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    PRE SHOW EDITORS NOTE:This is a pretty big show in terms of beginning the setups to a few angles as we head into Carnal Contendership and Back in Business. So I ask that those of you who normally skim to really give this a thorough read as it's an important show in setting up the general direction for some big stories on a few different levels. Thanks again for everything you guys do and I hope you all appreciate this show!

    The fans pop loudly as we cold open to "The Caramel Coated Goddess" Gabrielle. She's dressed provocatively in a cleavage baring pink dress that has the men in the audience cheering loudly. The women in the audience then swoon as Carmella Kennedy, now eight years old comes into view wearing a "Kennedy Legacy" shirt (available from Gabrielle crouches down and hugs her daughter tightly as Carmella whispers in her ear.

    Gabrielle: You want to go see your Dad, he's right through that door Melly. Give him a big hug.

    Gabrielle smiles as she watches her daughter race off to Chris Kennedy's private locker room. A shadow then falls over her, accompanied by a chuckle which draws Gabrielle's attention upwards.

    The King Dave Sullivan: Don't get up Gabs, this is your best angle...I can't tell those tits of yours are starting to sag.

    Gabrielle quickly gets to her feet with a scowl on her face, but Sullivan cuts her off before she can speak.

    The King Dave Sullivan:
    Spoiling the fun again Gabs, are you embarrassed the World just saw a supposed Goddess kneeling before The King? You know I quite liked that view, A Championship over both my shoulders and The Slut on her knees. It was truly a view befitting The King.

    This obviously gets to Gabrielle as she steps up into a smiling Dave Sullivan's face.

    Gabrielle: Cut the shit Dave, my daughter is right over there...and I wont let you talk like that in front of her again.

    The Kings eyes light up as he goes to speak but Gabrielle presses a finger to his lips.

    Gabrielle: Don't. Say. Anything. I'm getting the last word here, because I know what this is all about. Poor Dave Sullivan, two Titles...but just the one single loss and I surpassed you. When are you going to step up Dave, and get a World Title shot? That's what you really want right...but I got there first, and you can't get over that.

    Gabrielle sneers as a scowl now rests on Dave Sullivan's face, before he can reply though Gabrielle brushes past him, bumping shoulders as she does.

    After the Fight Night video plays, the camera takes us back into the arena, panning through the crowd where several different signs including "Bow down to your King!", "Krash-ing the company!", and "Finally, Mike Parr is BAAAAACKKKKKK!!!". As the crowd reached a fever pitch, the camera swung around to our trio of announcers at ringside.

    Michael Garcia: Well boys, it looks like the jockeying for position has already begun! Gabby and Dave Sullivan are both well aware that the number one contender spot is open and everyone is in the running at this point! Hey, everyone, I'm Michael Garcia, lead commentator, alongside my proteges Rod Sterling and Devin Golden! Boys, we've got a helluva show scheduled tonight headlined by "The King" Dave Sullivan defending one of his multiple championships against Viktor Maximus!.

    Rod Sterling: And it looks like we're starting the night off with the champion himself!

    Devin Golden: I imagine he's got a lot to talk about, especially after his stellar title defense against Gabrielle at the 14th Anniversary Show.

    The crowd comes to life and gets on their feet as Cyrus Truth, still the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, emerges from the curtain atop the entrance ramp. The Exile, in what is a rare mood, looks to be rather content, a smile across his lips as the World Title rests securely around his waist.

    As Cyrus makes his way down to the ring, it's clear that there's some divisiveness in the crowd. A good portion of them are chanting his name in recognition of his accomplishment, but there's still plenty who are a bit sore that he was able to defeat Gabrielle and remain as champion. Cyrus seems to not mind the split, his expression betraying no frustration. Rather, that smile never leaves the Exile's face as he is handed a microphone by a stagehand and enters the ring, standing dead center in the middle of, in his mind, his world.

    "So...tell me again. What's divinity to one who seeks the Truth?"

    There's a loud "boo" coming from the pro-Gabrielle contingent in the crowd when Cyrus says that, but that smile never leaves his face as he continues:

    "Oh, relax! Honestly, I didn't mean anything by it. At least, nothing dismissive. I'm actually out here to give credit where it's due. Gabrielle may not have been a goddess as she likes to claim, but she damn sure fought like a devil at the Anniversary Show. She showed me that, at least for that night, she was fully prepared to prove that she was worthy of the title of champion. It was a vicious was a brutal fight. It was exactly the kind of fight that brings honor and prestige to the World Heavyweight Championship.

    "So...thank you, Gabby. Thank you for showing up and fighting like hell. And if and when you earn another title match against me? I'll look forward to it."

    Wow...magnanimous words from the World Champion. This seems to actually get a few cheers from the fans who were booing him earlier as the crowd in general now seems mostly behind Cyrus.

    "I have to tell you all...I feel great. I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's not just beating Gabrielle, either. There's a change in the air. You can feel it, can't you? It's my preferred brand of chaos, the kind that leads to interesting matches and a variety of new challengers. You've got people like Dave Sullivan just running roughshod and chomping at the bit to add some more gold to his already impressive collection. You've got the monster Maximus honing his anger and rage over the loss of his mentor into a weapon and decimating that braggart Mike Parr. And then there's all the new blood..."

    This prompts a very vocal "CWA!" chant. Cyrus closes his eyes and smiles nostalgically, but says nothing.

    "This is the kind of atmosphere I wanted to help propagate ever since Revival. Where the one with strong hearts and iron wills rise above the retch and bile of avarice and showcase to the world just what this sport is suppose to be, what it has to be at its core. I'm excited! And you all should be, too! Things are about to get even more intriguing in the months to come. And personally? I can't wait to see what the Road has..."

    Cyrus Truth’s pleasant speech is interrupted, quite surprisingly, as the jazzy beat of Matt Dusk’s Back In Town hits the sound system, and immediately, the FWA Faithfuls burst into cheering. Cyrus turns his attention towards the stage, his expression unreadable – the uncharacteristic smile remains, but his eyes narrow ever so slightly. Finally, the FWA fans explode as none other than ‘The Heartbeat’ himself, Krash, bursts onto stage, bright and jaunty as ever. Dressed in his typical vaguely eccentric business casual, with a tote bag swinging idly in one hand, Krash greets the FWA fans with his usual friendly charm, offering handshakes and high-fives to as many fans as he can whilst he approaches the ring, where Cyrus Truth awaits, watching.

    Rod Sterling: I must admit, I wasn’t expecting Krash of all people to gatecrash this segment, but I can’t lie – I’m very interested to see where this is going and how this develops.

    Devin Golden: He seems pretty delighted about something. I can’t blame him, after defeating someone of the calibre of Chris Kennedy at the recent Anniversary show, I’d probably be smiles aplenty too.

    With a final wink to some of the fans at ringside, Krash climbs into the ring, setting the tote bag in a corner whilst he is handed a microphone by a ringside attendant. And now, finally, he makes eye contact with Cyrus Truth. A moment passes between the two, words going unsaid, as the fans around them cheer and applaud. Cyrus’s smile still stands strong, but it doesn’t quite match his eyes. For his part, Krash’s face is unreadable – the previously joyous demeanor he shared with the fans only seconds ago seems to have faded into a careful neutral expression. As seconds pass, and the fans start to die down, Krash brings his microphone to his lips.

    “I do apologize for interrupting you, Cyrus. Sincerely, I do. And I acknowledge that this might not be the right time for it... But if I were to put it off any longer, it would be downright dismissive of me to do so.”

    Cyrus’s smile falters briefly, as Krash rolls his shoulders and takes a step closer.

    “Cyrus... It’s good to see you, old friend.”

    The careful neutral expression breaks, revealing the friendly smile, the twinkling eyes, the delightful demeanour that’s ever-so-characteristic of Krash, as he offers a handshake with his free hand. Cyrus’s smile becomes real again, as he seems to let out a disbelieving breath, before accepting the handshake. Krash pulls him into a brief embrace, slapping the FWA Champion on the back. Words are said, going unheard by the microphones, but when the two break apart, there’s little, if any tension.

    “It’s been too long, Cy. You don’t call, you don’t write, I have to join a completely different company just to track you down – and the second I do I’m besieged and distracted by Chris Kennedy! Be it by coincidence or fate, you’re a damn hard man to meet with. You know that, right? Honestly, it’s borderline offensive.”

    Cyrus seems to shrug. That’s just how to world works, isn’t it? In either case, Krash continues, aimlessly strolling back and forth.

    “But before I get into my whole reason of coming out here and interrupting your speech – sorry, by the way, lovely speech, kindly continue after I take my leave – allow me to be the first to officially congratulate you, on defeating Gabrielle at FWA’s 14th Anniversary. I know I’m not as tenured in FWA as neither you nor Gabrielle, not by a long shot, but I’m been following along quite enough to understand that Gabrielle is far from a slouch in any department, and if there were any doubters about your status on top of the FWA food chain, I’m almost certain that they’ve been silenced.”

    Krash briefly applauds the FWA Champion, creating an echo as the FWA Faithful do so to. Cyrus merely nods, niether boastful nor arrogant, only accepting.

    “So the question now, is who’s next? Who’s the next FWA standout to rise up to the challenge, test their limits against the Exile? In this rapidly-evolving world of FWA, who’s going to stake their claim on the Long and Winding Road? Dave Sullivan? Victor Maximus? Gabrielle once again?”

    All three names enclict quite a lot of reactions – while Gabrielle still has her devoted fanbase, Maximus and Sullivan both seem to have their own supporters in fair quantity. Krash slowly stops his strolling, halting in front of the FWA Champion as he glances at the FWA Championship securely around Cyrus Truth's waist.

    “... Or maybe... It’ll be Krash.”

    The fans seem to support this idea in heavy volume, although there’s a noticeable lining of those against the idea, dwarfed by the positive reaction. Krash steps back, slapping a dramatic hand over his heart, as Cyrus merely tilts his head.

    Michael Garcia: Oh, there will be HELL to pay if it's Krash.

    “Oh dear, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Getting carried away with ‘what could be’ and such. Nasty habit of mine. This is purely hypotheticals, mind you. A day will come, Cyrus old pal, when we do battle once more. Perhaps not today, but someday. And when that finally happens... Fireworks, Cyrus. Fireworks.”

    To accentuate the remark, Krash waves his hand about in a jazzy manner. Jazz hands, if you will. He pauses, before suddenly, throwing his hand against his forehead.

    “Goodness, listen to me ramble. I’ve almost forgotten what I even came out here for in the first place!”

    Krash quickly retreats to the tote bag in the corner, quickly bringing out... a pair of shot glasses and a bottle of whisky. Briefly pouring a shot into one of the glasses, he hands it to Cyrus whilst he pours himself another, whilst Cyrus looks on, bemused.

    “See, number one on my FWA To-Do list wasn’t get into a rather unbecoming spat with Mr. Christopher Kennedy. No, when I arrived in FWA on day one, my to-do list contained only one goal: To find Cyrus Truth, and reconnect over some good ol’ fashioned whisky shots!”

    Does ‘whisky’ count as a cheap pop? It works, regardless.

    “Alas, I was distracted by Chris Kennedy, and sort of got off track, as one does. Now’s a good time as any though, right? So Cyrus, if you're willing... Cheers. To old friends and new ages.”

    Cyrus seems amenable to the idea as he takes a look at the glass and raises it... however, just before the toast, Cyrus stops, a look of contemplation on his face.

    "Huh...that's an interesting thought."

    Krash seems a bit confused at this as he's still holding his glass, glancing at it with a raised eyebrow.

    "What? It's just whisky. Not entirely sure what's interesting about it."

    "No, no...not that. The idea of a match between you and me."

    "I mean...sure, but it's not as if we haven't fought each other before."

    "Exactly, and that's what makes it interesting."

    Krash looks even more befuddled by Cyrus's statement. The Exile, seeing the confusion on Krash's face, quickly explains.

    "You and I have fought each other only once before. It's crazy to think about, but it's true. We've shared a ring on several occasions, but only once we've ever fought one-on-one. You remember that match?"

    Krash looks pensive for a minute, racking his brain trying to remember...and then, the proverbial light bulb flips on, with a flick of his fingers.

    "Right! I remember that match. It was for the CWA World Title. I was the champion, and you were challenging me on an episode of Adrenaline Rush. Your old friend Twister was there to keep that Blight character from interfering."

    "Exactly! Shame none of us thought that Blight would hire a bunch of masked henchmen to interfere anyway."

    Krash throws up his hands in exasperated agreement, miraculously not spilling a drop of his whisky.

    "I know, right? A proper shame was a good match right up until that point. But, what can you do?"

    "Quite a bit, actually."

    "...What are you getting at?"

    Cyrus cracks a knowing smirk. There's a certain spark in his eye as if this thought of his is giving him a surge of adrenaline.

    Michael Garcia: Please no. This will be ... the worst moment in FWA history if it happens.

    "The way I see it, Sullivan and Maximus are already busy tonight fighting over the North American Title. Gabrielle and Kennedy lost, so neither of them should get a shot at me and the World Title again until they earn another shot. Meanwhile, you in your first PPV match as a member of the FWA roster defeated Kennedy. And the last and only time you and I fought, there was no decisive winner. So...why not give the FWA crowd something they've never seen before? Why not give them a match unlike anything they would've ever imagined they'd get the chance to see? Tonight, on Fight Night...why not have us a World Title Match...Cyrus Truth, verses Krash?"

    Michael Garcia: GOD-(bleep)-DAMNIT! NO!

    Holy. Shit. The crowd in attendance immediately explodes in a cacophony of massive cheers at the prospect of a World Title match tonight. Cyrus, for his part, seems positively excited at a potential match against his longtime friend.

    Krash, however, seems to have a few more...reservations. He's not as excited about the prospect as one should be, as he gazes into his whisky, frowning.

    "Cyrus, I don't mean to... rain on your proverbial parade, per se, and while I did mention how one day, we'll fight once more under the setting sun of your FWA Championship... Is now the proper time for it, though?"

    Michael Garcia: Do the right thing and turn it down, Krash.

    Now it's Cyrus's turn to raise an eyebrow, almost disbelievingly.

    "I wasn't aware you were picky about the timing of these things."

    "I mean, well, let's be honest here - I've only been with FWA for barely more than two months. I only have three matches under my belt. Granted, victorious in all, but that's beside the point. There's others in FWA who have worked harder, longer, for far longer than I have, to earn a FWA title shot against the greatest. Don't get me wrong, I've been waiting for a chance for Cyrus vs Krash II for literally years, but now? To leapfrog over the likes of Dave Sullivan whilst I'm barely in my third month of FWA? As much as it pains me to turn down such an offer at this time... It wouldn't be right, Cyrus."

    The rejection sends a chorus of 'boos' through the audience, and Krash can only shrug apologetically... Until a nonplussed Cyrus shrugs.

    "Why not?"

    Krash flails a hand around, somehow miraculously not spilling a drop of his whisky, as he tries to find the proper words for it.

    "Why not? Showing up randomly one day and getting handed an almost immediate title match? While I do intend on becoming FWA Champion on day, this isn't the way for that to happen. I appreciate the offer, genuinely so, but Dave Sullivan-"

    "Sullivan's busy defending his North American title against Maximus tonight, remember? Meanwhile, last I checked, both your schedule and mine are clear. And I've had to defend this title against people who had accomplished far less than you have in your first few months here. Anybody that looks at your victories since coming to FWA and says with a straight face that you don't deserve to be in the title hunt is a fool and their opinion should be ignored.

    "Sullivan can, and probably will, have a shot at this championship in the near future, but what about the present? What about now? What about The Exile vs The Heartbeat, Round II, tonight? The rematch we've both wanted for years, and you're really going to stand there and tell me that it's 'not the right time' for it? I say it's as good a time as any. What's the harm? Worst case scenario, you walk out with your head held high, having crossed 'Cyrus vs Krash II' from your bucket list. Best case scenario? You walk out here, FWA Champion, and that unanswered question from long ago of 'Can Krash defeat Cyrus Truth', finally gets answered. Come on Krash...indulge me this one time. Let's do this. Let's have a match that shows the world what this sport is suppose to be."

    Michael Garcia: I'm going to vomit.

    Seconds pass, as Krash quietly contemplates the offer. He bites his lip, glances at the crowd around them cheering for the prospect, before letting out a breath. Cyrus, meanwhile, hasn't changed his expression. He knew exactly how to bring Krash into this idea right from the start.

    "Oh, Cyrus. You know exactly how to win me over. Cyrus Truth vs Krash, Round II, tonight? You're on."

    It's on! The crowd explodes in delight as the two shake on it, and clinking their cups of whisky and toasting to the forthcoming main event. Cyrus Truth vs Krash, tonight!


    Michael Garcia: If Chris Kennedy heard this, if Dave Sullivan heard this, if Gabrielle Montgomery heard this, there WILL BE hell to pay. Heads HAVE to roll over this.

    The show goes to a commercial break as Cyrus Truth and Krash stand in the ring, side by side, with Krash eyeing the World Championship belt.

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? "The Exile" defends his FWA Championship against Krash!!!! Tonight!


    When we return from commercial break, the feed immediately goes to the backstage area. Chris Kennedy is furious, storming through the hallway of the arena. He's shouting from the top of his lungs with his hands balled into fists and his shoulders pumped up. You can tell he's angry, tense, and high in stress.

    "WHERE'S RONDO?! WHERE'S THE GENERAL MANAGER?! WHERE THE F**K IS HE?!" Kennedy shouts at no one in particular. The crew members and arena workers all cower in fear and back up a step or two as he approaches them.

    Rod Sterling: Chris Kennedy is backstage in a tantrum over the announced Cyrus Truth-Krash match for the World Championship, happening later tonight. He is inconsolable!

    Michael Garcia: I DON'T BLAME HIM!


    Kennedy turns around with his eyes bulging and his hands fisted by his sides. He then screams "AAAARRRRRRRRGH!" and punches a hole through the nearby wooden table. Then he tosses the table, filled with loose items, across the hallway. His heavy breathing is the only thing we hear after the table crashes on the ground.

    Kennedy then walks past the camera, still breathing heavily, and places a hand right into the lens.

    "Get the f**k out of my face."

    Rod Sterling: We need to keep an eye on Kennedy and other roster members. This match may not go over well.

    Devin Golden: I don't really know why...? Is it the CWA thing?! They're in the FWA right now!

    "One Headlight" begins playing in front of the sold-out crowd, and XYZ appears on the show for the first time. He slowly walks to the stage with his eyes big and bulging, like he's just seen a ghost. However, this is his normal personality, one he is often made fun of for in the FWA. The former Tag Team Champion glides toward the rampway and then darts back up to the stage, jumping as high as he can before spinning around 180 degrees. He then goes in a dead sprint down the rampway, sliding into the ring. He pops up, jumps on the second turnbuckle, shouts, "THE DREAM ... WILL NEVER ... DIE!" in sync with the fans, and then hops off to a kneeling position.

    He's seen out of breath after exhausting himself with his entrance.

    Michael Garcia: Well, I guess we know who's not winning this next match.

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes' music is next, and the former North American Champion is much more meticulous in his entrance. He stomps his way to the ring with a gloomy stare at his opponent. Eyesnsane hops up to the apron, steps through the middle and top ropes, and takes his spot to a mixed reaction and a medium amount of fanfare.

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes vs. XYZ

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes and XYZ circle half of the ring before locking arms in a grapple. XYZ locks in an arm wrench hold first, but Eyesnsane counters with a wrist lock after ducking under and twisting. XYZ hops on one leg a couple of times before countering with his own wrist lock. Hughes counters back, which XYZ counters back. Then Hughes. Then XYZ. Now it's every second the two are twisting one another's wrists and hands. Finally, XYZ hits a wrist lock that Hughes foresees and spins through it, landing a hip toss on the other side. The crowd cheers the unique opener, and Eyesnsane applies a seated head lock from behind. XYZ gets to one knee, then to his feet. Elbow to the gut. Elbow to the gut. Jawbreaker. Hughes stumbles back, XYZ runs off the ropes on his own accord, and Eyesnsane meets him with a shoulder bump that puts XYZ back down on the mat. Eyesnsane again applies a rear head lock before XYZ can get back up.

    Rod Sterling: This has been quite a technical showing from Eyesnsane. You can't really deny the versatility of this veteran.

    XYZ is up to his feet and pushes Hughes across the ring to the ropes. XYZ hits a drop toe hold when Hughes goes for a second shoulder bump, and this time it's XYZ applying a rear head lock. He tightens the grip around the head and Eyesnsane slowly pushes himself up to a standing position. Eyesnsane lifts XYZ from the side into a kneebreaker. Then he levels him with a forearm to the jaw. XYZ is down and Eyesnsane runs himself off the ropes. XYZ lays down on the mat and Hughes jumps over him to the opposite ropes. XYZ then is up and jumps, allowing Hughes to run through his spread-out legs. Hughes turns and XYZ catches him with a spinning roundhouse kick to the face! Eyesnsane goes down and XYZ goes for the pin!

    ..................1....................2...Kick out

    XYZ whips Eyesnsane into the ropes quickly, and this time he does the jump and Hughes catches him in mid-air for a spinebuster. Hughes bridges the legs after the ring-shaking spinebuster as the crowd cheers.
    ...................1...................2.............Kick out!

    Eyesnsane is up fast and twists the arm of XYZ, who counters quickly with an arm drag. Then a second arm drag. Then a third arm drag. Then he shouts, "GIMME THE DREEEEEEEAM!" right in Eyesnsane's face and hits a spinning football-style kick into the thigh. XYZ grabs Hughes around the neck for a tornado DDT, but Hughes counters with snake eyes into the nearby turnbuckle. Eyesnsane hits the back suplex afterward and crawls over to cover.
    ...................1.....................2...........Shoulder up!

    Eyesnsane slows down the pace with an immediate ground choke hold, which stymies XYZ right then and there. XYZ reaches for the bottom rope with his completely free hand, but he's around 3 feet from salvation. Then he reaches his foot as far as possible, but he's still 2 feet away. Eyesnsane tries to pull XYZ more into the middle of the ring, but instead XYZ is able to roll him into an awkward pin!

    Eyesnsane keeps the choke hold applied after getting his shoulders off the mat. XYZ again rolls Eyesnsane back into a pin and AGAIN Hughes has to get off the mat at 2.5 or 2.75 to keep the match going. Finally, XYZ is close enough to a rope to nudge his foot near it, touching it with his toe. He's unable to hook it completely, though, and Hughes socks him three times with an elbow to the face. XYZ is nursing his body and catching his breath after having little oxygen for quite some time. Eyesnsane then softly says to him, "I'm your nightmare." He grabs XYZ around the neck and hits a shinbreaker. Then it's a spinning backfist to put XYZ down. Eyesnsane kneels next to him and hooks the far leg.
    .................Shoulder up!

    Hughes grabs XYZ around the arm and yanks him in for a shoulder thrust. Then he hits a leg-hook reverse STO!
    .................SHOUDER UP!

    Eyesnsane becomes a bit agitated by XYZ hanging around. He teases the "Eye Win" burning hammer finisher but XYZ tightetens a grip around the neck and hits an inverted backbreaker. XYZ lays backwards after the match-saving maneuver and both men are down for a few seconds, with the crowd cheering. The referee finally begins the count.



    XYZ grabs the bottom rope and is trying to get upright.



    Eyesnsane is to both knees and XYZ is to one knee



    XYZ is now leaning against the ropes, but not quite standing up. Eyesnsane pushes himself up right before the ref says, "SEVEN!" and the match goes on.

    Eyes grabs XYZ from behind and tosses him back for a German Suplex but XYZ lands on his feet! Kick to the gut by XYZ and then he drops Hughes with a Snap DDT! XYZ climbs up to the top rope and calls out for his top rope Blockbuster a he awaits Hughes to get to his feet! Hughes drops down though, XYZ rolls through the landing, gets back to his feet, ducks an oncoming clothesline from Hughes, bounces off the ropes and connects with a running Tornado DDT on the rebound! XYZ covers!




    Here is your winner @ 8:30 - "The Warrior of Virtue" XYZ
    Michael Garcia:This is quickly becoming the worst night of my life.

    Rod Sterling: Great night for the rest of us!

    Devin Golden: Another tough loss for Eyesnsane. It's times like these when you really have to take a step back and figure out what piece of the puzzle is missing right now. I've been in the ring with Hughes before. I know what the guy is capable of. He just needs to rework the puzzle.


    Coming soon to Brazzer's - Gabrielle Montgomery's Adult Film Collection!


    Cutting backstage we once again find "The Caramel Coated Goddess" now dressed in her ring gear; a white and red pair of short shorts, white and red knee high socks, and a matching white and red sports bra that perfectly compliments her sparkling skin complexion. The live audience cheer loudly for the fan favourite who takes a moment to bask in the adulation before FWA Interviewer Katie-Lynn Goldsmith speaks up.

    I'm here backstage with the Caramel Coated Goddess herself; Gabrielle. And I have to ask the question the World wants too know; you were so, so very close to becoming a three time World Champion at the Anniversary Show but Cyrus Truth prevailed, where do you go from here?

    Gabrielle: That's simple, I'm not going anywhere. Cyrus Truth hasn't seen the last of me, I promise you all that. Whatever it takes I am getting another shot at him. Any other night and the result would have been different between us. So I'm not getting that close to the World Title and walking away empty handed. Cyrus isn't clapping this chapter closed, its over when I am satisfied that it is over, simple as that.

    Katie-Lynn: This rivalry between the two of you has definitely grown more intense recently.

    Gabrielle: We were forced to get along for a couple of weeks there, all that did was stoke the flames of our competitiveness. I respect Cyrus, but I will show everyone that I am better than him.

    Katie-Lynn: Strong words, thank you for your time Gabrielle...

    The fans cheer loudly as suddenly 'The Wildcard' Jason Randall enters the scene. He walks up to Gabrielle looks her up and down and the extends his hand. Gabrielle pauses for a moment but then extends hers and they shake hands respectfully.

    Jason Randall: I saw what Dave Sullivan pulled earlier tonight, you wont get that from me. I respect you and what you've done Gabrielle, but...when we're out there in that ring a few minutes time all of that goes out the window and I'm aiming to prove myself to the World. I've dealt with the supposed King around here, now I've set my sights on taking down a Goddess.

    His eyes narrow as Gabrielle nods her head slightly.

    You've got nothing to lose Jason, so give me your best.

    The two of them shake hands once more before an uneasy face off ensues.

    Danny F'n Toner is already standing in the ring, with his theme music fading in the background. A few fans shout "DANNY! DANNY! DANNY F'N TOOOONER!" just as we return from commercial break.

    Next is "The Prodigy" Mike Parr's music, "Sick" by Adelitas Way. The former North American Champion comes to the stage and heads toward the ring. The crowd gives a mostly pessimistic reaction toward Parr, who ignores it and focuses on Danny Toner.

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Danny F'n Toner

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr immediately has control of the match. He grabs Danny F'n Toner with a grapple from the back and hits a quick belly-to-back takedown Then he applies a front head lock, which Toner tries to fight through with gut punches. Parr tightens the grip and flings Toner into the turnbuckle, where he puts a boot into the throat to keep Toner at bay. Parr lands a back-hand chop to the chest and whips Toner across to the opposite turnbuckle. His corner clothesline misses, as Toner dodges it and delivers ruthless punches into the gut and ribs. "The Prodigy" takes a beating from the attack as Toner shows why he was once one of the most promising people on the FWA roster.

    Toner tries a snap suplex out of the corner but Parr blocks it and hits his own suplex. Then he lands a knee drop to the ribs and stomps into the gut. Parr goes for a quick pinfall, but Toner kicks out at a quick two count. Parr grabs Toner and hits his double underhook backbreaker. Then a tornado DDT into the middle of the ring. "The Prodigy" goes for his second cover, this time hooking the far leg.
    ................1....................2.....Kick out

    Parr quickly applies a head lock and is shoved into the ropes. He hits a knee to the gut on the rebound, and then he tries a belly-to-back suplex. Toner headbutts him from behind and then clotheslines Parr to the canvas! Toner lays on the mat, catching his breath for about 10 seconds, before he springs to life and clotheslines "The Prodigy" back down to the canvas a second time!

    Toner, a former FWA Tag Team Champion, grabs "The Prodigy" around the neck and tries a vertical suplex. Parr blocks it, delivers a knee into the groin, and lands a double underhook backbreaker.

    Parr finishes the match with his "X Marks the Spot" moonsault into a frog splash finisher. He hooks the far leg and gets the pinfall.

    Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Mike Parr celebrates his victory while Toner recuperates disappointingly on the canvas. "The Prodigy" then looks into the camera and says, "This ain't over, Viktor."


    BACK IN BUSINESS IS COMING SOON! Who's going to be in control of their own destiny? Who's going in as champion? Who's going in as the challenger? And most importantly, who's walking out as champion?


    The Fight Night feed again goes backstage to a ruckus happening. Cameras show "The King" Dave Sullivan shouting at FWA employees in an incoherent manner. He's screaming one name in particular: "KRASH!" He screams at everyone who will listen to him that it should be him getting the World Championship opportunity.


    Sullivan violently throws a table across the hallway and looks at all the people watching him. More security personnel rush in to calm him own, but Sullivan begins swinging his North American Championship belt like a sword.

    "GET ... THE F**K ... BACK!"

    That's the last we see of the scene.


    "Dirty Deeds" by AC/DC begins playing as the crowd turns to the entrance way. The fans audibly cheer for the appearance of "The Wildcard" Jason Randall, who comes out with a bandage over his eye from the two-fall match he endured at the Anniversary Show. Randall graciously accepts the cheers from the crowd and makes his way to the ring. He has a hefty challenge before him, and he knows it.

    Rod Sterling: Jason Randall time and time again is the best challenger to "The King" Dave Sullivan. But now he has had three separate opportunities, technically, to capture either the X Championship or the North American Championship. He has come up empty handed all three times.

    Devin Golden: Sullivan is that good, but Randall has really been a thorn in his side. It's tough to come up empty-handed so many times and keep your head above water and eyes open. So how does "The Wildcard" respond to the disappointment?

    Rod Sterling: Tonight he has a difficult task.

    "The Wildcard" enters the ring and has his hands taped up for a brawl. The crowd cheers as the lights dim. "Ency" by KHZ hits and the crowd again roars in approval. Gabrielle Montgomery strolls out to the ring with a stern and focused expression. She has her usual attire, with a top and bottom that hides the goods. Gabrielle walks around the ring while "The Wildcard" is inside and scopes out the place.

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle ... came oh so close to becoming FWA World Champion. Cyrus Truth got her in the end but you know Gabrielle isn't done in the World Championship scene. Not a chance.

    Michael Garcia: And considering what happened at the start of the show, she SHOULDN'T be. Krash?! KRASH?!?! This has CWA collusion written all over it. What has Krash done in the FWA to deserve a World Championship match? I stand with everyone who is upset ab...

    Devin Golden: Oh give it a rest. Krash beat Chris Kennedy. Is there anyone else more deserving?

    Michael Garcia: How about "The King" Dave Sullivan?! How about Gabrielle a second time in a rematch? How about me? I'm more FWA than Krash and that makes me way more deserving of a title shot!

    Gabrielle enters the ring finally and takes her spot in the corner. Randall has his side of the ring occupied and the crowd seems hot for this match. Gabrielle looks agitated to be without the World Championship. She looks down at her waist for a second and forgets she lost at the Anniversary Show. It's a telling moment for her, caught by millions watching.

    Gabrielle Montgomery vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    Gabrielle Montgomery doesn't move when the bell rings. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall begins bouncing and moving toward the middle of the ring. Gabrielle stays still, and Randall stops moving. He drops his arms from their fighting stance and instead of going for a punch, he stretches out his arm. Gabrielle looks at the outstretched hand and takes a second to soak it in. "The Wildcard" keeps the hand stretched out, and Gabrielle makes a slight motion to shake the hand. But then she pulls back. Randall relinquishes and Gabrielle begins moving. They dance for a few seconds before Randall throws a right hand, which Gabrielle dodges. Randall throws a second jab, which Gabrielle ducks. Then Randall throws a hook, which Gabrielle retaliates with a jab to the gut. Gabrielle fires a few more jabs to the gut of Randall and whips him into the ropes, but it's countered by "The Wildcard". Randall lands a jumping knee strike to the rebounding Gabrielle and locks in a side head lock.

    Gabrielle tries to fight free but Randall has her in a tight grip. "The Wildcard" hits a back suplex first and goes for the cover. But a quick kick out moots it. Randall grabs Gabrielle and whips her into the ropes. This time Gabrielle tumbles over a telegraphed back body drop and lands a high kick to the chest and shoulder. Randall stumbles back, misses on a wild right-hand hook attempt, and gets planted with a neckbreaker from the former two-time World Champion.

    Gabrielle grabs Randall by the neck and backs him into the turnbuckle. She uses a boot to the throat for about four seconds. Then she stomps down into his stomach. She takes a second to catch her breath and then catches Randall charging out of the corner with a double leg takedown. Her quick elbow drop to the back precedes a leg drop to the chest. She then covers.

    .....................1....................2...Kick out

    The action goes back and forth between the two. Randall hits a back suplex again and follows with a running forearm hook that connects right in the jaw. Gabrielle rallies back with a kick to the chest and a spinning heel kick. Her biggest move is a spinning head-scissors takedown followed by a hurricarana that sends Randall rolling to the apron. Gabrielle follows but Randall grabs her by the hair and she stumbles through the middle and top ropes, onto the apron and out of the ring. Randall follows her by falling off the apron and both competitors lay on the floor momentarily, catching their breath with some of their limbs flung over one another's bodies.

    Randall begins to stir first, and crawls over to the ropes.Gabrielle begins to pull herself up as Randall grabs a hold of the middle rope and does the same. Gabby walks over to where Randall has just risen to and throws a hard palm strike that catches him off guard. She then whips him into the far corner and does a Handspring Corner Elbow and follows it up with a bulldog out of the corner! Gabby points to the crowd and looks to the skies as she heads up top and comes off with her Split Legged Moonsault...

    but Randall rolls out of the way! Gabby starts to crawl on her knees but she doesn't see Randall coming in out of nowhere with the Killshot! Randall strikes her in the skull! THe Wildcard covers!



    Gabby kicks out! Randall is shocked but he quickly yanks Gabby up by her hair, kicks her in the gut, and looks for the Snake Eye Stunner but Gabby pushes him off! Randall off the ropes, gabby kiks him in the gut and tries for the 34 Double DDT but Randall spins out and connects with a Dueces Wild DDT! Randall quickly covers!



    Gabby kicks out again! Randall begins to yank at his own hair, as he kneels beside Gabby in disbelief. he hangs hi lead low before realizing that he needs to go for the kill. Randall reaches down and tries to pull Gabby up, but she yanks him down into an inside cradle!




    Here is your winner @10:30 - "The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery

    Coming soon to the FWA Network: The Dating Game hosted by Sterling Jagger!


    The show returns from an ad break to find Mac Michaud already in the ring and his music soon fades out to be replaced by Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”. Nova Diamond walks out and the crowd lets him hear their displeasure for him, but he doesn’t care one iota what they think of him.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from Manchester, UK and weighing in tonight at 82 kg, Nova Diamond!

    Rod Sterling: This young man is full of arrogance but from we have heard he can more than back that up once that bell rings.

    Devin Golden: I like what I have seen from this kid when I was down at nGw. I don’t particularly care for how he goes about some of his actions, but I can’t deny that he has talent.

    Michael Garcia: In other words Golden; he does what it takes to win. I’m highly anticipating this debut.

    Rod Sterling: Mac is no slouch himself though and he’s been on a string of bad luck as late.

    Michael Garcia: I’m going to stop you right there Rodney. I know you and Mac go a long way back, but that ship has sailed just like it has sailed on his career.

    Devin Golden: I hate to agree with him but he has a point.

    Nova Diamond vs."The Malevolent" Mac Michaud

    Right out of the gate, Mac comes barreling towards his opposition towards their corner, but Nova is one step ahead and simply side steps the big man causing him to crash in the corner. Nova quickly kicks back in the back of his shins before dragging him away from the corner and hits Mac with an inverted headlock backbreaker before transitioning into position and delivering a massive dragon suplex! Nova feigns a yawn, mocking Mac.

    Nova allows Mac to stand up, and then connects with the 24K Kick! He isn’t finished yet though, he hoists up Mac...Uncomfortably Numb! He makes the cover, nonchalantly…


    Winner: Nova Diamond
    Michael Garcia: Just like that, Nova Diamond racks up his firt of what I believe to be many wins! TWENT FOUR KARAT MAGIC IN THE AIRRRRRRRR!!!!

    Devin Golden: We just lost 30,000 viewers, Maggle.That was unbelievable, I’m honestly stunned that Mac went down so quickly just like that. All due respect to Nova Diamond on the victory though..

    Diamond leaves the ring with a smirk while Mac remains in the ring, obviously irate that he suffered yet another loss.


    Be on the lookout for the FWA Power 10! Latest Edition coming this week!


    The trippy sound of the Cheshire Cat Clan’s theme music plays throughout the arena, and the crowd is still unsure of how to respond to this odd trio.

    Kurt Harrington: Making their way to the ring being accompanied by Alice, from The Dark Forest, and weighing in at a combined weight of 465 lbs. Hannibal Crowe and Nova...The Cheshire Cat Clan!

    The music is soon replaced as “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors plays and out walks one of the latest tag team signees to the FWA, Los Maravillosos. The crowd seems to appreciate their energy and gives them a decent reception.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, from Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, and weighing in at a combined weight of 475 lbs. They are Maravilloso and Maravilloso Jr...Los Maravillosos!

    Michael Garcia: I don’t speak spanish, how do you pronounce their names?

    Devin Golden: I couldn’t even begin to tell you. Hell, I can’t even understand half the gibberish this Cat Clan speaks!


    FWA Tag Team Tournament
    Los Maravillosos vs. The Cheshire Cat Clan

    Nova will be starting things off for his team while Maravilloso will start for his team, while his son remains on the apron applauding him and getting the crowd support. Maravilloso looks confused by Nova’s antics, or not it’s difficult to tell; he is wearing a mask after all. Maravilloso challenges Nova to run at him, and Nova obliges him and runs off the ropes but he’s leveled by a stiff dropkick from Maravilloso, and Nova quickly exits out of the ring where Alice briefly checks on him. Nova, a bit hesitant at first; re-enters the ring and Maravilloso wants to shake his hand. He assures Nova that it will be okay. Nova reluctantly does so but Maravilloso slaps his hand away and hits a palm strike across the chest of Nova! Nova reacts accordingly; holding his chest but not before turning back around and spits some type of substance at the face of Maravilloso! He temporarily blinds the luchadore and Nova responds with a dropkick of his own taking down his adversary!

    Rod Sterling: What was that he spit in his mask?

    Devin Golden: With these guys, who knows Rod.

    Nova picks up Maravilloso and delivers a hard right to the head! He follows up with another before irish whipping Maravilloso off the ropes and off the rebound he hits another dropkick! Nova laughs madly as he tags in Crowe and right away Crowe stomps away at Maravilloso, while the crowd and Jr try to will him on. Crowe brings him back down with a vertical suplex after hoisting him up from the mat. He sends Maravilloso to his corner and connects with a big running splash! He tags Nova back in and Nova stomps away at Maravilloso in the corner all the while laughing maniacally. He turns towards Jr and taunts him, laughing at him before turning back around and Maravilloso catches him by surprise with a small inside cradle package out of nowhere!


    Nova kicks out and cannot believe he was almost tricked, but Maravilloso pops back and delivers another dropkick to Nova. Then he climbs the turnbuckle and does the macarena while walking the ropes before hopping off and delivers a standing elbow drop to Nova followed by a pin attempt...


    Maravilloso is beside him and cannot absolutely believe that Nova kicked out…

    Michael Garcia: Did he...just…

    Devin Golden: Do the macarena on the ring ropes? Yes, yes he did

    Rod Sterling: Now I’ve seen everything!

    Maravilloso makes the tag to his son just as Nova makes the tag to Crowe, and Jr springboards his way into the match and takes down Crowe with a crossbody! He waits as Crowe is back up and Crowe runs at him but Jr catches him with an arm drag followed by bringing him back up with an arm ringer and delivers multiple kicks that stun Crowe momentarily. He has Crowe set up for an inverted DDT but Crowe manages to counter and catches Jr with a spinning side slam! Both of them laid out in the center of the ring as the crowd is cheering on Jr and the match is about to reach its final push…

    Maravilloso Jr. is up first. He tags in his father, and the duo quickly hit their Walking the Border maneuver. Then they hit the "Pulse Bomb" to much fanfare and Maravilloso pins Crowe.

    Winners: Los Maravillosos

    We head backstage right after the match. Cameras have caught up with Gabrielle Montgomery, the most recent challenger to Cyrus Truth and the FWA World Championship. Gabrielle doesn't seem peppy or energetic. In fact, her expression comes off as someone aggravated or perturbed. Her wrestling attire is on, and she acknowledges the camera without any violence or aggression. She's much more subdued than Chris Kennedy and Dave Sullivan were earlier in the night.

    Michael Garcia: THIS is the interview I've waited for. I want to see some FIRE from our Goddess. I want to see some ANGER toward Cyrus Truth. She should be PISSED for what happened.

    One of the people holding a camera is heard asking her, "What do you think of Cyrus Truth and Krash facing tonight?"

    "Well, I'm not at all happy. I just wrestled Cyrus. I wrestled him well. It was a close match. And now someone else is getting a championship shot. Now it's someone who one month ago hadn't wrestled a single match in the FWA. Ever. So what does that say?"

    Gabrielle shrugs her shoulders following the rhetorical question she asked.

    "I'm not going to blame Krash for this. I can't. He's got the opportunity of a lifetime. And who's to say Cyrus is to blame? But yes, some of this just feels ... a little off. I can't put my finger on it. I'll at least say this: I'll be watching the match. And I'll be waiting to see who I face in the next World Championship match. Because I better damn well be in it."

    Gabrielle then turns and walks away. Michael Garcia is back at the announcer's table fuming and venting frustration about Gabrielle's "lack of fire". Meanwhile, Devin Golden calls her statements "mature and intelligent considering how emotional she must feel after the Anniversary Show."



    “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” hits and the team of Sterling Jaeger and Tommy Thunder make their way out to jeers from the fans. Sterling checks out the ladies in the front row while Tommy moves forward to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 447 lbs, first from Silicon Valley, CA he is “The Perfect 10+” Sterling Jaeger and his tag team partner, from Colorado Springs, CO he is “The Division 1 Superstar” Tommy Thunder! Together they are The Must See MVPs!

    The music is replaced by “Cut the Cord” and once the song kicks off, the team of Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix walk out, and of course Britney Adams at Jackson’s side. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction for this new team but more so cheers than jeers.

    Kurt Harrington: Their opponents being accompanied Britney Adams, and weighing in at a combined weight of 476 lbs. First, from Philadelphia, PA he is “Nasty” Nate Savage! His tag team partner, from Las Vegas, NV he is “The Sin City Bad Boy” Jackson Fenix! Together they are The Undisputed Alliance!

    Rod Sterling: A lot of hype from these two as they make their in ring debut tonight. They came over from the now defunct CWA and now look to make a splash here in the FWA.

    Michael Garcia: Just what we need, more CWA rejects!

    Devin Golden: I don’t see the big deal about where they came from, as long as they can get it done in the ring.


    FWA Tag Team Tournament Match

    The Undisputed Alliance (Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix) vs. "The Perfect 10+" Sterling Jagger and "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Fenix will start for his team while Jagger begins for his, and right off the bat Fenix taunts Jagger and does a crotch chop in his direction. This irritates Jagger and he runs at Fenix side steps him and hits a drop toe hold sending Jagger flat on his face to the canvas! Fenix looks down at Jaeger and then turns over to Thunder and flips him the middle finger, this angers Thunder but the referee holds him back while Fenix laughs.

    Michael Garcia: I’m already sick of this guy!

    Fenix brings up Jaeger and drives a european uppercut right to his chin, and then sends Jaeger off the ropes and hits him with a sling blade! The crowd eats up Fenix’s antics as he poses on top of Jaeger for the cover…


    Fenix brings Jaeger back up and looks for a front suplex but Jaeger blocks it this time and counters with his own suplex! He looks down at Fenix and yells, “Not so funny now, is it?!” before stomping away at Fenix. He drags him and irish whips him to the corner and delivers a running corner clothesline that brings Fenix down to a prone position, setting him up for the mushroom stamp but Fenix moves out of the dodge just in time and Jaeger hits nothing but turnbuckle pole as he clutches his groin.

    Devin Golden: He’s going to feel that in the morning.

    Thunder makes the blind tag in as Fenix tags in Savage, and Thunder runs at Savage but Savage ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and stuns Thunder with a bionic elbow to the dome! He follows that up with a discus elbow smash that has Thunder even more stunned and he falls to one knee. Savage brings him up and irish whips Thunder to the ropes and hits him with a uranage on the rebound! Thunder hits the mat hard and rolls over to his corner where Jaeger makes the tag back in and Savage his back turned briefly allowing Jaeger to roll him up from behind…


    Savage kicks out and is up on his knees just as Jaeger hits him with a superkick flush on the jaw! Savage falls in a heap to the mat the crowd’s energy fades out with him. He looks over at Tommy and says, “that’s how you do it Tommy!”. Jaeger turns his attention back to Savage and stomps away at him while taunting Fenix. Jaeger brings up Savage and hits him with a vertical suplex before following up with a sleeper hold, but Savage starts to show signs of life as he rises up while the hold is still applied and drives several elbows to the Jaeger’s gut before the hold is released. Savage stuns Jaeger with a bionic elbow to the dome followed by a headbutt and a discus elbow smash! He spins Jaeger around and connects with a sleeper suplex! Jaeger rolls to a corner upon impact but he gets a running cannonball senton for his troubles! Savage brings him up and hits him with a package fallaway powerbomb! Both of them lay on the mat now as their respective partners want back in the match! Savage tags in Fenix, as Jagger looks to tag in Thunder...but Savage slides underneath the bottom rope and pulls Thunder off the apron! Jagger looks on in disbelief, temporarily forgetting about Fenix standing behind him! Jagger turns around and walks right into a Superkick, just as Thunder gets tossed into the Steel steps at ringside! Savage rolls into the ring and the duo hit their Undisputed Finisher!




    Here are your winners and advancing to the next round of the Tag Team Tournament: The Undisputed Alliance!

    Tonight's episode is brought to you by the letter Z, the number 4, and is made possible because of Viewers Like You!


    We come back from commercial and both members of Over The Edge are already in the ring, as The Tag Team Champions are making their way down the ramp. The Protégé and Prototype taunt their opponents as they enter the ring.

    Tag Team Championship Tournament Match

    The New Breed ( ‘The Protégé’ Sean Hughes and The Prototype) vs Over The Edge ( TED and Killemall)

    The Prototype starts things off with Ted. The two men circle the ring before The Protype backs up and tags in Hughes. Hughes enters the ring and circles the ring with TED.The two lock horns in the center of the ring, with Ted quickly transitioning into a rear waist lock but Hughes counters his way out, taking Ted to the mat. Ted rolls out and pops to his feet, with Hughes still having a hold of his arm. Ted grapples his way out into an arm wrench and then judo tosses Hughes to the ground before locking in an armbar that Hughes quickly gets out of. Both men back to their feet and Hughes laughs at the ease at which he got out of the hold, which infuriates TED, who just begins to unload on The Protégé! Hughes, however, lowers his head and drives Ted back to the corner, before burying his shoulder deep into the abdomen of the OTE member, repeatedly. Irish whip by Hughes into the far corner but Ted comes firing out with a clothesline! Ted quickly picks The Protégé up and rushes him over to the OTE corner, slamming his head into the turnbuckle before tagging in Killemall! Ted holds The Protégé in place as Killemall begins kicking him relelntlessly in the gut, before Sean falls to a seated position in the corner.

    Killemall picks his opponent up and drills him with a hard uppercut before whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a dropkick on the rebound! Killemall tags TED back in and Ted throws a few knife edge chops, sending Hughes back into the corner before he gets drilled with a few more! Hughes manages to rake the eyes before rolling out of the corner and tagging in the Prototype! The Prototype rushes into the ring but immediately eats a Big Boot! Running shoulder tacklesends The Prototype into the OTE corner! Ted continues to stomp away at his opponent before picking The Prototype up and tagging in Killemall! The Ninja take The Prototype over to the far corner and delivers a running splash!Killemall whips The New Breed member into the opposite corner before splashing him in that corner! Snapmare follow-up by a low dropkick to the face! 1…2…Prototype kicks out! Killemall picks him up and headbutts him before reaching out and tagging in Ted! Scoop Slam by Ted, followed up by a running knee drop! Irish whip by Ted reversed by Prototype, who ducks down and sends Ted over with a Back Body Drop, but Ted lands on his feet! Mule Kick by The Prototype, followed up with a Superkick! The Prototype goes for a cover but only gets two!

    The Prototype reaches over and tags in The Protégé. The two work over Ted in the corner before walking him over to the far corner and sslamming his head into the turnbuckle numerous times. Scoop slam by The Protégé, followed up with an elbow drop. Another cover for another two count. Hughes walks his opponent over to the corner and tags in his partner, who slams TED to the mat the moment Ted starts to fight back! The Prototype picks TED up and drops him to the mat with a Tiger Driver! The Prototype covers!



    Kickout by Ted! The Prototype leans his opponent against the middle rope before tagging in Hughes, who drops off the apron to nail his opponent with a right hand before entering the ring. Snapmare into a rear chin lock by Hughes, as TED tries to pry The Protége’s fingers apart and with the help of the crowd, he fights free! Ted gets to hi feet and starts nailing Hughes with a series of right hands before running the ropes…only to get caught with a dropkick by Hughes that sends him back to the mat! Ted gets ent to the New Breed corner, but before a tag can get made, Ted starts firing at both members of The New Breed and breaks free! Ted tags in Killemall! Killemall ducks a clothesline from Hughes and hits a running forearm on The Prototype, knocking him off the apron. Killemall with a Palm Strike, followed by a Roundhouse Kick to Hughes! Ted gets involved and hits a corner splash on Hughes! Saito Suplex by Ted! The Prototype slides into the ring and gets involved in the melee, peppering Killemall with hard right hand and whipping him into the ropes, and drilling him with a Running Knee Strike! Ted gets back up and eats a Superkick from Hughes! One Winged Angel by The Prototype to Ted! Killemall gets back to his feet and starts firing off shots at The Prototype, but he doesn’t see Hughes grab him from behind in a Belly to Back position and the two complete the SuperKick-Plex! Hughes covers Killemall!




    Here are your winners @ 9:10 – The New Breed

    Next Week on Fight Night: Los Maravillosos vs The Undisputed Alliance with the winners earning a Championship match against The New Breed!


    “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold startled the fans of the arena and set them into a chorus of jeers as The North American AND X Division Champion Dave Sullivan cockily walks out onto the stage. Sullivan looks to his left shoulder, which proudly holds the North American Championship, and smirks before looking to his right shoulder and the X Championship. Sullivan ignores a young fan at ringside, wearing a king’s crown and holding a sign that reads “Sullivan holds the throne!”. The King makes his way down the ramp and ducks under the middle rope as he spins around in the ring, basking in the hatred of the crowd.

    Golden: I just…I don’t understand how someone can love to be hated as much as Dave Sullivan loves to be absolutely despised by nearly everyone! The King just may have found the one person in the world who supports him right now,and he blatantly disregarded them! Hell, Maggle, I think if given the option, these people would probably choose to cheer YOU over this guy!

    Garcia: And I wouldn’t give a damn about them, either. I tried to care at one time, and it got me nothin’. Why should The King care about these peasants? Remember, Golden, at one point, he did! It wasn’t until after he stopped caring that things started to turn around for him! Ask Kevin Cromwell what kissing babies gets you in this business!

    “Ya Paravoz” from Stvore interrupts the King’s moment in the ring as Viktor Maximus wastes no time in storming down the ramp and walking with a mission into the ring. Sullivan smartly backs up and steps out of the ring, showing but trying to hide it, a bit of vulnerability as the Weapon of Mass Destruction stares him down! Maximus backs up and motions for Sullivan to get into the ring and The King does just that.

    FWA North American Championship
    “The King” Dave Sullivan vs “The Destruction” Viktor Maximus

    Sullivan angles his body as he and Maximus circle the ring. Dave looks for several ways to go in, specifically with some sort of takedown, but Maximus moves forward and Sullivan decides to bail out of the ring instead. The King puts his hands on his hips and takes a few verbal shots from the fans at ringside before shaking his head and re-entering the ring. Sullivan looks for another angle, but achieves a similar result. Again, Sullivan re-enters the ring and goes straight into a collar and elbow tie up but Maximus throws him off with ease! Maximus takes a few steps towards Sullivan, but the Pittsburg native ducks under the rope and orders the referee to back him off.

    Garcia: The experience of Dave Sullivan…so smart, just so, so smart.

    Golden: You call it smart, I call it cowardly, big dog. But then again, that’s probably why you think of yourself as a god damn genius.

    Sullivan again goes in looking for another takedown, but this time, Maximus grabs him and throws him from the center of the ring, all the way over the top rope and to the floor below!

    Sterling: Holy…Jesus! Did you two just see that?

    Maximus poses to the crowd for a moment as Sullivan recovers on the outside. The King circles the ring, before re-entering yet again, looking for the best way to attack this behemoth. He baits Viktor in, then kicks him in the gut and nails him with a huge uppercut, then a few well placed right hands! Sullivan runs the ropes but runs right into the huge bearclaw of Maximus who grabs him by the throat and looks for his chokeslam! Sullivan kicks him in the gut, however, and runs the ropes right into a huge reverse elbow by Maximus! Sullivan rolls to the corner and pulls himself up but eats a running splash by Viktor! The King staggers out but gets scooped up by Maximus, who sends him crashing down with a Running Powerslam! Sullivan uses the ropes to pull himself up, and puts himself right into the path of a clothesline from The Destruction! Sullivan, however, lowbridges the giant and Viktor goes crashing to the floor below! Maximus wastes no time in getting back up and onto the apron, but Sullivan meets him and hangs him up over the ropes! Maximus hangs on to the ropes, so The King charges at him and knocks him off! Viktor lands on his feet, so Sullivan steps to the outside and uncharacteristically, leaps off the apron onto Maximus! But the angry Russian catches him in mid-air and sends him into the ring post! Viktor towers over the King, before grabbing him by the head and tossing him back in the ring! Maximus waits for Sullivan to get up, before charging straight at him with a running Big Boot to the skull! Sullivan goes down!



    The King kicks out at 2 and Maximus wastes no time in pulling him back up and sending him into the far corner. The Russian juggernaut takes a few steps back and charges forward with another splash, but Sullivan moves out of the way! Maximus crashes into the turnbuckle and staggers back, right into a chop block from The King! Sullivan takes a few moments to regain himself, as Maximus clutches at his right knee. Sullivan stomps away at the knee several times, before dropping down and laying into Maximus with right hand after right hand! Sullivan works over the leg, by dropping a plethora of elbows onto the knee and then locking in a leg bar. After a few moments, Sullivan releases the hold and opts to go back to the elbows before stepping over and locking in a Figure Four submission! Sullivan makes sure the hold is locked in good as Maximus desperately tries to free himself! After a few moments, viktor exhausts himself and drops his shoulders down to the mat!



    Viktor pops up and again tries to free himself from the hold. He tries twice to turn himself to the left, but can’t get turn the hold over. He then uses his own momentum to go the opposite direction and teeters over but Sullivan pulls him back over to the seated position at the last moment. Sullivan grabs the foot and tries to twist at the ankle, as well! Maximus again tries to turn the submission but is again unsuccessful! Maximus drops his shoulders down, and again the referee drops down to count!



    Maximus again, pops his shoulders off the mat and this time, in one big motion, manages to turn the submission over, reversing the pressure to Sullivan! The King scrambles to the ropes and the hold is broken! Viktor tries to get back to his feet, so The Pittsburgh Native begins to level him with hard right hands before running the ropes and GETTING DECAPITATED by a Viktor Maximus clothesline! Maximus drops back down to the mat and holds his knee, rolling around the ring in pain. Both men manage to get to their feet, and Maximus strikes with a clothesline, then a second clothesline! Corner splash by Maximus! Into a Sidewalk Slam!



    Sullivan gets the shoulder up! Maximus taunts Sullivan before pulling him up but Sullivan catches him with an uppercut! A second uppercut! Sullivan runs the ropes and comes back with a crossbody, but again gets caught in mid-air! Fallaway Slam by Maximus! Maximus raises his hand in the air and calls for a Chokeslam! Maximus lifts him in the air, but Sullivan transitions into a rollup! 1…2… Viktor kicks out! Muay Thai Kick by Sullivan to the knee! Then a second one! A third drops Viktor to one knee! DDT to Viktor! 1….2…. Another kick out from Maximus! Sullivan pulls Viktor up to one knee and then hooks him up for a suplex, but Viktor blocks it! Sullivan tries one more time, and again, it gets blocked! Viktor fights out and hooks him up for a suplex of his own, but Sullivan counters out and catches Viktor with a German Suplex! Then a second one! And finally a third! Sullivan watched in amazement as Viktor nearly got up faster than he did! But Viktor was staggering, and Sullivan attempted his RKO! Viktor however shoved him off and caught him by the throat! This time, Sullivan was not able to counter out as Viktor hit his chokeslam!



    Sullivan kicked out of the chokeslam!

    The King pulled himself up in the corner, but again, put himself in the line of fire of the former Tag Champion! Sullivan moved out of the way of a corner charge, but Maximus stopped himself just short of the turnbuckle! But The King delivered a running dropkick to his back that sent Maximus crashing in! Maximus was groggy as he turned around! Right into an RKO!



    3!....Was what Sullivan wanted to hear, but he didn’t! Maximus got his foot on the bottom rope! Sullivan’s frustration was causing him to lose his temper! The referee screamed back, yelling at the King, so the King shoved the referee out of the ring! Sullivan ducked under the ropes and grabbed a steel chair! He slammed the chair against the mat a few times, awaiting Maximus to get to his feet, and when he did, Sullivan swung the chair hard…but Maximus’ fist sent the chair flying out of the ring! Maximus grabbed Sullivan by the throat again and lifted him up for a chokeslam…when Maximus was attacked from behind The Prototype and Sean Hughes! Maximus tossed Sullivan back into the corner as Maximus fought off the tag team champions! Chokeslam to Hughes! A clothesline sends The Prototype out of the ring! Maximus turns his attention back to….RKO! RKO out of nowhere! Sullivan drops down but there’s still no official! Sullivan looks to the outside and sees “The Prodigy” Mike Parr come through the crowd, grab the official and send him into the ring!




    Here is your winner and STILL North American Champion: “The King” Dave Sullivan!
    “The King” looks at the “The Prodigy” who enters the ring, and motions down to Maximus, saying “Pick up the scraps.” Parr isn’t fond of the lack of respect from the champion but revenge was first and foremost on his mind as he orders Hughes to grab the chair and two others. Each member of the New Breed hold a chair in the center of the ring, over the fallen and broken carcass of the Destruction. Parr holds one hand up high in the air, and tells his brethren….”I get the first shot.” Parr holds the chair high up in the air,and then sends it crashing down over the back of Maximus’ head! After that shot, the rest of the New Breed join in, sending down shot after shot to the back, arms and legs of the seven footer! Maximus screams out, as Parr throws the chair to the side, stomps on Maximus’ fingers and has the Tag Champions pull him to his feet, so that he can hook him up and delivers the Rolling Cutter on the chair! Satisified with their work,Parr calls off the dogs and The New Breed leave Maximus a bloody mess in the ring as we go to commercial.

    It's Main Event Time!


    The crowd explodes with cheers as "Back in Town" starts playing. The arena is like an electricity field, with everyone anticipating the arrival of Krash. On cue, he appears in his gold pants with a black belt, no shirt, skinny posture, short dirty blonde hair, and a fancy handlebar mustache.

    Krash makes his way down the rampway while soaking in the thousands of people cheering for him.

    Rod Sterling: This could be ... one of the defining moments of the FWA in 2019. We have Krash, a CWA legend in his own right, facing Cyrus Truth, a former CWA champion. They are main eventing Fight Night in the FWA, AND ... they are...

    Michael Garcia: They are wrestling for the FWA World Championship, the most sacred title in our company and industry. And not one of the people in this match is FWA homegrown. We PRIDE ourselves on having homegrown talent. That's what separates us from others. When people come to the FWA and boast accomplishments that they had at other federations, we always laugh at them. We ALWAYS say, "Those don't matter here. What you did before doesn't matter here. You have to earn it all over again, start from scratch." That's what we tell people. Because it's true.

    Devin Golden: It is true, but let me remind you of something. Krash beat CHRIS ... KENNEDY at the Anniversary Show. No help. No interference. Nothing shady. He beat CHRIS FREAKIN' KENNEDY.


    Devin Golden: Never. I agree. But Cyrus Truth was the one who challenged Krash. It's not Krash's fault. What was he supposed to do? Pass up a World Championship match?

    There's a bit of a pause in Garcia's answer. Krash enters the ring, showing a bounce in his step. The fans continue chanting for him, some even letting loose a "CWA" chant.

    Michael Garcia: Yes. ... Yes, he should have declined.

    Devin Golden: OK. Sure. And you would've declined it if you were in that spot.

    Michael Garcia: I would have. Yes.

    Devin Golden: No you wouldn't have.

    Michael Garcia: YES! YES I WOULD HAVE!

    Devin Golden: Well, no. You wouldn't have. But even so...

    Michael Garcia: You don't know me!

    Devin Golden: Even so, you never were in a position to accept or decline a World title shot because you weren't good when you wrestled.

    And you'll never be in the spot to accept or decline a World title shot because you're sitting here with me and Rod at the announcer's table.

    That shuts Michael Garcia up, just in time for the next entrance. Krash's music fades away, and the energy in the building is palpable.

    The violin chord sends the arena into a tizzy. The crowd is almost split 50-50 on how they feel about "The Exiled" FWA World Champion. But they're definitely reacting to him.

    Cyrus Truth comes out with the FWA World Championship around his waist, a hoodie covering most of his face, and snug wrestling tights with his black boots. He's looking down at the floor as the strobe lights illuminate an otherwise-dark arena. And Cyrus Truth reaches the edge of the stage and whips his head back to toss the hoodie behind his neck. He shows a bit of a grin, smiling at the crowd's balanced reaction. Then he sets his gaze on the ring, where Krash awaits.

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth went toe to toe with Gabrielle Montgomery at the Anniversary Show. He outlasted a Hall of Famer. He walked in with the World title and walked out with it. Many people felt Gabrielle would be the one to unseat him, the same way Shannon O'Neal was the one to unseat him two years ago.

    It. Did. Not. Happen.

    Cyrus begins the walk down the rampway. The strobe lights continue adding an effect to the entrance. He keeps his look on
    Krash and reaches the ring area, walking to his left and stepping up the steel ring steps. He finally reaches the apron, stares at Krash, and then enters the ring. The pause tells 1,000 words.

    Michael Garcia: I blame this match on Cyrus as much as I do on Krash. They are equally responsible. No doubt about it.

    Devin Golden: He's the champion, and he's a fighting one. He offered Krash a shot. I don't think being a willing and fighting champion, even one seeking a challenge and opponent, is a bad thing.

    Michael Garcia: It's about WHO he sought. This is collusion. This is CWA ... freakin' ... collusion. And it stinks. It stinks so so so bad.

    FWA World Championship
    Cyrus Truth (c) vs. Krash

    When the bell rings, the crowd remains standing. Cyrus Truth and Krash are still as can be, neither flinching a muscle as cell phone cameras flash around the arena. The crowd and atmosphere truly gives this scene an epic feeling. Cyrus and Krash look to either side of one another to absorb the energy from the thousands of audience members. Then they come together for a hand shake. Cyrus willingly offers, and Krash willingly accepts. Then it's go time.

    Krash crouches down in a ready position and Cyrus stays tall and upright. They half circle the ring before coming together in a grapple. Cyrus pushes Krash back against the ropes, and then Krash twists and has Cyrus against it. The ref breaks the hold, and the two do it again. This time it's Krash overpowering the reigning World Champion into the ropes, and Cyrus throws up his hands a second time. The ref separates the two.

    Krash steps back and smirks, igniting another grapple lunge from Cyrus. This time, Cyrus locks in a back waist lock. Krash tries to pry the hands loose, but it's a struggle. Cyrus takes Krash to the mat with a belly-to-back takedown, but Krash quickly is seated with his arm tightly around Cyrus' neck and head. Krash is up and tries a snapmare, but Cyrus locks his leg and foot around Krash's ankle. Krash finally releases and is put in an arm lock, which Cyrus uses to put pressure on the wrist. Krash quickly counters with his own, and the two continue twirling around the ring until then reach an impasse with both arms raised in the air.

    Finally, they release and separate from one another. The crowd elicits a vocal appreciation for their technical start.

    Rod Sterling: These two have studied one another extensively, for years. They may have only faced once, but they know one another.

    Michael Garcia: HELL YEAH! COMPANY!

    The crowd's tune changes when two figures dart through the front rows and hop the guard railing. "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy and "The King" Dave Sullivan come into the ring area from either side. Undetected, they enter the ring and immediately level Krash and Cyrus to the canvas with rough forearms. The ref must call for the bell when stomping continues.

    Match Result: No Contest

    Sullivan and Kennedy continue the assault for about 20 seconds. Then, Kennedy goes outside and grabs a steel chair. He re-enters the ring and levels Krash over the head with it.



    Right before Garcia says that, Kennedy leveled Cyrus Truth over the skull. Sullivan grabs Krash around the neck and does his Three Rivers snap suplex finisher combination. Each suplex has Krash landing back first on the dented steel chair. Meanwhile, Kennedy is stomping into Cyrus' back.

    Rod Sterling: This is an absolutely BRUTAL attack.

    Sullivan lifts Cyrus' limp body up to a standing position. Kennedy rears back three steps and then hits the Bitter Sweet Chin Symphony superkick, right into the jaw. The loud SMACK sound causes the crowd to boo hellaciously. But Sullivan and Kennedy slap hands in celebration and scowl toward the fans.

    "THIS IS THE FWA! THIS IS OUR HOUSE!" Sullivan shouts. Kennedy nods his head and looks at the camera.

    "WE'LL NEVER LET THIS MATCH HAPPEN!" Kennedy shouts.

    Before the pair can inflict any more damage, officials reach the ring to push them away from the fallen Krash and Cyrus Truth. Fans watch in murmured silence as Kennedy is removed from the ring and Sullivan lets punches fly as he contests anyone putting their hands on him.

    The show ends without any announcers commenting or describing the action. All we see is the ruffled sounds of security team members telling Sullivan and Kennedy to get away from the ring, plus a few scarce echoes of fans booing or shouting at the two attackers.

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    I loved this show.

    The overarching theme, the Krash v Cyrus match tied so much together and that "story" was furthered and kept important throughout. That sort of thing makes it all feel bigger in a way. Its closer to a genuine wrestling show as opposed to just a random collection of segments and matches that have little to do with each other.

    Sullivan and Kennedy could be a really fun pairing.

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    Fantastic, well-produced show. The overarching story of Cyrus/Krash being mentioned throughout the show, by both talent and commentators, was a great touch and made it feel like such a big deal with such a unique story with potential for differing viewpoints all throughout FWA, all of which can be argued have valid points.

    It's fairly understated, but I'm delighted to see Nate Savage & Jackson Fenix in FWA. Good to see them still kickin' - Nate's been a low-key favourite of mine for some time now. Them and Los Maravillosos are an absolutely fantastic addition to the tag division.

    Devin Golden: Even so, you never were in a position to accept or decline a World title shot because you weren't good when you wrestled.

    And you'll never be in the spot to accept or decline a World title shot because you're sitting here with me and Rod at the announcer's table.
    jesus christ Devin you absolutely ethered the guy

    someone find me a good gif that adequately demonstrates the amount of burn this statement had towards Garcia. Pour one out for Garcia's soul, crikey.


    I'm not good at signatures.

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    I’m happy to see everyone enjoyed the show, we can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store next.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    The best show, top to bottom, since I returned as mod. The overarching storyline was awesome. The tag team division got focus. Now all we need is a good blood feud (looking at you, Parr-Maximus) to step in right under the main angle. People will tire of that storyline, which will be a ripe opportunity for someone not involved to get some traction and buzz.

    Also, Parr-Maximus is basically two people waiting in the wings for a major title shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf View Post
    jesus christ Devin you absolutely ethered the guy

    someone find me a good gif that adequately demonstrates the amount of burn this statement had towards Garcia. Pour one out for Garcia's soul, crikey.
    Yeah, I enjoyed writing Golden's commentary on this show. I feel like the back and forth between Golden and Garcia finally graduated beyond just filler text and garnered some substance.

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