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Thread: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

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    Night of Champions WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    WWE Night of Champions – September 19, 2010

    Night of Champions 2010, that’s the latest pay per view I’m going to review. I’ve been meaning to get back on this and watching some older stuff just to reminisce – even if it isn’t the best – and I have two weeks off work so it seems like a good idea. The co-main events of this show saw World Heavyweight Champion Kane take on the Undertaker and WWE Champion Sheamus defend his title in a Six-Pack Challenge Match featuring Edge, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and John Cena. Let’s see what else happened shall we. It also took place in Chicago which always guarantees a hot crowd.

    DARK MATCH: John Morrison def. Ted DiBiase

    Dolph Ziggler © w/ Vickie Guerrero & Kaitlyn vs. Kofi Kingston

    Dolph Ziggler had no championship advantage in this match meaning he would lose the title if he got counted out or disqualified. Going into the match it was highlighted that Vickie had told Kaitlyn she was Dolph’s girlfriend. And not long into the match Guerrero sent Kaitlyn to the back as the match went on. These two always had good chemistry and it was no different in this bout. The stipulations added a different element to it as Vickie couldn’t get involved and Ziggler would have to win by himself. There was a great looking crossbody from Kingston when Dolph leapt into the air to take the bump. The finish saw Kingston go for Trouble in Paradise and fly into the ropes. That allowed Ziggler to connect with the Zig Zag for the victory. Afterwards Ziggler was upset with Vickie as she nearly cost him the title. A way of forwarding the ‘love triangle’ angle I guess. Decent opener but nothing amazing.


    CM Punk comes out and gets a huge ovation from Chicago. He delivers a brilliant promo and frankly it makes me miss him even more. He says he loves Chicago and goes through a number of landmarks in the city but then he switches and says he is embarrassed of the people in Chicago and the city should be burned to the ground and needs to start over. Punk then turns his attention to Big Show who he has been embroiled in a rivalry with in recent weeks. He says he never runs from anyone. He says he will beat Big Show because of the power of Straight Edge.

    CM Punk vs. Big Show

    This was only a short match but Punk worked as hard as he could to make it work. Never quite clicked for me although I much prefer big men going up against smaller guys than the giant vs giant formula that Vince is in love with. There was a great looking spot when Big Show Speared CM Punk in the air as he springboarded. Show followed it up with the Knockout Punch to pick up the win. No title on the line in this one either just for the record.


    The Miz © w/ Alex Riley vs. Daniel Bryan

    This stemmed from the first season of NXT where The Miz was the pro of Daniel Bryan. We all know this was the real breakthrough for Bryan but boy it was so good to watch it again. I also somehow forgot about Cole’s pro-Miz gimmick. He was repeatedly saying The Miz was the future of WWE. Funny how Miz and Bryan are still doing what they’re doing and valuable to WWE as they are nine years on. This is such a good match and just played into their feud so well. Bryan outsmarted both The Miz and Alex Riley to win the title and making Miz tap out. The Miz controlled large portions of the match but the stuff you remembered was all Bryan whether it was his offence or his selling. There was a nice looking clothesline from Miz on the top rope with Bryan sitting on the ropes. Miz got close with a roll up after Bryan had thrown Riley into the ring post. Miz mounted Bryan and kept hammering away with punches but in the end he was caught in the LeBell Lock for the shock win to send the crowd into a frenzy. Terrific stuff. Miz was and always will be so good as a weasley heel.


    Michelle McCool © vs. Melina ©
    Lumberjill Match


    This match would see the Women’s and Diva’s Titles unified for the first time. Michelle McCool was technically co-owner of the Women’s Title with Layla but it was Michelle who would fight. McCool tried to deliver a cheap shot to Melina as she entered but to no avail as the match got underway. This wasn’t actually terrible but the Lumberjill aspect was a shit show Michelle won with a big boot to Melina when Layla got involved and all the other women were fighting on the outside. My favourite moment was Rosa Mendes mistaking Jillian Hall for Michelle McCool and nearly clocking her. You could clearly see Jillian blocking and looking at her as if to say ‘what on earth are you doing?’ Brilliant. This was certainly nothing to write home about either.


    The Undertaker vs. Kane ©
    No Holds Barred Match


    The match gets underway fast with Undertaker attacking Kane halfway up the ramp as he entered. The two of them brawl on the ramp, at the top of the stage and then back down again as Kane throws Undertaker into the steel steps. Kane and Undertaker fight in the ring for a bit before it ends up on the outside again and Undertaker is taken out with a steel chair. That’s as hardcore as it got though which was a bit disappointing considering it was meant to be a No Holds Barred Match. The story of the match was how Kane has weakened Undertaker and the Deadman was now a shell of his former self which fitted in really nicely with the finish which saw Kane in Tombstone position only for him to reverse the momentum and deliver the Piledriver himself to get the win over Undertaker. Kane celebrated and looked maniacal as Undertaker slowly made his way to the back and King said he had never seen him like this before and his brother had really got his number. Not going to lie I was pretty bored watching this. Probably that big man vs. big man just does nothing for me.


    The Hart Dynasty © vs. The Usos vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Mark Henry & Evan Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes
    Tag Team Turmoil Match


    The Hart Dynasty entered first to take on The Usos and were eliminated quickly meaning we would have new champions whatever happened. Santino was super over when he made his entrance. Man I miss him in a weird sort of way Unfortunately he didn’t last long as when going for a Cobra he was met with a Samoan Drop for the one, two, three. Next in were Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. I remember loving Bourne in WWE. Henry delivered The World’s Strongest Slam before Bourne connected with the Shooting Star Press. That took us to the final fall between Henry, Bourne, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes aka The Chosen Ones. Rhodes would deliver Cross Rhodes to Evan Bourne to win the titles. High-paced action throughout and the crowd were into it throughout. Decent and a creative way to differentiate the types of matches on the card. Can’t rate it highly though as it was all so short.


    We get a video of Alberto Del Rio. It’s a mash up of the vignettes that had previously been running on SmackDown before he debuted and took out Rey Mysterio. During this period he was in a rivalry with Christian but with no title involved they didn’t fight on the show so made sense to do a vignette of some sort before the main event.

    Sheamus © vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
    Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match

    Elimination Order: 1 – Chris Jericho, 2 – Edge, 3 – John Cena, 4 – Wade Barrett, 5 - Sheamus

    The match starts quickly with Chris Jericho left in the ring with John Cena. Then out of nowhere Randy Orton is back in the ring and delivers an RKO to Y2J. Jericho is eliminated in no time and he had said he would quit if he didn’t win the match before. Y2J was on the verge of leaving to focus on his band. Edge was next out as he received an AA from John Cena after a good 10 minutes or so of back and forth between everyone. Edge connected with a Spear to Orton but on the rebound got nailed with the AA to leave us with Cena, Orton, Barrett and the champion Sheamus. In the next shocking moment the Nexus get involved and Barrett eliminates Cena with Wasteland. No disqualification in the match as Nexus now go after Randy Orton and Sheamus as they look to help Barrett to become the WWE Champion. The Nexus look like they are going to make it academic but suddenly Cena comes back with a chair and takes out the entire Nexus. Orton delivers an RKO and eliminates Wade Barrett. That leaves us with Orton and Sheamus and the Celtic Warrior immediately delivers a Brogue Kick. Somehow Orton kicks out! Sheamus goes for his High Cross but Orton slips out of the grips of Sheamus, connects with the RKO and we have a new WWE Champion. A very well booked match and enjoyable throughout. Orton was definitely the most over of the six men involved so it made the most sense to put the strap on him at this stage I reckon.


    Night of Champions 2010 was certainly not a top tier WWE pay per view but there were a few reasons to tune in and watch. The most memorable thing from the show and that still sticks in the mind nine years on is Daniel Bryan winning the United States Title from The Miz. The main event was also fun and the opener plus the tag team turmoil match were solid additions to the show. Middle of the road but there was more I enjoyed than I didn’t on this show I’d say. 7/10.

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    Re: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    Bryan Vs Miz is cool to look back on because of their history together in the 9 years Bryan has been on WWE TV; I think it's likely both men's first great match with WWE and Bryan's US title run was a highlight of 2010.

    It continues being shit for several more years, but it's fun to see what used to be served up for us for womens and tag team wrestling in this company.

    Taker Vs Kane was a dreadful feud, Big Show being the one to end the SES was a disappointing end to that storyline and you liked the main event more than I did.

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    Re: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    Can I just say that the bald, orange and shiny look that Randy Orton had going for him between 09-10 was horrible.

    2010 was a rough year for ppvs. Kane Vs Undertaker really sucked, and Kane probably has the worst WHC reign ever (between that and HHH 03).

    I was surprised that Barrett didn't win the title here. This was the night to do it, if any. Nexus never recovered after Summerslam then this back to back.

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    Re: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    I actually enjoyed Kanes run as WHC, well up until the Edge feud which sucked seven different types of anus. How do you have a babyface kill and torture the heels manager?

    But it was long overdue that Kane got a proper World Title run and I thought his promo and character work around this time was fantastic and the matches were fun enough.

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    Re: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    If in 2010, you were to tell me that Daniel Bryan would someday have a significant on-air non-wrestling role in WWE, I would have said there's no chance in hell. It's amazing to see how far his charisma and mic skills have come since then.
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    Re: WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by BattleKat View Post
    It's amazing to see how far his charisma and mic skills have come since then.
    I'd say most of Bryan's long standing fans would say it's less of Bryan improving and more of the WWE just allowing him to show off his talents more. The old critique WWE fans had of Bryan not being charismatic enough never had any weight behind it. Much like CM Punk pre-heel turn, he had the personality and mic skills, he just needed to be allowed to prove it.

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