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Thread: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

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    Fight Night Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Pyrotechnics explode once the introduction video concludes. The live footage zooms around the arena as Rod Sterling welcomes us to the FWA with his low-monotone voice. Sterling quickly rehashes last week's show, including the cut-short match between Cyrus Truth and Krash.

    The visual feed shows signs throughout the crowd. Examples are "Wildcard, more like MILDCARD, amiright" or "I paid to see people wrestle out their problems and I hope I get my moneys worth." Others are "CWA is living RENT FREE in FWA's head" and "Come at the king, you best not miss".

    Before we can get a deep dive from Sterling, Devin Golden, and Michael Garcia on the commentary booth, we're interrupted with the familiar voice of a FWA main eventer.

    "Skip the intro! Skip the opening montage! Skip whatever garbage is about to come out of Michael Garcia's mouth! Skip it all!"

    We're less than a minute into Fight Night and already we're off to a hot start, as none other than FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth is already approaching the ring, not waiting for his glorious theme music to cue him in!

    In one hand he holds his prized FWA Championship, whilst in his other he holds a microphone, as he makes his way towards the ring with no wasted energy. Trailing a few steps behind him is the man he faced against last week in a highly-anticipated match, Krash, and to say neither man seem particularly happy, would be something of an understatement.

    The crowd is legit HOT for this, buzzing as Cyrus and Krash stomp their way to the ring.

    Cyrus Truth's expression is one of barely-contained anger, brimming just below the surface, whilst Krash is clearly agitated, despite his efforts to appear calm and collected. As the two climb into the ring, Cyrus brings the microphone to his mouth, signaling for the cheering FWA fans to quieten.

    "I want an answer. I DEMAND ANSWERS."

    Krash paces to and fro, from one corner to another, whilst Cyrus glares dead-on into the camera, eyes never blinking.

    "Do you hear me, Sullivan? Do you hear me, Kennedy? I don't want to hear rumors or second-hand guessing from unknowing sources. I want to hear it straight from you two. I want an answer, and I want it now."

    Meanwhile, Krash has also procured a microphone, and steps up, taking an extra second to collect his thoughts.

    "Don't keep us waiting, friends. We're ALL hanging on, waiting at the edge of our seat, for your explanation. Myself, Cyrus, everyone in the arena and watching at home, we're waiting on you, as to why you felt it was necessary to take a match - no, no, not just a match, a gift, a treasured gift between two friends - and completely and utterly ruin it, out of... Out of what? Spite? Jealousy? Anger? Why? I'm sure I can hazard a guess why, but we'd prefer to hear it from you. We all would. So, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Kennedy, let's not waste any more time. Would you kindly make your way towards the ring, step between those ropes, look myself and Cyrus in the eyes, and EXPLAIN YOURSELVES."

    "And after you're done explaining yourselves? Krash and I are going to collect what you owe us. With interest."

    Cyrus punctuates that line by raising his other hand, running the knuckles of his fist across his jawline.

    "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by the Verve hits and the crowd EXPLODES with a buzzing sound of "oooooh" and cheering. The fans aren't really cheering for "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy as much as they want to see a confrontation.

    Rod Sterling: Looks like we WILL get answers.

    Michael Garcia: NOW ... it's time to expel these rats from the ring!

    Chris Kennedy appears on the stage with his usual garb, no shirt, a gold-glittered white jacket, and white wrestling trunks.

    His theme music halts when he gets about halfway down the rampway, and the former multi-time FWA World Champion turns his body and motions with his arm back to the entrance.

    Rod Sterling: Ahhhh ... yes ... there were two who attacked Krash and Cyrus Truth last week.

    "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold begins and the crowd again lets out a gasp of excitement and energy. "The King" Dave Sullivan walks out with both the X Championship and North American Championship belts over each of his shoulders. He hoists them proudly, with the gold plates glistening under the lights. Sullivan meets Kennedy and the two finish the travel down the narrow entrance aisle and to the ringside area.

    Devin Golden: I guess you need to have help to go into a ring with both Krash and Cyrus Truth.

    Michael Garcia: Are you saying Kennedy couldn't take them out together?

    Devin Golden: I'm saying Kennedy is choosing not to test it.

    Michael Garcia: Work smarter, not harder.

    Kennedy and Sullivan enter the ring and take up their side, with Krash and Cyrus Truth on the opposite side. Kennedy requests a microphone as Sullivan smiles across the ring coyly at the reigning FWA World Champion. He mouths, "Two is better than one" but is met with Cyrus' reply: "But my one is better than your two combined." The crowd is all on their feet, waiting for this combustible scene to boil over in one way or another.

    "I think ... we made it pretty damn clear last show ... WHY we were out there. I think we made it clear throughout the show that we didn't think it ... right ... for someone to walk in ... from CWA ... and get a World Championship match in two matches."

    Michael Garcia: Yes! Ex-act-lyyyy. Speak truth, Chris.

    "Let's imagine what would've happened had we not gotten involved. OK. So ... two people who originated in CWA ... will MAIN ... EVENT ... the FWA's flagship show. And worse yet, it'll be FOR the FWA World Championship. The biggest and BEST championship in all of wrestling.

    That. Can't. Happen. Not in the FWA. Not in MY house."

    Kennedy points his finger aggressively down at the ring canvas for emphasis. Cyrus Truth has his hands folded and Krash leans against the ropes in a deadpanned expression.

    "Last I remember ... the CWA shut down a few months ago. So this whole farewell tour for the CWA doesn't make much sense to me. We're celebrating losers and failures now?"

    Kennedy turns to the crowd to ask this rhetorical question. The fans mostly boo back in response, and a small "CWA! CWA! CWA!" chant emerges.

    "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan grabs the microphone next, and the booing grows.

    "The answer SHOULD BE ... no. But with a World Champion who HIDES from the only true challengers he has (Sullivan points to he and Kennedy as he says this), this is par the course. Cyrus, you're DAMN LUCKY to still be holding that World Championship. We both know the FWA throws everyone they can at me to get one, if not both, of these titles off my shoulders. And the FWA keeps failing. So sooner or later, EVENTUALLY, Cyrus ... it'll be ME ... and YOU.

    It SHOULD'VE been me and you on the last Fight Night. But you went ... and handed a championship match ... to your little pen pal from CWA. You gave it to someone who, to that point, hadn't done enough to warrant it. Hey, I'm all about getting what you deserve. But Krash, you didn't deserve it. And the beatdown you got ... is for not recognizing that you didn't deserve it."

    Michael Garcia: "The King" is spitting TRUTH right now. He's throwing FIRE.

    "WE ... are not going to let ... two CWA transports ... main event OUR show. We are not going to let friends hand title shots to friends. And we are not going to let people who are LESS deserving pass us up for what we're owed."

    Krash interrupts sternly and gets in Sullivan's face.

    "Last I remember, I passed up your bro over here when I BEAT him at the Anniversary Show. And considering you don't have any wins against him ... I'd say that puts me at least right on par with you."

    The crowd cheers loudly as Krash and Sullivan are nose to nose with one another. Kennedy begins mouthing off and Cyrus steps in, confronting and getting in Kennedy's face.

    Michael Garcia: All I know is Krash did beat Kennedy at the Anniversary Show, but that's a dog having his day. That's a one-in-a-million story. And you can't overreact to ONE match. Look at their resumes HERE ... in the FWA. Not anywhere else. Not in other feds. HERE. Kennedy and Sullivan go FAR AND BEYOND what Krash has done. That's just FACT.

    Devin Golden: But you have to look at matches, and head-to-head history. Right now, it's Krash 1, Kennedy 0. I'm not saying Sullivan and Kennedy aren't deserving. I'm just also saying Krash is deserving as well. He is! He was! And his opportunity was taken from him!

    The shouting continues until Sullivan finally brings the microphone back to his lips.

    "How about you prove the Anniversary Show wasn't a FLUKE and face him again, alright?! How about you prove you can do it TWICE."

    Krash quickly retorts, "How about I prove it against YOU. Since you're out here saying the FWA has thrown EVERYONE at you, let's finally make it 'EVERYONE.' Cause last I checked, you've beaten some midcard talent but you haven't put your belts on the line against me."

    Sullivan shoves Krash backwards and the verbal spat turns physical. Krash throws a fist at Sullivan but Cyrus gets in the way. Kennedy then shoves Cyrus backwards and now it's the two people with World Championship reigns on their resume getting into a shoving match.

    Rod Sterling: No matter which side you're on, this is about to turn REALLY ugly!

    Devin Golden: Yeah, it's about time someone stepped in.

    As he's saying the last line, the Fight Night feed picks up rustling from the commentary booth. The headphones are dropped on the table and the cameras shift to show the Hall of Famer get up and quickly walk to the ring. Golden slides under the ropes smoothly despite wearing a buttoned-down collared shirt and slacks. He immediately puts his arms in between Kennedy and Cyrus, and then uses one arm to separate Sullivan and Krash.

    Rod Sterling: Right now, this is an UNTENABLE position between these four men. And the former three-time World Champion is the only person keeping them from all-out brawling!

    Golden calms Cyrus and Krash down, and the two back off and accept his words. Then Golden turns to Kennedy and Sullivan.

    Rod Sterling: I don't know what Golden is saying, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on getting through to Kennedy and Sullivan.

    "The Astonishing" and "The King of the FWA" are defiant. They're both shouting back at every calm word Golden uses. He's simply trying to reason with them and the feed picks up him saying, "It was just one match. It was just one match. It doesn't mean they're making it the CWA. It doesn't mean that."

    Kennedy retorts, "Why are YOU siding with them?! Huh?! That's BULLSHIT, Golden. That's BULLSHIT." Sullivan shouts an interjection as well, and Golden continues pressing.

    He tries to reach them on a level head, but all of his words seem to go in one ear and out the other for both Kennedy and Sullivan. He even gets some eye rolls from the two. "I know you both. I know you. I know you're both prideful. But this doesn't have to be a pride thing. Or a defense thing. The FWA doesn't need you to defend it here. It's just one match. They're in the FWA. They aren't invaders. This isn't some invasion thing. This isn't Robbins Thurgood. They're just ... Krash and Cyrus Truth. They get FWA paychecks. They're FWA now."

    Sullivan quickly interrupts. "Not to me, they ain't. Not as much as me, at least. Not as much as Chris."

    Rod Sterling: Look, this has been boiling since the start of last week's show and ...

    Michael Garcia: You know what? I've had enough of this.

    Golden continues to try to mediate between the two in the ring as we hear a muffled commotion over the life feed. And as tensions came to a rise, gasoline was about to poured on to the fire.

    Michael Garcia rises from the announcer's table and ducks under the bottom rope. He enters the ring, causing a buzz from the crowd. Now everyone inside has their eyes on Michael Garcia, the tallest man in the ring by a good three or four inches.

    Rod Sterling: I ... I have NO IDEA. Folks, this is waaaaaay off what we had planned tonight. We ... announcers ... they never should get involved.

    Garcia immediately gets into the face of Cyrus Truth, who is nearest to him. But Garcia quickly shifts his attention toward Golden. The two announcers are just a foot from one another, with Golden shaking his head and his hands on his hips.

    "Why are YOU involved? Don't defend THEM!" Garcia shouts as he points in the general direction of Cyrus Truth and Krash.

    Golden shakes his head nonchalantly and begins explaining his reasoning, but Garcia is having NONE of it. He shoves Golden square in the chest with such force that Golden stumbles backwards. and into "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy!

    Rod Sterling: OH ... THIS ... I ...

    Golden and Kennedy sort of bump and bounce off one another. Kennedy has his arm around Golden to stop himself from falling over. Golden takes it as some sort of aggressive move and quickly throws his right arm around in a VERY hostile manner.

    A "GET OFF!" is heard as Golden halfway turns to glare at Kennedy. Then he steps into the middle of the fracas, with Garcia to his left, and says, "STOP!"

    But it doesn't.


    Sure enough, the crowd lets out a loud mix of "oooooooooooooh", gasps, and cheers. Kennedy's "Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony" is planted right into the jaw of the Hall of Famer. Golden drops to the canvas unconscious, like a mime, and now tensions have reached the peak.

    Rod Sterling: This is ... this is NOT a safe space right now for Krash and Cyrus Truth!

    Krash and Cyrus immediately step forward, sensing that they could be next, but it's 3 on 2. Security comes and separates them before more than a few fists fly, and on one side we see Kennedy, Sullivan, and Garcia held back. On the other side, Krash and Cyrus are held against the ropes.

    Medical checks on Golden, who remains laying still in the middle of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: The energy in this arena is like a LIGHTNING STORM! Emotions are at a peak and we're only a few minutes into the show. I can't even GUESS what we'll have later tonight for the Krash-Gabrielle match!


    The FWA audience roars loudly in approval as camera's cut backstage to the one and only Gabrielle. She's dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a black leather jacket over a white baby tee, with a duffel bag slung over her shoulder. She's just arrived at the Arena and is making a beeline for her Private Locker Room when one of the camera crew ask her the simple question: "A week later how do you feel about what happened last week?". Gabrielle stops in her tracks and sighs loudly.

    I've said all I'm going to say on this matter, everyone already knows where I stand on this, and all that I care about is getting another shot at Cyrus Truth and the FWA World Championship.

    She starts to walk off but then pauses and smirks at the camera.

    And unlike some I will earn it.

    With that said she quickly walks off to her Locker Room.


    The feed returns with XYZ and "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger already inside the squared circle. XYZ is hopping in his corner while Sterling Jagger looks confident in his. Tommy Thunder is on the outside giving arrogant pointers to Jagger, who brushes them off.

    XYZ vs. "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger w/ Tommy Thunder

    XYZ and Jagger come together for a grapple, which "The Perfect 10+" wins. He locks in a rear waist lock and gets a belly-to-back takedown. Then he lifts XYZ up and takes him down again, like XYZ is a 12 year old fighting a college student. Jagger releases and smacks XYZ on the back of the head. XYZ then turns around to see Jagger smirking at him, and Tommy Thunder is laughing on the outside.

    They grapple again but this time XYZ swiftly slides behind Jagger and gets a double leg takedown. The former tag team champion quickly locks in a side head lock on the mat with his feet stretched out in front. Jagger pries XYZ's hands loose until XYZ's only recourse is kicks to the upper spine. XYZ then waits for Jagger to get upright before landing a kick to the ribs. He runs himself off the ropes and lands a swift elbow to the cheek. Jagger stumbles back and XYZ runs off the ropes a second time. Jagger meets him with a "Moves Like Jagger" superkick to the chest.

    XYZ goes down quickly and Jagger hooks the far leg for a pin. But it's a two-count kickout.

    Jagger tries to end the match with his "Money Shot" finisher. But XYZ effectively tightens a grip around the neck and pulls himself and Jagger into the nearest ropes. XYZ then is shoved into the nearby turnbuckle but dodges as Jagger charges after and goes chest first into the corner.

    XYZ hits a back suplex into the middle of the ring and goes for a pinfall. Tommy Thunder eagerly jumps up to the apron and tries to distract the referee. He instead eats a kick to the gut from XYZ. Thunder falls off the apron and XYZ then hits a spinning wheel kick when Jagger rises. XYZ pulls back both legs for a pinfall try!
    ...................1......................2...............Kick out!

    Jagger and XYZ continue going back and forth.Jagger gets two nearfalls out of the ordeal. Hen then hits a double underhook gutbuster. But his next try for a superkick misses and XYZ rolls him up from behind.


    Jagger kicks out right after the three count and Tommy Thunder bangs his fists on the apron. XYZ rolls out of the ring as Jagger looks around confused.

    Winner: XYZ
    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder enters the ring but "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger is having none of it. Jagger shoves Thunder away and walks to the other side of the ring. He then shouts something adversarial toward Thunder and exits without Thunder at his side.

    Rod Sterling: Trouble in paradise here for Jagger and Thunder. ... I mean, I don't really know what Jagger wanted from this. Was he hoping for help? Tommy tried interfering and ... that didn't work out well.

    Tommy Thunder seems agitated in the ring. But Jagger keeps walking.


    Backstage we see Devin Golden, who's still wearing his professional attire. He has a red mark around his jaw from the Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony he took earlier in the night.

    Cameras follow as he walks down the hallway. The floofy black hair is easily recognizable from the back. What surprises the fans is where he stops.


    Rod Sterling: What ... what is this about?

    Golden takes a deep breath and then knocks. When he hears a "come in", Golden slowly opens the door and peaks in.

    "Gabby, can we talk about all of this?"

    The three-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion quickly scoots around the door edge and into the opening, and then he closes the door.


    The feed returns back out to the arena “Get Me” hits to a positive reception from the fans as James “Eyesnsane” Hughes makes his way out; he quickly walks down to the ring looking as focused as always.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring from Chicago, IL; weighing in at 230lbs...James “Eyesnsane” Hughes!

    “Ya Paravoz (I Am The Locomotive)” now replaces Hughes’ theme and another positive reception for the large Russian, Viktor Maximus; who stomps his way to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent from Grozny, Russia; weighing in at 350lbs…”The Destruction” Viktor Maximus!

    Rod Sterling: A win here tonight for Maximus would be a step in the right direction after falling short to Dave Sullivan, but the veteran Hughes will not make it easy for Maximus as he’s also looking for a win to bounce back


    The two go in for a grapple and right away Hughes spins around behind Maximus, and applies a rear waist lock on the much larger man and attempts to take him down but Maximus doesn’t budge and throws back an elbow as if to swat away Hughes like an annoying gnat. Maximus turns around and the two men face each other; Maximus towering over Eyes but the veteran shows no signs of backing down. They go in for another grapple and Maximus shoves Hughes toward the ropes while keeping in the grapple before sending him towards the opposite end of the ring, and off the rebound Maximus catches Hughes with a shoulder tackle! Hughes drops down to the mat but quickly pops back up on one knee and stares daggers at Maximus; who roars back at Hughes in an act of defiance towards the veteran.

    Yet another grapple and this time Hughes manages to trap Maximus in a side headlock, but Maximus shoves Hughes away towards the ropes and he follows Hughes; the veteran is ready though and as Maximus lunges towards him Hughes throws back a sharp elbow to Maximus. Hughes follows up his offense with several sharp, rapid fire quicks to the big man; chopping him down like a big tree bringing him down to one knee and Hughes takes him down with a snap suplex!

    Rod Sterling: Eyes manages to find an advantage over the bigger man thus far but it remains to be seen if he can maintain it

    Eyes attempts a grounded headlock, but Maximus powers his way back up and elbows Eyes in the gut forcing him to break the hold. Maximus goes for a big boot but Eyes catches him by his boot and quickly takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Maximus holds his legs as Eyes focuses on the leg and stomps on it a few times before applying a leg lock and cranks back on the big man’s leg. Hughes eventually brings the big man back up and hits him with a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Maximus kicks out with force and sits up with a look of anger in his eyes but Hughes doesn’t back down and goes for a kick; Maximus catches him by the boot and holds on to it as he rises up. Hughes goes for a enziguiri with his free foot but Maximus ducks underneath it, and as Hughes is back up he goes down just as quick with a massive discus lariat from Maximus! Maximus brings up Hughes and sends him crashing to the canvas with a running powerslam! The ring rattles upon impact and Maximus makes the cover…


    Hughes with a shoulder up and Maximus brings him up and sends him off the ropes and clobbers him with a big boot! Maximus follows up with a bridging german suplex!


    Hughes gets a shoulder up again and he tries to fend off the big man, but Maximus overpowers him and traps him a bear hug submission! Maximus tries to squeeze the life out of Hughes, who shows no giving up despite the pain he’s feeling right now and tries to fight with several elbows that eventually force Maximus to relinquish the hold and he drops Hughes to the mat. Maximus falls to one knee while Hughes recovers on the mat and he hops up and nails Maximus with a spinning backfist, but the big man doesn’t budge yet Hughes delivers a roundhouse kick that brings the big man down and Hughes goes for a pin…


    Hughes brings up Maximus and he’s about to go for his finish but Maximus counters and throttles him by the throat and is about to send him crashing to the mat with a chokeslam, but Maximus is distracted by someone on stage...The New Breed!

    Rod Sterling: Maximus has obvious history with those two as well as their mentor Mike Parr, and it’s even more obvious what they’re trying to do here...wait, Eyes from behind Maximus with a spinning backfist to the head!

    Hughes takes a now dazed Maximus and hoists him up...EYE WIN! Burning hammer to Maximus and Hughes makes the cover…


    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match, James “Eyesnsane” Hughes!


    The camera takes us backstage where FWA Backstage Interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith is ready for her next interviewer.

    Goldmith: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time…the man formerly known as “The Steel City Slayer” Michael Garcia.

    The camera pans out and up to show the 7 footer stepping into the shot.

    Goldsmith: Mike, I think the question that is on everyone’s mind is…Why did you feel the need to involve yourself in a situation involving the FWA World Heavyweight Championship? Especially when it seemed like cooler heads may have prevailed?

    Garcia: Ya know what? Ever since Cyrus Truth walked into this company, he’s done nothing but disgrace it. He, an outsider, a so called "Wayward Warrior", common CWA trash just waltzes right in here, gets an FWA Championship and walks around here like he owns this god damn place. One night. One night and Cyrus Truth took a championship opportunity from guys that busted their ass here their entire careers to get a championship match at Back in Business! Not just Kennedy or Sullivan, either, I'm talking about guys like Mike Parr, PAJ, Kazadi, Danny Toner, Jean Luc Watkins, hell, Michael GODDAMN Garcia! Guys that fought tooth and nail to earn their spot here, and not just one night, not just one match, YEARS! YEARS, KATIE!!!! And he walks right in, with an unfair advantage of the unknown, and he conquers the mountain that he had no right to be climbing!

    But I told myself that for as much as I hated the thought of Cyrus parading around with that belt around his waist, I told myself that it would be all worth it. It would all be worth it the very moment, somebody.....anybody....any of OUR GUYS kicked the living shit out of him and embarrassed him so bad that he’d go back to the pissant indie that he came from! I took supreme satisfaction when Chris Kennedy kicked his teeth down his throat and rightfully took back our crown jewel. All I was waiting for now was the opportunity for Kennedy, Sullivan, Gabby, Randall, Parr, hell, anyone with an ounce of FWA blood running their veins to do it one more time...only this time, much...much more violently. But last week, Cyrus Truth went too far. He brought in another parasite, and literally handed him a championship match, ahead of a SLEW of more deserving people. That sawed-off midget Krash won 2 matches in the of which was a fluke....and he gets a championship match. I was literally sick to my stomach. Thank God, two beacons of light in the FWA had the balls to do what no one else did. They stood up for the company that made them. It’s pretty god damn funny that everyone talks about the egos and the selfishness of those two fine gentlemen, as well as myself, but we…we are the only people that defended the FWA on it’s darkest day.

    And that brings me to my next point... There’s a locker room of guys back here that are more than welcome to put on a T-Shirt and say how proud they are to work here, but can’t stand up for their company when the enemies invade our territory! The Night King literally knocked down our castle walls and our so called “Warriors” sat back and watched! I said...on air...last week that there would be hell to pay last week when this match was made. I kind of figured that the locker room would rise up and take the trash out back where it belongs! And I should have expected Gabrielle to be more focused on how this benefits her or how her tits look in her new hooker dress but where was,say, Jason Randall? Where was Mac Michaud? James Hughes? Where were YOU, Devin Golden?

    Oh, that's right. You were right there at ringside, trying to tell everyone at home that this wasn't an absolute joke. And then tonight, when our boys were gonna take care of business once and for all? You call for peace? You might as well have been wearing a God Damn Adrenaline Rush T-shirt yo' self. As far as I'm concerned, you, Golden, are nothing more than a traitor! You, and your friends, have worn out your welcome, Devin. Lemme tell you something, Devin, you and I….we’re gonna have to see each other next week, at that table. Make one smartass remark, next week, and I’ll lay your ass out. Bet.”

    Just as Michael finishes his speech, his eyes go off the camera and a little bit back towards the hall.

    “What the hell do you want?”

    The camera pans back a bit as the Fight Night GM Ryan Rondo steps into the scene.

    Rondo:“Makin’ threats, are we, Maggle? Well, ya know somethin’, I can’t have this shoutin’ match all over commentary every week on my show. And I for sure, can’t have announcers threatening to beat up competitors, much less other announcers. This show is about the wrestlers! It’s not about you, Michael. You’re job is to call the matches,. Ya got no business puttin’ your hands on anyone inside that ring! So, I’ve gotta rack my brain on this here, as to where we go from here, but until I do…you’ve got the rest of the night off. We’ll see about next week. Enjoy,”

    Garcia’s eyes start to pop with rage.

    “WHAT?!?!?! Are you shittin’ me? You’re throwin’ me out? For standin’ up for YOUR SHOW? This is bullshit!!!! This is…Th…I know what this is.... This is only because I put your hands on your boy toy, isn’t it? You afraid that I hurt Sunrise? Nah, dawg, you know what? I ain’t goin’ nowhere! You hear me?”

    Rondo stands across from him with his arms folded across his chest, almost as if he was expecting that exact reaction.

    “Have it your way….SECURITY! Escort Mr. Garcia out of the arena, please!”

    8 security guys show up behind Garcia, who glares at Rondo, before realizing that resisting is futile and he starts to walk. The camera follows them for a few seconds, as Garcia kicks a large garbage can and flips a catering table on the way out.


    Singles Match
    “The Wildcard” Jason Randall vs “24K” Nova Diamond

    The two men engage in the center of the ring, locking hands, with Randall bending Diamond backwards with his shoulders almost to the mat until Diamond begins to push back and gets Randall into the same position. Randall uses his legs to sort of “kip up” back into a standing position with his hands still locked. Randall manages to let go and wrenches the arm, transferring to a side headlock. Nova pushes him off, into the ropes, and then takes Randall down with a Double Leg Takedown. Nova grabs Randall’s leg and looks for a submission but The Wildcard fights out and rolls back up to his feet. The two re-engage in the center of the ring, with Randall catching Nova in a rear waist lock. Standing switch by Nova as Randall tries to break the grip around the waist, which he does! Standing switch by Randall, into a side headlock takedown. Randall keeps the headlock on once on the mat, and puts the pressure on as The 24K Man keeps trying to counter. Nova does manage to fight out of it with Randall still trying to hold on but Nova pulls him down into a pinning combination for a two count!

    The two re-engage in the center of the ring trading off more basic wrestling holds until Randall knocks Nova down with a hard Shoulder Block. Randall runs the ropes, running over Nova, Nova leaps over the rebound and looks for a SuperKick on the return but JUST misses as Randall holds on to the ropes! Nova holds his fingers high in the air, just inches apart, saying “THAT CLOSE!!!” and smirking, as Randall confidently circlesthe ring. The two engage one more time in the center of the ring, once again putting on a mat wrestling clinic that culminates in Nova shoving Randall off into the ropes and looking for a back body drop but The Wildcard kicks him in the shoulder and then sends him flying outside the ring! Nova hits hard as Randall pumps himself up inside the ring and decides to go for a suicide dive! Randall reaches the ropes when he notices Nova moving out of the way, so he stops dead in his tracks,steps through the ropes and chases Nova around the ring. Diamond slides into the ring and stomps at Randall’s fingers when he tries to follow. Diamond mocks Randall and a frustrated Wildcard slams his fist onto the outer part of the ring. Jason shakes his head back and forth before walking up the steps and stepping back into the ring, Randall puts his hand up to engage again, which Nova follows, but Randall charges forward with a clothesline instead! A second clothesline! Randall whips Nova into the ropes, but Nova reverses and catches him with a dropkick on the rebound! Randall rolls to the corner and pulls himself up. Nova grabs him by the arm and whips him into the opposite corner. The 24 K man follows behind, but Randall pushes himself up and Nova nearly collides with the turnbuckle! Nova backs up and right into an Inverted Headlock BackBreaker! Randall stalks his opponent before dropping a knee into his back and then grabbing the hair, viciously and violently yanking away at the thick black hair of his opponent. The referee warns about the hair, so he slams Nova’s skull to the mat before letting up. Randall stomps away at the lower back before grabbing Nova’s leg and locking in a Single Leg Boston Crab!

    Nova tries to crawl toward the ropes, but once he reaches a few fingertips away, Randall drags him back towards the center of the ring. Diamond desperately reaches out towards the ropes again, and tries to pull himself forward but he finds it easier to contort himself into a position where he’s on his back, and kicks away at the sternum of The Wildcard, pushing him back to the ropes. Nova hops to one foot and manages to get in a right hand but Randall responds by quickly getting Nova up for the Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker! Randall climbs up to the top rope and points to his elbow,but Nova gets back to his feet so Randall changes to a crossbody that Nova rolls through!

    Both men up to their feet, but Nova immediately jumps on Randall’s back and locks in a sleeper hold. Randall desperate to not to get trapped in it, immediately runs toward the corner,lowers his head and runs Nova face first into the top turnbuckle, releasing the hold! Nova immediately gets back to his feet, ducks a clothesline, turns around and connects with an enziguiri! Randall is stunned as Nova follows up with a Uranage! Both men fall to the mat as a result of the move! Nova crawls for the cover, but Randall rolls to the far corner! Nova slams his fist to the mat in anger several times. Randall begins to pull himself up, as Nova runs in for a corner splash but eats a hard elbow instead! Again, Randall heads up to the top rope for an elbow drop, but Nova meets him up top and delivers an Exploder Suplex from the top rope! That move took so much out of both men that it takes them to the count of 8 to reach their feet! Both men pull themselves up in their respective corners but it’s Randall that explodes out of his with a corner splash, fllowed up by a bulldog, but Nova shoves him off into the ropes! Nova comes back with a dropkick that send Randall into the ropes, but Randall comes back with his pendulum clothesline! Nova was ready for it, ducked the clothesline, and connected with a 24K Kick!

    Nova with the cover!

    Randall kicked out at 2!

    Both men take time to recover and pull themselves up. Randall again uses the corner, so when Nova gets up, he connects with a corner splash! Nova transitions into a Hangman’s Neckbreaker, but Randall counters into a backslide for a 2 count! Both men get to their feet quickly, and Nova catches Randall with a Leaping DDT! Another 2 count! Nova is almost to the point of throwing a tantrum in the ring at this point. He gets up and stomps his foot to the mat as he awaits Randall to get to his feet. He plants his foot to the mat and moves in forward with the Superkick, but Randall catches his foot! Double Leg Takedown, into a catapult into the turnbuckle! Nova hits the turnbuckle face first! He staggers out and walks right into a Kill Shot! Randall hooks him up for the Dueces Wild, but Nova counters out and connects with a Roundhouse Kick! Randall falls between the top and middle rope, but hangs on and comes back with his Penduluum Clothesline!


    Diamond kicks out!

    Randall stalks Nova who is beginning to pull himself up, and waits for him to pick himself up, for kicking him in the gut and going for the Snake Eyes! But Nova shoves him away, and gets him in position for the Uncomfortably Numb on the rebound! Randall slides out of the hold though, kicks him in the gut and looks for the Dueces Wild again, but Nova grabs him by the neck and pulls him down into an inside cradle!


    Here is your winner @ 12:14 – Nova Diamond!


    The feed returns to the arena, where "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder in already in the ring. His theme music finishes with the final few seconds and then fades out. "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger is in his corner, although the two don't appear to be all too happy with one another.

    Rod Sterling: A lot of tension between Sterling Jagger and Tommy Thunder right now. I know they lost matches the last two shows. And now Jagger loses earlier tonight, shoves Tommy Thunder after the match. No smiles right now.

    The Cheshire Cat Clan is in Hannibal Crowe's corner. Alice and Nova look on from the outside as Crowe stands with a towering presence. The Cheshire Cat Clan seems far more tight than Thunder and Jagger on the opposite side of the ring area.

    Hannibal Crowe w/ the Cheshire Cat Clan vs. "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder w/ Sterling Jagger

    Hannibal Crowe completely dominates Tommy Thunder from jump street. He overpowers Thunder into the corner and then powerslams "The Division One Superstar" into the middle of the ring. Hannibal Crowe sends Thunder hard into the ropes and hits a big shoulder bump. Crowe puts a foot into the chest of Thunder for a pinfall try but it's a kick out at two. Crowe then whips "The Division One Superstar" to the ropes and backbody drops Thunder over the ropes and out of the ring.

    Crowe follows him outside, where Thunder battles back. He shoves Crowe into the ring steps and begins kicking him as he's crouching down lower and lower. Thunder then rolls Crowe back into the ring and steps to the apron. He then shouts at Jagger, "This is how it's DONE."

    But Crowe catches him with a big forearm uppercut that nearly knocks teeth out of Thunder's mouth. Crowe pulls Thunder over the ropes like a rag doll. Then he hits the Happy Ever After sitout chokebomb finisher and gets the 1-2-3.

    Winner: Hannibal Crowe

    When the match ends and the Cheshire Cat Clan moves on from the ring area, Sterling Jagger enters the ring. Tommy Thunder is the one this time to shove him away. He has his hand on the bottom part of his back. Then he points a finger toward Sterling Jagger, who is leaning against the ropes with his arms crossed.

    Thunder gets in Jagger's face and mouths, "WHERE WERE YOU?!"

    But "The Perfect 10+" is having NONE of it. Jagger watches Thunder turn around and step toward the middle of the ring, still nursing his lower back. Thunder turns around and is met with violence.

    Rod Sterling: OH! ... Sterling Jagger just ... he just took down his partner!

    He lands his "Moves Like Jagger" superkick to the jaw of Tommy Thunder. Then he hits the "Money Shot" finisher kick and the crowd watches as Thunder is laid out TWICE in the same segment.

    Rod Sterling: Well, we saw some tension building between these two with the loss at the Anniversary Show. They had an opportunity to win the tag team championships. In two short weeks, it's now ... unraveled into nothing.

    Sterling Jagger looks down at the fallen Tommy Thunder and says, "THAT is how it's done." Jagger walks out of the ring, leaving his now-former tag team partner behind.


    “Cut the Cord” hits to a mixed reception for The Undisputed Alliance, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage who are followed by Britney Adams as they make their way out.

    Kurt Harrington: Making their way to the ring being accompanied by Britney Adams; weighing in at a combined weight of 476 lbs. First from Las Vegas, NV he is “The Sin City Bad Boy” Jackson Fenix! His tag team partner hails from Philadelphia, PA he is “Nasty” Nate Savage...THE UNDISPUTED ALLIANCE!

    “Roadhouse Blues” now plays and out comes the father/son tandem of Los Maravillosos to a positive reception.

    Kurt Harrington: Their opponents, from Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico and weighing in at a combined weight of 475 lbs, Maravilloso and Maravilloso Jr...LOS MARAVILLOSOS!

    Rod Sterling: Whoever wins this match will move on in the tournament for the tag team championship, both newcomers to FWA and both looking to make an impact with a chance to do so tonight


    Savage will start out for his team while he faces Maravilloso Jr and the two lock up in a grapple, and Nate takes down with a side headlock; Jr slips out of it however and kips up and just as Savage pops back up he’s drilled with a standing dropkick from Jr! Savage rolls over to his corner and Fenix makes the tag looking to avenge his teammate early on. Fenix goes for a grapple but Jr sidesteps him and runs towards the ropes; leaps up for a springboard and comes back with a springboard body splash taking down Fenix! Fenix manages to get back up and runs at Jr but he’s taken down with a snap arm drag followed by another one and Fenix crawls away to his corner for safety while Savage yells at Maravilloso Jr

    Rod Sterling: Whatever game plan The Undisputed Alliance had isn’t coming together the way that they had hoped thus far

    Fenix stands up and tells Maravilloso Jr to tag in his Dad and Savage shouts “yeah, tag in your old man!” Jr looks over at his father, who is more than eager to enter the match; Jr shrugs and obliges them by tagging in his father. Fenix goes in for a grapple but Maravilloso slips out and spins behind, standing side by side and counters with a mexican leg sweep transitioned into a crossface submission! He wrenches back while Fenix howls out in pain, kicking his legs about and from the outside Britney Adams grabs hold of one foot and puts on the bottom rope, and then points it out to the referee forcing the hold to be broken. Jr saw what she did and begins to argue with the referee, so does Maravilloso while Savage tags himself in and charges at Maravilloso from behind with a clubbing double axe handle! Savage then stomps away at him viciously while mocking and trash talking Maravilloso Jr until the referee breaks it up…

    Rod Sterling: I may not agree with it but I can’t deny that those underhanded tactics of theirs worked, whatever it takes I suppose

    Savage brings Maravilloso up and hits an atomic drop transitioned into an abdominal stretch submission, and to add insult to injury he hits Maravilloso with several elbow smashes to the head but all that does is fire up the senior Maravilloso who fights back with back elbow smashes of his own forcing Savage off of him. Maravilloso gets his wits about and nails Savage with a hard palm strike before spinning him around and sets him up...Marvel-plex! He makes the cover…


    Savage kicks out and Maravilloso makes the tag to his more than eager son. Savage is sitting up right and is on the receiving end of a low dropkick to the back! Savage holds the back of his head while trying to get to one knee but Jr comes off the ropes with a shining wizard! Another cover…


    Savage with a shoulder up this time and Savage rolls away while Jr is waiting for him to get up. Savage on a vertical base now and Jr runs at him but Savage counters with a uranage! He continues his assault with a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Jr kicks out and the tag is made to Fenix who comes in off the tag with a snap springboard elbow drop on to Jr and makes another cover nonchalantly…


    He whips Jr to the ropes and off the rebound with a sling blade! He applies a headlock but Jr begins to fight his way free with several back elbows and goes for a combo variation of punches, but Fenix catches him by the wrist and kicks him in the gut before leveling him with a short arm lariat! He then applies a figure four leglock in the center of the ring while Jr struggles in agony as his Dad watches on and tries to rally his son on. Soon enough Jr manages to counter and reverse into his own figure four leglock, Fenix yells out in pain before releasing it. Both of them lay on the mat for several seconds before they both make the tag! Savage charges in at Maravilloso and goes for a clothesline but Maravilloso ducks and counters with a stiff standing dropkick that takes Savage down as Maravilloso leaps on the top turnbuckle and just as quickly leaps off...moonsault! He lands on Savage for the cover!


    Fenix breaks it up and stomps away at Maravilloso until Jr comes for the save and hits Fenix with several clotheslines until Fenix manages to duck underneath one and drills Jr with a superkick! Meanwhile, Savage is up now and is looking to end it and sends Maravilloso to the ropes and goes for the Nasty Bomb but Maravilloso counters into a roll up after a hurricanrana…


    Fenix with the save again and he helps Savage back up and they both lift up Maravilloso...UNDISPUTED! Savage makes the cover…


    Kurt Harrington: The winners of the match, The Undisputed Alliance!


    Non-Title Match

    FWA Champion “The Exile” Cyrus Truth vs “The Prodigy” Mike Parr w/ The New Breed

    The referee checks both competitors as they take their opposite corners. The two men circle the ring with Cyrus testing a quick kick to the shin which Parr avoids. Cyrus tries again but Parr seems incredibly well-prepared for this match as he shifts away. Cyrus looks for a slap that Parr backs away from before attempting a low kick of his own that Cyrus avoids. This time the two engage in a collar and elbow tie up that ends up with Parr backing Cyrus into the ropes. The referee calls for a release of the hold but Parr doesn’t let up, which leads to Cyrus strong-arming Parr, who barks back at both Cyrus and the referee. Another collar and elbow tie up leads to a side headlock by Parr. Cyrus pulls up to his feet before shoving Parr into the ropes, who comes back with a shoulder block to the champion. Parr continues to run the ropes, as Cyrus rolls over to his belly….Parr bounces off as Cyrus gets to his feet and leaps over Parr on the rebound! Judo hip toss to the Prodigy! Parr hits the mat hard, but when The Exile goes to grab him, Parr headbutts him in the gut and then drills him with an uppercut! Parr answers back with a kick to the thigh and then an elbow to the neck of The Prodigy. Cyrus whips his opponent into the corner, puts his leg behind the middle rope and begins kicking away at the knee of the leader of the New Breed. The referee reaches a count of four before Cyrus backs off. Parr frees himself as Cyrus threatens Sean Hughes on the outside of the ring. Parr charges at Cyrus again, but again The Exile counters with a judo hip toss into a grounded headlock. Parr rolls to his side and pushes up to his feet, before Cyrus takes him back down to the mat. Parr manages to grapple his way out and into a pinning combination, but the referee barely gets to 1. Both men quickly up to their feet, before Cyrus kicks the knee of The Prodigy and then takes him down with a Double Leg Takedown before burying his elbow deep into the knee of The New Breed’s general. Cyrus grabs Parr by the hair and pulls him up to his feet but Parr catches him with a hard uppercut Then a second one! A third sends Cyrus to the corner where Parr delivers 3 consecutive kicks to the ribs. Parr whips Cyrus into the corner, Cyrus reverses, Parr heads to the corner but springboards off the turnbuckle with a clothesline! Cyrus ducks, Parr lands on his feet, runs the ropes, and Cyrus catches him in position for the Journey’s End! Parr slides out the back, landing on his feet, but he grabs his leg from the punishment earlier dealt to it by Cyrus! Cyrus takes advantage by dropping Parr with a spinning back fist.

    With Parr down on the mat, Cyrus drives his knee into the skull of his challenger before covering and getting a one count. Cyrus keeps his focus on the knee as he applies an Indian Death Lock, putting all the pressure on the left knee of the challenger. Cyrus leans back and places his foot right onto the kneecap of the Prodigy, applying a ton of pressure to the knee! “The Protégé” Sean Hughes leaps onto the apron causing the referee to stop him from entering, as The Prototype reaches into the ring and rakes Cyrus’ eyes! Cyrus is forced to release the hold, as his fingers cover his eyes, allowing Parr to take advantage by mounting The Exile and unloading with a series of brutal right and left hands! Parr rolls off, favoring his left knee, before throwing a hard right to the ribs of the champion. Hard uppercut from Parr, who whips The Exile into the ropes before going for a front dropkick but Cyrus held onto the ropes! Cyrus grabs Parr’s legs and gets him in position for a surfboard submission, but instead he stomps Parr’s head into the mat! Short 2 count by Cyrus so he grabs Parr, pulls him up to his feet, delivers an atomic Drop and then sends him over the top rope to the floor below! Cyrus sees an opportunity, runs back, and dives between the ropes with a plancha….but The Prototype yanks The Prodigy out of they way and Cyrus collides with the barricade! Parr shakes off the pain, picks up The Exile, and suplexes him onto the barricade! Cyrus hangs lifelessly over the barricade as Parr delivers a kick to the skull that knocks him into the crowd! The Prodigy drops down and clutches his left knee as the referee reaches a count of 5. Parr sees Cyrus start to rise so he pulls him over the barricade and tosses him into the ringpost before sliding him into the ring! Parr climbs the top rope and connects with a front dropkick that takes the champ down! Parr clutches his knee before rolling over and covering the champion!


    Kickout by Cyrus at the count of 2! Parr slowly rises before burying several knees into the chest of The Exile. Snapmare takedown by Parr into a version of the Chickenwing that keeps Cyrus grounded. Parr takes every chance he can to throw an elbow at the ribs of the champion. Cyrus starts to fight out so Parr abandons the hold and slams Cyrus’ head into the mat before dropping a knee into the ribs. Another cover and another 2 count for Parr, who grabs his knee when Cyrus kicks out. Cyrus gets to his feet and walks to the corner while Parr follows in…only to receiver a Double Leg Takedown and a Sharpshooter attempt from Cyrus but Parr fights out! Cyrus comes back looking for a Figure Four, but Parr counters into an inside cradle!

    Both men get to their feet but it’s Parr who charges forward, kicks him in the gut, whips him into the ropes and buries a high knee into the gut of the champion. Cyrus cat up in excruciating pain, as Parr followed up with a straight punt kick to the back! Parr takes the opportunity and locks in a Chikara Special Submission! Cyrus fights but Parr has the hold locked in! He sees the ropes not far in front of him, so he desperately tries to scoot his body across the ring! Parr pulls back, trying to neutralize any attempt, but Cyrus is starting to gain ground! He manages to get within inches of the ropes as Sean Hughes grabs the ropes and pulls them away from the champion! The Prototype laughs and waves as Cyrus is wide eyed in desperation! Cyrus continues to inch forward as the referee changes position, causing Hughes to release the ropes and Cyrus to grasp on! The referee forces the break!

    Parr gets up and backs himself into the corner before taking a running start and dropping a knee into the abdomen of the champion. Parr repeats as he sees the champion start to stir. And then a third time, but the champion rolls out of the way! Parr’s bad knee goes down to the mat, causing him to scream out in pain and giving Cyrus the chance he needed to roll to his feet, pick The Prodigy up and deliver a Fisherman’s SUplex! Parr kicks out at 2! Cyrus goes back to work on the left knee of his challenger, stomping away at it before picking Parr up and delivering a hard knife edge chop that staggers the challenger! Parr retreats to the corner where Cyrus follows in, only to get a kick to the gut, but Cyrus fires back with another knife edge chop and then a right hand! Uppercut by Parr gives him the advantage followed by a snap suplex! Parr climbs up to the top rope, calling for his X Marks the Spot finisher, but Cyrus wisely rolls across the ring, out of range for a moonsault. Parr, however, decides to sta with the high flying and instead go with a Frog Splash that connects! Parr lands on his left knee though, so he instantly clutches it for a few seconds before covering the champion! Parr covers but somehow Cyrus kicks out! Parr insantly turns Cyrus over and applies a variation of a crossface! The Exile shakes his hands, teasing a tap out, before firmly planting his palm to the mat and pushing up, trying to roll it over, which it does, into a pinning combination that Parr kicks out of at 2! Both men quickly to their feet! Cyrus charges forward with a clothesline that Parr ducks, rebound off the ropes with another clothesline and another duck, and on this rebound, each man go toward each other with a crossbody and both connect!

    Both men lay down and out, struggling to catch their breath as we enter what seems to be the last stretch of this match. The camera shows a replay of the double crossbody as each man gets to his feet. Parr throws a right hand but it’s blocked by Cyrus who connects with a few rights of his own! Irish whip by Cyrus sends Parr into the ropes and back into a dropkick on the rebound! Clothesline by Cyrus! Running neckbreaker by the champ! Parr rolls to the corner and starts to pull himself up as Cyrus stalks him in the far corner! Cyrus charges in and eats a boot to the face by The Prodigy! Parr comes running out and gets caught by a lightning fast powerslam by Cyrus! Two count off the powerslam! Cyrus rolls to his side, trying to catch his breath before getting to his feet and grabbing Parr. He hoists the Prodigy up for a suplex, but Parr floats over and lands on his feet, kicks Cyrus in the ribs. Cyrus staggers to the ropes, so Parr charges towards but gets back body dropped over the top rope! Parr gets caught in midair by The Prototype, saving him from disaster! Cyrus goes again for a somersault plancha though, and wipes out all three members of The New Breed! Cyrus instinctively gets back up to his feet as the referee starts his count! When he gets to the count of 5, the New Breed members start to get worried and hoist Parr up and slide him into the ring! Suddenly, Viktor Maximus began running from backstage down the ramp and sent the other New Breed members running through the crowd! Viktor followed after them! Back in the ring, Cyrus waited for Parr to turn around, and when he did, he kicked him in the gut and hoisted him up for The Exile’s Edge! Parr managed to fight out and flipped Cyrus back for his Belly to Back Suplex, but Cyrus flipped completely over and landed on his feet! Kick to the gut by Cyrus, followed by a Journey’s End!

    But Parr slid out the back door!

    Rolling Cutter by Parr connects!


    Here is your winner @ 21:12 – “The Prodigy” Mike Parr

    Rod Sterling:Talk about a big win for Mike Parr tonight! An upset if I ever saw one, not to take anything away from Mike Parr but I don't think the fans expected this result

    Parr relishes in his victory on the outside, while Cyrus is in the ring still looking irritated as the show cuts to commercial.


    "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk hits and the crowd explodes with a roar. The lights dim with just a few illuminating the stage and entrance curtain, plus the video screen. The roaring approval dies down about four seconds into the theme music but again resurfaces when Krash bursts from behind the curtain and shows himself for the first time since the opening segment.

    Rod Sterling: Krash came to the FWA for the top competition. He has proven himself capable of handling that competition. Now ... we're going to see him face a Hall of Famer.

    Krash has his usual light gold pants, no shirt, a brown mustache straight from the 1930's era, and hair cut short but with lengthy bangs swooped to the right side of his forehead. He doesn't need much time getting to the ring, with a slim figure and a lot of energy and excitement. Krash bounces through the middle and top rope before coming to a two-feet-on-the-canvas position in the middle.

    Rod Sterling: If Michael Garcia was here, he'd say something about Krash only having two FWA matches under his belt so I'll fill in for him. Krash has had -- and won -- two matches in the FWA. Is that truly enough to establish that he's ready for the best of the best, even if one of those wins was against Chris Kennedy?

    We're about to find out one way or another.

    "Envy" by KHZ hits and the lights go out once more. The crowd is again excited and cheering, with members all on their feets holding up camera phones to illuminate the arena. Flashes start in anticipation of the entrance. Sure enough, Gabrielle Montgomery slowly strolls through the curtains and is met with screaming, adoring fans and camera flashes.

    She's wearing her usual wrestling garb, a low-cut top with similarly low-cut shorts. Her figure fits perfectly into the two-piece set and everything else is out in the open. Her black hair dangles down to her chocolate brown shoulders and ends with tips touching the very top of her back muscles.

    Rod Sterling: Someone who IS established, but who at the Anniversary Show was just short of winning the FWA World Championship. ... Gabrielle Montgomery has not picked sides. She has not taken up any sort of flag of patriotism or nationalism or anything of that sort, like Kennedy and "The King" Dave Sullivan. She has simply been stern, saying that she will EARN the title shots and not receive handouts. That is a statement directly toward the man in the ring, Krash.

    Gabrielle enters the ring and the lights return. Krash is on one side. Gabrielle is on the opposite corner from him. The crowd's camera phones continue to flash with photos. Everyone is still standing in the audience.

    Gabrielle Montgomery vs. Krash

    The bell rings and Krash and Gabrielle stay in their respective corners for about 10 seconds, neither person making any exposing moves. Krash finally shouts, "You really wouldn't have accepted?" Gabrielle shakes her head and Krash says, "I don't believe you. Not for a second." Gabrielle retorts, "I would've earned it, so even if I did accept, it wouldn't have been an issue."

    Gabrielle and Krash finally step forward closer, and the jawing continues. Gabrielle locks in a head lock around Krash's neck, but he wiggles free and twists an arm lock behind Gabrielle's back. Gabrielle runs to the ropes and tries to back bump the following Krash, but he rearranges to a rear waist lock and pulls Gabrielle back for a takedown. Gabrielle rolls backwards and Krash rolls with, hitting a back roll German suplex. Krash releases after the move and tries for a quick cover, but Gabrielle kicks out immediately.

    Krash tries a stomp on Gabrielle's shins but she kicks Krash in his own exposed shins. Then she lands a kick to the chest from a back-down position. When Krash stumbles back, Gabrielle is sitting up and wags her finger "no".

    Krash storms in for a low-angle lariat but Gabrielle leans backwards in time to avoid it. She hops up and hits a drop toe hold. Then she lands a forearm to the back of the head and locks in a seated head lock. Krash kicks his feet for the bottom rope but he's a good two feet from salvation. Gabrielle transitions from the seated head lock to a single leg Boston crab. But Krash is able to slide away and roll to the other side of the ring.

    The two begin circling the ring after a standstill first few minutes. They come together again for a grapple, this time with Krash winning with a rear waist lock. Gabrielle tries to pry the fingers loose but Krash lifts her up and slams her down with a belly-to-back takedown. Krash keeps a rear waist lock tightened as Gabrielle lays on the mat.

    Rod Sterling: So far, the two have used a mat-wrestling style, which more favors Krash.

    Gabrielle presses up as Krash rearranges to a side head lock. Gabrielle lands two elbows to the ribs before getting her head and neck free. She then lands a big forearm to the jaw and steps up to the second turnbuckle. Gabrielle leaps off but Krash catches her with a body bump to the chest. Gabrielle stumbles back to the turnbuckle and Krash presses against her, placing her in theoretical jail.

    Krash whips Gabrielle across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. He charges after but Gabrielle is waiting with a boot. Krash stops shy of it and yanks Gabrielle out of the corner, causing her to fly and land on her back. Krash tries for a second cover, but Gabrielle again kicks out immediately. Krash repeats his usual offense thus far and locks in a front head lock with Gabrielle on her knees.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle just hasn't been able to get ANY of her offense in yet.

    Krash pulls Gabrielle to the middle of the ring with the front head lock still applied. Gabrielle tries to power out with repeated punches to the gut. Krash is rather unfazed. Instead, he hits a DDT in the middle and rolls Gabrielle to her back.

    ..................1...................2..Kick out!

    "Not even close," says Gabrielle. Krash doesn't say a word. Instead he goes back to work. The newcomer whips Gabrielle into the corner and tries for an enzuiguri when Gabrielle bounces back. But she stops and leans back to avoid it. That's the opening the former FWA World Champion needed.

    Gabrielle first hits a jumping heel kick to the stomach. Then she hits a savate kick. Then a jumping heel kick. Then a savate kick. Then a jumping heel kick. Savate kick. Jumping heel kick. Savate kick. Krash is against the ropes taking major blows to his core. Gabrielle finally yanks Krash into the middle of the ring and hits a step-up enzuiguri! Krash falls to the canvas and rolls toward the ropes.

    Gabrielle immediately goes toward Krash and grabs him by the foot. She tries pulling him bac to the middle of the ring. Krash struggles and eventually kicks Gabrielle in the shin. He scurries away to the turnbuckle and charges out, but Gabrielle lands a big forearm to the face. Krash is down to his knees and Gabrielle quickly jumps up to the top turnbuckle, turns to face Krash, and hits her "Head Over Heels" diving hurricarana!!!

    The crowd goes wild as Gabrielle covers for the first time in the match!

    Gabrielle immediately locks in a side head lock of her own after the kick out. She then says to Krash, "Only a matter of time, boy." Krash pushes up and flings Gabrielle over his shoulder with sheer power in his legs and back. Gabrielle lands hard on the mat and Krash stomps into her chest. He then retorts, "Only a matter of ti..." but Gabrielle swings one of her feet up and clocks Krash in the face as he leans over.

    Gabrielle springs up and shoves Krash hard into the turnbuckle. Then she hits her split-legged hangman's neckbreaker! The ring shakes on impact and Gabrielle sits atop Krash's chest and pulls both legs back for a high-angle pinfall try!

    ..................1....................2............KICK OUT

    Gabrielle flies off as Krash kicks out with power. Both spring to their feet and Gabrielle ducks under a running forearm from Krash. Gabrielle tries another savate kick but Krash blocks it. He then blocks a jumping heel kick. Finally, Krash gets offense in after ducking a step-up enzuiguri and hitting a Famouser sitout faceplant move!

    Krash lays backwards for about 30 seconds as Gabrielle likewise covers her energy. Krash is first up to his feet, pulling himself up with aide from the turnbuckle. Gabrielle rolls and slowly gets upright. Krash storms out of the corner and hits the dropsault kick to the chest! Gabrielle stumbles backwards and onto the mat. Krash scurries over and covers again!

    ..................1....................2............Shoulder up

    The crowd is growing in excitement with each move and pinfall. The newcomer grabs Gabrielle and pulls her upright. But his attempt at a whip to the ropes and a second dropsault fails when Gabrielle locks her arms around the ropes. Krash charges but Gabrielle hits a forearm to the face. She tackles Krash to the mat and throws repeated wild haymakers across his face. The crowd cheers for Gabrielle's physical showing. She finally relinquishes and heads to the top turnbuckle.

    Rod Sterling: We don't see Gabrielle fly much except for toward the end of the match. Here she is!

    Gabrielle looks to the crowd and then splits her legs, and flips backwards for a split-legged moonsault! She connects across the chest and covers, with the far leg hooked!


    Gabrielle thought she had it there. But she quickly gets up and goes to the turnbuckle again after stomping in Krash's chest three times. Gabrielle tries for another split-legged moonsault, but this time Krash dodges it by rolling inward to the turnbuckle!

    Gabrielle rolls and crawls to the opposite turnbuckle to recover. Both wrestlers are down for another 30 seconds or so. When they rise, they stumble toward one another but Krash connects with a violent SPEAR!


    Krash pushes himself up and points to the turnbuckle. Then he points to his elbow, still covered by a pad. When he climbs to the top rope, he removes the elbow pad and flings it to the outside where the front-row fans fight for it like a home run ball in the World Series.

    Krash flies off for his "Daybreaker" finisher!!!

    And he ..................


    Krash lands elbow and ribs first into the canvas. He rises up quickly but has no idea where Gabrielle is. The former World Champion is waiting, quickly locking her arms in a hammerlock form with Krash's head tucked down. Gabrielle immediately falls backwards and hits her 34 Double D-DT finisher! The canvas shakes and the crowd explodes!

    Rod Sterling: GABRIELLE COVERS.... She got ONE ... TWO ...

    Crowd: ... THREEEEEEEE!

    Gabrielle slams her open hand into the canvas and rolls off Krash. She's exhausted, catching her breath as the referee raises her hand in the air.

    Winner: Gabrielle Montgomery

    "Envy" by KHZ plays for approximately 10 seconds. Then it stops. The crowd goes quiet, confused. So does Rod Sterling. Filling the void soon after is "All Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold. "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy strolls out, with "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan right behind him. Then Sullivan takes the front position down to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: I don't ... This isn't good for Krash!

    The crowd groans and boos as Kennedy and Sullivan reach the ropes. Their sights are set on Krash, who is still laying face up in the ring. Gabrielle, though, has not left the ring. She sees and knows what's happening, and she turns to face the two additions to the scene.

    Everything that is spoken is done so without a microphone, just loud enough for cameras and the live feed to pick up clearly.

    "Get out of the way, Gabby," Chris Kennedy shouts.

    "No. No. No, this is my win. I get to end the show," she responds.

    "This isn't about your win. Don't be your usual overprideful self," Sullivan chimes in.

    "I ... SAID ... NO."

    While the two debate, Cyrus Truth's music begins playing. Now he's stomping out of the entrance and on his way to the ringside area. Gabrielle and Cyrus catch one another's glares, but it seems the true focus is on Kennedy and Sullivan.

    Before anyone reaches close enough to throw a punch or kick, the pair just outside of the ring head around to the other side. Cyrus follows but stops short, about 10 feet away. Gabrielle is standing as the other corner in the triangle forming, although she is standing inside the ring. Krash is now sitting up, wincing a bit as he shakes off some of the cobwebs.

    Rod Sterling: Sooner or later, this WILL explode. Michael Garcia was kicked out of the building. Devin Golden isn't wanting to be involved. But these five ... there's A LOT of tension here ... and Gabrielle is caught in the middle.

    If she doesn't pick a side soon, then she may have two sets of enemies!

    The final scene is a camera shifting from person to person as security members sprint from the back to ensure nothing violent occurs once the show goes off the air. We see a close-up of Kennedy and Sullivan, who stand just in front of the announcer's table. Cyrus Truth stands to the left of them, just beyond the ring post.

    Gabrielle stands a foot to the left of the turnbuckle. She's shifting her attention from Kennedy and Sullivan to Cyrus and to Krash, who's now standing behind her.

    Banner credit: Booty

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Great show. Lots of story beats are moving, and I dig it. Thunder/Jagger split up, Parr throws his name into the title scene with a win over Cyrus, Gabrielle cements her claim as a title contender - if there was ever any doubt - with a win over Krash, Golden & Garcia's disagreements come to a head, the tag tournament continues... Lots of story beats, lots of moving parts. Between Cyrus, Sullivan, Kennedy, Krash, Gabrielle, and now Parr, there's a lot of places the main event scene could go, both match and story-wise, and I'm loving it.

    Excellent work, lads.

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Fantastic show, first time in a while I've sat down and read the whole thing from start to finish straight away.

    I love the big feud, the CWA vs FWA stuff and how its growing and drawing more and more people in. Garcia is perfect in his role in this as the ultimate antagonist and shit stirrer, and his backstage interview was fantastic. Golden is fantastic as well in his role as the wise veteran trying to settle things down. And Mike Parr getting a huge win over Cyrus throws his name into the hat as well, I mean Parr can make the argument that if Cyrus gifted him that Title shot he'd be World Champion right now. Then Gabrielle's right in the middle of it all, trying to stay out of the FWA vs CWA aspect of it all. Krash vs Gabrielle felt like a huge match as well, it felt important and special, and the way the show ended accomplished more than any brawl would, because it drew so man different lines, because there's so many different places that people involved stand. Even Krash doesn't feel like he's ultimately right there with Cyrus because he's a different type of character to Cyrus, he's not coming at it with the same venom that Cyrus is.

    And there were solid supporting acts to all this as well. Eyes picks up a much needed win, Thunder and Jagger split up, which was built too across a couple of matches. I like the way that played out, they both came up short and tempers flared as a result.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Actually, Mike Parr has now defeated Cyrus twice, and unless Im now 2-0 against him.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    True, I meant more that its very relevant to the story right now that Parr just defeated Cyrus.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Well, I certainly didn't expect the tension in the main-event scene to spread to even the announcers. That was interesting. Made me wonder if Golden, Garcia or both are going to return for one more match. Gabrielle plays the perfect middle-man in the situation and now Parr will most likely be in the title scene too. This whole main-event storyline is going great despite being just two shows into it. Kudos to everyone involved in the show!
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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Parr and Cyrus are 2-2 all time.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    Well, I certainly didn't expect the tension in the main-event scene to spread to even the announcers. That was interesting. Made me wonder if Golden, Garcia or both are going to return for one more match. Gabrielle plays the perfect middle-man in the situation and now Parr will most likely be in the title scene too. This whole main-event storyline is going great despite being just two shows into it. Kudos to everyone involved in the show!
    To me it feels like a program I want to see continue across a couple of PPV's at least in some form.

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    Re: Fight Night 8/16/19 Results

    Congrats to Parr on the win. Welcome to the very exclusive club of people who've beaten Cyrus twice!

    Awesome show, guys. Clearly I need to figure out how to step my game up in the weeks to come.

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