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Thread: WWE NXT Discussion - July 31, 2019

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    WWE NXT WWE NXT Discussion - July 31, 2019

    WWE NXT Preview
    July 31, 2019

    Roderick Strong vows to take out Pete Dunne before TakeOver:Toronto

    Even a warning from Paul Revere might not have spared Roderick Strong the shock of Pete Dunne’s unannounced return to the black-and-gold brand last week.

    In one fell swoop, The BruiserWeight stormed back into Full Sail Live, splayed Strong’s fingers and inserted himself into the NXT North American Title scene, spoiling Strong’s plan of being Velveteen Dream’s lone challenger at TakeOver: Toronto.

    All three Superstars are now set to battle in a Triple Threat Match at TakeOver on Aug. 10, but if Strong has his way, Dunne won’t be able to make it to Toronto after they collide in one-on-one action this week on NXT.

    NXT streams tonight at 8/7 C on the award-winning WWE Network.

    How will Baszler respond to Yim's takedown of Duke and Shafir?

    First Marina Shafir, then Jessamyn Duke. One by one, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler has witnessed her closest allies be wiped out by Mia Yim.

    Following Yim’s latest strike, which left Duke’s arm in a sling, it can be safely assumed that Baszler is finally taking The Head Baddie in Charge seriously. But will The HBIC’s ruthless tactics, borrowed from the champion’s own playbook, persuade The Queen of Spades to accept Yim’s challenge to a title match?

    Beauty and The Beast: Prince Pretty battles Jaxson Ryker

    Tyler Breeze seemed unfazed when The Forgotten Sons tried their intimidation tactics on the NXT O.G. two weeks ago. The unflappable Prince Pretty used his wit to get under the skin of the Savages of NXT rather than engage the crew of roughnecks in one-on-three fisticuffs. The time for joking will end this week, however, when Breeze steps into the ring with the Sons’ hard-hitting henchman, Jaxson Ryker.

    Can Breeze teach Ryker a lesson in respect? Or will Prince Pretty learn that The Forgotten Sons’ brash words ring true, and that he has no place in today’s NXT?

    Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes battle to "break out" to tournament finals

    The game-changing NXT Breakout Tournament continues this week with its last semifinal match: superheavyweight “Aus-zilla” Bronson Reed against gritty North Carolinian Cameron Grimes.

    While Grimes will be at a considerable size and strength disadvantage against Reed, the “technical savage” has already shown himself to be crafty, opportunistic and tougher than titanium. Whether that will be enough to put away the 330-pounder from Down Under, a proud importer of “Australian Strong Style,” remains to be seen.

    Find out which Superstar will advance to a tournament final showdown against Jordan Myles when Reed and Grimes clash tonight on WWE Network.

    What's next for LeRae and Shirai's scorching rivalry?

    Candice LeRae gave Io Shirai a taste of her own medicine last week when she sprang a retaliatory attack against The Genius of the Sky.

    LeRae’s fierce outburst sent Shirai fleeing for safety — but judging by Tenacious C’s intense stare, the attack was only the tip of the iceberg as far as LeRae is concerned. With LeRae out for retribution, will the bitter foes cross paths once again this week?

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion - July 31, 2019

    Dango looks to be in the best shape of his career. It was pretty awesome to see him back.

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion - July 31, 2019




    I'm going to have to start re-watching NXT now.

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    Stay tuned.

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