Itís a Sunday morning, a lovely Sunday morning at that if Iím honest. Iím sitting here in a quaint little Cafť in St. Louis. And Iím getting paid to be here, sip on a cappuccino and await a Goddess. So yeah, itís a lovely, lovely Sunday morning in my World. The wife wasnít too excited when I told her Iím going out for breakfast with THE Gabrielle, but thatís a problem for later.

When she ďsheĒ steps into the room I swear thereís silence for a few moments as every head in the place turns. Every pair of eyes in the cafť follows her as she makes her way over to my table. I can feel the jealousy and hatred from every other man here, but Iím just doing my job. Sure its not in my job description to get to my feet and pull out a chair for my interview subjects, but that just felt like the right thing to do.

Gabrielle thank you for coming here today, you look amazing by the way.

Why thankyou Todd.

Does it ever get old having that power over a room. When you walked in here, everyone watched you, everyone.

It still makes me smile, and trust me thereís no better pick me up than that when Iím having a bad day. Just put on something tight and head down to the nearest public place, its an instant ego boost.

Iíll have to take youíre word from it. When I got here, no one cared.

Awwww, thatís no good.

I could sit here and chat all day long if you let me, but lets get this thing on the road.

Weíre not on the roadÖ.

IÖer, I, I meant, you knowÖokay.

I was just kidding, sorry.

Okay. Let me regain my composure, that was embarrassing.

Iím starting with a question about your theme music. Before the start of 2019 and the big Revival show to open the year weíd all got used to seeing you come out to the ring to the sounds of Rihanna. You made your entrance to a couple of her songs between 2013 until 2015 when you retired. But upon making your return youíve gone for a throwback to what you could say was your most iconic theme song; Envy by little known band KHZ. What prompted you to make the switch back to that song?

You touched on it briefly there. But itís the iconic entrance song for me. Its one that I came out to for years, its one that people associate with me so much. When I retired in 2015 I didnít do so under ideal circumstances, and I didnít do when I was at my ďbestĒ. I wasnít the Goddess that everyone loved and adored back then and I wanted to distance myself from that time. This return, donít get me wrong its for me. I had to get back in the ring, I missed it too much. But its for the fans as well, its for all the people who loved me, and all the people who I may have let down a bit back then. I wanted to be a bit of that ďoldĒ GabrielleÖthe young Gabrielle as it were. Envy sort of portrays that, this isnít me picking up where I left off, this is a different Gabrielle, but still the Goddess Gabrielle.

I honestly just thought it was a case of you liking the song.

Thereís more too it than that, definitely. Though by all accounts RiRi will be releasing a new album before the end of this year, so I will probably be rocking a new theme song soon enough.

Her music, her style it does suit you. Bring on R9.


Something you did change though was your finishing move, the neatly titled 34 Double D-DT. And I donít know whatís better, the move, or its namesakesÖ


Sorry, I had too. It was, they were, they are right In front of me. Iíll move on quickly. The move has evolved and changed over the years. The original DDT was a suplex into a reverse DDT. Then it became an arm scissor DDT. And now that youíve returned its transformed into a Double Arm DDT. Why change what wasnít broken?

I had to change it the first time. I went from just wrestling other women, to competing against guys more and more. I started using a Shining Wizard but it just didnít feel right, it didnít feel like me. I loved the DDT, and Iím still proud of the name for it. It became what it was before out of necessity, I wasnít going to be able to suplex, and spin the guys. Can you honestly say you could see me doing the original 34 Double D-DT to St. Clair, or Wolf? Hall? Creed? Any of those guys? It had to become something I could do to anyone.

I changed it again before returning, because while effective I was never happy with how the version 2.0 of it looked. And I like to keep things fresh, its why I perfected that top rope hurricanrana before I returned as well. Its 2019, I cant be doing the exact same things I was doing in 2009. I wanted something fresh and new. Version 3.0 is my favourite and something I can hit quickly, and out of nowhere. You have to keep evolving, cant afford to get complacent and stale.

It is a great move, with a great name. The way you hit it on Cyrus at the Anniversary Show, I was sure it was over.


But letís change things up a bit, just a little bit though. Because weíve talked about a few things around your retirement so far, but when you were away from the ring we saw you Star in a few movies. Was that something you always wanted to try?

Everyone wants to be a Movie Star donít they? It wasnít something I ever gave huge thought too but once I decided to step away from the ring I needed something to keep myself busy. It was something I thought Iíd try.

You had a few starring roles in movies like Hack, is that chapter over now though? Now that youíre back in the ring?

I think so, I feel like its done. But its not because Iím back in the FWA though, I can admit acting just wasnít my forte. It was fun, but I was never going to win an Oscar or anything like that, and I can admit that. Beyond that too itís a hard industry. I read at least a hundred different scripts, the ones that jumped out at me I auditioned for, I never heard back on some, got call backs on others. I sort of ended up type cast in a way. There were several other movies I could have starred in, but they all came to involve some degree of nudity.


Iíd read a script, audition for it, get called back and come in a second time and at some point a Producer, Director, Studio Exec, whoever would approach me about appearing topless in the movie. I did some topless scenes in Hack, Attack Of The Octopus People II and The Rivers Run With Blood And Caramel but I didnít want that to be all I was known for going forward. I didnít want there to be this foregone conclusion that a Gabrielle Montgomery movie will see me appear topless. My first big film Hack, a few topless scenes there just seemed like an easy way to get my foot in the door, and Iím not ashamed of my body at all.

Some nudity made sense in the Rivers Run, and Octopus People was meant to be this big franchise built around me. I allowed it in those situations but didnít want it to be all I provided for any movie. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the one thing everyone else expected from me. I wasnít comfortable with that though, I wanted to be able to just be in a movie and play a character, but it wasnít panning out that way. So Iíve stepped away from movies. It was nice to give it a try, itís an easier lifestyle than being a Professional Wrestler, but just wasnít for me.

So no Attack Of The Octopus People III then?

Well, never say never. I loved the crew and the cast we had for Number 2. Reprising that role would be something Iíd get back in front of the ďHollywoodĒ camera for.

Iíd really enjoy that. But alright that was what kept you busy away from the ring, now that youíre back I have to know. You and Chris Kennedy, how are things between the two of you thesedays?

All things considered weíre good. We really only see each other when it involves Carmella. Chris and I just have a very complicated past. Weíve adored and loved each other completely at times, and at other despised each other. Honestly I think the passion between us was always that high that emotions good and bad were always high between us. When we get along, we were great together, when we donít, well weíve all seen where that can lead either one of us. I think weíre too similar, weíre too focused on the same things, we want the same thingsÖfor ourselves. Sometimes it worked, but a lot of the time it doesnít. Heís an amazing father, heís so good with Melly.

Thatís good to hear. You two were probably the FWAís greatest Power Couple, and one of the most bitter rivalries too boot. Now I wanted to avoid this topic, its been covered, its been talked about so much, but I have too. FWA, CWA, all this business with Cyrus, Krash, Chris, and Sullivan. Where do you stand?

Iíve made my points clear. I dont buy into this us vs them, FWA vs CWA idea. I just disapprove of anyone being handed a Title shot by their friend, when Iíve had to work so hard to get everything. Cyrus doesnít get it, but thatís my issue in all this. Donít hand out World Title shots to your friends, especially when youíre constantly questioning the motives of others. I cant say more than that, I donít want to say anything that Michael Garcia will agree with, and then have to deal with us being on the same page.

And on that note, I feel like weíve covered everything I wanted to cover here. Should we order some food, or do you have somewhere else to be?

Bacon and eggs would really hit the spot right now.