWEVER ... if the team of Chris Kennedy, Dave Sullivan, and Michael Garcia wins ... then whichever person gets the PINFALL OR SUBMISSION for that team will wrestle ... for the FWA World Championship ... at Desert Storm!!!

    The crowd cheers loudly AGAIN. Kennedy and Sullivan smile. Garcia has the biggest smile of all, though. He has a chance to earn a World Championship opportunity.

    Rod Sterling: And not to be forgotten in all of this ...

    He turns and looks directly at Gabrielle Montgomery, who stands with her hands on her hips halfway down the rampway.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle, you have decided to remain neutral through all of this. You have not chosen a side. You have been confronted by each person involved in one way or the other. And you have kept yourself like the FWA's version of Switzerland. Which ... is your right.

    But as you don't pick enemies, you also don't make friends.

    You came close to winning the World Championship at the FWA Anniversary Show, and you earned another shot. But this will be your FINAL shot, and it will not be a one-on-one match.

    Gabrielle's eyebrows raise as she's now intrigued and skeptical.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle, per this message from our general manager, you WILL BE in that FWA World Championship match at Desert Storm. It WILL BE a triple threat match. This IS ... your last opportunity to win the championship. And you may have to go through two people who are friends to one another (Cyrus and Krash) or your ex-husband (Chris Kennedy). You will not find an easy road.

    And Gabrielle ... if you are not going to wrestle next week as part of Cyrus and Krash's team ...

    then you WILL BE ... the special-guest referee for that match. So one way or another ... you ARE a part of this.

    The crowd cheers LOUDLY for the announcement. Gabrielle looks agitated, but she can't completely blow up because she just learned she'll be getting another FWA World Championship match. Cyrus Truth and Krash are relatively happy. Kennedy, Sullivan, and Garcia feel content.

    Devin Golden, though, is not pleased. And now he's getting daggers of stares from Cyrus Truth and Krash, who are without a third person and staring down a possibility of a 3-on-2 handicap match.


    The fans cheer loudly as the cameras cut backstage to find Gabrielle Montgomery. Still Dressed in her ring gear following her match with XYZ she seems slightly annoyed as the camera crew rush her but she manages that familiar Gabrielle smile.

    Before you say anything, I know just what this is about.

    She looks very conflicted, there's obviously a multitude of thoughts swimming around in her head.

    I've got a shot at the FWA World Championship at Desert Storm, a shot at Cyrus Truth, an opportunity to shut him up for good. Its exactly what I've wanted, week after week I come out here and beat whoever is put in front of me to prove that I deserve another shot at the World Title. That's everything I've been working for since the Anniversary Show. So I should be happy right?

    I am trying to be.

    But being the referee next week in THAT match, that's a real buzz killer. I've made my stance on all of this clear time and time again, this hatred of the CWA guys is pathetic, but shots at the World Championship should never be handed out between friends, they have to be earned. What Cyrus and Krash did that night was an embarrassment, just like the stance my ex Husband and the latest "Kennedy Club" have taken is an embarrassment. All I want to do is focus on Desert Storm, focus on preparing for that match.

    I did not want to be forced into this mess, its beneath me, honestly its beneath everyone involved as well...except Garcia. For some reason though Ryan wants to force me to be involved, and he wants to force Devin to be involved as well. Making me referee that match, is a cruel joke. No matter what I do someone will think I'm picking sides when all I care about is getting back to the top of my Mountain. Why am I being forced to get involved when I support neither side in this? Why am I being shoved into the middle of it all?

    Just last week Devin and I talked about how absurd all of this is, about how everyone involved is taking things too far. We're not apart of this...

    Her eyes narrow slightly as she looks directly into the camera.

    Gabrielle: But if I'm going to be forced to be involved with this, then all of them would be wise to remember who I am. Not a pawn, not a Queen, not someone who will be pushed around, but a Goddess.

    Cyrus, all that matters is that you and me, we aren't done yet.

    With that said she turns on her heels and quickly makes her exit.

    Fight Night returns from an ad break to find Tommy Thunder already in the ring set for his match with Sterling Jagger, and speaking of which; the music for the aforementioned Jagger hits but after a few seconds there is nobody coming out. Then after the music eventually stops a man in a suit and sunglasses steps out.

    ???: My name is Atticus Jackson Drake or AJ Drake, and I am here on behalf of my client or should I say former client, Sterling Jagger. You see Tommy, Sterling couldn’t make it here tonight and I’m placing that blame squarely on you.

    Tommy looks annoyed by this and begins yelling at AJ Drake.

    AJ Drake: Tommy, all Sterling wanted was a friend, a partner to help take over the FWA tag team division; you ruined that though. Tommy you ruined that with your selfishness and your ego. Sterling came to me, his only true friend, and I helped him see the light. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t make it but don’t you worry Tommy boy, I was able to find a suitable replacement as your opponent…

    Tommy is still yelling at Drake when from behind he’s nailed by a man in a leather jacket and ring gear. The man gives a vicious beating to Tommy Thunder, pounding away with punches to the head.

    Rod Sterling: That looks a lot like Sterling Jagger but this AJ Drake just said Sterling wasn’t here!

    AJ Drake: Allow me to introduce to you my newest client...KAYDEN KNOX!

    Knox continues to assault Tommy with vicious stomps to the head before an official gets him away.

    AJ Drake: Referee! Remove your hands from my client or I’ll have you fired! Now do your job and ring the damn bell!

    The referee checks on Tommy, who insists on starting the match while Knox removes his jacket and tosses outside.

    Kayden Knox vs. "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder


    Knox rushes in on Thunder, who is in the corner and Knox pummels away at him. Thunder tries to fight back but to no avail. Knox tosses him over the ropes to the outside, and AJ Drake brings Tommy up on his feet, allowing Knox to nail Thunder with a baseball slide followed by a DDT on the outside!

    Rod Sterling: This isn’t a match! This is an all out assault!

    AJ Drake claps for his client and Knox tosses Tommy back in the ring. He slides in and waits as Tommy is up on his knees...CURB STOMP! He makes the cover…


    AJ Drake: The winner of the match...KAYDEN KNOX!

    Kayden isn’t through just yet though and retrieves a steel chair from the outside, and then brings it back in. The referee tries to get him away but he shoves the referee aside and places the chair on the mat. He waits as Tommy is trying to get up...CURB STOMP ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Tommy is immediately busted open and blood starts to pour from his head when more officials intervene and eventually Drake gets Knox to leave while Tommy Thunder is tended to as the show goes to another ad break…


    After the opening to Fight Night has happened and everything has calmed down, the camera pans to the ring where Rod Sterling is standing by with a table and some chairs set up inside of it.

    Rod Sterling: Now I’m just going to get straight down to business; at the upcoming PPV, Red, White, & Bruised we’ll see the tag team championships defended. The champions, The New Breed, will take on the challengers, The Undisputed Alliance. At this time I’d like to ask the challengers to make their way out so we can this thing underway…

    “Cut the Cord” hits to a nice mixed reaction for The Undisputed Alliance, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage along with Britney Adams. Jackson and Britney are both dressed for the occasion while Nate is casually dressed in a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Once they reach the ring they take a seat as their music soon fades out…

    Rod Sterling: and the champions, The New Breed!

    “Sick” hits and out walks the champions to heavy boos from the fans in attedance, still not forgetting what they’ve done in the past to the likes of PAJ. Hughes and Prototype both dressed fairly nice and they take their seats across from their challengers. As their music fades out, Savage grabs a microphone off of the table.

    Nate Savage: Excuse me, Mr. Sterling but if you don’t mind there’s something that I’d personally like to address…

    Rod obliges him.

    Nate Savage: Now before we do this I want to say something that’s been on my mind the last couple of days. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding former CWA stars like Krash and Cyrus Truth, what with Cyrus just handing Krash a title match after only two wins under his belt here in the FWA. There’s been some speculation now that much like Krash, with two wins thus far for us in the FWA, that we are being handed this opportunity on a silver platter and to be honest that couldn’t be any further from the truth…

    Yeah, we have won two matches but we won those off of our skills. We won those matches thus earning this title shot after being placed in this tournament. It’s not our fault that the other teams we faced clearly lacked the skills that we possess and we were able to beat them easily. Basically what I’m trying to say is that we EARNED this opportunity, unlike Krash. We’re not friends with anyone in the back that would just hand us this shot, we earned it, so to anyone else that thinks that this is some CWA conspiracy you can kiss our asses!

    Cheers from the crowd as Jackson takes a microphone now.

    Jackson Fenix: I couldn’t have said that any better myself! My friend Nate here is speaking the truth. Now, with that out of the way we can focus on who we face next, and as a matter of fact they just so happen to be sitting across from us at this table. The New Breed, “The Protege” Sean Hughes and The Prototype, really? Is that your name? The Prototype? Real original.

    Jackson rolls his eyes and makes a face that brings Britney to laugh. Prototype and Hughes look none too pleased at the mockery.

    Jackson Fenix: Look, it doesn’t really matter what your names are because at the end of the night at Red, White, & Bruised we’ll be the ones standing tall over you two losers with our newly won FWA Tag Team Championships. If I were you two I’d be counting down the days till then and enjoying every passing second you have with those titles because pretty soon they’ll belong to us, and that is not just a fact...that’s undisputed.

    More cheers from the fans as Fenix and Savage sign the contract, now it’s The New Breed’s turn to speak.

    Prototype, looking thoroughly unimpressed, raises the microphone to his mouth

    "You guys are so bad, it's making this crowd cheer us."

    There is some laughter with a mixture of 'oooh's' although the person who seems to have enjoyed that remark the most is his partner Sean, who crouches forward and is visibly chuckling with laughter. He probably appreciates the irony. Prototype continues.

    "It's something else when you dare stand in front of us and talk about originality and roll your eyes, trying to make a name for yourselves or some sort of lasting impression on the fans out here. Then, and only then, do you follow that with the most overused cliche that I can imagine. Enjoy every last day.....count down the minutes....whatever crap just left your mouth. You are so focused on originality and trying to stand out from the crowd, why don't you step over here and take a swing at me and see how far that gets you?"

    Prototype launches the microphone into the mat with such venom that it bounces from the canvas and out of the ring. Protege interjects before things escalate even further.

    "What exactly is undisputed? I mean, it sounds sorta cool to say at the end of everything I suppose, but it's not really true is it? I mean, you talk amongst yourselves and then finish everything by saying it's undisputed. I would hope was only you two in the didn't really give us the chance to dispute the bullshit that is dribbling out of your mouth. You have won two matches and you know what, I'll give you both credit for knowing that in spite of that the only way that you will be getting any sort of reaction out here is by piggybacking on the CWA rumors, as that, frankly, is the only thing remotely interesting about you both. Oh, wait, what do they say? It's undisputed."

    Prototype, calmed down somewhat from moments ago, nods and smirks at Sean.

    "I mean, I don't really want to give you any ammunition to go off of, but to say you were nothing like Krash and you were not handed anything when in fact it takes one quick glance at the card a couple weeks ago to see that you were entered in the first round of this tournament for my tag team championship - the same round that the champs right here had to enter themselves. So you were put on a par with the champions of the division in your first match....but no, nothing like the Krash situation that you talk about because you "EARNED" it. The only thing that you both have earned is a one way ticket out of this federation and out of our tag team division because frankly, you aren't even worth the time it would take for us to pick up a pen and sign the contract. BUT....but, if you are feeling like it is your lucky day and you might just be the one in a hundred that might get some success against me and this guy stood beside me then go ahead and make the match official. We will walk down that rampway with our tag team titles, beat the hell out of you until you can't even spell CWA any more, then walk straight back up the ramp with those tag team championships that belong in the hands or around the waist of us, the New Breed of professional wrestler."

    Prototype snatches the mic from Sean's hands.

    "And that's undisputed."

    After that, the champions sign their names on the contract. Then they flip the table over to intimidate the challengers, and quickly exit as Fenix holds back Savage from losing his cool as the show continues on...

    ???: “What is it they say, about good intentions and the roads they pave?”

    As blackness fades into light, we join none other than Krash, wandering somewhere within the labyrinth that is the FWA Backstage Area. Seemingly aimless, casually strolling, The Heartbeat takes his leisurely time as he paces the hallowed halls of the building.

    Krash: “It was just an offer between old friends. To give the fans something they’d treasure for years, and to give ourselves a gift we both deserve. Who would’ve thought, a simple gesture of kindness would be twisted into... This.”

    He waves a hand flippantly, before letting out a sigh.

    Krash: “Well, what’s done is done. We can’t take back the past, nor would I have any intention to do so, obviously. Neither would anyone else in my position. And yet, the gesture has caused such a fissure in FWA that there are people proclaiming that this, this is war!”

    Krash shakes his head, rolling his eyes.

    Krash: “It’s not, clearly. But that’s what Mr. Garcia – a man so insulted of the thought of two men not born from FWA to be competing for FWA’s highest prize that he threw himself out of retirement – would have you believe. It’s what Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Kennedy – two men so embittered by the spotlight not being on one of them for once – would believe completely justifies ruining a dream match.”

    Another shake of the head, and Krash lets out an insulted scoff.

    Krash: “Fine. Believe what you want, that don’t make it true. And yet, next week, the ‘battle lines’ are finally drawn and the two ‘armies’ face off, under the watchful eyes of the carefully impartial Miss Gabrielle, who has done her best to ensure she’s not tied down to a losing team, regardless of who wins.”

    He tilts his head in a nod.

    Krash: “Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Kennedy, and Mr. Garcia, shall face off against myself, Cyrus Truth, and... Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it. No-one in FWA has stepped up to join myself and Cyrus in defending ourselves. Indeed, the only supporter to myself and Cyrus is Mr. Devin Golden, who himself is happily retired, and yet finds himself thrown into this inferno against his will.”

    At this point, Krash pauses his stroll, a conflicted expression crossing his face, before he looks into the camera, the first time since this segment has started. The casual tone in his voice is gone, now replaced by an apologetic one, the carefree smile replaced by a frown.

    Krash: “You have my sincere apologies, Mr. Golden, for being the cause that dragged you into this mess. Genuinely, I had no idea all this would come out of simply accepting a gift. The beating I can survive, the foul cries I can deal with. But you? You’re an unintended casualty, caught in the line of fire, simply for defending myself and Cyrus. And now you’re suddenly being pressured to be our ‘third man’ when you’d much rather be behind the desk. So, Mr. Golden, if when next week comes, you’d prefer to stay out of it and stay behind that desk? It’s your call. I’m not going to force you into battle. If you’re happily retired, then you’re happily retired, and if you’d prefer to keep it that way, all the more power to you. No harm done, no ill will. It wouldn’t be the first time myself or Cyrus have faced uncomfortable odds, and I’d wager it won’t be the last. It’s your choice, just like it was my choice to accept the title offer by Cyrus, or Cyrus’s choice to put forth the offer in the first place. Just like it was Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Kennedy’s choice to ruin that, just like it was Miss Gabrielle’s choice to remain impartial, just like it was Mr. Garcia’s choice to forfeit his commentary duties out of sheer pride and tribalism. Choices, choices, choices, but the next choice is yours, and yours alone.”

    Krash stops, his walk having arrived him in a particular location – the gorilla’s position, to be exact. He glances at the black curtain, hiding the ramp to the ring and thousands of eager fans behind it.

    Krash: “Do what you must, Mr. Golden. Follow your heart, or your brain. With or without you by mine and Cyrus’s side, we’ll still battle for what we should’ve had, uninterrupted, in the first place.”

    He places a hand on the curtain, briefly lifting it aside, before stealing a final glance at the camera.

    Krash: “If you do end up joining myself and Cyrus in the ring, Mr. Golden, then I would consider it an honour and a privilege. But before that, Mr. Danny Toner awaits, with baited breath and taped fists. Let’s not keep our friend waiting.”

    With that, Krash ducks beneath the curtain...

    Danny Toner is already in the ring as he awaits the arrival of his opponent…

    “Back in Town” hits and the crowd cheers as Krash makes his way out with a look of delight for his adoring fans, slapping a few hands along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Melbourne, Australia, and weighing in at 205 lbs, he is “The Moustached Maverick”...Krash!

    Rod Sterling: Amidst all of the controversy surrounding this man and our world champion, he manages to maintain a smile but he must focus on the ever crafty veteran Danny Toner; who has had his share of downs as of late and will be looking to upset Krash tonight…

    Krash vs. Danny F'n Toner


    Danny and Krash face off in the center of the ring, and Krash being the sportsman that he is offers Danny a handshake, but Toner isn’t here to make friends and brushes it off much to the surprise of Krash but he just shrugs it off. The two lock up and Krash gains the advantage, and spins around Danny and locks in a rear waistlock. Toner tries to wriggle his way free but then suddenly Krash transitions into a surprise backslide roll-up…


    Winner: Krash

    The crowd is absolutely stunned but they go bananas for Krash’s win while Toner remains absolutely stunned himself. Krash rolls to the outside looking rather surprised himself that that actually worked, Toner looks like he can’t believe that just happened…


    Backstage we find Katie Lynn Goldsmith with Danny Toner, who still looks in shock after what just happened out there.

    Katie: Danny, we saw what just happened out there with Krash, where do you go from here?

    Danny looks at Katie, speechless. Then he just walks away down the hall to the nearest exit of the building and leaves without looking back.

    "How on God's green earth did I wind up being stuck with these dipshits?"
    Chris Kennedy asks himself, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

    He sits on the hood of his of jet-black 77' Trans Am, a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon at his side, his phone in his hand as lazily swipes across it, his eyes anchored to it behind his overpriced sunglasses, which he is still wearing despite the sun setting on the vast lake ahead of him. The pink sun reflects off of the seemingly never-ending body of water and dances majestically all across but Kennedy is unimpressed with it's splendor, instead giving his attention to his Twitter feed.

    "Sullivan is bad enough. Whatever, he may be an insufferable prick, much like myself, but he can back it up I suppose. Again, like myself. Michael Garcia, on the other hand, well... Jesus Jumping Christ, the less I say about that, the better. Not gonna do that, man. He's got self esteem issues so I'm gonna let him sit at the big kids table with Sullivan and I, for now. Don't need him doubting himself because I scuffed his ego. So then, how on earth did I wind up with Dink and Doink? Necessity."
    Kennedy says, closing his the Twitter app on his Samsung Galaxy and tucking the phone into his front coat pocket.

    The nerve. Kennedy is wearing a leather jacket in the sweltering heat that should have by all rights been left behind in August, and sunglasses at dusk, but he has the nerve to call Dave Sullivan and Michael Garcia "dipshits". The blaring hypocrisy doesn't make his initial assessment and less accurate but it does place Kennedy at the scene of the crime just the same.

    "I used to think I cared too much. Now I'm starting to wonder if I even care at all, man. For so long I've put everything I have had into this company. Used to be a time when the name "Chris Kennedy" was bigger than the FWA itself, despite what the Wolf's and Stu St. Claire's will want to admit. But Gabrielle remembers. Dave Sullivan remembers. Michael Garcia remembers. Rod Sterling remembers and you better bet your ass that Devin Golden remembers. But you know who doesn't remember? Two rodeo clowns that were showing their ass in the CWA Circus at that time. Cyrus Truth and KRASH. Two men being handed the world on a silver platter. They have been given prime real estate in MY neighborhood after they let their neighborhood burn to the ground. I'm supposed to be okay with that?"
    Kennedy ponders as he takes a final drag from his Marlboro before chucking the cigarette butt, ignoring the sign he saw on the way in that said 'The Earth Is Not Your Ashtray'

    "Here is the reality of it. The FWA hasn't been able to build a STAR to carry the company since ME. That's the truth, man. G-Rich, Matt Boudreau, Stu St. Clair, Chris Kennedy...and then no one since then. Your Ryan Rondos, your Wolfs, your Devin Goldens, your Gabrielles, your Shannon O'Neals and your KAIZENs... They were all good. They were all champions. But they were not icons. They were not torchbearers of this industry. If that's hard to swallow, I'm sorry, but these are facts. So then, it makes perfect sense that, in these dire times, when all of those B+ athletes that I referenced FAILED to come up with Chris Kennedy numbers, FWA management would look elsewhere. It's apparent now, that this "somewhere" was the CWA. The defunct clown show that's gone the way Ringling Brothers, a relic of the past that folded when it could no longer afford to keep the lights on."

    Kennedy hops off the hood of his car and walks towards the waters edge, his hands in his pocket as he finally beings to take notice of the late summer sunset, and he begins to appreciate it.

    "I see this for what it really is, kids. My eyes are open. Yeah, they are. Opened up my eyes, stared at the sun until I was nearly blind and now I see things clearly. FWA management is fucking with me something big. They are pushing Cyrus Truth and KRASH to the goddamn moon because they know what it would do to me. They knew that it would make me CARE again. All the neighborhood dogs know that I'm the alpha so they hang their heads when I walk by. But throw in some mangy mutts from another neighborhood, marking MY territory with their piss? Now, now all of a sudden, see, I CARE again. You got me. Sneaky bastards."
    Kennedy says, pulling out another cigarette without thinking about it.

    He lights the cigarette and see's his reflection in the water. He isn't unimpressed with man looking back at him, not a bit.

    "The FWA is MY HOUSE. I think I need to remind everyone that. Cyrus and KRASH are owed that much, and if Gabrielle needs a refresher course, she can get one too. You see the leaves on the trees behind me? They are turning various shades of orange and brown, signifying the beginning of Fall. For Cyrus Truth, oh what a fall it will be."
    He says, the camera panning away from him and towards the now charcoal colored Tennessee sky.

    Oh, what a fall.

    “Shoot to Thrill” hits to a good reception from the fans as Jason Randall steps out on stage, and once the song kicks into the opening lyrics he makes his way down to the ring and manages to slap a few hands from fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from San Diego, CA and weighing in at 225 lbs…”The Wildcard” Jason Randall!

    Randall is in the ring now and removes his vest as his music fades out and replaced by “Get Me” to another good reception, and James Hughes walks out and quickly walks down to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: ... And his opponent, from Chicago, IL and weighing in at 230 lbs...James “Eyesnsane” Hughes!

    Rod Sterling: Two equally talented competitors ready to square off, and both of them looking for a step in the right direction with a win here tonight.

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes


    Collar and elbow tie up to start things off and Hughes gains the early advantage and spins around Randall, wrapping his hands around Randall in a rear waistlock before taking him down while keeping his grip. Randall tries to squirm out of it but Hughes keeps his grip and transitions to a sleeper hold but Randall is near the ropes allowing the hold to be broken. Hughes obliges the rules and brings Randall up and drives a swift uppercut to the jaw of Randall, and then sends him off the ropes but off the rebound Randall ducks underneath a clothesline and runs off the opposite end and comes back with a clothesline of his own leveling Hughes! Hughes kips up though and motions for Randall to bring it, and Randall does as he goes for another clothesline but this time Hughes was ready and catches Randall on the jaw again but this time with a spinning backfist! Randall is stunned allowing Hughes to follow up with a roundhouse kick and he goes for the pin…


    Randall kicks out and Hughes goes right back on the attack, keeping Randall grounded with a headlock. Hughes is trying to keep Randall grounded but not for long as Randall shows signs of some fight left in him and comes back with several back elbows to the midsection of Hughes forcing him to relinquish the hold. Randall is back in this and fires back with a sling blade taking down Hughes! Hughes manages regain some composure though and is up but Randall is ready for him...Deuces Wild! Snap double underhook DDT! Randall makes the cover this time…


    Hughes kicks out and now Randall lies in wait, looking for his running knee called the Kill-Shot and he goes for it but Hughes gets out of the way just in time and catches Randall from behind with a roll-up!


    Hughes almost had him with the upset but Randall stays in it by kicking out. Randall is back up first and goes for a kick to the gut as his set up for Snake Eyes, but Hughes was ready for it and catches him with a dragon screw leg whip and immediately transitions into the Eye Got U calf slicer submission! Hughes has it wrenched in and Randall is scrambling for the ropes, refusing to give up and finally manages to snag the bottom rope. Hughes is a bit agitated by that but doesn’t let it get to him and brings up Randall for the Eye Win but Randall manages to scramble out of it and rolls behind Hughes with a surprise roll-up!


    Hughes kicks out and is back on his feet just as soon as Randall is, and Hughes attempts another roundhouse kick but this time Randall has an answer for that as he ducks underneath it and as Hughes spins around he’s met with a boot to the midsection...SNAKE EYES! Randall gets all of it and makes the cover…


    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    "The Wildcard" gets a raucous ovation from the fans. He's much appreciated and storms into the crowd to get pats on the back from the fans in the first few rows. Randall seems like the blue collar everyman's man, and he acts as so tonight. The crowd is loving his interaction with them, and "The Wildcard" is grinning from ear to ear with a bloody lip to show.


    Los Maravillosos vs. Cheshire Cat Clan

    Alice starts the match for the Cheshire Cat Clan. Maravilloso begins for the father-son duo. Alice toys with Maravilloso Sr. for a bit before tripping him and hitting a head-scissors takedown. She tags in Hannibal Crowe, who is a powerhouse of a human. Crowe hits a belly-to-belly suplex and runs off the ropes for a big shoulder bump.

    Maravilloso Sr. turns the tide eventually with a palm strike. Then he connects a dropkick. He executes two unique roll-ups on Crowe but both of them only get a one count.

    Maravilloso Sr. tags in the son, Maravilloso Jr. He hits his own palm strike and tries a snap arm drag but Crowe is too big to execute the move. Crowe lifts Maravilloso Jr. up with one arm and slams him down. Crowe continues the power offense while Alice laughs from the corner and Nova looks on from the outside. Crowe manhandles Maravilloso Jr. When he tries a pinfall, Maravilloro Sr. breaks it up. But Crowe dispatches him with a clothesline. Then he bear hugs BOTH of the Maravillosos and flings them over his head and into the turnbuckle.

    Crowe eventually hits the Happy Ever After sitout chokebomb on Maravilloso Jr. He gets the 1-2-3 and the Cheshire Cat Clan wins AGAIN.

    Winners: Cheshire Cat Clan

    Devin Golden is backstage in front of a locker room with the label "Announcers" plastered in front of it. Formerly known as "The Golden One" and a former three-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion, he is looking a little distraught and worrisome. But with the camera in front of him, Golden has a microphone in hand.

    "I never wanted to wrestle a match again. When I retired in 2015, I did so with the utmost sincerity to be completely and totally finished.

    When I stepped into the ring last Fight Night, I did so to calm down emotions and tensions. I tried to prevent people from taking something to a level that wasn't needed. Maybe that's my own fault. Maybe it was none of my business. Maybe I should just be like Gabrielle and play Switzerland."

    Golden pauses for a second. A deep breath comes out.

    "I did what I thought was right at the time. Maybe I was wrong, but I still did it. And now I'm being put into a group with Cyrus Truth and Krash. I'm being told it's either ME ... or no one.

    So ...

    I guess it'll be me."

    Golden smiles a bit. He then whips his black hair back to better reveal some of the eyeliner on his face.

    "This isn't an FWA versus CWA thing. This is about me getting a superkick to the f***in' face ... and seein' that g**d**n asshole Michael Garcia smirking and smiling and trying to bully people physically instead of verbally."

    Golden's tone changes to a more serious and aggressive one.

    "It has been four years ... FOUR ... YEARS ... since I wrestled. But I'm still a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. I'm still a four-time FWA Tag Team Champion. And I'm still a FWA Hall of Famer. And unlike Gabrielle ... I don't mind joining in the fight and sticking by what I believe in and what I think is right."

    Gabrielle Montgomery vs. XYZ

    Gabrielle Montgomery wastes little time taking control of the match. Gabrielle flings XYZ into the ropes and lands a spinning kick to the chest. Gabrielle then stomps on the shoulder a few times and locks in a side head lock. Gabrielle is shoved into the ropes and bounces off with an aggressive rolling belly-to-back suplex.

    Gabrielle whips XYZ to the ropes and hits a back body drop. Then she tries a spinning wheel kick. XYZ ducks under it and tries an atomic drop. Gabrielle is sent into the turnbuckle and XYZ tries a corner splash. Gabrielle dodges, kicks the gut, and hits the Double D-DT finisher.

    The pinfall is expected.

    Winner: Gabrielle Montgomery


    The Lights go out in the arena…….

    As the lights come back on, we see Alana Allure standing just in front of the rest of her Over the Edge stablemates. Her jet-black hair down around her shoulders wearing a grey pants suit and white button shirt. Killemall is standing in his all black gee and mask. While both Eyesnsane and Ted are wearing blue jeans and Over the Edge t-shirts. As the crowd has a loud but mixed reaction, we see Alana raise the microphone she has in her hand. As they all stand on the stage.

    Alana: It seems a wind is blowing here in the FWA. There’s been a lot of talk out here and in the back about who is from where and who represents who. Are you team this or team that? That’s all fine and well. Once again, we have a few boys who want their egos stroked and to have a dick measuring contest. Eh, it is what it is. We are out here to make just a couple of things clear as far as were we stand. I am Alana Allure; we are Over the Edge. With me is Killemall the greatest ninja in wrestling today and his tag team partner Ted and they are the next greatest tag team in this company. Then of course there is the most underappreciated, underutilized, and frankly most disrespected star in the FWA today, the one, the only, the incomparable, Eyesnsane!

    As sure as we all stand here, and I want you all to take a good look. Each one of us are former FWA champions, like it or not. Those are facts and those stats are in the books. We are together and we have each other’s backs we always have, and we always will. So, all of you whether you are from here or there take note. If you want to get done up, then all any of you have to do is run up. What more could we possibly need? Our enforcer is a ninja, we have one of the hottest young guns in this business in Ted, I am without a doubt the greatest manager in the history of the FWA and Eyesnsane has made himself into an icon. So, while you all try to figure out whose is bigger, you’ll be doing it in the shadow of Over the Edge.

    They all turn around and start to walk backstage, but Eyesnsane and Alana stop, he looks at her and she looks at him and Alana hands him the microphone. Eyesnsane turns back around to face the arena and raises the microphone.

    Eyesnsane: Michael Garcia. Not to long ago you let my name fall out of your mouth when you came out here and got on your soap box, so you could rah, rah for your team FWA. You went on your five-minute rant and you asked a question. You had the nerve; you had the audacity to ask where have I been. Maybe you’ve had blinders on cause I’ve been right here breaking and making people like your company uses icons like me to do. Your time in FWA may have been all roses and sunshine, or maybe you just like your lips as close as they can be to management’s ass. You went on and on about earning spots and loyalty to this company. Let me answer you real clear right now. I’ve damn sure earned my spot if nobody else has, run my stat line in case you forgot just who in the hell I am, what I’ve done, what I’m capable of, and what I’m going to do. I’ve never been one of the chose few in this company, I’ve busted my as and scraped and clawed for everything I’ve got. The way I see it, I don’t owe the FWA a damn thing, and as for this team or that team. As far as I’m concerned, I’m team Over the Edge. So out of respect for the times we had back in the day, I’ll make it plain. Keep my name out of your mouth, keep me out of your senseless crap show and stay out of my way and we’ll be just fine. Call me out again and we’ll sort it out, in that ring.

    Eyesnsane drops the microphone as Alana’s music plays again as they all leave the stage.


    When we return from break, Nova Diamond and Viktor Maximus are already inside the ring.

    Viktor Maximus vs. Nova Diamond

    Nova Diamond begins the match with a strong head lock to the side. He is sent into the ropes and bounces off with an aggressive headlock. Nova Diamond grabs Maximus around the neck but is shoved into the turnbuckle. Nova then kicks Maximus in the gut and clotheslines him to the mat. Nova grabs Maximus and tries another irish whip but on the rebound, Maximus comes up a little hobbled.

    Rod Sterling: I don't know what just happened there but I think something popped for Viktor Maximus.

    Nova hits the 24K kick and gets the 1-2-3 pinfall after, as Maximus tends to his right knee.

    Winner: Nova Diamond

    Viktor Maximus stays down as the referee calls for medical attention. Nova Diamond leaves the ring quickly with another victory in his pocket.

    We cut backstage, where we see FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth taping his hands in preparation for his match against Michael Garcia. A cameraman walks up to him as a nameless interviewer speaks up from out of focus:

    "Excuse me, champ...I was wondering if we could get your thoughts regarding the announcement of that six man tag match on the next Fight Night?"

    Cyrus sighs as he cracks a slight, tired smile while he continues his taping.

    "Well, it's as good an outcome as I could've hoped for. Not only can I finally ensure that Krash gets the opportunity that was stolen from him...I can also exact a fitting toll on Sullivan and Kennedy for having the gall to take that match away from me. I said it before...all those two had to do was be patient. But now? Their arrogance and impatience will result in them being robbed of the opportunity that they had demanded was theirs and theirs alone. I can't say that I'm all too pleased that Gabrielle gets a free ride to the World Title match at Desert Storm, but whatever. I've beaten her before, I'll do it again. Nothing more to it than that."

    "What about the fact that, unless somebody steps up, you and Krash will be in a handicap match?"

    Cyrus finishes taping his wrists and snaps off the last band from the roll. He looks up at the camera for the first time, and there's a hint of irritation mixed with indifference.

    "What exactly are you saying? Am I supposed to be worried? Afraid? Just who exactly do you think you're talking to? All that Krash and I have to do is beat two of the best competitors in FWA today and Michael Garcia. I EMBRACE this challenge, especially when overcoming the challenge results in those three looking like fools for spewing that whole "FWA honor" bile. If somebody wants to step up, I'll gladly take their assistance and commend them for having some sense in this whole CWA-FWA debacle. If not, Krash and I will do as we have always done in our careers...beat back the odds and win in spite of the challenge."

    "Do you think that Devin Golden will step up and be the third man?"

    "He either will or he won't. That's for him to decide. However, I will say this..."

    Cyrus's gaze sharpens as he looks at the camera, as if his stare is threatening to pierce Golden's very soul.

    "I appreciate the fact that you recognize this situation for what it is, and for understanding what I was attempting to accomplish when I gave Krash that World Title shot. For your words, I thank you...but Devin? At a certain point, words aren't enough. I'm not going to tell you what to do. But if you truly believe in what you've said since this whole mess started, if you truly and wholly believe that Sullivan, Kennedy, and Garcia are in the wrong...why should you be afraid to back those up with actions? Worst case scenario, what happens is you fall flat on your face standing up for your values...but even that's far better than to be a good man who does nothing.

    "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go remind Michael Garcia that the FWA ring...MY ring...isn't safe for monsters to prowl in."

    With that, Cyrus stands up, slings the World Title belt around his waist, and heads down the hallway towards where the entrance ramp is...and towards the fight against a revitalized and refocused Carnegie Carnivore...

    Non-Title Match
    FWA World Champion “The Exile” Cyrus Truth vs. ”The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Cyrus enters the ring and immediately charges forward, ducks a clothesline from Garcia, and then immediately clotheslines him out of the ring on the rebound! Garcia stumbles on his feet on the outside as Cyrus takes a rare opportunity and flies through the ropes with a plancha that knocks Garcia to the ground! Both men quickly get up to their feet with Cyrus quick to stay on the offensive, knowing the threat in front of him. Garcia uses the apron to pull himself up as Cyrus leaps towards him, unloading a barrage of right forearms, but Garcia palms his head and shoves him away! Cyrus runs forwards and leaps towards him again but Garcia catches him in a Pop Up and tries to send him over the top rope but Cyrus lands on the middle rope! Cyrus springs off with an Asai Moonsault, but Garcia catches him over the shoulder and sends him crashing head first into the ring post! The crowd lets out an audible “Oooh!!!” as the champ crumbles to the ground. Referee Chris McCaffrey drops down to check on Cyrus, but Garcia grabs him by the head, picks him up and tosses him into the ring post! The Big Dog taunts the crowd before picking Cyrus up and tossing him into the barricade! Garcia rolls in and out of the ring quickly to break the referee’s count before grabbing Cyrus again and tossing him into the opposite barricade, but Cyrus reverses at the last second and sends Garcia crashing!

    Cyrus grabs Garcia by his collar and sends him into the ring. He blasts him with a hard forearm to the back, and then irish whips him into the ropes. Garcia ducks down for a back body drop but Cyrus lands on his feet, ducks a clothesline from big Mike and c onnects with a quick hip toss! Mike back up to his feet, charging forward, Truth jumps over him and then connects with a dropkick on the rebound! Mike rolls to the corner and pulls himself up only for Cyrus to irish whip him to the opposite corner…but Mike reverses! Mike looks for a corner splash, but Cyrus catches him with a back elbow! Cyrus runs forward towards Garcia yet again, but this time Garcia launches him up in the air Military Press Style and catches him with a Samoan Drop on the way down! Cyrus lands HARD on the canvas and slowly rolls over to the far corner. Mike awaits as the champ pulls himself up before launching himself full speed at the FWA Champion with a corner splash! Cyrus falls out of the corner, chest first, as the crowd starts to chant “Go A-way! Go A-way!” at the seven footer, who scoffs at the chant and points to the fallen champion before laughing.

    The Monster of Midway picks Cyrus up off the canvas just to level him with a right hand. Garcia screams at Cyrus to fight him like a man, before wrapping his mammoth right hand around Cyrus’ throat and pressing against the middle rope. McCaffrey starts to count and Garcia releases at 4, before turning to threaten the ref. The Carnegie Carnivore grabs Truth by the arm and whips him across the ring, before following in, but Cyrus moves out of the way and Garcia crashes into the ringpost! Cyrus delivers a perfect dropkick to the back that furthers the damage! Garcia falls to a knee with his face against the middle turnbuckle so Cyrus takes advantage by delivering the First Five Steps! Cyrus yanks Garcia up by his hair and climbed up to the top rope, grabbing Garcia’s skull in a headlock. Cyrus leaped off the top with a Tornado DDT, but Garcia blocked it by tossing Cyrus to the mat like a rag doll! Cyrus desperately pulled himself up to his feet to somehow keep momentum, but Garcia nearly decapitated him with a Running Big Boot! Garcia covered and got a long one count. Menongahela Mayhem stalked his opponent before grabbing his hair and dragging him over to the far corner where he smashed Cyrus’ head into the top turnbuckle before nearly caving in his chest with multiple open hand slaps to the chest. Garcia took a few steps back to taunt the crowd again, before walking back in but Cyrus began fighting out with multiple strikes! He backed Garcia into the ropes before grabbing his arm, whipping him into the ropes, but Garcia reverses! Mike throws his boot in the air,, but Cyrus hangs on! Mike throws out a clothesline that Cyrus ducks! Cyrus charges forward this time looking for a Cactus Clothesline, but Mike drops down and back body drops him over the ropes to the outside! Cyrus crashes into the barricade!

    Garcia steps outside to continue the assault by slamming Cyrus’ head into the steel steps and then viciously delivering a series of hard right hands as he bent Cyrus’ neck over the steps and pressed down. Garcia tossed Cyrus back in the ring and then stood in front of him, taunting him, daring him to get back to his feet. Cyrus clawed at Garcia’s pants, using them to pull himself up, but Garcia buried one of his massive forearms into the lower back of the champion. Cyrus tried to scoot himself to aplace of reprieve, but Garcia stalked him across the ring before reaching down and pulling the champ up, before sending him down with a spine shattering back breaker! Garcia pulled back the right leg and covered for a 2 count! Garcia began stomping away at Truth, before pulling himself up to the middle rope and looking for an elbow drop…but Cyrus rolled out of the way! Garcia clutched his right arm as he rolled around the ring in pain, as Cyrus started to get to his feet. Garcia began to pull himself up but he gets knocked right back down with a vicious Wanderer’s Wrath! Cyrus wastes no time in pulling Garcia up to his feet, and attempting to whip him into the ropes but Garcia digs his heels in and becomes dead weight! Garcia pulls Cyrus in for a Strong Arm Lariat, but Cyrus ducks and runs the ropes and comes back with his running neckbreaker! Garcia very quickly, almost instinctively gets back to his feet! Cyrus connects with a leaping Crescent Kick to the skull! Garcia is rocked! A second Crescent Kick to the skull! Muay Thai kick! Garcia drops to a knee! Shining Wizard by Cyrus! Garcia is groggy but still kneeling! Kneeling DDT by the champ! Garcia is on the mat!!!! Cyrus covers!



    NO! Garcia kicked out! Cyrus was exhausted as he realized that was his biggest chance to put the monster down. He slammed his fist down into the mat and with a look of frustration in his eyes, reached down deep and pushed himself up to both feet…but when he looked straight ahead, he was staring at the chest of the seven footer in front of him. Cyrus instinctively began throwing forearms into the chest of the champion but Garcia simply swatted him away, back into the ropes, but Cyrus flies right back just throwing as many bombs as he can! Garcia swats him back again, with Cyrus falling back into the ropes but this time Garcia slaps his giant palm around the neck of the champ and hoists him up for a chokeslam! Cyrus slides out and lands on his feet, kicks Garcia in the gut and lifts him up for a Journey’s End….only he can’t lift Garcia up for the move! Cyrus places his hand on his back as he staggers away in pain, but Garcia hooks him up and plants him with a Full Nelson Bomb! Garcia picks Cyrus up and places him on the top turnbuckle before climbing up to the middle rope and hooking him up for his top rope Brainbuster but Cyrus begins to fight out! Cyrus sunset flips over Garcia’s body and delivers a powerbomb to big Mike! Cyrus covers!



    Garcia kicks out again!

    Cyrus immediately goes to lock in the The Long Road to Nowhere but Garcia uses his massive arms to fight out of the hold before it can get locked in! Garcia manages to push himself up with Cyrus still hanging on to his arm, attempting to lock in some sort of submission, s once Garcia reaches his feet, he drops down to mat, sending Cyrus crashing down in a sort of a sit out, one armed, powerbomb! Garia covers!



    This time it’s Cyrus kicking out at 2 and a half! Garcia wastes no time in picking Cyrus up, shoving him back into the ropes and then looking for the Pittsburgh Penduluum (End of Days) on the rebound! But Cyrus flips over Garcia’s arm, lands on his feet, runs the ropes, but he gets caught in the Sixth Ring (Deep Six) on the rebound! Garcia covers cockily!



    Cyrus Truth kicked out! Garcia can’t believe it as he shoved Cyrus’ neck to the mat and began screaming at the referee! Garcia turned his attention back to Cyrus, grabbing him by the hair, but Cyrus pulled him into an inside cradle!




    Winner: “The Exile” Cyrus Truth (Match Time: 18:10)

    Garcia immediately rolled out of the ring as the referee grabbed Cyrus’ championship and delivered it to him as he held his hand high in victory. Cyrus nodded his head in appreciation to the crowd, but then dropped to the mat like a sack of potatoes as Garcia clubbed him in the back of the head with a massive forearm.

    Garcia was enraged as he began stomping viciously at the body of the FWA champion as the referee ordered Garcia to stop but the big man simply shoved the referee to the side before picking Truth up and delivering a Pittsburgh Penduluum to the Exile! Cyrus wasn’t moving as Garcia left the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He stalks Cyrus before placing the chair over the neck of the champion, who still hasn’t moved, before stomping his foot to the mat and laughing at the crowd. Garcia takes a step forward, but KRASH sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring!

    Krash ducks a clothesline from Garcia and then connects with a Springboard Crossbody! Garcia rolls to the ropes where Krash clotheslines him out of the ring before taking the chair off of Cyrus’ neck and swinging it at Garcia as he tries to re-enter the ring! Main Event Mike is enraged but backs way, screaming obscenities at the two men in the ring as Krash helps Cyrus to his feet and we go to commercial.


    “Sick” hits and the boos start as soon as Mike Parr steps out from behind the curtain. He pays the fans no mind as he walks down to the ring looking as focused as ever.

    Rod Sterling: This is a big opportunity for Mike Parr tonight after scoring what some are calling an upset last week over our champion Cyrus Truth, but now Parr faces a different champion…

    “Hail to the King” hits and the boos continue and get louder than they were for Parr as Dave Sullivan steps out in all his glory in his king attire.

    Rod Sterling: The most dominant man in the FWA in recent memory, Dave Sullivan. He only has one blemish on his record and he’s looking to make sure that Parr doesn’t make it two.

    Champion and challenger are both in the ring now.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is your main event for the evening and it is for the FWA North American Championship! Introducing first, the challenger weighing in at 240 lbs…”The Prodigy” Mike Parr!

    Boos continue for the challenger.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Pittsburgh, PA, weighing in at 210 lbs. He is the current X-Division Champion as well as the current reigning and defending FWA North American Champion...he is “The King of the FWA”...Dave Sullivan!

    Again, the booing grows louder for the champion.


    FWA North American Championship
    "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan (c) vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    The two square off in the center of the ring, Sullivan dancing around Parr a little and jumping in place but it doesn’t phase the challenger. Sullivan goes for a jab but Parr quickly catches him and takes him down with an arm drag transitioning into an arm lock wrenching back on Sullivan’s arm before relinquishing the hold. Sullivan pops back up to his feet and looks a bit agitated but shrugs it off and this time they lock up in a collar and elbow tie up with Sullivan gaining the advantage and takes down Parr with a side headlock. Parr tries to roll through but Sullivan keeps his grip and manages to transition to a crossface submission; Parr manages to roll over however and keeps Sullivan pinned back first to the mat…


    Sullivan kicks out with a bit of force and rolls to the outside to find his bearings, telling the referee off when the count is started. Parr isn’t playing around though and goes for a baseball slide, but Sullivan was ready and caught him and begins to wail away on Parr who is trapped against the apron now. Sullivan then irish whips Parr into the barricade and continues this onslaught of punches before tossing Parr back in the ring. He waits as Parr is up and levels him with a clothesline; he follows up with another clothesline before bringing Parr up and takes him down with an overhead belly to back suplex and then a pin…


    Parr kicks out this time and Sullivan begins to toy with him as Parr is sitting up right, Sullivan begins lightly kicking him but that comes back to bite him as Parr catches him by the foot and takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Sullivan manages to hobble back to his feet but Parr catches him with a flying knee to the face that stuns him! Parr takes Sullivan in position and drops him down hard with a double underhook backbreaker! Sullivan cringes upon impact as Parr’s knees dig deep into his back. Sullivan is up on one knee though but Parr uses this as the perfect opportunity to nail him with a shining wizard followed by a pin…


    Parr nearly got the two count but Sullivan managed to get a shoulder up. Parr takes Sullivan to his feet and irish whips him to the corner, and as he runs at Sullivan he’s stopped in his tracks as Sullivan gets his foot up in time. Sullivan drills Parr with a muay thai kick and then goes for a roundhouse kick but this time Parr ducks underneath it, and then slips behind Sullivan and hits a backdrop on Sullivan and follows up with another pin attempt…


    Parr attempt to apply a cross-arm breaker and does so, keeping it applied while Sullivan tries to fight his way free and eventually he manages to find a way out and counters into a small package roll-up!


    Parr kicks out time and gets back up but is quickly taken down by Sullivan with a ground and pound until the official breaks it up. Sullivan got several shots in on Parr before it was broken up and now Parr runs at Sullivan after he’s up, but Sullivan catches him and takes him down this time with a guillotine choke and slowly brings it down to the mat and wraps his legs around Parr’s torso in a grapevine position. Sullivan is wrenching back on this hold while the referee checks on Parr and after a third time Parr is starting to show signs of life and starts to slowly but surely wriggle his way and flips over and out into a pinning counter…


    Sullivan gets a shoulder up in time and rolls away as he catches his bearings about him. Both men are up and Parr goes a clothesline, but Sullivan ducks it and spins around Sullivan...Three Curtains! He performs the simultaneous german suplexes on Parr and after the third he bridges into a pin…


    Both men are spent now but Sullivan is up first and then Parr is slowly but surely up. Parr goes for a running knee just as Sullivan goes for a knockout punch and they both connect at the same time and both fall to the mat. Both men do not move and the referee is forced to count and eventually reaches the count of ten that both men could not reach.


    Match Result: NO CONTEST

    Rod Sterling animatedly calls the ending as Parr and Sullivan lean against the apron. The first man to come from the back is Cyrus Truth, the reigning FWA World Champion. Sullivan looks like he's seen a ghost and Cyrus makes a beeline for him.

    Sullivan scurries into the ring. Now the North American Champion and X Champion is stuck, but Michael Garcia hits the ring. Then Chris Kennedy. Then Krash. Then Golden!

    A brawl ensues as Krash and Sullivan are throwing blows at one another. Kennedy and Cyrus are scuffling while Golden and Garcia tumble over the announcer's table. Fight Night ends with the six men going at it while "The Prodigy" Mike Parr watches safely from atop the rampway.

    In his hand, he holds the FWA North American Championship belt. The one he was so close to winning. The one some would say he may soon win anyway.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 09/06/19

    A very interesting show, with a lot of interesting things put into motion. Great show...but that next show? Gonna be fire.
    Something Witty!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 09/06/19

    Good match, Cyrus. Half a point seperated us. Still not as vlose as Parr vs Sullivan.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 09/06/19

    Quote Originally Posted by Sayer View Post
    Good match, Cyrus. Half a point seperated us. Still not as vlose as Parr vs Sullivan.
    Hell of a comeback promo from ya, amigo. Welcome back to the arena.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 09/06/19

    Parr vs Sully was fantastic, as was Garcia vs Cyrus.

    And I'm loving the developments to the big FWA/CWA "War".

    Also interested to see where the reborn Sterling Jagger goes from here.

    And I have to say, the FWA right now is probably producing the best E-Fed shows I've ever read. As far as detail goes, how engaging it is, how everything is advanced every week, its amazing. The only shows that come close are the original CrossFire shows with Chris and Stu at the helm. I think the only critique I'd have right now, and this is a current issue is Sterling doing commentary solo, I miss the banter back and forth between him, Golden and Garcia.

    And something I've just noticed, is Gabby pretty much the lone female wrestling character right now? I know there's Alana in a managerial role, and the Cat Clan has a female character. But is that it now? Seems like theres been a sudden drop of from Revival till now. Whatever happened to Izzy?
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