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Thread: Exclusive: Fallout from Fight Night's Main Event

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    375159 Exclusive: Fallout from Fight Night's Main Event

    Backstage, we see medical personnel attending to the World Heavyweight Champion, Cyrus Truth. After his main event title bout against longtime friend Krash was interrupted by Dave Sullivan and Chris Kennedy, the Exile suffered some heavy bruising and is bleeding from a wound on his head.

    Cyrus, however, is absolutely LIVID, evident enough as he continues to fidget and squirm throughout the medical staff's ministrations. The second he sees the camera, he immediately jumps out of his seat and grabs the camera lens, getting extremely close in to where the only thing you can see is his eyes...wide, crazed, and full of rancor.

    " just couldn't let me have one thing, could you? You two egomaniacs just couldn't bear to let me have ONE GODDAMNED THING, COULD YOU?! What's the matter, huh? You bitter that you've been surpassed by 'lesser wrestlers," Kennedy? You mad that I've not been giving you any attention, Sullivan? I imagine you're going to try and spin this as you 'defending FWA's honor' or some other nonsense...or maybe you'll just be true to form and make this all about you. Either way, you sons of bitches just made the biggest and absolute last mistake of your now much-shorter lives."

    Cyrus's voice is trembling, and dripping with rage. FWA has not seen Cyrus this angry in a long time...if ever.

    "If you wanted my attention, you now have it. And you're going to regret it like you've never regretted anything else before. All I wanted was to share a moment with one of the only friends I've ever had in this sport. All I wanted was to have a match that never was. But you took that away, and for what? What could you have possibly gained from what you did that's going to be worth the nine levels of Hell that you've brought down upon your heads?! You really should've been patient and taken your shots when I would've been more than happy to give them to you. But now? What you want so badly will now be forever denied to you. I don't care if the match is booked or not. My only goal right now is to make you suffer for your arrogance and your foolish ego. The next time you two cretins want to cross my path...will be the last time you ever draw a painless breath."

    Cyrus immediately shoves the camera to the ground as he storms off, shoving aside medical personnel as he vanishes into the depths of the arena...a lonely warrior out for blood...
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    Re: Exclusive: Fallout from Fight Night's Main Event

    This was intense.

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