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Thread: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Please post your promos in here. The promo deadline is 23:59 PST on Monday, July 29th. This is 2:59 EST and 7:59 BST on Tuesday, July 30th. Extensions are available on request up until 24 hours before deadline. Any request made after this WILL be automatically denied unless an emergency occurs. Extensions will also be granted to all participants in a match if one participant receives an extension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    ​We are all mad here

    We open up with Cheshire Cat Clan walking in the moonlight. They stare above at the skies before entering The Dark Forest there is any uneasy feeling as it goes quiet. A few moments go by as we hear screams come from The Dark Forest as the screams go closer you see coming out of The Dark Forest is two men crawling with blood soaked clothes and what we can presume is their blood flowing down and reflecting in the moonlight.

    Alice is next out followed by Crowe & Nova they each hold three unique weapons in there hands. Crowe has a rusty old crowbar with blood stains very noticeable on it. Alice has a steel chain that she drags across the ground you can hear it rattle as it looks like an old swing set chain from back in the day very heavy. Nova brings up the back with a bag and you can hear something in it sounding like change in your pocket. The men are dragged onto a large rock that seems to almost look like an alter.

    Crowe: Alice put him over there.

    Crowe motions to the one man who in a panic is yelling please no! no! The other man watches as Alice drags the man to the rock. He is kneeling down facing the rock we can see old blood on it now. He is now even more scared as Crowe kneels down beside him. Alice ties the steel around Nova is motion over as Alice goes to watch the other man with Crowe holding the chain to keep him still and holding his crowbar in the other hand.

    Crowe: Open your mouth!

    The man refuses as Crowe motions for Nova to open his mouth he does and as Crowe places the crowbar down he goes into the bag and pulls out a handful of thumbtacks. He puts it in the mouth of the man and then grabs the back of the mans head.

    Crowe: You are going to answer some questions am I clear? You will blink your eyes once for no twice for yes am I clear.

    The man blinks his eyes twice to say yes. The other man is begins to yell as Alice tells him to wait his turn.

    Crowe: Is it true that you know Los Maravillosos?

    The man blinks twice. As the man by Alice begins to ask what this is about. Alice states another word out of him she will paint wonderland with his guts.

    Crowe: Tell us are they as good as they think they are?

    The man blinks twice again.

    The other man outburst again and this time it is not a warning from Alice this time Nova grabs the other man and places his head down on the rock he is seen looking up at the other man and begins to say somethings in Spanish when all of a sudden Crowe grabs the first man's head and bounces it off the rock.

    The man lays motionless maybe even dead as tacks are seen coming through his mouth.

    Crowe: Since you wanna talk so much we are going to have a little convo you and I. Do you know where you are at right now? You are in our home and this is The Dark Forest. You see we been having a hard time as of late and we just went through a war. A war between us and Mac Michard maybe you heard of him?

    You see Mac tried to break us apart he tried to makes us watch as he inflicted mass amount of pain and tried to burn our home to the ground. We now know that we are just three peas in a pod and that you people will never accept what you don't understand so instead of accepting of your own free will you will be forced to accept our ways. Now what does that have to do with you?

    Nova smiles grabbing them man and throwing him up on the rock. Nova grabs the man's neck and makes him look up at the stars.

    Nova: See what that has to do with you is that you and I are like stars in the skies. We are up so high. We can see among the vast land and we can only see stars at night right? Nope! see the biggest and brightest star is the sun and it shines so bright in the sky. We want to be the sun get it? We want to be the brightest stars in FWA and to do that we need to be smart.

    We need to be bigger, better, brighter then every star in the night sky and every team in FWA so that we can win the championship. Then you will accept it or have no chance in the matter because we are eternal we are everlasting.

    Alice dances around before cocking her head at the man.

    Alice: You see silly we need to know everything and look at the time its time for my bedtime story and tonight I wanna hear a different story I wanna hear the story about Los Maravillosos I want to know I need to know and if you don't....

    Alice smiles grabbing the other man and places him face to face she begins to move his mouth open and down as he speaks.

    Alice: You might end up just like me.

    Alice listens in as time goes by the man begins to speak about Los Maravillosos as we begin to hear about the stories everything from why they wear mask to way they sleep in graveyards to the time with the Cartels to training methods. He tells them everything fears, strengths, weaknesses, and after more times passes by we hear him states that he is actually the cousin of Los Maravillosos and that he's told them everything.

    Alice: Alrighty, We got everything we needed don't you think Crowe?

    Crowe is seen smiling his evil grin brings chills down the mans spine. He falls to the ground knowing hes probably not gonna make it back home. There is a silence as he begins to understand his fate. He tries to run. We see him get about a few feet away but, its not far enough. The three of them catch him. They look down at him as he pleas. It is no use.

    Crowe: Its not up to us its up to him...If I was you I make your peace though.

    After a few moments they begin dragging him inside The Dark Forest again now though you begin to hear whispers and there is then a evil sinister laugh as we pan to all three of The Cheshire Cat Clan.
    You can hear them ask what he has decided about the man
    as the voice from The Dark Forest speaks where we can hear.

    ???: Imagination is the only weapon in a war against reality. You know what you must do. Go spread our word.

    They nod as we fade to black all three of them walking out of the screen and laughter that sends goosebumps down the spine.

    ​Sazh Katzroy Father, Friend, Hero


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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    FWA Anniversary Show
    Smoothie King Center
    New Orleans, LA

    Backstage, shortly after her match with Izzy Van Doren, Penny is being checked on by more medical staff. The match resulted in a disqualification due to Izzy violently attacked Penny with a steel chair, and then specifically targeted Penny’s right leg. Alongside her being checked on is Jason Randall, who in just a few short moments, has a match himself; quite possibly the biggest match of his career thus far. It should be his concern right now, but he’s more concerned for Penny at this moment.

    Is she going to be okay, doc?

    The trainer looks at Jason and shakes his head.

    I’m not an actual doctor, but from what I can tell her knee seems shattered. We’ll have to schedule an appointment for her with an actual doctor to actually confirm what may be the problem. All I know for sure is that she won’t be wrestling again for awhile.

    The trainer exits and leaves an ice pack with Penny so she can temporarily relieve some of the pain. Just then general manager Ryan Rondo walks in to check in on everything.

    Is everything okay? How are you feeling Penny?

    The trainer seems to think that my knee may be shattered.

    I’m so sorry to hear that. If it’s any consolation, I have suspended Izzy Van Doren indefinitely for her actions here tonight.

    Jason looks irritated by this.

    I’m sorry Rondo, but that doesn’t exactly fly with me. I wanted to tear that rotten bitch a new one after what she did!

    Look, calm down, okay? I get it, you’re pissed off, I one hundred percent do not blame you for being pissed off but I did what I felt was necessary. Besides, you should be more concerned with your match tonight rather than revenge.

    Rondo takes his leave out of the room, leaving Penny and Jason.

    He’s right, don’t worry about me or getting revenge on Izzy right now. Focus on your match tonight, please. I’ll be okay, I promise.

    Jason looks at Penny and sighs.

    Yeah, I guess you’re right.

    Of course I am. You need to focus on this match you have, it’s a big opportunity. Who knows, this could be the last time you ever get an opportunity like this. I don’t want to see you let it slip away just because of me.

    Yeah, yeah you’re right. Let me just get you to the locker room and get you set up so you can watch me kick the crap out of both Ramon and Sullivan, and then watch me walk out with both titles.

    She smiles and nods, and he helps her up and walks her to the locker room.

    45 minutes later

    Jason returns to the locker room, drenched in sweat and visibly upset at once again coming up short. In a fit of rage he punches a locker door, breaking skin on his knuckles and causing blood to drip from them. He sits down on the bench near Penny, who understands his frustration and she puts her arm around him while he sits there with his face in his hands, shaking his head.

    Ocean Beach
    San Diego, CA

    Several days later Jason has had time to think and mull over the fact that he lost again to Dave Sullivan. He was unable to make good on his promise and walk out with either one or both titles. He was upset, understandably so. He had some time to think though as he sat along the shore of the beach. As pissed as he is about losing, he’s got to forget about it and move on. He’s got to dust himself off and try again. Work his way back to the top like only he can, but in his way stands yet another difficult challenge. This time in the form of a goddess of the caramel variety, Gabrielle Montgomery. If Jason wanted this win he had to really give it his all and bring his absolute best.

    I lost. At the FWA Anniversary show, I lost. I did what I always do in those big situations and choked. I’m beginning to see that what people have said about me in the past is true. Maybe I’ll never reach the big one. Maybe I’m just destined to be stuck where I’m at. Maybe it’s my destiny to be the guy that could never quite reach the top. One of those guys that people will look back on in years to come, and say, “it’s a shame he never held a world title”.

    He shakes his head.

    That’s what I would be saying if I actually gave a damn what people like that out there thought of me. Yeah, I lost. I was pissed off about it but I came to the realization that there is no need to sit around and cry about it. I’ve got to move on and face the next obstacle placed in front of me. I’ll have my time in the sun, that I am sure of. It just isn’t my time yet, but I do believe I will have that time, count on it.

    He leans back, placing his hands in the sand.

    Until that time comes I must go forward and take on the next challenge, and what a doozy this next challenge will be. I come face to face with the self proclaimed “Caramel Goddess”, Gabrielle Montgomery. Believe it or not, Gabby and I share some things in common. For one, we both came up short in our respective matches at the anniversary show. To be honest I thought you had him Gabby, I really did. I really thought you had Cyrus’ number, but somehow someway he pulls through and manages to retain his precious championship. I’m sure you’ll have your chance again Gabby, real soon I bet. Hell, I bet sooner than they ever let me even have a sniff at it. Hey, I’m not bitter or anything, I’m just stating facts.

    He chuckles to himself and shakes his head.

    Come to think of it, our loss at the anniversary show is the only thing we really have in common. The only other thing that comes even remotely close is that I came so close in becoming the second person to defeat the almighty “King of Everything”, Dave Sullivan, while you on the other hand were the first person to make him eat defeat. Another funny thing though, he’s the only person in recent times that has been able to pin our world champion, something that you couldn’t even do on your best day. That stings a little bit, right Gabby? Does it bruise your ego a little?

    If you think I hate you, I don’t. Although, I’m sure you don’t care either way how I feel about you, but I do have some respect for you Gabby. More than I can say for your ex-husband. I mean I could go for the low hanging fruit and bring up your personal life, and bring up your daughter that means the world to you but that would be too easy because everyone else has already said everything that they can think of to say about that. That’s also the respect that I have for you. It may not seem like it now but it’s there, believe me. You’ve stood in the face of everyone that has tried to put you down and bested them. You paved the way for women in the FWA. I respect that about you.

    He pauses and looks out at the ocean. The waves crashing into one another as the sun rises.

    When I step into that ring with you though, all of that respect I have for you goes out the window. I’m sure you already know that though, you’re well aware of that. I asked Randy Ramon to give me his best and he never could, what I faced was not Randy Ramon; that was a shell of Randy Ramon. The same can be said for Danny Toner when I faced him. I asked him for his best but all I got was the same, lousy Danny Toner. I know that you’re not like them though Gabby, I know that you’re capable of giving me the absolute best. You’re better than them and you’re better than me, I’ll admit that. You’ve accomplished way more than I could ever dream of in his company, but I’m willing to prove to you that I can hang. I’m also willing to prove that to those that think that all I am is just death match trash, or that I can’t fight without a weapon.

    I needed that win at the anniversary show but I didn’t get it. I need this win at Fight Night against you Gabby. To you this is probably just another match. Maybe another easy win to help you bounce back, I would hope not though. I want you to understand that’s not what this is. This is more. I need this win more than you could ever imagine. Do you understand Gabby? I certainly hope so. Respect will be thrown out of the window like I said, but at the end of the night I hope to have at least earned your respect…

    Win or lose...preferably not the latter

    With that he stands up and walks off as the scene fades out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Backstage of the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA inside of a press room and the door of the press room bursts open and in walks the newest signees to FWA, The Undisputed Alliance. “Nasty” Nate Savage along with his friend and tag team partner, Jackson Fenix, and alongside him is his girlfriend, Britney Adams. The three of them walk up to the table as flashes of cameras go off. Jackson is wearing a devilish smirk and does a slight pose for a photo before speaking.

    Now I’m sure that all of you have questions, and we may or may not have answers so go ahead and fire away and make sure these questions don’t suck…

    A young looking male reporter stands up.

    Yes, one question, what exactly brought you here to FWA?

    Well, to be honest, we’re off to an awful start right now because that question sucks, but I suppose I’ll humor you and give you an answer. What brought us here to the FWA is the fact that we were on a sinking ship known as the SS CWA and we had to evacuate pronto!

    Nate steps up.

    Basically what he said. FWA had been hounding us for awhile now and we figured now would be the perfect time to debut.

    Next question comes from a young female reporter.

    Are you guys here with Krash?

    Jackson looks confused by this while Nate shakes his head.

    Is...that a serious question right now? Are you kidding me? No, we’re not here with Krash. Yeah, he came here too but he came here on his own. This isn’t like some big CWA invasion, and even if this was why would we work with Krash of all people?

    We came here to do what we do best and that’s dominate. We don’t care who gets in our way, as long as we win.

    Yeah, what he said.

    Another reporter stands up.

    What are your thoughts on Michael Garcia calling you “CWA refugees”?

    Jackson feigns looking at his watch, even though he’s not actually wearing one.

    Let me check when is a good time for us to actually give a damn what some moron behind a desk thinks about us. Honestly, these questions suck. Really, I thought the FWA was better than this. You know what, this press conference is over.

    With that the trio take their leave and scene fades out.

    A few days later and we find the trio backstage of the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK. They’re standing in front of a backdrop with a camera placed in front of them, and dressed in their ring gear, well except for Britney.

    It’s been a few days since our debut and then that abysmal press conference, but that’s behind us now. Now we have our first real challenge on Fight Night tonight as we face the team of Tommy Thunder and Sterling Jagger.

    Jackson can’t even keep a straight face and starts to chuckle.

    Seriously, is the best they have to offer for us? Really, these two schmucks? Have they even won a match?

    Nate shakes his head as he stands there with his arms crossed.

    Against some nobodies I think, but unfortunately for them we are not just some geeks off the street.

    Jackson nods in agreement.

    Right you are my friend, right you are. We probably shouldn’t take them lightly, but with their resume as a team and names like that, it’s hard not to. We’ve got the self proclaimed “Division 1 Superstar” Tommy Thunder, really Tommy, “Division 1”? Are there even divisions in this place?

    If there is, he’s certainly not in any of them.

    Well except for the loser division.


    Fist bump like bros.

    Then we have “The Perfect 10 +” Sterling Jagger, again with the nickname. Honestly, a 5 year old could probably think of something better than that.

    This guy was a porn star at one time.

    Britney makes a gagging sound.

    Seriously, maybe you shouldn’t have quit your day job Sterling. After tonight, you might want to reconsider your career choice.

    Obviously this hasn’t worked out for you but yet you’re still here, maybe you need a reminder that this isn’t for you.

    We’ll gladly oblige you that reminder after we knock you and Tommy senseless, and leave you both lying flat on the mat while we stand tall in victory. Take notes on how a real team looks boys…

    You know what? I think it’s time for us to end this promo thing.

    You’re right. The sooner we demolish these fools, the sooner we can move on to some real competition, and that my friends is not just a fact…

    It’s Undisputed

    The scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Before we even see her, we hear her. That softly sweet, yet commanding voice. All at once seductive and powerful.

    I’m going to be candid, I’m going to be honest with you Jason. I respect you, I even like you. You’re brash, you’re unpredictable but you have noble intentions. So like I said I’m going to be honest here. I’m looking passed you…

    As she pauses her words it is her eyes that capture our attention, and in fact captures the Worlds attention. Those brightly sparkling brown eyes of hers, full of life and energy. There’s such a beauty to them and the way they sparkle in the sunlight as she surveys everything before herself. Beauty is one of the defining characteristics of Gabrielle’s career, and in fact her very existence. Through everything she has done, the good and the bad her beauty has never been deniable. The stunning features of her Divine form are always so alluring and so tantalising. Like those soft, full lips of hers which are today a light shade of purple. Or even her long dark brunette hair that’s tied up into a ponytail. She is a teasing vision, a delight to the eyes, and every other sense. The curves of her body are restrained in black. A tight black cleavage baring baby tee that also exposes her midriff and a diamond navel ring. A tight black pair of jeans that hug her long legs and caress her firm buttocks. A short black leather jacket hugs her upper body, and finally a pair of her signature, her iconic red soled Louboutin stilettos complete the whole ensemble. We’ve slowly admired what caramel skin is on display. We’ve all gazed upon the way her clothing hugs her skin so perfectly, so enviably. We’ve witnessed the delicacy to her being, and the almost defiant strength that radiates off her body. Something so stunning shouldn’t be a fighter, shouldn’t be a World Champion, but that is the contradiction that makes Gabrielle…Gabrielle. She is a Nightmare dressed as a Day Dream. She commands attention with her curves, and demands respect and admiration with all she has accomplished. It feels like we’ve admired our Goddess for an eternity, but in reality only a second or two has passed since she last spoke.

    Gabrielle: I’m looking beyond you. I am looking at what will be before me after I am done with you Jason. You are a stepping stone onto greater things. You are a mere blip in my radar. You are a one night stand…as it were.

    But I don’t say this to belittle you or disrespect you Jason Randall. I say this because I am the Goddess who just came so close to being a three time World Champion, and I am the Goddess who will become a three time World Champion soon. Cyrus Truth got the better of me…just, in one of the greatest battles of my life. So I’m not here for matches like this Jason, I’m not here to give you a moment in the spotlight, I’m not here to give you the opportunity to shock the World and raise your profile. I’m here to stake my claim at another shot at dethroning Cyrus Truth and taking back MY throne atop MY Mountain.

    So this match we’re going to have against one another, it should be a big deal to you, but it is simply just another match too me. I’ve have to deal with so many people similar to you Jason in my career. Men and Women who are given the chance to change the story of their lives, given the opportunity to become something more than they ever imagined. So I’ve been here for before, and it never pans out the way the young hopeful wants it too.

    A wry smile crosses her lips for a brief moment.

    But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Losing to someone who is better than you isn’t the end of the World. As I said before Jason I respect you, I do. I respect the way you’ve brought the fight to Dave Sullivan time after time, sure you haven’t been able to dethrone our self-professed “King” but I can tell that each time you’ve taken something from him, whether it’s a chink of his armour, or a bit of his respect.

    The Goddess bathed in caramel claps her hands together a few times.

    Gabrielle: So I know you are good Jason, it is just that I am better. Everything you want to achieve in this ring I have done, so while I do respect you…you are ultimately insignificant in all of this.

    She pauses for a few moments, letting that sentence hang in the air for a while. Then that familiar smirk of hers kisses her lips. That elegantly sinful smirk that excites the imagination of all who witness it.

    So it would be so easy for me to just dismiss what challenge you bring forth Jason Randall…so damn easy. But you deserve better than that, you’re going to stand before your Goddess in front of the World and try to prove your worth in that ring, try to make yourself into an Immortal. So I cant just brush you aside completely Jason, I do expect a fight after all…maybe the not the sort of fight you are renowned for, but I expect a fight none the less. I expect you to be a little rough, to get violent, to be a little…nasty, a little hardcore as it were.

    Tell me Jason what’s your…favourite…

    Our Goddess playfully tugs at the collar of her leather jacket, and then runs her hand down the curves of her body. Slowly across her ample 34DD bosom, then her exposed midriff, and along the curve of her hips. Then with a sway to her waist and a delightful sparkle in her eyes she turns on her heels and takes a few steps away from us, and its only now we notice everything else. The chairs, the tables, the trashcans, a fire extinguisher, a few ladders, a bunch of stop signs, even a barbwire baseball bat all neatly leaning against the walls of this random nondescript room.

    Gabrielle: This is what defines you Jason. This is what made you a great X Champion. This is your Legacy. It is what you are know for, it is what everyone always expects from you. Your signature upon everything you do. The Wildcard Jason Randall living up to his nickname. But I’ve always wondered what is it that draws men like you to this stuff?

    She pauses in front of an upside down folded up steel chair, then softly and ever so slightly suggestively runs a hand along one of the steel legs.

    Gabrielle: Is it the cold of the steel in your hands, or the sound it makes as it connects with another persons head?

    I’ve been there after all, you don’t got to war with a man like Stu St.Clair without learning there is a certain rush to this stuff. The physicality, the brutality, it can be intoxicating, and it can be very rewarding. But what’s the drive to make this define you? Is there an evil residing within you? That’s what drove Stuart after all.

    Does it make you feel stronger, or does it make you feel complete? Or is just the rush of doing something you know is a little bit wrong…a little bit naughty?

    Her tongue crawls along her bottom lip at an agonisingly slow pace as a delightful little groan, or even purr brushes past her lips and graces our ears.

    Gabrielle: Do you like the feel it all feels in your hands, or upon your body?

    There’s no shame here Jason, you don’t have to be embarrassed, as I said I’ve been there. I know what it is like to get a little bit wild. Just ask around, there’s no shortage of stories and rumours. Is it the Daredevil inside you that draws you to it, or do you have a happy relationship with pain?

    Afterall you don’t embrace these sorts of things without expecting to get a little…smack in return from time to time.

    She throws a tantalising little wink our way before continuing.

    Gabrielle: Whatever it is, it has become what defines you, what people see in you first and foremost. These sort of weapons, and a willingness to use them, a willingness, an eagerness in fact to use them to batter anyone in your way. The tables, the stop signs, the barbed wire all become weapons to a man like you Jason. Anything you can get your hands on, anything you can swing in your hands, or drop someone onto. The creativity can be quite beautiful at times.

    But perhaps its left you at a disadvantage against me, afterall all these “tools” wont be there for you, it’s just one lone man standing before a Goddess.

    A little sigh escapes her lips as she slowly nods her head up and down.

    Gabrielle: But I lied before Jason when I said this is your Legacy. Because its not, not really. It is a part of it, it is a part of you but does not define you. I have seen so many come and go, I have seen so many people step into the ring looking for Glory. But in you I almost see a kindred spirit in a way. I see someone who many seek to define by one attribute, one trait, one single characteristic. For you it is this; these weapons, this style, this Hardcore Death Match style. For me its my body, my sexuality, my libido. People try to define us both by one thing, but I know we’re both so much more than just an appetite for the…”Hardcore”.

    I’m looking to the future Jason, my future that is, and this match is just another random match in my career. I don’t see you as being someone who can truly defy me, and best me. But I do see you as being worthy. I see the hunger inside you, I see the need and the yearning for you to become more than you already are. I see you try to step away from the shadow you have cast upon your own career.

    You’re not all Hardcore matches and weapons Jason…what you will share with me out there in that ring is your chance to prove that. You don’t have to win, you just have to stand before your Goddess and give me a fight. I can take it, I can handle it…but if you think I cant…then I’ll show you what “Hardcore” truly is…

    Gabrielle glances around herself at the various weapons for a moment, and then smiles as she waves goodbye with that captivating twinkle in her eyes and that playful smirk of hers firmly upon her lips

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    We open up in a empty arena you can see where there is pictures of Tommy Thunder all around the arena. There is pictures of past accomplishments and it goes from the start of his career up until a point. We hear music being played as we see Sterling Jagger walk out staring down into an old ring. We see Tommy Thunder training as he runs the ropes.

    Thunder doesn't seem to notice that Sterling is there his mind focused at the task at hand.

    Jagger: Tommy!

    Thunder is still going the music playing is AC/DC Back in Black we hear it end as Thunder looks up to see Jagger.

    Jagger: Tommy where you been I been trying to get a hold of you all this week.

    Thunder just shrugs it off as he begins to train some more he is ignoring Jagger. Jagger gets in the ring.

    Jagger: Whether you want to admit it or not we are in this shit together now. We are a team. We both agreed. THIS IS OUR BEST SHOT AT BECOMING SOMETHING. Tommy I am done being the ass end joke to all these guys. I am tired of loss after loss, shot after shot and missing. I haven't been the best I can be. I admit that but, neither have you.
    Tommy... you cant ignore your partner...

    Thunder keeps going ignoring Sterling until Jagger hits a dropkick that sends Tommy to the ground. The two of them eyes meet on either side of the ring.

    The two of them begin to wrestle. Thunder tosses Jagger into the corner hitting some chops. Sterling reverses it hits a few chops himself they keep trading strikes and moves as it echoes throughout the arena.

    Thunder turns and grabs Sterling in an over the shoulder headlock before delivering a snapmere, sending Sterling rolling and to a sitting position facing away from him. Thunder runs and hits a stiff kick to Sterling's back, following through.

    Thunder slows to a stop on the other side of the ring. There is a heavy sweat dripping down his face and he puts his hands on his hips as he draws several heavy breaths.

    Thunder: You think you know me. YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME, HUH? DO YA, JAGGER?! Let me tell you something. You don't know jack shit about me. You don't know the highest highs that I've been through, the pressure that comes with that. The pressure that weighs on me to maintain that. You don't get what it means to be a division one superstar, not like me.
    Get up off the mat!

    Sterling rises to his feet gingerly. Thunder gets in his face, going forehead to forehead with him.

    Thunder: Do you want this?! Do you you REALLY want this?!

    Thunder backs off.

    Thunder: You way not get what it takes to be the division one superstar that I am but you do have one thing that I can admire; persistence. You WANT to be tag team champions. You WANT to be the best. Together we can show the world why we, together, are the best in the world at what we do.
    Yeah, I've been ignoring you. You wanna know why? Because I've been testing you. Testing your resilience, your persistence. the fact that you're here today confronting me like a man tells me that you've got all of this and more.

    Now tell me; how much do you want this? How much do you want that gold around our waists?

    Jagger gets up looking directly into the eyes of Tommy Thunder.

    Jagger: You and every man and women on that roster will want to be me will want to be us we are going to take this division by storm. We are going to be better then perfection.

    Jagger grabs Thunder into a headlock the two of them begin wrestling again each man trying to one up each other each man giving it everything they have. No gimmicks no spotlights no eyes on them besides themselves as they keep going keep fighting until neither man can stand. Jagger face goes pale after a while. Thunder busted open they both stand trading shots back and forth until they connect with strikes at the sametime. They both fall to the ground and lay looking up at the lights of the arena.

    Jagger: Look these guys we are facing Nate Savage & Jackson Fenix these guys are tough guys. I seen them fight I seen them battle they are of one mind one body each man knows exactly what the other will do. I seen them take on the very best and wipe the floors with them Thunder we got to get on the same page. We can sit here and fight forever but, its not going to accomplish anything except scars and broken bones for nothing. I rather trade broken bones and scars for gold then for our pride.

    Pride maybe our biggest strengths but, in the end its going to be our biggest downfall. Thunder we got to be no pun intended Thunder & Lightning as Queen says very very frightening.

    Jagger gets up looks down offering his hand to Thunder who stares at it.

    Thunder lays there for a moment, breathing heavy, the sweat glistening in the twinkle of the arena lights. He eventually grasps the outstretched arm firmly and pulls himself up. He maintains the grip on Sterling before pulling him in close.

    He stares intensely into his once foe, now ally's eyes.

    Thunder: You want this, I want this, the world NEEDS this. FWA needs this.
    It's time for the chains to come off, time for the gloves to come off, time for us to turn it on. It's time for Sterling Jagger and Tommy Thunder to raise up a storm and take over.

    No more complacency, no more foregone conclusions. From now on we go out there, do what it takes and take whatever we want. We are the "Must See MVP's" of FWA and it's time everybody recognized that. Those tag team championships? They are ours. Time for us to take them and out them around our waists.

    Jagger and Thunder stare at each other as if it was good to get that off of their chest. They shake hands and agree that they need this.
    ​Sazh Katzroy Father, Friend, Hero


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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    “That was for him…This is for me”

    Conversation translated from Russian to English.

    Viktor Maximus is sat in a booth at his hotel bar in Oklahoma City, sticking out like a sore thumb in the Southern US. Viktor sits alone, two drinks on the table with an empty glass already off to the side. Viktor perks up as an equally huge man walks into the bar with a suitcase in tow, Viktor stands up and the pair exchange a big hug.

    Brother, come here. Take a seat.

    The pair squeeze into the booth and Viktor’s brother looks at his Viktor confused, almost bewildered about why a guy who has never left Russia is now sat in a bar at a hotel in Oklahoma City.

    You said you wanted to talk? Why did you fly me all the way to this weird place?

    Viktor smiles, just happy to see his brother.

    Brother, I bought you a drink. I wanted you to be here. I wanted you to be a part of my new life and we will get to talk more but I am going to tell you a story. One you never knew, so it may be a confession also. Now, father told us his whole life that revenge was never the answer, that there was no fulfilment in revenge but for me it was pretty sweet. This was a moment that helped me so much and it the one thing I always wanted, to be the best Strongman in all of Russia. However, father was definitely right. Revenge helps no-one in the end. You remember that guy, Vladimir?

    Viktor's brother thinks for a second and remembers.

    The guy who you wanted to train with, but he refused to let you?

    Yes, that is the one. Well, this is a story about the time we travelled to an event together in the middle of winter. We were driving to Moscow from Kazan for the Qualifiers for the national tournament. It was a 12-hour drive, we had a beat-up car that would barely make it to Moscow. We were not the big names in Russian Strongman that we would become. We did not want to travel together but we both had a place to be. We split it in half, I drove from Kazan to Novgorod and he drove from Novgorod to Moscow, or at least that was the plan. We packed into this tiny car, or the car was tiny for us. It might have been a normal car, but every car is small to us. You know what I mean.

    Yes, but why would you travel with the two of you in a normal car?

    It was the only car I could afford. We are squashed into this car driving overnight through the pitch-black darkness. Neither of us can see more than where our lights shine. We haven’t said one word to each other in the whole journey. All we are doing is staring forward. I am trying to focus on driving and Vlad is trying to sleep with his knee up to his chest. No noise, nothing. The quiet was haunting because this was in the middle of nowhere and the pair of us are in our twenties and not from anywhere nearby, but we kept going because we needed to get to Moscow, it is much like my job now. Just drive until you get to the place you are going. I managed to get us to Novgorod and Vlad is somehow sleeping. I get out of the car to stretch my legs. Now, this is the part where you think that Vlad takes the car and drives off, but that doesn’t happen. Vlad woke up and spent the next few minutes insulting me because we did not get here fast enough, I stood there and took it because he is little bitch, but he made a huge mistake and left to go to the bathroom in some restaurant in Novgorod. I took the car and I drove to Moscow without him.

    Viktor’s brother bursts out laughing.

    YOU LEFT HIM IN NOVGOROD? Wait…what year was this?

    Viktor looks ashamed at the answer.


    His brother’s laugh dies instantly, and he just shakes his head.

    So, it is this story, you are finally telling?

    Viktor nods his head with great shame in his face.

    Yes, brother, the story about why I got banned from competition in Russia. Now I get to the competition and Vlad was my only serious competitor. We were two freaks at our peaks, and he was late. If he was not late and if he was not rattled and angry, he probably would have beaten me, I was on course to win the competition; Vlad was in the middle of the pack and he had nothing to lose. I kept ignoring him as he got angrier and angrier. I finished the bus pull and was going to be announced the winner.

    Viktor's brother looks quizzically at Viktor.

    Wait, you actually won the competition, you said you got injured? You lied to all of us?

    Yes, brother, I lied to you all to because I was ashamed and I knew none of you could afford to get to Moscow. I was embarrassed but I was the Russian Strongman for the sixth time but before I was announced he started a fight and I was stupid, and I hit him back. I was the defending European and Russian Strongman and I was disqualified from competition and we were both banned for a year from all strongman competitions. It crushed me for a while but looking back I can see it was good for me. I was obsessed with winning. I was out to prove everyone wrong. I was out to show that I was worthy and that I was great. I had a huge ego and it took away my ego. It made me reflect and I wanted to find an outlet where I could be strong and angry. It is a period of my life that sticks with me and I use it to power my new passion and I use it use my anger for good and that is why I wanted to be a professional wrestler in my late twenties. That is the story, I know you have asked me every time we see each other but now we have a good time and we do what Russians in Oklahoma do!

    What is that?

    Same thing we do in every city.

    The brothers share a laugh and clink their glasses together.

    The Next Day.

    Viktor wakes up and groggily sits up and sees the mess he has made with his brother in his hotel room with his brother sleeping on the floor.


    Viktor instantly shouts as he sees the room and the state that he is in. Viktor is wide eyed with worry. He quickly grabs some clothes and throws them on. He kicks his brother in the stomach.

    I am going out; I will be back before the show. Try and clean some of this up when you get up, okay?

    His brother nods his head from his sleeping position. Viktor grabs all the stuff that he needs, at least the stuff he can find. Viktor is luckily staying close to the arena and he quickly walks over to the arena and gets inside. As he gets inside, he puts sunglasses on over his eyes. Viktor sluggishly walks through the arena, up to gorilla and stops to take a deep breath. Viktor walks out to the stage and down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and he looks down at the spot in the ring again where his mentor’s career ended.

    ‘Last week, that was for you. I know you still have said anything, but I know you and you had a huge smile on your face watching me take down Mike Parr.’

    Viktor nods his head and climbs out of the ring, still haunted by his mentor’s demise. He quickly walks to the back and heads to a quiet hallway. Viktor needs to focus and get ready for his opportunity. Viktor finds a quiet place in the hustle and bustle of show prep in the arena. Viktor leans his head against the wall and is muttering to himself. He off the wall and takes a seat that is piled up in the hallway and sits down on it. Staring forward at the wall and talking to it. A technique given to Viktor by his mentor to help focus him.

    ‘Mike Parr, that was for him, Dave Sullivan, this is for me. Revenge left me fulfilled but now I face "The King of Every Division" and that is the other side of the coin. I fear no man or king. Whatever he wishes to call himself. Dave has been laying waste to everyone who faces him. Dave has been unstoppable. The North American and The X-Division Champion and I have the opportunity to take down a King and make him a peasant like the rest of us. People thought that Mike Parr would be too much for me but I showed them that Mike Parr, for all his display, has no substance. Mike Parr is the same. He relies on reputation and fear to fuel his reputation. I have been humbled by arrogance in the past and that is a lesson that all these young men need to learn. Arrogance is a slippery slope. I was dominant force in the strongman game and it all slipped away because I was threatened by someone who I should have tried harder to beat rather than bringing down my dominance by letting my ego fuel me. All it took to bring down my empire was this.’

    Viktor holds up his right hand and clenches his fist.

    This bought down my former world with 1 strike, this fist humbled me but this fist lead me on a path to FWA. This hand humbled Mike Parr and helped me prove everyone who said I had no chance wrong but Dave Sullivan is not Mike Parr.

    Viktor unclenches his fist and puts his hand back down.

    Dave Sullivan is a dominant force in wrestling, not in the same way I am a dominant force. He has FWA wrapped around his finger. He has two belts draped over his shoulder and FWA is just sitting idly by letting him rule the roost. It will take more than just one hand to humble Dave Sullivan. It will take both my hands and it will take everything I have to do it and even that might not be enough. I need a clear head, I need focus and I need to be the Viktor Maximus that Phillip believed I can be. Even then that might not be enough. Even then Dave might still use his momentum to win but I know that at some point, Dave’s arrogance will cost him big time and he will make one stupid mistake that may haunt him forever.

    Viktor’s head begins to clear and get into the correct mood for his big match, Viktor continues to stare at the wall. He takes off his sunglasses and places them to the floor. He rubs his eyes and takes a deep breath; he has been hit by a realisation.

    Maybe I am not ready. I knew that I was a tag team champion before we were meant to be, I wasn't ready then but I have been thrust into the spotlight by opportunity before I was really ready for it and I got through it but I have someone alongside me. Now this is all me. All Viktor Maximus. The Destruction. The Humbler. Dave knows all of this. He knows that physically he will not match me. He knows that 1 swing of this fist or this hand getting around his neck is lights out of him. He has to deal with that, knowing that I am always a second away from winning if I land one big hit. He has to worry about all the pressure of holding two belts. He has to worry about every little thing. He has to live up to the expectations he has built. The expectations of the FWA management, the wrestlers in the back, the FWA fans and the image he has built to himself. He has to live up to his own ego. He is carrying weights on his shoulders that will become too heavy one day. I have no pressure on me. I know that. I am just a shamed former strongman from Russia, who lucked into meeting the best wrestler in the history of this company and got to team with him for a while. I probably shouldn’t be here but I am.

    Viktor gets up from his seat and walks towards the bathroom, much more confident in his step. He opens to door and throws water over his face from the faucet and looks up into the mirror.

    I probably shouldn’t even have this opportunity, but I do. There is one lesson that has stuck with me and that is when opportunities arise, no matter how they come, no matter if you feel you deserve, you give it everything, even if it ends up being your downfall but this is not my downfall. This is the start of my rise. This is the start of the story I have been trying to tell my whole life and all I need is to collect something to make me legit. The North American Championship. A belt that is held by so many legends and I will do everything I can to humble the self-proclaimed “King” and he will meet my empire killing fist. This fist is The Destruction that will end Dave Sullivan’s empire.

    Viktor puts his fist through the mirror and pulls out a small shard from his knuckle. Viktor laughs and Viktor is ready. He closes the door as he leaves to prepare for the biggest opportunity of his career.

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    This scene would open with a shot of a white house. It was a beautiful house, two stories with a white picket fence and shutters to match. The sun was out, and the sound of children laughing can be heard from not too far off. Suddenly a black escalade would pull up in front of the house and stop. A few seconds would pass, and nothing would happen. Then finally, the driver’s side door would open, and a young Hispanic bearded man would step out of the vehicle, his boot making a “thud” as it would hit the ground. This man wore fitted blue jeans, and his boots were pitch black. He was wearing a white biker jacket with black decals going along the back, and he had black sunglasses on. His hair was noticeably long, but it was tied in a ponytail, and his nose was a bit larger than the average. His name was Gabriel Prieto, but the world knew him better by another name; Maravilloso Jr. that is if he was wearing his mask. He would shut the car door and would look towards the house. A faint smirk would grow on his face, he was obviously in familiar territory. He stood there almost wrestling with himself, as if debating if he should actually do this, He would begin walking up towards the front door. Once Gabriel would reach the door, he hesitated for a moment before sighing to himself

    Gabriel Prieto: Here goes nothing

    He would press his finger on the doorbell. He would wait patiently for a few moments before; finally, the door would swing open. A beautiful woman was standing in the doorway and Gabriel would take his shades off. She had dark brown hair and the face of an angel, young enough to be his younger sister.

    Ah, the joys of stepmoms.

    Mrs Maravilloso number four would look at her step-son and then would begin smiling, in a frozen manner, like you’d smile to a complete stranger

    Raquel Prieto: Gab’

    Gabriel Prieto: Raquel

    Cue awkward silence. That’s about as pleasantries go

    Raquel Prieto: “How've you been?"

    Gabriel Prieto: "I'm doing fine, it's great to see you too. Is he home?"

    Raquel Prieto "Who your dad? Yeah, he's upstairs in the loft why?"

    Gabriel Prieto: "I'm going to have to talk to him about something."

    Raquel Prieto: "Like a wrestling talk?"

    Gabriel Prieto: "Yeah, like a wrestling talk."

    Raquel Prieto "Well alright, just go easy on him. He's getting old."

    Gabriel would force a laugh as Raquel would step aside, and Gabriel would walk into the house. She would shut the door behind him and would then walk away out of view. As Gabriel would walk down a lavish hall adorned with so many pictures of a family gone by panting the image of happy family life, with a masked man, standing behind two small children, a boy and a girl, smiling

    Gabriel didn’t linger on these pictures.

    Instead, he would find the stairs and quickly walk up them, hits boots thudding on each step. As he would reach the top of the staircase where he would the door to a quite lavish study, to the side a giant bookcase, to the other side a MASSIVE trophy case, full of glittering old school title belts, several dozen variations of the same colourful mask held on pedestals, pictures of the great Marvilloso in mid-flight, Gabriel would regard these passively for just a moment….

    Before he suddenly felt strong hands wrap around his throat and cut off his air.

    Almost instantly Gabriel tried to abruptly adjust his body weight to shake off his attacker, but the hands remained steadfast, in a desperate attempt to free himself, he flung himself down to a nearby sofa back first, but his attacker just used his legs to wrap around Gabriel’s torso

    ???: Tap! C’mon! You know you can’t escape! Tap”

    Gabriel’s body noticeably relaxed as she began to accept his faith, knowing what he had to do, as he gently tapped on the arm, holding him steady, which instantly let Gabriel go.


    Gabriel rolled over on his side to see a well dressed middle-aged man, with thin greying hair and a similarly greying beard jumping up and down with his arms in the air in victory. Like he just won a gold medal. Cue Gabriel’s palm impacting with his face in an expression of bemusement

    Gabriel Prieto: You know, most dad’s say hello.

    Manuel Prieto: Most wrestlers know how to counter a chokehold, you always have to be ready for an attack son,

    Gabriel Prieto: You did the same thing at my senior prom….

    Manuel Prieto: You always have to be ready…

    A slightly amused smirk appeared on his face as his father sat beside him, and clasped a hand on Gabriel’s shoulder.

    Manuel Prieto: It is good to see you, Son: I’ve seen you work, the circuit, you’re getting better and better. I’ve been telling you since you were seven, you’re going to lead this family into the future if you keep at it.

    Gabriel Prieto: “Well, maybe the future is nearer then you think…

    Manuel raised an eyebrow inquisitively

    Gabriel Prieto: I got an offer, FWA. They sent around the contract this morning.

    To say that Manuel looked delighted was an understatement, his eyes explored with an energy that made him look twenty years younger, in one fluid motion he jumped off the sofa and practically yanked his son to his feet and into a sudden tight and loving embrace

    Manuel Prieto: My boy! I’m so proud of you, I always knew this would come.”

    Manuel would suddenly let go of the hug and grasp his son by the face, his face slowly growing with intensity

    “Hey, you earned this, No one else but you, you worked damn hard to get out of my shadow. You’re your own man. And now you get the chance to prove it.

    Gabriel smirks awkwardly, at the show of affection, while his father pats his cheek, suddenly moving away, a thought according to him

    Manuel Prieto “We need to celebrate, a party! We need to call your sister, Tell Raquel to get the good booze out an- “

    Manuel stops as he turns back around to face his son who was almost reluctantly holding out a stack of papers, with the FWA logo, clearly a contact...but not Gabriel’s. Manuel meets eyes with his son as if expecting him to say this was all a joke….before his face suddenly hardened and he began to shake his head




    “Just hear me ou-”


    “They wanted me to ask you if you’d consider coming with me to team with, the contract is there for me either way, I just promised I’d ask.

    “So it’s come to this, has it. They’re using my own son to get to me! This is what they do, Gabriel. They play their games. They move pieces around a board, They try to shine the newest shiny toy and forget about them months later.

    “Dad I-”

    “Stay here. Screw FWA. This is where your family tradition is. Here you can be your own person. Here you don’t have to w-”

    “Offering a tag team contract was my idea Dad””

    Manuel stops, mid-rant not expecting that twist.

    “Look, I know you’ve always had problems with doing business in the states, but things are different now. The World is different, They’re not going to turn us into some broad stereotype. They respect you, they appreciate our culture. They respect Lucha. That’s all you ever wanted. They want to celebrate you; not use you. You think I can’t step out of your shadow and be my own person with you, but I don’t think I can. Without you, there is no me. You’ve been with me, every step of the way, and if you want to admit it or not, you want to do it, you’re too comfortable here. I know you can’t resist one last adventure…

    Manuel looked down at the ground shuffling his feet….he couldn’t argue against that.

    “Look, just read the contract ok, that’s all I ask...Please ”

    It took a moment, and for the longest time Gabriel thought he’d never respond….until he finally grabbed the contract

    In just a short few hours we will be going LIVE! To another action-packed FWA Fight Night, where millions of fans will flock in to watch this show worldwide. But right now, the FWA Universe were all quickly clicking on the website to find out any spoilers and information for tonight's show. Upon clicking on the website, it shows a brand new video which has an interview with one of the newest teams in FWA competing in the first round of the tag team tournament against the CCC, Los Maravilloso. Clicking play, it takes a few moments to load after buffering for a couple of seconds. When loading, you can see the bright brown hair off Ms Katie Lynn Goldsmith, who has been seen here in FWA several times lately. She stands there, with a summery yellow shirt on. With both hands holding the microphone, she has them in front of her as she looks at the camera. A few moments pass, it seems as though this interview is never going to happen, before eventually

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:"Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with FWA newest signees, Maravilloso and Maraviloso Jr collectively known as, hashtaglosMaravilloso."

    Quickly coming from the side are two gentlemen in colourful, glittering masks, one silver and gold and the taller mask covered with horns could be best described as a rainbow of colours. The first man smiles and moves forward towards the mic as the older gentleman stays still in the background

    Maravilloso Jr
    "You don't have to say the hashtag. Just Los Maravillosos works."

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith "Well, either way, It’s a pleasure to have you both here in FWA. In particular, we’re honoured to have the great Maravilloso here joining us

    Katie gestures over to the older gentleman, who keeps still his expression in impossible to read under his elaborate mask.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “It’s well known you’re a man whose been admired the world over, so it’s an honour for you to b-”

    That’s as far as Katie got before Marvilloso suddenly reached forward snatched the mic out of the interviewer’s hand and turned to face the camera, shouting in Spanish and gesturing wildly with her free hand


    Maravilloso, underlines his words making pumping his fist in time with his words before casually handing back the mic to an utterly bemused Katie while his son rubs his temple noticeably embarrassed by his father’s actions before leaning into the mic himself, a lot quieter.

    Maravilloso Jr: Papa, doesn’t do English well...It’s best if I do the talking for the team;

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “Ummmm, right. I wanted to ask this question at the PPV, but now that you’re both here I can ask; Well. What brings you guys over to the FWA side of the wrestling world?"

    Maravilloso Jr: "Competition. Opportunity. We both busted our asses for years in Mexico to make it here.; My father has carried Lucha on his back for years, and I spent years hustling, all the car trips, the work, the thousands of rings I’ve helped set up in small bingo halls all around the world, has paid off and now we both have a shot in the states... We're coming here to FWA because FWA always had world-class talent, the best wrestlers you've ever seen, and I know now that FWA put the Tag division under the microscope? All the better for us, because that means we get to throw down against highly acclaimed tag teams and prove that we're better. And maybe, just maybe, With this tournament we'll be more than ready to take on the best of the best. FWA has always been a place of potential, and you're going to see the potential in us when we bring out the potential in everyone else. Because no one else is going to be the team to beat. Not Thunder and Jagger. Not the CCC. Not even the Champs. What's going to happen is all these teams are going to try their absolute hardest to beat us, and they're gonna fall short, because right now? 2019 This'll be our path to glory when we throw ourselves into the biggest, most stacked roster in the entire world and show that we're the best of the best."

    Maravilloso Jr nods pumped up by his answer smirks through his mouth hole before his father leans subtly towards the mic once more, a lot more calm and quiet.

    Maravilloso: For...Record. Hashtag; Bueno.

    Maravilloso shrugged while her son tilts his head at his father as if chewing the idea over himself.

    Maravilloso Jr: "But... uh, yeah! If we wanted to do things the easy way, we would have stayed back home. But here in FWA, there are no easy ways in. We had no connections coming into FWA, we have no friends in high places, we simply came here because FWA saw something in us and wanted to give us a shot. And what they saw was years of experience, years of toil, years of the grind, and it's all paying off. FWA knows that’s a commodity, that’s valuable, and I'll be damned if anyone wants to sit here and tell us that it’s not... We’ve not the biggest or the strongest, and yeah we’ve going to get knocked down a few times. But we're still here regardless, and I look back at all the times I stood at the foot of the stairs leading up to my apartment, dreading the climb, knowing that every single step is going to be a record of my struggle, that every single time I move my legs, I'm going to get a sharp, painful reminder of what this industry is doing to me. And I climb... and I climb... and I climb... and I feel like I'm eighty years old and my legs are already and broken and worn down, and my body is screaming at me with every movement, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ALL FOR!?" And now I know what it's for. This."

    Jr turns and points at the FWA logo behind them.

    Maravilloso Jr: "Every time I went up and down those stairs. I felt my limbs screaming. Every time my father takes a bump, he feels the years of bruises what this industry has given to him. But that shows me what he’s doing to this industry, for our culture. We are here because we have made a mark, a mark that FWA couldn't ignore. And it may have taken years - goddamn years - for the name Maravilloso to even be a small blip on this company's radar, but it's all paid off because we're here now and we're going to make sure they get their money's worth. And we don’t believe that, we know it... We’re here to make sure people are just as entertained by us - hell- maybe even inspired? That's one of our goals. That's another reason we're doing this. So many people are wondering what the wrestling industry could do for them. Nowadays, you can use this business as a stepping stool for personal gain. Movie careers, music careers.

    Maravilloso shakes his head in disgust at the very idea in the background.

    Maravilloso Jr: Wrestling is just a tool to 'em. But thanks to this man here. I grew up with wrestling. From the very first day, I saw this man, fly. I'd eat, sleep, and breathe it. Not a day went by I didn't think about living out my dream to don our families mask and join my father And that's just what wrestlin' was to me. My dream. The opportunity didn't just land in front of me, I didn't want anything handed to me because of my last now. I've been doing this for a long time

    Jr turns around momentarily and shrugs almost apologetically

    Maravilloso Jr: Not as long as you

    Maravilloso gives him a thumbs up as if to say “It’s cool.”

    Maravilloso Jr. While other kids were working on summer jobs and going to college after high school, I spent the summer trainin'. When I turned eighteen, I didn't spend it partyin' or anything like that. He wouldn’t let me. I had my debut match as a professional wrestler. That's how much this industry means to me. Means to this family not just because I was born into it. I got here because I earned my spot here. No one else did that for me, or for him. We did it ourselves."

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith"Do you two have any specific goals in mind now that you made your way to FWA?"

    Maravilloso: “Win...Touriurment….Win Titles. For Lucha

    Maravilloso Jr nods in agreement.

    Maravilloso Jr.: "I think any team would want to help revitalize the tag team division here on FWA. When Pops and I found out that FWA was tryin' to get the division back up and runnin', we knew that now would be the best time for us to strike. We also knew that other teams would want to capitalize on the same goal as us. So, what makes us stand above the rest? Well, if there’s one thing that dad taught me over the years is….not to care about winning championships.

    Katie looks somewhat stunned at Jr confession.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "Didn't you just say it one of your goals?.

    : Belts. No matter. Legacy. Matter.

    Maravilloso Jr: "Of course it’s one of our goals here. But that's anyone's goal around here. Everybody wants to win the gold. People run around here talkin' about how they won five belts here, six belts there. But a multiple-time champion means a multiple time loser. The tag team division is being revived, and it deserves a tag team that cares enough to make those belts mean something again. I don't want to become FWA Tag Team Champion to knock another thing off my bucket list. Winning the belt isn't the accomplishment. It's what I do with it. I want to be remembered as one half of the team that made FWA the best damn place for tag team wrestling. I want to inspire others to join the tag team division so it could be the strongest it has ever been. Winning the championship is one thing. Being a champion is a whooooole different story. I really hope I get the chance to tell it. The championships aren't the end goal. No, it's just the beginning. It's the tool that we're going to use to climb up and grab the brass ring, to reach up and shatter the glass ceiling. The tag team championship are going to be the tools we use to leave our mark on the wrestling world. I mean, what can you do in a day? Maybe you can make a crack, just a little scratch on the concrete that someone would notice if they looked hard enough. But give us a week, and that crack grows larger. Give us a month, we've already broken through. Give us a year, two, three, and we've already completely obliterated everything you thought you knew about this family, this mask, and about what you thought we could do in the professional wrestling industry. At the end of the day, what are our goals? It's the same as they've always been: make a mark, leave an impression. Make sure that whenever you think of tag team wrestling, We’re is in that conversation. It's not just about winning matches or winning championships. Those aren't the be all end all, they're the means to an end. The most important goal... is recognition. The most important thing is that people think about us and that they care. When they talk about their favourites, they talk about Los Marvellosos. When they talk about the best, they talk about Los Marvellosos. When they talk about their dream matches, the people they want to see in that ring again, the ones who they want to see go up against all-time greats they talk about us. We're going to beat all the other teams, we're going to become the FWA World Tag Team Champions one day, and when we do? We'll make sure that NO ONE forgets it."

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith "Well you certainly sound passionate about winning the tag team titles and starts tonight with your match against the Cheshire Cat Clan

    Maravilloso scoffs in the background.

    Maravilloso: Bastardos locos gato.Estúpida mirada

    Maravilloso Jr: Dad!

    Maravilloso: Es la Verdad

    Maravilloso Jr shoots a warning look towards the camera, clearly not approving of his father’s words

    Maravilloso Jr: We don’t want to sell the clan short;: You got three elite warriors, working together for a common goal even if that goal doesn’t make a lot of sense….something about imagination and forests and rabbits…

    Jr looks to his dad as if he’d have answers or any insights to the mad trio but all he does, is spin a forefinger right next to his temple. The meaning clear

    Maravilloso Jr:”...Point is;All three of them are the real deal here. They’re a dangerous trio with who know how to work together as a team They proved that at the anniversary show. . They know each other like clockwork. Crowe is tough. Nova is fast but they don’t have this.

    The younger man gestures to himself, and over to her pacing father.

    Maravilloso Jr:“They don’t have our bond. They don’t have our blood, they don’t have the sheer will to win, that we do, and they don’t have the nearly half-decade of experience that’s stood in front of you right now, and more importantly; no one can compete with our love of wrestling. Our passion for this business. Our love for Lucha! And that’s going to blow The Cheshire Cat Clan right back to that creepy forest.

    Hyped up Maravilloso pats his son on the shoulder for the big finish.

    Maravilloso Jr: We've said all we wanted to say. Tonight is about making sure that everyone notices the new kids on the block, and what they're in for now that we're here We are going to be the new legends of tag team wrestling. Los M-

    Maravilloso:: "Hashtag!"

    Jr cracks a smile at the interruption.

    Maravilloso Jr"...Hashtag LosMaravilloso ."
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    The King and Goliath

    Parks are generally places where families can come and enjoy themselves. McKinley Park, located right in the heart of Oklahoma City, is a place that you can either love or hate. It sits right in the middle of one of OKC's struggling weed and seed neighborhoods. The playground area struggles with trash constantly compiling around the area. Mothers know not to let their children play barefoot, unless they want to be picking glass out of their tiny feet. Yet with all this said, this little park has managed to gather the attention of one famous celebrity. One famous King like celebrity, who has agreed to do a book reading to the children in the low income area.

    And so on top of the largest rock in the park, "The King" Dave Sullivan sits...and surrounding him are about two dozen elementary school aged children. The King knew better than to come to McKinley Park dressed in a three piece suit. Instead he is wearing a comfortable pair of jeans, and plain gray t-shirt.

    In his hands is the book The King plans on reading, but it has no pictured cover. It is a black leather bound book that looks more like a personal journal than a fun children's story.

    You may wonder why so many children seem to attached to The King, being that he is one of the more despicable members of the FWA roster. Simply put, most of them do not even know who he is. A lot of the children here were dragged by their fight loving fathers who wanted to see The King in person, and the others were brought by mothers who simply saw the words "celebrity book reading" and wanted an easy distraction for their children. With it being the summer time, anything to get the kids out of the house is good enough for Mom...even if that means letting them get preached to by a narcissistic sociopath on an ego trip.

    Luckily for the parents, most of the children will be too busy being overstimulated by their iPads to pay attention to the harmful words this King will inevitably say.

    Once the kids get settled down, The King finally speaks...

    Dave Sullivan: Hello children...some of you may know who I am, and some of you may not. That is okay, for I am going to tell you loud and clear. You are looking at a King. A ruler so dominant, that all of the people in his regime will bow down at his sight. And by the time I am finished with my story, you will all bow down to me as well.

    My accomplishments in my Kingdom are much respected. The people I have conquered, the prizes I have won, you all will be reading about it in your school's history books within the year.

    And why? Well I am going to tell you with a story...and that story is The King and Goliath.

    The children begin to stir with excitement. The story they were promised to hear is finally going to begin.

    You see. This King conquered many people in his path to claiming and ruling the throne. Some of the people he conquered were peasants, like a peasant named Jason Randall or a peasant named Starr, and some of them were well respected Knights like a man named Cyrus Truth.

    One by one each man would come to the King's land, and challenge him for his throne. And one by one the King would conquer each and every one of them.

    He was challenged by a Joker, but the King won.

    And then he was challenged by a Shaman, and the King won again.

    Then he was challenged by a Savior, and not only did the King win but The Savior left with only three quarters of his original limbs.

    Then, he was challenged by bard...and yet once more The King triumphed.

    So many more have tried to fight The King...An Amadeus, a Great One, a Division One Superstar...each and every one of them have fallen to their knees and bowed down to their King.

    Many were amazed at this King's accomplishments. They praised his glory, and did not think once about challenging him...out of both fear and respect. But others were not so pleased. Others were envious of the glory The King had.

    So they forced our King to defend his glory each and every night against whatever peasants they could find. These people did not care which peasants and cupcakes got slaughtered at the hand of our warrior King...and they weren't going to stop until The King lost. What they did not know was that The King would never lose. They could make him fight any lion, ape, bear, tiger, or beast in the Kingdom...the King would never fall. He would fight off every one that was placed in front of him.

    Yet they did not give they decided to send the biggest, ugliest, smelliest beast in the kingdom that they could find. They sent Goliath The Destruction.

    The kids gasp in fear. They can only picture how scary this newly introduced villain may look like.

    I know, I know...Goliath The Destruction sounds scary. And he looked scary too. He was over seven feet tall, and weighed over 350 pounds. He was mean, and ugly too. And to add to it all, he came from a different country...and spoke in this real weird deep voice. He came from a cold dark cave from the other side of the world. A place where mean giants like him take food away from those who need it, and eat it for themselves!

    But as mean and scary as this guy looked...

    The King was not scared.

    For you see, The King knew Goliath The Destruction's secret.

    Goliath was no destructor at all. Goliath worked with a
    mentor. A mentor who was far stronger, far faster, and far smarter than he was. All of Goliath's battles, were won off the back of his mentor. Goliath accomplished nothing on his own. This big dumb ogre of a man had his hand held for his entire career.

    Yet...right before facing The King, Goliath lost his mentor. His skilled and talented
    mentor, was defeated wolves. He was eaten alive. And Goliath? This ugly brute did nothing to help his friend. He watched him get eaten alive, and was too weak to do anything about it.


    Goliath is all alone.

    All by himself.

    There is no more destruction. The Brains and Brawns partnership that once was is now all brawn, and no brain.

    If there was a brain, it would know that challenging The King would be a very bad idea. But instead, Goliath chose to try and do it anyway...

    The kids lean in closer, as Sullivan nears the climax of his story.

    It was now time for the battle. The King...versus Goliath The Destruction.

    Some cheered for Goliath, simply out of envy for The King. Starved of fresh faces on the throne.

    The rest, were smart enough to stay in The King's corner. For history is written by the victor, and The King was always victorious.

    Our battle started with an angry Goliath, roaring at the King like an angry beast. He pounded his chest, and ran stomping towards The King. But The King was too quick for this slow walking tree. He dodged out of the way, and sent Goliath tumbling towards the ground.

    Goliath The Destruction hit the ground hard. All 350 pounds were slammed into the rock floor, an impact that shook that entire kingdom.

    Tears started forming in Goliath's eyes...

    as he knew he had already failed.

    He knew he had failed to avoid the long list of those conquered by The King.

    He knew he had failed to claim glory of his own by dethroning The King.

    And he knew that he disappointed his dead mentor once again.

    The King responded with no remorse. He had no mercy. He pounced on the giant, and hit him in the face as hard as he could with his right fist. And then he hit him as hard as he could with his left fist. And then his right, and his left, and his right, and his left...and so on and so on. The King continued to pummel Goliath in front of the entire Kingdom. Blood poured from Goliath's face, but The King continued to assert his dominance.

    The message was sent loud and clear. No matter how big, tall, ugly, or mean of a challenger he would face...he would conquer them. Anyone who would want to take his gold, would need to pry it from his cold dead hands.

    Parents and kids alike are disturbed at the violent ending of the story. One mom picks up her child from the grass around the rock, and leaves the park in disgust. The rest cautiously remain to see what else Dave Sullivan might have to say...mostly out of morbid interest.

    One of the older children listening to the story seems intrigued. He raises his hand and asks Dave Sullivan a question...

    Young Boy: Are you talking about your match against Vikor Maximus?

    Dave Sullivan:

    My "match" against Viktor Maximus? Match?

    No...I would not call it a match.

    A match is something where two even competitors face off in a battle of strengths. This is not a match. This is yet ANOTHER pitiful excuse of a challenger that the management of FWA is throwing my way.

    And let me tell you son, I am sick and tired of it. Six out of the last Ten of my fights have been title defenses. Each time I have retained, and one of those times I walked out with more titles than I came in with.

    I have been back in the FWA for one full year, and in that year I have beaten 12 different men. Twelve. My only loss in this entire year was to Gabby The Slut...who we all know got lucky. She couldn't even beat Cyrus Truth, who we all know is one of the 12 men I humiliated this year in MY path of destruction.

    Show me anyone else who has the win-loss record I have this past year.

    They even had to STOP doing the Power 25 on's website each week, because they couldn't keep coming up with excuses on why I keep topping "FWA's Most Loved Outcast" Cyrus Truth.

    They designed an entire match gimmick set up to get me to lose one or both of my EARNED championship belts. And yet I walked in with both of them, and I walked OUT with both of them.

    They cannot stand it.

    They KNOW that I am on an unstoppable path to fighting Cyrus Truth once again for the FWA World Championship. They can try and stall it and delay it all they want, but they know it is inevitable. And we all know that it would killed them to see a match with all three championship titles on the line. To have one man hold every single one of the brand's championship belts. One man exerting all that strength and dominance over an entire roster of so called "talent. So they are going to continue to throw this losers at me each and every single week to see if someone can beat me.

    But the truth of the matter is this right here. I will beat every single person on the roster. I will beat every man, woman, or child that they put in front of me. And I say child, because that is right was put in front of me back in June when they booked me against Dominik Broken Armistead.

    Ryan Rondo can get in the ring himself and put his fists up. I shattered his X Division records, and I will shatter his face. The only way he will get these titles off of me, is if he strips it from my hands...and if that's his plan, then he better do it with a police escort.

    You can bring in a 7 foot loser Commie giant in to fight me. I am unphased. When I am finished with him, he'll be shipped off as a dead carcass on a truck to southern california where he'll serve as a section of Donald Trump's border wall.

    Viktor Maximus is a shell of a man now that his mentor is gone. And do you know what I do when I fight a shell of a man? I put them out of their misery. I did it with Broken Armistead, I did it with Aaron Kendrick, and Thomas Jordan, and Vincent Blackbird, and PASSION too. I stomp out any enthusiasm they have left to fight. Viktor Maximus' giant ugly skull is so tall it's up in the clouds, and I am going to do him the favor of grounding him back to reality. Just like I did to so many others.

    Look Viktor you commie piece of shit...

    With Sullivan's cursing, the mothers at the park have finally lost their patience with his rant. They gather their kids and swiftly begin to leave.

    Sullivan decides to keep going, and to simply go on a little louder...

    ...that way the moms and children can still hear him from their cars.

    I don't care how tall you are, or how strong you think you are. My accomplishments are taller, and my fists are stronger.

    If I am as tall as your knees, I will punch them until you fall and I am as tall as your chest.

    When I am as tall as your chest, I will punch it until you fall and I am as tall as your head.

    When I am as tall as your head, I will punch it until you pass out from the shock and fear of my dominance.

    There is no beating me. I thought I proved that to Condo Rondo and FWA Management when I escaped their little gauntlet two falls match, or when I beat their little so called savior.

    I will defend this title each and every time...until you have no choice but to put me in front of Cyrus Truth yet again. And we all know how the ending to Cyrus Truth vs Dave Sullivan has and will again play out in front of the world. Except this time, his title will be on the line...and I will walk out with all three championships. Nobody on this entire roster has the wherewithal to do the same.

    Viktor Maximus will bow down...

    Cyrus Truth will bow down...

    And Ryan Rondo will bow down.

    For I AM THE KING OF EVERYONE. And if you are not going to show my the respect I deserve...

    I am going to take it.

    "So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him. David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it from the sheath. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran. " 1 Samuel 17

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    The Nightmare That Never Ends

    "Wake up.

    Wake up.

    Wake up."

    Startled, XYZ's eyes pop open. He's staring up at a blurry figure standing in front of a blinding white light. Immediately, XYZ puts his arm over his squinted eyes. He turns his face to the left and elicits a painful groan. Within a few seconds, his eyes adjust and he begins to make out the shape of the man standing in front of him. If passing time didn't do the trick, then the visceral shaking he receives did it.

    "WAKE! UP!"

    Big Al grabs XYZ by the shoulders and rattles him like a salt and pepper shaker. XYZ feels his insides swirling around like a mixed alcoholic beverage. He slaps the arms of Big Al away and opens his eyes as big as he can, to signal the shaking effective and no longer necessary.

    "Alright, my friend. Alright!"

    Big Al steps back. He's a sturdy, overweight, tall black man. He has light skin for his descent with a patch of slightly lighter skin on the right side of his lower cheek. He's also got some skin issues due to the amount of fried food he consumes. His hair is cut to a shave and his face is facial hair-free. He might be 320 pounds and standing 6 feet, 5 inches tall. He's a big dude, and XYZ is only like 5 feet, 11 inches and 185 pounds. It's quite the comparison, even with Big Al standing upright and XYZ laying flat on his back.

    "We have to go."

    Big Al's voice is booming, more so than usual. This catches XYZ by surprise, but he stills stands up and starts walking, almost as if it was predetermined for him to do so. As feet move one after the other in perfect sync with Big Al, he notices something surprising: Big Al is without a box of Popeyes fried chicken.

    "You always have Popeyes," XYZ thinks to himself.

    "I know," Big Al shouts without turning around. XYZ didn't say anything out loud, or at least he doesn't think he did. All the more confusing, but XYZ continues following his friend.


    No answer, and XYZ quickly zooms to the side of Big Al. He notices the black man's stoic face and bulging eyes. He notices Big Al doesn't turn to face him even though XYZ is certainly in his peripheral vision and is silently requesting his attention. XYZ notices Big Al reach his hand out, and now XYZ notices everything around them is white. No walls. No rooms. No other people or objects. XYZ wasn't even sure where he was sleeping. But Big Al reaches his hand out and seems to grab an imaginary door handle.

    He yanks it toward him, causing the sound a door makes when it's forced open and the bottom lock is pulled out of the crevice.

    Without saying a word, Big Al keeps walking. XYZ follows, right by his side and still looking at him. The scene suddenly changes to all black, in an instant and without warning. It's as if they walked through an imaginary portal. Only XYZ tries to walk back through to the light setting and cannot find the hidden door.

    After just what feels like 10 seconds, XYZ succumbs to his fate and walks toward Big Al yet again.

    "We are trapped here because of you."

    XYZ then notices a sea of faces standing out in the blackness. He doesn't see any stars. No planets or any space rocks. He's not even in space. He's just in a black nothingness. It's without a doubt his worst nightmare come to life. He's often been in this exact nightmare when faced with difficult times. The thought of dying, the notion of death being a true "end" with absolutely no light afterward, is so scary to him that it sickens his insides.

    "We are all here because of you," Big Al repeats.

    The sea of faces again are XYZ's focus. He can't make out any one individual, but he does notice people wearing wrestler t-shirts. Some sport Cyrus Truth shirts. Another person has a Cheshire Cat Clan shirt.

    "We are all here with you, but only you can leave," Big Al says in a creepy, monotonic voice.

    XYZ tries to force himself awake, but his attempt fails. Instead, he begins shaking. A panic attack ensues as the hundreds of faces all stare back at him blankly. Big Al is now looking at XYZ with a stoic expression.

    "We followed you here. Now we need to follow you out," he says.

    XYZ is still panicking, still shaking. He crouches down on the nothingness on which he stands and enters the fetal position. His vulnerability is on full display. He feels trapped but is not squeezed or squished. He feels caged but has room to roam if he chooses.

    "Only you can leave," Big Al repeats. "We followed you. We believed in you. We thought you would save us. But you haven't. Now we are stuck with you. And we will stay here with you. Only you can leave. We will follow you again."

    XYZ closes his eyes as he tightens the grip of his hands around his knees. He begins rocking back and forth while Big Al stands tall and looks down at him. He can feel their piercing stares.

    "I need to escape. I need to escape," XYZ thinks to himself.

    "To escape, you need to leave," Big Al says, another sign he can read XYZ's mind. "You were never a worthy champion of anyone. You were never good enough. And now you are stuck here, trapped here. Your nightmare that never ends. You feel the world on you and pushing you down into the ground. The ground isn't the end. You will keep falling and falling. With every failure, you will fall more. Can you handle their faces looking at you?

    You need to leave to escape. And to leave..."

    XYZ looks at his feet, repeating "escape" to himself.

    "I need to leave this nightmare," he thinks in his own head. "I need to win."

    The many faces watching him then reply, "The dream will die here. Our dream will die ... here."

    A dark figure in the distance begins walking toward him. XYZ can hardly make out any distinctive qualities, but he feels it's James "Eyesnsane" Hughes. The defenseless man just knows it's his next opponent, and he's walking toward him without any compassion in his stride or sympathy in his aura. As he walks closer, the faces begin moving inward as well.

    XYZ's eyes begin to water, and he shakes his head and stands back upright. He feels the crowd closing in on him and his fans turning against him.

    "I will do better. I can."

    Those were words spoken aloud. Big Al then says, "What?" to him. XYZ is confused.



    "WAKE. UP."

    Suddenly, Big Al shakes XYZ again in the darkness. The former tag team champion feels his body rattle, and suddenly his eyes pop open from the darkness and all he sees is light. A blinding light, but XYZ is not groaning and avoiding it. He jolts up in a sweat and heavy breathing. In the process, he headbutts Big Al right in the forehead. The massive black man was mid-bite of a piece of Popeyes fried chicken, and he stumbles back with an "oooooowww, what in the biscuits?"

    XYZ also nurses his forehead, and he finally realizes he was in a nightmare and has woken up from it.

    "You were talkin' in your sleep. And shakin' a lot. Said something about 'I can do better.'"

    "A nightmare took me," XYZ says with his face dropping, embarrassed about his sleep-talking.

    Big Al stops rubbing his head and takes a second to look at XYZ, who still seems quite frazzled from the bad dream.

    "Man, you white people are always having nightmares and night terrors. You gotta do something about it. What y'all do a lot? Yoga? Yeah, do yoga."

    XYZ rises up from the locker room couch and looks at Big Al. He's not here for any of the jokes or half-hearted advice. XYZ looks frazzled but also anxious for the match. He begins hopping around and is about to ask when the match will begin. However, Big Al chimes in first, his face turning rather stoic and dead.

    "We have to go."

    Big Al's voice isn't booming like in the nightmare when he said this exact statement, but that phrase piques XYZ's interest. His eyes get big and he watches Big Al walk toward the visible door. He stills stands up and starts walking, almost as if it was predetermined for him to do so.


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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Submissive isn’t exactly a word that you would associate with him immediately, but alas, here he is on his knees facing the one person that he has to answer to. The one person who they say oversees all. The one person who will strike down with vengeance upon anyone who does wrong and fails to repent in his eyes.

    The walls do not speak and the caricatures on the stained glass do not whisper to each other in this house of secrets. The pews are empty and the collection baskets have been tried. The foundations have stopped shaking as the music has long since faded. The organ has gathered dust. And as for the bread or wine? Obviously, they are everlasting obviously….or at least that is what those of certain religious beliefs and denominations would have you believe.

    Stood imperiously overlooking those before him is “The Prodigy” Mike Parr, casting a cold glare and exercising judgement on him that bows before him.

    “Forgive me brother, for I have sinned”

    And so remarked the familiar tone of who we now recognise as The Prototype, as he lifts his head ever so slightly, just enough to catch a glance from Parr and deciding that a one on one with the concrete floor would remain the better option in this case.
    “And what is it that you have done to betray me?”

    Prodigy retorts. Cold and uncompromising. The character and charm that usually appeals to the masses and that is usually present in his tone is muted – it is almost devoid of any sort of recognisable trait. In truth, it draws familiarity with the occasion on which he refused to engage with the FWA universe over a year ago after going on his losing streak. A return to those days would be far from an ideal circumstance for the former North American Champion.

    But I know what you are thinking. Prodigy was the one that lost at the anniversary show. Kneeling before him is one half of the tag team championships. Sorry…I forgot to say, the #ANDSTILL tag team champions. At least that’s what all the kids do these days. Not that anyone would have told Mike nor would Mike care very much. Social media is very much the crutch that he uses to stabilize his popularity in the company but he would just as soon crack that crutch over his knee and beat the hell out of you with it just to discard of it.

    “I didn’t follow instructions, my brother. I was weak. I let my own arrogance get in the way of the greater good and you paid the price. I am responsible for the very thing that I came to this company to prevent from happening…..I am tarnished your legacy. I have harmed your reputation.”

    Prototype answered almost robotically. Parr remains unmoved, but his body language indicates that this wasn’t quite the full explanation that he either expected or needed to hear.

    “I trusted you”

    Parr delivers this in a weird contradictory style where he maintains his borderline monotone trajectory but with a hint of forced emotion. If you didn’t know any better, you would assume that he would be trying to put on a show for someone watching.

    “I trusted you with my legacy and I trusted you with my reputation. I trusted you to always make the right decision. I trusted you to put the interests of myself ahead of the interests of you. Nobody pays to see you. Nobody comes to the arena to watch you compete or hear you speak. Hell, nobody even knew who you were before you turned up and attached yourself to me. Before I breathed life into you and your career and before I told everyone how this was the new breed of professional wrestling. The. New. Breed. Do you even know what that means? It means that we are better than what has gone before, that this iteration of the business supersedes any other iteration. That we are the standard that will be viewed by the next generation and they will want to emulate us. They won’t want to be Over the Edge. The certainly will not want to be the next XYZ and the definitely don’t want to be considered the first Risky Jack. But WE. We means us three. We doesn’t mean you and it doesn’t mean those ridiculous belts that you call championships that you walk around with these days. WE is the collective. It is where my interests are looked after. If I look good…you look good. If you look good, we are all looking good. And you…….YOU have screwed it up. I cannot look at those people and be proud of what I have done. I cannot even look at them. I didn’t do it. I wasn’t good enough. And that…that is on YOU.”

    Well, that was certainly one way to end the monotone delivery. The word ‘you’ was so guttural that you would have been knocked back ten feet if you were within a couple yards of Parr. He roared straight down in the direction of the Prototype, who again, has decided that the best course of action would be to maintain kneeling position and facing downwards towards the concrete floor. At least the floor doesn’t have a piercing glare that stares back at you. Although, Prodigy it appears feels as though shouting at the back of someone’s head isn’t as rewarding an experience as he would like….

    “Have you got nothing? Nothing apart from a half hearted apology for failure. Do you even know how you have failed? Answer me. Answer me now.”

    Parr repeats the last line in again a chilling tone. It is the type of tone that a parent has with a young child when they are not visibly angry with you but merely disappointed. That is, on occasion, the worst thing that a child could hear. I’m not saying that Prodigy was has ever read Parenting 101 but there must be some natural instinct in there somewhere. Might come in handy when one of his conquests for across the country comes back to bit him with a child maintenance claim for someone who he didn’t know existed.

    Prototype slowly rises to his feet, and arches back to a vertical fully vertical position. The look on his face would be appropriate beside the dictionary term for conflicted. He respects Prodigy, he seemingly owes him a lot and his surprisingly subservient to him, but he also wants to slap the head off of anyone who dares address him in such a disrespectful manner. In short, it’s a bit of a conundrum, but one which Prototype uses his years of experience in life, not just in the wrestling business, to navigate.

    “I knew the plan. And I knew what was required of me. I failed to execute it to my best standard and as a result, I know you have suffered. For that, I can only stand before you and say I am truly sorry. I haven’t been as sorry since seeing you being beaten down on by Risky and Jack and knowing that I didn’t identify it and get there sooner to save you and I’m sorry that---“

    Parr raises his hand, the type of motion you would get when a judge on a reality show wants a contestant to stop singing. This is a sign that Prototype identifies and although he quite clearly wants to retort, exercises again his better judgement and refrains from talking back.

    “The question was, “Do you even know how you have failed me?”. The instruction was to answer me and answer me now. Your apologies do not salvage the wreckage that is my current reputation within this company nor do they help mend the battle scars. What helps me heal, and what helps us both move forward from this point on is, to begin, your recognition of exactly where you went wrong. Then…we will work out how to correct it. Together.”

    If the aforementioned parenting 101 was a book, it just took a relatively creepy turn. He has taken the role of not a brother, as he was addressed by Prototype in the beginning, but as some sort of cross between a disciplinarian and a teacher.

    “The plan was simple. It was to storm the ring and make sure that Viktor was neutralised. It was to leave PAJ with you and let you put him out of his misery, as was his wish, but it was for me to lead Sean and for us both to ensure that Viktor could not act on what would be an insatiable appetite for revenge. You knew he was big and strong but the plan was to make sure that he was weaker than he knew. And as long as he was weaker than he realized that would be your way in. For us…. We just had to do what we do best. My experience and his exuberance meant that there was no way in which either of those teams were getting the better of us in fair competition. We didn’t need a plan for that. Our plan was to support you in order to make you look better….because if you look better then by associated we look good too.”

    That was weird. Prototype recited the last line almost like he had been indoctrinated. This certainly isn’t the side of the New Breed that you see on television or in the promotional snippets that they would realise. If anyone was privy to this, it would almost be treated as a cult and in times gone past you may have considered burning Parr at the stake just to be on the safe side.


    Mike acknowledges the response and somewhat satisfactory. Mike takes one step down and in a fluid motion throws a punch so flush that his teeth would have landed in the lap of some of the would be worshippers. Prototype coughs as blood begins to trickle out of his mouth as consequence of the contact, dropping onto the floor. Parr shakes his hand and opens and closes his fist, checking for any broken bones.

    “Do not disappoint me like this again.”

    Prodigy steps back up to his previous position having stepped close to make sure he connecting with the punch satisfactorily.

    “SEAN. Here now.”

    Mike bellows, and the distinct change in the projection of his voice sees one of the side doors open and The Protégé make his way towards his two New Breed comrades. Surveying the scene, his relatively usually confident swagger is shortly replaced by an unnerved stagger as he sees Prototype on his hands and knees trying to shake of the after effects of that contact. Sean goes to approach Prototype, but Prototype raises his hand in a sign that he doesn’t require assistance. Prototype pulls himself to his feet and back to a standing position as both men now face The Prodigy.

    “Sean. I need you to know that I expect better from you both. I expect you to be better than to let me down at the first hurdle. I needed to beat Viktor or I would be looked upon by the locker room, the fan base and by those who care about me as some sort of diminishing power. Of course, they would all be wrong. I’m far from done. In fact, it’s safe to say I’ve barely started. But perception is key. I used to have people defeated before even stepping foot in the ring because they knew what was coming down the ramp was, well….a Prodigy. Unparalleled speed, timing and talent. And a dedication and focus that was a deadly combination that no man could stop. I was the guy who told everyone how good I was only to step in the ring and look even better than I said I would be. Now I’m the guy who made a big statement and couldn’t back it up. Not again. Not ever again.”

    “I need to make a statement to the world and it needs to come from me alone. So I will. It will be written in the blood of Danny Toner and this statement will be one that shows the world that I am better than I say I am. I am better than they think I can be and that I will beat the crap out of anyone that dares to question it. Danny Toner is a charlatan, he is all gusto. He talks a good game once in a while, makes big grand gestures and threats, turns up for the star studded events but then slips away when something else new or shiny catches his eye. Danny Toner is an embarrassment. He is an embarrassment to professional wrestling, not just the FWA, and I loathe that fact that he is not only afforded the opportunity to walk into this company when he pleases and take a spot on the card on the basis of what he may or may not have done y ears ago but I loathe the fact that he walks around like he has achieve something. He isn’t a Cyrus. He isn’t a Gabrielle. He isn’t even a Michael Garcia. He is the shit that would not even be worth scraping off my shoe. He is the tissue that I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with. He is one of the remaining relics from a generation that still haunts us in both his form and the form of…..Over the Edge”

    Prodigy stop speaking as Prototype picks up on the natural cue to pick up the baton – stopping Sean from retorting in the process…probably a good move considering what he has witnessed this evening that Sean hasn’t. He forces a cough again to clear the blood tricking down his throat, before spitting into a saucer shaped object that he found lying adjacent to him.

    “And we….when you are making us look good and making that statement to the world, what we will be doing is jumping through the hoops that the FWA has us trying to jump through again. Have you ever heard of champions being in a tournament for the championship belts that they currently hold? Have you ever heard of a team losing consecutive shots at the championship only to be rewarded with another championship shot? How many times do we have to beat down and try and rid the FWA of this god forsaken era of ‘talent’. Every time that they show up, they make us as a company look bad and making us as a company look bad makes us look bad. I don’t want to look bad. I don’t want to be associated with archaic teams like Over the Edge, who were not formidable back in whatever ‘their day’ was and certainly aren’t formidable now. We need to kill them off, once and for all.”

    Prototype forces himself to cough again for the aforementioned reasons.

    “We need to usher out this old generation….”

    Parr interjects finally, knowing where this sentence is going:

    “….to make way for the New Breed of professional wrestling.”
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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Nova Diamond proudly presents:
    'THE 24K DEBUT'

    It was very long overdue but the time had finally come for the grand premiere. This prestigious event would be held on the graceful date of July 26th, and in the lucky place of Oklahoma City, where there will be thousands of people in the live crowd, and millions watching on their televisions. What lucky people they were. After all, the undeniable star of the show couldn't get to watch himself live. Even if he did later, it just wasn't the same experience. Would Quentin Tarantino would get the same thrill when watching Pulp Fiction compared to the regular movie fans? Probably not.

    But as the ultimate act of selflessness, the star was more than ready and willing to give the fans the experience he never gets to witness firsthand. It was going to be special and nothing would ruin it.

    Everything was ready, and the people only needed to fasten their seatbelts and watch as the greatest wrestler of all generations finally shined through at the biggest stage available. Everything about it just invited everyone to come and watch 'The 24K Debut.'

    ''I have to say, the marketing team really hit the bullseye this time.''

    The owner of the voice sounded really chipper, and he had every reason to be. He was that big star. He was that greatest wrestler of all generations. He was going to have his grand premiere. He was Nova Diamond, and nobody else was. And Nova Diamond, was currently sitting in a huge jacuzzi, wearing nothing but shorts and sunglasses. He had his usual arrogant winning smile on his face while sipping on the unknown but definitely expensive drink he has in his left hand, with his right hand being busy with scrolling through the screen of a what looked like a much more expensive smart phone.

    ''Props to them. I really like the name, especially the other names they give are as generic as they can get. 'Seizing an Opportunity?' 'Making a Statement?' The same guys have been trying to seize an opportunity or make a statement for a gazillion years, and nothing ever changed. They could've named the Randall match 'Watch as Jason Randall Loses His 78th Consecutive Match Against An Opponent That Can Count To 3.'....and nothing would've changed.''

    Nova laughs hysterically to the shot he just took at the resident lovable loser.

    ''But '24K Debut?' That's just perfect. It's about me, after all. It's about the grand premiere of Nova Diamond, and nothing else. Because it's definitely my debut, my opportunity, my statement and nothing will ruin it.''

    And he had no doubt they would. Nova takes another sip at this drink and looks at his phone's screen.

    ''The Crown Jewel of FWA expects all of you to feast their eyes as the absolute excellence graces everyone with its presence.''

    He smirks.

    ''Was that too arrogant? You are completely free to think that. I couldn't blame you if you did. I totally get that. Just because you have been watching the same plain old shit for a long time, you have lost all sensitivity to something that will blow your numb little minds away. But fear not, the winds of change are on their way. You have started to experience it a little already. At the FWA celebrated its fourteenth anniversary on the Anniversary Show...the idea, the concept of change also knocked on the doors. One of the most..and to many, the most decorated superstar the company has to offer, Chris Kennedy...lost to a new face, Krash. Then the tag team division gained some new faces in the name of The Undisputed Alliance. And from what I see, they look ready to blend in and cause some havoc already. Oh, and of course, the most important of them all: The Diamond also was there and finalized the process that made him the a significant part of the roster.''

    He puts his drink down, then gives his phone to a what looks like a feminine hand which disappears instantly after taking the phone from his hand. He sticks his now free hands together.

    ''And there's a reason for all of those happening. Just like I said before, the wrestlers in the backstage got too complacent with their places. This clearly shows when somebody like Jason Randall can still find the nerve in himself to say 'I lost for the 59th time but there won't be a 60th time' every time he gets the chance to speak. People like those...are just happy to be here and it's disgusting. They think there's a status quo around the place which will keep them rich, happy, fed and employed forever. But let me tell you that, Fantasy Wrestling Alliance: The status is not quo. This whole situation is what allows the new people to easily come and take the 'spots others occupy'. The world title, the most prestigious award of this company has been hanging around the shoulders of the same guy for 3 years. He wins it, retains it a lot, then loses it after holding it for a long time, then wins it again on the rematch and the circle continues on and on. The announcers, the fans or the wrestlers can cry about 'CWA outsiders' or other stuff but the problem is not about CWA. Hell, I never even stepped a foot inside a CWA ring in my career. The problem isn't from the outside. It's from the inside and it's eating this company from inside out like a vulture. But the time has come to get rid of this state of lethargy. Everything you saw at the Anniversary Show was just a beginning. Everything you about to change.''

    He grabs his drink again after this intense monologue and takes another sip. He takes deep breaths for a few seconds, allowing himself to relax. Nova then puts his trademark smile that can melt a mountain on, once again.

    ''The winds of change will continue to breeze towards their inevitable route. Every old, broken, and barely functional guard will be sent in a package. And what better way to start this, than addressing the oldest elephant in the room. Yes, the one I'm talking about is none other than 'The Malevolent' himself: Mac Michaud!''

    He sarcastically claps after mentioning his what will be first victim's name.

    ''Mac Michaud...what a man he is. I mean, has everyone ever seen the dude? He's got a solid 25 centimeters on me, for starters. And no, people of USA, I really don't know or care how many inches that is. But you get the picture. He's got the size advantage to nearly all of the roster. And he's been here since the ice age too, he's got to have the experience advantage too. But do they really matter? Believe me, this is not just me trash talking my opponent. if you've been watching FWA lately, you already know that Mac put it a laughing-stock nowadays. But if you go years back, the name of Mac Michaud actually meant something. He was a force to be reckoned with. His sheer name was enough to intimidate everyone on the roster. But then, time passed. The winds of change took its toll on Mac. The company was evolving, but Mac was not. He stood the same, he rotted, and the rotten shelf now stands in the FWA roster, trying to pick on little girls and shamefully losing fights to circus gangs. This reminds me of the old Roman times, where huge gladiators fought for people's amusement. At first, the physical strength was enough to dominate. The monster tossed people around, they couldn't get up, the monster won and took money and glory home. Then...people got smarter. They realized nobody is invincible. Even the monster that has been running through everyone in the Colosseum. They found his weaknesses and used them to bring the monster down. And from then, it was crystal clear that fighting wasn't the forte of the strong ones, it was the forte of the smart ones.''

    Nova takes of his sunglasses and looks at his reflection on it for a while. He smirks with one side of his lips, clearly liking what he sees.

    ''As for me, I am someone very willing to put him out of his misery. It will be like shooting an injured old horse. Not because I want that, but because he needs that as well. Mac Michaud is just one part to the general problem that is 'complacency'. One part to the general problem that is 'lethargy'. One part to the general problem that is 'satiety'. Simple as that. I will get rid of him and everybody like him. I am the agent of change. With somebody like me around, nothing will be the same. I promise that. Mac Michaud will fall at the grand premiere. He will be the casualty of 'The 24K Debut'. And it will be a honor for fall by my hands. Because I am Nova Diamond...''

    He grabs his drink again, this time he downs it and lets go of the glass. The glass floats in the hot tub and Nova watches it slowly flow and leave his side. He tilts his head back, smiles again, a more relaxed one this time with nearly all his teeth visible.

    ''...and it's high time all of you realize that...''

    A closer look to his beautiful face.

    ''...this is my world....''

    Fade to black.

    ...and you're all living in it.''
    Du bindest einen Blumenkranz...
    ...wieso siehst du so traurig aus?

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    Re: Fight Night 7/26/19 Promo Thread

    Killemall’s Dojo….
    Killeen, Tx.

    Killemall is seated just in front of an alter with incense burning just behind him. The room is dimly lit which causes the eye to glance at the orange ends of the incense as thin wisps of smoke rise into the air disappearing slowly as the smoke seems to dance in the air. Killemall is seated right over left in all black. The room is empty and though dimly lit there is a nice gloss across the bamboo floor. A slight noise is heard across the room from Killemall, who seems not to react as a door slides to the left revealing Ted in a white t-shirt and black shorts as he walks toward Killemall. Ted takes a seat just in front of him also right over left style and closes his eyes.

    Killemall: What are you doing?

    Ted: I’m not really sure. I knew you were here meditating. Now I don’t know how to do it but I want to learn.

    Killemall: Why?

    Ted: Look man I’m no martial artist, and I have not known you as long as Eyes has. We are working together now, and I figure this can be a way of getting us closer to being on the same page along with whatever other benefits there might be.

    There is a prolonged silence for a moment….

    Killemall: One key element to meditation is breathing control. It will help you as you are just starting out to focus on controlling your breathing and keeping it to a set rhythm. You will need to try to clear your mind. Suppress your thoughts or focus on just one thing and that thing only.

    Ted: Okay, I can do that. I’ve been thinking a lot about our match coming up.

    Killemall: Ah the first round of the tournament. So tell me former tag team champion, what are you thinking? What do you see as our strategy?

    Ted: Well I think if we can isolate one of them and really work him over we can make them less effective and beat them by elimination.

    Killemall: Interesting, an engaging and long term strategy.

    Ted: What were you thinking?

    Killemall: I am thinking of waging war, and how we should go about it. While I appreciate your traditional way of thinking, I do not think the situation calls for that approach.

    Ted: Alright, so what say you?

    Killemall: A famous quote comes to mind, “Haste may be stupid, but at any rate it saves expenditure of energy and treasure; protracted operations may be clever, but they bring calamity in their train.”

    Ted: Umm. okay.

    Killemall: Speed may at times be injudicious, tardiness can never be anything, but foolish.

    Ted: So we are not going to try wearing them down, right?

    Killemall sighs deeply and opens his eyes to look at Ted.

    We hit them hard and fast, we need to capitalize on what element of surprise we have. They think they can beat us without trying. They are likely thinking we will take your approach which is why we must do the opposite. We must rush them, after all if you have one tied up in the ring, while I incapacitate the other on the outside of the ring, this will create an opening and an advantage for us, and a moment of confusion and chaos for them.

    Ted: Gotcha, got it. It’s like being in a stand off and being the first person to throw a blow in that moment the other guy thinks you won’t do it. I guess I just did not think of it like that before.

    Killemall: I am ready and more than willing to do anything to win. I don’t care who or how many bodies i need to drop in the process.

    Ted: Look, I get that but we are in the FWA, we made it we are among the best of the best.

    Killemall: No, that’s what you don’t get. Yes, we are here, yes we are signed but those who are the best are the ones that carry the titles. That’s just the nature of perception. We are going to change that narrative and we are going to do it when we next get in that ring. Look, I get you. You are a lot like Eyesnsane when we first broke into the business. You want to be loved, you want to be popular and to hear those people clap their hands at the mere mention of your name.

    I don’t seek those things. I seek a return to prominence in this company. I want my tag team title back. I should be looked at as one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot in this company. I’m not here to mocked by the fools that lack understanding or to serve as fodder for those who can’t hold my luggage. In the end our goals are the same. People are fickle, when we become champions they will love you just like did before. They will clap and cheer for you and you will have gone a long way in proving how good you are.

    Ted: Alright. I understand where you are coming from. You are right the goal is the same and I do want to be tag team champion again and I want to prove the Eyesnsane did not simply carry me to those titles either. I want and I will show all the great FWA fans that I am pound for pound one of the best wrestlers in this company today. I missed out on the glory days of Over the Edge. I want to prove to all these fans that we are not just some blast from the past and that we are not living off the reputation you all once built. We have to make this opportunity work.

    Killemall: Now, to be clear this is not meditation. Like I said, focus on your breathing. Try taking a deep slow breath in through your nose, hold it just for a second and then let it out through your mouth, don’t think or focus on anything else but that.

    Silence falls upon the room as the two men resume their meditation practice. Just outside of one of the windows to the room is Eyesnsane with Alana Allure standing at his side. They turn away from the window, finding themselves in a courtyard with the sun shining down on them. Alana is wearing a purple floral pattern sundress that stops at her knees, showing off her well toned legs as well as her arms and shoulders as her golden brown skin seems to glow in the sunlight. Eyesnsane is wearing a black and white Wing Chung outfit….

    Alana: That was good to see, those two need to find their way and get on the same page. After seeing them in the ring I think they will be just fine teaming with each other.

    Eyesnsane: I never doubted them for a second.

    Alana: That may be, but they need some polish and to get a win or two under their belt.

    Eyesnsane: They will be fine, it will all work out. Especially with you back now.

    Alana: Always the optimist huh? Always looking on the bright side. Tell me something have you taken a good look at our current situation?

    Eyesnsane: We all are booked, we just have to break back through we did it before and we can certainly do it again.

    Alana: Can we? Look, the return of Over the Edge to this point has been a failure. I need to see more from all of you and you especially. Nobody cares about what any of us did years ago. It’s the past and this is a new era in FWA, like it or not. Hell you may want to call this CWA south as there seems to be a hostile takeover nobody wants to talk about, but that’s another conversation for another day. They have found their way into a tournament and I don’t need to tell you that tournaments have been anything but kind to us historically. While you are so close to opening the show at the bottom of the card against XYZ.

    Eyesnsane: You know… I don’t get his name.

    Alana: Irrelevant! He’s been here consistently and long enough to become one of the favorites among the fans. They will cheer him. He has a unique style that you will both need to be on guard against and contend with. Eyes, we have to turn this thing around and soon. You said alot when we all talked.

    Eyesnsane: I also meant every word of what it was that I said. I’m not going to let everything that I have done and have accomplished turn into me being called some washed up has been.

    Alana: You were a Young Lion champion, a North American champion, you’ve held the tag tiles almost more times than anyone in the FWA, not to mention that you are the only person to hold those titles by yourself. What I need you to get on board with is that you are far from finished, you have miles to go. I need you to do more, you can do more, and believe it or not all those people that pay good money to sit in those seats want to see you do more.

    Eyesnsane: I am ready for more. I am ready to go out their and show XYZ that I can still fight and to prove I should be the last person in this company to underestimate. This is the beginning in the next chapter of my FWA career. Perhaps it is going to be the most challenging. XYZ does not know it, but this is more than a match for me. This is a fight to regain my lost respect. I’m going out there to fight for those two men, who are my friends and who have decided to walk this path with me. I’m fighting to be a role model to my son. My getting in that ring is for more than just myself or for any title. More is the perfect word.

    Alana folds her arms in front of her as she turns to face him and they stop walking for a moment.

    Eyesnsane: You don’t have to say it, you all having an intervention for me said enough. I get it, I've been lost out here just floating by and going through the motions. I owe more than that to this business. I owe more than that to this company. I owe more than that to Over the Edge and I owe more than that to my own damn legacy. The time has come for me to pay what I owe and I’m going to pay in full. I owe XYZ everything I can muster and every bit of fight I have inside of me so I hope he ate breakfast and packed his lunch because it’s going to be a long day and one hell of a fight. I’m in the best shape of my life and finally my head is clear. So thank you Alana. Thank you for snapping me back into reality. We are going to go north on 35 and swing through and into Oklahoma and we are going to make our mark!!

    Fade to Black

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