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Thread: WWE NXT Discussion - July 24, 2019

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    WWE NXT WWE NXT Discussion - July 24, 2019

    WWE NXT Preview
    July 24, 2019

    Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano choose their NXT Title Match stipulations

    Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano will round out their trilogy of NXT Title Matches at TakeOver: Toronto in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, but one key question still needs answering: What stipulations will Cole and Gargano pick for two of the falls in their bout?

    That’s the opportunity that NXT General Manager William Regal has afforded the champion and challenger, and this week on NXT, The Panama City Playboy and Johnny Wrestling will reveal their choices to the world. Given the scorching hostility that exists between the two, it’s anybody’s guess what conditions Cole and Gargano will apply to their Aug. 10 title bout.

    Keith Lee takes aim at The Archer of Infamy in colossal clash

    Keith Lee has a point to prove, and he’s looking to make it at Damian Priest’s expense.

    Despite the great expectations that came with Lee’s arrival last year, the mighty Texan’s tenure has thus far had more starts and stops than a school bus route. Adding to his woes, new Superstars are emerging weekly, snatching up opportunities that Lee believes he deserves.

    On a mission to “change the narrative,” Lee has called out the undefeated Priest, arguably the most imposing of NXT’s fresh faces, leading to this week’s potent main event. Will Lee remind everyone why we should all bask in his glory, or can the hard-hitting Priest add another notch to his belt as he continues his quest to “live forever”?

    Kacy Catanzaro the first to take on the new Io Shirai

    If you ask the new Io Shirai, she’ll tell you it’s all about “me, myself and I(o).” Competing for the first time since her brutal betrayal of friend Candice LeRae, Shirai is set to face blue-chipper Kacy Catanzaro this week on WWE Network.

    Although Catanzaro’s endlessly breathtaking and utterly unique repertoire of moves have quickly made her a hit with the NXT Universe, the former “American Ninja Warrior” star will have her work cut out for her against the newly independent Shirai. As if The Genius of the Sky’s steep experience advantage wasn’t daunting enough, her devastating attack on LeRae and her curt mic drop last week suggests we’ll see an even more ruthless side of Shirai in the ring.

    Jordan Myles and Angel Garza face off in Breakout Tournament semi-finals

    The NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinals kick off this week with a match between high-flyers Jordan Myles and Angel Garza. Both NXT rookies turned plenty of heads in the first round, with Myles surviving a gritty battle against Boa and Garza triumphing over resilient daredevil Joaquin Wilde.

    While there’s no denying Myles and Garza have their similarities — both Superstars excel when the tempo picks up, thrive in the high-rent district and have smiles worthy of toothpaste endorsements — their attitudes couldn’t be further apart. While Myles is hungry yet humble, Garza seems to consider himself a cherubic gift to be shared with the world.

    Disparate viewpoints aside, this match has all the hallmarks of an instant-classic. Even more important, it’s one step away from the finals, where an NXT title opportunity will hang in the balance. Expect Myles and Garza to leave it all in the ring.

    Who will be next to experience The Velveteen Dream?

    TakeOver: Toronto is fast approaching and the NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream is still without a challenger. Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong has staked his claim to that opportunity, citing his recent pinfall victory over the champion in six-man tag team action – but last we saw Dream, he remained unconvinced that The Messiah of The Backbreaker was man enough for the experience of a one-on-one showdown. Will the NXT Universe learn more about Velveteen Dream’s TakeOver dance card this week?

    Tune in to NXT tonight at 8/7 C on the award-winning WWE Network.

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    Re: WWE NXT Discussion - July 24, 2019

    Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza. Truly a fun opener for NXT this week I felt. Did it seem like to anyone that the people were digging Angel way....way more than Jordan in this one? Angel showed off more his aggression this week vs Jordan, and he came to inches away from moving onto the next Round. Angel is a Star in the making for NXT, and Jordan needs to stop smiling and being too way too animated, or else he'll be banned from the Leaf Village forever.

    Shane Thorne apparently thinks he's something in NXT, I beg the differ and it was the wrong time for him to want to steal some spotlight from the guys in the Ring.

    Bianca Belair vs. Xia Li. A meaningless win for Bianca as she stays in limbo in the Women's Division right now.

    Surprise Motherfucker attack done to Duke via Mia Yim. Mia Yim knows how Shayna has kept onto her NXT Women's Title, clearly she is the smartest of all the Challengers and it just might be her time in the Sun.

    I really liked the Dream/Strong/Dunne Segment leading to Dream needing to defend his NXT North American Title at Takeover Toronto. We will find out if anyone is worthy to ride this ride with Dream and get that Championship.

    I didn't think how the Shirai/Kacy Match just ended unless they don't want us to fully see this new Io till Takeover. I thought it would of been far more effective seeing Kacy get a mugging and Candice come out, rather than what we got. I imagine Io vs Candice will get a Stipulation just can't see a regular singles, a Chair Match would do.

    Priest vs Lee. So Priest's Entrance=entertaining. Priest's Falcon Arrow on Lee=entertaining, but I haven't been impressed by him as a whole. So I thought this guy would be a badass fella, and rather he's hiding from angry Lee and asking the Ref for help? Granted it was a good to see he has intelligence, but I'm starting to feel Priest is WWE's Machine at it's work rather than this feeling nature. This sucks because Lee was seemly going to be doing something and the injury to Dijakovic put that on hold. I was happy as fuck when Lee in his own way called out WWE saying all I hear is about Priest, what about me? You guys brought me in to kill it, and I'm being forgotten about.

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