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Thread: WWE 205 Live Discussion - August 27, 2019

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    205 Live WWE 205 Live Discussion - August 27, 2019

    205 Live Preview
    August 27, 2019

    Kalisto aims to silence Ariya Daivari

    In recent weeks, Ariya Daivari has been in the head of The Lucha House Party’s resident hot-head, Lince Dorado. The Persian Lion has been doing his best to convince The Golden Lynx that he no longer has to be held back by The Lucha House Party. Dorado’s focus has also been on Humberto Carrillo, who he believes does not honor the lucha tradition. A mysterious attack on Gran Metalik two weeks ago left Kalisto and Dorado teaming with Carrillo in a victorious effort against Ariya Daivari and The Singh Brothers.

    While Metalik’s attacker remains a mystery, Kalisto believes it was part of Daivari’s master scheme to break apart The Lucha House Party. Tonight, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion looks to silence The Persian Lion and keep the party going.

    Don’t miss the most exciting hour of television, WWE 205 Live, tonight at 10/9 C, streaming on the award-winning WWE Network.

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    Re: WWE 205 Live Discussion - August 27, 2019

    A good Episode of 205 Live this Week, but not with it's problems I feel. Darvari vs Kalisto was a solid opener for the Show, but why are they stretching out Dorado's Heel turn? If any time to do it, it was there having Dorado stand there like a stump talking to Darvari after he attacked his Lucha House Party amigo. Like Nike just do it already.

    Humberto/Lorcan was a good battle as well. Let's be honest neither guy is getting over with the Audience fully, but both guys showed desperation wanting to be the next guy to face Gulak for the Cruiserweight Title. Carrillo avenges his loss to Lorcan from five months ago, and moves into a natural feud with former mentor Drew Gulak. I really liked Locan’s desperation here as he worked out of his comfort zone, showing how much he wanted to win in order to get another title shot. The rise of Carrillo has been well done.

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